Tamburlaine the Great, 1
Tamburlaine the Great, 1

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ln 0001Tamburlain[·]TamburlaineTamburlaine
ln 0002thethe GreatGreat..
ln 0003WhoWho,, fromfrom aa ScythianScythian ShepheardeShepherd,,
ln 0004byby hishis rarerare andand woonderfullwonderful ConquestsConquests,,

ln 0005becamebecame aa mostmost puissantpuissant andand migh-migh∣tyemighty
ln 0006tye
ln 0006MonarqueMonarch..
ln 0007AndAnd ((forfor hishis tyrannytyranny,, andand terrourterror inin
ln 0008WarreWar)) waswas tearmedtermed,,
ln 0009TheThe ScourgeScourge ofof GodGod..

ln 0010DeuidedDivided intointo twotwo TragicallTragical Dis-Dis∣coursesDiscourses
ln 0011courses,,
ln 0011asas theythey werewere sundriesundry timestimes
ln 0012shewedshowed vponupon StagesStages inin thethe CitieCity
ln 0013ofof LondonLondon..

ln 0014ByBy thethe rightright honorablehonorable thethe LordLord
ln 0015AdmyrallAdmiral,, hishis seruantesservants..

ln 0016NowNow firstfirst,, andand newlienewly publishedpublished..

ln 0018PrintedPrinted byby RichardRichard IhonesJones:: atat thethe signesign
ln 0019ofof thethe RoseRose andand CrowneCrown neerenear Hol-Hol∣borneHolborn
ln 0020borne
ln 0020BridgeBridge.. 15901590..

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ln 0001ToTo thethe GentlemenGentlemen Rea-Rea∣dersReaders
ln 0002ders::
ln 0002andand othersothers thatthat taketake pleasurepleasure

ln 0003inin readingreading HistoriesHistories..

ln 0004GEntlemenGEntlemen,, andand curteouscourteous ReadersReaders whoso-whoso∣euerwhosoever
ln 0005euer::
ln 0005II hauehave herehere publishedpublished inin printprint forfor
ln 0006youryour sakessakes,, thethe twotwo tragicaltragical DiscoursesDiscourses ofof
ln 0007thethe ScythianScythian ShepheardShepherd,, TamburlaineTamburlaine,, thatthat
ln 0008becamebecame soso greatgreat aa ConquerourConqueror,, andand soso mightiemighty
ln 0009aa MonarqueMonarch:: MyMy hopehope isis,, thatthat theythey wilwill bebe nownow
ln 0010nono lesseless acceptableacceptable vntounto youyou toto readread afterafter youryour
ln 0011seriousserious affairesaffairs andand studiesstudies,, thenthan theythey hauehave benebeen
ln 0012((latelylately)) delightfulldelightful forfor manymany ofof youyou toto seesee,, whenwhen
ln 0013thethe samesame werewere shewedshowed inin LondonLondon vponupon stagesstages::
ln 0014II hauehave ((purposelypurposely)) omittedomitted andand leftleft outout somesome
ln 0015fondfond andand friuolousfrivolous IesturesGestures,, digressingdigressing ((andand inin
ln 0016mymy poorepoor opinionopinion)) farfar vnmeetunmeet forfor thethe mattermatter,,
ln 0017whichwhich II thoughtthought,, mightmight seemeseem moremore tedioustedious
ln 0018vntounto thethe wisewise,, thanthan anyany wayway elselse toto bebe regardedregarded,,
ln 0019thoughthough ((happlyhappily)) theythey hauehave benebeen ofof somesome vainevain
ln 0020cōceitedcōceitedconceited fondlingsfondlings greatlygreatly gapedgaped atat,, whatwhat timestimes
ln 0021theythey werewere shewedshowed vponupon thethe stagestage inin theirtheir gra-gra∣cedgraced
ln 0022ced
ln 0022deformitiesdeformities:: neuerthelesnevertheless nownow,, toto bebe mixtu-mixtu∣redmixtured
ln 0023red
ln 0023inin printprint withwith suchsuch mattermatter ofof worthworth,, itit wuldwould

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To the Reader.

ln 0024prooueprove aa greatgreat disgracedisgrace toto soso honorablehonorable &and state-stare∣lystately
ln 0025ly
ln 0025aa historiehistory:: GreatGreat follyfolly werewere itit inin meme,, toto com-com∣mendcommend
ln 0026mend
ln 0026vntounto youryour wisedomeswisdoms,, eithereither thethe elo-elo∣quenceeloquence
ln 0027quence
ln 0027ofof thethe AuthourAuthor thatthat writwrit themthem,, oror thethe
ln 0028worthinesseworthiness ofof thethe mattermatter it selfeitself;; II thereforetherefore
ln 0029leaueleave vntounto youryour learnedlearned censurescensures,, bothboth thethe oneone
ln 0030andand thethe otherother,, andand my selfemyself thethe poorepoor printerprinter ofof
ln 0031themthem vntounto youryour mostmost curteouscourteous andand fauourablefavorable
ln 0031protectionprotection;; whichwhich ifif youyou vouchsafevouchsafe toto acceptaccept,,
ln 0032youyou shallshall euermoreevermore bindebind meeme toto imployemploy whatwhat
ln 0033trauelltravail andand seruiceservice II cancan,, toto thethe aduauncingadua uncingadvancing andand
ln 0034pleasuringpleasuring ofof youryour excellentexcellent degreedegree..

ln 0035YoursYours,, mostmost humblehumble atat com=com∣maundement
ln 0036maundementcommandment,,

ln 0037R.R. I.J. PrinterPrinter

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wln 0001TheThe tvvotwotwo tragicaltragical DisDis∣coursesDiscoursesDis∣courses
wln 0002courses
wln 0002ofof mightymighty TamburlaineTamburlaine, thethe
wln 0003ScythianScythian ShepheardShepherd. &c.etc.

wln 0004TheThe ProloguePrologue.

wln 0005FRomFRom iyggingjigging vainesveins ofof rimingrhyming mothermother witswits,
wln 0006AndAnd suchsuch conceitsconceits asas clownageclownage keepeskeeps inin paypay,
wln 0007WeeleWe’llwe’ll leadlead youyou toto thethe statelystately tenttent ofof WarWar.
wln 0008WhereWhere youyou shallshall hearehear thethe ScythianScythian TamburlaineTamburlaine:
wln 0009ThreatningThreat’ningThreatening thethe worldworld withwith highhigh astoundingastounding tearmsterms
wln 0010AndAnd scourgingscourging kingdomskingdoms withwith hishis cōqueringconqueringcōqueringconquering swordsword
wln 0011ViewView butbut hishis picturepicture inin thisthis tragicketragic glasseglass,
wln 0012AndAnd thenthen applaudapplaud hishis fortunesfortunes asas youyou pleaseplease.

wln 0013ActusActus. 11.11... ScænaScaenaScaena. 11.11...

wln 0014MycetesMycetes, CosroeCosroe, MeanderMeander, TheridamasTheridamas, OrtygiusOrtygius,
wln 0015CeneusCeneus, withwith othersothers.

wln 0016MycetesMycetes.
wln 0017BRotherBRother CosroeCosroe, II findfind my selfemyself agreeu’dagreeudaggrieved,
wln 0018YetYet insufficientinsufficient toto expresseexpress thethe samesame:
wln 0019ForFor itit requiresrequires aa greatgreat andand thundringthund’ringthundering speechspeech:
wln 0020GoodGood brotherbrother telltell thethe causecause vntounto mymy LordsLords,
wln 0021II knowknow youyou hauehave aa betterbetter witwit thanthan II.
wln 0022Cos.CosroeCos.UnhappieVnhappieUnhappy PerseaPersia, thatthat inin formerformer ageage
wln 0023HastHast benebeen thethe seatseat ofof mightiemighty ConquerorsConquerors,
wln 0024ThatThat inin theirtheir prowesseprowess andand theirtheir polliciespolicies,
wln 0025HaueHave triumphttriumphed ouerover AffrikeAfricAfrique, andand thethe boundsbounds
wln 0026OfOf EuropeEurope, wherwhere thethe SunSun daresdares scarcescarce appeareappear,
wln 0027ForFor freezingfreezing meteorsmeteors andand coniealedcongealed coldecold:
wln 0028NowNow toto bebe rulderuled andand gouernedgoverned byby aa manman,
wln 0029AtAt whosewhose byrth=daybyrth-daybirthday CynthiaCynthia withwith SaturneSaturn ioindejoined,
wln 0030AndAnd IoueJovejove, thethe SunSun andand Mercuriemercury denieddenied

