The Old Wives Tale
The Old Wives Tale

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ln 0001THETHE
ln 0002OldOld WiuesWiveswife’s TaleTale.

ln 0003AA pleasantpleasant conceitedconceited Come-ComedieCome∣dieComedy
ln 0004die,
ln 0004playedplayed byby thethe QueenesQueen’squeen’s Ma-MaiestiesMa∣iestiesMajesty’s
ln 0005iesties
ln 0005playersplayers.

ln 0006WrittenWritten byby G.G. P.P.

ln 0007PrintedPrinted atat LondonLondon byby IohnJohnjohn DanterDanter, andand areare toto
ln 0008bebe soldsold byby RaphRalphRaph HancockeHancockHancocke, andand IohnJohnjohn
ln 0009HardieHardy
. 15951595.

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wln 0001TheThe oldold VViuesWiveswives’
wln 0002 TaleTale.

wln 0003EnterEnter AntickeAntic, FrolickeFrolicFrolicke andand FantastickeFantastic.

wln 0004AntickeAntic.

wln 0005HOwHow nowenow fellowefellow FrantickeFrantic,
wln 0006whatwhat allall aa mortmort? DothDoth thisthis sad-sadnessad∣nessadness
wln 0007nes
wln 0007becomebecome thythy madnesmadness? WhatWhat
wln 0008thoughthough weewe hauehave lostlost ourour wayway
wln 0009inin thethe woodeswoods, yetyet neuernever hanghang
wln 0010thethe headhead, asas thoughthough thouthou hadsthadst
wln 0011nono hopehope toto liuelive tilltill to morrowtomorrow: forfor FantastickeFantastic
wln 0012andand II willwill warrantwarrant thythy lifelife to nighttonight forfor twentytwenty inin
wln 0013thethe hundredhundred.
wln 0014FrolickeFrolic:AntickeAntic andand FantastickeFantastic, asas II amam
wln 0015frollickefrolic franionfranion, neuernever inin allall mymy lifelife waswas II soso
wln 0016deaddead slaineslain. WhatWhat? toto looselose ourour wayway inin thethe
wln 0017woodewood, withoutwithout eithereither firefire oror candlecandle soso vncom-vncomfortablevncom∣fortableuncomfortable
wln 0018fortable?
wln 0018OO cœlumcoelumcoelum! OO terraterra! OO mariamaria! OO NeptuneNeptune!

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The Old VViues Tale.

wln 0019Fantas.FantasticFantas.WhyWhy makesmakes thouthou itit soso strangestrange, seeingseeing
wln 0020CupidCupid hathhath ledled ourour yongyoung mastermaster toto thethe fairefair La-LadyLa∣dyLady
wln 0021dy
wln 0021andand sheshe isis thethe onlyonly SaintSaint thatthat hehe hathhath swornesworn
wln 0022toto serueserve.
wln 0023FrollickeFrolicFrollicke.WhatWhat restethresteth thenthen butbut weewe com-commitcom∣mitcommit
wln 0024mit
wln 0024himhim toto hishis wenchwench, andand eacheach ofof vsus taketake hishis
wln 0025standstand vpup inin aa TreeTree, andand singsing outout ourour illill fortunefortune
wln 0026toto thethe tunetune ofof OOOh manman inin desperationdesperation.
wln 0027Ant.AnticAnt.DesperatelyDesperately spokenspoken fellowfellow FrollickeFrolicFrollicke inin
wln 0028thethe darkedark: butbut seeingseeing itit fallesfalls outout thusthus, letlet vsus re-rehearsere∣hearserehearse
wln 0029hearse
wln 0029thethe oldold prouerbproverb.
wln 0030ThreeThree merriemerry menmen, andand threethree merriemerry menmen,
wln 0031AndAnd threethree merriemerry menmen bebe weewe.
wln 0032II inin thethe woodwood, andand thouthou onon thethe groundground,
wln 0033AndAnd IackeJack sleepessleeps inin thethe treetree.

wln 0034Fan.FantasticFan.HushHush aa doggedog inin thethe woodwood, oror aa woodenwooden
wln 0035doggedog, OOOh comfortablecomfortable hearinghearing! II hadhad eueneven asas
wln 0036liuelieflive thethe ChamberlaineChamberlain ofof thethe whitewhite HorseHorse hadhad
wln 0037calledcalled meme vpup toto bedbed.
wln 0038Frol.FrolicFrol.EytherEither hathhath thisthis trottingtrotting CurCur gonegone outout
wln 0039ofof hishis cyrcuitcircuit, oror elselse areare wewe nerenear somesome villagevillage,
wln 0040EnterEnter aa SmithSmith withwith aa LanthorneLanternlantern &and CandleCandle.
wln 0041whichwhich shouldshould notnot bebe farrefar offoff, forfor II perceiueperceive thethe
wln 0042glymringglimmering ofof aa GlowormeGlow-wormglow-worm, aa CandleCandle, oror aa CatsCat’scat’s
wln 0043eyeeye, mymy lifelife forfor aa halfehalf penniepenny. InIn thethe namename ofof
wln 0044mymy ownown fatherfather, bebe thouthou OxeOx oror AsseAss thatthat appea-appearestappea∣restappearest
wln 0045rest,
wln 0045telltell vsus whatwhat thouthou artart.
wln 0046SmithSmith.WhatWhat amam II? WhyWhy II amam ClunchClunch thethe
wln 0047SmithSmith, whatwhat areare youyou, whatwhat makemake youyou inin mymy ter-territoriester∣ritoriesterritories

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The Old VViues Tale.

wln 0048ritories atat thisthis timetime ofof thethe nightnight?
wln 0049Ant.AnticAnt.WhatWhat doedo wewe makemake dostdost thouthou askeask? whywhy
wln 0050wewe makemake facesfaces forfor fearefear: suchsuch asas ifif thythy mortallmortal
wln 0051eyeseyes couldcould beholdbehold, wouldwould makemake theethee waterwater thethe
wln 0052longlong seamesseams ofof thythy sideside slopsslops, SmithSmith.
wln 0053Frol.FrolicFrol.AndAnd inin faithfaith SirSir vnlesseunless youryour hospitalitiehospitality
wln 0054doedo releeuerelieve vsus, weewe areare likelike toto wanderwander withwith aa
wln 0055sorrowfullsorrowful heyheyheigh hoho, amongamong thethe owletsowlets, &and Hob-HobgoblinsHob∣goblinsHobgoblins
wln 0056goblins
wln 0056ofof thethe ForrestForest: goodgood VulcanVulcan, forfor CupidsCupid’s
wln 0057sakesake thatthat hathhath cousnedcozened vsus allall: befriendbefriend vsus asas
wln 0058thouthou maiestmayest, andand commaundcommand vsus howsoeuerhowsoever,
wln 0059wheresoeuerwheresoever, whensoeuerwhensoever, inin whatsoeuerwhatsoever, forfor e-euere∣uerever
wln 0060uer
wln 0060andand euerever.
wln 0061SmithSmith.WellWell MastersMasters itit seemesseems toto meeme youyou
wln 0062hauehave lostlost youryour waieway inin thethe woodwood: inin conside-considerationconside∣rationconsideration
wln 0063ration
wln 0063whereofwhereof, ifif youyou willwill goego withwith ClunchClunch toto
wln 0064hishis CottageCottage, youyou shallshall hauehave househouse roomeroom, andand aa
wln 0065goodgood firefire toto sitsit byby, althoghalthough wewe hauehave nono beddingbedding
wln 0066toto putput youyou inin.
wln 0067AllAll.OO blessedblessed SmithSmith, OOOh bountifullbountiful ClunchClunch.
wln 0068SmithSmith.ForFor youryour furtherfurther intertainmententertainment, itit
wln 0069shallshall bebe asas itit maymay bebe, soso andand soso.
wln 0070HeareHear aa DoggeDog barkebark.....
wln 0071HearkeHark thisthis isis BallBall mymy DoggeDog thatthat bidsbids youyou allall
wln 0072welcomewelcome inin hishis ownown languagelanguage, comecome taketake heedheed
wln 0073forfor stumblingstumbling onon thethethresholdthe thresholdthreshold, openopen doredoor
wln 0074MadgeMadge taketake inin guestsguests.EnterEnter oldold womanwoman.
wln 0075Ol.Old WomanOl.WelcomeWelcome ClunchClunch &and goodgood fellowesfellows alall thatthat
wln 0076comecome withwith mymy goodgood māman forfor mymy goodgood mansman’s sakesake

