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PrintedPrinted atat LondonLondon forfor R.R. BonianBonian
andand H.H. WalleyWalley, andand areare toto bebe soldsold atat
thethe spredspred EagleEagle ouerover againstagainst thethe
greatgreat NorthNorth doredoor ofof S.St.S. PaulesPaul’s.

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ToTo thatthat noblenoble andand truetrue louerlover ofof learningearningearninglearning,
ofof thethe BathBath.

SIrSIr II mustmust askeask youryour patiencepatience, andand bebe trewtrue.
ThisThis playplay waswas neuernever likedliked, vnlesseunless byby fewfew
ThatThat broughtbrought theirtheir iudgementsjudgements withwith vm’em, forfor ofof latelate
FirstFirst thethe infectioninfection, thenthen thethe commoncommon prateprate
OfOf commoncommon peoplepeople, hauehave suchsuch customescustoms gotgot
EitherEither toto silencesilence plaiesplays, oror likelike themthem notnot.
VnderUnder thethe lastlast ofof whichwhich thisthis interludeinterlude,
HadHad falnefallen for euerfor foreverfor euerever prestpressed downedown byby thethe ruderude
ThatThat likelike aa torrenttorrent whichwhich thethe moistmoist southsouth feedesfeeds,
Drowne’sDrownsDrowne’s bothboth beforebefore himhim thethe riperipe cornecorn andand weedesweeds:
HadHad notnot thethe sauingsaving sencesense ofof betterbetter menmen
Redeem’dRedeemed itit fromfrom corruptioncorruption: (deeredear SirSir thenthen)
AmongAmong thethe betterbetter soulessouls, bebe youyou thethe bestbest
InIn whomewhom, asas inin aa CenterCentre II taketake restrest,
AndAnd propperproper beingbeing: fromfrom whosewhose equallequal eyeeye
AndAnd iudgementjudgement, nothingnothing growesgrows butbut puritiepurity:
(NorNor dodo II flatterflatter) forfor byby allall thosethose deaddead,
GreatGreat inin thethe musesmuses, byby ApolloesApollo’s headhead,
HeHe thatthat adsadds anyany thingthing toto youyou; tis’tis donedone
LikeLike hishis thatthat lightslights aa candlecandle toto thethe sunnesun:
ThenThen bebe asas youyou werewere euerever, your selfeyourself stillstill
MouedMoved byby youryour iudgementjudgement, notnot byby louelove, oror willwill
AndAnd whenwhen II singsing againeagain asas whowho cancan telltell
MyMy nextnext deuotiondevotion toto thatthat holyholy wellwell,
YourYour goodnessegoodness toto thethe musesmuses shallshall bebe allall,
AbleAble toto makemake aa workework HeroyicallHeroical.
GiuenGiven toto youryour seruiceservice

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ToTo thethe inheritourinheritor ofof allall worthinesworthiness,
SirSir WilliamWilliam ScipwithSkipwithScipwith.


IfIf fromfrom seruileservile hopehope oror louelove,
II maymay proueprove
ButBut soso happyhappy toto bebe thoughtthought forfor
SuchSuch aa oneone whosewhose greatestgreatest easeease
IsIs toto pleaseplease
(WorthyWorthy sirsir) II hauehave allall II soughtsought forfor,

ForFor nono ichich ofof greatergreater namename,
whichwhich somesome clameclaim
ByBy theirtheir versesverses dodo II showshow itit
ToTo thethe worldworld; nornor toto protestprotest
Tis’Tis thethe bestbest
TheseThese areare leanelean faultsfaults, inin aa poetpoet

NorNor toto makemake itit serueserve toto feedfeed
atat mymy needeneed
NorNor toto gainegain acquaintanceacquaintance byby itit
NorNor toto rauishravish kindekind AtturniesAttorneys,
inin theirtheir iourniesjourneys.
NorNor toto readread itit afterafter dietdiet

FareFarFare fromfrom meme areare allall thesethese AmesAimsaims
FittestFittest framesframes
ToTo buildbuild weakenesseweakness onon andand pittypity
OnelyOnly toto your selfeyourself, andand suchsuch
whosewhose truetrue touchtouch
MakesMakes allall goodgood; letlet meme seemeseem wittywitty.
TheThe AdmirerAdmirer ofof youryour vertuesvirtues,

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ToTo thethe perfectper●ectperfect gentlemangentleman SirSir
RobertRobert TownesendTownshendTownesend.

IFIF thethe greatestgreatest faultsfaults maymay crauecrave
PardonPardon wherewhere contritioncontrition isis
(NobleNoble SirSir) II needesneeds mustmust havehave
AA longlong oneone; forfor aa longlong amisseamiss
IfIf youyou askeask meme (howhow isis thisthis)
VponUpon mymy faithfaith IleI’ll telltell youyou frankelyfrankly,
YouYou louelove aboueabove mymy meanesmeans toto thankethank yeeye.
YetYet accordingaccording toto mymy TalentTalentTalon
AsAs sowresour fortunefortune louesloves toto vseuse meme
AA poorepoor ShepheardShepherd II hauehave sentsent,
InIn home-spunhomespun graygrey forfor toto excuseexcuse meme.
AndAnd maymay allall mymy hopeshopes refuserefuse meme:
ButBut whenwhen betterbetter comescomes ashoreashore,
YouYou shallshall hauehave betterbetter, newernewer, moremore.
TilTill whenwhen, likelike ourour desperatedesperate debtersdebtors,
OrOr ourour threethree pildpiled sweetesweet protestersprotesters
II mustmust pleaseplease youyou inin barebare lettersletters
AndAnd soso paypay mymy debtsdebts; likelike iestersjesters,
YetYet II oftoft hauehave seeneseen goodgood feastersfeasters,
OnelyOnly forfor toto pleaseplease thethe palletpallet,
LeaueLeave greatgreat meatmeat andand chusechoose aa salletfalletfalletsallet.
AllAll yoursyours IohnJohnjohn


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ToTo TheThe ReaderReader.

