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ln 0001THETHE
ln 0003HolidayHoliday.
ln 0004OROR
ln 0005TheThe GentleGentle CraftCraft.

ln 0006WithWith thethe humoroushumorous lifelife ofof SimonSimon
ln 0007EyreEyre, shoomakershoemaker, andand LordLord MaiorMayor
ln 0008ofof LondonLondon.

ln 0009AsAs itit waswas actedacted beforebefore thethe QueenesQueen’squeen’s mostmost excellentexcellent Ma-MaiestieMa|iestieMajesty
ln 0010iestie
ln 0010onon New-yearesNewNew year’sNewyearesyears dayday atat nightnight lastlast, byby thethe rightright
ln 0011honourablehonorablehonourable thethe EarleEarl ofof NotinghamNottingham, LordLord highhigh Ad-AdmirallAd|mirallAdmiral
ln 0012mirall
ln 0012ofof EnglandEngland, hishis seruantsservants.

ln 0013PrintedPrinted byby ValentineValentine SimsSimmesSims dwellingdwelling atat thethe footefoot ofof AdlingAdling
ln 0014hillhill, neerenear BainardsBaynard’sBainard’s CastleCastle, atat thethe signesign ofof thethe WhiteWhite
ln 0015SwanneSwan, andand areare therethere toto bebe soldsold.
ln 001616001600.

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ln 0001ToTo allall goodgood FellowesFellows, ProfessorsProfessors ofof
ln 0002thethe GentleGentle CraftCraft; ofof whatwhat degreedegree
ln 0003soeuersoever.

ln 0004KIndeKindeKind GentlemenGentlemen, andand honesthonest booneboon Compani-CompanionsCompani∣onsCompanions
ln 0005ons,
ln 0005II presentpresent youyou herehere withwith aa merriemerry conceitedconceited
ln 0006ComedieComedy, calledcalled thethe ShoomakersShoemakers’shoemaker’s HolydayHoliday, actedacted
ln 0007byby mymy LordeLord AdmirallsAdmiral’sadmiral’s PlayersPlayers thisthis presentpresent
ln 0008ChristmasseChristmas, beforebefore thethe QueenesQueen’squeen’s mostmost excellentexcellent
ln 0009MaiestieMajesty. ForFor thethe mirthmirth andand pleasantpleasant mattermatter, byby herher HighnesseHighness
ln 0010graciouslygraciously acceptedaccepted; beingbeing indeedeindeed nono wayway offensiueoffensive. TheThe
ln 0011ArgumentArgument ofof thethe playplay II willwill setset downedown inin thisthis EpistleEpistle: SirSir
ln 0012HughHugh LacieLacylacy ErleEarl ofof LincolneLincoln, hadhad aa yongyoung GentlemanGentleman ofof hishis
ln 0013owneown namename, hishis nerenear kinsmankinsman, thatthat louedloved thethe LordeLord MaiorsMayor’smayor’s
ln 0014daughterdaughter ofof LondonLondon; toto preuentprevent andand crossecross whichwhich louelove, thethe
ln 0015EarleEarl causedcaused hishis kinsmankinsman toto bebe sentsent CoronellColonelcolonel ofof aa companiecompany
ln 0016intointo FranceFrance: whowho resignedresigned hishis placeplace toto anotheranother gentlemangentleman hishis
ln 0017friendfriend, andand camecame disguiseddisguised likelike aa DutchDutch ShoomakerShoemaker, toto thethe
ln 0018househouse ofof SymonSimon EyreEyre inin TowerTower streetestreet, whowho seruedserved thethe MaiorMayor
ln 0019andand hishis housholdhousehold withwith shooesshoes. TheThe merrimentsmerriments thatthat passedpassed inin
ln 0020EyresEyre’s househouse, hishis commingcoming toto bebe MaiorMayor ofof LondonLondon, LaciesLacy’s get-gettingget∣tinggetting
ln 0021ting
ln 0021hishis louelove, andand otherother accidentsaccidents; withwith twotwo merrymerry Three-mensThree-men’s
ln 0022songssongs. TakeTake allall inin goodgood worthworth thatthat isis wellwell intendedintended, forfor
ln 0023nothingnothing isis purposedpurposed butbut mirthmirth, mirthmirth lengthnethlengtheneth longlong lifelife;;
ln 0024whichwhich, withwith allall otherother blessingsblessings II heartilyheartily wishwish youyou.
ln 0025FarewellFarewell.

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wln 0001TheThe firstfirst Three-mansThree-man’sthreeman’s
wln 0002SongSong.

wln 0003OO thethe monthmonth ofof MaieMaymay, thethe merriemerry monthmonth ofof MaieMaymay,
wln 0004SoSo frolickefrolic, soso gaygay, andand soso gréenegreen, soso gréenegreen, soso gréenegreen:
wln 0005OOOh andand thenthen diddid II, vntountounto mymy truetrue louelove saysay,
wln 0006SweeteSwateSweetSwate PegPeg, thouthou shaltshalt bebe mymy SummersSummer’s QuéeneQueen.

wln 0007NOwNOw thethe NightingaleNightingale, thethe prettiepretty NightingaleNightingale,
wln 0008TheThe sweetestsweetest singersinger inin allall thethe ForrestsForest’sforest’s quierchoirquire:
wln 0009IntreatesEntreatsentreats théethee swéetesweet PeggiePeggypeggy, toto hearehear thythy truetrue loueslove’s taletale,
wln 0010LoeLo, yonderyonder sheshe sittethsitteth, herher breastbreast againstagainst aa brierbrier.

wln 0011ButBut OOOh II spiespy thethe CuckooCuckoo, thethe CuckooCuckoo, thethe CuckooCuckoo,
wln 0012SéeSee wherewhere sheshe sittethsitteth, comecome awayaway mymy ioyjoy:
wln 0013ComeCome awayaway II pritheeprithee, II dodo notnot likelike thethe CuckooCuckoo
wln 0014ShouldShould singsing wherewhere mymy PeggiePeggypeggy andand II kissekiss andand toytoy.

wln 0015OO thethe monthmonth ofof MaieMaymay, thethe merriemerry monthmonth ofof MaieMaymay,
wln 0016SoSo frolikefrolic, soso gaygay, andand soso gréenegreen, soso gréenegreen, soso gréenegreen:
wln 0017AndAnd thenthen diddid II, vntountounto mymy truetrue louelove saysay,
wln 0018SwéeteSweet PegPeg, thouthou shaltshalt bebe mymy SummersSummer’s QuéeneQueen.

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wln 0019TheThe SecondSecond Three-mansThree-man’sthreeman’s
wln 0020SongSong.

wln 0021ThisThis isis toto bebe sungsung atat thethe latterlatter endend.
wln 0022COld’sCold’sCOld’sCold’sCOld’s thethe windwind, andand wet’swet’s thethe rainerain,
wln 0023SaintSaint HughHugh bebe ourour goodgood spéedespeed:
wln 0024IllIll isis thethe weatherweather thatthat bringethbringeth nono gainegain,
wln 0025NorNor helpeshelps goodgood heartshearts inin néedeneed.

wln 0026TrowleTrolltroll thethe bollbowl, thethe iollyjolly Nut-browneNutbrownnutbrown bollbowl,
wln 0027AndAnd herehere kindkind matemate toto théethee:
wln 0028Let’sLet’s singsing aa dirgedirge forfor SaintSaint HughesHugh’s soulesoul,
wln 0029AndAnd downedown itit merrilymerrily.

wln 0030DowneDown aa downedown, heyheyheigh downedown aa downedown,
wln 0031HeyHeyHeigh deriederryderie deriederryderie downdown aa downdown,CloseClose withwith thethe tenortenor boyboy:
wln 0032HoHo wellwell donedone, toto meme letlet comecome,
wln 0033KingKing compassecompass gentlegentle ioyjoy.

wln 0034TrowleTrolltroll thethe bollbowl, thethe Nut-browneNutbrownnutbrown bollbowl,
wln 0035AndAnd herehere kindkind &cEtc.etc.asas oftenoften asas therethere bebe menmen toto drinkedrink.

wln 0036AtAt lastlast whenwhen allall hauehave drunkedrunk, thisthis verseverse.
wln 0037Cold’sCold’s thethe windwind, andand wet’swet’s thethe rainerain,
wln 0038SaintSaint HughHugh bebe ourour goodgood spéedespeed:
wln 0039IllIll isis thethe weatherweather thatthat bringethbringeth nono gainegain,
wln 0040NorNor helpeshelps goodgood heartshearts inin needeneed.

