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ComedieComedy, calledcalled
SummersSummer’s lastlast willwill andand

WrittenWritten byby ThomasThomas Nash.Nash.

ImprintedImprinted atat LondonLondon byby SimonSimon StaffordStafford,
forfor WaterWalterWater BurreBurreburr.

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lastlast willwill andand TestamentTestament.

EnterEnter WillWill SummersSummerSummer’s inin hishis foolesfool’s coatecoat butbut halfehalf onon,
commingcoming outout.

NOctemNOctemNoctem peccatispeccatis, &et fraudibusfraudibus obiiceobiice nubemnubem.
ThereThere isis nono suchsuch finefine timetime toto playplay thethe knaueknave
inin, asas thethe nightnight. II amam aa GooseGoose oror aa GhostGhost atat
leastleast; forfor whatwhat withwith turmoyleturmoil ofof gettinggetting mymy
foolesfool’s apparellapparel, andand carecare ofof beingbeing perfitperfect, II amam
suresure II hauehave notnot yetyet suptsupped to nighttonight. WillWill Sum-SummersSum∣mersSummer’s

GhostGhost II shouldshould bebe, comecome toto presentpresent youyou withwith SummersSummer’s
lastlast willwill, andand TestamentTestament. BeBe itit soso, ifif mymy cousincousin NedNed willwill lendlend
meme hishis ChayneChain andand hishis FiddleFiddle. OtherOther statelystately pac’tpaced ProloguesPrologues
vseuse toto attireattire themseluesthemselves withinwithin: II thatthat hauehave aa toytoy inin mymy headhead,
moremore thenthan ordinaryordinary, andand vseuse toto goego withoutwithout moneymoney, withoutwithout
gartersgarters, withoutwithout girdlegirdle, withoutwithout aa hat-bandhatband, withoutwithout poyntspoints toto
mymy hosehose, withoutwithout aa knifeknife toto mymy dinnerdinner, andand makemake soso muchmuch vseuse
ofof thisthis wordword withoutwithout, inin eueryevery thingthing, willwill herehere dressedress meme with-withoutwith∣outwithout
DickDick HuntleyHuntley cryescries, BeginBegin, beginbegin: andand allall thethe wholewhole
househouse, ForFor shameshame comecome awayaway; whenwhen II hadhad mymy thingsthings butbut nownow
broughtbrought meme outout ofof thethe LawndryLaundrylaundry. GodGod forgiueforgive meme, II diddid notnot
seesee mymy LordLord beforebefore. IleI’ll setset aa goodgood faceface onon itit, asas thoughthough whatwhat
II hadhad talkttalked idlyidly allall thisthis whilewhile, werewere mymy partpart. SoSo itit isis, boniboni viriviri,
thatthat oneone foolefool presentspresents anotheranother; andand II aa foolefool byby naturenature, andand
byby arteart, dodo speakespeak toto youyou inin thethe personperson ofof thethe IdiotIdiot ourour Play-PlaymakerPlay∣makerPlaymaker
HeHe likelike aa FoppeFop &and anan AsseAss, mustmust bebe makingmaking himselfehimself aa
publikepublic laughinglaughing stockstock, &and hauehave nono thankethank forfor hishis laborlabour; wherewhere
otherother MagisterijMagisteriiMagisterij, whosewhose inuentioninvention isis farrefar moremore exquisiteexquisite, areare
contentcontent toto sitsit stillstill, andand doedo nothingnothing. IleI’ll sheweshow youyou whatwhat aa

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Summers last will

scuruyscurvy ProloguePrologue hehe hadhad mademade meme inin anan oldold vayneveinvain ofof similitudessimilitudes:
ifif youyou beebe goodgood fellowesfellows, giuegive itit thethe hearinghearing, thatthat youyou maymay
iudgejudge ofof himhim thereafterthereafter.
TheThe ProloguePrologue.
ATAT aa solemnesolemn feastfeast ofof thethe TriumuiriTriumviriTriumuiri inin RomeRome, itit waswas seeneseen
andand obseruedobserved, thatthat thethe birdsbirds ceasedceased toto singsing, &and satesat solita-solitariesolita∣riesolitary
onon thethe househouse topstops, byby reasonreason ofof thethe sightsight ofof aa payntedpainted SerpēntSerpētSerpent
setset openlyopenly toto viewview. SoSo faresfares itit withwith vsus nouicesnovices, thatthat herehere betraybetray
ourour imperfectionsimperfections: wewe, afraidafraid toto lookelook onon thethe imaginaryimaginary serpentserpent
ofof EnuyEnvy, payntedpainted inin mensmen’s affectionsaffections, hauehave ceasedceased toto tunetune anyany
musikemusic ofof mirthmirth toto youryour earesears thisthis tweluemonthtwelvemonth, thinkingthinking, thatthat
asas itit isis thethe naturenature ofof thethe serpentserpent toto hissehiss: soso childhoodchildhood andand ig-ignoranceig∣noranceignorance
wouldwould playplay thethe goslingsgoslings, contemningcontemning, andand condem-condemningcondem∣ningcondemning
whatwhat theythey vnderstoodunderstood notnot. TheirTheir censurescensures wewe weyweigh notnot,
whosewhose sencessenses areare notnot yetyet vnswadledunswaddled. TheThe littlelittle minutesminutes willwill bebe
continuallycontinually strikingstriking, thoughthough nono manman regardregard themthem. WhelpesWhelps
willwill barkebark, beforebefore theythey cancan seesee, andand striuestrive toto bytebite, beforebefore theythey
hauehave teethteeth. PolitianusPolitianus speakethspeaketh ofof aa beastbeast, whowho, whilewhile heehe isis
cutcut onon thethe tabletable, drinkethdrinketh, andand representsrepresents thethe motionsmotions &and voy-voycesvoy∣cesvoicesvoyces
ofof aa liuingliving creaturecreature. SuchSuch likelike foolishfoolish beastsbeasts areare wewe, whowho,
whilestwhilst wewe areare cutcut, mockedmocked, &and flowtedflouted atat, inin eueryevery mansman’s com-commoncom∣moncommon
talketalk, willwill notwithstandingnotwithstanding proceedproceed toto shameshame our seluesourselves,
toto makemake sportsport. NoNo manman pleasethpleaseth allall, wewe seekeseek toto pleaseplease oneone.
DidymusDidymus wrotewrote fourefour thousandthousand bookesbooks, oror asas somesome saysay, sixsix thou-thousandthou∣sandthousand
ofof thethe arteart ofof GrammarGrammar. OurOur AuthourAuthor hopeshopes, itit maymay
bebe asas lawfulllawful forfor himhim toto writewrite aa thousandthousand lineslines ofof asas lightlight aa sub-subiectsub∣iectsubject
(whomwhom thethe OracleOracle pronouncedpronounced thethe wisestwisest manman
ofof GreeceGreece) sometimessometimes daunceddanced. ScipioScipio andand LeliusLaeliusLelius byby thethe sea-sea∣sideseaside
playedplayed atat peeble-stonepebble-stone. SemelSemel insaniuimusinsanivimus omnesomnes. EueryEvery
manman cannotcannot, withwith ArchimedesArchimedes, makemake aa heauenheaven ofof brassebrass, oror digdig
goldgold outout ofof thethe ironiron mynesmines ofof thethe lawelaw. SuchSuch oddeodd triflestrifles, asas
MathematiciansMathematicians’Mathematicians experimentsexperiments bebe, ArtificiallArtificial flyesflies toto hanghang inin thethe
ayreair byby themseluesthemselves, daunsingdancing ballesballs, anan egge-shelleggshell thatthat shallshall
clymeclimb vpup toto thethe toptop ofof aa spearespear, fieryfiery breathingbreathing goaresgoaresgores, PoetæPoetaePoetae
professethprofesseth notnot toto makemake. PlaceatPlaceat sibisibi quisq;quisquequisque licebitheebitheebitlicebit. What’sWhat’s
aa foolefool butbut hishis bablebabble? DeepeDeep reachingreaching witswits, heerehere isis nono deepedeep