IFIF youyou bebe notnot reasonablyreasonably assurdeassure ofof youryour knowledgeknowledge inin thisthis
kindekind ofof PoemePoem, laylay downedown thethe bookebook oror readread thisthis, whichwhich II
wouldwould wishwish hadhad benebeen thethe prologueprologue. ItIt isis aa pastorallpastoral Tragie-com-Tragic-comedieTragic-co|me dieTragicomedy
whichwhich thethe peoplepeople seeingseeing whenwhen itit waswas plaidplayed, hauinghaving euerever
hadhad aa singulersingular guiseguise inin definingdefining, conclud[*]dconcludedconclud●dconcluded toto bebe aa playplay ofof coū-cou|̄trycountry
hiredhired ShepheardsShepherds, inin graygrey cloakescloaks, withwith curtaildcurtailed dogsdogs inin
stringsstrings, sometimessometimes laughinglaughing togethertogether, andand sometimessometimes killingkilling
oneone anotheranother: AndAnd missingmissing whitsunwhitsun alesales, creamecream, wasselwaffelwassail &and mor-morris-dancesmor∣ris-dancesmorris-dances
beganbegan toto bebe angryangry. InIn theirtheir errorerror II wouldwould notnot hauehave
youyou fallfall, leastlest youyou incurreincur theirtheir censurecensur●censure. VnderstandUnderstand thereforetherefore aa
pastorallpastoral toto bebe aa representationrepresentation ofof shepheardsshepherds andand shepheardshepheardessesshepheard dessesshpherdessesshepherdess
withwith theirtheir actionsactions andand passionspassions, whichwhich mustmust bebe suchsuch asas
maymay agreeagree withwith theirtheir naturesnatures atat leastleast notnot exceedingexceeding formerformer fic-fictionsfic∣tionsfictions
&and vulgarvulgar traditionstraditions: theythey areare notnot toto bebe adorn’dadorned withwith anyany
artart, butbut suchsuch improperimproper onesones asas naturenothingn●turenothingnature isis s[*]idsaids●idsaid toto bestowbestow, asas subg-singingsing∣ingsinging
andand PoetryPoetry, oror suchsuch asas experienceexperience maymay teachteach themthem, asas thethe
vertuesvirtues ofof heartshearts, &and fountainefountain thethe ordinaryordinary coursecourse ofof thethe SunSun,
moonemoon, andand starresstars, andand suchsuch likel●kelike. ButBut youyou areare euerever toto remem-rememberremem∣berremember
ShepherdsShepherds toto bebe suchsuch, asas allall thethe ancientancient PoetsPoets andand modernemodern
ofof vnderstandingvndersta●dingunderstanding hauehave receauedr●●eauedreceived themthem: thattha●that isis, thethe ownersowners ofof
flockesflocks andand notnot hyerlingshirelings AA tragie-comedietragic-comedietragicomedy isis notnot soso calledcalled inin
respectrespect ofof mirthmirth andand killingkilling butbut inin respectrespect itit wantswants deathsdeat●sdeaths,
whichwhich isis inoughenough toto makemake itit nono tragedietragedy, yetyet bringsbrings somesome neerenear
itit, whichwhich isis inoughenough toto makemake itit nono comediecomedy: whichwhich mustmust bebe aa re-representationre∣presentationrepresentation
ofof familiarfamiliar peoplepeople, withwith suchsuch kindekind ofof troubletrouble asas nono
lifelife bebe questiondquestioned, soso thatthat aa GodGod isis asas lawfulllawful inin thisthis asas inin aa trage-tragedietrage|dietragedy
andand meanemean peoplepeople asas inin aa comediecomedy. ThusThus muchmuch II hopehope willwill
serueserve toto iustifiejustify mymy PoemePoem●Poem, andand makemake youyou vnderstandv●derstandunderstand itit, toto teachteach
youyou moremore forfor nothingnothing, II dodo notnot knowknow thatthat II amam inin conscienceconscience

IohnJohnjohn FletcherFletcher.

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sig: A3r

ToTo mymy lou’dloved friendfriend M.MasterM. IohnJohnjohn FletcherFletcher, onon hishis PastorallsPastorall●Pastoralspastorals

CAnCAn mymy approouementapprovement (SirSir) bebe worthworth youryour thankesthanks?
WhoseWhose vnknownevnknwneunknown namename andand musemnsemuse (inin swathingswathing clowtesclouts)
IsIs notnot yetyet grownegrown toto strengthstrength, amongamong thesethese rankesranks
ToTo hauehave aa roomeroom andand bearebear offoff thethe sharpesharp flowtesflouts
OfOf thisthis ourour pregnantpregnant ageage, thatthat doesdoes despisedespise
AllAll innocentinnocent verseverse, thatthat letslets alonealone herher vicevice.

ButBut II mustmust iustifiejustify whatwhat priuatelyprivately,
II censurdcensured toto youyou: mymy ambitionambition isis
(EuenEven byby mymy hopeshopes andand louelove toto PoesiePoesy)
ToTo liuelive toto perfectperfect suchsuch aa workework, asas thisthis,
CladClad inin suchsuch elegantelegant proprietiepropriety
OfOf wordswords, includingincluding aa mortallitiemortality.

SoSo sweetesweet andand profitableprofitable, thoughthough eacheach manman thatthat heareshears,
(AndAnd learninglearning hashas enoughenough toto clapclap andand hissehiss)
AriuesArrives notnot too’tto’t, soso mistymisty itit appearesappears;
AndAnd toto theirtheir filmedfilmed reasonsreasons, soso amisseamiss:
ButBut letlet ArtArt lookelook inin truthtruth, sheshe likelike aa mirrormirror,
ReflectsReflects herher comfortcomfort, ignorancesignorance’s terrorterror

SitsSits inin herher owneown browbrow, beingbeing mademade afraidafraid,
OfOf herher vnnaturalunnatural complexioncomplexion,
AsAs ouglyugly womenwomen (whenwhen theythey areare araidarrayed
ByBy glassesglasses) loathloath theirtheir truetrue reflectionreflection,
ThenThen howhow cancan suchsuch opinionsopinions iniureinjure theethee,
ThatThat trembletremble, atat theirtheir owneown deformitiedeformity?

OpinionOpinion, thatthat greatgreat foolefool, makesmakes foolesfools ofof allall,
AndAnd (onceonce) II feardfeared herher tilltill II metmet aa mindemind
WhoseWhose grauegrave instructionsinstructions philosophicallphilosophical,
Toss’dTossed itit likelike dustdust vponupon aa marchmarch strongstrong windewind,
HeHe shallshall for euerfor foreverfor euerever mymy exampleexample bebe,
AndAnd hishis embracedembraced doctrinedoctrine growgrow inin meme.

HisHis soulesoul (&and suchsuch commendcommend thisthis) thatthat commaundcommand
SuchSuch artart, itit shouldshould meme betterbetter satisfiesatisfy,
ThenThanThen ifif thethe monstermonster claptclapped hishis thousandthousand handshands,
AndAnd drownddrowned thethe sceanescene withwith hishis confusedconfused crycry;
AndAnd ifif doubtsdoubts riserise, loelowlo theirtheir owneown namesnames toto cleare’emclear ’em
WhilstWhilst II amam happyhappy butbut toto standstand soso neere’emnear ’em.
N.N. F.F.

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sig: A3v

ToTo mymy friendfriend MaisterMaster IohnJohnjohn FletcherFletceherFletcher,
vponupon hishis faithfullfaithful ShepheardesseShepherdess.

