Sir John Oldcastle, 1
Sir John Oldcastle, 1

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ln 0001TheThe firstfirst partpart
ln 0002OfOf thethe truetrue andand hono-honorablehono∣rablehonorablehonourable
ln 0003rable
ln 0003historiehistory, ofof thethe lifelife ofof SirSir
ln 0004JohnJohn Old-castleOldcastle, thethe goodgood
ln 0005LordLord CobhamCobham.

ln 0006AsAs itit hathhath beenbeen latelylately actedacted byby thethe rightright
ln 0007honorablehonorablehonourable thethe EarleEarl ofof NotinghamNottingham
ln 0008LordLord highhigh AdmirallAdmiral ofof EnglandEngland hishis
ln 0009seruantsservants.

ln 0011PrintedPrinted byby V.S.V.S. forfor ThomasThomas PauierPavier, andand areare toto bebe soldesold atat
ln 0012hishis shopshop atat thethe signesign ofof thethe CatteCat andand ParrotsParrots
ln 0013neerenear thethe ExchangeExchange. 16001600.

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wln 0001TheThe ProloguePrologue.

wln 0002THeTHeThe doubtfuldoubtful TitleTuleTuleTitle (GentlemenGentlemen) prefixtprefixed
wln 0003VponUpon thethe ArgumentArgument wewe hauehave inin handhand,
wln 0004MayMay breedebreed suspencesuspense, andand wrongfullywrongfully disturbedisturb
wln 0005TheThe peacefullpeaceful quietquiet ofof youryour setledsettled thoughtsthoughts:
wln 0006ToTo stopstop whichwhich scruplescruple, letlet thisthis briefebrief suffisesuffice.
wln 0007ItIt isis nono pamperdpampered gluttonglutton wewe presentpresent,
wln 0008NorNor agedaged CouncellorCouncillor toto youthfullyouthful sinnesin,
wln 0009ButBut oneone, whosewhose vertuevirtue shoneshone aboueabove thethe restrest,
wln 0010AA valiantvaliant MartyrMartyr, andand aa vertuousvirtuous peerepeer,
wln 0011InIn whosewhose truetrue faithfaith andand loyaltieloyalty exprestexpressed
wln 0012VntoUnto hishis soueraignesoveraignesovereign, andand hishis countriescountry’s wealeweal:
wln 0013WeWe striuestrive toto paypay thatthat tributetribute ofof ourour LoueLove,
wln 0014YourYour fauoursfavor’sfavours meritemerit, letlet fairefair TruthTruth bebe grac’tegraced,
wln 0015SinceSince forg’deforged inuentioninvention formerformer timetime defac’tedefaced.


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wln 0016TheThe truetrue andand honorablehonorablehonourable HistorieHistory, ofof
wln 0017thethe lifelife ofof SirSir IohnJohnjohn OldcastleOldcastle, thethe
wln 0018goodgood LordLord CobhamCobham.

wln 0019InIn thethe fightfight, enterenter thethe SheriffeSheriff andand twotwo ofof hishis menmen.

wln 0020SheriffeSheriff.
wln 0021MYMY LordsLords, II chargecharge yeye inin hishis HighnesseHighness’highness’ namename,
wln 0022ToTo keepekeep thethe peacepeace, youyou, andand youryour followersfollowers.
wln 0023Herb.HerbertHerb.GoodGood M.MasterM. SheriffeSheriff, looklook vntounto your selfyourself.
wln 0024Pow.PowisPow.DoDo soso, forfor wewe hauehave otherother businessebusiness.
wln 0025ProfferProffer toto fightfight againeagain
wln 0026Sher.SheriffSher.WillWill yeye disturbedisturb thethe IudgesJudgesjudges, andand thethe AssiseAssize?
wln 0027HeareHear thethe KingsKing’sking’s proclamationproclamation yeye werewere bestbest.
wln 0028Pow.PowisPow.HoldHold thenthen, letslet’s hearehear itit.
wln 0029Herb.HerbertHerb.ButBut bebe briefebrief, yeye werewere bestbest.
wln 0030Bayl.BailiffBayl.OO yesyes.
wln 0031DauyDavyCossoneCossoncousin, makemake shortershorter OOOh, oror shallshall marremar youryour YesYes.
wln 0032Bay.BailiffBay.OO yesyes.
wln 0033OwenOwenWhatWhat, hashas herher nothingnothing toto saysay butbut OOOh yesyes?
wln 0034Bay.BailiffBay.OO yesyes.
wln 0035Da.DavyDa.OO naynay, pyepyepie CosseCossecoz plutplut downedown withwith herher, downdown withwith herher,
wln 0036AA PawessePawesse aa PawessePawesse.
wln 0037GoughGoughAA HerbertHerbert aa HerbertHerbert, andand downedown withwith PowessePowisPowesse.
wln 0038Helter skelterHelter-skelterhelter-skelter againeagain.
wln 0039Sher.SheriffSher.HoldHold, inin thethe KingsKing’sking’s namename, holdhold.
wln 0040OwenOwenDowneDown ee thathathan kanaueska naueskanave’ska knaves namename, downedown.

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The first part of

wln 0041InIn thisthis fightfight, thethe BailiffeBailiff isis knockedknocked downedown, andand thethe SheriffeSheriff
wln 0042andand thethe otherother runnerun awayaway.

wln 0043Herb.HerbertHerb.PowessePowisPowesse, II thinkethink thythy WelshWelsh andand thouthou dodo smartsmart.
wln 0044Pow.PowisPow.HerbertHerbert, II thinkethink mymy swordsword camecame neerenear thythy heartheart.
wln 0045Herb.HerbertHerb.ThyThy heartsheart’shearts bestbest bloudblood shallshall paypay thethe losseloss ofof minemine.
wln 0046GoughGoughAA HerbertHerbert aa HerbertHerbert.
wln 0047DauyDavyAA PawessePawesse aa PawessePawesse.
wln 0048AsAs theythey areare liftinglifting theirtheir weaponsweapons, enterenter thethe MaiorMayor ofof Here-HerefordHere∣fordHereford
wln 0049ford,
wln 0049andand hishis OfficersOfficers andand Townes-menTownes menTownsmentown’s men withwith clubbesclubs.

wln 0050MaiorMayorMyMy LordsLords, asas youyou areare liegeliege menmen toto thethe CrowneCrown,
wln 0051TrueTrue noblemennoblemen, andand subiectssubjects toto thethe KingKing,
wln 0052AttendAttend hishis HighnesseHighness’Highness proclamationproclamation,
wln 0053CommaundedCommanded byby thethe IudgesJudgesjudges ofof AssiseAssize,
wln 0054ForFor keepingkeeping peacepeace atat thisthis assemblieassembly.
wln 0055Herb.HerbertHerb.GoodGood M.MasterM. MaiorMayor ofof HerefordHereford bebe briefebrief.
wln 0056Mai.MayorMai.SerieantSergeant, withoutwithout thethe ceremonieceremony ofof OOOh yesyes.
wln 0057PronouncePronounce alowdaloud thethe proclamationproclamation.
wln 0058Ser.SergeantSer.TheThe KingsKing’sking’s IusticesJusticesjustices, perceiuingperceiving whatwhat publiquepublic mis-mischiefemis∣chiefemischief
wln 0059chiefe
wln 0059maymay ensueensue thisthis priuateprivate quarrelquarrel:: inin hishis maiestiesmajesty’s namename dodo
wln 0060straightlystraightlystraight chargecharge andand commaundcommand allall personspersons, ofof whatwhat degreedegree
wln 0061soeuersoever, toto departdepart thisthis cittiecity ofof HerefordHereford, exceptexcept suchsuch asas areare
wln 0062boundbound toto giuegive attendanceattendance atat thisthis AssiseAssize, andand thatthat nono manman pre-presumepre∣sumepresume
wln 0063sume
wln 0063toto wearewear anyany weaponweapon, especiallyespecially welsh-hookeswelsh hookswelsh-hookes, forrestforest
wln 0064billesbills.
wln 0065OwenOwenHawHaw, nono pillpill nornor wellswells hooghooghog? haha?
wln 0066Ma.MayorMa.PeacePeace, andand hearehear thethe proclamationproclamation.
wln 0067Ser.SergeantSer.AndAnd thatthat thethe LordLord PowessePowisPowesse dodo presentlypresently dispersedisperse andand
wln 0068dischargedischarge hishis retinueretinue, andand departdepart thethe cittiecity inin thethe KingsKing’sking’s peacepeace,
wln 0069hehe andand hishis followersfollowers, onon painepain ofof imprisonmentimprisonment.
wln 0070DauyDavyHawHaw? pudpud herher LordLord PawessePawesse inin prisonprison, AA PawesPawessePaws
wln 0071AA PawessePawesse, cossonecossoncousin liuelive andand tietie withwith herher LordLord.
wln 0072GoughGoughAA HerbertHerbert aa HerbertHerbert.
wln 0073InIn thisthis fightfight thethe LordLord HerbertHerbert isis woundedwounded, andand falsfalls toto thethe groundground,
wln 0074thethe MaiorMayor andand hishis companycompany goego awayaway cryingcrying clubbesclubs, PowessePowisPowesse
wln 0075runnesruns awayaway, GoughGough andand otherother ofof HerbertsHerbert’s factionfaction busiebusy them-themseluesthem∣seluesthemselves
wln 0076selues
wln 0076aboutabout HerbertHerbert: entersenters thethe twotwo IudgesJudgesjudges inin theirtheir roabesrobes,

