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ln 0001THETHE
ln 0002TrueTrue ChronicleChronicle Hi-HistoryHi∣storyHistory
ln 0003story
ln 0003ofof KingKing LEIRLEIR, andand hishis threethree
ln 0004daughtersdaughters, GonorillGonorilGonorill, RaganRagan,
ln 0005andand CordellaCordella.

ln 0006AsAs itit hathhath benebeen diuersdivers andand sundrysundry
ln 0007timestimes latelylately actedacted.

ln 0009PrintedPrinted byby SimonSimon StaffordStafford forfor IohnJohnjohn
ln 0010WrightWright, andand areare toto beebe soldsold atat hishis shopshop atat
ln 0011ChristesChrist’s ChurchChurch doredoor, nextnext Newgate-Newgate-MarketNewgate MarketNewgate-Market
ln 0012Market.
ln 001216051605.

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wln 0001TheThe truetrue ChronicleChronicle HistorieHistory ofof KingKing
wln 0002LeirLeir andand hishis threethree daughtersdaughters.


wln 0004EnterEnter KingKing LeirLeir andand NoblesNobles.

wln 0005THusTHus toto ourour griefegrief thethe obsequiesobsequies performdperformed
wln 0006OfOf ourour (tootoo latelate) deceastdeceased andand dearestdearest QueenQueen,
wln 0007WhoseWhose soulesoul II hopehope, possestpossessed ofof heauēlyheauēlyheavenly ioyesjoys,
wln 0008DothDoth rideride inin triumphtriumph ’mōgstmōgst’mongstamongst thethe CherubinsCherubins;
wln 0009LetLet vsus requestrequest youryour grauegrave aduiceadvice, mymy LordsLords,
wln 0010ForFor thethe disposingdisposing ofof ourour princelyprincely daughtersdaughters,
wln 0011ForFor whomwhom ourour carecare isis speciallyspecially imploydemployed,
wln 0012AsAs naturenature bindethbindeth toto aduaunceadvance theirtheir statesstates,
wln 0013InIn royallroyal marriagemarriage withwith somesome princelyprincely matesmates:
wln 0014ForFor wantingwanting nownow theirtheir mothersmother’s goodgood aduiceadvice,
wln 0015VnderUnder whosewhose gouernmentgovernment theythey hauehave receyuedreceived
wln 0016AA perfitperfect patternepattern ofof aa vertuousvirtuous lifelife:
wln 0017LeftLeft asas itit werewere aa shipship withoutwithout aa sternestern,
wln 0018OrOr sillysilly sheepesheep withoutwithout aa PastorsPastor’s carecare;
wln 0019AlthoughAlthough our seluesourselves doedo dearelydearlydear tendertender themthem,
wln 0020YetYet areare wewe ignorantignorant ofof theirtheir affayresaffairs:
wln 0021ForFor fathersfathers bestbest dodo knowknow toto gouernegovern sonnessons;
wln 0022ButBut daughtersdaughters’ stepssteps thethe mothersmother’s counsellcounsel turnesturns.
wln 0023AA sonneson wewe wantwant forfor toto succeedsucceed ourour CrowneCrown,
wln 0024AndAnd coursecourse ofof timetime hathhath cancelledcanceledcancelled thethe datedate
wln 0025OfOf furtherfurther issueissue fromfrom ourour witheredwithered loynesloins[·]:
wln 0026OneOne footefoot alreadyalready hangethhangeth inin thethe grauegrave,
wln 0027AndAnd ageage hathhath mademade deepedeep furrowesfurrows inin mymy faceface:
wln 0028TheThe worldworld ofof meme, II ofof thethe worldworld amam wearyweary,
wln 0029AndAnd II wouldwould faynefain resigneresign thesethese earthlyearthly carescares,
wln 0030AndAnd thinkethink vponupon thethe welfarewelfare ofof mymy soulesoul:
wln 0031WhichWhich byby nono betterbetter meanesmeans maymay bebe effectedeffected,
wln 0032ThenThanThen byby resigningresigning vpup thethe CrowneCrown fromfrom meme,
wln 0033InIn equallequal dowrydowry toto mymy daughtersdaughtersdaughter’s threethree.
wln 0034SkalligerSkalliger.AA worthyworthy carecare, mymy LiegeLiege, whichwhich wellwell declaresdeclares,
wln 0035TheThe zealezeal youyou barebarebore vntounto ourour quondamquondam QueeneQueen:
wln 0036AndAnd sincesince youryour GraceGrace hathhath licens’dlicensedlicenced meme toto speakespeak,
I cen-

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The History of King Leir

wln 0037II censurecensure thusthus;;, YourYour MaiestyMajesty knowingknowing wellwell,
wln 0038WhatWhat seuerallseveral SutersSuitors youryour princelyprincely daughtersdaughters hauehave,
wln 0039ToTo makemake themthem echeeach aa IoynterJointurejointure moremore oror lesseless,
wln 0040AsAs isis theirtheir worthworth, toto themthem thatthat louelove professeprofess.
wln 0041LeirLeirKing.NoNo moremore, nornor lesseless, butbut eueneven allall alikealike,
wln 0042MyMy zealezeal isis fixtfixed, allall fashiondfashioned inin oneone mouldmoldmould:
wln 0043WhereforeWherefore vnpartiallunpartial shallshall mymy censurecensure bebe,
wln 0044BothBoth oldold andand youngyoung shallshall hauehave alikealike forfor meme.
wln 0045Nobl.NobleNobl.MyMy graciousgracious LordLord, II hartilyheartily dodo wishwish,
wln 0046ThatThat GodGod hadhad lentlent youyou anan heyreheir indubitateindubitate,
wln 0047WhichWhich mightmight hauehave setsat vponupon youryour royallroyal thronethrone,
wln 0048WhenWhen fatesfates shouldshould looselose thethe prisonprison ofof youryour lifelife,
wln 0049ByBy whosewhose successionsuccession allall thisthis doubtdoubt mightmight ceasecease;
wln 0050AndAnd asas byby youyou, byby himhim wewe mightmight hauehave peacepeace.
wln 0051ButBut after-wishesafter-wishes euerever comecome tootoo latelate,
wln 0052AndAnd nothingnothing cancan reuokerevoke thethe coursecourse ofof fatefate:
wln 0053WhereforeWherefore, mymy LiegeLiege, mymy censurecensure deemesdeems itit bestbest,
wln 0054ToTo matchmatch themthem withwith somesome ofof youryour neighbourneighborneighbour KingsKings,
wln 0055BordringBord’ringBordering withinwithin thethe boundsbounds ofof AlbionAlbion,
wln 0056ByBy whosewhose vnitedunited friendshipfriendship, thisthis ourour statestate
wln 0057MayMay bebe protectedprotected ’gainstgainst’gainst allall forrayneforeign hatehate.
wln 0058LeirLeirKing.HereinHerein, mymy LordsLords, youryour wisheswishes sortsort-withsortsort with withwith minemine,
wln 0059AndAnd minemine (II hopehope) dodo sortsort withwith heauenlyheavenly powerspowers:
wln 0060ForFor atat thisthis instantinstant twotwo neerenear neyghbouringneighboringneighbouring KingsKings
wln 0061OfOf CornwallCornwall andand ofof CambriaCambria, motionmotion louelove
wln 0062ToTo mymy twotwo daughtersdaughters, GonorillGonorilGonorill andand RaganRagan.
wln 0063MyMy youngestyoungest daughterdaughter, fayrefair CordellaCordella, vowesvows
wln 0064NoNo likingliking toto aa MonarchMonarch, vnlesseunless louelove allowesallows..,
wln 0065SheShe isis sollicitedsolicited byby diuersdivers PeeresPeers;
wln 0066ButBut nonenone ofof themthem herher partiallpartial fancyfancy heareshears.
wln 0067YetYet, ifif mymy policypolicy maymay herher beguylebeguile,
wln 0068IleI’ll matchmatch herher toto somesome KingKing withinwithin thisthis IleIsleisle,
wln 0069AndAnd soso establishestablish suchsuch aa perfitperfect peacepeace,
wln 0070AsAs fortunesfortune’s forceforce shallshall ne’rene’ernever preuayleprevail toto ceasecease.
wln 0071Perillus.Perillus.OfOf vsus &and oursours, youryour graciousgracious carecare, mymy LordLord,
wln 0072DeseruesDeserves anan euerlastingeverlasting memorymemory,
wln 0073ToTo bebe inrol’denrolled inin ChroniclesChronicles ofof famefame,
wln 0074ByBy neuer-dyingnever-dying perpetuityperpetuity:

