The White Devil (Vittoria Corombona)
The White Devil (Vittoria Corombona)

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ln 0001THETHE
ln 0003OROR,
ln 0004TheThe TragedyTragedy ofof PauloPaulo GiordanoGiordano
ln 0005UrsiniUrsini
, DukeDuke ofof BrachianoBrachiano,
ln 0006WithWith
ln 0007TheThe LifeLife andand DeathDeath ofof VittoriaVittoria
ln 0008CorombonaCorombona thethe famousfamous
ln 0009VenetianVenetian CurtizanCourtesan.

ln 0010ActedActed byby thethe QueenesQueen’squeen’s MaiestiesMajesty’s SeruantsServants.

ln 0011WrittenWritten byby IOHNJOHN WEBSTERWEBSTER.

ln 0012NonNon inferiorainferiora secutussecutus.

ln 0014PrintedPrinted byby N.N. O.O. forfor ThomasThomas ArcherArcher, andand areare toto bebe soldsold
ln 0015atat hishis ShopShop inin PopesPope’spope’s headhead PallacePalace, neerenear thethe
ln 0016RoyallRoyal ExchangeExchange. 16121612.

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ln 0001ToTo thethe ReaderReader.

ln 0002ININ publishingpublishing thisthis TragedyTragedy, II dodo butbut
ln 0003challengechallenge toto my selfemyself thatthat libertyliberty,
ln 0004whichwhich otherother menmen hauehave taneta’en beforebefore meeme;
ln 0005notnot thatthat II affectaffect praisepraise byby itit, forfor, nosnos hæchaechaec
ln 0006nouimusnovimus esseesse nihilnihil
, onelyonly sincesince itit waswas
ln 0007actedacted, inin soso dulldull aa timetime ofof WinterWinter, pre-presentedpre∣sentedpresented
ln 0008sented
ln 0008inin soso openopen andand blackeblack aa TheaterTheater,
ln 0009thatthat itit wantedwanted (thatthat whichwhich isis thethe onelyonly
ln 0010gracegrace andand settingsetting outout ofof aa TragedyTragedy) aa fullfull andand vnder-vnderstandingvnder∣standingunderstanding
ln 0011standing
ln 0011AuditoryAuditory: andand thatthat sincesince thatthat timetime II hauehave notednoted, mostmost
ln 0012ofof thethe peoplepeople thatthat comecome toto thatthat Play-housePlayhouse, resembleresemble thosethose ig-ignorantig∣norantignorant
ln 0013norant
ln 0013assesasses (whowho visitingvisiting StationersStationers’stationer’s shoppesshops theirtheir vseuse isis notnot
ln 0014toto inquireinquire forfor goodgood bookesbooks, butbut newnew bookesbooks) II presentpresent itit toto thethe
ln 0015generallgeneral veiwviewview withwith thisthis confidenceconfidence.
ln 0016NecNec RhoncosRhoncos metuesmetues, maligniorummaligniorum,
ln 0017NecNec ScombrisScombris tunicastunicas, dabisdabis molestasmolestas.

ln 0018IfIf itit bebe obiectedobjected thisthis isis nono truetrue DrammatickeDramatic PoemPoem, II shallshall
ln 0019easilyeasily confesseconfess itit, nonnon potespotes inin nugasnugas diceredicere pluraplura measmeas: Ip-IpseIp∣seIpse
ln 0020se
ln 0020egoego quamquam dixidixi
, willinglywillingly, andand notnot ignorantlyignorantly, inin thisthis kindkind
ln 0021hauehave II faultedfaulted: forfor shouldshould aa manman presentpresent toto suchsuch anan AuditoryAuditory,
ln 0022thethe mostmost sententioussententious TragedyTragedy thatthat euerever waswas writtenwritten, obser-obseruingobser∣uingobserving
ln 0023uing
ln 0023allall thethe critticallcritical laweslaws, asas heighthheightheighthheight ofof stilestyle; andand grauetygravity
ln 0024ofof personperson; inrichenrich itit withwith thethe sententioussententious ChorusChorus, andand asas itit

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To the Reader.

ln 0025werewere life’nlifenlife’n DeathDeath, inin thethe passionatepassionate andand waightyweighty NuntiusNuntius: yetyet
ln 0026afterafter allall thisthis diuinedivine rapturerapture, OOOh duradura messorummessorum iliailia, thethe
ln 0027breathbreath thatthat comescomes frōfrōfrom thethe vncapableuncapable multitudemultitude, isis ableable toto poi-poisonpoi∣sonpoison
ln 0028son
ln 0028itit, andand ereere itit bebe actedacted, letlet thethe AuthorAuthor resolueresolve toto fixfix toto eue-eue∣ryevery
ln 0029ry
ln 0029scœnescoenescene, thisthis ofof HoraceHorace,
ln 0030 HæcHaecHaec hodiehodie PorcisPorcis comedendacomedenda relinquesrelinques.
ln 0031ToTo thosethose whowho reportreport II waswas aa longlong timetime inin finishingfinishing thisthis
ln 0032TragedyTragedy, II confesseconfess II dodo notnot writewrite withwith aa goose-quillgoose-quill, wingedwinged
ln 0033withwith twotwo feathersfeathers, andand ifif theythey willwill needesneeds makemake itit mymy faultfault,
ln 0034II mustmust answereanswer themthem withwith thatthat ofof EurypidesEurypides toto AlcestidesAlcestides,
ln 0035aa TragickeTragic WriterWriter: AlcestidesAlcestides obiectingobjecting thatthat EurypidesEurypides
ln 0036hadhad onelyonly inin threethree daiesdays composedcomposed threethree versesverses, whereaswhereas himhim∣selfehimself
ln 0037selfe
ln 0037hadhad writtenwritten threethree hundrethhundred: ThouThou telsttell’st truthtruth, (quothquoth hehe)
ln 0038butbut hereshere’s thethe differencedifference, thinethine shallshall onelyonly beebe readread forfor threethree
ln 0039daiesdays, whereaswhereas minemine shallshall continuecontinue threethree agesages.
ln 0040DetractionDetraction isis thethe swornesworn friendfriend toto ignoranceignorance: ForFor minemine
ln 0041owneown partpart II hauehave euerever trulytruly cherishtcherished mymy goodgood opinionopinion ofof otherother
ln 0042mensmen’s worthyworthy LaboursLaborsLabours, especiallyespecially ofof thatthat fullfull andand haightnedheightened
ln 0043stilestyle ofof MaisterMaster ChapmanChapman. TheThe labor’dlaboredlaboured andand vnderstandingunderstanding
ln 0044workesworks ofof MaisterMaster IohnsonJohnsonjohnson: TheThe nono lesseless worthyworthy composurescomposures
ln 0045ofof thethe bothboth worthilyworthily excellentexcellent MaisterMaster BeamontBeaumont, &and MaisterMaster
ln 0046FletcherFletcher: AndAnd lastlylastly (withoutwithout wrongwrong lastlast toto bebe namednamed) thethe rightright
ln 0047happyhappy andand copiouscopious industryindustry ofof M.MasterM. Shake-speareShakespeare, M.MasterM. DeckerDecker,
ln 0048&and M.MasterM. HeywoodHeywood, wishingwishing whatwhat II writewrite maymay bebe readread byby theirtheir
ln 0049lightlight: ProtestingProtesting, thatthat, inin thethe strengthstrength ofof minemine owneown iudgeiudge∣mentjudgement
ln 0050ment,
ln 0050II knowknow themthem soso worthyworthy, thatthat thoughthough II restrest silentsilent inin mymy
ln 0051owneown workework, yetyet toto mostmost ofof theirstheirs II daredare (withoutwithout flatteryflattery) fixfix
ln 0052thatthat ofof MartiallMartial.

ln 0053 nonnon noruntnorunt, HæcHaecHaec monumentamonumenta morimori.

