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ln 0001GallatheaGallatheaGalathea.

ln 0002AsAs itit waswas playdeplayed beforebefore
ln 0003thethe QueenesQueen’squeen’s MaiestieMajesty atat
ln 0004Greene-wicheGreenwichGreen-which, onon NewyeeresNew year’sNewyear’s
ln 0005dayday atat NightNight.

ln 0006ByBy thethe ChyldrenChildren ofof
ln 0007PaulesPaul’s.

ln 0009PrintedPrinted byby IohnJohnjohn Charl-CharlwoodeCharl∣woodeCharlewoodCharlwoode
ln 0010woode
ln 0010forfor thethe VVid-VViddowVVid∣dowWidow
ln 0011dow
ln 0011BroomeBroome.
ln 001215921592.

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wln 0001TheThe ProloguePrologue.

wln 0002IOSIOSIos andand SmyrnaSmyrna werewere twotwo
wln 0003sweetesweet CyttiesCitiescities, thethe firstfirst namednamed
wln 0004ofof thethe VioletViolet, thethe latterlatter ofof thethe
wln 0005MyrrhMyrrh: HomerHomer waswas borneborn
wln 0006inin thethe oneone, andand buriedburied inin thethe
wln 0007otherother; YourYour MaiestiesMajesty’s iudgementjudgement andand fauourfavorfavour,
wln 0008areare ourour SunneSun andand shadoweshadow, thethe oneone commingcoming
wln 0009ofof youryour deepedeep wisedomewisdom, thethe otherother ofof youryour won-wontedwon∣tedwonted
wln 0010ted
wln 0010gracegrace. VVeeWewe inin allall humilitiehumility desiredesire, thatthat byby
wln 0011thethe formerformer, receiuingreceiving ourour firstfirst breathbreath, wewe maymay
wln 0012inin thethe latterlatter, taketake ourour lastlast restrest.
wln 0013AugustusAugustus CæsarCaesarCaesar hadhad suchsuch pearcingpiercing eyeseyes,
wln 0014thatthat whowho soso lookedlooked onon himhim, waswas constrainedconstrained toto
wln 0015winckewink. YourYour highnessehighness hathhath soso perfitperfect aa iudge-iudgementiudge∣mentjudgement
wln 0016ment,
wln 0016thatthat what soeuerwhatsoever wewe offeroffer, wewe areare enfor-enforcedenfor∣cedenforced
wln 0017ced
wln 0017toto blushblush; yetyet asas thethe AtheniansAthenians werewere mostmost
wln 0018curiouscurious, thatthat thethe LawneLawn wherewithwherewith MineruaMinerva
wln 0019waswas coueredcovered, shouldshould bebe withoutwithout spottespot oror wrin-wrinklewrin∣kle

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The Prologue.

wln 0020klewrinkle, SoSo hauehave wewe endeuouredendeavoredendeavoured withwith allall carecare, thatthat
wln 0021whatwhat weewe presentpresent youryour HighnesseHighness, shouldeshould ney-neytherney∣therneither
wln 0022ther
wln 0022offendoffend inin ScæneScaeneScene nornor sillablesyllable, knowingknowing thatthat
wln 0023asas inin thethe groundground wherewhere GoldGold growethgroweth, nothingnothing
wln 0024willwill prosperprosper butbut GoldeGold, soso inin youryour MaiestesMajestesMajesty’sMajestes
wln 0025mindemind, wherewhere nothingnothing dothdoth harborharborharbour butbut vertuevirtue,
wln 0026nothingnothing cancan enterenter butbut vertuevirtue.


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wln 0028ActusActus primusprimus. ScænaScaenaScaena primaprima.

wln 0029TyterusTityrusTyterus. GallatheaGallathea.

wln 0030TyterusTityrusTyterus.THETHE SunneSun doothdoth beatebeat
wln 0031vpponupon thethe playneplain fieldesfields,
wln 0032whereforewherefore letlet vsus sitsit downedown
wln 0033GallatheaGallatheaGalathea, vnderunder thisthis fairefair
wln 0034OakeOak, byby whosewhose broadebroad
wln 0035leauesleaves, beeingbeing defendeddefended
wln 0036fromfrom thethe warmewarm beamesbeams, wewe maymay enioyenjoy thethe freshfresh ayreair,
wln 0037whichwhich softlysoftly breathesbreathes fromfrom HumberHumber floodesfloods.
wln 0038Galla.GallatheaGalla.FatherFather, youyou hauehave deuiseddevised wellwell, andand whilstwhilst ourour
wln 0039flockeflock dothdoth roameroam vpup andand downedown thysthis pleasantpleasant greenegreen,
wln 0040youyou shallshall recountrecount toto meeme, ifif itit pleaseplease youyou, forfor whatwhat causecause
wln 0041thysthis TreeTree waswas dedicateddedicated vntounto NeptuneNeptune, andand whywhy youyou
wln 0042hauehave thusthus disguiseddisguised meme.
wln 0043TyterusTityrusTyterusII doedo agreeagree theretothereto, andand whenwhen thythy statestate andand
wln 0044mymy carecare bebe consideredconsidered, thouthou shaltshalt knoweknow thysthis questionquestion
wln 0045waswas notnot askedasked inin vainevain.
wln 0046GallatheaGallatheaII willinglywillingly attendattend.
wln 0047TyterusTityrusTyterusInIn tymestimes pastpast, wherewhere thouthou seestseest aa heapeheap
wln 0048ofof smallsmall pyblepebble, stoodestood aa statelystately TempleTemple ofof whitewhite Mar-MarbleMar∣bleMarble
wln 0049ble,
wln 0049whichwhich waswas dedicateddedicated toto thethe GodGod ofof thethe SeaSea, (andand inin
wln 0050rightright beeingbeing soso neerenear thethe SeaSea) hetherhither camecame allall suchsuch asas

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wln 0051eythereither venturedventured byby longlong trauelltravel toto seesee CountriesCountries, oror byby
wln 0052greatgreat traffiquetraffic toto vseuse merchandisemerchandise, offeringoffering SacrificeSacrifice byby
wln 0053firefire, toto getteget safetysafety byby waterwater; yeeldingyielding thanksthanks forfor per-perrilsper∣rilsperils
wln 0054rils
wln 0054pastpast, &and makingmaking prayersprayers forfor goodgood successesuccess toto comecome;
wln 0055butbut FortuneFortune, constantconstant inin nothingnothing butbut inconstancieinconstancy, diddid
wln 0056changechange herher copiecopy, asas thethe peoplepeople theirtheir customecustom, forfor thethe
wln 0057LandLand beingbeing oppressedoppressed byby DanesDanes, whowho in steedinstead ofof sacri-sacrificesacri∣ficesacrifice
wln 0058fice,
wln 0058committedcommitted sacrilidgesacrilege, in steedeinsteadin steed ofof religionreligion, rebelli-rebellionrebelli∣onrebellion
wln 0059on,
wln 0059andand mademade aa prayprey ofof thatthat inin whichwhich theythey shouldshould hauehave
wln 0060mademade theyrtheir prayersprayers, tearingtearing downedown thethe TempleTemple eueneven
wln 0061withwith thethe earthearth, beingbeing almostalmost equallequal withwith thethe skyesskies, en-enrageden∣ragedenraged
wln 0062raged
wln 0062soso thethe GodGod whowho bindesbinds thethe windeswinds inin thethe hol-holloweshol∣loweshollows
wln 0063lowes
wln 0063ofof thethe earthearth, thatthat hehe causedcaused thethe SeasSeas toto breakebreak
wln 0064theirtheir boundsbounds, sithsith menmen hadhad brokebroke theirtheir vowesvows, andand toto
wln 0065swellswell asas farrefar aboueabove theyrtheir reachreach, asas menmen hadhad swaruedswerved
wln 0066beyondbeyond theyrtheir reasonreason: thenthen mightmight youyou seesee shippesships saylesail
wln 0067wherewhere sheepesheep feddefed, ankersanchors castcast wherewhere ploughesplowsploughs goego,
wln 0068fishermenfishermen throwthrow theyrtheir netsnets, wherewhere husbandmenhusbandmen sowesow
wln 0069theyrtheir CorneCorn, andand fishesfishes throwthrow theirtheir scalesscales wherewhere fowlesfowls
wln 0070doedo breedebreed theyrtheir quilsquills: thenthen mightmight youyou gathergather frothfroth
wln 0071wherewhere nowenow isis dewedew, rottenrotten weedesweeds forfor sweetesweet rosesroses, &and
wln 0072taketake vieweview ofof monstrousmonstrous MaremaidesMermaidsmermaids, insteedinstead ofof pas-passingpas∣singpassing
wln 0073sing
wln 0073fairefair MaydesMaids.
wln 0074Galla.GallatheaGalla.ToTo hearehear thesethese sweetesweet maruailesmarvels, II wouldwould
wln 0075minemine eyeseyes werewere turnedturned alsoalso intointo earesears.
wln 0076Tyte.TityrusTyte.ButBut atat thethe lastlast, ourour Country-menCountrymen repentingrepenting,
wln 0077andand notnot tootoo latelate, becausebecause atat lastlast, NeptuneNeptune eithereither wearieweary
wln 0078ofof hishis wrothwrath, oror wariewary toto doedo themthem wrongwrong, vponupon condi-conditioncondi∣tioncondition
wln 0079tion
wln 0079consentedconsented toto easeease theyrtheir miseriesmiseries.
wln 0080Galla.GallatheaGalla.WhatWhat conditioncondition willwill notnot miserablemiserable menmen ac-acceptac∣cept
wln 0081ceptaccept?
wln 0082Tyte.TityrusTyte.TheThe conditioncondition waswas thisthis, thatthat atat eueryevery fiuefive
wln 0083yeeresyears dayday, thethe fairestfairest andand chastestchastest virginevirgin inin allall thethe
wln 0084CountreyCountry, shouldshould bebe broughtbrought vntounto thisthis TreeTree, &and heerehere
wln 0085beeingbeing boundbound, (whomwhom neitherneither parentageparentage shallshall excuseexcuse