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and his three daughters.

wln 0075YetYet toto becomebecome soso prouidentprovident aa PrincePrince,
wln 0076LoseLose notnot thethe titletitle ofof aa louingloving fatherfather:
wln 0077DoDo notnot forceforce louelove, wherewherefancywhere fancyfancy cannotcannot dwelldwell,
wln 0078LestLest streamesstreams beingbeing stoptstopped, aboueabove thethe banksbanks dodo swellswell.
wln 0079LeirLeirKing.II amam resolu’dresolved, andand eueneven nownow mymy mindmind
wln 0080DothDoth meditatemeditate aa suddensudden stratagemstratagem,
wln 0081ToTo trytry whichwhich ofof mymy daughtersdaughters louesloves meme bestbest:
wln 0082WhichWhich tilltill II knowknow, II cannotcannot bebe inin restrest.
wln 0083ThisThis grauntedgranted, whenwhen theythey ioyntlyjointly shallshall contendcontend,
wln 0084EcheEach toto exceedexceed thethe otherother inin theirtheir louelove:
wln 0085ThenThen atat thethe vantagevantage willwill II taketake CordellaCordella,
wln 0086EuenEven asas sheshe dothdoth protestprotest sheshe louesloves meme bestbest,
wln 0087IleI’ll saysay, ThenThen, daughterdaughter, grauntgrant meme oneone requestrequest,
wln 0088ToTo shewshow thouthou louestlovest meme asas thythy sisterssisters doedo,
wln 0089AcceptAccept aa husbandhusband, whomwhom my selfemyself willwill woowoo.
wln 0090ThisThis saydsaid, sheshe cannotcannot wellwell denydeny mymy sutesuit,
wln 0091AlthoughAlthough (poorepoor soulesoul) herher sencessenses willwill bebe mutemute:
wln 0092ThenThen willwill II tryumphtriumph inin mymy policypolicy,
wln 0093AndAnd matchmatch herher withwith aa KingKing ofof BrittanyBrittany.
wln 0094Skal.SkalligerSkal.IleI’ll toto themthem beforebefore, andand bewraybewray youryour secrecysecrecy.
wln 0095Per.PerillusPer.ThusThus fathersfathers thinkthink theirtheir childrenchildren toto beguilebeguile,
wln 0096AndAnd oftentimesoftentimes themseluesthemselves dodo firstfirst repentrepent,
wln 0097WhenWhen heauenlyheavenly powerspowers dodo frustratefrustrate theirtheir intentintent.ExeuntExeunt.
wln 0098EnterEnter GonorillGonorilGonorill andand RaganRagan.
wln 0099Gon.GonorilGon.II maruellmarvel, RaganRagan, howhow youyou cancan indureendure
wln 0100ToTo seesee thatthat proudproud pertpert PeatPeatpet, ourour youngestyoungest sistersister,
wln 0101SoSo slightlyslightly toto accountaccount ofof vsus, herher elderselders,
wln 0102AsAs ifif wewe werewere nono betterbetter thenthan her selfeherself!
wln 0103WeWe cannotcannot hauehave aa quayntquaint deuicedevice soso soonesoon,
wln 0104OrOr new madenew-madenew made fashionfashion, ofof ourour choycechoice inuentioninvention;
wln 0105ButBut ifif sheshe likelike itit, sheshe willwill hauehave thethe samesame,
wln 0106OrOr studystudy newernewer toto exceedexceed vsus bothboth.
wln 0107BesidesBesides, sheshe isis soso nicenice andand soso demuredemure;
wln 0108SoSo sobersober, courteouscourteous, modestmodest, andand preciseprecise,
wln 0109ThatThat allall thethe CourtCourt hathhath workework ynoughenough toto dodo,
wln 0110ToTo talketalk howhow sheshe exceedethexceedeth meme andand youyou.
wln 0111Ra.RaganRa.WhatWhat shouldshould II dodo? wouldwould itit werewere inin mymy powerpower,
wln 0112ToTo findfind aa curecure forfor thisthis contagiouscontagious illill:

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The History of King Leir

wln 0113SomeSome desperatedesperate medicinemedicine mustmust bebe soonesoon applyedapplied,
wln 0114ToTo dimmedim thethe gloryglory ofof herher mountingmounting famefame;
wln 0115ElsElse ere’tere ’tere’t bebelongbe longlong, shee’leshe’ll hauehave bothboth prickprick andand praisepraise,
wln 0116AndAnd wewe mustmust bebe setset byby forfor workingworking dayesdays.
wln 0117DoeDo youyou notnot seesee whatwhat seuerallseveral choycechoice ofof SutersSuitors
wln 0118SheShe dailydaily hathhath, andand ofof thethe bestbest degreedegree?
wln 0119SaySay, amongstamongst allall, sheshe haphap toto fancyfancy oneone,
wln 0120AndAnd hauehave aa husbandhusband when aswhenas wewe hauehave nonenone:
wln 0121WhyWhy thenthen, byby rightright, toto herher wewe mustmust giuegive placeplace,
wln 0122ThoughThough itit bebe ne’rene’ernever soso muchmuch toto ourour disgracedisgrace.
wln 0123Gon.GonorilGon.ByBy mymy virginityvirginity, ratherrather thenthan sheshe shallshall hauehave
wln 0124AA husbandhusband beforebefore meme,
wln 0125IleI’ll marrymarry oneone oror otherother inin hishis shirtshirt:
wln 0126AndAnd yetyet II hauehave mademade halfehalf aa grauntgrant alreadyalready
wln 0127OfOf mymy goodgood willwill vntounto thethe KingKing ofof CornwallCornwall.
wln 0128Ra.RaganRa.SweareSwear notnot soso deeplydeeply (sistersister) herehere cōmethcōmethcometh mymy L.LordL. SkalligerSkalligerScaliger,,.
wln 0129SomethingSomething hishis hastyhasty commingcoming dothdoth importimport.EnterEnter Skal.SkalligerSkal.
wln 0130Skal.SkalligerSkal.SweetSweet PrincessesPrincesses, II amam gladglad II metmet youyou heerehere soso luckilyluckily,
wln 0131HauingHaving goodgood newesnews whichwhich dothdoth concerneconcern youyou bothboth,
wln 0132AndAnd crauethcraveth speedyspeedy expeditionexpedition.
wln 0133Ra.RaganRa.ForFor GodsGod’s sakesake telltell vsus whatwhat itit isis, mymy LordLord,
wln 0134II amam withwith childchild vntilluntil youyou vtterutter itit.
wln 0135Skal.SkalligerSkal.MadamMadam, toto sauesave youryour longinglonging, thisthis itit isis:
wln 0136YourYour fatherfather inin greatgreat secrecysecrecy to daytoday,
wln 0137ToldTold meme, hehe meanesmeans toto marrymarry youyou outout ofof handhand,
wln 0138VntoUnto thethe noblenoble PrincePrince ofof CambriaCambria;
wln 0139YouYou, MadamMadam, toto thethe KingKing ofof CornwallsCornwall’s GraceGrace:
wln 0140YourYour yongeryounger sistersister hehe wouldwould faynefain bestowbestow
wln 0141VponUpon thethe richrich KingKing ofof HiberniaHibernia:
wln 0142ButBut thatthat hehe doubtsdoubts, sheshe hardlyhardly willwill consentconsent;
wln 0143ForFor hithertohitherto sheshe ne’rene’ernever couldcould fancyfancy himhim.
wln 0144IfIf sheshe dodo yeeldyield, whywhy thenthen, betweenebetween youyou threethree,
wln 0145HeHe willwill deuidedivide hishis kingdomekingdom forfor youryour dowriesdowries.
wln 0146ButBut yetyet therethere isis aa furtherfurther mysterymystery,
wln 0147WhichWhich, soso youyou willwill concealeconceal, II willwill disclosedisclose.
wln 0148Gon.GonorilGon.What e’reWhate’erwhatever thouthouspeakstthou speakstspeak’st toto vsus, kindkind SkalligerSkalligerScaliger,
wln 0149ThinkeThink thatthat thouthou speakstspeak’stspeakst itit onlyonly toto thy selfethyself.
wln 0150Skal.SkalligerSkal.HeHe earnestlyearnestly desirethdesireth forfor toto knowknow,

