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PittyPity Shee’sShe’s aa WhoreWhore

ActedActed byby thethe QueenesQueen’squeen’s MaiestiesMajesty’s Ser-SeruantsSer|uantsServants
atat TheThe PhænixPhaenixPhoenix inin
Drury-LaneDrury LaneDrury-Lane

PrintedPrinted byby NicholasNicholas OkesOkes forfor RichardRichard
, andand areare toto bebe soldsold atat hishis shopshop
inin PaulsPaul’s Church-yardChurchyard, atat thethe signesign
ofof thethe threethree KingsKings. 16331633.

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TheThe SceaneScene


TheThe ActorsActors’Actors NamesNames.

BonauenturaBonaventura, AA FryarFriar.
AA CardinallCardinal, NuntioNuncioNuntio toto thethe PopePope.
SoranzoSoranzo, AA NoblemanNobleman.
FlorioFlorio, AA CittizenCitizen ofof ParmaParma.
DonadoDonado, AnotherAnother CittizenCitizen.
GrimaldiGrimaldi, AA RomanRoman GentlemanGentleman.
GiouanniGiovanni, SonneSon toto FlorioFlorio.
BergettoBergetto, NephewNephew toto DonadoDonado.
RichardettoRichardetto, AA suppos’dsupposed PhisitianPhysician.
VasquesVasques, SeruantServant toto SoranzoSoranzo.
PoggioPoggio, SeruantServant toto BergettoBergetto.


AnnabellaAnnabella, DaughterDaughter toto FlorioFlorio.
HippolitaHippolita, WifeWife toto RichardettoRichardetto
PhilotisPhilotis, HisHis NeeceNiece.
PutanaPutana, TutresseTutoresstutoress toto AnnabellaAnnabella.

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ToTo thethe truelytruly NobleNoble, IohnJohnjohn,
EarleEarl ofof PeterboroughPeterborough, LordLord MordantMordauntMordant,
BaronBaron ofof TurueyTurveyTuruey.

WHereWHereWhere aa TruthTruth ofof MerittMeritmerit hathhath
aa generallgeneral warrantwarrant, ThereThere
LoueLove isis butbut aa DebtDebt, Acknow-AcknowledgementAcknow|ledgementAcknowledgement
aa IusticeJusticejustice
. GreatnesseGreatness
cannotcannot oftenoften claimeclaim VirtueVirtue byby
InheritanceInheritance; YetYet inin thisthis,
YOVRSYOURS appearesappears mostmost Emi-EminentEmi|nentEminent
forfor thatthat youyou areare notnot moremore rightlyrightly HeyreHeir toto
youryour FortunesFortunes, thenthan GloryGlory shalbeshall be toto youryour MemoryMemory.
SweetenesseSweetness ofof dispositiondisposition ennoblesennobles aa freedomefreedom
ofof BirthBirth; inin BOTHBOTH, youryour lawfulllawful InterestInterest addsadds
HonourHonour toto youryour owneown NameName, andand mercymercy toto mymy
presumptionpresumption. YourYour NobleNoble allowanceallowance ofof TheseThese
FirstFirst FruitesFruits
ofof mymy leasureleisure inin thethe ActionAction, embol-emboldensembol|densemboldens
mymy confidenceconfidence, ofof youryour asas noblenoble constructi-constructionconstructi|onconstruction
inin thisthis PresentmentPresentment: especiallyespecially sincesince mymy Ser-SeruiceSer|uiceService
mustmust euerever oweowe particularparticular dutyduty toto youryour Fa-FauoursFa|uours

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The Epistle

uoursFavours, byby aa particularpatticularparticular IngagementEngagement. TheThe GrauityGravity
ofof thethe SubiectSubject maymay easilyeasily excuseexcuse thethe leightnesselightness ofof
thethe TitleTitle: otherwiseotherwise, II hadhad beenebeen aa seueresevere IudgeJudgejudge a-againsta|gainstagainst
minemine owneown guiltguilt. PrincesPrinces hauehave vouchsaf’tvouchsafed
GraceGrace toto triflestrifles, offredoffered fromfrom aa puritypurity ofof DeuotionDevotion,
youryour LordshipLordship maymay like wiselikelikewiselike wise wise pleaseplease, toto admitadmit intointo
youryour goodgood opinionopinion, withwith thesethese weakeweak endeuoursendeavours,
thethe constancyconstancy ofof AffectionAffection fromfrom thethe sinceresincere LouerLover
ofof youryour DesertsDeserts inin HonourHonour


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ToTo mymy FriendFriend thethe

VVithWIthWIth admirationadmiration II behel’dbeheld ThisThis WhoreWhore
Adorn’dAdorned withwith BeautyBeauty, suchsuch asas mightmight restorerestore
(IfIf euerever beingbeing asas ThyThy MuseMuse hathhath fam’dfamed)
HerHer GiouanniGiovanni, inin hishis louelove vnblam’dunblamed:
TheThe readyready GracesGraces lentlent theirtheir willingwilling aydaid,
PallasPallas her selfeherself nownow playdplayed thethe Chamber-maideChambermaid
AndAnd help’thelped toto putput herher DressingsDressings onon: securesecure
RestRest ThouThou, thatthat ThyThy NameName hereinherein shullshall endureendure
ToTo th’endth’end ofof AgeAge; andand AnnabellaAnnabella beebe
GloriouslyGloriously FaireFair, eueneven inin herher InfamieInfamy.


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T’is’Tis’tis PittyPity Shee’sShe’s aa

EnterEnter FryarFriarfriar andand GiouanniGiovanni.
DIsputeDispute nono moremore inin thisthis, forfor knowknow (youngyoung manman)
TheseThese areare nono Schoole-pointsSchool-points; nicenice PhilosophyPhilosophy
MayMay toleratetolerate vnlikelyunlikely argumentsarguments,
ButBut HeauenHeaven admitsadmits nono jestjest; witswits thatthat presum’dpresumed
OnOn witwit tootoo muchmuch, byby striuingstriving howhow toto proueprove
ThereThere waswas nono GodGod; withwith foolishfoolish groundsgrounds ofof (ArtArt,
Discouer’dDiscovered firstfirst thethe neerestnearest wayway toto HellHell;
AndAnd fildfilled thethe worldworld withwith deuelishdevilish AtheismeAtheism:
SuchSuch questionsquestions youthyouth areare fondfond; ForFor betterbetter ’tis’tis,
ToTo blessebless thethe SunneSun, thenthan reasonreason whywhy itit shinesshines;
YetYet heehe thouthou talk’sttalk’st ofof, isis aboueabove thethe SunSun,
NoNo moremore; II maymay notnot hearehear itit.
Gio.GiovanniGio.GentleGentle FatherFather,
ToTo youyou II hauehave vnclasp’tunclasped mymy burthenedburdened soulesoul,
Empty’dEmptied thethe store-housestore-house ofof mymy thoughtsthoughts andand heartheart,
MadeMade my selfemyself poorepoor ofof secretssecrets; hauehave notnot leftleft
AnotherAnother wordword vntolduntold, whichwhich hathhath notnot spokespoke
AllAll whatwhat II euerever durstdurst, oror thinkethink, oror knowknow;
AndAnd yetyet isis herehere thethe comfortcomfort II shallshall hauehave,
MustMust II notnot doedo, whatwhat allall menmen elseelse maymay, louelove?
Fry.FriarFry.YesYes. youyou maymay louelove fairefair sonneson.
Gio.GiovanniGio.MustMust II notnot praisepraise
ThatThat beautybeauty, whichwhich ifif fram’dframed a newaanewa new new, thethe godsgods
WouldWould makemake aa godgod ofof, ifif theythey hadhad itit therethere;
AndAnd kneelekneel toto itit, asas II doodo kneelekneel toto themthem?

