The Taming of a Shrew
The Taming of a Shrew

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ln 0001AA
ln 0002PleasantPleasant ConceitedConceited
ln 0003HistorieHistory, calledcalled TheThe tamingtaming
ln 0004ofof aa ShrewShrew.

ln 0005AsAs itit waswas sundrysundry timestimes actedacted byby thethe
ln 0006RightRight honorablehonorablehonourable thethe EarleEarl ofof
ln 0007PembrookPembroke hishis seruantsservants.

ln 0008PrintedPrinted atat LondonLondon byby PeterPeter ShortShort andand
ln 0009areare toto bebe soldsold byby CutbertCuthbertCutbert BurbieBurbyBurbie, atat hishis
ln 0010shopshop atat thethe RoyallRoyal ExchangeExchange.
ln 001115941594.

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wln 0001AA PleasantPleasant conceitedconceited HistorieHistory, calledcalled
wln 0002TheThe TamingTaming ofof aa ShrewShrew.

wln 0003EnterEnter aa TapsterTapster, beatingbeating outout ofof hishis dooresdoors
wln 0004SlieSly DroonkenDrunken.

wln 0005TapsterTapster.
wln 0006YOuYOu whorsonwhoreson droonkendrunken slaueslave, youyou hadhad bestbest bebe gonegone,
wln 0007AndAnd emptyempty youryour droonkendrunken panchpaunch some wheresomewhere elseelse
wln 0008ForFor inin thisthis househouse thouthou shaltshalt notnot restrest to nighttonight.
wln 0009ExitExit TapsterTapster.
wln 0010SlieSly.Tilly vallyTilly-vally, byby criseecrisee TapsterTapster IleI’ll fesefeeze youyou anonanon.
wln 0011FilsFillsfills thethe tothert’other potpot andand allsall’s paidpaid forfor, lookelook youyou
wln 0012II doodo drinkedrink itit ofof minemine owneown InstegationInstigation, OmneOmne benebene
wln 0013HeereHere IleI’ll lielie aa whilewhile, whywhy TapsterTapster II saysay,
wln 0014FilsFills aa freshfresh cushencushion heerehere.
wln 0015HeighHeyHeigh hoho, heershere’s goodgood warmewarm lyinglying.
wln 0016HeHe falsfalls asleepeasleep.

wln 0017EnterEnter aa NobleNoble manman andand hishis menmen
wln 0018fromfrom huntinghunting.

wln 0019LordLord.NowNow thatthat thethe gloomiegloomy shaddowshadow ofof thethe nightnight,
wln 0020LongingLonging toto viewview OrionsOrion’s drislingdrizzling lookeslooks,
wln 0021LeapesLeaps fromfrom th’antarticketh’ antarcticth’antarctic WorldWorld vntounto thethe skiesky
wln 0022AndAnd dimsdims thethe WelkinWelkin withwith herher pitchiepitchy breathbreath,
wln 0023AndAnd darkesomedarksome nightnight oreshadeso’ershades thethe christallcrystal heauensheavens,
wln 0024HereHere breakebreak wewe offoff ourour huntinghunting forfor to nighttonight,

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The taming of a Shrew.

wln 0025CuppleCouplecouple vppeup thethe houndshounds andand letlet vsus hiehie vsus homehome,
wln 0026AndAnd bidbid thethe huntsmanhuntsman seesee themthem meatedmeated wellwell,
wln 0027ForFor theythey hauehave allall deseru’ddeserved itit wellwell to daietodayto day,
wln 0028ButBut softsoft, whatwhat sleepiesleepy fellowfellow isis thisthis lieslies heerehere?
wln 0029OrOr isis hehe deaddead, seesee oneone whatwhat hehe doothdoth lackelack?
wln 0030SeruingmanServingmanServant.MyMy lordlord, tis’tis nothingnothing butbut aa drunkendrunken (sleepesleep,
wln 0031HisHis headhead isis tootoo heauieheavy forfor hishis bodiebody,
wln 0032AndAnd hehe hathhath drunkedrunk soso muchmuch thatthat hehe cancan gogo nono furderfurther.
wln 0033LordLord.FieFie, howhow thethe slauishslavish villainevillain stinkesstinks ofof drinkedrink.
wln 0034HoHo, sirhasirrah arisearise. WhatWhat soso soundsound asleepeasleep?
wln 0035GoGo taketake himhim vppeup andand bearebear himhim toto mymy househouse,
wln 0036AndAnd bearebear himhim easilieeasily forfor fearefear hehe wakewake,
wln 0037AndAnd inin mymy fairestfairest chamberchamber makemake aa firefire,
wln 0038AndAnd setset aa sumptuoussumptuous banquetbanquet onon thethe boordboard,
wln 0039AndAnd putput mymy richestrichest garmentesgarments onon hishis backeback,
wln 0040ThenThen setset himhim atat thethe TableTable inin aa chairechair:
wln 0041WhenWhen thatthat isis doonedone againstagainst hehe shallshall awakeawake,
wln 0042LetLet heauenlieheavenly musickemusic playplay aboutabout himhim stillstill,
wln 0043GoGo twotwo ofof youyou awaieaway andand bearebear himhim hencehence,
wln 0044AndAnd thenthen IleI’ll telltell youyou whatwhat II hauehave deuisdedevised,
wln 0045ButBut seesee inin anyany casecase youyou wakewake himhim notnot.
wln 0046ExeuntExeunt twotwo withwith SlieSly.
wln 0047NowNow taketake mymy cloakecloak andand giuegive meme oneone ofof yoursyours,
wln 0048AlAll fellowesfellows nownow, andand seesee youyou taketake meme soso,
wln 0049ForFor wewe willwill waitewait vponupon thisthis droonkendrunken manman,
wln 0050ToTo seesee hishis countnancecountenance whenwhen hehe doothdoth awakeawake
wln 0051AndAnd findefind himselfehimself clothedclothed inin suchsuch attireattire,
wln 0052WithWith heauenlieheavenly musickemusic soundingsounding inin hishis earesears,
wln 0053AndAnd suchsuch aa banquetbanquet setset beforebefore hishis eieseyes,
wln 0054TheThe fellowfellow suresure willwill thinkethink hehe isis inin heauenheaven,
wln 0055ButBut wewe willwill bebe aboutabout himhim whenwhen hehe wakeswakes,
wln 0056AndAnd seesee youyou callcall himhim LordLord, atat euerieevery wordword,
wln 0057AndAnd offeroffer thouthou himhim hishis horsehorse toto rideride abroadabroad,

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sig: A3r

The taming of a Shrew.

wln 0058AndAnd thouthou hishis hawkeshawks andand houndeshounds toto hunthunt thethe deeredeerdear,
wln 0059AndAnd II willwill askeask whatwhat sutessuits hehe meanesmeans toto wearewear,
wln 0060AndAnd what so erewhatsoe’er hehe saithsaith, seesee youyou doodo notnot laughlaugh,
wln 0061ButBut stillstill perswadepersuade himhim thatthat hehe isis aa LordLord.
wln 0062EnterEnter oneone.
wln 0063Mes.MessengerMes.AndAnd itit pleaseplease youryour honourhonorhonour youryour plaiersplayers bebe comcome
wln 0064AndAnd doodo attendattend youryour honourshonor’shonour’s pleasurepleasure herehere.
wln 0065LordLord.TheThe fittestfittest timetime theythey couldcould hauehave chosenchosen outout,
wln 0066BidBid oneone oror twotwo ofof themthem comecome hitherhither straightstraight,
wln 0067NowNow willwill II fitfit my selfemyself accordinglieaccordingly,
wln 0068ForFor theythey shallshall playplay toto himhim whenwhen hehe awakesawakes.
wln 0069EnterEnter twotwo ofof thethe playersplayers withwith packspacks atat theirtheir
wln 0070backsbacks, andand aa boyboy.