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The old VViues Tale.

wln 0077comecome onon sitsit downedown herehere isis aa peecepiece ofof cheesecheese &and
wln 0078aa puddingpudding ofof mymy owneown makingmaking.
wln 0079AntickeAntic:ThanksThanks GammerGammer aa goodgood exampleexample
wln 0080forfor thethe wiueswives ofof ourour townetown.
wln 0081FrolickeFrolic:GammerGammer thouthou andand thythy goodgood manman
wln 0082sitsit louinglylovingly togethertogether, wewe comecome toto chatchat andand notnot
wln 0083toto eateeat.
wln 0084SmithSmith:WellWell MastersMasters ifif youyou willwill eateeat no-nothingno∣thingnothing
wln 0085thing
wln 0085taketake awayaway: ComeCome, whatwhat doodo wewe toto passepass
wln 0086awayaway thethe timetime? LayLay aa crabcrab inin thethe firefire toto rostroast forfor
wln 0087Lambes-woollLambswool; whatwhat shallshall weewe hauehave aa gamegame atat
wln 0088TrumpeTrump oror RuffeRuff toto driuedrive awayaway thethe timetime, howhow
wln 0089saysay youyou?
wln 0090FantastickeFantastic:ThisThis SmithSmith leadesleads aa lifelife asas mer-merriemer∣riemerry
wln 0091rie
wln 0091asas aa KingKing withwith MadgeMadge hishis wifewife; SyrrhaSirrahsirrah Fro-FrolickeFro∣lickeFrolic
wln 0092licke
wln 0092II amam suresure thouthou artart notnot withoutwithout somesome
wln 0093roundround oror otherother, nono doubtdoubt butbut ClunchClunch cancan bearebear
wln 0094hishis partpart.
wln 0095FrolickeFrolic:ElsElse thinkethink youyou meeme illill broughtbrought vpup,
wln 0096soso setset toto itit whenwhen youyou willwill.theythey singsing.

wln 0097SongSong.
wln 0098WHen asWhenaswhenas thethe RieRye reachreach toto thethe chinchin,
wln 0099AndAnd chopcherriechopcherry chopcherriechopcherry riperipe withinwithin,
wln 0100StrawberriesStrawberries swimmingswimming inin thethe creamecream,
wln 0101AndAnd schooleschool boyesboys playingplaying inin thethe streamestream:
wln 0102ThenThen OOOh, thenthen OOOh, thenthen OOOh mymy truetrue louelove saidsaid,
wln 0103TillTill thatthat timetime comecome againeagain,
wln 0104SheeShe couldcould notnot liuelive aa maidmaid.


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The Old VViues Tale.

wln 0105AntAnticAnt:ThisThis sportsport dooesdoes wellwell: butbut me thinkesmethinks
wln 0106GammerGammer, aa merrymerry winterswinter’s taletale wouldwould driuedrive a-awaya∣wayaway
wln 0107way
wln 0107thethe timetime trimlytrimly, comecome II amam suresure youyou areare notnot
wln 0108withoutwithout aa scorescore.
wln 0109FantastFantasticFantast:I faithI’ faithi’faith GammerGammer aa taletale ofof anan howrehour
wln 0110longlong werewere asas goodgood asas anan howreshour’s sleepesleep.
wln 0111Frol:FrolicLookeLook youyou GammerGammer, ofof thethe GyantGiant
wln 0112andand thethe KingsKing’sking’s DaughterDaughter, andand II knowknow notnot whatwhat,
wln 0113II hauehave seeneseen thethe dayday whenwhen II waswas aa litlelittle oneone, youyou
wln 0114mightmight hauehave drawnedrawn meeme aa milemile afterafter youyou withwith
wln 0115suchsuch aa discoursediscourse.
wln 0116OldOld womanwoman:WellWell, sincesince youyou bebe soso importu-importunateimportu∣nateimportunate
wln 0117nate,
wln 0117mymy goodgood manman shallshall fillfill thethe potpot andand getget himhim
wln 0118toto bedbed, theythey thatthat plyply theirtheir workework mustmust keepekeep
wln 0119goodgood howreshours, oneone ofof youyou goego lyelie withwith himhim, hehe
wln 0120isis aa cleaneclean skindskinned manman II telltell youyou, withoutwithout eithereither
wln 0121spauinspavin oror windgallwindgall, soso II amam contentcontent toto driuedrive a-awaya∣wayaway
wln 0122way
wln 0122thethe timetime withwith anan oldold wiueswife’swives winterswinter’s taletale.
wln 0123FantastFantasticFantast:NoNo betterbetter hayhay inin DeuonshireDevonshire, ao’a mymy
wln 0124wordword GammerGammer, IleI’ll bebe oneone ofof ofof youryour audienceaudience.
wln 0125FrolickeFrolic:AndAnd II anotheranother thatsthat’s flatflat.
wln 0126AntickeAntic:ThenThen mustmust II toto bedbed withwith thethe goodgood
wln 0127manman, BonaBonanoxBonanoxBona noxnox GammerGammer, GodGoodGod nightnight FrolickeFrolic.
wln 0128SmithSmith:ComeCome onon mymy LadLad, thouthou shaltshalt taketake
wln 0129thythy vnnaturallunnatural restrest withwith meme.
wln 0130ExeuntExeunt AntickeAntic andand thethe SmithSmith.
wln 0131FrollickeFrolicFrollicke:YetYet thisthis vantagevantage shallshall wewe hauehave ofof
wln 0132themthem inin thethe morningmorning, toto beebe readyready atat thethe sightsight
wln 0133thereofthereof extemporeextempore.

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The Old VViues Tale.

wln 0134OldOld womwoman:NoweNow thisthis bargainebargain mymy MastersMasters
wln 0135mustmust II makemake withwith youyou, thatthat youyou willwill saysay humhum &and
wln 0136haha toto mymy taletale, soso shallshall II knowknow youyou areare awakeawake.
wln 0137BothBoth:ContentContent GammerGammer thatthat willwill wewe doodo.
wln 0138OldOld womwoman:OnceOnce vpponupon aa timetime therethere waswas aa
wln 0139KingKing oror aa LordLord, oror aa DukeDuke thatthat hadhad aa fairefair daugh-daughterdaugh∣terdaughter
wln 0140ter,
wln 0140thethe fairestfairest thatthat euerever waswas; asas whitewhite asas snowesnow,
wln 0141andand asas reddred asas bloudblood: andand onceonce vpponupon aa timetime hishis
wln 0142daughterdaughter waswas stollenstolen awayaway, andand heehe sentsent allall hishis
wln 0143menmen toto seekeseek outout hishis daughterdaughter, andand heehe sentsent soso
wln 0144longlong, thatthat hehe sentsent allall hishis menmen outout ofof hishis LandLand.
wln 0145Frol:FrolicWhoWho drestdressed hishis dinnerdinner thenthen?
wln 0146OldOld womanwoman:NayNay eithereither hearehear mymy taletale,
wln 0147oror kissekiss mymy tailetail.
wln 0148FanFantasticFan:WellWell sedsaid, onon withwith youryour taletale GammerGammer.
wln 0149OldOld womanwoman:OO LordLord II quitequite forgotforgot, therethere
wln 0150waswas aa ConiurerConjurer, andand thisthis ConiurerConjurer couldcould doodo
wln 0151anythinganything, andand heehe turnedturned himselfehimself intointo aa greatgreat
wln 0152DragonDragon, andand carriedcarried thethe KingesKing’sking’s DaughterDaughter awayaway
wln 0153inin hishis mouthmouth toto aa CastleCastle thatthat heehe mademade ofof stonestone,
wln 0154andand therethere hehe keptkept hirher II knowknow notnot howhow longlong, tilltill
wln 0155atat lastlast allall thethe KingesKing’sking’s menmen wentwent outout soso longlong, thatthat
wln 0156hirher twotwo BrothersBrothers wentwent toto seekeseek hirher. OO II forgetforget:
wln 0157sheshe (hehe II wouldwould saysay) turnedturned aa properproper yongyoung manman
wln 0158toto aa BeareBear inin thethe nightnight, andand aa manman inin thethe dayday, andand
wln 0159keepskeeps byby aa crossecross thatthat partsparts threethree seuerallseveral waiesways,
wln 0160&and hehe mademade hishis LadyLady runrun madmad: godsgods meme bonesbones
wln 0161whowho comescomes herehere?EnterEnter thethe twotwo BrothersBrothers.
wln 0162Frol:FrolicSoftSoft GammerGammer, herehere somesome comecome toto telltell

