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AsAs itit hathhath beenebeen sundrysundry timestimes ActedActed,
byby thethe KingsKing’sking’s MaiestiesMajesty’s

PrintedPrinted byby G.G. ELDELD, andand areare toto bebe soldfoldfoldsold atat hishis
househouse inin Fleete-laneFleet laneFleet-lane atat thethe signesign ofof thethe
Printers-PressePrinter’s PressPrinters-press.

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TheThe ReuengersRevengers TragædieTragaedieTragedytragedy.

EnterEnter VendiciVindiceVendici, thethe DukeDuke, DutchesseDuchess, LusuriosoLusurioso herher sonneson,
SpurioSpurio thethe bastardbastard, withwith aa trainetrain, passepass ouerover thethe
StageStage withwith Torch-lightTorchlight.

Vindi.VindiceVindi.DVkeDUkeduke: royallroyal letcherlecher; goego, graygrey hayrdehaired adulteryadultery,
AndAnd thouthou hishis sonneson,, asas impiousimpious steeptsteeped asas heehe:
AndAnd thouthou hishis bastardbastard true-begotttrue-begottrue-beget inin euillevil:
AndAnd thouthou hishis DutchesseDuchess thatthat willwill doedo withwith DiuillDevil,
FoureFourfour exlentexc’llent CharactersCharacters OOOh thatthat marrow-lessemarrowless ageage,
WouldWould stuffestuff thethe hollowhollow BonesBones withwith dambddamned desiresdesires,
AndAnd stead’steadstead ofof heateheat kindlekindle infernallinfernal firesfires,
WithinWithin thethe spend-thriftspendthrift veynesveins ofof aa dryedry DukeDuke,
AA parchtparched andand iuicelessejuiceless luxurluxur. OO God!God! oneone
ThatThat hashas scarcescarce bloudblood inoughenough toto liuelive vponupon.
AndAnd heehe toto ryctriotryct itit likelike aa sonneson andand heyreheir?
OO thethe thoughtthought ofof thatthat
TurnesTurns mymy abusedabused heart-stringsheartstrings intointo fretfret.
ThouThou sallowsallow picturepicture ofof mymy poysonedpoisoned louelcuelove,
MyMy studiesstudy’s ornamentornament, thouthou shellshell ofof DeathDeath,
OnceOnce thethe brightbright faceface ofof mymy betrothedbetrothed LadyLady,
WhenWhen lifelife andand beautybeauty naturallynaturally fildfilled outout
TheseThese raggedragged imperfectionsimperfections;
WhenWhen two-heauen-pointedtwo heaven-pointedtwo-heaven-pointed DiamondsDiamonds werewere setset
InIn thosethose vnsightlyunsightly RingsRings; thenthen ’twas’twas aa faceface
SoSo farrefar beyondbeyond thethe artificiallartificial shineshine
OfOf anyany womanswoman’s boughtbought complexioncomplexion
ThatThat thethe vprightestuprightest manman, (ifif suchsuch therethere bebe,
ThatThat sinnesin butbut seauenseven timestimes aa dayday) brokebroke customecustom
AndAnd mademade vpup eighteight withwith lookinglooking afterafter herher,
OhOhO sheshe waswas ableable toto haha’ mademade aa VsurersUsurer’susurer’s sonneson
MeltMelt allall hishis patrimonypatrimony inin aa kissekiss,
AndAnd whatwhat hishis fatherfather fiftiefifty yearesyears toldtold
ToTo hauehave consumdeconsumed, andand yetyet hishis sutesuit beenebeen coldcold:
ButBut ohoho accursedaccursed PallacePalace!
TheeThee whenwhen thouthou wertwert appareldapparelled inin thythy fleshflesh,
TheThe oldold DukeDuke poyson’dpoisoned,
BecauseBecause thythy purerpurer partpart wouldwould notnot consentconsent
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VntoUnto hishis palsey-lustpalsy-lust, forfor oldold menmen lust-fulllustful
DoDo showshow likelike youngyoung menmen angryangry, eagereager violentviolent,
Out-bidOutbid likelike theirtheir limitedlimited performancesperformances
OOOh ware’warebeware anan oldold manman hothot, andand viciousvicious
"AgeAge asas inin goldgold,, inin lustlust isis couetouscovetous.
VengenceVengeance thouthou murdersmurder’smurders Quit-rentQuit-rentQuitrent, andand wherebywhereby
ThouThou shoustshow’stshowst thy selfethyself TennantTenant toto TragedyTragedy,
OhOhO keepekeep thythy dayday, hourehour, minuteminute, II beseechbeseech,
ForFor thosethose thouthou hasthast determinddetermineddetermined: humhum: whowho eree’erere knewknew
MurderMurder vnpaydunpaid, faithfaith giuegive ReuengeRevenge herher duedue
Sha’sSh’asSha’s keptkept touchtouch hethertohitherto bebe merrymerry, merrymerry,
AduanceAdvance theethee, OOOh thouthou terrorterror toto fatfat folkesfolks
ToTo hauehave theirtheir costlyCostlyCostlycostly three-pildethree-piled fleshflesh worneworn ofoffof
AsAs barebare asas thisthis forfor banquetsbanquets: easeease andand laughterlaughter,
CanCan makemake greatgreat menmen,, asas greatnessegreatness goesgoes byby clayclay,
ButBut wisewise menmen littlelittle areare moremore greatgreat thenthan theythey?
EnterEnter herher brotherbrother HippolitoHippolito.
Hip.HippolitoHip.StillStill sighingsighing oreo’er deathsdeath’s vizardvizard.
Vind.VindiceVind.BrotherBrother welcomewelcome,
WhatWhat comfortcomfort bringstbring’stbringst thouthou? howhow gogo thingsthings atat CourtCourt?
Hip.HippolitoHip.InIn silkesilk andand siluersilver brotherbrother: neuernever brauerbraver.
ThouThou playstplay’st vponupon mymy meaningmeaning pree-theeprithee saysay
HasHas thatthat baldbald MadamMadam, OpportunityOpportunity?
YetYet thoughtthought vpon’supon’s, speakespeak areare wewe happyhappy yetyet?
ThyThy wrongswrongs andand minemine areare forfor oneone scabberdscabbard fitfit.
Hip.HippolitoHip.ItIt maymay proueprove happinessehappiness?
Vind.VindiceVind.WhatWhat istis’t maymay proueprove?
GiueGive meme toto tasttaste.
Hip.HippolitoHip.GiueGive meme youryour hearinghearing thenthen,
YouYou knowknow mymy placeplace atat CourtCourt.
Vind.VindiceVind.IAyI; thethe DukesDuke’s ChamberChamber
ButBut tis’tis aa maruailemarvel thourtthou’rt notnot turndturned outout yetyet!
Hip.HippolitoHip.FaithFaith II hauehave beenebeen shooudshovedshooud atat, butbut twas’twas stillstill mymy haphap
ToTo holdhold by’thby th’ DuchesseDuchess’Duchess skirtskirt, youyou gesseguess atat thatthat,
WhomeWhom suchsuch aa CoateCoat keepeskeeps vpup cancan nerene’er fallfall flatflat,
ButBut toto thethe purposepurpose.
LastLast eueningevening predecessorpredecessor vntounto thisthis,