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’Tis pitty shee’s a Whoore.

Fry.FriarFry.WhyWhy foolishfoolish mad-manmadman?
Gio.GiovanniGio.ShallShall aa peeuishpeevish soundsound,
AA customarycustomary formeform, fromfrom manman toto manman,
OfOf brotherbrother andand ofof sistersister, bebe aa barrebar
TwixtTwixt mymy perpetuallperpetual happinessehappiness andand meeme?
SaySay thatthat wewe hadhad oneone fatherfather, saysay oneone wombewomb,
(CurseCurse toto mymy ioyesjoys) gauegave bothboth vsus lifelife, andand birthbirth;
AreAre weewe notnot thereforetherefore eacheach toto otherother boundbound
SoSo muchmuch thethe moremore byby NatureNature; byby thethe thethe linkslinks
OfOf bloodblood, ofof reasonreason; NayNay ifif youyou willwill hau’thav’thau’ehave’t,
EuenEven ofof ReligionReligion, toto bebe euerever oneone,
OneOne soulesoul, oneone fleshflesh, oneone louelove, oneone heartheart, oneone AllAll?
Fry.FriarFry.HaueHave donedone vnhappyunhappy youthyouth, forfor thouthou artart lostlost.
Gio.GiovanniGio.ShallShall thenthen, (forfor thatthat II amam herher brotherbrother borneborn)
MyMy ioyesjoys bebe euerever banishtbanished fromfrom herher bedbed?
NoNo FatherFather; inin youryour eyeseyes II seesee thethe changechange.
OfOf pittypity andand compassioncompassion: fromfrom youryour ageage
AsAs fromfrom aa sacredsacred OracleOracle. distillsdistils
TheThe lifelife ofof CounsellCounsel: telltell meeme holyholy manman,
WhatWhat CureCure shallshall giuegive meme easeease inin thesethese extreamesextremes.
Fry.FriarFry.RepentanceRepentance (sonneson) andand sorrowsorrow forfor thisthis sinnesin:
ForFor thouthou hasthast mou’dmoved aa MaiestyMajesty aboueabove
WithWith thythy vn-raungedvn-ranngedun-ranged (almostalmost) BlasphemyBlasphemy.
Gio.GiovanniGio.OO doedo notnot speakespeak ofof thatthat (dearedear ConfessorConfessor)
Fry,FriarFry,ArtArt thouthou (mymy sonneson) thatthat miraclemiracle ofof WitWit,
WhoWho onceonce withinwithin thesethese threethree MonethsMoneth’sMonthsmonths wertwert esteem’desteemed
AA wonderwonder ofof thinethine ageage, throughoutthroughout BononiaBononia?
HowHow diddid thethe VniuersityUniversity applaudapplaud
ThyThy GouermentGovernment, BehauiourBehaviour, LearningLearning, SpeechSpeech,
SweetnesseSweetness, andand allall thatthat couldcould makemake vpup aa manman?
II waswas proudproud ofof mymy TutellageTutelagetutelage, andand chosechose
RatherRather toto leaueleave mymy BookesBooks, thenthanthen partpart withwith theethee,
II diddid soso: butbut thethe fruitesfruits ofof allall mymy hopeshopes
AreAre lostlost inin theethee, asas thouthou artart inin thy selfethyself.
OO GiouanniGiovanni: hasthast thouthou leftleft thethe SchoolesSchools
OfOf KnowledgeKnowledge, toto conuerseconverse withwith LustLust andand DeathDeath?
(ForFor DeathDeath waiteswaits onon thythy LustLust) lookelook throughthrough thethe WorldWorld,

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’Tis pitty shee’s a Whoore.

AndAnd thouthou shaltshalt seesee aa thousandthousand facesfaces shineshine
MoreMore gloriousglorious, thenthan thisthis IdollIdol thouthou ador’stador’stadorest:
LeaueLeave herher, andand taketake thythy choycechoice, ’tis’tis muchmuch lesseless sinnesin,
ThoughThough inin suchsuch gamesgamosgames asas thosethose, theythey loselose thatthat winnewin.
Gio.GiovanniGio.ItIt werewere moremore easeease toto stopstop thethe OceanOcean
FromFrom floatesfloats andand ebbsebbs, thenthan toto disswadedissuade mymy vowesvowervows.
Fry.FriarFry.ThenThen II hauehave donedone, andand inin thythy wilfullwilful flameflame:
AlreadyAlready seesee thythy ruineruin; HeauenHeaven isis iustjust,
YetYet hearehear mymy counsellcounsel.
Gio.GiovanniGio.AsAs aa voycevoice ofof lifelife.
Fry.FriarFry.HyeHie toto thythy FathersFather’s househouse, therethere lockelock theethee fastfast
AloneAlone withinwithin thythy ChamberChamber, thenthen fallfall downedown
OnOn bothboth thythy kneesknees, andand grouellgrovel onon thethe groundground:
CryCry toto thythy heartheart, washwash eueryevery wordword thouthou vtter’stutter’stutterest
InIn tearestears, (andand if’tif’t beebe possiblepossible) ofof bloodblood:
BeggeBeg HeauenHeaven toto cleansecleanse thethe leprosieleprosy ofof LustLust
ThatThat rotsrots thythy SouleSoul, acknowledgeacknowledge whatwhat thouthou artart,
AA wretchwretch, aa wormeworm, aa nothingnothing: weepeweep, sighsigh, praypray
ThreeThree timestimes aa dayday, andand threethree timestimes eueryevery nightnight:
ForFor seuenseven dayesdays’ spacespace doedo thisthis, thenthen ifif thouthou find’stfind’st
NoNo changechange inin thythy desiresdesires, returnereturn toto meme:
I’leI’ll thinkethink onon remedyremedy, praypray forfor thy selfethyself
AtAt homehome, whil’stwhilst II praypray forfor theethee herehere awayaway,
MyMy blessingblessing withwith theethee, weewe hauehave needeneed toto praypray.
Gio.GiovanniGio.AllAll thisthis I’leI’ll doedo, toto freefree meeme fromfrom thethe rodrod
OfOf vengeancevengeance, elseelse I’leI’ll sweareswear, mymy Fate’sFate’s mymy GodGod..,ExeuntExeunt.

EnterEnter GrimaldiGrimaldi andand VasquesVasques readyready toto fightfight.

Vas.VasquesVas.ComeCome sirsir, standstand toto youryour tacklingtackling, ifif youyou proueprove CrauenCraven,
I’leI’ll makemake youyou runrun quicklyquickly.
Gri.GrimaldiGri.ThouThou artart nono equallequal matchmatch forfor meeme.
Vas.VasquesVas.IndeedIndeed II neuernever wentwent toto thethe warreswars toto bringbring homehome newesnews,
nornor cannotcannot playplay thethe MountibankeMountebankmountebank forfor aa mealesmeal’s meatemeat, andand sweareswear
II gotgot mymy woundswounds inin thethe fieldfield: seesee youyou thesethese graygrey haireshairs, they’lethey’ll
notnot flinchflinch forfor aa bloodybloody nosenose, wiltwilt thouthou toto thisthis geeregear?
Gri.GrimaldiGri.WhyWhy slaueslave, think’stthink’st thouthou I’leI’ll ballancebalance mymy reputationreputation

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T’is pitty shee’s a Whoore.