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wln 0003VrsiniUrsini DukeDuke ofof BrachianoBrachiano, andand VittoriaVittoria
wln 0004CorombonaCorombona.

wln 0005EnterEnter CountCount LodouicoLodovico, AntonelliAntonelli andand GasparoGasparo.

wln 0007BAnishtBAnishedBanished?ANTO.ANTONELLIANTO.ItIt greeu’dgrieved meme muchmuch toto
wln 0008 hearehear thethe sentencesentence.
wln 0009LODO.LODOVICOLODO.HaHa, HaHa, ôôo DemocritusDemocritus thythy GodsGods
wln 0010ThatThat gouernegovern thethe wholewhole worldworld! CourtlyCourtly re-rewardre∣wardreward
wln 0011ward,
wln 0011andand punishmentpunishment. Fortun’sFortune’s aa rightright whorewhore.
wln 0012IfIf sheshe giuegive oughtaught, sheshe dealesdeals itit inin smalsmall percelsparcels,
wln 0013ThatThat sheshe maymay taketake awayaway allall atat oneone swopeswoop.
wln 0014ThisThis tis’tis toto hauehave greatgreat enemiesenemies, GodGod quite’quitequite themthem:
wln 0015YourYour woolfewolf nono longerlonger seemesseems toto bebe aa woolfewolf
wln 0016ThenThen whenwhen sheesshe’s hungryhungry.GAS.GASPAROGAS.YouYou termeterm thosethose enemiesenemies
wln 0017AreAre menmen ofof PrincelyPrincely rankerank.
wln 0018LOD.LODOVICOLOD.OhOhO II praypray forfor themthem.
wln 0019TheThe violentviolent thunderthunder isis adoredadored byby thosethose
wln 0020AreAre pashtpashed inin peecespieces byby itit.ANTO.ANTONELLIANTO.ComeCome mymy LordLord,
wln 0021YouYou areare iustlyjustly dom’ddoomed;;, lookelook butbut aa littlelittle backeback
wln 0022IntoInto youryour formerformer lifelife: youyou hauehave inin threethree yearesyears
wln 0023Ruin’dRuined thethe noblestnoblest EarldomeEarldomGAS.GASPAROGAS.YourYour followersfollowers
wln 0024HaueHave swallowedswallowed youyou likelike MummiaMummia, andand beingbeing sickesick
wln 0025WithWith suchsuch vnnaturallunnatural andand horridhorrid PhisickePhysic
wln 0026VomitVomit youyou vpup ithi’ th’i’th’ kennellkennelANTO.ANTONELLIANTO.AllAll thethe damnabledamnable degreesdegrees

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Vittoria Corombona.

wln 0027OfOf drinkingsdrinkings hauehave youyou, youyou staggerdstaggered throughthrough oneone CittizenCitizen.
wln 0028IsIs LordLord ofof twotwo fairefair ManorsManors, caldcalled youyou mastermaster
wln 0029OnlyOnly forfor CauiareCaviar.GAS.GASPAROGAS.ThoseThose noblemennoblemen
wln 0030WhichWhich werewere inuitedinvited toto youryour prodigallprodigal feastesfeasts,
wln 0031WherinWherein thethe PhænixPhaenixPhoenix scarcescarce couldcould scapescape youryour throtesthroats,
wln 0032LaughLaugh atat youryour miserymisery, asas fore-deemingeforedeeming youyou:
wln 0033AnAn idleidle MeteorMeteor whichwhich drawnedrawn forthforth thethe earthearth
wln 0034WouldWould beebe soonesoon lostlost ithi’ th’i’th’ aireair.ANTO.ANTONELLIANTO.IeastJestjest vponupon youyou,
wln 0035AndAnd saysay youyou werewere begottenbegotten inin anan EarthquakeEarthquake,
wln 0036YouYou hauehave ruin’druined suchsuch fairefair LordshipsLordships.LODO.LODOVICOLODO.VeryVery goodgood,
wln 0037ThisThis WellWell goesgoes withwith twotwo bucketsbuckets, II mustmust tendtend
wln 0038TheThe powringpouring outout ofof eathereither.GAS.GASPAROGAS.WorseWorse thenthan thesethese,
wln 0039YouYou hauehave actedacted, certainecertain MurdersMurders herehere inin RomeRome,
wln 0040BloodyBloody andand fullfull ofof horrorhorror.LOD.LODOVICOLOD.Las’Las’las theythey werewere flea-bytingesflea-bitings::?
wln 0041WhyWhy tooketook theythey notnot mymy headhead thenthen?GAS.GASPAROGAS.OO mymy LordLord
wln 0042TheThe lawlaw dothdoth somtimessometimes mediatemediate, thinkesthinks itit goodgood
wln 0043NotNot euerever toto steepesteep violentviolent sinnessins inin bloodblood,
wln 0044ThisThis gentlegentle pennancepenance maymay bothboth endend youryour crimescrimes,
wln 0045AndAnd inin thethe exampleexample betterbetter thesethese badbad timestimes.
wln 0046LOD.LODOVICOLOD.SoSo, butbut II wonderwonder thenthen somesome greatgreat menmen scape〈◊〉scape
wln 0047ThisThis banishmentbanishment, ther’sthere’s PauloPaulo GiordanoGiordano OrsiniOrfaniOr●●●OrsiniOrfani,
wln 0048TheThe DukeDuke ofof BrachianoBrachiano, nownow liueslives inin RomeRome,
wln 0049AndAnd byby closeclose pandarismepandarism seekesseeks toto prostituteprostitute
wln 0050TheThe honourhonorhonour ofof UittoriaVittoria CorombonaCorombona,
wln 0051VittoriaVittoria, sheshe thatthat mightmight hauehave gotgot mymy pardonpardon
wln 0052ForFor oneone kissekiss toto thethe DukeDuke.ANTO.ANTONELLIANTO.HaueHave aa fullfull manman withinwithin youyou,
wln 0053WeeWewe seesee thatthat TreesTrees bearebear nono suchsuch pleasantpleasant fruitefruit
wln 0054ThereThere wherewhere theythey grewgrew firstfirst, asas wherewhere thethe areare newnew setset.
wln 0055PerfumesPerfumes thethe moremore theythey areare chaf’dchafed thethe moremore theythey renderrender
wln 0056TheirTheir pleasingpleasing sentsscents, andand soso afflictionaffliction
wln 0057ExpressethExpresseth vertuevirtue, fullyfully, whetherwhether trewtrue,
wln 0058OrOr ellselse adulterateadulterate.LOD.LODOVICOLOD.LeaueLeave youryour paintedpainted comfortscomforts,
wln 0059IleI’ll makemake ItalianItalian cut-workscut-works inin theirtheir gutsguts
wln 0060IfIf euerever II returnereturn.GASP.GASPAROGASP.OO SirSir.LODO.LODOVICOLODO.II amam patientpatient,
wln 0061II hauehave seeneseen somesome readyready toto bebe executedexecuted
wln 0062GiueGive pleasantpleasant lookeslooks, andand moneymoney, andand grownegrown familiarfamiliar
wln 0063WithWith thethe knaueknave hangmanhangman, soso dodo II, II thankethank themthem,

