Edward the Second
Edward the Second

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ln 0001TheThe troublesometroublesome
ln 0002raignereign andand lamentablelamentable deathdeath ofof
ln 0003EdwardEdward thethe secondsecond, KingKing ofof
ln 0004EnglandEngland: withwith thethe tragicalltragical
ln 0005fallfall ofof proudproud MortimerMortimer:

ln 0006AsAs itit waswas sundriesundry timestimes publiquelypublicly actedacted
ln 0007inin thethe honourablehonorablehonourable citiecity ofof LondonLondon, byby thethe
ln 0008rightright honourablehonorablehonourable thethe EarleEarl ofof Pem-PembrookePem∣brookePembroke
ln 0009brooke hishis seruantsservants.
ln 0010WrittenWritten byby Chri.ChriChristopherChri MarlowMarlowe Gent.Gent.

ln 0011ImprintedImprinted atat LondonLondon forfor WilliamWilliam IonesJonesjones
ln 0012dwellingdwelling neerenear HolbourneHolborn conduitconduit, atat thethe
ln 0013signesign ofof thethe GunneGungun. 15941594.

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wln 0001TheThe troublesometroublesome raignereign andand la-lamentablela∣mentable lamentable
wln 0002mentable
wln 0002deathdeath ofof EdwardEdward thethe

wln 0003secondsecond, kingking ofof EnglandEngland: withwith thethe
wln 0004tragicalltragical fallfall ofof proudproud MortimerMortimer.

wln 0005EnterEnter GauestoneGavestonGavestone readingreading onon aa letterletter thatthat waswas
wln 0006broughtbrought himhim fromfrom thethe kingking.

wln 0007MY_MYMY fatherfather isis deceastdeceased, comecome GauestonGaveston,
wln 0008AndAnd shareshare thethe kingdomkingdom withwith thythy deerestdearest friendfriend
wln 0009AhAh wordswords thatthat makemake meme surfetsurfeit withwith delightdelight:
wln 0010WhatWhat greatergreater blissebliss cancan haphap toto GauestonGaveston,
wln 0011ThenThanThen liuelive andand bebe thethe fauoritfavoritefavourite ofof aa kingking?
wln 0012SweeteSweet princeprince II comecome, thesethese thesethese thythy amorousamorous lineslines,
wln 0013MightMight hauehave enforstenforced meme toto hauehave swumswum fromfrom FranceFrance,
wln 0014AndAnd likelike LeanderLeander gasptgasped vponupon thethe sandesand,
wln 0015SoSo thouthou wouldstwouldst smilesmile andand taketake meme inin thythy armesarms.
wln 0016TheThe sightsight ofof LondonLondon toto mymy exiledexiled eyeseyes,
wln 0017IsIs asas EliziumElysium toto aa newnew comecome soulesoul,
wln 0018NotNot thatthat II louelove thethe citiecity oror thethe menmen,
wln 0019ButBut thatthat itit harborsharborsharbours himhim II holdhold soso dearedear,
wln 0020TheThe kingking, vponupon whosewhose bosomebosom letlet meme diedie,
wln 0021AndAnd withwith thethe worldworld bebe stillstill atat enmitieenmity:
wln 0022WhatWhat needeneed thethe artickarctic peoplepeople louelove star-lightstarlight,
wln 0023ToTo whomwhom thethe sunnesun shinesshines bothboth byby dayday andand nightnight.
wln 0024FarewellFarewell basebase stoopingstooping toto thethe lordlylordly peerespeers,

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The Tragedie

wln 0025MyMy kneeknee shallshall bowebow toto nonenone butbut toto thethe kingking,
wln 0026AsAs forfor thethe multitudemultitude thatthat areare butbut sparkessparks,
wln 0027RaktRakedraked vpup inin embersembers ofof theirtheir pouertiepoverty,
wln 0028TantiTautiTantiTauti: IleI’ll fannefan firstfirst onon thethe windewind,
wln 0029ThatThat glauncethglanceth atat mymy lipslips andand fliethflieth awayaway;
wln 0030ButBut howhow nownow, whatwhat areare thesethese?
wln 0031EnterEnter threethree poorepoor menmen.
wln 0032PoorePoor menmen.SuchSuch asas desiredesire youryour worshipsworship’s seruiceservice.
wln 0033Gauest.GavestonGauest.WhatWhat canstcanst thouthou doedo?
wln 00341.1. poorepoor.II cancan rideride.
wln 0035Gauest.GavestonGauest.ButBut II hauehave nono horseshorses. WhatWhat artart thouthou?
wln 00362.2. poorepoor.AA trauellertravelertraveller.
wln 0037Gauest.GavestonGauest.LetLet meme seesee, thouthou wouldstwouldst dodo wellwell
wln 0038ToTo waitewait atat mymy trenchertrencher, &and telltell meme lieslies atat dinnerdinner timetime,
wln 0039AndAnd asas II likelike youryour discoursingdiscoursing, ileI’ll hauehave youyou.
wln 0040AndAnd whatwhat artart thouthou?
wln 00413.3. poorepoor.AA souldiersoldier, thatthat hathhath seru’dserved againstagainst thethe ScotScot.
wln 0042Gauest.GavestonGauest.WhyWhy therethere areare hospitalshospitals forfor suchsuch asas youyou,
wln 0043II hauehave nono warrewar, andand thereforetherefore sirsir bebe gonegone.
wln 0044Sold.Seld.SoldierSeld.FarewellFarewell, andand perishperish byby aa souldierssoldier’s handhand,
wln 0045ThatThat wouldstwouldst rewardreward themthem withwith anan hospitallhospital.
wln 0046Gau.GavestonGau.IAyay, Iay, thesethese wordeswords ofof hishis mouemove meme asas muchmuch,
wln 0047AsAs ifif aa GooseGoose shouldshould playplay thethe PorpintinePorpentine,
wln 0048AndAnd dartdart herher plumesplumes, thinkingthinking toto piercepierce mymy brestbreast,
wln 0049ButBut yetyet itit isis nono painepain toto speakespeak menmen fairefair,
wln 0050IleI’ll flatterflatter thesethese, andand makemake themthem liuelive inin hopehope:
wln 0051YouYou knowknow thatthat II camecame latelylately outout ofof FranceFrance,
wln 0052AndAnd yetyet II hauehave notnot viewdviewed mymy LordLord thethe kingking,
wln 0053IfIf II speedspeed wellwell, ileI’ll entertaineentertain youyou allall.
wln 0054OmnesOmnes.WeWe thankethank youryour worshipworship.
wln 0055Gauest.GavestonGauest.II hauehave somesome businesbusiness, leaueleave meme toto my selfemyself.
wln 0056OmnesOmnes.WeWe willwill waitwait heerehere aboutabout thethe courtcourt.ExeuntExeunt.