II KnowKnow tootoo wellwell thatthat nono moremore thenthan thethe manman
ThatThat trauelstravels throughthrough thethe burningburning desartsdeserts, cancan
WhenWhen hehe isis beatenbeaten withwith thethe ragingraging sunnesun,
HalfeHalf smotherdsmothered withwith thethe dustdust, hauehave povverpowerpower toto runnerun
FromFrom aa coolecool riuerriver, whichwhich himselfehimself dothdoth findefind,
EreEre●eEre hehe bebe slak’dslacked: nono moremore cancan hehe vvhosewhosewhose mindemind
IoiesJoysjoys inin thethe musesmuses, holdhold fromfrom thatthat delightdelight,
WhenWhen naturenature, andand hishis fullfull thoughtsthoughts bidbadb●dbidbade himhim writewrite,
YetYet wishwish II thosethose whomewhom II forfor friendsfriends hauehave knovvneknowneknown,
ToTo singsing theirtheir thoughtsthoughts toto nono earesears butbut theirtheir ovvneowneown:
WhyWhy shouldshould thethe manman, whosewhose witwit nerene’er hadhad aa stainestain,
VponUpon thethe publikepublic stagestage presentpresent hishis vaineveinvain,
AndAnd makemake aa thousandthousand menmen inin iudgementjudgement sitsit,
ToTo callcall inin questionquestion hishis vndoubtedundoubted vvitwitwit,
ScarceScarce tvvotwotwo ofof vvhichwhichwhich cancan vnderstandunderstand thethe lavveslaweslaws
WhichWhich theythey shouldshould iudgejudge byby, nornor thethe partiesparties’party’s causecause,
AmongAmong thethe routrout therethere isis notnot oneone thatthat hathhath
InIn hishis owneown censurecensure anan expliciteexplicit faithfaith.
OneOne companycompany kowingknowingknowing theythey iudgementjudgement lackelack,
GroundGround theirtheir beliefebelief onon thethe nextnext manman inin blackeblack:
OthersOthers, onon himhim thatthat makesmakes signessigns, andand isis mutemute,
SomeSome likelike asas hehe doesdoes inin thethe fairestfairest sutesuit,
HeHe asas hishis mistresmistress dothdoth, andand sheshe byboyboyby chancechance,
NorNor vvantswantswants therethere thosethose, whowho asas thethe boybodybodyboy dothdoth dancedance
BetweeneBetween thethe actesacts, willwill censurecensure thethe wholewhole playplay:
SomeSome likelike ifif thethe vvaxwaxwax lightslights bebe nevvnewnew thatthat dayday:
ButBut multitudesmultitudes therethere areare whosewhose iudgementsjudgements goesgoes
HeadlongHeadlong accordingaccording toto thethe actorsactors’actors clothesclothes.
ForFor thisthis, thesethese publickepublic thingsthings andand II, agreeagree
SoSo illill, thatthat butbut toto dodo arightaright toto theethee,
II hadhad notnot benebeen perswadedpersuaded toto hauehave hurldhurled
TheseThese fewfew, illill spokenspoken lineslines, intointo thethe worldworld,
BothBoth toto bebe readread, andand censurdcensured ofof, byby thosethose,
WhoseWhose veryvery readingreading makesmakes verseverse sencelessenseless proseprose,
SuchSuch asas mustmust spendspend aboueabove anan hourehour, toto spellspell
AA challengechallenge onon aa postpost, toto knovvknowknow itit vvellwellwell,
ButBut sincesince itit waswas thythy happehap toto throvv throwthrow avvayawayaway,
MuchMuch vvitwit, forfor whichwhich thethe peoplepeople diddid notnot paypay,
BecauseBecause theythey savvsawsaw itit notnot, II notnot dislikedislike
ThisThis secondsecond publicationpublication, whichwhich maymay strikestrike
TheirTheir consciencesconsciences, toto seesee thethe thingthing theythey scorndscorned,
ToTo bebe vvithwithwith soso muchmuch willwill andand artart adorndadorned.
BisidesBesides oneone vantagevantage moremore inin thisthis II seesee,
YourYour censurerscensurers mustmust hauehave thethe quallitiequality
OfOf readingreading, whichwhich II amam affraidafraid isis moremore
ThenThan halfehalf youryour shreudestshrewdest iudgesjudges hadhad beforebefore.
Fr.FrancisFr. BeaumontBeaumont.

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sig: B1r

TheThe faithfullfaithful ShepheardesseShepherdess.

ActusActus primiprimi, ScenaScaena primaprima.

EnterEnter ClorinCl●rinClorin aa ShepheardesseShepherdess hauinghaving buriedburied herher
louelove inin anan ArbourArbour.

HAileHail holyholy earthearth, whosewhose coldecold armesarms dodo embraceembrace
TheThe truesttruest manman thatthat euerever fedfed hishis flockesflocks:
ByBy thethe fatfat plainesplains ofof fruitfullfruitful ThessalyThessaly,
ThusThus II salutesalute thythy grauegrave, thusthus dodo II paypay
MyMy earlyearly vowesvows andand tributetribtutetribute ofof minemine eieseyes,
ToTo thythy stillstill louedloved ashesashes: thusthus II freefree
My selfeMyselfmyself fromfrom allall ensuingensuing heatesheats andand firesfires
OfOf louelove, allall sportssports, delightsdelights andand gamesgames,
ThatThat ShepheardsShepherds holdhold fullfull dearedearesdeardeer: thusthus putput II offoff.
NowNow nono moremore shallshall thesethese smoothsmooth browesbrows bebe girtgi●tgirt,
WithWith youthfullyouthful coronalscoronalscolonels, andand leadlead thethe dancedance,
NoNo moremore thethe companycompany ofof freshfresh fairefair MaidsMaids
AndAnd wantonwanton shepheardsshepherds bebe toto meme delightfulldelightful.
NorNor thethe shrillshrill pleasingpleasing soundsound ofof merrymerry pipespipes,
VnderUnder somesome shadyshady delldell whenwhen thethe coolecool windewind
PlaiesPlays onon thethe leauesleaves, allall bebe farrefar awayaway:
SinceSince thouthou artart farrefar awayaway: byby whosewhose dearedear sideside,
HowHow oftenoften hauehave II satsat crowndcrowned withwith freshfresh flowersflowers
ForFor SummersSummer’s queenequeen, whilstwhilst eueryevery ShepheardsShepherd’s boyboyeboy●boy,,
PutsPuts onon hishis lustylustlylustylustily greenegreen withwith gaudygaudy hookehook,
AndAnd hanginghanging scrippescrip ofof finestfinest cordeuancordovan:
ButBut thouthou artart gonegone, andand thesethese areare gonegone withwith theethee,
AndAnd allall areare deaddead butbut thythy dearedear memoriememory:
ThatThat shallshall outliueoutlive theethee, andand shallshall euerever springspring,
WhilstWhilst therethere areare pipespipes, oror IollyJollyjolly shepheardsshepherds singsing.

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sig: B1v

The faithfull Shepheardesse.

AndAnd heerehere willwill II, inin honorhonour ofof thythy louelove,
DwellDwell byby thythy grauegrave, forgettingforgetting allall thosethose ioyesjoys,
ThatThat formerformer timestimes mademade preciousprecious toto minemine eieseyes:
OnelyOnly remembringremembering whatwhat mymy youthyouth diddid gainegain,
InIn thethe darkedark hiddenhidden vertuousvirtuous vseuse ofof hearbsherbs:
ThatThat II willwill II practisepractise, andand asas freelyfreely giuegive
AllAll mymy endeauoursendeavours, asas II gaindgained themthem freefree.
OfOf allall greenegreen woundswounds II knowknow thethe remediesremedies,
InIn menmen oror cattellcattle, bebe theythey stungstung withwith snakessnakes,
OrOr charmdcharmed withwith powerfullpowerful wordswords ofof wickedwicked artart,
OrOr bebe theythey loue-sickelovesick, oror throughthrough tootoo muchmuch heatheat
GrowneGrown wildewild oror lunatickelunatic, theirtheir eieseyes oror earesears
ThicknedThickened withwith mistymisty filmefilm ofof dullingdulling rumerheum,
TheseThese II cancan curecure, suchsuch secretsecret vertuevirtue lieslies
InIn hearbsherbs applyedapplied byby aa virginsvirgin’s handhand:
MyMy meatmeat shallshall bebe whatwhat thesethese wildewild woodswoods affoordafford,
BerriesBerries, andand ChesnutsChestnuts, PlantainsPlantains, onon whosewhose cheekscheeks
TheThe SunSun sitssits smilingsmiling, andand thethe loftylofty fruitfruit
PuldP●ldPulled fromfrom thethe fairefair headhead ofof thethe straitestraight growngrown pinepine:
OnOn thesethese IleI’ll feedefeed withwith freefree contentcontent andand restrest,
WhenWhen nightnight shalshall blindeblind thethe worldworld, byby thythy sideside blestblestblessed.