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sig: B2r

Vittoria Corombona.

wln 0064AndAnd wouldwould accountaccount themthem noblynobly mercifullmerciful
wln 0065WouldWould theythey dispatchdispatch meme quickliequickly,ANTO.ANTONELLIANTO.FareFare youyou wellwell,
wln 0066WeeWewe shallshall findfind timetime II doubtdoubt notnot toto repealerepeal
wln 0067YourYour banishmentbanishment.LOD.LODOVICOLOD.II amam euerever boundbound toto youyou:EnterEnter

wln 0068ThisThis isis thethe worldsworld’s almesalms; praypray makemake vseuse ofof itit,
wln 0069GreatGreat menmen sellsell sheepsheep, thusthus toto bebe cutcut inin peecespieces,
wln 0070WhenWhen firstfirst theythey hauehave shorneshorn themthem barebare andand soldsold theirtheir fleecessleecesfleeces.
wln 0071ExeuntExeunt.
wln 0072EnterEnter BrachianoBrachiano, CamilloCamillo, FlamineoFlamineo, UittoriaVittoriaUittoria
wln 0073CorombonaCorombona.

wln 0074BRA.BRACHIANOBRA.YourYour bestbest ofof restrest.VIT.VITTORIAVIT.VntoUnto mymy LordLord thethe DukeDuke,
wln 0075TheThe bestbest ofof wellcomewell comewelcomewell come, MoreMore lightslights, attendattend thethe DukeDuke.
wln 0076BRA.BRACHIANOBRA.FlamineoFlamineo.FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.MyMy LordLord.
wln 0076BRA.BRACHIANOBRA.QuiteQuite lostlost FlamineoFlamineo.
wln 0077FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.PursewPursue youryour noblenoble wisheswishes, II amam promptprompt
wln 0078AsAs lightninglightning toto youryour seruiceservice, ôôo mymy LordLord!
wln 0079TheThe fairefair VittoriaVittoria, mymy happyhappy sistersister
wln 0080ShallShall giuegive youyou presentpresent audienceaudience, gentlemengentlemen(whisperwhisper
wln 0081LetLet thethe caroachcaroche gogo onon, andand tis’tis hishis pleasurepleasure
wln 0082YouYou putput outout allall youryour torchestorches andand departdepart.
wln 0083BRA.BRACHIANOBRA.AreAre weewe soso happyhappy.FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.Can’tCan ’tCan’t bebe otherwiseotherwise?
wln 0084Obseru’dObserved youyou notnot to nighttonight mymy honor’dhonoredhonoured LordLord
wln 0085WhichWhich wayway so eresoe’er youyou wentwent sheeshe threwthrew herher eyeseyes,
wln 0086II hauehave dealtdealt alreadyalready withwith herher chamber-maidchambermaid
wln 0087ZancheZanche thethe MoreMoorMore, andand sheshe isis wondrouswondrous proudproud
wln 0088ToTo bebe thethe agentagent forfor soso highhigh aa spiritspirit.
wln 0089BRA.BRACHIANOBRA.WeeWewe areare happiehappy aboueabove thoughtthought, becausebecause boue’bove merritmerit.
wln 0090FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.’boue’bove merritmerit! weewe maymay nownow talketalk freelyfreely: ’boue’bove merritmerit;
wln 0091whatwhat istis ’tis’t youyou doubtdoubt, herher coynessecoyness, thatsthat’s butbut thethe superficiessuperficies ofof lustlust
wln 0092mostmost womenwomen hauehave; yetyet whywhy shouldshould LadyesLadies blushblush toto hearehear thatthat
wln 0093nam’dnamed, whichwhich theythey dodo notnot fearefear toto handlehandle? OO theythey areare pollitickepolitic,
wln 0094TheyThey knowknow ourour desiredesire isis increas’dincreased byby thethe difficultiedifficulty ofof inioyinjoyinginioy∣ingenjoying
wln 0095ing;
wln 0095wherewhere aa satietysatiety isis aa bluntblunt, wearyweary andand drowsiedrowsy passionpassion, ifif
wln 0096thethe butterybuttery hatchhatch atat CourtCourt stoodstood continuallycontinually openopen theirtheir wouldwould
wln 0097bebe nothingnothing soso passionatpassionate croudingcrowding, nornor hothot suitsuit afterafter thethe beueragebeverage,
wln 0098BRA.BRACHIANOBRA.OO butbut herher iealousjealous husbandhusband.
wln 0099FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.HangHang himhim, aa guilderguilder thatthat hathhath hishis braynesbrains perishtperished withwith

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sig: B2v

Vittoria Corombona.

