Tamburlaine the Great, 2
Tamburlaine the Great, 2

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ln 0001TamburlaineTamburlaine, thethe greatgreat.
[portrait of Tamburlaine]

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wln 0002TheThe bloodybloody ConquestsConquests
wln 0003ofof mightymighty TamburlaineTamburlaine.

wln 0004WithWith hishis impassionateimpassionate furyfury, forfor thethe deathdeath ofof
wln 0005hishis LadyLady andand louelove, fairefair ZenocrateZenocrate: hishis fourmeform
wln 0006ofof exhortationexhortation andand disciplinediscipline toto hishis threethree
wln 0007sonssons, andand thethe manermanner ofof hishis ownown deathdeath.

wln 0008TheThe ProloguePrologue.

wln 0009THeTHe generallgeneral welcomeswelcomes TamburlainTamburlaine receiu’dreceiudreceived,
wln 0010WhenWhen hehe arriuedarrived lastlast vponupon ourour stagestage,
wln 0011HathHath mademade ourour PoetPoet penpen hishis secondsecond partpart,,
wln 0012WherWhere deathdeath cutscuts offoff thethe progresprogress ofof hishis pomppomp.
wln 0013AndAnd murdrousmurd’rousmurderous FatesFates throwesthrows alall hishis triumphstriumphs downdown,
wln 0014ButBut whatwhat becamebecame ofof fairefair ZenocrateZenocrate,
wln 0015AndAnd withwith howhow maniemany citiescities’cities sacrificesacrifice
wln 0016HeHe celebratedcelebrated herher saidsaid funerallfuneral,
wln 0017HimselfeHimself inin presencepresence shalshall vnfoldunfold atat largelarge.

wln 0018ActusActus. 11.11... ScænaScaenaScaena. 11.11...

wln 0019OrcanesOrcanes, kingking ofof NatoliaNatolia, GazellusGazellus, vice-royviceroy ofof
wln 0020ByronByron, VpibassaUribassaUpibassa, andand theirtheir trainetrain, withwith drumsdrums
wln 0021andand trumpetstrumpets.

wln 0022OrcanesOrcanes-
wln 0023EGregiousEGregious ViceroyesViceroys ofof thesethese EasternEastern partsparts
wln 0024Plac’dPlaced byby thethe issueissue ofof greatgreat BaiazethBajazeth:
wln 0025AndAnd sacredsacred LordLord thethe mightymighty CalapineCallapineCallapin:
wln 0026WhoWho liueslives inin EgyptEgypt, prisonerprisoner toto thatthat slaueslave,
wln 0027WhichWhich keptkept hishis fatherfather inin anan yroniron cagecage:
wln 0028NowNow hauehave wewe martchtmarched fromfrom fairefair NatoliaNatolia

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The bloody Conquests of

wln 0029TwoTwo hundredhundred leaguesleagues, andand onon DanubiusDanubius’Danubius banksbanks,
wln 0030OurOur warlikewarlike hostehost inin compleatcomplete armourarmorarmour restrest,
wln 0031WhereWhere SigismondSigismond thethe kingking ofof HungaryHungary
wln 0032ShouldShould meetmeet ourour personperson toto concludeconclude aa trucetruce.
wln 0033WhatWhat? ShallShall wewe parleparley withwith thethe ChristianChristian?
wln 0034OrOr crossecross thethe streamestream, andand meetmeet himhim inin thethe fieldfield.
wln 0035Byr.ByronByr.KingKing ofof NatoliaNatolia, letlet vsus treattreat ofof peacepeace,
wln 0036WeWe allall areare gluttedglutted withwith thethe ChristiansChristians’ bloodblood,
wln 0037AndAnd hauehave aa greatergreater foefoe toto fightfight againstagainst,
wln 0038ProudProud TamburlaineTamburlaine, thatthat nownow inin AsiaAsia,
wln 0039NeereNear GuyronsGuiron’sguyron’s headhead dothdoth setset hishis conqueringconquering feetfeet,
wln 0040AndAnd meansmeans toto firefire TurkyTurkey asas hehe goesgoes:
wln 0041Gainst’Gainst’gainst himhim mymy LordLord mustmust youyou addresseaddress youryour powerpower.
wln 0042Vpibas.UribassaVpibas.BesidesBesides, kingking SigismondSigismond hathhath broughtbrought
wln 0043 (fromfrom ChristendomeChristendom,
wln 0044MoreMore thenthan hishis CampCamp ofof stoutstout HungariansHungarians,
wln 0045SclauoniansSclavonians, AlmansAlmainsAlmans, RuttersRutters, MuffesMuffs, andand DanesDanes,
wln 0046ThatThat withwith thethe HolbardHalberdhalberd, LanceLance, andand murtheringmurdering AxeAxe,
wln 0047WillWill hazardhazard thatthat wewe mightmight withwith suretysurety holdhold.
wln 0048ThoughThough fromfrom thethe shortestshortest NorthrenNorthern ParalellParallel,
wln 0049VastVast GruntlandGruntland compastcompassed withwith thethe frozenfrozen seasea,
wln 0050InhabitedInhabited withwith talltall andand sturdysturdy menmen,
wln 0051GyantsGiants asas bigbig asas hugiehugy PolyphemePolypheme:
wln 0052MillionsMillions ofof SouldiersSoldiers cutcut thethe ArtickArctic lineline,
wln 0053BringingBringing thethe strengthstrength ofof EuropeEurope toto thesethese ArmesArms.
wln 0054OurOur TurkyTurkey bladesblades shalshall glideglide throughthrough alall theirtheir throatsthroats,
wln 0055AndAnd makemake thisthis championchampion meadmead aa bloodybloody FenFen,
wln 0056DanubiusDanubius’ streamstream thatthat runsruns toto TrebizonTrebizondTrebizon,
wln 0057ShallShall cariecarry wraptwrapped withinwithin hishis scarletscarlet waueswaves,
wln 0058AsAs martiallmartial presentspresents toto ourour friendsfriends atat homehome.
wln 0059TheThe slaughteredslaughtered bodiesbodies ofof thesethese ChristiansChristians.
wln 0060TheThe TerreneTerrene mainmain wherinwherein DanubiusDanubius falsfalls,

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mighty Tamburlaine. Pars. 2.

wln 0061ShallShall byby thisthis battellbattle bebe thethe bloodybloody SeaSea.
wln 0062TheThe wandringwand’ring SailersSailors ofof proudproud ItalyItaly,
wln 0063ShallShall meetmeet thosethose ChristiansChristians fleetingfleeting withwith thethe tydetide,
wln 0064BeatingBe atingBeating inin heapsheaps againstagainst theirtheir ArgosesArgosiesargosies.
wln 0065AndAnd makemake fairefair EuropeEurope mountedmounted onon herher bullbull,
wln 0066TraptTrapped withwith thethe wealthwealth andand richesriches ofof thethe worldworld,
wln 0067AlightAlight andand wearewear aa wofulwoeful mourningmourning weedweed.
wln 0068Byr.ByronByr.YetYet stoutstout OrcanesOrcanes, ProrexProrex ofof thethe worldworld,
wln 0069SinceSince TamburlaineTamburlaine hathhath mustredmustered allall hishis menmen,
wln 0070MarchingMarching fromfrom CaironCairon northwardnorthward withwith hishis campcamp,
wln 0071ToTo AlexandriaAlexandria, andand thethe frontierfrontier townestowns,
wln 0072MeaningMeanungMeaning toto makemake aa conquestconquest ofof ourour landland:
wln 0073Tis’Tis requisitrequisite toto parleparley forfor aa peacepeace
wln 0074WithWith SigismondSigismond thethe kingking ofof HungaryHungary:
wln 0075AndAnd sauesave ourour forcesforces forfor thethe hothot assaultsassaults
wln 0076ProudProud TamburlaineTamburlaine intendsintends NatoliaNatolia.
wln 0077Orc.OrcanesOrc.ViceroyViceroy ofof ByronByron, wiselywisely hasthast thouthou saidsaid:
wln 0078MyMy realmerealm, thethe CenterCenterCentre ofof ourour EmperyEmpery
wln 0079OnceOnce lostlost, AllAll TurkieTurkey wouldwould bebe ouerthrowneoverthrown:
wln 0080AndAnd forfor thatthat causecause thethe ChristiansChristians shallshall hauehave peacepeace.
wln 0081SlauoniansSlavonians, AlmainsAlmains, RuttersRutters, MuffesMuffs, andand DanesDanes
wln 0082FeareFear notnot OrcanesOrcanes, butbut greatgreat TamburlaineTamburlaine.
wln 0083NorNor hehe butbut FortuneFortune thatthat hathhath mademade himhim greatgreat.
wln 0084WeWe hauehave reuoltedrevolted GreciansGrecians, AlbaneesAlbanese,
wln 0085CiciliansSicilians, IewesJews, ArabiansArabians, TurksTurks, andand MoorsMoors,
wln 0086NatoliansNatolians, SoriansSorians, blackeblack EgyptiansEgyptians,
wln 0087IlliciansIllyriansIllicians, ThraciansThracians, andand BythiniansBythimansBithyniansBythimans,
wln 0088EnoughEnough toto swallowswallow forcelesseforceless SigismondSigismond
wln 0089YetYet scarsescarce enoughenough t’encountert’ encountert’encounter TamburlaineTamburlaine..,
wln 0090HeHe bringsbrings aa worldworld ofof peoplepeople toto thethe fieldfield,
wln 0091FromFrom ScythiaScythia toto thethe OrientallOriental PlagePlagePlague
wln 0092OfOf IndiaIndia, wherwhere ragingraging LantchidolLantchidol