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wln 0031ToTo shedshed hishis influenceinfluence inin hishis ficklefickle brainebrain,
wln 0032NowNow TurkesTurks andand TartarsTartars shakeshake theirtheir swordsswords atat th[··]thatth●●theethat
wln 0033MeaningMeaning toto manglemangle allall thythy ProuincesProvinces,
wln 0034Mycet.MycetesMycet.BrotherBrother, II seesee youryour meaningmeaning wellwell enoughenough.
wln 0035AndAnd thoroughthrough youryour PlanetsPlanets II perceiueperceive youyou thinkethink,
wln 0036II amam notnot wisewise enoughenough toto bebe aa kingeking,
wln 0037ButBut II referrefer meme toto mymy noblenoble menmen,
wln 0038ThatThat knoweknow mymy witwit, andand cancan bebe witnesseswitnesses:
wln 0039II mightmight commandcommand youyou toto bebe slaineslain forfor thisthis,
wln 0040MeanderMeander, mightmight II notnot?
wln 0041Meand.MeanderMeand.NotNot forfor soso smallsmall aa faultfault mymy soueraignesovereign LordLord
wln 0042Mycet.MycetesMycet.II meanemean itit notnot, butbut yetyet II knowknow II mightmight,
wln 0043YetYet liuelive, yeayea, liuelive, MycetesMycetes wilswills itit soso:
wln 0044MeanderMeander, thouthou mymy faithfullfaithful CounsellorCounselorCounsellor,
wln 0045DeclareDeclare thethe causecause ofof mymy conceiuedconceived griefegrief,
wln 0046WhichWhich isis (GodGod knowesknows) aboutabout thatthat TamburlaineTamburlaine.
wln 0047ThatThat likelike aa FoxeFox inin midstmidst ofof haruestharvest timetime,
wln 0048DoothDoth praypray vpnonvponvpnonupon mymy flockesflocks ofof PassengersPassengers.
wln 0049AndAnd asas II hearehear, dothdoth meanemean toto pullpull mymy plumesplumes,
wln 0050ThereforeTherefore tis’tis goodgood andand meetemeet forfor toto bebe wisewise.
wln 0051Meand.MeanderMeand.OftOft hauehave II heardheard youryour MaiestieMajesty complaincomplain,
wln 0052OfOf TamburlaineTamburlaine, thatthat sturdiesturdy ScythianScythian thiefethief,
wln 0053ThatThat robsrobs youryour merchantsmerchants ofof PersepolisPersepolis,
wln 0054TreadingTreading byby landland vntounto thethe WesterneWestern IslesIsles,
wln 0055AndAnd inin youryour confinesconfines withwith hishis lawlesselawless trainetrain,
wln 0056DailyDaily commitscommits inciuillincivil outragesoutrages.
wln 0057HopingHoping (misledmisled byby dreamingdreaming prophesiesprophecies)
wln 0058ToTo raignereign inin AsiaAsia, andand withwith barbarousbarbarous ArmesArmies,
wln 0059ToTo makemake himselfehimself thethe MonarchMonarch ofof thethe EastEast:
wln 0060ButBut ereere hehe marchmarch inin AsiaAsia, oror displaydisplay
wln 0061HisHis vagrantvagrant EnsigneEnsign inin thethe PerseanPersianpersian fieldsfields,
wln 0062YourYour GraceGrace hathhath takentaken orderorder byby TheridimasTheridamas,

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sig: A4r

the Scythian Shepheard.

wln 0063Chardg’dCharged withwith aa thousandthousand horsehorse, toto apprehendapprehend
wln 0064AndAnd bringbring himhim CaptiueCaptive toto youryour HighnesseHighneseHighnesshighness thronethrone,
wln 0065Myce.MycetesMyce.FulFull truetrue thouthou speakstspeakst, &and likelike thy selfethyself mymy lordlord
wln 0066WhomWhom II maymay tearmeterm aa DamonDamon forfor thythy louelove.
wln 0067ThereforeTherefore tis’tis bestbest, ifif soso itit liklike youyou allall,
wln 0068ToTo sendsend mymy thousandthousand horsehorse incontinentincontinent,
wln 0069ToTo apprehendapprehend thatthat paltriepaltry ScythianScythian.
wln 0070HowHow likelike youyou thisthis, mymy honorablehonorablehonourable LordsLords?
wln 0071IsIs itit notnot aa kinglykingly resolutionresolution?
wln 0072Cosr.CosroeCosr.ItIt cannotcannot choosechoose, becausebecause itit comescomes fromfrom youyou.
wln 0073Myce.MycetesMyce.ThenThen hearehear thythy chargecharge, valiantvaliant TheridimasTheridamas
wln 0074TheThe chiefestchiefest CaptaineCaptain ofof MycetesMycetes’Mycetes hostehost,
wln 0075TheThe hopehope ofof PerseaPersia, andand thethe verievery leggeslegs
wln 0076WhereonWhereon ourour statestate dothdoth leanelean, asas onon aa staffestaff,
wln 0077ThatThat holdsholds vsus vpup, andand foilesfoils ourour neighbourneighborneighbour foesfoes,
wln 0078ThouThou shaltshalt bebe leaderleader ofof thisthis thousandthousand horsehorse,
wln 0079WhoseWhose fomingfoaming gallegall withwith ragerage andand highhigh disdainedisdain,
wln 0080HaueHave swornesworn thethe deathdeath ofof wickedwicked TamburlaineTamburlaine.
wln 0081GoGo frowninggrowningfrowninggroaning foorthforth, butbut comecome thouthou smylingsmiling homehome,
wln 0082AsAs diddid SirSir ParisParis withwith thethe GrecianGrecian DameDame,
wln 0083ReturneReturn withwith speedspeed, timetime passethpasseth swiftswift awayaway,
wln 0084OurOur lifelife isis frailefrail, andand wewe maymay diedie to daytoday.
wln 0085Ther.TheridamasTher.BeforeBefore thethe MooneMoon renewrenew herher borrowedborrowed lightlight,
wln 0086DoubtDoubt notnot mymy LordLord andand gratiousgracious SoueraigneSovereign,
wln 0087ButBut TamburlaineTamburlaine, andand thatthat TartarianTartarian routrout,
wln 0088ShallShall eithereither perishperish byby ourour warlikewarlike handshands,
wln 0089OrOr pleadplead forfor merciemercy atat youryour highnessehighness’ feetfeet.
wln 0090Myce.MycetesMyce.GoGo, stoutstout TheridimasTheridamas, thythy wordswords areare swordsswords
wln 0091AndAnd withwith thythy lookeslooks thouthou conquerestconquerest allall thythy foesfoes:
wln 0092II longlong toto seesee theethee backback returnereturn fromfrom thencethence,
wln 0093ThatThat II maymay viewview thesethese milk-whitemilk-white steedssteeds ofof minemine.
wln 0094AllAll lodenladen withwith thethe headsheads ofof killedkilled menmen,