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sig: A4v

wln 0041TheThe ProloguePrologue asas itit waswas pronouncedpronounced
wln 0042beforebefore thethe QueenesQueen’squeen’s
wln 0043MaiestieMajesty.

wln 0044ASAS wretcheswretrheswretches inin aa stormestorm (expectingexpecting dayday)
wln 0045WithWith tremblingtrembling handshands andand eyeseyes castcast vpup toto heauenheaven,
wln 0046MakeMake PrayersPrayers thethe anchoranchor ofof theirtheir conquerdconquered hopeshopes,
wln 0047SoSo wewe (deeredear GoddesseGoddess) wonderwonder ofof allall eyeseyes,
wln 0048YourYour meanestmeanest vassallsvassalsbassallsvassals (throughthrough mistrustmistrust andand fearefear,
wln 0049ToTo sinckeunckesinkuncke intointo thethe bottomebottom ofof disgracedisgrace,
wln 0050ByBy ourour imperfitimpersitimperfect pastimespastimes) prostrateprostrate thusthus
wln 0051OnOn bendedbendedbent kneesknees, ourour sailessails ofof hopehope dodo strikestrike,
wln 0052DreadingDreading thethe bitterbitter stormesstorms ofof youryour dislikedislike.
wln 0053SinceSince thenthen (vnhappyunhappy menmen) ourour haphap isis suchsuch,
wln 0054ThatThat toto our seluesourselves our seluesourselves nono helphelp cancan bringbring,
wln 0055ButBut néedesneeds mustmust perishperish, ifif youryour saint-likesaintlike earescaresearscares
wln 0056(LockingLocking thethe templetemple wherewhere allall mercymercy sitssits)
wln 0057RefuseRefuse thethe tributetribute ofof ourour beggingbegging tonguestongues.
wln 0058OhOhO grauntgrant (brightbright mirrormirror ofof truetrue ChastitieChastity)
wln 0059FromFrom thosethose life-breathinglife-breathing starresstars youryour sun-likesunlike eyeseyes,
wln 0060OneOne gratiousgracious smilesmile: forfor youryour celestiallcelestial breathbreath
wln 0061MustMust sendsend vsus lifelife, oror sentencesentence vsus toto deathdeath.

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sig: B1r

wln 0062AA pleasantpleasant ComedieComedy ofof
wln 0063thethe GentleGentle CraftCraft.

wln 0064EnterEnter LordLord MaiorMayorMaior, LincolneLincoln.

wln 0065LincolneLincoln.
wln 0066MYMY LordLord MaiorMayor, youyou hauehave sundriesundry timestimes
wln 0067FeastedFeasted my selfemyself, andand manymany CourtiersCourtiers moremore,
wln 0068SeldomeSeldom, oror neuernever cancan wewe bebe soso kindkind,
wln 0069ToTo makemake requitallrequital ofof youryour curtesiecourtesy:
wln 0070ButBut leauingleaving thisthis, II hearehear mymy cosencousin LacieLacylacy
wln 0071IsIs muchmuch affectedaffected toto youryour daughterdaughter RoseRose.
wln 0072L.LordL. MaiorMayor.TrueTrue mymy goodgood LordLord, andand sheshe louesloves himhim soso welwell,
wln 0073ThatThat II mislikemislike herher boldnesseboldness inin thethe chacechase.
wln 0074Lincol.LincolnLincol.WhyWhy mymy lordlord MaiorMayor, thinkthink youyou itit thenthen aa shameshame,
wln 0075ToTo ioynejoin aa LacieLacylacy withwith anan OtleysOatley’sOteley’s namename?
wln 0076L.LordL. MaiorMayor.TooToo meanemean isis mymy poorepoor girlegirl forfor hishis highhigh birthbirth,
wln 0077PoorePoor CittizensCitizens mustmust notnot withwith CourtiersCourtiers wedwed,
wln 0078WhoWho willwill inin silkessilks, andand gaygay apparrellapparel spendspend
wln 0079MoreMore inin oneone yeareyear, thenthan II amam worthworth byby farrefar,
wln 0080ThereforeTherefore youryour honourhonorhonour néedeneed notnot doubtdoubt mymy girlegirl.
wln 0081LincolneLincoln.TakeTake héedeheed mymy LordLord, aduiseadvise youyou whatwhat youyou dodo,
wln 0082AA verierberierberierverier vnthriftvnthristunthrift liueslives notnot inin thethe worldworld,
wln 0083ThenThen isis mymy cosencousin, forfor IleI’ll teltell youyou whatwhat,

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sig: B1v

A pleasant Comedie of

wln 0084Tis’Tis nownow almostalmost aa yeareyear sincesince hehe requestedrequested
wln 0085ToTo trauelltravel countriescountries forfor experienceexperience,
wln 0086II furnishtfurnished himhim withwith coynecoin, billesbills ofof exchangeexchange,
wln 0087LettersLetters ofof creditecredit, menmen toto waitewait onon himhim,
wln 0088SolicitedSolicited mymy friendsfriends inin ItalieItalyitaly
wln 0089WellWell toto respectrespect himhim: butbut toto séesee thethe endend:
wln 0090ScantScant hadhad hehe iorniedjourneyed throughthrough halfehalf GermanieGermanygermany,
wln 0091ButBut allall hishis coynecoin waswas spentspent, hishis menmen castcast offoff,
wln 0092HisHis billesbills imbezeldembezzled, andand mymy iollyjolly cozecoz,
wln 0093Asham’dAshamed toto shewshow hishis bankeruptbankrupt presencepresence herehere,
wln 0094BecameBecame aa ShoomakerShoemaker inin WittenbergWittenberg,
wln 0095AA goodlygoodly sciencescience forfor aa gentlemangentleman
wln 0096OfOf suchsuch discentdescent: nownow iudgejudge thethe restrest byby thisthis.
wln 0097SupposeSuppose youryour daughterdaughter hauehave aa thousandthousand poundpound,
wln 0098HeHe diddid consumeconsume meme moremore inin oneone halfehalf yeareyear,
wln 0099AndAnd makemake himhim heyreheir toto allall thethe wealthwealth youyou hauehave,
wln 0100OneOne twelue moneth’stwelvemonth’s riotingrioting wilwill wastewaste itit allall,
wln 0101ThenThen seekeseek (mymy LordLord) somesome honesthonest CittizenCitizen
wln 0102ToTo wedwed youryour daughterdaughter toto.
wln 0103L.LordL. MaiorMayor.II thankethank youryour LordshipLordship,
wln 0104WelWell FoxeForeFoxFore, II understandunderstand youryour subtiltiesubtlety,
wln 0105AsAs forfor youryour nephewnephew, letlet youryour lordshipslordship’s eieeye
wln 0106ButBut watchwatch hishis actionsactions, andand youyou néedeneed notnot fearefear,
wln 0107ForFor II hauehave mymy daughterdaughter farrefar enoughenough,
wln 0108AndAnd yetyet youryour cosencousin RowlandRowland mightmight dodo wellwell
wln 0109NowNow hehe hathhath learn’dlearned anan occupationoccupation,
wln 0110AndAnd yetyet II scornescorn toto callcall himhim sonne in lawsonneson-in-lawsonininlawlaw.
wln 0111LincolneLincoln.IAyay butbut II hauehave aa betterbetter tradetrade forfor himhim,
wln 0112II thankethank hishis gracegrace hehe hathhath appointedappointed himhim,
wln 0113ChiefeChief colonellcolonel ofof allall thosethose companiescompanies
wln 0114MustredMustered inin LondonLondon, andand thethe shiresshires aboutabout,
wln 0115ToTo serueserve hishis highnessehighness inin thosethose warreswars ofof FranceFrance:
wln 0116SéeSee wherewhere hehe comescomes: LouelLovellLovel whatwhat newesnews withwith youyou?

img: 6-b
sig: B2r

the Gentle Craft.