EnterEnter aa SatyreSatyrSatire.
Sat.SatyrSat.ThroughThrough yonyonyond samesame bendingbending plaineplain,
ThatThat flingsflings hishis armesarms downedown toto thethe mainemain,
AndAnd throughthrough thesethese thickethick woodswoods hauehave II runnerun,
whosewhose bottomebot●omebottom neuernever kistkissed thethe SunneSun
SinceSince thethe lustylusty springspring beganbegan,
AllAll toto pleaseplease mymy MaisterMaster PanPan,
HaueHave II trottedtrotted withoutwithout restrest
ToTo getget himhim fruitfruit, forfor atat aa feastfeast,
HeHe entertainesentertains thisthis commingcoming nightnight,
HisHis ParamoureParamour thethe SyrinxSyrinx brightbright:
ButBut beholdbehold aa fairerfairer sightsightHeHe standsstands amazedamazed.
ByBy thatthat heauenlyheavenly formeform ofof thinethine,
BrightestBrightest fairefair thouthou artart deuinedivine:
SprongSp●ongSprung fromfrom greatgreat immortallimmortal racerace
OfOf thethe GodsGods: forfor inin thythy faceface,
ShinesShines moremore awfullawful maiestymajesty,

img: 6-b
sig: B2r

The faithfull Shepheardesse.

ThenThen dulldull weakeweak mortalitiemortality
DareDare withwith mistymisty eieseyes behouldbehold
AndAnd liuelive, thereforetherefore onon thisthis mouldmould,
LowlyLowly dodo II bendbend mymy kneeknee,
InIn worshipworship ofof thythy dietiedeity,
DeigneDeign itit GoddesseGoddess fromfrom mymy handhand,
ToTo receiuereceive what erewhate’er thisthis landland,
FromFrom herher firtilefertile wombewomb dothdoth sendsend
OfOf herher choisechoice fruitesfruits: andand butbut lendlend,
BeliefeBelief toto thatthat thethe SatyreSatyrSatire telstells,
FairerFairer byby thethe famousfamous wellswells,
ToTo thisthis presentpresent dayday nerene’er grewegrew,
NeuerNever betterbetter nornor moremore truetrue,
HeereHere bebe grapesgrapes whosewhose lustylusty bloodblood,
IsIs thethe learnedlearned PoetsPoets’Poets goodgood,
SweeterSweeter yetyet diddid neuernever crownecrown,
TheThe headhead ofof BacchusBacchus, nutsnuts moremore brownebrown
ThenThan thethe squirrelssquirrels’squirrels teethteeth thatthat crackecrack themthem,
DeigneDeign ôôo fairestfairest fairefair toto taketake themthem,
ForFor thesethese blackblack ey’deyed DriopeDryopedryop,
HathHath oftenoften timestimes commaundedcommanded meme,
WithWith mymy claspedclasped kneeknee toto climeclimb,
SeeSee howhow wellwell thethe lustylusty timetime,
HathHath decktdecked theirtheir risingrising cheekescheeks inin redred,
SuchSuch asas onon youryour lipslips isis spredspread,
HeereHere bebe berriesberries forfor aa QueeneQueen,
SomeSome bebe redred, somesome bebe greenegreen:
TheseThese areare ofof thatthat lussiousluscious meatmeat,
TheThe greatgreat GodGod PanPan, himselfehimself dothdoth eateeat:
AllAll thesethese, andand whatwhat thethe woodswoods cancan yeeldyield,
TheThe hanginghanging mountainemountain oror thethe fieldfield,
II freelyfreely offeroffer, andand ereere longlong,
WillWill bringbring youyou moremore, moremore sweetsweet andand strongstrong.
TillTill whenwhen humblyhumbly leaueleave II taketake,
LeastLestlest thethe greatgreat PanPan dodo awakeawake:
ThatThat sleepingsleeping lieslies inin aa deepedeep gladeglade,
VndeUnderunder aa broadbroad beechesbeech’s shadeshade:
II mustmust goego, II mustmust runnerun,
SwifterSwifter thenthan thethe fieryfiery SunneSun.ExitExit.
Clo And

img: 7-a
sig: B2v

The faithfull Shepheardesse.

ClorinClorin.AndAnd allall mymy fearesfears goego withwith theethee.
WhatWhat greatnessegreatness oror whatwhat priuateprivate hiddenhidden powerpower,
IsIs therethere inin meme toto drawdraw submissionsubmission,
FromFrom thisthis ruderude manman, andand beastbeast? suresure II amam mortallmortal,
TheThe daughterdaughter ofof aa ShepheardShepherd, hehe waswas mortallmortal:
AndAnd sheshe thatthat borebore meme mortallmortal: prickeprick mymy handhand
AndAnd itit willwill bleedbleed: aa feauerfever shakesshakes meme,
AndAnd thethe selfsameselfsame windewind thatthat makesmakes thethe yoūgyoung lambslambs shrinkeshrink,
MakesMakes meme aa coldcold, mymy fearefear saiessays II amam mortallmortal:
YetYet II hauehave heardheard (mymy mothermother toldtold itit meme)
AndAnd nownow II doedo belieuebelieve itit, ifif II keepekeep
MyMy virginvirgin flowerflower vncroptuncropped, purepure, chastechaste, &and fairefair,
NoNo GoblinGoblin, wood-godwood-god, FaieryFairy, ElfeElf, oror FiendFiend,
SatyrSatyr oror otherother powerpower thatthat hauntshaunts thesethese groauesgroves,
ShallShall hurthurt mymy bodybody, oror byby vainevain illusionillusion,
DrawDraw meme toto wanderwander afterafter idleidle fiersfires.
OrOr voicesvoices callingcalling meme inin deaddead ofof nightnight,
ToTo makemake meme followefollow, andand soso toletoll meme onon,
ThroughThrough miresmires andand standingstanding poolespools:
ElseElse whywhy shouldshould thisthis roughrough thingthing, whowho neuernever knewknew
MannersManners, nornor smoothsmooth humanitiehumanity, whosewhose heatesheats
AreAre rougherrougher thenthan himselfehimself, andand moremore mishapenmishapen,
ThusThus mildelymildly kneelekneel toto meme? suresure therethere isis aa powerpower
InIn thatthat greatgreat namename ofof virginvirgin; thatthat bindesbinds fastfast
AllAll ruderude vnciuilluncivil bloodsbloods, allall appetitesappetites
ThatThat breakebreak theirtheir confinesconfines: thenthen strongstrong chastitychastity,
BeBe thouthou mymy strongeststrongest guardeguard, forfor heerehere Il’eI’ll dwelldwell
InIn oppositionopposition againstagainst FateFate andand HellHell.
EnterEnter anan oldeold shepheardshepherd, withwith fourefour couplecouple ofof Shep-ShepheardsShepherds
andand ShepheardessesShepheardess●sShepherdesses.

OldOld Shep.ShepherdShep.NowNow wewe hauehave donedone thisthis holyholy festiuallfestival,
InIn honourhonour ofof ourour greatgreat GodGod, andand hishis rightsrights
Perform’dPerformed, prepareprepare your seluesyourselves forfor chastchaste
AndAnd vncorrupteduncorrupted firesfires: thatthat asas thethe priestpriest,
WithWith powerfulpowerful handhand shallshall sprinklesprinkle onon youryour browesbrows
HisHis purepure andand holyholy waterwater, yeye maymay bebe
FromFrom allall hothot flamesflames ofof lustlust, andand looseloose thoughtsthoughts freefree,
KneeleKneel shepheardsshepherds kneelekneel, heerehere comescomes thethe PriestPriest ofof PanPan.
EnterEnter PriestPriest.
PriestPriest.ShepheardsShepherdsShepherd’s thusthus II purgepurge awayaway,

img: 7-b
sig: B3r

The faithfull Shepheardesse.