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sig: A4v


wln 0095AndAnd fromfrom theirtheir kneesknees, eueneven toto theirtheir hoofeshooves belowbelow,
wln 0096Besmer’dBesmeared withwith bloodblood, thatthat makesmakes aa daintydainty showshow.
wln 0097The.TheridamasThe.ThenThen nownow mymy LordLord, II humblyhumbly taketake mymy leaueleave. (ExitExit.
wln 0098Myc.MycetesMyc.Therid.TheridTheridamasTherid. farewelfarewell tenten thousandthousand timestimes,
wln 0099AhAh, MenaphonMenaphon, whywhy staieststayest thouthou thusthus behindbehind,
wln 0100WhenWhen otherother menmen preasepress forwardforward forfor renownerenown::?
wln 0101GoGo MenaphonMenaphon, gogo intointo ScythiaScythia,
wln 0102AndAnd footfoot byby footfoot followfollow TheridamasTheridamas:
wln 0103Cos.CosroeCos.NayNay, praypray youyou letlet himhim staystay, aa greatergreater
wln 0104FitsFits MenaphonMenaphon, thanthan warringwarring withwith aa ThiefeThief:
wln 0105CreateCreate himhim ProrexProrex ofof AffricaAfrica,
wln 0106ThatThat hehe maymay winwin thethe BabyloniansBabylonians’Babylonians heartshearts,
wln 0107WhichWhich willwill reuoltrevolt fromfrom PerseanPersianpersian gouernmentgovernment,
wln 0108UnlesseVnlesseUnless theythey hauehave aa wiserwiser kingking thanthan youyou.
wln 0109Myc.MycetesMyc.UnlesseVnlesseUnless theythey hauehave aa wiserwiser kingking thanthan youyou?
wln 0110TheseThese areare hishis wordswords, MeanderMeander setset themthem downedown.
wln 0111Cos.CosroeCos.AndAnd adadd thisthis toto themthem, thatthat allall AsiaAsia
wln 0112LamentLament toto seesee thethe folliefolly ofof theirtheir KingKing.
wln 0113Myc.MycetesMyc.WellWell herehere II sweareswear byby thisthis mymy royalroyal seatseat.
wln 0114Cos.CosroeCos.YouYou maymay doedo wellwell toto kissekiss itit thenthen.
wln 0115Myc.MycetesMyc.EmbostEmbossed withwith silkesilk asas bestbest beseemesbeseems mymy statestate.
wln 0116ToTo bebe reueng’drevenged forfor thesethese contemptuouscontemptuous wordswords.
wln 0117OO wherewhere isis dutieduty andand allegeanceallegiance nownow?
wln 0118FledFled toto thethe CaspeanCaspianCaspean oror thethe OceanOcean mainemain?
wln 0119WhatWhat, shallshall II callcall theethee brotherbrother? NoNo, aa foefoe,
wln 0120MonsterMonster ofof NatureNature, shameshame vntounto thythy stockestock,
wln 0121ThatThat dar stdar’stdar’st presumepresume thythy SoueraigneSovereign forfor toto mockemock.
wln 0122MeanderMeander comecome, II amam abus’dabused MeanderMeander.ExitExit.
wln 0123ManentManent CosroeCosroe &and MenaphonMenaphon.
wln 0124Mena.MenaphonMena.HowHow nownow mymy LordLord, whatwhat, matedmated andand amaz’damazed
wln 0125ToTo hearehear thethe kingking thusthus thratenthreaten likelike himselfehimself?
wln 0126Cos.CosroeCos.AhAh MenaphonMenaphon, II passepass notnot forfor hishis threatesthreats,

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sig: A5r

the Scythian Shepheard.

wln 0127TheThe plotplot isis laidlaid byby PerseanPersianpersian NobleNoble menmen,
wln 0128AndAnd CaptainesCaptains ofof thethe MedeanMedean garrisonsgarrisons,
wln 0129ToTo crownecrown meme EmperourEmperor ofof AsiaAsia,
wln 0130ButBut thisthis itit isis thatthat dothdoth excruciateexcruciate
wln 0131TheThe verievery substancesubstance ofof mymy vexedvexed soulesoul::!
wln 0132ToTo seesee ourour neighboursneighborsneighbours thatthat werewere woontwont toto quakequake
wln 0133AndAnd trembletremble atat thethe PerseanPersianpersian Monarkesmonarch’s namename,
wln 0134NowNow sitssits andand laughslaughs ourour regimentregiment toto scornescorn,
wln 0135AndAnd thatthat whichwhich mightmight resolueresolve meme intointo tearestears:
wln 0136MenMen fromfrom thethe farthestfarthest Equinoctiallequinoctial lineline,
wln 0137HaueHave swarm’dswarmed inin troopestroops intointo thethe EasterneEastern IndiaIndia:
wln 0138LadingLading theirtheir shippesships withwith goldegold andand pretiousprecious stonesstones:
wln 0139AndAnd mademade theirtheir spoilesspoils fromfrom allall ourour prouincesprovinces.
wln 0140Mena.MenaphonMena.ThisThis shouldshould intreatentreat youryour highnessehighness toto reioicerejoice,
wln 0141SinceSince FortuneFortune giuesgives youyou opportunityopportunity,
wln 0142ToTo gainegain thethe tytletitle ofof aa ConquerourConqueror,
wln 0143ByBy curingcuring ofof thisthis maimedmaimed EmperieEmpire,
wln 0144AffrikeAfricAfrique andand EuropeEurope borderingbordering onon youryour landland,
wln 0145AndAnd continentcontinent toto youryour DominionsDominions:
wln 0146HowHow easelyeasily maymay youyou withwith aa mightiemighty hostehost,
wln 0147PassePass intointo GræciaGraeciaGraecia, asas diddid CyrusCyrus onceonce.
wln 0148AndAnd causecause themthem toto withdrawwithdraw theirtheir forcesforces homehome,
wln 0149Leastlest youyou subduesubdue thethe pridepride ofof ChristendomeChristendom..??!
wln 0150Cos.CosroeCos.ButBut Menaph.MenaphMenaphonMenaph. whatwhat meansmeans thisthis trumpetstrumpet’strumpets (soundsound
wln 0151Mena.MenaphonMena.BeholdBehold, mymy LordLord OrtigiusOrtygius, andand thethe restrest,
wln 0152BringingBringing thethe CrowneCrown toto makemake youyou EmperourEmperor.
wln 0153EnterEnter OrtigiusOrtigius &and ConerusConerus bearingbearing aa CrowneCrown
wln 0154withwith othersothers.

wln 0155Ort.OrtygiusOrt.MagnificentMagnificent andand mightiemighty PrincePrince CosroeCosroe,
wln 0156WeWe inin thethe namename ofof otherother PerseanPersianpersian statesstates,
wln 0157AndAnd commonscommons ofof thisthis mightiemighty MonarchieMonarchy,
wln 0158PresentPresent theethee withwith th’Emperiallth’ Imperialth’imperial DiademDiadem.
Cen. The

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sig: A5v

The Conquests of Tamburlaine.

wln 0159CeneCeneusCeneTheThe warlikewarlike SouldiersSoldiers, &and thethe GentlemenGentlemen,
wln 0160ThatThat heretoforeheretofore hauehave fildfilled PersepolisPersepolis
wln 0161WithWith AffrikeAfricAfrique CaptainesCaptains, takentaken inin thethe fieldfield:
wln 0162WhoseWhooseWhose ransomeransom mademade themthem martchmarch inin coatescoats ofof goldgold,
wln 0163WithWith costliecostly iewelsjewels hanginghanging atat theirtheir earesears,
wln 0164AndAnd shiningshining stonesstones vponupon theirtheir loftielofty CrestesCrests,
wln 0165NowNow liuingliving idleidle inin thethe walledwalled townestowns,
wln 0166WantingWanting bothboth paypay andand martiallmartial disciplinediscipline.
wln 0167BeginBegin inin troopestroops toto threatenthreaten ciuillcivil warrewar.
wln 0168AndAnd openlyopenly exclaimeexclaim againstagainst thethe KingKing.
wln 0169ThereforeTherefore toto staystay allall sodainesudden mutiniesmutinies,
wln 0170WeWe willwill inuestinvest youryour HighnesseHighness EmperourEmperor:
wln 0171WhereatWhereat thethe SouldiersSoldiers willwill conceiueconceive moremore ioyjoy,
wln 0172ThenThen diddid thethe MacedoniansMacedonians atat thethe spoilespoil
wln 0173OfOf greatgreat DariusDarius andand hishis wealthywealthy hoasthost.
wln 0174Cosr.CosroeCosr.WelWell, sincesince II seesee thethe statestate ofof PerseaPersia droopedroop,
wln 0175AndAnd languishlanguish inin mymy brothersbrother’s gouernmentgovernment:
wln 0176II willinglywillingly receiuereceive th’mperiallth’ imperialth’imperial crownecrown,
wln 0177AndAnd vowvow toto wearewear itit forfor mymy countriescountry’s goodgood:
wln 0178InIn spightspite ofof themthem shallshall malicemalice mymy estateestate.
wln 0179Ortyg.OrtygiusOrtyg.AndAnd inin assuranceassurance ofof desir’ddesired successesuccess,
wln 0180WeWe herehere doodo crownecrown theethee MonarchMonarch ofof thethe EastEast,
wln 0181EmperourEmperor ofof AsiaAsia, andand ofof PerseaPersia,
wln 0182GreatGreat LordLord ofof MedeaMedea andand ArmeniaArmenia:
wln 0183DukeDuke ofof AffricaAfrica andand AlbaniaAlbania,
wln 0184MesopotamiaMesopotamia andand ofof ParthiaParthia,
wln 0185EastEast IndiaIndia andand thethe latelate discouereddiscovered IslesIsles,
wln 0186ChiefeChief LordLord ofof allall thethe widewide vastvast EuxineEuxine seasea,
wln 0187AndAnd ofof thethe euerever ragingraging CaspianCaspian LakeLake:
wln 0188LongLong liuelive CosroeCosroe mightymighty EmperourEmperor.
wln 0189Cosr.CosroeCosr.AndAnd IoueJovejove maymay neuernever letlet meme longerlonger liuelive,
wln 0190ThenThan II maymay seekeseek toto gratifiegratify youryour louelove,

img: 6-b
sig: A6r

the Scythian Shepheard.

