Dido, Queen of Carthage
Dido, Queen of Carthage

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ln 0001THETHE
ln 0002TragedieTragedy ofof DidoDido
ln 0003QueeneQueen ofof CarthageCarthage:

ln 0004PlayedPlayed byby thethe ChildrenChildren ofof herher
ln 0005MaiestiesMajesty’s ChappellChapel.
ln 0006WrittenWritten byby ChristopherChristopher MarloweMarlowe, andand
ln 0007ThomasThomas Nash.Nash. Gent.Gent.

ln 0008ActorsActors
ln 0009IupiterJupiterjupiter.
ln 0010GanimedGanymede.
ln 0011VenusVenus.
ln 0012CupidCupid.
ln 0013IunoJunojuno.
ln 0014MercurieMercurymercury, oror
ln 0015 HermesHermes

ln 0016ÆneasAeneasAeneas.

ln 0018PrintedPrinted, byby thethe WiddoweWidow OrwinOrwin, forfor ThomasThomas WoodcockeWo●dcockeWoodcockWoodcocke, andand
ln 0019areare toto bebe soldesold atat hishis shopshop, inin PaulesPaul’s Church-yeardChurchyard, atat
ln 0020thethe signesign ofof thethe blackeblack BeareBear. 15941594.

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wln 0001TheThe TragedieTragedy ofof DidoDido QueeneQueen
wln 0002ofof CarthageCarthage.

wln 0003HereHere thethe CurtainesCurtains drawdraw, therethere isis discouereddiscovered IupiterJupiterjupiter dandlingda●dlingdandling
wln 0004GanimedGanymedeGanimed vponupon hishis kneeknee, andand MercuryMercury
wln 0005lyinglying asleepeasleep.

wln 0006Iup.Jupiterjup.COmeCOme gentlegentle GanimedGanymede andand playplay withwith meme,
wln 0007II louelove theethee wellwell, saysay IunoJunojuno whatwhat sheshe willwill.
wln 0008Gan.GanymedeGan.II amam muchmuch betterbetter forfor youryour worthlesworthless louelove,
wln 0009ThatThat willwill notnot shieldshield meme fromfrom herher shrewishshrewish blowesblows:
wln 0010To dayToday when aswhenas II fildfilled intointo youryour cupscups,
wln 0011AndAnd heldheld thethe cloathcloth ofof pleasancepleasance whileswhiles youyou drankedrank,
wln 0012SheShe reachtreached meme suchsuch aa raprap forfor thatthat II spildespilled,
wln 0013AsAs mademade thethe bloudblood runrun downedown aboutabout minemine earesears.
wln 0014Iup.Jupiterjup.WhatWhat? daresdares sheshe strikestrike thethe darlingdarling ofof mymy thoughtsthoughts?
wln 0015ByBy SaturnesSaturn’s soulesoul, andand thisthis earthearth threatningthreatening aireair,
wln 0016ThatThat shakenshaken thrisethrice, makesmakes NaturesNature’s buildingsbuildings quakequake,
wln 0017II vowvow, ifif sheshe butbut onceonce frownefrown onon theethee moremore,
wln 0018ToTo hanghang herher meteormeteor likelike twixttwixt heauenheaven andand earthearth,
wln 0019AndAnd bindbind herher handhand andand footefoot withwith goldengolden cordescords,
wln 0020AsAs onceonce II diddid forfor harmingharming HerculesHercules.
wln 0021Gan.GanymedeGan.MightMight II butbut seesee thatthat pretiepretty sportsport aa footefoot,
wln 0022OOOh howhow wouldwould II withwith HelensHelen’s brotherbrother laughlaugh,
wln 0023AndAnd bringbring thethe GodsGods toto wonderwonder atat thethe gamegame:
wln 0024SweetSweet IupiterJupiterjupiter, ifif eree’erere II pleasdepleased thinethine eyeeye,
wln 0025OrOr seemedseemed fairefair waldewalled inin withwith EglesEagle’s wingswings,
wln 0026GraceGrace mymy immortallimmortal beautiebeauty withwith thisthis booneboon,
wln 0027AndAnd II willwill spendspend mymy timetime inin thythy brightbright armesarms.
wln 0028Iup.Jupiterjup.WhatWhat istis ’tis’t sweetsweet waggewag II shouldshould denydeny thythy youthyouth?

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The Tragedie of Dido.

wln 0029WhoseWhose faceface reflectsreflects suchsuch pleasurepleasure toto minemine eyeseyes,
wln 0030AsAs II exhal’dexhaled withwith thythy firefire dartingdarting beamesbeams,
wln 0031HaueHave oftoft driuendriven backeback thethe horseshorses ofof thethe nightnight,
wln 0032WhenWhen asWhenwhenas asas theythey wouldwould hauehave hal’dhaled theethee fromfrom mymy sightsight:
wln 0033SitSit onon mymy kneeknee, andand callcall forfor thythy contentcontent,
wln 0034ControuleControl proudproud FateFate, andand cutcut thethe thredthread ofof timetime,
wln 0035WhyWhy areare notnot allall thethe GodsGods atat thythy commaundcommand,
wln 0036AndAnd heauenheaven andand earthearth thethe boundsbounds ofof thythy delightdelight?
wln 0037VulcanVulcan shallshall dauncedance toto makemake theethee laughinglaughing sportsport,
wln 0038AndAnd mymy ninenine DaughtersDaughters singsing whenwhen thouthou artart sadsad,
wln 0039FromFrom IunosJuno’s birdbird IleI’ll pluckpluck herher spottedspotted pridepride,
wln 0040ToTo makemake theethee fannesfans wherewithwherewith toto coolecool thythy faceface,
wln 0041AndAnd VenusVenus’ SwannesSwans shallshall shedshed theirtheir siluersilver downedown,
wln 0042ToTo sweetensweeten outout thethe slumbersslumbetsslumbers ofof thythy bedbed:
wln 0043HermesHermes nono moremore shallshall shewshow thethe worldworld hishis wingswings,
wln 0044IfIf thatthat thythy fanciefancy inin hishis feathersfeathers dwelldwell,
wln 0045ButBut asas thisthis oneone IleI’ll tearetear themthem allall fromfrom himhim,
wln 0046DoeDo thouthou butbut saysay theirtheir colourcolorcolour pleasethpleaseth meme:
wln 0047HoldHold herehere mymy littlelittle louelove thesethese linkedlinked gemsgems,
wln 0048MyMy IunoJunojuno warewore vponupon herher marriagemarriage dayday,
wln 0049PutPut thouthou aboutabout thythy neckeneck mymy owneown sweetsweet heartheart,
wln 0050AndAnd tricketrick thythy armesarms andand shouldersshoulders withwith mymy thefttheft.
wln 0051Gan.GanymedeGan.II wouldwould hauehave aa iewelljewel forfor minemine eareear,
wln 0052AndAnd aa finefine brouchbrooch toto putput inin mymy hathat,
wln 0053AndAnd thenthen IleI’ll huggehug withwith youyou anan hundredhundred timestimes.
wln 0054Iup.Jupiterjup.AndAnd shallshall hauehave GanimedGanymede, ifif thouthou wiltwilt bebe mymy louelove.

wln 0055EnterEnter VenusVenus.
wln 0056VenusVenus.IAyI thisthis isis itit, youyou cancan sitsit toyingtoying therethere,
wln 0057AndAnd playingplaying withwith thatthat femalefemale wantonwanton boyboy,
wln 0058WhilesWhiles mymy ÆneasAeneasAeneas wanderswanders onon thethe SeasSeas,
wln 0059AndAnd restsrests aa prayprey toto eueryevery billowesbillow’s pridepride.
wln 0060IunoJunojuno, falsefalse IunoJunojuno inin herher ChariotsChariot’schariot’s pompepomp,
wln 0061DrawneDrawn throughthrough thethe heauensheavens byby SteedesSteeds ofof BoreasBoreas’Boreas broodbrood,
wln 0062MadeMade HebeHebe toto directdirect herher ayrieairy wheeleswheels
wln 0063IntoInto thethe windiewindy countriecountry ofof thethe clowdesclouds,
wln 0064WhereWhere findingfinding ÆolusAeolusAeolus intrenchtentrenched withwith stormesstorms,

