Doctor Faustus
Doctor Faustus

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ln 0001THETHE
ln 0003HistoryHistory ofof D.DoctorD. FaustusFaustus.

ln 0004AsAs itit hathhath benebeen ActedActed byby thethe RightRight
ln 0005HonorableHonorableHonourable thethe EarleEarl ofof NottinghamNottingham hishis seruantsservants.

ln 0006WrittenWritten byby Ch.ChristopherCh. Marl.MarloweMarl

ln 0008PrintedPrinted byby V.V. S.S. forfor ThomasThomas BushellBushellBushel. 16041604.

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wln 0001TheThe tragicalltragical HistorieHistory
wln 0002ofof DoctorDoctor FaustusFaustus.

wln 0003EnterEnter ChorusChorus.

wln 0004NOtNOt marchingmarching nownow inin fieldsfields ofof ThracimeneThrasimene,
wln 0005WhereWhere MarsMars diddid matemate thethe CarthaginiansCarthaginians,
wln 0006NorNor sportingsporting inin thethe dalliancedalliance ofof louelove,
wln 0007InIn courtscourts ofof KingsKings wherewhere statestate isis ouerturndoverturned,
wln 0008NorNor inin thethe pompepomp ofof prowdproud audaciousaudacious deedesdeeds,
wln 0009IntendsIntends ourour MuseMuse toto dauntdaunt hishis heauenlyheavenly verseverse:
wln 0010OnelyOnly thisthis (GentlemenGentlemen) wewe mustmust performeperform,
wln 0011TheThe formeform ofof FaustusFaustus’Faustus fortunesfortunes goodgood oror badbad.
wln 0012ToTo patientpatient IudgementsJudgementsjudgements wewe appealeappeal ourour plaudeplaudplaude,
wln 0013AndAnd speakespeak forfor FaustusFaustus inin hishis infancieinfancy:
wln 0014NowNow isis hehe borneborn, hishis parentsparents basebase ofof stockestock,
wln 0015InIn GermanyGermany, withinwithin aa townetown calldcalled RhodesRhod●sRhodes:
wln 0016OfOf riperriper yéeresyears toto WertenbergWertenberg hehe wentwent,
wln 0017WhereasWhereas hishis kinsmenkinsmen chieflychiefly broughtbrought himhim vpup,
wln 0018SoSo soonesoon héehe profitesprofits inin DiuinitieDivinity,
wln 0019TheThe fruitfullfruitful plotplot ofof ScholerismeScholarismscholarism grac’tgraced,
wln 0020ThatThat shortlyshortly hehe waswas grac’tgraced withwith DoctorsDoctor’sdoctor’s namename,
wln 0021ExcellingExcelling allall, whosewhose swéetesweet delightdelight disputesdisputes
wln 0022InIn heauenlyheavenly mattersmatters ofof TheologieTheology,
wln 0023TillTill swolnesw●lneswoll’nswollen withwith cunningcunning ofof aa selfes●lfeself conceitconceit,
wln 0024HisHis waxenwa●enwaxen wingswings diddid mountmount aboueabove hishis reachreach,
wln 0025AndAnd meltingmel●ingmelting heauensheavens conspirdeconspiredconspire hishis ouerthrowoverthrow.
wln 0026ForFor fallingfalling toto aa diuelishdevilish exerciseexercise,
wln 0027AndAnd gluttedglutte●glutted moremore withwith learningslearning’s goldengolden giftsgifts,

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The Tragicall History of

wln 0028HeHe surffetssurfeits vponupon cursedcursed NegromancyNecromancyNegromancy,,
wln 0029NothingNothing soso sweetesweet asas magickemagic isis toto himhim
wln 0030WhichWhich hehe preferresprefers beforebefore hishis chiefestchiefest blissebliss,
wln 0031AndAnd thisthis thethe manman thatthat inin hishis studystudy sitssits.ExitExit.
wln 0032EnterEnter FaustusFaustus inin hishis StudyStudy.
wln 0033FaustusFaustusSettleSettle thythy studiesstudies FaustusFaustus, andand beginnebegin
wln 0034ToTo soundsound thethe deapthdepth ofo●of thatthat thouthou wiltwilt professeprofess:
wln 0035HauingHaving commencdecommenced, bebe aa DiuineDivine inin shewshow,
wln 0036YetYet leuelllevel atat thethe endend ofof eueryevery ArtArt,
wln 0037AndAnd liuelive andand diedie inin AristotlesAristotle’s workesworks:
wln 0038SweeteSweet AnulatikesAnalytics tis’tis thouthou hasthast rauishtravished meme,
wln 0039BeneBene dissereredisserere estest finisfinis logicislogiceslogicis,,
wln 0040IsIs, toto disputedispute wellwell, LogickesLogic’s chiefestchiefest endend
wln 0041AffoordsAffords thisthis ArtArt nono greatergreater myraclemiracle:
wln 0042ThenThen readeread nono moremore, thouthou hasthast attaindattained thethe endend:
wln 0043AA greatergreater subiectsubject fittethfitteth FaustusFaustus’ witwit,
wln 0044BidBid OncaymæonOncaymaeonOn kai me on farewellfarewell, GalenGalen comecome:
wln 0045SéeingSeeing, vbiubi desinitdesinit philosophusphilosophus, ibiibi incipitincipit medicusmedicus.
wln 0046BeBe aa physitionphysician FaustusFaustus, heapeheap vpup goldegold,
wln 0047AndAnd bebe eternizdeeternized forfor somesome wondrouswondrous curecure,
wln 0048SummumSummum bonumbonum medicinæmedicinaemedicinae sanitassanitas,
wln 0049TheThe endend ofof physickephysic isis ourour bodiesbody’sBody’s healthhealth:
wln 0050WhyWhy FaustusFaustus, hasthast thouthou notnot attaindattained thatthat endend?
wln 0051IsIs notnot thythy commoncommon talketalk soundsound AphorismesAphorisms?
wln 0052AreAre notnot thythy billesbills hunghung vpup asas monumentsmonuments,
wln 0053wherebywhereby wholewhole CittiesCities hauehave escaptescaped thethe plagueplague,
wln 0054AndAnd thousandthousand despratedesp’ratedesperate maladiesmaladies béenebeen easdeeased,
wln 0055YetYet artart thouthou stillstill butbut FaustusFaustus, andand aa manman.
wln 0056wouldstwouldst thouthou makemake manman toto liuelive eternallyeternally?
wln 0057OrOr beingbeing deaddead, raiseraise themthem toto lifelife againeagain?
wln 0058ThenThen thisthis professionprofession werewere toto bebe estéemdesteemed.
wln 0059PhysickePhysic farewellfarewell, wherewhere isis IustinianJustinianjustinian?
wln 0060SiS●Si vna〈…〉una〈…〉 e[·]dem[que]eademque resres legatuslegatus duobusduobusdvobus,
wln 0061AlterA●terAlter remremremembering alteralter valoremv●loremvalorem reirei, &c.etc.

wln 0062AA prettypretty casecase ofof paltrypaltry legacieslegacies:
wln 0063Ex hæredtariExExhaereditareEx filium〈…〉filium〈…〉 n[*]n〈…〉non〈…〉 potest〈…〉potest〈…〉 pater〈…〉pater〈…〉 nisinisi:
wln 0064SuchSuch isis thethe subiectsubject ofof thethe instituteinstitute

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Doctor Faustus.