wln 0117EnterEnter LouellLovell, LacieLacylacy, andand AskewAskew.
wln 0118LouellLovellLouell.MyMy LordLord ofof LincolneLincoln, tis’tis hishis highnessehighness’ willwill,
wln 0119ThatThat presentlypresently youryour cosencousin shipship forfor FranceFrance
wln 0120WithWith allall hishis powerspowers, hehe wouldwould notnot forfor aa millionmillion,
wln 0121ButBut theythey shouldshould landland atat DéepeDieppeDeep withinwithin fourefour daiesdays.
wln 0122Linc.LincolnLinc.GoeGo certifiecertify hishis gracegrace itit shallshall bebe donedone:ExitExit LouellLovell.
wln 0123NowNow cosencousin LacieLacylacy, inin whatwhat forwardnesseforwardness
wln 0124AreAre allall youryour companiescompanies?
wln 0125LacieLacylacy.AllAll wellwell prepar’dprepared,
wln 0126TheThe menmen ofof HartfordshireHartfordshire lielie atat MileMile endend,
wln 0127SuffolkeSuffolk, andand EssexEssex, trainetrain inin TuttleTothillTuttle fieldsfields,
wln 0128TheThe LondonersLondoners, andand thosethose ofof MiddlesexMiddlesex,
wln 0129AllAll gallantlygallantly prepar’dprepared inin FinsburyFinsbury,
wln 0130WithWith frolikefrolic spiritsspirits, longlong forfor theirtheir partingparting howerhour.
wln 0131L.LordL. MaiorMayorTheyThey hauehave theirtheir imprestimprestimpressed, coatescoats, andand furniturefurniture,
wln 0132AndAnd ifif itit pleaseplease youryour cosencousin LacieLacylacy comecome
wln 0133ToTo thethe Guild HallGuildhallGuild-Hall, hehe shallshall receiuereceive hishis paypay,
wln 0134AndAnd twentietwenty poundspounds besidesbesides mymy brethrenbrethrenbrothers
wln 0135WillWill fréelyfreely giuegive himhim, toto approueapprove ourour louesloves
wln 0136WeWe bearebear vntounto mymy LordLord youryour vncleuncle herehere.
wln 0137LacieLacylacy.II thankethank youryour honourhonorhonour.
wln 0138LincolneLincoln.ThankesThanks mymy goodgood LordLord MaiorMayor.
wln 0139L.LordL. Ma.MayorMa.AtAt thethe Guild HalGuildhallGuild Hal wewe wilwill expectexpect youryour commingcoming,ExitExit.
wln 0140LincolneLincoln.ToTo approueapprove youryour louesloves toto meme? nono subtiltiesubtlety
wln 0141NephewNephew: thatthat twentietwenty poundpound hehe dothdoth bestowbestow,
wln 0142ForFor ioyjoy toto ridrid youyou fromfrom hishis daughterdaughter RoseRose:
wln 0143ButBut cosenscousins bothboth, nownow herehere areare nonenone butbut friendsfriends,
wln 0144II wouldwould notnot hauehave youyou castcast anan amorousamorous eieeye
wln 0145VponUponUpon soso meanemean aa proiectproject, asas thethe louelove
wln 0146OfOf aa gaygay wantonwanton paintedpainted cittizencitizen,
wln 0147II knowknow thisthis churlechurl, eveneven inin thethe heightheight ofof scornescorn,
wln 0148DothDoth hatehate thethe mixturemixture ofof hishis bloudblood withwith thinethine,
wln 0149II praypray théethee dodo thouthou soso, rememberremember cozecoz,

img: 7-a
sig: B2v

A pleasant Comedie of

wln 0150WhatWhat honourablehonorablehonourable fortunesfortunes waytwait onon théethee,
wln 0151IncreaseIncrease thethe kingsking’s louelove whichwhich soso brightlybrightly shinesshines,
wln 0152AndAnd gildsgilds thythy hopeshopes, II hauehave nono heireheir butbut théethee:
wln 0153AndAnd yetyet notnot théethee, ifif withwith aa waywardwayward spiritspirit,
wln 0154ThouThou startstart fromfrom thethe truetrue byasbias ofof mymy louelove.
wln 0155LacieLacylacy.MyMy LordLord, II willwill (forfor honorhonorhonour (notnot desiredesire
wln 0156OfOf landland oror liuingslivings) oror toto bebe youryour heireheir)
wln 0157SoSo guideguide mymy actionsactions inin pursuitpursuit ofof FranceFrance,
wln 0158AsAs shallshall addeadd glorieglory toto thethe LaciesLacy’sLacies namename.
wln 0159LincolneLincoln.CozeCozcoz, forfor thosethose wordswords hereshere’s thirtiethirty PortuguesPortaguesPortuguese
wln 0160AndAnd NephewNephew AskewAskew, there’sthere’s aa fewfew forfor youyou,
wln 0161FaireFair HonourHonorHonour inin herher loftiestloftrestloftiest eminenceeminence
wln 0162StaiesStays inin FranceFrance forfor youyou tilltill youyou fetchfetch herher thencethence,
wln 0163ThenThen NephewesNephews, clapclap swiftswift wingswings onon youryour dissignesdesigns,
wln 0164BeBe gonegone, bebe gonegone, makemake hastehaste toto thethe Guild HallGuildhallGuild-Hall,
wln 0165ThereThere presentlypresently IleI’ll méetemeet youyou, dodo notnot staystay,
wln 0166WhereWhere honourhonorhonour becomesbecomes, shameshame attendsattends delaydelay.ExitExit.
wln 0167AskewAskew.HowHow gladlygladly wouldwould youryour vncleuncle hauehave youyou gonegone?
wln 0168LacieLacylacy.TrueTrue cozecoz, butbut IleI’ll ore-reacho’erreach hishis policiespolicies,
wln 0169II hauehave somesome seriousserious businessebusiness forfor thréethrée dayesdays,
wln 0170WhichWhich nothingnothing butbut mymy presencepresence cancan dispatchdispatch,
wln 0171YouYou thereforetherefore cosencousin withwith thethe companiescompanies
wln 0172ShallShall hastehassehaste toto DouerDover, therethere IleI’ll méetemeet withwith youyou,
wln 0173OrOr ifif II staystay pastpast mymy prefixedprefixed timetime,
wln 0174AwayAway forfor FranceFrance, weelewe’ll meetemeet inin NormandieNormandynormandy,
wln 0175TheThe twentietwenty poundspounds mymy LordLord MaiorMayorMaior giuesgives toto meme
wln 0176YouYou shallshall receiuereceive, andand thesethese tenten portuguesportaguesPortuguese,
wln 0177PartPart ofof minemine vnclesuncle’s thirtiethirty, gentlegentle cozecoz,
wln 0178HaueHave carecare toto ourour greatgreat chargecharge, II knowknow youryour wisedomewisdom
wln 0179HathHath tridetried it selfeitself inin higherhigher consequenceconsequence.
wln 0180AskewAskew.CozeCozcoz, alall my selfemyself amam yoursyours, yetyet hauehave thisthis carecare,
wln 0181ToTo lodgelodge inin LondonLondon withwith alall secresiesecrecy,
wln 0182OurOur vncleuncle LincolneLincoln hathhath (besidesbesides hishis owneown)

img: 7-b
sig: B3r

the Gentle Craft.

wln 0183ManyMany aa iealousjealous eieeye, thatthat inin youryour faceface
wln 0184StaresStares onelyonly toto watchwatch meanesmeans forfor youryour disgracedisgrace.
wln 0185LacieLacylacy.StayStay cosencousin, whowho bebe thesethese?
wln 0186EnterEnter SymonSimonSymon EyreEyre, hishis wifewife, HodgeHodge, FirkFirk, IaneJanejane, &and RafeRafe withwith aa peecepiece.
wln 0187EyreEyre.LeaueLeave whiningwhining, leaueleave whiningwhining, awayaway withwith thisthis
wln 0188whimpringwhimpering, thisthis pewlingpuling, thesethese blubbringblubbering tearestears, andand thesethese
wln 0189wetwet eieseyes, IleI’ll getget thythy husbandhusband discharg’ddischarged, II warrantwarrant theethee
wln 0190swéetesweet IaneJanejane: gogo toto.
wln 0191HodgeHodge.MasterMaster, herehere bebe thethe captainescaptains.
wln 0192EyreEyre.PeacePeace HodgeHodge, hushthusht yeye knaueknave, hushthusht.
wln 0193FirkeFirkFirkeHereHere bebe thethe caualierscavaliers, andand thethe coronelscolonelscoronels, maistermaster.
wln 0194EyreEyre.PeacePeace FirkeFirk, peacepeace mymy finefine FirkeFirk, standstand byby withwith
wln 0195youryour pishery pasheriepishery-pashery, awayaway, II amam aa manman ofof thethe bestbest presencepresence,
wln 0196IleI’ll speakespeak toto themthem andand theythey werewere PopesPopes, gentlemengentlemen, cap=captainescap|tainescaptains
wln 0197taines,
wln 0197colonelscolonels, commanderscommanders: brauebrave menmen, brauebrave leadersleaders,
wln 0198maymay itit pleaseplease youyou toto giuegive meme audienceaudience, II amam SimonSimon EyreEyre,
wln 0199thethe madmad ShoomakerShoomasterShoemakershoe-master ofof Tower streeteTowerstréeteTower streetTowerstreet, thisthis wenchwench withwith thethe
wln 0200mealymealy mouthmouth thatthat wilwill neuernever tiretire, isis mymy wifewife II cancan teltell youyou,
wln 0201hereshere’s HodgeHodge mymy manman, andand mymy foremanforeman, hereshere’s FirkeFirk mymy finefine
wln 0202firkingfirking iourneymanjourneyman, andand thisthis isis blubberedblubbered IaneJanejane, alall wewe comecome
wln 0203toto bebe suterssuitors forfor thisthis honesthonest RafeRafe kéepekeep himhim atat homehome, andand asas II
wln 0204amam aa truetrue shoomakershoemaker, andand aa gentlemangentleman ofof thethe GentleGentle CraftCraft,
wln 0205buybuy spursspurs your selfyourself, andand IleI’ll findfind yeye bootesboots thesethese seuenseven yéeresyears.
wln 0206WifeWife.SeuenSeven yearesyears husbandhusband?
wln 0207EyreEyre.PeacePeace MidriffeMidriff, peacepeace, II knowknow whatwhat II dodo, peacepeace.
wln 0208Firk.Firk.TrulyTruly mastermaster cormorantcormorant, youyou shalshall dodo GodGod goodgood ser=seruiceser|uiceservice
wln 0209uice
wln 0209toto letlet RafeRafe andand hishis wifewife staystay togethertogether, shéesshe’s aa yongyoung newnew
wln 0210marriedmarried womanwoman, ifif youyou taketake herher husbandhusband awayaway fromfrom herher aa
wln 0211nightnight, youyou vndooundo herher, sheshe maymay begbeg inin thethe dayday timetime, forfor héeshe’s asas
wln 0212goodgood aa workmanworkman atat aa prickeprick &and anan awleawl, asas anyany isis inin ourour tradetrade.
wln 0213IaneJanejane.OO letlet himhim staystay, elseelse II shalshall bebe vndoneundone.
wln 0214FirkeFirkFirke.IAyI trulytruly, sheshe shalshall bebe laidlaid atatoneat oneone sideside likelike aa pairepair ofof oldold
wln 0215shooesshoes elseelse, andand bebe occupiedoccupied forfor nono vseuse.