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sig: A4r

and his three daughters.

wln 0151WhichWhich ofof youyou threethree dodo bearebear mostmost louelove toto himhim,
wln 0152AndAnd onon youryour louesloves hehe soso extremelyextremely dotesdotes,
wln 0153AsAs neuernever anyany diddid, II thinkethink, beforebefore.
wln 0154HeHe presentlypresently dothdoth meanemean toto sendsend forfor youyou,
wln 0155ToTo bebe resolu’dresolved ofof thisthis tormentingtormenting doubtdoubt:
wln 0156AndAnd lookelook, whosewhose answereanswer pleasethpleaseth himhim thethe bestbest,
wln 0157TheyThey shallshall hauehave mostmost vntounto theirtheir marriagesmarriages.
wln 0158Ra.RaganRa.OO thatthat II hadhad somesome pleasingpleasing MermaydsMermaid’s voycevoice,
wln 0159ForFor toto inchauntenchantinchant hishis sencelessesenseless sencessenses withwith!
wln 0160Skal.SkalligerSkal.ForFor hehe supposethsupposeth thatthat CordellaCordella willwill
wln 0161(StriuingStriving toto gogo beyondbeyond youyou inin herher louelove)
wln 0162PromisePromise toto dodo what euerwhatever hehe desiresdesires:
wln 0163ThenThen willwill hehe straightstraight enioyneenjoin herher forfor hishis sakesake,
wln 0164TheThe HibernianHibernian KingKing inin marriagemarriage forfor toto taketake.
wln 0165ThisThis isis thethe summesum ofof allall II hauehave toto saysay;
wln 0166WhichWhich beingbeing donedone, II humblyhumbly taketake mymy leaueleave,
wln 0167NotNot doubtingdoubting butbut youryour wisdomeswisdoms willwill foreseeforesee,
wln 0168WhatWhat coursecourse willwill bestbest vntounto youryour goodgood agreeagree.
wln 0169Gon.GonorilGon.ThanksThanks, gentlegentle SkalligerSkalligerScaliger, thythy kindneskindness vndeseruedundeserved,
wln 0170ShallShall notnot bebe vnrequitedunrequited, ifif wewe liuelive.ExitExit SkalligerSkalliger.
wln 0171Ra.RaganRa.NowNow hauehave wewe fitfit occasionoccasion offredoffered vsus,
wln 0172ToTo bebe reueng’drevenged vponupon herher vnperceyu’dunperceived.
wln 0173Gon.GonorilGon.NayNay, ourour reuengerevenge wewe willwill inflictinflict onon herher,
wln 0174ShallShall bebe accountedaccounted pietypiety inin vsus:
wln 0175II willwill soso flatterflatter withwith mymy dotingdoting fatherfather,
wln 0176AsAs hehe waswas ne’rene’ernever soso flattredflattered inin hishis lifelife.
wln 0177NayNay, II willwill saysay, thatthat ifif itit bebe hishis pleasurepleasure,
wln 0178ToTo matchmatch meme toto aa beggerbeggar, II willwill yeeldyield:
wln 0179ForFor whywhy, II knowknow what euerwhatever II dodo saysay,
wln 0180HeHe meanesmeans toto matchmatch meme withwith thethe CornwallCornwall KingKing.
wln 0181Ra.RaganRa.IleI’ll saysay thethe likelike: forfor II amam wellwell assuredassured;
wln 0182What e’reWhate’erwhate’er II saysay toto pleaseplease thethe oldold mansman’s mindmind.
wln 0183WhoWho dotesdotes, asas ifif hehe werewere aa childchild agayneagain;
wln 0184II shallshall inioyenjoy thethe noblenoble CambrianCambrian PrincePrince:
wln 0185OnlyOnly, toto feedfeed hishis humourhumorhumour, willwill [**]fficesuffice●●fficesuffice,
wln 0186ToTo saysay, II amam contentcontent withwith anyany oneone
wln 0187WhomWhom heelehe’ll appoyntappoint meme; thisthis willwill pleaseplease himhim moremore.
wln 0188ThenThanThen e’ree’er ApolloesApollo’s musikemusic pleasedpleased IoueJovejove.

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sig: A4v

The History of King Leir

wln 0189Gon.GonorilGon.II smilesmile toto thinkthink, inin whatwhat aa wofullwoeful plightplight
wln 0190CordellaCordella willwill bebe, whenwhen wewe answereanswer thusthus:
wln 0191ForFor sheshe willwill ratherrather dyedie, thenthan giuegive consentconsent
wln 0192ToTo ioynejoin inin marriagemarriage withwith thethe IrishIrish KingKing:
wln 0193SoSo willwill ourour fatherfather thinkthink, sheshe louethloveth himhim notnot,
wln 0194BecauseBecause sheshe willwill notnot grauntgrant toto hishis desiredesire,
wln 0195WhichWhich wewe willwill aggrauateaggravate inin suchsuch bitterbitter termesterms,
wln 0196ThatThat hehe willwill soonesoon conuertconvert hishis louelove toto hatehate:
wln 0197ForFor hehe, youyou knowknow, isis alwayesalways inin extremesextremes.
wln 0198Rag.RaganRag.NotNot allall thethe worldworld couldcould laylay aa betterbetter plotplot,
wln 0199II longlong tilltill itit bebe putput inin practicepractice.ExeuntExeunt.
wln 0200EnterEnter LeirLeir andand PerillusPerillus.
wln 0201LeirLeirKing.PerillusPerillus, gogo seekeseek mymy daughtersdaughters,
wln 0202WillWill themthem immediatelyimmediately comecome andand speakspeak withwith meme.
wln 0203Per.PerillusPer.II willwill, mymy graciousgracious LordLord.ExitExit.
wln 0204LeirLeirKing.OhOhO, whatwhat aa combatcombat feelesfeels mymy pantingpanting heartheart,
wln 0205’TwixtTwixtTwixt’Twixt childrenschildren’s louelove, andand carecare ofof CommonCommon wealeweal!
wln 0206HowHow dearedear mymy daughtersdaughters areare vntounto mymy soulesoul,
wln 0207NoneNone knowesknows, butbut hehe, thatthat knowesknows mymy thoghtsthoughts &and secretsecret deedsdeeds.
wln 0208AhAh, littlelittle dodo theythey knowknow thethe dearedear regardregard,
wln 0209WhereinWherein II holdhold theirtheir futurefuture statestate toto comecome:
wln 0210WhenWhen theythey securelysecurely sleepesleep onon bedsbeds ofof downedown,
wln 0211TheseThese agedaged eyeseyes dodo watchwatch forfor theirtheir behalfebehalf:
wln 0212WhileWhile theythey likelike wantonswantons sportsport inin youthfullyouthful toyestoys,
wln 0213ThisThis throbbingthrobbing heartheart isis pearstpierced withwith diredire annoyesannoys.
wln 0214AsAs dothdoth thethe SunSun excceedexceed thethe smallestsmallest StarreStar,
wln 0215SoSo muchmuch thethe fathersfather’s louelove exceedsexceeds thethe childschild’s.
wln 0216YetYet mymy complayntscomplaints areare causlessecauseless: forfor thethe worldworld.
wln 0217AffordsAffords notnot childrenchildren moremore conformableconformable:
wln 0218AndAnd yetyet, me thinksmethinks, mymy mindmind presagethpresageth stillstill
wln 0219II knowknow notnot whatwhat;;: andand yetyet II fearefear somesome illill.
wln 0220EnterEnter PerillusPerillus, withwith thethe threethree daughtersdaughters.
wln 0221WellWell, herehere mymy daughtersdaughters comecome:: meme: II hauehave foundfound outout
wln 0222AA presentpresent meanesmeans toto ridrid meme ofof thisthis doubtdoubt.
wln 0223Gon.GonorilGon.OurOur royallroyal LordLord andand fatherfather, inin allall dutyduty,
wln 0224WeWe comecome toto knowknow thethe tenourtenor ofof youryour willwill,
wln 0225WhyWhy youyou soso hastilyhastily hauehave sentsent forfor vsus?
wln 0226LeirLeirKingDeareDear GonorillGonorilGonorill, kindkind RaganRagan, sweetsweet CordellaCordella,,

img: 5-b
sig: B1r

and his three daughters.