wln 0065AndAnd vniuersalluniversal bodybody ofof thethe ChurchChurch:
wln 0066His●isHis studystudy fittesfits aa mercenarymercenary drudgedrudge,
wln 0067whowho aimesaims atat nothingnothing butbut externallexternal trashtrash,
wln 0068TheThe deuilldevil andand illiberallilliberal forfor meme:
wln 0069whenwhen allall isis donedone, DiuinitieDivinity isis bestbest.
wln 0070IeromesJerome’sjerome’s BibleBible, FaustusFaustus, viewview itit wellwell.
wln 0071StipendiumStipendium peccatipeccati morsmors estest: haha, StipendiumStipendium, &c.etc.
wln 0072TheThe rewardreward ofof sinnesin isis deathdeath: thatstha●sthat’s hardhard.
wln 0073SiSi peccassepeccasse negamusnegamus, fallimurfallimur, &et nullanulla estest inin nobisnobis veritasveritas.
wln 0074IfIf wewe saysay thatthat wewe hauehave nono sinnesin,
wln 0075WeWe deceiuedeceive our seluesourselves, andand theresthere’s nono truthtruth inin vsus.
wln 0076WhyWhy thenthen belikebelike wewe mustmust sinnesin,
wln 0077AndAnd soso consequentlyconsequently diedie.
wln 0078IAyay, wewe mustmust diedie anan euerlastinge●erlastingeverlasting deathdeath:
wln 0079WhatWhat doctrinedoctrine callcall youyou thisthis, CheChe serasera, serasera,
wln 0080WhatWhat wilwill bebe, shallshall bebe? DiuinitieDivinity, adieuadieu,
wln 0081TheseThese MetaphisickesMetaphysicsmetaphysics ofof MagiciansMagicia●sMagicians,
wln 0082AndAnd NegromantikeNecromanticnecromantic bookesbooks areare heauenlyheavenly
wln 0083LinesLines, circlescircles, sceanesscenes, lettersletters andand characterscharacters:
wln 0084IAyAyay, thesethese areare thosethose thatthat FaustusFaustus mostmost desiresd●siresdesires.
wln 0085OO whatwhat aa worldworld ofof profitprofit andand delightdelight,
wln 0086OfOf powerpower, ofof honorhonorhonour, ofof omnipotenceomnipotence
wln 0087IsIs promisedpromised toto thethe studiousstudious ArtizanArtisan?
wln 0088AllAll thingsthings thatthat moouemove betweenebetween thethe quietquiet polespoles
wln 0089ShalbeShall beshall be atat mymy commaundcommauncommand. EmperoursEmperorsemperors andand KingsKings,
wln 0090AreAre butbut obeydobeyed inin theirtheir seuerallseu●rallseveral prouincesprovinces:
wln 0091NorNor cancan theythey raiserais●raise thethe windewind, oror rend●endrend thethe cloudesclouds:
wln 0092ButBut hishis dominiondominion thatthat excéedesexceeds inin thisthis,
wln 0093StretchethStretcheth asas farrefar asas dothdoth thethe mindemind ofof manman.
wln 0094AA soundsound MagicianMagician isis aa mightymighty godgod:
wln 0095HéereHere FaustusFa●stusFaustus trietry thythy brainesbrains toto gainegain aa deitiedeity.
wln 0096EnterEnter WagnerWagner.
wln 0097WagnerWagner, commendcommend meme toto mymy deerestdearest friendsfriends,
wln 0098TheThe GermaineGerman ValdesValde●Valdes, andand CorneliusCorneliu●Cornelius,
wln 0099RequestRequest themthem earnestlyearnestly toto visitevisit meme.
wln 0100Wag.WagnerWag.II wilwill sirsir.exitexit.
wln 0101Fau.FaustusFau.TheirTheir conferenceconference willwill bebe aa greatergreater helphelp toto meme,

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sig: A3v

The tragicall History of

wln 0102ThnThanthan allall mymy labourslaborslabours, ploddeplod II nerene’er soso fastfast.

wln 0103EnterEnter thethe goodgood AngellAngel andand thethe euillevil AngellAngel.
wln 0104Good.Good A.AngelA.OO FaustusFaustus, laylay thatthat damneddamned bookebook asideaside,
wln 0105AndAnd gazegaze notnot onon itit, lestlest itit tempttempt thythy soulesoul,
wln 0106AndAnd heapeheap GodsGod’sGods heauyheavy wrathwrath vponupon thythy headhead,
wln 0107ReadeRead, readeread thethe scripturesscriptures, thatthat isis blasphemyblasphemy.
wln 0108EuillEvil An.AngelAn.GoGo forwardforward FaustusFaustus inin thatthat famousfamous artart,
wln 0109WhereinWherein allall naturesnature’s treasurytreasury isis containdcontained:
wln 0110BeBe thouthou onon earthearth asas IoueJovejove isis inin thethe skiesky,
wln 0111LordLord andand commaundercommander ofof thesethese ElementsElements.ExeuntExeunt.
wln 0112Fau.FaustusFau.HowHow amam II gluttedglutted withwith conceitconceit ofof thisthis?
wln 0113ShallShall II makemake spiritsspirits fetchfetch meme whatwhat II pleaseplease,
wln 0114ResolueResolve meme ofof allall ambiguitiesambiguities,
wln 0115PerformePerform whatwhat desperated●speratedesperate enterpriseenterprise II willwill?
wln 0116IleI’ll hauehave themthem flyefly toto IndiaIndia forfor goldgold,
wln 0117RansackeRansack thethe OceanOcean forfor orientorient pearlepearl,
wln 0118AndAnd searchsearch allall cornerscorners ofof thethe new foundnew-foundnew found worldworld
wln 0119ForFor pleasantpleasant fruitesfruits andand princelyprincely delicatesdelicates:
wln 0120IleI’ll hauehave themthem readeread méeme straungestrange philosophiephilosophy,
wln 0121AndAnd telltell thethe secretssecrets ofof allall forraineforeign kingskings,
wln 0122IleI’ll hauehave themthem wallwall allall IermanyGermanyjermany withwith brassebrass,
wln 0123AndAnd makemake swiftswift RhineRhine circlecircle fairefair WertenbergeWertenberg,
wln 0124IleI’ll hauehave themthem fillfill thethe publikepublic schoolesschools withwith skillskill.
wln 0125WherewithWherewith thethe studentsstudents shalbeshall be brauelybravely cladclad:
wln 0126IleI’ll leuylevy souldierssoldiers withwith thethe coynecoin theythey bringbring,
wln 0127AndAnd chasechase thethe PrincePrince ofof ParmaParma fromfrom ourour landland,
wln 0128AndAnd raignereign solesole kingking ofof allall ourour prouincesprovinces:
wln 0129YeaYea strangerstranger enginesengines forfor thethe bruntbrunt ofof warrewar,
wln 0130ThenThanThen waswas thethe fieryfiery kéelekeel atat AntwarpesAntwerp’sAntwerps bridgebridge,
wln 0131IleI’ll makemake mymy seruileservile spiritsspirits toto inuentinvent:
wln 0132ComeCome GermaineGerman ValdesValdes andand CorneliusCornelius,
wln 0133AndAnd makemake meme blestblessed withwith youryour sagesage conferenceconference,
wln 0134ValdesV●ldesValdes, swéetesweet ValdesValdes, andand CorneliusCornelius,

wln 0135EnterEnter ValdesValdes andand CorneliusCornelius.

wln 0136KnowKnow thatthat youryour wordswords hauehave woonwon meme atat thethe lastlast,

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sig: A4r

Doctor Faustus.

wln 0137ToTo practisepracticepractise MagickeMagic andand concealedconcealed artsarts:
wln 0138YetYet notnot youryour wordswords onelyonly, butbut minemine owneown fantasiefantasy,
wln 0139ThatThat willwill receiuereceive nono obiectobject forfor mymy headhead,
wln 0140ButBut ruminatesruminates onon NegremantiqueNecromanticnegromatic skillskill,
wln 0141PhilosophyPhilosophy isis odiousodious andand obscureobscure,
wln 0142BothBoth LawLaw andand PhisickePhis●ckePhysic areare forfor pettiepetty witswittwit●witswit,
wln 0143DiuinitieDivinity isis basestbasest ofof thethe thréethreethrée,
wln 0144VnpleasantUnpleasantUnpleasant, harshharsh, contemptiblecontemptible andand vildevild,
wln 0145Tis’Tis MagickeMagic, MagickeMagic thatthat hathhath rauishtravished méeme,
wln 0146ThenThen gentlegentle friendsfriends aydeaid meme inin thisthis attemptattempt,
wln 0147AndAnd II thatthat hauehave withwith ConsissylogismesConcise syllogismsConsissylogismes
wln 0148GraueldGravelled thethe PastorsPastors ofof thethe GermaineGerman ChurchChurch,
wln 0149AndAnd mademade thethe flowringflow’ringflowering pridepride ofof WertenbergeWertenberg
wln 0150SwarmeSwarm toto mymy ProblemesProblems asas thethe infernallinfernal spiritsspirits
wln 0151OnOn swéetsweet MusæusMusaeusMusaeus whenwhen hehe camecame toto hellhell,
wln 0152WillWill bebe asas cunningcunning asas AgrippaAgrippa waswas,
wln 0153WhoseWhose shadowesshadows mademade allall EuropeEurope honorhonorhonour himhim.
wln 0154Vald.ValdesVald.FaustusFaustus thesethese bookesbooks thythy witwit andand ourour experienceexperience
wln 0155ShallShall makemake allall nationsnations toto canonizecononizecanonize vsus,
wln 0156AsAs IndianIndian MooresMoors obeyobey theirtheir SpanishSpanish LordsLords,
wln 0157SoSo shallshall thethe subiectssubjects ofof eueryevery elementelement
wln 0158BeBe alwaiesalways seruiceableserviceable toto vsus thréethreethrée,
wln 0159LikeLike LyonsLionslions shallshall theythey guardguard vsus whenwhen wewe pleaseplease,
wln 0160LikeLike AlmaineAlmain RuttersRutters withwith theirtheir horsemenshorsemen’s stauesstaves,
wln 0161OrOr LaplandLapland GyantsGiants trottingtrotting byby ourour sidessides,
wln 0162SometimesSometimes likelike womenwomen, oror vnweddedunwedded maidesmaids,
wln 0163ShadowingShadowing moremore beautiebeauty inin theirtheir ayrieairy browesbrows,
wln 0164ThenThanThen inin theirtheir whitewhite breastsbreasts ofof thethe queenequeen ofof LoueLove:
wln 0165ForFor VeniceVenice shallshall theythey dreggedrag hugehuge ArgocesArgosiesargosies,
wln 0166AndAnd fromfrom AmericaAmerica thethe goldengolden fléecefleece,
wln 0167ThatThat yearelyyearly stuffes●●nffesstuffs oldeold PhilipsPhilip’s treasurytreasury
wln 0168IfIf learnedlearned FaustusFaustus willwill bebe resoluteresolute.
wln 0169Fau.FaustusFau.ValdesValdes asas resoluteresolute amam II inin thisthis
wln 0170AsAs thouthou toto liuelive, thereforetherefore obiectobject itit notnot.
wln 0171Corn.CorneliusCorn.TheThe myraclesmiracles thatthat MagickeMagic willwill performeperform,
wln 0172WillWill makemake théethee vowvow toto studiestudy nothingnothing elseelse,
wln 0173HeHe thatthat isis groundedgrounded inin AstrologieAstrology,