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of Edward the second.

wln 0057Gauest.GavestonGauest.DoDo: thesethese areare notnot menmen forfor meme,
wln 0058II mustmust hauehave wantonwanton PoetsPoets, pleasantpleasant witswits,
wln 0059MusitiansMusicians, thatthat withwith touchingtouching ofof aa stringstring
wln 0060MayMay drawdraw thethe pliantpliant kingking whichwhich wayway II pleaseplease:
wln 0061MusickeMusic andand poetriepoetry isis hishis delightdelight,
wln 0062ThereforeTherefore ileI’ll hauehave ItalianItalian maskesmasks byby nightnight,
wln 0063SweeteSweet speechesspeeches, comediescomedies, andand pleasingpleasing showesshows,
wln 0064AndAnd inin thethe dayday whenwhen hehe shallshall walkewalk abroadabroad,
wln 0065LikeLike SiluianSylvansylvan NimphesNymphsnymphs mymy pagespages shallshall bebe cladclad,
wln 0066MyMy menmen likelike SatyresSatyrsSatires grazinggrazing onon thethe lawneslawns,
wln 0067ShallShall withwith theirtheir GoateGoat feetefeet dauncedance anan antickantic hayhay,
wln 0068SometimeSometime aa louelielovely boyeboy inin DiansDian’sDiane’s shapeshape,
wln 0069WithWith hairehair thatthat gildsgilds thethe waterwater asas itit glidesglides,
wln 0070CrownetsCrownets ofof pearlepearl aboutabout hishis nakednaked armesarms,
wln 0071AndAnd inin hishis sportfullsportful handshands anan OliueOlive treetree,
wln 0072ToTo hidehide thosethose partsparts whichwhich menmen delightdelight toto seesee,
wln 0073ShallShall bathebathe himhim inin aa springspring, andand therethere hardhard byby,
wln 0074OneOne likelike ActæonActaeonActaeon peepingpeeping throughthrough thethe grouegrove,
wln 0075ShallShall byby thethe angrieangry goddessegoddess bebe transformdetransformed,
wln 0076AndAnd runningrunning inin thethe likeneslikeness ofof anan HartHart,
wln 0077ByBy yelpingyelping houndshounds puldpulled downedown, andand seemeseem toto diedie,
wln 0078SuchSuch thingsthings asas thesethese bestbest pleaseplease hishis maiestiemajesty.
wln 0079MyMy lordlord, heerehere comescomes thethe kingking andand thethe noblesnobles
wln 0080FromFrom thethe parlamentparliament, ileI’ll standstand asideaside.

wln 0081EnterEnter thethe KingKing, LancasterLancaster, MortimerMortimer seniorsenior, MortimerMortimer
wln 0082iuniorjunior, EdmundEdmund EarleEarl ofof KentKent, GuieGuyguy EarleEarl ofof War-WarwickeWar|wickeWarwick
wln 0083wicke,
wln 0083&c.etc.

wln 0084EdwardEdward.LancasterLancaster.
wln 0085Lancast.LancasterLancast.MyMy LordeLord.
wln 0086Gauest.GavestonGauest.ThatThat EarleEarl ofof LancasterLancaster dodo II abhorreabhor.

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The Tragedie

wln 0087Edw.EdwardEdw.WillWill youyou notnot grauntgrant meme thisthis? inin spightspite ofof themthem
wln 0088IleI’ll hauehave mymy willwill, andand thesethese twotwo MortimersMortimers,
wln 0089ThatThat crossecross meme thusthus, shallshall knowknow II amam displeasddispleased.
wln 0090Mor.MortimerMor. se.seniorIfIf youyou louelove vsus mymy lordlord, hatehate GauestonGaveston.
wln 0091Gauest.GavestonGauest.ThatThat villainevillain MortimerMortimer ileI’ll bebe hishis deathdeath.
wln 0092Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorMineMine vnckleuncle heerehere, thisthis EarleEarl, &and II my selfemyself,
wln 0093WereWere swornesworn toto youryour fatherfather atat hishis deathdeath,
wln 0094ThatThat hehe shouldshould nerene’er returnereturn intointo thethe realmerealm:
wln 0095AndAnd knowknow mymy lordlord, ereere II willwill breakebreak mymy oathoath,
wln 0096ThisThis swordsword ofof minemine thatthat shouldshould offendoffend youryour foesfoes,
wln 0097ShallShall sleepesleep withinwithin thethe scabberdscabbard atat thythy needeneed,
wln 0098AndAnd vnderneathunderneath thythy bannersbanners marchmarch whowho willwill,
wln 0099ForFor MortimerMortimer willwill hanghang hishis armorarmorarmour vpup.
wln 0100Gauest.GavestonGauest.MortMort. dieudieu.
wln 0101Edw.EdwardEdw.WellWell MortimerMortimer, ileI’ll makemake theethee ruerue thesethese wordswords,
wln 0102BeseemesBeseems itit theethee toto contradictcontradict thythy kingking?
wln 0103FrownstFrown’stfrown’st thouthou thereatthereat aspiringaspiring LancasterLancaster,
wln 0104TheThe swordesword shallshall planeplane thethe furrowesfurrows ofof thythy browesbrows,
wln 0105AndAnd hewhew thesethese kneesknees thatthat nownow areare grownegrown soso stiffestiff,
wln 0106II willwill hauehave GauestonGaveston, andand youyou shallshall knowknow,
wln 0107WhatWhat dangerdanger tis’tis toto standstand againstagainst youryour kingking.
wln 0108Gauest.GavestonGauest.WellWell doonedone, NedNed.
wln 0109Lan.LancasterLan.MyMy lordlord, whywhy dodo youyou thusthus incenseincense youryour peerespeers,
wln 0110ThatThat naturallynaturally wouldwould louelove andand honourhonorhonour youyou:
wln 0111ButBut forfor thatthat basebase andand obscureobscure GauestonGaveston,
wln 0112Fourefour EarldomesEarldoms hauehave II besidesbesides LancasterLancaster,
wln 0113DarbieDerby, SalsburieSalisburysalisbury, LincolneLincoln, LeicesterLeicester,
wln 0114TheseThese willwill II sellsell toto giuegive mymy souldierssoldiers payepay,
wln 0115EreEre GauestonGaveston shallshall staystay withinwithin thethe realmerealm,
wln 0116ThereforeTherefore ifif hehe bebe comecome, expellexpel himhim straightstraight.
wln 0117Edm.EdmundEdm.BaronsBarons &and EarlsEarls, youryour pridepride hathhath mademade meme mutemute,
wln 0118ButBut nownow ileI’ll speakespeak, andand toto thethe proofeproof II hopehope:

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of Edward the second.

wln 0119II dodo rememberremember inin mymy fathersfather’s dayesdays,
wln 0120LordLord PerciePercypercy ofof thethe NorthNorth beingbeing highlyhighly mou’dmoved,
wln 0121Brau’dBraved MowberieMowbry inin presencepresence ofof thethe kingking,
wln 0122ForFor whichwhich, hadhad notnot hishis highneshighness lou’dloved himhim wellwell,
wln 0123HeHe shouldshould hauehave lostlost hishis headhead, butbut withwith hishis lookelook,
wln 0124TheThe vndauntedundaunted spiritspirit ofof PerciePercypercy waswas appeasdappeased,
wln 0125AndAnd MowberieMowbry andand hehe werewere reconcildreconciled:
wln 0126YetYet daredare youyou brauebrave thethe kingking vntounto hishis faceface,
wln 0127BrotherBrother reuengerevenge itit, andand letlet thesethese theirtheir headsheads,
wln 0128PreachPreach vponupon polespoles forfor trespassetrespass ofof theirtheir tonguestongues.
wln 0129WarwickeWarwick.OO ourour headsheads.
wln 0130Edw.EdwardEdw.IAyI yoursyours, andand thereforetherefore II wouldwould wishwish youyou grauntgrant.
wln 0131Warw.WarwickWarw.BridleBridle thythy angeranger gentlegentle MortimerMortimer.
wln 0132Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorII cannotcannot, nornor II willwill notnot, II mustmust speakespeak,
wln 0133CosinCousin, ourour handshands II hopehope shallshall fencefence ourour headsheads,
wln 0134AndAnd strikestrike offoff hishis thatthat makesmakes youyou threatenthreaten vsus.
wln 0135ComeCome vnckleuncle, letlet vsus leaueleave thethe brainsickbrainsick kingking,
wln 0136AndAnd henceforthhenceforth parleparley withwith ourour nakednaked swordsswords.
wln 0137Mor.MortimerMor. se.seniorWilshireWiltshire hathhath menmen enoughenough toto sauesave ourour headsheads.
wln 0138Warw.WarwickWarw.AllAll WarwickshireWarwickshire willwill louelove himhim forfor mymy sakesake.
wln 0139Lanc.LancasterLanc.AndAnd NorthwardNorthward GauestonGaveston hathhath manymany friendsfriends,
wln 0140AdewAdieu mymy LordLord, andand eithereither changechange youryour mindemind,
wln 0141OrOr lookelook toto seesee thethe thronethrone wherewhere youyou shouldshould sitsit,
wln 0142ToTo floatefloat inin bloudblood, andand atat thythy wantonwanton headhead,
wln 0143TheThe glozingglozing headhead ofof thythy basebase minionminion thrownethrown.
wln 0144ExeuntExeunt NobilesNobiles.
wln 0145Edw.EdwardEdw.II cannotcannot brookebrook thesethese hautiehaughty menacesmenaces:
wln 0146AmAm II aa kingking andand mustmust bebe ouer ruldeoueroverruledoverrulderuled?
wln 0147BrotherBrother displaiedisplay mymy ensignesensigns inin thethe fieldfield,
wln 0148IleI’ll bandiebandy withwith thethe BaronsBarons andand thethe EarlesEarls,
wln 0149AndAnd eythereither diedie, oror liuelive withwith GauestonGaveston.
wln 0150Gau.GavestonGau.II cancan nono longerlonger keepekeep meme fromfrom mymy lordlord.

