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AA StrangeStrange TruthTruth.

ActedActed (some-timessometimes) byby thethe QueenesQueen’squeen’s
MAIESTIESMAJESTY’SMajesty’s ServantsServants atat thethe
PhænixPhaenixPhoenix inin DrurieDrurydrury lanelane.

FideFide HonorHonorHonour.

PrintedPrinted byby T.T. P.P. forfor HughHugh BeestonBeeston, andand areare toto
bebe soldsold atat hishis ShopShop, neerenear thethe CastleCastle inin
CornehillCornhill. 16341634.

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TheThe SceneScene,

TheThe ContinentContinent ofof GreatGreat BritayneBritain.

TheThe PersonsPersons presentedpresented.

HenryHenry thethe seaventhseventh.
SirSir WilliamWilliam StanlyStanleyStanly.
BishopBishop ofof DurhamDurham.
VrswickeUrswick ChaplaineChaplain toto
KingKing HenryHenry.

SirSir RobertRobert CliffordClifford.
LambertLambert SimnellSimnelSimnell.
HialasHialas aa SpanishSpanish AgentAgent.
ConstableConstable, OfficersOfficers, Ser-ServingmenServing-menserving-men
andand SouldiersSoldiers.

IamesJamesjames thethe 4th4th KingKing ofof Scotl.ScotlScotlandScotl
EarleEarl ofof HuntleyHu●leyHuntlyHuntley.
EarleEarl ofof CrawfordCrawford.
LordLord DaliellDaliell.
MarchmountMarchmount aa He-HerauldHe|rauldHerald

PerkinPerkin WarbeckWarbeck.
FrionFrion hishis SecretarieSecretary.
MayorMayor ofof CorkCork.
HeronHeron aa MercerMercer.
SketonSkeltonSketon aa TaylorTailortailor.
AstlyAstly aa ScrivenerScrivener.


LadieLady KatherineKatherine GourdonGordonGourdon, wifewife toto PerkinPerkin.
CountesseCountess ofof CrawfordCrawford.
IaneJanejane DouglasDouglas LadyLady Kath:Katherine’sKath. maydmaid.


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EarleEarl ofof New-CastleNewcastle, Vis-ViscountVis∣countViscount
, LordLord
BoulfouerBolsoverBoulsover andand OgleOgle.


OVTOutOut ofof thethe darknessedarkness ofof aa formerformer
AgeAge, (enlighten’denlightened byby aa latelate, bothboth
learnedlearned, andand anan honourablehonourable penpen)
II hauehave endevouredendeavoured, toto personatepersonate
aa greatgreat AttemptAttempt, andand inin ItIt, aa grea-greatergrea∣tergreater
DaungerDanger. InIn otherother Labour’sLabourslabours,
youyou maymay readeread ActionsActions ofof AntiquitieAntiquity discourstdiscoursed;
InIn ThisThis AbridgementAbridgement, findefind thethe ActorsActors themseluesthemselves
discoursingdiscoursing: inin somesome kindekind, practiz’dpractised asas wellwell
WhatWhat toto speakespeak; asas speakingspeaking WhyWhy toto doedo. YourYour
Lop.●op●LordshipLop. isis aa mostmost competentcompetent IudgeJudgejudge, inin expressionsexpressions ofof

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The Epistle Dedicatorie.

suchsuch creditcredit; commissionedcommissioned byby youryour knowneknown A-AbilitieA|bilitieAbility
in●nin examiningexamining; andand enabledenabled byby youryour know-knowledgeknow∣ledgeknowledge
inin determiningdetermining, thethe monumentsmonuments ofof TimeTime.
EminentEminent TitlesTitles, maymay indeedindeed informeinform, whowho, theirtheir
ownersowners areare, notnot oftenoften whatwhat: ToTo your’syours, thethe addi-additionaddi∣tionaddition
ofof thatthat informationinformation, inin BOTHBOTH, cannotcannot inin a-anya∣nyany
applicationapplication bebe observ’dobserved flatteryflattery; thethe Authori-AuthoritieAuthori|tieAuthority
beingbeing establishedestablished byby TRVTHTRUTH. II cancan onelyonly
acknowledgeacknowledge, thethe errourserrors inin writingwriting, minemine owneown;
thethe worthinesseworthiness ofof thethe SubjectSubject writtenwritten, beingbeing aa per-perfectionper∣fectionperfection
inin thethe StoryStory, andand ofof It.It. TheThe customecustom ofof
youryour LOPS.LOPSLordship’sLops. entertainementsentertainments (eveneven toto StrangersStrangers) isis,
ratherrather anan ExampleExample, thanthan aa FashionFashion: inin whichwhich con-considerationcon∣siderationconsideration
II daredare notnot professeprofess aa curiositiecuriosity; butbut amam
onelyonly studiousstudious, thatthat youryour LOP.LopLordshipLop willwill pleaseplease, amongstamongst
suchsuch asas bestbest honourhonour youryour GoodnesseGoodness, toto admitadmit intointo
youryour noblenoble constructionconstruction


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sig: A3r

ToTo mymy owneown friendfriend, MasterMaster IohnJohnjohn FordFord,
onon hishis IustifiableJustifiablejustifiable PoemPoem ofof PerkinPerkin WarbeckWarbeck,
ThisThis OdeOde.

THeyTHey, whowho doedo knowknow meeme, knowknow, thatthat II
(Vnskil’dUnskilled toto flatterflatter)
DareDare speakespeak ThisThis PiecePiece, inin wordswords, inin mattermatter,
AA WORKEWORKwork: withoutwithout thethe daungerdanger ofof thethe LyeLie.
BeleeueBelieve meeme (friendfriend) thethe namename ofof ThisThis, andand TheeThee,
WillWill liuelive, youryour StorieStorystory:
BookesBooks maymay wantwant FaithFaith, oror meritmerit, glorieglory;
THISTHIS, neitherneither; withoutwithout Iudgement’sJudgement’sjudgement’s LethargieLethargy.
WhenWhen thethe ArtsArts doatedote, thenthen, somesome sickesick PoetPoet, maymay
HopeHope, thatthat hishis pennepen
InIn new-staind-papernew-stained papernew-stained-paper, cancan findefind menmen
ToTo roareroar, HEHE isis THETHE WIT’SWIT’S; HisHis NOYSENOISEnoise dothdoth swaysway.
ButBut suchsuch anan AgeAge cannotcannot bebe know’nknown: forfor AllAll,
E’reEreere thatthat TimeTime beebe,
MustMust proueprove suchsuch TruthTruth, mortalitiemortality:
SoSo (friendfriend) thythy honourhonour stand’sstands tootoo fixtfixed, toto fallfall.
GeorgeGeorge DonneDonne.

ToTo hishis worthyworthy friendfriend, MasterMaster IohnJohnjohn FordFord,
vponupon hishis PerkinPerkin WarbeckWarbeck.

LEtLEt menmen, whowho areare writtwritwritten PoetsPoets, laylay aa claimeclaim
ToTo thethe PhebeanPhoebean HillHill, II hauehave nono namename,

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NorNor artart inin VerseVerse; TrueTrue, II hauehave heardheard somesome telltell
OfOf AganippeAganippe, butbut ne’rene’ernever knewknew thethe WellWell:
ThereforeTherefore hauehave nono ambitionambition withwith thethe TimesTimes,
ToTo bebe inin PrintPrint, forfor makingmaking ofof illill RimesRhymes;
ButBut louelove ofof TheeThee, andand IusticeJusticejustice toto thythy PennePen
HathHath drawnedrawn meeme toto thisthis BarreBar, withwith otherother menmen
ToTo justifiejustify, thoughthough againstagainst doubledouble LawesLaws,
(WavingWaving thethe subtillsubtle bus’nessebusiness ofof hishis causecause)
TheThe GLORIOVSGLORIOUS PERKINPERKIN, andand thythy Poet’sPoet’s ArtArt
EquallEqual withwith HisHis, inin playingplaying thethe KINGSKING’Sking’s PARTPART.
Ra:RaRalphRa: E’ureEureE’ure
BaronisBaronis Primogen:PrimogenPrimogenitusPrimogen

ToTo mymy faithfullfaithful, nono lesseless deservingdeserving friendfriend,
thethe AuthourAuthor; ThisThis indebtedindebted OblationOblation.