wln 0100quicke-siluerquicksilver isis notnot moremore couldcoldcould inin thethe liuerliver. TheThe greatgreat BarriersBarriers
wln 0101moultedmoltedmoulted notnot moremore feathersfeathers thenthan hehe hathhath shedshed haireshairs, byby thethe con-confessioncon∣fessionconfession
wln 0102fession
wln 0102ofof hishis doctordoctor. AnAn IrishIrish gamstergamester thatthat willwill playplay himselfehimself na-nakedna∣kednaked
wln 0103ked,
wln 0103andand thenthen wagewage allall downewarddownward, atat hazard●●●ardhazard, isis notnot moremore ven-venterousven∣terousventurous
wln 0104terous.
wln 0104SoSo vn-ableunable toto pleaseplease aa womanwoman thatthat likelike aa dutchdutch doubletdoublet
wln 0105allall hishis backeback isis shrunkeshrunk intointo hishis breechesbreeches.
wln 0106ShrowdShroud youyou withinwithin thisthis closetcloset, goodgood mymy LordLord,
wln 0107SomeSome tricketrick nownow mustmust bebe thoughtthought onon toto deuidedeui●edivide
wln 0108MyMy brother in lawbrother-in-lawbrother in law fromfrom hishis fairefair bed-fellowbedfellow,
wln 0109BRA.BRACHIANOBRA.OO shouldshould sheshe failefail toto comecome,
wln 0110FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.II mustmust notnot hauehave youryour LordshipLordship thusthus vnwiselyunwisely amorousamorous,
wln 0111II my selfemyself hauehave louedloved aa ladylady andand peursuedpursued herher withwith aa greatgreat dealedeal
wln 0112ofof vnder-ageunderage protestationprotestation, whomwhom somesome 3.three3. oror 4.four4. gallantsgallants thatthat hauehave
wln 0113enioyedenjoyed wouldwould withwith allall theirtheir hartshearts hauehave binbeen gladglad toto hauehave binbeen ridrid
wln 0114ofof.. Tis’Tis iustjust likelike aa summersummer bird-cagebirdcage inin aa gardengarden, thethe birdsbirds thatthat areare
wln 0115withoutwithout, despairedespair toto getget inin, andand thethe birdsbirds thatthat areare withinwithin despairedespair
wln 0116andand areare inin aa consumptionconsumption forfor fearefear theythey shallshall neuernever getget outout: awayaway
wln 0117awayaway mymy LordLord,EnterEnter CamilloCamillo,
wln 0118SeeSee herehere hehe comescomes, thisthis fellowfellow byby hishis apparellapparel
wln 0119SomeSome menmen wouldwould iudgejudge aa pollititianpolitician,
wln 0120ButBut callcall hishis witwit inin questionquestion youyou shallshall findfind itit
wln 0121MerelyMerely anan AsseAss in’sin ’sin’s footfoot cloathcloth,
wln 0122HowHow nownow brotherbrother whatwhat trauailingtravailing toto bedbed toto youryour kindkind wifewisewife?
wln 0123CAM.CAMILLOCAM.II assureassure youyou brotherbrother nono, MyMy voyagevoyage lyeslies
wln 0124MoreMore northerlienortherly, inin aa farrefar coldercolder climeclime,
wln 0125II dodo notnot wellwell rememberremember II protestprotest whenwhen II lastlast laylay withwith herher.
wln 0126FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.StrangeStrange youyou shouldshould looselose youryour CountCount.
wln 0127CAM.CAMILLOCAM.WeeWewe neuernever laylay togethertogether butbut eareere morningmorning
wln 0128TheirTheir grewgrew aa flawflaw betweenebetween vsus.FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.T’had’T hadT’had bynbeen youryour partpart
wln 0129ToTo hauehave mademade vpup thatthat flawflaw.
wln 0130CAM.CAMILLOCAM.TrewTrue, butbut sheeshe loathesloathes II shouldshould bebe seeneseen in’tin ’tin’t.
wln 0131FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.WhyWhy SirSir, what’swhat’s thethe mattermatter?
wln 0132CAM.CAMILLOCAM.TheThe DukeDuke youryour maistermaster visitsvisits meme II thankethank himhim,
wln 0133AndAnd II perceaueperceive howhow likelike anan earnestearnest bowlerbowler
wln 0134HeeHe veryvery passionateliepassionately leanesleans thatthat wayway,
wln 0135HeHe shouldshould hauehave hishis boulebowl runnerun
wln 0136FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.II hopehope youyou dodo notnot thinkethink

img: 5-b
sig: B3r

Vittoria Corombona.

wln 0137CAM.CAMILLOCAM.ThatThat noblenoble menmen boulebowlboul bootiebooty, FaithFaith hishis cheekecheek
wln 0138HathHath aa mostmost excellentexcellent BiasBias, itit wouldwould fainefain iumpejump withwith mymy mistrismistress.
wln 0139FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.WillWill youyou bebe anan asseass.
wln 0140DespightDespite youyou AristotleAristotle oror aa CocouldCuckoldcuckold
wln 0141ContraryContrary toto youryour EphemeridesEphemerides
wln 0142WhichWhich shewesshows youyou vnderunder whatwhat aa smilingsmiling planetplanet
wln 0143YouYou werewere firstfirst swadledswaddled,
wln 0144CAM:CAMILLOCAM:PewPew wewwew, SirSir telltell notnot meme
wln 0145OfOf planetsplanets nornor ofof EphemeridesEphemeridasEphemeridasEphemerides
wln 0146AA manman maymay bebe mademade CocouldCuckoldcuckold inin thethe dayday timetime
wln 0147WhenWhen thethe StarsStars eyeseyes areare outout.FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.SirSir GodGod boyboy youyou,
wln 0148II dodo commitcommit youyou toto youryour pittifullpitiful pillowpillow
wln 0149StuftStuffed withwith horne-shauingshorn-shavings.CAM.CAMILLOCAM.BrotherBrother.
wln 0149FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.GodGod refuserefuse meme
wln 0150MightMight II aduiseadvise youyou nownow youryour onlieonly coursecourse
wln 0151WeareWereWear toto lockelock vpup youryour wifewife.CAM.CAMILLOCAM.T’weare’Twere’twere veryvery goodgood.
wln 0152FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.BarBar herher thethe sightsight ofof reuelsrevels.CAM.CAMILLOCAM.ExcellentExcellent.
wln 0153FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.LetLet herher notnot gogo toto ChurchChurch, butbut likelike aa houndehound
wln 0154InIn LeonLeon atatyourat youryour heelesheels.CAM.CAMILLOCAM.Tweare’Twere’twere forfor herher honourhonorhonour
wln 0155FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.AndAnd soso youyou shouldshould bebe certaynecertain inin oneone fortnightfortnight,
wln 0156DespightDespite herher chastitychastity oror innocenceinnocence
wln 0157ToTo beebe CocouldedCuckoldedcuckolded, whichwhich yetyet isis inin suspencesuspense:
wln 0158ThisThis isis mymy counsellcounsel andand II askeask nono feeseeseefee for’tfor ’tfor’t.
wln 0159CAM.CAMILLOCAM.ComeCome youyou knowknow notnot wherewhere my-night capmy night capmy nightcapmy night cap wringeswrings meeme.
wln 0160FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.WeareWear itit ath’o’ th’o’th’ oldold fashionfashion, letlet youryour largelarge earesears comecome
wln 0161throughthrough, itit willwill bebe moremore easyeasy, naynay II willwill bebe bitterbitter, barrebar youryour wifewife
wln 0162ofof herher entertaynmententertainment: womenwomen areare moremore willingliewillingly &and moremore glo-gloriouslieglo∣riousliegloriously
wln 0163riouslie
wln 0163chastchaste, whenwhen theythey areare leastleast restraynedrestrained ofof theirtheir libertieliberty. ItIt
wln 0164seemesseems youyou wouldwould bebe aa finefine CapriciousCapricious MathematicallyMathematically iealousjealous
wln 0165CoxcombeCoxcomb, taketake thethe heightheight ofof youryour owneown horneshorns withwith aa IacobsJacob’sjacob’s
wln 0166staffestaff aforeafore theythey areare vpup. TheseThese pollitickepolitic inclosuresenclosures forfor paltrypaltry
wln 0167muttonmutton, makesmakes moremore rebellionrebellion inin thethe fleshflesh thenthanthen allall thethe pro-prouocatiuepro∣uocatiueprovocative
wln 0168uocatiue
wln 0168electuarieselectuaries DoctorsDoctors hauehave vttereduttered sencesincesense lastlast IubileeJubileejubilee.
wln 0169CAM.CAMILLOCAM.ThisThis dothdoth notnot phisickephysic meme,
wln 0170FLA:FLAMINEOFLA:ItIt seemesseems youyou areare IealousJealousjealous, ilei’llI’ll shewshow youyou thethe errorerror ofof itit byby
wln 0171aa familiarfamiliar exampleexample, II hauehave seeneseen aa pairepair ofof spectaclesspectacles fashiondfashioned
wln 0172withwith suchsuch perspectiueperspective artart, thatthat laylay downedown butbut oneone twelue pencetwelvepencetwelve pence
wln 0173ath’ath’bordo’ th’o’th’ bordboard twill’twill appeareappear asas ifif therethere werewere twentytwenty, nownow shouldshould youyou

img: 6-a
sig: B3v

Vittoria Corombona.