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wln 0093BeatesBeats onon thethe regionsregions withwith hishis boysterousboisterous blowesblows,
wln 0094ThatThat neuernever sea=mansea-manseaman yetyet discouereddiscovered:
wln 0095AllAll AsiaAsia isis inin ArmesArms withwith tamburlainetamburlaine,
wln 0096EuenEven fromfrom thethe midstmidst ofof fieryfiery CancersCancer’sCancers TropickTropictropic,
wln 0097ToTo AmazoniaAmazonia vnderunder CapricorneCapricorn.
wln 0098AndAnd thencethence asas farfar asas ArchipellagoArchipelagoarchipelago.
wln 0099AllAll AffrikeAfricAfrique isis inin ArmesArms withwith tamburlainetamburlaine.
wln 0100ThereforeTherefore ViceroiesViceroys thethe ChristiansChristians mustmust hauehave peacepeace.

wln 0101Act.Act. 11.11... ScænaScaenaScaena. 22,

wln 0102SigismondSigismond, FrederickeFrederick, BaldwineBaldwinBaldwine, andand theirtheir trainetrain
wln 0103withwith drumsdrums andand trumpetstrumpets.

wln 0104Sigis.SigismondSigis.
wln 0105ORcanesORcanes (asas ourour LegatesLegates promistpromised theethee)
wln 0106WeeWewe withwith ourour PeeresPeers hauehave crostcrossed DanubiusDanubius’Danubius, (streamstream
wln 0107toto treattreat ofof friēdlyfriēdlyfriendly peacepeace oror deadlydeadly warwar:
wln 0108TakeTake whichwhich thouthou wiltwilt, forfor asas thethe RomansRomans vsdeused streamstream
wln 0109II herehere presentpresent theethee withwith aa nakednaked swordsword,
wln 0110WiltWilt thouthou hauehave warwar, thenthen shakeshake thisthis bladeblade atat meme,
wln 0111IfIf peacepeace, restorerestore itit toto mymy handshands againeagain:
wln 0112AndAnd II wilwill sheathsheathe itit toto confirmeconfirm thethe samesame.
wln 0113OrcOrcanesOrcStayStay SigismondSigismond, forgetstforget’stforgettest thouthou II amam hehe
wln 0114ThatThat withwith thethe CannonCannon shookeshook ViennaVienna walleswalls.
wln 0115AndAnd mademade itit dancedance vponupon thethe ContinentContinent:
wln 0116AsAs whenwhen thethe massymassy substancesubstance ofof thethe earthearth,
wln 0117QuiuerQuiver aboutabout thethe AxeltreeAxle-treeAxletree ofof heauenheaven.
wln 0118ForgetstForget’stForgettest thouthou thatthat II sentsent aa showershower ofof dartesdarts
wln 0119MingledMingled withwith powderedpowdered shotshot andand fetheredfeathered steelesteel
wln 0120SoSo thickthick vponupon thethe blink=ei’dblink-ei’dblink-eyed BurghersBurghers’burgher’s headsheads,
wln 0121ThatThat thouthou thy selfthyself, thenthenthan County=PallatineCounty-PallatineCounty Palatinecounty-palatine,
wln 0122TheThe kingking ofof BohemeBoheme, andand thethe AustrichAustricOstrich DukeDuke,

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mightie Tamburlaine. Pars. 2

wln 0123SentSent HerraldsHeraldsheralds outout, whichwhich baselybasely onon theirtheir kneesknees
wln 0124InIn allall youryour namesnames desirdedesired aa trucetruce ofof meme?
wln 0125ForgetstForget’stForgettest thouthou, thatthat toto hauehave meme raiseraise mymy siegesiege,
wln 0126WagonsWagons ofof goldgold werewere setset beforebefore mymy tenttent:
wln 0127StamptStamped withwith thethe princelyprincely FouleFoul thatthat inin herher wingswings
wln 0128CariesCaries thethe fearfullfearful thunderboltsthunderbolts ofof IoueJovejove,
wln 0129HowHow canstcanst thouthou thinkthink ofof thisthis andand offeroffer warwar?
wln 0130Sig.SigismondSig.ViennaVienna waswas besieg’dbesieged, andand II waswas therethere,
wln 0131ThenThen County=PallatineCounty-PallatineCounty Palatinecounty-palatine, butbut nownow aa kingking:
wln 0132AndAnd whatwhat wewe diddid, waswas inin extremityextremity:
wln 0133ButBut nownow OrcanesOrcanes, viewview mymy royallroyal hostehost,
wln 0134ThatThat hideshides thesethese plainesplains, andand seemsseems asas vastvast andand widewide,
wln 0135AsAs doothdoth thethe DesartDesert ofof ArabiaArabia.
wln 0136ToTo thosethose thatthat standstand onon BadgethsBagdad’s loftylofty TowerTower,
wln 0137OrOr asas thethe OceanOcean toto thethe TraueilerTravelerTraveller
wln 0138ThatThat restesrests vponupon thethe snowysnowy AppeninesApennines:
wln 0139AndAnd telltell meme whetherwhether II shouldshould stoopestoop soso lowlow,
wln 0140OrOr treattreat ofof peacepeace withwith thethe NatolianNatolian kingking?
wln 0141Byr.ByronByr.KingsKings ofof NatoliaNatolia andand ofof HungarieHungaryhungary,
wln 0142WeWe camecame fromfrom TurkyTurkey toto confirmeconfirm aa leagueleague,
wln 0143AndAnd notnot toto daredare echeeheach otherother toto thethe fieldfield:
wln 0144AA friendlyfriendly parleparley mightmight becomebecome yeye bothboth.
wln 0145Fred.FrederickFred.AndAnd wewe fromfrom EuropeEurope toto thethe samesame intentintent,
wln 0146WhichWhich ifif youryour GeneralGeneral refuserefuse oror scornescorn,
wln 0147OurOur TentsTents areare pitchtpitched, ourour menmen standstand inin arrayarray.
wln 0148ReadyReady toto chargecharge youyou ereere youyou stirstir youryour feetfeet.
wln 0149Nat.NatoliaNat.SoSo prestprestpressed areare wewe, butbut yetyet ifif SigismondSigismond
wln 0150SpeakeSpeak asas aa friendfriend, andand standstand notnot vponupon tearmesterms,
wln 0151HereHere isis hishis swordsword, letlet peacepeace bebe ratifiedratified
wln 0152OnOn thesethese conditionsconditions specifiedspecified beforebefore,
wln 0153DrawenDrawn withwith aduiseadvice ofof ourour AmbassadorsAmbassadors.
wln 0154Sig.SigismondSig.ThenThen herehere II sheathsheathesheath itit, andand giuegive theethee mymy handhand,