WithWith aa Cast-suiteCast-suitcast-suit; CallCall thythy MaisterMaster, hehe shallshall knowknow thatthat II daredare
Vas.VasquesVas.ScoldScold likelike aa Cot-queaneCotquean (that’sthat’s youryour ProfessionProfession) thouthou poorepoor
shaddowshadow ofof aa SouldierSoldier, II willwill makemake theethee knowknow, mymy MaisterMaster keepeskeeps
SeruantsServants, thythy bettersbetters inin qualityquality andand performanceperformance: Com’stCom’st thouthou toto
fightfight oror prateprate?
Gri.GrimaldiGri.NeitherNeither withwith theethee,
II amam aa RomaneRoman. andand aa GentlemanGentleman, oneone thatthat hauehave gotgot
MineMine honourhonour withwith expenceexpense ofof bloodblood,
Vas.VasquesVas.YouYou areare aa lyinglying CowardCoward, andand aa foolefool, fightfight, oror byby thesethese HiltsHilts
I’leI’ll killkill theethee brauebrave mymy LordLord, you’leyou’ll fightfight.
Gri.GrimaldiGri.ProuoakeProvoke meme notnot, forfor ifif thouthou dostdost TheyThey fightfight, Gri-Grimal.Gri|mal.GrimaldiGrimal..

hathhath thethe

Vas.VasquesVas.HaueHave atat youyou.
EnterEnter FlorioFlorio, DonadoDonado, SoranzoSoranzo.
Flo.FlorioFlo.WhatWhat meanedmeaned thesethese suddensudden broylesbroils soso nearenear mymy doresdoors?
HaueHave youyou notnot otherother placesplaces, butbut mymy househouse
ToTo ventvent thethe spleenespleen ofosof youryour disordereddisordered bloodsbloods?
MustMust II bebe hauntedhaunted stillstill withwith suchsuch vnrestunrest,
AsAs notnot toto eateeat, oror sleepesleep inin peacepeace atat homehome?
IsIs thisthis youryour louelove GrimaldiGrimaldi? FieFie, t’is’tis naughtnaught.
Do.DonadoDo.AndAnd VasquesVasques. II maymay telltell theethee ’tis’tis notnot wellwell
ToTo broachbroach thesethese quarrelsquarrels, youyou areare euerever forwardforward
InIn secondingseconding contentionscontentions.
EnterEnter aboueabove AnnabellaAnnabella andand PutanaPutana.
Flo.FlorioFlo.What’sWhat’s thethe groundground?
Sor.SoranzoSor.ThatThat withwith youryour patiencepatience SignioreSigniore, I’leI’ll resolueresolve
ThisThis GentlemanGentleman, whomwhom famesamefame reportsreports aa souldiersoldier,
(ForFor elseelse II knowknow notnot) riualsrivals meeme inin louelove
ToTo SigniorSignior Florio’sFlorio’s DaughterDaughter; toto whosewhose earesears
HeHe stillstill preferrsprefers hishis suitesuit toto mymy disgracedisgrace,
ThinkingThinking thethe wayway toto recommendrecommend himselfehimself,
IsIs toto disparagedisparage meme inin hishis reportreport:
ButBut knowknow GrimaldiGrimaldi, thoughthough (maymay bebe) thouthou artart
MyMy equallequal inin thythy bloodblood, yetyet thisthis bewrayesbetrays
AA lownesselowness inin thythy mindemind; whichwhich wer’twere’t thouthou NobleNoble
ThouThou would’stwouldwouldwould’st itit asas muchmuch disdainedisdain, asas II doedo theethee
ForFor thisthis vnworthinesseunworthiness; andand onon thisthis groundground
II will’dwilled mymy SeruantServant toto correctdorrestcorrect thisthis tonguetongue,

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T’is pitty shee’s a Whoore.

HoldingHolding aa manman, soso basebase, nono matchmatch forfor meme.
Vas.VasquesVas.AndAnd hadhad youryour suddanesudda nesudden commingcoming preventedprevented vsus, II hadhad letlet
mymy GentlemanGentleman bloodblood vnderunder thethe gillesgills; II shouldshould hauehave worm’dwormed
youyou SirSir, forfor runningrunning maddemad.
Gri.GrimaldiGri.IleI’ll bebe reueng’drevenged SoranzoSoranzo.
VasVasquesVasOnOn aa dishdish ofof warme-brothwarm-broth toto staystay youryour stomackstomach, doedo
honesthonest InnocenceInnocence, doedo; spone-meatspoon-meat isis aa wholesomerwholesomer dyetdiet thenthan
aa spannishSpanish bladeblade.
Gri.GrimaldiGri.rememberremember thisthis.
Sor.SoranzoSor.II fearefear theethee notnot GrimaldiGrimaldi.Ex.ExitEx. Gri:GrimaldiGri::
Flo.FlorioFlo.MyMy LordLord SoranzoSoranzo, thisthis isis strangestrange toto meme,
WhyWhy youyou shouldshould stormestorm, hauinghaving mymy wordword engag’dengaged:
OwingOwing herher heartheart, whatwhat needeneed youyou doubtdoubt herher eareear?
LoosersLosersLosers’ maymay talketalk byby lawlaw ofof anyany gamegame.
Vas.VasquesVas.YetYet thethe villainevillain ofof wordswords, signiorsignior FlorioFlorio maymay bebe suchsuch,
AsAs wouldwould makemake anyany vnspleen’dunspleened DoueDove, ChollerickCholeric,
BlameBlame notnot mymy LordLord inin thisthis.
Flo.FlorioFlo.BeBe youyou moremore silentsilent,
II wouldwould notnot forfor mymy wealthwealth, mymy daughtersdaughter’s louelove
ShouldShould causecause thethe spillingspilling ofof oneone dropdrop ofof bloodblood.
VasquesVasques putput vpup, let’slet’s endend thisthis frayfray inin winewine.ExeuntExeunt.
PutanaPutanaHowHow likelike youyou thisthis childchild? here’shere’s threatningthreat’ningthreatening challeng-challengingchalleng|ingchallenging
quarrellingquarrelling, andand fightingfighting, onon eueryevery sideside, andand allall isis forfor youryour
sakesake; youyou hadhad needeneed lookelook toto your selfeyourself (ChardgeCharge) you’leyou’ll bebe
stolnestolen awayaway sleepingsleeping elseelse shortlyshortly.
AnnabellaAnnabella:ButBut (TutresseTutresstutoress) suchsuch aa lifelife, giuesgives nono contentcontent
ToTo meme, mymy thoughtsthoughts areare fixtfixed onon otherother endsends;
WouldWould youyou wouldwould leaueleave meme.
Put.PutanaPut.LeaueLeave youyou? nono maruailemarvel elseelse; leaueleave meme, nono leauingleaving (ChardgeCharge)
ThisThis isis louelove outrightoutright, IndeedeIndeed II blameblame youyou notnot, youyou hauehave
ChoyceChoice fitfit forfor thethe bestbest LadyLady inin ItalyItaly.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.PrayPray doedo notnot talketalk soso muchmuch.
Put.PutanaPut.TakeTake thethe worstworst withwith thethe bestbest, there’sthere’s GrimaldiGrimaldi thethe
souldiersoldier aa veryvery well-timbredwell-timbered fellowfellow: theythey saysay hehe isis aa RomanRoman,
NephewNephew toto thethe DukeDuke Mount FerrattoMountMontferratoMount FerrattoFerratto, theythey saysay hehe diddid goodgood ser-serviceser|viceservice
inin thethe warrswars againstagainst thethe MillanoysMilaneseMillanoys, butbut faithfaith (ChardgeCharge) II doedo
notnot likelike himhim, andand bebe forfor nothingnothing, butbut forfor beingbeing aa souldiersoldier; oneone a-amongsta|mongstamongst

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sig: B3v

’Tis pitty shee’s a Whoore.

