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ln 0001THETHE

ln 0003AsAs itit waswas ActedActed (withwith greatgreat ApplauseApplause)
ln 0004atat thethe PrivatPrivate househouse inin DRURY=LANEDRURY-LANEDRURY LANEDRURY-LANE,
ln 0005andand SalisburySalisbury CourtCourt.

ln 0007andand
ln 0008WILLIAMWILLIAM ROWLEYROWLEY.} Gent’Gent ’GentlemenGent ’.

ln 0009NeverNever PrintedPrinted beforebefore.

ln 0011PrintedPrinted forfor HUMPHREYHUMPHREY MOSELEYMOSELEY, andand areare toto
ln 0012bebe soldsold atat hishis shopshop atat thethe signsign ofof thethe Princes-ArmsPrince’s ArmsPrinces-Arms
ln 0013inin St.St. PaulsPaul’s Church-yardChurchyard, 16531653.

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ln 0001DrammatisDramatisdramatis PersonæPersonaePersonae.

ln 0002VermanderoVermandero,FatherFather toto BeatriceBeatrice.
ln 0003TomazoTomazo dede PiracquoPiracquo,AA NobleNoble LordLord.
ln 0004AlonzoAlonzo dede PiracquoPiracquo,HisHis brotherbrother, SuitorSuitor toto BeatriceBeatrice:
ln 0005AlsemeroAlsemero,AA NoblemanNobleman, afterwardsafterwards marriedmarried toto (BeatriceBeatrice.

ln 0006JasperinoJasperino,HisHis FriendFriend.
ln 0007AlibiusAlibius,AA jealousjealous DoctorDoctor.
ln 0008LollioLollio,HisHis manman.
ln 0009PedroPedro,FriendFriend toto AntonioAntonio.
ln 0010AntonioAntonio,TheThe ChangelingChangeling.
ln 0011FranciscusFranciscus,TheThe CounterfeitCounterfeit MadmanMadman.
ln 0012DefloresDeflores,ServantServant toto VermanderoVermandero.
ln 0013MadmenMadmen,
ln 0014ServantsServants.

ln 0015BeatriceBeatrice,DaughterDaughter toto VermanderoVermandero.
ln 0016DiaphantaDiaphanta,HerHer Wayting-womanWaiting-woman.
ln 0017IsabellaIsabellaWifeWife toto AlibiusAlibius.

ln 0018TheThe SceneScene AllegantAlicantAllegant.

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wln 0001TheThe ChangelingChangeling.


wln 0003EnterEnter AlsemeroAlsemero.
wln 0004TWas’TWas’twas inin thethe TempleTemple wherewhere II firstfirst beheldbeheld herher,
wln 0005AndAnd nownow agenagain thethe samesame, whatwhat OmenOmen yetyet
wln 0006FollowsFollows ofof thatthat? NoneNone butbut imaginaryimaginary,
wln 0007WhyWhy shouldshould mymy hopeshopes oror fatefate bebe timeroustimorous?
wln 0008TheThe placeplace isis holyholy, soso isis mymy intentintent:
wln 0009II lovelove herher beautiesbeauties toto thethe holyholy purposepurpose,
wln 0010AndAnd thatthat (me thinksmethinks) admitsadmits comparisoncomparison
wln 0011WithWith mansman’s firstfirst creationcreation, thethe placeplace blestblessed
wln 0012AndAnd isis hishis rightright homehome backback (ifif hehe atchieveachieve itit.)
wln 0013TheThe ChurchChurch hathhath firstfirst begunbegun ourour interviewinterview
wln 0014AndAnd that’sthat’s thethe placeplace mustmust joynjoin usus intointo oneone,
wln 0015SoSo there’sthere’s beginningbeginning andand perfectionperfection tootoo.
wln 0016EnterEnter JasperinoJasperino.
wln 0017Jasp.JasperinoJasp.OO SirSir, areare youyou herehere? ComeCome, thethe wind’swind’s fairfair withwith youyou,
wln 0018Y’areY’ areYou’re likelike toto havehave aa swiftswift andand pleasantpleasant passagepassage.
wln 0019Als.AlsemeroAls.SureSure y’arey’ areyou’re deceiveddeceived friendfriend, ’tis’tis contrarycontrary
wln 0020InIn mymy bestbest judgementjudgement.
wln 0021Jas.JasperinoJas.WhatWhat forfor MaltaMalta?
wln 0022IfIf youyou couldcould buybuy aa galegale amongstamongst thethe WitchesWitches,
wln 0023TheyThey couldcould notnot serveserve youyou suchsuch aa luckylucky penyworthpennyworth

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The Changeling.

wln 0024AsAs comescomes aa’a GodsGod’s NameName.
wln 0025Als.AlsemeroAls.EvenEven nownow II observ’dobserved
wln 0026TheThe templestemple’stemples VaneVane toto turnturn fullfull inin mymy faceface,
wln 0027II knowknow ’tis’tis againstagainst meme.
wln 0028Jas.JasperinoJas.AgainstAgainst youyou?
wln 0029ThenThen youyou knowknow notnot wherewhere youyou areare.
wln 0030Als.AlsemeroAls.NotNot wellwell indeedindeed
wln 0031Jas.JasperinoJas.AreAre youyou notnot wellwell sirsir?
wln 0032Als.AlsemeroAls.YesYes, JasperinoJasperino.
wln 0033UnlessUnless therethere bebe somesome hiddenhidden maladymalady
wln 0034WithinWithin meme, thatthat II understandunderstand notnot.
wln 0035Jas.JasperinoJas.AndAnd thatthat
wln 0036II beginbegin toto doubtdoubt sirsir, II nevernever knewknew
wln 0037YourYour inclinationsinclinations toto travelstravels atat aa pausepause
wln 0038WithWith anyany causecause toto hinderhinder itit tilltill nownow.
wln 0039AshoreAshore youyou werewere wontwont toto callcall youryour servantsservants upup,
wln 0040AndAnd helphelp toto traptrap youryour HorsesHorses forfor thethe speedspeed.
wln 0041AtAt seasea II havehave seenseen youyou weighweigh thethe anchoranchor withwith ’em’em,
wln 0042HoystHoist sailssails forfor fearfear toto loselose thethe formostforemost breathbreath,
wln 0043BeBe inin continuallcontinual prayersprayers forfor fairfair windswinds,
wln 0044AndAnd havehave youyou chang’dchanged youryour orizonsorisons?
wln 0045Als.AlsemeroAls.NoNo, friendfriend,
wln 0046II keepkeep [···]thethe samesame churchchurch, samesame devotiondevotion.
wln 0047Jas.JasperinoJas.LoverLover I’mI’m suresure y’arey’ areyou’re nonenone, thethe StoickStoic
wln 0048WasWas foundfound inin youyou longlong agoeago, youryour mothermother
wln 0049NorNor bestbest friendsfriends, whowho havehave setset snaressnares ofof beautybeauty,
wln 0050IAyI andand choycechoice onesones tootoo, couldcould nevernever traptrap youyou thatthat wayway
wln 0051WhatWhat mightmight bebe thethe causecause?
wln 0052Als.AlsemeroAls.LordLord, howhow violentviolent,
wln 0053ThouThou artart; II waswas butbut meditatingmeditating ofof
wln 0054SomewhatSomewhat II heardheard withinwithin thethe templetemple.
wln 0055Jas.JasperinoJas.IsIs thisthis violenceviolence? ’tis’tis butbut idlenessidleness
wln 0056Compar[*]dComparedCompared withwith youryour hasthaste yesterdayyesterday.
wln 0057Als.AlsemeroAls.I’mI’m allall thisthis whilewhile a goingaa-goingagoinggoing, manman.EnterEnter ServantsServants.
wln 0058Jas.JasperinoJas.BackwardsBackwards, II thinkthink, sirsir. LookLook youryour servantsservants.
wln 005911 Serv.ServantServ.TheThe sea-menseamen callcall, shallshall wewe BoordBoard youryour trunkstrunks?
wln 0060Als.AlsemeroAls.NoNo, notnot to daytoday.
wln 0061Jas.JasperinoJas.Tis’Tis thethe criticallcritical dayday,
wln 0062ItIt seemsseems, andand thethe signesign inin AquariusAquarius.
wln 006322 Ser.ServantSer.WeWe mustmust notnot toto seasea to daytoday, thisthis smokesmoke willwill bringbring forthforth firefire.