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sig: B2r


wln 0086forfor honourhonorhonour, nornor vertuevirtue forfor entegrityintegrity) isis leftleft forfor aa peacepeace
wln 0087offeringoffering vntounto NeptuneNeptune.
wln 0088Galla.GallatheaGalla.DeereDear isis thethe peacepeace thatthat isis boughtbought withwith guilt-guiltlesseguilt∣lesseguiltless
wln 0089lesse
wln 0089bloodblood.
wln 0090Tyte.TityrusTyte.II amam notnot ableable toto saysay thatthat, butbut heehe sendethsendeth aa
wln 0091MonsterMonster calledcalled thethe AgarAgar, againstagainst whosewhose commingcoming thethe
wln 0092waterswaters roreroar, thethe fowlesfowls fliefly awayaway, andand thethe CattellCattle inin thethe
wln 0093fieldfield forfor terrorterror, shunneshun thethe bankesbanks.
wln 0094Galla.GallatheaGalla.AndAnd sheshe boundbound toto endureendure thatthat horrorhorror?
wln 0095Tyte.TityrusTyte.AndAnd sheshe boundbound toto endureendure thatthat horrorhorror.
wln 0096Galla.GallatheaGalla.DothDoth thysthis MonsterMonster deuouredevour herher?
wln 0097Tyte.TityrusTyte.WhetherWhether sheshe bebe deuoureddevoured ofof himhim, oror conuei-conueiedconuei∣edconveyed
wln 0098ed
wln 0098toto NeptuneNeptune, oror drowneddrowned betweenbetween bothboth, itit isis notnot per-permittedper∣mittedpermitted
wln 0099mitted
wln 0099toto knoweknow, andand encurrethincurreth dangerdanger toto coniectureconjecture;
wln 0100NowNow GallatheaGallatheaGalathea heerehere endethendeth mymy taletale, &and beginnethbeginneth thythy
wln 0101tragedietragedy.
wln 0102Galla.GallatheaGalla.AlasAlas fatherfather, andand whywhy soso?
wln 0103Tyte.TityrusTyte.II wouldwould thouthou hadsthadst beenebeen lesseless fairefair, oror moremore
wln 0104fortunatefortunate, thenthen shouldestshouldst thouthou notnot repinerepine thatthat II hauehave
wln 0105disguiseddisguised theethee inin thisthis attyreattire, forfor thythy beautiebeauty willwill makemake
wln 0106theethee toto bebe thoughtthought worthyworthy ofof thisthis GodGod; toto auoideavoid thertherforether∣foretherefore
wln 0107fore
wln 0107destenydestiny (forfor wisedomewisdom rulethruleth thethe starsstars) II thinkethink itit
wln 0108betterbetter toto vseuse anan vnlawfullunlawful meanesmeans (youryour honourhonorhonour preser-preseruedpreser∣uedpreserved
wln 0109ued)
wln 0109thenthanthen intollerableintolerable greefegrief, bothboth lifelife andand honorhonorhonour ha-hazardedha∣zardedhazarded
wln 0110zarded,
wln 0110andand toto preuentprevent (ifif itit bebe possiblepossible) thythy constella-constellationconstella∣tionconstellation
wln 0111tion
wln 0111byby mymy craftcraft. NowNow hasthast thouthou heardheard thethe customecustom ofof
wln 0112thisthis CountreyCountry, thethe causecause whywhy thysthis TreeTree waswas dedicateddedicated
wln 0113vntounto NeptuneNeptune, andand thethe vexingvexing carecare ofof thythy fearefullfearful Fa-FatherFa∣therFather
wln 0114therFather.
wln 0115Galla.GallatheaGalla.FatherFather, II hauehave beenebeen attentiueattentive toto hearehear, andand
wln 0116byby youryour patiencepatience amam readyready toto aunsweranswer. DestenieDestiny maymay
wln 0117bebe deferreddeferred, notnot preuentedprevented::; andand thereforetherefore itit werewere bet-betterbet∣terbetter
wln 0118ter
wln 0118toto offeroffer my selfemyself inin tryumphtriumph, thenthan toto bebe drawnedrawn toto
wln 0119itit withwith dishonourdishonordishonour. HathHath naturenature (asas youyou saysay) mademade meeme
wln 0120soso fairefair aboueabove allall, andand shallshall notnot vertuevirtue makemake meeme asas fa-famousfa∣mousfamous

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sig: B2v


wln 0121mous
wln 0121asas othersothers? DoeDo youyou notnot knoweknow, (oror doothdoth ouer-ouercarefulnesouer∣carefulnesovercarefulness
wln 0122carefulnes
wln 0122makemake youyou forgetforget) thatthat anan honorablehonorablehonourable deathdeath isis
wln 0123toto bebe preferredpreferred beforebefore anan infamousinfamous lifelife. II amam butbut aa childchild,
wln 0124andand hauehave notnot liuedlived longlong, andand yetyet notnot soso childishchildish, asas II de-desirede∣siredesire
wln 0125sire
wln 0125toto liuelive euerever: vertuesvirtues II meanemean toto carrycarry toto mymy grauegrave,
wln 0126notnot graygraygrey haireshairs. II wouldewould II werewere asas suresure thatthat destinydestiny
wln 0127wouldwould lightlight onon meme, asas II amam resoluedresolved itit couldcould notnot fearefear
wln 0128meme. NatureNature hathhath givēgiuēgiven meme beautybeauty, VertueVirtue couragecourage, Na-NatureNa∣tureNature
wln 0129ture
wln 0129mustmust yeeldyield meeme deathdeath, VertueVirtue honorhonorhonour. SufferSuffer meeme
wln 0130thereforetherefore toto diedie, forfor whichwhich II waswas borneborn, oror letlet meme cursecurse
wln 0131thatthat II waswas borneborn, sithsith II maymay notnot diedie forfor itit.
wln 0132Tyte.TityrusTyte.AlasAlas GallatheaGallatheaGalathea, toto considerconsider thethe causescauses ofof
wln 0133changechange, thouthou artart tootoo youngyoung, andand thatthat II shouldshould findfind themthem
wln 0134outout forfor theethee, tootoo tootoo fortunatefortunate.
wln 0135Galla.GallatheaGalla.TheThe desteniedestiny toto meme cannotcannot bebe soso hardhard asas thethe
wln 0136disguisingdisguising hatefullhateful.
wln 0137Tyte.TityrusTyte.ToTo gainegain louelove, thethe GodsGods hauehave takentaken shapesshapes
wln 0138ofof beastesbeasts, andand toto sauesave lifelife artart thouthou coycoy toto taketake thethe at-attireat∣tireattire
wln 0139tire
wln 0139ofof menmen?
wln 0140Galla.GallatheaGalla.TheyThey werewere beastlybeastly godsgods, thatthat lustlust couldcould makemake
wln 0141themthem seemeseem asas beastesbeasts.
wln 0142Tyte.TityrusTyte.InIn healthhealth itit isis easieeasy toto counsellcounsel thethe sickesick, butbut
wln 0143it’sit’s hardhard forfor thethe sickesick toto followefollow wholesomewholesome counsailecounsel.
wln 0144WellWell letlet vsus departdepart, thethe dayday isis farrefar spentspent.ExeuntExeunt.