wln 0191AndAnd causecause thethe souldierssoldiers thatthat thusthus honourhonorhonour meme,
wln 0192ToTo triumphtriumph ouerover manymany ProuincesProvinces.
wln 0193ByBy whosewhose desiresdesires ofof disciplinediscipline inin ArmesArms,
wln 0194II doubtdoubt notnot shortlyshortly butbut toto raignereign solesole kingking,
wln 0195AndAnd withwith thethe ArmieArmy ofof TheridamasTheridamas,
wln 0196WhetherWhether wewe presentlypresently willwill fliefly (mymy LordsLords)
wln 0197ToTo restrest securesecure againstagainst mymy brothersbrother’s forceforce.
wln 0198OrtygOrtygiusOrtygWeWe knewknew mymy LordLord, beforebefore wewe broughtbrought thethe (crownecrown,
wln 0199IntendingIntending youryour inuestioninvestion soso neerenear,
wln 0200TheThe residenceresidence ofof youryour dispiseddespised brotherbrother,
wln 0201TheThe LordLord wouldwould notnot bebe tootoo exasperateexasperate,
wln 0202ToTo iniureinjure oror suppressesuppress youryour woorthyworthy tytletitle.
wln 0203OrOr ifif theythey wouldwould, therethere areare inin readinesreadiness
wln 0204TenTen thousandthousand horsehorse toto cariecarry youyou fromfrom hencehence,
wln 0205InIn spitespite ofof allall suspectedsuspected enemiesenemies.
wln 0206Cosr.CosroeCosr.II knowknow itit welwell mymy LordLord, &and thankethank youyou allall..,
wln 0207Ortyg.OrtygiusOrtyg.SoundSound vpup thethe trumpetstrumpets thenthen,
wln 0208GodGod sauesave thethe KingKing.ExeuntExeunt.

wln 0209ActusActus. 11.11... ScœnaScoenaScaenaScoena. 22:

wln 0210TamburlaineTamburlaine leadingleading ZenocrateZenocrate: TechellesTechelles, Vsu-VsumeasaneVsu∣measaneUsumcasaneUsumeasane
wln 0211measane,
wln 0211otherother LordsLords andand SouldiersSoldiers lodenladen
wln 0212withwith treasuretreasure.

wln 0213Tam.TamburlaineTam.COmeCOme ladylady, letlet notnot thisthis appalappallappal youryour thoughtsthoughts
wln 0214TheThe iewelsjewels andand thethe treasuretreasure wewe hauehave taneta’en
wln 0215ShallShall bebe reseru’dreserved, andand youyou inin betterbetter statestate,
wln 0216ThanThan ifif youyou werewere arriu’darrived inin SiriaSyriaSiria.
wln 0217Eueneven inin thethe circlecircle ofof youryour FathersFather’s armesarmies:
wln 0218TheThe mightiemighty SouldanSoldanSultan ofof EgyptiaEgyptia.
wln 0219Zeno.ZenocrateZeno.AhAh ShepheardShepherd, pitypity mymy distresseddistressed plightplight,

img: 7-a
sig: A6v


wln 0220(IfIf asas thouthou seem’stseem’stseemest, thouthou artart soso meanemean aa manman)
wln 0221AndAnd seekeseek notnot toto inrichenrich thythy followersfollowers,
wln 0222ByBy lawlesselawless rapinerapine fromfrom aa sillysilly maidemaid.
wln 0223WhoWho traueilingtravelingtravelling withwith thesethese MedeanMedean LordsLords
wln 0224ToTo MemphisMemphis, fromfrom mymy vnclesuncle’s countrycountry ofof MedeaMedea,
wln 0225WhereWhere allall mymy youthyouth II hauehave benevenebeenvene gouernedgoverned,
wln 0226HaueHave pastpassed thethe armiearmy ofof thethe mightiemighty TurkeTurk:
wln 0227BearingBearing hishis priuieprivy signetsignet andand hishis handhand:
wln 0228ToTo safesafe conductconduct vsus thorowthroughthorough AffricaAfrica:
wln 0229Mag.MagnetesMag.AndAnd sincesince wewe hauehave arriu’darrived inin ScythiaScythia,
wln 0230BesidesBesides richrich presentspresents fromfrom thethe puisantpuissant ChamCham,
wln 0231WeWe hauehave hishis highnessehighness’ lettersletters toto commandcommand
wln 0232AideAid andand assistanceassistance ifif wewe standstand inin needneed.
wln 0233Tam.TamburlaineTam.ButBut nownow youyou seesee thesethese lettersletters &and commandescommands,
wln 0234AreAre countermandedcountermanded byby aa greatergreater manman:
wln 0235AndAnd throughthrough mymy prouincesprovinces youyou mustmust expectexpect
wln 0236LettersLetters ofof conductconduct fromfrom mymy mightinessemightiness,
wln 0237IfIf youyou intendintend toto keepkeep youryour treasuretreasure safesafe.
wln 0238ButBut sincesince II louelove toto liuelive atat libertyliberty,
wln 0239AsAs easelyeasily maymay youyou getget thethe SouldansSoldan’ssoldan’s crownecrown,
wln 0240AsAs anyany prizesprizes outout ofof mymy precinctprecinct.
wln 0241ForFor theythey areare friendsfriends thatthat helphelp toto weanewean mymy statestate,
wln 0242TillTill menmen andand kingdomeskingdoms helphelp toto strengthenstrengthen itit:
wln 0243AndAnd mustmust maintainemaintain mymy lifelife exemptexempt fromfrom seruitudeservitude.
wln 0244ButBut telltell meme MaddamMadam, isis youryour gracegrace betroth’dbetrothed??:
wln 0245Zen.ZenocrateZen.II amam (mymy LordLord,) forfor soso youyou dodo importimport.
wln 0246Tam.TamburlaineTam.II amam aa LordLord, forfor soso mymy deedsdeeds shallshall prooueprove,
wln 0247AndAnd yetyet aa shepheardshepherd byby mymy ParentageParentage:
wln 0248ButBut LadyLady, thisthis fairefair faceface andand heauenlyheavenly hewhue,
wln 0249MustMudMustMud gracegrace hishis bedbed thatthat conquersconquers AsiaAsia:
wln 0250AndAnd meanesmeans toto bebe aa terrourterror toto thethe worldworld,
wln 0251MeasuringMeasuring thethe limitslimits ofof hishis EmperieEmpery

img: 7-b
sig: A7r

the Scythian Shepheard.