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sig: B2r

The Changeling.

wln 0064Als.AlsemeroAls.KeepKeep allall onon shoreshore, II doedo notnot knowknow thethe endend
wln 0065(WhichWhich needsneeds II mustmust dodo) ofof anan affairaffair inin handhand
wln 0066EreEre II cancan gogo toto seasea.
wln 006711 Serv.ServantServ.WellWell, youryour pleasurepleasure.
wln 006822 Ser.ServantSer.LetLet bimhimhim e’ne’en taketake hishis leasureleisure tootoo, wewe areare safersafer onon landland.
wln 0068ExeuntExeunt (Serv.ServantsServ.
wln 0069EnterEnter BeatriceBeatrice, DiaphantaDiaphanta, andand ServantsServants, JoannnaJoannna.
wln 0070Jasp.JasperinoJasp.HowHow nownow! TheThe LawsLaws ofof thethe MedesMedes areare chang’dchanged suresure, salutesalute
wln 0071aa womanwoman, hehe kisseskisses tootoo: wonderfullwonderful! wherewhere learntlearntlearned hehe thisthis? &and doesdoes itit
wln 0072perfectlyperfectly tootoo; inin mymy conscienceconscience hehe nerene’er rehearstrehearsed itit beforebefore. NayNay, goego
wln 0073onon, thisthis willwill bebe strangerstranger andand betterbetter newsnews atat ValentiaValenciaValentia, thenthanthen ifif hehe hadhad
wln 0074ransom’dransomed halfhalf GreeceGreece fromfrom thethe TurkTurk.
wln 0075Bea.BeatriceBea.YouYou areare aa ScholarScholar, sirsir.
wln 0076Als.AlsemeroAls.AA weakweak oneone, LadyLady.
wln 0077Bea.BeatriceBea.WhichWhich ofof thethe SciencesSciences isis thisthis lovelove youyou speakspeak ofof?
wln 0078Als.AlsemeroAls.FromFrom youryour tonguetongue II taketake itit toto bebe musickmusic.
wln 0079Bea.BeatriceBea.YouYou areare skilfullskilful in’tin ’tin’t, cancan singsing atat firstfirst sightsight.
wln 0080Als.AlsemeroAls.AndAnd II havehave shew’dshowed youyou allall mymy skilskill atat onceonce.
wln 0081II wantwant moremore wordswords toto expressexpress meme furtherfurther.
wln 0082AndAnd mustmust bebe forc’dforced toto repetitionrepetition:
wln 0083II lovelove youyou dearlydearlydear.
wln 0084Bea.BeatriceBea.BeBe betterbetter advis’dadvised, sirsir:
wln 0085OurOur eyeseyes areare CentinelsSentinelssentinels untounto ourour judgementsjudgements,
wln 0086AndAnd shouldshould givegive certaincertain judgementjudgement whatwhat theythey seesee;
wln 0087ButBut theythey areare rashrash sometimessometimes, andand telltell usus wonderswonders
wln 0088OfOf commoncommon thingsthings, whichwhich whenwhen ourour judgementsjudgements findfind,
wln 0089TheyThey cancan thenthen checkcheck thethe eyeseyes, andand calcall themthem blindblind.
wln 0090Als.AlsemeroAls.ButBut II amam furtherfurther, LadyLady; yesterdayyesterday
wln 0091WasWas minemine eyeseye’s imploymentemployment, andand hitherhither nownow
wln 0092TheyThey broughtbrought mymy judgementjudgement, wherewhere areare bothboth agreedagreed.
wln 0093BothBoth HousesHouses thenthen consentingconsenting, ’tis’tis agreedagreed,
wln 0094OnelyOnly therethere wantswants thethe confirmationconfirmation
wln 0095ByBy thethe handhand RoyallRoyal, that’sthat’s youryour partpart, LadyLady.
wln 0096Bea.BeatriceBea.OhOhO there’sthere’s oneone aboveabove meme, sirsir, forfor fivefive dayesdays pastpast
wln 0097ToTo bebe recal’drecalled; suresure, minemine eyeseyes werewere mistakenmistaken,
wln 0098ThisThis waswas thethe manman waswas meantmeant meme, thatthat hehe shouldshould comecome
wln 0099SoSo neernear hishis timetime, andand missmiss itit.
wln 0100Jas.JasperinoJas.WeWe mightmight havehave comecome byby thethe CarriersCarriers fromfrom ValentiaValenciaValentia, II seesee andand
wln 0101sav’dsaved allall ourour sea-provisionsea-provision: wewe areare atat farthestfarthest suresure, methinksmethinks II shouldshould
wln 0102doedo somethingsomething tootoo, II meantmeant toto bebe aa venturerventurer inin thisthis voyagevoyage. Yonder’sYonder’s
wln 0103anotheranother VessellVessel, I’leI’ll boardboard herher, ifif sheshe bebe lawfulllawful prizeprize, downdown goesgoes herher
wln 0104top-sailtopsail.

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The Changeling.

wln 0105EnterEnter DefloresDeflores.
wln 0106Def.DefloresDef.LadyLady, youryour fatherfather.
wln 0107Bea.BeatriceBea.IsIs inin healthhealth, II hopehope.
wln 0108Def.DefloresDef.YourYour eyeeye shallshall instantlyinstantly instructinstruct youyou, LadyLady.
wln 0109He’sHe’s comingcoming hitherwardhitherward.
wln 0110Bea.BeatriceBea.WhatWhat neededneeded thenthen
wln 0111YourYour dutiousduteous prefacepreface? II hadhad ratherrather
wln 0112HeHe hadhad comecome unexpectedunexpected, youyou mustmust stallstall
wln 0113AA goodgood presencepresence withwith unnecessaryunnecessary blabbingblabbing:
wln 0114AndAnd howhow welcomewelcome forfor youryour partpart youyou areare,
wln 0115I’mI’m suresure youyou knowknow.
wln 0116Def.DefloresDef.WiltWilt nevernever mendmend thisthis scornscorn
wln 0117OneOne sideside nornor otherother? MustMust II bebe enjoyn’denjoined
wln 0118ToTo followfollow stillstill whilstwhilst sheshe fliesflies fromfrom meme? WellWell,
wln 0119FatesFates dodo youryour worstworst, I’leI’ll pleaseplease my selfmyself withwith sightsight
wln 0120OfOf herher, atat allall opportunitiesopportunities,
wln 0121IfIf butbut toto spitespite herher angeranger, II knowknow sheshe hadhad
wln 0122RatherRather seesee meme deaddead thenthanthen livingliving, andand yetyet
wln 0123SheShe knowsknows nono causecause for’tfor ’tfor’t, butbut aa peevishpeevish willwill.
wln 0124Als.AlsemeroAls.YouYou seem’dseemed displeas’ddispleased LadyLady onon thethe suddensudden.
wln 0125Bea.BeatriceBea.YourYour pardonpardon SirSir, ’tis’tis mymy infirmityinfirmity,
wln 0126NorNor cancan II otherother reasonreason renderrender youyou,
wln 0127ThenThanThen hishis oror hershers, oror somesome particularparticular thingthing
wln 0128TheyThey mustmust abandonabandon asas aa deadlydeadly poysonpoison,
wln 0129WhichWhich toto aa thousandthousand otherother taststastes werewere wholsomewholesome,
wln 0130SuchSuch toto minemine eyeseyes isis thatthat samesame fellowfellow therethere,
wln 0131TheThe samesame thatthat reportreport speaksspeaks ofof thethe BasiliskBasilisk.
wln 0132Als.AlsemeroAls.ThisThis isis aa frequentfrequent frailtyfrailty inin ourour naturenature,
wln 0133There’sThere’s scarcescarce aa manman amongstamongst aa thousandthousand soundsound,
wln 0134ButBut hathhath hishis imperfectionimperfection: oneone distastesdistastes
wln 0135TheThe sentscent ofof RosesRoses, whichwhich toto infinitesinfinites
wln 0136MostMost pleasingpleasing isis, andand odoriferousodoriferous.
wln 0137OneOne oyleoil, thethe enemyenemy ofof poysonpoison,
wln 0138AnotherAnother WineWine, thethe cheerercheerer ofof thethe heartheart,
wln 0139AndAnd livelylively refresherrefresher ofof thethe countenancecountenance.
wln 0140IndeedIndeed thisthis faultfault (ifif soso itit bebe) isis generallgeneral,
wln 0141There’sThere’s scarcescarce aa thingthing butbut isis bothboth lov’dloved andand loath’dloathed,
wln 0142My selfMyselfmyself (II mustmust confesseconfess) havehave thethe samesame frailtyfrailty.
wln 0143Bea.BeatriceBea.AndAnd whatwhat maymay bebe youryour poysonpoison sirsir? II amam boldbold withwith youyou.
wln 0144Als.AlsemeroAls.AndAnd whatwhat mightmight bebe youryour desiredesire perhapsperhaps, aa cherrycherry.