wln 0145ActusActus primusprimus. ScænaScaenaScaena secundasecunda.
wln 0146CupidCupid, NimphNymph ofof DianaDiana.
wln 0147CupidCupid.FaireFair NimpheNymph, areare youyou strayedstrayed fromfrom youryour
wln 0148companiecompany byby chauncechance, oror louelove youyou toto wanderwander solitarilysolitarily
wln 0149onon purposepurpose?
wln 0150NimphNymph.FaireFair boyboy, oror godgod, oror what euerwhatever youyou beebe, II
wln 0151wouldwould youyou knewknew thesethese woodswoods areare toto meme soso welwell knownknown,
wln 0152thatthat II cannotcannot straystray thoughthough II wouldwould, andand mymy mindemind soso
wln 0153freefree, thatthat toto bebe melancholymelancholy II hauehave nono causecause. ThereThere isis
wln 0154nonenone ofof DianaesDiana’s traynetrain thatthat anyany cancan trainetrain, eithereither outout

img: 5-b
sig: B3r


wln 0155ofof theirtheir waieway, oror outout ofof theirtheir witswits.
wln 0156CupidCupid.WhatWhat isis thatthat DianaDiana aa goddessegoddess? whatwhat herher
wln 0157NimphesNymph’s virginsvirgins? whatwhat herher pastimespastimes huntinghunting?
wln 0158NimphNymphAA goddessegoddess? whowho knowesknows itit notnot? VirginsVirgins?
wln 0159whowho thinkesthinks itit notnot? HuntingHunting? whowho louesloves itit notnot?
wln 0160CupidCupidII praypray theethee sweetesweet wenchwench, amongstamongst allall youryour
wln 0161sweetesweet troopetroop, isis therethere notnot oneone thatthat followethfolloweth thethe swee-sweetestswee∣testsweetest
wln 0162test
wln 0162thingthing. SweeteSweet louelove?
wln 0163NimphNymphLoueLove goodgood sirsir, whatwhat meanemean youyou byby itit? oror
wln 0164whatwhat doedo youyou callcall itit?
wln 0165CupidCupidAA heateheat fullfull ofof coldnessecoldness, aa sweetsweet fullfull ofof bit-bitternessebit∣ternessebitterness
wln 0166ternesse,
wln 0166aa painepain fulfull ofof pleasantnessepleasantness, whichwhich makethmaketh
wln 0167thoughtsthoughts hauehave eyeseyes, andand hartsheart’s earesears, bredbred byby desiredesire, nur-nursednur∣sednursed
wln 0168sed
wln 0168byby delightdelight, weanedweaned byby ielousiejealousy, kildkilled byby dissemblingdissembling,
wln 0169buriedburied byby ingratitudeingratitude, andand thisthis isis louelove, fayrefair LadyLady wilwill
wln 0170youyou anyany?
wln 0171NimphNymphIfIf itit bebe nothingnothing elselse, itit isis butbut aa foolishfoolish thingthing.
wln 0172CupidCupidTryTry, andand youyou shallshall findfind itit aa prettiepretty thingthing.
wln 0173NimphNymphII hauehave neitherneither willwill nornor leysureleisure, butbut II willwill fol-followefol∣lowefollow
wln 0174lowe
wln 0174DianaDiana inin thethe ChaceChase, whosewhose virginsvirgins areare allall chastchaste, de-delightingde∣lightingdelighting
wln 0175lighting
wln 0175inin thethe bowebow thatthat woundswounds thethe swiftswift HartHartHeart inin thethe
wln 0176ForrestForest, notnot fearingfearing thethe bowebow thatthat strikesstrikes thethe softesoft hartheart
wln 0177inin thethe ChamberChamber. ThisThis differencedifference isis betweenebetween mymy Mi-MistrisMi∣strisMistress
wln 0178stris
wln 0178DianaDiana, andand youryour MotherMother (asas II gesseguess) VenusVenus, thatthat
wln 0179allall herher NimphesNymphsnymphs areare amiableamiable andand wisewise inin theyrtheir kindekind,
wln 0180thethe otherother amorousamorous andand tootoo kindekind forfor theirtheir sexesex; andand soso
wln 0181farewellfarewell littlelittle godgod.ExitExit.
wln 0182CupidCupidDianaDiana, andand thouthou, andand allall thinethine, shallshall knoweknow
wln 0183thatthat CupidCupid isis aa greatgreat godgod, II willwill practisepracticepractise aa whilewhile inin
wln 0184thesethese woodeswoods, andand playplay suchsuch pranckespranks withwith thesethese
wln 0185NimphesNymphsnymphs, thatthat whilewhile theythey aymeaim toto hithit othersothers withwith theirtheir
wln 0186ArrowesArrows, theythey shallshall bebe woundedwounded themseluesthemselves withwith theirtheir
wln 0187owneown eyeseyes.ExitExit.


