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AsAs itit waswas plaideplayed byby thethe KingsKing’sking’s Maie-MaiestiesMaie∣stiesMajesty’s

ByBy VVilliamWilliam ShakespeareShakespeare,


PrintedPrinted byby T.T. C.C. forfor NathanielNathaniel ButterButter, andand
areare toto bebe soldsold neerenear S.St.S. AustinsAustin’s gategate,
atat thethe signesign ofof thethe pydepied BullBull.

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EnterEnter oldold FlowerdaleFlowerdale andand hishis brotherbrother.

Fath.FatherFath.BrotherBrother fromfrom VeniceVenice, beingbeing thusthus disguisdedisguised,
II comecome toto proueprove thethe humourshumours ofof mymy sonneson:
HowHow hathhath hehe borneborn himselfehimself sincesince mymy departuredeparture,
II leauingleaving youyou hishis patronepatron andand hishis guideguide?
Vnck.UncleVnck.I faithI’faithi’faith brotherbrother soso, asas youyou willwill grieuegrieve toto hearehear,
AndAnd II almostalmost ashamdeashamed toto reportreport itit.
Fath.FatherFath.WhyWhy howhow istis’t brotherbrother? whatwhat dothdoth hehe spendspend
BeyondBeyond thethe allowanceallowance II leftleft himhim?
Vnck.UncleVnck.HowHow! beyondbeyond thatthat? andand farrefar moremore: whywhy, youryour exibiti-exibitionexibiti∣onexhibition
isis nothingnothing, heehe hathhath spentspent thatthat, andand sincesince hathhath borrowedborrowed,
protestedprotested withwith oathesoaths, alledgedalleged kindredkindred toto wringwring monymoney fromfrom
meme, byby thethe louelove II borebore hishis fatherfather, byby thethe fortunesfortunes mightmight fall●allfall
vponupon himselfhimself, toto furnishfurnish hishis wantswants:: thatthat donedone, II hauehave hadhad sincesince,
hishis bondbond, hishis friendfriend andand friendsfriend’s bondbond, althoalthough II knoweknow thatthat heehe
spendsspends isis yoursyours; yetyet itit grieuesgrieves meme toto seesee thethe vnbridledunbridled wildneswildness
thatthat rainesreignsreins ouerover himhim.
FathFatherBrotherBrother, whatwhat isis thethe mannermanner ofof hishis lifelife? howehow isis thethe
namename ofof hishis offencesoffences? ifif theythey dodo notnot rellishrelish altogetheraltogether ofof dam-damnationdam∣dationdamnation
hishis youthyouth maymay priuiledgep●iuiledgeprivilege hishis wantonnessewantonness: II my selfemyself
ranneran anan vnbrideledunbridled coursecourse tilltill thirtiethirty, naynay almostalmost tilltill fortieforty,
wellwell, youyou seesee howhow II amam: forfor vicevice onceonce lookedlooked intointo withwith thethe eieseyes
ofof discretiondiscretion, andand wellwell balancedbalanced withwith thethe waitesweightswaits ofof reasonreason, thethe
coursecourse pastpast, seemesseems soso abhominableabominable, thatthat thethe LandlordLandlord ofof him-himselfehim∣selfehimself
whichwhich isis thethe heartheart ofof hishis bodybody, willwill ratherrather intombeentomb him-himselfehim∣selfehimself

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The London Prodigall.

inin thethe earthearth, oror seekseek aa newnew TenātTenātTenant toto remaineremain inin himhim, whichwhich
onceonce settledsettled, howhow muchmuch betterbetter areare theythey thatthat inin theirtheir youthyouth
hauehave knowneknown allall thesethese vicesvices, andand leftleft itit, thenthan thosethose thatthat kneweknew
littlelittle, andand inin theirtheir ageage runnesruns intointo itit? BeleeueBelieve meme brotherbrother, theythey
thatthat dyedie mostmost vertuousvirtuous, hathhath inin theirtheir youthyouth, liuedlived mostmost viciousvicious,
andand nonenone knowesknows thethe dangerdanger ofof thethe firefire, moremore thenthan hehe thatthat
fallesfalls intointo iti●it: ButBut saysay, howhow isis thethe coursecourse ofof hishis lifelife? letslet’s hearehear hishis
Vnck.UncleVnck.WhyWhy IleI’ll telltell youyou brotherbrother, heehe isis aa continualcontinual swearerswearer,
AndAnd aa breakerbreaker ofof hishis oathesoaths, whichwhich isis badbad.
Unck.UncleUnck.II grantgrant indeedindeed toto sweareswear isis badbad, butbut notnot inin keepingkeeping
thosethose oathesoaths isis betterbetter: forfor whowho willwill setset byby aa badbad thingthing?
NayNay byby mymy faithfaith, II holdhold thisthis ratherrather aa vertuevirtue thenthan aa vicevice,
WellWell, II praypray proceedeproceed.
Vnck.UncleVnck.HeHe isis aa mightymighty brawlerbrawler, andand comescomes commonlycommonly byby (thethe worstworst.
Fath.FatherFath.ByBy mymy faithfaith thisthis isis nonenone ofof thethe worstworst neitherneither, forfor ifif hehe
BrawleBrawl andand bebe beatenbeaten forfor itit, itit wilwill inin timetime makemake himhim shunneshun itit:
ForFor whatwhat bringsbrings manman oror childchild, moremore toto vertuevirtue, thenthan correctiōcorrectiōcorrection?
WhatWhat raignesreigns ouerover himhim elseelse?
Unck.UncleUnck.HeHe isis aa greatgreat drinkerdrinker, andand oneone thatthat willwill forgetforget him=himselfehim∣selfehimself(selfe.
Fath.FatherFath.OO bestbest ofof allall, vicevice shouldshould bebe forgottenforgotten: letlet himhim drinkdrink (onon,
SoSo hehe drinkedrink notnot churcheschurches.
NayNay andand thisthis bebe thethe worstworst, II holdhold itit ratherrather aa happineshappiness inin himhim,
ThenThan anyany iniquityiniquity. HathHath hehe anyany moremore attendantsattendants?
Unck.UncleUnck.BrotherBrother, hehe isis oneone thatthat willwill borrowborrow ofof anyany manman.
Fath.FatherFath.WhyWhy youyou seesee soso dothdoth thethe seasea, itit borrowesborrows ofof allall thethe smalsmall
CurrentsCurrents inin thethe worldworld, toto encreaseincrease himselfehimself.
Vnck.UncleVnck.IAyay, butbut thethe seasea paiespays itit againeagain, andand soso willwill neuernever youryour sonson.
Fath.FatherFath.NoNo moremore wouldwould thethe seasea neitherneither, ifif itit werewere asas drydry asas mymy
Vnck.UncleVnck.ThenThen brotherbrother, II seesee youyou ratherrather likelike thesethese vicesvices inin youryour (sonneson,
ThenThan anyany wayway condemnecondemn themthem.
Fath.FatherFath.NayNay mistakemistake meme notnot brotherbrother, forfor thothough II slurslur themthem o-ouero∣uerover
AsAs thingsthings slightslight andand nothingnothing, hishis crimescrimes beingbeing inin thethe buddebud,
ItIt wouldwould gallgall mymy heartheart, theythey shouldshould euerever raignereign inin himhim.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.Ho!Ho! whoeswho’s withinwithin hoho?
FlowerdaleFlowerdale knockesknocks withinwithin.
Unck. Thats

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The London Prodigall.