wln 0174wearewear aa pairepair ofof thesethese spectaclesspectacles, andand seesee youryour wifewife tyingtying herher
wln 0175shooeshoe, youyou wouldwould ImagineImagine twentytwenty handshands werewere takingtaking vpup ofof
wln 0176youryour wiueswife’s clothesclothes, andand thisthis wouldwould putput youyou intointo aa horriblehorrible
wln 0177causlessecauseless furyfury,
wln 0178CAM.CAMILLOCAM.TheThe faultfault therethere SirSir isis notnot inin thethe eye-sighteyesight
wln 0179FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.TrueTrue, butbut theythey thatthat hauehave thethe yellowyellow IaundeiseJaundice, thinkethink
wln 0180allall obiectsobjects theythey lookelook onon toto beebe yellowyellow. IealousyJealousyjealousy isis worserworser,
wln 0181herher fit’sfit’s presentpresent toto aa manman, likelike soso manymany bublesbubbles inin aa BasonBasin ofof
wln 0182waterwater, twentytwenty seuerallseveral crabbedcrabbed facesfaces, manymany timestimes makesmakes hishis
wln 0183owneown shadowshadow hishis cocould-makercuckold-maker. * SeeSee sheshe comescomes, whatwhat reasonreasonEnterEnter Corom-CorombonaCorom●●●●

wln 0184hauehave youyou toto bebe iealousjealous ofof thisthis creaturecreature? whatwhat anan ignorantignorant asseass oror
wln 0185flatteringflattering knaueknave mightmight hehe bebe countedcounted, thatthat shouldshould writewrite sonnetssonnets
wln 0186toto herher eyeseyes, oror callcall herher browbrow thethe snowsnow ofof IdaIda, oror IuorieIvoryivory ofof Co-CorinthCo∣rinthCorinth
wln 0187rinth,
wln 0187oror comparecompare herher hairehair toto thethe blacke birdsblackbird’sblack birds billbill, whenwhen ’tis’tis
wln 0188likerliker thethe blacke birdsblackbird’sblack birds featherfeather. ThisThis isis allall: BeBe wisewise, II willwill makemake
wln 0189youyou freindsfriends andand youyou shallshall gogo toto bedbed togethertogether, marrymarry lookelook youyou,
wln 0190itit shallshall notnot bebe youryour seekingseeking, dodo youyou standstand vponupon thatthat byby anyany
wln 0191meanesmeans, walkwalk youyou a loofealoofa loof, II wouldwould notnot hauehave youyou seeneseen in’tin ’tin’t, sistersister
wln 0192mymy LordLord attendsattends youyou inin thethe banquettingbanquetting househouse, youryour husbandhusband
wln 0193isis wondrouswondrous discontenteddiscontented.
wln 0194VIT.VITTORIAVIT.II diddid nothingnothing toto displeasedisplease himhim, II caruedcarved toto himhim atat
wln 0195supper-timesuppertime
wln 0196FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.YouYou needneed notnot hauehave caruedcarved himhim infaithin faith, theythey saysay hehe isis
wln 0197aa caponcapon alreadyalready, II mustmust nownow seeminglyseemingly fallfall outout withwith youyou. ShallShall
wln 0198aa gentlemangentleman soso wellwell descendeddescended asas CamilloCamillo. aa lousylousy slaueslave thatthat
wln 0199withinwithin thisthis twentytwenty yearesyears roderoderoad withwith thethe blackeblack guardguard inin thethe
wln 0200DukesDuke’s cariagecarriage mongst’mongstamongst spitsspits andand dripping-pannesdripping-pans.
wln 0201CAM.CAMILLOCAM.NowNow hehe beginsbegins toto tickletickle herher.
wln 0202FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.AnAn excellentexcellent schollerscholar, oneone thatthat hathhath aa headhead fildfilled withwith
wln 0203caluescalves’calf’s braynesbrains withoutwithout anyany sagesage inin themthem, comecome crouchingcrouching
wln 0204inin thethe hamshams toto youyou forfor aa nightsnight’s lodginglodging thatthat hathhath anan itchitch
wln 0205in’sin ’sin’s hamshams, whichwhich likelike thethe fierfire atat thethe glasseglass househouse hathhath notnot gonegone outout
wln 0206thisthis seauenseven yearesyears isis heehe notnot aa courtlycourtly gentlemangentleman, whenwhen
wln 0207hehe weareswears whitewhite sattinsatin oneone wouldwould taketake himhim byby hishis blackeblack musselmuzzlemussel
wln 0208toto bebe nono otherother creaturecreature thenthan aa maggotmaggot, youyou areare aa goodlygoodly FoileFoil,
wln 0209II confesseconfess, wellwell setset outout butbut couerdcovered withwith aa falsefalse stonestone youyou con-conterfaitecon∣terfaitecounterfeit
wln 0210terfaite
wln 0210dyamonddiamond.

img: 6-b
sig: B4r

Vittoria Corombona.