wln 0071NowNow sirssirs, whatwhat storestore ofof plaiesplays hauehave youyou?
wln 0072San.SanderSan.MarrieMarry mymy lordlord youyou maiemay hauehave aa TragicallTragical
wln 0073OrOr aa comoditiecomoditycommodity, oror whatwhat youyou willwill.
wln 0074TheThe otherother.AA ComedieComedy thouthou shouldstshouldst saysay, souns’Zounds
wln 0075thoutthou ’ltthou’lt shameshame vsus allall.
wln 0076LordLord.AndAnd whatswhat’s thethe namename ofof youryour ComedieComedy?
wln 0077San.SanderSan.MarrieMarry mymy lordlord tis’tis caldecalled TheThe tamingtaming ofof aa shrewshrew:
wln 0078Tis’Tis aa goodgood lessonlesson forfor vsus mymy lordlord, forfor vsus ytY arethatyou’re areare mariedmarried menmen
wln 0079LordLord.TheThe tamingtaming ofof aa shrewshrew, thatsthat’s excellentexcellent suresure,
wln 0080GoGo seesee thatthat youyou makemake youyou readieready straightstraight,
wln 0081ForFor youyou mustmust playplay beforebefore aa lordlord to nighttonight,
wln 0082SaySay youyou areare hishis menmen andand II youryour fellowfellow,
wln 0083HeesHe’s somethingsomething foolishfoolish, butbut what so erewhatsoe’er hehe saiessays,
wln 0084SeeSee thatthat youyou bebe notnot dashtdashed outout ofof countenancecountenance.
wln 0085AndAnd sirhasirrah gogo youyou makemake youyou readyready straightstraight,
wln 0086AndAnd dressedress your selfeyourself likelike somesome louelielovely ladielady,
wln 0087AndAnd whenwhen II callcall seesee thatthat youyou comecome toto meme,
wln 0088ForFor II willwill saysay toto himhim thouthou artart hishis wifewife,
wln 0089DallieDally withwith himhim andand hughug himhim inin thinethine armesarms,
wln 0090AndAnd ifif hehe desiredesire toto goego toto bedbed withwith theethee,

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sig: A3v

The taming of a Shrew.

wln 0091ThenThen fainefain somesome scuse’scuse andand saysay thouthou wiltwilt anonanon.
wln 0092BeBe gonegone II saysay, andand seesee thouthou doostdost itit wellwell.
wln 0093B[*]yBoyB●yBoy.FeareFear notnot mymy LordLord, IleI’ll dandelldandledandell himhim wellwell enoughenough
wln 0094AndAnd makemake himhim thinkethink II louelove himhim mightiliemightily.Ex.ExitEx. boyboy.
wln 0095LordLord.NowNow sirssirs gogo youyou andand makemake youyou readyready totooto,
wln 0096ForFor youyou mustmust playplay assooneas soon asas hehe doothdoth wakewake.
wln 0097San.SanderSan.OO brauebrave, sirhasirrah TomTom, wewe mustmust playplay beforebefore
wln 0098AA foolishfoolish LordLord, comecome letslet’s gogo makemake vsus readyready,
wln 0099GoGo getget aa dishcloutdishclout toto makemake cleaneclean youryour shooesshoes,
wln 0100AndAnd IleI’ll speakespeak forfor thethe propertiesproperties, MyMy LordLord, wewe mustmust
wln 0101HaueHave aa shouldershoulder ofof muttonmutton forfor aa propertieproperty,
wln 0102AndAnd aa littlelittle vinegrevinegar toto makemake ourour DiuellDevil roreroar.
wln 0103LordLord.VeryVery wellwell: sirhasirrah seesee thatthat theythey wantwant nothingnothing.
wln 0104ExeuntExeunt omnesomnes.

wln 0105EnterEnter twotwo withwith aa tabletable andand aa banquetbanquet onon itit, andand twotwo
wln 0106otherother, withwith SlieSly asleepeasleep inin aa chairechair, richlierichly
wln 0107apparelledapparelled, &and thethe musickmusic plaiengplaying.

wln 0108OneOne.SoSo: sirhasirrah nownow gogo callcall mymy LordLord,
wln 0109AndAnd teltell himhim thatthat allall thingsthings isis readyready asas hehe wildwilled itit.
wln 0110AnotherAnother.SetSet thouthou somesome winewine vponupon thethe boordboard
wln 0111AndAnd thenthen IleI’ll gogo fetchfetch mymy LordLord presentliepresently.ExitExit.

wln 0112EnterEnter thethe LordLord andand hishis menmen.
wln 0113LordLord.HowHow nownow, whatwhat isis allall thingesthings readieready?
wln 0114OneOne.IAyI mymy LordLord.
wln 0115LordLord.ThenThen soundsound thethe musickmusic, andand IleI’ll wakewake himhim (straightstraight,
wln 0116AndAnd seesee youyou doodo asas earsterst II gauegave inin chargecharge.
wln 0117MyMy lordlord, MyMy lordlord, hehe sleepessleeps soundliesoundly: MyMy lordlord.
wln 0118SlieSly.TapsterTapster, gisgi’sgis aa littlelittle smallsmall aleale. HeighHeyHeigh hoho,
wln 0119LordLord.HeersHere’shere’s winewine mymy lordlord, thethe purestpurest ofof thethe grapegrape.
wln 0120SlieSly.ForFor whichwhich LordLord?
wln 0121LordLord.ForFor youryour honourhonorhonour mymy LordLord.

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sig: A4r

The taming of a Shrew.

wln 0122SlieSly.WhoWho II, amam II aa LordLord? IesusJesusjesus whatwhat finefine apparellapparel
wln 0123hauehave II gotgot.
wln 0124LordLord.MoreMore richerricher farrefar youryour honourhonorhonour hathhath toto wearewear,
wln 0125AndAnd ifif itit pleaseplease youyou II willwill fetchfetch themthem straightstraight.
wln 0126Wil.WillWil.AndAnd ifif youryour honourhonorhonour pleaseplease toto rideride abroadabroad,
wln 0127IleI’ll fetchfetch youyou lustielusty steedessteeds moremore swiftswift ofof pacepace
wln 0128ThenThanThen wingedwinged PegasusPegasus inin allall hishis pridepride,
wln 0129ThatThat ranran soso swiftlieswiftly ouerover thethe PersianPersian plainesplains.
wln 0130Tom.Tom.AndAnd ifif youryour honourhonorhonour pleaseplease toto hunthunt thethe deeredeerdear,
wln 0131YourYour houndshounds standsstands readieready cuppeldcoupled atat thethe dooredoor,
wln 0132WhoWho inin runningrunning willwill oretakeo’ertake thethe RowRow,
wln 0133AndAnd makemake thethe longlong breathdebreathed TygreTiger brokenbroken windedwinded.
wln 0134SlieSly.ByBy thethe massemass II thinkethink II amam aa LordLord indeedindeed,
wln 0135WhatsWhat’swhat’s thythy namename?
wln 0136LordLord.SimonSimon andand itit pleaseplease youryour honourhonorhonour.
wln 0137SlieSly.SimonSimon, thatsthat’s asas muchmuch toto saysay SimionSimion oror SimonSimon
wln 0138PutPut foorthforth thythy handhand andand fillfill thethe potpot.
wln 0139GiueGive meme thythy handhand, SimSim. amam II aa lordlord indeedindeed?
wln 0140LordLord.IAyI mymy gratiousgracious LordLord, andand youryour louelielovely ladielady
wln 0141LongLong timetime hathhath moornedmourned forfor youryour absenceabsence heerehere,
wln 0142AndAnd nownow withwith ioyjoy beholdbehold wherewhere sheshe doothdoth comecome
wln 0143ToTo gratulategratulate youryour honourshonor’shonours safesafe returnereturn.
wln 0144EnterEnter thethe boyboy inin WomansWoman’s attireattire.
wln 0145SlieSly.SimSim. IsIs thisthis sheshe?
wln 0146LordLord.IAyI mymy LordLord.
wln 0147SlieSly.MasseMass tis’tis aa prettiepretty wenchwench, whatswhat’s herher namename?
wln 0148BoyBoy.OhOhO thatthat mymy louelielovely LordLord wouldwould onceonce vouchsafevouchsafe
wln 0149ToTo lookelook onon meme, andand leaueleave thesethese frantikefrantic fitsfits,
wln 0150OrOr werewere II nownow butbut halfehalf soso eloquenteloquent,
wln 0151ToTo paintpaint inin wordswords whatwhat ilei’llI’ll performeperform inin deedesdeeds,
wln 0152II knowknow youryour honourhonorhonour thenthen wouldwould pittiepity meme.
wln 0153SlieSly.HarkeHark youyou mistressemistress, wilwill youyou eateat aa peecepiece ofof
wln 0154 breadbread,