Unck.UncleUnck.That’sThat’s youryour sonneson, heehe isis comecome toto borroweborrow moremore
Fath.FatherFath.ForFor GodsakeGodsake giuegive itit outout II amam deaddead, seesee howhow helehe’ll taketake itit,
SaySay II hauehave broughtbrought youyou newesnews fromfrom hishis fatherfather.
II hauehave herehere drawnedrawn aa formallformal willwill, asas itit werewere fromfrom my selfemyself,
WhichWhich IleI’ll deliuerdeliver himhim.
Vnck.UncleVnck.GoeGoetooGo tooto brotherbrother, nono moremore: II willwill.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.VnckleUncle, wherewhere areare youyou VnckleUncle?withinwithin,
Vnck.UncleVnck.LetLet mymy cousencousin inin therethere.
Fath.FatherFath.II amam aa SaylerSailor comecome fromfrom UeniceVenice, andand mymy namename isis (ChristopherChristopher.

EnterEnter FlowerdaleFlowerdale.

Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.ByBy thethe LordLord, inin truthtruth VnckleUncle.
Vnck.UncleVnck.InIn truthtruth wouldwould aha’a seru’dserved cousencousin, withoutwithout thethe LordLord.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.ByBy youryour leaueleave VnckleUncle, thethe LordLord, isis thethe LordLord ofof truthtruth.
AA couplecouple ofof rascallesrascals atat thethe gategate, setset vponupon meme forfor mymy pursepurse.
Unck.UncleUnck.YouYou neuernever comecome, butbut youyou bringbring aa brawlebrawl inin youryour
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.ByBy mymy truthtruth VnckleUncle, youyou mustmust needesneeds lendlend meme tenneten (poundpound.

Vnck.UncleVnck.GiueGive mymy cousencousin somesome smallsmall beerebeer herehere.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.NayNay lookelook youyou, youyou turneturn itit toto aa iestjest nownow, byby thisthis lightlight,
II shouldshould ryderide toto CroydonCroyden fayrefair, toto meetemeet syrsir LancelotLancelot SpurrockSpurcock,
II shouldshould hauehave hishis daughterdaughter LuceLuce, andand forfor scuruyscurvy
TenneTenten poundpound, aa manman shalshall looselose ninenine hundredhundred three-scorethreescore andand
oddeodd poundspounds, andand aa dailydaily friendfriend besidebeside, byby thisthis handehand Vnc-VnckleVnc∣kleUnclekle tis’tis truetrue.

Vnck.UncleVnck.WhyWhy, anyany thingthing isis truetrue forfor oughtaught II knowknow.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.ToTo seesee nownow: whywhy youyou shallshall hauehave mymy bondbond VnckleUncle,
oror TomTom WhitesWhite’sWhites, IamesJamesjames BrocksBrock’sBrocks: oror NickNick HallsHall’s, asas goodgood rapyerrapier
andand daggerdagger menmen, asas anyany bebe inin EnglandEngland, letslet’s bebe dambn’ddamned ifif weewe
doedo notnot paypay youyou, thethe worstworst ofof vsus allall willwill notnot damnedamn our seluesourselves
forfor tenten poundpound. AA poxepox ofoftenoftenof tenten poundpound.
Unck.UncleUnck.CousenCousin, thisthis isis notnot thethe firstfirst timetime II hauehave beleeu’dbelieved youyou.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.WhyWhy trusttrust meme nownow, youyou knowknow notnot whatwhat maymay fallfall:
IfIf oneone thingthing werewere butbut truetrue, II wouldwould notnot greatlygreatly carecare,
I should

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The London Prodigall.

II shouldshould notnot needeneed tenten poundpound, butbut whenwhen aa manman cannotcannot bebe be-beleeuedbe∣leeuedbelieved
ther’sthere’s itit.
Vnck.UncleVnck.WhyWhy whatwhat isis itit cousencousin?
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.MaryMarrymarry thisthis VnckleUncle, cancan youyou telltell meme ifif thethe Katern-KaternhueKatern∣hueKaternhue
bebe comecome homehome oror nono?
Vnck.UncleVnck.II marymarry istis’t.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.ByBy GodGod II thankethank youyou forfor thatthat newesnews.
WhatWhat istis’t inin thethe poolepool cancan youyou telltell?
Vnck.UncleVnck.ItIt isis; whatwhat ofof thatthat?
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.WhatWhat? whywhy thenthen II hauehave sixesix peecespieces ofof velletvelvetvellet sentsent meme
IleI’ll giuegive youyou aa peecepiece VnckleUncle:: forfor thusthus saidsaid thethe letterletter,
AA peecepiece ofof AshcolourAsh-colour, aa three pildethreethree-piledthree pilde piled blackblack, aa colourde deroycolourdecolour-de-roycoloured decoy deroy decoy,
AA crimsoncrimson, aa sadsad greenegreen, andand aa purplepurple: yesyes yfaithi’faith.
Vnck.UncleVnck.FromFrom whomwhom shouldshould youyou receiuereceive thisthis?
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.FromFrom whowho? whywhy fromfrom mymy fatherfather? withwith commenda-commendationscommenda∣tionscommendations
toto youyou VnckleUncle, andand thusthus hehe writeswrites: II knowknow saithsaith hehe, thouthou
hasthast muchmuch troubledtroubled thythy kindekind VnckleUncle, whomwhom God-willingGod willingGod-willing
atat mymy returnereturn II willwill seesee amplyamply satisfiedsatisfied: AmplyAmply, II rememberremember
waswas thethe veryvery wordword; soso GodGod helpehelp meme.
Unck.UncleUnck.HaueHave youyou thethe letterletter herehere?
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.YesY●sYes II hauehave thethe letterletter herehere, herehere isis thethe letterletter: nono, yesyes, nono
letlet meme seesee, whatwhat breechsbreeches worewore II ao’a SatterdaySaturday: letlet meme seesee, ao’a Tues-TuesdayTues∣dayTuesday
mymy CalymankaCalamancoCalymanka, ao’a WednesdayWednesday, mymy peachpeach colourcolour SattinSatin, ao’a
ThursdayThursday mymy VellureVelourvelour, ao’a FridayFriday mymy CallymankaCalamancoCallymanka againeagain, ao’a
SatterdaySaturday, letlet meme seesee ao’a SatterdaySaturday, forfor inin thosethose breechesbreeches II worewore
ao’a SatterdaySaturday isis thethe letterletter: OOOh mymy rydingridingryding breechesbreeches AnckleAnkle, thosethose
thatthat youyou thoughtthought hadhad benebeen velletvelvetvellet,
InIn thosethose veryvery breechesbreeches isis thethe letterletter.
Vnck.UncleVnck.WhenWhen shouldshould itit bebe dateddate●dated?
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.MaryMarryMary DidicimoDidicimo tersiostersios septembrisseptembris, nono nono, trydisimotrydisimo ter-tersioster∣siostersios
, IAyI OctobrisOctobris,, soso itit isis.
Vnck.UncleVnck.DicditimoDicditimo tersiostersios OctobrisOctobris: andand herehere receiuereceive II aa let-letterlet∣terletter
thatthat youryour fatherfather dyeddied inin IuneJunejune: howhow saysay youyou KesterKester?
Fath.FatherFath.YesYes trulytruly syrsir, youryour fatherfather isis deaddead, thesethese handshands ofof minemine
holpehopeho●peholphope toto windewind himhim.
Fath.FatherFath.IAyI syrsir deaddead.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.Sblood’Sblood’sblood, howhow shouldshould mymy fatherfather comecome deaddead?
Fath. Yfaith

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The London Prodigall.