img: 8-a
sig: B3v

A pleasant Comedie of

wln 0216LacieLacylacy.TrulyTruly mymy friendsfriends, itit lieslies notnot inin mymy powerpower,
wln 0217TheThe LondonersLondoners areare prestprestpressed, paidepaid, andand setset forthforth
wln 0218ByBy thethe LordLord MaiorMayorMaior, II cannotcannot changechange aa manman.
wln 0219HodgeHodge.WhyWhy thenthen youyou werewere asas goodgood bebe aa corporallcorporal, asas aa
wln 0220colonelcolonel, ifif youyou cannotcannot dischargedischarge oneone goodgood fellowfellow, andand II telltell
wln 0221youyou truetrue, II thinkethink youyou doedo moremore thenthan youyou cancan answereanswer, toto
wln 0222pressepresiepresspresie aa manman withinwithin aa yeareyear andand aa dayday ofof hishis mariagemarriage.
wln 0223EyreEyre.WelWell saidsaid melancholymelancholy HodgeHodge, gramercygramercy mymy finefine
wln 0224foremanforeman.
wln 0225WifeWife.TrulyTruly gentlemengentlemen, itit werewere ilill donedone, forfor suchsuch asas youyou,
wln 0226toto standstand soso stiffelystiffly againstagainst aa poorepoor yongyoung wifewife: consideringconsidering herher
wln 0227casecase, sheshe isis newnew marriedmarried, butbut letlet thatthat passepass: II praypray dealedeal notnot
wln 0228roughlyroughly withwith herher, herher husbandhusband isis aa yongyoung manman andand butbut newlynewly
wln 0229entredentered, butbut letlet thatthat passepass.
wln 0230EyreEyre.AwayAway withwith youryour pisherie pasheriepishery-pashery, youryour polspolspolls andand
wln 0231youryour edipollsedipolsedipolls, peacepeace MidaffeMidriffMidaffe, silencesilence CislyCecilyCisly BumtrincketBumtrinket, letlet
wln 0232youryour headhead speakespeak.
wln 0233FirkeFirkFirke.YeaYea andand thethe horneshorns tootoo, mastermaster.
wln 0234EyreEyre.TooToo soonesoon, mymy finefine FirkFirk, tootoo soonesoon: peacepeace scoundrelsscoundrels,
wln 0235seesee youyou thisthis manman? CaptainesCaptainscaptains, youyou willwill notnot releaserelease himhim, welwell
wln 0236letlet himhim gogo, hée’she’s aa properproper shotshot, letlet himhim vanishvanish, peacepeace IaneJanejane,
wln 0237driedry vpup thythy tearestears, theilethey’ll makemake hishis powderpowder dankishdarkishdarkishdankish, taketake
wln 0238himhim brauebrave menmen, HectorHector ofof TroyTroy waswas anan hackneyhackney toto himhim,
wln 0239HerculesHercules andand TermagantTermagant scoundrellesscoundrels, PrincePrince ArthursArthur’s
wln 0240RoundRound tabletable, byby thethe LordLord ofof LudgateLutgateLudgate, nerene’er fedfed suchsuch aa talltall,
wln 0241suchsuch aa dapperdapper swordmanswordman: byby thethe lifelife ofof PharoPharo, aa brauebrave reso=resolutereso∣luteresolute
wln 0242lute
wln 0242swordmanswordman, peacepeace IaneJanejane, II saysay nono moremore, madmad knauesknaves.
wln 0243Firk.Firk.SéeSee, seesee HodgeHodge, howhow mymy maistermaster rauesraves inin commen=commendationcommen∣dationcommendation
wln 0244dation
wln 0244ofof RafeRafe.
wln 0245HodgeHodge.RaphRafeRaph, thartthou ’rtthou’rt aa gullgull byby thisthis handhand, andand thouthou goestgoest.
wln 0246AskewAskew.II amam gladglad (goodgood mastermaster AyreEyreAir) itit isis mymy haphap
wln 0247ToTo méetemeet soso resoluteresolute aa souldioursoldier.
wln 0248TrustTrust meme, forfor youryour reportreport, andand louelove toto himhim,

img: 8-b
sig: B4r

the Gentle Craft.

wln 0249AA commoncommon slightflightflightslight regardregard shallshall notnot respectrespect himhim.
wln 0250LacieLacylacy.IsIs thythy namename RaphRafeRaph?
wln 0251Raph.RafeRaph.YesYes sirsir.
wln 0252LacieLacylacy.GiueGive meme thythy handhand,
wln 0253ThouThou shaltshalt notnot wantwant, asas II amam aa gentlemangentleman:
wln 0254WomanWoman, bebe patientpatient, GodGod (nono doubtdoubt) wilwill sendsend
wln 0255ThyThy husbandhusband safesafe againeagain, butbut hehe mustmust gogo,
wln 0256HisHis countriescountry’s quarrelquarrel sayessays, itit shallshall bebe soso.
wln 0257HodgeHodgeThartThou ’rtthou’rt aa gullgull byby mymy stirropstirrup, ifif thouthou dostdost notnot goego, II
wln 0258wilwill notnot hauehave théethee strikestrike thythy gimbletgimlet intointo thesethese weakeweak vesselsbesselsvessels,
wln 0259prickeprick thinethine enemiesenemies RafeRafe.EnterEnter DodgerDodger.
wln 0260DodgerDodgerMyMy lordlord, youryour vncleuncle onon thethe TowerTower hillhill,
wln 0261StayesStays withwith thethe lordlord MayorMayor, andand thethe AldermenAldermen,
wln 0262AndAnd dothdoth requestrequest youyou withwith alall spéedespeed youyou maymay
wln 0263ToTo hastenhasten thitherthither.exitexit DodgerDodger.
wln 0264AskewAskewCosinCousin, letslet’s gogo.
wln 0265LacyLacy,DodgerDodger runnerun youyou beforebefore, teltell themthem wewe comecome,
wln 0266ThisThis DodgerDodger isis minemine vnclesuncle’s parasiteparasite,
wln 0267TheThe arrantstarrant’starrantst varletvarlet thatthat eree ree’er breathdbreathed onon earthearth,
wln 0268HeHe setssets moremore discorddiscord inin aa noblenoble househouse,
wln 0269ByBy oneone daiesday’sdays brochingbroaching ofof hishis pickethankepickthank talesfalestalesfalls,
wln 0270ThenThen cancan bebe salu’dsalved againeagain inin twentietwenty yearesyears,
wln 0271AndAnd hehe (II fearefear) shallshall gogo withwith vsus toto FranceFrance,
wln 0272ToTo priepry intointo ourour actionsactions.
wln 0273AskewAskew.ThereforeTherefore cozecoz,
wln 0274ItIt shallshall behoouebehoove youyou toto bebe circumspectcircumspect,
wln 0275Lacy.Lacy.FeareFear notnot goodgood cosencousin: RaphRafeRaph, hiehie toto youryour colourscolorscolours.
wln 0276Raph.RafeRaph.II mustmust, becausebecause theresthere’s nono remedieremedy,
wln 0277ButBut gentlegentle maistermaster andand mymy louingloving damedame,
wln 0278AsAs youyou hauehave alwaiesalways béenebeen aa friendfriend toto meme,
wln 0279SoSo inin minemine absenceabsence thinkethink vponupon mymy wifewife.
wln 0280IaneJanejane.AlasAlas mymy RaphRafeRaph.
wln 0281WifeWife.SheShe cannotcannot speakespeak forfor wéepingweeping.