PERKINPERKIN isis rediviu’dredivin’dredivived byby thythy strongstrong handhand,
AndAnd crownd’crowned aa KingKing ofof newnew; thethe vengefullvengeful wandwand
OfOf GreatnesseGreatness isis forgotforgot: HISHIS ExecutionExecution
MayMay restrest vn-mention’dunmentioned; andand HISHIS birth’sbirth’s CollusionCollusion
LyeLie buriedburied inin thethe StorieStorystory: ButBut HISHIS famefame
ThouThou has’thast eterniz’deternised; mademade aa CrowneCrown HISHIS GameGame.
HISHIS loftielofty spiritspirit soaressoars yetyet. HadHad HEHE beenbeen
BaseBase inin hishis enterpriseenterprise, asas waswas hishis sinnesin
Conceiv’dConceived, HISHIS TITLETITLE, (doubtlessedoubtless) prou’dproved vnjustunjust,
HadHad, butbut forfor TheeThee, beenbeen silenc’tsilenced inin hishis dustdust.

GeorgeGeorge CrymesCrymes, milesmiles.


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sig: A4r

ToTo thethe AuthourAuthor, hishis friendfriend, vponupon hishis
ChronicleChronicle HistorieHistory.

THeseTHese areare notnot toto expresseexpress thythy wittwit,
ButBut toto pronouncepronounce thythy IudgementJudgementjudgement fittfit;
InIn full-fil’dfull-filledfull-filed phrasephrase, thosethose TimesTimes toto rayseraise,
WhenWhen PERKINPERKIN ranran hishis wiliewily wayesways.
StillStill, letlet thethe methodemethod ofof thythy braynebrain,
FromFrom ErroursError’sErrors touchtouch, andand Envy’sEnvy’s staynestain
PreseruePreserve TheeThee, freefree; thatthat eu’revere’er, thythy quillquill
FayreFair TruthTruth maymay wettwet, andand FancyFancy fillfill.
ThusThus GracesGraces areare, withwith MusesMuses mettmet,
AndAnd practickpractic Critick’sCritics onon maymay frettfret:
ForFor heerehere, ThouThou hasthast produc’tproduced, AA StorieStorystory,
WhichWhich shallshall ecclipfeecclipseecclipfeeclipse, TheirTheir futurefuture GlorieGlory.
IohnJohnjohn BrograueBrograve: Ar:.Ar●Armiger.

ToTo mymy friendfriend, andand kinsmankinsman, MasterMaster IohnJohnjohn
, thethe AuthourAuthor.

DRammatickDramaticdramatic PoetsPoets (asas thethe TimesTimes goego) nownow
CanCan hardlyhardly writewrite, whatwhat othersothers willwill allowallow;
TheThe CynickCynic snarl’ssnarls; thethe CritickCritic howleshowls andand barkesbarks;
AndAnd RavensRavens croakecroak, toto drownedrown thethe voycevoice ofof LarkesLarks:
ScorneScorn thosethose STAGE-HARPYESSTAGE-HARPIESstage-harpies! ThisThis I’leI’ll boldlyboldly saysay,
ManyMany maymay imitateimitate, fewfew matchmatch thythy PlayPlay.

IohnJohnjohn FordFord: GraiensisGraiensis.

img: 5-a
sig: A4v


STudyesSTudiesstudies hauehave, ofof thisthis NatureNature, beenbeen ofof latelate
SoSo outout ofof fashionfashion, soso vnfollow’dunfollowed; thatthat
ItIt isis becomebecome moremore IusticeJusticejustice, toto reviuerevive
TheThe antickantic follyesfollies ofof thethe TimesTimes, thenthen striuestrive
ToTo countenancecountenance wisewise IndustrieIndustry: nono wantwant
OfOf ArtArt, dothdoth renderrender wittwit, oror lamelame, oror scantscant,
OrOr slothfullslothful, inin thethe purchasep●rch●sepurchase ofof freshfresh bayesbays;
ButBut wantwant ofof TruthTruth inin ThemThem, whowho giuegive thethe praysepraise
ToTo theirtheir selfe-loueself-love, presumingpresuming toto out-doeoutdo
TheThe WriterWriter, oror (forfor needneed) thethe Actor’sActorsActor’s tootoo.
ButBut suchsuch THISTHIS AVTHOVR’SAUTHOR’Sauthor’s silencesilence bestbest befitt’sbefits,
WhoWho bidd’sbids ThemThem, bebe inin louelove, withwith theirtheir owneown witt’switt’s●wits::
FromFrom HimHim, toto cleererclearer Iudgement’sJudgementsjudgement’s, weewe cancan saysay,
HeeHe shew’sshows aa HistorieHistory, couch’tcouched inin aa PlayPlay:
AA HistorieHistory ofof noblenoble mentionmention, knowneknown,
FamousFamous, andand truetrue: mostmost noblenoble, ’cause’cause ourour owneown:
NotNot forg’dforged fromfrom ItalieItalyitaly, fromfrom FraunceFrance, fromfrom SpaineSpain,
ButBut ChronicledChronicled atat HomeHome; asas richrich inin straynestrain
OfOf brauebrave AttemptsAttempts, asas everever, fertilefertile RageRage
InIn ActionAction, couldcould begetbeget toto gracegrace thethe StageStage.
WeeWewe cannotcannot limittlimit ScenesScenes, forfor thethe wholewhole LandLand
It selfeItselfitself, appeardappeared tootoo narrownarrow toto with-standwithstand
CompetitorsCompetitors forfor KingdomesKingdoms: nornor isis heerehere
VnnecessaryUnnecessary mirthmirth forc’tforced, toto indeereendear
AA multitudemultitude; onon thesethese twotwo, rest’srests thethe FateFate
OfOf worthyworthy expectationexpectation; TTVTHTRUTHT●V●HTRUTH andand STATESTATE.


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ActusActus primusprimus, ScænaScaenaScaena primaprima.

EnterEnter KingKing HenryHenry, DurhamDurham, OxfordOxford, SurreySurrey, SirSir Wil-WilliamWil∣liamWilliam
, LordLord ChamberlaineChamberlaine, LordLord DawbnyDaubeneyDawbny.
TheThe KingKing supportedsupported toto hishis ThroneThrone byby StanlyStanleyStanly andand
DurhamDurham. AA GuardGuard.

KingKing.STillStillStillSTill toto bebe hauntedhaunted; stillstill toto bebe pursuedpursued,
StillStill toto bebe frightedfrighted withwith falsefalse apparitionsapparitions
OfOf pageantpageant MajestieMajesty, andand new-coyndnew-coined greatnessegreatness,
AsAs ifif weewe werewere aa mockerymockery KingKing inin statestate;
OnelyOnly ordaindordained toto lauishlavish sweatsweat andand bloudblo●dblood
InIn scornescorn andand laughterlaughter toto thethe ghostsghosts ofof YorkeYork,
IsIs allall belowbelow ourour meritsmerits; yetyet (mymy LordsLords,
MyMy friendsfriends andand CounsailersCounsellors) yetyet wewe sitsit fastfast
InIn ourour owneown royallroyal birth-rightbirthright; thethe rentrent faceface
AndAnd bleedingbleeding woundswounds ofof England’sEngland’s slaughterdslaughtered peoplepeople,
HaueHave beenebeen byby vsus (asas byby thethe bestbest PhysitianPhysician)
AtAt lastlast bothboth throughlythoroughly Cur’dCured, andand setset inin safetiesafety;
AndAnd yetyet forfor allall thisthis gloriousglorious workework ofof peacepeace
Our selfeOurselfourself isis scarcescarce securesecur●secure.
Dur: The