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sig: A4v

The taming of a Shrew.

wln 0155ComeCome sitsit downedown onon mymy kneeknee, SimSim drinkedrink toto hirher SimSim,
wln 0156ForFor sheshe andand II willwill gogo toto bedbed anonanon.
wln 0157LordLord.MayMay itit pleaseplease youyou, youryour honorshonor’shonour’s plaiersplayers bebe comecome
wln 0158ToTo offeroffer youryour honourhonorhonour aa plaieplay.
wln 0159SlieSly.AA plaieplay SimSim, OOOh brauebrave, bebe theythey mymy plaiersplayers?
wln 0160LordLord.IAyI mymy LordLord.
wln 0161SlieSly.IsIs therethere notnot aa foolefool inin thethe plaieplay?
wln 0162LordLord.YesYes mymy lordlord.
wln 0163SlieSly.WhenWhen wilwill theythey plaieplay SimSim?
wln 0164LordLord.EuenEveneven whenwhen itit pleaseplease youryour honorhonorhonour, theythey bebe readieready.
wln 0165BoyBoy.MyMy lordlord IleI’ll gogo bidbid themthem beginbegin theirtheir plaieplay.
wln 0166SlieSly.DooDodo, butbut lookelook thatthat youyou comecome againeagain.
wln 0167BoyBoy.II warrantwarrant youyou mymy lordlord, II wilwill notnot leaueleave youyou thusthus.
wln 0168ExitExit boyboy.
wln 0169SlieSly.ComeCome SimSim, wherewhere bebe thethe plaiersplayers? SimSim standstand byby
wln 0170MeMe andand weelewe’ll floutflout thethe plaiersplayers outout ofof theirtheir cotescoats.
wln 0171LordLord.IleI’ll calcall themthem mymy lordlord. HoeHoho wherewhere areare youyou therethere?
wln 0172SoundSound TrumpetsTrumpets.

wln 0173EnterEnter twotwo yoongyoung GentlemenGentlemen, andand aa manman
wln 0174andand aa boieboy.

wln 0175Pol.PolidorPol.WelcomeWelcome toto AthensAthens mymy belouedbeloved friendfriend,
wln 0176ToTo PlatoesPlato’s schoolesschools andand AristotlesAristotle’s walkeswalks,
wln 0177WelcomeWelcome fromfrom CestusSestosCestus famousfamous forfor thethe louelove
wln 0178OfOf goodgood LeanderLeander andand hishis TragedieTragedy,
wln 0179ForFor whomwhom thethe HelespontHellespont weepesweeps brinishbrinish tearestears,
wln 0180TheThe greatestgreatest griefegrief isis II cannotcannot asas II wouldwould
wln 0181GiueGive entertainmententertainment toto mymy deerestdearest friendfriend.
wln 0182Aurel.AureliusAurel.ThankesThanks noblenoble PolidorPolidor mymy secondsecond selfeself,
wln 0183TheThe faithfullfaithful louelove whichwhich II hauehave foundfound inin theethee
wln 0184HathHath mademade meme leaueleave mymy fathersfather’s princelieprincely courtcourt,
wln 0185TheThe DukeDuke ofof CestusSestosCestus thrisethrice renowmedrenowned seateseat,
wln 0186ToTo comecome toto AthensAthens thusthus toto findfind theethee outout,

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sig: B1r

The taming of a Shrew.

wln 0187WhichWhich sincesince II hauehave soso happiliehappily attaindattained,
wln 0188MyMy fortunefortune nownow II doodo accountaccount asas greatgreat
wln 0189AsAs earsterst diddid CæsarCaesarCaesar whenwhen hehe conqueredconquered mostmost,
wln 0190ButBut telltell meme noblenoble friendfriend wherewhere shalshall wewe lodgelodge,
wln 0191ForFor II amam vnacquaintedunacquainted inin thisthis placeplace.
wln 0192Poli.PolidorPoli.MyMy LordLord ifif youyou vouchsafevouchsafe ofof schollersscholars’scholars farefare,
wln 0193MyMy househouse, my selfemyself, andand allall isis yoursyours toto vseuse,
wln 0194YouYou andand youryour menmen shallshall staiestay andand lodgelodge withwith meme.
wln 0195Aurel.AureliusAurel.WithWith allall mymy hartheart, II willwill requiterequite thythy louelove..,
wln 0196EnterEnter SimonSimon, AlphonsusAlphonsus, andand hishis
wln 0197threethree daughtersdaughters.

wln 0198ButBut staiestay; whatwhat damesdames areare thesethese soso brightbright ofof hewhue
wln 0199WhoseWhose eieseyes areare brighterbrighter thenthan thethe lampeslamps ofof heauenheaven,
wln 0200FairerFairer thenthan rocksrocks ofof pearlepearl andand pretiousprecious stonestone,
wln 0201MoreMore louelielovely farrefar thenthan isis thethe morningmorning sunnesun,
wln 0202WhenWhen firstfirst sheshe opesopens hirher orientalloriental gatesgates.
wln 0203Alfon.AlfonsoAlfon.DaughtersDaughters bebe gonegone, andand hiehie youyou toto yetheyethe churchchurch,
wln 0204AndAnd II willwill hiehie meme downedown vntounto thethe keyquaykey,
wln 0205ToTo seesee whatwhat MarchandiseMerchandise isis comecome a shoreashore.
wln 0206Ex.ExeuntEx. OmnesOmnes.
wln 0207Pol.PolidorPol.WhyWhy howhow nownow mymy LordLord, whatwhat inin aa dumpedump,
wln 0208ToTo seesee thesethese damselsdamsels passepass awayaway soso soonesoon?
wln 0209Aurel.AureliusAurel.TrustTrust meme mymy friendfriend II mustmust confesseconfess toto theethee,
wln 0210II tooketook soso muchmuch delightdelight inin thesethese fairefair damesdames,
wln 0211AsAs II doodo wishwish theythey hadhad notnot gonegone soso soonesoon,
wln 0212ButBut ifif thouthou canstcanst, resolueresolve meme whatwhat theythey bebe,
wln 0213AndAnd whatwhat oldold manman itit waswas thatthat wentwent withwith themthem,
wln 0214ForFor II doodo longlong toto seesee themthem onceonce againeagain.
wln 0215Pol.PolidorPol.II cannotcannot blameblame youryour honorhonorhonour goodgood mymy lordlord,
wln 0216ForFor theythey areare bothboth louelylovely, wisewise, fairefair andand yongyoung,
wln 0217AndAnd oneone ofof themthem thethe yoongestyoungest ofof thethe threethree
wln 0218II longlong hauehave lou’dloved (sweetsweet friendfriend) andand sheshe lou’dloved meme,
wln 0219ButBut neuernever yetyet wewe couldcould notnot findfind aa meanesmeans
wln 0220HowHow wewe mightmight compassecompass ourour desireddesired ioyesjoys.