img: 6-a
sig: B3v


wln 0188ActusActus primusprimus. ScænaScaenaScaena tertiatertia.
wln 0189MelebeusMelebeus. PhillidaPhillida.
wln 0190Meleb.MelebeusMeleb.ComeCome PhillidaPhillida, fairefair PhillidaPhillida, andand II fearefear
wln 0191meme tootoo fairefair beingbeing mymy PhillidaPhillida, thouthou knowestknowest thethe cu-customecu∣stomecustom
wln 0192tome
wln 0192ofof thisthis CountreyCountry, &and II thethe greatnesgreatness ofof thythy beau-beautiebeau∣tiebeauty
wln 0193tie,
wln 0193wewe bothboth thethe fiercenessefierceness ofof thethe monstermonster AgarAgar. Eue-EuerieEue∣rieEveryoneEvery
wln 0194rie oneoneone
wln 0194thinkeththinketh hishis owneown childechild fairefair, butbut II knowknow thatthat
wln 0195whichwhich II mostmost desiredesire, andand wouldwould leastleast hauehave, thatthat thouthou artart
wln 0196fairestfairest. ThouThou shaltshalt thereforetherefore disguisedisguise thy selfethyself inin attireattire,
wln 0197leastlest II shouldshould disguisedisguise my selfemyself inin affectionaffection, inin sufferingsuffering
wln 0198theethee toto perrishperish byby aa fondfond desiredesire, whomwhom II maymay preseruepreserve
wln 0199byby aa suresure deceiptdeceit.
wln 0200Phil.PhillidaPhil.DeereDear fatherfather, NatureNature couldcould notnot makemake meeme soso
wln 0201fairefair asas sheshe hathhath mademade youyou kindekind, nornor youyou moremore kindekind
wln 0202thenthan meme dutifulldutiful. What soeuerWhatsoeverwhatsoever youyou commaundecommand II willwill
wln 0203notnot refuserefuse, becausebecause youyou commaundcommand nothingnothing butbut mymy sa-safetiesa∣fetiesafety
wln 0204fetie,
wln 0204andand youryour happinessehappiness. ButBut howehow shallshall II bebe disgui-disguiseddis∣guiseddisguised
wln 0205seddisguised?
wln 0206Mele.MelebeusMele.InIn mansman’s apparellapparel.
wln 0207Phil.PhillidaPhil.ItIt wilwill neitherneither becomebecome mymy bodiebody, nornor mymy mindemind.
wln 0208Mele.MelebeusMele.WhyWhy PhillidaPhillida?
wln 0209Philli.PhillidaPhilli.ForFor thenthen II mustmust keepekeep companiecompany withwith boyesboys,
wln 0210andand commitcommit folliesfollies vnseemelieunseemly forfor mymy sexesex, oror keepekeep
wln 0211companycompany withwith girlesgirls, andand bebe thoughtthought moremore wantonwanton
wln 0212thenthanthen becommethbecometh meme. BesidesBesides, II shallshall bebe ashamedashamed ofof mymy
wln 0213longlong hosehose andand shortshort coatecoat, andand soso vnwarelieunwarilyunwarely blabbeblab outout
wln 0214somethingsomething byby blushingblushing atat euery thingeverythingevery thing.
wln 0215Mele.MelebeusMele.FeareFear notnot PhillidaPhillida, vseuse willwill makemake itit easieeasy,
wln 0216fearefear mustmust makemake itit necessarienecessary.
wln 0217Philli.PhillidaPhilli.II agreeagree, sincesince mymy fatherfather willwill hauehave itit soso, andand
wln 0218fortunefortune mustmust.
wln 0219Mele.MelebeusMele.ComeCome letlet vsus inin, andand whenwhen thouthou artart disgui-disguiseddisgui∣seddisguised
wln 0220sed,
wln 0220roameroam aboutabout thesethese woodswoods tilltill thethe timetime bebe pastpast, andand
wln 0221NeptuneNeptune pleasedpleased.ExeuntExeunt.


img: 6-b
sig: B4r


wln 0222ActusActus primusprimus. ScænaScaenaScaena quartaquarta.
wln 0223MarinerMariner, RaffeRafeRaffe, RobinRobin, andand DickeDick.
wln 0224Rob.RobinRob.NowNow MarinerMariner, whatwhat callestcallest thouthou thisthis sportsport onon
wln 0225thethe SeaSea?
wln 0226Mar.MarinerMar.ItIt isis calledcalled aa wrackewrack.
wln 0227RaffeRafeRaffe.II taketake nono pleasurepleasure inin itit. OfOf allall deathesdeaths II woldwould
wln 0228notnot bebe drownddrowned, onesone’sones clothesclothes willwill bebe soso wetwet whenwhen heehe isis
wln 0229takentaken vpup.
wln 0230DickeDickWhatWhat calstcall’st thouthou thethe thingthing weewe werewere boundebound
wln 0231toto?
wln 0232Mar.MarinerMar.AA raughterrafter.
wln 0233RaffeRafeRaffe.II wyllwill ratherrather hanghang my selfemyself onon aa raughterrafter inin
wln 0234thethe househouse, thenthanthen bebe soso haledhaled inin thethe SeaSea, therethere oneone maymay
wln 0235hauehave aa leapeleap forfor hishis lyfelife; butbut II maruailemarvel howehow ourour Ma-MasterMa∣sterMaster
wln 0236ster
wln 0236speedesspeeds.
wln 0237DickeDickIleI’ll warrantwarrant byby thisthis timetime hehe isis wetshodwetshod. DydDid
wln 0238youyou euerever seesee waterwater bublebubble asas thethe SeaSea diddid? ButBut whatwhat shallshall
wln 0239wewe doedo?
wln 0240Mar.MarinerMar.YouYou areare nownow inin LyncolnshireLincolnshire, wherewhere youyou cancan
wln 0241wantwant nono foulefoul, ifif youyou cancan deuisedevise meanesmeans toto catchcatch themthem,
wln 0242therethere bebe woodswoods hardhard byby, andand atat eueryevery mylesmile’s endeend hou-houseshou∣seshouses
wln 0243ses:
wln 0243soso thatthat ifif youyou seekeseek onon thethe LandeLand, youyou shallshall speedespeed
wln 0244betterbetter thenthan onon thethe SeaSea.
wln 0245Rob.RobinRob.SeaSea, naynay II willwill neuernever sailesail moremore, II brookebrook notnot
wln 0246theirtheir dietdiet: theirtheir breadbread isis soso hardhard, thatthat oneone mustmust carriecarry aa
wln 0247whetstonewhetstone inin hishis mouthmouth toto grindegrind hishis teethteeth: thethe meatemeat
wln 0248soso saltsalt, thatthat oneone wouldewould thinkethink afterafter dinnerdinner hishis tonguetongue
wln 0249hadhad beenebeen powdredpowdered tenten daiesdays.
wln 0250RaffeRafeRaffeOO thouthou hasthast aa sweetsweet lifelife MarinerMariner toto bebe pindepinned
wln 0251inin aa fewfew boordesboards, andand toto bebe withinwithin anan incheinch ofof aa thingthing
wln 0252bottomlessebottomless. II praypray theethee howehow oftenoften hasthast thouthou beenebeen
wln 0253drowneddrowned?
wln 0254Mar.MarinerMar.FooleFool thouthou seestseest II amam yetyet aliuealive.
wln 0255Rob.RobinRob.WhyWhy bebe theythey deadedead thatthat bebe drownddrowned, II hadhad

img: 7-a
sig: B4v


wln 0256thoughtthought theythey hadhad beenebeen withwith thethe fishfish, andand soso byby chancechance
wln 0257beenebeen caughtcaught vpup withwith themthem inin aa NetteNet againeagain. ItIt werewere
wln 0258aa shameshame aa littlelittle coldcold waterwater shouldshould killkill aa manman ofof reasonreason,
wln 0259whenwhen youyou shallshall seesee aa poorepoor MynowMinnowminnow lielie inin itit, thatthat hathhath
wln 0260nono vnderstandingunderstanding.
wln 0261Mar.MarinerMar.ThouThou artart wisewise fromfrom thethe crownecrown ofof thythy headehead
wln 0262vpwardsupwardsonwards; seekeseek youyou newnew fortunesfortunes nowenow, II willwill followefollow
wln 0263minemine oldeold. II cancan shiftshift thethe MooneMoon andand thethe SunneSun, andand
wln 0264knowknow byby oneone CardeCard, whatwhat allall youyou cannotcannot dodo byby aa wholewhole
wln 0265payrepair. TheThe Lode-stoneLoadstone thatthat alwaiesalways holdethholdeth hishis nosenose
wln 0266toto thethe NorthNorth, thethe twotwo andand thirtythirty poyntspoints forfor thethe windewind,
wln 0267thethe wonderswonders II seesee wouldewould makemake allall youyou blindeblind: youyou bebe
wln 0268butbut boyesboys, II fearefear thethe SeaSea nono moremore thenthan aa dishdish ofof waterwater.
wln 0269WhyWhy foolesfools itit isis butbut aa liquidliquid elementelement, farewellfarewell.
wln 0270Rob.RobinRob.ItIt werewere goodgood weewe learnedlearned hishis cunningcunning atat thethe
wln 0271CardesCards, forfor wewe mustmust liuelive byby cosenagecozenage, wewe hauehave neytherneither
wln 0272LandsLands nornor witwit, nornor MaistersMasters, nornor honestiehonesty.
wln 0273RafeRafeNayNay II wouldwould fainefain hauehave hishis thirty twothirty-twothirty two, thatthat isis,
wln 0274hishis threethree dozendozen lackinglacking fourefour pointspoints, forfor youyou seesee be-betwixtbe∣twixtbetwixt
wln 0275twixt
wln 0275vsus threethree therethere isis notnot twotwo goodgood pointspoints.
wln 0276DickeDickLetLet vsus callcall himhim aa littlelittle backeback thatthat weewe maymay
wln 0277learnelearn thosethose pointspoints. SirraSirrah aa wordword, II praypray theethee sheweshow vsus
wln 0278thythy pointspoints.
wln 0279Mar.MarinerMar.WillWill youyou learnelearn?
wln 0280DickeDick.IAyI.
wln 0281Mar.MarinerMar.ThenThen asas youyou likelike thisthis II willwill instructinstruct youyou inin
wln 0282allall ourour secretessecrets: forfor therethere isis notnot aa clowteclout nornor cardecard, nornor
wln 0283boordboard, nornor postpost, thatthat hathhath notnot aa speciallspecial namename, oror singu-singulersingu∣lersingular
wln 0284ler
wln 0284naturenature.
wln 0285DickeDickWellWell beginbegin withwith youryour pointspoints, forfor II lackelack on-onlieon∣lieonly
wln 0286lie
wln 0286pointspoints inin thisthis worldworld.
wln 0287Mar.MarinerMar.NorthNorth. NorthNorth &and byby EastEast. North North EastNorth-NortheastNorth North East.
wln 0288North-eastNortheastNorth-east andand byby NorthNorth, North-eastNortheastNorth-east. North-eastNortheastNorth-east andand
wln 0289byby EastEast. East North-eastEast-NortheastEast North-east, EastEast andand byby NorthNorth. EastEast.
wln 0290DickeDickIleI’ll saysay itit.., NorthNorth, north-eastnortheastnorth-east, North-eastNortheastNorth-east, NoreNore