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The Tragedie

wln 0151Edw.EdwardEdw.WhatWhat GauestonGaveston, welcomewelcome: kiskiss notnot mymy handhand,
wln 0152EmbraceEmbrace meme GauestonGaveston asas II dodo theethee:
wln 0153WhyWhy shouldstshouldst thouthou kneelekneel,
wln 0154KnowestKnowest thouthou notnot whowho II amam?
wln 0155ThyThy friendfriend, thy selfethyself, anotheranother GauestonGaveston,
wln 0156NotNot HilasHilas waswas moremore mournedmourned ofof HerculesHercules,
wln 0157ThenThan thouthou hasthast beenebeen ofof meme sincesince thythy exileexile.
wln 0158Gau.GavestonGau.AndAnd sincesince II wentwent fromfrom hencehence, nono soulesoul inin hellhell
wln 0159HathHath feltfelt moremore tormenttorment thenthan poorepoor GauestonGaveston.
wln 0160Edw.EdwardEdw.II knowknow itit, brotherbrother welcomewelcome homehome mymy friendfriend,
wln 0161NowNow letlet thethe treacheroustreacherous MortimersMortimers conspireconspire,
wln 0162AndAnd thatthat highhigh mindedminded earleearl ofof LancasterLancaster,
wln 0163II hauehave mymy wishwish, inin thatthat II ioyjoy thythy sightsight,
wln 0164AndAnd soonersooner shallshall thethe seasea orewhelmeoreo’erwhelmo’erwhelmewhelm mymy landland,
wln 0165ThenThen bearebear thethe shipship thatthat shallshall transporttransport theethee hencehence:
wln 0166II heerehere createcreate theethee LordLord highhigh ChamberlaineChamberlain,
wln 0167CheefeChief SecretarieSecretary toto thethe statestate andand meme,
wln 0168EarleEarl ofof CornewallCornwall, kingking andand lordlord ofof ManMan.
wln 0169Gauest.GavestonGauest.MyMy lordlord, thesethese titlestitles farfar exceedexceed mymy worthworth.
wln 0170KentKent.BrotherBrother, thethe leastleast ofof thesethese maymay wellwell sufficesuffice
wln 0171ForFor oneone ofof greatergreater birthbirth thenthan GauestonGaveston.
wln 0172Edw.EdwardEdw.CeaseCease brotherbrother, forfor II cannotcannot brookebrook thesethese wordswords,
wln 0173ThyThy woorthworth sweetsweet friendfriend isis farfar aboueabove mymy guiftsgifts,
wln 0174ThereforeTherefore toto equallequal itit receiuereceive mymy hartheart,
wln 0175IfIf forfor thesethese dignitiesdignities thouthou bebe enuiedenvied,
wln 0176IleI’ll giuegive theethee moremore, forfor butbut toto honourhonorhonour theethee,
wln 0177IsIs EdwardEdward pleazdpleased withwith kingliekingly regimentregiment.
wln 0178FearstFearest thouthou thythy personperson? thouthou shaltshalt hauehave aa guardguard:
wln 0179WantsWants thouthou goldgold? gogo toto mymy treasurietreasury,
wln 0180WouldstWouldst thouthou bebe loudeloud andand feardefeared? receiuereceive mymy sealeseal,
wln 0181SaueSave oror condemnecondemn, andand inin ourour namename commaundcommand,
wln 0182WhatWhat soso thythy mindemind affectesaffects oror fanciefancy likeslikes.

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of Edward the second.

wln 0183Gaue.GavestonGaue.ItIt shallshall sufficesuffice meme toto enioyenjoy youryour louelove,
wln 0184WhichWhich whileswhiles II hauehave, II thinkethink my selfemyself asas greatgreat,
wln 0185AsAs CæsarCaesarCaesar ridingriding inin thethe RomaineRoman streetestreet,
wln 0186WithWith captiuecaptive kingskings atat hishis triumphanttriumphant CarreCar.

wln 0187EnterEnter thethe BishopBishop ofof CouentrieCoventrycoventry.
wln 0188Edw.EdwardEdw.WhetherWhither goesgoes mymy LordLord ofof CouentrieCoventrycoventry soso fastfast?
wln 0189Bish.BishopToTo celebratecelebrate youryour fathersfather’s exequiesexequies,
wln 0190ButBut isis thatthat wickedwicked GauestonGaveston returndreturned?
wln 0191Edw.EdwardEdw.IAyI priestpriest, andand liueslives toto bebe reuengdrevenged onon theethee,
wln 0192ThatThat wertwert thethe onelyonly causecause ofof hishis exileexile.
wln 0193Gaue.GavestonGaue.Tis’Tis truetrue, andand butbut forfor reuerencereverence ofof thesethese robesrobes,
wln 0194ThouThou shouldstshouldst notnot plodplod oneone footefoot beyondbeyond thisthis placeplace.
wln 0195Bish.BishopII diddid nono moremore thenthan II waswas boundbound toto dodo,
wln 0196AndAnd GauestonGaveston vnlesseunless thouthou bebe reclaimdreclaimed,
wln 0197AsAs thenthenthan II diddid incenseincense thethe parlementparliament,
wln 0198SoSo willwill II nownow, andand thouthou shaltshalt backback toto FranceFrance.
wln 0199Gaue.GavestonGaue.SauingSaving youryour reuerencereverence, youyou mustmust pardonpardon meme.
wln 0200Edw.EdwardEdw.ThroweThrow ofoffof hishis goldengolden mitermitermitre, rendrend hishis stolestole,
wln 0201AndAnd inin thethe channellchannel christenchristen himhim a newaanewanewnew.
wln 0202KentKent.AhAh brotherbrother, laylay notnot violentviolent handshands onon himhim,
wln 0203ForFor heelehe’ll complainecomplain vntounto thethe seasee ofof RomeRome.
wln 0204Gaue.GavestonGaue.LetLet himhim complainecomplain vntounto thethe seaseesea ofof hellhell,
wln 0205IleI’ll bebe reuengdrevenged onon himhim forfor mymy exileexile.
wln 0206Edw.EdwardEdw.NoNo, sparespare hishis lifelife, butbut seazeseize vponupon hishis goodsgoods,
wln 0207BeBe thouthou lordlord bishopbishop, andand receiuereceive hishis rentsrentsrends,
wln 0208AndAnd makemake himhim serueserve theethee asas thythy chaplainechaplain,
wln 0209II giuegive himhim theethee, herehere vseuse himhim asas thouthou wiltwilt.
wln 0210Gaue.GavestonGaue.HeHe shallshall toto prisonprison, andand therethere diedie inin boultsbolts.
wln 0211Edw.EdwardEdw.IAyI toto thethe towertower, thethe fleetefleet, oror wherewhere thouthou wiltwilt.
wln 0212Bish.BishopForFor thisthis offenceoffenseoffence bebe thouthou accurstaccurstaccursed ofof GodGod.
wln 0213Edw.EdwardEdw.WhoseWho’swho’s therethere? conueieconvey thisthis priestpriest toto thethe towertower.
wln 0214Bish.BishopTrueTrue, truetrue.