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and Testament.

streamestream forfor youyou toto angleangle inin. MoralizersMoralisers, youyou thatthat wrestwrest aa ne-neuerne∣uernever
meantmeant meaningmeaning, outout ofof eueryevery thingthing, applyingapplying allall thingsthings toto
thethe presentpresent timetime, keepekeep youryour attentionattention forfor thethe commoncommon StageStage:
forfor herehere areare nono quipsquips inin CharactersCharacters forfor youyou toto readeread. VayneVain
glozersglozers, gathergather whatwhat youyou willwill. SpiteSpite, spellspell backwardsbackwards, whatwhat
thouthou canstcanst. AsAs thethe ParthiansParthians fightfight, flyingflying awayaway: soso willwill weewe
prateprate andand talketalk, butbut standstand toto nothingnothing thatthat wewe saysay.
HowHow saysay youyou, mymy mastersmasters, doedo youyou notnot laughlaugh atat himhim forfor aa
CoxcombeCoxcomb? WhyWhy, hehe hathhath mademade aa ProloguePrologue longerlonger thenthan hishis
PlayPlay: naynay, ’tis’tis nono PlayPlay neytherneither, butbut aa sheweshow. IleI’ll bebe swornesworn,
thethe IiggefiggesiggeJigfig ofof RowlandsRoland’s God-sonneGodson, isis aa GyantGiant inin comparisoncomparison
ofof itit. WhatWhat cancan bebe mademade ofof SummersSummer’s lastlast willwill &and TestamentTestament?
SuchSuch anotheranother thingthing, asas GyllianCyllianGillianCyllian ofof BraynfordsBrainford’s willwill, wherewhere sheeshe
bequeathedbequeathed aa scorescore ofof fartsfarts amongstamongst herher friendsfriends. ForsoothForsooth, be-becausebe∣causebecause
thethe plagueplague raignesreigns inin mostmost placesplaces inin thisthis latterlatter endend ofof sum-summersum∣mersummer
SummerSummer mustmust comecome inin sickesick: hehe mustmust callcall hishis officersofficers toto
accountaccount, yeeldyield hishis thronethrone toto AutumneAutumn, makemake WinterWinter hishis Exe-ExecutourExe∣cutourExecutorExecutour
withwith tittletittle tattletattle TomTom boyboy: GodGod giuegive youyou goodgood nightnight inin
WatlingWatling streetstreet. II carecare notnot whatwhat II saysay nownow: forfor II playplay nono moremore
thenthan youyou hearehear; &and somesome ofof thatthat youyou heardheard totooto (byby youryour leaueleave) waswas
extemporeextempore. HeHe werewere asas goodgood hauehave letlet meme hadhad thethe bestbest partpart:
forfor IleI’ll bebe reueng’drevenged onon himhim toto thethe vttermostuttermost, inin thisthis personperson ofof
WillWill SummerSummer, whichwhich II hauehave putput onon toto playplay thethe ProloguePrologue, andand
meanemean notnot toto putput offoff, tilltill thethe playplay bebe donedone. IleI’ll sitsit asas aa ChorusChorus,
andand flowteflout thethe ActorsActors andand himhim atat thethe endend ofof eueryevery SceaneScene: II
knowknow theythey willwill notnot interruptinterrupt meme, forfor fearefear ofof marringmarring ofof allall:
butbut lookelook toto youryour cuescues, mymy mastersmasters; forfor II intendintend toto playplay thethe
knaueknave inin cuecue, andand putput youyou besidesbesides allall youryour partsparts, ifif youyou taketake
notnot thethe betterbetter heedeheed. ActorsActors, youyou RoguesRogues, comecome awayaway, cleareclear
youryour throatsthroats, bloweblow youryour nosesnoses, andand wypewipe youryour mouthesmouths e’reere
youyou enterenter, thatthat youyou maymay taketake nono occasionoccasion toto spitspit oror toto coughcough,
whenwhen youyou areare non plusnonnonplusnonplusplus. AndAnd thisthis II barrebar ouerover andand besidesbesides,
ThatThat nonenone ofof youyou stroakestroke youryour beardesbeards, toto makemake actionaction, playplay
withwith youryour cod-piececodpiece poyntspoints, oror stādstand fumblingfumbling onon youryour buttonsbuttombuttonsbutton,
whenwhen youyou knowknow notnot howhow toto bestowbestow youryour fingersfingers. SerueServe GodGod,
andand actact cleanlycleanly; aa fitfit ofof mirthmirth, andand anan oldold songsong firstfirst, ifif youyou willwill.

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Summers last will

EnterEnter SummerSummer, leaningleaning onon AutumnesAutumn’sAutumns andand WintersWinter’s shouldersshoulders,
andand attendedattended onon withwith aa traynetrain ofof SatyrsSatyrs, andand wood-wood∣Nymphswood-Nymphswood∣Nymphs

FayreFair SummerSummer droopsdroops, droopedroop menmen andand beastsbeasts thereforetherefore:
SoSo fayrefair aa summersummer lookelook forfor neuernever moremore.
AllAll goodgood thingsthings vanishvanish, lesseless thenthan inin aa dayday,
PeacePeace, plentyplenty, pleasurepleasure sodainelysuddenly decaydecay.
GoeGo notnot yetyet awayaway brightbright soulesoul ofof thethe sadsadyearesad yeareyear.
TheThe earthearth isis hellhell, whenwhen thouthou leau’stlean’stleav’stleanest toto appeareappear.
WhatWhat, shallshall thosethose flowresflowers thatthat decktdecked thythy garlandgarland ersterst,
VponUpon thythy grauegrave bebe wastfullywastefully disperstdispersed?
OO treestrees, consumeconsume youryour sapsap inin sorrowessorrow’s soursesource.
StreamesStreams, turneturn toto tearestears youryour tributarytributary coursecourse.
GoeGo notnot yetyet hencehence, brightbright soulesoul ofof thethe sadsadyearesad yeareyear.
TheThe earthearth isis hellhell, whenwhen thouthou leau’stleav’st toto appeareappear.

TheThe SatyrsSatyrs andand wood-Nymphswood-Nymphs goego outout singingsinging, andand leaueleave
SummerSummer andand WinterWinter andand AutumneAutumn onon thethe stagestage.