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sig: F5v

The bloody Conquests of

wln 0155NeuerNever toto drawdraw itit outout, oror managemanage armesarms
wln 0156AgainstAgainst thy selfethyself oror thythy confederatesconfederates:
wln 0157ButBut whilstwhilst II liuelive willwill bebe atat trucetruce withwith theethee.
wln 0158Nat.NatoliaNat.ButBut (SigismondSigismond) confirmeconfirm itit withwith anan oathoath,
wln 0159AndAnd sweareswear inin sightsight ofof heauenheaven andand byby thythy ChristChrist.
wln 0160Sig.SigismondSig.ByBy himhim thatthat mademade thethe worldworld andand sau’dsaved mymy
wln 0161 (soulesoul
wln 0162TheThe sonneson ofof GodGod andand issueissue ofof aa MaydMaid,
wln 0163SweetSweet IesusJesusjesus ChristChrist, II sollemnlysolemnly protestprotest,
wln 0164AndAnd vowvow toto keepekeep thisthis peacepeace inuiolableinviolable.
wln 0165Nat.NatoliaNat.ByBy sacredsacred MahometMahomet, thethe friendfriend ofof GodGod,
wln 0166WhoseWhose holyholy AlcaronAlcoranAlcaron remainesremains withwith vsus,
wln 0167WhoseWhose gloriousglorious bodybody whenwhen hehe leftleft thethe worldworld,
wln 0168ClosdeClosed inin aa coffyncoffin mountedmounted vpup thethe aireair,
wln 0169AndAnd hunghung onon statelystately MecasMecca’s TempleTemple rooferoof,
wln 0170II sweareswear toto keepekeep thisthis trucetruce inuiolableimnolableinviolable:
wln 0171OfOf whosewhose conditionsconditions, andand ourour solemnesolemn othesoaths
wln 0172Sign’dSigned withwith ourour handeshands, eacheach shalshall retaineretain aa scrowlescroll::,
wln 0173AsAs memorablememorable witnessewitness ofof ourour leagueleague.
wln 0174NowNow SigismondSigismond, ifif anyany ChristianChristian KingKing
wln 0175EncrocheEncroach vponupon thethe confinesconfines ofof thythy realmerealm,
wln 0176SendSend woordword, OrcanesOrcanes ofof NatoliaNatolia
wln 0177Confirm’dConfirmed thisthis leagueleague beyondbeyond DanubiusDanubius’ streamestream,
wln 0178AndAnd theythey willwill (tremblingtrembling) soundsound aa quickequick retreatretreat,
wln 0179SoSo amam II fear’dfeared amongamong allall NationsNations.
wln 0180Sig.SigismondSig.IfIf anyany heathenheathen potentatepotentate oror kingking
wln 0181InuadeInvade NatoliaNatolia, SigismondSigismond willwill sendsend
wln 0182AA hundredhundred thousandthousand horsehorse train’dtrained toto thethe warwar,
wln 0183AndAnd backtbacked byby stoutstout Lancereslancers ofof GermanyGermany.
wln 0184TheThe strengthstrength andand sinewessinews ofof thethe imperiallimperial seatseat.
wln 0185Nat.NatoliaNat.II thankthank theethee SigismondSigismond, butbut whenwhen II warwar,
wln 0186AllAll AsiaAsia MinorMinor, AffricaAfrica, andand GreeceGreece

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sig: F6r

mighty Tamburlaine. Pars. 2.

wln 0187FollowFollow mymy StandardStandard andand mymy thundringthund’ringthundering DrumsDrums:
wln 0188ComeCome letlet vsus goego andand banquetbanquet inin ourour tentstents:
wln 0189II willwill dispatchdispatch chiefechief ofof mymy armyarmy hencehence
wln 0190ToTo fairefair NatoliaNatolia, andand toto TrebizonTrebizondTrebizon,
wln 0191ToTo staystay mymy commingcoming gainst’gainst proudproud TamburlaineTamburlaine..,
wln 0192FreendFriend SigismondSigismond, andand peerespeers ofof HungaryHungary,
wln 0193ComeCome banquetbanquet andand carousecarouse withwith vsus aa whilewhile,
wln 0194AndAnd thenthen departdepart wewe toto ourour territoriesterritories.ExeuntExeunt.

wln 0195ActusActus. 11.11... ScænaScaenaScaena. 33.33...

wln 0196CallapineCallapine withwith AlmedaAlmeda, hishis keeperkeeper.
wln 0197Callap.CallapineCallap.
wln 0198SWeetSWeet AlmedaAlmeda, pitypity thethe ruthfullruthful plightplight
wln 0199OfOf CallapineCallapine, thethe sonneson ofof BaiazethBajazeth,
wln 0200BornBorn toto bebe MonarchMonarch ofof thethe WesternWestern worldworld:
wln 0201YetYet herehere detain’ddetained byby cruellcruel TamburlaineTamburlaine.
wln 0202Alm.AlmedaAlm.MyMy LordLord II pitiepity itit, andand withwith mymy heartheart
wln 0203WishWithWishWith youryour releaserelease, butbut hehe whosewhose wrathwrath isis deathdeath,
wln 0204MyMy soueraignesoueraiguesoveraignsoveraigue LordLord, renowmedrenowned tamburlaintamburlaineTamburlaine.
wln 0205ForbidsForbids youyou furtherfurther libertyliberty thanthan thisthis.
wln 0206Cal.CallapineCal.AhAh werewere II nownow butbut halfehalf soso eloquenteloquent
wln 0207ToTo paintpaint inin woordswords, whatwhat IleI’ll perfourmeperform inin deedsdeeds,
wln 0208II knowknow thouthou wouldstwouldst departdepart fromfrom hencehence withwith meme.
wln 0209Al.AlmedaAl.NotNot forfor allall AffrikeAfricAfrique, thereforetherefore moouemove meme notnot.
wln 0210Cal.CallapineCal.YetYet hearehear meme speakespeak mymy gentlegentle AlmedaAlmeda.
wln 0211Al.AlmedaAl.NoNo speachspeech toto thatthat endend, byby youryour fauourfavorfavour sirsir.
wln 0212Cal.CallapineCal.ByBy CarioCario runsruns.
wln 0213Al.AlmedaAl.NoNo talketalk ofof runningrunning, II telltell youyou sirsir.
wln 0214Cal.CallapineCal.AA litlelittle furtherfurther, gentlegentle AlmedaAlmeda.
wln 0215Al.AlmedaAl.WelWell sirsir, whatwhat ofof thisthis?
wln 0216Cal.CallapineCal.ByBy CarioCario runsruns toto AlexandriaAlexandria BayBay,

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sig: F6v

The bloody Conquests of

wln 0217DarotesDarotes’ streamesstreams, wherinwherein atat anchoranchor lieslies
wln 0218AA TurkishTurkish GallyGalley ofof mymy royallroyal fleetfleet,
wln 0219WaitingWaiting mymy commingcoming toto thethe riuerriuer sideriverriverside sideside,
wln 0220HopingHoping byby somesome meansmeans II shallshall bebe releastreleased,
wln 0221WhichWhich whenwhen II comecome aboordaboard willwill hoisthoist vpup sailesail,
wln 0222AndAnd soonsoon putput foorthforth intointo thethe TerreneTerrene seasea:
wln 0223WhereWhere twixttwirttwixt thethe IslesIflesIsles ofof CyprusCyprus andand ofof CreeteCrete,
wln 0224WeWe quicklyquickly maymay inin TurkishTurkish seasseas arriuearrive.
wln 0225ThenThen shaltshalt thouthou seesee aa hundredhundred kingskings andand moremore
wln 0226VponUpon theirtheir kneesknees, allall bidbid meme welcomewelcome homehome.
wln 0227AmongstAmongst soso madymanymany crownescrowns ofof burnishtburnished goldgold,
wln 0228ChooseChoose whichwhich thouthou wiltwilt, allall areare atat thythy commandcommand,
wln 0229AA thousandthousand GalliesGalleys mann’dmanned withwith ChristianChristian slauesslaves
wln 0230II freelyfreely giuegive theethee, whichwhich shallshall cutcut thethe straightsstraits,
wln 0231AndAnd bringbring ArmadosArmadoesarmadoes fromfrom thethe coastscoasts ofof SpaineSpain,
wln 0232FraughtedFraughted withwith goldegold ofof richrich AmericaAmerica:
wln 0233TheThe GrecianGrecian virginsvirgins shallshall attendattend onon theethee,
wln 0234SkilfulSkilful inin musickemusic andand inin amorousamorous laieslays:
wln 0235AsAs fairefair asas waswas PigmalionsPygmalion’s IuoryIvoryivory gyrlegirl,
wln 0236OrOr louelylovely IoIo metamorphosedmetamorphosed.
wln 0237WithWith nakednaked; NegrosNegroes shallshall thythy coachcoach bebe drawendrawn,
wln 0238AndAnd asas thouthou rid’strid’stridest inin triumphtriumph throughthrough thethe streetsstreets,
wln 0239TheThe pauementpavement vnderneathunderneath thythy chariotchariot wheelswheels
wln 0240WithWith TurkyTurkey CarpetsCarpets shallshall bebe coueredcovered:
wln 0241AndAnd cloathcloth ofof ArrasArras hunghung aboutabout thethe walleswalls,
wln 0242FitFit obiectsobjects forfor thythy princelyprincely eieeye toto piercepierce.
wln 0243AA hundredhundred BassoesBassoes cloath’dclothed inin crimsoncrimson silksilk
wln 0244ShallShall rideride beforebefore thetheethe onon BarbarianBarbarian SteedsSteeds:
wln 0245AndAnd whenwhen thouthou goestgoest, aa goldengolden CanapieCanopycanopy
wln 0246Enchac’dEnchased withwith pretiousprecious stonesstones, whichwhich shineshine asas brightbright
wln 0247AsAs thatthat fairefair vailvail thatthat couerscovers allall thethe worldworld:
wln 0248WhenWhen PhœbusPhoebusPhoebus leapingleaningleapingleaning fromfrom hishis Hemi=SpheareHemi-SpheareHemispherehemisphere,