img: 6-a
sig: B1v

The taming of a Shrew.

wln 0221Aurel.AureliusAurel.WhyWhy, isis notnot herher fatherfather willingwilling toto thethe matchmatch?
wln 0222Pol.PolidorPol.YesYes trusttrust meme, butbut hehe hathhath solemnliesolemnly swornesworn,
wln 0223HisHis eldesteldest daughterdaughter firstfirst shallshall bebe espowsdeespoused,
wln 0224BeforeBefore hehe grauntesgrants hishis yoongestyoungest leaueleave toto louelove,
wln 0225AndAnd thereforetherefore hehe thatthat meanesmeans toto getget theirtheir louesloves,
wln 0226MustMust firstfirst prouideprovide forfor herher ifif hehe willwill speedspeed,
wln 0227AndAnd hehe thatthat hathhath herher shallshall bebe fettredfettered soso,
wln 0228AsAs goodgood bebe weddedwedded toto thethe diuelldevil himselfehimself,
wln 0229ForFor suchsuch aa skouldscold asas sheshe diddid neuernever liuelive,
wln 0230AndAnd tilltill thatthat sheshe bebe spedsped nonenone elseelse cancan speedspeed,
wln 0231WhichWhich makesmakes meme thinkethink thatthat allall mymy labourslaborslabours lostlost,
wln 0232AndAnd whosoerewhosoe’er cancan getget hirher firmefirm goodgood willwill,
wln 0233AA largelarge dowriedowry hehe shallshall bebe suresure toto hauehave,
wln 0234ForFor herher fatherfather isis aa manman ofof mightiemighty wealthwealth,
wln 0235AndAnd anan ancientancient CittizenCitizen ofof thethe townetown,
wln 0236AndAnd thatthat waswas hehe thatthat wentwent alongalong withwith themthem.
wln 0237Aurel.AureliusAurel.ButBut hehe shallshall keepekeep hirher stillstill byby mymy aduiseadvice,
wln 0238AndAnd yetyet II needsneeds mustmust louelove hishis secondsecond daughterdaughter
wln 0239TheThe imageimage ofof honorhonorhonour andand NobilitieNobility,
wln 0240InIn whosewhose sweetsweet personperson isis comprisdecomprised thethe sommesum
wln 0241OfOf naturesnature’s skillskill andand heauenlieheavenly maiestiemajesty.
wln 0242Pol.PolidorPol.II likelike youryour choisechoice, andand gladglad youyou chosechose notnot minemine,
wln 0243ThenThen ifif youyou likelike toto followfollow onon youryour louelove,
wln 0244WeWe mustmust deuisedevise aa meanesmeans andand findfind somesome oneone
wln 0245ThatThat willwill attemptattempt toto wedwed thisthis deuilishdevilish skouldscold,
wln 0246AndAnd II doodo knowknow thethe manman. ComeCome hitherhither boyboy,
wln 0247GoGo youryour waiesways sirhasirrah toto FerandoesFerando’s househouse,
wln 0248DesireDesire himhim taketake thethe painespains toto comecome toto meme,
wln 0249ForFor II mustmust speakespeak withwith himhim immediatlieimmediately.
wln 0250BoyBoy.II willwill sirsir, andand fetchfetch himhim presentliepresently.
wln 0251Pol.PolidorPol.AA manman II thinkethink willwill fitfit hirher humorhumorhumour rightright,
wln 0252AsAs bluntblunt inin speechspeech asas sheshe isis sharpesharp ofof toongtongue,
wln 0253AndAnd hehe II thinkethink willwill matchmatch hirher euerieevery waieway,
wln 0254AndAnd yetyet hehe isis aa manman ofof wealthwealth sufficientsufficient,

img: 6-b
sig: B2r

The taming of a Shrew.

wln 0255AndAnd forfor hishis personperson worthworth asas goodgood asas sheshe,
wln 0256AndAnd ifif hehe compassecompass hirher toto bebe hishis wifewife,
wln 0257ThenThen maymay wewe freeliefreely visitevisit bothboth ourour louesloves.
wln 0258Aurel.AureliusAurel.OO mightmight II seesee thethe centercentercentre ofof mymy soulesoul
wln 0259WhoseWhose sacredsacred beautiebeauty hathhath inchantedenchanted meme,
wln 0260MoreMore fairefair thenthan waswas thethe GrecianGrecian HelenaHelena
wln 0261ForFor whosewhose sweetsweet sakesake soso manymany princesprinces didedied,
wln 0262ThatThat camecame withwith thousandthousand shippesships toto TenedosTenedos,
wln 0263ButBut whenwhen wewe comecome vntounto hirher fathersfather’s househouse,
wln 0264TellTell himhim II amam aa MarchantsMerchant’smerchant’s sonneson ofof CestusSestosCestus,
wln 0265ThatThat comescomes forfor traffiketraffic vntounto AthensAthens heerehere,
wln 0266AndAnd heerehere sirhasirrah II willwill changechange withwith youyou forfor onceonce,
wln 0267AndAnd nownow bebe thouthou thethe DukeDuke ofof CestusSestos’cestus’ sonneson,
wln 0268ReuellRevel andand spendspend asas ifif thouthou wertwert my selfemyself,
wln 0269ForFor II willwill courtcourt mymy louelove inin thisthis disguisedisguise.
wln 0270Val.ValeriaVal.MyMy lordlord, howhow ifif thethe DukeDuke youryour fatherfather shouldshould
wln 0271ByBy somesome meanesmeans comecome toto AthensAthens forfor toto seesee
wln 0272HowHow youyou doodo profitprofit inin thesethese publikepublic schoolesschools,
wln 0273AndAnd findfind meme clothedclothed thusthus inin youryour attireattire,
wln 0274HowHow wouldwould hehe taketake itit thenthen thinkethink youyou mymy lordlord?
wln 0275Aurel.AureliusAurel.TushTush fearefear notnot ValeriaValeria letlet meme alonealone,
wln 0276ButBut staiestay, heerehere comescomes somesome otherother companiecompany.

wln 0277EnterEnter FerandoFerando andand hishis manman SaundersSanderSaunders
wln 0278withwith aa blewblue coatcoat.

wln 0279Pol.PolidorPol.HereHere comescomes thethe manman thatthat II diddid teltell youyou ofof.
wln 0280Feran.FerandoFeran.GoodGood morrowmorrow gentlemengentlemen toto allall atat onceonce.
wln 0281HowHow nownow PolidorPolidor, whatwhat manman stillstill inin louelove?
wln 0282EuerEver wooingwooing andand canstcanst thouthou neuernever speedspeed,
wln 0283GodGod sendsend meme betterbetter luckluck whenwhen II shallshall woowoo.
wln 0284San.SanderSan.II warrantwarrant youyou maistermaster andand youyou taketake mymy councellcouncil.
wln 0285Feran.FerandoFeran.WhyWhy sirhasirrah, areare youyou soso cunningcunning?
wln 0286San.SanderSan.WhoWho II, twere’twere betterbetter forfor youyou byby fiuefive markemark
wln 0287AndAnd youyou couldcould teltell howhow toto doodo itit asas wellwell asas II.