img: 9-a
sig: B4v

A pleasant Comedie of

wln 0282EyreEyre.PeacePeace youyou cracktcracked groatesgroats, youyou mustardmustard tokenstokens, dis=disquietdis∣quietdisquiet
wln 0283quiet
wln 0283notnot thethe brauebrave souldiersoldier, goego thythy waiesways RaphRafeRaph.
wln 0284IaneJanejane.IAyI IAyay, youyou bidbid himhim gogo, whatwhat shalshall II dodo whenwhen hehe isis gonegone?
wln 0285Firk.Firk.WhyWhy bebe doingdoing withwith meme, oror mymy felowfellow HodgeHodge, bebe notnot idleidle.
wln 0286EyreEyre.LetLet meme séesee thythy handhand IaneJanejane, thisthis finefine handhand, thisthis whitewhite
wln 0287handhand, thesethese prettiepretty fingersfingers mustmust spinspin, mustmust cardcard, mustmust workework,
wln 0288workework youyou bembastbombast cotten-candle-queanecotton-candle queancotton-candle-quean, workework forfor youryour
wln 0289liuingliving withwith aa poxpox toto youyou: holdhold théethee RaphRafeRaph, hereshere’s fiuefive sixpencessixpences
wln 0290forfor théethee, fightfight forfor thethe honourhonorhonour ofof thethe GentleGentle CraftCraft, forfor thethe gen=gentlemengen∣tlemengentlemen
wln 0291tlemen
wln 0291ShoomakersShoemakers, thethe couragiouscourageous CordwainersCordwainers, thethe flow=flowerflow∣erflower
wln 0292er
wln 0292ofof S.SaintS. MartinsMartin’s, thethe madmad knauesknaves ofof BedlemBedlam, FléetstréeteFleetstreet,
wln 0293TowerstréeteTowerstreet, andand whitewhite ChappellChapel, crackecrack meme thethe crownescrowns
wln 0294ofof thethe FrenchFrench knauesknaves, aa poxeporepoxpoor onon themthem, crackecrack themthem, fightfight, byby
wln 0295thethe lordlord ofof LudgateLudgate, fightfight mymy finefine boyboy.
wln 0296FirkeFirkFirke.HereHere RafeRafe, here’shere’s thréethreethrée twotwo pencespences, twotwo carrycarry intointo
wln 0297FranceFrance, thethe thirdthird shalshall washwash ourour soulessouls atat partingparting (forfor sorrowsorrow
wln 0298isis driedry) forfor mymy sakesake, FirkeFirk thethe BasaBasa monmon cuescues.
wln 0299HodgeHodge.RaphRafeRaph, II amam heauyheavy atat partingparting, butbut hereshere’s aa shil=shillingshil∣lingshilling
wln 0300ling
wln 0300forfor théethee, GodGod sendsend théethee toto crammecram thythy slopsslops withwith FrenchFrench
wln 0301crownescrowns, andand thythy enemiesenemy’s belliesbellies withwith bulletsbullets.
wln 0302Raph.RafeRaph.II thankethank youyou maistermaster, andand II thankethank youyou allall:
wln 0303NowNow gentlegentle wifewife, mymy louingloving louelylovely IaneJanejane,
wln 0304RichRich menmen atat partingparting, giuegive theirtheir wiueswives richrich giftsgifts,
wln 0305JewelsJewels andand ringsrings, toto gracegrace theirtheir lillielily handshands,
wln 0306ThouThou know’stknowest ourour tradetrade makesmakes ringsrings forfor womenswomen’s héelesheels:
wln 0307HereHere taketake thisthis pairepair ofof shooesshoes cutcut outout byby HodgeHodge,
wln 0308StichtStitchedstitched byby mymy fellowfellow FirkeFirk, seam’dseamed byby my selfemyself,
wln 0309MadeMade vpup andand pincktpinked, withwith lettersletters forfor thythy namename,
wln 0310WeareWear themthem mymy déeredear IaneJanejane, forfor thythy husbandshusband’s sakesake,
wln 0311AndAnd euerieevery morningmorning whenwhen thouthou pull’stpullest themthem onon,
wln 0312RememberRemember meme, andand praypray forfor mymy returnereturn,
wln 0313MakeMake muchmuch ofof themthem, forfor II havehave mademade themthem soso,
wln 0314ThatThat II cancan knowknow themthem fromfrom aa thousandthousand momo’more.

img: 9-b
sig: C1r

the Gentle Craft.

wln 0315SoundSound drummedrum, enterenter LordLord MaiorMayorMaior, LincolneLincoln, LacyLacy, AskewAskew,
wln 0316DodgerDodger, andand souldierssoldiers, TheyThey passepass ouerover thethe stagestage, RafeRafe
wln 0317fallesfalls inin amongestamongst themthem, FirkeFirkFirke andand thethe restrest crycry farewelfarewell,
wln 0318&c.Etc.etc. andand soso ExeuntExeunt.

wln 0319EnterEnter RoseRose alonealone makingmaking aa GarlandGarland.
wln 0320HereHere sitsit thouthou downedown vponupon thisthis flowryflowery bankebank,
wln 0321AndAnd makemake aa garlandgarland forfor thythy LaciesLacy’s headhead,
wln 0322TheseThese pinkespinks, thesethese rosesroses, andand thesethese violetsviolets,
wln 0323TheseThese blushingblushing gilliflowersgillyflowers, thesethese marigoldesmarigolds,
wln 0324TheThe fairefair embroderyembroidery ofof hishis coronetcoronet,
wln 0325CarryCarry notnot halfehalf suchsuch beautybeauty inin theirtheir chéekescheeks,
wln 0326AsAs thethe swéetesweet countnauncecountenance ofof mymy LacyLacy dothdoth.
wln 0327OO mymy mostmost vnkindeunkind fatherfather! OO mymy starresstars!
wln 0328WhyWhy lowrdelouredpowered youyou soso atat mymy natiuitynativity,
wln 0329ToTo makemake meme louelove, yetyet liuelive robdrobbed ofof mymy louelove?
wln 0330HereHere asas aa théefethief amam II imprisonedimprisoned
wln 0331(ForFor mymy déeredear LaciesLacy’s sakesake) withinwithin thosethose walleswalls,
wln 0332WhichWhich byby mymy fathersfather’s costcost werewere buildedbuilded vpup
wln 0333ForFor betterbetter purposespurposes: herehere mustmust II languishlanguish
wln 0334ForFor himhim thatthat dothdoth asas muchmuch lamentlament (II knowknow)enterenter SibilSybilSibil.
wln 0335MineMine absenceabsence, asas forfor himhim II pinepine inin woewoe.
wln 0336SibilSybilSibilGoodGood morrowmorrow yongyoung MistrisMistress, II amam suresure youyou makemake
wln 0337thatthat garlandgarland forfor meme, againstagainst II shallshall bebe LadyLady ofof thethe Har=HaruestHa|ruest
wln 0338uestHarvest.
wln 0339RoseRoseSibilSybilSibyl, whatwhat newsnews atat LondonLondon?
wln 0340SibilSybilSibilNoneNone butbut goodgood: mymy lordlord MayorMayor youryour fatherfather, andand
wln 0341maistermaster PhilpotPhilpot youryour vncleuncle, andand maistermaster ScotScottScot youryour coosincousin, andand
wln 0342mistrismistress FrigbottomFrigbottom byby DoctorsDoctors’Doctors CommonsCommons, doedo allall (byby mymy
wln 0343trothtroth) sendsend youyou mostmost heartyhearty commendationscommendations.
wln 0344RoseRoseDidDid LacyLacy sendsend kindkind gréetingsgreetings toto hishis louelove?
wln 0345SibilSybilSibilOO yesyes, outout ofof crycry, byby mymy trothtroth, II scantscant knewknew himhim,
wln 0346herehere a’a worewore scarffescarf, andand herehere aa scarfescarf, herehere aa bunchbunch ofof fethersfeathers,