img: 7-b
sig: C1r


wln 0291norenore andand byby Nore-eastNore-eastnorth-east. II shallshall neuernever doedo itit.
wln 0292Mar.MarinerMar.ThysThis isis butbut oneone quarterquarter.
wln 0293Rob.RobinRob.II shallshall neuernever learnelearn aa quarterquarter ofof itit. II willwill trytry.
wln 0294NorthNorth, North-eastNortheastNorth-east, isis byby thethe WestWest sideside, NorthNorth andand byby
wln 0295NorthNorth.
wln 0296DickeDickPassingPassing illill.
wln 0297Mar.MarinerMar.HastHast thouthou nono memoriememory. TryTry thouthou.
wln 0298RafeRafeNorthNorth NorthNorth andand byby NorthNorth. II cancan goego nono fur-furtherfur∣therfurther
wln 0299therfurther.
wln 0300Mar.MarinerMar.OO dullerdedullard, isis thythy headhead lighterlighter thenthan thethe windwind,
wln 0301andand thythy tonguetongue soso heauieheavy itit willwill notnot waggewag. II willwill onceonce
wln 0302againeagain saysay itit.
wln 0303RafeRafeII willwill neuernever learnelearn thisthis languagelanguage, itit wilwill getget butbut
wln 0304smallsmall liuingliving, whenwhen itit willwill scarcescarce bebe learnedlearned tilltill oneone beebe
wln 0305oldeold.
wln 0306Mar.MarinerMar.NayNay thenthen farewellfarewell, andand ifif youryour fortunesfortunes ex-exceedeex∣ceedeexceed
wln 0307ceede
wln 0307notnot youryour witswits, youyou shallshall staruestarve beforebefore yeye sleepesleep.
wln 0308RafeRafeWasWas therethere euerever suchsuch coseningcozening? ComeCome letlet vsus
wln 0309toto thethe woodswoods, andand seesee whatwhat fortunefortune wewe maymay hauehave be-beforebe∣forebefore
wln 0310fore
wln 0310theythey bebe mademade shippesships: asas forfor ourour MaisterMaster heehe isis
wln 0311drownddrowned.
wln 0312DickeDickII willwill thisthis wayway.
wln 0313RobinRobinII thisthis.
wln 0314RafeRafeII thisthis, &and thisthis dayday twelue-monthtwelvemonth letlet vsus allall meetemeet
wln 0315heerehere againeagain: itit maymay bebe wewe shallshall eythereither begbeg togethertogether, oror
wln 0316hanghang togethertogether.
wln 0317DickeDickItIt skilsskills notnot soso wewe bebe togethertogether. ButBut letlet vsus singsing
wln 0318nownow, thoughthough wewe crycry heereafterhereafter.ExeuntExeunt.

wln 0319ActusActus secundussecundus ScænaScaenaScaena primaprima.
wln 0320GallatheaGallathea alonealone.
wln 0321Galla.GallatheaGalla.BLushBLush GallatheaGallatheaGalathea thatthat mustmust frameframe thythy affec-affectionaffec∣tionaffection
wln 0322tion
wln 0322fittefit forfor thythy habitehabit, andand thereforetherefore bebe
wln 0323thoughtthought immodestimmodest, becausebecause thouthou artart vnfortunateunfortunate. ThyThy

img: 8-a
sig: C1v


wln 0324tendertender yeeresyears cannotcannot dissembledissemble thisthis deceiptdeceit,,: nornor thythy
wln 0325sexesex bearebear itit. OO wouldewould thethe godsgods hadhad mademade meeme asas II
wln 0326seemeseem toto bebe, oror thatthat II mightmight safeliesafely bebe whatwhat II seemeseem notnot.
wln 0327ThyThy FatherFather dotethdoteth GallatheaGallatheaGalathea, whosewhose blindblind louelove cor-corruptethcor∣ruptethcorrupteth
wln 0328rupteth
wln 0328hishis fondefond iudgementjudgement, andand iealousjealous ofof thythy deathdeath,
wln 0329seemethseemeth toto dotedote onon thythy beautybeauty, whosewhose fondefond carecare carri-carriethcarri∣ethcarrieth
wln 0330eth
wln 0330hishis parciallpartial eyeeye asas farrefar fromfrom truethtruth, asas hishis hartheart isis frōfrōfrom
wln 0331falshoodfalsehood. ButBut whywhy doostdost thouthou blameblame himhim,, oror blabblab whatwhat
wln 0332thouthou artart, whenwhen thouthou shouldestshouldst onelieonly counterfetcounterfeit whatwhat
wln 0333thouthou artart notnot. ButBut whistwhist, heerehere commethcometh aa laddelad: II willwill
wln 0334learnelearn ofof himhim howhow toto behauebehave my selfemyself.
wln 0335EnterEnter PhillidaPhillida inin mansman’s attireattire.
wln 0336Philli.PhillidaPhilli.II neitherneither likelike mymy gategaitgate, nornor mymy garmentsgarments, thethe
wln 0337oneone vntowarduntoward, thethe otherother vnfitunfit, bothboth vnseemelyunseemly. OO Phil-PhillidaPhil∣lidaPhillida
wln 0338lida,
wln 0338butbut yonderyonder staiethstayeth oneone, andand thereforetherefore saysay nothingnothing.
wln 0339ButBut ôo PhillidaPhillida.
wln 0340Galla.GallatheaGalla.II perceiueperceive thatthat boyesboys areare inin asas greatgreat dislikingdisliking
wln 0341ofof themseluesthemselves asas maidesmaids, thereforetherefore thoughthough II wearewear thethe
wln 0342apparellapparel, II amam gladglad II amam notnot thethe personperson.
wln 0343Philli.PhillidaPhilli.ItIt isis aa prettypretty boyboy andand aa fairefair, heehe mightmight wellwell
wln 0344hauehave beenebeen aa womanwoman, butbut becausebecause hehe isis notnot, II amam gladglad II
wln 0345amam, forfor nowenow vnderunder thethe colorcolorcolour ofof mymy coatecoat, II shallshall deci-decipherdeci∣pherdecipher
wln 0346pher
wln 0346thethe folliesfollies ofof theirtheir kindkind.
wln 0347Galla.GallatheaGalla.II wouldwould salutesalute himhim, butbut II fearefear II shouldshould makemake
wln 0348aa curtsiecurtsy in steedinstead ofof aa leggeleg.
wln 0349Philli.PhillidaPhilli.IfIf II durstdurst trusttrust mymy faceface asas wellwell asas II doedo mymy
wln 0350habitehabit, II wouldwould spendspend somesome timetime toto makemake pastimepastime, forfor
wln 0351saiesay whatwhat theythey willwill ofof aa mansman’s witwit, itit isis nono secondesecond thingthing
wln 0352toto bebe aa womanwoman.
wln 0353Galla.GallatheaGalla.AllAll thethe bloodblood inin mymy bodiebody wouldwould bebe inin mymy
wln 0354faceface, ifif hehe shouldshould askeask meme (asas thethe questionquestion amongamong menmen
wln 0355isis commoncommon) areare youyou aa maidemaid?
wln 0356Phil.PhillidaPhil.WhyWhy standestand II stillstill, boyesboys shouldeshould bebe boldebold,
wln 0357butbut heerehere commethcometh aa brauebrave trainetrain thatthat willwill spillspill allall ourour
wln 0358talketalk.