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TheThe DukesDuke’s sonneson warilywarily enquirdenquired forfor meme,
WhoseWhose pleasurepleasure II attendedattended: hehe beganbegan,
ByBy policypolicy toto openopen andand vnhuskeunhusk meme
AboutAbout thethe timetime andand commoncommon rumourrumour:
ButBut II hadhad soso muchmuch witwit toto keepekeep mymy thoughtsthoughts
VpUp inin theirtheir builtbuilt houseshouses, yetyet affordedafforded himhim
AnAn idleidle satifactionsatisfaction withoutwithout dangerdanger,
ButBut thethe wholewhole aymeaim, andand scopescope ofof hishis intentintent
EndedEnded inin thisthis, coniuringconjuring meme inin priuateprivate,
ToTo seekeseek somesome strange digestedstrangestrange-digestedstrange digested digested fellowfellow forthforth:
OfOf ill-contentedill-contented naturenature, eithereither disgracstdisgraced
InIn formerformertimesformer timestimes, oror byby newnew groomesgrooms displacstdisplaced,
SinceSince hishis Step-mothersStepmother’sstepmother’s nuptiallsnuptials, suchsuch aa bloudblood
AA manman thatthat werewere forfor euillevil onelyonly goodgood;
ToTo giuegive youyou thethe truetrue wordword somesome base coyndbasebase-coinedbase coynd coined PanderPander?
Vind.VindiceVind.II reachreach youyou, forfor II knowknow hishis heateheat isis suchsuch,
WereWere therethere asas manymany ConcubinesConcubines asas LadiesLadies
HeHe wouldwould notnot bebe contayndcontained, hehe mustmust fliefly outout:
II wonderwonder howhow illill featurdefeatured, vildevild proportiondproportioned.
ThatThat oneone shouldshould bebe: ifif sheshe werewere mademade forfor womanwoman,
WhomWhom atat thethe InsurrectionInsurrection ofof hishis lustlust
HeHe wouldwould refuserefuse forfor onceonce, heartheart, II thinkethink nonenone,
NextNext toto aa skullskull, thothough moremore vnsoundunsound thenthan oneone
EachEach faceface hehe meetesmeets hehe stronglystrongly doatesdotes vponupon.
Hip.HippolitoHip.BrotherBrother y’auey’aveyou’ve trulytruly spokespoke himhim?
HeHe knowesknows notnot youyou, butbut IleI’ll sweareswear youyou knowknow himhim.
Vind.VindiceVind.AndAnd thereforetherefore ilei’llI’ll putput onon thatthat knaueknave forfor onceonce,
AndAnd bebe aa rightright manman thenthen, aa manman a’tho’th’ TimeTime,
ForFor toto bebe honesthonest isis notnot toto bebe ithi’th’ worldworld,
BrotherBrother ilei’llI’ll bebe thatthat strangestrange composedcomposed fellowfellow.
Hip.HippolitoHip.AndAnd ilei’llI’ll preferprefer youyou brotherbrother.
Vind.VindiceVind.GoGo tooto thenthen,
TheThe smallstsmall’st aduantageadvantage fattensfattens wrongedwronged menmen
ItIt maymay pointpoint outout, occasionoccasion, ifif II meetemeet herher,
IleI’ll holdhold herher byby thethe fore-topforetop fastfast ynoughenough;
OrOr likelike thethe FrenchFrench MoaleMolemole heaueheave vpup hayrehair andand allall,
II hauehave aa habithabit thatthat wilwill fitfit itit quaintlyquaintly,
HereHere comescomes ourour MotherMother.Hip.HippolitoHip.AndAnd SisterSister.

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Vind.VindiceVind.WeWe mustmust quoynecoinquoin.
WomenWomen areare aptapt youyou knowknow toto taketake falsefalse moneymoney,
ButBut II daredare stakestake mymy soulesoul forfor thesethese twotwo creaturescreatures
OnelyOnly excuseexcuse exceptedexcepted thatthat they’lethey’ll swallowswallow,
BecauseBecause theirtheir sexesex isis easieeasy inin beleefebeleesebelief.
Moth.MotherMoth.WhatWhat newesnews fromfrom CourCourtCour sonneson CarloCarlo?
Hip.HippolitoHip.FaithFaith MotherMother,
Tis’Tis whisperdwhispered therethere thethe DuchesseDuchess’Duchess yongestyoungest sonneson
HasHas playdplayed aa RapeRape onon LordLord AntoniosAntonio’s wifewife.
Moth.MotherMoth.OnOn thatthat relligiousreligious LadyLady!
Cast.CastizaCast.RoyallRoyal bloudblood: monstermonster hehe deseruesdeserves toto diedie,
IfIf ItalyItaly hadhad nono moremore hopeshopes butbut hehe.
Vin.VindiceVin.SisterSister y’auey’aveyou’ve sentenc’dsentenced mostmost directdirect, andand truetrue,
TheThe LawesLaw’sLaws aa womanwoman, andand wouldwould sheshe werewere youyou:
MotherMother II mustmust taketake leaueleave ofof youyou.
Moth.MotherMoth.LeaueLeave forfor whatwhat?
Vin.VindiceVin.II IntendIntend speedyspeedy trauailetravail.
Hip.HippolitoHip.ThatThat hehe do’sdoes MadamMadam.Mo.MotherMo.SpeedySpeedy indeedindeed!
Vind.VindiceVind.ForFor sincesince mymy worthyworthy fathersfather’s funerallfuneral,
MyMy life’slife’s vnnaturallyunnaturally toto meme, e’ene’en compeldcompelled
AsAs ifif II liu’dhu’dlivedhued nownow whenwhen II shouldshould bebe deaddead.
Mot.MotherMot.IndeedIndeed hehe waswas aa worthyworthy GentlemanGentleman
HadHad hishis estateestate beenebeen fellowfellow toto hishis mindmind.
Vind.VindiceVind.TheThe DukeDuke diddid muchmuch deiectdeject himhim.
Vind.VindiceVind.ToTootoo muchmuch.
AndAnd throughthrough disgracedisgrace oftoft smotherdsmothered inin hishis spiritspirit,
WhenWhen itit wouldwould mountmount, surelysurely II thinkethink heehe dyeddied
OfOf discontentdiscontent: thethe NoblemansNobleman’s consumptionconsumption.
Moth.MotherMoth.MostMost suresure hehe diddid!
Vind.VindiceVind.DidDid hehe? lack’lacklack, youyou knowknow allall
YouYou werewere hishis mid-nightmidnight secretarysecretary.
HeHe waswas totoo wisewise toto trusttrust meme withwith hishis thoughtsthoughts.
Vind.VindiceVind.YfaithI’faith thenthen fatherfather thouthou wastwast wisewise indeedindeed,
"WiuesWives areare butbut mademade toto gogo toto bedbed andand feedefeed.
ComeCome mothermother, sistersister: youleyou’ll bringbring meme onwardonward brotherbrother?
Hip.HippolitoHip.II willwill.

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Vind.VindiceVind.IleI’ll quicklyquickly turneturn intointo anotheranother.ExeuntExeunt.
EnterEnter thethe oldold DukeDuke, LussiuriosoLussiurioso, hishis sonneson, thethe DuchesseDuchess; thethe Bast-BastardBast∣ardBastard
thethe DuchesseDuchess’Duchess twotwo sonnessons AmbitiosoAmbitioso, andand SuperuacuoSupervacuoSuperuacuo, thethe
thirdthird herher yongestyoungest broughtbrought outout withwith OfficersOfficers forfor thethe RapeRape twotwo