Fath.FatherFath.YfaithI’faith syrsir accordingaccording toto thethe oldold ProuerbeProverb,
TheThe childechild waswas borneborn: andand cryedcried, becamebecame manman,
AfterAfter fellfell sickesick, andand dyeddied.
Vnck.UncleVnck.NayNay cousencousin doedo notnot taketake itit soso heauilyheavily.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.NayNay II cannoncannotcannoncannot weepeweep youyou extemporyextempore, marymarry somesome
twotwo oror threethree dayesdays hencehence, II shallshall weepweep withoutwithout anyany stintancestintance.
ButBut II hopehope hehe dyeddied inin goodgood memorymemory.
Fath.FatherFath.VeryVery wellwell syrsir, andand setset downedown eueryevery thingthing inin goodgood or-orderor∣derorder(der,

AndAnd thethe KatherineKatherine andand HueHughHue youyou talkttalked ofof, II camecame ouerover inin:
AndAnd II sawsaw allall thethe billesbills ofof ladinglading, andand thethe velletvelvetvellet
ThatThat youyou talkttalked ofof, therethere isis nono suchsuch aboordaboard.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.ByBy GodGod II assureassure youyou, thenthenthan therethere isis knaueryknavery abroadabroad.
Fath.FatherFath.IleI’ll bebe swornesworn ofof thatthat: ther’sthere’s knaueryknavery abroadabroad,
AlthoAlthough therethere werewere neuernever aa peecepiece ofof velletvelvetvellet inin VeniceV●niceVenice.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.II hopehope hehe dyeddied inin goodgood estateestate.
Fath.FatherFath.ToTo thethe reportreport ofof thethe worldworld hehe diddid, andand mademade hishis (willwill,
OfOf whichwhich II amam anan vnworthyunworthy bearerbearer.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.HisHis willwill, hauehave youyou hishis willwill?
Fath.FatherFath.YesYes syrsir, andand inin thethe presencepresence ofof youryour VnckleUncle,
II waswas willedwilled toto deliuerdeliver itit.
Vnck.UncleVnck.II hopehope cousencousin, nownow GodGod hathhath blessedblessed youyou withwith
wealthwealth, youyou willwill notnot bebe vnmindfullunmindful ofof meme.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.IleI’ll doedo reasonreason VnckleUncle, yetyet yfaithi’faith II taketake thethe denialldenial
ofof thisthis tenneten poundpound veryvery hardlyhardly.
Vnck.UncleVnck.NayNay II denydedonydedenied youyou notnot.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.ByBy GodGod youyou denidedenied meme directlydirectly.
Vnck.UncleVnck.IleI’ll bebe iudgejudge byby thisthis good-fellowegoodfellow.
Fath.FatherFath.NotNot directlydirectly syrsir.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.WhyWhy hehe saidsaid hehe wouldwould lendlend meme nonenone, andand thatthat hadhad
wontwont toto bebe aa directdirect denyalldenial, ifif thethe oldold phrasephrase holdehold:
WellWell VnckleUncle, comecome weelewe’ll fallfall toto thethe LegasiesLegacieslegacies,
InIn thethe namename ofof GodGod, AmenAmen.
ItemItem, II bequeathbequeath toto mymy brotherbrother FlowerdaleFlowerdale, threethree hundredhundred
poundspounds, toto paypay suchsuch triualltrivial debtsdebts asas II oweowe inin LondonLondon.
ItemItem, toto mymy sonneson MatMa●Mat FlowerdaleFlowerdale, II bequeathbequeath twotwo baylebail ofof
falsefalse dycedice, UidellicedVidelicetvidelicet, highhigh menmen, andand loelowlo menmen, fullomesfulhamsfullomes, stopstop
cater traiescatercater-treyscater traies trays, andand otherother bonesbones ofof functionfunction.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.Sblood’Sblood’sblood whatwhat dothdoth hehe meanemean byby thisthis?
Vnck. Procee

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The London Prodigall.

Vnck.UncleVnck.ProceedeProceed cousencousin.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.TheseThese preceptsprecepts II leaueleave himhim, letlet himhim borrowborrow ofof hishis (oathoath,
ForFor ofof hishis wordword no bodynobody willwill trusttrust himhim.
LetLet himhim byby nono meanesmeans marrymarry anan honesthonest womanwoman,
ForFor thethe otherother willwill keepekeep her selfeherself.
LetLet himhim stealesteal asas muchmuch asas hehe cancan, thatthat aa guiltyguilty conscienceconscience
MayMay bringbring himhim toto hishis destinatedestinate repentancerepentance,
II thinkethink hehe meanesmeans hanginghanging. AndAnd thisthis werewere hishis lastlast willwill andand
TestamentTestament, thethe DiuellDevil stoodstood laughinglaughing atat hishis beddesbed’s feetefeet
whilewhile hehe mademade itit. Sblood’Sblood’sblood, whatwhat dothdoth heehe thinkethink toto fopfop ofof hishis
posteritieposterity withwith ParadoxesParadoxes.
Fath.FatherFath.ThisThis hehe mademade syrsir withwith hishis owneown handshands.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.IAyay, wellwell, naynay comecome goodgood VnckleUncle, letlet meme hauehave thisthis tenten
poundpound, ImagineImagine youyou hauehave lostlost itit, oror robdrobbed ofof itit, oror misreckondmisreckoned
your selfeyourself soso muchmuch: anyany wayway toto makemake itit comecome easilyeasily offoff, goodgood
Vnck.UncleVnck.NotNot aa pennypenny.
Fath.FatherFath.YfaithI’faith lendlend itit himhim syrsir; II my selfemyself hauehave anan estateestate inin thethe
CitieCity worthworth twentytwenty poundpound, allall thatthat ilei’llI’ll ingageengage forfor himhim, hehe saithsaith
itit concernesconcerns himhim inin aa marriagemarriage.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.IAyI marrymarry dothdoth itit, thisthis isis aa fellowfellow ofof somesome sensesense, thisthis:
ComeCome goodgood VnckleUncle.
VnckUncleWillWill youyou giuegive youryour wordword forfor itit KesterKes●erKester?
Fath.FatherFath.II willwill syrsir, willinglywillingly.
Vnck.UncleVnck.WellWell cousencousin, comecome toto meme somesome howerhour hencehence, youyou shallshall
hauehave itit readieready.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.ShallShall II notnot failefail?
Unck.UncleUnck.YouYou shallshall notnot, comecome oror sendsend.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.NayNay ilei’llI’ll comecome my selfemyself.
Fath.FatherFath.ByBy mymy troathtroth, wouldwould II werewere youryour worshipsworship’s manman.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.WhatWhat wouldstwouldst thouthou serueserve?
Fath.FatherFath.VeryVery willinglywillingly syrsir.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.WhyWhy ilei’llI’ll telltell theethee whatwhat thouthou shaltshalt doedo, thouthou saithsaith thouthou
hasthast twentietwenty poundpound, goego intointo BurchinBurchin LaneLane, putput thy selfethyself intointo
cloathesclothes, thouthou shaltshalt rideride withwith meme toto CroydenCroyden fayrefair.
Fath.FatherFath.II thankethank youyou syrsir, II willwill attendattend youyou.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.WellWell VnckleUncle, youyou willwill notnot failefail meme anan howerhour hencehence?
Vnck.UncleVnck.II willwill notnot cousencousincozen.
Flow. Whats

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The London Prodigall.

Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.WhatsWhat’swhat’s thythy namename KesterKester?
Fath.FatherFath.IAyI syrsir.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.WellWell, prouideprovide thy selfethyself: VnckleUncle farewelllfarewellfarewelll tilltill anonanon.
ExitExit FlowerdaleFlowerdale.
Vnck.UncleVnck.BrotherBrother, howhow doedo youyou likelike youryour sonneson?
Fath.FatherFath.YfaithI’faith brotherbrother, likelike aa madmad vnbridledunbridled coltcolt,
OrOr asas aa HawkeHawk, thatthat neuernever stoop’dstooped toto lurelure:
TheThe oneone mustmust bebe tamdetamed withwith anan yroniron bytbit,
TheThe otherother mustmust bebe watchedwatched, oror stillstill sheshe isis wildewild,
SuchSuch isis mymy sonneson, awhileawhile letlet himhim bebe soso:
ForFor counsellcounsel stillstill isis folliesfolly’s deadlydeadly foefoe.
IleI’ll serueserve hishis youthyouth, forfor youthyouth mustmust hauehave hishis coursecourse,
ForFor beingbeing restrainderestrained, itit makesmakes himhim tenten timestimes worseworse:
HisHis pridepride, hishis ryotriot, allall thatthat maymay bebe namednamed,
TimeTime maymay recallrecall, andand allall hishis madnessemadness tamedtamed.
EnterEnter syrsir LauncelotLancelotLauncelot, MaisterMaster WeathercockeWeathercock, DaffidillDaffodilDaffidill,
ArtichoakeArtichoke, LuceLuce, andand FranckeFranckfrank.

Lance.LancelotLance.SyrrhaSirrahsirrah ArtichoakeArtichoke, getget youyou homehome beforebefore,
AndAnd asas youyou prouedproved your selfeyourself aa calfecalf inin byingbuying,
DriueDrive homehome youryour fellowfellow calfescalves thatthat youyou hauehave boughtbought.
Arti.ArtichokeArti.YesYes forsoothforsooth, shallshall notnot mymy fellowfellow DaffidillDaffodilDaffidill goego alongalong (withwith meme.

Lance.LancelotLance.NoNo syrsir, nono, II mustmust hauehave oneone toto waitewait onon meme.
Arty.ArtichokeArty.DaffidillDaffodilDaffidill, farewellfarewell goodgood fellowfellow DaffidillDaffodilDaffidill,
YouYou maymay seesee mistressemistress, II amam setset vpup byby thethe halueshalves,
In steedInInsteadIn steed steed ofof waitingwaiting onon youyou, II amam sentsent toto driuedrive homehome caluescalves.
Lance.LancelotLance.YfaithI’faith FranckeFranckFrancke, II mustmust turneturn awayaway thisthis DaffidillDaffodilDaffidill,
HeesHe’s grownegrown aa veryvery foolishfoolish sawciesaucy fellowfellow.
Fran.FrancesFran.IndeedIndeed lawla fatherfather, hehe waswas soso sincesince II hadhad himhim:
BeforeBefore hehe waswas wisewise enoughenough, forfor aa foolishfoolish seruing-manservingman.
Wea.WeathercockWea.ButBut whatwhat saysay youyou toto meme syrsir LancelotLancelot?
Lance.LancelotLance.OO, aboutabout mymy daughtersdaughters, welwell II willwill goego forwardforward,
HeersHere’shere’s twotwo ofof themthem GodGod sauesave themthem: butbut thethe thirdthird,
OOOh sheesshe’s aa strangerstranger inin herher coursecourse ofof lifelife,
SheeShe hathhath refusedrefused youyou MaisterMaster WeathercockeWeathercock.
Wea.WeathercockWea.IAyI byby thethe RoodRood syrsir LancelotLancelot thatthat sheshe hathhath,
ButBut hadhad sheshe tridetried meme, sheshe shouldshould aha’a’ foundfound aa manman ofof meme indeedindeed.
Lance.LancelotLance.NayNay bebe notnot angryangry syrsir, atat herher denialldenial,

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The London Prodigall.

SheeShe hathhath refus’derefused seauenseven ofof thethe worshipfulstworshipful’stworshipfulst andand worthyestworthiest
hous-keepershousekeepers thisthis dayday inin KentKent:
IndeedIndeed sheshe willwill notnot marrymarry II supposesuppose.
Wea.WeathercockWea.TheThe moremore foolefool sheshe.
Lance.LancelotLance.WhatWhat isis itit follyfolly toto louelove CharitieCharity?
Wea.WeathercockWea.NoNo mistakemistake meme notnot syrsir Lancelot〈◊〉Lancelot,
ButBut tis’tis anan oldold prouerbeproverb, andand youyou knowknow itit wellwell,
ThatThat womenwomen dyingdying maidesmaids, leadlead apesapes inin hellhell.
Lance.LancelotLance.ThatsThat’sthat’s aa foolishfoolish prouerbeproverb, andand aa falsefalse.
Wea.WeathercockWea.ByBy thethe massemass II thinkethink itit bebe, andand thereforetherefore letlet itit goego:
ButBut whowho shallshall marrymarry withwith mistressemistress FrancesFrances?
Fran.FrancesFran.ByBy mymy troathtroth theythey areare talkingtalking ofof marryingmarrying meme sistersister.
Luce.Luce.PeacePeace, letlet themthem talketalk:
FoolesFools maymay hauehave leaueleave toto prattleprattle asas theythey walkewalk.
Daff.DaffodilDaff.SentessesSentencesSentessesSentences stillstill sweetsweet mistressemistress,
YouYou hauehave aa witwit, andand itit werewere youryour Alliblasteralabasteralabaster.
Luce.Luce.YfaithY●aithI’faith andand thythy tonguetongue tripstrips trench-moretrenchmore.
Lance.LancelotLance.NoNo ofof mymy knight-hoodknighthood, notnot aa shutersuitorshuter yetyet:
AlasAlas GodGod helpehelp herher silliesilly girlegirl, aa foolefool, aa verievery foolefool:
ButBut thersthere’s thethe otherother black-browesblack-brows aa shroadshrewd girlegirl,
SheeShe hathhath witwit atat willwill, andand shuterssuitors twotwo oror threethree:
SyrSir ArthurArthur Greene-sheldGreenshield oneone, aa gallantgallant knightknight,
AA valiantvaliant SouldierSoldier, butbut hishis powerpower butbut poorepoor.
ThenThen thersthere’s yongyoung Oliuer〈◊〉Oliver, thethe Deuen-shyreDevonshire ladlad,
AA warywary fellowfellow, marrymarry fullfull ofof witwit,
AndAnd richrich byby thethe roodrood, butbut thersthere’s aa thirdthird allall aireair,
LightLight asas aa featherfeather, changingchanging asas thethe windwind: youngyoung FlowerdaleFlowerdal●Flowerdale.
Wea.WeathercockWea.OO heehe syrsir, heeshe’s aa desperatedesperate dickdick indeedindeed.
BarreBar himhim youryour househouse.
Lance.LancelotLance.FyeFie notnot soso, heeshe’s ofof goodgood parentageparentage.
Wea.WeathercockWea.ByBy mymy faiefay andand soso hehe isis, andand aa properproper manman.
Lance.LancelotLance.IAyI properproper enoughenough, hadhad hehe goodgood qualitiesqualities.
Wea.WeathercockWea.IAyI marriemarry, thersthere’s thethe pointpoint syr〈◊〉sir Lancelot〈◊〉Lancelot:
ForFor thersthere’s anan oldold sayingsaying,
BeBe hehe richrich, oror bebe hehe poorepoor,
Be〈◊〉Be hehe hyehigh, oror bebe hehe lowelow:
BeBe hehe borneborn inin barnebarn oror hallhall,
Tis’Tis manersmanners makesmakes thethe manman andand allall.
Lance. You

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The London Prodigall.