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The Chronicle Historie

Dur:Dur●DurhamDur.TheThe ragerage ofof malicemalice
ConjuresConjures freshfresh spiritsspirits withwith thethe spellsspells ofof YorkeYork;
ForFor ninetieninety yearesyears tenten EnglishEnglish KingsKings andand PrincesPrinces,
ThreescoreThreescore greatgreat DukesDukes andand EarlesEarls, aa thousandthousand LordsLords
AndAnd valiantvaliant KnightsKnights, twotwo hundredhundred fiftiefifty thousandthousand
OfOf EnglishEnglish SubiectsSubjects hauehave inin CiuillCivil WarresWars,
BeeneBeen sacrificdsacrifi●dsacrificed toto anan vnciuilluncivil thirstthirst
OfOf discorddiscord andand ambitionambition: thisthis hothot vengeancevengeance
OfOf thethe justjust powerspowers aboueabove, toto vtterutter ruineruin
AndAnd DesolationDesolation hadhad raign’dreigned onon, butbut thatthat
MercieMercy diddid gentlygently sheathsheathe thethe swordsword ofof IusticeJusticejustice,
InIn lendinglending toto thisthis bloud-shrunckblood-shrunk Common-wealthCommonwealth
AA newnew souletoo●oulesoultoo, newnew birthbirth inin youryour SacredSacred personperson.
Daw:DaubeneyDaw:EdwardEdward thethe fourthfourth afterafter aa doubtfulldoubtful fortunefortune
YeeldedYielded toto naturenature; leavingleaving toto hishis sonnessons
EdwardEdward andand RichardRichard, thethe inheritanceinheritance
OfOf aa mostmost bloudybloody purchasepurchase; thesethese youngyoung PrincesPrince●Princes
RichardRichard thethe TirantTyrant theirtheir vnnaturallunnatural VncleV●cleUncle
Forc’dForced toto aa violentviolent grauegrave, soso justjust isis HeauenHeaven.
HimHim hathhath youryour MajestieMajesty byby youryour owneown armearm
DivinelyDivinely strengthen’dstrengt●en’dstrengthened, pulldpulled fromfrom hishis BoaresBoar’sBoars stiesty
AndAnd struckestruck thethe blackblack VsurperUsurper toto aa CarkasseCarcase:
NorNor dothdoth thethe HouseHouse ofof YorkeYork decaydecay inin HonorsHonours,
ThoThough LancasterLancaster dothdoth repossesserepossess hishis right●ightright.
ForFor EdwardsEdward’s daughterdaughter isis KingKing HenriesHenry’s QueeneQueen.
AA blessedblessed VnionUnion, andand aa lastinglasting blessingblessing
ForFor thisthis poorepoor pantingpanting IlandIsland, ifif somesome shredsshreds
SomeSome vselesseuseless remnantremnant ofof thethe HouseHouse ofof YorkeYork
GrudgeGrudge notnot atat thisthis ContentContent.Ox:OxfordOx:MargaretMargaret ofof BurgundyBurgundy
BlowesBlows freshfresh CoalesCoals ofof DivisionDivision.Sur:SurreySur:PaintedPainted firesfires
WithoutWithout toto heateheat oror scortchscortch●scorch oror lightlight toto cheerishcherish.
Daw:DaubeneyDaw:YorkesYork’s headlesseheadless truncktrunk herher FatherFather, EdwardsEdward’s fatefate
HerHer brotherbrother KingKing, thethe smotheringsmothering ofof herher NephewesNephews
ByBy TirantTyrant GlosterGloucesterGloster, brotherbrother toto herher naturenature;
NorNor GlostersGloucester’s owneown confusionconfusion, (allall decreesdecrees
SacredSacred inin HeauenHeaven) CanCan mouemove thisthis Woman-MonsterWoman-Monster,
ButBut thatthat sheeshe stillstill fromfrom thethe vnbottom’dunbottomed mynemine

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sig: B2r


OfOf DevilishDevilish policiespolicies, dothdoth ventvent thethe OreOre
OfOf troublestroubles andand seditionsedition.Ox:OxfordOx:InIn herher ageage
(GreatGreat SirSir, obserueobserve thethe WonderWonder) sheeshe growesgrows fruitfullfruitful,
WhoWho inin herher strengthstrength ofof youthyouth waswas alwayesalways barrainebarren
NorNor areare herher birthesbirths asas otherother MothersMothers’Mothers areare,
AtAt ninenine oror tenten monethsmonths endend, sheeshe hashas beenebeen withwith childechild
EightEight oror seavenseven yearesyears atat leastleast; whosewhose twinnestwins beingbeing borneborn
(AA prodegieprodigy inin NatureNature) eveneven thethe youngestyoungest
IsIs fifteenefifteen yearesyears ofof ageage atat hishi●his firstfirst entranceentrance
AsAs soonesoon asas knowneknown ’ithi’th’ith’ worldworld, talltall striplingsstriplings, strongstrong
AndAnd ableable toto giuegive battailebattle vntounto KingsKings.
IdollsIdols ofof YorkishYorkish malicemalice.Ox:OxfordOx:AndAnd butbut IdollsIdols,
AA steeliesteely hammerhammer CrushesCrushes ’em’em toto peicespe●cespieces.
K:KingK:LambertLambert thethe eldesteldest (LordsLords) isis inin ourour serviceservice,
Prefer’dPreferred byby anan officiousofficious carecare ofof DutieD●●ieDuty
FromFrom thethe SculleryScullery toto aa FaulknerFalconerfalconer (strangestrange exampleexample!)
WhichWhich shewesshows thethe differencedifference betweenebetween noblenoble naturesnatures
AndAnd thethe basebase borneborn: butbut forfor thethe vpstartupstart DukeDuke,
TheThe newnew reviu’drevived YorkeYork, EdwardsEdward’s secondsecond sonneson,
Murder’dMurdered longlo●glong sincesince ’ithi’th’ith’ TowreTower; hehe liueslives againeagain
AndAnd vowesvows toto bebe youryour KingKing.Stan:StanleyStan:TheThe thronethrone isis filldfilled SirSir.
K:KingK:TrueTrue StanlieStanleystanley, andand thethe lawfulllawful heireheir sittssits onon itit;
AA guardguard ofof AngellsAngels, andand thethe holyholy prayersprayers
OfOf loyallloyal SubjectsSubjects areare aa suresure defencedefence
AgainstAgainst allall forceforce andand CounsaileCounsel ofof IntrusionIntrusion.
ButBut nownow (mymy LordsLords) putput casecase somesome ofof ourour NoblesNobles,
OurOur GREATGREAT ONESONES, shouldshould giuegive CountenanceCountenance andand CourageCourage
ToTo trimtrim DukeDuke PerkinPerkin; youyou willwill allall confesseconfess
OurOur bountiesbounties hauehave vnthriftilyunthriftily beenebeen scatter’dscattered
AmongstAmongst vnthankfullunthankful menmen.Daw:DaubeneyDaw:VnthankfullUnthankful beastsbeasts,
DoggesDogs, villainesvillains, traytorstraitors.K:KingK:DawbneyDaubeneyDawbney letlet thethe guiltieguilty
KeepeKeep silencesilence, II accuseaccuse nonenone, thothough II knowknow,
ForraigneForeign attemptsattempts againstagainst aa StateState andand KingdomeKingdom
AreAre seldomeseldom withoutwithout somesome greatgreat friendsfriends atat homehome.
Stan:StanleyStan:SirSir, ifif nono otherother ablerabler reasonsreasons elseelse
OfOf dutieduty oror alegianceallegiance couldcould divertdivert
AA head-strongheadstrong resolutionresolution, yetyet thethe dangersdangers