img: 8-b
sig: C2r


wln 0359EnterEnter DianaDiana, TelusaTelusa, andand EurotaEurataEurataEurota.
wln 0360DianaDianaGodGod speedespeed fairefair boyboy.
wln 0361Galla.GallatheaGalla.YouYou areare deceiueddeceived LadieLady.
wln 0362DianaDianaWhyWhy, areare youyou nono boyboy?
wln 0363Galla.GallatheaGalla.NoNo fairefair boyboy.
wln 0364DianaDianaButBut II seesee anan vnhappieunhappy boyboy.
wln 0365TelusaTelusa.SawSaw youyou notnot thethe DeareDeerdeer comecome thisthis waieway, heehe
wln 0366fleweflew downedown thethe windewind, &and II beleeuebelieve youyou hauehave blanchtblanched
wln 0367himhim.
wln 0368Galla.GallatheaGalla.WhoseWhose DeareDear waswas itit LadieLady?
wln 0369TelusaTelusa.DianaesDiana’s DeareDeerdeer.
wln 0370Galla.GallatheaGalla.II sawsaw nonenone butbut minemine owneown DeareDeardear.
wln 0371TelusaTelusaThisThis waggewag isis wantonwanton oror aa foolefool, askeask thethe
wln 0372otherother, DianaDiana.
wln 0373Galla.GallatheaGalla.II knoweknow notnot howehow itit commethcometh toto passepass, butbut
wln 0374yonderyonder boyboy isis inin minemine eyeeye tootoo beautifullbeautiful, II praypray godsgods thethe
wln 0375LadiesLadies thinkethink himhim notnot theirtheir DeareDeardear.
wln 0376DianaDianaPrettiePretty ladlad, doedo youryour sheepesheep feedefeed inin thethe For-ForrestFor∣restForest
wln 0377rest,
wln 0377oror areare youyou straiedstrayed fromfrom youyouryou flockeflock, oror onon purposepurpose
wln 0378comecome yeye toto marremar DianaesDiana’s pastimepastime?
wln 0379PhillidaPhillidaII vnderstandunderstand notnot oneone wordword youyou speakespeak.
wln 0380DianaDianaVVhatWhat artart thouthou neitherneither LaddeLad nornor sheepe-sheepeheardesheepe∣heardeshepherd
wln 0381heardeshepherd?
wln 0382Phill.PhillidaPhill.MyMy mothermother saidsaid II couldcould bebe nono laddelad tiltill II waswas
wln 0383twentietwenty yeereyear oldeold, nornor keepekeep sheepesheep tilltill II couldecould telltell
wln 0384themthem; andand thereforetherefore LadieLady neitherneither ladlad nornor sheepheardeshepherd
wln 0385isis heerehere.
wln 0386TelusaTelusaTheseThese boyesboys areare bothboth agreedagreed, eithereither theythey areare
wln 0387verievery pleasantpleasant oror tootoo peruerseperverse: youyou werewere bestbest LadieLady
wln 0388makemake themthem tusketusk thesethese VVoodesWoods, whilstwhilst weewe standestand
wln 0389withwith ourour bowesbows, andand soso vseuse themthem asas BeaglesBeagles sincesince theythey
wln 0390hauehave soso goodgood mouthesmouths.
wln 0391DianaDianaII wilwill. FollowFollow meme withoutwithout delaiedelay, oror excuseexcuse, &and
wln 0392ifif youyou cancan doedo nothingnothing, yetyet shallshall youyou hallowhalloohallow thethe DeareDeerdear.

img: 9-a
sig: C2v


wln 0393Phill.PhillidaPhill.II amam willingwilling toto goego, notnot forfor thesethese LadiesLadies’lady’s co-companiec●∣paniecompany
wln 0394panie,
wln 0394becausebecause my selfemyself amam aa virginevirgin, butbut forfor thatthat fayrefair
wln 0395boyesboy’s fauorfavorfavour, whowho II thinkethink bebe aa GodGod.
wln 0396DianaDiana.YouYou sirsir boyboy shallshall alsoalso goego.
wln 0397Galla.GallatheaGalla.II mustmust ifif youyou commaundecommand, andand wouldwould ifif youyou
wln 0398hadhad notnot.ExeuntExeunt.

wln 0399ActusActus secundussecundus. ScænaScaenaScaena secundasecunda.
wln 0400CupidCupid alonealone inin NimphesNymph’s apparellapparel, andand NeptuneNeptune
wln 0401lysteninglistening.

wln 0402CupidCupidNoweNow CupidCupid, vnderunder thethe shapeshape ofof aa silliesilly
wln 0403girlegirl sheweshow thethe powerpower ofof aa mightiemighty GodGod. LetLet DianaDiana
wln 0404andand allall herher coycoy NimphesNymphsnymphs knowknow, thatthat therethere isis nono hartheart soso
wln 0405chastechaste butbut thythy bowebow cancan woundewound, nornor eyeseyes soso modestmodest,
wln 0406butbut thythy brandesbrands cancan kindlekindle, nornor thoughtsthoughts soso staiedstaidstayed, butbut
wln 0407thythy shaftsshafts cancan makemake waueringwavering, weakeweak andand wantonwanton: Cu-CupidCu∣pidCupid
wln 0408pid
wln 0408thoughthough hehe bebe aa childchild, isis nono babiebaby. II willwill makemake theirtheir
wln 0409painespains mymy pastimespastimes, &and soso confoundconfound theirtheir louesloves inin theirtheir
wln 0410owneown sexesex, thatthat theythey shallshall dotedote inin theirtheir desiresdesires, delightdelight
wln 0411inin theirtheir affectionsaffections, andand practisepracticepractise onelyonly impossibilitiesimpossibilities.
wln 0412WhilstWhilst II trewanttruanttrewant fromfrom mymy mothermother, II willwill vseuse somesome ty-tyrannyty∣rannytyranny
wln 0413ranny
wln 0413inin thesethese woodeswoods, andand soso shallshall theirtheir exerciseexercise inin foo-foolishfoo∣lishfoolish
wln 0414lish
wln 0414louelove, bebe mymy excuseexcuse forfor runningrunning awayaway. II wilwill seesee whi-whitherwhi∣therwhither
wln 0415ther
wln 0415fairefair facesfaces bebe alwaiesalways chastchaste, oror DianaesDiana’s virginsvirgins one-onelieone∣lieonly
wln 0416lie
wln 0416modestmodest, elselse willwill II spendespend bothboth mymy shaftsshafts andand shyftsshifts,
wln 0417andand thenthen LadiesLadies ifif youyou seesee thesethese daintiedainty DamesDames intraptentrapped
wln 0418inin louelove, saiesay softliesoftly toto your seluesyourselves, weewe maymay allall louelove.
wln 0419ExitExit.
wln 0420NeptuneNeptune.DoeDo silliesilly SheepeheardsShepherds goego aboutabout toto de-deceiuede∣ceiuedeceive
wln 0421ceiue
wln 0421greatgreat NeptuneNeptune, inin puttingputting onon mansman’s attireattire vpponupon
wln 0422womenwomen: andand CupidCupid toto makemake sportsport deceiuedeceive themthem allall, byby
wln 0423vsingusing aa vvomanswoman’s apparellapparel vponupon aa GodGod, thenthenthan NeptuneNeptune
wln 0424thatthat hasthast takentaken sundriesundry shapesshapes toto obtaineobtain louelove, stickstick notnot
wln 0425toto practisepracticepractise somesome deceiptdeceit toto shewshow thythy deitiedeity, andand hauinghaving
wln 0426oftēoftēoften thrustthrust thy selfthyself intointo thethe shapeshape ofof beastesbeasts toto deceiuedeceive