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sig: B3r

The Changeling.

wln 0145Bea.BeatriceBea.II amam nono enemyenemy toto anyany creaturecreature
wln 0146MyMy memorymemory hashas, butbut yon’yon GentlemanGentleman.
wln 0147Als.AlsemeroAls.HeHe doesdoes illill toto tempttempt youryour sightsight, ifif hehe knewknew itit.
wln 0148Bea.BeatriceBea.HeHe cannotcannot bebe ignorantignorant ofof thatthat SirSir,
wln 0149II havehave notnot spar’dspared toto telltell himhim soso, andand II wantwant
wln 0150ToTo helphelp my selfmyself, sincesince he’she’s aa GentlemanGentleman
wln 0151InIn goodgood respectrespect withwith mymy fatherfather, andand followsfollows himhim.
wln 0152Als.AlsemeroAls.He’sHe’s outout ofof hishis placeplace thenthen nownow.
wln 0153Jas.JasperinoJas.II amam aa madmad WagWag, wenchwench.
wln 0154Dia.DiaphantaDia.SoSo me thinksmethinks; butbut forfor youryour comfortcomfort II cancan telltell youyou, wewe havehave
wln 0155aa DoctorDoctor inin thethe CitieCity thatthat undertakesundertakes thethe curecure ofof suchsuch.
wln 0156Jas.JasperinoJas.TushTush, II knowknow whatwhat PhysickPhysic isis bestbest forfor thethe statestate ofof minemine ownown
wln 0157bodybody.
wln 0158Dia.DiaphantaDia.’Tis’Tis scarcescarce aa wellwell govern’dgoverned statestate, II beleevebelieve.
wln 0159Jas.JasperinoJas.II couldcould shewshow theethee suchsuch aa thingthing withwith anan IngredianIngredientingredient thatthat wewe
wln 0160twotwo wouldwould compoundcompound togethertogether, andand ifif itit diddid notnot tametame thethe maddestmaddest
wln 0161bloodblood i’thi’ th’i’th’ towntown forfor twotwo hourshours afterafter, IleI’ll nerene’er professprofess PhysickPhysic agenagain.
wln 0162Dia.DiaphantaDia.AA littlelittle poppypoppy SirSir, werewere goodgood toto causecause youyou sleepsleep.
wln 0163Jas.JasperinoJas.PoppyPoppy; I’leI’ll givegive theethee aa poppop i’thi’ th’i’th’ lipslips forfor thatthat firstfirst, andand beginbegin
wln 0164therethere: PoppyPoppy isis oneone simplesimple indeedindeed, andand CuckowCuckoo (whatwhat youyou call’tcall ’tcall’t)
wln 0165anotheranother: I’leI’ll discoverdiscover nono moremore nownow, anotheranother timetime I’leI’ll shewshow theethee allall.
wln 0166Bea.BeatriceBea.MyMy FatherFather, SirSir.EnterEnter VermanderoVermandero andand ServantsServants.
wln 0167Ver.VermanderoVer.OhOhO JoannaJoanna, II camecame toto meetmeet theethee, youryour devotion’sdevotion’s endedended.
wln 0168Bea.BeatriceBea.ForFor thisthis timetime, SirSir,
wln 0169II shallshall changechange mymy SaintSaint, II fearfear meme, II findfind
wln 0170AA giddygiddy turningturning inin meme; SirSir, thisthis whilewhile
wln 0171II amam beholdingbeholding toto thisthis GentlemanGentleman
wln 0172WhoWho leftleft hishis ownown wayway toto keepkeep meme companycompany,
wln 0173AndAnd inin discoursediscourse II findfind himhim muchmuch desirousdesirous
wln 0174ToTo seesee youryour castlecastle: HeHe hathhath deserv’ddeserved itit, SirSir,
wln 0175IfIf yeye pleaseplease toto grantgrant itit.
wln 0176Ver.VermanderoVer.WithWith allall mymy heartheart, SirSir.
wln 0177YetYet ther’sthere’s anan articlearticle betweenbetween, II mustmust knowknow
wln 0178YourYour countreycountry; wewe useuse notnot toto givegive surveysurvey
wln 0179OfOf ourour chiefchief strengthsstrengths toto strangersstrangers, ourour citadelscitadels
wln 0180AreAre plac’dplaced conspicuousconspicuous toto outwardoutward viewview,
wln 0181OnOn PromontsPromonts’promont’s topstops; butbut withinwithin areare secretssecrets.
wln 0182Als.AlsemeroAls.AA ValentianValencianValentian, SirSir.
wln 0183Ver.VermanderoVer.AA ValentianValencianValentian,
wln 0184That’sThat’s nativenative, SirSir; ofof whatwhat namename, II beseechbeseech youyou?

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sig: B3v

The Changeling.

wln 0185Als.AlsemeroAls.AlsemeroAlsemero, SirSir.
wln 0186Ver.VermanderoVer.AlsemeroAlsemero; notnot thethe sonson ofof JohnJohn dede AlsemeroAlsemero?
wln 0187Als.AlsemeroAls.TheThe samesame SirSir.
wln 0188Ver.VermanderoVer.MyMy bestbest lovelove bidsbids youyou welcomewelcome.
wln 0189Bea.BeatriceBea.HeHe waswas wontwont toto callcall meme soso, andand thenthen hehe speaksspeaks
wln 0190AA mostmost unfeignedunfeigned truthtruth.
wln 0191Ver.VermanderoVer.OhOhO SirSir, II knewknew youryour fatherfather,
wln 0192WeWe twotwo werewere inin acquaintanceacquaintance longlong agoeago
wln 0193BeforeBefore ourour chinschins werewere worthworth JulanIulanJulan DownDown,
wln 0194AndAnd soso continuedcontinued tilltill thethe stampstamp ofof timetime
wln 0195HadHad coin’dcoined usus intointo silversilver: WellWell, he’she’s gonegone,
wln 0196AA goodgood SouldierSoldier wentwent withwith himhim.
wln 0197Als.AlsemeroAls.YouYou wentwent togethertogether inin thatthat, SirSir.
wln 0198Ver.VermanderoVer.NoNo byby SaintSaint JaquesJaques, II camecame behindbehind himhim.
wln 0199YetYet II havehave donedone somewhatsomewhat tootoo, anan unhappyunhappy dayday
wln 0200SwallowedSwallowed himhim atat lastlast atat GibralterGibralter
wln 0201InIn fightfight withwith thosethose rebelliousrebellious HollandersHollanders,
wln 0202WasWas itit notnot soso?
wln 0203Als.AlsemeroAls.WhoseWhose deathdeath II hadhad reveng’drevenged,
wln 0204OrOr followedfollowed himhim inin FateFate, hadhad notnot thethe latelate LeagueLeague
wln 0205Pre[···]tedPreuented〈◊〉Prevented meme.
wln 0206Ver.VermanderoVer.IAyay, Iay, ’twas’twas timetime toto breathbreathe:
wln 0207OhOhO JoannaJoanna, II shouldshould haheha’he toldtold theethee newsnews,
wln 0208II sawsaw PiracquoPiracquo latelylately.
wln 0209Bea.BeatriceBea.That’sThat’s illill newsnews.
wln 0210Ver.VermanderoVer.He’sHe’s hothot preparingpreparing forfor thisthis dayday ofof triumphtriumph,
wln 0211ThouThou mustmust bebe aa BrideBride withinwithin thisthis sevenightseven-night.
wln 0212Als.AlsemeroAls.HaHa!HaHa!!!
wln 0213Bea.BeatriceBea.NayNay goodgood SirSir, bebe notnot soso violentviolent, withwith speedspeed
wln 0214II cannotcannot renderrender satisfactionsatisfaction
wln 0215UntoUnto thethe deardear companioncompanion ofof mymy soulesoul,
wln 0216VirginityVirginity (whomwhom II thusthus longlong havehave liv’dlived withwith)
wln 0217AndAnd partpart withwith itit soso ruderude andand suddenlysuddenly,
wln 0218CanCan suchsuch friendsfriends dividedivide nevernever toto meetmeet agenagain,
wln 0219WithoutWithout aa solemnesolemn farewellfarewell?
wln 0220Ver.VermanderoVer.TushTush, tushtush, there’sthere’s aa toytoy.
wln 0221Als.AlsemeroAls.II mustmust nownow partpart, andand nevernever meetmeet agenagain
wln 0222WithWith anyany joyjoy onon earthearth; SirSir, youryour pardonpardon,
wln 0223MyMy affairsaffairs callcall onon meme.
wln 0224Ver.VermanderoVer.HowHow SirSir? byby nono meansmeans,

img: 5-b
sig: B4r

The Changeling.