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sir Iohn Old-castle.

wln 0077thethe SheriffeSheriff andand hishis BaileffesBailiffs aforeafore themthem, &c.etc.

wln 00781.1. Iud.JudgeIud.Where’sWhere’s thethe LordLord HerbertHerbert? isis hehe hurthurt oror slaineslain?
wln 0079Sher.SheriffSher.Hee’sHe’s herehere mymy LordLord.
wln 00802.2. Iud.JudgeIud.HowHow faresfares hishidhidhis LordshippeLordship, friendsfriends?
wln 0081GoughGoughMortallyMortally woundedwounded, speechlessespeechless, hehe cannotcannot liuelive.
wln 00821.1. IudJudgejudConuayConvey himhim hencehence, letlet notnot hishis woundswounds taketake ayreair,
wln 0083AndAnd getget himhim dress’ddressed withwith expeditionexpedition,Ex.ExeuntEx. Herb.HerbertHerb. &and GoughGough
wln 0084M.MasterM. MaiorMayor ofof HerefordHereford MMasterM ShriueSnriueShrieve o’tho’ th’o’th shireshire,
wln 0085CommitCommit LordLord PowessePowisPowesse toto safesafe custodiecustody,
wln 0086ToTo answeranswer thethe disturbancedisturbance ofof thethe peacepeace,
wln 0087LordLord HerbertsHerbert’s perillperil, andand hishis highhigh contemptcontempt
wln 0088OfOf vsus, andand youyou thethe KingsKing’sking’s commissionerscommissioners,
wln 0089SeeSee itit bebe donedone withwith carecare andand diligencediligence.
wln 0090Sher.SheriffSher.PleasePlease itit youryour LordshipLordship, mymy LordLord PowessePowisPowesse isis gonegone,
wln 0091PastPast allall recoueryrecovery.
wln 00922.2. Iud.JudgeIud.YetYet letlet searchsearch bebe mademade,
wln 0093ToTo apprehendapprehend hishis followersfollowers thatthat areare leftleft.
wln 0094Sher.SheriffSher.ThereThere areare somesome ofof themthem, sirssirs, laylay holdho●dhold onon themthem,
wln 0095OwenOwenOfOf vsus, andand whywhy? whatwhat hashas herher donedone II praypray youyou?
wln 0096Sher.SheriffSher.DisarmeDisarm themthem BailiffesBailiffs.
wln 0097Ma.MayorMa.OfficersOfficers assistassist.
wln 0098DauyDavyHeareHear youyou LorLor’Lor shudgeshudge, whatwhat ressonressonreason isis forfor thisthis?
wln 0099OwenOwenCossonCosson pepepoe pusepuse forfor fightingfighting forfor ourour LordLord?
wln 01001.1. IudgeJudgejudgeAwayAway withwith themthem.
wln 0101DauyDavyHargHargHark youyou mymy LordLord.}BothBoth atat
alall thisthis

wln 0102OwenOwenGoughGough mymy LordeLord HerbertsHerbert’s man’sman’s aa (shittenshitten knaueka naueknave,
wln 0103DauyDavyIseIse liueli●elive andand tie●etie inin goodgood quarrellquarrel.
wln 0104OwenOwenPrayPray youyou dodo shusticeshustice, letlet awlawl bebe presonpreson.
wln 0105DauyDavyPrisonPrison nono,
wln 0106LordLord shudgeshudge II woollwool giuegive youyou palepale, goodgood suertysurety.
wln 01072.2. IudgeJudgejudgeWhatWhat BaleBailBale? whatwhat suertiessureties?
wln 0108DauyDavyHerHer coozincoozincousin apap RiesRiesRises, apap EuanEvanEuan, apap MorriceMorrice, apap Mor-MorganMor∣ganMorgan
wln 0109gan,
wln 0109apap LluellynLlewellynLluellyn, apap MadocMadoc, apap MeredithMeredith,
wln 0110apap GriffenGriffen, apap DauyDavy, apap OwenOwen apap ShinkenShinken ShonesShones.
wln 011122 IudgeJudgejudge.TwoTwo ofof thethe mostmost, sufficientsufficient areare ynowenowenough,
wln 0112Sher.SheriffSher.And’tAn ’tAn’t pleaseplease youryour LordshipLordship thesethese areare alall butbut oneone.
1. Iudge.

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The first part of

wln 01131.1. IudgeJudgejudgeToTo IayleJailjail withwith themthem, andand thethe LordLord HerbertsHerbert’s menmen,
wln 0114WeeleWe’llwe’ll talketalk withwith themthem, whenwhen thethe AssiseAssize isis donedone,ExeuntExeunt.
wln 0115RiotousRiotous, audaciousaudacious, andand vnrulyunruly GroomesGrooms,
wln 0116MustMust wewe bebe forcedforced toto comecome fromfrom thethe BenchBench,
wln 0117ToTo quietquiet brawlesbrawls, whichwhich eueryevery ConstableConstable
wln 0118InIn otherother ciuillcivil placesplaces cancan suppressesuppress?
wln 01192.2. IudgeJudgejudgeWhatWhat waswas thethe quarrelquarrel thatthat causdecaused allall thisthis stirrestir?
wln 0120Sher.SheriffSher.AboutAbout religionreligion (asas II heardheard) mymy LordLord.
wln 0121LordLord PowessePowisPowesse detracteddetracted fromfrom thethe powerpower ofof RomeRome,
wln 0122AffirmingAffirming WickliffesWycliffe’sWickliff’s doctrinedoctrine toto bebe truetrue,
wln 0123AndAnd RomesRome’s erroneouserroneous: hothot replyreply waswas mademade
wln 0124ByBy thethe lordlord HerbertHerbert, theythey werewere traytorstraitors allall
wln 0125ThatThat wouldwould maintainemaintain itit: PowessePowisPowesse answeredanswered,
wln 0126TheyThey werewere asas truetrue, asas noblenoble, andand asas wisewise
wln 0127AsAs hehe, thatthat wouldwould defenddefend itit withwith theirtheir liueslives,
wln 0128HeHe namdenamed forfor instanceinstance sirsir IohnJohnjohn Old-castleOldcastle
wln 0129TheThe LordLord CobhamCobham: HerbertHe●bertHerbert replidereplied againeagain,
wln 0130HeHe, thouthou, andand allall areare traitorstraitors thatthat soso holdhold.
wln 0131TheThe liehehelie waswas giuengiven, thethe seuerallseveral factionsfactions drawnedrawn,
wln 0132AndAnd soso enragdeenraged, thatthat wewe couldcould notnot appeaseappease itit.
wln 01331.1. IudgeJudgejudgeThisThis casecase concernesconcerns thethe KingsKing’sking’s prerogatiueprerogative,
wln 0134And’sAnd’s dangerousdangerous toto thethe StateState andand commoncommon wealthwealth.
wln 0135GentlemenGentlemen, IusticesJusticesjustices, mastermaster MaiorMayorMaior, andand mastermaster ShrieueShrieve,
wln 0136ItIt dothdoth behouebehove vsus allall, andand eacheach ofof vsus
wln 0137InIn generallgeneral andand particularparticular, toto hauehave carecare
wln 0138ForFor thethe suppressingsuppressing ofof allall mutiniesmutinies,
wln 0139AndAnd allall assembliesassemblies, exceptexcept souldierssoldiers’soldiers mustersmusters
wln 0140ForFor thethe KingsKing’sking’s preparationpreparation intointo FranceFrance.
wln 0141WeWe hearehear ofof secretsecret conuenticlesconventicles mademade,
wln 0142AndAnd therethere isis doubtdoubt ofof somesome conspiraciesconspiracies,
wln 0143WhichWhich maymay breakebreak outout intointo rebelliousrebellious armesarms
wln 0144WhenWhen thethe King’sKing’s gonegone, perchanceperchance beforebefore hehe gogo:
wln 0145NoteNote asas anan instanceinstance, thisthis oneone perillousperilous frayfray,
wln 0146WhatWhat factionsfactions mightmight hauehave grownegrown onon eithereither partpart,
wln 0147ToTo thethe destructiondestruction ofof thethe KingKing andand RealmeRealm,
wln 0148YetYet, inin mymy conscienceconscience, sirsir IohnJohnjohn Old-castleOldcastle