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sig: A3r

The Tragedie of Dido.

wln 0065AndAnd guardedguarded withwith aa thousandthousand grisliegrisly ghostsghosts,
wln 0066SheShe humblyhumbly diddid beseechbeseech himhim forfor ourour banebane,
wln 0067AndAnd charg’dcharged himhim drownedrown mymy sonneson withwith allall hishis trainetrain.
wln 0068ThenThen gan’gan thethe windeswinds breakebreak opeopeopen theirtheir brazenbrazen dooresdoors,
wln 0069AndAnd allall ÆoliaAeoliaAeolia toto bebe vpup inin armesarms:
wln 0070PoorePoor TroyTroy mustmust nownow bebe sacktsacked vponupon thethe SeaSea,
wln 0071AndAnd NeptunesNeptune’s waueswaves bebe enuiousenvious menmen ofof warrewar,
wln 0072EpeusEpeus’ horsehorse toto ÆtnasAetnasEtna’sAetna’s hillhill transformdtransformed,
wln 0073PreparedPrepared standsstands toto wrackewrack theirtheir wooddenwooden walleswalls,
wln 0074AndAnd ÆolusAeolusAeolus likelike AgamemnonAgamemnon soundssounds
wln 0075TheThe surgessurges, hishis fiercefierce souldierssoldiers toto thethe spoylespoil:
wln 0076SeeSee howhow thethe nightnight VlyssesUlysses-like-like comescomes forthforth,
wln 0077AndAnd interceptsintercepts thethe dayday asas DolonDolon ersterst:
wln 0078AyAy meme! thethe StarresStars supprisdesurprised likelike RhesusRhesus’Rhesus SteedesSteeds,
wln 0079AreAre drawnedrawn byby darknesdarkness forthforth AstrausAstraeus’astraus’ tentstents.
wln 0080WhatWhat shallshall II doedo toto sauesave theethee mymy sweetsweet boyboy?
wln 0081WhenWhen asWhenwhenas asas thethe waueswaves doedo threatthreat ourour ChrystallCrystal worldworld,
wln 0082AndAnd ProteusProteus raisingraising hilshills ofof floudsfloods onon highhigh,
wln 0083EntendsIntends ereere longlong toto sportsport himhim inin thethe skiesky.
wln 0084FalseFalse IupiterJupiterjupiter, rewardstrewardst thouthou vertuevirtue soso?
wln 0085WhatWhat? isis notnot pietiepiety exemptexempt fromfrom woewoe?
wln 0086ThenThen dyedie ÆneasAeneasAeneas inin thinethine innocenceinnocence,
wln 0087SinceSince thatthat religionreligion hathhath nono recompencerecompense.
wln 0088Iup.Jupiterjup.ContentContent theethee CythereaCytherea inin thythy carecare,
wln 0089SinceSince thythy ÆneasAeneasAeneas wandringwand’ring fatefate isis firmefirm,
wln 0090WhoseWhose wearieweary limslimbs shallshall shortlyshortly makemake reposerepose,
wln 0091InIn thosethose fairefair walleswalls II promistpromised himhim ofof yoreyore:
wln 0092ButBut firstfirst inin bloudblood mustmust hishis goodgood fortunefortune budbud,
wln 0093BeforeBefore hehe bebe thethe LordLord ofof TurnusTurnus’ townetown,
wln 0094OrOr forceforce herher smilesmile thatthat hethertohitherto hathhath frowndfrowned:
wln 0095ThreeThree winterswinters shallshall hehe withwith thethe RutilesRutiles warrewar,
wln 0096AndAnd inin thethe endend subduesubdue themthem withwith hishis swordsword,
wln 0097AndAnd fullfull threethree SommersSummers likewiselikewise shallshall hehe wastewaste,
wln 0098InIn mannagingmanaging thosethose fiercefierce barbarianbarbarian mindesminds:
wln 0099WhichWhich onceonce performdperformed, poorepoor TroyTroy soso longlong supprestsuppressed,
wln 0100FromFrom forthforth herher ashesashes shallshall aduanceadvance herher headhead,
wln 0101AndAnd flourishflourish onceonce againeagain thatthat ersterst waswas deaddead:

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sig: A3v

The Tragedie of Dido.

wln 0102ButBut brightbright AscaniusAscanius’Ascanius beautiesbeauties betterbetter workework,
wln 0103WhoWho withwith thethe SunneSun deuidesdivides oneone radiantradiant shapeshape,
wln 0104ShallShall buildbuild hishis thronethrone amidstamidstamid thosethose starriestarry towerstowers,
wln 0105ThatThat earth-borneearth-bornearthborn AtlasAtlas groninggroaning vnderpropsunderprops:
wln 0106NoNo boundsbounds butbut heauenheaven shallshall boundbound hishis EmperieEmpery,
wln 0107WhoseWhose azuredazured gatesgates enchasedenchased withwith hishis namename,
wln 0108ShallShall makemake thethe morningmorning hasthaste herher graygraygrey vpriseuprise,
wln 0109ToTo feedefeed herher eyeseyes withwith hishis engrauenengraven famefame.
wln 0110ThusThus inin stoutestout HectorsHector’s racerace threethree hundredhundred yearesyears,
wln 0111TheThe RomaneRoman ScepterSceptre royallroyal shallshall remaineremain,
wln 0112TillTill thatthat aa PrincessePrincess priestpriest conceau’dconceived byby MarsMars,
wln 0113ShallShall yeeldyield toto dignitiedignity aa dubbledouble birthbirth,
wln 0114WhoWho willwill eternisheterniseeternisheternizeeternise TroyTroy inin theirtheir attemptsattempts.
wln 0115VenusVenus.HowHow maymay II creditecredit thesethese thythy flatteringflattering termesterms,
wln 0116WhenWhen yetyet bothboth seasea andand sandssands besetbeset theirtheir shipsships,
wln 0117AndAnd PhœbusPhoebusPhoebus asas inin stygianstygian poolespools, refrainesrefrains
wln 0118ToTo tainttaint hishis tressestresses inin thethe TyrrhenTyrrheneTyrrhen mainemain?
wln 0119Iup.Jupiterjup.II willwill taketake orderorder forfor thatthat presentlypresently:
wln 0120HermesHermes awakeawake, andand hastehaste toto NeptunesNeptune’s realmerealm,
wln 0121WhereasWhereas thethe Wind-godWind-god warringwarring nownow withwith FateFate,
wln 0122BesiegeBesiege thethe ofspringoffspring ofof ourour kinglykingly loynesloins,
wln 0123ChargeCharge himhim fromfrom meme toto turneturn hishis stormiestormy powerspowers,
wln 0124AndAnd fetterfetter themthem inin VulcansVulcan’s sturdiesturdy brassebrass,
wln 0125ThatThat durstdurst thusthus proudlyproudly wrongwrong ourour kinsmanskinsman’s peacepeace.
wln 0126VenusVenusVenus’ farewellfarewell, thythy sonneson shallshall bebe ourour carecare:
wln 0127ComeCome GanimedGanymede, wewe mustmust aboutabout thisthis gearegear.
wln 0128ExeuntExeunt IupiterJupiterjupiter cumcum GanimedGanymedeGanimed.
wln 0129VenusVenus.DisquietDisquiet SeasSeas laylay downedown youryour swellingswelling lookeslooks,
wln 0130AndAnd courtcourt ÆneasAeneasAeneas withwith youryour calmiecalmy cheerecheer,
wln 0131WhoseWhose beautiousbeauteous burdenburden wellwell mightmight makemake youyou proudeproud,
wln 0132HadHad notnot thethe heauensheavens conceau’dconceived withwith hel-bornehellborn clowdesclouds.
wln 0133VaildVeiled hishis resplendantresplendent glorieglory fromfrom youryour viewview,
wln 0134ForFor mymy sakesake pitiepity himhim OceanusOceanus,
wln 0135ThatThat erst-whileerstwhile issuedissued fromfrom thythy watriewat’rywatery loynesloins,
wln 0136AndAnd hadhad mymy beingbeing fromfrom thythy bublingbubbling frothfroth:
wln 0137TritonTriton II knowknow hathhath fildfilled hishis trumpetrump withwith TroyTroy,
wln 0138AndAnd thereforetherefore willwill taketake pitiepity onon hishis toyletoil,