DukeDuke.DuchesseDuchessduchess itit isis youryour yongestyoungest sonneson, we’rewe’re sorysorry,
HisHis violentviolent ActAct hashas e’ene’en drawnedrawn bloudblood ofof honorhonour
AndAnd staindstained ourou●our honorshonours,
ThrowneThrown inckink vponupon thethe for-headforehead ofof ourour statestate
WhichWhich enuiousenvious spiritsspirits willwill dipdip theirtheir penspens intointo
AfterAfter ourour deathdeath; andand blotblot vsus inin ourour ToombesTombs.
ForFor thatthat whichwhich wouldwould seemeseem treasontreason inin ourour liueslives
IsIs laughterlaughter whenwhen we’rewe’re deaddead.., whowho daresdares nownow whisperwhisper
ThatThat daresdares notnot thenthen speakespeak outout, andand e’ene’en proclaimeproclaim,
WithWith lowdloud wordswords andand broadbroad penspens ourour closestclosest shameshame.
Iud.JudgeIud.YourYour gracegrace hathhath spokespoke likelike toto youryour siluersilver yearesyears
FullFull ofof confirmedconfirmed grauitygravity; forfor whatwhat isis itit toto hauehave,
AA flatteringflattering falsefalse insculptioninsculption onon aa ToombeTomb:
AndAnd inin mensmen’s heartshearts reprochreproach, thethe boweldbowelled CorpsCorpse,
MayMay bebe seardseared inin, butbut withwith freefree tonguetongue II speakespeak,
"TheThe faultsfaults ofof greatgreat menmen throughthrough theirtheir fearcefierce clothesclothes breakebreak,
Duk.DukeDuk.TheyThey dodo, we’rewe’re sorysorry for’tfor’t, itit isis ourour fatefate,
ToTo liuelive inin fearefear andand diedie toto liuelive inin hatehate,
II leaueleave himhim toto youryour sentancesentence domedoom himhim LordsLords
TheThe factfact isis greatgreat; whilstwhilst II sitsit byby andand sighsigh.
Duch.DuchessDuch.MyMy gratiousgracious LordLord II praypray bebe mercifullmerciful,
AlthoughAlthough hishis trespassetrespass farfar exceedexceed hishis yearesyears,
ThinkeThink himhim toto bebe youryour owneown asas II amam yoursyours,
CallCall himhim notnot sonne in lawsonneson-in-lawson in in law law: thethe lawlaw II fearefear
WilWill falfall tootoo soonesoon vponupon hishis namename andand himhim:
TemperTemper hishis faultfault withwith pittypity?
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.GoodGood mymy LordLord.
ThenThen twill’twill notnot tasttaste soso bitterbitter andand vnpleasantunpleasant
VponUpon thethe IudgesJudges’judge’s pallatpalate, forfor offencesoffences
GiltGilt oreo’er withwith mercymercy, showshow likelike fayrestfairest womenwomen,
GoodGood onelyonly forfor therrtheirtheir beautiesbeauties, whichwhich washtwashed ofoffof: nono sinsin isis oug-ougliesoug∣liesuglierouglies(lier
AmbitisAmbitiosoAmbitisII beseechbeseech youryour gracegrace,
BeBe softsoft andand mildmild, letlet notnot RelentlesseRelentless LawLaw,

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LookeLook withwith anan ironiron for-headforehead onon ourour brotherbrother.
Spu.SpurioSpu.HeHe yeeldsyields smallsmall comfortcomfort yetyet, hopehope hehe shallshall diedie,
AndAnd ifif aa bastardsbastard’s wishwish mightmight standstand inin forceforce,
WouldWould allall thethe courtcourt werewere turndeturnturnedturn de de intointo aa coarsecorsecorpse,
Duc,DuchessDuc,NoNo pittypity yetyet? mustmust II riserise fruitlessefruitless thenthen,
AA wonderwonder inin aa womanwoman; areare mymy kneesknees,
OfOf suchsuch lowelow mettallmetalmettle thatthat withoutwithout RespectRespect
1.1. Iudg.JudgeIudg.LetLet thethe offenderoffender standstand forthforth,
Tis’Tis thethe DukesDuke’s pleasurepleasure thatthat ImpartiallImpartial DoomeDoom,
ShallShall taketake firstfirst holdhold ofof hishis vncleaneunclean attemptattempt,
AA RapeRape! whywhy tis’tis thethe veryvery corecore ofof lustlust,
DoubleDouble AdulteryAdultery.
Iuni.JuniorIuni.SoSo SirSir.
2.2. Iud.JudgeIud.AndAnd whichwhich waswas worseworse,
CommittedCommitted onon thethe LordLord AntonioesAntonio’s wifewife,
ThatThat GenerallGeneral honesthonest LadyLady, confesseconfess mymy LordLord!
WhatWhat mou’dmoved youyou tootto’t?
Iuni.JuniorIuni.whywhy fleshflesh andand bloodblood mymy LordLord.
WhatWhat shouldshould mouemove menmen vntounto aa womanwoman elseelse,
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.OO dodo notnot iestjest thythy doomedoom, trusttrust notnot anan axeaxe
OrOr swordsword tootoo farfar; thethe LawLaw isis aa wisewise serpentserpent
AndAnd quicklyquickly cancan beguilebeguile theethee ofof thythy lifelife,
ThoThough marriagemarriage onelyonly hashas mademade theethee mymy brotherbrother,
II louelove theethee soso farfar, playplay notnot withwith thythy DeathDeath,
Iuni.JuniorIuni.II thankethank youyou trothtroth, goodgood admonitionsadmonitions faithfaith,
IfIfideIf idei’d thethe gracegrace nownow toto makemake vseuse ofof themthem,
1.1. Iud.JudgeIud.ThatThat LadyesLady’s namename hashas spredspread suchsuch aa fairefair wingwing
OuerOver allall ItalyItaly; thatthat ifif ourour TongsTonguestongues,
WereWere sparingsparing towardtowardtowards thethe FactFact, IudgmentJudgementjudgement it selfeitself,
WouldWould bebe condemnedcondemned andand suffersuffer inin mensmen’s thoughtsthoughts,
Iuni.JuniorIuni.WellWell thenthen tis’tis donedone, andand itit wouldwould pleaseplease meme wellwell
WereWere itit toto doedo agenagain: suresure sheesshe’s aa GoddesseGoddess,
ForFor idei’dI’d nono powerpower toto seesee herher, andand toto liuelive,
ItIt fallsfalls outout truetrue inin thisthis forfor II mustmust diedie,
HerHer beautybeauty waswas ordayndordained toto bebe mymy scaffoldscaffold,
AndAnd yetyet my thinksmethinks II mightmight bebe easiereasier ceastceased,
MyMy faultfault beingbeing sportsport, letlet meme butbut diedie inin iestjest,
1.1. Iud.JudgeIud.ThisThis bebe thethe sentencesentence,