LanceLancelot〈◊〉Lancelot〈◊〉.YouYou areare inin thethe rightright maistermaster WeathercockWeatherc●ckWeathercock.
EnterEnter MounsierMonsieurmonsieur CiuetCiuet.CivetCiuet...
Ciuet〈◊〉Civet〈◊〉.SouleSoul, II thinkethink II amam suresure crossedcrossed,
OrOr witchtwi●htwitchedwi●ht withwith anan owleowl, II hauehave hantedhaunted themthem: InneInn afterafter InneInn,
boothbooth, afterafter boothbooth, yetyet cannotcannot findefind themthem, haha yonderyonder theythey areare,
thatsthat’s sheshe, II hopehope toto GodGod tis〈◊〉’tis sheeshe, naynay II knowknow tis’tis sheeshe nownow, forfor
she●heshe treadestreads herher shooeshoe aa littlelittle awryawry.
Lance.LancelotLance.WhereWhere isis thisthis Iinne●inneinn●inne? wewe areare pastpast itit DaffidillDaffodilDaffidill.
DaffidillDaffodilDaffidill.TheThe goodgood signesign isis heerehere syrsir, butbut thethe backback gategate isis (beforebefore.
Ciuet.CivetCiuet.SaueSave youyou syrsir, II praypray maymay II borrowborrow aa peecepiece ofof aa
wordword withwith youyou?
Daff.DaffodilDaff.NoNo peecespieces syrsir.
Ciu.CivetCiu.WhyWhy thenthen thethe wholewhole.
II praypray syrsir, whatwhat maymay yonderyonder gentlewomengentlewomen bebe?
Daff.DaffodilDaff.TheyThey maymay bebe LadiesLadies syrsir, ifif thethe destiniesdestinies andand mortalitiemortality (workework.
Ciu.CivetCiu.WhatsWhat’swhat’s herher namename syrsir.
Daff.DaffodilDaff.MistresseMistress FrancesFrances SpurcockeSpurcock, syrsir Laucelots-SpurcockesLancelot Spurcock’sLancelot-Spurcock’s (daughterdaughter.
Ciu.CivetCiu.IsIs sheshe aa maidmaid syrsir?
Daff.DaffodilDaff.YouYou maymay askeask PlutoPluto, andand damedame ProserpineProserpine thatthat:
II wouldwould bebe lothloath toto bebe ridelledriddled syrsir.
Ciu.CivetCiu.IsIs sheshe marriedmarried II meanemean syrsir?
Daff.DaffodilDaff.TheThe FatesFates knowesknows notnot yetyet whatwhat shoe-makershoc-makershoemakerShoemaker shallshall
makemake herher weddingwedding shooesshoes.
Ciu.CivetCiu.II praypray wherewhere InneInn youyou syrsir? II wouldwould bebe veryvery gladglad toto be-bestowebe∣stowebestow
thethe winewine ofof thatthat gentlewomangentlewoman.
Daff.DaffodilDaff.AtAt thethe GeorgeGeorge syrsir.
Ciu.CivetCiu.GodGod sauesave youyou syrsir.
Daff.DaffodilDaff.II praypray youryour namename syrsir?
Ciu.CivetCiu.MyMy namename isis maistermaster CiuetCiu●tCivet syrsir.
Daff.DaffodilDaff.AA sweetsweet namename, GodGod bebe withwith youyou goodgood maistermaster CiuetCivet.

ExitExit Ciuet.CivetCiuet.
Lance.LancelotLance.AAhA, hauehave wew●w●we spidespied youyou stoutstout S.SaintS. GeorgeGeorge?
ForFor allall youryour dragondragon, youyou hadhad bestbest sellessells goodgood winewine:
ThatThat needsneeds nono 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 - y’uie-bushyuie-bushbushivy-bush, wellwell, weelewelew●lewe’ll notnot sitsit byby itit,
AsAs youyou dodo onon youryour horsehorse, thisthis roomeroom shallshall serueseru●serve:
DrawerDrawer, letlet meme hauehave sackesack forfor vsus oldold menmen:
ForFor thesethese girlesgirls andand knauesknaves smallsmall wineswines areare bestbest..,

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sig: B2v

The London Prodigall.

AA pintepint ofof sackesack, nono moremore.
Draw.DrawerDraw.AA quartquart ofof sacksack inin thethe threethree TunnesTunsTons,
Lance.LancelotLance.AA pintepint, drawdraw butbut aa pintepint Daffidill〈◊〉DaffodilDaffidill,
CallCall forfor winewine toto makemake your seluesyourselves drinkedrink.
Fran.FrancesFran.AndAnd aa cupcup ofof smallsmall beerebeer, andand aa cakecake goodgood Daffidill〈◊〉DaffodilDaffidill.
EnterEnter yongyoung FlowerdaleFlowerdale.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.HowHow nownow, fyefie, sitsit inin thethe openopen roomeroom, nownow goodgood syrsir
LancelotLancelot, &and mymy kindkind friendfriend worshipfullworshipful MaisterMa●sterMaster WeathercockWeathercock,
WhatWhat atat youryour pintepint, aa quartquart forfor shameshame.
Lance.LancelotLance.NayNay RoysterRoisterRoyster byby youryour leaueleave wewe willwill awayaway.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.ComeCome, giuesgives somesome MusickeMusic, weelewe’ll goego dancedance,
BegoneBegone syr〈◊〉sir LancelotLancelot, whatwhat, andand fayrefair dayday tootoo?
Lance.LancelotLance.Twere’Twere’twere fowlyfoully donedone, toto dancedance withinwithin thethe fayrefair.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.NayNay ifif youyou saysay soso, fairestfairest ofof allall fairesfairs,
ThenThen ilei’llI’ll notnot dancedance, aa poxepox vponupon mymy taylertailor,
HeHe hathhath spoyledspoiledspoilt meme aa peachpeach colourcolour satten〈◊〉satin shutesuitshute,
CutCut vponupon cloathcloth ofof siluersilver, butbut ifif euerever thethe RascallRascal serueserve me〈◊〉me suchsuch
an otheranother tricketrick, IleI’ll giuegive himhim leaueleave yfaithi’faith toto putput meme inin thethe ca-calenderca∣lendercalendar
ofof foolesfools: andand youyou, andand youyou, syrsir Lancelot〈◊〉Lancelot; andand MaisterMaster
WeathercockWeathercock, mymy gold-smythgoldsmith tootoo onon tothert’other sideside, II bespokebespoke theethee
LuceLuce, aa carkenetcarcanet ofof goldgold, andand thoughtthought thouthou shouldstshouldst aha’a hadhad itit
forfor aa fayringfairing, andand thethe RogueRogue putsputs meme inin rerages〈◊〉reragesrearages forfor OryantOrient
PearlePearl: butbut thouthou shaltshalt hauehave itit byby sundaysunday nightnight wenchwench.
EnterEnter thethe DrawerDraw●rDrawer.
Draw.DrawerDraw.SyrSir, herehere isis oneone hathhath sentsent youyou aa pottlepo●lepottle ofof rennishrhenish
winewine, brewedbrewed withwith Rose-waterRose waterRose-water.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.ToTo meme?
Draw.DrawerDraw.NoNo syrsir toto thethe knightknight; andand desiresdesires hishis moremore acquain-acquaintanceacquain∣tanceacquaintance(tance.