WhatsoeuerWhatsoever thisthis greatgreat dayday,
OrOr thethe pastpast houreshours gauegave notnot goodgood,
ToTo corruptcorrupt youryour maidenmaiden bloodblood:
FromFrom thethe highhigh rebelliousrebellious heatheat,
OfOf thethe grapesgrapes andand strengthstrength ofof meatmeat.
FromFrom thethe wantonwanton quickequick desiresdesires,
TheyThey dodo kindlekindle byby theirtheir firesfires.
II dodo washwash youyou withwith thisthis waterwater,
BeBe youyou purepure andand fairefair heereafterhereafter.
FromFrom youryour liuerslivers andand youryour vainesveins,
ThusThus II taketake awayaway thethe stainesstains.
AllAll youryour thoughtsthoughts bebe smoothsmooth andand fairefair,
BeBe yeye freshfresh andand freefree asas ayreair.
NeuerNever moremore letlet lustfulllustful heatheat,
ThroughThrough youryour purgedpurged conduitsconduits beatebeat,
OrOr aa plightedplighted trothtroth bebe brokenbroken,
OrOr aa wantonwanton verseverse bebe spokenspoken:
InIn aa ShepheardessesShepherdess’s eareear,
GoGo youryour waiesways y’areyou’re allall cleareclear.
TheyThey riserise andand singsing inin praisepraise ofof PanPan.Pan.Pan..

TheThe SongSong.

SingSing hishis praisespraises thatthat dothdoth keepekeep,
ourour FlockesFlocks fromfrom harmeharm,
PanPan thethe FatherFather ofof ourour sheepesheep,
AndAnd armearm inin armearm
TreadTread wewe softlysoftly inin aa roundround,
WhilstWhilst thethe hollowhollow neighbouringneighbouring groundground,
FillsFills thethe musickemusic withwith herher soundsound,
PanPan, oooh greatgreat GodGod, PanPan toto theethee
ThusThus dodo wewe singsing:
ThouThou thatthat keepestkeepest vsus chastechaste andand freefree,
AsAs thethe youngyoung springspring,
EuerEver bebe thythy honourhonour spokespokespoken,
FromFrom thatthat placeplace thethe mornemorn isis brokebroke,
ToTo thatthat placeplace DayDay dothdoth vnyokeunyoke.

ExeuntExeunt omnesomnes butbut PerigotPerigot andand AmoretAmoretAmouret.
Peri.PerigotPeri.StayStay gentlegentle AmoretAmoret thouthou fairefair browdbrowed maidemaid,
ThyThy ShepheardShepherd praiesprays theeetheethere staystay, thatthat holdsholds theethee deerededeardeereere.

img: 8-a
sig: B3v

The faithfull Shepheardesse.

EquallEqual withwith hishis soulessoul’ssouls goodgood:
Amo.AmoretAmo.SpeakeSpeak, II giuegive
TheeThee freedomefreedom ShepheardShepherd, &and thythy tonguetongue bebe stillstill
TheThe samesame itit euerever waswas: asas freefree fromfrom illill
AsAs hehe whosewhose conuersationconversation neuernever knewknew
TheThe courtcourt oror cittiecity: bebe thouthou euerever truetrue.
Peri.PerigotPeri.WhenWhen II fallfall offoff fromfrom mymy affectionaffection,
OrOr minglemingle mymy cleaneclean thoughtsthoughts withwith foulefoul desiresdesires,
FirstFirst letlet ourour greatgreat GodGod ceasecease toto keepekeep mymy flockesflocks,
ThatThat beingbeing leftleft alonealone withoutwithout aa guardguard,
TheThe woolfewolf, oror winterswinter’s ragerage, sommerssummer’s greatgreat heatheat,
AndAnd wantwant ofof waterwater, rotsro●srots: oror whatwhat toto vsus
OfOf illill isis yetyet vnknowneunknown, fallfall speedilyspeedily,
AndAnd inin theirtheir generallgeneral ruineruin letlet meme goego.
Amo.AmoretAmo.II praypray theethee gentlegentle ShepheardShepherd wishwish notnot soeso,
II dodo belieuebelieve theethee: tis’tis asas hardhard forfor meme
ToTo thinkethink theethee falsefalse, andand harderharder thenthan forfor theethee
ToTo holdehold meme foulefoul.Peri.PerigotPeri.ôôo youyou areare fairerfairer farrefar,
ThenThan thethe chastechaste blushingblushing mornemorn, oror thatthat fairefair starrestar,
ThatThat guidesguides thethe wandringwand’ring seamanseaman throughthrough thethe deepesdeeps
StraighterStraighter thenthan thethe straighteststraightest pinepine vponupon thethe steepesteep
HeadHead ofof anan agedaged mountainemountain, andand moremore whitewhite,
ThenThan thethe newnew milkemilk wewe stripstrip beforebefore dayday lightlight
FromFrom thethe fullfull fraightedfreighted bagsbags ofof ourour fairefair flockesflocks:
YourYour hairehair moremore beautiousbeauteous thenthan thosethose hanginghanging lockeslocks
OfOf youngyoung ApolloApollo.
Amo.AmoretAmo.ShepheardShepherd bebe notnot lostlost,
YeYe areare saildsailed tootoo farrefar alreadiealready fromfrom thethe coastcoast
OfOf ourour discoursediscourse.
Peri.PerigotPeri.DidDid youyou notnot telltell meme onceonce
II shouldshould notnot louelove alonealone, II shouldshould notnot looselose
ThoseThose manymany passionspassions, vowesvows andand holyholy oathesoaths,
II hauehave sentsent toto heauenheaven: diddid youyou notnot giuegive youryour handhand,
EuenEven thatthat fairefair handhand inin hostagehostage? dodo notnot thenthen
GiueGive backeback againeagain thosethose sweetessweets toto otherother menmen.
YouYou your selfeyourself vowdvowed werewere minemine,
Amo.AmoretAmo.ShepheardShepherdShepheard soso farrefar asas maidensmaiden’s modestymodesty
MayMay giuegive assuranceassurance, II amam onceonce moremore thinethine,
OnceOnce moremore II giuegive mymy handhand, bebe euerever freefree
FromFrom thatthat greatgreat foefoe toto faithfaith, foulefoul iealosiejealousy.

img: 8-b
sig: B4r

The faithfull Shepheardesse.