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The Old VViues Tale.

wln 0163youryour taletale forfor youyou.
wln 0164FantFantasticFant:LetLet themthem alonealone, letlet vsus hearehear whatwhat theythey
wln 0165willwill saysay.
wln 01661.1. BrotherBrother:VponUpon thesethese chalkiechalky CliffsCliffs ofof AlbionAlbion
wln 0167WeWe areare ariuedarrived nownow withwith tedioustedious toiletoil,
wln 0168AndAnd compassingcompassing thethe widewide worldworld roundround aboutabout
wln 0169ToTo seekeseek ourour sistersister, toto seekeseek fairefair DelyaDelia forthforth,
wln 0170YetYet cannotcannot wewe soso muchmuch asas hearehear ofof hirher.
wln 01712.2. BrotherBrother:OO fortunefortune cruellcruel, cruellcruel &and vnkindunkind,
wln 0172VnkindUnkind inin thatthat wewe cannotcannot findfind ourour sistersister;
wln 0173OurOur sistersister hapleshapless inin hirher cruellcruel chancechance:
wln 0174SoftSoft whowho hauehave wewe herehere.
wln 0175EnterEnter SenexSenex atat thethe CrosseCross stoopingstooping toto gathergather.
wln 01761.1. BrotherBrother:NowNow fatherfather GodGod bebe youryour speedspeed,
wln 0177WhatWhat doodo youyou gathergather therethere?
wln 0178OldOld manman:HipsHips andand HawesHawshaws, andand stickessticks andand
wln 0179strawesstraws, andand thingesthings thatthat II gathergather onon thethe groundground
wln 0180mymy sonneson.
wln 01811.1. BrotherBrother:HipsHips andand HawesHawshaws, andand stickessticks andand
wln 0182strawesstraws, whywhy isis thatthat allall youryour foodefood fatherfather?
wln 0183OldOld manman:YeaYea sonneson.
wln 01842.2. BrotherBrother:FatherFather, herehere isis anan AlmesAlms penniepenny
wln 0185forfor meeme, andand ifif II speedespeed inin thatthat II goego forfor, II willwill
wln 0186giuegive theethee asas goodgood aa GowneGown ofof graygraygrey asas euerever thouthou
wln 0187diddestdidst wearewear.
wln 01881.1. BrotherBrother:AndAnd FatherFather herehere isis anotheranother almesalms
wln 0189penniepenny forfor meme, andand ifif II speedespeed inin mymy iourneyjourney, II
wln 0190willwill giuegive theethee aa PalmersPalmer’s staffestaff ofof yuorieivory, andand aa
wln 0191scallopscallop shellshell ofof beatenbeaten goldgold.

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sig: B2v

The Old VViues Tale.

wln 0192OldOld manman:WasWas sheeshe fayrefair?
wln 01932.2. BrotherBrother:IAyI thethe fairestfairest forfor whitewhite, andand thethe pu-purestpu∣restpurest
wln 0194rest
wln 0194forfor reddred, asas thethe bloodblood ofof thethe DeareDeerdeer, oror thethe
wln 0195driuendriven snowsnow:
wln 0196OldOld m:manThenThen harkehark wellwell andand markemark wellwell, mymy (oldold spellspell:
wln 0197BeBe notnot afraidafraid ofof eueryevery strangerstranger,
wln 0198StartStart notnot asideaside atat eueryevery dangerdanger:
wln 0199ThingsThings thatthat seemeseem areare notnot thethe samesame,
wln 0200BlowBlow aa blastblast atat eueryevery flameflame:
wln 0201ForFor whenwhen oneone flameflame ofof firefire goesgoes outout,
wln 0202ThenThen comescomes youryour wisheswishes wellwell aboutabout:
wln 0203IfIf anyany askeask whowho toldtold youyou thisthis goodgood,
wln 0204SaySay thethe whitewhite BeareBear ofof EnglandsEngland’s woodwood.
wln 02051.1. BrotherBrother:BrotherBrother heardheard youyou notnot whatwhat thethe
wln 0206 oldold manman saidsaid:
wln 0207BeBe notnot afraidafraid ofof eueryevery strangerstranger,
wln 0208StartStart notnot asideaside forfor eueryevery dangerdanger:
wln 0209ThingsThings thatthat seemeseem areare notnot thethe samesame,
wln 0210BlowBlow aa blastblast atat eueryevery flameflame:
wln 0211IfIf anyany askeask whowho toldtold youyou thisthis goodgood,
wln 0212SaySay thethe whitewhite BeareBear ofof EnglandsEngland’s woodwood.
wln 02132.2. BrotherBrother:WellWell ifif thisthis doodo vsus anyany goodgood,
wln 0214WelWelfareWellWelfare farefare thethe whitewhite BearBear ofof EnglandsEngland’s woodwood.exexeuntex.
wln 0215OldOld ma:manNowNow sitsit theethee herehere &and teltell aa heauyheavy taletale.
wln 0216SadSad inin thythy moodemood, andand sobersober inin thythy cheerecheer,
wln 0217HereHere sitsit theethee nownow andand toto thy selfethyself relaterelate,
wln 0218TheThe hardhard mishapmishap ofof thythy mostmost wretchedwretched statestate.
wln 0219InIn ThessalieThessalythessaly II liu’dlived inin sweetesweet contentcontent,
wln 0220VntillUntil thatthat FortuneFortune wroughtwrought mymy ouerthrowoverthrow;

img: 6-b
sig: B3r

The Old VViues Tale.

wln 0221ForFor therethere II weddedwedded waswas vntounto aa damedame,
wln 0222ThatThat liu’dlived inin honorhonorhonour, vertuevirtue, louelove, andand famefame:
wln 0223ButBut SacrapantSacrapant thatthat cursedcursed sorcerersorcerer,
wln 0224BeingBeing besottedbesotted withwith mymy beauteousbeauteous louelove:
wln 0225MyMy deerestdearest louelove, mymy truetrue betrothedbetrothed wifewife,
wln 0226DidDid seekeseek thethe meanesmeans toto ridrid meme ofof mymy lifelife.
wln 0227ButBut worseworse thanthan thisthis, hehe withwith hishis chantingchanting spelsspells,
wln 0228DidDid turneturn meme straightstraight vntounto anan vglyugly BeareBear;
wln 0229AndAnd whenwhen thethe sunnesun dothdoth settlesettle inin thethe westwest,
wln 0230ThenThan II beginbegin toto dondon mymy vglyugly hidehide:
wln 0231AndAnd allall thethe dayday II sitsit, asas nownow youyou seesee,
wln 0232AndAnd speakespeak inin riddlesriddles allall inspirdeinspire withwith ragerage,
wln 0233SeemingSeeming anan oldeold andand miserablemiserable manman:
wln 0234AndAnd yetyet II amam inin AprillApril ofof mymy ageage.
wln 0235EnterEnter VeneliaVenelia hishis LadyLady madmad; andand goesgoes inin againeagain.
wln 0236SeeSee wherewhere VenelyaVenelia mymy betrothedbetrothed louelove,
wln 0237RunsRuns maddingmadding allall inrag’denraged aboutabout thethe woodswoods;
wln 0238AllAll byby hishis curssedcursed andand inchantingenchanting spelsspells.
wln 0239EnterEnter LampriscusLampriscus withwith aa potpot ofof HonnyHoney.
wln 0240ButBut herehere comescomes LampriscusLampriscus mymy discontenteddiscontented
wln 0241neighbourneighborneighbour. HowHow nownow neighbourneighborneighbour, youyou lookelook
wln 0242towardetoward thethe groundground aswellas well asas II, youyou musemuse onon
wln 0243somethingsomething.
wln 0244Lamp:LampriscusLamp:NeighbourNeighborNeighbour onon nothingnothing, butbut onon thethe
wln 0245mattermatter II soso oftenoften moouedmoved toto youyou: ifif youyou dodo anyany
wln 0246thingthing forfor charitycharity, helpehelp meme; ifif forfor neighborhoodneighborhoodneighbourhood
wln 0247oror brotherhoodbrotherhood, helpehelp meme: neuernever waswas oneone soso
wln 0248comberedcumbered asas isis poorepoor LampryscusLampriscus: andand toto be-beginbe∣ginbegin
wln 0249gin,
wln 0249II praypray receiuereceive thisthis pottepot ofof HonnyHoney toto mendmend