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Dut.DuchessDut.OO keeptkeep’tkept vponupon youryour TongueTongue, letlet itit notnot slipslip,
DeathDeath tootoo soonesoon stealessteals outout ofof aa LawyersLawyer’slawyer’s liplip,
BeBe notnot soso cruell-wisecruel-wise?
1.1. Iudg.JudgeIudg.YourYour GraceGrace mustmust pardonpardon vsus,
’Tis’Tis butbut thethe IusticeJusticejustice ofof thethe LaweLaw.
Dut.DuchessDut.TheThe LaweLaw,
IsIs grownegrown moremore subtillsubtle thenthan aa womanwoman shouldshould bebe.
Spu.SpurioSpu.NowNow, nownow hehe dyesdies, ridrid ’em’em awayaway.
Dut.DuchessDut.OO whatwhat itit isis toto hauehave anan old-cooleold-cool DukeDuke,
ToTo beebe asas slackslack inin tonguetongue, asas inin performanceperformance.
1.1. Iudg.JudgeIudg.ConfirmdeConfirmedconfirmed, thisthis bebe thethe doomedoom irreuocableirrevocable.
Dut.DuchessDut.OhOh!OhOh!!!1.1. Iudg.JudgeIudg.To morrowTomorrowTomorrow earlyearly.
Dut.DuchessDut.PrayPray bebe a beda-bed mymy LordLord.
1.1. Iudg.JudgeIudg.YourYour GraceGrace muchmuch wrongswrongs your selfeyourself.
Ambi.AmbitiosoAmbi.NoNo ’tis’tis thatthat tonguetongue,
YourYou’reYour tootoo muchmuch rightright, dosdoes dodo vsus tootoo muchmuch wrongwrong.
1.1. Iudg.JudgeIudg.LetLet thatthat offenderoffender
Dut.DuchessDut.LiueLive, andand bebe inin healthhealth.
1.1. IudJudgejudBeBe onon aa ScaffoldScaffoldDuk.DukeDuk.HoldHold, holdhold, mymy LordLord.
Spu.SpurioSpu.PaxPoxPax onton’t,
WhatWhat makesmakes mymy DadDad speakespeak nownow?
DukeDuke.WeWe willwill deferdefer thethe iudgementjudgement tilltill nextnext sittingsitting,
InIn thethe meane timemeanemeantimemean time time letlet himhim bebe keptkept closeclose prisonerprisoner:
GuardGuard bearebear himhim hencehence.
Ambi.AmbitiosoAmbi.BrotherBrother, thisthis makesmakes forfor theethee,
FeareFear notnot, weelewe’ll hauehave aa tricktrick toto setset theethee freefree.
Iuni.JuniorIuni.BrotherBrother, II willwill expectexpect itit fromfrom youyou bothboth; andand inin thatthat hopehope
II restrest.Super.SupervacuoSuper.FarewellFarewell, bebe merrymesrymerry.ExitExit withwith aa gardeguard.
Spu.SpurioSpu.DelaydDelayed, deferddeferred naynay thenthenthan ifif iudgementjudgement hauehave coldcold bloudblood,
FlatteryFlattery andand bribesbribes willwill killkill itit.
DukeDuke.AboutAbout itit thenthen mymy LordsLords withwith youryour bestbest powerspowers,
MoreMore seriousserious businessebusiness callscalls vponupon ourour houreshomeshourshomes.Exe.ExeuntExe. manetmanctmanet Du.DuchessDu.
Dut.DuchessDut.WastWast euerever knowneknown step-Dutchessestep-Duchessstep-duchess waswas soso mildemild,
AndAnd calmecalm asas II? somesome nownow wouldwould plotplot hishis deathdeath,
WithWith easieeasy DoctorsDoctors, thosethose looseloose liuingliving menmen,
AndAnd makemake hishis witherdwithered GraceGrace fallfall toto hishis GraueGrave,
AndAnd keepekeep ChurchChurch betterbetter?
SomeSome secondsecond wifewife wouldwould dodo thisthis, andand dispatchdispatch

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sig: B1v


HerHer double loathddoubledouble-loatheddouble loathd loathed LordLord atat meatemeat andand sleepesleep,
IndeedIndeed ’tis’tis truetrue anan oldold mansman’s twicetwice aa childechild,
MineMine cannotcannot speakespeak, oneone ofof hishis singlesingle wordswords,
WouldWould quitequite hauehave freedfreed mymy yongestyoungest deerestdearest sonneson
FromFrom deathdeath oror durancedurance, andand hauehave mademade himhim walkewalk
WithWith aa boldbold footefoot vponupon thethe thorniethorny lawlaw,
WhoseWhose PricklesPrickles shouldshould bowbow vnderunder himhim, butbut ’tis’tis notnot,
AndAnd thereforetherefore wedlockwedlock faithfaith shallshall bebe forgotforgot,
IleI’ll killkill himhim inin hishis fore-headforehead, hatehate therethere feedefeed,
ThatThat woundwound isis deepestdeepest thothough itit neuernever bleedbleed:
AndAnd herehere comescomes heehe whomwhom mymy heartheart pointspoints vntounto,
HisHis bastardbastard sonneson, butbut mymy loueslove’s true-begottrue-begottrue-beget,
ManyMany aa wealthywealthy letterletter hauehave II sentsent himhim,
SweldSwelled vpup withwith IewelsJewelsjewels, andand thethe timoroustimorous manman
IsIs yetyet butbut coldlycoldly kindekind,
ThatThat Iewel’sJewel’sjewel’s minemine thatthat quiuersquivers inin hishis eareear,
MockingMocking hishis MaistersMaster’smaster’s chilnessechillness andand vainevain fearefear,
Ha’sH’asHas spidespied meme nownow.
Spu.SpurioSpu.MadameMadammadam? youryour GraceGrace soso priuateprivate.
MyMy duetyduty onon youryour handhand.
Dut.DuchessDut.VponUpon mymy handhand sirsir, trothtroth II thinkethink youdeyou’d fearefear,
ToTo kissekiss mymy handhand tootoo ifif mymy liplip stoodstood therethere,
Spi.SpurioSpi.WitnesseWitness II wouldwould notnot MadamMadam.
Dut.DuchessDut.Tis’Tis aa wonderwonder,
ForFor ceremonieceremony ha’shas mademade manymany foolesfools,
ItIt isis asas easieeasy wayway vntounto aa DutchesseDuchess,
AsAs toto aa Hatted-dameHatted-dame, (ifif herher louelove answeranswer)
ButBut thatthat byby timoroustimorous honorshonours, palepale respectsrespects,
IdleIdle degreesdegrees ofof fearefear, menmen makemake theirtheir wayesways
HardHard ofof themseluesthemselves whatwhat hauehave youyou thoughtthought ofof meme?
Spi.SpurioSpi.MadamMadam II euerever thinkethink ofof youyou, inin dutyduty,
RegardRegard andand
Dut.DuchessDut.PuhPuh, vponupon mymy louelove II meanemean.
Spu.SpurioSpu.II wouldwould ’twere’twere louelove, butbut ’tustus’t hastus aa fowlerfouler namename
ThenThan lustlust; youyou areare mymy fathersfather’s wifewife, youryour GraceGrace maymay gesseguess nownow,
WhatWhat II couldcould callcall itit.
Dut.DuchessDut.WhyWhy th’artth’artthou’rt hishis sonneson butbut falslyfalsely,
Tis’Tis aa hardhard questionquestion whetherwhether hehe begotbegot theethee.

img: 6-b
sig: B2r


Spu.SpurioSpu.IfaithI’faithi’faith ’tis’tis truetrue tootoo; ImeI’m anan vncertaineuncertain manman,
OfOf moremore vncertaineuncertain womanwoman; maymay bebe hishis groomegroom ’atho’th’ stablestable be-begotbe∣gotbegot
meme, youyou knowknow II knowknow notnot, heehe couldcould rideride aa horsehorse wellwell, aa
shrowdshrewdshroud suspitionsuspicion marrymarry heehe waswas wondrouswondrous talltall, heehe hadhad hishis
lengthlength yfaithi’faith, forfor peepingpeeping ouerover halfe shuthalfehalf-shuthalf shut shut holy-dayholiday windoweswindows,
MenMen wouldwould desiredesire himhim light’lightlight, whenwhen hehe waswas a footaafoota foote foot,
HeHe mademade aa goodlygoodly showshow vnderunder aa Pent-housePenthouse,
AndAnd whenwhen hehe ridrid, hishis HattHat wouldwould checkcheck thethe signessigns, andand clatterclatter
BarbersBarbers’barber’s BasonsBasinsbasins.
Dut.DuchessDut.NayNay setset youyou a horse backaa-horsebacka horse horse back back onceonce,
YouleYou’ll nerene’er lightlight offoff.
Spu.SpurioSpu.IndeedIndeed II amam aa beggarbeggar.
Dut.DuchessDut.That’sThat’s moremore thethe signesign thou’artthou artthou’rt GreatGreat butbut toto ourour louelove.
LetLet itit standstand firmefirm bothboth inin thoughtthought andand mindemind,
ThatThat thethe DukeDuke waswas thythy FatherFather, asas nono doubtdoubt thenthen
HeeHe bidbid fairefair fortfor’t, thythy iniurieinjury isis thethe moremore,
ForFor hadhad heehe cutcut theethee aa rightright DiamondDiamond,
ThouThou hadsthadst beenebeen nextnext setset inin thethe Duke-doomesDukedom’sdukedom’s RingRing,
WhenWhen hishis worneworn selfeself likelike AgesAge’sAges easieeasy slaueslave,
HadHad droptdropped outout ofof thethe ColletCollet intointo th’th’ GraueGrave;
WhatWhat wrongwrong cancan equallequal thisthis? canstcanst thouthou bebe tametame
AndAnd thinkethink vppon’tupon’t.
Spu.SpurioSpu.NoNo madmad andand thinkethink vpon’tupon’t.
Dut.DuchessDut.WhoWho wouldwould notnot bebe reuengdrevenged ofof suchsuch aa fatherfather,
E’enE’en inin thethe worstworst wayway? II wouldwould thankethank thatthat sinnesin,
ThatThat couldcould mostmost iniuryinjury himhim, andand beebe inin leagueleague withwith itit,
OhOhO whatwhat aa griefegrief ’tis’tis, thatthat aa manman shouldshould liuelive
ButBut onceonce ithi’th’ worldworld, andand thenthen toto liuelive aa BastardBastard,
TheThe cursecurse a’theo’thea’the wombewomb, thethe theefethief ofof NatureNature,
BegotBegot againstagainst thethe seauenthseventh commandementcommandment,
HalfeHalf dambddamned inin thethe conceptionconception, byby thethe iusticejustice
OfOf thatthat vnbribedunbribed euerlastingeverlasting lawlaw.
Spu.SpurioSpu.OhOhO IdeI’d aa hot-backthot-backed DiuillDevil toto mymy fatherfather.
Dut.DuchessDut.WouldWould notnot thisthis madmad e’ene’en patiencepatience, makemake bloudblood roughrough?
WhoWho butbut anan EunuchEunuch wouldwould notnot sinnesin? hishis bedbed
ByBy oneone falsefalse minuteminute disinheriteddisinherited.
Spi.SpurioSpi.IAyay, there’sthere’s thethe vengeancevengeance thatthat mymy birthbirth waswas wraptwrapped inin,
IleI’ll bebe reuengdrevenged forfor allall, nownow hatehate beginbegin,