Will.Will. SummerSummer.AA couplecouple ofof prattypretty boyesboys, ifif theythey wouldwould washwash
theirtheir facesfaces, andand werewere wellwell breechtbreeched anan hourehour oror twotwo. TheThe restrest
ofof thethe greenegreen menmen hauehave reasonablereasonable voycesvoices, goodgood toto singsing cat-catchescat∣chescatches
oror thethe greatgreat IowbenJowbenjowben byby thethe firesfire’s sideside, inin aa winterswinter’s eueningevening.
ButBut letlet vsus hearehear whatwhat SummerSummer cancan saysay forfor himselfehimself, whywhy heehe
shouldshould notnot bebe histhissed atat.
SummerSummer.WhatWhat pleasurepleasure alwayalways lastslasts??: nono ioyjoy enduresendures:
SummerSummer II waswas, II amam notnot asas II waswas:
HaruestHarvest andand ageage hauehave whit’nedwhitened mymy greenegreen headhead:
OnOn AutumneAutumn nownow andand WinterWinter mustmust II leanelean.
NeedsNeeds mustmust hehe fallfall, whomwhom nonenone butbut foesfoes vpholduphold.
ThusThus mustmust thethe happiesthappiest manman hauehave hishis blackeblack dayday.
OmnibusOmnibus vnauna manetmanesmanetmanes noxnox, &et calcandacalcanda semelsemel viavia lethilaethilaethilethi.
ThisThis monthmonth hauehave II laynelain languishinglanguishing a beda-bed,
LookingLooking echeeach hourehour toto yeeldyield mymy lifelife, andand thronethrone;
AndAnd dydedied II hadhad in deedinindeedin deed deed vntounto thethe earthearth,
ButBut thatthat ElizaEliza EnglandsEngland’s beauteousbeauteous QueeneQueen,
OnOn whomwhom allall seasonsseasons prosperouslyprosperously attendattend,
ForbadForbade thethe executionexecution ofof mymy fatefate,

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and Testament.

VntillUntil herher ioyfulljoyful progresseprogress waswas expir’dexpired.
ForFor herher dothdoth SummerSummer liuelive, andand lingerlinger herehere,
AndAnd wishethwisheth longlong toto liuelive toto herher contentcontent:
ButBut wisheswishes areare notnot hadhad whenwhen theythey wishwish wellwell.
II mustmust departdepart, mymy death-daydeath-day isis setset downedown:
ToTo thesethese twotwo mustmust II leaueleave mymy wheatenwheaten crownecrown.
SoSo vntounto vnthriftsunthrifts richrich menmen leaueleave theirtheir landslands,
WhoWho inin anan hourehour consumeconsume longlong labourslabour’slabours gaynesgains.
TrueTrue isis itit thatthat diuinestdivinest SidneySidney sungsung,
OOOh, hehe isis mardmarred, thatthat isis forfor othersothers mademade.
ComeCome neerenear, mymy friendsfriends, forfor II amam neerenear mymy endend.
InIn presencepresence ofof thisthis HonourableHonourable traynetrain,
WhoWho louelove meme (forfor II patronizepatronize theirtheir sportssports)
MeaneMean II toto makemake mymy finallfinal TestamentTestament:
ButBut firstfirst IleI’ll callcall mymy officersofficers toto countcount,
AndAnd ofof thethe wealthwealth II gauegave themthem toto disposedispose,
KnowKnow whatwhat isis leftleft. II maymay knowknow whatwhat toto giuegive
VertumnusVertumnus thenthen, thatthat turnstturnst thethe yereyear aboutabout.
SummonSummon themthem oneone byby oneone toto answereanswer meme,
FirstFirst VerVer, thethe springspring, vntounto whosewhose custodycustody
II hauehave committedcommitted moremore thenthan toto thethe restrest:
TheThe choysechoice ofof allall mymy fragrantfragrant meadesmeads andand flowresflowers,
AndAnd whatwhat delightsdelights soe’resoe’er naturenature affordsaffords.
Vertum.VertumnusVertum.II willwill, mymy LordLord. VerVer, lustylusty VerVer, byby thethe namename ofof
lustylusty VerVer, comecome intointo thethe courtcourt, loselose aa markemark inin issuesissues.
EnterEnter VerVer withwith hishis traynetrain, ouerlaydoverlaid withwith suitessuits ofof greenegreen mossemoss,
representingrepresenting shortshort grassegrass, singingsinging.

TheThe SongSong.
SpringSpring, thethe sweetesweet springspring, isis thethe yeresyear’syears pleasantpleasant KingKing,
ThenThenThan bloomesblooms echeeach thingthing, thenthenthan maydesmaids dauncedance inin aa ringring,
ColdCold doethdoth notnot stingsting, thethe prettypretty birdsbirds doedo singsing,
CuckowCuckoo, iuggejug, iuggejug, pupu wewe, toto wittawitta woowoo.
TheThe PalmePalm andand MayMay makemake countreycountry houseshouses gaygay.
LambsLambs friskefrisk andand playplay, thethe ShepherdsShepherd’sshepherd’s pypepipe allall dayday,
AndAnd wewe hearehear ayeaye, birdsbirds tunetune thisthis merrymerry laylay,
CuckowCuckoo, iuggejug, iuggejug, pupu wewe, toto wittawitta woowoo.

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Summers last will

TheThe fieldsfields breathebreathe sweetesweet, thethe dayziesdaisies kissekiss ourour feetefeet,
YoungYoung louerslovers meetemeet, oldold wiueswives a sunningaa-sunninga sunning sunning sitsit:
InIn eueryevery streetestreet, thesethese tunestunes ourour earesears doedo greetegreet,
CuckowCuckoo, iuggejug, iuggejug, pupu wewe, toto wittawitta woowoo.
SpringSpring thethe sweetesweet springspring.

WillWill SummerSummer.ByBy mymy trothtroth, theythey hauehave voycesvoices asas cleareclear asas
ChristallCrystal: thisthis isis aa prattypretty thingthing, ifif itit bebe forfor nothingnothing butbut toto goego
a begginga-begging withwith.
SummersSummer:BeleeueBelieve meme, VerVer, butbut thouthou artart pleasantpleasant bentbent,
ThisThis humorhumour shouldshould importimport aa harmlesseharmless mindemind:
KnowstKnow’stknow’st thouthou thethe reasonreason whywhy II sentsent forfor theethee?
Ver.Ver.NoNo faithfaith, nornor carecare notnot, whetherwhether II dodo oror nono.
IfIf youyou willwill dauncedance aa GalliardGalliard, soso itit isis: ifif notnot, FalangtadoFalangtado, Fa-FalangtadoFa∣langtadoFalangtado
toto wearewear thethe blackeblack andand yellowyellow: FalangtadoFalangtado, Falāg-Falāg∣tadoFalangtado
mymy matesmates areare gonegone, IleI’ll followefollow.
SummerSummer.NayNay, staystay aa whilewhile, wewe mustmust conferconfer andand talketalk.
VerVer, callcall toto mindmind II amam thythy soueraignesovereign LordLord,
AndAnd whatwhat thouthou hasthast, ofof meme thouthou hasthast, andand holdsthold’st.
VntoUnto nono otherother endend II sentsent forfor theethee.
ButBut toto demaunddemand aa reckoningreckoning atat thythy handshands,
HowHow wellwell oror illill thouthou hasthast imploydemployed mymy wealthwealth.
Ver.Ver.IfIf thatthat bebe allall, wewe willwill notnot disagreedisagree.
AA cleaneclean trenchertrencher andand aa napkinnapkin youyou shallshall hauehave presentlypresently.
WillWill SummerSummer.TheThe truthtruth isis, thisthis fellowfellow hathhath binbeen aa tapstertapster inin
hishis daiesdays.
VerVer goesgoes inin, andand fetchethfetcheth outout thethe Hobby horseHobbyHobby-horseHobby horse horse &and thethe morrismorris
dauncedance, whowho dauncedance aboutabout.