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sig: B1r

sir Iohn Old-castle.

wln 0149InnocentInnocent ofof itit, onelyonly hishis namename waswas vsdeused.
wln 0150WeWe thereforetherefore fromfrom hishis HighnesseHighness giuegive thisthis chargecharge.
wln 0151YouYou maistermaster MaiorMayor, lookelook toto youryour citizenscitizens,
wln 0152YouYou maistermaster SherifeSheriff vntounto youryour shireshire, andand youyou
wln 0153AsAs IusticesJusticesjustices inin euery oneseveryone’severy ones precinctprecinct
wln 0154ThereThere bebe nono meetingsmeetings. WhenWhen thethe vulgarvulgar sortsort
wln 0155SitSit onon theirtheir Ale-benchAlebench, withwith theirtheir cupscups andand kannescans,
wln 0156MattersMatters ofof statestate bebe notnot theirtheir commoncommon talketalk,
wln 0157NorNor purepure religionreligion byby theirtheir lipslips prophandeprofaned.
wln 0158LetLet vsus returnereturn vntounto thethe BenchBench againeagain,
wln 0159AndAnd therethere examineexamine furtherfurther ofof thisthis frayfray.EnterEnter aa BailyBailieBaily andand
aa SerieantSergeant

wln 0160Sher.SheriffSher.SirsSirs, hauehave yeye takentaken thethe lordlord PowessePowisPowesse yetyet?
wln 0161Ba.BailiffBa.NoNo, nornor heardheard ofof himhim.
wln 0162Ser.SergeantSer.NoNo, hee’she’s gonegone farrefar enoughenough.
wln 01632.2. Iu.JudgeIu.TheyThey thatthat areare leftleft behindbehind, shallshall answeranswer allall.ExeuntExeunt.
wln 0164EnterEnter SuffolkeSuffolk, BishopBishop ofof RochesterRochester, ButlerButler, parsonparson ofof WrothamWrotham.
wln 0165SuffolkeSuffolkNowNow mymy lordlord BishopBishop, taketake freefree libertyliberty
wln 0166ToTo speakespeak youryour mindemind: whatwhat isis youryour sutesuit toto vsus?
wln 0167BishopBishopMyMy noblenoble LordLord, nono moremore thanthan whatwhat youyou knowknow,
wln 0168AndAnd hauehave binbeen oftentimesoftentimes inuestedinvested withwith:
wln 0169GrieuousGrievous complaintscomplaints hauehave pastpassed betweenebetween thethe lippeslips
wln 0170OfOf enuiousenvious personspersons toto vpbraideupbraid thethe CleargyClergy,
wln 0171SomeSome carpingcarping atat thethe liuingslivings whichwhich wewe hauehave,
wln 0172AndAnd othersothers spurningspurning atat thethe ceremoniesceremonies
wln 0173ThatThat areare ofof auncientancient customecustom inin thethe churchchurch.
wln 0174AmongstAmongst thethe whichwhich, LordLord CobhamCobham isis aa chiefechief:
wln 0175WhatWhat inconuenienceinconvenience maymay proceedeproceed hereofhereof,
wln 0176BothBoth toto thethe KingKing andand toto thethe commoncommon wealthwealth,
wln 0177MayMay easilyeasily bebe discernddiscerned, whenwhen likelike aa frensiefrenzy
wln 0178ThisThis innouationinnovation shallshall possessepossess theirtheir mindesminds.
wln 0179TheseThese vpstartsupstarts willwill hauehave followersfollowers toto vpholduphold
wln 0180TheirTheir damnddamned opinionopinion, moremore thanthan HarryHarry shallshall
wln 0181ToTo vndergoeundergo hishis quarrellquarrel gainst’gainst thethe FrenchFrench.
wln 0182SuffolkeSuffolkWhatWhat proofeproof isis therethere againstagainst themthem toto bebe hadhad,
wln 0183ThatThat whatwhat youyou saysay thethe lawlaw maymay iustifiejustify?
wln 0184BishopBishopTheyThey giuegive themseluesthemselves thethe namename ofof ProtestantsProtestants,

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sig: B1v

The first part of

wln 0185AndAnd meetemeet inin fieldsfields andand solitarysolitary grouesgroves.
wln 0186sirsir IhonJohnIhonWasWas euerever heardheard (mymy LordLord) thethe likelike tiltill nownow?
wln 0187ThatThat theeuesthieves andand rebellsrebels, sbloud’sblood heretikesheretics,
wln 0188PlaynePlain heretikesheretics, IleI’ll standstand tooteto ’tto’t toto theirtheir teethteeth,
wln 0189ShouldShould hauehave toto colourcolorcolour, theirtheir vilevile practisespracticespractises,
wln 0190AA titletitle ofof suchsuch worthworth, asas ProtestantProtestant?enterenter oneone wythwith aa letterletter.
wln 0191Suf.SuffolkSuf.OO butbut youyou mustmust notnot sweareswear, itit illill becomesbecomes
wln 0192OneOne ofof youryour coatecoat, toto rapperap outout bloudybloody oathesoaths.
wln 0193Bish.BishopBish.PardonPardon himhim goodgood mymy LordLord, itit isis hishis zealezeal,
wln 0194AnAn honesthonest countrycountry prelateprelate, whowho lamentslaments
wln 0195ToTo seesee suchsuch foulefoul disorderdisorder inin thethe churchchurch.
wln 0196SirSir IohnJohnjohnTheresThere’sthere’s oneone theythey callcall himhim SirSir IohnJohnjohn Old-castleOldcastle,
wln 0197HeHe hashas notnot hishis namename forfor naughtnaught: forfor likelike aa castlecastle
wln 0198DothDoth hehe encompasseencompass themthem withinwithin hishis wallswalls,
wln 0199ButBut tilltill thatthat castlecastle bebe subuertedsubverted quitequite,
wln 0200WeWe ne’rene’ernever shallshall bebe atat quietquiet inin thethe realmerealm.
wln 0201Bish.BishopBish.ThatThat isis ourour sutesuit, mymy LordLord, thatthat hehe bebe taneta’en,
wln 0202AndAnd broughtbrought inin questionquestion forfor hishis heresieheresy,
wln 0203BesideBeside, twotwo lettersletters broughtbrought meme outout ofof WalesWales,
wln 0204WherinWherein mymy LordLord HerfordHerefordHerford writeswrites toto meme,
wln 0205WhatWhat tumulttumult andand seditionsedition waswas begunbegun,
wln 0206AboutAbout thethe LordLord CobhamCobham, atat thethe Sises’SizesSises therethere,
wln 0207ForFor theythey hadhad muchmuch adoado toto calmecalm thethe ragerage,
wln 0208AndAnd thatthat thethe valiantvaliant HerbertHerbert isis therethere slaineslain.
wln 0209Suf.SuffolkSuf.AA firefire thatthat mustmust bebe quenchtquenched; welwell, saysay nono moremore,
wln 0210TheThe KingKing anonanon goesgoes toto thethe counsellcounsel chamberchamber,
wln 0211ThereThere toto debatedebate ofof mattersmatters touchingtouching FranceFrance:
wln 0212AsAs hehe dothdoth passepass byby, IleI’ll informeinform hishis gracegrace
wln 0213ConcerningConcerning youryour petitionpetition: MasterMaster ButlerButler,
wln 0214IfIf II forgetforget, dodo youyou rememberremember meme,
wln 0215But.ButlerBut.II willwill mymy LordLord.OfferOffer himhim aa pursepurse.
wln 0216Bish.BishopBish.NotNot forfor aa recompencerecompense,
wln 0217ButBut asas aa tokentoken ofof ourour louelove toto youyou,
wln 0218ByBy meme mymy LordsLords ofof thethe cleargieclergy dodo presentpresent
wln 0219ThisThis pursepurse, andand inin itit fullfull aa thousandthousand AngellsAngels,
wln 0220PrayingPraying youryour LordshipLordship toto acceptaccept theirtheir giftgift.