img: 7-a
sig: B2v

The taming of a Shrew.

wln 0288Pol.PolidorPol.II wouldwould thythy maistermaster onceonce werewere inin thethe vainevain,
wln 0289ToTo trietry himselfehimself howhow hehe couldcould woewoowoe aa wenchwench.
wln 0290Feran.FerandoFeran.FaithFaith II amam eueneven nownow aa goinggoing.
wln 0291San.SanderSan.I faithI’ faithi’faith sirsir, mymy maistersmaster’s goinggoing toto thisthis geeregear nownow.
wln 0292Pol.PolidorPol.WhitherWhither inin faithfaith FerandoFerando, telltell meme truetrue.
wln 0293Feran.FerandoFeran.ToTo boniebonnybony KateKate, thethe patientstpatientest wenchwench aliuealive
wln 0294TheThe diueldevil himselfehimself daresdares scarcescarce venterventure toto woowoo herher,
wln 0295SigniorSignior AlfonsosAlfonso’s eldesteldest daughterdaughter,
wln 0296AndAnd hehe hathhath promisdepromised meme sixsix thousandthousand crownescrowns
wln 0297IfIf II cancan winwin herher onceonce toto bebe mymy wifewife,
wln 0298AndAnd sheshe andand II mustmust woowoo withwith skouldingscolding suresure,
wln 0299AndAnd II willwill holdhold hirher tootto ’tto’t tilltill sheshe bebe wearieweary,
wln 0300OrOr elseelse IleI’ll makemake herher yeeldyield toto grauntgrant meme louelove.
wln 0301Pol.PolidorPol.HowHow likelike youyou thisthis AureliusAurelius, II thinkethink hehe knewknew
wln 0302OurOur mindesminds beforebefore wewe sentsent toto himhim,
wln 0303ButBut telltell meme, whenwhen doodo youyou meanemean toto speakespeak withwith herher?
wln 0304Feran.FerandoFeran.FaithFaith presentliepresently, doodo youyou butbut standstand asideaside,
wln 0305AndAnd II willwill makemake herher fatherfather bringbring hirher hitherhither,
wln 0306AndAnd sheshe, andand II, andand hehe, willwill talketalk alonealone.
wln 0307Pol.PolidorPol.WithWith alall ourour hearteshearts, ComeCome AureliusAurelius
wln 0308LetLet vsus bebe gonegone andand leaueleave himhim heerehere alonealone.ExitExeuntExit.
wln 0309Feran.FerandoFeran.HoHo SigniourSigniorsignior AlfonsoAlfonso, whosewho’s withinwithin therethere?
wln 0310Alfon.AlfonsoAlfon.SigniourSigniorsignior FerandoFerando youryour welcomewelcome hartilieheartily,
wln 0311YouYou areare aa strangerstranger sirsir vntounto mymy househouse.
wln 0312HarkeHark youyou sirsir, lookelook whatwhat II diddid promisepromise youyou
wln 0313IleI’ll performeperform, ifif youyou getget mymy daughtersdaughter’s louelove.
wln 0314Feran.FerandoFeran.ThenThen whenwhen II hauehave talkttalked aa wordword oror twotwo withwith hirher,
wln 0315DooDo youyou stepstep inin andand giuegive herher handhand toto meme,
wln 0316AndAnd telltell herher whenwhen thethe marriagemarriage daieday shalshall bebe,
wln 0317ForFor II doodo knowknow sheshe wouldwould bebe marriedmarried fainefain,
wln 0318AndAnd whenwhen ourour nuptiallnuptial ritesrites bebe onceonce performdeperformed
wln 0319LetLet meme alonealone toto tametame hirher wellwell enoughenough,
wln 0320NowNow callcall herher foorthforth thatthat II maymay speakespeak withwith hirher.
wln 0321EnterEnter KateKate.

img: 7-b
sig: B3r

The taming of a Shrew.

wln 0322Alfon.AlfonsoAlfon.HaHa KateKate, ComeCome hitherhither wenchwench &and listlist toto meme,
wln 0323VseUse thisthis gentlemangentleman friendliefriendly asas thouthou canstcanst.
wln 0324Feran.FerandoFeran.TwentieTwentytwenty goodgood morrowesmorrows toto mymy louelylovely KateKate.
wln 0325KateKate.YouYou iestjest II amam suresure, isis sheshe yoursyours alreadiealready?
wln 0326Feran.FerandoFeran.II telltell theethee KateKate II knowknow thouthou lou’stlov’st meme wellwell.
wln 0327KateKate.TheThe deuilldevil youyou doodo, whowho toldtold youyou soso?
wln 0328Feran.FerandoFeran.MyMy mindmind sweetsweet KateKate dothdoth saysay II amam thethe manman,
wln 0329MustMust wedwed, andand bedbed, andand marriemarry bonniebonny KateKate.
wln 0330KateKate.WasWas euerever seeneseen soso grosegross anan asseass asas thisthis?
wln 0331Feran.FerandoFeran.IAyay, toto standstand soso longlong andand neuernever getget aa kissekiss.
wln 0332KateKate.HandsHands offoff II saysay, andand getget youyou fromfrom thisthis placeplace;
wln 0333OrOr II wilwill setset mymy tenten commandmentscommandments inin youryour faceface.
wln 0334Feran.FerandoFeran.II pretheprithee doodo katekate; theythey saysay thouthou artart aa shrewshrew,
wln 0335AndAnd II likelike theethee thethe betterbetter forfor II wouldwould hauehave theethee soso.
wln 0336KateKate.LetLet gogo mymy handhand, forfor fearefear itit reachreach youryour eareear.
wln 0337Feran.FerandoFeran.NoNo katekate, thisthis handhand isis minemine andand II thythy louelove.
wln 0338KateKate.InIn faithfaith sirsir nono thethe woodcockwoodcock wantswants hishis tailetail.
wln 0339Feran.FerandoFeran.ButBut yetyet hishis bilbill wilwill serueserve, ifif thethe otherother failefail.
wln 0340Alfon.AlfonsoAlfon.HowHow nownow FerandoFerando, whatwhat saiessays mymy daughterdaughter?
wln 0341Feran.FerandoFeran.SheesShe’s willingwilling sirsir andand louesloves meme asas hirher lifelife.
wln 0342KateKate.Tis’Tis forfor youryour skinskin thenthen, butbut notnot toto bebe youryour wifewife.
wln 0343Alfon.AlfonsoAlfon.ComeCome hitherhither KateKate andand letlet meme giuegive thythy handhand
wln 0344ToTo himhim thatthat II hauehave chosenchosen forfor thythy louelove,
wln 0345AndAnd thouthou to morrowtomorrow shaltshalt bebe wedwed toto himhim.
wln 0346KateKate.WhyWhy fatherfather, whatwhat dodo youyou meanemean toto dodo withwith meme,
wln 0347ToTo giuegive meme thusthus vntounto thisthis brainsickbrainsick manman,
wln 0348ThatThat inin hishis moodmood carescares notnot toto murdermurder meme?
wln 0349SheShe turnesturns asideaside andand speakesspeaks.
wln 0350ButBut yetyet II willwill consentconsent andand marriemarry himhim,
wln 0351ForFor II methinkesmethinks hauehave liudelived tootoo longlong aa maidmaid,
wln 0352AndAnd matchmatch himhim totooto, oror elseelse hishis manhoodsmanhood’smanhoods goodgood.
wln 0353Alfon.AlfonsoAlfon.GiueGive meme thythy handhand FerandoFerando louesloves theethee welwell,
wln 0354AndAnd willwill withwith wealthwealth andand easeease maintainemaintain thythy statestate.
wln 0355HereHere FerandoFerando taketake herher forfor thythy wifewife,

img: 8-a
sig: B3v

The taming of a Shrew.