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sig: A4r

The Tragedie of Dido.

wln 0139AndAnd callcall bothboth ThetisThetis andand CimodeaCimodea,
wln 0140ToTo succoursuccorsuccour himhim inin thisthis extremitieextremity.

wln 0141EnterEnter ÆneasAeneasAeneas withwith AscaniusAscanius, withwith
wln 0142oneone oror twotwo moremore.

wln 0143WhatWhat? doedo II seesee mymy sonneson nownow comecome onon shoareshore:
wln 0144VenusVenus, howhow artart thouthou compastcompassed withwith contentcontent,
wln 0145TheThe whilewhile thinethine eyeseyes attractattract theirtheir soughtsought forfor ioyesjoys:
wln 0146GreatGreat IupiterJupiterjupiter, stillstill honourdhonoredhonoured maistmayst thouthou bebe,
wln 0147ForFor thisthis soso friendlyfriendly aydeaid inin timetime ofof needeneed.
wln 0148HereHere inin thisthis bushbush disguiseddisguised willwill II standstand,
wln 0149WhilesWhiles mymy ÆneasAeneasAeneas spendsspends himselfehimself inin plaintsplaints,
wln 0150AndAnd heauenheaven andand earthearth withwith hishis vnrestunrest acquaintsacquaints.
wln 0151Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.YouYou sonnessons ofof carecare, companionscompanions ofof mymy coursecourse,
wln 0152PriamsPriam’s misfortunemisfortune followesfollows vsus byby seasea,
wln 0153AndAnd HelensHelen’s raperape dothdoth haunthaunt theethee atat thethe heelesheels.
wln 0154HowHow manymany dangersdangers hauehave wewe ouer pastoueroverpassedover pastpassed?
wln 0155BothBoth barkingbarking ScillaScylla andand thethe soundingsounding RocksRocks,
wln 0156TheThe CyclopsCyclops sheluesshelves, andand grimgrim CeraniasCeraunia’sCerania’s seateseat
wln 0157HaueHave youyou oregoneo’ergone, andand yetyet remaineremain aliuealive?
wln 0158PluckPluck vpup youryour heartshearts, sincesince fatefate stillstill restsrests ourour friendfriend,
wln 0159AndAnd chaungingchanging heauensheavens maymay thosethose goodgood daiesdays returnereturn,
wln 0160WhichWhich PergamaPergama diddid vauntvaunt inin allall herher pridepride.
wln 0161Acha.AchatesAcha.BraueBrave PrincePrince ofof TroyTroy, thouthou onelyonly artart ourour GodGod,
wln 0162ThatThat byby thythy vertuesvirtuesvirtue’s freestfreest vsus fromfrom annoyannoy,
wln 0163AndAnd makesmakes ourour hopeshopes suruiuesurvive toto cunningcunning ioyesjoys:
wln 0164DoeDo thouthou butbut smilesmile, andand clowdiecloudy heauenheaven willwill cleareclear,
wln 0165WhoseWhose nightnight andand dayday descendethdescendeth fromfrom thythy browesbrows:
wln 0166ThoughThough wewe bebe nownow inin extreameextreme miseriemisery,
wln 0167AndAnd restrest thethe mapmap ofof weatherbeatenweather beatenweatherbeatenweather beaten woewoe:
wln 0168YetYet shallshall thethe agedaged SunneSun shedshed forthforth hishis aireair,
wln 0169ToTo makemake vsus liuelive vntounto ourour formerformer heateheat,
wln 0170AndAnd eueryevery beastbeast thethe forrestforest dothdoth sendsend forthforth,
wln 0171BequeathBequeath herher youngyoung onesones toto ourour scantedscanted foodefood.
wln 0172Asca.AscaniusAsca.FatherFather II faintsaintfaintsaint, goodgood fatherfather giuegive meme meatemeat.

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sig: A4v

The Tragedie of Dido.

wln 0173Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.AlasAlas sweetsweet boyboy, thouthou mustmust bebe stillstill aa whilewhile,
wln 0174TillTill wewe hauehave firefire toto dressedress thethe meatemeat wewe kildkilled:
wln 0175GentleGentle AchatesAchates, reachreach thethe TinderTinder boxebox,
wln 0176ThatThat wewe maymay makemake aa firefire toto warmewarm vsus withwith,
wln 0177AndAnd rostroast ourour newnew foundfound victualsvictuals onon thisthis shoareshore.
wln 0178VenusVenus.SeeSee whatwhat strangestrange artsarts necessitienecessity findesfinds outout,
wln 0179HowHow neerenear mymy sweetsweet ÆneasAeneasAeneas artart thouthou driuendriven?
wln 0180Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.HoldHold, taketake thisthis candlecandle andand goego lightlight aa firefire,
wln 0181YouYou shallshall hauehave leauesleaves andand windfallwind●allwindfall bowesboughsbows enowenough
wln 0182NeereNear toto thesethese woodswoods, toto rostroast youryour meatemeat withallwithal:
wln 0183AscaniusAscanius, goego andand driedry thythy drencheddrenched limslimbs,
wln 0184WhilesWhiles II withwith mymy AchatesAchates roauerove abroadabroad,
wln 0185ToTo knowknow whatwhat coastcoast thethe windewind hathhath driuendriven vsus onon,
wln 0186OrOr whetherwhether menmen oror beastsbeasts inhabiteinhabit itit.
wln 0187Acha.AchatesAcha.TheThe ayreair isis pleasantpleasant, andand thethe soylesoil mostmost fitfit
wln 0188ForFor CitiesCities, andand societiessociety’ssocieties supportssupports:
wln 0189YetYet muchmuch II maruellmarvel thatthat II cannotcannot findefind,
wln 0190NoNo stepssteps ofof menmen imprintedimprinted inin thethe earthearth.
wln 0191VenusVenus.NowNow isis thethe timetime forfor meme toto playplay mymy partpart:
wln 0192HoeHoho yongyoung menmen, sawsaw youyou asas youyou camecame
wln 0193AnyAny ofof allall mymy SistersSisters wandringwand’ring herehere?
wln 0194HauingHaving aa quiuerquiver girdedgirded toto herher sideside,
wln 0195AndAnd cloathedclothèdclothed inin aa spottedspotted LeopardsLeopard’s skinskin.
wln 0196Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.II neitherneither sawsaw nornor heardheard ofof anyany suchsuch:
wln 0197ButBut whatwhat maymay II fairefair VirginVirgin callcall youryour namename?
wln 0198WhoseWhose lookeslooks setset forthforth nono mortallmortal formeform toto viewview,
wln 0199NorNor speechspeech bewraiesbewrays oughtaught humainehuman inin thythy birthbirth,
wln 0200ThouThou artart aa GoddesseGoddess thatthat deludstdelud’st ourour eyeseyes,
wln 0201AndAnd shrowdesshrouds thythy beautiebeauty inin thisthis borrowdborrowed shapeshape:
wln 0202ButBut whetherwhether thouthou thethe SunnesSun’ssun’s brightbright SisterSister bebe,
wln 0203OrOr oneone ofof chastchaste DianasDiana’s fellowfellow NimphsNymphsnymphs,
wln 0204LiueLive happiehappy inin thethe heightheight ofof allall contentcontent,
wln 0205AndAnd lightenlighten ourour extreamesextremes withwith thisthis oneone booneboon,
wln 0206AsAs toto instructinstruct vsus vnderunder whatwhat goodgood heauenheaven
wln 0207WeWe breathebreathe asas nownow, andand whatwhat thisthis worldworld isis caldecalled,
wln 0208OnOn whichwhich byby tempeststempests’tempest’s furiefury wewe areare castcast,

img: 5-b
sig: B1r

The Tragedie of Dido.