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sig: A4v

The tragicall History of

wln 0174InrichtEnriched withwith tonguestongues wellwell séeneseen mineralsminerals,
wln 0175Hath〈◊〉Hath allall thethe principlesprinciples MagickeMagic dothdoth requirerequire,
wln 0176ThenThe●Then doubtdoubt notn●tnot (FaustusF●●stusFaustus) butbut toto bebe renowmdrenowned,
wln 0177AndAnd moremore frequentedfrequented forfor thisthis mysterymystery,
wln 0178ThenThanThen heretoforeheretofore thethe DolphianDelphianDolphian OracleOracle.
wln 0179TheThe spiritsspirits telltell meme theythey cancan driedry thethe seasea,
wln 0180AndAnd fetchfet●hfetch thethe treasuretrea●uretreasure ofof allall forraineforeign wrackeswracks,
wln 0181IAyay, allall thethe wealthwealth thatthat ourour forefathersfore●athersforefathers hidhid
wln 0182Within〈◊〉Within thethe massiema●●iemassy entrailesen●rail●sentrails ofof thethe earthearth.
wln 0183ThenTh●nThen telltell meme FaustusFaustus, whatwhat shalshall wewe threethree wantwant?
wln 0184Fau.FaustusFau.NothingNoth●ngNothing CorneliusCornelius, OOOh thisthis chearescheers mymy soulesoul,
wln 0185ComeCome sheweshow meme somesome demonstrationsdemonstrations magicallmagi●allmagical,
wln 0186ThatThat II maymay coniureconjure inin somesome lustielusty grouegrove,
wln 0187AndAnd hauehave thesethese ioyesjoys inin fullfull possessionpossession.
wln 0188Val.ValdesVal.ThenThen hastehaste théethee toto somesome solitarysolitary grouegrove,
wln 0189AndAnd bearebear wisewise BaconsBacon’sBacons andand AlbanusAlbanus’Albanus workesworks,
wln 0190TheThe HebrewH●brewHebrew PsalterPsalter, andand newnew TestamentTestament,
wln 0191AndAnd whatsoeuerwhatsoever elseelse isis requisitrequisite
wln 0192Weewe willwill enformeinform théethee ereere ourour conferenceconference ceasecease.
wln 0193Cor.CorneliusCor.ValdesValdes, firstfirst letlet himhim knowknow thethe wordswords ofof artart,
wln 0194AndAnd thenthen allall otherother ceremoniesceremonies learndlearned,
wln 0195FaustusFaustus maymay trietry hishis cunningcunning byby himselfehimself.
wln 0196Val.ValdesVal.FirstFirst IleI’ll instructinstruct theethee inin thethe rudimentsrudiments,
wln 0197AndAnd thenthen wiltwilt thouthou bebe perfecterperfecter thenthan II.
wln 0198Fau.FaustusFau.ThenThen comecome andand dynedine withwith meme, andand afterafter meatemeat
wln 0199WéeleWe’llwe’ll canuasca●uascanvas eueryevery quidditiequiddity thereofthereof:
wln 0200ForFor ereere II sleepesleep Ile●leI’ll trietry whatwhat II cancan dodo,
wln 0201ThisThis nightnight IleI’ll coniureconjure thoughthough II diedie thereforetherefore.
wln 0202ExeuntExeunt.
wln 0203EnterEnter twotwo SchollersScholars.
wln 020411 Sch.ScholarSch.II wonderwonder whatswhat’s becomebecome ofof FaustusFaustus, thatthat waswas
wln 0205wontwont toto makemake ourour schoolesschools ringring withwith, sicsic proboprobo.
wln 020622 Sch.ScholarSch.ThatThat shallshall wewe knowknow, forfor seesee herehere comescomes hishis boyboy.
wln 0207EnterEnter WagnerWagner.
wln 02081.1. Sch.ScholarSch.HowHow nownow sirrasirrah, whereswhere’s thythy maistermaster?
wln 0209Wag.WagnerWag.GodGod inin heauenheaven knowesknows.
wln 02102.2. Scholar2.WhyWhy, dostdost notnot thouthou knowknow?

img: 5-b
sig: B1r

Doctor Faustus.

wln 0211Wag.WagnerWag.YesYes II knowknow, butbut thatthat followesfollows notnot.
wln 02121.1. Scholar1.GoGo tooto sirrasirrah, leaueleave youryour ieastingjesting, andand telltell vsus wherewhere
wln 0213héehe isis.
wln 0214Wag.WagnerWag.ThatThat followsfollows notnot necessarynecessary byby forceforce ofof argumentargument,
wln 0215thatthat youyou beingbeing licentiatelicentiate shouldshould standstand vpon’tupon ’tupon’t, thereforetherefore ac=acknowledgeac∣knowledgeacknowledge
wln 0216knowledge
wln 0216youryour errorerror, andand bebe attentiueattentive.
wln 02172.2. Scholar2.WhyWhy, didstdidst thouthou notnot saysay thouthou knewstknewest?
wln 0218Wag.WagnerWag.HaueHave youyou anyany witnessewitness on’ton ’ton’t?
wln 02191.1. Scholar1.YesYes sirrasirrah, II heardheard youyou.
wln 0220Wag.WagnerWag.AskeAsk mymy fellowfellow ifif II bebe aa thiefethief.
wln 02212.2. Scholar2.WellWell, youyou willwill notnot telltell vsus.
wln 0222Wag.WagnerWag.YesYes sirsir, II willwill telltell youyou, yetyet ifif youyou werewere notnot duncesdunces
wln 0223youyou wouldwould neuernever askeask meme suchsuch aa questionquestion, forfor isis notnot hehe cor-corpuscor∣puscorpus
wln 0224pus
wln 0224naturalenaturale
, andand isis notnot thatthat mobilemobile, thenthen whereforewherefore shouldshould
wln 0225youyou askeask meme suchsuch aa questionquestion: butbut thatthat II amam byby naturenature fleg=flegmatickefleg∣matickephlegmatic
wln 0226maticke,
wln 0226sloweslow toto wrathwrath, andand proneprone toto leacherylechery, (toto louelove II
wln 0227wouldwould saysay) itit werewere notnot forfor youyou toto comecome withinwithin fortieforty footefoot ofof
wln 0228thethe placeplace ofof executionexecution, althoughalthough II dodo notnot doubtdoubt toto séesee youyou
wln 0229bothboth hang’dhanged thethe nextnext SessionsSessions. ThusThus hauinghaving triumphttriumphed ouerover
wln 0230youyou, II willwill setset mymy countnancecountenance likelike aa precisianprecisian, andand beginbegin toto
wln 0231speakespeak thusthus: trulytruly mymy dearedear brethrenbrethrenbrothers, mymy maistermaster isis withinwithin
wln 0232atat dinnerdinner withwith ValdesValdes andand CorneliusCornelius, asas thisthis winewine ifif itit couldcould
wln 0233speakespeak, itit wouldwould enformeinform youryour worshipsworships, andand soso thethe LordLord
wln 0234blessebless youyou, preseruepreserve youyou, andand kéepekeep youyou mymy dearedear brethrenbrethrenbrothers,
wln 0235mymy dearedear brethrenbrethrenbrothers.
wln 0236exitexit.
wln 02371.1. Scholar1.NayNay thenthen II fearefear hehe isis falnefall’nfallen intointo thatthat damneddamned artart, forfor
wln 0238whichwhich theythey twotwo areare infamousinfamous throughthrough thethe worldworld.
wln 02392.2. Scholar2.WereWere hehe aa strangerstranger, andand notnot aliedallied toto meme, yetyet shouldshould
wln 0240II grieuegrieve forfor himhim: butbut comecome letlet vsus gogo andand informeinform thethe RectorRector,
wln 0241andand séesee ifif héehe byby hishis grauegrave counsailecounsel cancan reclaimereclaim himhim.
wln 02421.1. Scholar1.OO butbut II fearefear meme nothingnothing cancan reclaimereclaim himhim.
wln 02432.2. Scholar2.YetYet letlet vsus trietry whatwhat wewe cancan dodo.
wln 0244ExeuntExeunt.
wln 0245EnterEnter FaustusFaustus toto coniureconjure.
wln 0246Fau.FaustusFau.NowNow thatthat thethe gloomygloomy shadowshadow ofof thethe earthearth,
wln 0247LongingLonging toto viewview OrionsOrion’s drislingdrizzling lookelook,