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The Chronicle Historie

SoSo latelylately pastpassed byby menmen ofof bloudblood andand fortunesfortunes
InIn LambertLambert SimnellsSimnel’s partieparty, mustmust CommandCommand
MoreMore thanthan aa fearefear, aa terrorterror toto ConspiracieConspiracy,
TheThe high-bornehigh-born LincolneLincoln, sonneson toto DeDe lala PolePole,
TheThe EarleEarl ofof KildareKildare, LordLord GeraldineGeraldine,
FrancisFrancis LordLord LouellLovell, andand thethe GermanGerman BaronBaron,
BouldBold MartinMartin SwartSwart, withwith BroughtonBroughton andand thethe restrest,
(MostMost spectaclesspectacles ofof ruineruin, somesome ofof mercymercy;)
AreAre presidentsprecedents sufficientsufficient toto forewarneforewarn
TheThe presentpresent timestimes, oror anyany thatthat liuelive inin themthem,
WhatWhat folliefolly, naynay, whatwhat madnessemadness ’twere’twere toto liftlift
AA fingerfinger vpup inin allall defencedefence butbut yoursyours,
WhichWhich cancan bebe butbut impostorousimpostorous inin aa titletitle.
K.KingK.StanlieStanleystanley weewe knowknow thouthou lou’stlov’st VsUs, andand thythy heartheart
IsIs figur’dfigured onon thythy tonguetongue; nornor thinkethink weewe lesseless
OfOf anie’sany’s herehere, howhow closelyclosely weewe hauehave huntedhunted
ThisThis CubbCubCubb (sincesince hehe vnlodg’dunlodged) fromfrom holehole toto holehole,
YourYour knowledgeknowledge isis ourour ChronicleChronicle: firstfirst IrelandIreland
TheThe commoncommon stagestage ofof NoveltieNovelty, presentedpresented
ThisThis gewgawgewgaw toto opposeoppose vsus, therethere thethe GeraldinesGeraldines
AndAnd ButlersButlers onceonce againeagain stoodstood inin supportsupport
OfOf thisthis ColossickeColossiccolossic statuestatue: CharlesCharles ofof FraunceFrance
ThenceThence call’dcalled himhim intointo hishis protectionprotection;
DissembledDissembled himhim thethe lawfulllawful heireheir ofof EnglandEngland;
YetYet thisthis waswas allall butbut FrenchFrench dissimulationdissimulation,
AymingAiming atat peacepeace withwith vsus, whichwhich beingbeing grantedgranted
OnOn honorablehonourable termesterms onon ourour partpart, suddenlysuddenly
ThisThis smoakesmoke ofof strawstraw waswas packtpacked fromfrom FraunceFrance againeagain,
T’infectT’infect somesome grossergrosser ayreair; andand nownow weewe learnelearn
(MaugerMaugre thethe malicemalice ofof thethe bastardbastard NevillNevilleNevill,
SirSir TalorTaylorTalor, andand aa hundredhundred EnglishEnglish RebellsRebels)
Thei’rThey’rethey’re allall retir’dretired toto FlaundersFlanders, toto thethe DamDam
ThatThat nurstnursed thisthis eagereager WholpeWhelpwhelp, MargaretMargaret ofof BurgundieBurgundyburgundy.
ButBut weewe willwill hunthunt himhim therethere tootoo, weewe willwill hunthunt himhim,
HuntHunt himhim toto deathdeath eueneven inin thethe BeldamsBeldame’s ClosetCloset,
ThoThough thethe Arch-dukeArchduke werewere hishis BucklerBuckler.
Sur:SurreySur:SheeShe hashas stil’dstyled himhim TheThe fairefair whitewhite roserose ofof EnglandEngland.
Daw: Iollie

img: 7-b
sig: B3r


Daw:DaubeneyDaw:IollieJollyjolly GentlemanGentleman, moremore fitfit toto bebe aa SwabberSwabber
ToTo thethe FlemishFlemish afterafter aa drunkendrunken surfetsurfeit.

EnterEnter VrswickUrswick.
Vr:UrswickVr:GraciousGracious SoueraigneSovereign, pleaseplease youyou peruseperuse thisthis paperpaper.
Dur:DurhamDur:TheThe KingsKing’sking’s CountenanceCountenance, gathersgathers aa sprightlysprightly bloudblood:
Daw:DaubeneyDaw:GoodGood newesnews beleeuebelieve itit.K:KingK:VrswickUrswick thinethine eareear
Th’astTh’astthou’st lodgdlodged himhim?Vr:UrswickVr:StronglyStrongly, safesafe SirSir.
K:KingK:EnoughEnough, isis BarlyBarley comecome totooto?Vr:UrswickVr:NoNo, mymy LordLord.
K:KingK:NoNo mattermatter phewphew, hee’she’s butbut aa runningrunning weedeweed,
AtAt pleasurepleasure toto bebe pluck’dplucked vpup byby thethe rootesroots:
ButBut moremore ofof thisthis anonanon II hauehave bethoughtbethought meeme.
(MyMy LordsLords) forfor reasonsreasons whichwhich youyou shallshall pertakepartake,
ItIt isis ourour pleasurepleasure toto remoueremove ourour CourtCourt
FromFrom WestminsterWestminster toto th’th’ TowerTower: WeeWewe willwill lodgelodge
ThisThis veryvery nightnight therethere, giuegive LordLord ChamberlaineChamberlainchamberlain
AA presentpresent orderorder forfor itit.
Stan:StanleyStan:TheThe TowerTower II shallshall sirsir.
K:KingK:ComeCome mymy truetrue, bestbest, fastfast friendsfriends, thesethese cloudsclouds willwill vanishvanish,
TheThe SunneSun willwill shineshine atat fullfull: thethe HeauensHeavens areare clearingclearing.ExeuntExeunt.


EnterEnter HuntleyHuntlyHuntley andand DaliellDaliell.

Hun:HuntlyHun:YouYou trifletrifle timetime SirSir.Dal:DaliellDal:OhOhO mymy noblenoble LordLord,
YouYou consterconsterconstrue mymy griefesgriefs toto soso hardhard aa sencesense,
ThatThat wherewhere thethe texttext isis argumentargument ofof pittiepity
MatterMatter ofof earnestearn●stearnest louelove, youryour glossegloss corruptscorrupts itit
WithWith tootoo muchmuch illill plac’dplaced mirthmirth.
Hunt:HuntlyHunt:MuchMuch mirthmirth LordLord DaliellDaliell?
NotNot soso II vowvow: obserueobserve meeme sprightlysprightly gallantgallant:
II knowknow thouthou artart aa noble●oblenoble laddlad, aa hansomehandsome,
DiscendedDescended fromfrom an●nan honorablehonourable AuncestrieAncestry,
ForwardForward andand actiueactive, do’stdost resolueresolve toto wrestlewrestle,
AndAnd ruffleruffle inin thethe worldworld byby noblenoble actionsactions
ForFor aa brauebrave mentionmention toto posteritieposterity:
II scornescorn notnot thythy affectionaffection toto mymy DaughterDaughter,,