wln 0209TellTell vsus, OOOh telltell vsus thatthat areare ignorantignorant,
wln 0210AndAnd thisthis rightright handhand shallshall makemake thythy AltarsAltars crackcrack
wln 0211WithWith mountainemountain heapesheaps ofof milkemilk whitewhite SacrifizeSacrifice.
wln 0212VenusVenus.SuchSuch honourhonorhonour, strangerstranger, doedo II notnot affectaffect:
wln 0213ItIt isis thethe vseuse forfor TurenTyrianTuren maidesmaids toto wearewear
wln 0214TheirTheir bowebow andand quiuerquiver inin thisthis modestmodest sortsort,
wln 0215AndAnd suitesuit themseluesthemselves inin purplepurple forfor thethe noncenonce,
wln 0216ThatThat theythey maymay triptrip moremore lightlylightly oreo’er thethe lawndeslawns,
wln 0217AndAnd ouertakeovertake thethe tuskedtusked BoreBoar inin chasechase.
wln 0218ButBut forfor thethe landland whereofwhereof thouthou doestdost enquireinquire,
wln 0219ItIt isis thethe punickpunic kingdomekingdom richrich andand strongstrong,
wln 0220AdioyningAdjoining onon AgenorsAgenor’s statelystately townetown,
wln 0221TheThe kinglykingly seateseat ofof SoutherneSouthern LibiaLibya,
wln 0222WhereasWhereas SidonianSidonian DidoDido rulesrules asas QueeneQueen.
wln 0223ButBut whatwhat areare youyou thatthat askeask ofof meme thesethese thingsthings?
wln 0224WhenceWhence maymay youyou comecome, oror whitherwhither willwill youyou goego?
wln 0225Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.OfOf TroyTroy amam II, ÆneasAeneasAeneas isis mymy namename,
wln 0226WhoWho driuendriven byby warrewar fromfrom forthforth mymy natiuenative worldworld,
wln 0227PutPut sailessails toto seasea toto seekeseek outout ItalyItaly:
wln 0228AndAnd mymy diuinedivine descentdescent fromfrom sceptredsceptred IoueJovejove,
wln 0229WithWith twisetwice tweluetwelve PhrigianPhrygianphrygian shipsships II plowedplowedploughed thethe deepedeep,
wln 0230AndAnd mademade thatthat wayway mymy mothermother VenusVenus ledled:
wln 0231ButBut ofof themthem allall scarcescarce seuenseven doedo anchoranchor safesafe,
wln 0232AndAnd theythey soso wracktwracked andand weltredweltered byby thethe waueswaves,
wln 0233AsAs eueryevery tidetide tiltstilts twixttwixt theirtheir okenoaken sidessides:
wln 0234AndAnd allall ofof themthem vnburdenedunburdened ofof theirtheir loadeload,
wln 0235AreAre ballassedballastballassed withwith billowesbillows’billows watriewatery weightweight.
wln 0236ButBut hapleshapless II, GodGod wotwot, poorepoor andand vnknowneunknown,
wln 0237DoeDo tracetrace thesethese LibianLibyan desertsdeserts allall despisdedespised,
wln 0238ExildExiled forthforth EuropeEurope andand widewide AsiaAsia bothboth,
wln 0239AndAnd hauehave notnot anyany couerturecoverture butbut heauenheaven.
wln 0240VenusVenus.FortuneFortune hathhath fauordfavoredfavoured theethee what erewhate’er thouthou bebe,
wln 0241InIn sendingsending theethee vntounto thisthis curteouscourteous CoastCoast:
wln 0242AA GodsGod’s namename onon andand hasthaste theethee toto thethe CourtCourt,
wln 0243WhereWhere DidoDido willwill receiuereceive yeye withwith herher smilessmiles:
wln 0244AndAnd forfor thythy shipsships whichwhich thouthou supposestsupposest lostlost,
wln 0245NotNot oneone ofof themthem hathhath perishtperished inin thethe stormestorm,

img: 6-a
sig: B1v

The Tragedie of Dido.

wln 0246ButBut areare ariuedarrived safesafe notnot farrefanefarfane fromfrom hencehence:
wln 0247AndAnd soso II leaueleave theethee toto thythy fortunesfortune’s lotlot,
wln 0248WishingWishing goodgood luckeluck vntounto thythy wandringwand’ring stepssteps.ExitExit.
wln 0249Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.AchatesAchates, tis’tis mymy mothermother thatthat isis fledfled,
wln 0250II knowknow herher byby thethe mouingsmovings ofof herher feetefeet:
wln 0251StayStay gentlegentle VenusVenus, flyefly notnot fromfrom thythy sonneson,
wln 0252TooToo cruellcruel, whywhy wiltwilt thouthou forsakeforsake meme thusthus?
wln 0253OrOr inin thesethese shadesshades deceiu’stdeceiv’stdeceivest minemine eyeeye soso oftoft?
wln 0254WhyWhy talketalk wewe notnot togethertogether handhand inin handhand?
wln 0255AndAnd telltell ourour griefesgriefs inin moremore familiarfamiliar termesterms:
wln 0256ButBut thouthou artart gonegone andand leau’stleavest meme herehere alonealone,
wln 0257ToTo dulldull thethe ayreair withwith mymy discoursiuediscursive moanemoan.ExitExit

wln 0258EnterEnter IllioneusIllioneus, andand CloanthesCleanthesCloanthusCleanthes.

wln 0259Illio.IllioneusIllio.FollowFollow yeye TroiansTrojans, followfollow thisthis brauebrave LordLord,
wln 0260AndAnd plaineplain toto himhim thethe summesum ofof youryour distressedistress.
wln 0261Iar.IarbasIar.WhyWhy, whatwhat areare youyou, oror whereforewherefore doedo youyou sewesue?
wln 0262Illio.IllioneusIllio.WretchesWretches ofof TroyTroy, enuiedenvied ofof thethe windeswinds,
wln 0263ThatThat crauecrave suchsuch fauourfavorfavour atat youryour honorshonor’shonour’s feetefeet,
wln 0264AsAs poorepoor distresseddistressed miseriemisery maymay pleadeplead:
wln 0265SaueSave, sauesave, OOOh sauesave ourour shipsships fromfrom cruellcruel firefire,
wln 0266ThatThat doedo complainecomplain thethe woundswounds ofof thousandthousand waueswaves,
wln 0267AndAnd sparespare ourour liueslives whomwhom eueryevery spitespite pursuespursues.
wln 0268WeWe comecome notnot wewe toto wrongwrong youryour LibianLibyan GodsGods,
wln 0269OrOr stealesteal youryour housholdhousehold lareslares fromfrom theirtheir shrinesshrines:
wln 0270OurOur handshands areare notnot prepar’dprepared toto lawleslawless spoylespoil,
wln 0271NorNor armedarmed toto offendoffend inin anyany kindkind:
wln 0272SuchSuch forceforce isis farrefar fromfrom ourour vnweaponedunweaponed thoughtsthoughts,
wln 0273WhoseWhose fadingfading wealeweal ofof victorievictory forsookeforsook,
wln 0274ForbidsForbids allall hopehope toto harbourharborharbour neerenear ourour heartshearts.
wln 0275Iar.IarbasIar.ButBut telltell meme TroiansTrojans, TroiansTrojans ifif youyou bebe,
wln 0276VntoUnto whatwhat fruitfullfruitful quartersquarters werewere yeye boundbound,
wln 0277BeforeBefore thatthat BoreasBoreas buckledbuckled withwith youryour sailessails?
wln 0278Cloan.CloanthusCloan.ThereThere isis aa placeplace HesperiaHesperia term’dtermed byby vsus,
wln 0279AnAn ancientancient EmpireEmpire, famousedfamoused forfor armesarms,
wln 0280AndAnd fertilefertile inin fairefair CeresCeres’ furrowedfurrowed wealthwealth,

img: 6-b
sig: B2r

The Tragedie of Dido.