wln 0211CAM.CAMILLOCAM.HeHe willwill makemake herher knowknow whatwhat isis inin meeme.
wln 0212FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.ComeCome, mymy LordLord attendsattends youyou, thouthou shaltshalt gogo toto bedbed toto
wln 0213mymy LordLord.CAM.CAMILLOCAM.NowNow hehe comescomes to’tto ’tto’t.
wln 0214FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.WithWith aa relishrelish asas curiouscurious asas aa vintnervintner goinggoing toto tastetaste newnew
wln 0215winewine, II amam openingopening youryour casecase hardhard.
wln 0216CAM.CAMILLOCAM.AA vertuousvirtuous brotherbrother ao’ mymy creditcredit.
wln 0217FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.HeHe willwill giuegive theethee aa ringering withwith aa philosophersphilosopher’s stonestoneinstone inin itit.
wln 0218CAM.CAMILLOCAM.IndeedeIndeed II amam studyingstudying AlcumyeAlchemyalchemy.
wln 0219FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.ThouThou shaltshalt lyelie inin aa bedbed stuftstuffed withwith turtlesturtle’sturtles feathersfeathers,
wln 0220swooneswoon inin perfumedperfumed lynnenlinen likelike thethe fellowfellow waswas smotheredsmothered inin
wln 0221rosesroses, soso perfectperfect shallshall bebe thythy happinessehappiness, thatthat asas menmen atat SeaSea thinkethink
wln 0222landland andand treestrees andand shippesships gogo thatthat wayway theythey gogo, soso bothboth heauenheaven
wln 0223andand earthearth shallshall seemeseem toto gogo youryour voyagevoyage. Shal’tShalt meetemeet himhim, tis’tis
wln 0224fixtfixed, withwith naylesnails ofof dyamondsdiamonds toto ineuitableinevitable necessitienecessity.
wln 0225VITTO.VITTORIAVITTO.HowHow shalsshall’s ridrid himhim hencehence?
wln 0226FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.II willwill putput breesbreesebreeze in’sin ’sin’s tayletail, setset himhim gaddinggadding presentliepresently,
wln 0227II hauehave almostalmost wroughtwrought herher toto itit, II findfind herher commingcoming, butbut mightmight
wln 0228II aduiseadvise youyou nownow forfor thisthis nightnight II wouldwould notnot lyelie withwith herher, II wouldwould
wln 0229crossecross herher humorhumorhumour toto makemake herher moremore humblehumble.
wln 0230CAMIL.CAMILLOCAMIL.ShallShall II, shallshall II?
wln 0231FLA:FLAMINEOFLA:ItIt willwill shewshow inin youyou aa supremaciesupremacy ofof IudgementJudgementjudgement.
wln 0232CAMIL.CAMILLOCAMIL.TrewTrue, andand aa mindmind differingdiffering fromfrom thethe tumultuarytumultuary
wln 0233opinionopinion, forfor quæquaequae negatanegata gratagratgratagreat.
wln 0234FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.RightRight youyou areare thethe AdamantAdamant shallshall drawdraw herher toto youyou,
wln 0235thoughthough youyou keepekeep distancedistance ofoffof:
wln 0236CAMIL.CAMILLOCAMIL.AA philosophicallphilosophical reasonreason.
wln 0237FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.WalkeWalk byby herher a’theo’ thea’the noble mansnoblenobleman’snoblemansman’s fashionfashion, andand telltell herher
wln 0238youyou willwill lyelie withwith herher atat thethe endend ofof thethe ProgresseProgress
wln 0239CAMIL.CAMILLOCAMIL.VittoriaVittoria, II cannotcannot bebe induc’dinduced, oror asas aa manman wouldwould saysay
wln 0240incitedincited.VITTO.VITTORIAVITTO.ToTo dodo whatwhat SirSir?
wln 0241CAMIL.CAMILLOCAMIL.ToTo lyelie withwith youyou to nighttonight; youryour silkewormesilkworm vsethuseth toto
wln 0242fastfast eueryevery thirdthird dayday, andand thethe nextnext followingfollowing spinnesspins thethe betterbetter.
wln 0243TomorrowTomorrow atat nightnight II amam forfor youyou.
wln 0244VITTO.VITTORIAVITTO.YouleYou’ll spinnespin aa fairefair threadthread, trusttrust to’tto ’tto’t.
wln 0245FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.ButBut dodo youyou hearehear II shallshall hauehave youyou stealesteal toto herher chamberchamber
wln 0246aboutabout midnightmidnight.
wln 0247CAMIL.CAMILLOCAMIL.DoDo youyou thinkethink soso, whywhy lookelook youyou brotherbrother, becausebecause

img: 7-a
sig: B4v

Vittoria Corombona.

wln 0248youyou shallshall notnot thinkethink ilei’llI’ll gullgull youyou, taketake thethe keykey, lockelock meme intointo thethe
wln 0249chamberchamber, andand saysay youyou shallshall bebe suresure ofof meme.
wln 0250FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.IntrothIn trothIntroth II willwill, ilei’llI’ll bebe youryour iaylorjailer onceonce,
wln 0251ButBut hauehave youyou nerene’er aa falsefalse doredoor.
wln 0252CAM.CAMILLOCAM.AA poxpox on’ton ’ton’t, asas II amam aa ChristianChristian telltell meeme to morrowtomorrow
wln 0253howhow scurueliescurvily sheeshe takestakes mymy vnkindunkind partingparting
wln 0254FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.II willwill.CAM.CAMILLOCAM.DidstDidst thouthou notnot makemake thethe ieastjest ofof thethe
wln 0255silke-wormesilkworm? goodgood nightnight inin faithfaith II willwill vseuse thisthis tricketrick oftenoften,
wln 0256FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.DoDo, dodo, dodo.ExitExit CamilloCamillo.
wln 0257SoSo nownow youyou areare safesafe. HaHa haha haha, thouthou intanglestentanglest thy selfethyself inin thinethine
wln 0258owneown workework likelike aa silke-wormesilkwormEnterEnter BrachianoBrachiano.
wln 0259ComeCome sistersister, darkenessedarkness hideshides youryour blushblush, womenwomen areare likelike curstcursed
wln 0260doggesdogs, ciuilitiecivility keepeskeeps themthem tyedtied allall dayday timetime, butbut theythey areare letlet
wln 0261looseloose atat midnightmidnight, thenthenthan theythey dodo mostmost goodgood oror mostmost mischeefemischief,
wln 0262mymy LordLord, mymy LordLord
wln 0263BRA.BRACHIANOBRA.GiueGive creditcredit: II couldcould wishwish timetime wouldwould standstand stillstill
wln 0264AndAnd neuernever endend thisthis enteruewinterview thisthis howerhour,ZācheZācheZanche bringsbrings outout aa CarpetCarpet
SpreadsSpreads itit andand layeslays onon itit
twotwo fairefair CushionsCushions

wln 0265ButBut allall delightdelight dothdoth it selfeitself soon’stsoon’stsoonest deuourdcuourdevour.
wln 0266LetLet meme intointo youryour bosomebosom happyhappy LadieLady,
wln 0267PowrePour outout inin steadstead ofof eloquenceeloquence mymy vowesvows,EnterEnter CorneliaCornelia
wln 0268LooseLooseLose meme notnot MadamMadam, forfor ifif youyou foregoforcgoforego meme II amam lostlost eternallieeternally.
wln 0269VIT.VITTORIAVIT.SirSir inin thethe wayway ofof pittiepity II wishwish youyou hart-holeheart-whole.
wln 0270BRA.BRACHIANOBRA.YouYou areare aa sweetsweet PhisitionPhysician.
wln 0271VIT.VITTORIAVIT.SureSure SirSir aa loathedloathed crueltiecruelty inin LadyesLadies
wln 0272IsIs asas toto DoctorsDoctors manymany funerallsfunerals: ItIt takestakes awayaway theirtheir creditcredit.
wln 0273BRA.BRACHIANOBRA.ExcellentExcellent CreatureCreature.
wln 0274WeeWewe callcall thethe cruellcruel fayrefair, whatwhat namename forfor youyou
wln 0275ThatThat areare soso mercifullmerciful?ZAN.ZANCHEZAN.SeeSee nownow theythey closeclose.
wln 0276FLA.FLAMINEOFLA.MostMost happiehappy vnionunion.
wln 0277COR.CORNELIACOR.MyMy fearesfears areare falnefall’nfallen vponupon meme, ohoho mymy heartheart!
wln 0278MyMy sonneson thethe pandarpanderpandar: nownow II findfind ourour househouse
wln 0279SinkingSinking toto ruineruin. Earth-quakesEarthquakes leaueleave behindbehind,
wln 0280WhereWhere theythey hauehave tyrannisedtyrannizedtyrannised, ironiron, oror leadlead, oror stonestone,
wln 0281ButBut woewoe toto ruineruin violentviolent lustlust leauesleaves nonenone
wln 0282BRA.BRACHIANOBRA.WhatWhat valewvalue isis thisthis IewellJeweljewelVIT.VITTORIAVIT.Tis’Tis thethe ornamentornament
wln 0283OfOf aa weakeweak fortunefortune.
wln 0284BRA.BRACHIANOBRA.InIn soothsooth ilei’llI’ll hauehave itit; naynay II willwill butbut changechange

img: 7-b
sig: C1r

Vittoria Corombona.