img: 8-a
sig: B3v

The Chronicle Historie

NotNot II byby goodgood St.St. AndrewAndr●wAndrew; butbut thisthis bugg-bearebugbear,
ThisThis whoresomewhoreson taletale ofof honorhonour, (honorhonour DaliellDaliell)
SoSo hourelyhourly chattschats, andand tattlestattles inin minemine eareear,
TheThe peecepiece ofof royaltieroyalty thatthat isis stitch’dstitched vpup
InIn mymy KatesKate’s bloudblood, thatthat ’tis’tis asas dangerousdangerous
ForFor theethee youngyoung LordLord, toto pearchperch soso neerenear anan EagletEaglet,
AsAs foolishfoolish forfor mymy gravitiegravity toto admitadmit itit.
II hauehave spoakespoke allall atat onceonce.
Dal:DaliellDal:SirSir, withwith thisthis truthtruth
YouYou mixmix suchsuch Worme woodWormeWormwoodWormwoodwood, thatthat youyou leaueleave nono hopehope
ForFor mymy disorderddisordered palatepalate, eree’erere toto rellishrelish
AA wholesomewholesome tastetaste againeagain; alasalas, II knowknow SirSir,
WhatWhat anan vnequallunequal distancedistance lieslies betweenebetween
GreatGreat HuntliesHuntly’sHuntley’s DaughtersDaughter’sdaughter’s birthbirth, andand DaliellsDaliell’sDaliel’s fortunesfortunes.
Shee’sShe’s thethe KingsKing’sking’s kinswomankinswoman, plac’dplaced neerenear thethe CrowneCrown,
AA PrincessePrincess ofof thethe bloudblood, andand II aa SubjectSubject.
Hunt:HuntlyHunt:RightRight, butbut aa noblenoble SubjectSubject, putput inin thatthat tootoo.
Dal:DaliellDal:II couldcould addeadd moremore; andand inin thethe rightestrightest lineline,
DeriueDerive mymy pedigreepedigree fromfrom AdamAdam MureMure,
AA ScottishScottish KnightKnight; whosewhose daughterdaughter, waswas thethe mothermother
ToTo himhim whowho firstfirst begotbegot thethe racerace ofof IamesesJameses,
ThatThat swaysway thethe ScepterSceptre toto thisthis veryvery dayday
ButBut kindredskindreds areare notnot oursours, whenwhen onceonce thethe datedate
OfOf manymany yearesyears, hauehave swallowedswallowed vpup thethe memorymemory
OfOf theirtheir originallsoriginals: SoSo pasturepasture fieldsfields
NeighbouringNeighbouring tootoo neerenear thethe OceanOcean, areare soopdsoopedsouped vpup
AndAnd knowneknown nono moremore: forfor stoodstood II inin mymy firstfirst
AndAnd natiuenative greatnessegreatness, ifif mymy PrincelyPrincely MistresseMistress
VoutsafdVouchsafedvouchsafed meeme notnot herher servantservant, ’twere’twere asas goodgood
II werewere reduc’dreduced toto ClowneryClownery; toto nothingnothing
AsAs toto aa throanethrone ofof WonderWonder.
Hunt:HuntlyHunt:NowNow byby SaintSaint AndrewAndrew
AA sparkespark ofof mettallmettle, a’has’a hasa’ has aa brauebrave firefire inin himhim.
II wouldwould a’aa hadhad mymy DaughterDaughter soso II knewtknew’t notnot.
ButBut mustmust notnot beebe soso, mustmust notnot: wellwell youngyoung LordLord
ThisThis willwill notnot doedo yetyet, ifif thethe girlegirl bebe headstrongheadstrong
AndAnd willwill notnot harkenhearken toto goodgood CounsaileCounsel, stealesteal herher

img: 8-b
sig: B4r


AndAnd runnerun awayaway withwith herher, dauncedance galliardsgalliards, doedo,
AndAnd friskefrisk aboutabout thethe worldworld toto learnelearn thethe LanguagesLanguages:
T’will’Twill’twill bebe aa thrivingthriving tradetrade; youvo●you maymay setset vpup by’tby’t.
Dal:DaliellDal:WithWith pardonpardon (noblen●blenoble GourdonGordonGourdon) thisthis disdainedisdain
SuitesSuits notnot youryour DaughtersDaughter’sdaughter’s vertuevirtue, oror mymy constancieconstancy.
Hunt:HuntlyHunt:YouYou areare angrieangry wouldwould aawould’a wouldwould beatebeat meme, II deseruedeserve itit.
DaliellDaliell thythy handhand, w’arew’arewe’re friendsfriends; followfollow thythy CourtshipCourtship
TakeTake thinethine owneown timetime andand speakespeak, ifif thouthou prevail’stprevailestbewaylest
WithWith passionpassion moremore thenthan II cancan withwith mymy CounsaileCounsel,
SheesShe’s thinethine, naynay, sheeshe isis thinethine, tis’tis aa fairefair matchmatch
FreeFree andand allowedallowed, IleI’ll onelyonly vseuse mymy tonguetongue
WithoutWithout aa FathersFather’s powerpower, useuse thouthou thinethine:
SelfeSelf doedo selfeself hauehave, nono moremore wordswords, winnewin andand wearewear herher.
Dal:DaliellDal:YouYou blessebless meeme, II amam nownow tootoo poorepoor inin thankesthanks
ToTo paypay thethe debtdebt II oweowe youyou.
Hunt:HuntlyHunt:NayNay, th’artth’artthou’rt poorepoor enoughenough II louelove hishis spiritspirit infinitelyinfinitely.
LookeLook yeeye, sheeshe comescomes, toto herher nownow, toto herher, toto herher.

EnterEnter KatherineKatherine andand IaneJanejane.

Kat:KatherineKat:TheThe KingKing commandscommands youryour presencepresence SirSir.
Hunt:HuntlyHunt:TheThe gallantgallant thisthis thisthis thisthis LordLord, thisthis
ServantServant (KateKate) ofof yoursyours, desiresdesires toto bebe youryour MaisterMaster.
Kat:KatherineKat:II acknowledgeacknowledge himhim, aa worthyworthy friendfriend ofof minemine.
Dal:DaliellDal:YourYour humblesthumblest CreatureCreature.
Hunt:HuntlyHunt:SoSo, soso, thethe gamesgame’sgames aa footefoot, I’meI’m inin coldcold huntinghunting,
TheThe harehare andand houndshounds areare partiesparties.
Dal:DaliellDal:PrincelyPrincely LadyLady, howhow mostmost vnworthyunworthy II amam toto imployemploy
MyMy servicesservices, inin honourhonour ofof youryour vertuesvirtues,
HowHow hopelesseh●pelessehopeless mymy desiresdesires areare toto enjoyenjoy
YourYour fairefair opinionopinion, andand muchmuch moremore youryour louelove;
AreAre onelyonly mattermatter ofof despairedespair, vnlesseunless
YourYour goodnessegoodness giuegive largelarge warrantwarrant toto mymy boldnesseboldness,
MyMy feeble-wing’dfeeble-winged ambitionambition.Hunt:HuntlyHunt:ThisThis isis scurviescurvy.
Kat:KatherineKat:MyMy LordLord II interruptinterrupt youyou notnot.Hunt:HuntlyHunt:IndeedeIndeed?
NowNow onon mymy lifelife sheelshe’ll CourtCourt himhim naynay, naynay, onon SirSir.
Dal:DaliellDal:OftOft hauehave II tun’dtuned thethe lessonlesson ofof mymy sorrowessorrows
ToTo sweetensweeten discorddiscord, andand inrichenrich youryour pittiepity;