wln 0281WhichWhich nownow wewe callcall ItaliaItalia ofof hishis namename,
wln 0282ThatThat inin suchsuch peacepeace longlong timetime diddid rulerule thethe samesame:
wln 0283ThitherThither mademade wewe,
wln 0284WhenWhen suddenlysuddenly gloomiegloomy OrionOrion roserose,
wln 0285AndAnd ledled ourour shipsships intointo thethe shallowshallow sandssands,
wln 0286WhereasWhereas thethe SoutherneSouthern windewind withwith brackishbrackish breathbreath,
wln 0287DisperstDispersed themthem allall amongstamongst thethe wrackfullwrackful RockesRocks:
wln 0288FromFrom thencethence aa fewefew ofof vsus escaptescaped toto landland,
wln 0289TheThe restrest wewe fearefear areare fouldedfolded inin thethe floudsfloods.
wln 0290Iar.IarbasIar.BraueBrave menmen atat armesarms, abandonabandon fruitlesfruitless fearesfears,
wln 0291SinceSince CarthageCarthage knowesknows toto entertaineentertain distressedistress.
wln 0292Serg.SergestusSerg.IAyI butbut thethe barbarousbarbarous sortsort doedo threatthreat ourour shipsships,
wln 0293AndAnd willwill notnot letlet vsus lodgelodge vponupon thethe sandssands:
wln 0294InIn multitudesmultitudes theythey swarmeswarm vntounto thethe shoareshore,
wln 0295AndAnd fromfrom thethe firstfirst earthearth interdictinterdict ourour feetefeet.
wln 0296Iar.IarbasIar.My selfeMyselfmyself willwill seesee theythey shallshall notnot troubletrouble yeye,
wln 0297YourYour menmen andand youyou shallshall banquetbanquet inin ourour CourtCourt,
wln 0298AndAnd eueryevery TroianTrojan bebe asas welcomewelcome herehere,
wln 0299AsAs IupiterJupiterjupiter toto silliesilly VausisVansisBaucis’Vansis’ househouse:
wln 0300ComeCome inin withwith meme, IleI’ll bringbring youyou toto mymy QueeneQueen,
wln 0301WhoWho shallshall confirmeconfirm mymy wordswords withwith furtherfurther deedesdeeds.
wln 0302Serg.SergestusSerg.ThankesThanks gentlegentle LordLord forfor suchsuch vnlooktunlooked forfor gracegrace,
wln 0303MightMight wewe butbut onceonce moremore seesee ÆneasAeneasAeneas’Aeneas faceface,
wln 0304ThenThen wouldwould wewe hopehope toto quitequite suchsuch friendlyfriendly turnesturns,
wln 0305AsAs shallshall surpassesurpass thethe wonderwonder ofof ourour speechspeech.

wln 0306ActusActus 2.2.

wln 0307EnterEnter ÆneasAeneasAeneas, AchatesAchates, andand AscaniusAscanius.
wln 0308Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.WhereWhere amam II nownow? thesethese shouldshould bebe CarthageCarthage walleswalls.
wln 0309Acha.AchatesAcha.WhyWhy standsstands mymy sweetesweet ÆneasAeneasAeneas thusthus amazdeamazed?
wln 0310Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.OO mymy AchatesAchates, ThebanTheban NiobeNiobe,
wln 0311WhoWho forfor herher sonnesson’s deathdeath weptwept outout lifelife andand breathbreath,
wln 0312AndAnd driedry withwith griefegrief waswas turndturned intointo aa stonestone,
wln 0313HadHad notnot suchsuch passionspassions inin herher headhead asas II.
wln 0314Me thinkesMethinksmethinks thatthat townetown therethere shouldshould bebe TroyTroy, yonyond IdasIda’s hillhill,
wln 0315ThereThere ZanthusXanthus’ streamestream, becausebecause here’shere’s PriamusPriamus,

img: 7-a
sig: B2v

The Tragedie of Dido.

wln 0316AndAnd whenwhen II knowknow itit isis notnot, thenthenthan II dyedie.
wln 0317Ach.AchatesAch.AndAnd inin thisthis humorhumorhumour isis AchatesAchates totooto,
wln 0318II cannotcannot choosechoose butbut fallfall vponupon mymy kneesknees,
wln 0319AndAnd kissekiss hishis handhand: OOOh wherewhere isis HecubaHecuba,
wln 0320HereHere sheshe waswas wontwont toto sitsit, butbut sauingsaving ayreair
wln 0321IsIs nothingnothing herehere, andand whatwhat isis thisthis butbut stonestone?
wln 0322Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.OO yetyet thisthis stonestone dothdoth makemake ÆneasAeneasAeneas weepeweep,
wln 0323AndAnd wouldwould mymy prayersprayers (asas PigmalionsPygmalion’s diddid)
wln 0324CouldCould giuegive itit lifelife, thatthat vnderunder hishis conductconduct
wln 0325WeWe mightmight sailesail backeback toto TroyTroy, andand bebe reuengderevenged
wln 0326OnOn thesethese hard hartedhard-heartedhard hearted GreciansGrecians, whichwhich reioycerejoice
wln 0327ThatThat nothingnothing nownow isis leftleft ofof PriamusPriamus:
wln 0328OOOh PriamusPriamus isis leftleft andand thisthis isis hehe,
wln 0329ComeCome, comecome abourdaboard, pursuepursue thethe hatefullhateful GreekesGreeks.
wln 0330Acha.AchatesAcha.WhatWhat meanesmeans ÆneasAeneasAeneas?
wln 0331Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.AchatesAchates thoughthough minemine eyeseyes saysay thisthis isis stonestone,
wln 0332YetYet thinkesthinks mymy mindemind thatthat thisthis isis PriamusPriamus:
wln 0333AndAnd whenwhen mymy grieuedgrieved heartheart sighessighs andand sayessays nono,
wln 0334ThenThen wouldwould itit leapeleap outout toto giuegive PriamPriam lifelife:
wln 0335OOOh werewere II notnot atat allall soso thouthou mightstmight’stmightst bebe.
wln 0336AchatesAchates, seesee KingKing PriamPriam wagswags hishis handhand,
wln 0337HeHe isis aliuealive, TroyTroy isis notnot ouercomeovercome.
wln 0338Ach.AchatesAch.ThyThy mindmind ÆneasAeneasAeneas thatthat wouldwould hauehave itit soso
wln 0339DeludesDeludes thythy eye sighteyesighteye sight, PriamusPriamus isis deaddead.
wln 0340Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.AhAh TroyTroy isis sacktsacked, andand PriamusPriamus isis deaddead,
wln 0341AndAnd whywhy shouldshould poorepoor ÆneasAeneasAeneas bebe aliuealive?
wln 0342Asca.AscaniusAsca.SweeteSweet fatherfather leaueleave toto weepeweep, thisthis isis notnot hehe:
wln 0343ForFor werewere itit PriamPriam hehe wouldwould smilesmile onon meme.
wln 0344Acha.AchatesAcha.ÆneasAeneasAeneas seesee herehere comecome thethe CitizensCitizens,
wln 0345LeaueLeave toto lamentlament lestleftlest theythey laughlaugh atat ourour fearesfears.

wln 0346EnterEnter CloanthusCloanthus, SergestusSergestus, IllioneusIllioneus.

wln 0347Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.LordsLords ofof thisthis townetown, oror whatsoeuerwhatsoever stilestyle
wln 0348BelongsBelongs vntounto youryour namename, vouchsafevouchsafe ofof ruthruth
wln 0349ToTo telltell vsus whowho inhabitsinhabits thisthis fairefair townetown,
wln 0350WhatWhat kindkind ofof peoplepeople, andand whowho gouernesgoverns themthem:

img: 7-b
sig: B3r

The Tragedie of Dido.