wln 0227YeYe florishingflourishing branchesbranches ofof aa KinglyKingly stockestock,
wln 0228SprungSprung fromfrom aa treetree thatthat onceonce diddid flourishflourish greenegreen,
wln 0229WhoseWhose blossomesblossoms nownow areare niptnipped withwith WintersWinter’s frostfrost,
wln 0230AndAnd palepale grymgrim deathdeath dothdoth waytwait vponupon mymy stepssteps,
wln 0231AndAnd summonssummons meme vntounto hishis nextnext AssizesAssizes.
wln 0232ThereforeTherefore, dearedear daughtersdaughters, asas yeye tendertender thethe safetysafety
wln 0233OfOf himhim thatthat waswas thethe causecause ofof youryour firstfirst beingbeing,
wln 0234ResolueResolve aa doubtdoubt whichwhich muchmuch molestsmolests mymy mindmind,
wln 0235WhichWhich ofof youyou threethree toto meme wouldwould proueprove mostmost kindkind;
wln 0236WhichWhich louesloves meme mostmost, andand whichwhich atat mymy requestrequest
wln 0237WillWill soonestsoonest yeeldyield vntounto theirtheir fathersfather’s hesthest.
wln 0238Gon.GonorilGon.II hopehope, mymy graciousgracious fatherfather makesmakes nono doubtdoubt
wln 0239OfOf anyany ofof hishis daughtersdaughter’s louelove toto himhim:
wln 0240YetYet forfor mymy partpart, toto shewshow mymy zealezeal toto youyou,
wln 0241WhichWhich cannotcannot bebe inin windywindy wordswords rehearstrehearsed,
wln 0242II prizeprize mymy louelove toto youyou atat suchsuch aa raterate,
wln 0243II thinkethink mymy lifelife inferiourinferior toto mymy louelove.
wln 0244ShouldShould youyou inioyneenjoin meme forfor toto tyetie aa milstonemillstone
wln 0245AboutAbout mymy neckneck, andand leapeleap intointo thethe SeaSea,
wln 0246AtAt youryour commaundcommand II willinglywillingly wouldwould doedo itit:
wln 0247YeaYea, forfor toto doedo youyou goodgood, II wouldwould ascendascend
wln 0248TheThe highesthighest TurretTurret inin allall BrittanyBrittany,
wln 0249AndAnd fromfrom thethe toptop leapeleap headlongheadlong toto thethe groundground:
wln 0250NayNay, moremore, shouldshould youyou appoyntappoint meme forfor toto marrymarry
wln 0251TheThe meanestmeanest vassaylevassal inin thethe spaciousspacious worldworld,
wln 0252WithoutWithout replyreply II wouldwould accomplishaccomplish itit:
wln 0253InIn briefebrief, commaundcommand what euerwhatever youyou desiredesire,
wln 0254AndAnd ifif II faylefail, nono fauourfavorfavour II requirerequire.
wln 0255LeirLeirKing.OO, howhow thythy wordswords reuiuerevive mymy dyingdying soulesoul!
wln 0256Cor.CordellaCor.OO, howhow II doedo abhorreabhor thisthis flatteryflattery!
wln 0257LeirLeirKing.ButBut whatwhat saythsaithsay RaganRagan toto herher fathersfather’s willwill?
wln 0258Rag.RaganRag.OO, thatthat mymy simplesimple vtteranceutterance couldcould sufficesuffice,
wln 0259ToTo telltell thethe truetrue intentionintention ofof mymy heartheart,
wln 0260WhichWhich burnesburns inin zealezeal ofof dutyduty toto youryour gracegrace,
wln 0261AndAnd neuernever cancan bebe quench’dquenched, butbut byby desiredesire
wln 0262ToTo shewshow thethe samesame inin outwardoutward forwardnessefor wardnesseforwardness.
wln 0263OhOhO, thatthat therethere werewere somesome otherother maydmaid thatthat durstdurst
wln 0264ButBut makemake aa challengechallenge ofof herher louelove withwith meme;;

img: 6-a
sig: B1v

The History of King Leir

wln 0265IdeI’d makemake herher soonesoon confesseconfess sheshe neuernever louedloved
wln 0266HerHer fatherfather halfehalf soso wellwell asas II doedo youyou.
wln 0267IAyay thenthen, mymy deedsdeeds shouldshould proueprove inin playnerplainer casecase,,.
wln 0268HowHow muchmuch mymy zealezeal aboundethaboundeth toto youryour gracegrace:
wln 0269ButBut forfor themthem allall, letlet thisthis oneone meanemean sufficesuffice,
wln 0270ToTo ratifyratify mymy louelove beforebefore youryour eyeseyes:
wln 0271II hauehave rightright noblenoble SutersSuitors toto mymy louelove,
wln 0272NoNo worseworse thenthan KingsKings, andand happelyhappily II louelove oneone:
wln 0273YetYet, wouldwould youyou hauehave meme makemake mymy choycechoice anewanew,
wln 0274IdeI’d bridlebridle fancyfancy, andand bebe rulderuled byby youyou.
wln 0275LeirLeirKing.DidDid neuernever PhilomelPhilomel singsing soso sweetsweet aa notenote.
wln 0276Cord.CordellaCord.DidDid neuernever flattererflatterer telltell soso falsefalse aa taletale.
wln 0277LeirLeirKing.SpeakSpeak nownow, CordellaCordallaCordella, makemake mymy ioyesjoys atat fullfull,
wln 0278AndAnd dropdrop downedown NectarNectar fromfrom thythy honyhoney lipslips.
wln 0279Cor.CordellaCor.II cannotcannot payntpaint mymy dutyduty forthforth inin wordswords,
wln 0280II hopehope mymy deedsdeeds shallshall makemake reportreport forfor meme:
wln 0281ButBut lookelook whatwhat louelove thethe childchild dothdoth oweowe thethe fatherfather,
wln 0282TheThe samesame toto youyou II bearebear, mymy graciousgracious LordLord.
wln 0283Gon.GonorilGon.HereHere isis anan answereanswer answerlesseanswerless indeedindeed:
wln 0284WereWere youyou mymy daughterdaughter, II shouldshould scarcelyscarcely brookebrook itit.
wln 0285Rag.RaganRag.DostDost thouthou notnot blushblush, proudproud PeacockPeacock asas thouthou artart,
wln 0286ToTo makemake ourour fatherfather suchsuch aa slightslight replyreply?
wln 0287LeirLeirKing.WhyWhy howhow nownow, MinionMinion, areare youyou grownegrown soso proudproud??;
wln 0288DothDoth ourour dearedear louelove makemake youyou thusthus peremptoryperemptory??:
wln 0289WhatWhat, isis youryour louelove becomebecome soso smallsmall toto vsus,
wln 0290AsAs thatthat youyou scornescorn toto telltell vsus whatwhat itit isis??:
wln 0291DoDo youyou louelove vsus, asas eueryevery childchild dothdoth louelove
wln 0292TheirTheir fatherfather? TrueTrue indeedindeed, asas somesome,
wln 0293WhoWho byby disobediencedisobedience shortshort theirtheir fathersfather’s dayesdays,
wln 0294AndAnd soso wouldwould youyou; somesome areare soso father-sickfather-sick,
wln 0295ThatThat theythey makemake meanesmeans toto ridrid themthem fromfrom thethe worldworld;
wln 0296AndAnd soso wouldwould youyou: somesome areare indifferentindifferent,
wln 0297WhetherWhether theirtheir agedaged parentsparents liuelive oror dyedie;
wln 0298AndAnd soso areare youyou. ButBut,, didstdidst thouthou knowknow, proudproud gyrlegirl,
wln 0299WhatWhat carecare II hadhad toto fosterfoster theethee toto thisthis,
wln 0300AhAh, thenthen thouthou wouldstwouldst saysay asas thythy sisterssisters dodo:
wln 0301OurOur lifelife isis lesseless, thenthan louelove wewe oweowe toto youyou.
wln 0302Cord.CordellaCord.DeareDear fatherfather, dodo notnot soso mistakemistake mymy wordswords,

img: 6-b
sig: B2r

and his three daughters.