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sig: B1v

The Tragedie

wln 0215Edw.EdwardEdw.ButBut inin thethe meane timemeanemeantimemean timetime GauestonGaveston awayaway,
wln 0216AndAnd taketake possessionpossession ofof hishis househouse andand goodsgoods,
wln 0217ComeCome followfollow meme, andand thouthou shaltshalt hauehave mymy guardeguard,
wln 0218ToTo seesee itit donedone, andand bringbring theethee safesafe againeagain.
wln 0219Gaue.GavestonGaue.WhatWhat shouldshould aa priestpriest dodo withwith soso fairefair aa househouse?
wln 0220AA prisonprison maymay be seemebebe seemebeseem hishis holinesseholiness.
wln 0221EnterEnter bothboth thethe MortimersMortimers, WarwickeWarwick,
wln 0222andand LancasterLancaster.

wln 0223War.WarwickWar.Tis’Tis truetrue, thethe BishopBishop isis inin thethe towertower,
wln 0224AndAnd goodsgoods andand bodybody giuengiven toto GauestonGaveston.
wln 0225Lan.LancasterLan.WhatWhat? willwill theythey tyrannizetyrannize vponupon thethe ChurchChurch?
wln 0226AhAh wickedwicked kingking, accurssedaccursed GauestonGaveston,
wln 0227ThisThis groundground whichwhich isis corruptedcorrupted withwith theirtheir stepssteps,
wln 0228ShallShall bebe theirtheir timelestimeless sepulchersepulchersepulchre, oror minemine.
wln 0229Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorWelWell, letlet thatthat peeuishpeevish FrenchmāFrenchman guardguard himhim suresure
wln 0230VnlesseUnless hishis brestbreast bebe sword proofeswordswordproofsword proofeproof hehe shallshall diedie.
wln 0231Mor.MortimerMor. se.seniorHowHow nownow, whywhy droopsdroops thethe earleearl ofof LancasterLancaster?
wln 0232Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorWherforeWherefore isis GuyGuy ofof WarwickeWarwick discontentdiscontent?
wln 0233Lan.LancasterLan.ThatThat villainevillain GauestonGaveston isis mademade anan EarleEarl.
wln 0234Mortim.MortimerMortim. sen.seniorAnAn EarleEarl!
wln 0235War.WarwickWar.IAyay, andand besidesbesides, lordlord ChamberlaineChamberlainchamberlain ofof thethe realmerealm,
wln 0236AndAnd secretarysecretary totooto, andand lordlord ofof ManMan.
wln 0237Mor.MortimerMor. se.seniorWeWe maymay notnot, nornor wewe willwill notnot suffersuffer thisthis.
wln 0238Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorWhyWhy postpost wewe notnot fromfrom hencehence toto leuielevy menmen?
wln 0239Lan.LancasterLan.MyMy lordlord ofof CornewallCornwall, nownow atat eueryevery wordeword,
wln 0240AndAnd happiehappy isis thethe manman, whomwhom hehe vouchsafesvouchsafes
wln 0241ForFor vailingvailing ofof hishis bonnetbonnet oneone goodgood lookelook,
wln 0242ThusThus armearm inin armearm, thethe kingking andand hehe doothdoth marchemarch:
wln 0243NayNay moremore, thethe guardeguard vponupon hishis lordshiplordship waiteswaits:
wln 0244AndAnd allall thethe courtcourt beginsbegins toto flatterflatter himhim.
wln 0245War.WarwickWar.ThusThus leaningleaning onon thethe shouldershoulder ofof thethe kingking.
wln 0246HeHe nodsnods, andand scornesscorns, andand smilessmiles atat thosethose thatthat passepass.
wln 0247Mor.MortimerMor. se.seniorDothDoth nono manman taketake exceptionsexceptions atat thethe slaueslave?

img: 6-b
sig: B2r

of Edward the second.

wln 0248Lan.LancasterLan.AllAll stomackstomach himhim, butbut nonenone daredare speakespeak aa wordword.
wln 0249Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorAhAh thatthat bewraiesbewrays theirtheir basenesbaseness LancasterLancaster,
wln 0250WereWere allall thethe EarlesEarls andand BaronsBarons ofof mymy mindemind,
wln 0251Weelewe’ll halehale himhim fromfrom thethe bosomebosom ofof thethe kingking,
wln 0252AndAnd atat thethe courtcourt gategate hanghang thethe pessantpeasant vpup,
wln 0253WhoWho swolneswollen withwith venomevenom ofof ambitiousambitious pridepride,
wln 0254WillWill bebe thethe ruineruin ofof thethe realmerealm andand vsus.
wln 0255EnterEnter thethe BishopBishop ofof CanterburieCanterburycanterbury.
wln 0256War.WarwickWar.HereHere comescomes mymy lordlord ofof CanterburiesCanterbury’s gracegrace.
wln 0257Lan.LancasterLan.HisHis countenancecountenance bewraiesbewrays hehe isis displeasddispleased.
wln 0258Bish.BishopFirstFirst werewere hishis sacredsacred garmentsgarments rentrent andand tornetorn,
wln 0259ThenThen laidelaid theythey violentviolent handshands vponupon himhim nextnext,
wln 0260HimselfeHimself imprisonedimprisoned, andand hishis goodsgoods asceasdasseized,
wln 0261ThisThis certifiecertify thethe PopePope, awayaway taketake horssehorse.
wln 0262Lan.LancasterLan.MyMy lordlord, willwill youyou taketake armesarms againstagainst thethe kingking?
wln 0263Bish.BishopWhatWhat needeneed II, GodGod himselfehimself isis vpup inin armesarms,
wln 0264WhenWhen violenceviolence isis offeredoffered toto thethe churchchurch.
wln 0265Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorThenThen wilwill youyou ioinejoin withwith vsus thatthat bebe hishis peerespeers
wln 0266ToTo banishbanish oror beheadbehead thatthat GauestonGaveston?
wln 0267Bish.BishopVVhatWhat elselse mymy lordslords, forfor itit concernesconcerns meme neerenear,
wln 0268TheThe BishoprickBishopric ofof CouentrieCoventrycoventry isis hishis.
wln 0269EnterEnter thethe QueeneQueen.
wln 0270Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorMadamMadam, whetherwhitherwhether walkswalks youryour maiestiemajesty soso fastfast?
wln 0271Que.QueenVntoUnto thethe forrestforest gentlegentle MortimerMortimer,
wln 0272ToTo liuelive inin greefegrief andand balefullbaleful discontentdiscontent,
wln 0273ForFor nownow mymy lordlord thethe kingking regardesregards meme notnot,
wln 0274ButBut dotesdotes vponupon thethe louelove ofof GauestonGaveston,
wln 0275HeHe clapsclaps hishis cheekescheeks, andand hangeshangs aboutabout hishis neckneck,
wln 0276SmilesSmiles inin hishis faceface, andand whisperswhispers inin hishis earesears,
wln 0277AndAnd whenwhen II comecome, hehe frownesfrowns, asas whowho shouldshould saysay,
wln 0278GoGo whetherwhitherwhether thouthou wiltwilt seeingseeing II hauehave GauestonGaveston.
wln 0279Mor.MortimerMor. se.seniorIsIs itit notnot straungestrange, thatthat hehe isis thusthus bewitchtbewitched?
wln 0280Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorMadamMadam, returnereturn vntounto thethe courtcourt againeagain:

img: 7-a
sig: B2v

The Tragedie

wln 0281ThatThat sliesly inueiglinginveigling FrenchmanFrenchman weelewe’ll exileexile,
wln 0282OrOr loselose ourour liueslives: andand yetyet ereere thatthat dayday comecome,
wln 0283TheThe kingking shallshall loselose hishis crownecrown, forfor wewe hauehave powerpower,
wln 0284AndAnd couragecourage toto, toto bebe reuengderevenged atat fullfull.
wln 0285Bish.BishopButBut yetyet liftlift notnot youryour swordsswords againstagainst thethe kingking.
wln 0286Lan.LancasterLan.NoNo, butbut weelewe’ll liftlift GauestonGaveston fromfrom hencehence.
wln 0287War.WarwickWar.AndAnd warwar mustmust bebe thethe meanesmeans, oror heelehe’ll staystay stilstill.
wln 0288QueenQueen.ThenThen letlet himhim staystay, forfor ratherrather thenthan mymy lordlord
wln 0289ShallShall bebe opprestoppressed byby ciuillcivil mutiniesmutinies,
wln 0290II wilwill endureendure aa melancholiemelancholy lifelife,
wln 0291AndAnd letlet himhim frollickstollickfrolic withwith hishis minionminion.
wln 0292Bish.BishopMyMy lordslords, toto eazeease allall thisthis, butbut hearehear meme speakespeak,
wln 0293VVeWe andand thethe restrest thatthat areare hishis counsellerscounselorscounsellors,
wln 0294VVillWill meetemeet, andand withwith aa generallgeneral consentconsent,
wln 0295ConfirmeConfirm hishis banishmentbanishment withwith ourour handeshands andand sealesseals.
wln 0296Lan.LancasterLan.VVhatWhat wewe confirmeconfirm thethe kingking willwill frustratefrustrate.
wln 0297Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorThenThen maymay wewe lawfullylawfully reuoltrevolt fromfrom himhim.
wln 0298War.WarwickWar.ButBut saysay mymy lordlord, wherewhere shallshall thisthis meetingmeeting beebe?
wln 0299Bish.BishopAtAt thethe newnew templetemple.
wln 0300Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorContentContent:
wln 0301AndAnd inin thethe meanemean timetime ileI’ll intreatentreat youyou allall,
wln 0302ToTo crossecross toto LambethLambeth, andand therethere staystay withwith meme.
wln 0303Lan.LancasterLan.ComeCome thenthen letslet’s awayaway.
wln 0304Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorMadamMadam farewellfarewell.
wln 0305Qu.QueenQu.FarewellFarewell sweetsweet MortimerMortimer, andand forfor mymy sakesake,
wln 0306ForbeareForbear toto leuielevy armesarms againstagainst thethe kingking.
wln 0307Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorIAyay, ifif wordswords willwill serueserve, ifif notnot, II mustmust.

wln 0308EnterEnter GauestonGaveston andand thethe earleearl ofof KentKent.
wln 0309Gau.GavestonGau.EdmundEdmund thethe mightiemighty princeprince ofof LancasterLancaster,
wln 0310ThatThat hathhath moremore earldomesearldoms thenthan anan asseass cancan bearebear,
wln 0311AndAnd bothboth thethe MortimersMortimers twotwo goodlygoodly menmen,
wln 0312VVithWith GuieGuyguy ofof VVarwickWarwick thatthat redoubtedredoubted knightknight,

img: 7-b
sig: B3r

of Edward the second.

wln 0313AreAre gonegone towardstowards LambethLambeth, therethere letlet themthem remaineremain.
wln 0314ExeuntExeunt.

wln 0315EnterEnter NobilesNobiles.
wln 0316Lan.LancasterLan.HereHere isis thethe formeform ofof GauestonsGaveston’s exileexile:
wln 0317MayMay itit pleaseplease youryour lordshiplordship toto subscribesubscribe youryour namename.
wln 0318Bish.BishopGiueGive meme thethe paperpaper.
wln 0319Lan.LancasterLan.QuickQuick quickquick mymy lordelord,
wln 0320II longlong toto writewrite mymy namename.
wln 0321War.WarwickWar.ButBut II longlong moremore toto seesee himhim banishtbanished hencehence.
wln 0322Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorTheThe namename ofof MortimerMortimer shallshall frightfright thethe kingking,
wln 0323VnlesseUnless hehe bebe declindedeclined fromfrom thatthat basebase pesantpeasant.

wln 0324EnterEnter thethe KingKing andand GauestonGaveston.
wln 0325Edw.EdwardEdw.VVhatWhat? areare youyou mou’dmoved thatthat GauestonGaveston sitssits heerehere?
wln 0326ItIt isis ourour pleasurepleasure, wewe willwill hauehave itit soso.
wln 0327Lan.LancasterLan.YourYour gracegrace dothdoth welwell toto placeplace himhim byby youryour sideside,
wln 0328ForFor no wherenowhere elseelse thethe newnew earleearl isis soso safesafe.
wln 0329Mor.MortimerMor. se.seniorVVhatWhat manman ofof noblenoble birthbirth cancan brookebrook thisthis
wln 0330 sightsight?
wln 0331QuamQuam malemale conueniuntconveniuntconueniunt:
wln 0332SeeSee whatwhat aa scornfullscornful lookelook thethe pesantpeasant castscasts.
wln 0333Penb.PembrokePenb.CanCan kingliekingly LionsLions fawnefawn onon creepingcreeping AntsAnts?
wln 0334War.WarwickWar.IgnobleIgnoble vassailevassal thatthat likelike PhaetonPhaeton,
wln 0335Aspir’stAspirest vntounto thethe guidanceguidance ofof thethe sunnesun.
wln 0336Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorTheirTheir downfalldownfall isis atat handhand, theirtheir forcesforces downedown,
wln 0337VVeWe willwill notnot thusthus bebe facstfaced andand ouerpeerdoverpeered.
wln 0338Edw.EdwardEdw.LayLay handshands onon thatthat traitortraitor MortimerMortimer.
wln 0339Mor.MortimerMor. se.seniorLayLay handshands onon thatthat traitortraitor GauestonGaveston.
wln 0340KentKent.IsIs thisthis thethe dutieduty thatthat youyou oweowe youryour kingking?
wln 0341War.WarwickWar.VVeWe knowknow ourour dutiesduties, letlet himhim knowknow hishis peerespeers.
wln 0342Edw.EdwardEdw.WhetherWhitherWhether willwill youyou bearebear himhim, staystay oror yeye shallshall diedie,
wln 0343Mor.MortimerMor. se.seniorVVeWe areare nono traitorstraitors, thereforetherefore threatenthreaten notnot.

img: 8-a
sig: B3v

The Tragedie

wln 0344Gau.GavestonGau.NoNo, threatenthreaten notnot mymy lordlord, butbut paypay themthem homehome.
wln 0345VVereWere II aa kingking.
wln 0346Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorThouThou villainevillain, wherforewherefore talkestalks thouthou ofof aa kingking,
wln 0347ThatThat hardlyhardly artart aa gentlemangentleman byby birthbirth?
wln 0348Edw.EdwardEdw.VVereWere hehe aa peasantpeasant beingbeing mymy minionminion,
wln 0349IleI’ll makemake thethe prowdestproudest ofof youyou stoopestoop toto himhim.
wln 0350Lan.LancasterLan.MyMy lordlord, youyou maymay notnot thusthus disparagedisparage vsus,
wln 0351AwayAway II saysay withwith hatefullhateful GauestonGaveston.
wln 0352Mort.MortimerMort. se.seniorAndAnd withwith thethe earleearl ofof KentKent thatthat fauorsfavorsfavours himhim.
wln 0353Edw.EdwardEdw.NayNay, thenthen laylay violentviolent handshands vponupon youryour kingking,
wln 0354HereHere MortimerMortimer, sitsit thouthou inin EdwardsEdward’s thronethrone,
wln 0355WarwickeWarwick andand LancasterLancaster, wearewear youyou mymy crownecrown,
wln 0356VVasWas euerever kingking thusthus ouer ruldeoueroverruledover rulderuled asas II?
wln 0357Lan.LancasterLan.LearneLearn thenthen toto rulerule vsus betterbetter andand thethe realmerealm.
wln 0358Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorVVhatWhat wewe hauehave donedone,
wln 0359ourour hartheart bloudblood shallshall maintainemaintain.
wln 0360War.WarwickWar.ThinkThink youyou thatthat wewe cancan brookebrook thisthis vpstartupstart pridepride?
wln 0361Edw.EdwardEdw.AngerAnger andand wrathfullwrathful furiefury stopsstops mymy speechspeech.
wln 0362Bish.BishopVVhyWhy areare youyou moou’dmoved, bebe patientpatient mymy lordlord,
wln 0363AndAnd seesee whatwhat wewe youryour councellerscouncillors hauehave donedone.
wln 0364Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorMyMy lordslords, nownow letlet vsus allall bebe resoluteresolute,
wln 0365AndAnd eithereither hauehave ourour wilswills, oror loselose ourour liueslives.
wln 0366Edw.EdwardEdw.MeeteMeet youyou forfor thisthis, proudproud ouerdaringoverdaring peerespeers,
wln 0367EreEre mymy sweetesweet GauestonGaveston shallshall partpart fromfrom meme,
wln 0368ThisThis IleIsleI’ll shallshall fleetefleet vponupon thethe OceanOcean,
wln 0369AndAnd wanderwander toto thethe vnfrequentedunfrequented IndeInd.
wln 0370Bish.BishopYouYou knowknow thatthat II amam legatelegate toto thethe PopePope,
wln 0371OnOn youryour allegeanceallegiance toto thethe seasee ofof RomeRome,
wln 0372SubscribeSubscribe asas wewe hauehave donedone toto hishis exileexile.
wln 0373Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorCurseCurse himhim, ifif hehe refuserefuse, andand thenthen maymay wewe
wln 0374DeposeDepose himhim andand electelect an otheranother kingking.
wln 0375Edw.EdwardEdw.IAyI therethere itit goesgoes, butbut yetyet II willwill notnot yeeldyield,
wln 0376CurseCurse meme, deposedepose meme, doedo thethe worstworst youyou cancan.