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sig: B3v

The Old VViues Tale.

wln 0250youryour farefare.
wln 0251OldOld manman:ThankesThanks neighborneighborneighbour, setset itit downedown,
wln 0252HonnyHoney isis alwaiesalways welcomewelcome toto thethe BeareBear.
wln 0253AndAnd nownow neighbourneighborneighbour letlet meme heerehearhere thethe causecause ofof
wln 0254youryour commingcoming.
wln 0255LampriscusLampriscus:II amam (asas youyou knoweknow neigh-neighbourneigh∣bourneighborneighbour
wln 0256bour)
wln 0256aa manman vnmariedunmarried, andand liuedlived soso vnquietlyunquietly
wln 0257withwith mymy twotwo wiueswives, thatthat II keepekeep eueryevery yeareyear
wln 0258holyholy thethe dayday whereinwherein II buriedburied thēthem bothboth; thethe firstfirst
wln 0259waswas onon saintsaint AndrewesAndrew’s dayday; thethe otherother onon saintsaint
wln 0260LukesLuke’s.
wln 0261OldOld manman:AndAnd nownow neighbourneighborneighbour, youyou ofof thisthis
wln 0262countrycountry saysay, youryour customecustom isis outout: butbut onon withwith
wln 0263youryour taletale neighbourneighborneighbour.
wln 0264Lamp:LampriscusLamp:ByBy mymy firstfirst wifewife, whosewhose tonguetongue wea-weariedwea∣riedwearied
wln 0265ried
wln 0265meme aliuealive, andand soundedsounded inin mymy earesears likelike thethe
wln 0266clapperclapper ofof aa greatgreat BellBell, whosewhose talketalk waswas aa conti-continuallconti∣nuallcontinual
wln 0267nuall
wln 0267tormenttorment toto allall thatthat dweltdweltdwelled byby herher, oror liuedlived
wln 0268nighnigh herher, youyou hauehave heardheard meme saysay II hadhad aa hand-handsomehand∣somehandsome
wln 0269some
wln 0269daughterdaughter.
wln 0270OldOld manman:TrueTrue neighbourneighborneighbour.
wln 0271LamprLampriscusLampr:SheeSheshe itit isis thatthat afflictesafflicts meme withwith herher
wln 0272continuallcontinual clamouresclamorsclamours, andand hangshangs onon meme likelike aa
wln 0273BurreBurrburr: poorepoor sheeshe isis, andand proudeproud sheeshe isis, asas
wln 0274poorepoor asas aa sheepesheep newnew shorneshorn, andand asas proudeproud
wln 0275ofof herher hopeshopes, asas aa PeacockPeacock ofof herher tailetail wellwell
wln 0276grownegrown.
wln 0277OldOld manman:WellWell saidsaid LampryscusLampriscus, youyou speakespeak
wln 0278itit likelike anan EnglishmanEnglishman.

img: 7-b
sig: B4r

The Old VViues Tale.

wln 0279Lampr:LampriscusLampr:AsAs curstcurstcursed asas aa waspewasp, andand asas frowardefroward
wln 0280asas aa childechild newnew takentaken fromfrom thethe mothersmother’s teateteat,
wln 0281sheeshe isis toto mymy ageage, asas smoakesmoke toto thethe eyeseyes, oror asas vi-vinegarvi∣negarvinegar
wln 0282negar
wln 0282toto thethe teethteeth.
wln 0283OldOld manman:HolilyHolily praisedpraised neighbourneighborneighbour, asas muchmuch
wln 0284forfor thethe nextnext.
wln 0285Lampr:LampriscusLampr:ByBy mymy otherother wifewife II hadhad aa daughterdaughter,
wln 0286soso hardhard fauouredfavoredfavoured, soso foulefoul andand illill facedfaced, thatthat II
wln 0287thinkethink aa grouegrove fullfull ofof goldengolden treestrees; andand thethe
wln 0288leauesleaves ofof RubiesRubies andand DyamondsDiamonds, wouldwould notnot
wln 0289beebe aa dowriedowry aunswerableanswerable toto herher deformi-deformitiedeformi∣tie
wln 0290tiedeformity.
wln 0291OldOld manman:WellWell neighbourneighborneighbour, nowenow youyou hauehave
wln 0292spokespoke, heerehear meme speakespeak; sendsend themthem toto thethe WellWell
wln 0293forfor thethe waterwater ofof lifelife: therethere shallshall theythey findefind theirtheir
wln 0294fortunesfortunes vnlookedunlooked forfor; NeighbourNeighborNeighbour farewellfarewell.
wln 0295ExitExit.
wln 0296Lampr:LampriscusLampr:FarewellFarewell andand aa thousandthousand, andand nownow
wln 0297goethgoeth poorepoor LampryscusLampriscus toto putput inin executionexecution
wln 0298thisthis excellentexcellent counsellcounsel.ExeuntExeunt.
wln 0299Frol:FrolicWhyWhy thisthis goesgoes rounderound withoutwithout aa fid-fidlingfid∣lingfiddlingfidling
wln 0300ling
wln 0300stickstick; butbut doodo youyou hearehear GammerGammer, waswas thisthis
wln 0301thethe manman thatthat waswas aa BeareBear inin thethe nightnight, andand aa
wln 0302manman inin thethe dayday?
wln 0303OldOld womanwoman:IAyI thisthis isis heehe; andand thisthis manman thatthat
wln 0304camecame toto himhim waswas aa beggarbeggar, andand dweltdweltdwelled vpponupon aa
wln 0305greenegreen. ButBut softsoft, whowho comescomes herehere? OO thesethese areare
wln 0306thethe haruest menharvestmenharvest men; tenten toto oneone theythey singsing aa songsong ofof
wln 0307mowingmowing.

img: 8-a
sig: B4v

The Old VViues Tale.

wln 0308EnterEnter thethe haruest menharvestmenharvest men a singinga-singinga singing, withwith thisthis
wln 0309SongSong doubledouble repeatedrepeated.

wln 0310AllAll yeeye thatthat louelylovely louerslovers bebe, praypray youyou forfor meme,
wln 0311LoeLo herehere wewe comecome a sowinga-sowinga sowing, a sowinga-sowinga sowing,
wln 0312AndAnd sowesow sweetesweet fruitesfruits ofof louelove:
wln 0313InIn youryour sweetesweet heartshearts wellwell maymay itit prooueprove.
wln 0314EnterEnter HuanebangoHuanebango withwith hishis two handtwo-handtwo hand swordsword,
wln 0315andand BoobyBooby thethe ClowneClown.