wln 0303NorNor mymy playneplain meaningmeaning bebe misconstruedmisconstrued;
wln 0304MyMy toungtongue waswas neuernever vsdeused toto flatteryflattery.
wln 0305Gon.GonorilGon.YouYou werewere notnot bestbest saysay II flatterflatter: ifif youyou dodo,
wln 0306MyMy deedsdeeds shallshall shewshow, II flatterflatter notnot withwith youyou.
wln 0307II louelove mymy fatherfather betterbetter thenthan thouthou canstcanst.
wln 0308Cor.CordellaCor.TheThe praysepraise werewere greatgreat, spokespokespoken fromfrom anothersanother’s mouthmouth:
wln 0309ButBut itit shouldshould seemeseem youryour neighboursneighborsneighbours dwelldwell farfar offoff.
wln 0310Rag.RaganRag.NayNay, herehere isis oneone, thatthat willwill confirmeconfirm asas muchmuch
wln 0311AsAs sheshe hathhath saydsaid, bothboth forfor my selfemyself andand herher.
wln 0312II saysay, thouthou dostdost notnot wishwish mymy fathersfather’s goodgood.
wln 0313Cord.CordellaCord.DeareDear fatherfather.
wln 0314LeirLeirKing.PeacePeace, bastardbastard ImpeImp, nono issueissue ofof KingKing LeirLeir,
wln 0315II willwill notnot hearehear theethee speakespeak oneone tittletittle moremore.
wln 0316CallCall notnot meme fatherfather, ifif thouthou louelove thythy lifelife,
wln 0317NorNor thesethese thythy sisterssisters onceonce presumepresume toto namename:
wln 0318LookeLook forfor nono helpehelp henceforthhenceforth fromfrom meme nornor minemine;
wln 0319ShiftShistShift asas thouthou wiltwilt, andand trusttrust vntounto thy selfethyself:
wln 0320MyMy KingdomeKingdom willwill II equallyequally deuidedivide
wln 0321’TwixtTwixtTwixt’Twixt thythy twotwo sisterssisters toto theirtheir royallroyal dowredowerdowry,
wln 0322AndAnd willwill bestowbestow themthem worthyworthy theirtheir desertsdeserts:
wln 0323ThisThis donedone, becausebecause thouthou shaltshalt notnot hauehave thethe hopehope,
wln 0324ToTo hauehave aa childschild’s partpart inin thethe timetime toto comecome,
wln 0325II presentlypresently willwill dispossessedispossess my selfemyself,
wln 0326AndAnd setset vpup thesethese vponupon mymy princelyprincely thronethrone.
wln 0327Gon.GonorilGon.II euerever thoughtthought thatthat pridepride wouldwould hauehave aa fallfall.
wln 0328Ra.RaganRa.PlainePlain dealingdealing, sistersister: youryour beautybeauty isis soso sheenesheen,
wln 0329YouYou needneed nono dowrydowry, toto makemake youyou bebe aa QueeneQueen.
wln 0330ExeuntExeunt LeirLeir, GonorillGonorilGonorill, RaganRagan.
wln 0331Cord.CordellaCord.NowNow whitherwhither, poorepoor forsakenforsaken, shallshall II goego,
wln 0332WhenWhen minemine owneown sisterssisters tryumphtryumphintriumph inin mymy woewoe??:
wln 0333ButBut vntounto himhim whichwhich dothdoth protectprotect thethe iustjust,
wln 0334InIn himhim willwill poorepoor CordellaCordella putput herher trusttrust.
wln 0335TheseThese handshands shallshall labourlaborlabour, forfor toto getget mymy spendingspending;
wln 0336AndAnd soso ilei’llI’ll liuelive vntilluntil mymy dayesdays hauehave endingending.
wln 0337Per.PerillusPer.OhOhO, howhow II grieuegrieve, toto seesee mymy LordLord thusthus fondfond,
wln 0338ToTo dotedote soso muchmuch vponupon vaynevain flatteringflattering wordswords.
wln 0339AhAh, ifif hehe butbut withwith goodgood aduiceadvice hadhad weyghedweighed,
wln 0340TheThe hiddenhidden tenuretenor ofof herher humblehumble speechspeech,

img: 7-a
sig: B2v

The History of King Leir

wln 0341ReasonReason toto ragerage shouldshould notnot hauehave giuengiven placeplace,
wln 0342NorNor poorepoor CordellaCordella suffersuffer suchsuch disgracedisgrace.ExitExit.
wln 0343EnterEnter thethe GallianGallian KingKing withwith MumfordMumford, andand threethree
wln 0344NoblesNobles moremore.

wln 0345KingKing.DisswadeDissuade meme notnot, mymy LordsLords, II amam resolu’dresolved,
wln 0346ThisThis nextnext fayrefair wyndwind toto saylesail forfor BrittanyBrittany,
wln 0347InIn somesome disguisedisguise, toto seesee ifif flyingflying famefame
wln 0348BeBe notnot tootoo prodigallprodigal inin thethe wondrouswondrous praysepraise
wln 0349OfOf thesethese threethree NymphesNymphs, thethe daughtersdaughters ofof KingKing LeirLeir.
wln 0350IfIf presentpresent viewview dodo answereanswer absentabsent praysepraise,
wln 0351AndAnd eyeseyes allowallow ofof whatwhat ourour earesears hauehave heardheard,
wln 0352AndAnd VenusVenus standstand auspiciousauspicious toto mymy vowesvows,
wln 0353AndAnd FortuneFortune fauourfavorfavour whatwhat II taketake inin handhand;
wln 0354II willwill returnereturn seyz’dseized ofof asas richrich aa prizeprize
wln 0355AsAs IasonJasonjason, whenwhen hehe wannewon thethe goldengolden fleecefleece.
wln 0356Mum.MumfordMum.HeauensHeavensheavens graūtgraūtgrant youyou maymay; thethe matchmatch werewere fulfull ofof honorhonorhonour,
wln 0357AndAnd wellwell beseemingbeseeming thethe youngyoung GallianGallian KingKing.
wln 0358II wouldwould youryour GraceGrace wouldwould fauourfavorfavour meme soso muchmuch,
wln 0359AsAs makemake meme partnerpartner ofof youryour PilgrimagePilgrimage.
wln 0360II longlong toto seesee thethe gallantgallant BrittishBritish DamesDames,
wln 0361AndAnd feedfeed minemine eyeseyes vponupon theirtheir rarerare perfectionsperfections:
wln 0362ForFor tilltill II knowknow thethe contrarycontrary, IleI’ll saysay,
wln 0363OurOur DamesDames inin FraunceFrance areare farfar moremore fayrefair thenthan theythey.
wln 0364Kin.KingKin.LordLord MumfordMumford, youyou hauehave sauedsaved meme aa labourlaborlabour,
wln 0365InIn offringoff’ringoffering thatthat whichwhich II diddid meanemean toto askeask:
wln 0366AndAnd II mostmost willinglywillingly acceptaccept youryour companycompany.
wln 0367YetYet firstfirst II willwill inioyneenjoin youyou toto obserueobserve
wln 0368SomeSome fewfew conditionsconditions whichwhich II shallshall proposepropose.
wln 0369Mum.MumfordMum.SoSo thatthat youyou dodo notnot tyetie minemine eyeseyes forfor lookinglooking
wln 0370AfterAfter thethe amorousamorous glauncesglances ofof fayrefair DamesDames:
wln 0371SoSo thatthat youyou dodo notnot tyetie mymy toungtongue fromfrom speakingspeaking,
wln 0372MyMy lipslips fromfrom kissingkissing whenwhen occasionoccasion seruesserves,
wln 0373MyMy handshands fromfrom congeescongéscongees, andand mymy kneesknees toto bowbow
wln 0374ToTo gallantgallant GyrlesGirls; whichwhich werewere aa tasketask moremore hardhard,
wln 0375ThenThanthan fleshflesh andand bloudblood isis ableable toto indureendure:
wln 0376CommaundCommand whatwhat elseelse youyou pleaseplease, II restrest contentcontent.
wln 0377Kin.KingKin.ToTo bindbind theethee fromfrom aa thingthing thouthou canstcanst notnot leaueleave,
wln 0378WereWere butbut aa meanemean toto makemake theethee seekeseek itit moremore:

img: 7-b
sig: B3r

and his three daughters.