img: 10-a
sig: C1v

A pleasant Comedie of

wln 0347andand herehere pretiousprecious stonesstones andand iewellsjewels, andand aa pairepair ofof gartersgarters:
wln 0348OOOh monstrousmonstrous likelike oneone ofof ourour yellowyellow silkesilk curtainscurtains, atat homehome
wln 0349herehere inin Old-fordOld-ford househouse, herehere inin maistermaster BellymountsBellymount’s cham=chambercham∣berchamber
wln 0350ber,
wln 0350II stoodestood atat ourour dooredoor inin CornehillCornhill, looktlooked atat himhim, hehe atat meme
wln 0351indeedindeed, spakespakespoke toto himhim, butbut hehe notnot toto meme, notnot aa wordword, marymarry gupguyguygup
wln 0352thoughtthought II withwith aa wanionwanion, hehe passtpassed byby meme asas prowdeproud, marymarry
wln 0353fohfoh, areare youyou grownegrown humoroushumorous thoughtthought II? andand soso shutshut thethe
wln 0354dooredoor, andand inin II camecame.
wln 0355RoseRoseOO SibillSybilSibyl, howhow destdost thouthou mymy LacyLacy wrongwrong?
wln 0356MyMy RowlandRowland isis asas gentlegentle asas aa lambelamb,
wln 0357NoNo douedove waswas euerever halfehalf soso mildemild asas hehe.
wln 0358SibilSybilSibilMildeMild? yeayea, asas aa bushelbushel ofof stamptstamped crabscrabs, hehe looktlooked vp=vponvp|onupon
wln 0359on
wln 0359meme asas sowresour asas veriuiceverjuice: goego thythy wayesways thoughtthought II, thouthou
wln 0360maistmayst bebe muchmuch inin mymy gaskinsgaskins, butbut nothingnothing inin mymy neather=neatherstockesneather|stockesnetherstocks
wln 0361stockes:
wln 0361thisthis isis youryour faultfault mistrismistress, toto louelove himhim thatthat louesloves notnot
wln 0362youyou, hehe thinkesthinks scornescorn toto dodo asas he’she’s donedone toto, butbut ifif II werewere asas
wln 0363youyou, IdeI’d crycry, gogo byby IeronimoJeronimojeronimo, gogo byby, IdeI’d setset minemine oldeold debtsdebts
wln 0364againstagainst mymy newnew dribletsdriblets, andand thethe hareshare’s footfoot againstagainst thethe goosegoose
wln 0365gibletsgiblets, forfor ifif euerever II sighsigh whenwhen sléepesleep II shouldeshould taketake, praypray
wln 0366GodGod II maymay looselose mymy mayden-headmaidenhead whenwhen II wakewake.
wln 0367RoseRoseWillWill mymy louelove leaueleave meme thenthen andand gogo toto FranceFrance?
wln 0368SibillSybilSibillII knoweknow notnot thatthat, butbut II amam suresure II seesee himhim stalkestalk
wln 0369beforebefore thethe souldierssoldiers, byby mymy trothtroth hehe isis aa propperproper manman, butbut
wln 0370hehe isis properproper thatthat properproper dothdoth, letlet himhim goego snicke-vpsnick-up yongyoung mi=mistrismi|stris
wln 0371strismistress.
wln 0372RoseRoseGetGet théethee toto LondonLondon, andand learnelearn perfectlyperfectly,
wln 0373WhetherWhether mymy LacyLacy gogo toto FranceFrance, oror nono:
wln 0374DoDo thisthis, andand II wilwill giuegive théethee forfor thythy painespains,
wln 0375MyMy cambrickecambric apronapron, andand mymy romishromish glouesgloves,
wln 0376MyMy purplepurple stockingsstockings, andand aa stomacherstomacher,
wln 0377SaySay, wiltwilt thouthou dodo thisthis SibilSybilSibyl forfor mymy sakesake?
wln 0378SibilSybilSibilWilWillwill II quothquoth a’a? atat whosewhose suitesuit? byby mymy trothtroth yesyes, IleI’ll
wln 0379gogo, aa cambrickecambric apronapron, glouesgloves, aa pairepair ofof purplepurple stockingsstockings,

img: 10-b
sig: C2r

the Gentle Craft.

wln 0380andand aa stomacherstomacher, IleI’ll sweatsweat inin purplepurple mistrismistress forfor youyou, ileI’ll taketake
wln 0381anyany thingthing thatthat comescomes aa’a GodsGod’s namename, OOOh richrich, aa CambrickeCambriccambric a-aprona∣pronapron
wln 0382pron;
wln 0382faithfaith thenthen hauehave atat vpup tailestails allall, IleI’ll gogo, IiggyJiggyjiggy, IeggyJeggyjeggy toto
wln 0383LondonLondon, andand bebe herehere inin aa tricetrice yongyoung mistrismistress.ExitExit.
wln 0384RoseRose.DoDo soso goodgood SibillSybilSibyl, meanemean timetime wretchedwretched II
wln 0385WillWill sitsit andand sighsigh forfor hishis lostlost companiecompany.ExitExit.
wln 0386EnterEnter RowlandRowland LacyLacy likelike aa DutchDutch Shooe-makerShoemaker.
wln 0387Lacy.Lacy.HowHow manymany shapesshapes hauehave godsgods andand kingskings deuisdedevised,
wln 0388TherebyThereby toto compassecompass theirtheir desireddesired louesloves?
wln 0389ItIt isis nono shameshame forfor RowlandRowland LacyLacy thenthen,
wln 0390ToTo clotheclothe hishis cunningcunning withwith thethe GentleGentle CraftCraft,
wln 0391ThatThat thusthus disguisdedisguised, II maymay vnknowneunknown possessepossess,
wln 0392TheThe onelyonly happiehappy presencepresence ofof mymy RoseRose:
wln 0393ForFor herher hauehave II forsookeforsook mymy chargecharge inin FranceFrance,
wln 0394IncurdIncurredincurred thethe KingsKing’sking’s displeasuredispleasure, andand stir’dstirred vpup
wln 0395RoughRough hatredhatred inin minemine vncleuncle LincolnesLincoln’s brestbreast:
wln 0396OOOh louelove, howhow powerfullpowerful artart thouthou, thatthat canstcanst changechange
wln 0397HighHigh birthbirth toto barenessebareness, andand aa noblenoble mindmind,
wln 0398ToTo thethe meanemean semblancesemblance ofof aa shooemakershoemaker?
wln 0399ButBut thusthus itit mustmust bebe: forfor herher cruellcruel fatherfather,
wln 0400HatingHating thethe singlesingle vnionunion ofof ourour soulessouls,
wln 0401HathHath secretlysecretly conueydconveyed mymy RoseRose fromfrom LondonLondon,
wln 0402ToTo barrebar meme ofof herher presencepresence, butbut II trusttrust
wln 0403FortuneFortune andand thisthis disguisedisguise willwill furderfurther meme
wln 0404OnceOnce moremore toto viewview herher beautiebeauty, gainegain herher sightsight.
wln 0405HereHere inin TowerstréeteTowerstreet, withwith AyreEyreAir thethe shooe=makershooe-makershoemaker,
wln 0406MeaneMean II aa whilewhile toto workework, II knowknow thethe tradetrade,
wln 0407II learn’tlearntlearned itit whenwhen II waswas inin WittenbergeWittenberg:
wln 0408ThenThen cheerecheer thythy hopinghoping spritessprites, bebe notnot dismaidedismayed,
wln 0409ThouThou canstcanst notnot wantwant, dodo fortunefortune whatwhat sheshe cancan,
wln 0410TheThe GentleGentle CraftCraft isis liuingliving forfor aa manman.exitexit.
wln 0411EnterEnter EyreEyre makingmaking himselfehimself readieready.
wln 0412EyreEyre.WhereWhere bebe thesethese boyesboys, thesethese girlesgirls, thesethese drabbesdrabs,