wln 0225NotNot chang’dchanged soso soonsoon, II hopehope, youyou mustmust seesee mymy castlecastle,
wln 0226AndAnd herher bestbest entertainmententertainment ereere wewe partpart,
wln 0227II shallshall thinkthink my selfmyself unkindlyunkindly us’dused elseelse.
wln 0228ComeCome, comecome, let’slet’s onon, II hadhad goodgood hopehope youryour staystay
wln 0229HadHad beenbeen aa whilewhile withwith usus inin AlligantAlicantAlligant;
wln 0230II mightmight havehave bidbid youyou toto mymy daughtersdaughter’s weddingwedding.
wln 0231Als.AlsemeroAls.HeHe meansmeans toto feastfeast meme, &and poysonspoisons meme before handbeforehandbefore hand,
wln 0232II shouldshould bebe dearlydearlydear gladglad toto bebe therethere, sirsir,
wln 0233DidDid mymy occasionsoccasions suitsuit asas II couldcould wishwish.
wln 0234Bea.BeatriceBea.II shallshall bebe sorrysorry ifif youyou bebe notnot therethere
wln 0235WhenWhen itit isis donedone sirsir, butbut notnot soso suddenlysuddenly.
wln 0236Ver.VermanderoVer.II telltell youyou, sirsir, thethe Gentleman’sGentleman’s compleatcomplete,
wln 0237AA CourtierCourtier andand aa GallantGallant, enrichtenriched
wln 0238WithWith manymany fairfair andand noblenoble ornamentsornaments,
wln 0239II wouldwould notnot changechange himhim forfor aa son-in-lawson-in-law,
wln 0240ForFor anyany hehe inin SpainSpain, thethe proudestproudest hehe,
wln 0241AndAnd wewe havehave greatgreat onesones, thatthat youyou knowknow.
wln 0242Als.AlsemeroAls.He’sHe’s muchmuch boundbound toto youyou, sirsir.
wln 0243Ver.VermanderoVer.HeHe shallshall bebe boundbound toto meme,
wln 0244AsAs fastfast asas thisthis tietie cancan holdhold himhim, Il’eI’ll wantwant mymy willwill elseelse.
wln 0245Bea.BeatriceBea.II shalshall wantwant minemine ifif youyou dodo itit.
wln 0246Ver.VermanderoVer.ButBut comecome, byby thethe wayway, I’leI’ll telltell youyou moremore ofof himhim:
wln 0247Als.AlsemeroAls.HowHow shallshall II daredare toto ventureventure inin hishis castlecastle,
wln 0248WhenWhen hehe dischargesdischarges murderersmurderers atat thethe gategate?
wln 0249ButBut II mustmust onon, forfor backback II cannotcannot goego.
wln 0250Bea.BeatriceBea.NotNot thisthis SerpentSerpent gonegone yetyet?
wln 0251Ver.VermanderoVer.LookLook GirleGirl, thythy glove’sglove’s falnfall’nfallen,
wln 0252StayStay, staystay, DefloresDeflores helphelp aa littlelittle.
wln 0253Def.DefloresDef.HereHere, LadyLady.
wln 0254Bea.BeatriceBea.MischiefMischief onon youryour officiousofficious forwardnessforwardness,
wln 0255WhoWho badebade youyou stoopstoop? theythey touchtouch mymy handhand nono moremore:
wln 0256ThereThere, forfor t’otherst’ other’stother’s sakesake II partpart withwith thisthis,
wln 0257TakeTake ’um’em andand drawdraw thinethine ownown skinskin offoffwithoff withwith ’um’em.ExeuntExeunt
wln 0258Def.DefloresDef.Here’sHere’s aa favourfavorfavour comecome; withwith aa mischiefmischief: NowNow
wln 0259II knowknow sheshe hadhad ratherrather wearwear mymy peltpelt tan’dtanned
wln 0260InIn aa pairpair ofof dancingdancing pumpspumps, thenthan II shouldshould thrustthrust mymy fingersfingers;
wln 0261IntoInto herher socketssockets herehere II knowknow sheshe hateshates meme,
wln 0262YetYet cannotcannot chusechoose butbut lovelove herher:
wln 0263NoNo mattermatter, ifif butbut toto vexvex herher, I’leI’ll haunthaunt herher stillstill,
wln 0264ThoughThough II getget nothingnothing elseelse, Il’eI’ll havehave mymy willwill.ExitExit.

img: 6-a
sig: B4v

The Changeling.

wln 0265EnterEnter AlibiusAlibius andand LollioLollio.
wln 0266Alib.AlibiusAlib.LollioLollio, II mustmust trusttrust theethee withwith aa secretsecret,
wln 0267ButBut thouthou mustmust keepkeep itit.
wln 0268Lol.LollioLol.II waswas everever closeclose toto aa secretsecret, SirSir.
wln 0269Alib.AlibiusAlib.TheThe diligencediligence thatthat II havehave foundfound inin theethee,
wln 0270TheThe carecare andand industryindustry alreadyalready pastpast,
wln 0271AssuresAssures meme ofof thythy goodgood continuancecontinuance.
wln 0272LollioLollio, II havehave aa wifewife.
wln 0273Lol.LollioLol.FieFie sirsir, ’tis’tis tootoo latelate toto keepkeep herher secretsecret, she’sshe’s knownknown toto bebe mar-marriedmar∣riedmarried
wln 0274ried
wln 0274allall thethe towntown andand countreycountry overover.
wln 0275Alib.AlibiusAlib.ThouThou goestgoest tootoo fastfast mymy LollioLollio, thatthat knowledgeknowledge
wln 0276II allowallow nono manman cancan bebe bar’dbarred itit;
wln 0277ButBut therethere isis aa knowledgeknowledge whichwhich isis neerernearer,
wln 0278DeeperDeeper andand sweetersweeter, LollioLollio.
wln 0279Lol.LollioLol.WellWell sirsir, letlet usus handlehandle thatthat betweenbetween youyou andand II.
wln 0280Alib.AlibiusAlib.’Tis’Tis thatthat II gogo aboutabout manman; LollioLollio,
wln 0281MyMy wifewife isis youngyoung,
wln 0282Lol.LollioLol.SoSo muchmuch thethe worseworse toto bebe keptkept secretsecret, sirsir.
wln 0283Alib.AlibiusAlib.WhyWhy nownow thouthou meet’stmeet’st thethe substancesubstance ofof thethe pointpoint,
wln 0284II amam oldold, LollioLollio.
wln 0285Lol.LollioLol.NoNo sirsir, ’tis’tis II amam oldold LollioLollio.
wln 0286Alib.AlibiusAlib.YetYet whywhy maymay notnot thisthis concordconcord andand sympathizesympathize?
wln 0287OldOld treestrees andand youngyoung plantsplants oftenoften growgrow togethertogether,
wln 0288WellWell enoughenough agreeingagreeing.
wln 0289Lol.LollioLol.IAyay sirsir, butbut thethe oldold treestrees raiseraise themselvesthemselves higherhigher andand broaderbroader
wln 0290thenthan thethe youngyoung plantsplants.
wln 0291Alib.AlibiusAlib.ShrewdShrewd applicationapplication: there’sthere’s thethe fearfear manman,
wln 0292II wouldwould wearwear mymy ringring onon mymy ownown fingerfinger;
wln 0293WhilstWhilst itit isis borrowedborrowed itit isis nonenone ofof minemine,
wln 0294ButBut hishis thatthat usethuseth itit.
wln 0295Lol.LollioLol.YouYou mustmust keepkeep itit onon stillstill thenthen, ifif itit butbut lyelie byby,
wln 0296OneOne oror otherother wilwill bebe thrustingthrusting into’tinto ’tinto’t.
wln 0297Alib.AlibiusAlib.ThouThou conceiv’stconceiv’stconceivest meme LollioLollio;;, herehere thythy watchfulwatchful eyeeye
wln 0298MustMust havehave imploymentemployment, II cannotcannot alwayesalways bebe atat homehome.
wln 0299Lol.LollioLol.II daredare swearswear youyou cannotcannot.
wln 0300Alib.AlibiusAlib.II mustmust looklook outout.
wln 0301Lol.LollioLol.II know’tknow ’tknow’t, youyou mustmust looklook outout, ’tis’tis everyevery mansman’s casecase.
wln 0302Alib.AlibiusAlib.HereHere II doedo saysay mustmust thythy imploymentemployment bebe.
wln 0303ToTo watchwatch herher treadingstreadings, andand inin mymy absenceabsence
wln 0304SupplySupply mymy placeplace.

img: 6-b
sig: C1r

The Changeling.