wln 0351ForFor wewe areare strangersstrangers driuendriven onon thisthis shoreshore,
wln 0352AndAnd scarcelyscarcely knowknow withinwithin whatwhat ClimeClime wewe areare.
wln 0353Illio.IllioneusIllio.II hearehear ÆneasAeneasAeneas’Aeneas voycevoice, butbut seesee himhim notnot,
wln 0354ForFor nonenone ofof thesethese cancan bebe ourour GenerallGeneral.
wln 0355Acha.AchatesAcha.LikeLike IllioneusIllioneus speakesspeaks thisthis NobleNoble manman,
wln 0356ButBut IllioneusIllioneus goesgoes notnot inin suchsuch robesrobes.
wln 0357Serg.SergestusSerg.YouYou areare AchatesAchates, oror II deciu’ddeceived.
wln 0358Acha.AchatesAcha.ÆneasAeneasAeneas seesee SergestusSergestus oror hishis ghostghost.
wln 0359Illio.IllioneusIllio.HeHe meanesmeans ÆneasAeneasAeneas, letlet vsus kissekiss hishis feetefeet.
wln 0360Cloan.CloanthusCloan.ItIt isis ourour CaptaineCaptain, seesee AscaniusAscanius.
wln 0361Serg.SergestusSerg.LiueLive longlong ÆneasAeneasAeneas andand AscaniusAscanius.
wln 0362Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.AchatesAchates, speakespeak, forfor II amam ouerioyedoverjoyed.
wln 0363Acha.AchatesAcha.OO IllioneusIllioneus, artart thouthou yetyet aliuealive?
wln 0364Illio.IllioneusIllio.BlestBlessed bebe thethe timetime II seesee AchatesAchates’Achates faceface.
wln 0365Cloan.CloanthusCloan.WhyWhy turnesturns ÆneasAeneasAeneas fromfrom hishis trustietrusty friendsfriends?
wln 0366Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.SergestusSergestus, IllioneusIllioneus andand thethe restrest,
wln 0367YourYour sightsight amazdeamazed meme, OOOh whatwhat destiniesdestinies
wln 0368HaueHave broughtbrought mymy sweetesweet companionscompanions inin suchsuch plightplight?
wln 0369OO telltell meme, forfor II longlong toto bebe resolu’dresolved.
wln 0370Illio.IllioneusIllio.LouelyLovely ÆneasAeneasAeneas, thesethese areare CarthageCarthage walleswalls,
wln 0371AndAnd herehere QueeneQueen DidoDido weareswears th’imperiallth’ imperialth’imperial CrowneCrown,
wln 0372WhoWho forfor TroyesTroy’s sakesake hathhath entertaindentertained vsus allall,
wln 0373AndAnd cladclad vsus inin thesethese wealthiewealthy robesrobes wewe wearewear.
wln 0374OftOft hathhath sheshe asktasked vsus vnderunder whomwhom wewe seru’dserved,
wln 0375AndAnd whenwhen wewe toldtold herher sheshe wouldwould weepeweep forfor griefegrief,
wln 0376ThinkingThinking thethe seasea hadhad swallowedswallowed vpup thythy shipsships,
wln 0377AndAnd nownow sheshe seessees theethee howhow willwill sheshe reioycerejoice?
wln 0378Serg.SergestusSerg.SeeSee wherewhere herher seruitorsservitors passepass throughthrough thethe hallhall
wln 0379BearingBearing aa banketbanquet, DidoDido isis notnot farrefar.
wln 0380Illio.IllioneusIllio.LookeLook wherewhere sheshe comescomes: ÆneasAeneasAeneas viewdviewed herher wellwell.
wln 0381Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.WellWell maymay II viewview herher, butbut sheshe seessees notnot meme.

wln 0382EnterEnter DidoDido andand herher trainetrain.

wln 0383DidoDido.WhatWhat strangerstranger artart thouthou thatthat doestdost eyeeye meme thusthus?
wln 0384Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.SometimeSometime II waswas aa TroianTrojan mightiemighty QueeneQueen:
wln 0385ButBut TroyTroy isis notnot, whatwhat shallshall II saysay II amam?

img: 8-a
sig: B3v

The Tragedie of Dido.

wln 0386Illio.IllioneusIllio.RenowmedRenowned DidoDido, tis’tis ourour GenerallGeneral: warlikewarlike ÆneasAeneasAeneas.
wln 0387DidoDido.WarlikeWarlike ÆneasAeneasAeneas, andand inin thesethese basebase robesrobes?
wln 0388GoeGo fetchfetch thethe garmentgarment whichwhich SicheusSychaeusSichaeus warewore:
wln 0389BraueBrave PrincePrince, welcomewelcome toto CarthageCarthage andand toto meme,
wln 0390BothBoth happiehappy thatthat ÆneasAeneasAeneas isis ourour guestguest:
wln 0391SitSit inin thisthis chairechair andand banquetbanquet withwith aa QueeneQueen,
wln 0392ÆneasAeneasAeneas isis ÆneasAeneasAeneas, werewere hehe cladclad
wln 0393InIn weedesweeds asas badbad asas euerever IrusIrus warewore.
wln 0394Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.ThisThis isis nono seateseat forfor oneone thatsthat’s comfortlescomfortless,
wln 0395MayMay itit pleaseplease youryour gracegrace toto letlet ÆneasAeneasAeneas waitewait:
wln 0396ForFor thoughthough mymy birthbirth bebe greatgreat, mymy fortunesfortunes meanemean,
wln 0397TooToo meanemean toto bebe companioncompanion toto aa QueeneQueen.
wln 0398DidoDido.ThyThy fortunefortune maymay bebe greatergreater thenthan thythy birthbirth,
wln 0399SitSit downedown ÆneasAeneasAeneas, sitsit inin DidosDido’s placeplace,
wln 0400AndAnd ifif thisthis bebe thythy sonneson asas II supposesuppose,
wln 0401HereHere letlet himhim sitsit, bebe merriemerry louelylovely childchild.
wln 0402Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.ThisThis placeplace beseemesbeseems meme notnot, OOOh pardonpardon meme.
wln 0403DidoDido.IleI’ll hauehave itit soso, ÆneasAeneasAeneas bebe contentcontent.
wln 0404Asca.AscaniusAsca.MadameMadammadam, youyou shallshall bebe mymy mothermother.
wln 0405DidoDido.AndAnd soso II willwill sweetesweet childchild: bebe merriemerry manman,
wln 0406HeresHere’shere’s toto thythy betterbetter fortunefortune andand goodgood starresstars.
wln 0407Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.InIn allall humilitiehumility II thankethank youryour gracegrace.
wln 0408DidoDido.RememberRemember whowho thouthou artart, speakespeak likelike thy selfethyself,
wln 0409HumilitieHumility belongsbelongs toto commoncommon groomesgrooms.
wln 0410Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.AndAnd whowho soso miserablemiserable asas ÆneasAeneasAeneas isis?
wln 0411DidoDido.LyesLies itit inin DidosDido’s handshands toto makemake theethee blestblessed,
wln 0412ThenThen bebe assuredassured thouthou artart notnot miserablemiserable.
wln 0413Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.OO PriamusPriamus, OOOh TroyTroy, OhOhO HecubaHecuba!
wln 0414DidoDido.MayMay II entreateentreat theethee toto discoursediscourse atat largelarge,
wln 0415AndAnd truelytruly toto howhow TroyTroy waswas ouercomeovercome:
wln 0416ForFor manymany talestales goego ofof thatthat CitiesCity’s fallfall,
wln 0417AndAnd scarcelyscarcely doedo agreeagree vponupon oneone poyntpoint:
wln 0418SomeSome saysay AntenorAntenor diddid betraybetray thethe townetown,
wln 0419OthersOthers reportreport twas’twas SinonsSinon’s periurieperjury:
wln 0420ButBut allall inin thisthis thatthat TroyTroy isis ouercomeovercome,
wln 0421AndAnd PriamPriam deaddead, yetyet howhow wewe hearehear nono newesnews.
wln 0422Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.AA wofullwoeful taletale bidsbids DidoDido toto vnfouldunfold,

img: 8-b
sig: B4r

The Tragedie of Dido.