img: 6-b
sig: B2r

sir John Old-castle.

wln 0221Suf.SuffolkSuf.II thankethank themthem, mymy LordLord BishopBishop, forfor theirtheir louelove,
wln 0222ButBut willwill notnot taketake theirtheir monymoney, ifif youyou pleaseplease
wln 0223ToTo giuegive itit toto thisthis gentlemangentleman, youyou maymay.
wln 0224Bish.BishopBish.SirSir, thenthenthan wewe crauecrave youryour furtherancefurtherance hereinherein.
wln 0225But.ButlerBut.TheThe bestbest II cancan mymy LordLord ofof RochesterRochester.
wln 0226Bish.BishopBish.NayNay, praypray yeye taketake itit, trusttrust meme butbut youyou shalshall,
wln 0227sirsir IohnI●hnJohnIohnWereWere yeye allall threethree vponupon NewNew MarketMarket heathheath,
wln 0228YouYou shouldshould notnot needeneed strainestrain curtsiecourt’sycurtsy whowho shouldshould ha’teha ’thave’t,
wln 0229SirSir IohnJohnjohn wouldwould quickelyquickly ridrid yeye ofof thatthat carecare.
wln 0230SufSuffolkSufTheThe KingKing isis commingcoming, fearefear yeye notnot mymy LordLord,
wln 0231TheThe veryvery firstfirst thingthing II willwill breakebreak withwith himhim,
wln 0232ShalShall bebe aboutabout youryour mattermatter.EnterEnter K.KingK. HarryHarry andand Hunting-HuntingtonHunting∣tonHuntington
inin talketalk.

wln 0233Har.HarpooleHar.MyMy LordLord ofof SuffolkeSuffolk,
wln 0234WasWas itit notnot saidesaid thethe CleargyClergy diddid refuserefuse
wln 0235ToTo lendlend vsus monymoney towardtowardtowards ourour warreswars inin FranceFrance?
wln 0236Suf.SuffolkSuf.ItIt waswas mymy LordLord, butbut veryvery wrongfullywrongfully.
wln 0237Har.HarpooleHar.II knowknow itit waswas, forfor HuntingtonHuntington herehere tellstells meme,
wln 0238TheyThey hauehave binbeen veryvery bountifullbountiful ofof latelate.
wln 0239Suf.SuffolkSuf.AndAnd stillstill theythey vowvow mymy graciousgracious LordLord toto bebe soso,
wln 0240HopingHoping youryour maiestiemajesty willwill thinkethink ofof themthem,
wln 0241AsAs ofof youryour louingloving subiectssubjects, andand suppressesuppress
wln 0242AllAll suchsuch malitiousmalicious errorserrors asas beginbegin
wln 0243ToTo spotspot theirtheir callingcalling, andand disturbdisturb thethe churchchurch.
wln 0244Har.HarpooleHar.GodGod elseelse forbidforbid: whywhy SuffolkeSuffolk, isis therethere
wln 0245AnyAny newnew rupturerupture toto disquietdisquiet themthem?
wln 0246Suf.SuffolkSuf.NoNo newnew mymy LordLord, thethe oldold isis greatgreat enoughenough,
wln 0247AndAnd soso increasingincreasing,, asas ifif notnot cutcut downedown,
wln 0248WillWill breedebreed aa scandalescandal toto youryour royallroyal statestate,
wln 0249AndAnd setset youryour KingdomeKingdom quickelyquickly inin anan vproareuproar,
wln 0250TheThe KentishKentish knightknight,, LordLord CobhamCobham, inin despightdespite
wln 0251OfOf anyany lawlaw, oror spirituallspiritual disciplinediscipline,
wln 0252MaintainesMaintains thisthis vpstartupstart newnew religionreligion stillstill,
wln 0253AndAnd diuersdivers greatgreat assembliesassemblies byby hishis meanesmeans
wln 0254AndAnd priuateprivate quarrellsquarrels, areare commenstcommenced abroadabroad,
wln 0255AsAs byby thisthis letterletter moremore atat largelarge mymy liegeliege,
wln 0256IsIs mademade apparantapparent.

img: 7-a
sig: B2v

The first part of

wln 0257Har.HarpooleHar.WeWe dodo findfind itit herehere,
wln 0258ThereThere waswas inin WalesWales aa certainecertain frayfray ofof latelate,
wln 0259BetweeneBetween twotwo noblemennoblemen, butbut whatwhat ofof thisthis?
wln 0260FollowesFollows itit straightstraight LordLord CobhamCobham mustmust bebe hehe
wln 0261DidDid causecause thethe samesame? II daredare bebe swornesworn (goodgood knightknight)
wln 0262HeHe neuernever dreamptdreamt ofof anyany suchsuch contentioncontention.
wln 0263Bish.BishopBish.ButBut inin hishis namename thethe quarrellquarrel diddid beginbegin,
wln 0264AboutAbout thethe opinionopinion whichwhich hehe heldheld (mymy liegehegeliegehege.)
wln 0265Har.HarpooleHar.HowHow ifif itit diddid? waswas eithereither hehe inin placeplace,
wln 0266ToTo taketake partpart withwith themthem, oror abetteabet themthem inin itit?
wln 0267IfIf brablingbrabbling fellowesfellows, whosewhose inkindledin kindledenkindledin kindled bloudblood,
wln 0268SeethesSeethes inin theirtheir fieryfiery vainesveins, willwill needesneeds gogo fightfight,
wln 0269MakingMaking theirtheir quarrellsquarrels ofof somesome wordswords thatthat passtpassed,
wln 0270EitherEither ofof youyou, oror youyou, amongstamongst theirtheir cuppescups,
wln 0271IsIs thethe faultfault yoursyours, oror areare theythey guiltieguilty ofof itit?
wln 0272SuffolkeSuffolkWithWith pardonpardon ofof youryour HighnesseHighness (mymy dreaddread lordlord)
wln 0273SuchSuch littlelittle sparkessparks neglectedneglected, maymay inin timetime
wln 0274GrowGrow toto aa mightymighty flameflame: butbut thatsthat’s notnot allall,
wln 0275HeHe dothdoth besidebeside maintainemaintain aa strangestrange religionreligion,
wln 0276AndAnd willwill notnot bebe compelldcompelled toto comecome toto massemass.
wln 0277Bish.BishopBish.WeWe dodo beseechbeseech youyou thereforetherefore graciousgracious princeprince,
wln 0278WithoutWithout offenceoffenseoffence vntounto youryour maiestymajesty
wln 0279WeWe maymay bebe boldbold toto vseuse authoritieauthority.
wln 0280HarryHarryAsAs howhow?
wln 0281BishopBishopToTo summonsummon himhim vntounto thethe ArchesArches,
wln 0282WhereWhere suchsuch offencesoffensesoffences hauehave theirtheir punishmentpunishment.
wln 0283HarryHarryToTo answereanswer personallypersonally, isis thatthat youryour meaningmeaning?
wln 0284BishopBishopItIt isis, mymy lordlord.
wln 0285HarryHarryHowHow ifif hehe appealeappeal?
wln 0286BishopBishopHeHe cannotcannot (mymy LordLord) inin suchsuch aa casecase asas thisthis.
wln 0287SuffolkeSuffolkNotNot wherewhere ReligionReligion isis thethe pleaplea, mymy lordlord.
wln 0288HarryHarryII tooketook itit alwayesalways, thatthat our selfeourself stoodestood ontouton ’tout,
wln 0289AsAs aa sufficientsufficient refugerefuge, vntounto whomewhom
wln 0290NotNot anyany butbut mightmight lawfullylawfully appealeappeal.
wln 0291ButBut weelewe’ll notnot argueargue nownow vponupon thatthat poyntpoint:
wln 0292ForFor sirsir IohnJohnjohn Old-castleOldcastle whomwhom youyou accuseaccuse,