img: 9-b
sig: C3r


wln 0427menmen bebe notnot coycoy toto vseuse thethe shapeshape ofof aa SheepeheardeShepherdshepherd, toto
wln 0428shewshow thy selfethyself aa GodGod. NeptuneNeptune cannotcannot bebe ouer-reachedoverreached
wln 0429byby SwainesSwains, himselfehimself isis subtilesubtle, andand ifif DianaDiana bebe ouer-ouertakenouer∣takenovertaken
wln 0430taken
wln 0430byby craftcraft, CupidCupid isis wisewise. II willwill intointo thesethese woodeswoods
wln 0431andand markemark allall, andand inin thethe endend willwill marremar allall.ExitExit.

wln 0432ActusActus secundussecundus. ScænaScaenaScaena tertiatertia.
wln 0433EnterEnter RaffeRafeRaffe alonealone.
wln 0434RafeRafeCallCall youyou thisthis seekingseeking ofof fortunesfortunes whenwhen oneone
wln 0435cancan findefind nothingnothing butbut byrdsbirds’birds nestesnests? wouldwould II werewere outout
wln 0436ofof thesethese VVoodesWoods, forfor II shallshall hauehave butbut woddenwooden luckeluck,
wln 0437heershere’s nothingnothing butbut thethe skreekingscreeking ofof OwlesOwls, crokingcroaking ofof
wln 0438FrogsFrogs, hissinghissing ofof AddersAdders, barkingbarking ofof FoxesFoxes, walkingwalking ofof
wln 0439HaggesHags. ButBut whatwhat bebe thesethese?
wln 0440EnterEnter FayriesFairies dauncingdancing andand playingplaying
wln 0441andand soso, ExeuntExeunt.

wln 0442II willwill followfollow themthem, toto hellhell II shallshall notnot goego, forfor soso fairefair
wln 0443facesfaces neuernever cancan hauehave suchsuch hardhard fortunesfortunes. WhatWhat blackeblack
wln 0444boyboy isis thisthis.
wln 0445EnterEnter thethe AlcumistsAlchemist’sAlchemists boyboy PeterPeter.
wln 0446PeterPeterWhatWhat aa lifelife doedo II leadelead withwith mymy MaisterMaster no-nothingno∣thingnothing
wln 0447thing
wln 0447butbut blowingblowing ofof bellowsbellows, beatingbeating ofof spiritsspirits, &and scra-scrapingscra∣pingscraping
wln 0448ping
wln 0448ofof CrosletsCrossletscrosslets? itit isis aa veryvery secretesecret ScienceScience, forfor nonenone
wln 0449almostalmost cancan vnderstandunderstand thethe languagelanguage ofof itit. SublimationSublimation,
wln 0450AlmigationAlmigationAmalgamation, CalcinationCalcination, RubificationRubification, Encorporati-EncorporationEncorporati∣onIncorporationincorporation
wln 0451on,
wln 0451CircinationCircination, SementationCementationSementation, AlbificationAlbification, andand Fre-FrementationFre∣mentationFermentationfermentation
wln 0452mentation.
wln 0452WithWith asas manymany termesterms vnpossibleunpossible toto bebe vtte-vtteredvtte∣reduttered
wln 0453red,
wln 0453asas thethe ArteArt toto bebe compassedcompassed.
wln 0454RaffeRafeRaffeLetLet meme crossecross my selfemyself, II neuernever heardheard soso manymany
wln 0455greatgreat deuilsdevils inin aa littlelittle MonkiesMonkey’smonkey’s mouthmouth.
wln 0456PeterPeterThenThen ourour instrumentsinstruments, CrosletsCrossletscrosslets, Subliuato-SubliuatoriesSubliuato∣riesSublivatories
wln 0457ries,
wln 0457CucurbitsCucurbits, LimbecksLimbecks, DecensoresDecensoriesDecensores, ViolesViolsviols, manu-manuallmanu∣allmanual
wln 0458all
wln 0458andand murallmural, forfor enbibingimbibing andand conbibingconbibing, BellowesBellows,
wln 0459molificatiuemollificative andand enduratiueindurativeendurative.
wln 0460RafeRafeWhatWhat languagelanguage isis thisthis? doedo theythey speakespeak soso?

img: 10-a
sig: C3v


wln 0461PeterPeterThenThen ourour MettlesMetalsMettles, SaltpeeterSaltpetre, VitriollVitriol, SalSal
wln 0462tartartartar, SalSal perperatperperat, ArgollArgonArgolArgon, ResagarResagar, SalSal ArmonickArmonic, E-EgrimonyE∣grimonyAgrimonyEgrimony
wln 0463grimony,
wln 0463LumanyLumany, BrimstoneBrimstone, ValerianValerian, TartarTartar AlamAlumalum,
wln 0464Breeme-worteBreemwortbreemwort, GlasseGlass, VnslekedUnslakedunsleeked lymelime, ChalkeChalk, A-AshesA∣shesAshes
wln 0465shes,
wln 0465hayrehair,,; andand whatwhat notnot, toto makemake II knowknow notnot whatwhat.
wln 0466RafeRafeMyMy hairehair beginnethbeginneth toto standestand vprightupright, wouldwould
wln 0467thethe boyboy wouldwould makemake anan endend.
wln 0468PeterPeterAndAnd yetyet suchsuch aa beggerlybeggarly ScienceScience itit isis, andand soso
wln 0469strongstrong onon multiplicationmultiplication, thatthat thethe endeend isis toto hauehave ney-neytherney∣therneither
wln 0470ther
wln 0470goldgold, witwit, nornor honestiehonesty.
wln 0471RafeRafeThenThen amam II iustjust ofof thythy occupationoccupation. WhatWhat fel-fellowfel∣lowfellow
wln 0472low,
wln 0472wellwell metmet.
wln 0473PeterPeterFelowFellow, vponupon whatwhat acquaintanceacquaintance?
wln 0474RafeRafeWhyWhy thouthou saistsaystsayest, thethe endend ofof thythy occupationoccupation isis
wln 0475toto hauehave neitherneither witwit, moneymoney, nornor honestiehonesty: &and me thinksmethinks
wln 0476atat aa blushblush, thouthou shouldestshouldst bebe oneone ofof mymy occupationoccupation.
wln 0477PeterPeterThouThou artart deceiueddeceived, mymy MasterMaster isis anan Alcu-AlcumistAlcu∣mistalchemist
wln 0478mistAlchemist.
wln 0479RafeRafeWhatsWhat’swhat’s thatthat, aa manman?
wln 0480PeterPeterAA littlelittle moremore thenthan aa manman, andand aa hayreshair’s bredthbreadth
wln 0481lesseless thenthan aa GodGod. HeHe cancan makemake ofof thythy capcap goldgold, andand byby
wln 0482multiplicationmultiplication ofof oneone grotegroat, threethree oldold AngelsAngels. II hauehave
wln 0483knowneknown himhim ofof thethe taggetag ofof aa poyntpoint, toto makemake aa siluersilver
wln 0484boolebowl ofof aa pintpint.
wln 0485RafeRafeThatThat makesmakes theethee hauehave neuernever aa pointpoint, theythey bebe alall
wln 0486turnedturned toto potspots: butbut ifif hehe cancan doedo thysthis, hehe shallshall bebe aa godgod
wln 0487altogetheraltogether.
wln 0488PeterPeterYfIf thouthou hauehave anyany goldgold toto workework onon, thouthou artart
wln 0489thenthen mademade forfor euerever: forfor withwith oneone poundpound ofof goldegold, heehe
wln 0490willwill goego neerenear toto pauepave tenneten AkersAcresacres ofof groundground.
wln 0491RafeRafeHoweHowhow mightmight aa manman serueserve himhim andand learnelearn hyshis
wln 0492cunningcunning?
wln 0493PeterPeterEasilieEasily. FirstFirst seemeseem toto vnderstandunderstand thethe termesterms,
wln 0494andand specialliespecially markemark thesethese pointspoints. InIn ourour ArteArt therethere areare
wln 0495fourefour SpiritsSpirits.