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sig: F7r

mighty Tamburlaine. Pars. 2.

wln 0249DiscendethDescendeth downwarddownward toto th’Antipodesth’ Antipodesth’Antipodes.
wln 0250AndAnd moremore thanthan thisthis, forfor allall II cannotcannot telltell.
wln 0251Alm.AlmedaAlm.HowHow farfar hencehence lieslies thethe GalleyGalley, saysay youyou?
wln 0252Cal.CallapineCal.SweetSweet AlmedaAlmeda, scarsescarce halfehalf aa leagueleague fromfrom
wln 0253 (hencehence.
wln 0254Alm.AlmedaAlm.ButBut needneed wewe notnot bebe spiedspied goinggoing aboordaboard?
wln 0255Cal.CallapineCal.BetwixtBetwixt thethe hollowhollow hanginghanging ofof aa hillhill
wln 0256AndAnd crookedcrooked bendingbending ofof aa craggycraggy rockrock,
wln 0257TheThe sailessails wraptwrapped vpup, thethe mastmast andand tacklingstacklings downedown,
wln 0258SheShe lieslies soso closeclose thatthat nonenone cancan findfind herher outout,
wln 0259Alm.AlmedaAlm.II likelike thatthat wellwell: butbut teltell meme mymy LordLord, ifif II
wln 0260shouldshould letlet youyou goego, wouldwould youyou beebe asas goodgood asas youryour
wln 0261wordword? ShallShall II bebe mademade aa kingking forfor mymy labourlaborlabour?
wln 0262Cal.CallapineCal.AsAs II amam CallapineCallapine thethe EmperourEmperor,
wln 0263AndAnd byby thethe handhand ofof MahometMahomet II sweareswear,
wln 0264ThouThou shaltshalt bebe crown’dcrowned aa kingking andand bebe mymy matemate,
wln 0265Alm.AlmedaAlm.ThenThen herehere II sweareswear, asas II amam AlmedaAlmeda,
wln 0266YourYour KeeperKeeper vnderunder TamburlaineTamburlaine thethe greatgreat,
wln 0267(ForFor that’sthat’s thethe stylestyle andand tytletitle II hauehave yetyet)
wln 0268AlthoughAlthough hehe sentsent aa thousandthousand armedarmed menmen
wln 0269ToTo interceptintercept thisthis haughtyhaughty enterprizeenterprise,
wln 0270YetYet wouldwould II ventureventure toto conductconduct youryour GraceGrace,
wln 0271AndAnd diedie beforebefore II broughtbrought youyou backeback againagain.
wln 0272Cal.CallapineCal.ThanksThanks gentlegentle AlmedaAlmeda, thenthen letlet vsus hastehaste,
wln 0273LeastLestlest timetime bebe pastpast, andand lingringling’ringlingering letlet vsus bothboth.
wln 0274Al.AlmedaAl.WhenWhen youyou willwill mymy LordLord, II amam readyready,
wln 0275Cal.CallapineCal.EuenEveneven straightstraight: andand farewellfarewell cursedcursed Tambur=TamburlaineTambur∣laineTamburlaine
wln 0276(laineTamburlaine.
wln 0277NowNow goego II toto reuengerevenge mymy fathersfather’s deathdeath.ExeuntExeunt


img: 48-a
sig: F7v

The bloody Conquests of

wln 0278ActusActus. 11.11... ScænaScaenaScaena. 44.44...

wln 0279TamburlaineTamburlaine withwith ZenocratezenocrateZenocratezenocrate, andand hishis threethree sonnessons,
wln 0280CalyphasCalyphas, AmyrasAmyras, andand CelebinusCelebinus.., withwith
wln 0281drummesdrums andand trumpetstrumpets.

wln 0282Tamb.TamburlaineTamb.
wln 0283NOwNOw brightbright zenocratezenocrate, thethe worldsworld’s fairefair eieeye,
wln 0284WhoseWhose beamesbeams illuminateilluminate thethe lampslamps ofof heauēheauēheaven,
wln 0285WhoseWhose chearfulcheerful lookslooks dodo cleareclear thethe clowdycloudy aireair
wln 0286AndAnd cloathclothe itit inin aa christallcrystal liuerielivery,
wln 0287NowNow restrest theethee herehere onon fairefair LarissaLarissa PlainesPlains,
wln 0288WhereWhere EgyptEgypt andand thethe TurkishTurkish EmpireEmpire partsparts,
wln 0289BetweeneBetween thythy sonssons thatthat shallshall bebe EmperoursEmperors,
wln 0290AndAnd eueryevery oneone CommanderCommander ofof aa worldworld.
wln 0291zen.zenocratezen.SweetSweet tamburlaintamburlaineTamburlaine, whenwhen wiltwilt thouthou leaueleave thesethese (armesarms
wln 0292AndAnd sauesave thythy sacredsacred personperson freefree fromfrom scathescathe:
wln 0293AndAnd dangerousdangerous chanceschances ofof thethe wrathfullwrathful warwar.
wln 0294Tam.TamburlaineTam.WhenWhen heauenheaven shalshall ceasecease toto moouemove onon bothboth thethe (polespoles
wln 0295&and whenwhen thethe groundground wheronwhereon mymy souldierssoldierssoldier’s marchmarch
wln 0296ShalShall riserise aloftaloft andand touchtouch thethe hornedhorned MoonMoon,
wln 0297AndAnd notnot beforebefore mymy sweetsweet zenocratezenocrate:
wln 0298SitSit vpup andand restrest theethee likelike aa louelylovely QueeneQueen.
wln 0299SoSo, nownow sheshe sitssits inin pompepomp andand maiestiemajesty:
wln 0300WhenWhen thesethese mymy sonnessons, moremore prociouspreciousprecious inin minemine eieseyes
wln 0301ThanThan allall thethe wealthywealthy kingdomeskingdoms II subdewedsubdued:
wln 0302Plac’dPlaced byby herher sideside, lookelook onon theirtheir mothersmother’s faceface,
wln 0303ButBut yetyet me thinksmethinks theirtheir lookslooks areare amorousamorous,
wln 0304NotNot martiallmartial asas thethe sonssons ofof TamburlaineTamburlaine
wln 0305WaterWater andand ayreair beingbeing simbolisdesymbolised inin oneone:
wln 0306ArgueArgue theirtheir wantwant ofof couragecourage andand ofof witwit,
wln 0307TheirTheir hairehair asas whitewhite asas milkemilk andand softsoft asas DowneDown.
wln 0308WhichWhich shouldshould bebe likelike thethe quillesquills ofof PorcupinesPorcupines.

img: 48-b
sig: F8r

mighty Tamburlaine. Pars. 2.