img: 8-b
sig: B4r

of Edward the second.

wln 0377Lan.LancasterLan.ThenThen lingerlinger notnot mymy lordlord butbut dodo itit straightstraight.
wln 0378Bish.BishopRememberRemember howhow thethe BishopBishop waswas abusdeabused,
wln 0379EitherEither banishbanish himhim thatthat waswas thethe causecause thereofthereof.
wln 0380OrOr II willwill presentliepresently dischargedischarge thesethese lordslords,
wln 0381OfOf dutieduty andand allegeanceallegiance duedue toto theethee.
wln 0382Edw.EdwardEdw.ItIt bootesboots meme notnot toto threatthreat, II mustmust speakespeak fairefair,
wln 0383TheThe LegateLegate ofof thethe PopePope willwill bebe obaydobeyed:
wln 0384MyMy lordlord, youyou shalbeshall be ChauncellorChancellor ofof thethe realmerealm,
wln 0385ThouThou LancasterLancaster, highhigh admiralladmiral ofof ourour fleetefleet,
wln 0386YongYoung MortimerMortimer andand hishis vnckleuncle shalbeshall be earlesearls,
wln 0387AndAnd youyou lordlord VVarwickWarwick, presidentpresident ofof thethe NorthNorth,
wln 0388AndAnd thouthou ofof VValesWales, ifif thisthis contentcontent youyou notnot,
wln 0389MakeMake seuerallseveral kingdomeskingdoms ofof thisthis monarchiemonarchy,
wln 0390AndAnd shareshare itit equallyequally amongstamongst youyou allall,
wln 0391SoSo II maymay hauehave somesome nookenook oror cornercorner leftleft,
wln 0392ToTo frolikefrolic withwith mymy deerestdearest GauestonGaveston.
wln 0393Bish.BishopNothingNothing shallshall alteralter vsus, weewe areare resolu’dresolved.
wln 0394Lan.LancasterLan.ComeCome, comecome, subscribesubscribe.
wln 0395Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorVVhyWhy shouldshould youyou louelove himhim,
wln 0396whomewhom thethe worldworld hateshates soso?
wln 0397Edw.EdwardEdw.BecauseBecause hehe louesloves meme moremore thenthan allall thethe worldworld:
wln 0398AhAh nonenone butbut ruderude andand sauagesavage mindedminded menmen,
wln 0399VVouldWould seekeseek thethe ruineruin ofof mymy GauestonGaveston,
wln 0400YouYou thatthat bebe noblenoble borneborn shouldshould pitiepity himhim.
wln 0401WarwickeWarwick.YouYou thatthat areare princelyprincely borneborn shouldshould shakeshake
wln 0402 himhim offoff,
wln 0403ForFor shameshame subscribesubscribe, andand letlet thethe lowneloon departdepart.
wln 0404Mor.MortimerMor. se.seniorVrgeUrge himhim mymy lordlord.
wln 0405Bish.BishopAreAre youyou contentcontent toto banishbanish himhim thethe realmerealm?
wln 0406Edw.EdwardEdw.II seesee II mustmust, andand thereforetherefore amam contentcontent,
wln 0407In steedeInInsteadIn steedesteed ofof inkeink, ileI’ll writewrite itit withwith mymy tearestears.
wln 0408Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorTheThe kingking isis loue-sicklovesick forfor hishis minionminion.
wln 0409Edw.EdwardEdw.Tis’Tis donedone, andand nownow accursedaccursed handhand fallfall offoff.

img: 9-a
sig: B4v

The Tragedie

wln 0410Lan.LancasterLan.GiueGive itit meme, ileI’ll hauehave itit publishedpublished inin thethe streetesstreets.
wln 0411Mor.MortimerMor. injuniorin.IleI’ll seesee himhim presentlypresently dispatcheddispatched awayaway.
wln 0412Bish.BishopNowNow isis mymy heartheart atat easeease.
wln 0413Warw.WarwickWarw.AndAnd soso isis minemine.
wln 0414Penb.PembrokePenb.ThisThis willwill bebe goodgood newesnews toto thethe commoncommon sortsort.
wln 0415Mor.MortimerMor. se.seniorBeBe itit oror nono, hehe shallshall notnot lingerlinger herehere.
wln 0416ExeuntExeunt NobilesNobiles.
wln 0417Edw.EdwardEdw.HowHow fastfast theythey runrun toto banishbanish himhim II louelove,
wln 0418TheyThey wouldwould notnot stirstir, werewere itit toto dodo meme goodgood:
wln 0419WhyWhy shouldshould aa kingking bebe subiectsubject toto aa priestpriest?
wln 0420ProudProud RomeRome, thatthat hatchesthatchest suchsuch imperiallimperial groomesgrooms,
wln 0421ForFor thesethese thythy superstitioussuperstitious taperlightstaperlights,
wln 0422WherewithWherewith thythy antichristianantichristian churcheschurches blazeblaze,
wln 0423IleI’ll firefire thythy crasedcrazed buildingsbuildings, andand enforceenforce
wln 0424TheThe papallpapal towerstowers, toto kissekiss thethe lowlielowly groundground,
wln 0425WithWith slaughteredslaughtered priestspriests maymay TibersTiber’s channellchannel swellswell
wln 0426AndAnd bankesbanks raisdraised higherhigher withwith theirtheir sepulcherssepulcherssepulchres:
wln 0427AsAs forfor thethe peerespeers thatthat backeback thethe cleargieclergy thusthus,
wln 0428IfIf II bebe kingking, notnot oneone ofof themthem shallshall liuelive.