wln 0379AndAnd thereforetherefore speakespeak, lookelook, kissekiss, salutesalute forfor meme;
wln 0380InIn thesethese my selfemyself amam likelike toto secondsecond theethee.
wln 0381NowNow hearehear thythy tasketask. II chargecharge theethee fromfrom thethe timetime
wln 0382ThatThat firstfirst wewe setset saylesail forfor thethe BrittishBritish shoreshore,
wln 0383ToTo vseuse nono wordswords ofof dignitydignity toto meme,
wln 0384ButBut inin thethe friendliestfriendliest manermanner thatthat thouthou canstcanst,
wln 0385MakeMake vseuse ofof meme asas thythy companioncompanion:
wln 0386ForFor wewe willwill gogo disguisdedisguised inin PalmersPalmers’Palmer’s weedsweeds,
wln 0387ThatThat nono manman shallshall mistrustmistrust vsus whatwhat wewe areare.
wln 0388Mum.MumfordMum.IfIf thatthat bebe allall, ilei’llI’ll fitfit youryour turneturn, II warrantwarrant youyou. II amam
wln 0389somesome kinkin toto thethe BluntsBlunts, andand II thinkthink, thethe bluntestbluntest ofof allall mymy kin-kindredkin∣dredkindred
wln 0390dred;
wln 0390therforetherefore ifif II beebe tootoo bluntblunt withwith youyou, thankthank your selfeyourself forfor
wln 0391prayingpraying meme toto bebe soso.
wln 0392KingKing.ThyThy pleasantpleasant companycompany willwill makemake thethe wayway seemesee meseemsee me shortshort.
wln 0393ItIt restethresteth nownow, thatthat inin mymy absenceabsence hencehence,
wln 0394II dodo commitcommit thethe gouernmentgovernment toto youyou
wln 0395MyMy trustytrusty LordsLords andand faythfullfaithful CounsellersCounselorscounsellors.
wln 0396TimeTime cuttethcutteth offoff thethe restrest II hauehave toto saysay:
wln 0397TheThe wyndwind blowesblows fayrefair, andand II mustmust needsneeds awayaway.
wln 0398NoblesNobles.HeauensHeavensheavens sendsend youryour voyagevoyage toto asas goodgood effecteffect,
wln 0399AsAs wewe youryour landland dodo purposepurpose toto protectprotect.ExeuntExeunt.
wln 0400EnterEnter thethe KingKing ofof CornwallCornwall andand hishis manman bootedbooted andand
wln 0401spurdspurred, aa ridingriding wandwand, andand aa letterletter inin hishis handhand.

wln 0402Corn.CornwallCorn.ButBut howhow farfar distantdistant areare wewe fromfrom thethe CourtCourt?
wln 0403Ser.ServantSer.SomeSome twentytwenty milesmiles, mymy LordLord, oror thereaboutsthereabouts.
wln 0404Corn.CornwallCorn.ItIt seemethseemeth toto meme twentytwenty thousandthousand mylesmiles:
wln 0405YetYet hopehope II toto bebe therethere withinwithin thisthis hourehour.
wln 0406Ser.ServantSer.ThenThen areare youyou likelike toto rideride alonealone forfor meme.toto him-himselfehim∣selfe

wln 0407II thinkethink, mymy LordLord isis wearyweary ofof hishis lifelife.
wln 0408Corn.CornwallCorn.SweetSweet GonorillGonorilGonorill, II longlong toto seesee thythy faceface,
wln 0409WhichWhich hasthast soso kindlykindly gratifiedgratified mymy louelove.
wln 0410EnterEnter thethe KingKing ofof CambriaCambria bootedbooted andand spurdspurred, andand hishis
wln 0411manman withwith aa wandwand andand aa letterletter.

wln 0412Cam.CambriaCam.GetGet aa freshfresh horsehorse: forfor byby mymy soulesoul II sweareswear,HeHe lookeslooks
onon thethe

wln 0413II amam pastpast patiencepatience, longerlonger toto forbeareforbear
wln 0414TheThe wishedwished sightsight ofof mymy belouedbeloved mistrismistress,
wln 0415DeareDear RaganRagan, staystay andand comfortcomfort ofof mymy lifelife.
wln 0416Ser.ServantSer.NowNow whatwhat inin GodsGod’s namename dothdoth mymy LordLord intendintend?toto him-himselfehim∣selfehimself


img: 8-a
sig: B3v

The History of King Leir

wln 0417HeHe thinksthinks hehe ne’rene’ernever shallshall comecome at’sat ’sat’s iourneyesjourney’s endend.
wln 0418II wouldwould hehe hadhad oldold DedalusDaedalus’Dedalus waxenwaxen wingswings,
wln 0419ThatThat hehe mightmight flyefly, soso II mightmight staystay behindbehind:
wln 0420ForFor e’reere wewe getget toto TroynouantTroynovant, II seesee,
wln 0421HeHe quitequite willwill tyretire himselfehimself, hishis horsehorse andand meme.
wln 0422CornwallCornwall &and CambriaCambria lookelook oneone vponupon anotheranother, andand
wln 0423startstart toto seesee echeeach otherother therethere.

wln 0424Corn.CornwallCorn.BrotherBrother ofof CambriaCambria, wewe greetgreet youyou wellwell,
wln 0425AsAs oneone whomwhom herehere wewe littlelittle diddid expectexpect.
wln 0426Cam.CambriaCam.BrotherBrother ofof CornwallCornwall, metmet inin happyhappy timetime:
wln 0427II thoughtthought asas muchmuch toto hauehave metmet withwith thethe SouldanSouldanSultan ofof PersiaPersia,
wln 0428AsAs toto hauehave metmet youyou inin thisthis placeplace, mymy LordLord.
wln 0429NoNo doubtdoubt, itit isis aboutabout somesome greatgreat affayresaffairs,
wln 0430ThatThat makesmakes youyou herehere soso slenderlyslenderly accompaniedaccompanied.
wln 0431Corn.CornwallCorn.ToTo saysay thethe truthtruth, mymy LordLord, itit isis nono lesseless,
wln 0432AndAnd forfor youryour partpart somesome hastyhasty windwind ofof chancechance
wln 0433HathHath blowneblown youyou hitherhither thusthus vponupon thethe suddensudden.
wln 0434Cam.CambriaCam.MyMy LordLord, toto breakbreak offoff furtherfurther circumstancescircumstances,
wln 0435ForFor atat thisthis timetime II cannotcannot brookebrook delayesdelays:
wln 0436TellTell youyou youryour reasonreason, II willwill telltell youyou minemine.
wln 0437Corn.CornwallCorn.InIn faythfaith contentcontent, andand thereforetherefore toto bebe briefebrief;
wln 0438ForFor II amam suresure mymy haste’shaste’s asas greatgreat asas yoursyours:
wln 0439II amam sentsent forfor, toto comecome vntounto KingKing LeirLeir,
wln 0440WhoWhWho byby thesethese presentpresent lettersletters promisethpromiseth
wln 0441HisHis eldesteldest daughterdaughter, louelylovely GonorillGonorilGonorill,
wln 0442ToTo meme inin mariagemarriage, andand forfor presentpresent dowrydowry,
wln 0443TheThe moitymoiety ofof halfehalf hishis RegimentRegiment.
wln 0444TheThe LadiesLady’slady’s louelove II longlong agoago possestpossessed:
wln 0445ButBut vntilluntil nownow II neuernever hadhad thethe fathersfather’s.
wln 0446Cam.CambriaCam.YouYou telltell meme wonderswonders, yetyet II willwill relaterelate
wln 0447StrangeStrange newesnews, andand henceforthhenceforth wewe mustmust brothersbrothers callcall;
wln 0448WitnesseWitness thesethese lyneslines: hishis honourablehonorablehonourable ageage,
wln 0449BeingBeing wearyweary ofof thethe troublestroubles ofof hishis CrowneCrown,
wln 0450HisHis princelyprincely daughterdaughter RaganRagan willwill bestowbestow
wln 0451OnOn meme inin mariagemarriage, withwith halfehalf hishis SeignioriesSignoriessignories,
wln 0452WhomWhom II wouldwould gladlygladly hauehave acceptedaccepted ofof,
wln 0453WithWith thethe thirdthird partpart, herher complementscompliments areare suchsuch.
wln 0454Corn.CornwallCorn.IfIf II hauehave oneone halfehalf, andand youyou hauehave thethe otherother,

img: 8-b
sig: B4r

and his three daughters.