wln 0285MyMy IewellJeweljewel forfor youryour IewellJeweljewel.FLAM.FLAMINEOFLAM.ExcellentExcellent,
wln 0286HisHis IewellJeweljewel forfor herher IewellJeweljewel, wellwell putput inin DukeDuke.
wln 0287BRAC.BRACHIANOBRAC.NayNay letlet meme seesee youyou wearewear itit.VIT.VITTORIAVIT.HeareHereHear sirsir.
wln 0288BRAC.BRACHIANOBRAC.NayNay lowerlower, youyou shallshall wearewear mymy IewellJeweljewel lowerlower.
wln 0289FLAM.FLAMINEOFLAM.That’sThat’s betterbetter sheshe mustmust wearewear hishis IewellJeweljewel lowerlower.
wln 0290VIT.VITTORIAVIT.ToTo passepass awayaway thethe timetime I’leI’ll telltell youryour gracegrace,
wln 0291AA dreamedream II hadhad lastlast nightnight.BRAC.BRACHIANOBRAC.MostMost wishedlywishedly.
wln 0292VIT.VITTORIAVIT.AA foolishfoolish idleidle dreamedream,
wln 0293Me thoughtMethoughtmethought II walktwalked aboutabout thethe midmid ofof nightnight,
wln 0294IntoInto aa Church-yardChurchyard, wherewhere aa goodlygoodly EuYewyew TreeTree
wln 0295SpredSpread herher largelarge rooteroot inin groundground, vnderunder thatthat EuYewyew,
wln 0296AsAs II satsat sadlysadly leaningleaning onon aa grauegrave,
wln 0297CheckeredCheckeredChequered withwith crosse-stickscross-sticks, theirtheretheir camecame stealingstealing inin
wln 0298YourYour DutchesseDuchess andand mymy husbandhusband, oneone ofof themthem
wln 0299AA picaxpickax borebore, th’otherth’ otherth’other aa RustyRusty spadespade,
wln 0300AndAnd inin roughrough termesterms theythey gan’gan toto challengechallenge meme,
wln 0301AboutAbout thisthis EuEu.YewEu...BRAC.BRACHIANOBRAC.ThatThat TreeTree.
wln 0302VIT.VITTORIAVIT.ThisThis harmelesseharmless EuYewyew:
wln 0303TheyThey toldtold meme mymy ententintent waswas toto rootroot vpup
wln 0304ThatThat well-grownewell-grown EuYewyew, andand plantplant i’thi’ th’i’th’ steedsteadsteed ofof itit
wln 0305AA witheredwithered blacke-thorneblackthorn, andand forfor thatthat theythey vow’dvowed
wln 0306ToTo burybury meme aliuealive: mymy husbandhusband straightstraight
wln 0307WithWith picaxpickax gan’gan toto digdig, andand youryour fellfell DutchesseDuchess
wln 0308WithWith shouellshovel, likelike aa furyfury, voydedvoided outout
wln 0309TheThe earthearth &and scatteredscattered bonesbones, LordLord howhow me thoughtmethought
wln 0310II trembledtrembled, andand yetyet forfor allall thisthis terrorterror
wln 0311II couldcould notnot praypray.FLAM.FLAMINEOFLAM.NoNo thethe diuelldevil waswas inin youryour dreamedream.
wln 0312VIT.VITTORIAVIT.WhenWhen toto mymy rescuerescue therethere arosearose me thoughtmethought
wln 0313AA whirlewindwhirlwind, whichwhich letlet fallfall aa massymassy armearm
wln 0314FromFrom thatthat strongstrong plantplant,
wln 0315AndAnd bothboth werewere struckestruck deaddead byby thatthat sacredsacred EuYewyew
wln 0316InIn thatthat basebase shallowshallow grauegrave thatthat waswas theirtheir duedue.
wln 0317FLAM.FLAMINEOFLAM.ExcellentExcellent DiuellDevil.
wln 0318SheeShe hathhath taughttaught himhim inin aa dreamedream
wln 0319ToTo makemake awayaway hishis DutchesseDuchess andand herher husbandhusband.
wln 0320BRAC.BRACHIANOBRAC.SweetlySweetly shallshall II enterpretinterpret thisthis youryour dreamedream,
wln 0321YouYou areare lodgedlodged withinwithin hishis armesarms whowho shallshall protectprotect youyou,

img: 8-a
sig: C1v

Vittoria Corombona.

wln 0322FromFrom allall thethe feauersfevers ofof aa iealousjealous husbandhusband,
wln 0323FromFrom thethe poorepoor enuyenvy ofof ourour flegmatickephlegmatic DutchesseDuchess,
wln 0324I’leI’ll seateseat youyou aboueabove lawlaw andand aboueabove scandallscandal,
wln 0325GiueGive toto youryour thoughtsthoughts thethe inuentioninvention ofof delightdelight
wln 0326AndAnd thethe fruitionfruition, nornor shallshall gouernmentgovernment
wln 0327DiuideDivide meme fromfrom youyou longerlonger thenthan aa carecare
wln 0328ToTo keepekeep youyou greatgreat: youyou shallshall toto meme atat onceonce,
wln 0329BeBe DukedomeDukedom, healthhealth, wifewife, childrenchildren, friendsfriends andand allall.
wln 0330COR.CORNELIACOR.WoeWoe toto lightlight heartshearts theythey stillstill forerunforerun ourour fallfall.
wln 0331FLAM.FLAMINEOFLAM.WhatWhat furyfury rais’draised theethee vpup? awayaway, awayawayExitExit ZancheZanche.
wln 0332COR.CORNELIACOR.WhatWhat makemake youyou heareherehear mymy LordLord thisthis deaddead ofof nightnight?
wln 0333NeuerNever droptdropped meldewmildew onon aa flowerflower herehere, telltilltell nownow.
wln 0334FLAM.FLAMINEOFLAM.II praypray willwill youyou gogo toto bedbed thenthen,
wln 0335LeastLestlest youyou bebe blastedblasted.COR.CORNELIACOR.OO thatthat thisthis fairefair gardengarden,
wln 0336HadHad allall poysonedpoisoned hearbesherbs ofof ThessalyThessaly,
wln 0337AtAt firstfirst benebeen plantedplanted, mademade aa nurserynursery
wln 0338ForFor witch-craftwitchcraft; ratherrather aa buriallburial plotplot,
wln 0339ForFor bothboth youryour HonoursHonorsHonours.VIT.VITTORIAVIT.DearestDearest mothermother hearehear meme.
wln 0340COR.CORNELIACOR.OO thouthou dostdost makemake mymy browbrow bendbend toto thethe earthearth,
wln 0341SoonerSooner thenthan naturenature, seesee thethe cursecurse ofof childrenchildren
wln 0342InIn lifelife theythey keepekeep vsus fteqeuentlyfreqeuentlyfrequently inin tearestears,
wln 0343AndAnd inin thethe coldcold grauegrave leauesleaves vsus inin palepale fearesfears.
wln 0344BRAC.BRACHIANOBRAC.ComeCome, comecome, II willwill notnot hearehear youyou.
wln 0345VIT.VITTORIAVIT.DeereDear mymy LordLord.
wln 0346COR.CORNELIACOR.WhereWhere isis thythy DutchesseDuchess nownow adulterousadulterous DukeDuke?
wln 0347ThouThou littlelittle dreamd’stdreamed’stdreamtst thisthis nightnight sheeshe isis comecome toto RomeRome.
wln 0348FLAM.FLAMINEOFLAM.HowHow? comecome toto RomeRome,VIT.VITTORIAVIT.TheThe DutchesseDuchess,
wln 0349BRAC.BRACHIANOBRAC.SheShe hadhad benebeen betterbetter,
wln 0350COR.CORNELIACOR.TheThe liueslives ofof PrincesPrinces shouldshould likelike dyalsdials mouemove,
wln 0351WhoseWhose regularregular exampleexample isis soso strongstrong,
wln 0352TheyThey makemake thethe timestimes byby themthem gogo rightright oror wrongwrong.
wln 0353FLAM.FLAMINEOFLAM.SoSo, hauehave youyou donedone?COR.CORNELIACOR.VnfortunateUnfortunate CamilloCamillo.
wln 0354VIT.VITTORIAVIT.II dodo protestprotest ifif anyany chastchaste denialldenial,
wln 0355IfIf any thinganythingany thing butbut bloudblood couldcould hauehave alayedallayed,
wln 0356HisHis longlong suitesuit toto meme.
wln 0357COR.CORNELIACOR.II willwill ioynejoin withwith theethee,
wln 0358ToTo thethe mostmost wofullwoeful endend eree’erere mothermother kneel’dkneeled,