twentytwenty ofof youryour skirmishingskirmishing CaptainesCaptains, butbut hauehave somesome
pryuieprivy maymemaymaimmaymeme oror otherother, thatthat marresmars theirtheir standingstanding vprightupright, II likelike
himhim thethe worseworse, heehe crincklescrinkles soso muchmuch inin thethe hamshams; thoughthough heehe
mightmight serueserve, ifif theirtheretheir werewere nono moremore menmen, yetyet hee’she’s notnot thethe manman II
wouldwould choosechoose.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.FyeFie howhow thouthou prat’stprat’stpratest.
Put.PutanaPut.AsAs II amam aa veryvery womanwoman, II likelike SigniourSigniorsignior SoranzoSoranzo, wellwell;
heehe isis wisewise, andand whatwhat isis moremore, richrich; andand whatwhat isis moremore thenthan thatthat,
kindkind, andand whatwhat isis moremore thenthan allall thisthis, aa Noble-manNobleman; suchsuch aa oneone werewere
II thethe fairefair AnnabellaAnnabella, my selfemyself, II wouldwould wishwish andand praypray forfor: thenthenthan
heehe isis bountifullbountiful; besidebeside heehe isis handsomehandsome, andand, byby mymy trothtroth, II
thinkethink wholsomewholesome: (andand that’sthat’s newesnews inin aa gallantgallant ofof threethree andand
twentytwenty. ) liberallliberal thatthat II knowknow: louingloving, thatthat youyou knowknow; andand aa manman
suresure, elseelse heehe couldcould neuernever ha’ha’ purchastpurchased suchsuch aa goodgood namename, withwith
HippolitaHippolita thethe lustielusty WiddowWidow inin herher husbandshusband’s life timelifelifetimelife time time: AndAnd
t’were’twere butbut forfor thatthat reportreport (sweetsweet heartheart) would’awould ’awould’a werewere thinethine:
CommendCommend aa manman forfor hishis qualitiesqualities, butbut taketake aa husbandhusband asas hehe isis aa
plaine-sufficientplain-sufficient, nakednaked manman: suchsuch aa oneone isis forfor youryour bedbed, andand suchsuch
aa oneone isis SigniorSignior SoranzoSoranzo mymy lifelife for’tfor’t.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.SureSure thethe womanwoman tooketook herher morningsmorning’s DraughtDraught totooto soonesoon.
EnterEnter BegettoBegetto andand PoggioPoggio.
Put.PutanaPut.ButBut lookelook (sweetsweet heartheart,) lookelook whatwhat thingething comescomes nownow:
Here’sHere’s anotheranother ofof youryour cyphersciphers toto fillfill vpup thethe numbernumber:
OhOhO brauebrave oldold ApeApe inin aa silkensilken CoateCoat, obserueobserve.
Ber.BergettoBer.Did’stDidst thouthou thinkethink PoggioPoggio, thatthat II wouldwould spoylespoil mymy
NewNew cloathesclothes, andand leaueleave mymy dinnerdinner toto fightfight.
Pog.PoggioPog.NoNo SirSir, II diddid notnot taketake youyou forfor soso arrantarrant aa babiebaby.
Ber.BergettoBer.II amam wyserwiser thenthan soso: forfor II hopehope PoggioPoggio. thouthou
NeuerNever heard’stheard’st ofof anan elderelder brotherbrother, thatthat waswas aa CoxcombCoxcomb,
Did’stDidst PoggioPoggio?
Pog.PoggioPog.NeuerNever indeedeindeed SirSir, asas longlong asas theythey hadhad eithereither landland oror
monymoney leftleft themthem toto inheritinhe ritinherit.
Ber.BergettoBer.IsIs itit possiblepossible PoggioPoggio? ohoho monstruousmonstruous! whywhy IleI’ll vnder-vndertakevnder|takeundertake
withwith aa handfullhandful ofof siluersilver, toto buybuy aa headfullheadful ofof witwit atat anyany
tymetime, butbut sirrahsirrah, II hauehave anotheranother purchasepurchase inin handhand, II shallshall hauehave
thethe wenchwench mynemine vnckleuncle sayessays, II willwill butbut washwash mymy faceface, andand
shiftshift sockssocks, andand thenthen hauehave atat herher yfaithi’faith

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sig: B4r

’Tis pitty shee’s a Whoore.

MarkeMark mymy pacepace PoggioPoggio.
Pog.PoggioPog.SirSir II hauehave seeneseen anan. AsseAss, andand aa MuleMule trottrot thethe SpannishSpanish
pauin●auinpavin withwith aa betterbetter gracegrace, II knowknow notnot howhow oftenoften.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.ThisThis IdeotIdiot hauntshaunts meme tootoo.
Put.PutanaPut.IAyay, IAyay, hehe needesneeds nono discriptiondescription, thethe richrich MagnificoMagnifico, thatthat isis
belowbelow withwith youryour FatherFather (ChardgeCharge) SigniorSignior DonadoDonado hishis VnckleUncle;
forfor thatthat hehe meanesmeans toto makemake thisthis hishis CozenCousincousin aa goldengolden calfecalf, thinkesthinks
thatthat youyou wilwill bebe aa rightright IsraliteIsraelite, andand fallfall downedown toto himhim presentlypresently:
butbut II hopehope II hauehave tuterdtutored youyou betterbetter: theythey saysay aa foolesfool’s bablebabble isis aa
LadiesLady’slady’s playfellowplayplayplayfellow fellow fellow: yetyet youyou hauinghaving wealthwealth enoughenough, youyou needeneed notnot
castcast vponupon thethe dearthdearth ofof fleshflesh atat anyany raterate: hanghang himhim InnocentInnocent.
EnterEnter GiouanniGiovanni.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.ButBut seesee PutanaPutana, seesee: whatwhat blessedblessed shapeshape
OfOf somesome cælestiallcaelestiallcelestial CreatureCreature nownow appearesappears?
WhatWhat manman isis heehe, thatthat withwith suchsuch sadsad aspectaspect
WalkesWalks carelessecarelestscareless ofosof him selfehimself?
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.LookeLook belowbelow.
Put,PutanaPut,OhOhO, ’tis’tis youryour brotherbrother sweetsweet
Put.PutanaPut.’Tis’Tis youryour brotherbrother.
Anna,AnnabellaAnna,SureSure ’tis’tis notnot heehe, thisthis isis somesome woefullwoeful thingething
WraptWrapped vpup inin griefegrief, somesome shaddowshadow ofof aa manman.
AlasAlas heehe beatsbeats hishis brestbreast, andand wipeswipes hishis eyeseyes
Drown’dDrowned allall inin tearestears: me thinkesmethinks II hearehear himhim sighsigh.
LetsLets downedown PutanaPutana,,? andand pertakepartake thethe causecause,
II knowknow mymy BrotherBrother inin thethe LoueLove hehe bearesbears meme,
WillWill notnot denyedeny meme partagepartage inin hishis sadnessesadness,
MyMy soulesoul isis fullfull ofof heauinesseheaviness andand fearefear.ExitExit.
Gio.GiovanniGio.LostLost, II amam lostlost: mymy fatesfates hauehave doom’ddoomed mymy deathdeath:
TheThe moremore II striuestrive, II louelove, thethe moremore II louelove,
TheThe lesseless II hopehope: II seesee mymy ruineruin, certainecertain.
WhatWhat IudgementJudgementjudgement, oror endeuorsendeavours couldcould applyapply
ToTo mymy incurableincurable andand restlesserestless woundswounds,
II throughlythoroughly hauehave examin’dexamined, butbut inin vainevain:
OOOh thatthat itit werewere notnot inin ReligionReligion sinnesin,

img: 8-a
sig: B4v

T’is pitty shee’s a Whoore.