wln 0429EnterEnter GauestonGaveston.
wln 0430Gau.GavestonGau.MyMy lordlord II hearehear itit whisperedwhispered euery whereeverywhere,
wln 0431ThatThat II amam banishdbanished, andand mustmust fliefly thethe landland.
wln 0432Edw.EdwardEdw.Tis’Tis truetrue sweetesweet GauestonGaveston, oho werewere itit falsefalse,
wln 0433TheThe LegateLegate ofof thethe PopePope willwill hauehave itit soso,
wln 0434AndAnd thouthou mustmust hencehence, oror II shallshall bebe deposddeposed,
wln 0435ButBut II willwill raignereign toto bebe reueng’drevenged ofof themthem,
wln 0436AndAnd thereforetherefore sweetesweet friendfriend, taketake itit patientlypatiently,
wln 0437LiueLive wherewhere thouthou wiltwilt, ileI’ll sendsend theethee gouldgold enoughenough,
wln 0438AndAnd longlong thouthou shaltshalt notnot staystay, oror ifif thouthou doostdost,
wln 0439IleI’ll comecome toto theethee, mymy louelove shallshall nearene’er declinedecline.
wln 0440Gaue.GavestonGaue.IsIs allall mymy hopehope turndturned toto thisthis hellhell ofof greefegrief.
wln 0441Edw.EdwardEdw.RendRend notnot mymy hartheart withwith thythy tootoo piercingpiercing wordswords,

img: 9-b
sig: C1r

of Edward the second.

wln 0442ThouThou fromfrom thisthis landland, II fromfrom my selfemyself amam banishtbanished.
wln 0443Gau.GavestonGau.ToTo gogo fromfrom hencehence, greeuesgrieves notnot poorepoor GauestonGaveston,
wln 0444ButBut toto forsakeforsake youyou, inin whosewhose gratiousgracious lookeslooks
wln 0445TheThe blessednesblessedness ofof GauestonGaveston remainesremains,
wln 0446ForFor no wherenowhere elseelse seekesseeks hehe felicitiefelicity.
wln 0447Edw.EdwardEdw.AndAnd onelyonly thisthis tormentstorments mymy wretchedwretched soulesoul,
wln 0448ThatThat whetherwhether II willwill oror nono thouthou mustmust departdepart:
wln 0449BeBe gouernourgovernor ofof IrelandIreland inin mymy steadstead,
wln 0450AndAnd therethere abideabide tilltill fortunefortune callcall theethee homehome.
wln 0451HereHere taketake mymy picturepicture, andand letlet meme wearewear thinethine,
wln 0452OOOh mightmight II keepekeep theethee heerehere, asas II doedo thisthis,
wln 0453HappieHappy werewere II, butbut nownow mostmost miserablemiserable.
wln 0454Gauest.GavestonGauest.Tis’Tis somethingsomething toto bebe pitiedpitied ofof aa kingking.
wln 0455Edw.EdwardEdw.ThouThou shaltshalt notnot hencehence, ileI’ll hidehide theethee GauestonGaveston.
wln 0456Gau.GavestonGau.II shalshall bebe foundfound, andand thenthen twil’twill greeuegrieve meme moremore.
wln 0457Edwa.EdwardEdwa.KindeKind wordeswords, andand mutuallmutual talketalk, makesmakes ourour
wln 0458 greefegrief greatergreater.
wln 0459ThereforeTherefore withwith dumdumb imbracementembracement letlet vsus partpart,
wln 0460StayStay GauestonGaveston II cannotcannot leaueleave theethee thusthus.
wln 0461Gau.GavestonGau.ForFor eueryevery lookelook, mymy lordlord dropsdrops downedown aa tearetear,
wln 0462SeeingSeeing II mustmust gogo, dodo notnot renewrenew mymy sorrowsorrow.
wln 0463Edwa.EdwardEdwa.TheThe timetime isis littlelittle thatthat thouthou hasthast toto staystay,
wln 0464AndAnd thereforetherefore giuegive meme leaueleave toto lookelook mymy fillfill,
wln 0465ButBut comecome sweetesweet friendfriend, ileI’ll bearebear theethee onon thythy wayway.
wln 0466Gau.GavestonGau.TheThe peerespeers willwill frownefrown.
wln 0467Edw.EdwardEdw.II passepass notnot forfor theirtheir angeranger, comecome letslet’s gogo,
wln 0468OOOh thatthat wewe mightmight asas wellwell returnereturn asas goego.

wln 0469EnterEnter EdmundEdmund andand QueenQueen IsabellIsabell.
wln 0470Qu.QueenQu.WhetherWhitherWhether goesgoes mymy lordlord?
wln 0471Edw.EdwardEdw.FawneFawn notnot onon meme FrenchFrench strumpetstrumpet, getget theethee
wln 0472 gonegone.
wln 0473Qu.QueenQu.OnOn whomwhom butbut onon mymy husbandhusband shouldshould II fawnefawn?

img: 10-a
sig: C1v

The Tragedie

wln 0474Gau.GavestonGau.OnOn MortimerMortimer, withwith whomwhom vngentleungentle QueeneQueen,
wln 0475II saysay nono moremore, iudgejudge youyou thethe restrest mymy lordlord.
wln 0476Qu.QueenQu.InIn sayingsaying thisthis, thouthou wrongstwrong’stwrongest meme GauestonGaveston,
wln 0477IstIs ’tIs’t notnot enoughenough, thatthat thouthou corruptscorrupts mymy lordlord,
wln 0478AndAnd artart aa bawdbawd toto hishis affectionsaffections,
wln 0479ButBut thouthou mustmust callcall minemine honorhonorhonour thusthus inin questionquestion?
wln 0480Gau.GavestonGau.II meanemean notnot soso, youryour gracegrace mustmust pardonpardon meme.
wln 0481Edw.EdwardEdw.ThouThou artart tootoo familiarfamiliar withwith thatthat MortimerMortimer,
wln 0482AndAnd byby thythy meanesmeans isis GauestonGaveston exildeexiled,
wln 0483ButBut II wouldwould wishwish theethee reconcilereconcile thethe lordslords,
wln 0484OrOr thouthou shaltshalt nerene’er bebe reconcildreconciled toto meme.
wln 0485Qu.QueenQu.YourYour highneshighness knowesknows, itit lieslies notnot inin mymy powerpower.
wln 0486Edw.EdwardEdw.AwayAway thenthen, touchtouch meme notnot, comecome GauestonGaveston.
wln 0487Qu.QueenQu.VillaineVillain, tis’tis thouthou thatthat robstrob’strobbest meme ofof mymy lordlord.
wln 0488Gau.GavestonGau.MadamMadam, tis’tis youyou thatthat robrob meme ofof mymy lordlord.
wln 0489Edw.EdwardEdw.SpeakeSpeak notnot vntounto herher, letlet herher droopedroop andand pinepine.
wln 0490Qu.QueenQu.WhereinWherein mymy lordlord, hauehave II deseruddeserved thesethese wordswords?
wln 0491WitnesseWitness thethe tearestears thatthat IsabellaIsabella shedssheds,
wln 0492WitnesseWitness thisthis hartheart, thatthat sighingsighing forfor theethee breakesbreaks,
wln 0493HowHow dearedear mymy lordlord isis toto poorepoor IsabellIsabell.
wln 0494Edw.EdwardEdw.AndAnd witnessewitness heauenheaven howhow deeredear thouthou artart toto meme.
wln 0495ThereThere weepeweep, forfor tilltill mymy GauestonGaveston bebe repealdrepealed,
wln 0496AssureAssure thy selfethyself thouthou comstcom’st notnot inin mymy sightsight.
wln 0497ExeuntExeunt EdwardEdward andand GauestonGaveston.
wln 0498Qu.QueenQu.OO miserablemiserable andand distresseddistressed QueeneQueen!
wln 0499WouldWould whenwhen II leftleft sweetsweet FranceFrance andand waswas imbarktembarked,
wln 0500ThatThat charmingcharming CircesCirce’s walkingwalking onon thethe waueswaves,
wln 0501HadHad chaungdchanged mymy shapeshape, oror atat thethe mariagemarriage dayday
wln 0502TheThe cupcup ofof HymenHymen hadhad beenebeen fullfull ofof poysonpoison,
wln 0503OrOr withwith thosethose armesarms thatthat twindtwinedtwinned aboutabout mymy neckneck,
wln 0504II hadhad beenebeen stifledstifled, andand notnot liuedlived toto seesee,
wln 0505TheThe kingking mymy lordlord thusthus toto abandonabandon meme:
wln 0506LikeLike frantickfrantic IunoJunojuno willwill II fillfill thethe earthearth,

img: 10-b
sig: C2r

of Edward the second.