ToTo meme? whatswhat’s hehe thatthat prouesproves soso kindkind?
Daff.DaffodilDaff.II hauehave aa tricketrick toto knowknow hishis namename syrsir,
HeHe hathhath aa monethsmonth’s mindmind herehere toto mistressemistress FrancesFrances, hishis namename
Is〈◊〉Is maistermaster CiuetCivet.
Lance.LancelotLance.CallCa●Call himhim inin Daffidill〈◊〉DaffodilDaffidill.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.OO II knowknow himhim syrsir, hehe isis aa foolefool,
ButBut reasonablereasonable richrich, hishis fatherfather waswas oneone ofof thesethese lease-mongerslease-mongers,
thesethese corne-mongercorn●-mongercorn-monger, thesethese mony-mongersmoney-mongers, butbut hehe neuernever hadhad
thethe witwit toto bebe aa whore-mongerwhore-mongetwhore-mongerwhoremonger.
EnterEnter maister〈◊〉masterMASTER 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 CiuetCi●etCivetcivet.
Lance. I

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The London Prodigall.

Lance.LancelotLance.II promisepromise youyou syrsir, youyou areare atat tootoo muchmuch chargecharge.
Cyuet.CivetCyuet.TheThe chargecharge isis smallsmall chargecharge syrsir,
II thankethank GodGod mymy fatherfather leftleft meme wherewithallwherewithal, ifif itit pleaseplease youyou
syrsir, II hauehave aa greatgreat mindmind toto thisthis gentlewomangentlewoman,, herehere inin thethe wayway (ofof marriagemarriage.

Lance.LancelotLance.II thankethank youyou syrsir: pleaseplease youyou comecome toto LewsomeL●wsomeLewsome toto mymy
poorepoor househouse, youyou shallshall bebe kindlykindly welcomewelcome: II kneweknew youryour fa-fatherfa∣therfather
hehe waswas aa warywary husbandhusband: toto paiepay herehere DrawerDrawer.
Draw.DrawerDraw.AllAll isis paidpaid syrsir: thisthis gentlemangentleman hathhath paidpaid allall.
Lance.LancelotLance.YfaithI’faith youyou dodo vsus wrongwrong,
ButBut wewe shallshall liuelive toto makemake amendsamends ere〈◊〉ere longlong:
MaisterMaster FlowerdaleFlowerdale, isis thatthat youryour manman?
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.YesYes faithfaith, aa goodgood oldold knaueknave.
Lance.LancelotLance.NayNay thenthen II thinkethink youyou willwill turneturn wisewise,
NowNow youyou taketake suchsuch aa seruantservant:
ComeCome, youleyou’ll rideride withwith vsus toto LewsomeLewsome, letslet’s awayaway,
Tis’Tis scarcescarce twotwo howreshours toto thethe endend ofof dayday.(ExitExit OmnesOmnes.
EnterEnter syrsir ArthurArthur Green-shoodGreenshieldGreen-shood, OlyuerOliverOlyver, Lieu-LieutennantLieu∣tennantLieutenant
andand SouldiersSoldiers.

Aur.ArthurAur.Lieuftenant〈◊〉Lieutenant, leadelead youryour SouldiersSoldiers toto thethe shipsships,
ThereThere let〈◊〉let themthem hauehave theirtheir coatescoats, atat theirtheir arriuallarrival
TheyThey shallshall hauehave paypay: farewellfarewell, lookelook toto youryour chargecharge.
Sol.SoldierSol.IAyay, wewe areare nownow sentsent awayaway, andand cannotcannot soso muchmuch asas speakespeak
withwith ourour friendsfriends.
Oly.OliverOly.NoNo manman whatwhat erewhatwhate’er ereere youyou vsedused aa zutchzutch aa fashionfashion, thickethick
youyou cannotcannot taketake youryour leaueleave ofof youryour vreensvreens.
Aur.ArthurAur.FellowFellow nono moremore, LieuftenantLieutenantlieutenant leadlead themthem offoff.
Sol.SoldierSol.WellWell, ifif II hauehave notnot mymy paypay andand mymy cloathesclothes,
IleI’ll ventureventure aa runningrunning awayaway thothough II hanghang fortfor’tfort.
Aur.ArthurAur.AwayAway surrhasirrah, charmecharm youryour tonguetongue.
ExitExit SouldiersSoldiers,
Oly.OliverOly.BinBinbeen andand youyou aa presserpresser syrsir?
Aur.ArthurAur.II amam aa commandercommander syrsir vnderunder thethe KingKing.
Oly.OliverOly.Sfoot’Sfoot’sfoot manman, andand youyou beebe nerene’er zutchzutch aa commandercommander
ShudShould aha’a’ spokespokespoken withwith mymy vreensvreens beforebefore II chidchid agoneagoneago, soso shudshould.
Aur.ArthurAur.ContentGontentContent your selfeyourself manman, mymy authorityauthority willwill stretchstretch
toto pressepress soso goodgood aa manman asas youyou.
Oly.OliverOly.PressePress meme? II deuyedevye, pressepress scoundrellsscoundrels, andand thythy messelsmesels:

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The London Prodigall.

PressePress meme, cheechee scornesscorns theethee yfaithi’faith: ForFor seestseest theethee, hereshere’s aa wor-worshipwor∣shipworshipfullworship
full full knightknight knowesknows, chamcha●cha●cham notnot toto bebe pressedpressed byby theethee.

EnterEnter syrsir LanceletLancelotLancelet WeathercockeWeatherWeathercockWeather cocke cock, yongyoung FlowerdaleFlowerdale,
oldold FlowerdaleFlowerdale, LuceLuce, FranckFranckFrank.

Lance.LancelotLance.SyrSir ArthurArthur, welcomewelcome toto LewsomeLewsome, welcomewelcome byby mymy (troathtroth,
WhatsWhat’swhat’s thethe mattermatter manman, whywhy areare youyou vextvexed?
Oly.OliverOly.WhyWhy manman hehe wouldwould pressepress meme.
Lance.LancelotLance.OO FieFie syrsir ArthurArthur, pressepress himhim? hehe isis manman ofof reckoningreckoning.
Wea.WeathercockWea.IAyI thatthat hehe isis syrsir ArthurArthur, hehe hathhath thethe noblesnobles,
TheThe goldengolden ruddockesruddocks hehe.
Ar.ArthurAr.TheThe fitterfitter forfor thethe warreswars: andand werewere hehe notnot inin fauourfavour
WithWith youryour worshipsworships, hehe shouldshould seesee,
ThatThat II hauehave powerpower toto pressepress soso goodgood asas hehe.
Oly.OliverOly.ChillChill standstand toto thethe trialltrial, soso chillchill.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.IAyI marrymarry shallshall hehe, presse-cloathpress-cloth andand karsiekarsy,
WhiteWhite potpot andand drowsendrowsen broathbroth: tuttut, tuttut, hehe cannotcannot.
Oly.OliverOly.WellWell syrsir, thothough youyou seesee vloutenvloutenulouten cloathcloth andand karsiekarsy, cheechee aa
zeenezeene zutchzutch aa karsiekarsy coatecoat wearewear outout thethe townetown sicksick aa zilkenzilken
IacketJacketjacket, asas thickthick aa oneone youyou wearewear.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.WellWell sedsaidsed vlitanvlitanulitan vlattanvlattanulattan.
Oly.OliverOly.AAhA andand wellwell sedsaid cocknellcocknel, andand boe-bellbow-bellboe-bell tootoo: whatwhat doestdost
thinckethink chamcham aveardeaavearda vearde vearde ofof thythy zilkenzilken coatecoat, nono fer●erfear●er verevere theethee.
Lance.LancelotLance.NayNay comecome nono moremore, bebe allall louerslovers andand friendsfriends.
VVea.WeathercockVVea.IAyI tis’tis bestbest soso, goodgood maistermaster OlyuerOliverOlyver.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.IsIs youryour namename maistermaster OliuerOliver II praypray youyo●you?
Oly.OliverOly.WhatWhat tittit andand bebe tittit, andand grieuegrieve youyou.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.NoNo butburbutburr IdeII’dI de de gladlygladly knowknow ifif aa manman mightmight notnot hauehave aa
foolishfoolish plotplot outout ofof maistermaster OliuerOliver toto workework vponupon.
Oly.OliverOly.WorkeWork thythy plotsplots vponupon meme, standstand a sideaside, workework thythy
foolishfoolish plotsplots vponupon meme, chilchil soso vseuse theethemthe●theethem, thouthou weartwert neuernever soso
vsedused sincesince thythy damedame boundbound thythy headhead, workework vponupon meme?
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.LetLet himhim comecome, letlet himhim comecome.
Oly.OliverOly.ZyrrhaZyrrha, zyrrhazyrrha, ifif itit werewere notnot vorvor shameshame, cheechee wouldwould aha’a’

img: 9-b
sig: B4r

The London Prodigall.