img: 7-b
sig: B3r

sir Iohn Old-castle.

wln 0293LetLet meme intreateentreat youyou toto dispencedispense awhileawhile
wln 0294WithWith youryour highhigh titletitle ofof preheminencepre-eminence.inin scornescorn.
wln 0295ReportReport diddid neuernever yetyet condemnecondemn himhim soso,
wln 0296ButBut hehe hathhath alwayesalways beenebeen reputedreputed loyallloyal:
wln 0297AndAnd inin mymy knowledgeknowledge II cancan saysay thusthus muchmuch,
wln 0298ThatThat hehe isis vertuousvirtuous, wisewise, andand honourablehonorablehonourable:
wln 0299IfIf anyany wayway hishis conscienceconscience bebe seduc’deseduced,
wln 0300ToTo wauerwaver inin hishis faithfaith: IleI’ll sendsend forfor himhim,
wln 0301AndAnd schooleschool himhim priuatelyprivately, ifif thatthat serueserve notnot,
wln 0302ThenThen afterwardafterwardafterwards youyou maymay proceedeproceed againstagainst himhim.
wln 0303ButlerButler, bebe youyou thethe messengermessenger forfor vsus,
wln 0304AndAnd willwill himhim presentlypresently repairerepair toto courtcourt.exeuntexeunt.
wln 0305sirsir IohnJohnjohnHowHow nownow mymy lordlord, whywhy standstand youyou discontentdiscontent?
wln 0306InIn soothsooth, me thinkesmethinks thethe KingKing hathhath wellwell decreeddecreed.
wln 0307BishopBishopYeaYea, yeayea, sirsir IohnJohnjohn, ifif hehe wouldwould keepekeep hishis wordword,
wln 0308ButBut II perceiueperceive hehe fauoursfavorsfavours himhim soso muchmuch,
wln 0309AsAs thisthis willwill bebe toto smallsmall effecteffect, II fearefear.
wln 0310sirsir IohnJohnjohnWhyWhy thenthen IleI’ll telltell youyou whatwhat y’arey’ areyou’re bestbest toto dodo:
wln 0311IfIf youyou suspectsuspect thethe KingKing willwill bebe butbut coldcold
wln 0312InIn reprehendingreprehending himhim, sendsend youyou aa processeprocess tootoo
wln 0313ToTo serueserve vponupon himhim: soso youyou maymay bebe suresure
wln 0314ToTo makemake himhim answer’tanswer ’tanswer’t, howsoerehowsoe’er itit fallfall.
wln 0315BishopBishopAndAnd wellwell remembredremembered, II willwill hauehave itit soso,
wln 0316AA SumnerSumner shallshall bebe sentsent aboutabout itit straitstraightstraitExitExit.
wln 0317sirsir IohnJohnjohnYeaYea, doedo soso, inin thethe meanemean spacespace thisthis remainesremains
wln 0318ForFor kindekind sirsir IohnJohnjohn ofof WrothamWrotham honesthonest IackeJack.
wln 0319Me thinkesMethinksmethinks thethe pursepurse ofof goldgold thethe BishopBishop gauegave,
wln 0320MadeMade aa goodgood shewshow, itit hadhad aa temptingtempting lookelook,
wln 0321BeshrewBeshrew meme, butbut mymy fingersfingers’finger’s endsends dodo itchitch
wln 0322ToTo bebe vponupon thosethose rudduksruddocksrudduks: wellwell, tis’tis thusthus:
wln 0323II amam notnot asas thethe worldeworld doesdoes taketake meme forfor:
wln 0324IfIf euerever woolfewolf werewere cloathedclothed inin sheepessheep’s coatecoat,
wln 0325ThenThenThan II amam hehe, oldeold huddlehuddle andand twangtwang, yfaithi’ faithi’faith,
wln 0326AA priestpriest inin shewshow, butbut inin plaineplain termesterms, aa th[*]efetheefeth●efethief,
wln 0327YetYet letlet meme telltell youyou tootoo, anan honesthonest theefethief.
wln 0328OneOne thatthat willwill taketake itit wherewhere itit maymay bebespbespbe sp[****]spared.

img: 8-a
sig: B3v

The first part of

wln 0329AndAnd spendspend itit freelyfreely inin goodgood fellowshipfellowship.
wln 0330II hauehave asas manymany shapesshapes asas ProteusProteus hadhad,
wln 0331ThatThat stillstill whenwhen anyany villanyvillainy isis donedone,
wln 0332ThereThere maymay bebe nonenone suspectsuspect itit waswas sirsir IohnJohnjohn.
wln 0333BesidesBesides, toto comfortcomfort meme, forfor whatswhat’s thisthis lifelife,
wln 0334ExceptExcept thethe crabbedcrabbed bitternesbitterness thereofthereof
wln 0335BeBe sweetenedsweetened nownow andand thenthen withwith lecherylechery?
wln 0336II hauehave mymy DollDoll, mymy concubineconcubine asas t’were’twere,
wln 0337ToTo frollickefrolic withwith, aa lustylusty bounsingbouncing gerlegirl.
wln 0338ButBut whilstwhilst II loyterloiter herehere thethe goldgold, maymay scapescape,
wln 0339AndAnd thatthat mustmust notnot bebe soso, itit isis minemine owneown,
wln 0340ThereforeTherefore IleI’ll meetemeet himhim onon hishis wayway toto courtcourt,
wln 0341AndAnd shriueshrive himhim ofof itit: therethere willwill bebe thethe sportsport.ExitExit.
wln 0342EnterEnter threethree oror fourefour poorepoor peoplepeople, somesome souldierssoldiers, somesome oldold menmen.
wln 034311 Soldier1GodGod helphelp, GodGod helphelp, there’sthere’s lawlaw forfor punishingpunishing,
wln 0344ButBut theresthere’s nono lawlaw forfor ourour necessitynecessity:
wln 0345ThereThere bebe moremore stockesstocks toto setset poorepoor soldierssoldiers inin,
wln 0346ThanThan therethere bebe houseshouses toto releeuerelieve themthem atat.
wln 0347OldOld manmanFaithFaith, housekeepinghousekeeping decayesdecays inin eueryevery placeplace,
wln 0348EuenEven asas SaintSaint PeterPeter writwrit, stillstill worseworse andand worseworse
wln 034944. Soldier4MaisterMaster maiormayor ofof RochesterRochester hashas giuengiven commaunde-commaundementcommaunde∣mentcommandment
wln 0350ment,
wln 0350thatthat nonenone shallshall goego abroadeabroad outout ofof thethe parishparish, andand theythey
wln 0351hauehave setset anan orderorder downedown forsoothforsooth, whatwhat eueryevery poorepoor houshol-housholderhoushol∣derhouseholder
wln 0352der
wln 0352mustmust giuegive towardstowards ourour relieferelief: wherewhere therethere bebe somesome ceasedcessedceased
wln 0353II maymay saysay toto youyou, hadhad almostalmost asas muchmuch needeneed toto begbeg asas wewe.
wln 035411 Soldier1ItIt isis aa hardhard worldworld thethe whilewhile.
wln 0355OldOld manmanIfIf aa poorepoor manman comecome toto aa dooredoor toto askeask forfor GodsGod’s
wln 0356sakesake, theythey askeask himhim forfor aa licencelicenselicence, oror aa certificatecertificate fromfrom aa IusticeJusticejustice.
wln 035722 Soldier2FaithFaith wewe hauehave nonenone, butbut whatwhat wewe bearebear vpponupon ourour bo-bodiesbo∣diesbodies
wln 0358dies,
wln 0358ourour maimedmaimed limbslimbs, GodGod helphelp vsus.
wln 035944 Soldier4AndAnd yetyet, asas lamelame asas II amam, IleI’ll withwith thethe kingking intointo FranceFrance,
wln 0360ifif II cancan crawlecrawl butbut aa ship-boordeshipboard, II haddehad ratherrather bebe slaineslain inin
wln 0361FranceFrance, thanthan staruestarve inin EnglandEngland.
wln 0362OldeOld manman.HaHa, werewere II butbut asas lustylusty asas II waswas atat thethe battellbattle ofof
wln 0363ShrewsburyShrewsbury, II wouldwould notnot doedo asas II dodo: butbut wewe areare nownow comecome
wln 0364toto thethe goodgood lordlord CobhamsCobham’s, toto thethe bestbest manman toto thethe poorepoor thatthat