ToTo makemake ourour louelove aa GodGod, andand worshipworship itit.
II hauehave eueneven weariedwearied heauenheaven withwith prayersprayers, dryeddried vpup
TheThe springspring ofof mymy continuallcontinual tearestears, eueneven steru’dstarved
MyMy veinesveins withwith daylydaily fastsfasts: whatwhat witwit oror ArtArt
CouldCould CounsaileCounsel, II hauehave practiz’dpractised; butbut alasalas
II findfind allall thesethese butbut dreamesdreams, andand oldold mensmen’s talestales
ToTo fright●●ightfright vnsteedyunsteady youthyouth; I’meI’m stillstill thethe samesame,
OrOr II mustmust speakespeak, oror burstburst; tis’tis notnot II knowknow,
MyMy lustlust; butbut tis’tis mymy farefare thatthat leadsleads meme onon.
KeepeKeep fearefear andand lowlow faint heartedfaintfaint-heartedfaint hearted hearted shameshame withwith slauesslaves,
IleI’ll telltell herher, thatthat II louelove herher, thoughthough mymy heartheart
WereWere ratedrated atat thethe priceprice ofof thatthat attemptattempt.
OhOhO meme! sheshe comescomes.
EnterEnter Anna.AnnabellaAnna. andand PutanaPutana.
Gio.GiovanniGio.IfIf suchsuch aa thingthing
AsAs CourageCourage dwelldwell inin menmen, (yeeye heauenlyheavenly powerspowers)
NowNow doubledouble allall thatthat vertuevirtue inin mymy tonguetongue.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.WhyWhy BrotherBrother, willwill youyou notnot speakespeak toto meme?
Gio.GiovanniGio.YesYes; howhow d’eed’eed’ye SisterSister?
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.HowsoeuerHowsoever II amam, me thinksmethinks youyou areare notnot wellwell.
Put.PutanaPut.BlesseBless vsus whywhy areare youyou soso sadsad SirSir.
Gio.GiovanniGio.LetLet meme intreatentreat youyou leaueleave vsus aa whilewhile, PutanaPutana,
SisterSister, II wouldwould bebe pryuateprivate withwith youyou.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.With-draweWithdraw PutanaPutana.
Put.PutanaPut.II willwill,
IfIf thisthis werewere anyany otherother CompanyCompany forfor herher, II shouldshould thinkethink mymy ab-absenceab|senceabsence
anan officeoffice ofof somesome creditcredit; butbut II willwill leaueleave themthem togethertogether.
ExitExit PutanaPutana:
Gio.GiovanniGio.ComeCome SisterSister lendlend youryour handhand, let’slet’s walkewalk togethertogether.
II hopehope youyou needeneed notnot blushblush toto walkewalk withwith meeme,
Here’sHere’s nonenone butbut youyou andand II.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.How’sHow’s thisthis?
Gio.GiovanniGio.FaithFaith II meanemean nono harmeharm.
Gio.GiovanniGio.NoNo goodgood faithfaith; howhow istis’t with’eewith ’eewi’thee?
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.II trusttrust heehe bebe notnot frantickefrantic

img: 8-b
sig: C1r

’Tis pitty shee’s a Whoore,

II amam veryvery wellwell brotherbrother.
Gio.GiovanniGio.TrustTrust meme butbut II amam sickesick, II fearefear soso sicksick,
’Twill’Twill costcost mymy lifelife.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.MercyMercy forbidforbid itit: ’tis’tis notnot soso II hopehope.
Gio.GiovanniGio.II thinkethink youyou louelove meme SisterSister.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.YesYes youyou knowknow, II doedo.
Gio.GiovanniGio.II know’tknow’t indeedindeed y’arey’areyou’re veryvery fairefair.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.NayNay thenthen II seesee youyou hauehave aa merrymerry sicknessesickness,
Gio.GiovanniGio.That’sThat’s asas itit prouesproves: theythey PoetsPoets faignefeign (II readread)
ThatThat IunoJunojuno forfor herher foreheadforehead diddid exceedeexceed
AllAll otherother goddessesgoddesses: butbut II durstdurst sweareswear,
YourYour foreheadforehead exceedsexceeds hershers, asas hershers diddid theirstheirs.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.TrothTroth thisthis isis prettypretty.
Gio.GiovanniGio.SuchSuch aa pairepair ofof starresstars.
AsAs areare thinethine eyeseyes, wouldwould (likelike PrometheanPromethean firefire.)
(IfIf gentlygently glaun’stglanced) giuegive lifelife toto senselessesenseless stonesstones.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.FieFie vpon’eeupon ’eeupon’ee,
Gio.GiovanniGio.TheThe LillyLily andand thethe RoseRose mostmost sweetlysweetly straingestrangestraying
VponUpon youryour dimpleddimpled CheekesCheeks doedo striuestrive forfor changechange.
SuchSuch lippeslips wouldwould tempttempt aa SaintSaint; suchsuch handshands asas thosethose
WouldWould makemake anan AnchoretAnchoret LasciuiousLascivious.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.D’eeD’eed’ye mockmock meeme, oror flatterflatter meeme,
Gio.GiovanniGio.IfIf youyou wouldwould seesee aa beautybeauty moremore exactexact
ThenThan ArtArt cancan countercounter fitfit, oror naturenature frameframe,
LookeLook inin youryour glasseglass, andand therethere beholdbehold youryourowneyour owneown.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.OO youyou areare aa trimetrim youthyouth.
Gio.GiovanniGio.HereHere.OffersOffers hishis DaggerDagger toto herher.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.WhatWhat toto doedo.
Gio.GiovanniGio.AndAnd here’shere’s mymy breastbreast, strickstrike homehome.
RipRip vpup mymy bosomebosom, therethere thouthou shaltshalt beholdbehold
AA heartheart, inin whichwhich isis writwrit thethe truthtruth II speakespeak.
WhyWhy stand’eestand ’ee?Anna.AnnabellaAnna.AreAre youyou earnestearnest?
Gio.GiovanniGio.YesYes mostmost earnestearnest.
YouYou cannotcannot louelove?Anna.AnnabellaAnna.WhomWhom??.
Gio.GiovanniGio.MeMe, mymy tortur’dtortured soulesoul
HathHath feltfelt afflictionaffliction inin thethe heateheat ofof DeathDeath.
OO AnnabellaAnnabella II amam quitequite vndoneundone,

img: 9-a
sig: C1v

’Tis pitty shee’s a Whoore.

TheThe louelove ofof theethee (mymy sistersister) andand thethe viewview
OfOf thythy immortallimmortal beautybeauty hathhath vntun’duntuned
AllAll harmonyharmony bothboth ofof mymy restrest andand lifelife,
WhyWhy d’eed’eed’ye notnot strikestrike?
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.ForbidForbid itit mymy iustjust fearesfears,
IfIf thisthis bebe truetrue, ’twere’twere fitterfitter II werewere deaddead.
Gio.GiovanniGio.TrueTrue AnnabellaAnnabella; ’tis’tis nono timetime toto iestjest,
II hauehave tootoo longlong supprestsuppressed thethe hiddenhidden flamesflames
ThatThat almostalmost hauehave consum’dconsumed meme; II hauehave spentspent
ManyMany aa silentsilent nightnight inin sighessighs andand groanesgroans,
RanRan ouerover allall mymy thoughtsthoughts, despis’ddespised mymy FateFate,
Reason’dReasoned againstagainst thethe reasonsreasons ofof mymy louelove,
DoneDone allall thatthat smooth’d-cheekesmoothed-cheeksmooth-cheeked VertueVirtue couldcould aduiseadvise,
ButBut foundfound allall bootelessebootless; ’tis’tis mymy destinydestiny,
ThatThat youyou mustmust eythereither louelove, oror II mustmust dyedie.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.ComesComes thisthis inin sadnessesadness fromfrom youyou?
Gio,GioGiovanniGio,LetLet somesome mischiefemischief
BefallBefall meme soonesoon, ifif II dissembledissemble oughtaught.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.YouYou areare mymy brotherbrother GiouanniGiovanni.
MyMy SisterSister AnnabellaAnnabella; II knowknow thisthis:
AndAnd couldcould affordafford youyou instanceinstance whywhy toto louelove
SoSo muchmuch thethe moremore forfor thisthis; toto whichwhich intentintent
WiseWise NatureNature firstfirst inin youryour CreationCreation mentmeant
ToTo makemake youyou minemine: else’telse’t hadhad beenebeen sinnesin andand foulefoul,
ToTo shareshare oneone beautybeauty toto aa doubledouble soulesoul.
NeerenesseNearness inin birthbirth oror bloodblood, dothdoth butbut perswadepersuade
AA neerernearer neerenessenearness inin affectionaffection.
II hauehave asktasked CounsellCounsel ofof thethe holyholy ChurchChurch,
WhoWho tellstells meeme II maymay louelove youyou, andand ’tis’tis iustjust,
ThatThat sincesince II maymay, II shouldshould; andand willwill, yesyes willwill:
MustMust II nownow liuelive, oror dyedie?
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.LiueLive, thouthou hasthast wonnewon
TheThe fieldfield, andand neuernever foughtfought; whatwhat thouthou hasthast vrg’durged,
MyMy captiuecaptive heartheart hadhad longlong agoeago resolu’dresolved.
II blushblush toto telltell theethee, (butbut I’leI’ll telltell theethee nownow)
ForFor eueryevery sighsigh thatthat thouthou hasthast spentspent forfor meme,