wln 0356AndAnd sundaysunday nextnext shallshall bebe youryour weddingwedding dayday.
wln 0357Feran.FerandoFeran.WhyWhy soso, diddid II notnot telltell theethee II shouldshould bebe thethe manman
wln 0358FatherFather, II leaueleave mymy louelielovely KateKate withwith youyou,
wln 0359ProuideProvide your seluesyourselves againstagainst ourour mariagemarriage daieday,
wln 0360ForFor II mustmust hiehie meme toto mymy countriecountry househouse
wln 0361InIn hasthaste, toto seesee prouisionprovision maymay bebe mademade,
wln 0362ToTo entertaineentertain mymy KateKate whenwhen sheshe doothdoth comecome.
wln 0363Alfon.AlfonsoAlfon.DooDodo soso, comecome KateKate, whywhy doostdost thouthou lookelook
wln 0364SoSo sadsad, bebe merriemerry wenchwench thythy weddingwedding daiesday’sdays atat handhand.
wln 0365SonneSon farefare youyou wellwell, andand seesee youyou keepekeep youryour promisepromise.
wln 0366ExitExit AlfonsoAlfonso andand KateKate.
wln 0367Feran.FerandoFeran.SoSo, allall thusthus farrefar goesgoes wellwell. HoHo SaunderSanderSaunder.
wln 0368EnterEnter SaunderSanderSaunder laughinglaughing.
wln 0369San.SanderSan.SanderSander, I faithI’ faithi’faith youryou’reyour aa beastbeast, II criecry GodGod hartilieheartily
wln 0370MercieMercy, mymy hartsheart’s readieready toto runrun outout ofof mymy belliebelly withwith
wln 0371LaughingLaughing, II stoodstood behindbehind thethe dooredoor allall thisthis whilewhile,
wln 0372AndAnd heardheard whatwhat youyou saidsaid toto hirher.
wln 0373Feran.FerandoFeran.WhyWhy didstdidst thouthou thinkthink thatthat II diddid notnot speakespeak (welwell toto hirher?
wln 0374San.SanderSan.YouYou spokespoke likelike anan asseass toto herher, IleI’ll teltell youyou whatwhat,
wln 0375AndAnd II hadhad beenbeen therethere toto hauehave woodewooedwood hirher, andand hadhad thisthis
wln 0376ClokeCloak onon thatthat youyou hauehave, chudchud hauehave hadhad herher beforebefore sheshe
wln 0377HadHad gonegone aa footaafoot footfoot furderfurther, andand youyou talketalk ofof WoodcocksWoodcocks
wln 0378withwith herher, andand II cannotcannot telltell youyou whatwhat.
wln 0379Feran.FerandoFeran.WelWell sirhasirrah, &and yetyet thouthou seestseest II hauehave gotgot herher (forfor allall thisthis.
wln 0380San.SanderSan.IAyI marrymarry twas’twas moremore byby haphap thenthen anyany goodgood cunningcunning
wln 0381II hopehope sheeleshe’ll makemake youyou oneone ofof thethe headhead menmen ofof thethe
wln 0382 parishparish shortlyshortly.
wln 0383Feran.FerandoFeran.WelWell sirhasirrah leaueleave youryour iestingjesting andand gogo toto PolidorsPolidor’spolidor’s (househouse,
wln 0384TheThe yongyoung gentlemangentleman thatthat waswas herehere withwith meme,
wln 0385AndAnd telltell himhim thethe circumstancecircumstance ofof allall thouthou knowstknowest,
wln 0386TellTell himhim onon sundaysunday nextnext wewe mustmust bebe marriedmarried,
wln 0387AndAnd ifif hehe askeask theethee whitherwhither II amam gonegone,
wln 0388TellTell himhim intointo thethe countriecountry toto mymy househouse,
wln 0389AndAnd vponupon sundaiesunday IleI’ll bebe heerehere againeagain.Ex.ExitEx. FerandoFerando,

img: 8-b
sig: B4r

The taming of a Shrew.

wln 0390San.SanderSan.II warrantwarrant youyou MaisterMaster fearefear notnot meme
wln 0391ForFor dooingdoing ofof mymy businessebusiness.
wln 0392NowNow hanghang himhim thatthat hashas notnot aa liuerielivery cotecoat
wln 0393ToTo slashslash itit outout andand swashswash itit outout amongstamongst thethe proudestproudest
wln 0394OnOn themthem. WhyWhy lookelook youyou nownow IleI’ll scarcescarce putput vpup
wln 0395PlainePlain SaunderSanderSaunder nownow atat anyany ofof theirtheir handeshands, forfor andand anyany Bodieanybody
wln 0396Bodie
wln 0396hauehave anyany thingthing toto doodo withwith mymy maistermaster, straightstraight
wln 0397TheyThey comecome crouchingcrouching vponupon meme, II beseechbeseech youyou goodgood M.MasterM.
wln 0398SaunderSanderSaunder speakespeak aa goodgood wordword forfor meme, andand thenthen amam II soso
wln 0399StoutStout andand takestakes itit vponupon meme, &and standsstands vponupon mymy pantofllespantofles
wln 0400ToTo themthem outout ofof allall criecry, whywhy II hauehave aa lifelife likelike aa giantgiant
wln 0401NowNow, butbut thatthat mymy maistermaster hathhath suchsuch aa pestilentpestilent mindmind
wln 0402ToTo aa womanwoman nownow aa latelate, andand II hauehave aa prettiepretty wenchwench
wln 0403ToTo mymy sistersister, andand II hadhad thoughtthought toto hauehave preferdpreferred mymy
wln 0404MaisterMaster toto herher, andand thatthat wouldwould hauehave beenebeen aa goodgood
wln 0405DealeDeal inin mymy waieway butbut thatthat heeshe’s spedsped alreadiealready.
wln 0406EnterEnter PolidorsPolidor’spolidor’s boieboy.
wln 0407BoyBoy.FriendFriend, wellwell metmet.
wln 0408San.SanderSan.Souns’Zounds, friendfriend wellwell metmet. II holdhold mymy lifelife hehe seessees
wln 0409NotNot mymy maistersmaster’s liuerielivery coatcoat,
wln 0410PlainePlain friendfriend hophop ofof mymy thumthumbthum, knoknow youyou whowho wewe areare.
wln 0411BoyBoy.TrustTrust meme sirsir itit isis thethe vseuse wherewhere II waswas borneborn,
wln 0412ToTo salutesalute menmen afterafter thisthis mannermanner, yetyet notwithstandingnotwithstanding
wln 0413IfIf youyou bebe angrieangry withwith meme forfor callingcalling ofof youyou friendfriend,
wln 0414II amam thethe moremore soriesorry forfor itit, hopinghoping thethe stilestyle
wln 0415OfOf aa foolefool willwill makemake youyou amendsamends forfor allall.
wln 0416San.SanderSan.TheThe slaueslave isis soriesorry forfor hishis faultfault, nownow wewe cannotcannot bebe
wln 0417AngrieAngry, welwell whatswhat’s thethe mattermatter thatthat youyou wouldwould dodo withwith vsus.
wln 0418BoyBoy.MarryMarry sirsir, II hearehear youyou pertainpertain toto signiorsignior
wln 0419 FerandoFerando.
wln 0420San.SanderSan.IAyI andand thouthou beestbeest notnot blindblind thouthou maistmayst seesee,
wln 0421 EcceEcce signumsignum, heerehere.
wln 0422BoyBoy.ShallShall II intreatentreat youyou toto doodo meme aa messagemessage toto youryour
wln 0423 MaisterMaster?