wln 0252ByBy EastEast andand westwest, asas PhæbusPhaebusPhoebus dothdoth hishis coursecourse:
wln 0253LieLie herehere yeye weedesweeds thatthat II disdainedisdain toto wearewear,
wln 0254ThisThis compleatcomplete armorarmorarmour, andand thisthis curtle=axecurtle-axecurtle-axe
wln 0255AreAre adiunctsadjuncts moremore beseemingbeseeming TamburlaineTamburlaine.
wln 0256AndAnd MaddamMadam, whatsoeuerwhatsoever youyou esteemeesteem
wln 0257OfOf thisthis successesuccess, andand losseloss vnvalluedunvalued,
wln 0258BothBoth maymay inuestinvest youyou EmpresseEmpress ofof thethe EastEast:
wln 0259AndAnd thesethese thatthat seemeseem butbut sillysilly countrycountry SwainesSwains,
wln 0260MayMay hauehave thethe leadingleading ofof soso greatgreat anan hosthost,
wln 0261AsAs withwith theirtheir waightweight shallshall makemake thethe mountainsmountains quakequake.
wln 0262Eueneven asas whenwhen windywindy exhalationsexhalations,
wln 0263FightingFighting forfor passagepassage, tilttilt withinwithin thethe earthearth.
wln 0264Tec.TechellesTec.AsAs princelyprincely LionsLions whenwhen theythey rouserouse themseluesthemselves,
wln 0265StretthingStretchingStretching theirtheir pawespaws, andand threatningthreat’ningthreatening heardesherds ofof
wln 0266 (BeastesBeasts.
wln 0267SoSo inin hishis ArmourArmorArmour lookethlooketh TamburlaineTamburlaine:
wln 0268Me thinksMethinksmethinks II seesee kingskings kneelingkneeling atat hishis feetfeet,
wln 0269AndAnd hehe withwith frowningfrowning browesbrows andand fieryfiery lookeslooks,
wln 0270SpurningSpurning theirtheir crownescrowns fromfrom offoff theirtheir captiuecaptive headsheads.
wln 0271Vsum.UsumcasaneVsum.AndAnd makingmaking theethee andand meme TechellesTechelles, kingeskings,
wln 0272ThatThat eueneven toto deathdeath willwill followfollow TamburlaineTamburlaine.
wln 0273Tam.TamburlaineTam.NoblyNobly resolu’dresolved, sweetsweet friendsfriends andand followersfollowers,
wln 0274TheseThese LordsLords (perhapsperhaps) dodo scornescorn ourour estimatesestimates:
wln 0275AndAnd thinkethink wewe prattleprattle withwith distempereddistempered spiritsspirits,
wln 0276ButBut sincesince theythey measuremeasure ourour desertsdeserts soso meanemean,
wln 0277ThatThat inin conceitconceit bearbear EmpiresEmpires onon ourour spearesspears,
wln 0278AffectingAffecting thoughtsthoughts coequallco-equal withwith thethe cloudesclouds,
wln 0279TheyThey shallshall bebe keptkept ourour forcedforced followersfollowers,
wln 0280TillTill withwith theirtheir eieseyes theethee viewview vsus EmperoursEmperors.
wln 0281Zen.ZenocrateZen.TheThe GodsGods, defendersdefenders ofof thethe innocentinnocent,
wln 0282WillWill neuernever prosperprosper youryour intendedintended driftesdrifts,
wln 0283ThatThat thusthus oppresseoppress poorepoor friendlesfriendless passengerspassengers.

img: 8-a
sig: A7v


wln 0284ThereforeTherefore atat leastleast admitadmit vsus libertieliberty,
wln 0285EuenEven asas thouthou hop’sthop’sthopest toto bebe eternizedeternizedeternised,
wln 0286ByBy liuingliving AsiasAsia’s mightiemighty EmperourEmperor.
wln 0287Agid.AgydasAgid.II hopehope ourour LadiesLady’sladies’ treasuretreasure andand ourour owneown,
wln 0288MayMay serueserve forfor ransomeransom toto ourour libertiesliberties:
wln 0289ReturneReturn ourour MulesMules andand emptieempty CamelsCamels backeback,
wln 0290ThatThat wewe maymay traueiletravel intointo SiriaSyriaSiria,
wln 0291WhereWhere herher betrothedbetrothed LordLord AlcidamusAlcidamus,
wln 0292ExpectsExpects th’arriuallth’ arrivalth’arrival ofof herher highnessehighness’ personperson.
wln 0293Mag.MagnetesMag.AndAnd wheresoeuerwheresoever wewe reposerepose our seluesourselves,
wln 0294WeWe willwill reportreport butbut wellwell ofof TamburlaineTamburlaine.
wln 0295Tamb.TamburlaineTamb.DisdainesDisdains ZenocrateZenocrate toto liuelive withwith meme?
wln 0296OrOr youyou mymy LordesLords toto bebe mymy followersfollowers?
wln 0297ThinkeThink youyou II wayweighway thisthis treasuretreasure moremore thanthan youyou?
wln 0298NotNot allall thethe GoldGold inin IndiasIndia’s welthywealthy armesarms,
wln 0299ShallShall buybuy thethe meanestmeanest souldiersoldier inin mymy trainetrain.
wln 0300ZenocrateZenocrate, louelierlovelier thanthan thethe LoueLove ofof IoueJovejove,
wln 0301BrighterBrighter thanthan isis thethe siluersilver RhodolfeRhodolfe,
wln 0302FairerFairetFairer thanthan whitestwhitcstwhitest snowsnow onon ScythianScythian hilshills,
wln 0303ThyThy personperson isis moremore woorthworth toto TamburlaineTamburlaine,
wln 0304ThanThan thethe possessionpossession ofof thethe PerseanPersianpersian CrowneCrown.
wln 0305WhichWhich gratiousgracious starresstartesstarsstarts hauehave promistpromised atat mymy birthbirth,
wln 0306AA hundrethhundreth TartarsTartars shallshall attendattend onon theethee,
wln 0307MountedMountrfMounted onon SteedsSteeds, swifterswifter thanthan PegasusPegasus.
wln 0308ThyThy GarmentsGarments shallshall bebe mademade ofof MedeanMedean silkesilk,
wln 0309EnchastEnchased withwith preciousprecious iuellesjewels ofof minemine owneown:
wln 0310MoreMore richrich andand valurousvalorous thanthan ZenocratesZenocrate’s.
wln 0311WithWith milke=whitemilke-whitemilk-white HartesHearts vponupon anan Iuorieivory sledsled,
wln 0312ThouThou shaltshalt bebe drawendrawn amidstamidstamid thethe frosenfrozen PoolesPools,
wln 0313AndAnd scalescale thethe ysieicy mountainesmountain’smountains loftylofty topstops:
wln 0314WhichWhich withwith thythy beautiebeauty willwill bebe soonesoon resolu’dresolved.
wln 0315MyMy martiallmartial prisesprizes withwith fiuefive hundredhundred menmen,

img: 8-b
sig: A8r

the Scythian Shepheard.

wln 0316WunWon onon thethe fiftiefifty headedheaded VuolgasVolga’s waueswaves.
wln 0317ShallShall allall wewe offeroffer toto ZenocrateZenocrate,
wln 0318AndAnd thenthen my selfemyself toto fairefair ZenocrateZenocrate.
wln 0319Tech.TechellesTech.WhatWhat nownow? InIn louelove?
wln 0320Tam.TamburlaineTam.TechellesTechelles, womenwomen mustmust bebe flateredflaterrdflattered.
wln 0321ButBut thisthis isis sheshe withwith whomwhom II amam inin louelove.
wln 0322EnterEnter aa SouldierSoldier.
wln 0323Sould.SoldierNewesNews, newesnews.
wln 0324Tamb.TamburlaineTamb.HowHow nownow, what’swhat’s thethe mattermatter?
wln 0325Sould.SoldierAA thousandthousand PerseanPersianpersian horsmenhorsemen areare atat handhand,
wln 0326SentSent fromfrom thethe KingKing toto ouercomeovercome vsus allall.
wln 0327Tam.TamburlaineTam.HowHow nownow mymy LordsLords ofof EgyptEgypt &and ZenocrateZenocrate?
wln 0328NowNow mustmust youryour iewelsjewels bebe restor’drestored againeagain:
wln 0329AndAnd II thatthat triumphttriumphed soso bebe ouercomeovercome.
wln 0330HowHow saysay youyou LordingsLordings, IsIs notnot thisthis youryour hopehope?
wln 0331Agid.AgydasAgid.WeWe hopehope your selfeyourself wilwill willinglywillingly restorerestore thēthēthem.
wln 0332Tamb.TamburlaineTamb.SuchSuch hopehope, suchsuch fortunefortune hauehave thethe thousandthousand (horsehorse.
wln 0333SoftSoft yeye mymy LordsLords andand sweetsweet ZenocrateZenocrate.
wln 0334YouYou mustmust bebe forcedforced fromfrom meme ereere youyou goego:
wln 0335AA thousandthousand horsmenhorsemen??: WeWe fiuefive hundredhundred footefoot?
wln 0336AnAn odsodds tootoo greatgreat, forfor vsus toto standstand againstagainst:
wln 0337ButBut areare theythey richrich??: AndAnd isis theirtheir armourarmorarmour goodgood?
wln 0338Sould.SoldierTheirTheir plumedplumed helmeshelms areare wroughtwrought withwith
wln 0339 (beatenbeaten goldegold.
wln 0340TheirTheir swordsswords enameldenamelled, andand aboutabout theirtheir neckesnecks
wln 0341HangsHangs massiemassy chaineschains ofof goldegold downedown toto thethe wastewaistwaste,
wln 0342InIn eueryevery partpart exceedingexceeding brauebrave andand richrich.
wln 0343Tam.TamburlaineTam.ThenThen shallshall wewe fightfight couragiouslycourageously withwith themthem.
wln 0344OrOr lookelook youyou, II shouldshould playplay thethe OratorOrator?
wln 0345Tech.TechellesTech.NoNo: cowardscowards andand faintheartedfaint-hearted runawaiesrunaways,
wln 0346LookeLook forfor orationsorations whenwhen thethe foefoe isis neerenear.
wln 0347OurOur swordesswords shallshall playplay thethe OratorsOrators forfor vsus.
Vsum. Come