wln 0316FantFantasticFant:GammerGammer, whatwhat isis hehe?
wln 0317OldOld womanwoman:OO thisthis isis oneone thatthat isis goinggoing toto thethe
wln 0318coniurerconjurer, letlet himhim alonealone, herehearhere whatwhat hehe sayessays.
wln 0319Huan:HuanebangoHuan:NowNow byby MarsMars andand MercuryMercury, IupiterJupiterjupiter
wln 0320andand IanusJanusjanus, SolSol andand SaturnusSaturnus, VenusVenus andand VestaVesta,
wln 0321PallasPallas andand ProserpinaProserpina, andand byby thethe honorhonorhonour ofof mymy
wln 0322househouse PolimackeroeplacydusPolimackeroeplacidusPolimackeroeplacydus, itit isis aa wonderwonder toto seesee
wln 0323whatwhat thisthis louelove willwill makemake sillysilly fellowesfellowsfellow’s aduen-aduentureaduen∣tureadventure
wln 0324ture,
wln 0324eueneven inin thethe wanewane ofof theirtheir witswits, andand infansieinfancy
wln 0325ofof theirtheir discretiondiscretion. AlasAlas mymy friendfriend whatwhat fortunefortune
wln 0326callescalls theethee foorthforth toto seekeseek thythy fortunefortune amongamong
wln 0327brasenbrazen gatesgates, inchantedenchanted towerstowers, firefire andand Brim-BrimstoneBrim∣stoneBrimstone
wln 0328stone,
wln 0328thunderthunder andand lightninglightning. BeautieBeauty II telltell theethee
wln 0329isis peerelessepeerless, andand sheshe preciousprecious whomwhom thouthou af-affectestaf∣fectestaffectest
wln 0330fectest:
wln 0330dodo offoff thesethese desiresdesires goodgood countrimancountryman,
wln 0331goodgood friendfriend runnerun awayaway fromfrom thy selfethyself, andand soso
wln 0332soonesoon asas thouthou canstcanst, forgetforget herher; whomwhom nonenone
wln 0333mustmust inheritinherit butbut hehe thatthat cancan monstersmonsters tametame, la-labouresla∣boureslaborslabours
wln 0334boures
wln 0334atchiueachieve, riddlesriddles absolueabsolve, looseloose inchant-inchantmentsinchant∣mentsenchantments
wln 0335ments,
wln 0335murthermurder magickemagic, andand killkill coniuringconjuring: andand
wln 0336thatthat isis thethe greatgreat andand mightymighty HuanebangoHuanebango.

img: 8-b
sig: C1r

The Old VViues tale.

wln 0337BoobyBooby:HarkeHark youyou sirsir, harkehark youyou; FirstFirst knowknow
wln 0338II hauehave herehere thethe flurtingflirting featherfeather, andand hauehave giuengiven
wln 0339thethe ParishParish thethe startstart forfor thethe longlong stockestock: NoweNow
wln 0340sirsir ifif itit beebe nono moremore butbut runningrunning throughthrough aa littlelittle
wln 0341lightninglightning andand thunderthunder, andand riddleriddle meme riddleriddle meme
wln 0342whatswhat’s thisthis, IleI’ll hauehave thethe wenchwench fromfrom thethe Con-ConiurerCon∣iurerConjurer
wln 0343iurer
wln 0343ifif hehe werewere tenten ConiurersConjurers.
wln 0344Huan:HuanebangoHuan:II hauehave abandonedabandoned thethe CourtCourt andand ho-honourableho∣nourablehonorablehonourable
wln 0345nourable
wln 0345companycompany, toto doodo mymy deuoyredevoir againstagainst
wln 0346thisthis soresore SorcererSorcerer andand mightymighty MagitianMagician: ifif thisthis
wln 0347LadieLady bebe soso fairefair asas sheshe isis saidsaid toto beebe, sheshe isis minemine,
wln 0348sheshe isis minemine, MeusMeus, meamea, meummeum, inin contemptumcontemptum
wln 0349omniumomnium GrammaticorumGrammaticorum
wln 0350BoobyBooby:OO falsumfalsum LatinumLatinum! thethe fairefair maidemaid isis
wln 0351minumminum, cumcum apurtinantibusapurtinantibus gibletesgibletesgiblets andand allall.
wln 0352Huan:HuanebangoHuan:IfIf sheeshe beebe minemine, asas II assureassure my selfemyself
wln 0353thethe heauensheavens willwill doodo somewhatsomewhat toto rewardreward mymy
wln 0354worthinesworthiness; sheeshe shallshall beebe alliedallied toto nonenone ofof thethe
wln 0355meanestmeanest godsgods; butbut beebe inuestedinvested inin thethe mostmost fa-famousfa∣mousfamous
wln 0356mous
wln 0356stockestock ofof HuanebangoHuanebango polimackeroeplaci-polimackeroeplaciduspolimackeroeplaci∣dusPolimackeroeplaciduspolimackeroeplacidus
wln 0357dus,
wln 0357mymy GrandfatherGrandfather: mymy fatherfather PergopolyneoPergopolyneo:
wln 0358mymy mothermother, DyonoraDionoraDyonora dede SardynyaSardinia: famousliefamously
wln 0359descendeddescended.
wln 0360BoobyBooby:DooDodo youyou hearehear sirsir; hadhad notnot youyou aa
wln 0361CosenCousin, thatthat waswas calledcalled GustecerydisGusteceridisGustecerydis?
wln 0362Huan:HuanebangoHuan:IndeedeIndeed II hadhad aa CosenCousin, thatthat somtimesometime
wln 0363followedfollowed thethe CourtCourt infortunatelyinfortunately, andand hishis namename
wln 0364BustegustecerydisBustegusteceridisBustegustecerydis.
wln 0365BoobyBooby:OO LordLord II knowknow himhim wellwell: heehe isis thethe

img: 9-a
sig: C1v

The Old VViues Tale.

wln 0366knightknight ofof thethe neatesneat’s feetefeet.
wln 0367Huan:HuanebangoHuan:OO hehe lou’dloved nono CaponCapon betterbetter, hehe hathhath
wln 0368oftentimesoftentimes deceiueddeceived hishis boyboy ofof hishis dinnerdinner, thatthat
wln 0369waswas hishis faultfault goodgood BustegustecerydisBustegusteceridisBustegustecerydis.
wln 0370BoobyBooby:ComeCome shallshall wewe goego alongalong? SoftSoft, herehere
wln 0371isis anan oldeold manman atat thethe CrosseCross, letlet vsus askeask himhim thethe
wln 0372wayway thitherthither. HoHo, youyou GafferGaffer, II praypray youyou telltell
wln 0373wherewhere thethe wisewise manman thethe ConiurerConjurer dwellsdwells?
wln 0374Huan:HuanebangoHuan:WhereWhere thatthat earthlyearthly GoddesseGoddess kee-keepethkee∣pethkeepeth
wln 0375peth
wln 0375hirher abodeabode; thethe commandercommander ofof mymy thoughtsthougtsthoughts,
wln 0376andand fairefair MistresMistress ofof mymy heartheart.
wln 0377OldOld manman:FaireFair inoughenough, andand farrefar inoughenough
wln 0378fromfrom thythy fingeringfingering sonneson.
wln 0379Huan:HuanebangoHuan:II willwill followefollow mymy FortuneFortune afterafter minemine
wln 0380owneown fanciefancy, andand doodo accordingaccording toto minemine owneown
wln 0381discretiondiscretion.
wln 0382OldOld manman:YetYet giuegive somesome thingthing toto anan oldold manman
wln 0383beforebefore youyou goego.
wln 0384Huan:Huau:HuanebangoHuau:FatherFather mee thinkesmethinks aa peecepiece ofof thisthis
wln 0385CakeCake mightmight serueserve youryour turneturn.
wln 0386OldOld manman:YeaYea sonneson.
wln 0387Huan:HuanebangoHuan:HuanabangoHuanebangoHuanabango giuethgiveth nono CakesCakes forfor
wln 0388AlmesAlms, askeask ofof themthem thatthat giuegive giftesgifts forfor poorepoor
wln 0389BeggarsBeggars. FaireFair LadyLady, ifif thouthou wertwert onceonce shri-shrinedshri∣nedshrined
wln 0390ned
wln 0390inin thisthis bosomebosom, II wouldwould bucklerbuckler theethee hara-haratantarahara∣tantara
wln 0391tantaraharatantara.ExitExit.
wln 0392BoobyBooby:FatherFather doodo youyou seesee thisthis manman, youyou litlelittle
wln 0393thinkethink heelehe’ll runrun aa milemile oror twotwo forfor suchsuch aa CakeCake,

img: 9-b
sig: C2r

The Old VViues tale.