wln 0309AsAs blackeblack asas IeatJetjet, andand hardhard asas IronIron oror steelsteel,
wln 0310BewraiesBewrays theythey areare tootoo daintydainty forfor thethe warswars.
wln 0311TheirTheir fingersfingers mademade toto quauerquaver onon aa LuteLute,
wln 0312TheirTheir armesarms toto hanghang aboutabout aa LadiesLady’s neckeneck:
wln 0313TheirTheir legslegs toto dancedance andand capercaper inin thethe aireair:
wln 0314WouldWould makemake meme thinkethink themthem BastardsBastards, notnot mymy sonssons,
wln 0315ButBut thatthat II knowknow theythey issuedissued fromfrom thythy wombewomb,
wln 0316ThatThat neuernever look’dlooked onon manman butbut TamburlaineTamburlaine.
wln 0317zenzenocratezenMyMy gratiousgracious LordLord, theythey hauehave theirtheir mothersmother’smothers (lookslooks
wln 0318ButBut whēwhēwhen theythey listlist, theirtheir cōqueringcōqueringconquering fathersfather’s hartheart:
wln 0319ThisThis louelylovely boyboy thethe yongestyoungest ofof thethe threethree,
wln 0320NotNot longlong agoeago bestridbestrid aa ScythianScythian SteedSceedSteed:
wln 0321TrottingTrotting thethe ringring, andand tiltingtilting atat aa gloueglove:
wln 0322WhichWhich whenwhen hehe taintedtainted withwith hishis slenderslender rodrod,
wln 0323HeHe raign’dreigned himhim straightstraight andand mademade himhim soso curuetcurvetcuruet,
wln 0324AsAs II criedcried outout forfor fearefear hehe shouldshould hauehave falnefall’nfallen,
wln 0325Tam.TamburlaineTam.WelWell donedone mymy boyboy, thouthou shaltshalt hauehave shieldshield andand (lancelance
wln 0326ArmourArmorArmour ofof proofeproof, horsehorse, helmehelm, &and Curtle=axeCuttle-axeCurtle-axe
wln 0327AndAnd II willwill teachteach theethee howhow toto chargecharge thythy foefoe,
wln 0328AndAnd harmelesseharmless runrun amongamong thethe deadlydeadly pikespikes.
wln 0329IfIf thouthou wiltwilt louelove thethe warreswars andand followfollow meme,
wln 0330ThouThou shaltshalt bebe mademade aa KingKing andand raignereign withwith meme.
wln 0331KeepingKeeping inin yroniron cagescages EmperoursEmperors.
wln 0332IfIf thouthou exceedexceed thythy elderelder BrothersBrothers’Brother’s worthworth,
wln 0333AndAnd shineshine inin compleatcomplete vertuevirtue moremore thanthan theythey,
wln 0334ThouThou shaltshalt bebe kingking beforebefore themthem, andand thythy seedseed
wln 0335ShallShall issueissue crownedcrowned fromfrom theirtheir mothersmother’s wombewomb..,
wln 0336Cel.CelebinusCel.YesYes fatherfather, youyou shalshall seesee meme ifif II liuelive,
wln 0337HaueHave vnderunder meme asas manymany kingskings asas youyou,
wln 0338AndAnd martchmarch withwith suchsuch aa multitudemultitude ofof menmen,
wln 0339AsAs allall thethe worldworld shallshall trembletremble atat theirtheir viewview.
wln 0340tam.tamburlainetam.TheseThese wordswords assureassure meme boyboy, thouthou artart mymy sonneson,
wln 0341WhenWhen II amam oldold andand cannotcannot mannagemanage armesarms,
img: 49-a
sig: F8v

The bloody Conquests of

wln 0342BeBe thouthou thethe scourgescourge andand terrourterror ofof thethe worldworld,
wln 0343Amy.AmyrasAmy.WhyWhy maymay notnot II mymy LordLord, asas welwell asas hehe,
wln 0344BeBe tearm’dtermed thethe scourgescourge andand terrourterror ofof thethe worldworld?
wln 0345tam.tamburlainetam.BeBe alall aa scourgescourge andand terrorterror toto thethe worldworld,
wln 0346OrOr elselse youyou areare notnot sonssons ofof TamburlaineTamburlaine.
wln 0347Cal.CalyphasCal.ButBut whilewhile mymy brothersbrothers followfollow armesarms mymy lordlord
wln 0348LetLet meme accompanyaccompany mymy gratiousgracious mothermother,
wln 0349TheyThey areare enoughenough toto conquerconquer allall thethe worldworld
wln 0350AndAnd youyou hauehave wonwon enoughenough forfor meme toto keepkeep.
wln 0351tam.tamburlainetam.BastardlyBastardly boyboy, sprongsprung frōfrōfrom somesome cowardscoward’scowards loinslionsloinslions:
wln 0352AndAnd notnot thethe issueissue ofof greatgreat TamburlaineTamburlaine,
wln 0353OfOf allall thethe prouincesprovinces II hauehave subduedsubdued
wln 0354ThouThou shaltshalt notnot hauehave aa footfoot, vnlesseunless thouthou bearebear
wln 0355AA mindmind corragiouscourageous andand inuincibleinvincible:
wln 0356ForFor hehe shallshall wearewear thethe crownecrown ofof PerseaPersia,
wln 0357WhoseWhose headhead hathhath deepestdeepest scarresscars, whosewhose breastbreast mostmost
wln 0358 (woundeswounds,
wln 0359WhichWhich beingbeing wrothwroth, sendssends lightninglightning fromfrom hishis eieseyes.
wln 0360AndAnd inin thethe furrowesfurrows ofof hishis frowningfrowning browesbrows,
wln 0361HarborsHarborsHarbours reuengerevenge, warwar, deathdeath andand crueltycruelty:
wln 0362ForFor inin aa fieldfield whosewhose superfluitiessuperfluities
wln 0363IsIs coueredcovered withwith aa liquidliquid purplepurple veileveil,
wln 0364AndAnd sprinkledsprinkled withwith thethe brainesbrains ofof slaughteredslaughtered menmen,
wln 0365MyMy royalroyal chairechair ofof statestate shallshall bebe aduanc’dadvanced:
wln 0366AndAnd hehe thatthat meanesmeans toto placeplace himselfehimself thereintherein
wln 0367MustMust armedarmed wadewade vpup toto thethe chinchin inin bloodblood.
wln 0368zen.zenocratezen.MyMy LordLord, suchsuch speechesspeeches toto ourour princelyprincely sonnessons,
wln 0369DismaiesDismays theirtheir mindesminds beforebefore theythey comecome toto prooueprove
wln 0370TheThe woundingwounding troublestroubles angryangry warwar affoordsaffords.
wln 0371Cel.CelebinusCel.NoNo MadamMadam, thesethese areare speechesspeeches fitfit forfor vsus,
wln 0372ForFor ifif hishis chairechair werewere inin aa seasea ofof bloodblood,
wln 0373II wouldwould prepareprepare aa shipship andand sailesail toto itit.

img: 49-b
sig: G1r

mighty Tamburlaine. Pars. 2

wln 0374EreEre II wouldwould looselose thethe tytletitle ofof aa kingking,
wln 0375Amy.AmyrasAmy.AndAnd II wouldwould striuestrive toto swimswim throughthrough poolespools
wln 0376 (ofof bloodblood,
wln 0377OrOr makemake aa bridgebridge ofof murtheredmurdered CarcasesCarcases,
wln 0378WhoseWhose archesarches shouldshould bebe fram’dframed withwith bonesbones ofof TurksTurks,
wln 0379EreEre II wouldwould looselose thethe tytletitle ofof aa kingking.
wln 0380tam.tamburlainetam.WelWell louelylovely boiesboys, youyou shalshall bebe EmperoursEmperorsemperors bothboth
wln 0381StretchingStretching youryour conqueringconquering armesarms fromfrom easteast toto westwest:
wln 0382AndAnd sirhasirrah, ifif youyou meanemean toto wearewear aa crownecrown,
wln 0383WhenWhen wewe shallshall meetmeet thethe TurkishTurkish DeputieDeputy
wln 0384AndAnd allall hishis ViceroiesViceroys, snatchsnatch itit fromfrom hishis headhead,
wln 0385AndAnd cleauecleave hishis PecicranionPericranionPericraniumPericranion withwith thythy swordsword.
wln 0386Cal.CalyphasCal.IfIf anyany manman willwill holdhold himhim, II willwill strikestrike,
wln 0387AndAnd cleauecleave himhim toto thethe channellchannel withwith mymy swordsword,
wln 0388tamb.tamburlainetamb.HoldHold himhim, andand cleauecleave himhim tootoo, oror IleI’ll cleauecleave (theethee
wln 0389ForFor wewe willwill martchmarch againstagainst themthem presentlypresently.
wln 0390TheridamasTheridamas, TechellesTechelles, andand CasaneCasane
wln 0391PromistPromised toto meetmeet meme onon LarissaLarissa plainesplains
wln 0392WithWith hosteshosts apeeceapiece againstagainst thisthis TurkishTurkish cruecrew,
wln 0393ForFor II hauehave swornesworn byby sacredsacred MahometMahomet,
wln 0394ToTo makemake itit parcelparcel ofof mymy EmperyEmpery,
wln 0395TheThe trumpetstrumpets soundsound ZenocrateZenocrate, theythey comecome.

wln 0396ActusActus: 11.11... ScænaScaenaScaena. 55.55...

wln 0397EnterEnter TheridamasTheridamas, andand hishis trainetrain withwith DrumsDrums
wln 0398andand TrumpetsTrumpets.