wln 0305Lol.LollioLol.I’leI’ll dodo mymy bestbest, SirSir, yetyet surelysurely II cannotcannot seesee whowho youyou shouldshould
wln 0306havehave causecause toto bebe jealousjealous ofof.
wln 0307Alib.AlibiusAlib.ThyThy reasonreason forfor thatthat LollioLollio, ’tis’tis aa comfortablecomfortable questionquestion.
wln 0308Lol.LollioLol.WeWe havehave butbut twotwo sortssorts ofof peoplepeople inin thethe househouse, andand bothboth un-underun∣derunder
wln 0309der
wln 0309thethe whipwhip, that’sthat’s foolsfools andand mad-menmadmen; thethe oneone hashas notnot witwit enoughenough
wln 0310toto bebe knavesknaves, andand thethe otherother notnot knaveryknavery enoughenough toto bebe foolsfools.
wln 0311Alib.AlibiusAlib.IAyI thosethose areare allall mymy PatientsPatients, LollioLollio.
wln 0312II dodo professprofess thethe curecure ofof eithereither sortsort:
wln 0313MyMy tradetrade, mymy livingliving ’tis’tis, II thrivethrive byby itit;
wln 0314ButBut here’shere’s thethe carecare thatthat mixesmixes withwith mymy thriftthrift,
wln 0315TheThe dailydaily VisitantsVisitants, thatthat comecome toto seesee
wln 0316MyMy brainsickbrainsick PatientsPatients, II wouldwould notnot havehave
wln 0317ToTo seesee mymy wifewife: GallantsGallants II dodo observeobserve
wln 0318OfOf quickquick entisingenticing eyeseyes, richrich inin habitshabits,
wln 0319OfOf staturestature andand proportionproportion veryvery comelycomely:
wln 0320TheseThese areare mostmost shrewdshrewd temptationstemptations, LollioLollio.
wln 0321Lol.LollioLol.TheyThey maymay bebe easilyeasily answeredanswered, SirSir, ifif theythey comecome toto seesee thethe
wln 0322FoolsFools andand Mad-menMadmen, youyou andand II maymay serveserve thethe turnturn, andand letlet mymy Mi-MistressMi∣stressMistress
wln 0323stress
wln 0323alonealone, she’sshe’s ofof neitherneither sortsort.
wln 0324Alib.AlibiusAlib.’Tis’Tis aa goodgood wardward, indeedindeed comecome theythey toto seesee
wln 0325OurOur Mad-menMadmen oror ourour FoolsFools, letlet ’um’em seesee nono moremore
wln 0326ThenThan whatwhat theythey comecome forfor; byby thatthat consequentconsequent
wln 0327TheyThey mustmust notnot seesee herher, I’mI’m suresure she’sshe’s nono foolfool.
wln 0328Loll.LollioLoll.AndAnd I’mI’m suresure she’sshe’s nono mad-manmadman.
wln 0329Alib.AlibiusAlib.HoldHold thatthat BucklerBuckler fastfast, LollioLollio mymy trusttrust
wln 0330IsIs onon theethee, andand II accountaccount itit firmfirm andand strongstrong.
wln 0331WhatWhat hourhour is’tis’t LollioLollio?
wln 0332Lol.LollioLol.TowardsTowards bellybelly hourhour SirSir.
wln 0333Alib.AlibiusAlib.DinnerDinner timetime, thouthou mean’stmean’st twelvetwelve a clocko’clock.
wln 0334Lol.LollioLol.YesYes SirSir, forfor everyevery partpart hashas hishis hourhour, wewe wakewake atat sixsix andand looklook
wln 0335aboutabout usus, that’sthat’s eye-houreye-hour; atat sevenseven wewe shouldshould praypray, thatsthat’s knee-hourknee-hour;
wln 0336atat eighteight walkwalk, that’sthat’s legleg hourhour; atat ninenine gathergather flowersflowers, andand pluckpluck aa
wln 0337RoseRose, that’sthat’s nose-hournose-hour; atat tenten wewe drinkdrink, that’sthat’s mouthmouth hourhour; atat ele-elevenele∣veneleven
wln 0338ven
wln 0338laylay aboutabout usus forfor victualsvictuals, that’sthat’s handhand hourhour; atat twelvetwelve gogo toto din-dinnerdin∣nerdinner
wln 0339ner,
wln 0339that’sthat’s bellybelly hourhour.
wln 0340Alib.AlibiusAlib.ProfoundlyProfoundly, LollioLollio itit wilwill bebe longlong
wln 0341EreEre allall thythy ScholarsScholars learnlearn thisthis LessonLesson, andand
wln 0342II diddid looklook toto havehave aa newnew oneone entredentered staystay
wln 0343II thinkthink mymy expectationexpectation isis comecome homehome.

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sig: C1v

The Changeling.

wln 0344EnterEnter PedroPedro andand AntonioAntonio likelike anan IdiotIdiot.
wln 0345Ped.PedroPed.SaveSave youyou sirsir, mymy businessbusiness speaksspeaks it selfitself,
wln 0346ThisThis sightsight takestakes offoff thethe labourlaborlabour ofof mymy tonguetongue.
wln 0347Alib.AlibiusAlib.IAyay, IayI SirSir, ’tis’tis plainplain enoughenough, youyou meanmean himhim forfor mymy patientpatient.
wln 0348Ped.PedroPed.AndAnd ifif youryour painspains proveprove butbut commodiouscommodious,
wln 0349ToTo givegive butbut somesome littlelittle strengthstrength toto hishis sicksick
wln 0350AndAnd weakweak partpart ofof NatureNature inin himhim, thesethese areare
wln 0351ButBut patternspatterns toto shewshow youyou ofof thethe wholewhole piecespieces
wln 0352ThatThat willwill followfollow toto youyou, besidebeside thethe chargecharge
wln 0353OfOf dietdiet,, washingwashing, andand otherother necessariesnecessaries
wln 0354FullyFully defrayeddefrayed.
wln 0355Alib.AlibiusAlib.BelieveBelieve itit, sirsir, therethere shallshall nono carecare bebe wantingwanting.
wln 0356Lol.LollioLol.SirSir, anan officerofficer inin thisthis placeplace maymay deservedeserve somthingsomething,
wln 0357TheThe troubletrouble willwill passpass throughthrough mymy handshands.
wln 0358Ped.PedroPed.’Tis’Tis fitfit somethingsomething shouldshould comecome toto youryour handshands thenthen, sirsir.
wln 0359Lol.LollioLol.YesYes, sirsir, ’tis’tis II mustmust keepkeep himhim sweetsweet, andand readread toto himhim, whatwhat isis
wln 0360hishis namename.
wln 0361Ped.PedroPed.HisHis namename isis AntonioAntonio, marrymarry wewe useuse butbut halfhalf
wln 0362ToTo himhim, onelyonly TonieTonytony.
wln 0363Lol.LollioLol.TonieTonytony, TonieTonytony, ’tis’tis enoughenough, andand aa veryvery goodgood namename forfor aa foolfool,
wln 0364what’swhat’s youryour namename TonieTonytony?
wln 0365Ant.AntonioAnt.HeHe, hehe hehe, wellwell II thankthank youyou cousincousin, hehe hehe, hehe.
wln 0366Lol.LollioLol.GoodGood BoyBoy holdhold upup youryour headhead: hehe cancan laughlaugh, II perceiveperceive byby
wln 0367thatthat hehe isis nono beastbeast.
wln 0368Ped.PedroPed.WellWell sirsir, ifif youyou cancan raiseraise himhim butbut toto anyany heightheight,
wln 0369AnyAny degreedegree ofof witwit, mightmight hehe attainattain
wln 0370(AsAs II mightmight saysay) toto creepcreep butbut onon allall fourfour,
wln 0371TowardsTowards thethe chairchair ofof witwit, oror walkwalk onon crutchescrutches,
wln 0372’Twould’Twould addadd anan honourhonorhonour toto youryour worthyworthy painspains,
wln 0373AndAnd aa greatgreat familyfamily mightmight praypray forfor youyou,
wln 0374ToTo whichwhich hehe shouldshould bebe heireheir, hadhad hehe discretiondiscretion
wln 0375ToTo claimclaim andand guideguide hishis ownown; assureassure youyou sirsir,
wln 0376HeHe isis aa GentlemanGentleman.
wln 0377Lol.LollioLol.NayNay, there’sthere’s no bodynobody doubteddoubted thatthat, atat firstfirst sightsight II knewknew himhim
wln 0378forfor aa GentlemanGentleman, hehe lookslooks nono otherother yetyet.
wln 0379Ped.PedroPed.LetLet himhim havehave goodgood attendanceattendance andand sweetsweet lodginglodging.
wln 0380LolLol.LollioLol.AsAs goodgood asas mymy MistressMistress lieslies inin sirsir, andand asas youyou allowallow usus timetime
wln 0381andand meansmeans, wewe cancan raiseraise himhim toto thethe higherhigher degreedegree ofof discretiondiscretion.
wln 0382Ped.PedroPed.NayNay, therethere shallshall nono costcost wantwant sirsir.
wln 0383Lol.LollioLol.HeHe willwill hardlyhardly bebe stretchtstretched upup toto thethe witwit ofof aa MagnificoMagnifico.

img: 7-b
sig: C2r

The Changeling.