img: 7-a
sig: B2v


IleI’ll callcall foulefoul IncestIncest butbut aa VeniallVenial sinnesin.
Dut.DuchessDut.ColdCold stillstill: inin vainevain thenthen mustmust aa DutchesseDuchess woowoo?
Spu.SpurioSpu.MadamMadam II blushblush toto saysay whatwhat II willwill doodo.
Dut.DuchessDut.ThenceThence flewflew sweetsweet comfortcomfort, earnestearnest andand farewellfarewell.
Spu.SpurioSpu.OhOhO oneone incestuousincestuous kissekiss pickspicks openopen hellhell.
Dut.DuchessDut.FaithFaith nownow oldold DukeDuke; mymy vengeancevengeance shallshall reachreach highhigh,
IleI’ll armearm thythy browbrow withwith womanswoman’s HerauldrieHeraldry.ExitExit.
Spu.SpurioSpu.DukeDuke, thouthou didstdidst dodo meme wrongwrong, andand byby thythy ActAct
AdulteryAdultery isis mymy naturenature;
FaithFaith ifif thethe truthtruth werewere knowneknown, II waswas begotbegot
AfterAfter somesome gluttonousgluttonous dinnerdinner, somesome stirringstirring dishdish
WasWas mymy firstfirst fatherfather; whenwhen deepedeep healthshealths wentwent roundround,
AndAnd LadiesLadies’ladies’ cheekescheeks werewere paintedpainted redred withwith WineWine,
TheirTheir tonguestongues asas shortshort andand nimblenimble asas theirtheir heelesheels
VtteringUttering wordswords sweetsweet andand thickthick; andand whenwhen theythey riserise,
WereWere merrilymerrily disposddisposed toto fallfall agenagain,
InIn suchsuch aa whispringwhispering andand with-drawingwithdrawing hourehour,
WhenWhen base-male-Bawdsbase male-Bawdsbase-male-Bawds keptkept CentinellSentinelsentinel atat staire-headstairhead
WasWas II stolnestol’nstolen softlysoftly; ohoho damnationdamnation metmet
TheThe sinnesin ofof feastsfeasts, drunkendrunken adulteryadultery.
II feelefeel itit swellswell meme; mymy reuengerevenge isis iustjust,
II waswas begotbegot inin impudentimpudent WineWine andand LustLust:
Step-motherStepmother II consentconsent toto thythy desiresdesires,
II louelove thythy mischiefemischief wellwell, butbut II hatehate theethee,
AndAnd thosethose threethree CubsCubs thythy sonnessons, wishingwishing confusionconfusion
DeathDeath andand disgracedisgrace maymay bebe theirtheir EpitaphsEpitaphs,
AsAs forfor mymy brotherbrother thethe DukesDuke’s onelyonly sonneson,
WhoseWhose birthbirth isis moremore beholdingbeholding toto reportreport
ThenThan minemine, andand yetyet perhapsperhaps asas falselyfalsely sownesown.
(WomenWomen mustmust notnot bebe trustedtrusted withwith theirtheir owneown)
IleI’ll looselooselose mymy dayesdays vponupon himhim hatehate allall II,
DukeDuke onon thythy browebrow IleI’ll drawedraw mymy BastardieBastardy.
ForFor indeedindeed aa bastardbastard byby naturenature shouldshould makemake CuckoldsCuckolds,
BecauseBecause hehe isis thethe sonneson ofof aa Cuckold-makerCuckold-maker.ExitExit.
EnterEnter VindiciVindici andand HippolitoHippolito, VindiciVindici inin disguisedisguise toto
attendattend L.LordL. LussuriosoLussurioso thethe DukesDuke’s sonneson.

Vind.VindiceVind.WhatWhat brotherbrother? amam II farrefar inoughenough fromfrom my selfemyself?
Hip.HippolitoHip.AsAs ifif anotheranother manman hadhad beenebeen sentsent wholewhole