wln 0394oror passepass forfor aa puddingpudding, II telltell youyou fatherfather heehe hashas
wln 0395keptkept suchsuch aa beggingbegging ofof meeme forfor aa peecepiece ofof thisthis
wln 0396CakeCake, whoowho hehe comescomes vpponupon meme withwith aa super-superfantiallsuper∣fantiallsuperfantialsuperstantial
wln 0397fantiall
wln 0397substancesubstance, andand thethe foysonfoison ofof thethe earthearth,
wln 0398thatthat II knowknow notnot whatwhat hehe meanesmeans: IfIf heehe camecame
wln 0399toto meme thusthus, andand saidsaid, mymy friendfriend BoobyBooby oror soso, whywhy
wln 0400II couldcould sparespare himhim aa peecepiece withwith allall mymy heartheart; butbut
wln 0401whenwhen hehe tellstells meme howhow GodGod hathhath enrichedenriched meeme
wln 0402aboueabove otherother fellowesfellows withwith aa CakeCake: whywhy heehe
wln 0403makesmakes meme blindeblind andand deafedeaf atat onceonce: YetYet fatherfather
wln 0404heerehere isis aa peecepiece ofof CakeCake forfor youyou asas hardehard asas thethe
wln 0405 worldworld goesgoes.
wln 0406OldOld manman:ThanksThanks sonneson, butbut listlist toto meeme,
wln 0407HeHe shallshall bebe deafedeaf whenwhen thouthou shaltshalt notnot seesee;
wln 0408FarewellFarewell mymy sonneson thingsthings maymay soso hithit,
wln 0409ThouThou maistmayst hauehave wealthwealth toto mendmend thythy witwit.
wln 0410BoobyBooby:FarewellFarewell fatherfather, farewellfarewell; forfor II mustmust
wln 0411makemake hasthaste afterafter mymy two handtwotwo-handtwohandhand swordsword thatthat isis gonegone
wln 0412beforebefore.ExeuntExeunt omnesomnes.

wln 0413EnterEnter SacrapantSacrapant inin hishis studiestudy.

wln 0414SacrapantSacrapant:TheThe dayday isis cleareclear, thethe WelkinWelkin
wln 0415 brightbright andand graygraygrey,
wln 0416TheThe LarkeLark isis merriemerry, andand recordsrecords hirher notesnotes;
wln 0417EachEach thingthing reioysethrejoiceth vnderneathunderneath thethe SkieSky,
wln 0418ButBut onelyonly II whomwhom heauenheaven hathhath inin hatehate:
wln 0419WretchedWretched andand miserablemiserable SacrapantSacrapant,
wln 0420InIn ThessalieThessalythessaly waswas II borneborn andand broughtbrought vpup,

img: 10-a
sig: C2v

The Old VViues Tale.

wln 0421MyMy mothermother MeroeMeroe highthight aa famousfamous WitchWitch,
wln 0422AndAnd byby hirher cunningcunning II ofof hirher diddid learnelearn,
wln 0423ToTo changechange andand alteralter shapesshapes ofof mortallmortal menmen.
wln 0424ThereThere diddid II turneturn my selfemyself intointo aa DragonDragon,
wln 0425AndAnd stolestole awayaway thethe DaughterDaughter toto thethe KingKing;
wln 0426FaireFair DelyaDelia, thethe MistresMistress ofof mymy heartheart:
wln 0427AndAnd broughtbrought hirher hitherhither toto reuiuerevive thethe manman,
wln 0428ThatThat seemethseemeth yongyoung andand pleasantpleasant toto beholdbehold,
wln 0429AndAnd yetyet isis agedaged, crookedcrooked, weakeweak andand numbenumb.
wln 0430ThusThus byby inchauntingenchanting spellsspells II doodo deceiuedeceive,
wln 0431ThoseThose thatthat beholdbehold andand lookelook vponupon mymy faceface;
wln 0432ButBut wellwell maymay II bidbid youthfullyouthful yearesyears adueadieu:
wln 0433EnterEnter DelyaDelia withwith aa potpot inin hirher handhand.
wln 0434SeeSee wherewhere sheshe comscomescoms fromfrom whencewhence mymy sorrowssorrows (growgrow,
wln 0435HowHow nownow fairefair DelyaDelia wherewhere hauehave youyou binbeen?
wln 0436DelyaDelia:AtAt thethe footefoot ofof thethe RockeRock forfor run-runningrun∣ningrunning
wln 0437ning
wln 0437waterwater, andand gatheringgathering rootesroots forfor youryour din-dinnerdin∣nerdinner
wln 0438ner
wln 0438sirsir.
wln 0439Sacr:SacrapantSacr:AhAh DelyaDelia, fairerfairer artart thouthou thanthan thethe run-runningrun∣ningrunning
wln 0440ning
wln 0440waterwater, yetyet harderharder farrefar thanthan steelesteel oror Ada-AdamantAda∣mant
wln 0441mantAdamant.
wln 0442DelyaDelia:WillWill itit pleaseplease youyou toto sitsit downedown sirsir.
wln 0443Sacr:SacrapantSacr:IAyI DelyaDelia, sitsit &and askeask meme whatwhat thouthou wiltwilt,
wln 0444thouthou shaltshalt hauehave itit broughtbrought intointo thythy lappelap.
wln 0445DelyaDelia:ThenThen II praypray youyou sirsir letlet meeme hauehave thethe
wln 0446bestbest meatemeat fromfrom thethe kingking ofof EnglandsEngland’s tabletable, andand
wln 0447thethe bestbest winewine inin allall FranceFrance, broughtbrought inin byby thethe ve-veriestve∣riestveriest
wln 0448riest
wln 0448knaueknave inin allall SpaineSpain.
wln 0449Sacr:SacrapantSacr:DelyaDelia II amam gladglad toto seesee youyou soso pleasantpleasant,

img: 10-b
sig: C3r

The old VViues tale.

wln 0450wellwell sitsit theethee downedown.
wln 0451Sacr:SacrapantSacr:SpredSpread tabletable spredspread; meatmeat, drinkedrink &and bredbreadbred
wln 0452EuerEver maymay II hauehave, whatwhat II euerever crauecrave:
wln 0453WhenWhen II amam spredspread, forfor meatemeat forfor mymy blackblack cockcock,
wln 0454AndAnd meatemeat forfor mymy redred.
wln 0455EnterEnter aa FrierFriar withwith aa chinechine ofof BeefeBeef andand
wln 0456aa potpot ofof winewine.