wln 0384Ped.PedroPed.OhOhO nono, that’sthat’s notnot toto bebe expectedexpected, farfar shortershorter
wln 0385WillWill bebe enoughenough.
wln 0386Lol.LollioLol.IleI’ll warrantwarrant youyou makemake himhim fitfit toto bearbear officeoffice inin fivefive weeksweeks,
wln 0387I’leI’ll undertakeundertake toto windwind himhim upup toto thethe witwit ofof ConstableConstable.
wln 0388Ped.PedroPed.IfIf itit bebe lowerlower thenthenthan thatthat itit mightmight serveserve turnturn.
wln 0389Lol.LollioLol.NoNo fiefie, toto levelllevel himhim withwith aa HeadboroughHeadborough, BeadleBeadle, oror Watch-WatchmanWatch∣manWatchman
wln 0390man,
wln 0390werewere butbut littlelittle betterbetter thenthan hehe isis; ConstableConstable I’leI’ll ableable himhim: ifif hehe
wln 0391dodo comecome toto bebe aa JusticeJustice afterwardsafterwards, letlet himhim thankthank thethe KeeperKeeper. OrOr I’leI’ll
wln 0392gogo furtherfurther withwith youyou, saysay II dodo bringbring himhim upup toto mymy ownown pitchpitch, saysay II
wln 0393makemake himhim asas wisewise asas my selfmyself.
wln 0394Ped.PedroPed.WhyWhy therethere II wouldwould havehave itit.
wln 0395Lol.LollioLol.WellWell, gogo toto, eithereither I’leI’ll bebe asas erranterrant aa foolfool asas hehe, oror hehe shallshall
wln 0396bebe asas wisewise asas II, andand thenthen II thinkthink ’twill’twill serveserve hishis turnturn.
wln 0397Ped.PedroPed.NayNay, II doedo likelike thythy witwit passingpassing wellwell.
wln 0398Lol.LollioLol.YesYes, youyou maymay, yetyet ifif II hadhad notnot beenbeen aa foolfool, II hadhad hadhad moremore
wln 0399witwit thenthan II havehave tootoo rememberremember whatwhat statestate youyou findfind meme inin.
wln 0400Ped.PedroPed.II wilwill, andand soso leaveleave youyou: youryour bestbest carescares II beseechbeseech youyou.Ex.ExitEx. Ped.PedroPed.
wln 0401Alib.AlibiusAlib.TakeTake youyou nonenone withwith youyou, leaveleave ’um’em allall withwith usus.
wln 0402Ant.AntonioAnt.OhOhO mymy cousinscousin’s gonegone, cousincousin, cousincousin, ohoho.
wln 0403Lol.LollioLol.PeacePeace, PeacePeace TonyTony, youyou mustmust notnot crycry childchild, youyou mustmust bebe whiptwhipped
wln 0404ifif youyou dodo, youryour cousincousin isis herehere stillstill, II amam youryour cousincousin, TonyTony.
wln 0405Ant.AntonioAnt.HeHe, hehe, thenthen I’leI’ll notnot crycry, ifif thouthou bee’stbe’stbeest mymy cousincousin, hehe, hehe, hehe.
wln 0406Lol.LollioLol.II werewere bestbest trytry hishis witwit aa littlelittle, thatthat II maymay knowknow whatwhat FormForm toto
wln 0407placeplace himhim inin.
wln 0408Alib.AlibiusAlib.IAyay, doedo LollioLollio, doedo.
wln 0409Lol.LollioLol.II mustmust askask himhim easieeasy questionsquestions atat firstfirst; TonyTony, howhow manymany
wln 0410truetrue fingersfingers hashas aa TaylorTailortailor onon hishis rightright handhand?
wln 0411Ant.AntonioAnt.AsAs manymany asas onon hishis leftleft, cousincousin.
wln 0412Lol.LollioLol.GoodGood, andand howhow manymany onon bothboth?
wln 0413Ant.AntonioAnt.TwoTwo lessless thenthan aa DewceDeucedeuce, cousincousin.
wln 0414Lol.LollioLol.VeryVery wellwell answeredanswered; II comecome toto youyou agenagain, cousincousin TonyTony, HowHow
wln 0415manymany foolsfools goesgoes toto aa wisewise manman?
wln 0416Ant.AntonioAnt.FourtyFortyforty inin aa dayday sometimessometimes, cousincousin.
wln 0417Lol.LollioLol.FourtyFortyforty inin aa dayday? HowHow proveprove youyou thatthat?
wln 0418Ant.AntonioAnt.AllAll thatthat fallfall outout amongstamongst themselvesthemselves, andand gogo toto aa LawyerLawyer toto
wln 0419bebe mademade friendsfriends.
wln 0420Lol.LollioLol.AA parlousparlousperilous foolfool, hehe mustmust sitsit inin thethe fourthfourth FormForm atat leastleast, II per-perceiveper∣ceiveperceive
wln 0421ceive
wln 0421thatthat: II comecome againagain TonyTony, HowHow manymany knavesknaves makemake anan honesthonest
wln 0422manman?
wln 0423Ant.AntonioAnt.II knowknow notnot thatthat cousincousin.

img: 8-a
sig: C2v

The Changeling.

wln 0424Lol.LollioLol.NoNo, thethe questionquestion isis tootoo hardhard forfor youyou: I’leI’ll telltell youyou cousincousin,
wln 0425there’sthere’s threethree knavesknaves maymay makemake anan honesthonest manman, aa SergeantSergeant, aa JaylorJailor,
wln 0426andand aa BeadleBeadle; thethe SergeantSergeant catchescatches himhim, thethe JaylorJailor holdsholds himhim, andand
wln 0427thethe BeadleBeadle lasheslashes himhim; andand ifif hehe bebe notnot honesthonest thenthen, thethe HangmanHangman
wln 0428mustmust curecure himhim.
wln 0429Ant.AntonioAnt.HaHa, haha, haha, that’sthat’s finefine sportsport cousincousin.
wln 0430Alib.AlibiusAlib.ThisThis waswas tootoo deepdeep aa questionquestion forfor thethe foolfool LollioLollio.
wln 0431Lol.LollioLol.YesYes, thisthis mightmight havehave serv’dserved your selfyourself, thothough II say’tsay ’tsay’t;
wln 0432OnceOnce moremore, andand youyou shallshall goego playplay TonieTonytony.
wln 0433Ant.AntonioAnt.IAyay, playplay atat push-pinpush-pininin cousincousin, haha, hehe.
wln 0434Lol.LollioLol.SoSo thouthou shaltshalt, saysay howhow manymany foolsfools areare herehere.
wln 0435Ant.AntonioAnt.TwoTwo, cousincousin, thouthou andand II.
wln 0436Lol.LollioLol.NayNay, y’arey’ areyou’re tootoo forwardforward therethere, TonieTonytony markmark mymy questionquestion, howhow
wln 0437manymany foolsfools andand knavesknaves areare herehere? aa foolfool beforebefore aa knaveknave, aa foolfool be-behindbe∣hindbehind
wln 0438hind
wln 0438aa knaveknave, betweenbetween everyevery twotwo foolsfools aa knaveknave, howhow manymany foolsfools, howhow
wln 0439manymany knavesknaves?
wln 0440Ant.AntonioAnt.II nevernever learntlearntlearned soso farfar cousincousin.
wln 0441Alib.AlibiusAlib.ThouThou putstput’stputst tootoo hardhard questionsquestions toto himhim, LollioLollio.
wln 0442Lol.LollioLol.I’leI’ll makemake himhim understandunderstand itit easilyeasily; cousincousin standstand therethere.
wln 0443Ant.AntonioAnt.IAyI cousincousin.
wln 0444Lol.LollioLol.MasterMaster, standstand youyou nextnext thethe foolfool.
wln 0445Alib.AlibiusAlib.WellWell, LollioLollio.
wln 0446Lol.LollioLol.Here’sHere’s mymy placeplace: markmark nownow TonieTonytony, therethere aa foolfool beforebefore aa knaveknave.
wln 0447Ant.AntonioAnt.That’sThat’s II cousincousin.
wln 0448Lol.LollioLol.Here’sHere’s aa foolfool behindbehind aa knaveknave, that’sthat’s II, andand betweenbetween usus twotwo foolsfools
wln 0449therethere isis aa knaveknave, that’sthat’s mymy MasterMaster, ’tis’tis butbut wewe threethree, that’sthat’s allall.
wln 0450Ant.AntonioAnt.WeWe threethree, wewe threethree, cousincousin.Mad-menMadmen withinwithin.
wln 045111 WithinWithin.Put’sPut’s headhead i’thi’ th’i’th’ pillorypillory, thethe breadsbread’sbreads tootoo littlelittle.
wln 045222WithinWithin.FlyFly, flyfly, andand hehe catchescatches thethe swallowswallow.
wln 04533.3.WithinWithin.GiveGive herher moremore oniononion, oror thethe DivellDevil putput thethe roperope aboutabout
wln 0454herher craggcrag.
wln 0455Lol.LollioLol.YouYou maymay hearhear whatwhat timetime ofof dayday itit isis, thethe ChimesChimes ofof BedlamBedlam
wln 0456goesgoes.
wln 0457Alib.AlibiusAlib.PeacePeace, peacepeace, oror thethe wyerwire comescomes.
wln 045833 withinwithin.CatCat whorewhore, CatCat whorewhore, herher permasantparmesanpermasant, herher permasantparmesanpermasant.
wln 0459Alib.AlibiusAlib.PeacePeace, II saysay, theirtheir hour’shour’s comecome, theythey mustmust bebe fedfed, LollioLollio.
wln 0460Lol.LollioLol.TheresThere’sthere’s nono hopehope ofof recoveryrecovery ofof thatthat WelshWelsh mad-manmadman,
wln 0461WasWas undoneundone byby aa MouseMouse, thatthat spoildspoiledspoilt himhim aa PermasantParmesanPermasant,
wln 0462LostLost hishis witswits for’tfor ’tfor ’tfor ’t.
wln 0463Alib.AlibiusAlib.GoGo toto youryour chargecharge, LollioLollio, I’leI’ll toto minemine.