wln 0423WhoseWhose memoriememory likelike palepale deathsdeath’sdeaths stonystony macemace,
wln 0424BeatesBeats forthforth mymy sensessenses fromfrom thisthis troubledtroubled soulesoul,
wln 0425AndAnd makesmakes ÆneasAeneasAeneas sinkesink atat DidosDido’s feetefeet.
wln 0426DidoDido.WhatWhat faintsfaints ÆneasAeneasAeneas toto rememberremember TroyTroy?
wln 0427InIn whosewhose defencedefensedefence hehe foughtfought soso valiantlyvaliantly:
wln 0428LookeLook vpup andand speakespeak.
wln 0429Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.ThenThen speakespeak ÆneasAeneasAeneas withwith AchillesAchilles’ tonguetongue,
wln 0430AndAnd DidoDido andand youyou CarthaginianCarthaginian PeeresPeers
wln 0431HeareHear meme, butbut yetyet withwith MirmidonsMirmido●sMyrmidons’Myrmidons harshharsh earesears,
wln 0432DailyDaily inur’dinuredenured toto broylesbroils andand MassacresMassacres,
wln 0433LestLest youyou bebe mou’dmoved tootoo muchmuch withwith mymy sadsad taletale.
wln 0434TheThe GrecianGrecian souldierssoldiers tiredtired withwith tenten yearesyears’years warrewar,
wln 0435BeganBegan toto cryecry, letlet vsus vntounto ourour shipsships,
wln 0436TroyTroy isis inuincibleinvincible, whywhy staystay wewe herehere?
wln 0437WithWith whosewhose outcryesoutcries AtridesAtrides beingbeing apal’dappalled,
wln 0438SummonedSummoned thethe CaptainesCaptains toto hishis princelyprincely tenttent,
wln 0439WhoWho lookinglooking onon thethe scarresscars wewe TroiansTrojans gauegave,
wln 0440SeeingSeeing thethe numbernumber ofof theirtheir menmen decreastdecreased,
wln 0441AndAnd thethe remainderremainder weakeweak andand outout ofof heartheart,
wln 0442GaueGave vpup theirtheir voycesvoices toto dislodgedislodge thethe CampeCamp,
wln 0443AndAnd soso inin troopestroops allall marchtmarched toto TenedosTonedosTenedos:
wln 0444WhereWhere whenwhen theythey camecame, VlyssesUlysses onon thethe sandsand
wln 0445AssaydAssayed withwith honeyhoney wordswords toto turneturn themthem backeback:
wln 0446AndAnd asas hehe spokespoke toto furtherfurther hishis ententintent,
wln 0447TheThe windeswinds diddid driuedrive hugehuge billowesbillows toto thethe shoareshore,
wln 0448AndAnd heauenheaven waswas darkneddarkened withwith tempestuoustempestuous clowdesclouds:
wln 0449ThenThen hehe alleag’dalleged thethe GodsGods wouldwould hauehave themthem staystay,
wln 0450AndAnd propheciedprophesied TroyTroy shouldshould bebe ouercomeovercome:
wln 0451AndAnd therewithalltherewithal hehe caldecalled falsefalse SinonSinon forthforth,
wln 0452AA manman compactcompact ofof craftcraft andand periurieperjury,
wln 0453WhoseWhose ticing’ticing tonguetongue waswas mademade ofof HermesHermosHermes’Hermo’s pipepipe,
wln 0454ToTo forceforce anan hundredhundred watchfullwatchful eyeseyes toto sleepesleep:
wln 0455AndAnd himhim EpeusEpeus hauinghaving mademade thethe horsehorse,
wln 0456WithWith sacrificingsacrificing wreatheswreathes vponupon hishis headhead,
wln 0457VlyssesUlysses sentsent toto ourour vnhappieunhappy townetown:
wln 0458WhoWho grouelinggrovelling inin thethe miremire ofof ZanthusXanthus’Zanthus bankesbanks,
wln 0459HisHis handshands boundbound atat hishis backeback, andand bothboth hishis eyeseyes

img: 9-a
sig: B4v

The Tragedie of Dido.

wln 0460TurndTurned vpup toto heauenheaven asas oneone resolu’dresolved toto dyedie,
wln 0461OurOur PhrigianPhrygianphrygian shepherdshepherd haledhaled withinwithin thethe gatesgates,
wln 0462AndAnd broughtbrought vntounto thethe CourtCourt ofof PriamusPriamus:
wln 0463ToTo whomwhom hehe vsedused actionaction soso pitifullpitiful,
wln 0464LookesLooks soso remorcefullremorseful, vowesvows soso forcibleforcible,
wln 0465AsAs therethere withallwithal thethe oldold manman ouercomeovercome,
wln 0466KistKissed himhim, imbrastembraced himhim, andand vnloosdeunloosed hishis bandsbands,
wln 0467AndAnd thenthen, OOOh DidoDido, pardonpardon meme.
wln 0468DidoDido.NayNay leaueleave notnot herehere, resolueresolve meme ofof thethe restrest
wln 0469Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.OO th’inchauntingth’ enchantingth’enchanting wordswords ofof thatthat basebase slaueslave,
wln 0470MadeMade himhim toto thinkethink EpeusEpeus’ pine-treepine-treepinetree HorseHorse
wln 0471AA sacrifizesacrifice t’appeaset’ appeaset’appease MineruasMinerva’s wrathwrath:
wln 0472TheThe ratherrather forfor thatthat oneone LaocoonLaoc●onLaocoon
wln 0473BreakingBreaking aa spearespear vponupon hishis hollowhollow breastbreast,
wln 0474WasWas withwith twotwo wingedwinged SerpentsSerpents stungstung toto deathdeath.
wln 0475WhereatWhereat agastaghast, wewe werewere commandedcommanded straightstraight
wln 0476WithWith reuerencereverence toto drawdraw itit intointo TroyTroy.
wln 0477InIn whichwhich vnhappieunhappy workework waswas II employdemployed,
wln 0478TheseThese handshands diddid helpehelp toto halehale itit toto thethe gatesgates,
wln 0479ThroughThrough whichwhich itit couldcould notnot enterenter twas’twas soso hugehuge.
wln 0480OO hadhad itit neuernever entredentered, TroyTroy hadhad stoodstood.
wln 0481ButBut PriamusPriamus impatientimpatient ofof delaydelay,
wln 0482InforstEnforced aa widewide breachbreach inin thatthat rampierdrampired wallwall,
wln 0483WhichWhich thousandthousand batteringbattering RamsRams couldcould neuernever piercepierce,
wln 0484AndAnd soso camecame inin thisthis fatallfatal instrumentinstrument:
wln 0485AtAt whosewhose accursedaccursed feetefeet asas ouerioyedoverjoyed,
wln 0486WeWe banquettedbanqueted tilltill ouercomeovercome withwith winewine,
wln 0487SomeSome surfettedsurfeited andand othersothers soundlysoundly sleptslept.
wln 0488WhichWhich SinonSinon viewingviewing, causdecaused thethe GreekishGreekish spyesspies
wln 0489ToTo hasthaste toto TenedosTenedos andand telltell thethe CampeCamp:
wln 0490ThenThenThan hehe vnlocktunlocked thethe HorseHorse, andand suddenlysuddenly
wln 0491FromFrom outout hishis entrailesentrails, NeoptolemusNeoptolemus
wln 0492SettingSetting hishis spearespear vponupon thethe groundground, leaptleapt forthforth,
wln 0493AndAnd afterafter himhim aa thousandthousand GreciansGrecians moremore,
wln 0494InIn whosewhose sternestern facesfaces shin’dshined thethe quenchlesquenchless firefire,
wln 0495ThatThat afterafter burntburned thethe pridepride ofof AsiaAsia.
wln 0496ByBy thisthis thethe CampeCamp waswas comecome vntounto thethe walleswalls,

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The Tragedie of Dido.