wln 0457Sacr:SacrapantSacr:HeereHere DelyaDelia, willwill yeeye fallfall toto.
wln 0458Del:DeliaDel:IsIs thisthis thethe bestbest meatemeat inin EnglandEngland?
wln 0459Sacr:SacrapantSacr:YeaYea.
wln 0460Del:DeliaDel:WhatWhat isis itit?
wln 0461Sacr:SacrapantSacr:AA chinechine ofof EnglishEnglish beefebeef, meatemeat forfor aa (kingking
wln 0462AndAnd aa kingsking’s followersfollowers.
wln 0463Del:DeliaDel:IsIs thisthis thethe bestbest winewine inin FranceFrance?
wln 0464Sacr:SacrapantSacr:YeaYea.
wln 0465Del:DeliaDel:WhatWhat WineWine isis itit?
wln 0466Sacr:SacrapantSacr:AA cupcup ofof neateneat winewine ofof OrleanceOrleans,
wln 0467ThatThat neuernever camecame neernear thethe brewersbrewers inin EnglandEngland.
wln 0468Del:DeliaDel:IsIs thisthis thethe veriestveriest knaueknave inin allall SpaineSpain?
wln 0469Sacr:SacrapantSacr:YeaYea.
wln 0470Del:DeliaDel:WhatWhat isis hehe aa FryerFriarfriar?
wln 0471Sacr:SacrapantSacr:YeaYea aa FrierFriar indefinitindefinite, &and aa knaueknave infinitinfinite.
wln 0472Del:DeliaDel:ThenThen II praypray yeye sirsir FrierFriarfriar telltell meme beforebefore
wln 0473youyou goego, whichwhich isis thethe mostmost greediestgreediest English-EnglishmanEnglish∣man
wln 0474manEnglishman?
wln 0475FryerFryer:TheThe miserablemiserable andand mostmost couetouscovetous
wln 0476VsurerUsurer.
wln 0477Sacr:SacrapantSacr:HoldeHold theethee therethere FriarFriar,ExitExit FriarFriar.
wln 0478ButBut softsoft whowho hauehave wewe heerehere, DeliaDelia awayaway begonbegone.

img: 11-a
sig: C3v

The Old VViues Tale.

wln 0479EnterEnter thethe twotwo BrothersBrothers.
wln 0480DelyaDelia awayaway, forfor besetbeset areare wewe,
wln 0481ButBut heauenheaven oror hellhell shallshall rescuerescue herher forfor meme.
wln 04821.1. Br.BrotherBr.BrotherBrother, waswas notnot thatthat DelyaDelia diddid appeareappear?
wln 0483OrOr waswas itit butbut herher shadowshadow thatthat waswas herehere?
wln 04842.2. BroBrotherBro:SisterSister, wherewhere artart thouthou? DelyaDelia comecome againagain
wln 0485HeHe callescalls, thatthat ofof thythy absenceabsence dothdoth complainecomplain.
wln 0486CallCall outout CalyphaCalypha thatthat sheshe maymay hearehear,
wln 0487AndAnd criecry aloudaloud, forfor DelyaDelia isis neerenear.
wln 0488EcchoEcho:NeereNear.
wln 04891.1. Br:BrotherBr:NeereNear, OOOh wherewhere, hasthast thouthou anyany tidingstidings?
wln 0490EcchoEcho:TidingsTidings.
wln 04912.2. Br:BrotherBr:WhichWhich wayway isis DelyaDelia thenthen, oror thatthat, oror (thisthis?
wln 0492EcchoEcho:ThisThis.
wln 04931.1. Br:BrotherBr:AndAnd maymay wewe safelysafely comecome wherewhere DeliaDelia (isis
wln 0494EcchoEcho:YesYes.
wln 04952.2. BroBrotherBro:BrotherBrother rememberremember youyou thethe whitewhite
wln 0496BeareBear ofof EnglandsEngland’s woodwood:
wln 0497StartStart notnot a sideaside forfor eueryevery dangerdanger,
wln 0498BeBe notnot afeardafeard ofof eueryevery strangerstranger;
wln 0499ThingsThings thatthat seemeseem, areare notnot thethe samesame.
wln 05001.1. Br:BrotherBr:BrotherBrother, whywhy dodo wewe notnot thēthen coragiouslycourageously (enterenter.
wln 05012.2. Br:BrotherBr:ThenThen brotherbrother drawdraw thythy swordsword &and followfollow (meme.
wln 0502EnterEnter thethe ConiurerConjurer; itit lightenslightens &and thun-thundersthun∣dersthunders
wln 0503ders,
wln 0503thethe 2.2. BrotherBrother fallesfalls downedown.

wln 05041.1. Br:BrotherBr:WhatWhat brotherbrother doostdost thouthou fallfall?
wln 0505Sacr:SacrapantSacr:IAyay, andand thouthou totooto CalyphaCalypha.
wln 0506FallFall 1.1. BrotherBrother. EnterEnter twotwo furiesfuries.
wln 0507AdestesAdestes DæmonesDaemonesDaemonesDaemons: awayaway withwith themthem,

img: 11-b
sig: C4r

The old VViues tale.

wln 0508GoGo carycarry themthem straightstraight toto SacrapantosSacrapanto’s cellcell,
wln 0509ThereThere inin despairedespair andand torturetorture forfor toto dwelldwell;
wln 0510TheseThese areare ThenoresThenore’s sonnessons ofof ThessalyThessaly,
wln 0511ThatThat comecome toto seekeseek DelyaDelia theirtheir sistersister forthforth:
wln 0512ButBut withwith aa potionpotion, II toto herher hauehave giuengiven,
wln 0513MyMy artsarts hathhath mademade herher toto forgetforget her selfeherself.
wln 0514HeHe remoouesremoves aa turfeturf, andand shewesshows aa lightlight inin aa glasseglass.
wln 0515SeeSee heerehere thethe thingthing whichwhich dothdoth prolongprolong mymy lifelife
wln 0516WithWith thisthis inchantmentenchantment II dodo anyany thingthing.
wln 0517AndAnd tilltill thisthis fadefade, mymy skillskill shallshall stillstill endureendure,
wln 0518AndAnd neuernever nonenone shallshall breakebreak thisthis littlelittle glasseglass,
wln 0519ButBut sheshe that’sthat’s neitherneither wifewife, widowwidow, nornor maidemaid.
wln 0520ThenThen cheerecheer thy selfethyself, thisthis isis thythy destiniedestiny,
wln 0521NeuerNever toto diedie, butbut byby aa deaddead mansman’s handhand.ExeuntExeunt.
wln 0522EnterEnter EumenidesEumenides thethe wandringwand’ringwandering KnightKnight,
wln 0523andand thethe oldold manman atat thethe crossecross.

wln 0524Eum:EumenidesEum:TellTell meme TimeTime, telltell meme iustjust TimeTime,
wln 0525WhenWhen shallshall II DeliaDelia seesee?
wln 0526WhenWhen shallshall II seesee thethe loadstarlodestar ofof mymy lifelife?
wln 0527WhenWhen shallshall mymy wandringwand’ring coursecourse endend withwith herher (sightsight?
wln 0528OrOr II butbut viewview mymy hopehope, mymy heartsheart’s delightdelight.
wln 0529FatherFather GodGod speedespeed, ifif youyou telltell fortunesfortunes, II praypray
wln 0530goodgood fatherfather telltell meme minemine.
wln 0531OldOld manman:SonneSon II dodo seesee inin thythy faceface,
wln 0532ThyThy blessedblessed fortunefortune workework apaceapace;
wln 0533II dodo perceiueperceive thatthat thouthou hasthast witwit,
wln 0534BegBeg ofof thythy fatefate toto gouernegovern itit,
wln 0535ForFor wisdomewisdom gouern’dgoverned byby aduiseadvice,
wln 0536MakesMakes manymany fortunatefortunate andand wisewise.

img: 12-a
sig: C4v

The Old VViues Tale.

wln 0537BestoweBestow thythy almesalms, giuegive moremore thanthan allall,
wln 0538TillTill deaddead mensmen’s bonesbones comecome atat thythy callcall:
wln 0539FarewellFarewell mymy sonneson, dreamedream ofof nono restrest,
wln 0540TilTill thouthou repentrepent thatthat thouthou didstdidst bestbest.ExitExit OldOld m.manm.
wln 0541Eum.EumenidesEum.ThisThis manman hathhath leftleft meme inin aa LaborinthLabyrinth,
wln 0542HeHe biddethbiddeth meme giuegive moremore thanthan allall,
wln 0543TillTill deaddead mensmen’s bonesbones comecome atat thythy callcall:
wln 0544HeHe biddethbiddeth meme dreamedream ofof nono restrest,
wln 0545TillTill II repentrepent thatthat II dodo bestbest.
wln 0546EnterEnter WiggenWiggen, CorobusCorebusCorobus, Churchwar-ChurchwardenChurchwar∣denChurchwarden
wln 0547den
wln 0547andand SextenSexton.