img: 8-b
sig: C3r

The Changeling.

wln 0464Lol.LollioLol.GoeGo youyou toto youryour mad-mensmadmen’s WardWard, letlet meme alonealone withwith youryour
wln 0465foolsfools.
wln 0466Alib.AlibiusAlib.AndAudAnd rememberremember mymy lastlast chargecharge, LollioLollio.ExitExit.
wln 0467Lol.LollioLol.OfOf whichwhich youryour PatientsPatients dodo youyou thinkthink II amam? ComeCome TonieTonytony youyou
wln 0468mustmust amongstamongst youryour School-fellowsSchoolfellows nownow, there’sthere’s prettypretty ScholarsScholars
wln 0469amongstamongst ’um’em, II cancan telltell youyou there’sthere’s somesome ofof ’em’em atat stultusstultus, stultastulta, stul-stultumstul∣tum
wln 0470tumstultum
wln 0471Ant.AntonioAnt.II wouldwould seesee thethe mad-menmadmen, cousincousin, ifif theythey wouldwould notnot bitebite meme.
wln 0472Lol.LollioLol.NoNo, theythey shallshall notnot bitebite theethee, TonieTonytony.
wln 0473Ant.AntonioAnt.TheyThey bitebite whenwhen theythey areare atat dinnerdinner, dodo theythey notnot cuzcoz.
wln 0474Lol.LollioLol.TheyThey bitebite atat dinnerdinner indeedindeed, TonieTonytony; wellwell, II hopehope toto getget creditcredit
wln 0475byby theethee, II likelike theethee thethe bestbest ofof allall thethe ScholarsScholars thatthat everever II broughtbrought
wln 0476upup, andand thouthou shaltshalt proveprove aa wisewise manman, oror I’leI’ll proveprove aa foolfool my selfemyself.
wln 0477ExeuntExeunt.


wln 0479EnterEnter BeatriceBeatrice andand JasperinoJasperino severallyseverally.
wln 0480Bea.BeatriceBea.OHOHO SirSir, I’mI’m readyready nownow forfor thatthat fairfair serviceservice,
wln 0481WhichWhich makesmakes thethe namename ofof friendfriend sitsit gloriousglorious onon youyou.
wln 0482GoodGood AngelsAngels andand thisthis conductconduct bebe youryour guideguide,
wln 0483FitnessFitness ofof timetime andand placeplace isis therethere setset downdown, sirsir.
wln 0484Jas.JasperinoJas.TheThe joyjoy II shallshall returnreturn rewardsrewards mymy serviceservice.ExitExit.
wln 0485Bea.BeatriceBea.HowHow wisewise isis AlsemeroAlsemero inin hishis friendfriend?
wln 0486ItIt isis aa signsign hehe makesmakes hishis choycechoice withwith judgementjudgement.
wln 0487ThenThen II appearappear inin nothingnothing moremore approv’dapproved,
wln 0488ThenThanThen makingmaking choycechoice ofof himhim; forfor ’tis’tis aa PrinciplePrinciple, HeHe thatthat cancan chusechoose
wln 0489ThatThat bosomebosom wellwell, whowho ofof hishis thoughtsthoughts partakespartakes,
wln 0490ProvesProves mostmost discreetdiscreet inin everyevery choycechoice hehe makesmakes.
wln 0491Me thinksMethinksmethinks II lovelove nownow withwith thethe eyeseyes ofof judgementjudgement.
wln 0492AndAnd seesee thethe wayway toto meritmerit, clearlyclearly seesee itit.
wln 0493AA truetrue deserverdeserver likelike aa DiamondDiamond sparklessparkles,
wln 0494InIn darknessdarkness youyou maymay seesee himhim, that’sthat’s inin absenceabsence,
wln 0495WhichWhich isis thethe greatestgreatest darknessdarkness fallsfalls onon lovelove,
wln 0496YetYet isis hehe bestbest discern’ddiscerned thenthen
wln 0497WithWith intellectuallintellectual eye-sighteyesight; what’swhat’s PiracquoPiracquo
wln 0498MyMy FatherFather spendsspends hishis breathbreath forfor, andand hishis blessingblessing

img: 9-a
sig: C3v

The Changeling.

wln 0499IsIs onelyonly minemine, asas II regardregard hishis namename,
wln 0500ElseElse itit goesgoes fromfrom meme, andand turnsturns headhead againstagainst meme,
wln 0501Tranform’dTransformed intointo aa CurseCurse; somesome speedyspeedy wayway
wln 0502MustMust bebe remembredremembered, he’she’s soso forwardforward tootoo,
wln 0503SoSo urgenturgent thatthat wayway, scarcescarce allowsallows meme breathbreath
wln 0504ToTo speakspeak toto mymy newnew comfortscomforts.
wln 0505EnterEnter DefloresDeflores.
wln 0506Def.DefloresDef.YondersYonder’syonder’s sheshe
wln 0507What everWhateverwhatever ailsails meme, nownow a latea-latea late especiallyespecially,
wln 0508II cancan asas wellwell bebe hang’dhanged asas refrainrefrain seeingseeing herher;
wln 0509SomeSome twentytwenty timestimes aadayaaday dayday, naynay notnot soso littlelittle,
wln 0510DoeDo II forceforce errandserrands, frameframe wayesways andand excusesexcuses
wln 0511ToTo comecome intointo herher sightsight, andand II havehave smallsmall reasonreason for’tfor ’tfor’t,
wln 0512AndAnd lessless incouragementencouragement; forfor sheshe baitsbaits meme stillstill
wln 0513EveryEvery timetime worseworse thenthan otherother, doesdoes professprofess herselfherself
wln 0514TheThe cruellestcruelest enemyenemy toto mymy faceface, inin towntown,
wln 0515AtAt nono handhand cancan abideabide thethe sightsight ofof meme,
wln 0516AsAs ifif dangerdanger, oror illill luckluck hunghung inin mymy lookslooks.
wln 0517II mustmust confessconfess mymy faceface isis badbad enoughenough,
wln 0518ButBut II knowknow farfar worseworse hashas betterbetter fortunefortune,
wln 0519AndAnd notnot endur’dendured alonealone, butbut doteddoted onon,
wln 0520AndAnd yetyet suchsuch pickhairdpickhaired facesfaces, chinschins likelike WitchesWitches,
wln 0521HereHere andand therethere fivefive hairshairs, whisperingwhispering inin aa cornercorner,
wln 0522AsAs ifif theythey grewgrew inin fearfear oneone ofof anotheranother,
wln 0523WrinklesWrinkles likelike troughstroughs, wherewhere swineswine deformitydeformity swilsswills
wln 0524TheThe tearstears ofof perjuryperjury thatthat lielie therethere likelike washwash,
wln 0525FallenFallen fromfrom thethe slimyslimy andand dishonestdishonest eyeeye,
wln 0526YetYet suchsuch aa oneone plucktplucked sweetssweets withoutwithout restraintrestraint,
wln 0527AndAnd hashas thethe gracegrace ofof beautybeauty toto hishis sweetsweet,
wln 0528ThoughThough mymy hardhard fatefate hashas thrustthrust meme outout toto servitudeservitude,
wln 0529II tumbledtumbled intointo th’worldth’ worldth’world aa GentlemanGentleman.
wln 0530SheShe turnsturns herher blessedblessed eyeeye uponupon meme nownow,
wln 0531AndAnd I’leI’ll indureendure allall stormsstorms beforebefore II partpart with’twith ’twith’t.
wln 0532Bea.BeatriceBea.AgenAgain thisthis ominousominous ill-fac’dill-faced fellowfellow moremore disturbsdisturbs meme,
wln 0533ThenThan allall mymy otherother passionspassions.
wln 0534Def.DefloresDef.Now’tNow ’tNow’t beginsbegins agenagain,
wln 0535IleI’ll standstand thisthis stormstorm ofof hailhail thoughthough thethe stonesstones peltpelt meme.
wln 0536Bea.BeatriceBea.ThyThy businessbusiness? What’sWhat’s thythy businessbusiness?
wln 0537Def.DefloresDef.SoftSoft andand fairfair, II cannotcannot partpart soso soonsoon nownow.
wln 0538Bea.BeatriceBea.TheThe villain’svillain’s fixtfixed ThouThou standingstanding toad-pooltoad-pool.