wln 0507WithWith gastlieghastly murmuremurmur ofof mymy sighessighs andand criescries,
wln 0508ForFor neuernever doteddoted IoueJovejove onon GanimedGanymede,
wln 0509SoSo muchmuch asas hehe onon cursedcursed GauestonGaveston,
wln 0510ButBut thatthat willwill moremore exasperateexasperate hishis wrathwrath,
wln 0511II mustmust entreatentreat himhim, II mustmust speakespeak himhim fairefair,
wln 0512AndAnd bebe aa meanesmeans toto callcall homehome GauestonGaveston:
wln 0513AndAnd yetyet heelehe’ll euerever dotedote onon GauestonGaveston,
wln 0514AndAnd soso amam II for euerforforeverfor euerever miserablemiserable.
wln 0515EnterEnter thethe NoblesNobles toto thethe QueeneQueen.
wln 0516Lanc.LancasterLanc.LookeLook wherewhere thethe sistersister ofof thethe kingking ofof FraunceFrance,
wln 0517SitsSits wringingwringing ofof herher handshands, andand beatsbeats herher brestbreast.
wln 0518Warw.WarwickWarw.TheThe kingking II fearefear hathhath illill intreatedentreated herher.
wln 0519Pen.PembrokePen.HardHard isis thethe hartheart, thatthat iniuresinjures suchsuch aa saintsaint.
wln 0520Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorII knowknow tis’tis longlong ofof GauestonGaveston sheshe weepesweeps.
wln 0521Mor.MortimerMor. se.seniorWhyWhy? hehe isis gonegone.
wln 0522Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorMadamMadam, howhow faresfares youryour gracegrace?
wln 0523Qu.QueenQu.AhAh MortimerMortimer! nownow breaksbreaks thethe kingsking’s hatehate forthforth,
wln 0524AndAnd hehe confessethconfesseth thatthat hehe louesloves meme notnot.
wln 0525Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorCrieCry quittancequittance MadamMadam thenthen, &and louelove notnot himhim.
wln 0526Qu.QueenQu.NoNo, ratherrather willwill II diedie aa thousandthousand deathsdeaths,
wln 0527AndAnd yetyet II louelove inin vainevain, heelehe’ll nerene’er louelove meme.
wln 0528Lan.LancasterLan.FeareFear yeye notnot MadamMadam, nownow hishis minionsminion’sminions gonegone,
wln 0529HisHis wantonwanton humorhumorhumour willwill bebe quickliequickly leftleft.
wln 0530Qu.QueenQu.OO neuernever LancasterLancaster! II amam inioyndeenjoined,
wln 0531ToTo suesue vntounto youyou allall forfor hishis repealerepeal:
wln 0532ThisThis wilswills mymy lordlord, andand thisthis mustmust II performeperform,
wln 0533OrOr elseelse bebe banishtbanished fromfrom hishis highnessehighness’ presencepresence.
wln 0534Lan.LancasterLan.ForFor hishis repealerepeal, MadamMadam, hehe comescomes notnot backback,
wln 0535VnlesseUnless thethe seasea castcast vpup hishis shipwrackshipwreck bodybody.
wln 0536War.WarwickWar.AndAnd toto beholdbehold soso sweetesweet aa sightsight asas thatthat,
wln 0537TheresThere’sthere’s nonenone herehere, butbut wouldwould runrun hishis horsehorse toto deathdeath.
wln 0538Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorButBut madammadam, wouldwould youyou hauehave vsus calcall himhim homehome?
wln 0539Qu.QueenQu.IAyI MortimerMortimer, forfor tilltill hehe bebe restorderestored,

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sig: C2v

The Tragedie

wln 0540TheThe angrieangry kingking hathhath banishedbanished meme thethe courtcourt:
wln 0541AndAnd thereforetherefore asas thouthou louestlovest andand tendresttend’resttenderest meme,
wln 0542BeBe thouthou mymy aduocateadvocate vntounto thesethese peerespeers.
wln 0543Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorWhatWhat, wouldwould yeye hauehave meme pleadplead forfor GauestonGaveston?
wln 0544Mor.MortimerMor. se.seniorPleadPlead forfor himhim hehe thatthat willwill, II amam resoluderesolved.
wln 0545Lan.LancasterLan.AndAnd soso amam II mymy lordlord, diswadedissuade thethe QueeneQueen.
wln 0546Qu.QueenQu.OO LancasterLancaster, letlet himhim diswadedissuade thethe kingking,
wln 0547ForFor tis’tis againstagainst mymy willwill hehe shouldshould returnereturn.
wln 0548War.WarwickWar.ThenThen speakespeak notnot forfor himhim, letlet thethe pesantpeasant gogo.
wln 0549Qu.QueenQu.Tis’Tis forfor my selfemyself II speakespeak, andand notnot forfor himhim.
wln 0550Pen.PembrokePen.NoNo speakingspeaking willwill preuaileprevail, andand thereforetherefore ceasecease.
wln 0551Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorFaireFair QueeneQueen forbeareforbear toto angleangle forfor thethe fishfish,
wln 0552WhichWhich beingbeing caughtcaught, strikesstrikes himhim thatthat takestakes itit deaddead,
wln 0553II meanemean thatthat vilevile TorpedoTorpedo, GauestonGaveston,
wln 0554ThatThat nownow II hopehope flotesfloats onon thethe IrishIrish seasseas.
wln 0555Qu.QueenQu.SweeteSweet MortimerMortimer, sitsit downedown byby meme aa whilewhile,
wln 0556AndAnd II willwill telltell theethee reasonsreasons ofof suchsuch waighteweight,
wln 0557AsAs thouthou wiltwilt soonesoon subscribesubscribe toto hishis repealerepeal.
wln 0558Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorItIt isis impossibleimpossible, butbut speakespeak youryour mindemind.
wln 0559Qu.QueenQu.ThenThen thusthus, butbut nonenone shalshall hearehear itit butbut our seluesourselves.
wln 0560Lanc.LancasterLanc.MyMy LordsLords albeitalbeit thethe QueenQueen winnewin MortimerMortimer,
wln 0561willwill youyou bebe resoluteresolute andand holdhold withwith meme?
wln 0562Mor.MortimerMor. se.seniorNotNot II againstagainst mymy nephewnephew.
wln 0563Pen.PembrokePen.FeareFear notnot, thethe queensqueen’squeens wordswords cannotcannot alteralter himhim.
wln 0564War.WarwickWar.NoNo, doedo butbut markemark howhow earnestlyearnestly sheshe pleadspleads.
wln 0565Lan.LancasterLan.AndAnd seesee howhow coldlycoldly hishis lookeslooks makemake denialldenial.
wln 0566War.WarwickWar.SheShe smilessmiles, nownow forfor mymy lifelife hishis mindmind isis changdchanged.
wln 0567Lanc.LancasterLanc.IleI’ll ratherrather looselose hishis friendshipfriendship II, thenthen grauntgrant.
wln 0568Mor.MortimerMor. iu.juniorWellWell ofof necessitienecessity itit mustmust bebe soso,
wln 0569MyMy LordsLords, thatthat II abhorreabhor basebase GauestonGaveston,
wln 0570II hopehope youryour honorshonorshonours makemake nono questionquestion,
wln 0571AndAnd thereforetherefore thoughthough II pleadeplead forfor hishis repeallrepeal,
wln 0572Tis’Tis notnot forfor hishis sakesake, butbut forfor ourour auaileavail:

img: 11-b
sig: C3r

of Edward the second.

wln 0573NayNay forfor thethe realmsrealm’s behoofebehoof andand forfor thethe kingsking’skings.
wln 0574Lanc.LancasterLanc.FieFie MortimerMortimer, dishonordishonordishonour notnot thy selfethyself,
wln 0575CanCan thisthis bebe truetrue twas’twas goodgood toto banishbanish himhim?
wln 0576AndAnd isis thisthis