img: 7-b
sig: B3r


IntoInto thethe worldworld, andand nonenone wistwist howhow hehe camecame.
Vind.VindiceVind.ItIt wilwill confirmeconfirm meme bouldbold: thethe childchild a’ao’ thth’ CourtCourt,
LetLet blushesblushes dwelldwelli’thdwell i’thi’th’ CountryCountry impudenceimpudence!
ThouThou GoddesseGoddess ofof thethe pallacepalace, MistrsMistressmistress ofof MistessesMistresses
ToTo whomwhom thethe costlycostly perfumd-peopleperfumed-people praypray,
StrikeStrike thouthou mymy fore-headforehead intointo dauntlessedauntless MarbleMarble;
MineMine eyeseyes toto steadysteady SaphiresSapphiresSaphires: turneturn mymy visagevisage,
AndAnd ifif II mustmust needesneeds glowglow, letlet meme blushblush inwardinward
ThatThat thisthis immodestimmodest seasonseason maymay notnot spyspy,
ThatThat schollerscholar inin mymy cheekescheeks, foole-bashfullnesfoolefool-bashfulnessfool bashfullnes bashfulness.
ThatThat MaideMaid inin thethe oldold timetime, whosewhose flushflush ofof GraceGrace
WouldWould neuernever suffersuffer herher toto getget goodgood cloathsclothes;
OurOur maidesmaids areare wiserwiser; andand areare lesseless ashamdashamed,
SaueSave GraceGrace thethe bawdebawd II seldomeseldom hearehear GraceGrace nam’dnamed!
Hip.HippolitoHip.NayNay brotherbrother youyou reachreach outout a’tho’th’ VergeVerge nownow, Sfoote’Sfoot’sfoot
thethe DukesDuke’s sonneson, settlesettle youryour lookeslooks.
Vind.VindiceVind.PrayPray letlet meme notnot bebe doubteddoubted.Hip.HippolitoHip.MyMy LordLord
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.HipolitoHippolitoHipolito? bebe absentabsent leaueleave vsus.
Hip.HippolitoHip.MyMy LordLord afterafter longlong searchsearch, warywary inquiryesinquiries
AndAnd politickpolitic siftingssiftings, II mademade choisechoice ofof yonyonyond fellowfellow,
WhomWhom II gesseguess rarerare forfor manymany deepedeep imploymentsemployments;
ThisThis ourour ageage swimsswims withinwithin himhim: andand ifif TimeTime
HadHad soso muchmuch hayrehair, II shouldshould taketake himhim forfor TimeTime,
HeHe isis soso neerenear kinnekin toto thisthis presentpresent minuteminute?
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.Tis’Tis ynoughenough.
WeWe thankethank theethee: yetyet wordswords areare butbut great-mensgreat men’sgreat-men’s blanckesblanks
GoldGold thothough itit bebe dumdumb do’sdoes vtterutter thethe bestbest thankesthanks.
Hip.HippolitoHip.YourYour plenteousplenteonsplenteous honorhonour anan exlentexc’llent fellowfellow mymy LordLord.
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.SoSo, giuegive vsus leaueleave welcomewelcome, beebe notnot farfar offoff, wewe mustmust beebe
betterbetter acquaintedacquainted, pushpush, bebe bouldbold withwith vsus, thythy handhand:
Vind.VindiceVind.WithWith allall mymy heartheart yfaithi’faith howhow dostdost sweetesweet Musk-catMusk-cat.
WhenWhen shallshall wewe lielie togithertogether?
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.WondrousWondrous knaueknave!
GatherGather himhim intointo bouldnesseboldness, Sfoote’Sfoot’sfoot thethe slaue’sslave’s
AlreadyAlready asas familiarfamiliar asas anan AgueAgue,
AndAnd shakesshakes meme atat hishis pleasurepleasure, friendfriend II cancan
ForgetForget my selfemyself inin priuateprivate, butbut elseelse wherewhere,
II praypray dodo youyou rememberremember meme.

img: 8-a
sig: B3v


Vind.VindiceVind.OhOhO veryvery wellwell sirsir II consterconsterconstrue my selfemyself sawcysaucy!
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.WhatWhat hasthast beenebeen,
OfOf whatwhat professionprofession.
Vind.VindiceVind.AA bone-setterbone-setterbonesetter!Luss.LussuriosoLuss.AA bone-setterbone-setterbonesetter!
Vind.VindiceVind.AA bawdebawd mymy LordLord,
OneOne thatthat settssets bonesbones togithertogether.
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.NotableNotable bluntnessebluntness?
FitFit, fitfit forfor meme, e’ene’en trayndtrained vpup toto mymy handhand
ThouThou hasthast beenebeen ScriuenerScrivener tototoo muchmuch knaueryknavery thenthen.
Vind.VindiceVind.FooleFool, toto abundanceabundance sirsir; II hauehave beenebeen witnessewitness
ToTo thethe surrenderssurrenders ofof aa thousandthousand virginsvirgins,
AndAnd notnot soso littlelittle,
II hauehave seeneseen PatrimonyesPatrimonies washtwashed a peicesa-piecesa pieces
Fruit-feildsFruit-fields turndturned intointo bastardsbastards,
AndAnd inin aa worldworld ofof AcresAcres,
NotNot soso muchmuch dustdust duedue toto thethe heireheir t’wast’waswas leftleft toototoo
AsAs wouldwould wellwell grauellgravel aa petitionpetition!
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.FineFine villainevillain? trothtroth II likelike himhim wonderouslywondrously
HeesHe’s e’ene’en shaptshaped forfor mymy purposepurpose, thenthenthan thouthou knowstknow’stknowest
IthI’th’i’th’ worldworld strangestrange lustlust.
Vind.VindiceVind.OO DutchDutch lustlust! fulsomefulsome lustlust!
DrunckenDrunken procrearionprocreationprocrearionprocreation, whichwhich begetsbegets, soso manymany drunckardsdrunkards;
SomeSome fatherfather dreadsdreads notnot (gonnegone toto beddebed inin winewine) toto slideslide fromfrom
thethe mothermother,
AndAnd clingcling thethe daughter-in-lawdaughter-in-law,
SomeSome VnclesUnclesuncles areare adulterousadulterous withwith theirtheir NeecesNieces,
BrothersBrothers withwith brothersbrothers’brother’s wiueswives, OOOh howrehour ofof IncestIncest!
AnyAny kinkin nownow nextnext toto thethe RimRim atho’th’ sistersister
IsIs mansman’s meatemeat inin thesethese dayesdays, andand inin thethe morningmorning
WhenWhen theythey areare vpup andand drestdressed, andand theirtheir maskemask onon,
WhoWho cancan perceiueperceive thisthis? sauesave thatthat eternalleternal eyeeye
ThatThat see’sseessee’s throughthrough fleshflesh andand allall, wellwell: IfIf anyany thingthing bebe dambddamned?
ItIt willwill bebe tweluetwelve a clocko’clock atat nightnight; thatthat tweluetwelve
WillWill neuernever scapescape;
ItIt isis thethe IudasJudasjudas ofof thethe howershours; whereinwherein,
HonestHonest saluationsalvation isis betraydebetrayed toto sinsin,
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.InIntrothIntrothIn trothtroth itit isis tootoo? butbut letlet thisthis talketalk glideglide
ItIt isis ourour bloudblood toto erreerr, thothough hellhell gaptegaped lowdeloud

img: 8-b
sig: B4r


LadiesLadies knowknow LuciferLucifer fellfell, yetyet stillstill areare proudeproud!
NowNow sirsir? wertwert thouthou asas secretsecret asas thou’rtthou’rt subtilsubtle,
AndAnd deepelydeeply fadomdfathomed intointo allall estatesestates
II wouldwould embraceembrace theethee forfor aa neerenear imploymentemployment,
AndAnd thouthou shouldstshouldst swellswell inin moneymoney, andand bebe ableable
ToTo makemake lamelame beggersbeggars crouchcrouch toto theethee.
Vind.VindiceVind.MyMy LordLord?
SecretSecret? II nerene’er hadhad thatthat diseasedisease atho’th’ mothermother
II praisepraise mymy fatherfather: whywhy areare menmen mademade closseclose?
ButBut toto keepekeep thoughtsthoughts inin bestbest, II grantgrant youyou thisthis
TellTell butbut somesome womanwoman aa secretsecret ouer nightouerovernightover night night,
YourYour doctordoctor maymay findefind itit inin thethe vrinallurinal ithi’th’ morningmorning,
ButBut mymy LordLord.
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.SoSo, thou’rtthou’rt confirmdconfirmed inin meeme
AndAnd thusthus II enterenter theethee.
Vind.VindiceVind.ThisThis IndianIndian diuilldevil,
WillWill quicklyquickly enterenter anyany manman: butbut aa VsurerUsurer,
HeHe preuentsprevents thatthat, byby entringent’ringentering thethe diuilldevil firstfirst.
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.AttendAttend meme, II amam pastpast mymy depthdephtdepth inin lustlust
AndAnd II mustmust swimswim oror drownedrown, allall mymy desiresdesires
AreAre leueldlevelled atat aa VirginVirgin notnot farfar fromfrom CourtCourt,
ToTo whomwhom II hauehave conuaydeconveyed byby MessengerMessenger
ManyMany waxtwaxed LinesLines, fullfull ofof mymy neatestneatest spiritspirit,
AndAnd iewellsjewels thatthat werewere ableable toto rauishravish herher
WithoutWithout thethe helpehelp ofof manman; allall whichwhich andand moremore
SheeShe foolishfoolish chastchaste sentsent backback, thethe messengersmessengers,
ReceiuingReceiving frownesfrowns forfor answeresanswers.
Tis’Tis aa rarerare PhænixPhaenixPhoenix who erewhowhoe’erwho ere ere sheshe beebe,
IfIf youryour desiresdesires bebe suchsuch, sheshe soso repugnantrepugnant,
InIn trothtroth mymy LordLord idei’dI’d bebe reuengderevenged andand marrymarry herher.
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.PushPush; thethe dourydowry ofof herher bloudblood &and ofof herher fortunesfortunes,
AreAre bothboth tootoo meanemean, goodgood ynoughenough toto bebe badbad withalwithal
ImeI’m oneone ofof thatthat numbernumber cancan defenddefend
MarriageMarriage isis goodgood: yetyet ratherrather keepekeep aa friendfriend,
GiueGive meme mymy bedbed byby stealthstealth theresthere’s truetrue delightdelight
WhatWhat breedsbreeds aa loathingloathing in’tin’t, butbut nightnight byby nightnight.
Vind.VindiceVind.AA veryvery finefine relligionreligion?