img: 10-b
sig: C4r


wln 0496RafeRafeNayNay II hauehave doonedone ifif youyou workework withwith deuilsdevils.
wln 0497PeterPeterThouThou artart grossegross; wewe callcall thosethose SpiritsSpirits thatthat areare
wln 0498thethe groundsgrounds ofof ourour ArteArt, &and asas itit werewere thethe mettlesmetalsmettles moremore
wln 0499incorporatiueincorporative forfor dominationdomination. TheThe firstfirst SpiritSpirit isis
wln 0500Quick-siluerQuicksilver.
wln 0501RafeRafeThatThat isis mymy SpiritSpirit, forfor mymy siluersilver isis soso quickequick;
wln 0502thatthat II hauehave muchmuch a doeado toto catchcatch itit, andand whenwhen II hauehave itit,
wln 0503itit isis soso nimblenimble thatthat II cannotcannot holdehold itit; II thoughtthought therethere
wln 0504waswas aa deuilldevil inin itit.
wln 0505PeterPeterTheThe secondsecond, OrpymentOrpimentOrpyment.
wln 0506RafeRafeThatsThat’sthat’s nono SpiritSpirit, butbut aa wordeword toto coniureconjure aa
wln 0507SpiritSpirit.
wln 0508PeterPeterTheThe thirdthird, SalSal ArmoniackArmoniac.
wln 0509RafeRafeAA propperproper wordword.
wln 0510PeterPeterTheThe fourthfourth, BrimstoneBrimstone.
wln 0511RafeRafeThatsThat’sthat’s aa stinckingstinking SpiritSpirit, II thoughtthought therethere waswas
wln 0512somesome spiritspirit inin itit becausebecause itit burntburntburned soso blewblue. ForFor mymy Mo-MotherMo∣therMother
wln 0513ther
wln 0513wouldwould oftenoften telltell meeme thatthat whenwhen thethe candlecandle burntburntburned
wln 0514blewblue, therethere waswas somesome illill SpiritSpirit inin thethe househouse, andand nownow II
wln 0515perceiueperceive itit waswas thethe spiritspirit BrimstoneBrimstone.
wln 0516PeterPeterThouThou castcanstcast rememberremember thesethese fourefour spiritsspirits.
wln 0517RafeRafeLetLet meme alonealone toto coniureconjure themthem.
wln 0518PeterPeterNowNow areare therethere alsoalso seauenseven bodiesbodies, butbut heerehere
wln 0519commethcometh mymy MaisterMaster.
wln 0520EnterEnter AlcumistAlchemistalchemist.
wln 0521RafeRafeThisThis isis aa beggerbeggar.
wln 0522PeterPeterNoNo, suchsuch cunningcunning menmen mustmust disguisedisguise them-themseluesthem∣seluesthemselves
wln 0523selues,
wln 0523asas thoughthough therethere werewere nothingnothing inin themthem forfor other-otherwiseother∣wiseotherwise
wln 0524wise
wln 0524theythey shallshall bebe compelledcompelled toto workework forfor PrincesPrinces, andand
wln 0525soso bebe constrainedconstrained toto bewraybewray theirtheir secretssecrets.
wln 0526RafeRafeII likelike notnot hishis attireattire, butbut amam enamoredenamoredenamoured ofof hyshis
wln 0527ArteArt.
wln 0528AlcumistAlchemistAlcumistAnAn ounceounce ofof SiluerSilver limdelimed, asas muchmuch ofof
wln 0529crudecrude MercuryMercury, ofof SpiritsSpirits fourefour, beeingbeing temperedtempered withwith
wln 0530thethe bodiesbodies seauenseven, byby multiplyingmultiplying ofof itit tenten timestimes, comescomes

img: 11-a
sig: C4v


wln 0531forfor oneone poundpound, eyghteight thousandthousand poundspounds, soso thatthat II maymay
wln 0532hauehave onelyonly BeechenBeechen coalescoals.
wln 0533RafeRafeIsIs itit possiblepossible?
wln 0534PeterPeterItIt isis moremore certainecertain thenthan certaintycertainty.
wln 0535RafeRafeIleI’ll telltell theethee oneone secretesecret, II stolestole aa siluersilver thim-thimblethim∣blethimble
wln 0536ble;
wln 0536dostdost thouthou thinkethink thatthat hehe willwill makemake itit aa pottlepottle potpot?
wln 0537PeterPeterAA pottlepottle potpot, naynay II daredare warrantwarrant itit aa wholewhole
wln 0538CupbordCupboard ofof plateplate: whywhy ofof thethe quintessencequintessence ofof aa leadenleaden
wln 0539plummetplummet, hehe hathhath framedframed xx.xxtwentyxx, dozendozen ofof siluersilver SpoonesSpoons.
wln 0540LookeLook howehow heehe studiesstudies, II durstdurst ventureventure mymy lifelife heehe isis
wln 0541nowenow castingcasting aboutabout, howehow ofof hishis breathbreath heehe maymay makemake
wln 0542goldengolden braseletsbracelets, forfor often-timesoftentimes ofof smokesmoke heehe hathhath
wln 0543mademade siluersilver dropsdrops.
wln 0544RafeRafeWhatWhat doedo II hearehear?
wln 0545PeterPeterDydstDidst thouthou neuernever hearehear howehow IupiterJupiterjupiter camecame
wln 0546inin aa goldengolden showershower toto DanaeDanae?
wln 0547RafeRafeII rememberremember thatthat taletale.
wln 0548Pet.PeterPet.ThatThat showershower diddid mymy MasterMaster makemake ofof aa spoone-spoonefullspoone∣fullspoonful
wln 0549full
wln 0549ofof Tartar-alomTartar alumtartar-alum, butbut withwith thethe firefire ofof bloodblood, &and thethe
wln 0550corasiuecorrosive ofof thethe ayreair, hehe isis ableable toto makemake nothingnothing infinitinfinite,
wln 0551butbut whistwhist hehe espiethespieth vsus.
wln 0552Alcum.AlchemistAlcum.WhatWhat PeterPeter doedo youyou loyterloiter, knowingknowing thatthat
wln 0553euerieevery minuteminute increasethincreaseth ourour MineMine?
wln 0554PeterPeterII waswas gladglad toto taketake ayreair, forfor thethe mettlemetalmettle camecame soso
wln 0555fastfast, thatthat II fearedfeared mymy faceface wouldwould hauehave beenebeen turnedturned toto
wln 0556siluersilver.
wln 0557Alcum.AlchemistAlcum.ButBut whatwhat striplingstripling isis thisthis?
wln 0558PeterPeterOneOne thatthat isis desirousdesirous toto learnelearn youryour craftcraft.
wln 0559Alcum.AlchemistAlcum.CraftCraft sirsir boyboy, youyou mustmust callcall itit misteriemystery.
wln 0560RafeRafeAllAll isis oneone, aa craftiecrafty misteriemystery, andand aa mysticallmystical
wln 0561craftcraft.
wln 0562Alcum.AlchemistAlcum.CanstCanst thouthou taketake paynespains?
wln 0563RafeRafeInfiniteInfinite.
wln 0564Alcum.AlchemistAlcum.ButBut thouthou mustmust bebe swornesworn toto bebe secretsecret, andand
wln 0565thenthen II wyllwill entertaineentertain theethee.

img: 11-b
sig: D1r


wln 0566RafeRafeII cancan sweareswear thoughthough II bebe aa poorepoor fellowfellow asas