wln 0399Tamb.TamburlaineTamb.
wln 0400WElcomeWElcome TheridamasTheridamas, kingking ofof ArgierArgier,,.
wln 0401Ther,TheridamasTher,MyMy LordLord thethe greatgreat andand migh=mightymigh∣tymighty
wln 0402(ty
wln 0402TamburlainTamburlaine
wln 0403Arch=MonarkeArch-MonarkeArch-Monarcharch-monarch ofof thethe worldworld, II offeroffer herehere,

img: 50-a
sig: G1v

The bloody Conquests of

wln 0404MyMy crownecrown, my selfemyself, andand allall thethe powerpower II hauehave,
wln 0405InIn allall affectionaffection atat thythy kinglykingly feetfeet.
wln 0406tam.tamburlainetam.ThanksThanks goodgood theridamastheridamas.
wln 0407ther.theridamasther.VnderUnder mymy collorscolorscolours marchmarch tenten thousandthousand GreeksGreeks
wln 0408AndAnd ofof ArgierArgier andand AffriksAfric’sAfrica’s frontierfrontier townestowns,
wln 0409TwiseTwice twentytwenty thousandthousand valiantvaliant menmen atat armesarms,
wln 0410AllAll whichwhich hauehave swornesworn toto sackesack NatoliaNatolia:
wln 0411FiueFive hundredhundred BriggandinesBrigandines areare vnderunder sailesail,
wln 0412MeetMeet forfor youryour seruiceservice onon thethe seasea, mymy LordLord,
wln 0413ThatThat lanchinglaunching fromfrom ArgierArgier toto TripolyTripoli,
wln 0414WillWill quicklyquickly rideride beforebefore NatoliaNatolia:
wln 0415AndAnd batterbatter downedown thethe castlescastles onon thethe shoreshore.
wln 0416tam.tamburlainetam.WelWell saidsaid ArgierArgier, receiuereceive thythy crownecrown againeagain.

wln 0417ActusActus. 11.11... ScænaScaenaScaena. 66.66...
wln 0418EnterEnter TechellesTechelles andand VsumeasaneUsumcasaneUsumeasane togethertogether.
wln 0419Tamb.TamburlaineTamb.
wln 0420KIngsKIngs ofof MorocusMoroccus andand ofof FesseFez, welcomewelcome.
wln 0421Vsu.UsumcasaneVsu.MagnificentMagnificent &and peerlessepeerless TamburlaineTamburlaine,
wln 0422II andand mymy neighborneighborneighbour KingKing ofof FesseFez hauehave broughtbrought
wln 0423ToTo aideaid theethee inin thisthis TurkishTurkish expeditionexpedition,
wln 0424AA hundredhundred thousandthousand expertexpert souldierssoldiers:
wln 0425FromFrom AzamorAzamor toto TunysTunisTunys nearenear thethe seasea,
wln 0426IsIs BarbaryBarbary vnpeopledunpeopled forfor thythy sakesake,
wln 0427AndAnd allall thethe menmen inin armourarmorarmour vnderunder meme,
wln 0428WhichWhich withwith mymy crownecrown II gladlygladly offeroffer theethee.
wln 0429tam.tamburlainetam.ThanksThanks kingking ofof MorocusMoroccus, taketake youryour crowncrown a=againa∣gainagain(gain.
wln 0430
wln 0430tech.techellestech.
AndAnd mightymighty TamburlaineTamburlaine, ourour earthlyearthly GodGod,
wln 0431WhoseWhose lookeslooks makemake thisthis inferiourinferior worldworld toto quakequake,
wln 0432II herehere presentpresent theethee withwith thethe crownecrown ofof FesseFez,
wln 0433AndAnd withwith anan hostehost ofof MooresMoors traindetrained toto thethe warwar,
wln 0434WhoseWhose coleblackecoal-black facesfaces makemake theirtheir foesfoes retireretire,
wln 0435AndAnd quakequake forfor fearefear, asas ifif infernallinfernal IoueJovejove

img: 50-b
sig: G2r

mighty Tamburlaine. Pars. 2

wln 0436MeaningMeaning toto aidaid themthem inin thisthis TurkishTurkish armesarms,
wln 0437ShouldShould piercepierce thethe blackeblack circumferencecircumference ofof hellhell,
wln 0438WithWith vglyugly FuriesFuries bearingbearing fieryfiery flagsflags,
wln 0439AndAnd millionsmillions ofof hishis strongstrong tormentingtormenting spiritsspirits:
wln 0440FromFrom strongstrong TesellaTesella vntounto BiledullBiledull,
wln 0441AllAll BarbaryBarbary isis vnpeopledunpeopled forfor thythy sakesake.
wln 0442tam.tamburlainetam.ThanksThanks kingking ofof FesseFez, taketake herehere thythy crownecrown a=againa∣gainagain(gain
wln 0443
wln 0443YourYour presencepresence (louingloving friendsfriends andand fellowfellow kingskings)
wln 0444MakesMakes meme toto surfetsurfeit inin conceiuingconceiving ioyjoy,
wln 0445IfIf allall thethe christallcrystal gatesgates ofof IouesJove’sjove’s highhigh courtcourt
wln 0446WereWere openedopened widewide, andand II mightmight enterenter inin
wln 0447ToTo seesee thethe statestate andand maiestymajesty ofof heauenheaven,
wln 0448ItIt couldcould notnot moremore delightdelight meme thanthan youryour sightsight.
wln 0449NowNow willwill wewe banquetbanquet onon thesethese plainesplains aa whilewhile,
wln 0450AndAnd afterasterafter martchmarch toto TurkyTurkey withwith ourour CampeCamp,
wln 0451InIn numbernumber moremore thanthan areare thethe dropsdrops thatthat fallfall
wln 0452WhenWhen BoreasBoreas rentsrends aa thousandthousand swellingswelling cloudesclouds,
wln 0453AndAnd proudproud OrcanesOrcanes ofof NatoliaNatolia,
wln 0454WithWith allall hishis viceroiesviceroys shallshall bebe soso affraideafraid,
wln 0455ThatThat thoughthough thethe stonesstones, asas atat DeucalionsDeucalion’s floodflood,
wln 0456WereWere turndeturned toto menmen, hehe shouldshould bebe ouercomeovercome:
wln 0457SuchSuch lauishlavish willwill II makemake ofof TurkishTurkish bloodblood,
wln 0458ThatThat IoueJovejove shallshall sendsend hishis wingedwinged MessengerMessenger
wln 0459ToTo bidbid meme sheathsheathesheath mymy swordsword, andand leaueleave thethe fieldfield:
wln 0460TheThe SunSun vnableunable toto sustainesustain thethe sightsight,
wln 0461ShallShall hidehide hishis headhead inin thetisthetis’thetis waterywatery laplap,
wln 0462AndAnd leaueleave hishis steedssteeds toto fairefair BoetesBoötes’Bootes’ chargecharge:
wln 0463ForFor halfehalf thethe worldworld shallshall perishperish inin thisthis fightfight:
wln 0464ButBut nownow mymy friendsfriends, letlet meme examineexamine yeye,
wln 0465HowHow hauehave yeye spentspent youryour absentabsent timetime fromfrom meme??:
wln 0466Vsum.UsumcasaneVsum.MyMy LordLord ourour menmen ofof BarbaryBarbary hauehave martchtmarched
wln 0467FoureFourfour hundredhundred milesmiles withwith armourarmorarmour onon theirtheir backesbacks,