img: 9-a
sig: B4v


Luss.LussuriosoLuss.ThereforeTherefore thusthus,
IleHeI’llHe trusttrust theethee inin thethe businessebusiness ofof mymy heartheart
BecauseBecause II seesee theethee welwell experienc’stexperienced
InIn thisthis LuxuriousLuxurious dayday whereinwherein wewe breathbreathebreath,
GoGo thouthou, andand withwith aa smoothsmooth enchauntingenchanting tonguetongue
BewitchBewitch herher earesears, andand CouzenCousin herher ofof allall GraceGrace
EnterEnter vponupon thethe portionportion ofof herher soulesoul,
HerHer honorhonour, whichwhich sheshe callscalls herher chastitychastity
AndAnd bringbring itit intointo expenceexpense, forfor honestyhonesty
IsIs likelike aa stockstock ofof moneymoney laydlaid toto sleepesleep,
WhichWhich nerene’er soso littlelittle brokebroke, do’sdoes neuernever keepkeep:
Vind.VindiceVind.YouYou hauehave gintgiv’n ’tgint thethe TangTang yfaithi’faith mymy LordLord
MakeMake knowneknown thethe LadyLady toto meme, andand mymy brainebrain,
ShallShall swellswell withwith strangestrange InuentionInvention: II willwill mouemove itit
TillTill II expireexpire withwith speakingspeaking, andand dropdrop downedown
WithoutWithout aa wordword toto sauesave meme; butbut ilei’llI’ll workework
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.WeWe thankethank theethee, andand willwill raiseraise theethee: receiuereceive herher namename,
itit isis thethe onlyonly daughterdaughter, toto MadameMadammadam GratianaGratiana thethe latelate widdowwidow..
Vind.VindiceVind.OhOhO, mymy sistersister, mymy sistersister? Luss.LussuriosoLuss.WhyWhy dostdost walkewalk asideaside?
Vind.VindiceVind.MyMy LordLord, II waswas thinkingthinking howhow II mightmight beginbegin
AsAs thusthus, ohoho LadieLady oror twentytwenty hundredhundred deuicesdevices,
HerHer veryvery bodkinbodkin willwill putput aa manman inin.
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.IAyay, oror thethe waggingwagging ofof herher hairehair.
VindVindiceVindNoNo, thatthat shallshall putput youyou inin mymy LordLord.
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.Shal’tShall’tShalt? whywhy contentcontent, dostdost knowknow thethe daughterdaughter thenthen?
Vind.VindiceVind.OO exlentexc’llent wellwell byby sightsight.
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.ThatThat waswas herher brotherbrother
ThatThat diddid preferprefer theethee toto vsus.
Vind.VindiceVind.MyMy LordLord II thinkethink soso,
II knewknew II hadhad seeneseen himhim some wheresomewhere
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.AndAnd thereforetherefore pree-theeprithee letlet thythy heartheart toto himhim,
BeBe asas aa VirginVirgin, closseclose.Vind.VindiceVind.OhOhO meme goodgood LordLord.
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.WeWe maymay laughlaugh atat thatthat simplesimple ageage withinwithin himhim;
Vind.VindiceVind.HaHa, haha, haha.
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.HimselfeHimself beingbeing mademade thethe subtillsubtle instrumentinstrument,
ToTo windewind vpup aa goodgood fellowfellow.
Vind.VindiceVind.That’sThat’s II mymy LordLord.
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.That’sThat’s thouthou.

img: 9-b
sig: C1r


ToTo enticeentice andand workework hishis sistersister.
Vind.VindiceVind.AA purepure nouicenovice?Luss.LussuriosoLuss.T’was’TwasWas finelyfinely manag’dmanaged.
Vind.VindiceVind.GallantlyGallantly carriedcarried;
AA prety-perfumdepretty-perfumed villainevillain.
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.I’ueI’ve bethoughtbethought meme
IfIf sheshe prooueprove chastchaste stillstill andand immoueableimmovable,
VentureVenture vponupon thethe MotherMother, andand withwith giftesgifts
AsAs II willwill furnishfurnish theethee, beginbegin withwith herher.
Vin.VindiceVin.OhOhO fiefie, fiefie, that’sthat’s thethe wrongwrong endend mymy LordLord. Tis’Tis meeremere impos-impossibleimpos∣sibleimpossible
thatthat aa mothermother byby anyany giftsgifts shouldshould becomebecome aa bawdebawd toto herher
owneown DaughterDaughter!
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.NayNay thenthen II seesee thou’rtthou’rt butbut aa punypuny inin thethe subtillsubtle MisteryMystery ofof
aa womanwoman: whywhy tis’tis heldheld nownow nono daintydainty dishdish: TheThe namename
IsIs soso inin leagueleague withwith ageage, thatthat now adaiesnownowadaysnow adaies adays
ItIt do’sdoes EclipseEclipse threethree quartersquarters ofof aa MotherMother;
Vind.VindiceVind.DostDost soso mymy LordLord?
LetLet meme alonealone thenthen toto EclipseEclipse thethe fourthfourth.
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.WhyWhy wellwell saydsaid, comecome ilei’llI’ll furnishfurnish theethee, butbut firstfirst
sweareswear toto bebe truetrue inin allall.
Vind.VindiceVind.TrueTrue?Luss.LussuriosoLuss.NayNay butbut sweareswear!
Vind.VindiceVind.SweareSwear? II hopehope youryour honorhonour littlelittle doubtsdoubts mymy faythfaith.
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.YetYet forfor mymy humourshumour’s sakesake causecause II louelove swearingswearing.
Vind.VindiceVind.Cause’Cause’cause youyou louelove swearingswearing, slud’slud II willwill.
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.WhyWhy ynoughenough,
EreErelongEreErelong longlong lookelook toto bebe mademade ofof betterbetter stuffstuff.
Vind.VindiceVind.ThatThat willwill dodo wellwell indeedindeed mymy LordLord.
Luss.LussuriosoLuss.AttendAttend meme?
NowNow letlet meme burstburst, I’ueI’ve eateneaten NobleNoble poysonpoison,
WeWe areare mademade strangestrange fellowesfellows, brotherbrother, innocentinnocent villainesvillains,
WiltWilt notnot bebe angryangry whenwhen thouthou hearsthear’sthearst on’ton’t, thinkstthink’stthinkst thouthou?
IfaythI’faithi’faith thouthou shaltshalt; sweareswear meme toto foulefoul mymy sistersister.
SwordSword II durstdurst makemake aa promisepromise ofof himhim toto theethee,
ThouThou shaltshalt dis-heiredisheirdis-heir himhim, itit shallshall bebe thinethine honorhonour,
AndAnd yetyet nownow angryangry froathfroth isis downedown inin meme,
ItIt wouldwould notnot proueprove thethe meanestmeanest policypolicy
InIn thisthis disguizedisguise toto trytry thethe faythfaith ofof bothboth,
AnotherAnother mightmight hauehave hadhad thethe selfe sameselfeselfsameself same same officeoffice,

img: 10-a
sig: C1r


SomeSome slaueslave, thatthat wouldwould hauehave wroughtwrought effectuallyeffectually,
IAyI andand perhapsperhaps ore-wroughto’erwrought em’em, thereforetherefore II,
BeingBeing thoughtthought trauayldtravailed, willwill applyapply my selfemyself,
VntoUnto thethe selfe sameselfeselfsameself same same formeform, forgetforget mymy naturenature,
AsAs ifif nono partpart aboutabout meme werewere kinkin toto em’em,
SoSo touchtouch ’em’em, thothough II durstdurst almostaalmosta most most forfor goodgood,
VentureVenture mymy landslands inin heauenheaven vponupon theirtheir goodgood.ExitExit.
EnterEnter thethe discontenteddiscontented LordLord AntonioAntonio, whosewhose wifewife thethe DuchessesDuchess’sduchess’s
youngestyoungest SonneSon rauishtravished;; hehe DiscoueringDiscovering thethe bodybody ofof herher deaddead
toto certainecertain LordsLords: andand HippolitoHippolito.