giuengiven theethee zutchzutch aa whister poopewhisterwhisterpoopwhister poope poop vnderunder thethe eareear, cheechee wouldwould
aha’a’ mademade theethee aha’a vangedvanged an otheranother atat mymy feetefeet: standstand a sideaside letlet
meme looselose, chamcham allall ofof aa vlamingvlamingulaming fire-brandfirebrand; StandStand asideaside.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.WellWell II forbeareforbear youyou forfor youryour friendsfriends’friend’s sakesake.
Oly.OliverOly.AAvigAvigA vigvig forfor allall mymy vreensvreens, doestdost thouthou telltell meme ofof mymy (vreensvreens?

Lance.LancelotLance.NoNo moremore goodgood maistermaster OliuerOliver, nono moremore syrsir ArthurArthur,
AndAnd maidenmaiden, herehere inin thethe sightsight ofof allall youryour shuterssuitors, eueryevery manman
ofof worthworth, IleI’ll telltell youyou whomwhom II fainestfainest wouldwould preferreprefer toto thethe
hardhard barginebargain ofof youryour marriagemarriage bedbed: shallshall II bebe plaineplain amongamong
youyou gentlemengentlemen?
Arty.ArtichokeArty.IAyI syrsir tis’tis bestbest.
Lance.LancelotLance.ThenThen syrsy●sirsy●, firstfirst toto youyou, II doedo confesseconfess youyou aa mostmost
gallantgallant knightknight, aa worthyworthy souldiersoldier, andand anan honesthonest manman: butbut ho-honestieho∣nestiehonesty
maintainesmaintains aa french-hoodfrench-hood, goesgoes veryvery seldomeseldom inin aa chainchain
ofof goldgold, keepeskeeps aa smallsmall trainetrain ofof seruantsservants: hathhath fewefew friendesfriends:
andand forfor thisthis wildewild oatesoats herehere, youngyoung FlowerdaleFlowerdale, II willwill notnot
iudgejudge, GodGod cancan workework myraclesmiracles, butbut heehe werewere betterbetter makemake aa
hundredhundred newnew, thenthanthen theethee aa thriftythrifty andand anan honesthonest oneone.
Wea.WeathercockWea.BeleeueBelieve meme hehe hathhath bytbit youyou therethere, hehe hathhath touchedtouched
youyou toto thethe quickequick, thatthat hathhath hehe.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.WoodcockeWoodcock ao’a mymy sideside, whywhy maistermaster WeathercockeWeathercock
youyou knowknow II amam honesthonest, howsoeuerhowsoever trifflestrifles.
Wea.WeathercockWea.NowNow byby mymy troathtroth, II knoweknow nono otherwiseotherwise,
OOOh youryour oldold mothermother waswas aa damedame indeedindeed:
HeauenHeaven hathhath herher soulesoul, andand mymy wiueswives tootoo II trusttrust:
AndAnd youryour goodgood fatherfather, honesthonest gentlemangentleman,
HeHe isis gonegone aa IourneyJourneyjourney asas II hearehear, farfar hencehence.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.IAyI GodGod bebe praisedpraised, hehe isis farfar enoughenough,
HeHe isis gonegone aa pylgrimagepilgrimage toto ParadiceParadise.
AndAnd leftleft meme toto cutcut aa capercaper againstagainst carecare,
LuceLuce lookelook onon meme thatthat amam asas lightlight asas ayreair.
Luce.Luce.YfaithY faithI’faithi’faith II likelike notnot shadowesshadows, bubblesbubbles, broathbroth,
II hatehate aa lightlight aa louelove, asas II hatehate deathdeath.
Lance.LancelotLance.GyrleGirl holdhold theethee therethere: lookelook onon thisthis Deuen-shyreDevonshire (ladlad:

FatFat, fairefair, andand louelylovely, bothboth inin pursepurse andand personperson.
Oly. Well

img: 10-a
sig: B4v

The London Prodigall.

Oly.OliverOly.WellWell syrsir, chamcham asas thethe LordLord hathhath mademade meme,
YouYou knowknow meme wellwell yuineyvine, chacha hauehave three-scorethreescore packepack aa kar-karsaykar∣saykersey
andand blackemblackem halhall, andand chiefechief creditcredit besidebeside, andand mymy fortunesfortunes
maymay bebe soso goodgood asas an othersanother’s, zoezoe itit maymay.
Lance.LancelotLance.Tis’Tis youyou II louelove, whatsoeuerwhatsoever othersothers saysay?
Ar.ArthurAr.ThanksThanks fayrestfairest.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.WhatWhat wouldstwouldst thouthou hauehave meme quarrellquarrel withwith himhim??
Fath.FatherFath.DoeDo butbut saysay hehe shallshall hearehear fromfrom youyou.
Lance.LancelotLance.YetYet gentlemangentleman, howsoeuerhowsoever II preferreprefer thisthis Deuen-Deuen-shyreDevonshireshyre shutersuitorshuter,

IleI’ll enforceenforce nono louelove, mymy daughterdaughter shallshall hauehave libertyliberty toto choosechoose
whomwhom sheshe likeslikes bestbest, inin youryour louelove shutesuitshute proceedproceed:
NotNot allall ofof youyou, butbut onelyonly oneone mustmust speedspeed.
Wea.WeathercockWea.YouYou hauehave sedsaid wellwell: indeedindeed rightright wellwell.
EnterEnter ArtychocakArtichoke.
Arty.ArtichokeArty.MistresseMistress heereshere’s oneone wouldwould speakespeak withwith youyou, mymy
fellowfellow DaffidillDaffodilDaffidill hathhath himhim inin thethe sellorcellar alreadyalready, hehe knowesknows himhim,
hehe metmet himhim atat CroydenCroyden fayrefair.
Lance.LancelotLance.OO II rememberremember aa littlelittle manman.
Arty.ArtichokeArty.IAyI aa veryvery littlelittle manman.
Lance.LancelotLance.AndAnd yetyet aa properproper manman.
Arty.ArtichokeArty.AA veryvery properproper, veryvery littlelittle manman.
Lance.LancelotLance.HisHis namename isis MounsierMonsieurmonsieur CiuetCivet.
Arty.ArtichokeArty.TheThe samesame syrsir.
Lance.LancelotLance.ComeCome GentlemenGentlemen,, ifif otherother shuterssuitors comecome,
MyMy foolishfoolish daughterdaughter willwill bebe fittedfitted tootoo:
ButBut DeliaDelia mymy saintsaint, nono manman daredare mouemove.
ExitExit atat allall butbut youngyoung FlowerdaleFlowerdale andand OlyuerOliverOlyver,
andand oldold FlowerdaleFlowerdale.

Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.HarkeHark youyou syrsir, aa wordword.
Oly.OliverOly.WhatWhat haha anan youyou toto saysay toto meme nownow?
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.YeYe shallshall hearehear fromfrom meme, andand thatthat veryvery shortlyshortly.
Oly.OliverOly.IsIs thatthat allall, varevare theethee wellwell, cheechee verevere theethee notnot, aa vigvig.
ExitExit OlyuerOliverOlyver.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.WhatWhat ifif shouldshould comecome moremore? II amam fairelyfairly drestdressed.
Fath.FatherFath.II doedo notnot meanemean thatthat youyou shallshall meetemeet withwith himhim,
ButBut presentlypresently weelewe’ll goego andand drawdraw aa willwill;
WhereWhere weelewe’ll setset downedown landland, thatthat wewe neuernever sawesaw,

img: 10-b
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The London Prodigall.

AndAnd wewe willwill hauehave itit ofof soso largelarge aa summesum,
SyrSir LancelotLancelot shallshall intreatentreat youyou taketake hishis daughterdaughter:
ThisThis beingbeing formedformed, giuegive itit maistermaster WeathercockeWeathercock,
AndAnd makemake syrsir LancelotsLancelot’s daughterdaughter heireheir ofof allall:
AndAnd makemake himhim sweareswear, neuernever toto showshow thethe willwill
ToTo any oneanyanyoneany one one, vntiluntil thatthat youyou bebe deaddead,
ThisThis donedone, thethe foolishfoolish changingchanging WeathercockeWeathercock,
WillWill straightstraight discoursediscourse vntounto syrsir LancelotLancelot,
TheThe formeform andand tenortenor ofof youryour TestamentTestament,
NorNor standstand toto pausepause ofof itit, bebe rulderuled byby meeme:
WhatWhat willwill inshueensue, thatthat shallshall youyou quicklyquickly seesee.
Flow.FlowerdaleFlow.ComeCome letslet’s aboutabout itit: ifif thatthat aa willwill sweetsweet KytKit,
CanCan getget thethe wenchwench, II shallshall renownerenown thythy witwit.
ExitExit omnesomnes,
EnterEnter DaffidillDaffodilDaffidill.
Daff.DaffodilDaff.MistresseMistress stillstill frowardfroward?
NoNo kindkind lookeslooks vntounto youryour DaffidillDaffodilDaffidill, nownow byby thethe GodsGods.
Luce.Luce.AwayAway youyou foolishfoolish knaueknave, letlet mymy handhand goego.
Daff.DaffodilDaff.ThereThere isis youryour handhand, butbut thisthis shallshall goego withwith meme:
MyMy heartheart isis thinethine, thisthis isis mymy truetrue loueslove’s feefee.
Luce.Luce.IleI’ll hauehave youryour coatecoat striptstripped oreo’er youryour earesears forfor thisthis,
YouYou sawciesaucy rascallrascal.
EnterEnter LancelotLancelot andand WeathercockeWeathercocke.
Lance.LancelotLance.HowHow nownow maidmaid, whatwhat isis thethe newesnews withwith youyou?
Luce.Luce.YourYour manman isis somethingsomething sawciesaucy.ExitExit LuceLuce.
Lance.LancelotLance.GoeGo tooto syrrhasirrah, IleI’ll talketalk withwith youyou anonanon.
Daff.DaffodilDaff.SyrSir II amam aa manman toto bebe talkedtalked withallwithal,
II amam nono horsehorse II trotrow:
II KnowKnow mymy strengthstrength, thenthen nono moremore thenthan soso.
VVea.WeathercockVVea.AAhA byby thethe matkinsmackinsmatkins, goodgood syrsir LancelotLancelot, II sawsaw himhim thethe
otherother dayday holdhold vpup thethe bucklersbucklers, likelike anan HerculesHercules,
I faithI’faithi’faith God a marcieGodGod-a-mercyGod a a marcie mercy ladlad, II likelike theethee wellwell.
Lance.LancelotLance.IAyay, II likelike himhim wellwell, gogo syrrhasirrah fetchfetch meme aa cupcup ofof winewine,
ThatTh●●Th●●That ereere II partpart withwith maistermaster VVeathercockeWeathercock,
WeWe maymay drinkedrink downedown ourour farewellfarewell inin FrenchFrench winewine.
VVea.WeathercockVVea.II thankethank youyou syrsir, II thankethank youyou friendlyfriendly knightknight,
IleI’ll comecome andand visitvisit youyou, byby thethe mouse-footmouse-foot II willwill:
InIn thethe meanemean timetime, taketake heedheed ofof cuttingcutting FlowerdaleFlowerdale,

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The London Prodigall.

HeHe isis aa desperatedesperate dyckdick II warrantwarrant youyou.
Lance.LancelotLance.HeHe isis, hehe isis: fillfill Daffidill〈◊〉DaffodilDaffidill, fillfill meme somesome winewine, haha, whatwhat
weareswears hehe onon hishis armearm?
MyMy daughterdaughter LucesLacesLuce’sLace’s braceletbracelet, II●isI●isAy tis’tis thethe samesame:
HaHa toto youyou maistermaster WeathercockeWeathercock.
VVea.WeathercockVVea.II thankethank youyou syrsir:: HereHere DaffidillDaffodilDaffidill, anan honesthonest fellowfellow andand
aa talltall thouthou artart: wellwell, ilei’llI’ll taketake mymy leaueleave goodgood knightknight, andand hopehope toto
hauehave youyou andand allall youryour daughtersdaughters atat mymy poorepoor househouse, inin goodgood (soothsooth II mustmust.

Lance.LancelotLance.ThankesThanks maistermaster VVeathercockeWeathercock, II shallshall bebe boldbold toto
troubletrouble youyou bebe suresure.
VVea.WeathercockVVea.AndAnd welcomewelcome, hartilyheartily farewellfarewell.((ExitExit VVeathercockeWeathercock.
Lance.LancelotLance.SyrrhaSirrahsirrah II sawsaw mymy daughtersdaughter’sdaughters wrongwrong, andand withallwithal herher
braceletbracelet onon youryour armearm, offoff withwith itit: andand withwith itit mymy liuerylivery tootoo,
HaueHave II carecare toto seesee mymy daughterdaughter matchedmatched withwith menmen ofof wor-worshipwor∣shipworship
andand areare youyou grownegrown soso boldbold? GoeGo syrrhasirrah fromfrom mymy househouse,
oror ilei’llI’ll whipwhip youyou hencehence.
Daff.DaffodilDaff.IleI’ll notnot bebe whippedwhipped syrsir, theresthere’s youryour liuerylivery.
((ExitExit DaffidillDaffodilDaffidill.
ThisThis isis aa seruiegmansseruingmansseruiegmansservingman’s rewardreward, whatwhat carecare II,
II hauehave meanesmeans toto trusttrust tootoo: II scornescorn seruiceservice II.
Lance.LancelotLance.IAyI aa lustylusty knaueknave, butbut II mustmust letlet himhim goego,
OurOur seruantsservants mustmust bebe taughttaught, whatwhat theythey shouldshould knowknow.

EnterEnter syrsir ArthurArthur andand LuceLuce.

Luce.Luce.SyrSir, asas II amam aa maidmaid, II doedo affectaffect youyou aboueabove anyany shutersuitorshuter
thatthat II hauehave, althoalthough thatthat souldierssoldiers scarcescarce knowesknows howhow toto louelove.
Ar.ArthurAr.II amam aa souldiersoldier, andand aa gentlemangentleman,
KnowesKnows whatwhat belongesbelongs toto warwar,