img: 9-a
sig: A8v


wln 0348Vsum.UsumcasaneVsum.ComeCome letlet vsus meetmeet themthem atat thethe mountainmountain footfoot,
wln 0349AndAnd withwith aa sodainesudden andand anan hothot alarmealarm
wln 0350DriueDrive allall theirtheir horseshorses headlongheadlong downdown thethe hillhill.
wln 0351Tech.TechellesTech.ComeCome letlet vsus martchmarch.
wln 0352Tam.TamburlaineTam.StayStay TechellesTechelles, askeask aa parleeparley firstfirst,
wln 0353TheThe SouldiersSoldiers enterenter.
wln 0354OpenOpen thethe MalesMailsMales, yetyet guardguard thethe treasuretreasure suresure,
wln 0355LayLay outout ourour goldengolden wedgeswedges toto thethe viewview,
wln 0356ThatThat theirtheir reflexionsreflections maymay amazeamaze thethe PerseansPersians.
wln 0357AndAnd lookelook wewe friendlyfriendly onon themthem whenwhen theythey comecome:
wln 0358ButBut ifif theythey offeroffer wordword oror violenceviolence,
wln 0359WeeleWe’llwe’ll fightfight fiuefive hundredhundred menmen atat armesarms toto oneone,
wln 0360BeforeBefore wewe partpart withwith ourour possessionpossession.
wln 0361AndAnd gainst’gainst thethe GenerallGeneral wewe willwill liftlift ourour swordsswords.
wln 0362AndAnd eithereither lanchlancelaunch hishis greedygreedy thirstingthirsting throatthroat,
wln 0363OrOr taketake himhim prisonerprisoner, andand hishis chainechain shallshall serueserve
wln 0364ForFor ManacklesManacles, tilltill hehe bebe ransom’dransomed homehome.
wln 0365Tech,TechellesTech,II hearehear themthem comecome, shalshall wewe encounterencounter themthem?
wln 0366Tam.TamburlaineTam.KeepKeep allall youryour standingsstandings, andand notnot stirstir aa footefoot,
wln 0367My selfeMyselfmyself willwill bidebide thethe dangerdanger ofof thethe bruntbrunt.

wln 0368EnterEnter TheridamasTheridamas withwith othersothers.

wln 0369Ther.TheridamasTher.WhereWhere isis thisthis ScythianScythian TamberlaineTamburlaine?
wln 0370Tam.TamburlaineTam.WhōWhōWhom seekstseek’stseekst thouthou PerseanPersianpersian? II amam TaburlainTamburlaine.
wln 0371Ther.TheridamasTher.TamburlaineTamburlaine? AA ScythianScythian ShepheardShepherd,
wln 0372 (soso imbellishedembellished
wln 0373WithWith NaturesNature’s pridepride, andand richestrichest furniturefurniture,
wln 0374HisHis lookslooks dodo menacemenace heauenheaven andand daredare thethe GodsGods,
wln 0375HisHis fieriefiery eieseyes areare fixtfixed vponupon thethe earthearth.
wln 0376AsAs ifif hehe nownow deuis’ddevised somesome StratagemeStratagem:
wln 0377OrOr meantmeant toto piercepierce AuernasAvernus’ darksomedarksome vaultsvaults.

img: 9-b
sig: B1r

the Scythian Shepheard.

wln 0378ToTo pullpull thethe tripletriple headedheaded dogdog fromfrom hellhell.
wln 0379tamb.tamburlainetamb.NobleNoble andand mildemild thisthis PerseanPersianpersian seemesseems toto bebe,
wln 0380IfIf outwardoutward habithabit iudgejudge thethe inwardinward manman,
wln 0381tech.techellestech.HisHis deepdeep affectionsaffections makemake himhim passionatepassionate.
wln 0382tamb.tamburlainetamb.WithWith whatwhat aa maiestymajesty hehe rearsrears hishis lookslooks:
wln 0383InIn theethee (thouthou valiantvaliant manman ofof PerseaPersia)
wln 0384II seesee thethe follyfolly ofof thythy EmperourEmperor:
wln 0385ArtArt thouthou butbut CaptaineCaptain ofof aa thousandthousand horsehorse,
wln 0386ThatThat byvybyvy CharactersCharacters grauengraven inin thythy browesbrows,
wln 0387AndAnd byby thythy martiallmartial faceface andand stoutstout aspectaspect,
wln 0388Deseru’stDeserv’stDeservest toto hauehave thethe leadingleading ofof anan hostehost?
wln 0389ForsakeForsake thythy kingking andand dodo butbut ioinejoin withwith meme
wln 0390AndAnd wewe willwill triumphtriumph ouerover allall thethe worldworld.
wln 0391II holdhold thethe FatesFates boundbound fastfast inin yroniron chaineschains,
wln 0392AndAnd withwith mymy handhand turneturn FortunesFortune’s wheelwheel aboutabout,
wln 0393AndAnd soonersooner shallshall thethe SunSun fallfall fromfrom hishis SpheareSphere,
wln 0394ThanThan TamburlaineTamburlaine bebe slaineslain oror ouercomeovercome.
wln 0395DrawDraw foorthforth thythy swordsword, thouthou mightymighty manman atat ArmesArms,
wln 0396IntendingIntending butbut toto raseraze mymy charmedcharmed skinskin:
wln 0397AndAnd IoueJovejove himselfehimself willwill stretchstretch hishis handhand fromfrom heauenheaven.
wln 0398ToTo wardward thethe blowblow, andand shieldshield meme safesafe fromfrom harmeharm,
wln 0399SeeSee howhow hehe rainesrains downdown heapsheaps ofof goldgold inin showersshowers.
wln 0400AsAs ifif hehe meantmeant toto giuegive mymy SouldiersSoldiers paypay,
wln 0401AndAnd asas aa suresure andand groundedgrounded argumentargument,
wln 0402ThatThat II shallshall bebe thethe MonarkMonarch ofof thethe EastEast.
wln 0403HeHe sendssends thisthis SouldansSculdansSouldan’sSculdans daughterdaughter richrich andand brauebrave,
wln 0404ToTo bebe mymy QueenQueen andand portlyportly EmperesseEmpress,
wln 0405IfIf thouthou wiltwilt staystay withwith meme, renowmedrenowned manman,
wln 0406AndAnd leadlead thythy thousandthousand horsehorse withwith mymy conductconduct,
wln 0407BesidesBesides thythy shareshare ofof thisthis EgyptianEgyptian priseprize,
wln 0408ThoseThose thousandthousand horsehorse shallshall sweatsweat withwith martiallmartial spoilespoil
wln 0409OfOf conqueredconquered kingdomeskingdoms, andand ofof CitiesCities sacktsacked,