Peri.PerigotPeri.II taketake itit asas mymy bestbest goodgood, andand desiredesire
ForFor strongerstronger confirmationconfirmation ofof ourour louelove,
ToTo meetemeet thisthis happyhappy nightnight inin thatthat fairefair grouegrove,
WhereWhere allall truetrue shepheardsshepherds hauehave rewardedrewarded benebeen
ForFor theirtheir longlong seruiceservice: saysay sweetsweet shallshall itit houldhold?
Amo.AmoretAmo.DeereDear friendfriend youyou mustmust notnot blameblame meme ifif II makemake
AA doubtdoubt ofof whatwhat thethe silentsilent nightnight maymay doedo,
CoupledCoupled withwith thisthis dayesday’s heatheat toto moouemove youryour bloodblood:
MaidsMaids mustmust bebe fearefullfearful, suresure youyou hauehave notnot benebeen
WashdWashed whitewhite enoughenough, forfor yetyet II seesee aa stainestain
StickeStick inin youryour liuerliver, goego andand purgepurge againeagain.
Peri.PerigotPeri.OO dodo notnot wrongwrong mymy honesthonest simplesimple truthtruth,
My selfeMyselfmyself andand mymy affectionsaffections areare asas purepure,
AsAs thosethose chastechaste flamesflames thatthat burneburn beforebefore thethe shrineshrin●shrine,
OfOf thethe greatgreat DianDian: onelyonly mymy intentintent
ToTo drawdraw youyou thitherthither, waswas toto plightplight ourour trothestroths,
WithWith interchangeinterchange ofof mutuallmutual chastechaste imbracesembraces,
AndAnd ceremoniousceremonious tyingtying ofof ourour soulessouls:
ForFor toto thatthat holyholy woodwood isis consecrateconsecrate,
AA vertuousvirtuous WellWell, aboutabout whosewhose floweryflowery bancksbanks,
TheThe nimblenimble footedfooted FaieriesFairies dauncedance theirtheir roundsrounds,
ByB●By thethe palepale mooneshinemoonshine, dippingdipping oftenoften timestimes
TheirTh●irTheir stolenst●lenstolen childrenchildren, soso toto makemake themthem freefree
FromFrom dyingdying fleshflesh, andand dulldull mortalitiemortality:
ByBy thisthis fairefair FountFount hathhath manymany aa ShepheardShepherd swornesworn,
AndAnd giuengiven awayaway hishis freedomefreedom, manymany aa trothtroth
BeeneBeen plightplight, whichwhich neitherneither enuyenvy nornor ouldold timetime
CouldCould euerever breakebreak, withwith manymany aa chastechaste kissekiss giuengiven,
InIn hopehope ofof commingcoming happinessehappiness: byby thisthis
FreshFresh FountaineFoun●aineFountain manymany aa blushingblushing maidemaid
HathHath crowndcrowned thethe headhead ofof herher longlong louedloved shepheardshepherd,
WithWith gaudygaudy flowersflowers, whilstwhilst hehe happyhappy sungsung,
LaiesLays ofof hishis louelove andand dearedear captiuitiecaptivity,
ThereThere growesgrows allall hearbsherbs fitfit toto coolecool looserlooser flamesflames,
OurOur sensuallsensual partsparts prouokepro●okeprovoke chidingchiding ourour bloodesbloods,
AndAnd quenchingquenching byby theirthei●their powerpower thosethose hiddenhidden sparkssparks,
ThatTh●tThat elseelse wouldwould breakebreak outout, andand prouokeprovoke ourour sencesense,
ToTo openopen firesfires, soso vertuousvirtuous isis thatthat placeplace:
ThenThen gentlegentle ShepheardesseShepherdess belieuebelieve andand grantgrant,
InIn trothtroth itit fitssits〈◊〉sitsfits notnot withwith thatthat faceface toto scantscant.

img: 9-a
sig: B4v

The faithfull Sheph[*]ardesse.

YourYour faithfullfaithful ShepheardShepherd ofof thosethose chastechaste desiresdesi●esdesires,
HeHe euerever aimdaimed atat, andand
Amo.AmoretAmo.ThouThou hasthast preuaildprevailed, farwellfarewell, thisthis commingcoming nightnight,
ShalShall crownecrown thythy chastechaste hopeshopes withwith longlong wishdwished delightdelight.
Peri.PerigotPeri.OurOur greatgreat GodGod PanPan rewardreward theethee forfor thatthat goodgood,
ThouThou hasthast giuengiven thythy poorepoor shepheardshepherd fairestfairest budbud
OfOf maidenmaiden vertuesvirtues: whenwhen II leaueleave toto bebe
TheThe truetrue admireradmirer ofof thythy chastitiechastity,
LetLet meme deseruedeserve thethe hothot pollutedpolluted namename,
OfOf aa wildewild woodmanwoodman, oror affectaffect somesome damedame
WhoseWhose oftenoften prostitutionprostitution hathhath begotbegot,
MoreMore foulefoul diseasesdiseases, thenthanthen euerever yetyet thethe hothot
SunSun bredbred throughthrough hishis burningsburnings, whilstwhilst thethe dogdog
PursuesPursues thethe ragingraging LyonLion, throwingthrowing fogfog
AndAnd deadlydeadly vaporvapour fromfrom hishis angryangry breathbreath.
FillingFilling thethe lowerlower worldworld withwith plagueplague andand deathdeath.exitexit AmoAm●●AmoretAmo

EnterEnter an otheranother ShepheardesseShepherdess thatthat isis inin louelove withwi●hwith PerigotPerigot.

Amaril.AmarillisAmaril.ShepheardShepherdShepheard maymay II desiredesire toto bebe belieuedbelieved,
WhatWhat II shallshall blushingblushing telltell?
Peri.PerigotPeri.FaireFair maidemaid youyou maymay.
Amaril.AmarillisAmaril.ThenThen softlysoftly thusthus, II louelove theethee PerigotPerigot,
AndAnd wouldwould bebe gladdergladder toto bebe lou’dleu’dloved againeagain,
ThenThan thethe coldecold earthearth isis inin hishis frozenfrozen armesarms
ToTo clip●l●pclip thethe wantonwanton springspring: naynay dodo notnot startstart,
NorNor wonderwonder thatthat II woewoo theethee! thouthou thatthat artart
TheThe primeprime ofof ourour youngyoung groomesgrooms, eueneven thethe toptop
OfOf allall ourour lustylusty ShepheardsShepherds: whatwhat dulldull eieeye
ThatThat neuern●uernever waswas acquaintedacquainted withwith desiredesire,
HathHath seenesceneseenscene theethee wrastlewrestle, runrun, oror castcast thethe stonestone,
WithWi●hWith nimblenimble strengthstrength andand fairefair deliuerydelivery,
AndAnd hathhath notnot sparckledsparkled firefire, andand speedilyspeedily
SentSent secretsecret heatheat toto allall thethe neighbouringneighbouring vainesveins?
Who euerWhoeverwhoever heardheard theethee singsing, thatthat broughtbrought againeagain,
ThatThat freedomefreedom backeback waswas lentlent vntounto thythy voicevoice?
ThenThen dodo notnot blameblame meme (shepheardshepherd) ifif II bebe
OneOne toto bebe numbrednumbered inin thisthis companycompany,
SinceSince nonenone thatthat euerever sawsaw theethee yetyet, werewere freefree.
Peri.PerigotPeri.FaireFair ShepheardesseShepherdess muchmuch pittiepity II cancan lendlend,

img: 9-b
sig: C1r

The faithfull Shepheardesse.