img: 51-a
sig: G2v

The bloody Conquests of

wln 0468AndAnd lainelain inin leagreleaguer fifteenefifteen monethsmonths andand moremore,
wln 0469ForFor sincesince wewe leftleft youyou atat thethe SouldansSoldan’ssoldan’s courtcourt,
wln 0470WeWe hauehave subdudesubdued thethe SoutherneSouthern GuallatiaGuallatia,
wln 0471AndAnd allall thethe landland vntounto thethe coastcoast ofof SpaineSpain.
wln 0472WeWe keptkept thethe narrownarrow straightstrait ofof GibralterGibralter,
wln 0473AndAnd mademade CanareaCanarea calcall vsus kingskings andand LordsLords,
wln 0474YetYet neuernever diddid theythey recreaterecreate themseluesthemselves,
wln 0475OrOr ceasecease oneone dayday fromfrom warwar andand hothot alarmsalarms,
wln 0476AndAnd thereforetherefore letlet themthem restrest aa whilewhile mymy LordLord.
wln 0477Tam.TamburlaineTam.TheyThey shalshall CasaneCasane, andand tis’tis timetime yfaithi’ faithi’faith.
wln 0478Tech.TechellesTech.AndAnd II hauehave martch’dmarched alongalong thethe riuerriver NileNiseNileNise
wln 0479ToTo MachdaMachda, wherewhere thethe mightymighty ChristianChristian PriestPriest
wln 0480Cal’dCalled IohnJohnjohn thethe greatgreat, sitssits inin aa milk=whitemilk-whitemilk-white roberobe,
wln 0481WhoseWhose tripletriple MyterMiterMitre II diddid taketake byby forceforce,
wln 0482AndAnd mademade himhim sweareswear obedienceobedience toto mymy crownecrown.
wln 0483FromFrom thencethence vntounto CazatesCazates diddid II martchmarch,
wln 0484WherWhere AmazoniansAmazonians metmet meme inin thethe fieldfield:
wln 0485WithWith whomwhom (beingbeing womenwomen) II vouchsaftvouchsafed aa leagueleague,
wln 0486AndAnd withwith mymy powerpower diddid marchmarch toto zansibarzanzibarzansibar
wln 0487TheThe WesterneWestern partpart ofof AffrikeAfricAfrique, wherewhere II view’dviewed.
wln 0488TheThe EthiopianEthiopian seasea, riuersrivers andand lakeslakes:
wln 0489ButBut neitherneither manman nornor childchild inin alall thethe landland:
wln 0490TherforeTherefore II tooketook mymy coursecourse toto ManicoManico.
wln 0491WhereWhere vnresistedunresisted II remoou’dremoved mymy campecamp:
wln 0492AndAnd byby thethe coastcoast ofof ByatherByather atat lastlast,
wln 0493II camecame toto CubarCubar, wherewhere thethe NegrosNegroes dwelldwell,
wln 0494AndAnd conqueringconquering thatthat, mademade hastehaste toto NubiaNubia,
wln 0495ThereThere hauinghaving sacktsacked BornoBorno thethe KinglyKingly seatseat,
wln 0496II tooktook thethe kingking, andand leadlead himhim boundbound inin chaineschains
wln 0497VntoUnto DamascoDamasco, wherewhere II staidstayed beforebefore.
wln 0498Tamb.TamburlaineTamb.WellWell donedone TechellesTechelles: whatwhat saithsaith
wln 0499 (TheridamasTheridamas??:

img: 51-b
sig: G3r

mighty Tamburlaine. Pars. 2.

wln 0500ther.theridamasther.II leftleft thethe confinesconfines andand thethe boundsbounds ofof AffrikeAfrikAfrique
wln 0501AndAnd mademade aa voyagevoyage intointo EuropeEurope,
wln 0502WhereWhere byby thethe riuerriver TyrosTyros II subdew’dsubdued
wln 0503StokaStoka, PadaliaPadalia, andand CodemiaCodemia.
wln 0504ThenThen crostcrossed thethe seasea andand camecame toto ObliaOblia.
wln 0505AndAnd NigraNigra SiluaSilva, wherewhere thethe DeuilsDevilsdevil’s dancedance,
wln 0506WhichWhich inin despightdespite ofof themthem II setset onon firefiresfirefires::
wln 0507FromFrom thencethence II crostcrossed thethe GulfeGulf, call’dcallcalledcall byby thethe namename
wln 0508MareMare magioremagiorémagioremagioré, ofof th’inhabitantesth’ inhabitantsth’inhabitants::;
wln 0509YetYet shallshall mymy souldierssoldiers makemake nono periodperiod
wln 0510VntillUntil NatoliaNatolia kneelekneel beforebefore youryour feetfeet.
wln 0511tamb.tamburlainetamb.ThenThen wilwill wewe triumphtriumph, banquetbanquet andand carousecarouse,
wln 0512CookesCooks shallshall hauehave pensionspensions toto prouideprovide vsus eateseats,
wln 0513AndAnd glutglut vsus withwith thethe daintiesdainties ofof thethe worldworld,
wln 0514LachrimaLachrymaLachrima ChristiChristi andand CalabrianCalabrian wineswines
wln 0515ShallShall commoncommon SouldiersSoldiers drinkdrink inin quaffingquaffing boulesbowlsbouls,
wln 0516IAyay, liquidliquid goldegold whenwhen wewe hauehave conquer’dconquered himhim.
wln 0517MingledMingled withwith corrallcoral andand withwith orientalloriental pearlepearlespearlpearls:
wln 0518ComeCome letlet vsus banquetbanquet andand carrousecarouse thethe whileswhiles.ExeuntExeunt.
wln 0519FinisFinis ActusActus primiprimi.

wln 0520ActusActus. 22.22... ScænaScaenaScaena. 11.11...

wln 0521SigismondSigismond, FrederickeFrederick, BaldwineBaldwinBaldwine,
wln 0522withwith theirtheir trainetrain.

wln 0523Sigis.SigismondSigis.
wln 0524NOwNOw saysay mymy LordsLords ofof BudaBuda andand BohemiaBohemia,
wln 0525WhatWhat motiōmotiōmotion isis itit thatthat inflamesinflames youryour thoughtsthoughts,
wln 0526AndAnd stirsstirs youryour valuresvalorsvalures toto suchsuch soddainesudden armesarms?
wln 0527Fred.FrederickFred.YourYour MaiestyMajesty remembersremembers II amam suresure
wln 0528WhatWhat cruellcruel slaughterslaughter ofof ourour ChristianChristian bloodsbloods,
wln 0529TheseThese heathnishheath’nishheathenish TurksTurks andand PagansPagans latelylately mademade,

img: 52-a
sig: G3v

The bloody Conquests of

wln 0530BetwixtBetwixt thethe citiecity ZulaZula andand DanubiusDanubius,,
wln 0531HowHow throughthrough thethe midstmidst ofof VernaVerna andand BulgariaBulgaria
wln 0532AndAnd almostalmost toto thethe veryvery walleswalls ofof RomeRome,
wln 0533TheyThey hauehave notnot longlong sincesince massacredmassacred ourour CampCamp,
wln 0534ItIt restethresteth nownow thenthen thatthat youryour MaieslyMajestymajesty
wln 0535TakeTake allall aduantagesadvantages ofof timetime andand powerpower,
wln 0536AndAnd workework reuengerevenge vponupon thesethese InfidelsInfidels:
wln 0537YourYour HighnesseHighness knowesknows forfor TamburlainesTamburlaine’s repairerepair,
wln 0538ThatThat strikesstrikes aa terrourterror toto allall TurkishTurkish heartshearts,
wln 0539NatoliaNatolia hathhath dismistdismissed thethe greatestgreatest partpart
wln 0540OfOf allall hishis armiearmy, pitchtpitched againstagainst ourour powerpower
wln 0541BetwixtBetwixt CutheiaCutheia andand OrminiusOrminius’ mountmount:
wln 0542AndAnd sentsent themthem marchingmarching vpup toto BelgasarBelgasar,
wln 0543AcanthaAcantha, AntiochAntioch, andand CæsariaCaesariaCaesaria,
wln 0544ToTo aidaid thethe kingskings ofof SoriaSoria andand IerusalemJerusalemjerusalem.
wln 0545NowNow thenthouthenthou mymy LordLord, aduantageadvantage taketake hereofhereof,
wln 0546AndAnd issueissue sodainlysuddenly vponupon thethe restrest:
wln 0547ThatThat inin thethe fortunefortune ofof theirtheir ouerthrowoverthrow,
wln 0548WeWe maymay discouragediscourage allall thethe paganpagan troopetroop,
wln 0549ThatThat daredare attemptattempt toto warwar withwith ChristiansChristians.
wln 0550Sig.SigismondSig.ButBut calscalls notnot thenthen youryour GraceGrace toto memoriememory
wln 0551TheThe leagueleague wewe latelylately mademade withwith kingking OrcanesOrcanes,
wln 0552Confirm’dConfirmed byby othoath andand ArticlesArticles ofof peacepeace,
wln 0553AndAnd callingcalling ChristChrist forfor recordrecord ofof ourour truethstruths?
wln 0554ThisThis shouldshould bebe treacherietreachery andand violenceviolence,
wln 0555AgainstAgainst thethe gracegrace ofof ourour professionprofession.
wln 0556Bald.BaldwinBald.NoNo whitwhit mymy LordLord: forfor withwith suchsuch InfidelsInfidels,
wln 0557InIn whomwhom nono faithfaith nornor truetrue religionreligion restsrests,
wln 0558WeWe areare notnot boundbound toto thosethose accomplishmentsaccomplishments,
wln 0559TheThe holyholy laweslawéslaws ofof ChristendomeChristendom inioineenjoin:
wln 0560ButBut asas thethe faithfaith whichwhich theythey prophanelyprofanely plightplight
wln 0561IsIs notnot byby necessarynecessary pollycypolicy,
img: 52-b
sig: G4r

mighty Tamburlaine. Pars. 2.