img: 9-b
sig: C2r

’Tis pitty shee’s a Whoore.

II hauehave sigh’dsighed tenten; forfor eueryevery tearetear shedshed twentytwenty:
AndAnd notnot soso muchmuch forfor thatthat II lou’dloved, asas thatthat
II durstdurst notnot saysay II lou’dloved; noruornor scarcelyscarcely thinkethink itit.
Gio.GiovanniGio.LetLet notnot thisthis MusickeMusic bebe aa dreamedream (yeeye godsgods)
ForFor pittie’s-sakepity’s sakepity-sake II begge’eebeg ’ee.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.OnOn mymy kneesknees,SheeShe kneeleskneels.
BrotherBrother, eueneven byby ourour MothersMother’s dustdust, II chargecharge youyou,
DoeDo notnot betraybetray meeme toto youryour mirthmirth oror hatehate,
LoueLove meeme, oror killkill meme BrotherBrother.
Gio.GiovanniGio.OnOn mymy kneesknees,HeHe kneeleskneels.
SisterSister, eueneven byby mymy MothersMother’s dustdust II chargecharge youyou,
DoeDo notnot betraybetray meeme toto youryour mirthmirth oror hatehate,
LoueLove meeme, oror killkill meeme SisterSister.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.YouYou meanemean goodgood soothsooth thenthen?
Gio.GiovanniGio.InIn goodgood trothtroth II doedo,
AndAnd soso doedo youyou II hopehope: saysay, I’mI’m inin earnestearnest:
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.I’leI’ll swear’tswear’t andand II.
Gio.GiovanniGio.AndAnd II, andand byby thisthis kissekiss,KissesKisses herher.
(OnceOnce moremore, yetyet onceonce moremore, nownow let’slet’s riserise, byby thisthis)
II wouldwould notnot changechange thisthis minuteminute forfor ElyziumElysium,
WhatWhat mustmust wewe nownow doedo?
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.WhatWhat youyou willwill.Gio.GiovanniGio.ComeCome thenthen,
AfterAfter soso manymany tearestears asas weewe hauehave weptwept,
Let’sLet’s learnelearn toto courtcourt inin smilessmiles, toto kissekiss andand sleepesleep.ExeuntExeunt.
EnterEnter FlorioFlorio andand DonadoDonado.
Flo.Elo.FlorioElo.SigniorSignior DonadoDonado, youyou hauehave saydsaid enoughenough,
II vnderstandunderstand youyou, butbut wouldwould hauehave youyou knowknow,
II willwill notnot forceforce mymy DaughterDaughter ’gainst’gainst herher willwill.
YouYou seesee II hauehave butbut twotwo, aa SonneSon andand HerHer;
AndAnd heehe isis soso deuoteddevoted toto hishis BookeBook,
AsAs II mustmust telltell youyou truetrue, II doubtdoubt hishis healthhealth:
ShouldShould hehe miscarrymiscarry, allall mymy hopeshopes relyrely
VponUpon mymy GirleGirl; asas forfor worldlyworldly FortuneFortune,
II amam II thankethank mymy StarresStars, blestblestblessed withwith enoughenough:
MyMy CareCare isis howhow toto matchmatch herher toto herher likingliking,
II wouldwould notnot hauehave herher marrymarry WealthWealth, butbut LoueLove,
AndAnd ifif sheshe likelike youryour NephewNephew, letlet himhim hauehave herher,

img: 10-a
sig: C2v

’Tis pitty shee’s a Whoore.

Here’sHere’s allall thatthat II cancan saysay.
Do.DonadoDo.SirSir youyou saysay wellwell,
LikeLike aa truetrue fatherfather, andand forfor mymy partpart, II
IfIf thethe youngyoung folkesfolks cancan likelike, (twixt’twixttwixt youyou andand meme’me )
WillWill promisepromise toto assureassure mymy NephewNephew presentlypresently,
ThreeThree thousandthousand FlorrensFlorinsflorins yeerelyyearly duringduring lifelife,
AndAnd afterafter II amam deaddead, mymy wholewhole estateestate.
Flo.FlorioFlo.’Tis’Tis aa fairefair profferproffer sirsir, meane timemeanemeantimemeantimetime youryour NephewNephew
ShallShall hauehave freefree passagepassage toto commencecommence hishis suitesuit;
IfIf heehe cancan thriuethrive, heehe shallshall hauehave mymy consentconsent,
SoSo forfor thisthis timetime I’leI’ll leaueleave youyou SigniorSignior.ExitExit.
Here’sHere’s hopehope yetyet, ifif mymy NephewNephew wouldwould hauehave witwit,
ButBut heehe isis suchsuch anotheranother DunceDunce, II fearefear
Hee’leHe’ll neuernever winnewin thethe WenchWench; whenwhen II waswas youngyoung
II couldcould hauehave done’tdone’t yfaithy faithi’faith, andand soso shallshall heehe
IfIf heehe willwill learnelearn ofof meeme; andand inin goodgood timetime
HeeHe comescomes himselfehimself.
EnterEnter BergettoBergetto andand PoggioPoggio.
Pog.PoggioPog.HowHow nownow BergettoBergetto, whetherwhitherwhether awayaway soso fastfast?
Ber.BergettoBer.OhOhO VnkleUncle, II hauehave heardheard thethe strangeststrangest newesnews thatthat euerever
camecame outout ofof thethe MyntMynrMint, hauehave II notnot PoggioPoggio.
Pog.PoggioPog.YesYes indeedeindeed SirSir.Do.DonadoDo.WhatWhat newesnews BergettoBergetto?
Ber.BergettoBer.WhyWhy lookelook yeeye VnkleUncle? mymy BarberBarber toldtold meme iustjust nownow
thatthat therethere isis aa fellowfellow comecome toto TowneTown, whowho vndertakesundertakes toto makemake
aa MillMill goego withoutwithout thethe mortallmortal helpehelp ofof anyany waterwater oror windewind,
onelyonly withwith Sand-bagsSandbags: andand thisthis fellowfellow hathhath aa strangestrange HorseHorse, aa
mostmost excellentexcellent beastbeast, I’leI’ll assureassure youyou VnkleUncle, (mymy BarberBarber sayessays)
whosewhose headhead toto thethe wonderwonder ofof allall ChristianChristian peoplepeople, standsstands iustjust be-behindbe|hindbehind
wherewhere hishis tayletail isis, is’tis’t notnornornot truetrue PoggioPoggio?
Pog.PoggioPog.SoSo thethe BarberBarber sworeswore forfor soothsooth.
Do.DonadoDo.AndAnd youyou areare runningrunning hitherhither?Ber.BergettoBer.IAyI forsoothforsooth VnkleVakleUncle.
Do.DonadoDo.WiltWilt thouthou bebe aa FooleFool stilstill? comecome sirsir, youyou shallshall notnot goego,
youyou hauehave moremore mindmind ofof aa Puppet-playPuppet-play, thenthen onon thethe businessebusiness II
toldtold y’eeye: whywhy thouthou greatgreat BabyBaby, wu’twu’twilt neuernever hauehave witwit, wu’twu’twilt
makemake thy selfethyself aa May-gameMay-game toto allall thethe worldworld?
Pog.PoggioPog.AnswereAnswer forfor your selfeyourself MaisterMaster.

img: 10-b
sig: C3r

’Tis pitty shee’s a Whoore.