img: 9-a
sig: B4v

The taming of a Shrew.

wln 0424San.SanderSan.IAyay, itit maymay bebe, &and youyou teltell vsus fromfrom whencewhence youyou comcome.
wln 0425BoyBoy.MarrieMarry sirsir II serueserve yongyoung PolidorPolidor youryour maistersmaster’s
wln 0426 friendfriend.
wln 0427San.SanderSan.DoDo youyou serueserve himhim, andand whatswhat’s youryour namename?
wln 0428BoyBoy.MyMy namename sirhasirrah, II telltell theethee sirhasirrah isis caldcalled CatapieCatapie.
wln 0429San.SanderSan.CakeCake andand piepie, OOOh mymy teethteeth waterswaters toto hauehave aa peecepiece
wln 0430 ofof theethee.
wln 0431BoyBoy.WhyWhy slaueslave wouldstwouldst thouthou eateeat meme?
wln 0432San.SanderSan.EateEat theethee, whowho wouldwould notnot eateeat CakeCake andand piepie?
wln 0433BoyBoy.WhyWhy villainevillain mymy namename isis CatapieCatapie,
wln 0434ButBut wiltwilt thouthou telltell meme wherewhere thythy maistermaster isis.
wln 0435San.SanderSan.NayNay thouthou mustmust firstfirst telltell meme wherewhere thythy maistermaster isis,
wln 0436ForFor II hauehave goodgood newesnews forfor himhim, II cancan telltell theethee.
wln 0437BoyBoy.WhyWhy seesee wherewhere hehe comescomes.
wln 0438EnterEnter PolidorPolidor, AureliusAurelius andand ValeriaValeria.
wln 0439Pol.PolidorPol.ComeCome sweetsweet AureliusAurelius mymy faithfullfaithful friendfriend,
wln 0440NowNow willwill wewe gogo toto seesee thosethose louelielovely damesdames
wln 0441RicherRicher inin beawtiebeauty thenthan thethe orientorient pearlepearl,
wln 0442WhiterWhiter thenthan isis thethe AlpineAlpine ChristallCrystal mouldmoldmould,
wln 0443AndAnd farrefar moremore louelielovely thenthan thethe tereanterrean plantplant,
wln 0444ThatThat blushingblushing inin thethe aireair turnesturns toto aa stonestone.
wln 0445WhatWhat SanderSander, whatwhat newesnews withwith youyou?
wln 0446San.SanderSan.MarryMarry sirsir mymy maistermaster sendssends youyou wordword
wln 0447ThatThat youyou mustmust comecome toto hishis weddingwedding to morrowtomorrow.
wln 0448Pol.PolidorPol.WhatWhat, shallshall hehe bebe marriedmarried thenthen?
wln 0449San.SanderSan.FaithFaith IAyI, youyou thinkethink hehe standesstands asas longlong aboutabout itit asas
wln 0450 youyou doodo.
wln 0451Pol.PolidorPol.WhitherWhither isis thythy maistermaster gonegone nownow?
wln 0452San.SanderSan.MarrieMarry heeshe’s gonegone toto ourour househouse inin thethe CountrieCountry,
wln 0453ToTo makemake allall thingesthings inin aa readinessereadiness againstagainst mymy newnew
wln 0454MistresseMistress comescomes thitherthither, butbut heelehe’ll comecome againeagain toto
wln 0455morrowetomorrowmorrow.
wln 0456Pol.PolidorPol.ThisThis isis suddainliesuddenly dispatchtdispatched belikebelike,
wln 0457WellWell, sirhasirrah boyboy, taketake SaunderSanderSaunder inin withwith youyou

img: 9-b
sig: C1r

The taming of a Shrew.

wln 0458AndAnd hauehave himhim toto thethe buttriebuttery presentliepresently.
wln 0459BoyBoy.II willwill sirsir: comecome SaunderSanderSaunder.
wln 0460ExitExit SaunderSanderSaunder andand thethe BoyBoy.
wln 0461Aurel.AureliusAurel.ValeriaValeria asas ersteerst wewe diddid deuisedevise,
wln 0462TakeTake thouthou thythy lutelute andand gogo toto AlfonsosAlfonso’s househouse,
wln 0463AndAnd saysay thatthat PolidorPolidor sentsent theethee thitherthither.
wln 0464Pol.PolidorPol.IAyI ValeriaValeria forfor hehe spokespoke toto meme,
wln 0465ToTo helpehelp himhim toto somesome cunningcunning MusitionMusician,
wln 0466ToTo teachteach hishis eldesteldest daughterdaughter onon thethe lutelute,
wln 0467AndAnd thouthou II knowknow willwill fitfit hishis turneturn soso wellwell
wln 0468AsAs thouthou shaltshalt getget greatgreat fauourfavorfavour atat hishis handeshands,
wln 0469BegonBegoneBegun ValeriaValeria andand saysay II sentsent theethee toto himhim.
wln 0470ValerValeriaValerII willwill sirsir andand staystay youryour commingcoming atat AlfonsosAlfonso’s
wln 0471 househouse.
wln 0472ExitExit ValeriaValeria
wln 0473Pol.PolidorPol.NowNow sweetesweet AureliusAurelius byby thisthis deuisedevice
wln 0474ShallShall wewe hauehave leisureleisure forfor toto courtecourt ourour louesloves,
wln 0475ForFor whilstwhilst thatthat sheshe isis learninglearning onon thethe lutelute,
wln 0476HirHer sisterssisters maymay taketake timetime toto steelestealsteel abrodeabroad,
wln 0477ForFor otherwiseotherwise sheleshe’ll keepkeep themthem bothboth withinwithin,
wln 0478AndAnd makemake themthem workework whilstwhilst sheshe hir selfeherself dothdoth playplay,
wln 0479ButBut comecome letslet’s gogo vntounto AlfonsosAlfonso’s househouse,
wln 0480AndAnd seesee howhow ValeriaValeria andand KateKate agreeseagrees,
wln 0481II doutedoubt hishis MusickMusic skarsescarce willwill pleaseplease hishis skollerscholar,
wln 0482ButBut staystay herehere comescomes AlfonsoAlfonso.
wln 0483EnterEnter AlfonsoAlfonso
wln 0484AlfonsoAlfonso.WhatWhat M.MasterM. PolidorPolidor youyou areare wellwell mettmet,
wln 0485II thankethank youyou forfor thethe manman youyou sentsent toto meme,
wln 0486AA goodgood MusitionMusician II thinkethink hehe isis,
wln 0487II hauehave setset mymy daughterdaughter andand himhim togithertogether,
wln 0488ButBut isis thisthis gentellmangentleman aa frendfriend ofof youresyours?
wln 0489Pol.PolidorPol.HeHe isis, II praiepray youyou sirsir bidbid himhim welcomewelcome,
wln 0490He’sHe’s aa wealthiewealthy MarchantsMerchant’smerchant’s sonneson ofof CestusSestosCestus.
wln 0491AlfonsoAlfonso.YourYou’reYour welcomwelcome sirsir andand ifif mymy househouse afordeafford

img: 10-a
sig: C1v

The taming of a Shrew.