img: 8-b
sig: B4r

sir John Old-castle

wln 0365isis inin allall KentKent.
wln 036644 Soldier4GodGod blessebless himhim, therethere bebe butbut fewfew suchsuch.
wln 0367EnterEnter LordLord CobhamCobham withwith HarpooleHarpoole.
wln 0368Cob.CobhamCob.ThouThou peeuishpeevish frowardfroward manman, whatwhat wouldstwouldst thouthou hauehave?
wln 0369Harp.HarpooleHarp.ThisThis pridepride, thisthis pridepride, bringsbrings allall toto beggariebeggary,
wln 0370II seru’deserved youryour fatherfather, andand youryour grandfathergrandfather,
wln 0371ShewShow meme suchsuch twotwo menmen nownow: nono, nono,
wln 0372YourYour backesbacks, youryour backesbacks, thethe diuelldevil andand pridepride,
wln 0373HasHas cutcut thethe throatethroat ofof allall goodgood housekeepinghousekeeping,
wln 0374TheyThey werewere thethe bestbest YeomensYeomen’s mastersmasters, thatthat
wln 0375EuerEver werewere inin EnglandEngland.
wln 0376Cob.CobhamCob.YeaYea, exceptexcept thouthou hauehave aa cruecrew ofof seelyseelysilly knauesknaves,
wln 0377AndAnd sturdysturdy roguesrogues, stillstill feedingfeeding atat mymy gategate,
wln 0378ThereThere isis nono hospitalitiehospitality withwith theethee.
wln 0379Harp.HarpooleHarp.TheyThey maymay sitsit atat thethe gategate wellwell enoughenough, butbut thethe diuelldevil
wln 0380ofof anyany thingthing youyou giuegive themthem, exceptexcept theythey willwill eateeat stonesstones.
wln 0381Cob.CobhamCob.Tis’Tis longlong thenthen ofof suchsuch hungryhungry knauesknaves asas youyou,pointingpointing
toto thethe

wln 0382YeaYea sirsir, hereshere’s youryour retinueretinue, youryour guestsguests bebe comecome,
wln 0383TheyThey knowknow theirtheir howershours II warrantwarrant youyou.
wln 0384Old.Old manOld.GodGod blessebless youryour honourhonorhonour, GodGod sauesave thethe goodgood LordLord
wln 0385CobhamCobham, andand allall hishis househouse,
wln 0386Soul.SoldierSoul.GoodGood youryour honourhonorhonour, bestowbestow youryour blessedblessed almesalms,
wln 0387VponUpon poorepoor menmen.
wln 0388Cob.CobhamCob.NowNow sirsir, herehere bebe youryour Almes knightsAlms-knightsAlms knights.
wln 0389NowNow areare youyou asas safesafe asas thethe EmperourEmperor.
wln 0390Harp.HarpooleHarp.MyMy Almes knightsAlms-knightsAlms knights: naynay, th’areth’ arethey’re yoursyours,
wln 0391ItIt isis aa shameshame forfor youyou, andand IleI’ll standstand too’tto ’tto’t,
wln 0392YourYour foolishfoolish almesalms maintainesmaintains moremore vagabondsvagabonds,
wln 0393ThenThan allall thethe noblemennoblemen inin KentKent besidebeside.
wln 0394OutOut youyou roguesrogues, youyou knauesknaves, workework forfor youryour liuingslivings,
wln 0395AlasAlas poorepoor menmen, OOOh LordLord, theythey maymay begbeg theirtheir heartshearts outout,
wln 0396TheresThere’sthere’s nono moremore charitiecharity amongstamongst menmen,
wln 0397ThenThanThen amongstamongst soso manymany mastiffemastiff doggesdogs,
wln 0398WhatWhat makemake youyou herehere, youyou needyneedy knauesknaves?
wln 0399AwayAway, awayaway, youyou villainesvillains.
wln 04002.2. soul.soldiersoul.II beseechbeseech youyou sitsit, bebe goodgood toto vsus.

img: 9-a
sig: B4v

The first part of

wln 0401CobhamCobhamNayNay, naynay, theythey knowknow theethee wellwell enoughenough, II thinkethink thatthat
wln 0402allall thethe beggarsbeggars inin thisthis landland areare thythy acquaintanceacquaintance, goego bestowebestow
wln 0403youryour almesalms, nonenone willwill controulecontrol youyou sirsir.
wln 0404Harp.HarpooleHarp.WhatWhat shouldshould II giuegive themthem? youyou areare grownegrown soso beg-beggarlybeg∣garlybeggarly
wln 0405garly,
wln 0405youyou hauehave scarcescarce aa bittebit ofof breadebread toto giuegive atat youryour dooredoor:
wln 0406youyou talketalk ofof youryour religionreligion soso longlong, thatthat youyou hauehave banishedbanished cha-charitiecha∣ritiecharity
wln 0407ritie
wln 0407fromfrom amongstamongst youyou, aa manman maymay makemake aa flaxeflax shopshop inin youryour
wln 0408kitchinkitchen chimnieschimneys, forfor anyany firefire therethere isis stirringstirring.
wln 0409CobhamCobhamIfIf thouthou wiltwilt giuegive themthem nothingnothing, sendsend themthem hencehence,
wln 0410letlet themthem notnot standstand herehere staruingstarving inin thethe coldecold.
wln 0411Harp.HarpooleHarp.WhoWho II driuedrive themthem hencehence? ifif II driuedrive poorepoor menmen fromfrom
wln 0412youryour dooredoor, IleI’ll bebe hangdhanged, II knowknow notnot whatwhat II maymay comecome toto mymy selfemyself
wln 0413selfe:
wln 0413yeayea, GodGod helphelp youyou poorepoor knauesknaves, yeye seesee thethe worldworld yfaithi’ faithi’faith,
wln 0414wellwell, youyou hadhad aa mothermother: wellwell, GodGod bebe withwith theethee goodgood LadyLady,
wln 0415thythy soule’ssoul’s atat restrest: sheshe gauegave moremore inin shirtsshirts andand smockssmocks toto poorepoor
wln 0416childrenchildren, thenthan youyou spendspend inin youryour househouse, &and yetyet youyou liuelive aa beg-beggarbeg∣garbeggar
wln 0417gar
wln 0417tootoo.
wln 0418CobhamCobhamEuenEveneven thethe worstworst deededeed thatthat eree’erere mymy mothermother diddid, waswas
wln 0419inin releeuingrelieving suchsuch aa foolefool asas thouthou.
wln 0420HarpooleHarpooleYeaYea, yeayea, II amam aa foolefool stillstill, withwith allall youryour witwit youyou
wln 0421willwill diedie aa beggarbeggar, gogo tooto.
wln 0422CobhamCobhamGoGo youyou oldeold foolefool, giuegive thethe poorepoor peoplepeople some-somethingsome∣thingsomething
wln 0423thing,
wln 0423gogo inin poorepoor menmen intointo thethe innerinner courtcourt, andand taketake suchsuch almsalms
wln 0424asas therethere isis toto bebe hadhad.
wln 0425SouldierSoldierGodGod blessebless youryour honorhonorhonour.
wln 0426HarpooleHarpooleHangHang youyou roagsrogues, hanghang youyou, theresthere’s nothingnothing butbut
wln 0427miserymisery amongstamongst youyou, youyou fearefear nono lawlaw youyou.ExitExit.
wln 0428OldeOld manmanGodGod blessebless youyou goodgood maistermaster RafeRafe, GodGod sauesave
wln 0429youryour lifelife, youyou areare goodgood toto thethe poorepoor stillstill.
wln 0430EnterEnter thethe LordLord PowesPowisPowes disguiseddisguised, andand shrowdeshroud himselfehimself.
wln 0431CobhamCobhamWhatWhat fellow’sfellow’s yonderyonder comescomes alongalong thethe grouegrove?
wln 0432FewFew passengerspassengers therethere bebe thatthat knowknow thisthis wayway:
wln 0433Me thinkesMethinksmethinks hehe stopsstops asas thoughthough hehe staydstayed forfor meme,
wln 0434AndAnd meantmeant toto shrowdshroud himselfehimself amongstamongst thethe bushesbushes.
wln 0435II knowknow thethe CleargieClergy hatehate meme toto thethe deathdeath,
wln 0436AndAnd mymy religionreligion getsgets meme manymany foesfoes:

img: 9-b
sig: C1r

sir Iohn Old-castle.

wln 0437AndAnd thisthis maymay bebe somesome desperatedesperate roguerogue,
wln 0438SuborndSubornedsuborned toto workework meme mischiefemischief: AsAs itit
wln 0439PleasethPleaseth GodGod, ifif hehe comecome towardtowardtowards meme, suresure
wln 0440IleI’ll staystay hishis commingcoming, bebe hehe butbut oneone manman,
wln 0441What soereWhatsoe’erwhatsoe’er hehe bebe:TheThe LordLord PowisPowis comescomes onon.
wln 0442II hauehave beenebeen wellwell acquaintedacquainted withwith thatthat faceface.
wln 0443PowisPowisWellWell metmet mymy honorablehonorablehonourable lordlord andand friendfriend.
wln 0444CobhamCobhamYouYou areare welcomewelcome sirsir, what erewhate’er youyou bebe,
wln 0445ButBut ofof thisthis sodainesudden sirsir, II dodo notnot knowknow youyou.
wln 0446PowisPowisII amam oneone thatthat wishethwisheth wellwell vntounto youryour honorhonorhonour,
wln 0447MyMy namename isis PowesPowisPowes, anan oldeold friendfriend ofof yoursyours.
wln 0448CobhamCobhamMyMy honorablehonorablehonourable lordlord, andand worthyworthy friendfriend,
wln 0449WhatWhat makesmakes youryour lordshiplordship thusthus alonealone inin KentKent,
wln 0450AndAnd thusthus disguiseddisguised inin thisthis strangestrange attireattire?
wln 0451PowisPowisMyMy LordLord, anan vnexpectedunexpected accidentaccident,
wln 0452HathHath atat thisthis timetime inforc’deenforced meme toto thesethese partsparts:
wln 0453AndAnd thusthus itit hapthapped, notnot yetyet fulfull fiuefive dayesdays sincesince,
wln 0454NowNow atat thethe lastlast AssiseAssize atat HerefordHereford,
wln 0455ItIt chanstchanced thatthat thethe lordlord HerbertHerbert andand my selfemyself,
wln 0456Mongst’MongstAmongst otherother thingsthings, discoursingdiscoursing atat thethe tabletable,
wln 0457ToTo fallfall inin speechspeech aboutabout somesome certainecertain pointspoints
wln 0458OfOf WickcliffesWycliffe’sWickliff’s doctrinedoctrine, gainst’gainst thethe papaciepapacy,
wln 0459AndAnd thethe religionreligion catholiquecatholic, maintaindmaintained
wln 0460ThroughThrough thethe mostmost partpart ofof EuropeEurope atat thisthis dayday.
wln 0461ThisThis wilfullwilful teastytestytasty lordlord stuckestuck notnot toto saysay,
wln 0462ThatThat WickcliffeWycliffeWickliff waswas aa knaueknave, aa schismatikeschismatic,
wln 0463HisHis doctrinedoctrine diuelishdevilish andand hereticallheretical,
wln 0464AndAnd what soerewhatsoe’er hehe waswas maintaindmaintained thethe samesame,
wln 0465waswas traitortraitor bothboth toto GodGod andand toto hishis countrycountry.
wln 0466BeingBeing mouedmoved atat hishis peremptoryperemptory speechspeech,
wln 0467II toldtold himhim, somesome maintainedmaintained thosethose opinionsopinions,
wln 0468MenMen, andand truertruer subiectssubjects thenthan lordlord HerbertHerbert waswas:
wln 0469AndAnd hehe replyingreplying inin comparisonscomparisons:
wln 0470YourYour namename waswas vrgdeurged, mymy lordlord, gainst’gainst hishis chalengechallenge,
wln 0471ToTo bebe aa perfectperfect fauourerfavorerfavourer ofof thethe truethtruth.
wln 0472AndAnd toto bebe shortshort, fromfrom wordswords wewe fellfell toto blowesblows,

img: 10-a
sig: C1v

The first part of

wln 0473OurOur seruantsservants, andand ourour tenantstenants takingtaking partsparts,
wln 0474ManyMany onon bothboth sidessides hurthurt: andand forfor anan hourehour
wln 0475TheThe broylebroil byby nono meanesmeans couldcould bebe pacifiedpacified,
wln 0476VntillUntil thethe IudgesJudgesjudges risingrising fromfrom thethe benchbench,
wln 0477WereWere inin theirtheir personspersons forc’deforced toto partpart thethe frayfray.
wln 0478CobhamCobhamII hopehope nono manman waswas violentlyviolently slaineslain.
wln 0479PowisPowisFaithFaith nonenone II trusttrust, butbut thethe lordlord HerbertsHerbert’s selfeself,
wln 0480WhoWho isis inin truthtruth soso dangerouslydangerously hurthurt,
wln 0481AsAs itit isis doubteddoubted hehe cancan hardlyhardly scapescape.
wln 0482CobhamCobhamII amam sorysorry, mymy goodgood lordlord, ofof thesethese illill newesnews.
wln 0483PowisPowisThisThis isis thethe causecause thatthat driuesdrives meme intointo KentKent,
wln 0484ToTo shrowdshroud my selfemyself withwith youyou soso goodgood aa friendfriend,
wln 0485VntillUntil II hearehear howhow thingsthings dodo speedspeed atat homehome.
wln 0486CobhamCobhamYourYour lordshiplordship isis mostmost welcomewelcome vntounto CobhamCobham,
wln 0487ButBut II amam veryvery sorysorry, mymy goodgood lordlord,
wln 0488MyMy namename waswas broughtbrought inin questionquestion inin thisthis mattermatter,
wln 0489ConsideringConsidering II hauehave manymany enemiesenemies,
wln 0490ThatThat threatenthreaten malicemalice, andand dodo lielie inin waitewait
wln 0491ToTo taketake aduantangeadvantage ofof thethe smallestsmallest thingthing.
wln 0492ButBut youyou areare welcomewelcome, andand reposerepose youryour lordshiplordship,
wln 0493AndAnd keepekeep your selfeyourself herehere secretsecret inin mymy househouse,
wln 0494VntillUntil wewe hearehear howhow thethe lordlord HerbertHerbert speedesspeeds:
wln 0495HereHere comescomes mymy manman.EnterEnter HarpooleHarpoole.
wln 0496SirraSirrah, whatwhat newesnews?
wln 0497HarpooleHarpooleYondersYonder’syonder’s oneone maistermaster ButlerButler ofof thethe priuieprivy cham-chambercham∣berchamber
wln 0498ber,
wln 0498isis sentsent vntounto youyou fromfrom thethe KingKing.
wln 0499PowisPowisII praypray GodGod thethe lordlord HerbertHerbert bebe notnot deaddead, andand thethe
wln 0500KingKing hearinghearing whitherwhither II amam gonegone, hathhath sentsent forfor meme.
wln 0501Cob.CobhamCob.ComfortComfort your selfeyourself mymy lordlord, II warrantwarrant youyou.
wln 0502HarpooleHarpooleFellowFellow, whatwhat ailesails theethee? doostdost thouthou quakequake? dostdost
wln 0503thouthou shakeshake? dostdost thouthou trembletremble? haha?
wln 0504Cob.CobhamCob.PeacePeace youyou oldold foolefool, sirrasirrah, conueyconvey thisthis gentlemangentleman
wln 0505inin thethe backeback wayway, andand bringbring thethe otherother intointo thethe walkewalk.
wln 0506HarpooleHarpooleComeCome sirsir. youyou areare welcomewelcome, ifif youyou louelove mymy lordelord.
wln 0507PowisPowisGodGod hauehave mercymercy gentlegentle friendfriend.exeuntexeunt.
wln 0508Cob.CobhamCob.II thoughtthought asas muchmuch, thatthat itit wouldwould notnot bebe longlong beforebefore II