SummerSummer.HowHow nownow? isis thisthis thethe reckoningreckoning wewe shallshall hauehave?
WinterWinter.MyMy LordLord, hehe dothdoth abuseabuse youyou: brookebrook itit notnot.
AutumneAutumn.SummaSumma totalistotalis II fearefear willwill proueprove himhim butbut aa foolefool.
Ver.Ver.AboutAbout, aboutabout, liuelylively, putput youryour horsehorse toto itit, reynerein himhim
harderharder, ierkejerk himhim withwith youryour wandwand, sitsit fastfast, sitsit fastfast, manman; foolefoclefoolfocle,
holdhold vpup youryour ladleladle therethere.
WillWill SummerSummer.OO brauebrave hallhall! OO, wellwell saydsaid, butcherbutcher. NowNow forfor
thethe creditcredit ofof WostershireWorcestershireWostershire. TheThe finestfinest setset ofof Morris-dauncersMorris dancersMorris-dancers
thatthat isis betweenebetween thisthis andand StrethamStreathamStretham: marymarry, me thinksmethinks therethere isis

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and Testament.

oneone ofof themthem daūcethdaūcethdanceth likelike aa ClothyersClothier’sclothier’s horsehorse, withwith aa wool-packwoolpack
onon hishis backeback. YouYou friendfriend withwith thethe Hobby-horseHobby-horse, goego notnot
tootoo fastfast, forfor fearefear ofof wearingwearing outout mymy LordsLord’sLords tyle-stonestilestonestile-stones withwith
youryour hob-nayleshobnails.
Ver.Ver.SoSo, soso, soso, trottrot thethe ringring twisetwice ouerover, andand awayaway. MayMay itit
pleaseplease mymy LordLord, thisthis isis thethe grandgrand capitallcapital summesum, butbut therethere areare
certaynecertain parcelsparcels behindbehind, asas youyou shallshall seesee.
SummerSummer.NayNay, naynay, nono moremore; forfor thisthis isis allall tootoo muchmuch.
Ver.Ver.ContentContent your selfeyourself, we’lewe’ll hauehave varietyvariety.
HereHere enterenter 3.three3. ClownesClowns, &and 3.three3. maidsmaids, singingsinging thisthis songsong, daunsingdancing.
TripTrip andand goego, heaueheave andand hoeho,
VpUp andand downedown toto andand frofro,
FromFrom thethe townetown, toto thethe grouegrove,
TwoTwo, andand twotwo, letlet vsus rouerove
A MayingA-Mayinga-Maying, a playingaa-playinga playing playing:
LoueLove hathhath nono gainsayinggainsaying:
SoSo merrilymerrily triptrip andand goego.

WillWill SummerSummer.BeshrewBeshrew mymy heartheart, ofof aa numbernumber ofof illill legslegs, II
neuernever sawesaw worseworse daunsersdancers: howhow blestblessed areare youyou, thatthat thethe wen-wencheswen∣cheswenches
ofof thethe parishparish doedo notnot seesee youyou!
SummerSummer.PresumptuousPresumptuous VerVer, vnciuill nurturdevnciuilluncivil-nurtureduncivil nurturde nurtured boyboy,
Think’stThink’stThinkest II willwill bebe deridedderided thusthus ofof theethee?
IsIs thisthis th’accountth’account andand reckoningreckoning thatthat thouthou mak’stmak’st?
Ver.Ver.TrothTroth, mymy LordLord, toto telltell youyou playneplain, II cancan giuegive youyou
nono otherother accountaccount: namnam quæquaequae habuihabui, perdidipordidipordidiperdidi; whatwhat II hadhad, II hauehave
spentspent onon goodgood fellowesfellows, inin thesethese sportssports youyou hauehave seeneseen, whichwhich
areare properproper toto thethe SpringSpring, andand othersothers ofof likelike sortsort, (asas giuinggiving
wencheswenches greenegreen gownesgowns, makingmaking garlandsgarlands forfor FencersFencers, andand
trickingtricking vpup childrenchildren gaygay) hauehave II bestowdebestowed allall mymy flowryflowery trea-treasuretrea∣suretreasure
andand flowreflower ofof mymy youthyouth.
WillWill SummerSummer.AA smallsmall mattermatter. II knoweknow oneone spentspent inin lesseless
thenthan aa yereyear, eyghteight andand fiftyfifty poundspounds inin mustardmustard, andand an otheranother
thatthat ranneran inin detdebt, inin thethe spacespace ofof fourefour oror fiuesiuefive yeereyear, aboueabove
foureteenefourteen thousandthousand poundpound inin lutelute stringsstrings andand graygrey paperpaper.
SummerSummer.OO monstrousmonstrous vnthriftunthrift, who e’rewhoe’er heardheard thethe likelike?
TheThe seassea’sseas vastvast throatethroat inin soso shortshort tracttract ofof timetime,

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Summers last will

DeuourethDevoureth nornor consumethconsumeth halfehalf soso muchmuch.
HowHow wellwell mightstmightst thouthou hauehave liu’dlived withinwithin thythy boundsbounds?
Ver.Ver.WhatWhat talketalk youyou toto meme, ofof liuingliving withinwithin mymy boundsbounds? II
telltell youyou, nonenone butbut AssesAsses liuelive withinwithin theirtheir boundsbounds: thethe sillysilly
beastsbeasts, ifif theythey bebe putput inin aa pasturepasture, thatthat isis eateneaten barebare toto thethe veryvery
earthearth, &and wherewhere therethere isis nothingnothing toto bebe hadhad butbut thistlesthistles, willwill ra-ratherra∣therrather
fallfall soberlysoberly toto thosethose thistlesthistles, andand bebe hungerstaru’dhunger-starved, thenthan
theythey willwill offeroffer toto breakebreak theirtheir boundsbounds; whereaswhereas thethe lustylusty cour-coursercour∣sercourser
ifif hehe bebe inin aa barraynebarren plotplot, andand spyespy betterbetter grassegrass inin somesome
pasturepasture neerenear adioyningadjoining, breakesbreaks ouerover hedgehedge andand ditchditch, andand
toto goego, e’reere hehe willwill bebe pentpent inin, andand notnot hauehave hishis bellybelly fullfull. Per-PeraduenturePer∣aduenturePeradventure
thethe horseshorses latelylately swornesworn toto bebe stolnestolen, carriedcarried thatthat
youthfullyouthful mindmind, whowho, ifif theythey hadhad benebeen AssesAsses, wouldwould hauehave benebeen
yetyet extantextant.
WillWill SummersSummerSummer.ThusThus wewe maymay seesee, thethe longerlonger wewe liuelive, thethe
moremore weewe shallshall learnelearn: II ne’rene’ernever thoughtthought honestiehonesty anan asseass, tilltill
thisthis dayday.
Ver.Ver.ThisThis worldworld isis transitorytransitory, itit waswas mademade ofof nothingnothing, andand
itit mustmust toto nothingnothing: whereforewherefore, ifif weewe willwill doedo thethe willwill ofof ourour
highhigh CreatourCreator, (whosewhose willwill itit isis, thatthat itit passepass toto nothingnothing) weewe
mustmust helpehelp toto consumeconsume itit toto nothingnothing. GoldGold isis moremore vilevile thenthan
menmen: MenMen dyedie inin thousandsthousands, andand tenten thousandsthousands, yeayea, manymany
timestimes inin hundrethhundred thousandsthousands inin oneone battailebattle. IfIf thenthen, thethe bestbest
husbandhusband beebe soso liberallliberal ofof hishis bestbest handyworkehandiwork, toto whatwhat endeend
shouldshould wewe makemake muchmuch ofof aa glitteringglittering excrementexcrement, oror doubtdoubt toto
spendspend atat aa banketbanquet asas manymany poundspounds, asas hehe spendsspends menmen atat aa bat-battailebat∣tailebattle
Me thinkesMethinksmethinks II honourhonour GetaGeta thethe RomaneRoman EmperourEmperor, forfor
aa brauebrave mindedminded fellowfellow: forfor hehe commaundedcommanded aa banketbanquet toto beebe
mademade himhim ofof allall meatsmeats vnderunder thethe SunneSun; whichwhich werewere seruedserved inin
afterafter thethe orderorder ofof thethe AlphabetAlphabet; andand thethe ClarkeClerkclerk ofof thethe kitchinkitchen
followingfollowing thethe lastlast dishdish (whichwhich waswas twotwo milemile offoff fromfrom thethe for-formostfor∣mostforemost
broughtbrought himhim anan IndexIndex ofof theirtheir seuerallseveral namesnames: NeytherNeither
diddid hehe pinglepingle whenwhen itit waswas setset onon thethe boordboard, butbut forfor thethe spacespace ofof
threethree dayesdays andand threethree nightsnights, neuernever roserose fromfrom thethe TableTable.
WillWill SummersSummerSummer.OO intolerableintolerable lyinglying villaynevillain, thatthat waswas neuernever
begottenbegotten withoutwithout thethe consentconsent ofof aa whetstonewhetstone.