img: 6-a
sig: B1v

The tragicall History of

wln 0248LeapesLeaps fromf●omfrom th’antartike●h●antartiketh’ antarcticth’antarctic worldworld vntounto thethe skiesky,
wln 0249AndA●dAnd dimmesdims thethe welkinwelkin withwith herher pitchypitchy breathbreath:
wln 0250FaustusFaustus, beginbeg●nbegin thinethine incantationsincantations,
wln 0251AndAnd trietriotri●trytrio ifif diuelsdevils willwill obeyobey thythy hesthest,
wln 0252SéeingSeeing thouthou hasthast praydeprayed andand sacrific’dsacri●●●dsacrificedsacrified toto themthem.
wln 0253VVithinUUithinWithinwithin thisthis circle〈◊〉circle isis Iehouahs〈◊〉Jehovah’s namename,
wln 0254ForwardForward anda●dand backwardbackward, andand AgramithistAgramithist,
wln 0255The〈…〉The〈…〉 breuiated〈…〉breviated〈…〉 namesnames ofof holyholy SaintsSaints,
wln 0256FiguresFigur●sFigures ofof eueryevery adiunctadjunct toto thethe heauensheavens,
wln 0257AndAnd characterscharacters ofof signessigns andand erringerring starresstars.
wln 0258ByBy whichwhich thethe spiritsspirits areare inforstenforced toto riserise,
wln 0259ThenThen fearefear notnot FaustusFaustus, butbut bebe resoluteresolute,,.
wln 0260AndAnd trietry thethe vttermostuttermost MagickeMagic cancan performeperform.
wln 0261SintSint mihimihi deidei acherontisacherontis propitijpropitiipropitij, valeatvaleat numennumen triplextriplex IehouæIehouaeJehovaejehovae, igneiigne●ignei,
wln 0262aerijaeriiaerij, AquataniAquatani spiritusspiritus saluetesalveteSalvete, OrientisOrientis princepsprinceps BelsibubBeelzebubBelsabub, inferniinferni
wln 0263ardentisardentisArden’s monarchamonarcha &et demigorgondemigorgon, propitiamuspropitiamus vosvos, vtut apariatapariat &et
wln 0264surgatsurgat MephastophilisMep●astophilisMephistophelesMephastophilis, quòdquodquòd tumeraristumeraris, perper IehouamI●houamJehovamIehouam gehennamgehennam &et
wln 0265consecratamcon●ecratamconsecratam aquamaquam quamquam nuncnunc spargospargo, signúmquesignumquesignúmque cruciscrucis quodnuncquodnunc
wln 0266faciofacio, &et perper votavota nostranostra ipseipse nuncnunc surgatsurgat nobisnobis dicatisdic●tisdicatis Mephasto-MephastophilisMephasto∣philisMephistophelesMephastophilis
wln 0267philis
wln 0268
wln 0268EnterEnter aa DiuellDevil.

wln 0269II chargecharge théethee toto returnereturn andand chaungecha●●gechange thythy shapeshape,
wln 0270ThouThou artart tootoo vglyugly toto attendattend onon meme,
wln 0271GoeGo andand returnereturn anan oldold FranciscanFranciscan FrierFriar,
wln 0272ThatThat holyholy shapeshape becomesbecomes aa diuelldevil bestbest.ExitExit diuelldevil.
wln 0273II seesee theresthere’s vertuevirtue inin mymy heauenlyheavenly wordswords,
wln 0274WhoWho wouldwould notnot bebe proficientproficient inin thisthis artart?
wln 0275HowHow pliantpliant isis thisthis MephastophilisM●phastophilisMephistophelesMephastophilis?
wln 0276FullFull ofof obedienceobedience andand humilitiehumility,
wln 0277SuchSuch isis thethe forceforce ofof MagickeMagic andand mymy spelsspells,
wln 0278NoNo FaustusFaustus, thouthou artart ConiurerConjurer laureatela●reatelaureate
wln 0279ThatThat canstcanst commaundcommand greatgreat MephastophilisMephistophelesMephastophilis,
wln 0280QuinQuin regisregis MephastophilisM●phastoph●●isMephistophelesMephastophilis fratrisfratris imagineimagine.

wln 0281EnterEnter MephostophilisMephistophelesMephostophilis.
wln 0282Me.MephistophelesMe.NowNow FaustusFaustus, whatwhat wouldstwouldst thouthou hauehave meme dodo?
wln 0283Fau.FaustusFau.II chargecharge théethee waitwait vponupon meme whilstwhilst II liuelive,

img: 6-b
sig: B2r

Doctor Faustus.

wln 0284ToTo dodo what euerwhatever FaustusFaustus shallshall commaundcommand,
wln 0285BeBe itit toto makemake thethe MooneMoo●eMoon dropdrop fromfrom herher sphearesphere,
wln 0286OrOr thethe OceanOcean toto ouerwhelmeoverwhelm thethe worldworld.
wln 0287Me.MephistophelesMe.II amam aa seruantservant toto greatgreat LuciferLuci●erLucifer,
wln 0288AndAnd maymay notnot followfollow théethee withoutwithout hishis leaueleave,
wln 0289NoNo moremore thenthan hehe commaundscommands mustmust wewe performeperform.
wln 0290Fau.FaustusFau.DidDid notnot hehe chargecharge théethee toto appeareappear toto méeme?
wln 0291Me.MephistophelesMe.NoNo, II camecame nownow hitherhither ofof minemine owneown accordaccord.
wln 0292Fau.FaustusFau.DidDid notnot mymy coniuringconiuring spéechesspeeches raiseraise theethee? speakespeak.
wln 0293Me.MephistophelesMe.ThatThat waswas thethe causecause, butbut yetyet perper accidentaccident,
wln 0294ForFor whenwhen wewe hearehear oneone rackerack thethe namename ofof GodGod,
wln 0295AbiureAbjure thethe scripturesscriptures, andand hishis SauiourSaviorSaviour ChristChrist,
wln 0296WéeWe flyefly, inin hopehope toto getget hishis gloriousglorious soulesoul,
wln 0297NorNor willwill wewe comecome, vnlesseunless hehe vseuse suchsuch meanesmeans
wln 0298WherebyWhereby hehe isis inin dangerdanger toto bebe damnddamned:
wln 0299ThereforeTherefore thethe shortestshortest cutcut forfor coniuringconjuring
wln 0300IsIs stoutlystoutly toto abiureabjure thethe TrinitieTrinity,
wln 0301AndAnd praypray deuoutlydevoutly toto thethe princeprince ofof hellhell.
wln 0302Fau.FaustusFau.SoSo FaustusFaustus hathhath alreadyalready donedone, &and holdsholds thisthis principleprinciple
wln 0303ThereThere isis nono chiefechief butbut onelyonly BelsibubBeelzebubBelsabub,
wln 0304ToTo whomwhom Faustus〈◊〉Faustus dothdoth dedicatededicate himselfehimself,
wln 0305ThisThis wordword damnationdamnation terrifiesterrifies notnot himhim,
wln 0306ForFor hehe confoundsconfounds hellhell inin EliziumElysium,
wln 0307HisHis ghostghost bebe withwith thethe oldeold PhilosophersPhilosophers,
wln 0308ButBut leauinglea●ingleaving thesethese vainevain triflestrifles ofof mensmen’s soulessouls,
wln 0309TellTell meme whatwhat isis thatthat LuciferLucif●rLucifer thythy LordLord?
wln 0310Me.MephistophelesMe.Arch-regentArch-regent andand commaundercommander ofof allall spiritsspirits.
wln 0311Fau.FaustusFau.WasWas notnot thatthat LuciferLucifer anan AngellAngel onceonce?
wln 0312Me.MephistophelesMe.YesYes FaustusFaustus, andand mostmost dearelydear lou’dloved ofof GodGod.
wln 0313Fau.FaustusFau.HowHow comescomes itit thenthen thatthat hehe isis princeprince ofof diuelsdevils?
wln 0314Me.MephistophelesMe.OO byby aspiringaspiring pridepride andand insolenceinsolence,
wln 0315ForFor whichwhich GodGod threwthrew himhim fromfrom thethe faceface ofof heauenheaven.
wln 0316Fau.FaustusFau.andand whatwhat areare youyou thatthat liuelive withwith LuciferL●ciferLucifer?
wln 0317Me.MephistophelesMe.VnhappyUnhappyUnhappy spiritsspirits thatthat fellfell withwith LuciferLucifer,
wln 0318Conspir’dConspired againstagainst ourour GodGod withwith LuciferLucifer,
wln 0319AndAnd areare forfor euereuerdamndever damnddamned withwith LuciferLucifer.
wln 0320Fau.FaustusFau.VVhereUUhereWherewhere areare youyou damn’ddamned?