L.LordL. Ant.AntonioAnt.DrawDraw neerernearer LordsLords andand bebe sadsad witnesseswitnesses
OfOf aa fayrefair comelycomely buildingbuilding newlynewly falnefall’nfallen,
BeingBeing falselyfalsely vnderminedundermined: violentviolent raperape
HasHas playdplayed aa gloriousglorious actact, beholdbehold mymy LordsLords
AA sightsight thatthat strikesstrikes manman outout ofof meme:
PieroPieroThatThat vertuousvirtuous LadyLady??Ant.AntonioAnt.PresidentPrecedentprecedent forfor wiueswives?
Hip.HippolitoHip.TheThe blushblush ofof manymany weomenwomen, whosewhose chastchaste presencepresence,
WouldWould enee’en callcall shameshame vpup toto theirtheir cheekescheeks,
AndAnd makemake palepale wantonwanton sinnerssinners hauehave goodgood colourscolours.
L.LordL. Ant.AntonioAnt.DeadDead!
HerHer honorhonour firstfirst drunkedrunk poysonpoison, andand herher lifelife,
BeingBeing fellowesfellows inin oneone househouse diddid pledgepledge herher honourhonour,
Pier.PieroPier.OO greefegrief ofof manymany!
L.LordL. Anto.AntonioAnto.II marktmarked notnot thisthis beforebefore.
AA prayerprayer BookeBook thethe pillowpillow toto herher cheekecheek,
ThisThis waswas herher richrich confectionconfection, andand anotheranother
Plaste’dPlast●●dPlasteredplastered inin herher rightright handhand, withwith aa leafeleaf tuckttucked vpup,
PoyntingPointing toto thesethese wordswords.
MeliusMelius virtutevirtute morimori, QuamQuam perper DedecusDedecus viuerevivere.
TrueTrue andand effectualleffectual itit isis indeedindeed.
Hip.HippolitoHip.MyMy LordLord sincesince youyou enuiteinvite vsus toto youryour sorrowessorrows,
LetsLet’slet’s truelytruly tast’emtaste ’em, thatthat withwith equallequal comfortcomfort,
AsAs toto our seluesourselves wewe maymay releiuerelieve youryour wrongswrongs,
WeWe hauehave greefegrief tootoo, thatthat yetyet walkeswalks withoutwithout TongTonguetongue,
CuræCuraeleuesCuraeCuraeleves leuesleves loquunturl●quunturloquuntur, MaioresMajoresMaiores stupentstupent.
L.LordL. Ant.AntonioAnt.YouYou dealedeal withwith truthtruth mymy LordLord.
LendLend meme butbut youryour AttentionsAttentions, andand IleI’ll cutcut
LongLong greefegrief intointo shortshort wordswords: lastlast reuellingrevelling nightnight.

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sig: C2r


WhenWhen Torch-lightTorchlight mademade anan artificiallartificial noonenoon
AboutAbout thethe CourtCourt, somesome CourtiersCourtiers inin thethe maskemasquemask,
PuttingPutting onon betterbetter facesfaces thenthan theirtheir owneown,
BeingBeing fullfull ofof frawdefraud andand flatteryflattery: amongstamongst whomewhom,
TheThe DuchesesDuchess’sduchess’s yongestyoungest sonneson (thatthat mothmoth toto honorhonour)
FildFilled vpup aa RoomeRoom; andand withwith longlong lustlust toto eateat,
IntoInto mymy wearingwearing; amongstamongst allall thethe LadyesLadies,
SingledSingled outout thatthat deeredear formeform; whowho euerwhowhoever euerever liu’dlived,
AsAs coldcold inin LustLust asas sheeshe isis nownow inin deathdeath;
(WhichWhich thatthat step Duchesstepstep-Duchessstep Duches Duchess MonsterMonster knewknew totooto wellwell;)
AndAnd thereforetherefore inin thethe heightheight ofof allall thethe reuellsrevels,
WhenWhen MusickMusic waswas hardhard lowdestloudest, CourtiersCourtiers busiestbusiest,
AndAnd LadiesLadies greatgreat withwith laughterlaughter; OOOh VitiousVicious minuteminute!
VnfitUnfit butbut forfor relationrelation toto bebe spokespoke ofof,
ThenThen withwith aa faceface moremore impudentimpudent thenthan hishis vizardvizard
HeHe harriedharried herher amidstamidstamid aa throngthrong ofof PandersPanders,
ThatThat liuelive vpponupon damnationdamnation ofof bothboth kindeskinds,
AndAnd fedfed thethe rauenousravenous vulturevulture ofof hishis lustlust,
(OOOh deathdeath toto thinkethink onton’t) sheshe herher honorhonour forcstforestforcedforest,
DeemdDeemed itit aa noblernobler dowrydowry forfor herher namename,
ToTo diedie withwith poysonpoison thenthanthen toto liuelive withwith shameshame.
Hip.HippolitoHip.AA wondrouswondrous LadyLady; ofof rarerare firefire compactcompact,
Sh’asSh’as mademade herher namename anan EmpresseEmpress byby thatthat actact,
Pier.PieroPier.MyMy LordLord whatwhat iudgementjudgement followesfollows thethe offenderoffender?
L.LordL. AntAntonioAntFaithFaith nonenone mymy LordLord itit coolescools andand isis deferddeferred,
Pier.PieroPier.DelayDelay thethe doomedoom forfor raperape?
L.LordL. Ant,AntonioAnt,OO youyou mustmust notenote whowho tis’tis shouldshould diedie,
TheThe DuchesseDuchess’Duchess sonneson, sheeleshe’ll lookelook toto bebe aa sauersaver,
"IudgmentJudgementjudgement inin thisthis ageage isis nerene’ernever kinkin toto fauourfavour.
Hip.HippolitoHip.NayNay thenthen stepstep forthforth thouthou BribelesseBribelessbribeless officerofficer;
II bindbind youyou allall inin steelesteel toto bindbind youyou surelysurely,
HeerHerehere letlet youryour othsoaths meetmeet, toto bebe keptkept andand paydpaid,
WhichWhich elseelse willwill stickestick likelike rustrust, andand shameshame thethe bladeblade,
StrengthenStrengthen mymy vowvow, thatthat ifif atat thethe nextnext sittingsitting,
IudgmentJudgementjudgement speakespeak allall inin goldgold, andand sparespare thethe bloudblood
OfOf suchsuch aa serpentserpent, e’ene’en beforebefore theirtheir seatsseats,
ToTo letlet hishis soulesoul outout, whichwhich longlong sincesince waswas foundfound,
GuiltyGuilty inin heauenheaven.

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sig: C2r


AllAll.WeWe sweareswear