wln 0455[··]enThenThen betweenebetween vsus wewe mustmust needsneeds hauehave thethe wholewhole.
wln 0456[··]m.Cam.CambriaCam.TheThe holehole! howhow meanemean youyou thatthat? Zlood’Sblood’zblood, II hopehope,
wln 0457WeWe shallshall hauehave twotwo holesholes betweenebetween vsus.
wln 0458Corn.CornwallCorn.WhyWhy, thethe wholewhole KingdomeKingdom.
wln 0459Cam.CambriaCam.IAyay, that’sthat’s veryvery truetrue.
wln 0460Cor.CornwallCor.WhatWhat thenthen isis leftleft forfor hishis thirdthird daughtersdaughter’s dowrydowry,
wln 0461LouelyLovely CordellaCordella, whomwhom thethe worldworld admiresadmires?
wln 0462Cam.CambriaCam.Tis’Tis veryvery strangestrange, II knowknow notnot whatwhat toto thinkethink,
wln 0463VnlesseUnless theythey meanemean toto makemake aa NunneNun ofof herher.
wln 0464Corn.CornwallCorn.’Twere’T were’Twere’T were pitypity suchsuch rarerare beautybeauty shouldshould bebe hidhid
wln 0465WithinWithin thethe compassecompass ofof aa CloystersCloister’scloister’s wallwall:
wln 0466ButBut howsoe’rehowsoe’er, ifif LeirsLeir’s wordswords proueprove truetrue,
wln 0467ItIt willwill bebe goodgood, mymy LordLord, forfor meme andand youyou.
wln 0468Cam.CambriaCam.ThenThen letlet vssuss hastehaste, allall dangerdanger toto preuentprevent,
wln 0469ForFor fearefear delayesdelays doedo alteralter hishis intentintent.ExeuntExeunt.

wln 0470EnterEnter GonorillGonorilGonorill andand RaganRagan.
wln 0471Gon.GonorilGon.SisterSister, whenwhen diddid youyou seesee CordellaCordella lastlast,
wln 0472ThatThat pretypretty piecepiece, thatthat thinksthinks nonenone goodgood ynoughenough
wln 0473ToTo speakespeak toto herher, becausebecause (sir-reuerencesir-reverence)
wln 0474SheShe hathhath aa littlelittle beautybeauty extraordinaryextraordinary?
wln 0475Ra.RaganRa.SinceSince timetime mymy fatherfather warndwarned herher fromfrom hishis presencepresence,
wln 0476II neuernever sawsaw herher, thatthat II cancan rememberremember.
wln 0477GodGod giuegiuergivegiver herher ioyjoy ofof herher surpassingsurpassing beautybeauty;
wln 0478II thinkethink, herher dowrydowry willwill bebe smallsmall ynoughenough.
wln 0479Gon.GonorilGon.II hauehave incenstincensed mymy fatherfather soso againstagainst herher,
wln 0480AsAs hehe willwill neuernever bebe reclaymdreclaimed agayneagain.
wln 0481Rag.RaganRag.II waswas notnot muchmuch behindbehind toto dodo thethe likelike.
wln 0482Gon.GonorilGon.FaithFaith, sistersister, whatwhat mouesmoves youyou toto bearebear herher suchsuch goodgood (willwill?
wln 0483Rag.RaganRag.InIn truthtruth, II thinkethink, thethe samesame thatthat mouethmoveth youyou;
wln 0484BecauseBecause sheshe dothdoth surpassesurpass vsus bothboth inin beautybeauty.
wln 0485Gon.GonorilGon.BeshrewBeshrew youryour fingersfingers, howhow rightright youyou cancan gesseguess:
wln 0486II telltell youyou truetrue, itit cutscuts meme toto thethe heartheart.
wln 0487Rag.RaganRag.ButBut wewe willwill keepekeep herher lowlow enoughenough, II warrantwarrant,
wln 0488AndAnd clipclip herher wingswings forfor mountingmounting vpup tootoo hyehigh.
wln 0489Gon.GonorilGon.Who euerWhoeverwhoever hathhath herher, shallshall hauehave aa richrich mariagemarriage ofof herher.
wln 0490Rag.RaganRag.SheShe werewere rightright fitfit toto makemake aa ParsonsParson’sparson’s wifewife:
wln 0491ForFor theythey, menmen saysay, dodo louelove fairefair womenwomen wellwell,

img: 9-a
sig: B4v

The History of King Leir

wln 0492AndAnd manymany timestimes doedo marrymarry themthem withwith nothingnothing.
wln 0493Gon.GonorilGon.WithWith nothingnothing! marrymarry GodGod forbidforbid: whywhy, areare therethere anyany (suchsuch?
wln 0494Rag.RaganRag.II meanemean, nono moneymoney.
wln 0495Gon.GonorilGon.II crycry youyou mercymercy, II mistookemistook youyou muchmuch:
wln 0496AndAnd sheshe isis farfar tootoo statelystately forfor thethe ChurchChurch;
wln 0497SheeleShe’llshe’ll laylay herher husbandshusband’s BeneficeBenefice onon herher backback,
wln 0498EuenEven inin oneone gownegown, ifif sheshe maymay hauehave herher willwill.
wln 0499Ra.RaganRa.InIn faithfaith, poorepoor soulesoul, II pittypity herher aa littlelittle.
wln 0500WouldWould sheshe werewere lesseless fayrefair, oror moremore fortunatefortunate.
wln 0501WellWell, II thinkethink longlong vntilluntil II seesee mymy MorganMorgan,
wln 0502TheThe gallantgallant PrincePrince ofof CambriaCambria, herehere arriuearrive.
wln 0503Gon.GonorilGon.AndAnd soso dodo II, vntilluntil thethe CornwallCornwall KingKing
wln 0504PresentPresent himselfehimself, toto consummateconsummate mymy ioyesjoys.
wln 0505PeacePeace, herehere commethcometh mymy fatherfather.
wln 0506EnterEnter LeirLeir, PerillusPerillus andand othersothers.
wln 0507LeirLeirKing.CeaseCease, goodgood mymy LordsLords, andand suesue notnot toto reuersereverse
wln 0508OurOur censurecensure, whichwhich isis nownow irreuocableirrevocable.
wln 0509WeWe hauehave dispatcheddispatched lettersletters ofof contractcontract
wln 0510VntoUnto thethe KingsKings ofof CambriaCambria andand ofof CornwallCornwall;
wln 0511OurOur handhand andand sealeseal willwill iustifyjustify nono lesseless:
wln 0512ThenThen dodo notnot soso dishonourdishonordishonour meme, mymy LordsLords,
wln 0513AsAs toto makemake shipwrackshipwreck ofof ourour kinglykingly wordword.
wln 0514II amam asas kindkind asas isis thethe PellicanPelican,
wln 0515ThatThat kilskills itselfeitself, toto sauesave herher youngyoung onesones’ones liueslives:
wln 0516AndAnd yetyet asas ielousjealous asas thethe princelyprincely EagleEagle,
wln 0517ThatThat kilskills herher youngyoung onesones, ifif theythey-dothey-dothey dodo butbut dazelldazzle
wln 0518VponUpon thethe radiantradiant splendorsplendorsplendour ofof thethe SunneSun.EnterEnter
KingsKings ofof
CornwallCornwall andand Cam-CambriaCam∣bria

wln 0519WithinWithin thisthis twotwo dayesdays II expectexpect theirtheir commingcoming.
wln 0520ButBut inin goodgood timetime, theythey areare arriu’darrived alreadyalready.
wln 0521ThisThis hastehaste ofof yoursyours, mymy LordsLords, dothdoth testifytestify
wln 0522TheThe feruentfervent louelove youyou bearebear vntounto mymy daughtersdaughters:
wln 0523AndAnd thinkthink your seluesyourselves asas welcomewelcome toto KingKing LeirLeir,
wln 0524AsAs euerever PryamsPriam’s childrenchildren werewere toto himhim.
wln 0525Corn.CornwallCorn.MyMy graciousgracious LordLord, andand fatherfather tootoo, II hopehope,
wln 0526PardonPardon, forfor thatthat II mademade nono greatergreater hastehaste:
wln 0527ButBut werewere mymy horsehorse asas swiftswift asas waswas mymy willwill,
wln 0528II longlong ereere thisthis hadhad seeneseen youryour MaiestyMajesty.
wln 0529Cam.CambriaCam.NoNo otherother scuse’scuse ofof absenceabsence cancan II frameframe,

img: 9-b
sig: C1r

and his three daughters.