img: 9-a
sig: B4v

The Chronicle Historie

ButBut allall inin vainevain: heerehere hadhad mymy ComfortsComforts suncksunk
AndAnd nevernever ris’nrisen againeagain, toto telltell aa storiestory
OfOf thethe despairingdespairing LouerLover, hadhad notnot nownow
EvenEven nownow thethe EarleEarl youryour FatherFather.
Hunt:HuntlyHunt:A’AA meanesmeans meeme suresure.
Dal:DaliellDal:AfterAfter somesome fitfit disputesdisputes ofof youryour ConditionCondition,
YourYour highnessehighness andand mymy lownesselowness, giv’ngiven aa licencelicence
WhichWhich diddid notnot moremore emboldenembolden, thenthen encourageencourage
MyMy faultingfaulting tonguetongue.Hunt:HuntlyHunt:HowHow howhow? how’show’s thatthat?
EmboldenEmbolden? EncourageEncourage? II encourageencourage yeeye? d’eed’ye hearehear sirsir?
AA subtillsubtle tricktrick, aa queintquaint oneone, willwill youyou hearehear (manman)
WhatWhat diddid II saysay toto youyou, comecome comecome tothto th’tooth poyntpoint.
KateKate:ItIt shallshall notnot needeneed mymy LordLord.
Hunt:HuntlyHunt:ThenThen hearehear meeme KateKate:
KeepeKeep youyou onon thatthat handhand ofof herher; II onon thisthis
ThouThou standststandst betweenebetween aa FatherFather andand aa SuiterSuitor,
BothBoth strivingstriving forfor anan interestinterest inin thythy heartheart:
HeeHe CourtsCourts theethee forfor affectionaffection, II forfor dutieduty;
HeeHe asas aa servantservant pleadspleads, butbut byby thethe priviledgeprivilege
OfOf naturenature, thothough II mightmight CommandCommand, mymy carecare
ShallShall onelyonly CounsaileCounsel whatwhat itit shallshall notnot forceforce.
ThouThou canstcanst butbut makemake oneone choycechoice, thethe tyesties ofof marriagemarriage
AreAre tenurestenures notnot atat willwill, butbut duringduring lifelife.
ConsiderConsider whoeswhosewho’s thouthou artart, andand whowho; aa PrincessePrincess,
AA PrincessePrincess ofof thethe royallroyal bloudblood ofof ScotlandScotland.
InIn thethe fullfull springspring ofof youthyouth, andand freshfresh inin beautiebeauty.
TheThe KingKing thatthat sitssits vponupon thethe thronethrone isis youngyoung
AndAnd yetyet vnmarryedunmarried, forwardforward inin attemptsattempts
OnOn anyany leastleast occasionoccasion, toto endangerendanger
HisHis personperson; WhereforeWherefore KateKate asas II amam confidentconfident
ThouThou dar’stdar’st notnot wrongwrong thythy birthbirth andand educationeducation
ByBy yeeldingyielding toto aa commoncommon servile●ervileservile ragerage
OfOf femalefemale wantonnessewantonness, soso II amam confidentconfident
ThouThou wiltwilt proportionproportion allall thythy thoughtsthoughts toto sideside
ThyThy equallsequals, ifif notnot equallequal thythy superiorssuperiors.
MyMy LordLord ofof DaliellDaliell youngyouugyoung inin yearesyears, isis oldold
InIn honorshonours, butbut nornor eminenteminent inin titlestitles

img: 9-b
sig: C1r


OrOr inin estateestate, thatthat maymay supportsupport oror addeadd toto
TheThe expectationexpectation ofof thythy fortunesfortunes, settlesettle
ThyThy willwill andand reasonreason byby aa strengthstrength ofof IudgementJudgementjudgement;
ForFor inin aa wordword, II giuegive theethee freedomefreedom, taketake itit.
IfIf equallequal fatesfates hauehave notnot ordain’dordained toto pitchpitch
ThyThy hopeshopes aboueabove mymy heightheight, letlet notnot thythy passionpassion
LeadeLead theethee toto shrinkeshrink minemine honorhonour inin oblivionoblivion:
ThouThou artart thinethine owneown, II hauehave donedone.
Dal:DaliellDal:OhOhO!! y’arey’areyou’re allall OracleOracle,
TheThe livingliving stockestock andand rooteroot ofof truthtruth andand wisedomewisdom.
Kat:KatherineKat:MyMy worthiestworthiest LordLord andand FatherFather, thethe indulgenceindulgence
OfOf youryour sweetesweet compositioncomposition, thusthus commandscommands
TheThe lowestlowest ofof obedienceobedience, youyou hauehave grauntedgranted
AA libertieliberty soso largelarge, thatthat II wantwant skillskill
ToTo choosechoose withoutwithout directiondirection ofof EXAMPLEEXAMPLE:
FromFrom whichwhich II dailydaily learnelearn, byby howhow muchmuch moremore
YouYou taketa●etake offoff fromfrom thethe roughnesseroughness ofof aa FatherFather,
ByBy soso muchmuch moremore II amam engag’dengaged toto tendertender
TheThe dutieduty ofof aa DaughterDaughter. ForFor respectsrespects
OfOf birthbirth, degreesdegrees ofof titletitle,, andand advancementadvancement,
II nornor admireadmire, nornor slightslight themthem; allall mymy studiesstudies
ShallShall everever aymeaim atat thisthis perfectionperfection onelyonly,
ToTo liuelive andand dyedie soso, thatthat youyou maymay notnot blushblush
InIn anyany coursecourse ofof minemine toto owneown meeme yoursyours.
Hunt:HuntlyHunt:KateKate, KateKate, thouthou grow’stgrowest vponupon mymy heartheart, likelike peacepeace,
CreatingCreating everyevery otherother hourehour aa IubileJubileejubilee.
KateKatherineKate:ToTo youyou mymy LordLord ofof DaliellDaliell, II addresseaddress
SomeSome fewfew remainingremaining wordswords, thethe generallgeneral famefame
ThatThat speakesspeaks youryour meritmerit eveneven inin vulgarvulgar tonguestongues,,
ProclaimesProclaims itit cleareclear; butbut inin thethe bestbest aa PresidentPrecedentprecedent.
Hunt:HuntlyHunt:GoodGood wenchwench, goodgood girlegirl y’ faythy’i’faithy’faythfaith.
Kat:KatherineKat:ForFor mymy partpart (trusttrust meeme)
II valuevalue minemine owneown worthworth atat higherhigher raterate,
CauseCause youyou areare pleasdpleased toto prizeprize itit; ifif thethe streamestream
OfOf youryour protestedprotested serviceservice (asas youyou termeterm itit)
RunneRun inin aa constancieconstancy, moremore thenthan aa ComplementCompliment;
ItIt shallshall bebe mymy delightdelight, thatthat worthyworthy louelove

img: 10-a
sig: C1v

The Chronicle Historie

LeadesLeads youyou toto worthyworthy actionsactions; andand thesethese guideguide yeeye
RichlyRichly toto weddewed anan honourablehonourable namename:
SoSo everyevery vertuousvirtuous praisepraise, inin afterafter agesages,
ShallShall bebe youryour heyrehey●eheir, andand II inin youryour brauebrave mentionmention,
BeBe ChronicledChronicled thethe MOTHERMOTHER ofof thatthat issueissue,
ThatThat gloriousglorious issueissue
.Hunt:HuntlyHunt:OhOhO thatthat II werewere youngyoung againeagain,
SheedShe’d makemake meeme Courtcourt●ourtcourtCourt proudproud dangerdanger, andand suckesuck spiritspirit
FromFrom reputationreputation.
Kat:KatherineKat:ToTo thethe presentpresent motionmotion,
HeeresHere’shere’s allall thatthat II daredare answera●sweranswer: whenwhen aa ripenesseripeness
OfOf moremore experienceexperience, andand somesome vseuse ofof timetime,
ResoluesResolves toto treatetreat thethe freedomefreedom ofof mymy youthyouth
VponUpon exchangeexchange ofof troathestroths, II shallshall desiredesire
NoNo surersurer creditcredit, ofof aa matchmatch withwith vertuevirtue,
ThenThan suchsuch asas liueslives inin youyou; meanemean timetime, mymy hopeshopes areare
Preser’dPreservedpreserved securesecure, inin havinghaving youyou aa friendfriend.
Dal:DaliellDal:YouYou areare aa blessedblessed LadyLady, andand instructinstruct
AmbitionAmbition notnot toto soaresoar aa fartherfarther flightflight,
ThenThen inin thethe perfum’dperfumed ayreair ofof youryour softsoft voycevoice.
MyMy noblenoble LordLord ofof HuntleyHuntlyHuntley, youyou hauehave lentlent
AA fullfull extentextent ofof bountiebounty toto thisthis parleyparley;
AndAnd forfor itit, shallshall commandcommand youryour humblesthumblest servantservant.
Hunt:HuntlyHunt:EnoughEnough; weewe areare stillstill friendsfriends, andand willwill continuecontinue
AA heartiehearty louelove, ohoho KateKate, thouthou artart minemine owneown:
NoNo moremore, mymy LordLord ofof CrawfordCrawford.
EnterEnter CrawfordCrawford.
Craw.CrawfordCraw.FromFrom thethe KingKing II comecome mymy LordLord ofof HuntleyHuntlyHuntley,
WhoWho inin CounsaileCounsel requiresrequires youryour presentpresent aydeaid.
Hunt:HuntlyHunt:SomeSome weightieweighty businessebusiness!
Craw:CrawfordCraw:AA SecretarieSecretary fromfrom aa DukeDuke ofof YorkeYork,
TheThe secondsecond sonneson toto thethe latelate EnglishEnglish EdwardEdward,
Conceal’dConcealed II knowknow notnot wherewhere thesethese fourteenfourteen yearesyears,
CrauesCraves audienceaudience fromfrom ourour MaisterMaster, andand tis’tis saidsaid
TheThe DukeDuke himselfehimself isis followingfollowing toto thethe CourtCourt.
Hunt:HuntlyHunt:DukeDuke vponupon DukeDuke; tis’tis wellwell; ’tis’tis wellwell heereshere’s bustlingbustling
ForFor MajestieMajesty; mymy LordLord, II willwill alongalong withwith yeeye.
Craw:CrawfordCraw:MyMy serviceservice noblenoble LadyLady.Kat:KatherineKat:PleasePlease yeeye walkewalk sirsir?
Dal: Times