Ber.BergettoBer.WhyWhy VnkleUncle, shu’dshould II sitsit atat homehome stillstill, andand notnot goego abroadabroad
toto seesee fashionsfashions likelike otherother gallantsgallants?
Do.DonadoDo.ToTo seesee hobby-horseshobby-horses: whatwhat wisewise talketalk II praypray hadhad youyou
withwith AnnabellaAnnabella, whenwhen youyou werewere atat SigniorSignior Florio’sFlorio’s househouse?
Ber.BergettoBer.OhOhO thethe wenchwench: vdsuds sa’mesa’mesa’ me, VnkleUncle; II tickledtickled herher withwith aa
rarerare speechspeech, thatthat II mademade herher almostalmost burstburst herher bellybelly withwith laugh-laughinglaugh|ing
Do.DonadoDo.NayNay II thinkethink soso, andand whatwhat speechspeech was’twas’t?
Ber.BergettoBer.WhatWhat diddid II saysay PoggioPoggio?
Pog.PoggioPog.forsoothForFotForforsooth soothsooth mymy MaisterMaster saidsaid, thatthat heehe louedloved herher almostalmost as-aswellas|wellas well
asas heehe louedloved ParmasentParmasent, andand sworeswore (I’leI’ll bebe swornesworn forfor himhim).
thatthat sheeshe wantedwanted butbut suchsuch aa NoseNose asas hishis waswas, toto bebe asas prettypretty aa
youngyoung woemanwoman, asas anyany waswas inin ParmaParma.Do.DonadoDo.OhOhO grosegross!
Ber.BergettoBer.NayNay VnkleUncle, thenthen sheesh●eshe ask’tasked meeme, whetherwhether mymy FatherFather hadhad
anyany moremore childrenchildren thenthan my selfemyself: andand II saydsaid nono, ’twere’twere betterbetter
heehe shouldshould hauehave hadhad hishis braynesbrains knocktknocked outout firstfirst.
Do.DonadoDo.ThisThis isis intolerableintolerable.
Ber.BergettoBer.ThenThen saydsaid sheeshe, willwill SigniorSignior DonadoDonado youryour VnkleUncle leaueleave
youyou allall hishis wealthwealth?
Do.DonadoDo.Ha!Ha! thatthat waswas goodgood, diddid sheshe harpeharp vponupon thatthat stringstring?
Ber.BergettoBer.DidDid sheshe harpeharp vponupon thatthat stringstring, IayI thatthat sheshe diddid: II answe-answeredanswe|redanswered
leaueleave meme allall hishis wealthwealth? whywhy woemanwoman, heehe hathhath nono otherother
witwit, ifif heehe hadhad, hehe shouldshould hearehear on’ton’t toto hishis euerlastingeuereverlastingeverlastinglasting gloryglory andand
confusionconfusion: II knowknow (quothquoth II) II amam hishis whitewhite boyboy, andand willwill notnot
bebe guldgulled: andand withwith thatthat sheshe fellfell intointo aa greatgreat smilesmile, andand wentwent awayaway.
NayNay II diddid fitfit herher.
Do.DonadoDo.AhAh sirrahsirrah, thenthen II seesee therethere isis nono changingchanging ofof naturenature,
WellWell BergettoB●rgettoBergetto, II fearefear thouthou wiltwilt bebe aa veryvery AsseAss stillstill.
Ber.BergettoBer.II shouldshould bebe sorrysorry forfor thatthat VnkleUncle.
Do.DonadoDo.ComeCome, comecome youyou homehome withwith meme, sincesince youyou areare nono betterbetter
aa speakerspeaker, I’leI’ll hauehave youyou writewr●tewrite toto herher afterafter somesome courtlycourtly mannermanner,
andand inclose●closeenclose somesome richrich IewellI ewellJewel inin thethe LetterLetter.
Ber.BergettoBer.IAyI marrymarry, thatthat willwill bebe excellentexcellent.
Do.DonadoDo.PeacePeace innocent●nnocentinnocent,
OnceOnce inin mymy timetime I’leI’ll setset mymy witswits toto schooleschool,
IfIf allall failefail, ’tis’tis butbut thethe fortunefortune ofof aa foolefool.
Ber.Be●.Ber.PoggioPoggio, ’twill’twill doedo PoggioPoggio.ExeuntExcuntExeunt.


img: 11-a
sig: C3v

’Tis pitty shee’s a Whoore.

ActusActus SecundusSecundus.
EnterEnter GiouanniGiovanni andand AnnabellaAnnabella, asas fromfrom theirtheir ChamberChamber.
Gio.GiovanniGio.ComeCome AnnabellaAnnabella, nono moremore SisterSister nownow,
ButBut LoueLove; aa namename moremore GraciousGracious, doedo notnot blushblush,
(BeautiesBeauty’sBeauties sweetesweet wonderwonder) butbut bebe proudproud, toto knowknow
ThatThat yeeldingyielding thouthou hasthast conquer’dconquered, andand inflam’dinflamed
AA heartheart whosewhose tributetribute isis thythy brothersbrother’s lifelife.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.AndAnd minemine isis hishis, ohoho howhow thesethese stolnestolen contentscontents
WouldWould printprint aa modestmodest CrymsonCrimson onon mymy cheekescheeks,
HadHad anyany butbut mymy heartsheart’s delightdelight preuail’dprevailed.
Gio.GiovanniGio.II maruailemarvel whywhy thethe chasterchaster ofof youryour sexsex
ShouldShould thinkethink thisthis prettypretty toyetoy call’dcalled Maiden-headMaidenhead,
SoSo strangestrange aa losseloss, whenwhen beingbeing lostlost, ’tis’tis nothingnothing,
AndAnd youyou areare stillstill thethe samesame.Anna.AnnabellaAnna.’Tis’Tis wellwell forfor youyou,
NowNow youyou cancan talketalk.Gio.GiovanniGio.MusickeMusic aswellas well consistsconsists
InIn th’eareth’ear, asas inin thethe playingplaying.Anna.AnnabellaAnna.OhOhO y’arey’areyou’re wantonwanton,
TellTell on’ton’t, y’arey’areyou’re bestbest, doedo.
Gio.GiovanniGio.ThouThou wiltwilt chidechide meme thenthen,
KisseKiss meme, soso; thusthus hunghung IoueJovejove onon Læda’sLaeda’sLaeda’s neckeneck,
AndAnd suck’tsucked diuinedivine AmbrosiaAmbrosia fromfrom herher lipslips:
II enuyenvy notnot thethe mightiestmightiest manman aliuealive,
ButBut holdhold my selfemyself inin beingbeing KingKing ofof theethee,
MoreMore greatgreat, thenthen werewere II KingKing ofof allall thethe worldworld:
ButBut II shallshall loselose youyou Sweet-heartSweetheart.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.ButBut youyou shallshall notnot.Gio.GiovanniGio.YouYou mustmust bebe marriedmarried MistresMistress.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.YesYes, toto whomwhom?Gio.GiovanniGio.SomeSome oneone mustmust hauehave youyou.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.YouYou mustmust.Gio.GiovanniGio.NayNay somesome otherother.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.NowNow pritheeprithee dodo notnot speakespeak soso, withoutwithout iestingjesting
You’leYou’ll makemake meme weepeweep inin earnestearnest.
Gio.GiovanniGio.WhatWhat youyou willwill notnot.
ButBut telltell meme sweetesweet, can’stcanst thouthou bebe dar’ddared toto sweareswear
ThatThat thouthou wiltwilt liuelive toto meeme, andand toto nono otherother?
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.ByBy bothboth ourour louesloves II daredare, forfor didstdidst thouthou knowknow
MyMy GiouanniGionanniGiovanni, howhow allall suiterssuitors seemeseem
ToTo mymy eyeseyes hatefullhateful, thouthou wouldstwouldst trusttrust meeme thenthen.