wln 0562ToTo bebe esteem’desteemed assuranceassurance forfor our seluesourselves,
wln 0563SoSo whatwhat wewe vowvow toto themthem shouldshauldshould notnot infringeinfringe
wln 0564OurOur libertyliberty ofof armesarms andand victoryvictory.
wln 0565Sig.SigismondSig.ThoughThough II confesseconfess thethe othesoaths theythey vndertakeundertake,
wln 0566BreedBreed litlelittle strengthstrength toto ouroutour securitiesecurity,
wln 0567YetYet thosethose infirmitiesinfirmities thatthat thusthus defamedefame
wln 0568TheirTheir faithsfaiths, theirtheir honorshonorshonours, andand theirtheir religionreligion,
wln 0569ShouldShould notnot giuegive vsus presumptionpresumption toto thethe likelike,
wln 0570OurOur faithsfaiths areare soundsound, andand mustmust bebe consumateconsummateconsummated,
wln 0571ReligiousReligious, righteousrighteous, andand inuiolateinviolate.
wln 0572Fred.FrederickFred.AssureAssure youryour GraceGrace tis’tis superstitionsuperstition
wln 0573ToTo standstand soso strictlystrictly onon dispensiuedispensive faithfaith:
wln 0574AndAnd shouldshould wewe loselose thethe opportunityopportunity
wln 0575ThatThat GodGod hathhath giuengiven toto vengevenge ourour ChristiansChristians’ deathdeath
wln 0576AndAnd scourgescourge theirtheir foulefoul blasphemousblasphemous PaganismePaganism??:
wln 0577AsAs fellfell toto SauleSaul, toto BalaamBalaam andand thethe restrest,
wln 0578ThatThat wouldwould notnot killkill andand cursecurse atat GodsGod’s commandcommand,
wln 0579SoSo surelysurely willwill thethe vengeancevengeance ofof thethe highesthighest
wln 0580AndAnd iealousjealous angeranger ofof hishis fearefullfearful armearm
wln 0581BeBe pour’dpoured withwith rigourrigorrigour onon ourour sinfullsinful headsheads,
wln 0582IfIf wewe neglectneglect thisthis offeredoffered victoryvictory.
wln 0583Sig.SigismondSig.ThenThen armearm mymy LordsLords, andand issueissue sodainlysuddenly,
wln 0584GiuingGiving commandementcommandment toto ourour generallgeneral hostehost,
wln 0585WithWith expeditionexpedition toto assaileassail thethe PaganPagan,
wln 0586AndAnd taketake thethe victorievictory ourour GodGod hathhath giuengiven.ExeuntExeunt..,

wln 0587ActusActus, 22.22... ScænaScaenaScaena, 22.22...

wln 0588OrcanesOrcanes, GazellusGazellus, VribassaUribassa withwith theirtheir trainetrain.
wln 0589OrcanesOrcanes.OrcanesOrcanes...
wln 0590GAzellusGAzellus, VribassaUribassa, andand thethe restrest,
wln 0591NowNow willwill wewe marchmarch fromfrom proudproud OrminusOrminus’orminus’ mountmount

img: 53-a
sig: G4v

The bloody Conquests of

wln 0592ToTo fairefair NatoliaNatolia, wherewhere ourour neighbourneighborneighbour kingskings
wln 0593ExpectExpect ourour powerpower andand ourour royallroyal presencepresence,
wln 0594T’incounterT’ encounterT’incounter withwith thethe cruellcruel tamburlaintamburlaineTamburlaine,
wln 0595ThatThat nighnigh LarissaLarissa swaiessways aa mightymighty hostehost,
wln 0596AndAnd withwith thethe thunderthunder ofof hishis martialmartial toolestools
wln 0597MakesMakes EarthquakesEarthquakes inin thethe heartshearts ofof menmen andand heauenheaven,
wln 0598Gaz.GazellusGaz.AndAnd nownow comecome wewe toto makemake hishis sinowessinews shakeshake,
wln 0599WithWith greatergreater powerpower thanthan ersterst hishis pridepride hathhath feltfelt,
wln 0600AnAn hundredhundred kingskings byby scoresscores wilwill bidbid himhim armesarms,
wln 0601AndAnd hundredhundred thousandsthousands subiectssubjects toto eacheach scorescore:
wln 0602WhichWhich ifif aa showershower ofof woundingwounding thunderboltsthunderbolts
wln 0603ShouldShould breakebreak outout offoff thethe bowelsbowels ofof thethe clowdesclouds
wln 0604AndAnd fallfall asas thickthick asas hailehail vponupon ourour headsheads,
wln 0605InIn partiallpartial aidaid ofof thatthat proudproud ScythianScythian,
wln 0606YetYet shouldshould ourour couragescourages andand steeledsteeled crestescrests,
wln 0607AndAnd numbersnumbers moremore thanthan infinitinfinite ofof menmen,
wln 0608BeBe ableable toto withstandwithstand andand conquerconquer himhim.
wln 0609Vrib.UribassaVrib.Me thinksMethinksmethinks II seesee howhow gladglad thethe christianchristian KingKing
wln 0610IsIs mademade, forfor ioyjoy ofof youryour admittedadmitted trucetruce:
wln 0611ThatThat couldcould notnot butbut beforebefore bebe terrifiedterrified:
wln 0612WithWith vnacquaintedunacquainted powerpower ofof ourour hostehost.

wln 0613EnterEnter aa messengermessenger.

wln 0614MessMessengerArmeArm dreaddread SoueraignSovereign andand mymy noblenoble LordsLords
wln 0615TheThe treacheroustreacherous armyarmy ofof thethe ChristiansChristians,
wln 0616TakingTaking aduantageadvantage ofof youryour slenderslender powerpower,
wln 0617ComesComes marchingmarching onon vsus, andand determinesdetermines straightstraight,
wln 0618ToTo bidbid vsus battailebattle forfor ourour dearestdearest liueslives.
wln 0619Orc.OrcanesOrc.TraitorsTraitors, villainesvillains, damneddamned ChristiansChristians,
wln 0620HaueHave II notnot herehere thethe articlesarticles ofof peacepeace,
wln 0621AndAnd solemnesolemn couenantscovenants wewe hauehave bothboth confirm’dconfirmed,

img: 53-b
sig: G5r

mighty Tamburlaine. Pars. 2.

wln 0622HeHe byby hishis ChristChrist, andand II byby MahometMahomet??.
wln 0623Gaz.GazellusGaz.HelHell andand confusionconfusion lightlight vponupon theirtheir headsheads,
wln 0624ThatThat withwith suchsuch treasontreason seekseek ourour ouerthrowoverthrow,
wln 0625AndAnd carescares soso litlelittle forfor theirtheir prophetprophet ChristChrist.
wln 0626Orc.OrcanesOrc.CanCan tberetherethere bebe suchsuch deceitdeceit inin ChristiansChristians,
wln 0627OrOr treasontreason inin thethe fleshlyfleshly heartheart ofof manman,
wln 0628WhoseWhose shapeshape isis figurefigure ofof thethe highesthighest GodGod?
wln 0629ThenThen ifif therethere bebe aa ChristChrist, asas ChristiansChristians saysay,
wln 0630ButBut inin theirtheir deedsdeeds denydeny himhim forfor theirtheir ChristChrist:
wln 0631IfIf hehe bebe sonson toto euerliuingeverliving IoueJovejove,
wln 0632AndAnd hathhath thethe powerpower ofof hishis outstretchedoutstretched armearm,
wln 0633IfIf hehe bebe iealousjealous ofof hishis namename andand honorhonorhonour,
wln 0634AsAs isis ourour holyholy prophetprophet MahometMahomet,
wln 0635TakeTake herehere thesethese paperspapers asas ourour sacrificesacrifice
wln 0636AndAnd witnessewitness ofof thythy seruantsservant’s periuryperjury.
wln 0637OpenOpen thouthou shiningshining vaileveil ofof CynthiaCynthia
wln 0638AndAnd makemake aa passagepassage fromfrom thethe imperiallimperial heauenheaven
wln 0639ThatThat hehe thatthat sitssits onon highhigh andand neuernever sleepssleeps,
wln 0640NorNor inin oneone placeplace isis circumscriptiblecircumscriptible,
wln 0641ButBut euery whereeverywhere filsfills eueryevery ContinentContinent,
wln 0642WithWith strangestrange infusioninfusion ofof hishis sacredsacred vigorvigorvigour,
wln 0643