img: 7-a
sig: B2v

The tragicall History of

wln 0321Me.MephistophelesMe.InIn hellhell.
wln 0322Fau.FaustusFau.HowHow comescomes itit thenthen thatthat thouthou artart outout ofof helhell?
wln 0323Me.MephistophelesMe.WhyWhy thisthis isis helhell, nornor amam II outout ofof itit:
wln 0324ThinkstThink'stThinkst thouthou thatthat II whowho sawsaw thethe faceface ofof GodGod,
wln 0325AndAnd tastedtasted thethe eternaleternal ioyesjoys ofof heauenheaven,
wln 0326AmAm notnot tormentedtormented withwith tenten thousandthousand helshells,
wln 0327InIn beingbeing depriv’ddeprived ofof euerlastingeverlasting blissebliss:
wln 0328OOOh FaustusFaustus, leaueleave thesethese friuolousfrivolous demaundsdemands,
wln 0329whichwhich strikestrike aa terrorterror toto mymy faintingfainting soulesoul.
wln 0330Fau.FaustusFau.WhatWhat, isis greatgreat MephastophilisMephistophelesMephastophilis soso passionatepassionate,
wln 0331ForFor beingbeing deprivddeprived ofof thethe ioyesjoys ofof heauenheaven?
wln 0332LearneLearn thouthou ofof FaustusFaustus manlymanly fortitudefortitude,
wln 0333AndAnd scornescorn thosethose ioyesjoys thouthou neuernever shaltshalt possessepossess.
wln 0334GoGo bearebear thosethose tidingstidings toto greatgreat LuciferLucifer,
wln 0335SéeingSeeing FaustusFaustus hathhath incurrdincurred eternalleternal deathdeath,
wln 0336ByBy despratedesp’ratedesperate thoughtsthoughts againstagainst IouesJove’sjove’s deitiedeity:
wln 0337SaySay, hehe surrenderssurrenders vpup toto himhim hishis soulesoul,
wln 0338SoSo hehe willwill sparespare himhim 24.24. yéeresyears,
wln 0339LettingLetting himhim liuelive inin alall voluptuousnessevoluptuousness,
wln 0340HauingHaving theethee euerever toto attendattend onon meme,
wln 0341ToTo giuegive meme whatsoeuerwhatsoever II shalshall askeask,
wln 0342ToTo teltell meme whatsoeuerwhatsoever II demaunddemand,
wln 0343ToTo slayslay minemine enemiesenemies, andand aydeaid mymy friendsfriends,
wln 0344AndAnd alwayesalways bebe obedientobedient toto mymy wilwill:
wln 0345GoeGo andand returnereturn toto mightymighty LuciferLucifer,
wln 0346AndAnd méetemeet méeme inin mymy studystudy atat midnightmidnight,
wln 0347AndAnd thenthen resolueresolve meme ofof thythy maistersmaster’s mindemind.
wln 0348Me.MephistophelesMe.II willwill FaustusFaustus.exitexit.
wln 0349Fau.FaustusFau.HadHad II as●sas manymany soulessouls asas therethere bebe starresstars,
wln 0350IdeI’d giuegive themthem alall forfor MephastophilisMephistophelesMephastophilis:
wln 0351ByBy himhim IleI’ll bebe greatgreat EmprourEmperor ofof thethe worldworld,
wln 0352AndAnd makemake aa bridgebridge throughthrough thethe moouingmoving ayreair,
wln 0353ToTo passepass thethe OceanOcean withwith aa bandband ofof menmen,
wln 0354IleI’ll ioynejoin thethe hilshills thatthat bindebind thethe AffrickeAff●ickeAfric shoreshore,
wln 0355AndAnd makemake thatthat landland continentcontinent toto SpaineSpain,
wln 0356AndAnd bothboth contributorycontributory toto mymy crownecrown:
wln 0357TheThe EmprourEmperor shalshall notbotnot liuelive butbut byby mymy leaueleave,

img: 7-b
sig: B3r

Doctor Faustus.

wln 0358NorNor anyany PotentatePotentate ofof GermanyGermany:
wln 0359NowNow thatthat II hauehave obtaindobtained whatwhat II desiredesire,
wln 0360IleI’ll liuelive inin speculationspeculation ofof thisthis ArtArt,
wln 0361TilTill MephastophilisMephistophelesMephastophilis returnereturn againeagain.exitexit.
wln 0362EnterEnter WagnerWagner andand thethe ClowneC●owneClown.
wln 0363Wag.WagnerWag.SirraSirrah boyboy, comecome hitherhither.
wln 0364Clo.ClownHowHow, boyboy? swowns’swounds boyboy, II hopehope youyou hauehave séeneseen ma=manyma∣nymanymany
wln 0365ny
wln 0365boyesboys withwith suchsuch pickadevauntspickadevaunts asas II hauehave. BoyBoy quothaquotha?
wln 0366Wag.WagnerWag.TelTell meme sirrasirrah, hasthast thouthou anyany commingscomings inin?
wln 0367Clo.ClownIAyay, andand goingsgoings outout tootoo, youyou maymay séesee elseelse.
wln 0368Wag.WagnerWag.AlasAlas poorepoor slaueslave, séesee howhow pouertypoverty iestethjesteth inin hishis na=nakednessena∣kednessenakedness
wln 0369kednesse,
wln 0369thethe vilainevillain isis barebare, andand outout ofof seruiceservice, andand soso hun=hungryhun∣gryhungry
wln 0370gry,
wln 0370thatthat II knowknow hehe wouldwould giuegive hishis soulesoul toto thethe DiuelDevil forfor aa
wln 0371shouldershoulder ofof muttonmutton, thoughthough itit werewere bloodblood raweraw.
wln 0372Clo.ClownHowHow, mymy soulesoul toto thethe DiuelDevil forfor aa shouldershoulder ofof mut=muttonmut∣tonmutton
wln 0373ton
wln 0373thoughthough twere’twere bloodblood raweraw? notnot soso goodgood friendfriend, burladieby ’r ladyby’r lady II
wln 0374hadhad néedeneed hauehave itit welwell roastedroasted, andand goodgood sawcesauce toto itit, ifif II paypay soso
wln 0375déeredear.
wln 0376Wag.WagnerWag.welwell, wiltwilt thouthou serueserve meme, andand IleI’ll makemake théethee gogo likelike
wln 0377QuiQui mihimihi discipulusdiscipulus?
wln 0378Clo.ClownHowHow, inin verseverse?
wln 0379Wag.WagnerWag.NoNo sirrasirrah, inin beatenbeaten silkesilk andand staues acrestauesstavesacrestaff’s acreacre.
wln 0380Clo.Clownhowhow, howhow, knauesknave’s acreacre? IAyay, II thoughtthought thatthat waswas alall
wln 0381thethe landland hishis fatherfather left●eftleft himhim: DoeDo yeeye hearehear, II wouldwould bebe soriesorry
wln 0382toto robberob youyou ofof youryour liuingliving.
wln 0383Wag.WagnerWag.SirraSirrah, II saysay inin staues acrestavesacrestaff’s acre.
wln 0384Clo.ClownOhoOho, ohooho, staues acrestavesacrestaff’s acre, whywhy thenthen belikebelike, ifif II werewere
wln 0385youryour manman, II shouldshould bebe fulfull ofof verminevermin.
wln 0386Wag.WagnerWag.SoSo thouthou shaltshalt, whetherwhether thouthou beestbée●tbeest withwith meme, oror nono:
wln 0387butbut sirrasirrah, leaueleave youryour iestingjesting, andand bindebind your selfeyourself presentlypresently
wln 0388vntounto meme forfor seauenseven yéeresyears, oror IleI’ll turneturn alall thethe licelice aboutabout théethee
wln 0389intointo familiarsfamiliars, andand theythey shalshall tearetear théethee inin péecespieces.
wln 0390Clo.ClownDoeDo youyou hearehear sirsir? youyou maymay sauesave thatthat labourlaborlabour, theythey
wln 0391areare tootoo familiarfamiliar withwith meme alreadyalready, swowns’swounds theythey areare asas boldebold
wln 0392withwith mymy fleshflesh, asas ifif theythey hadhad paydpaid forfor mymy meatemeat andand drinkedrink.
wln 0393Wag.WagnerWag.welwell, dodo youyou hearehear sirrasirrah? holdehold, taketake thesethese gildersgilders.
wln 0394Clo.ClownGridyronsGridironsgridirons, whatwhat bebe theythey?