img: 9-b
sig: C4r

The Changeling.

wln 0539Def.DefloresDef.TheThe showreshower fallsfalls amainamain nownow.
wln 0540Bea.BeatriceBea.WhoWho sentsent theethee? What’sWhat’s thythy erranderrand? leaveleave mymy sightsight.
wln 0541Def:DefloresDef:MyMy LordLord youryour fatherfather charg’dcharged meme toto deliverdeliver aa messagemessage toto youyou.
wln 0542Bea:BeatriceBea:WhatWhat anotheranother sincesince, do’tdo ’tdo’t andand bebe hang’dhanged thenthen, letlet meme bebe ridrid ofof (theethee.
wln 0543Def:DefloresDef:TrueTrue serviceservice meritsmerits mercymercy.
wln 0544Bea:BeatriceBea:What’sWhat’s thythy messagemessage?
wln 0545Def:DefloresDef:LetLet beautybeauty settlesettle butbut inin patiencepatience, youyou shallshall hearhear allall.
wln 0546Bea:BeatriceBea:AA dallyingdallying triflingtrifling tormenttorment.
wln 0547Def:DefloresDef:SigniorSignior AlonzoAlonzo dede PiracquoPiracquo LadyLady, solesole brotherbrother toto TomazoTomazo dede
wln 0547 (PiracquoPiracquo
wln 0548Bea:BeatriceBea:SlaveSlave, whenwhen wil’twiltwil’t makemake anan endend?
wln 0549Def:DefloresDef:TooToo soonsoon II shallshall.
wln 0550Bea:BeatriceBea:WhatWhat allall thisthis whilewhile ofof himhim?
wln 0551Def:DefloresDef:TheThe saidsaid AlonzoAlonzo, withwith thethe foresaidforesaid TomazoTomazo.
wln 0552Bea:BeatriceBea:YetYet agenagain.
wln 0553Def:DefloresDef:IsIs newnew alightedalighted.
wln 0554Bea:BeatriceBea:VengeanceVengeance strikestrike thethe newsnews,
wln 0555ThouThou thingthing mostmost loath’dloathed, whatwhat causecause waswas therethere inin thisthis
wln 0556ToTo bringbring theethee toto mymy sightsight?
wln 0557Def:DefloresDef:MyMy LordLord youryour fatherfather charg’dcharged meme toto seekseek youyou outout.
wln 0558Bea:BeatriceBea:IsIs therethere nono otherother toto sendsend hishis erranderrand byby?
wln 0559Def:DefloresDef:ItIt seemsseems ’tis’tis mymy luckluck toto bebe i’thi’ th’i’th’ wayway stillstill.
wln 0560Bea:BeatriceBea:GetGet theethee fromfrom meme.
wln 0561Def.DefloresDef.SoSo whywhy amam notnot II anan AsseAss toto devisedevise wayesways
wln 0562ThusThus toto bebe raildrailed atat? II mustmust seesee herher stillstill,
wln 0563II shallshall havehave aa madmad qualmqualm withinwithin thisthis hourehour agenagain,
wln 0564II know’tknow ’tknow’t, andand likelike aa CommonCommon GardenGarden BullBull,
wln 0565II doedo butbut taketake breathbreath toto bebe lug’dlugged agenagain.
wln 0566WhatWhat thisthis maymay bodebode II knowknow notnot, I’leI’ll despairdespair thethe lessless,
wln 0567BecauseBecause ther’sthere’s dailydaily presidentsprecedents ofof badbad facesfaces
wln 0568Belov’dBeloved beyondbeyond allall reasonreason; thesethese foulfoul chopschops
wln 0569MayMay comecome intointo favourfavorfavour oneone dayday, ’mongst’mongstamongst hishis fellowsfellows:
wln 0570WranglingWrangling hashas prov’dproved thethe mistressmistress ofof goodgood pastimepastime,
wln 0571AsAs childrenchildren crycry themselvesthemselves asleepasleep, II ha’ha’ seenseen
wln 0572WomenWomen havehave chidchid themselvesthemselves abedabeda-bed toto menmen.ExitExit Def:DefDefloresDef:
wln 0573Bea.BeatriceBea.II nevernever seesee thisthis fellowfellow, butbut II thinkthink
wln 0574OfOf somesome harmharm towardstowards meme, danger’sdanger’s inin mymy mindmind stillstill,
wln 0575II scarcescarce leaveleave tremblingtrembling ofof anan hourhour afterafter.
wln 0576TheThe nextnext goodgood moodmood II findfind mymy fatherfather inin,
wln 0577I’leI’ll getget himhim quitequite discardeddiscarded: OhOhO II waswas
wln 0578LostLost inin thisthis smallsmall disturbancedisturbance andand forgotforgot.

img: 10-a
sig: C4v

The Changeling.

wln 0579AfflictionsAffliction’sAfflictions fiercerfiercer torrenttorrent thatthat nownow comescomes,
wln 0580ToTo bearebear downdown allall mymy comfortscomforts.
wln 0581EnterEnter VermanderoVermandero, AlonzoAlonzo, TomazoTomazo.
wln 0582Ver.VermanderoVer.Y’areY’ areYou’re bothboth welcomewelcome,
wln 0583ButBut anan especiallespecial oneone belongsbelongs toto youyou, sirsir,
wln 0584ToTo whosewhose mostmost noblenoble namename ourour lovelove presentspresents
wln 0585TheThe additionaddition ofof aa sonson, ourour sonson AlonzoAlonzo.
wln 0586Alon.AlonzoAlon.TheThe treasurytreasury ofof honorhonorhonour cannotcannot bringbring forthforth
wln 0587AA TitleTitle II shouldshould moremore rejoycerejoice inin, sirsir.
wln 0588Ver.VermanderoVer.YouYou havehave improv’dimproved itit wellwell; daughterdaughter prepareprepare,
wln 0589TheThe dayday willwill stealsteal uponupon theethee suddenlysuddenly.
wln 0590Bea.BeatriceBea.How e’reHowe’erhowe’er, II willwill bebe suresure toto keepkeep thethe nightnight,
wln 0591IfIf itit shouldshould comecome soso neernear meme.
wln 0592Tom.TomazoTom.AlonzoAlonzo.
wln 0593Alon.AlonzoAlon.BrotherBrother.
wln 0594Tom.TomazoTom.InIn trothtroth II seesee smallsmall welcomewelcome inin herher eyeeye.
wln 0595Alon.AlonzoAlon.FieFie, youyou areare tootoo severesevere aa censurercensurer
wln 0596OfOf lovelove inin allall pointspoints, there’sthere’s nono bringingbringing onon youyou
wln 0597IfIf LoversLovers shouldshould markmark everyevery thingthing aa faultfault,
wln 0598AffectionAffection wouldwould bebe likelike anan ill setillill-setillsetset bookbook,
wln 0599WhoseWhose faultsfaults mightmight proveprove asas bigbig asas halfhalf thethe volumevolume.
wln 0600Bea.BeatriceBea.That’sThat’s allall II dodo intreatentreat.
wln 0601Ver.VermanderoVer.ItIt isis butbut reasonablereasonable,
wln 0602I’leI’ll seesee whatwhat mymy sonson sayessays too’tto ’tto’t: SonSon AlonzoAlonzo,
wln 0603Here’sHere’s aa motionmotion mademade butbut toto reprievereprieve
wln 0604AA MaidenheadMaidenhead threethree dayesdays longerlonger; thethe requestrequest
wln 0605IsIs notnot farfar outout ofof reasonreason, forfor indeedindeed
wln 0606TheThe formerformer timetime isis pinchingpinching.
wln 0607Alon.AlonzoAlon.ThoughThough mymy joyesjoys
wln 0608BeBe setset backback soso muchmuch timetime asas II couldcould wishwish
wln 0609TheyThey hadhad beenbeen forwardforward, yetyet sincesince sheshe desiresdesires itit,
wln 0610TheThe timetime isis setset asas pleasingpleasing asas beforebefore,
wln 0611II findfind nono gladnessgladness wantingwanting.
wln 0612Ver.VermanderoVer.MayMay II everever meetmeet itit inin thatthat poyntpoint stillstill:
wln 0613Y’areY’ areYou’re noblynobly welcomewelcome, sirssirs.ExeuntExeunt. Ver.VermanderoVer. andand Bea.BeatriceBea.
wln 0614Tom.TomazoTom.SoSo, diddid youyou <