img: 10-b
sig: C2r


Dal:DaliellDal:TimesTimesTime’s hauehave theirtheir changeschanges, sorrowsorrow makesmakes menmen wisewise,
TheThe SunneSun it selfeitself mustmust settset asas wellwell asas riserise;
ThenThen whywhy notnot II fairefair MaddamMadam II waitewait onon yeeye.ExeuntExeunt omnesomnes.

EnterEnter DurhamDurham, SirSir RobertRobert CliffordClifford, andand VrswickUrswick: LightsLights.

Dur:DurhamDur:YouYou findefind (SirSir RobertRobert CliffordClifford) howhow securelysecurely
KingKing HenryHenry ourour greatgreat MaisterMaster, dothdoth commitcommit
HisHis personperson toto youryour loyaltieloyalty; youyou tastetaste
HisHis bountiebounty andand hishis mercymercy eveneven inin thisthis;
ThatThat atat aa timetime ofof nightnight soso latelate, aa placeplace
SoSo privateprivate asas hishis ClosetCloset, heehe isis pleasdpleased
ToTo admitadmit youyou toto hishis favourfavour; doedo notnot faulterfalter
InIn youryour DiscoveryDiscovery, butbut asas youyou covetcovet
AA liberallliberal gracegrace, andand pardonpardon forfor youryour folliesfollies.
SoSo labourlabour toto deseruedeserve itit, byby layinglaying openopen
AllAll plottsplots, allall personspersons, thatthat contriuecontrive againstagainst itit.
Vrs:UrswickVrs:RememberRemember notnot thethe witchcraftwitchcraft, oror thethe MagickMagic,
TheThe charmescharms, andand incantationsincantations, whichwhich thethe SorceresseSorceress
OfOf BurgundieBurgundyburgundy
hathhath castcast vponupon youryour reasonreason!
SirSir RobertRobert beebe youryour owneown friendfriend nownow, dischargedischarge
YourYour conscienceconscience freelyfreely, allall ofof suchsuch asas louelove youyou,
StandStand suretiessureties forfor youryour honestiehonesty andand truthtruth.
TakeTake heedeheed youyou doedo notnot dalliedally withwith thethe KingKing,
HeHe isis wisewise asas hehe isis gentlegentle.Cliff:CliffordCliff:II amam miserablemiserable,
IfIf HenryHenry bebe notnot mercifullmerciful.Vrs:UrswickVrs:TheThe KingKing comescomes.
EnterEnter KingKing HenryHenry.
K:KingK: H:HHenryH:CliffordClifford!Cliff:CliffordCliff:LetLet mymy weakeweak kneesknees rotrot onon thethe earthearth,
IfIf II appeareappear asas leap’rousleprous inin mymy treacheriestreacheries,
BeforeBefore youryour royallroyal eyeseyes; asas toto minemine owneown
II seemeseem aa MonsterMonster, byby mymy breachbreach ofof truthtruth.
K:KingK: H:HHenryH:CliffordClifford standstand vpup, forfor instanceinstance ofof thythy safetiesafety
II offeroffer theethee mymy handhand.Cliff.CliffordCliff.AA soveraignesovereign BalmeBalm
ForFor mymy bruis’dbruised SouleSoul, II kissekiss itit withwith aa greedinessegreediness.
SirSir youyou areare aa justjust MasterMaster, butbut II
K:KingK: H:HHenryH:TellTell meme, isis everyevery circumstancecircumstance, thouthou hasthast setset downedown
WithWith thinethine owneown handhand, withinwithin thisthis paperpaper truetrue?
IsIs itit aa suresure intelligenceintelligence ofof allall

img: 11-a
sig: C2v

The Chronicle Historie

TheThe progresseprogress ofof ourour enemiesenemies’enemies intentsintents
WithoutWithout corruptioncorruption?Cliff:CliffordCliff:TrueTrue, asas II wishwish heavenheaven;
OrOr mymy infectedinfected honorhonour whitewhite againeagain.
K:KingK: H:HHenryH:WeeWewe knowknow allall (CliffordClifford) fullyfully, sincesince thisthis meteormeteor
ThisThis ayrieairy apparitionapparition firstfirst discradleddiscradled
FromFrom TournayTournay intointo PortugallPortugal; andand thencethence
Advanc’dAdvanced hishis firiefiery blazeblaze forfor adorationadoration
TothTo th’Tooth superstitioussuperstitious IrishIrish; sincesince thethe beardbeard
OfOf thisthis wildewild CometComet, Conjurd’dConjured intointo FraunceFrance,
SparkledSparkled inin antickantic flamesflames inin CharlesCharles hishis CourtCourt:
ButBut shrunkeshrunk againeagain fromfrom thencethence, andand hidhid inin darknessedarkness,
StoleStole intointo FlaundersFlanders, flourishingflourishing thethe raggesrags
OfOf paintedpainted powerpower onon thethe shoreshore ofof KentKent,
WhenceWhence heehe waswas beatenbeaten backeback withwith shameshame andand scornescorn,
ContemptContempt, andand slaughterslaughter ofof somesome nakednaked out-lawesoutlaws:
ButBut telltell meme, whatwhat newnew coursecourse nownow shapesshapes DukeDuke PerkinPerkin??!
Cliff:CliffordCliff:ForFor IrelandIreland (mightiemighty HenrieHenryhenry:) soso instructedinstructed
ByBy StephenStephen FrionFrion, sometimessometimes SecretarieSecretary
InIn thethe FrenchFrench tonguetongue vntounto youryour sacredsacred ExcellenceExcellence,
ButBut PerkinsPerkin’sPerkins tutortutor nownow.K:KingK: H:HHenryH:AA subtillsubtle villainevillain!
ThatThat FrionFrion, FrionFrion, youyou mymy LordLord ofof DurhamDurham
KnewKnew wellwell thethe manman.Dur.DurhamDur.FrenchFrench bothboth inin heartheart andand actionsactions!
K:KingK: H:HHenryH:SomeSome IrishIrish headsheads workework inin thisthis minemine ofof treasontreason;
SpeakeSpeak em’em!Cliff.CliffordCliff.NotNot anyany ofof thethe bestbest; youryour fortunefortune
HathHath dullddulled theirtheir spleenesspleens; nevernever hadhad CounterfeitCounterfeit
SuchSuch aa confusedconfused rabblerabble ofof lostlost BanqueroutsBankrupts
ForFor CounsellorsCounsellors: firstfirst HeronHeron aa brokenbroken MercerMercer,
ThenThan IohnJohnjohn aa WaterWater, sometimessometimes MajorMayorMajor ofof CorkeCork,
SketonSkeltonSketon aa taylortailor audand aa ScrivenorScrivenerscrivener
CalldCalled AstleyAstley: andand what erewhate’er thesethese listlist toto treatetreat ofof,
PerkinPerkin mustmust harkenharkenhearken toto; butbut FrionFrion, cunningcunning
AboueAbove thesethese dulldull capacitiescapacities, stillstill promptsprompts himhim,,
ToTo fliefly toto ScotlandSc●●landScotland toto youngyoung IamesJamesjames thethe fourthfourth;
AndAnd suesue forfor aydeaid toto himhim; thisthis isis thethe latestlatest
OfOf allall theirtheir resolutionsresolutions.K.KingK. H.HenryH.StillStill moremore FrionFrion.
PestilentPestilent AdderAdder, heehe willwill hissehiss outout poysonpoison
AsAs dang’rousdang’rousdangerous asas infectionsinfections wewe mustmust matchmatch ’em’em.