img: 8-a
sig: B3v

The tragicall History of

wln 0395Wag.WagnerWag.WhyWhy frenchfrench crownescrowns.
wln 0396Clo.ClownMasMass butbut forfor thethe namename ofof frenchfrench crownescrowns aa manman
wln 0397werewere asas goodgood hauehave asas manymany englishenglish counterscounters, andand whatwhat
wln 0398shouldshould II dodo withwith thesethese?
wln 0399Wag.WagnerWag.VVhyUUhyWhywhy nownow sirrasirrah thouthou artart atat anan houreshour’shours warningwarning
wln 0400whensoeuerwhenso●uerwhensoever oror wheresoeuerwheresoever thethe diuelldevil shallshall fetchfetch theethemthe●thee.
wln 0401Clo.ClownNoNo, nono, herehere taketake youryour gridironsgridirons againeagain.
wln 0402Wag.WagnerWag.TrulyTruly IleI’ll nonen●nenone ofof themthem.
wln 0403Clo.ClownTrulyTruly butbut youyou shallshall.
wln 0404Wag.WagnerWag.BeareBear witnessewitness II gauegave themthem himhim.
wln 0405Clo.ClownBeareBear witnessewitness II giuegive themthem youyou againeagain.
wln 0406Wag.WagnerWag.VVellUUellWellwell, II willwill causecause twotwo diuelsdevils presentlypresently toto fetchfetch
wln 0407théethee awayaway BaliolBaliollBalliol andand BelcherBelcher.
wln 0408Clo.ClownLetLet youryour BalioBaliolBalio●BalioBalliol andand youryour BelcherB●lcherBelcher comecome herehere, andand IleI’ll
wln 0409knockeknock themthem, theythey werewere neuernever soso knocktknocked sincesince theythey werewere di=diuelsdi∣uelsdevils
wln 0410uels,
wln 0410saysay II shouldshould killkill oneone ofof themthem whatwhat wouldwould folkesfolks saysay? dodo
wln 0411yeye seesee yonderyonder talltall fellowfellow inin thethe roundround slopflopslopflop, heehe hashas kildkilled thethe di=diuelldi∣uelldevil
wln 0412uell,
wln 0412soso II shouldshould bebe caldcalled kill〈◊〉kill diuelldevil allall thethe parishparish ouerover.

wln 0413EnterEnter twotwo diuellsdevils, anda●dand thethe clowneclown runnesruns vpup
wln 0414andand downedown cryingcrying.

wln 0415Wag.WagnerWag.BaliollBaliolBaliol●BaliollBalliol andand BelcherBelcher, spiritsspirits awayaway.ExeuntExeunt.
wln 0416Clow.Clownwhatwhat, areare theythey gonegone? aa vengeancevengeance onon themthem, theythey
wln 0417hauehave vildev●ldevild longlong nailesnails, therethere waswas aa heehe diuelldevil andand aa shéeshe di-diuelldi∣uelldevil
wln 0418uell,
wln 0418IleI’ll tellt●lltell youyou howhow youyou shallshall knowknow themthem, allall héeheehe diuelsdevils hashas
wln 0419hornes〈◊〉horns, andand allall shéeshe diuelsdevils hashadhashad cliftscleftscliffs andand clouencloven feetefeet.
wln 0420Wag.WagnerWag.WellWell sirrasirrah followfollow meme.
wln 0421Clo.ClownButBut dodo youyo●you hearhear? ifif II shouldshould serueserve youyou, wouldwould youyou
wln 0422teach〈…〉teach〈…〉 me〈…〉me〈…〉 to〈…〉to〈…〉 raise〈…〉raise〈…〉 vpup BaniosBanios andand BelcheosBelcheos?
wln 0423Wag.WagnerWag.I[...]I willwill teachteach theethee toto turneturn thythy selfeself toto any thinganything,, toto
wln 0424a[...]a[...] doggedog,, oror aa cattecat,, oror aa mousemouse,, oror aa ratterat,, oror any thinganything..
wln 0425Clo.ClownHow〈◊〉How〈◊〉? aa ChristianChristian fellowfellow toto aa doggedog oror aa cattecat, aa
wln 0426mouse〈…〉mouse〈…〉 oror aa ratterat?? nono, nono sirsir, ifif youyou turneturn meme intointo anyany thingthing,
wln 0427let〈…〉let〈…〉 it〈…〉it〈…〉 be〈…〉be〈…〉 in〈…〉in〈…〉 the〈…〉the〈…〉 likenesse〈…〉likeness〈…〉 ofof aa littlelittle pretiepretty friskingfrisking fleaflea, thatthat II
wln 0428may〈…〉may〈…〉 be〈…〉be〈…〉 here〈…〉here〈…〉 andand therethere andand euery whereeverywhere, OOOh IleI’ll tickletickle thethe pre=〈…〉pretty〈…〉
wln 0429tie
wln 0429wenches〈…〉wenches’〈…〉 plackets〈…〉plackets〈…〉 Ile〈…〉I’ll〈…〉 bebe amongstamongst themthem ifaith●faithi’ faithi’faith.

img: 8-b
sig: B4r

Doctor Faustus.