img: 11-a
sig: C2v

A pleasant Comedie of

wln 0413thesethese scoundrelsscoundrels, theythey wallowwallow inin thethe fatfat brewissebrewis ofof mymy boū=boūtieboū|tiebounty
wln 0414tie,
wln 0414andand IIlickelockelicklock vpup thethe crumscrumbs ofof mymy tabletable, yetyet wilwill notnot riserise toto seesee
wln 0415mymy walkeswalks cleansedcleansed: comecome outout youyou powder-beefe-queanespowder-beef queanspowder-beef-queens,
wln 0416whatwhat NanNan, whatwhat Madge-mumble-crustMadge-mumble-crust, comecome outout youyou fattefat
wln 0417Midriffe-swagMidriff-swag, belly-whoresbelly-whores, andand swéepesweep meme thesethese kennelskennels,
wln 0418thatthat thethe noysomenoisome stenchstench offendeoffend notnot thethe nosenose ofof mymy neigh-neighboursneigh∣boursneighborsneighbours
wln 0419bours:
wln 0419whatwhat FirkeFirk II saysay, whatwhat HodgeHodge? openopen mymy shopshop win=windoweswin|doweswindows
wln 0420dowes,
wln 0420whatwhat FirkeFirk II saysay.EnterEnter FirkeFirkFirke.
wln 0421FirkeFirkFirke.OO mastermaster, istis’t youyou thatthat speakespeak bandogbandog andand bedlambedlam
wln 0422thisthis morningmorning, II waswas inin aa dreamedream, andand muzedmused whatwhat maddemad
wln 0423manman waswas gotgot intointo thethe streetestreet soso earlieearly, hauehave youyou drunkedrunk thisthis
wln 0424morningmorning thatthat youryour throatethroat isis soso cleereclear?
wln 0425EyreEyre.AhAh wellwell saidesaid FirkeFirk, wellwell saidsaid FirkeFirk, toto workework mymy
wln 0426finefine knaueknave, toto workework, washwash thythy faceface, andand thou[*]tthouthou ’ltthoutt bebe moremore blestblestblessed.
wln 0427FirkeFirkFirke.LetLet themthem washwash mymy faceface thatthat willwill eateeat itit, goodgood mai=maistermai|stermaster
wln 0428ster
wln 0428sendsend forfor aa sowcesouse wifewife, ifif youleyou’ll hauehave mymy faceface cleanercleaner.
wln 0429enterenter HodgeHodge.
wln 0430EyreEyre.AwayAway slouensloven, auauntavaunt scoundrellscoundrel, goodgood morrowmorrow
wln 0431HodgeHodge, goodgood morrowmorrow mymy finefine foremanforeman.
wln 0432HodgeHodge.OO maistermaster, goodgood morrowmorrow, yarey’ areyou’re anan earlieearly stirrerstirrer,
wln 0433heereshere’s aa fairefair morningmorning, goodgood morrowmorrow FirkeFirk, II couldcould hauehave
wln 0434sleptslept thisthis howrehour, héereshere’s aa brauebrave dayday towardstowards.
wln 0435EyreEyre.OO hastehaste toto workework mymy finefine foremanforeman, hastehaste toto workework.
wln 0436FirkeFirkFirke.MaisterMaster II amam driedry asas dustdust, toto hearehear mymy fellowfellow Ro-RogerRo∣gerRoger
wln 0437ger
wln 0437talketalk ofof fairefair weatherweather, letlet vsus praypray forfor goodgood leatherleather, andand letlet
wln 0438clownesclowns andand plowboyesplowboys, andand thosethose thatthat workework inin thethe fieldesfields,
wln 0439praypray forfor brauebrave dayesdays, weewe workework inin aa driedry shopshop, whatwhat carecare
wln 0440II ifif itit rainerain?enterenter EyresEyre’s wifewife.
wln 0441EyreEyre.HowHow nownow damedame MargeryMargery, cancan youyou séesee toto riserise? triptrip
wln 0442andand gogo, callcall vpup thethe drabsdrabs youryour maidesmaids.
wln 0443WifeWife.SeeSee toto riserise? II hopehope tis’tis timetime inoughenough, tis’tis earlieearly inoughenough
wln 0444forfor anyany womanwoman toto bebe séeneseen abroadabroad, II maruailemarvel howhow maniemany
wln 0445wiueswives inin TowerstréetTowerstreet areare vpup soso soonsoon? GodsGod’s meme, tis’tis notnot noonenoon,

img: 11-b
sig: C3r

the Gentle Craft.

wln 0446hereshere’s aa yawlingyawling.
wln 0447EyreEyre.PeacePeace MargerieMargerymargery, peacepeace, whereswhere’s CislyCistyCecilyCisty Bumtrin=BumtrinketBum∣trinketBumtrinket
wln 0448ket
wln 0448youryour maidemaid? sheshe hashas aa priuieprivy faultfault, sheshe fartesfarts inin herher sleepesleep,
wln 0449callcall thethe queanequean vpup, ifif mymy menmen wantwant shooethréedshoethreadshooethréed, ileI’ll swingeswinge
wln 0450herher inin aa stirropstirrup.
wln 0451FirkeFirkFirke.YetYet thatsthat’s butbut aa driedry beatingbeating, hereshere’s stillstill aa signesign ofof
wln 0452droughtdrought.enterenter LacyLacy singingsinging.
wln 0453Lacy.Lacy.DerDer waswas eeneene’en boreboreboar vanvan GelderlandGelderland, FrolickFrolic sisie byenbyen,
wln 0454HeHe waswas alsalsall’s dronckdronckdrunk hehe coldcouldcold nyetnyet standstand, vpsolceupsolce sesiese byenbyen,
wln 0455TapTap eenseens dede cannekencanneken drinckedrinckedrink scheueschonescheve mannekinmannekin.
wln 0456FirkeFirkFirke.MaisterMaster, forfor mymy lifelife yondersyonder’s aa brotherbrother ofof thethe Gen=GentleGen∣tleGentle
wln 0457tle
wln 0457CraftCraft, ifif hehe bearebear notnot saintsaint HughesHugh’s bonesbones, IleI’ll forfeitforfeit mymy
wln 0458bonesbones, héeshe’s somesome vplandishuplandish workmanworkman, hirehire himhim goodgood mastermaster,
wln 0459thatthat II maymay learnelearn somesome gible, gabblegibble-gabble, twill’twill makemake vsus workework
wln 0460thethe fasterfaster.
wln 0461EyreEyre.PeacePeace FirkeFirk, aa hardhard worldworld, letlet himhim passepass, letlet himhim
wln 0462vanishvanish, wewe hauehave iourneymenjourneymen enowenough, peacepeace mymy finefine FirkeFirk.
wln 0463WifeWife.NayNay, naynay, y’areY arey’ areyou’re bestbest followfollow youryour mansman’s councellcounselcouncil,
wln 0464youyou shalshall séesee whatwhat wilwill comecome onon t’tt: wewe hauehave notnot menmen enowenough, butbut
wln 0465wewe mustmust entertaineentertain euerieevery butter-boxebutterbox: butbut letlet thatthat passepass.
wln 0466HodgeHodge.DameDame, forefore GodGod ifif mymy maistermaster followfollow youryour coun=counsellcoun|sellcounsel
wln 0467sell,
wln 0467héelehe’ll consumeconsume littlelittle béefebeef, hehe shalshall bebe gladglad ofof menmen andand heehe
wln 0468cancan catchcatch themthem.
wln 0469FirkeFirkFirke.IAyI thatthat hehe shallshall.
wln 0470HodgeHodge.ForeFore GodGod aa properproper manman, andand II warrantwarrant aa finefine
wln 0471workmanworkman: maistermaster farewellfarewell, damedame adewadieu, ifif suchsuch aa manman asas hehe
wln 0472cannotcannot findfind workework, HodgeHodge isis notnot forfor youyou.offeroffer toto goego.
wln 0473EyreEyre.StayStay mymy finefine HodgeHodge.
wln 0474FirkeFirkFirke.FaithFaith, andand youryour foremanforeman goego, damedame youyou mustmust taketake
wln 0475aa iourneyjourney toto séekeseek aa newnew iorneymanjourneyman, ifif RogerRoger remoueremove, FirkeFirk
wln 0476followesfollows, ifif S.SaintS. HughsHugh’s bonesbones shallshall notnot bebe setset aa workework, II maymay
wln 0477prickeprick minemine awleawl inin thethe walswalls, andand goego playplay: farefare yeye welwell ma=masterma∣stermaster
wln 0478ster,
wln 0478God buyGoodbyeGod buy damedame.