img: 6-b
sig: C1r

and Testament.

SummerSummer.VngratiousUngracious manman, howhow fondlyfondly hehe arguethargueth!
Ver.Ver.TellTell meme, II praypray, whereforewherefore waswas goldgold laydlaid vnderunder ourour
feetefeet inin thethe veynesveins ofof thethe earthearth, butbut thatthat weewe shouldshould contemnecontemn
itit, andand treadetread vponupon itit, andand soso consequentlyconsequently treadetread thriftthrift vnderunder
ourour feetefeet? ItIt waswas notnot knowneknown, tilltill thethe IronIron ageage, donecdonec facinusfacinus
inuasitinvasitinuasit mortalesmortales
, asas thethe PoetPoet sayessays; andand thethe ScythiansScythians alwayesalways
detesteddetested itit. II willwill proueprove itit, thatthat anan vnthriftunthrift, ofof anyany, comescomes nee-neerestnee∣restnearest
aa happyhappy manman, inin soso muchmuch asas hehe comescomes neerestnearest toto beggerybeggary.
CiceroCicero saithsaith, summumsummum bonumbonum consistesconsists inin omniumomnium rerumrerum vaca-vacationevaca∣tionevacationevacation
thatthat itit isis thethe chiefestchiefest felicitiefelicity thatthat maymay bebe, toto restrest fromfrom allall
labourslabours. NowNow, whowho doethdoth soso muchmuch vacarevacare àà rebusrebus, whowho restsrests
soso muchmuch? whowho hathhath soso littlelittle toto doedo, asas thethe beggerbeggar? WhoWho cancan
singsing soso merrymerry aa notenote, asas hehe thatthat cannotcannot changechange aa groategroat? CuiCui
nilnil estest, nilnil deestdeest
: heehe thatthat hathhath nothingnothing, wantswants nothingnothing. OnOn
thethe otherother sideside, itit isis saidsaid ofof thethe CarleCarl, OmniaOmnia habeohabeo, necnec quicquamquicquam
: II hauehave allall thingsthings, yetyet wantwant eueryevery thingthing. MultiMulti mihimihi vi-vitiovi∣tiovitio
vertuntvertunt, quiaquia egeoegeo
, saithsaith MarcusMarcus CatoCato inin AulusAulus GelliusGellius, atat egoego
illisillis, quiaquia nequeuntnequeunt egereegere
: ManyMany vpbraydeupbraid meme, saythsaithsay hehe, be-becausebe∣causebecause
II amam poorepoor: butbut II vpbraydupbraid themthem, becausebecause theythey cannotcannot
liuelive ifif theythey werewere poorepoor. ItIt isis aa commoncommon prouerbeproverb, Dinesq;DinesqueDinesque
, aa richrich manman, andand aa miserablemiserable: namnam naturanatura paucispaucis cōtentacōtentacontenta,
nonenone soso contentedcontented asas thethe poorepoor manman. AdmitAdmit thatthat thethe chiefestchiefest
happineshappiness werewere notnot restrest oror easeease, butbut knowledgeknowledge, asas HerillusHerillus, Al-AlcidamasAl∣cidamasAlcidamas
&and manymany ofof SocratesSocrates’ followersfollowers affirmeaffirm; whywhy, paupertaspaupertas
omnesomnes perdocetperdocotperdocetperdocot artesarts
, pouertypoverty instructsinstructs aa manman inin allall artsarts, itit makesmakes
aa manman hardyhardy andand venturousventurous; andand thereforetherefore itit isis calledcalled ofof thethe
PoetsPoets, PaupertasPaupertas audaxaudax, valiantvaliant pouertypoverty. ItIt isis notnot soso muchmuch
subiectsubject toto inordinateinordinate desiresdesires, asas wealthwealth oror prosperityprosperity. NonNon
habethabet vndeunde suumsuum paupertaspaupertas pascatpascat amoremamorem
: pouertypoverty hathhath notnot
wherewithallwherewithal toto feedefeed lustlust. AllAll thethe PoetsPoets werewere beggersbeggars: allall
AlcumistsAlchemists, andand allall PhilosophersPhilosophers areare beggersbeggars: OmniaOmnia meamea me-mecumme∣cummecum
, quothquoth BiasBias, whenwhen hehe hadhad nothingnothing, butbut breadbread andand
cheesecheese inin aa letherneleathern baggebag, andand twotwo oror threethree bookesbooks inin hishis bo-bosomebo∣somebosom
SaintSaint FrauncisFrancis, aa holyholy SaintSaint, &and neuernever hadhad anyany moneymoney. ItIt
isis madnesmadness toto dotedote vponupon muckemuck. ThatThat youngyoung manman ofof AthensAthens,
(AelianusAelianus makesmakes mentionmention ofof) maymay bebe anan exampleexample toto vsus, whowho