wln 0430Wag.WagnerWag.WelWell sirrasirrah, comecome.
wln 0431Clo.ClownButBut doedo youyou hearehear WagnerWagner?
wln 0432Wag.WagnerWag.HowHow BaliollBa●iollBaliollBalliol anda●dand BelcherBel●herBelcher.
wln 0433Clo.ClownOO LordLord II praypray sirsir, letlet BanioBan●oBanio andand BelcherBelcher gogo sléepesleep.
wln 0434Wag.WagnerWag.Vilaine〈…〉Villain〈…〉,,〈…〉 call〈…〉call〈…〉 me〈…〉me〈…〉 Maister〈…〉Master〈…〉 Wagner〈…〉Wagner〈…〉,,〈…〉 and〈…〉and〈…〉 let〈…〉let〈…〉 thy〈…〉thy〈…〉 left〈…〉left〈…〉
wln 0435eye〈…〉eye〈…〉 be〈…〉be〈…〉 diametarily〈…〉diametrically〈…〉 fixt〈…〉fixed〈…〉 vpon〈…〉upon〈…〉 my〈…〉my〈…〉 right〈…〉right〈…〉 heele〈…〉heel〈…〉,,〈…〉 with〈…〉with〈…〉 quasi〈…〉quasi〈…〉 vesti-〈…〉vestigias〈…〉
wln 0436gias〈…〉〈…〉
wln 0436nostras〈…〉nostras〈…〉 infistere〈…〉infistere〈…〉
wln 0437Clo:ClownGodGod forgiueforgive meme, hehe speakesspeaks DutchDutch fustianfustian: wellwell,
wln 0438IleI’ll folowfollow himhim, IleI’ll serueserve himhim, thatsthat’s flatflat.exitexit
wln 0439EnterEnter FaustusFaustus inin hishis StudyStudy.
wln 0440Fau.FaustusFau.NowNow FaustusFaustus mustmust thouthou néedesneeds bebe damnddamned,
wln 0441AndAnd canstcanst thouthou notnot bebe sauedsaved?
wln 0442whatwhat bootesboots itit thenthen toto thinkethink ofof GodGod oror heauenheaven?
wln 0443AwayAway withwith suchsuch vainevain fanciesfancies andand despairedespair,
wln 0444DespaireDespair inin GodGod, andand trusttrust inin BelsabubBeelzebubBelsabub:
wln 0445NowNow gogo notnot backewardbackward: nono FaustusFaustasFaustus, bebe resoluteresolute,
wln 0446whywhy wauerestwaverest thouthou? OO somethingsomething soundethsoundeth inin minemine earesears:
wln 0447AbiureAbi●reAbjure thisthis MagickeMagic, turneturn toto GodGod againeagain,
wln 0448IAyI andand FaustusFaustus wilwill turneturn toto GodGod againeagain.
wln 0449ToTo GodGod? hehe louesloves theethee notnot,
wln 0450TheThe godgod thouthou seruestservest isis thinethine owneown appetiteappetite,
wln 0451whereinwherein isis fixtfixed thethe louelove ofof BelsabubBeelzebubBelsabub,
wln 0452ToTo himhim IleI’ll buildbuild anan altarealtar andand aa churchchurch,
wln 0453AndAnd offeroffer luke warmelukewarmluke warme bloodblood ofof newnew borneborn babesbabes.
wln 0454EnterEnter goodgood AngellAngel, andand EuillEui●●EvilEuill.
wln 0455GoodGood AngelAngelSwéetSweet FaustusFaustus, leaueleave thatthat execrableexecrable artart.
wln 0456Fau.FaustusFau.ContritionContrition, prayerprayer, repentancerepentance: whatwhat ofof themthem?
wln 0457GoodGood AngelAngelOO theythey areare meanesmeans toto bringbring théethee vntounto hea=heauenhea∣uenheaven
wln 0458uenheaven.
wln 0459EuillEvil AngelAngelRatherRather illusionsillusio●sillusions fruitesfruits ofof lunacylunacy,
wln 0460ThatThat makesmakes menmen foolishfoolish thatthat dodo trusttrust themthem mostmost.
wln 0461GoodGood AngelAngelSwéetSweet FaustusFaustus thinkethink ofof heauenheaven, andand hea=heauenlyhea|uenlyheavenly
wln 0462uenly
wln 0462thingsthings.
wln 0463EuillEvil AngelAngelNoNo FaustusFaustus, thinkethink ofof honorhonorhonour andand wealthwealth.
wln 0464Fau.FaustusFau.OfOf wealthwealth,exeuntexeunt.
wln 0465WhyWhy thethe signorysignory ofof EmdenEmden shalbeshall be minemine,
wln 0466whenwhen MephatophilusMephistophelesMephastophilis shalshall standstand byby meme,

img: 9-a
sig: B4v

The tragicall History of

wln 0467WhatWhat GodGod cancan hurthurt théethee FaustusFaustus? thouthou artart safesafe,
wln 0468CastCast nono moremore doubtsdoubts, comecome MephastophilusMephistophelesMephastophilis,
wln 0469AndAnd bringbring gladglad tidingstidings fromfrom greatgreat LuciferLucifer:
wln 0470IstIs ’tIs’t notnot midnightmidnight? comecome MephastophilusMephistophelesMephastophilis,
wln 0471VeniVeni veniveni MephastophileMephastophileenterenter Meph:MephistophelesMeph:
wln 0472NowNow teltell, whatwhat sayessays LuciferLucifer thythy LordLord?
wln 0473Me:MephistophelesMe:ThatThat II shalshall waitewait onon FaustusFaustus whilstwhilst II liuelive,
wln 0474SoSo hehe wilwill buybuy mymy seruiceservice withwith hishis soulesoul.
wln 0475Fau:FaustusFau:AlreadyAlready FaustusFaustus hathhath hazardedhazarded thatthat forfor théethee.
wln 0476Me:MephistophelesMe:ButBut FaustusFaustus, thouthou mustmust bequeathebequeathbequeathe itit solemnelysolemnly,
wln 0477AndAnd writewrite aa déededeed ofof giftgift withwith thinethine owneown bloodblood,
wln 0478ForFor thatthat securitysecurity crauescraves greatgreat LuciferLucifer:
wln 0479IfIf thouthou denydeny itit, II wilwill backeback toto helhell.
wln 0480Fau:FaustusFau:StayStay MephastophilusMephistophelesMephastophilis, andand teltell meme, whatwhat goodgood wilwill
wln 0481mymy soulesoul dodo thythy LordLord?
wln 0482Me:MephistophelesMe:InlargeEnlarge hishis kingdomekingdom.
wln 0483Fau:FaustusFau:IsIs thatthat thethe reasonreason hehe temptstempts vsus thusthus?
wln 0484Me:MephistophelesMe:SolamenSolamen miserismiseris sociossocios habuissehabuisse dolorisdoloris.
wln 0485Fau:FaustusFau:HaueHave youyou anyany painepain thatthat torturestortures othersothers?
wln 0486Me:MephistophelesMe:AsAs greatgreat asas hauehave thethe humanehuman soulessouls ofof menmen:
wln 0487ButBut teltell meme FaustusFaustus, shalshall II hauehave thythy soulesoul,
wln 0488AndAnd II wilwill bebe thythy slaueslave, andand waitewait onon théethee,
wln 0489AndAnd giuegive théethee moremore thanthan thouthou hasthast witwit toto askeask.
wln 0490Fau:FaustusFau:IAyay MephastophilusMephistophelesMephastophilis, II giuegive itit théethee.
wln 0491Me:MephistophelesMe:ThenThen stabbestab thinethine armearm couragiouslycourageously,
wln 0492AndAnd bindebind thythy soulesoul, thatthat atat somesome certainecertain dayday
wln 0493GreatGreat LuciferLucifer maymay claimeclaim itit asas hishis owneown,
wln 0494AndAnd thenthen bebe thouthou asas greatgreat asas LuciferLucifer.
wln 0495Fau:FaustusFau:LoeLolo MephastophilusMephistophelesMephastophilis, forfor louelove ofof théethee,
wln 0496II cutcut minemine armearm, andand withwith mymy properproper bloodblood
wln 0497AssureAssure mymy soulesoul toto bebe greatgreat LucifersLucifer’s,
wln 0498ChiefeChief LordLord andand regentregent ofof perpetualpe●petualperpetual nightnight,
wln 0499ViewUiewView heerehere thethe bloodblood thatthat tricklestrickles fromfrom minemine armearm,
wln 0500AndAnd letlet itit bebe propitiouspropitious forfor mymy wishwish.
wln 0501Meph:MephistophelesMeph:ButBut FaustusFaustus, thouthou mustmust writewrite itit inin mannermanner ofof aa
wln 0502déededeed ofof giftgift.
wln 0503Fau.FaustusFau.IAyI soso II willwill, butbut MephastophilisMephistophelesMephastophilis mymy bloudblood coniealescongeals

img: 9-b
sig: C1r

Doctor Faustus.

wln 0504andand II cancan writewrite nono moremore.
wln 0505Me.MephistophelesMe.IleI’ll fetchfetch théethee fierfire toto dissoluedissolve itit straightstraight.ExitExit.
wln 0506Fau.FaustusFau.WhatWhat mightmight thethe stayingstaying ofof mymy bloudblood portendportend?
wln 0507IsIs itit vnwillingunwilling II shouldshould writewrite thisthis billbill?
wln 0508WhyWhy streamesstreams itit notnot, thatthat II maymay writewrite afreshafresh?
wln 0509FaustusFaustus giuesgives toto theethee hishis soulesoul: ahah therethere itit staydestayed,
wln 0510WhyWhy shouldstshouldst thouthou notnot? isis notnot thythy soulesoul thinethine owneown?
wln 0511ThenThen writewrite againeagain, FaustusFaustus giuesgives toto théethee hishis soulesoul.