ToTo youryour complaintscomplaints: butbut suresure II shalshall notnot louelove:
AllAll thatthat isis minemine, my selfemyself andand mymy bestbest hopeshopes,
AreAre giuengiven alreadyalready: dodo notnot louelove himhim thenthen
ThatThat cannotcannot louelove againeagain: onon otherother menmen
BestoweBestow thosethose heatesheats moremore freefree, thatthat maymay returnereturn
YouYou firefire forfor firefire, andand inin oneone flameflame equallequal burneburn.
Amaril.AmarillisAmaril.ShallShall II rewardedrewarded bebe soso slenderlyslenderly
ForFor mymy affectionaffection, mostmost vnkindeunkind ofof menmen?
IfIf II werewere oldold, oror hadhad agreedagreed withwith ArtArt,
ToTo giuegive anotheranother naturenature toto mymy cheekescheeks,
OrOr werewere II commoncommon mistrismistress toto thethe louelove
OfOf eueryevery swaineswain, oror couldcould II withwith suchsuch easeease
CallCall backeback mymy louelove, asas manymany aa wantonwanton dothdoth,
ThouThou mightstmightst refuserefuse meme ShepheardShepherd, butbut toto theethee
II amam onelyonly fixtfixed andand setset, letlet itit notnot bebe
AA sportsport, thouthou gentlegentle ShepheardShepherd, toto abuseabuse
TheThe louelove ofof sillysilly maidemaid.
Peri.PerigotPeri.FaireFair soulesoul, yeye vseuse
TheseThese wordswords toto littlelittle endend: forfor knoweknow, II maymay
BetterBetter callcall backeback, thatthat timetime waswas yesterdayyesterday,
OrOr staystay thethe commingcoming nightnight, thenthen bringbring mymy louelove
HomeHome toto my selfemyself againeagain, oror recreantrecreant proueprove.
II willwill nono longerlonger holdhold youyou withwith delaiesdelays,
ThisThis presentpresent nightnight II hauehave appointedappointed benebeen,
ToTo meetmeet thatthat chastechaste fairefair (thatthat enioyesenjoys mymy soulesoul)
InIn yonderyonder grouegrove, therethere toto makemake vpup ourour louesloves.
BeBe notnot deceau’ddeceived nono longerlonger, choosechoose againeagain,
TheseThese neighbouringneighbouring plainesplains hauehave manymany aa comelycomely swaineswain,
FresherFresher andand freeerfreerfreeer farrefar thenthan II eree’erere waswas,
BestoweBestow thatthat louelove onon themthem andand letlet meme passepass,
FarwellFarewell, bebe happyhappy inin aa betterbetter choisechoice.exitexit
Amar.AmarillisAmar.CruellCruel, thouthou hasthast struckestruck meme deaderdeader withwith thythy voicevoice
ThenThanThen ifif thethe angryangry heauensheavens withwith theirtheir quickequick flamesflames,
HadHad shotshot meme throughthrough: II mustmust notnot leaueleave toto louelove,
II cannotcannot, nono II mustmust enioyenjoy theethee boyboy,
ThoughThough thethe greatgreat dangersdangers twixttwixt mymy hopeshopes andand thatthat
BeBe infiniteinfinite: therethere isis aa ShepheardShepherd dwelsdwells
DowneDown byby thethe MoreMoorMore, whosewhose lifelife hathhath euerever showneshown
MoreMore sullensullen discontentdiscontent thenthan SaturnesSaturn’s browebrow,
WhenWhen hehe sitssits frowningfrowning onon thethe birthesbirths ofof menmen:

img: 10-a
sig: C1v

The faithfull Shepheardesse.

OneOne thatthat dothdoth wearewear himselfehimself awayaway inin lonenesseloneness,
AndAnd neuernever ioyesjoys vnlesseunless itit bebe inin breakingbreaking
TheThe holyholy plightedpl●ghtedplighted trothstroths ofof mutuallmutual soulessouls:
OneOne thatthat lustslusts afterafter eueryevery seuerallseveral beautybeauty,
ButBut neuernever yetyet waswas knowneknown toto louelove oror likelike,
WereWere thethe faceface fairerfairer oror moremore fullfull ofof truthtruth,
ThenThan PhœbePhoebePhoebe inin herher fulnessefullness, oror thethe youthyouth
OfOf smoothsmooth LyeusLyeus, whosewhose nyenigh staruedstarved flockesflocks
AreAre alwaiesalways scabbyscabby, andand infectinfect allall sheepesheep
TheyThey feedefeed withallwithal, whosewhose lambeslambs areare euerever lastlast,
AndAnd dyedie beforebefore theirtheir weaningweaning, andand whosewhose dogdog,
LookesLooks likelike hishis MaisterMaster, leanelean, andand fullfull ofof scurffescurf,
NotNot caringcaring forfor thethe pipepipe oror whistlewhistle: thisthis manman maymay
(IfIf hehe bebe welwell wroughtwrought) dodo aa deededeed ofof wonderwonder,
ForcingForcing meme passagepassage toto mymy longlong desiresdesires:
AndAnd heerehere hehe comescomes, asas fitlyfitly toto mymy purposepurpose
AsAs mymy quickequick thoughtsthoughts couldcould wishwish forfor.EnterEnter SullenSullen.
Sul.SullenSul.FreshFresh beautiebeauty, letlet meme notnot bebe thoughtthought vnciuilluncivil,
ThusThus toto bebe partnerpartner ofof youryour lonenesseloneness: t’was’twaswas
MyMy louelove (thatthat euerever workingworking passionpassion) drewdrew
MeMe toto thisthis placeplace toto seekeseek somesome remedieremedy
ForFor mymy sickesick soulesoul: bebe notnot vnkindeunkind andand fairefair,
ForFor suchsuch, thethe mightiemighty CupidCupid inin hishis dombedoomdumb
HathHath swornesworn toto bebe aueng’davenged onon, thenthen giuegive roomeroom
ToTo mymy consumingconsuming firesfires, thatthat soso II maymay
InioyEnjoy mymy longlong desiresdesires, andand soso allayallay
ThoseThose flamesflames, thatthat elseelse wouldwould burneburn mymy lifelife awayaway.
Amar.AmarillisAmar.ShepheardShepherd, werewere II butbut suresure thythy heartheart werewere soundsound
AsAs thythy wordswords seemeseem toto bebe, meanesmeans mightmight bebe foundfound
ToTo curecure theethee ofof thythy longlong painespains: forfor toto meme
ThatThat heauyheavy youth consumingyouth youth-consumingyouth consumingconsuming miseriemisery,
TheThe loue sickeloue lovesicklove sickesick soulesoul enduresendures, neuernever waswas pleasingpleasing,
II couldcould bebe wellwell contentcontent withwith thethe quickequick easingeasing
OfOf theethee &and thythy hothot firesfires, mightmight itit procureprocure
ThyThy faithfaith, andand fartherfarther seruiceservice toto bebe suresure.
NameName butbut thatthat greatgreat workework, dangerdanger, oror whatwhat cancan
BeBe compastcompassed byby thethe witwit oror artart ofof manman,
AndAnd ifif II failefail inin mymy performanceperformance, maymay
II neuernever moremore kneelekneel toto thethe rysingrisingrysing dayday,
Amar.AmarillisAmar.ThenThen thusthus II trytry theethee shepheardshepherd, thisthis samesame nightnight,

img: 10-b
sig: C2r

The faithfull Shepheardesse.