img: 10-a
sig: B1v


wln 0410BothBoth wewe wilwill walkewalk vponupon thethe loftylofty cliftscliffs,
wln 0411AndAnd ChristianChristian MerchantsMerchants thatthat withwith RussianRussian stemsstems
wln 0412PlowPlowBlow vpup hugehuge furrowesfurrows inin thethe CaspianCaspian seasea.
wln 0413ShallShall vailevailveil toto vsus, asas LordsLords ofof allall thethe LakeLake.
wln 0414BothBoth wewe willwill raignereign asas ConsulsConsuls ofof thethe earthearth,
wln 0415AndAnd mightiemighty kingskings shallshall bebe ourour SenatorsSenators,
wln 0416IoueJovejove sometimesometime maskedmasked inin aa ShepheardsShepherd’s weedweed,
wln 0417AndAnd byby thosethose stepssteps thatthat hehe hathhath scal’dscaled thethe heauensheavens,
wln 0418MayMay wewe becomebecome immortallimmortal likelike thethe GodsGods.
wln 0419Ioinejoin withwith meme nownow inin thisthis mymy meanemean estateestate,
wln 0420(II calcall itit meanemean, becausebecause beingbeing yetyet obscureobscure,
wln 0421TheThe NationsNations farfar remoou’dremoved admyreadmire meme notnot)
wln 0422AndAnd whenwhen mymy namename andand honorhonorhonour shallshall bebe spreadspread,
wln 0423AsAs farfar asas BoreasBoreas clapsclaps hishis brazenbrazen wingswings,
wln 0424OrOr fairefair BotëesBotëesBoötes sendssends hishis cheerefullcheerful lightlight.
wln 0425ThenThen shaltshalt thouthou bebe CompetitorCompetitor withwith meme,
wln 0426AndAnd sitsit withwith TamburlaineTambulaineTamburlaine. inin allall hishis maiestiemajesty.
wln 0427Ther.TheridamasTher.NotNot HermesHermes ProlocutorProlocutor toto thethe GodsGods,
wln 0428CouldCould vseuse perswasionspersuasions moremore patheticallpathetical.
wln 0429Tam.TamburlaineTam.NorNor areare ApollosApollo’s OraclesOracles moremore truetrue,
wln 0430ThenThan thouthou shaltshalt findfind mymy vauntsvaunts substantiallsubstantial.
wln 0431Tec.TechellesTec.WeWe areare hishis friendsfriends, andand ifif thethe PerseanPersianpersian kingking
wln 0432ShouldShould offeroffer presentpresent DukedomesDukeDukedomsDukedomesdomes toto ourour statestate,
wln 0433WeWe thinkethink itit losseloss toto makemake exchangeexchange forfor thatthat,
wln 0434WeWe areare assuredassured ofof byby ourour friendsfriend’s successesuccess.
wln 0435Vsum.UsumcasaneVsum.AndAnd kingdomeskingdoms atat thethe leastleast wewe allall expectexpect.
wln 0436BefidesBesides thethe honorhonorhonour inin assuredassured conquestesconquests:
wln 0437WhereWhere kingskings shallshall crouchcrouch vntounto ourour conqueringconquering swordsswords,
wln 0438AndAnd hosteshosts ofof souldierssoldiers standstand amaz’damazed atat vsus,
wln 0439WhenWhen withwith theirtheir fearfullfearful tonguestongues theythey shallshall confessecenfesseconfess
wln 0440TheiseThese areare thethe menmen thatthat allall thethe worldworld admiresadmires,
wln 0441Ther.TheridamasTher.WhatWhat strongestrong enchantmentsenchantments ticetice’tice mymy yeeldingyielding (soulesoul

img: 10-b
sig: B2r

the Scythian Shepheard.

wln 0442AreAre thesethese resoluedresolved noblenoble ScythiansScythians?
wln 0443ButBut shallshall II prooueprove aa TraitorTraitor toto mymy KingKing?
wln 0444Tam.TamburlaineTam.NoNo, butbut thethe trustietrusty friendfriend ofof TamburlaineTamburlaine.
wln 0445Ther.TheridamasTher.WonWon withwith thythy wordswords, &and conqueredconquered withwith thythy (lookslooks,
wln 0446II yeeldyield my selfemyself, mymy menmen &and horsehorse toto theethee:
wln 0447ToTo bebe partakerpartaker ofof thythy goodgood oror illill,
wln 0448AsAs longlong asas lifelife maintainesmaintains TheridamasTheridamas.
wln 0449Tam.TamburlaineTam.TheridamasTheridamas mymy friendfriend, taketake herehere mymy handhand.
wln 0450WhichWhich isis asas muchmuch asas ifif II sworeswore byby heauenheaven,
wln 0451AndAnd call’dcalled thethe GodsGods toto witnessewitness ofof mymy vowvow,
wln 0452ThusThus shallshall mymy heartheart bebe stillstill combindecombined withwith thinethine,
wln 0453UntillVntillUntil ourour bodiesbodies turneturn toto ElementsElements:
wln 0454AndAnd bothboth ourour soulessouls aspireaspire celestiallcelestial thronesthrones.
wln 0455TechellesTechelles, andand CasaneCasane, welcomewelcome himhim.
wln 0456Tech.TechellesTech.WelcomeWelcome renowmedrenowned PerseanPersianpersian toto vsus allall.
wln 0457Cas.UsumcasaneCas.LongLong maymay theridamastheridamas remaineremain withwith vsus.
wln 0458Tam.TamburlaineTam.TheseThese areare mymy friendsfriends inin whōwhōwhom II moremore reioicerejoice,
wln 0459ThanThan doothdoth thethe KingKing ofof PerseaPersia inin hishis CrowneCrown:
wln 0460AndAnd byby thethe louelove ofof PylladesPylades andand OrestesOrestes,
wln 0461WhoseWhose statutesstatutes wewe adoreadore inin ScythiaScythia,
wln 0462Thy selfeThyselfthyself andand themthem shallshall neuernever partpart fromfrom meme,
wln 0463BeforeBefore II crownecrown youyou kingskings inin AsiaAsia.
wln 0464MakeMake muchmuch ofof themthem gentlegentle TheridamasTheridamas,
wln 0465AndAnd theythey willwill neuernever leaueleave theethee tilltill thethe deathdeath.
wln 0466ther.theridamasther.NorNor theethee, nornor themthem, thricethrice noblenoble TamburlainTambutlainTamburlaine
wln 0467ShalShall wantwant mymy heartheart toto bebe withwith gladnesgladness pierc’dpierced
wln 0468ToTo dodo youyou honorhonorhonour andand securitiesecurity.
wln 0469Tam.TamburlaineTam.AA thousandthousand thankesthanks worthyworthy theridamastheridamas:
wln 0470AndAnd nownow fairefair MadamMadam, andand mymy noblenoble LordsLords,
wln 0471IfIf youyou willwill willinglywillingly remaineremain withwith meme,
wln 0472YouYou shallshall hauehave honorsherorshonorsherors, asas youryour meritsmerits bebe:
wln 0473OrOr elselse youyou shallshall bebe forc’dforced wtthwithw●●hwith slauerieslavery.
Agid. We

img: 11-a
sig: B2v

The Conquests of Tamburlaine.

wln 0474Agid.AgydasAgid.WeWe yeeldyield vntounto theethee happiehappy TamburlaineTamburlaine
wln 0475tamb.tamburlainetamb.ForFor youyou thenthen MaddamMadam, II amam outout ofof doubtdoubt
wln 0476Zeno.ZenocrateZeno.II mustmust bebe pleasdepleased perforceperforce, wretchedwretched
wln 0477 (ZenocrateZenocrate.ExeuntExeunt.

wln 0478ActusActus. 22.22... ScœnaScaenaScaena. 11.11...

wln 0479CosroeCosroe, MenaphonMenaphon, OrtygiusOrtygius, CeneusCeneus, withwith
wln 0480otherother SouldiersSoldiers.