wln 0492YouYou anyany thingthing thatthat maymay contentcontent youryour mindmind,
wln 0493II praypray youyou sirsir makemake boldbold withwith meme.
wln 0494Aurel.AureliusAurel.II thankethank youyou sirsir, andand ifif whatwhat II hauehave gotgot,
wln 0495ByBy marchandisemerchandise oror trauelltravel onon thethe seasseas,
wln 0496SattinsSatins oror lawneslawns oror azureazure collouredcoloredcoloured silkesilk,
wln 0497OrOr pretiousprecious firiefiery pointedpointed stonesstones ofof IndieIndyindy,
wln 0498YouYou shallshall commandcommand bothboth themthem my selfemyself andand allall.
wln 0499Alfon.AlfonsoAlfon.ThanksThanks gentlegentle sirsir, PolidorPolidor taketake himhim inin,
wln 0500AndAnd bidbid himhim welcomewelcome toto vntounto mymy househouse,
wln 0501ForFor thouthou II thinkethink mustmust bebe mymy secondsecond sonneson,
wln 0502FerandoFerando, PolidorPolidor doostdost thouthou notnot knowknow
wln 0503MustMust marrymarry KateKate, andand to morrowtomorrow isis thethe dayday.
wln 0504Pol.PolidorPol.SuchSuch newesnews II heardheard, andand II camecame nownow toto knowknow.
wln 0505Alfon.AlfonsoAlfon.PolidorPolidor tis’tis truetrue, goego letlet meme alonealone,
wln 0506ForFor II mustmust seesee againstagainst thethe bridegroomebridegroom comecome,
wln 0507ThatThat allall thingesthings bebe accordingaccording toto hishis mindmind,
wln 0508AndAnd soso IleI’ll leaueleave youyou forfor anan hourehour oror twotwo.ExitExit.
wln 0509Pol.PolidorPol.ComeCome thenthen AureleusAurcleusAureliusAurcleus comecome inin withwith meme,
wln 0510AndAnd weelewe’ll gogo sitsit aa whilewhile andand chatchat withwith themthem,
wln 0511AndAnd afterafter bringbring themthem foorthforth toto taketake thethe aireair.ExitExit.
wln 0512ThenThen SlieSly speakesspeaks.
wln 0513SlieSly.SimSim, whenwhen willwill thethe foolefool comecome againeagain?
wln 0514LordLord.HeeleHe’ll comecome againeagain mymy LordLord anonanon.
wln 0515SlieSly.GisGi’sGis somesome moremore drinkedrink herehere, souns’zounds’Zounds whereswhere’s
wln 0516TheThe TapsterTapster, herehere SimSim eateeat somesome ofof thesethese thingsthings.
wln 0517LordLord.SoSo II doodo mymy LordLord.
wln 0518SlieSly.HereHere SimSim, II drinkedrink toto theethee.
wln 0519LordLord.MyMy LordLord heerehere comescomes thethe plaiersplayers againeagain,
wln 0520SlieSly.OO brauebrave, heershere’s twotwo finefine gentlewomengentlewomen.

wln 0521EnterEnter ValeriaValeria withwith aa LuteLute andand KateKate
wln 0522withwith himhim.

wln 0523Vale.ValeriaVale.TheThe sencelessesenseless treestrees byby musickmusic hauehave binbeen moou’dmoved
wln 0524AndAnd atat thethe soundsound ofof pleasantpleasant tunedtuned stringsstrings,

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sig: C2r

The taming of a Shrew.

wln 0525HaueHave sauagesavage beastesbeasts hunghung downedown theirtheir listninglist’ninglistening headsheads,
wln 0526AsAs thoughthough theythey hadhad beenebeen castcast intointo aa trancetrance.
wln 0527ThenThen itit maymay bebe thatthat sheshe whomwhom noughtnaught cancan pleaseplease,
wln 0528WithWith musickesmusic’s soundsound inin timetime maymay bebe surprisdesurprised,
wln 0529ComeCome louelylovely mistressemistress willwill youyou taketake youryour lutelute,
wln 0530AndAnd playplay thethe lessonlesson thatthat II taughttaught youyou lastlast?
wln 0531KateKate.ItIt isis nono mattermatter whetherwhether II doodo oror nono,
wln 0532ForFor trusttrust meme II taketake nono greatgreat delightdelight inin itit.
wln 0533Vale.ValeriaVale.II wouldwould sweetsweet mistressemistress thatthat itit laielay inin meme,
wln 0534ToTo helpehelp youyou toto thatthat thingthing thatsthat’s youryour delightdelight.
wln 0535KateKate.InIn youyou withwith aa pestlencepestilence, areare youyou soso kindkind?
wln 0536ThenThen makemake aa nightnight capcap ofof youryour fiddlesfiddle’sfiddles casecase,
wln 0537ToTo warmewarm youryour headhead, andand hidehide youryour filthiefilthy faceface.
wln 0538Val.ValeriaVal.IfIf thatthat sweetsweet mistressemistress werewere youryour hartsheart’s contentcontent,
wln 0539YouYou shouldshould commandcommand aa greatergreater thingthing thenthan thatthat,
wln 0540AlthoughAlthough itit werewere tenten timestimes toto mymy disgracedisgrace.
wln 0541KateKate.YourYou’reYour soso kindkind twere’twere pittiepity youyou shouldshould bebe
wln 0542 hang’dhanged,
wln 0543AndAnd yetyet methinkesmethinks thethe foolefool doothdoth lookelook asquintasquint.
wln 0544Val.ValeriaVal.WhyWhy mistressemistress doodo youyou mockemock meme?
wln 0545KateKate.NoNo, butbut II meanemean toto mouemove theethee.
wln 0546Val.ValeriaVal.WellWell, willwill youyou plaieplay aa littlelittle?
wln 0547KateKate.IAyay, giuegive meme thethe LuteLute.
wln 0548SheShe plaiesplays.
wln 0549Val.ValeriaVal.ThatThat stopstop waswas falsefalse, playplay itit againeagain.
wln 0550KateKate.ThenThen mendmend itit thouthou, thouthou filthyfilthy asseass.
wln 0551Val.ValeriaVal.WhatWhat, doodo youyou bidbid meme kissekiss youryour arsearse?
wln 0552KateKate.HowHow nownow iackjack sausesauce, youryou’reyour aa iolliejolly matemate,
wln 0553YourYou’reYour bestbest bebe stillstill leastlest II crossecross youryour patepate,
wln 0554AndAnd makemake youryour musickemusic fliefly aboutabout youryour earesears,
wln 0555IleI’ll makemake itit andand youryour foolishfoolish coxcombecoxcomb meetmeet.
wln 0556SheShe offersoffers toto strikestrike himhim withwith thethe lutelute.
wln 0557Val.ValeriaVal.HoldHold mistressemistress, souns’zounds’Zounds wilwill youyou breakebreak mymy lutelute?
wln 0558KateKate.IAyI onon thythy headhead, andand ifif thouthou speakespeak toto meme,

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sig: C2v

The taming of a Shrew.

wln 0559ThereThere taketake itit vpup andand fiddlefiddle somewheresomewhere elseelse,
wln 0560SheShe throwesthrows itit downedown.
wln 0561AndAnd seesee youyou comecome nono moremore intointo thisthis placeplace,
wln 0562LeastLestlest thatthat II clapclap youryour fiddlefiddle onon youryour faceface.Ex.ExitEx. KateKate.
wln 0563Val.ValeriaVal.Souns’Zounds, teachteach hirher toto playplay vponupon thethe lutelute?
wln 0564TheThe deuilldevil shalshall teachteach herher firstfirst, II amam gladglad sheesshe’s gonegone,
wln 0565ForFor II waswas nearene’er soso fraid’fraid inin allall mymy lifelife,
wln 0566ButBut thatthat mymy lutelute shouldshould fliefly aboutabout minemine earesears,
wln 0567MyMy maistermaster shallshall teachteach herher hishis selfeself forfor meme,
wln 0568