ThatThat nownow comescomes stealingstealing onon, aa gentlegentle pairepair
HaueHave promis’dpromised equallequal louelove, andand dodo appointappoint
ToTo makemake yonyonyond woodwood thethe placeplace, wherewhere handshands andand heartshearts
AreAre toto bebe tiedtied for euerfor foreverfor euerever: breakebreak theirtheir meetingmeeting
AndAnd theirtheir strongstrong faithfaith, andand II amam euerever thinethine.
Sul.SullenSul.TellTell meme theirtheir namesnames, andand ifif II doedo notnot mouemove
(Byby●yByby mymy greatgreat powerpower) thethe centercentre ofof theirtheir louelove
FromFrom hishis fixtsixtfixedsixth beingbeing, letlet meme neuernever moremore,
WarmeWarm meme, byby thosethose fairefair eieseyes II thusthus adoreadore.
Amar.AmarillisAmar.ComeCome, asas wewe goego IleI’ll telltell theethee whatwhat theythey areare,
AndAnd giuegive theethee fitfit directionsdirections forfor thythy workework.exeuntexeunt.
EnterEnter CloeCloe.
HowHow hauehave II wrongdwronged thethe timestimes, oror menmen, thatthat thusthus,
AfterAfter thisthis holyholy feastfeast II passepass vnknowneunknown,
AndAnd vnsalutedunsaluted? t’was’twaswas notnot wontwont toto bebe
ThusThus frozenfrozen withwith thethe youngeryounger companycompany
OfOf iollyjolly shepheardsshepherds: t’was’twaswas notnot thenthen heldheld goodgood,
ForFor lustylusty groomesgrooms toto mixemix theirtheir quickerquicker bloodblood
WithWith thatthat dulldull humorhumour: mostmost vnfitunfit toto bebe
TheThe friendfriend ofof manman, coldcold andand dulldull chastitiechastity:
SureSure II amam heldheld notnot fairefair, oror amam tootoo ouldold,
OrOr elseelse notnot freefree enoughenough, oror fromfrom mymy fouldfouled
DriueDrive notnot aa flockeflock sufficientsufficient greatgreat, toto gainegain
TheThe greedygreedy eieseyes ofof wealthwealth alluringalluring swaineswain.
YetYet ifif II maymay belieuebelieve whatwhat othersothers saysay,
MyMy faceface hashas foilefoil enoughenough, nornor cancan theythey laylay
IustlyJustlyjustly tootoo strictstrict aa coynessecoyness toto mymy chargecharge.
MyMy flockesflocks areare manymany, andand thethe downesdowns asas largelarge
TheyThey feedfeed vpponupon: thenthen letlet itit euerever bebe
TheirTheir coldnessecoldness, notnot mymy virginvirgin modestymodesty
MakesMakes meme complainecomplain.
EnterEnter Thenot.Thenot.
The.ThenotThe.WasWas euerever manman butbut II,
ThusThus truelytruly takentaken withwith vncertaintieuncertainty?
WhereWhere shallshall thatthat manman bebe foundfound thatthat louesloves aa mindemind
MadeMade vpup inin constancyconstancy, andand daresdares notnot findefind
hishis louelove rewardedrewarded? heerehere, letlet allall menmen knoweknow,
AA wretchwretch thatthat liueslives toto louelove hishis mistresmistress soso.
CloeCloe,ShepheardShepherd II praypray theethee staystay, wherewhere hastehasthaste thouthou benebeen,
OrOr whetherwhitherwhether goestgoest thouthou? heerehere bebe woodswoods asas greenegreen

img: 11-a
sig: C2v

The faithfull Shepheardesse.

AsAs anyany, ayreair asas freshfresh andand sweetsweet,
AsAs wherewhere smoothsmooth ZephirusZephyrusZephirus plaiesplays onon thethe fleetfleet
FaceFace ofof thethe curledcurled streamesstreams: withwith flowersflowers asas manymany
AsAs thethe youngyoung springspring giuesgives, andand asas choisechoice asas anyany:
HeereHere bebe allall newnew delightsdelights, coolecool streamesstreams andand welswells,
ArborsArbours areare grownegrown withwith wood bineswoodwoodbineswood bines bines, CauesCaves, andand delsdells,
ChuseChoose wherewhere thouthou wiltwilt, whilstwhilst II sitsit byby andand singsing,
OrOr gathergather rushesrushes, toto makemake manymany aa ringring
ForFor thythy longlong fingersfingers, telltell theethee talestales ofof louelove,
HowHow thethe palepale PhœbePhoebePhoebe huntinghunting inin aa grouegrove,
FirstFirst sawsaw thethe boyboy EndimionEndymion, fromfrom whosewhose eyeseyes,
SheShe tooketook eternalleternal firefire, thatthat neuernever diesdies,
HowHow sheshe conuaidconveyed himhim softlysoftly inin aa sleepesleep,
HisHis templestemples boundbound withwith poppypoppy toto thethe steepsteep
HeadHead ofof oldold LatmusLatmus, wherewhere sheshe stoopesstoops eacheach nightnight,
GildingGilding thethe mountainemountain withwith herher brothersbrother’s lightlight
ToTo kissekiss herher sweetestsweetest.
Thenot.Thenot.FarreFar fromfrom meme areare thesethese
HotHot flashesflashes bredbred fromfrom wantonwanton heatheat andand easeease,
II hauehave forgotforgot whatwhat louelove andand louingloving meantmeant,
RimesRhymes, SongsSongs, andand merrymerry roundsrounds, thatthat oftoft areare sentsent
ToTo thethe softsoft eareear ofof MaidMaid, areare strangestrange toto meme:
OnelyOnly II liuelive t’admiret’admire aa chastitychastity,
ThatThat neitherneither pleasingpleasing ageage, smoothsmooth tonguetongue, oror goldgold,
CouldCould euerever breakebreak vponupon, soso suresure thethe moldemould
IsIs, thatthat herher mindemind waswas castcast inin: tis’tis toto herher
II onelyonly amam reseruedreserved, sheshe isis mymy formeform, II stirrestir
ByBy, breathbreath, andand moouemove: tis’tis sheshe andand onlyonly sheshe
CanCan makemake meme happyhappy oror giuegive miserymisery.
Cloe.Cloe.GoodGood ShepheardShepherd, maymay aa strangerstranger crauecrave toto knowknow,
ToTo whomewhom thisthis dearedear obseruanceobservance youyou dodo oweowe?
ThenotThenotYeYe maymay, andand byby herher vertuevirtue learnelearn toto squaresquare
AndAnd leuelllevel outout youryour lifelife: forfor toto bebe fairefair
AndAnd nothingnothing vertuousvirtuous, onelyonly fitsfits thethe eyeeye
OfOf gaudygaudy youthyouth, andand swellingswelling vanitievanity.
ThenThen knoweknow, shee’sshe’s caldcalled thethe virginvirgin ofof thethe grouegrove,
SheShe thatthat hathhath longlong sincesince buriedburied herher chastechaste louelove,
AndAnd nownow liueslives byby hishis grauegrave, forfor whosewhose dearedear soulesoul
SheShe hathhath vowdvowed her selfeherself intointo thethe holyholy rolerole
OfOf stricktstrict virginitievirginity, tis’tis herher II soso admireadmire,

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sig: C3r

The faithfull Shepheardesse.

NotNot anyany looserlooser bloodblood oror newnew desirede●iredesire.
Cloe.Cloe.FarewellFarewell poorepoor swaineswain, thouthou artart notnot forfor mymy bendbend,
II mustmust hauehave quickerquicker soulessouls, whosewhose wordswords maymay tendtend,
ToTo somesome freefree actionaction: giuegive meme himhim daredare louelove
AtAt firstfirst encounterencounter, andand asas soonesoon daredare prooueprove.
TheThe SongSong.
ComeCome ShepheardsShepherds comecome,
ComeCome awayaway withoutwithout delaydelay,
WhilsteWhilst thethe gentlegentle timetime dothdoth staystay,
GreeneGreen woodswoods