wln 0481CosroeCosroe.
wln 0482THusTHus farrefar areare wewe towardstowards TheridamasTheridamas,
wln 0483AndAnd valiantvaliant TamburlaineTamburlaine, thethe manman ofof famefame,
wln 0484TheThe manman thatthat inin thethe forheadforehead ofof hishis fortunefortune,
wln 0485BearesBears figuresfigures ofof renownerenown andand myraclemiracle:
wln 0486ButBut telltell meme, thatthat hasthast seeneseen himhim, MenaphonMenaphon,
wln 0487WhatWhat staturestature wieldswields hehe, andand whatwhat personagepersonage??:
wln 0488Mena.MenaphonMena.OfOf staturestature talltall, andand straightlystraightlystraight fashionedfashioned,
wln 0489LikeLike hishis desiredesire, liftlift vpwardsupwardsonwards andand diuinedivine,
wln 0490SaSoSa largelarge ofof limslimbs, hishis iointsjoints soso stronglystrongly knitknit,
wln 0491SuchSuch breadthbreadth ofof shouldersshoulders asas mightmight mainelymainly bearebear
wln 0492OldeOld AtlasAtlas’ burthenburden, twixt’twixttwixt hishis manlymanly pitchpitch,
wln 0493AA pearlepearl moremore worthworth, thenthan allall thethe worldworld isis plasteplaced:
wln 0494WhereinWherein byby curiouscurious soueraintiesovereignty ofof ArtArt,
wln 0495AreAre fixtfirtfixed hishis piercingpiercing instrumentsinstruments ofof sightsight:
wln 0496WhoseWhose fieryfiery cyrclescircles bearebear encompassedencompassed
wln 0497AA heauenheaven ofof heauenlyheavenly bodiesbodies inin theirtheir SphearesSpheres:
wln 0498ThatThat guidesguides hishis stepssteps andand actionsactions toto thethe thronethrone.
wln 0499WhereWhere honorhonorhonour sitssits inuestedinvested royallyroyally:
wln 0500PalePale ofof complexioncomplexion: wroughtwrought inin himhim withwith passionpassion,
wln 0501ThrirstingThirstingThirsting withwith soueraintysovereignty withwith louelove ofof armesarms,
wln 0502HisHis loftylofty browesbrows inin foldesfolds, dodo figurefigure deathdeath,

img: 11-b
sig: B3r

the Scythian [◇]

wln 0503AndAnd inin theirtheir smoothnessesmoothness, amitieamity andand lifelife:
wln 0504AboutAbout themthem hangshangs aa knotknot ofof AmberAmber heirehairheir.
wln 0505WrappedWrapped inin curlescurls, asas fiercefierce AchillesAchilles waswas,
wln 0506OnOn whichwhich thethe breathbreath ofof heauenheaven delightsdelights toto playplay,
wln 0507MakingMaking itit dauncedance withwith wantonwanton maiestiemajesty:
wln 0508HisHis armesarms andand fingerssingersfingerssingers longlong andand snowysnowy,
wln 0509BetokeningBetokening valourvalorvalour andand excesseexcess ofof strengthstrength:
wln 0510InIn eueryevery partpart proportionedproportioned likelike thethe manman,
wln 0511ShouldShould makemake thethe worldworld subduedsubdued toto TamburlaineTamburlaine.
wln 0512CosCosroeCosWelWell hasthast thouthou pourtraidportrayed inin thythy tearmsterms ofof lifelife,
wln 0513TheThe faceface andand personagepersonage ofof aa woondrouswondrous manman:
wln 0514NatureNature dothdoth striuestrive withwith FortuneFortune andand hishis starsstars,
wln 0515ToTo makemake himhim famousfamous inin accomplishtaccomplished woorthworth:
wln 0516AndAnd wellwell hishis meritsmerits showshow himhim toto bebe mademade:
wln 0517HisHis FortunesFortune’s maisterm●istermaster, andand thethe kingking ofof menmen.
wln 0518ThatThat couldcould perswadepersuade atat suchsuch aa sodainesudden pinchpinch,
wln 0519WithWith reasonsreasons ofof hishis valourvalorvalour andand hishis lifelife,
wln 0520AA thousandthousand swornesworn andand ouermatchingovermatching foesfoes:
wln 0521ThenThen whenwhen ourour powerspowers inin pointspoints ofof swordsswords areare ioin’djoined
wln 0522AndAnd closdeclosed inin compassecompass ofof thethe killingkilling bulletbullet,
wln 0523ThoughThough straightstraight thethe passagepassage andand thethe portport bebe mademade,
wln 0524ThatThat leadsleads toto PallacePalace ofof mymy brothersbrother’s lifelife,
wln 0525ProudProud isis hishis fortunefortune ifif wewe piercepierce itit notnot.
wln 0526AndAnd whenwhen thethe princelyprincely PerseanPersianpersian DiademDiadem,
wln 0527ShallShall ouerwayoverweighoverway hishis wearieweary witlessewitless headhead,
wln 0528AndAnd fallfall likelike mellowedmellowed fruitfruit, withwith shakesshakes ofof deathdeath,
wln 0529InIn fairefair PerseaPersia noblenoble tamburlainetamburlaine
wln 0530ShallShall bebe mymy RegentRegent, andand remaineremain asas KingKing:
wln 0531Ort.OrtygiusOrt.InIn happyhappy howerhour wewe hauehave setset thethe CrowneCrown
wln 0532UponVponUpon youryour kinglykingly headhead, thatthat seeksseeks ourour honorhonorhonour,
wln 0533InIn ioyningjoining withwith thethe manman, ordain’dordained byby heauenheaven
wln 0534ToTo furtherfurther eueryevery actionaction toto thethe bestbest.
Ce. He

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sig: B3v

The Conquests of Tamburlaine.

wln 0535Cen.CeneusCen.HeHe thatthat withwith ShepheardsShepherds andand aa litlelittle spoilespoil,
wln 0536DurstDurst inin disdainedisdain ofof wrongwrong andand tyrannietyranny,
wln 0537DefendDefend hishis freedomefreedom gainst’gainst aa MonarchieMonarchy.
wln 0538WhatWhat willwill hehe doedo supportedsupported byby aa kingking??:
wln 0539LeadingLeading aa troopetroop ofof GentlemenGentlemen andand LordsLords,
wln 0540AndAnd stuftstuffed withwith trasuretreasure forfor hishis highesthighest thoughtsthoughts,
wln 0541Cos.CosroeCos.AndAnd suchsuch shallshall waitwait onon worthyworthy TamburlaineTamburlaine.
wln 0542OurOur armyarmy willwill bebe fortyforty thousandthousand strongstrong,
wln 0543WhenWhen TamburlainTamburlaine andand brauebrave TheridamasTheridamas
wln 0544HaueHave metmet vsus byby thethe riuerriver ArarisAraris:
wln 0545AndAnd allall conioin’dconjoined toto meetmeet thethe witlessewitless KingKing.
wln 0546ThatThat nownow isis marchingmarching neernear toto ParthiaParthia.
wln 0547AndAnd withwith vnwillingunwilling souldierssoldiers faintlyfaintly arm’darmed,
wln 0548ToTo seekeseek reuengerevenge onon meme andand TamburlaineTamburlaine.
wln 0549ToTo whomwhom sweetsweet MenaphonMenaphon, directdirect meme straightstraight.
wln 0550Mena.MenaphonMena.II willwill mymy LordLord.ExeuntExeunt.

wln 0551Act.Act. 22.22... ScænaScaenaScaena. 22,

wln 0552MycetesMycetes, MeanderMeander, withwith otherother LordsLords
wln 0553andand SouldiersSoldiers.

wln 0554MycetesMycetes.
wln 0555COmeCOme mymy MeanderMeander, letlet vsus toto thisthis geeregear,
wln 0556II teltell youyou truetrue mymy heartheart isis swolneswoll’nswollen withwith wrathwrath,
wln 0557OnOn thisthis samesame theeuishthievish villainevillain tamburlainetamburlaine.
wln 0558AndAnd ofof thatthat falsefalse CosroeCosroe, mymy traiteroustraitorous brotherbrothetbrother
wln 0559WouldWould itit notnot grieuegrieve aa KingKing toto bebe soso abusdeabused.
wln 0560AndAnd hauehave aa thousandthousand horsmenhorsemen taneta’en awayaway?
wln 0561AndAnd whichwhich isis worstworst toto hauehave hishis DiademDiadem
wln 0562SoughtSought forfor byby suchsuch scaldescald knauesknaucsknaves asas louelove himhim notnetnotnet??.
wln 0563II thinkethink itit wouldwould: welwell thenthen, byby heauensheavens II sweareswear,
wln 0564AuroraAurora shallshall notnot peepepeep outout ofof herher dooresdoors,

img: 12-b
sig: B4r

the Scythian Shepheard.

wln 0565ButBut II willwill hauehave CosroeCosroe byby thethe headhead,
wln 0566AndAnd killkill proudproud TamburlaineTamburlaine withwith pointpoint ofof swordsword.
wln 0567TellTell youyou thethe restrest (MeanderMeander) II hauehave saidsaid.
wln 0568Mean.MeanderMean.ThenThen hauinghaving pastpassed ArmenianArmenian desartsdeserts nownow,
wln 0569AndAnd pitchpitch ourour tentstents vnderunder thethe GeorgeanGeorgiangeorgian hilleshills.
wln 0570WhoseWhose topstops areare coueredcovered withwith TartarianTartarian thieuesthieves,
wln 0571ThatThat lielie inin ambushambush,