wln 0512EnterEnter MephastophilisMephistophelesMephastophilis withwith aa chaferchaffer ofof colescoals.
wln 0513Me.MephistophelesMe.HeresHere’shere’s fierfire, comecome FaustusFaustus, setset itit onon.
wln 0514Fau.FaustusFau.SoSo nownow thethe bloudblood beginsbegins toto cleareclear againeagain,
wln 0515NowNow willwill II makemake anan endeend immediatelyimmediately.
wln 0516Me.MephistophelesMe.OO whatwhat willwill notnot II dodo toto obtaineobtain hishis soulesoul?
wln 0517Fau.FaustusFau.ConsummatumConsummatum estest, thisthis BillBill isis endedended,
wln 0518AndAnd FaustusFaustus hathhath bequeath’dbequeathed hishis soulesoul toto LuciferLucifer.
wln 0519ButBut whatwhat isis thisthis inscriptioninscription onon minemine armearm?
wln 0520HomoHomo fugefuge, whitherwhither shouldshould II fliefly?
wln 0521IfIf vntounto GodGod hée’lehe’ll throwethrow théethee downedown toto hellhell,
wln 0522MyMy sencessenses areare deceiu’ddeceived, here’shere’s nothingnothing writwrit,
wln 0523II séesee itit plaineplain, herehere inin thisthis placeplace isis writwrit,
wln 0524HomoHomo fugefuge, yetyet shallshall notnot FaustusFaustus flyefly.
wln 0525Me.MephistophelesMe.IleI’ll fetchfetch himhim somewhatsomewhat toto delightdelight hishis mindemind.
wln 0526exitexit.
wln 0527EnterEnter withwith diuelsdevils, giuinggiving crownescrowns andand richrich apparellapparel toto
wln 0528FaustusFaustus, andand dauncedance, andand thenthen departdepart.

wln 0529Fau.FaustusFau.SpeakeSpeak MephastophilisMephistophelesMephastophilis, whatwhat meanesmeans thisthis sheweshow?
wln 0530Me.MephistophelesMe.NothingNothing FaustusFaustus, butbut toto delightdelight thythy mindemind withallwithal,
wln 0531AndAnd toto sheweshow theethee whatwhat MagickeMagic cancan performeperform.
wln 0532Fau.FaustusFau.ButBut maymay II raiseraise vpup spiritsspirits whenwhen II pleaseplease?
wln 0533Me.MephistophelesMe.IAyay FaustusFaustus, andand dodo greatergreater thingsthings thenthan thesethese.
wln 0534Fau.FaustusFau.ThenThen theresthere’s inoughenough forfor aa thousandthousand soulessouls,
wln 0535HereHere MephastophilisMephastophi●isMephistophelesMephastophilis receiuereceive thisthis scrowlescroll,
wln 0536AA déededeed ofof giftgift ofof bodybody andand ofof soulesoul:
wln 0537ButBut yetyet conditionallyconditionally, thatthat thouthou performeperform
wln 0538AllAll articlesarticles prescrib’dprescribed betweenebe●wéenebetween vsus bothboth.

img: 10-a
sig: C1v

The tragicall History of

wln 0539Me.MephistophelesMe.FaustusFaustus, II sweareswear byby helhell andand LuciferLucifer
wln 0540ToTo effecteffect allall promisespromises betweenebetween vsus mademade.
wln 0541Fau.FaustusFau.ThenThen hearehear meme readeread themthem: onon thesethese conditionsconditions fol=followingfol∣lowingfollowing
wln 0542lowingfollowing.
wln 0543FirstFirst, thatthat FaustusFaustus maymay bebe aa spiritspirit inin forme●ormeform andand substancesubstance.
wln 0544SecondlySecondly, thatthat MephastophilisMephistophelesMephastophilis shallshall bebe hishis seruantservant, andand atat
wln 0545hishis commaundcommand.
wln 0546ThirdlyThirdly, thatthat MephastophilisMephistophelesMephastophilis shallshall dodo forfor himhim, andand bringbring
wln 0547himhim whatsoeuerwhatsoever.
wln 0548FourthlyFourthly, thatthat heehe shallshall bebe inin hishis chamberchamber oror househouse in-inuisiblein∣uisibleinvisible
wln 0549uisibleinvisible.
wln 0550LastlylastlyL●stlyLastlylast, thatthat heehe [*]hallshall●hallshall appeareappear toto thethe saidsaid IohnJohnjohn FaustusFaustus atat allall
wln 0551timestimes, inin whatwhat formeform oror shapeshape soeuersoever hehe pleaseplease.
wln 0552II IohnJohnjohn FaustusFaustus ofof WertenbergeWertenberg, DoctorDoctor, byby thesethese presentspresents, dodo
wln 0553giuegi●egive bothboth bodybody andand soulesoul toto LuciferLucifer princeprince ofof thethe EastEast, andand hishis
wln 0554ministerminister MephastophilisMephistophelesMephastophilis, andand furthermorefurthermore grauntgrant vntounto themthem,
wln 0555thatthat 24.24. yearesyears beingbeing expiredexpired, thethe articlesarticles aboueabove writtenwritten in-inuiolatein∣uiolateinviolate
wln 0556uiolate,
wln 0556fullfull powerpower toto fetchfetch oror carrycarry thethe saidsaid IohnJohnjohn FaustusFaustus bodybody
wln 0557andand soulesoul, fleshflesh, bloudblood, oror goodsgoods, intointo theirtheir habitationhabitation where-wheresoeuerwhere∣soeuerwheresoever
wln 0558soeuerwheresoever.
wln 0559ByBy meme IohnJohnjohn FaustusFaustus.

wln 0560Me.MephistophelesMe.SpeakeSpeak FaustusFaustus, dodo youyou deliuerdeliver thisthis asas youryour déededeed?
wln 0561Fau.FaustusFau.IAyay, taketake itit, andand thethe diuelldevil giuegive theethee goodgood onton●ton ’ton’t.
wln 0562Me.MephistophelesMe.NowNow FaustusFaustus askeask whatwhat thouthou wiltwilt.
wln 0563Fau.FaustusFau.FirstFirst willwill II questionquestion withwith théethee aboutabout hellhell,
wln 0564TelTell meme, wherewhere isis thethe placeplace thatthat menmen callcall hellhell?
wln 0565Me.MephistophelesMe.VnderUnderUnder thethe heauensheavens.
wln 0566Fau.FaustusFau.IAyay, butbut wherewhere aboutabout?
wln 0567Me.MephistophelesMe.WithinWithin thethe bowelsbowels ofof thesethese elementselements,
wln 0568WhereWhere wewe areare tortur’dtortured andand remaineremain forfor euerever,
wln 0569HellHell hathhath nono limitslimits, nornor isis circumscrib’dcircumscribed
wln 0570InIn oneone self selfeselfselfe placeplace, forfor wherewhere wewe areare isis hellhell,
wln 0571AndAnd wherewhere hellhell isis, mustmust wewe euerever bebe:
wln 0572AndAnd toto concludeconclude, whenwhen allall thethe worldworld dissoluesdissolves,
wln 0573AndAnd eueryevery creaturecreature shalbeshall be purifiedpurified,
wln 0574AllAll placesplaces shallshall bebe hellhell thatthat isis notnot heauenheaven.

img: 10-b
sig: C2r

Doctor Faustus.

wln 0575Fau.FaustusFau.ComeCome, II thinkethink hell’shell’s aa fablefable.
wln 0576Me.MephistophelesMe.IAyay, thinkethink soso stillstill, tilltill experienceexperience changechange thythy mindemind.
wln 0577Fau.FaustusFau.WhyWhy? thinkstthinkst thouthou thenthen thatthat FaustusFaustus shallshall béebebeen
wln 0578damn’ddamned?
wln 0579Me.MephistophelesMe.IAyay ofof necessitienecessity, forfor here’shere’s thethe scrowlescroll,
wln 0580WhereinWherein thouthou hasthast giuengiven thythy soulesoul toto LuciferLucifer.
wln 0581Fau.FaustusFau.IAyay, andand bodybody tootoo, butbut whatwhat ofof thatthat?
wln 0582ThinkstThinkst thouthou thatthat FaustusFaustus isis soso fondfond,
wln 0583ToTo imagineimagine, thatthat afterafter thisthis lifelife therethere isis anyany painepain?
wln 0584TushTush thesethese areare triflestrifles andand méeremere oldeold wiueswives’wife’s talestales.
wln 0585Me.MephistophelesMe.ButBut FaustusFaustus II amam anan instanceinstance toto proueprove thethe contrarycontrary
wln 0586ForFor II amam damnddamned, andand amam nownow inin hellhell.
wln 0587Fau.FaustusFau.HowHow? nownow inin hellhell? naynay andand thisthis bebe hellhell, IleI’ll wil=willinglywil∣linglywillingly
wln 0588lingly
wln 0588bebe damnddamned herehere: whatwhat walkingwalking, disputingdisputing, &c.etc. ButBut
wln 0589leauingleaving offoff thisthis, letlet meme hauehave aa wifewife, thethe fairestfairest maidmaid inin Ger-GermanyGer∣manyGermany
wln 0590many,
wln 0590forfor II amam wantonwanton andand lasciuiouslascivious, andand cancan notnot liuelive
wln 0591withoutwithout aa wifewife.
wln 0592Me.MephistophelesMe.HowHow, aa wifewife? II prithéeprithee FaustusFaustus talketalk