img: 12-a
sig: C3v

A pleasant Comedie of

wln 0479EyreEyre.TarrieCarrieTarryCarry mymy finefine HodgeHodge, mymy briskebrisk foremanforeman, staystay
wln 0480FirkeFirk, peacepeace puddingpudding broathbroth, byby thethe lordlord ofof LudgateLudgate II louelove
wln 0481mymy menmen asas mymy lifelife, peacepeace youyou gallimafriegallimaufry, HodgeHodge ifif hehe wantwant
wln 0482workework IleI’ll hirehire himhim, oneone ofof youyou toto himhim, staystay, hehe comescomes toto vsus.
wln 0483LacieLacylacy.GoedenEoedenEoedenGoeden dachdach meestermeester, endeendeend vyowv vrovro oakoak.
wln 0484FirkeFirkFirke.NaylsNayNayis’NailsNayisis ifif II shouldshould speakespeak afterafter himhim withoutwithout drink=drinkingdrink∣ingdrinking
wln 0485ing,
wln 0485II shuldshould chokechoke, andand youyou frindfriend OakeOak areare youyou ofof thethe GentleGentle (CraftCraft?
wln 0486LacieLacylacy.YawYaw yawyaw, IkIk binbinbeen denden skomawkerskomawker.
wln 0487FirkeFirkFirke.DenDen skomakerskomaker quothquoth a’a, andand hearkhark youyou skomakerskomaker,
wln 0488hauehave youyou alall youryour toolestools, aa goodgood rubbingrubbing pinnepin, aa goodgood stopperstopper,
wln 0489aa goodgood dresserdresser, youryour fourefour sortssorts ofof awlesawls andand youryour twotwo ballesballs
wln 0490ofof waxewax, youryour paringparing knifeknife, youryour handhand andand thumb-leathersthumb-leathers,
wln 0491andand goodgood S.SaintS. HughsHugh’s bonesbones toto smoothsmooth vpup youryour workework.
wln 0492LacieLacylacy.YawYaw yawyaw bebe nietniet vorveardvor veardvor veardvorveard, IkIk habhab allall dede dingendingen,
wln 0493voourvoour mackmack shoesshoes grootgroot andand cleaneclean.
wln 0494FirkeFirkFirke.HaHa haha goodgood maistermaster hirehire himhim, héelehe’ll makemake meme laughlaugh
wln 0495soso thatthat II shalshall workework moremore inin mirthmirth, thenthan II cancan inin earnestearnest.
wln 0496EyreEyre.HeareI careHearI care yeye friendfriend, hauehave yeye anyany skillskill inin thethe misterymystery ofof
wln 0497CordwainersCordwainers?
wln 0498LacieLacylacy.IkIk wéetwéet nietniet watwat yowyowye segseg ichich vestawvestaw youyou nietniet.
wln 0499FirkeFirkFirke.WhyWhy thusthus manman, IchIch versteverste vyowv nietniet quothquoth aa.’aa...
wln 0500LacieLacylacy.YawYaw, yawyaw, yawyaw, ickick cancan datdat welwell doendoen.doen.doen..
wln 0501FirkeFirkFirke.YawYaw, yawyaw, hehe speakesspeaks yawingyawing likelike aa IackeJack dawdaw,
wln 0502thatthat gapesgapes toto bebe fedfed withwith chéesecheese curdescurds, OOOh héelehe’ll giuegive aa villa=villanousvilla|nousvillainous
wln 0503nous
wln 0503pulpull atat aa CanCan ofof doubledouble BéereBeer, butbut HodgeHodge andand II hauehave
wln 0504thethe vantagevantage, wewe mustmust drinkedrink firstfirst, becausebecause weewe areare thethe eldesteldest
wln 0505iourneymanjourneyman.
wln 0506EyreEyre.WhatWhat isis thythy namename?
wln 0507Lacy.Lacy.HansHans, HansHans, MeulterMeulter.
wln 0508EyreEyre.GiueGive meme thythy handhand, th’th’artart welcomewelcome, HodgeHodge enter=entertaineenter|taineentertain
wln 0509taine
wln 0509himhim, FyrkFirkFyrk bidbid himhim welcomewelcome, comecome HansHans, runnerun wifewife,
wln 0510bidbid youryour maidsmaids, youryour TrullibubsCrullibubsCrullibubsTrullibubs, makemake readieready mymy finefine mensmen’s
wln 0511breakefastsbreakfasts: toto himhim HodgeHodge.

img: 12-b
sig: C4r

the Gentle Craft.

wln 0512HodgeHodge.HansHans, th’artth’ artthou’rt welcomewelcome, vseuse thy selfethyself friendlyfriendly, forfor
wln 0513wewe areare goodgood fellowesfellows, ifif notnot thouthou shaltshalt bebe foughtfought withwith, wertwert
wln 0514thouthou biggerbigger thenthan aa GiantGiant.
wln 0515Fyrk.FirkFyrk.YeaYea andand drunkedrunk withwith, wertwert thouthou GargantuaGargantua, mymy
wln 0516maistermaster keepeskeeps nono cowardscowards, II teltell theethee: hoeheehohe, boyboy, bringbring himhim anan
wln 0517heele-blockeheel-block, heershere’s aa newnew iourneymanjourneyman.
wln 0518EnterEnter boyboy.
wln 0519Lacy.Lacy.OichOich werstowersto, youyou IchIch moetmoet eeneen haluehalve dossendossendozen CansCans
wln 0520betaelenbetaelen: herehere boyboy nemptnempt disdis skillingskilling, taptap eenseens fréelickefréelicke.
wln 0521ExitExit boyboy.
wln 0522EyreEyre.QuickeQuick snipper snappersnipper-snapper, awayaway FyrkFirkFyrk, scowrescour thythy
wln 0523throatethroat, thouthou shaltshalt washwash itit withwith CastilianCasulianCasulianCastilian licourliquorliquour, comecome mymy
wln 0524lastlast ofof thethe fiuesfives, giuegive meme aa CanCan, hauehave totoEnterEnter boyboy.
wln 0525théethee HansHans, herehere HodgeHodge, herehere FyrkFirkFyrk, drinkedrink youyou madmad GréeksGreeks,
wln 0526andand workework likelike truetrue TroiansTrojans, andand praypray forfor SimonSimon EyreEyre thethe
wln 0527ShoomakerShoemaker: herehere HansHans, andand th’artth’ artthou’rt welcomewelcome.
wln 0528Fyrk.FirkFyrk.LoLo damedame youyou wouldwould hauehave lostlost aa goodgood fellowfellow thatthat wilwill
wln 0529teachteach vsus toto laughlaugh, thisthis béerebeer camecame hoppinghopping inin welwell.
wln 0530WifeWife.SimonSimon itit isis almostalmost seuenseven.
wln 0531EyreEyre.Is’tIs’t soso damedame clapperclapper dudgeondudgeon, is’tis’t seuenseven a clockea’ clocko’clock,
wln 0532andand mymy mensmen’s breakefastbreakfast notnot readieready? triptrip andand goego yowyowye sowstsoused
wln 0533cungercongercunger, awayaway, comecome youyou maddemad HiperboreansHyperboreans, followfollow meme
wln 0534HodgeHodge, followfollow meme HansHans, comecome afterafter mymy finefine FyrkFirkFyrk, toto workework,
wln 0535toto workework aa whilewhile andand thenthen toto breakfastbreakfast.ExitExit.
wln 0536Fyrk.FirkFyrk.SoftSoft, yawyaw, yawyaw, goodgood HansHans, thoughthough mymy mastermaster hauehave
wln 0537nono moremore witwit, butbut toto callcall youyou aforeafore meeme, II amam notnot soso foolishfoolish toto
wln 0538gogo behindbehind youyou, II beingbeing thethe elderelder iourneymanjourneyman.exeuntexeunt.
wln 0539HollowingHalloingHollowing withinwithin. EnterEnter WarnerWarner, andand HammonHammon,
wln 0540likelike huntershunters.

wln 0541HammonHammon.CosenCousin, beatebeat eueryevery brakebrake, thethe game’sgame’s notnot farfar,
wln 0542ThisThis waymaymayway withwith wingedwinged féetefeet hehe fledfled fromfrom deathdeath,
wln 0543WhilstWhilst thethe pursuingpursuing houndshounds sentingscenting hishis stepssteps:
wln 0544FindFind outout hishis highhigh wayway toto destructiondestruction,

img: 13-a
sig: C4v

A pleasant Comedie of

wln 0545BesidesBesides, thethe millersmiller’s boyboy toldtold meme eueneven nownow,
wln 0546HeHe sawsaw himhim taketake sailesail, andand hehe hallowedhalloedhallowed himhim,
wln 0547AffirmingAffirming himhim soso embostembossed,
wln 0548ThatThat longlong hehe couldcould notnot holdhold.
wln 0549WarnerWarner.IfIf itit bebe soso,
wln 0550Tis’Tis bestbest wewe tracetrace thesethese meddowesmeadows byby oldold FordFord.
wln 0551AA noisenoise ofof huntershunters withinwithin, enterenter aa boyboy.
wln 0552HammonHammon.HowHow nownow boyboy, whereswhere’s thethe déeredeerdear? speakspeak, sawstsaw’st
wln 0553thouthou himhim?
wln 0554BoyBoy.OO, yeayea II sawsaw himhim scapescape throughthrough aa hedgehedge, andand thenthen
wln 0555ouerover aa ditchditch, thenthen atat mymy LordLord MaiorsMayor’sMajors palepale, ouerover hehe skiptskipped meme
wln 0556andand inin hehe wentwent meme, andand hollaholla thethe huntershunters cridecried, andand therethere
wln 0557boyboy therethere boyboy, butbut therethere hehe isis aa’a minemine honestiehonesty.
wln 0558Ham.HammonHam.BoyBoy God amercyGod amereyGod-a-mercyGod a-mercy, cosencousin letslet’s awayaway,
wln 0559II hopehope wewe shalshall findfind betterbetter sportsport to daytoday.exeuntexeunt.
wln 0560HuntingHunting withinwithin, enterenter RoseRose, andand SibillSibill.SybilSibill...
wln 0561RoseRose.WhyWhy SibillSybilSibyl wiltwilt thouthou proueprove aa forresterforester?
wln 0562Sibill.SybilSibill.VponUponUpon somesome nono, forresterforester, gogo byby: nono faithfaith mistrismistress,
wln 0563thethe deeredeerdear camecame runningrunning intointo thethe barnebarn throughthrough thethe orchardorchard,
wln 0564andand ouerover thethe palepale, II wotwot welwell, II looktlooked asas palepale asas aa newnew chéesecheese
wln 0565toto séesee himhim, butbut whipwhip saiessays goodmangoodman pinne-closepin-close, vpup withwith hishis
wln 0566flailefiaileflail, andand ourour NickeNicknick withwith aa prongprong, andand downedown hehe felfell, andand
wln 0567theythey vponupon himhim, andand II vponupon themthem, byby mymy