wln 0497AndAnd throughthrough thethe breachbreach diddid marchmarch intointo thethe streetesstreets,
wln 0498WhereWhere meetingmeeting withwith thethe restrest, killkill killkill theythey cryedcried.
wln 0499FrightedFrighted withwith thisthis confusedconfused noysenoise, II roserose,
wln 0500AndAnd lookinglooking fromfrom aa turretturret, mightmight beholdbehold
wln 0501YongYoung infantsinfants swimmingswimming inin theirtheir parentsparents’ bloudblood,
wln 0502HeadlesHeadless carkassescarcases piledpiled vpup inin heapesheaps,
wln 0503VirginsVirgins halfehalf deaddead draggeddragged byby theirtheir goldengolden hairehair,
wln 0504AndAnd withwith mainemain forceforce flungflung onon aa ringring ofof pikespikes,
wln 0505OldOld menmen withwith swordsswords thrustthrust throughthrough theirtheir agedaged sidessides,
wln 0506KneelingKneeling forfor merciemercy toto aa GreekishGreekish ladlad,
wln 0507WhoWho withwith steelesteel Pol-axesPole-axes dashtdashed outout theirtheir brainesbrains.
wln 0508ThenThen buckledbuckled II minemine armourarmorarmour, drewdrew mymy swordsword,
wln 0509AndAnd thinkingthinking toto goego downedown, camecame HectorsHector’s ghostghost
wln 0510WithWith ashieashy visagevisage, blewishbluish sulphuresulphur eyeseyes,
wln 0511HisHis armesarms tornetorn fromfrom hishis shouldersshoulders, andand hishis breastbreast
wln 0512FurrowdFurrowedfurrowed withwith woundswounds, andand thatthat whichwhich mademade meme weepeweep,
wln 0513ThongsThongs atat hishis heelesheels, byby whichwhich AchillesAchilles’Achilles horsehorse
wln 0514DrewDrew himhim inin triumphtriumph throughthrough thethe GreekishGreekish CampeCamp,
wln 0515BurstBurst fromfrom thethe earthearth, cryingcrying, ÆneasAeneasAeneas flyefly,
wln 0516TroyTroy isis a firea-firea fire, thethe GreciansGrecians hauehave thethe townetown,
wln 0517DidoDido.OO HectorHector whowho weepesweeps notnot toto hearehear thythy namename?
wln 0518Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.YetYet flungflung II forthforth, andand desperatedesperate ofof mymy lifelife,
wln 0519RanRan inin thethe thickestthickest throngsthrongs, andand withwith thisthis swordsword
wln 0520SentSent manymany ofof theirtheir sauadgesavage ghostsghosts toto hellhell.
wln 0521AtAt lastlast camecame PirrhusPyrrhus fellfell andand fullfull ofof ireire,
wln 0522HisHis harnesseharness droppingdropping bloudblood, andand onon hishis spearespear
wln 0523TheThe mangledmangled headhead ofof PriamsPriam’s yongestyoungest sonneson,
wln 0524AndAnd afterafter himhim hishis bandband ofof MirmidonsMyrmidons,
wln 0525WithWith ballesballs ofof wildewild firefire inin theirtheir murderingmurdering pawespaws,
wln 0526WhichWhich mademade thethe funerallfuneral flameflame thatthat burntburned fairefair TroyTroy:
wln 0527AllAll whichwhich hemdhemmed meme aboutabout, cryingcrying, thisthis isis hehe.
wln 0528DidoDido.AhAh, howhow couldcould poorepoor ÆneasAeneasAeneas scapescape theirtheir handshands?
wln 0529Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.MyMy mothermother VenusVenus iealousjealous ofof mymy healthhealth,
wln 0530ConuaidConveyed meme fromfrom theirtheir crookedcrooked netsnets andand bandsbands:
wln 0531SoSo II escaptescaped thethe furiousfurious PirrhusPyrrhus’ wrathwrath:
wln 0532WhoWho thenthen ranran toto thethe pallacepalace ofof thethe KingKing,
wln 0533AndAnd atat IouesJove’sjove’s AltarAltar findingfinding PriamusPriamus,

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The Tragedie of Dido.

wln 0534AboutAbout whosewhosewho’s witheredwithered neckeneck hunghung HecubaHecuba,
wln 0535FouldingFoldingfolding hishis handhand inin hershers, andand ioyntlyjointly bothboth
wln 0536BeatingBeating theirtheir breastsbreasts andand fallingfalling onon thethe groundground,
wln 0537HeHe withwith hishis faulchionssaulchionsfalchion’s poyntpoint raisderaised vpup atat onceonce,
wln 0538AndAnd withwith MegerasMegaera’s eyeseyes staredstared inin theirtheir faceface,
wln 0539ThreatningThreat’ningThreatening aa thousandthousand deathsdeaths atat eueryevery glaunceglance.
wln 0540ToTo whomwhom thethe agedaged KingKing thusthus tremblingtrembling spokespoke:
wln 0541AchillesAchilles’Achilles sonneson, rememberremember whatwhat II waswas,
wln 0542FatherFather ofof fiftiefifty sonnessons, butbut theythey areare slaineslain,
wln 0543LordLord ofof mymy fortunefortune, butbut mymy fortunesfortunes turndturned,
wln 0544KingKing ofof thisthis CitieCity, butbut mymy TroyTroy isis firedfired,
wln 0545AndAnd nownow amam neitherneither fatherfather, LordLord, nornor KingKing:
wln 0546YetYet whowho soso wretchedwretched butbut desiresdesires toto liuelive?
wln 0547OO letlet meme liuelive, greatgreat NeoptolemusNeoptolemus,
wln 0548NotNot mou’dmoved atat allall, butbut smilingsmiling atat hishis tearestears,
wln 0549ThisThis butcherbutcher whil’stwhilst hishis handshands werewere yetyet heldheld vpup,
wln 0550TreadingTreading vponupon hishis breastbreast, strookestruck offoff hishis handshands.
wln 0551DidoDido.OO endend ÆneasAeneasAeneas, II cancan hearehear nono moremore.
wln 0552Æn.Aen.AeneasAen.AtAt whichwhich thethe frantickefrantic QueeneQueen leaptleapt onon hishis faceface,
wln 0553AndAnd inin hishis eyelidseyelids hanginghanging byby thethe naylesnails,
wln 0554AA littlelittle whilewhile prolong’dprolonged herher husbandshusband’s lifelife:
wln 0555AtAt lastlast thethe souldierssoldiers puldpulled herher byby thethe heelesheels,
wln 0556AndAnd swongswung herher howlinghowling inin thethe emptieempty ayreair,
wln 0557WhichWhich sentsent anan ecchoecho toto thethe woundedwounded KingKing:
wln 0558WhereatWhereat hehe liftedlifted vpup hishis bedredbedrid limslimbs,
wln 0559AndAnd wouldwould hauehave grappeldgrappled withwith AchillesAchilles’ sonneson,
wln 0560ForgettingForgetting bothboth hishis wantwant ofof strengthstrength andand handshands,
wln 0561WhichWhich hehe disdainingdisdaining whisktwhisked hishis swordsword aboutabout,
wln 0562AndAnd withwith thethe woundwound thereofthereof thethe KingKing fellfell downedown:
wln 0563ThenThen fromfrom thethe nauellnavel toto thethe throatthroat atat onceonce,
wln 0564HeHe riptripped oldold PriamPriam: atat whosewhose latterlatter gaspegasp
wln 0565IouesJove’sjove’s marblemarble statuestatue gan’gan toto bendbend thethe browbrow,
wln 0566AsAs lothingloathing PirrhusPyrrhus forfor thisthis wickedwicked actact:
wln 0567YetYet hehe vndauntedundaunted tooketook hishis fathersfather’s flaggeflag,
wln 0568AndAnd diptdipped itit inin thethe oldold KingsKing’sking’s chillchill coldcold bloudblood,
wln 0569AndAnd thenthen inin triumphtriumph ranran intointo thethe streetesstreets,
wln 0570ThroughThrough whichwhich hehe couldcould notnot passepass forfor slaughtredslaughtered menmen:

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sig: C2r

The Tragedie of Dido.

wln 0571SoSo leaningleaning onon hishis swordsword hehe stoodstood stonestone stillstill,
wln 0572ViewingViewing thethe firefire wherewithwherewith richrich IlionIlion burntburned.
wln 0573ByBy thisthis II gotgot mymy fatherfather onon mymy backeback,
wln 0574ThisThis yongyoung boyboy inin minemine armesarms, andand byby thethe handhand
wln 0575LedLed fairefair CreusaCreusa mymy belouedbeloved wifewife,
wln 0576WhenWhen thouthou AchatesAchates withwith thythy swordsword mad’stmad’stmadest waywayweigh,
wln 0577AndAnd wewe werewere roundround inuiron’denvironed withwith thethe GreekesGreeks:
wln 0578OOOh therethere II lostlost mymy wifewife: andand hadhad notnot wewe
wln 0579FoughtFought manfullymanfully, II hadhad notnot toldtold thisthis taletale:
wln 0580YetYet manhoodmanhood wouldwould notnot serueserve, ofof forceforce wewe fledfled,
wln 0581AndAnd asas wewe wentwent vntounto ourour shipsships, thouthou knowestknowest
wln 0582WeWe sawesaw CassandraCassandra spraulingsprawling inin thethe streetesstreets,
wln 0583WhomWhom AiaxAjaxAiax rauishtravished inin DianasDiana’s FawneFawn,
wln 0584HerHer cheekescheeks swolneswollen withwith sighessighs, herher hairehair allall rentrent,
wln 0585WhomWhom II tooketook vpup toto bearebear vntounto ourour shipsships:
wln 0586ButBut suddenlysuddenly thethe