img: 7-a
sig: C1v

Summers last will

doteddoted soso extremelyextremely onon thethe imageimage ofof FortuneFortune, thatthat whenwhen heehe
mightmight notnot inioyenjoy itit, hehe dyeddied forfor sorrowsorrow. TheThe earthearth yeldsyields allall herher
fruitesfruits togethertogether, andand whywhy shouldshould notnot wewe spendspend themthem togethertogether?
II thankethank heauensheavens onon mymy kneesknees, thatthat hauehave mademade meeme anan vn-vnthriftvn∣thriftunthrift
SummerSummer.OO vanitievanity it selfeitself; OOOh witwit illill spentspent!
SoSo studiestudy thousandsthousands notnot toto mendmend theirtheir liueslives,
ButBut toto maintaynemaintain thethe sinnesin theythey mostmost affectaffect,
ToTo bebe helshell’s aduocatesadvocates againstagainst theirtheir owneown soulessouls.
VerVer, sincesince thouthou giu’stgiv’st suchsuch praysepraise toto beggerybeggary,
AndAnd hasthast defendeddefended itit soso valiantlyvaliantly,
ThisThis bebe thythy penancepenance; ThouThou shaltshalt ne’rene’ernever appeareappear,
OrOr comecome abroadabroad, butbut LentLent shallshall waytewait onon theethee:
HisHis scarsityscarcity maymay counteruaylecountervail thythy wastewaste.
RyotRiot maymay flourishflourish, butbut findesfinds wantwant atat lastlast.
TakeTake himhim awayaway, thatthat knowethknoweth nono goodgood wayway,
AndAnd leadelead himhim thethe nextnext wayway toto woewoe andand wantwant.ExitExit Ver.Ver.
ThusThus inin thethe pathspaths ofof knowledgeknowledge manymany straystray,
AndAnd fromfrom thethe meanesmeans ofof lifelife fetchfetch theirtheir decaydecay.
WillWill SummerSummer.HeighHeigh hoho. HereHere isis aa coylecoil in deedeinindeedin deede deed toto bringbring
beggersbeggars toto stockesstocks. II promisepromise youyou truelytruly, II waswas almostalmost asleepasleep;
II thoughtthought II hadhad benebeen atat aa SermonSermon. WellWell, forfor thisthis oneone nightsnight’snights
exhortationexhortation, II vowvow (byby GodsGod’s gracegrace) neuernever toto bebe goodgood husbandhusband
whilewhile II liuelive. ButBut whatwhat isis thisthis toto thethe purposepurpose? HurHur comecome toto PowlPowl
(asas thethe WelshmanWelshman sayessays) andand hurhurher paypay anan halfepennyhalfpenny forfor hurburhurburr seatseat,
andand hurhurher hearehear thethe PreacherPreacher talgetalge, andand aa talgetalge veryvery wellwell byby gisgis, butbut
yetyet aa cannotcannot makemake hurhurher laughlaugh: goego aa TheaterTheater, andand hearehear aa QueenesQueen’squeen’s
FiceFice, andand hehe makemake hurhurher laughlaugh, andand laughlaugh hurhurher belly-fullbellyful
. SoSo wewe comecome
hitherhither toto laughlaugh andand bebe merrymerry, andand wewe hearehear aa filthyfilthy beggerlybeggarly
OrationOration, inin thethe praysepraise ofof beggerybeggary. ItIt isis aa beggerlybeggarly PoetPoet thatthat
writwrit itit: andand thatthat makesmakes himhim soso muchmuch commendcommend itit, becausebecause heehe
knowesknows notnot howhow toto mendmend himselfehimself. WellWell, ratherrather thenthan hehe shallshall
hauehave nono imploymentemployment butbut lickelick dishesdishes, II willwill setset himhim aa workework
my selfemyself, toto writewrite inin praysepraise ofof thethe arteart ofof stoupingstooping, andand howehow
therethere waswas neuernever anyany famousfamous ThresherThresher, PorterPorter, BrewerBrewer, Pio-PionerPio∣nerPioneer
oror CarpenterCarpenter, thatthat hadhad streightstraight backeback. RepayreRepair toto mymy

img: 7-b
sig: C2r

and Testament.

chamberchamber, poorepoor fellowfellow, whenwhen thethe playplay isis donedone, andand thouthou shaltshalt
seesee whatwhat II willwill saysay toto theethee.
SummerSummer.VertumnusVertumnus, callcall SolstitiumSolstitium.
Vertum.VertumnusVertum.SolstitiumSolstitium, comecome intointo thethe courtcourt withoutwithout: peacepeace
therethere belowbelow; makemake roomeroom forfor mastermaster SolstitiumSolstitium.

EnterEnter SolstitiumSolstitium likelike anan agedaged HermitHermit, carryingcarrying aa payrepair ofof
ballancesbalances, withwith anan houre-glassehourglass inin eythereither ofof themthem; oneone houre-glassehourglass
whitewhite, thethe otherother blackeblack: hehe isis broughtbrought inin byby aa numbernumber ofof shepherdsshepherds,
playingplaying vponupon RecordersRecorders.

SolstitiumSolstitium.AllAll haylehail toto SummerSummer mymy dreaddread soueraignesovereign LordLord.
SummerSummer.WelcomeWelcome, SolstitiumSolstitium, thouthou artart oneone ofof themthem,
ToTo whosewhose goodgood husbandryhusbandry wewe hauehave referr’dreferred
PartPart ofof thosethose smallsmall reuenuesrevenues thatthat wewe hauehave.
WhatWhat hasthast thouthou gayndgained vsus? whatwhat hasthast thouthou broughtbrought inin?
SolstitiumSolstitium.AlasAlas, mymy LordLord, whatwhat gauegave youyou meme toto keepekeep,
ButBut aa fewefew dayesdays’ eyeseyes inin mymy primeprime ofof youthyouth?
AndAnd thosethose II hauehave conuertedconverted toto whitewhite hayreshairs:
II neuernever lou’dloved ambitiouslyambitiously toto clymeclimb,
OrOr thrustthrust mymy handhand tootoo farrefar intointo thethe firefire.
ToTo bebe inin heauenheaven, suresure, isis aa blessedblessed thingthing:
ButBut Atlas-likeAtlas-like, toto proppeprop heauenheaven onon onesone’sones backeback,
CannotCannot butbut bebe moremore labourlabour thenthan delightdelight.
SuchSuch isis thethe statestate ofof menmen inin honourhonour plac’dplaced;
TheyThey areare goldgold vesselsvessels mademade forfor seruileservile vsesuses,
HighHigh treestrees thatthat keepekeep thethe weatherweather fromfrom lowlow houseshouses,
ButBut cannotcannot sheildshield thethe tempesttempest fromfrom themseluesthemselves.
II louelove toto dwelldwell betwixtbetwixt thethe hilleshills andand dalesdales;
NeytherNeither toto bebe soso greatgreat toto bebe enuideenvied,
NorNor yetyet soso poorepoor thethe worldworld shouldshould pitiepity meme.
InterInter vtrumq[ue]vtrumqueutrumque tenetene, mediomedio tutissimustutissimus ibisibis.
SummerSummer.WhatWhat doestdost thouthou withwith thosethose ballancesbalances thouthou bearstbear’st?
SolstitiumSolstitium.InIn themthem II weighweigh thethe dayday andand nightnight alikealike.
ThisThis whitewhite glasseglass isis thethe houre-glassehourglass ofof thethe dayday:
ThisThis blackeblack oneone thethe iustjust measuremeasure ofof thethe nightnight;
OneOne moremore thenthan otherother holdethholdeth notnot aa graynegrain:

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sig: C2v

Summers last will

BothBoth serueserve timestimes iustjust proportionproportion toto mayntaynemaintain.
SummerSummer.II likelike thythy moderationmoderation wondrouswondrous wellwell:
AndAnd thisthis thythy ballancebalance, wayghingweighing thethe whitewhite glasseglass
AndAnd blackeblack, withwith equallequal poyzepoise andand stedfaststeadfast handhand,
AA patternepattern isis toto PrincesPrinces andand greatgreat menmen,
HowHow toto weighweigh allall estatesestates indifferentlyindifferently:
TheThe SpiritualtySpiritualty andand TemporaltyTemporalty alikealike,
NeytherNeither toto bebe tootoo prodigallprodigal ofof smylessmiles,
NorNor tootoo seueresevere inin frowningfrowning withoutwithout causecause.
IfIf youyou bebe wisewise, youyou MonarchsMonarchs ofof thethe earthearth,
HaueHave twotwo suchsuch glassesglasses stillstill beforebefore youryour eyeseyes;
ThinkeThink asas youyou hauehave aa whitewhite glasseglass runningrunning onon,
GoodGood dayesdays, friendsfriendsfriend’s fauourfavour, andand allall thingsthings atat beckbeck,
SoSo thisthis whitewhite glasseglass runnerun outout (asas outout itit willwill)
TheThe blackeblack comescomes nextnext, youryour downfalldownfall isis atat handhand,
TakeTake thisthis ofof meme, forfor somewhatsomewhat II hauehave trydetried;
AA mightymighty ebbeebb followesfollows aa mightymighty tydetide.
ButBut saysay, SolstitiumSolstitium, hadsthadst thouthou noughtnaught besidesbesides?
NoughtNaughtnaught butbut dayesdays’ eyeseyes, andand fairefair lookslooks, gauegave II theethee?
SolstitiumSolstitium.NothingNothing mymy LordLord, nornor oughtaught moremore diddid II askeask.
SummerSummer.ButBut hadsthadst thouthou alwayesalways keptkept theethee inin mymy sightsight,
ThyThy goodgood desertsdeserts, thoughthough silentsilent, wouldwould hauehave asktasked.
Solst.SolstitiumSolst.DesertsDeserts, mymy LordLord, ofof ancientancient seruitoursservitors,
AreAre likelike oldold soressores, whichwhich maymay notnot bebe riptripped vpup:
SuchSuch vseuse thesethese timestimes hauehave gotgot, thatthat nonenone mustmust begbeg,
ButBut thosethose thatthat hauehave youngyoung limmeslimbs toto lauishlavish fastfast.
SummerSummer.II grieuegrieve, nono moremore regardregard waswas hadhad ofof theethee:
AA littlelittle soonersooner hadsthadst thouthou spokespoke toto meme,
ThouThou hadsthadst benebeen heardheard, butbut nownow thethe timetime isis pastpast:
DeathDeath waytethwaiteth atat thethe doredoor forfor theethee andand meme;
LetLet vsus goego measuremeasure outout ourour bedsbeds inin clayclay:
NoughtNaughtnaught butbut goodgood deedesdeeds hencehence shallshall wewe bearebear awayaway.
BeBe, asas thouthou wertwert, bestbest stewardsteward ofof mymy howreshours,
AndAnd soso returnereturn vntounto thythy countreycountry bowresbowers.
HereHere SolstitiumSolstitium goesgoes outout withwith hishis musikemusic,
asas hehe comescomes inin.


img: 8-b
sig: D1r

and Testament.

WillWill SummerSummer.FyeFie, fyefie ofof honestyhonesty, fyefie: SolstitiumSolstitium isis anan asseass,
perdyperdie, thisthis playplay isis aa gally-maufreygallimaufry: fetchfetch meeme somesome drinkedrink,
some bodysomebody. WhatWhat cheerecheer, whatwhat cheerecheer, mymy heartshearts? areare notnot
youyou thirstythirsty withwith listeninglifteninglistening toto thisthis drydry sportsport? WhatWhat hauehave wewe toto
doedo withwith scalesscales, andand hower-glasseshourglasses, exceptexcept wewe werewere BakersBakers, oror
Clock-keepersClock-keepers? II cannotcannot telltell howhow otherother menmen areare addictedaddicted, butbut
itit isis againstagainst mymy professionprofession toto vseuse anyany scalesscales, butbut suchsuch asas wewe playplay
atat withwith aa boulebowl, oror keepekeep anyany howershours, butbut dinnerdinner oror suppersupper.
ItIt isis aa pedanticallpedantical thingthing, toto respectrespect timestimes andand seasonsseasons: ifif aa manman
bebe drinkingdrinking withwith goodgood fellowesfellows latelate, hehe mustmust comecome homehome, forfor
fearefear thethe gatesgates bebe shutshut; whenwhen II amam inin mymy warmewarm bedbed, II mustmust
riserise toto prayersprayers, becausebecause thethe bellbell ringsrings. II likelike nono suchsuch foolishfoolish
customescustoms. ActorsActors, bringbring nownow aa blackblack IackJackjack, andand aa rundletrundletroundlet ofof
ofof RenishRhenish winewine, disputingdisputing ofof thethe antiquityantiquity ofof redred nosesnoses; letlet thethe
prodigallprodigal childechild comecome outout inin hishis dubletdoublet andand hosehose allall greasygreasy, hishis
shirtshirt hanginghanging forthforth, andand ne’rene’ernever aa pennypenny inin hishis pursepurse, andand talketalk
whatwhat aa finefine thingthing itit isis toto walkewalk summerlysummerly, oror sitsit whistlingwhistling vnderunder
aa hedgehedge andand keepekeep hoggeshogs. GoGo forwardforward inin gracegrace andand vertuevirtue toto
proceedproceed; butbut letlet vsus hauehave nono moremore ofof thesethese grauegrave mattersmatters.
SummerSummer.VertumnusVertumnus, willwill SolSol comecome beforebefore vsus.
VertumnusVertumnus.SolSol, SolSol, vtut, rere, meme, fafa, solsol, comecome toto churchchurch whilewhile
thethe bellbell tolltoll.

EnterEnter SolSol, verievery richlyrichly attir’deattired, withwith aa noysenoise ofof MusiciansMusicians
beforebefore himhim.

SummerSummer.IAyI marriemarry, herehere comescomes maiestiemajesty inin pompepomp,
ResplendentResplendent SolSol, chiefechief planetplanet ofof thethe heauensheavens,
HeHe isis ourour seruantservant, lookeslooks hehe ne’rene’ernever soso bigbig.
Sol.Sol.MyMy liegeliege, whatwhat crau’stcrav’stcravest thouthou atat thythy vassalsvassal’svassals handshands?
SummerSummer.HypocrisieHypocrisy, howhow itit cancan changechange hishis shapeshape!
HowHow basebase isis pridepride fromfrom hishis owneown dunghilldunghill putput?
HowHow II hauehave rais’draised theethee, SolSol, II listlist notnot telltell,
OutOut ofof thethe OceanOcean ofof aduersitieadversity,
ToTo sitsit inin heightheight ofof honorshonour’shonours gloriousglorious heauenheaven,
ToTo bebe thethe eye-soreeyesore ofof aspiringaspiring eyeseyes,