wln 0530ThenThanThen whatwhat mymy brotherbrother hathhath inform’dinformed youryour GraceGrace:
wln 0531ForFor ourour vndeseruedundeserved welcomewelcome, wewe dodo vowevow,
wln 0532PerpetuallyPerpetually toto restrest atat youryour commaundcommand.
wln 0533Corn.CornwallCorn.ButBut youyou, sweetsweet LoueLove, illustriousillustrious GonorillGonorilGonorill,
wln 0534TheThe RegentRegent, andand thethe SoueraigneSovereign ofof mymy soulesoul,
wln 0535IsIs CornwallCornwall welcomewelcome toto youryour ExcellencyExcellency?
wln 0536Gon.GonorilGon.AsAs welcomewelcome, asas LeanderLeander waswas toto HeroHero,
wln 0537OrOr brauebrave AeneasAeneas toto thethe CarthageCarthage QueeneQueen:
wln 0538SoSo andand moremore welcomewelcome isis youryour GraceGrace toto meme.
wln 0539Cam.CambriaCam.OO, maymay mymy fortunefortune proueprove nono worseworse thenthan hishis,
wln 0540SinceSince heauensheavens dodo knowknow, mymy fancyfancy isis asas muchmuch.
wln 0541DeareDear RaganRagan, saysay, ifif welcomewelcome vntounto theethee,
wln 0542AllAll welcomeswelcomes elseelse willwill littlelittle comfortcomfort meme.
wln 0543Rag.RaganRag.AsAs goldgold isis welcomewelcome toto thethe couetouscovetous eyeeye,
wln 0544AsAs sleepesleep isis welcomewelcome toto thethe TrauellerTravelerTraveller,
wln 0545AsAs isis freshfresh waterwater toto sea-beatensea-beaten menmen,
wln 0546OrOr moystnedmoistened showresshowers vntounto thethe parchedparched groundground,
wln 0547OrOr anyany thingthing moremore welcomerwelcomer thenthan thisthis,
wln 0548SoSo andand moremore welcomewelcome louelylovely MorganMorgan isis.
wln 0549LeirLeirKing.WhatWhat restethresteth thenthen, butbut thatthat wewe consummateconsummate,
wln 0550TheThe celebrationcelebration ofof thesethese nuptiallnuptial RitesRites?
wln 0551MyMy KingdomeKingdom II dodo equallyequally deuidedivide.
wln 0552PrincesPrinces, drawdraw lotslots, andand taketake youryour chauncechance asas fallesfalls.
wln 0553ThenThen theythey drawdraw lotslots.
wln 0554TheseThese II resigneresign asas freelyfreely vntounto youyou,
wln 0555AsAs earsterst byby truetrue successionsuccession theythey werewere minemine.
wln 0556AndAnd herehere II dodo freelyfreely dispossessedispossess my selfemyself,
wln 0557AndAnd makemake youyou twotwo mymy truetrue adoptedadopted heyresheirs:
wln 0558My selfeMyselfmyself willwill soiornesojourn withwith mymy sonneson ofof CornwallCornwall,
wln 0559AndAnd taketake meme toto mymy prayersprayers andand mymy beadesbeads.
wln 0560II knowknow, mymy daughterdaughter RaganRagan willwill bebe sorrysorry,
wln 0561BecauseBecause II dodo notnot spendspend mymy dayesdays withwith herher:
wln 0562WouldWould II werewere ableable toto bebe withwith bothboth atat onceonce;
wln 0563TheyThey areare thethe kindestkindest GyrlesgyrlesGytlesGirlsgirls inin ChristendomeChristendomchristendom.
wln 0564Per.PerillusPer.II hauehave binbeen silentsilent allall thisthis whilewhile, mymy LordLord,
wln 0565ToTo seesee ifif anyany worthyerworthier thenthan my selfemyself,
wln 0566WouldWould onceonce hauehave spokespoke inin poorepoor CordellaesCordella’s causecause:
wln 0567ButBut louelove oror fearefear tyesties silencesilence toto theirtheir toungstongues.

img: 10-a
sig: C1v

The History of King Leir

wln 0568OhOhO, hearehear meme speakespeak forfor herher, mymy graciousgracious LordLord,
wln 0569WhoseWhose deedsdeeds hauehave notnot deseru’ddeserved thisthis ruthlesseruthless doomedoom,
wln 0570AsAs thusthus toto disinheritdisinherit herher ofof allall.
wln 0571LeirLeirKing.VrgeUrge thisthis nono moremore, andand ifif thouthou louelove thythy lifelife:
wln 0572II saysay, sheshe isis nono daughterdaughter, thatthat dothdoth scornescorn
wln 0573ToTo telltell herher fatherfather howhow sheshe louethloveth himhim.
wln 0574Who euerWhoeverwhoever speakethspeaketh hereofhereof toto meeme agayneagain,
wln 0575II willwill esteemeesteem himhim forfor mymy mortallmortal foefoe.
wln 0576ComeCome, letlet vsus inin, toto celebratecelebrate withvithwith ioyjoy,
wln 0577TheThe happyhappy NuptiallsNuptials ofof thesethese louelylovely payrespairs.
wln 0578ExeuntExeunt omnesomnes, manetmanet PerillusPerillus.
wln 0579Per.PerillusPer.AhAh, whowho soso blindblind, asas theythey thatthat willwill notnot seesee
wln 0580TheThe neerenear approchapproach ofof theirtheir owneown miserymisery?
wln 0581PoorePoor LadyLady, II extremelyextremely pittypity herher:
wln 0582AndAnd whilestwhilst II liuelive, echeeach dropdrop ofof mymy heartheart bloodblood,
wln 0583WillWill II straynestrain forthforth, toto dodo herher anyany goodgood.ExitExit.
wln 0584EnterEnter thethe GallianGallian KingKing, andand MumfordMumford, disguiseddisguised
wln 0585likelike PilgrimsPilgrims.

wln 0586Mum.MumfordMum.MyMy LordLord, howhow dodo youyou brookbrook thisthis BrittishBritish ayreair??
wln 0587KingKing of GalliaKing.MyMy LordLord? II toldtold youyou ofof thisthis foolishfoolish humourhumorhumour,
wln 0588AndAnd boundbound youyou toto thethe contrarycontrary, youyou knowknow.
wln 0589Mum.MumfordMum.PardonPardon meme forfor onceonce, mymy LordLord; II diddid forgetforget.
wln 0590KingKing of GalliaKing.MyMy LordLord agayneagain? thenthen let’slet’s hauehave nothingnothing elseelse,
wln 0591AndAnd soso bebe tanecaneta’en forfor spyesspies, andand thenthen tis’tis wellwell.
wln 0592Mum.MumfordMum.Swounds’Swounds’swounds, II couldcould bitebite mymy toungtongue inin twotwo forfor angerangertanger::
wln 0593ForFor GodsGod’s sakesake namename your selfeyourself somesome properproper namename.
wln 0594KingKing of GalliaKing.CallCall meme TresillusTrofillusTrofillusTresillus: IleI’ll callcall theethee DenapollDenapoll.
wln 0595Mum.MumfordMum.MightMight II bebe mademade thethe MonarchMonarch ofof thethe worldworld,
wln 0596II couldcould notnot hithit vponupon thesethese namesnames