wln 0548VViggenWiggen:YouYou maymay bebe ashamedashamed, youyou whor-whorsonwhor∣sonwhoreson
wln 0549son
wln 0549scaldscald SextonSexton andand ChurchwardenChurchwarden, ifif youyou hadhad
wln 0550anyany shameshame inin thosethose shamelesseshameless facesfaces ofof yoursyours, toto
wln 0551letlet aa poorepoor manman lielie soso longlong aboueabove groundground vnbu-vnburiedvnbu∣riedunburied
wln 0552ried.
wln 0552AA rotrot onon youyou allall, thatthat hauehave nono moremore com-compassioncom∣passioncompassion
wln 0553passion
wln 0553ofof aa goodgood fellowfellow whenwhen hehe isis gonegone.
wln 0554SimonSimon:WhatWhat wouldwould youyou hauehave vsus toto buriebury
wln 0555himhim, andand toto aunswereanswer itit our seluesourselves toto thethe par-parrishepar∣rishe
wln 0556risheparish?
wln 0557SextonSexton:ParishParish meme nono parishesparishes, paypay meme mymy
wln 0558feesfees, andand letlet thethe restrest runnerun onon inin thethe quartersquarters ac-accountsac∣countsaccounts
wln 0559counts,
wln 0559andand putput itit downedown forfor oneone ofof youryour goodgood
wln 0560deedesdeeds aa GodsGod’s namename, forfor II amam notnot oneone thatthat cu-curiouslycu∣riouslycuriously
wln 0561riously
wln 0561standsstands vponupon meritsmerits.
wln 0562CorobusCorebusCorobus:YouYou whoresonwhoreson sodden headedsodden-headedsodden headed
wln 0563sheepes-facesheep’s facesheeps-face, shallshall aa goodgood fellowfellow dodo lesseless seruiceservice
wln 0564andand moremore honestiehonesty toto thethe parishparish, &and willwill youyou notnot
wln 0565whenwhen hehe isis deaddead letlet himhim hauehave ChristmasChristmas buriallburial.

img: 12-b
sig: D1r

The Old VViues Tale.

wln 0566VViggenWiggen:PeacePeace CorebusCorebus, assureassure asas IackJackjack waswas
wln 0567IackJackjack, thethe frollickstfrolic’stfrollickst frannionfranionfrannion amongstamongst youyou, andand II
wln 0568VViggenWiggen hishis sweetesweet swornesworn brotherbrother, IackJackjack shallshall
wln 0569hauehave hishis funeralsfunerals, oror somesome ofof themthem shallshall lielie onon
wln 0570GodsGod’s dearedear earthearth forfor itit, thatsthat’s onceonce.
wln 0571Churchwa:ChurchwardenChurchwa:VViggenWiggen II hopehope thouthou wiltwilt dodo nono
wln 0572moremore thenthan thouthou darstdar’st aunsweranswer.
wln 0573VVig:WiggenVVig:SirSir, sirsir, daredare oror daredare notnot, moremore oror lesseless,
wln 0574aunsweranswer oror notnot aunsweranswer, dodo thisthis, oror hauehave thisthis.
wln 0575Sex:SextonSex:HelpeHelp, helpehelp, helpehelp, VViggenWiggen setssets vponupon
wln 0576thethe parishparish withwith aa Pike staffePikePikestaffPikestaffestaff.
wln 0577EumenidesEumenides awakesawakes andand comescomes toto themthem.
wln 0578Eum:EumenidesEum:HouldHold thythy handshands goodgood fellowfellow.
wln 0579Core:CorebusCore:CanCan youyou blameblame himhim sirsir, ifif hehe taketake IacksJack’sjacks
wln 0580partpart againstagainst thisthis shakeshake rottenrotten parishparish thatthat willwill notnot
wln 0581buriebury IackJackjack.
wln 0582Eum:EumenidesEum:WhyWhy whatwhat waswas thatthat IackJackjack?
wln 0583Coreb:CorebusCoreb:WhoWho IackJackjack sirsir, whowho ourour IackJackjack sirsir? asas
wln 0584goodgood aa fellowfellow asas euerever troadetrod vpponupon NeatsNeat’sneat’s lea-leatherlea∣ther
wln 0585therleather.
wln 0586VViggenWiggen:LookeLook youyou sirsir, hehe gauegave fourefour scorescore
wln 0587andand nineteenenineteen mourningmourning gownesgowns toto thethe parishparish
wln 0588whenwhen hehe dieddied, andand becausebecause hehe wouldwould notnot makemake
wln 0589themthem vpup aa fullfull hundredhundred, theythey wouldwould notnot burybury
wln 0590himhim; waswas notnot thisthis goodgood dealingdealing?
wln 0591Churchwar:ChurchwardenChurchwar:OhOhO LordLord sirsir howhow hehe lieslies, hehe waswas
wln 0592notnot worthworth aa halfepennyhalfehalfpennyhalfpennypenny, andand drunkedrunk outout eueryevery
wln 0593pennypenny: andand nowenow hishis fellowesfellows, hishis drunkendrunken
wln 0594companionscompanions, wouldwould hauehave vsus toto buriebury himhim atat thethe

img: 13-a
sig: D1v

The Old VViues Tale.

wln 0595chargecharge ofof thethe parishparish, andand wewe makemake manymany suchsuch
wln 0596matchesmatches, wewe maymay pullpull downedown thethe steeplesteeple, sellsell thethe
wln 0597BellesBells, andand thatchethatch thethe chauncellchancel: hehe shallshall lielie a-abouea∣boueabove
wln 0598boue
wln 0598groundground tilltill hehe dauncedance aa galliardgalliard aboutabout thethe
wln 0599churchyardchurchyard forfor SteeuenSteven LoacheLoach.
wln 0600VViggenWiggen:SicSic argumentarisargumentaris dominedominedominae LoacheLoach;
wln 0601andand wewe makemake manymany suchsuch matchesmatches, wewe maymay pullpull
wln 0602downedown thethe steeplesteeple, sellsell thethe BellesBells, andand thatchethatch
wln 0603thethe chauncellchancel: inin goodgood timetime sirsir, andand hanghang youryour seluesyourselves
wln 0604selues
wln 0604inin thethe BellBell ropesropes whenwhen youyou hauehave donedone,
wln 0605DomineDomineDominae oponensoponens præponopraeponopraepono tibitibi hanchanc questionemquestionem,
wln 0606whetherwhether willwill youyou hauehave thethe groundground brokenbroken, oror
wln 0607youryour patespates brokenbroken: firstfirst, forfor oneone ofof themthem shallshall
wln 0608bebe donedone presentlypresently, andand toto beginbegin minemine, ileI’ll sealeseal itit
wln 0609vponupon youryour cockescomecoxcomb.
wln 0610Eum:EumenidesEum:HouldHold thythy handshands, II praypray theethee goodgood
wln 0611fellowfellow bebe notnot tootoo hastiehasty.
wln 0612Coreb:CorebusCoreb:YouYou CaponsCapon’sCapons faceface, wewe shallshall hauehave youyou
wln 0613turndturned outout ofof thethe parishparish oneone ofof thesethese dayesdays, withwith
wln 0614neuernever aa tattertatter toto youryour arsearse, thenthenthan youyou areare inin worseworse
wln 0615takingtaking thenthan IackJackjack.
wln 0616EumenEumenidesEumenFaithFaith andand hehe isis badbad enoughenough: thisthis fel-fellowfel∣lowfellow
wln 0617low
wln 0617doesdoes butbut thethe partpart ofof aa friendfriend, toto seekeseek toto bu-buriebu∣riebury
wln 0618rie
wln 0618hishis friendfriend; howhow muchmuch willwill buriebury himhim?
wln 0619VViggenWiggen:FaithFaith, aboutabout somesome fifteenefifteen oror six-sixteenesix∣teenesixteen
wln 0620teene