img: 11-b
sig: C4r

’Tis pitty shee’s a Whoore.

Gio.GiovanniGio.EnoughEnough, II taketake thythy wordword; SweetSweet wewe mustmust partpart,
RememberRemember whatwhat thouthou vow’stvow’st, keepekeep wellwell mymy heartheart.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.WillWill youyou begonbegone?Gio.GiovanniGio.II mustmust.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.WhenWhen toto returnereturn?Gio.GiovanniGio.SooneSoon.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.LookeLook youyou doedo.Gio.GiovanniGio.FarewellFarewell.ExitExit.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.GoeGo wherewhere thouthou wiltwilt, inin mindmind I’leI’ll keepekeep theethee herehere,
AndAnd wherewhere thouthou artart, II knowknow II shallshall bebe therethere
EnterEnter PutanaPutana.
Put.PutanaPut.ChildChild, howhow is’tis’t childchild? wellwell, thankethank HeauenHeaven, hahalhahall!
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.OO GuardianGuardian, whatwhat aa ParadiseParadise ofof joyjoy
HaueHave II pastpassed ouerover!
Put.PutanaPut.NayNay whatwhat aa ParadiseParadise ofof ioyjoy hauehave youyou pastpassed vnderunder?
whywhy nownow II commendcommend theethee (ChardgeCharge) fearefear nothingnothing, (sweete-sweete-heartsweetheart
whatwhat thoughthough heehe bebe youryour BrotherBrother; youryour Brother’sBrother’s aa
manman II hopehope, andand II saysay stillstill, ifif aa youngyoung WenchWench feelefeel thethe fittfit vponupon
herher, letlet herher taketake any bodyanybody, FatherFather oror BrotherBrother, allall isis oneone.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.II wouldwould notnot hauehave itit knowneknown forfor allall thethe worldworld.
Put.PutanaPut.NorNor II indeedindeed, forfor thethe speechspeech ofof thethe peoplepeople; elseelse ’twere’twere (nothingnothing.
FlorioFloriowithinwithin DaughterDaughter AnnabellaAnnabella.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.OO meeme! mymy FatherFather, herehere SirSir, reachreach mymy workework.
Flo.FlorioFlo.withinwithin.WhatWhat areare youyou doeingdoing?An.AnnabellaAn.SoSo, letlet himhim comecome nownow,

EnterEnter FlorioFlorio, RichardettoRichardetto, likelike aa DoctorDoctor ofof PhisickePhysic,
andand PhilotisPhilotis withwith aa LuteLute inin herher handhand.

Flo.FlorioFlo.SoSo hardhard atat workework, that’sthat’s wellwell; youyou loselose nono timetime, lookelook,
II hauehave broughtbrought youyou companycompany, here’shere’s oneone, aa learnedlearned DoctorDoctor, late-latelylate|lylately
comecome fromfrom PaduaPadua, muchmuch skildskilled inin PhysickePhysic, andand forfor thatthat II seesee
youyou hauehave ofof latelate beenebeen sicklysickly, II entreatedentreated thisthis reuerentreverent manman
toto visitvisit youyou somesome timetime.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.Y’areY’areYou’re veryvery welcomewelcome SirSir.
Richard.RichardettoRichard.II thankethank youyou MistresseMistress,
LoudLoud FameFame inin largelarge reportreport hathhath spokespoke youryour praisepraise,
AswellAs wellas well forfor VertueVirtue asas perfectionperfection:
ForFor whichwhich II hauehave beenebeen boldbold toto bringbring withwith meeme
AA Kins-woemanKinswoman ofof minemine, aa maidemaid, forfor songsong,
AndAnd musickemusic, oneone perhapsperhaps willwill giuegive contentcontent,

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sig: C4v

’Tis pitty shee’s a Whoore.

PleasePlease youyou toto knowknow herher.
Anna.AnnabellaAnna.TheyThey areare partsparts II louelove,
AndAnd sheeshe forfor themthem mostmost welcomewelcome.
Phi.PhilotisPhi.ThankeThank youyou LadyLady.
Flo.FlorioFlo.SirSir nownow youyou knowknow mymy househouse, praypray makemake notnot strangestrange,
AndAnd ifif youyou findefind mymy DaughterDaughter needeneed youryour ArtArt,
I’leI’ll bebe youryour pay-masterpaymaster.
Rich.RichardettoRich.SirSir, whatwhat II amam sheeshe shallshall commandcommand●command.
Flo.FlorioFlo.YouYou shallshall bindbind meme toto youyou,
DaughterDaughter, II mustmust hauehave conferenceconference withwith youyou,
AboutAbout somesome mattersmatters thatthat concernesconcerns vsus bothboth.
GoodGood MaisterMaster DoctorDoctor, pleaseplease youyou butbut walkewalk inin,
Wee’leWe’ll crauecrave aa littlelittle ofof youryour CozensCousin’sCozens cunningcunning:
II thinkethink mymy GirleGirl hathhath notnot quitequite forgotforgot
ToTo touchtouch anan InstrumentInstrument, sheshe couldcould hauehave don’tdone’tdon’t,
Wee’leWe’ll hearehear themthem bothboth.
Rich.RichardettoRich.I’leI’ll waitewait vponupon youyou sirsir.ExeuntExeunt.
EnterEnter SoranzoSoranzo inin hishis studystudy readingreading aa BookeBook.
LouesLove’slove’s measuremeasure isis extreameextreme, thethe comfortcomfort, painepain:
TheThe lifelife vnrestunrest, andand thethe rewardreward disdainedisdain

What’sWhat’s herehere? lookelook o’reo’er againeagain, ’tis’tis soso, soso writeswrites
ThisThis smoothsmooth licentiouslicentious PoetPoet inin hishis rymesrhymes.
ButBut SanazarSanazar thouthou lyestliest, forfor hadhad thythy bosomebosom
FeltFelt suchsuch oppressionoppression asas isis laidlaid onon minemine,
ThouThou wouldstwouldst hauehave kistkissed thethe rodrod thatthat mademade thethe smartsmart.
ToTo workework thenthen happyhappy MuseMuse, andand contradictcontradict
WhatWhat SanazerSanazer hathhath inin hishis enuyenvy writwrit.
LouesLove’slove’s measuremeasure isis thethe meanemean, sweetsweet hishis annoyesannoys,
HisHis pleasurespleasure’s lifelife, andand hishis rewardreward allall ioyesjoys.

HadHad AnnabellaAnnabella liu’dlived whenwhen SanazarSanazar