img: 10-b
sig: C2r

sir John Old-castle.

wln 0509heardheard ofof somethingsomething fromfrom thethe KingKing, aboutabout thisthis mattermatter.
wln 0510EnterEnter HarpooleHarpoole withwith MaisterMaster ButlerButler.
wln 0511HarpooleHarpooleSirSir, yonderyonder mymy lordlord walkeswalks, youyou seesee himhim,
wln 0512IleI’ll hauehave youryour menmen intointo thethe CellerCellar thethe whilewhile.
wln 0513Cobh.CobhamCobh.welcomewelcome goodgood maistermaster ButlerButler.
wln 0514ButlerButlerThankesThanks, mymy goodgood lordlord: hishis MaiestieMajesty doothdoth com-commendcom∣mendcommend
wln 0515mend
wln 0515hishis louelove vntounto youryour lordshiplordship, andand wilswills youyou toto repairerepair vn-vntovn∣tounto
wln 0516to
wln 0516thethe courtcourt.
wln 0517Cobh.CobhamCobh.GodGod blessebless hishis HighnesseHighness, andand confoundconfound hishis enne-ennemiesenne∣miesenemies
wln 0518mies,
wln 0518II hopehope hishis MaiestieMajesty isis wellwell.
wln 0519ButlerButlerInIn healthhealth, mymy lordlord.
wln 0520Cobh.CobhamCobh.GodGod longlong continuecontinue itit: mee thinkesmethinks youyou lookelook asas
wln 0521thoughthough youyou werewere notnot wellwell, whatwhat ailesails youyou sirsir?
wln 0522ButlerButlerFaithFaith II hauehave hadhad aa foolishfoolish oddeodd mischancemischance, thatthat an-angersan∣gersangers
wln 0523gers
wln 0523meeme: commingcoming ouerover ShootersShooter’s hillhill, therethere camecame aa fellowfellow toto
wln 0524meme likelike aa SailerSailorSailer, andand askedasked meme moneymoney, andand whilstwhilst II staidestayed mymy
wln 0525horsehorse toto drawdraw mymy pursepurse, hehe takestakes th’aduantageth’advantage ofof aa littlelittle banckbank
wln 0526andand leapesleaps behindbehind meme, whippeswhips mymy pursepurse awayaway, andand withwith aa so-sodaineso∣dainesudden
wln 0527daine
wln 0527ierkejerk II knowknow notnot howhow, threwthrew meme atat leastleast threethree yardsyards outout
wln 0528ofof mymy saddlesaddle. II neuernever waswas soso robbedrobbed inin allall mymy lifelife.
wln 0529Cobh.CobhamCobh.II amam veryvery soriesorry sirsir forfor youryour mischancemischance, weewe willwill sendsend
wln 0530ourour warrantwarrant foorthforth, toto staystay suchsuch suspitioussuspicious personspersons asas shalshall bebe
wln 0531foundfound, thenthenthan maistermaster ButlerButler, wewe wilwill attendattend youyou.
wln 0532ButlerButlerII humblyhumbly thankethank youryour lordshiplordship, II willwill attendattend youyou.
wln 0533EnterEnter thethe SumnerSumner.
wln 0534Sum.SumnerSum.II hauehave thethe lawlaw toto warrantwarrant whatwhat II dodo, andand thoughthough thethe
wln 0535LordLord CobhamCobham bebe aa noblenoble manman, thatthat dispensesdispenses notnot withwith lawlaw,
wln 0536II daredare serueserve processeprocess werewere aa fiuefive noblenoble menmen, thoughthough wewe Sum-SumnersSum∣nersSumnerssummoners
wln 0537ners
wln 0537makemake sometimessometimes aa madmad slipslip inin aa cornercorner withwith aa prettiepretty
wln 0538wenchwench, aa SumnerSumner mustmust notnot goego alwayesalways byby seeingseeing, aa manneman
wln 0539maymay bebe contentcontent toto hidehide hishis eieseyes, wherewhere hehe maymay feelefeel hishis profitprofit:
wln 0540wellwell, thisthis isis mymy LordLord CobhamsCobham’s househouse, ifif II cancan deuisedevise toto speakespeak
wln 0541withwith himhim, ifif notnot, IleI’ll clapclap mymy citationcitation vpon’supon ’supon’s dooredoor, soso mymy lordlord
wln 0542ofof RochesterRochester bidbid meme, butbut me thinkesmethinks herehere comescomes oneone ofof hishis
wln 0543menmen.EnterEnter HarpooleHarpoole.
wln 0544Harp.HarpooleHarp.WelcomeWelcome goodgood fellowfellow, welcomewelcome, whowho wouldstwouldst thouthou

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sig: C2v

The first part of

wln 0545speakespeak withwith?
wln 0546Sum.SumnerSum.WithWith mymy lordlord CobhamCobham, II wouldwould speakespeak, ifif thouthou bebe
wln 0547oneone ofof hishis menmen.
wln 0548Harp.HarpooleHarp.YesYes II amam oneone ofof hishis menmen, butbut thouthou canstcanst notnot speakespeak
wln 0549withwith mymy lordlord.
wln 0550Sum.SumnerSum.MayMay II sendsend toto himhim thenthemthenthem?
wln 0551Harp.HarpooleHarp.IleI’ll teltell theethee thatthat, whenwhen II knowknow thythy erranderrand.
wln 0552Sum.SumnerSum.II willwill notnot teltell mymy erranderrand toto theethee.
wln 0553Harp.HarpooleHarp.ThenThen keepekeep itit toto thy selfethyself, andand walkewalk likelike aa knaueknave asas
wln 0554thouthou camestcamest.
wln 0555Sum.SumnerSum.II telltell theethee mymy lordlord keepeskeeps nono knauesknaves, sirrasirrah.
wln 0556Harp.HarpooleHarp.ThenThen thouthou seruestservest himhim notnot, II beleeuebelieve, whatwhat lordlord isis thythy
wln 0557mastermaster?
wln 0558Sum.SumnerSum.MyMy lordlord ofof RochesterRochester.
wln 0559Harp.HarpooleHarp.InIn goodgood timetime, andand whatwhat wouldstwouldst thouthou hauehave withwith mymy
wln 0560lordlord CobhamCobham?
wln 0561Sum.SumnerSum.II comecome byby vertuevirtue ofof aa processeprocess, toto asciteascite himhim toto ap-appeareap∣peareappear
wln 0562peare
wln 0562