img: 9-a
sig: D1v

Summers last will

ToTo giuegive thethe dayday herher lifelife, fromfrom thythy brightbright lookeslooks,
AndAnd letlet noughtnaught thriuethrive vponupon thethe faceface ofof earthearth,
FromFrom whichwhich thouthou shaltshalt withdrawwithdraw thythy powerfulpowerful smilessmiles.
WhatWhat hasthast thouthou donedone deseruingdeserving suchsuch hiehigh gracegrace?
WhatWhat industrieindustry, oror meritoriousmeritorious toyletoil,
CanstCanst thouthou produceproduce, toto proueprove mymy giftgift wellwell plac’deplaced?
SomeSome seruiceservice, oror somesome profitprofit II expectexpect:
NoneNone isis promotedpromoted butbut forfor somesome respectrespect.
Sol.Sol.MyMy LordLord, whatwhat needsneeds thesethese termesterms betwixtbetwixt vsus twotwo?
VpbraidingUpbraiding, illill beseemesbeseems youryour bounteousbounteous mindmind:
II dodo youyou honourhonour forfor aduancingadvancing meme.
WhyWhy, t’is’tis aa creditcredit forfor youryour excellenceexcellence,
ToTo hauehave soso greatgreat aa subiectsubject asas II amam:
ThisThis isis youryour glorieglory andand magnificencemagnificence,
ThatThat withoutwithout stoupingstooping ofof youryour mightinessemightiness,
OrOr takingtaking anyany whitwhit fromfrom youryour highhigh statestate,
YouYou cancan makemake oneone asas mightiemighty asas your selfeyourself.
AutumneAutumn.OO arrogancearrogance exceedingexceeding allall beliefebelief!
SummerSummer mymy LordLord, thisthis sawciesaucy vpstartupstart IackeJack,
ThatThat nownow dothdoth rulerule thethe chariotchariot ofof thethe SunneSun,
AndAnd makesmakes allall starresstars deriuederive theirtheir lightlight fromfrom himhim,
IsIs aa mostmost basebase insinuatinginsinuating slaueslave,
TheThe sonneson ofof parsimonyparsimony, andand disdainedisdain,
OneOne thatthat willwill shineshine, onon friendsfriends andand foesfoes alikealike,
ThatThat vnderunder brightestbrightest smilessmiles, hidethhideth blackeblack showersshowers:
WhoseWhose enuiousenvious breathbreath dothdoth drydry vpup springssprings andand lakeslakes,
AndAnd burnesburns thethe grassegrass, thatthat beastesbeasts cancan getget nono foodefood.
WinterWinter.NoNo dunghilldunghill hathhath soso vildevild anan excrementexcrement,
ButBut withwith hishis beamesbeams heehe willwill forthwithforthforthwithforth with with exhaleexhale:
TheThe fennesfens andand quag-myresquagmires tithetithe toto himhim theirtheir filthfilth:
FoorthForth purestpurest minesmines hehe suckessucks aa gainefullgainful drossedross:
GreeneGreen Iuy-bushesIvy-bushesjuy-bushes atat thethe VintnersVintner’svintner’s dooresdoors
HeHe witherswithers, andand deuourethdevoureth allall theirtheir sapsap.
AutumneAutumn.LasciuiousLascivious andand intemperateintemperate hehe isis.
TheThe wrongwrong ofof DaphneDaphne isis aa well knownwellwell-knownwell knowne known taletale:
EcheEach eueningevening hehe descendsdescends toto ThetisThetis’Thetis laplap,

img: 9-b
sig: D2r

and Testament.

TheThe whilewhile menmen thinkethink hehe bathesbathesbaths himhim inin thethe seasea.
OO, butbut whenwhen hehe returnethreturneth whencewhence hehe camecame,
DowneDown toto thethe WestWest, thenthen dawnesdawns hishis deitydeity,
ThenThen doubleddoubled isis thethe swellingswelling ofof hishis lookeslooks;
HeHe ouerloadesoueroverloadsover loades loads hishis carrecar withwith OrientOrient gemmesgems,
AndAnd reynesreins hishis fieryfiery horseshorses withwith richrich pearlepearl:
HeHe termesterms himselfehimself thethe godgod ofof PoetryPoetry,
AndAnd settethsetteth wantonwanton songssongs vntounto thethe LuteLute.
WinterWinter.LetLet himhim notnot talketalk; forfor hehe hathhath wordswords atat willwill,
AndAnd witwit toto makemake thethe baddestbaddest mattermatter goodgood.
SummerSummer.BadBad wordswords, badbad witwit: oho, wherewhere dwelsdwells faithfaith (oror truthtruth
IllIll vsuryusury mymy fauoursfavours reapereap fromfrom theethee,
VsurpingUsurping SolSol, thethe hatehate ofof heauenheaven andand earthearth.
Sol.Sol.IfIf EnuyEnvy vnconfutedunconfuted maymay accuseaccuse,
ThenThenThan InnocenceInnocence mustmust vncondemneduncondemned dyedie.
TheThe namename ofof MartyrdomeMartyrdom offenceoffence hathhath gayndgained,
WhenWhen furyfury stoptstopped aa frowardfroward IudgesJudge’sjudges earesears.
MuchMuch IleI’ll notnot saysay (muchmuch speechspeech muchmuch follyfolly shewesshows)
WhatWhat II hauehave donedone, youyou gauegave meme leaueleave toto doedo.
TheThe excrementsexcrements youyou bredbred, whereonwhereon II feedefeed,
ToTo ridrid thethe earthearth ofof theirtheir contagiouscontagious fumesfumes;
WithWith suchsuch grossegross carriagecarriage diddid II loadeload mymy beamesbeams,
II burntburned nono grassegrass, II drieddried nono springssprings andand lakeslakes:
II sucktsucked nono minesmines, II witheredwithered nono greenegreen boughesboughs.
ButBut whenwhen toto ripenripen haruestharvest II waswas forc’stforced,
ToTo makemake mymy rayesrays moremore feruentfervent thenthan II wontwont,
ForFor DaphnesDaphne’s wrongswrongs andand scapesscapes inin ThetisThetis’Thetis laplap,
AllAll GodsGods areare subiectsubject toto thethe likelike mishapmishap.
StarresStars dailydaily fallfall (t’is’tis vseuse isis allall inin allall)
AndAnd menmen accountaccount thethe fallfall butbut naturesnature’s coursecourse:
VauntingVaunting mymy iewelsjewels, hastinghasting toto thethe WestWest,
OrOr risingrising earlyearly fromfrom thethe gray ei’degraygrey-eyedgrey ei’de eyed mornemorn.
WhatWhat dodo II vauntvaunt butbut youryour largelarge bountihoodbountihood
AndAnd shewshow howhow liberallliberal aa LordLord II serueserve.
MusiqueMusic andand poetriepoetry, mymy twotwo lastlast crimescrimes,
AreAre thosethose twotwo exercisesexercises ofof delightdelight,

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Summers last will

WherewithWherewithlongWherewith longlong labourslabours II doedo wearyweary outout.
TheThe dyingdying SwanneSwan isis notnot forbidforbid toto singsing.
TheThe waueswaves ofof HeberHeber playdplayed onon OrpheusOrpheus’Orpheus stringsstrings,
WhenWhen hehe (sweetesweet musiquesmusic’s TropheTrophytrophy) waswas destroyddestroyed.
AndAnd asas forfor PoetryPoetry, woodswoods’wood’s eloquenceeloquence,
(DeadDead PhaetonsPhaeton’s threethree sisterssisters’ funerallfuneral tearestears
ThatThat byby thethe godsgods werewere toto ElectrumElectrum turndturned)
NotNot flintflint, oror rockesrocks ofof IcyIcy cynderscinders fram’dframed,
DenyDeny thethe soursesource ofof siluer-fallingsilver-falling streamesstreams.
EnuyEnvy enuiethenvieth notnot outcryesoutcry’soutcries vnrestunrest:
InIn vainevain II pleadeplead, wellwell, isis toto meme aa faultfault,
AndAnd thesethese mymy wordswords seemeseem thethe slyghtflyghtslightflight webbeweb ofof arteart,
AndAnd notnot toto hauehave thethe tastetaste ofof soundersounder truthtruth.
LetLet nonenone butbut foolesfools, bebe car’dcared forfor ofof thethe wisewise;
KnowledgeKnowledge’Knowledge owneown childrenchildren, knowledgeknowledge mostmost despisedespise.
Sūmer.Sūmer.SummerSūmer.ThouThou know’stknow’stknowest tootoo muchmuch, toto knowknow toto keepekeep thethe (meanemean
HeHe thatthat seessees allall thingsthings, oftoft seessees notnot himselfehimself.
TheThe ThamesThames isis witnessewitness ofof thythy tyrannytyranny,
WhoseWhose waueswaves thouthou hasthast exhaustexhaust forfor winterwinter showresshowers.
TheThe nakednaked channellchannel playnesplains herher ofof thythy spitespite,
ThatThat laid’stlaid’stlaidst herher intrailesentrails vntounto openopen