img: 11-b
sig: C3r


CliffordClifford thouthou hasthast spokespoke homehome, weewe giuegive theethee lifelife:
ButBut CliffordClifford, therethere areare peoplepeople ofof ourour owneown
RemaineRemain behindebehind vntolduntold, whowho areare theythey CliffordClifford?
NameName thosethose andand weewe areare friendsfriends, andand willwill toto restrest,
Tis’Tis thythy lastlast tasketask.Cliff.CliffordCliff.OhOhO SirSir, herehere II mustmust breakebreak
AA mostmost vnlawfullunlawful OathOath toto keepekeep aa justjust oneone.
K.KingK. H.HenryH.WellWell, wellwell, bebe briefebrief, bebe briefebrief.Cliff.CliffordCliff.TheThe firstfirst inin ranckrank
ShallShall bebe IohnJohnjohn RatcliffeRatcliffe, LordLord FitzwaterFitzwater, thenthen
SirSir SimonSimon MountfordMountford, andand SirSir ThomasThomas ThwaitesThwaites,
WithWith WilliamWilliam DawbegneyDaubeneyDawbegney, ChessonerCressonerChessoner, AstwoodAstwood,
WorsleyWorsley thet●ethe DeaneDeandean ofof PaulesPaul’s, twotwo otherother FryarsFriars,
AndAnd RobertRobert RatcliffeRatcliffe.K.KingK. H.HenryH.Church-menChurchmen areare turn’dturned DivellsDevils.
TheseThese areare thethe principallprincipal.Cliff.CliffordCliff.OneOne moremore remainesremains
Vn-nam’dUnnamed, whomwhom II couldcould willinglywillingly forgetforget.
K.K.H.KingK.H. H.HenryHaHa CliffordClifford, oneone moremore?Cliff.CliffordCliff.GreatGreat SirSir, dodo notnot hearehear himhim:
ForFor whenwhen SirSir WilliamWilliam StanlieStanleystanley youryour LordLord ChamberlaineChamberlainchamberlain
ShallShall comecome intointo thethe listlist, asas hehe isis chiefechief
II shallshall looselose creditcredit withwith yeeye, yetyet thisthis LordLord,
LastLast nam’dnamed, isis firstfirst againstagainst youyou.
K.KingK. H.HenryH.VrswickUrswick thethe lightlight, viewview wellwell mymy faceface SirsSirs,
IsIs therethere bloudblood leftleft inin itit?Dur.DurhamDur.YouYou alteralter
StrangelyStrangely SirSir.K.KingK. H.HenryH.AlterAlter LordLord BishopBishop?
WhyWhy CliffordClifford stab’dstabbed meeme, oror II dream’ddreamed a’stabd’a stabbeda’ stabbed meeme.
SirraSirrah, itit isis aa customecustom withwith thethe guiltieguilty
ToTo thinkethink theythey setset theirtheir owneown stainesstains offoff, byby layinglaying
AspersionsAspersions onon somesome noblernobler thenthan themseluesthemselves:
LyesLies waitewait onon treasonstreasons, asas II findefind itit herehere.
ThyThy lifelife againeagain isis forfeitforfeit, II recallrecall
MyMy wordword ofof mercymercy, forfor II knowknow thouthou dar’stdar’st
RepeateRepeat thethe namename nono moremore.Cliff.CliffordCliff.II daredare, andand onceonce moremore
VponUpon mymy knowledgeknowledge, namename SirSir WilliamWilliam StanlieStanleystanley
BothBoth inin hishis counsailecounsel, andand hishis pursepurse, thethe chiefechief
AssistantAssistant, toto thethe fain’dfai●’dfeigned Duke●ukeDuke ofof YorkeYork.Dur:DurhamDur:MostMost strangestrange!
Vrs:UrswickVrs:MostMost wickedwicked!K:KingK: H.HenryH.YetYet againeagain, onceonce moremore;
Cliff:CliffordCliff:SirSir WilliamWilliam StanlieStanleystanley isis youryour secret●ecretsecret enemyenemy,
AndAnd ifif timetime fitfit, willwill openlyopenly professeprofess itit.
K.KingK. H.HenryH.SirSir WilliamWilliam StanlieStanleystanley? WhoWho? SirSir WilliamWilliam StanlieStanleystanley

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The Chronicle Historie

MyMy ChamberlaineChamberlain, mymy CounsellorCounsellor, thethe louelove,
TheThe pleasurepleasure ofof mymy CourtCourt, mymy bosomebosom friendfriend,
TheThe ChargeCharge, andand thethe ControulementControlment ofof mymy personperson
TheThe keyeskeys andand secretssecrets ofof mymy treasurietreasury;
TheThe allall ofof allall II amam: II amam vnhappieunhappy:
MiserieMisery ofof confidenceconfidence, letlet meeme turneturn traytortraitor
ToTo minemine owneown personperson, yeeldyield mymy ScepterSceptre vpup
ToTo EdwardsEdward’s SisterSister, andand herher bastardbastard DukeDuke!
Dur.DurhamDur.YouYou looselose youryour constantconstant tempertemper.
K.KingK. H.HenryH.SirSir WilliamWilliam StanlieStanleystanley!
OhOhO doedo notnot blameblame meeme; heehe, twas’twas onelyonly heehe
WhoWho havinghaving rescu’drescued meeme inin BosworthBosworth fieldfield
FromFrom RichardsRichard’s bloudybloody swordsword, snatch’dsnatched fromfrom hishis headhead
TheThe KinglyKingly CrowneCrown, andand plac’dplaced itit firstfirst onon minemine.
HeeHe nevernever fail’dfailed meeme; whatwhat hauehave II deserv’ddeserved
ToTo looselose thisthis goodgood mansman’s heartheart, oror heehe, hishis owneown?
Vrs:UrswickVrs:TheThe nightnight dothdoth wastewaste, thisthis passionpassion illill becomesbecomes yeeye;
ProvideProvide againstagainst youryour dangerdanger.K.KingK. H.HenryH.LetLet itit bebe soso.
VrswickUrswick commandcommand streightstraight StanlyStanly toto hishis chamberchamber.
Tis’Tis wellwell weewe areare ithi’th’ith’ TowerTower; setset aa guardguard onon himhim;
CliffordClifford toto bedbed; youyou mustmust lodgelodge herehere to nighttonight,
WeelWe’llwe’ll talketalk withwith youyou to morrowtomorrow: mymy sadsad soulesoul
DevinesDivines strangestrange troublestroubles.Dawb:DaubeneyDawb:HoHo, the●hethe KingKing, thethe KingKing,
II mustmust hauehave entranceentrance.K.KingK. H.HenryH.DawbneysDaubeney’sDawbney’s voycev●ycevoice; admitadmit himhim.
WhatWhat newnew combustionscombustions huddlehuddle nextnext toto keepek●epekeepe
OurOur eyeseyes fromfrom restrest? thethe newesnews?
EnterEnter DawbneyDaubeneyDawbney.
Daw:DaubeneyDaw:TenTen thousandthousand CornishCornish grudginggrudging toto paypay youryour
SubsidiesSubsidies, hauehave gatherdgathered aa headhead, ledled byby aa
BlacksmithBlacksmith, andand aa LawyerLawyer, theythey makemake forfor LondonLondon,
AndAnd toto themthem isis joyn’djoined LordLord AudlieAudleyAudlie, asas theythey marchmarch,
TheirTheir numbernumber dailydaily