img: 8-b
sig: C2r

Vittoria Corombona.

wln 0359IfIf thouthou dishonourdishonordishonour thusthus thythy husbandshusband’s bedbed,
wln 0360BeeBebe thythy lifelife shortshort asas areare thethe funerallfuneral tearestears
wln 0361InIn greatgreat mensmen’s.BRAC.BRACHIANOBRAC.FyeFie, fyefie, thethe womanswoman’s madmad.
wln 0362COR.CORNELIACOR.BeeBebe thythy actact Iudas-likeJudas-likejudas-like betraybetray inin kissingkissing,
wln 0363MaiestMayest thouthou bebe enuiedenvied duringduring hishis shortshort breathbreath,
wln 0364AndAnd pittiedpitied likelike aa wretchwretch afterafter thisthis deathdeath.
wln 0365VIT.VITTORIAVIT.OO meme accurstaccursed.ExitExit UictoriaVittoriaUictoria
wln 0366FLAM.FLAMINEOFLAM.AreAre youyou outout ofof youryour witswits, mymy LordLord
wln 0367IleI’ll fetchfetch herher backeback againeagain?BRAC.BRACHIANOBRAC.NoNo I’leI’ll toto bedbed.
wln 0368SendSend DoctorDoctor IulioJuliojulio toto meme presentlypresently,
wln 0369VncharitableUncharitable womanwoman thythy rashrash tonguetongue
wln 0370HathHath rais’draised aa fearefullfearful andand prodigiousprodigious stormestorm,
wln 0371BeeBebe thouthou thethe causecause ofof allall ensuingensuing harmeharm.ExitExit BrachianoBrachiano.
wln 0372FLAM.FLAMINEOFLAM.NowNow, youyou thatthat standstand soso muchmuch vponupon youryour honourhonorhonour,
wln 0373IsIs thisthis aa fittingfitting timetime aa’a nightnight thinkethink youyou,
wln 0374ToTo sendsend aa DukeDuke homehome withoutwithout eree’erere aa manman:
wln 0375II wouldwould fainefain knowknow wherewhere lieslies thethe massemass ofof wealthwealth
wln 0376WhichWhich youyou hauehave whoordedhoarded forfor mymy maintenancemaintenance,
wln 0377ThatThat II maymay bearebear mymy beardbeard outout ofof thethe leuelllevel
wln 0378OfOf mymy LordsLord’sLords StiropStirrup.COR.CORNELIACOR.WhatWhat? becausebecause wewe areare poorepoor,
wln 0379ShallShall wewe bebe viciousvitiousvicious?FLAM.FLAMINEOFLAM.PrayPray whatwhat meanesmeans hauehave youyou
wln 0380ToTo keepekeep meme fromfrom thethe galliesgalleys, oror thethe gallowesgallows?
wln 0381MyMy fatherfather prou’dproved himselfehimself aa GentlemanGentleman,
wln 0382SoldSold al’sall’s landland, andand likelike aa fortunatefortunate fellowfellow,
wln 0383DiedDied ereere thethe moneymoney waswas spentspent. YouYou broughtbrought meme vpup,
wln 0384AtAt PaduaPadua II confesseconfess, wherewhere II protestprotest
wln 0385ForFor wantwant ofof meanesmeans, thethe VniuersityUniversity iudgejudge meme,
wln 0386II hauehave benebeen fainefain toto heeleheel mymy TutorsTutor’stutor’s stockingsstockings
wln 0387AtAt leastleast seuenseven yearesyears: ConspiringConspiring withwith aa beardbeard
wln 0388MadeMade meme aa GraduateGraduate, thenthen toto thisthis DukesDuke’s seruiceservice,
wln 0389II visitedvisited thethe CourtCourt, whencewhence II return’dreturned:
wln 0390MoreMore courteouscourteous, moremore letcherouslecherous byby farrefar,
wln 0391ButBut notnot aa suitesuit thethe richerricher, andand shallshall II,
wln 0392HauingHaving aa pathpath soso openopen andand soso freefree
wln 0393ToTo mymy prefermentpreferment, stillstill retaineretain youryour milkemilk
wln 0394InIn mymy palepale foreheadforehead, nono thisthis faceface ofof minemine
wln 0395I’leI’ll armearm andand fortefiefortify withwith lustylusty winewine,

img: 9-a
sig: C2v

Vittoria Corombona.

wln 0396Gainst’Gainst’gainst shameshame andand blushingblushing.
wln 0397COR.CORNELIACOR.OO thatthat II ne’rene’ernever hadhad borneborne theethee,
wln 0398FLAM.FLAMINEOFLAM.SoSo wouldwould II.
wln 0399II wouldwould thethe common’stcommon’stcommonest CourtezanCourtesan inin RomeRome,
wln 0400HadHad benebeen mymy mothermother ratherrather thenthan thy selfethyself.
wln 0401NatureNature isis veryvery pittfullpitiful toto whooreswhores
wln 0402ToTo giuegive themthem butbut fewfew childrenchildren, yetyet thosethose childrenchildren
wln 0403PluralityPlurality ofof fathersfathers, theythey areare suresure
wln 0404TheyThey shallshall notnot wantwant. GoGo, gogo,
wln 0405ComplaineComplain vntounto mymy greatgreat LordLord CardinallCardinal,
wln 0406YetYet maymay bebe hehe willwill iustifiejustify thethe actact.
wln 0407LycurgusLycurgus wondredwond’redwondered muchmuch menmen wouldwould prouideprovide
wln 0408GoodGood stalionsstallions forfor theirtheir MaresMares, andand yetyet wouldwould suffersuffer
wln 0409TheirTheir fairefair wiueswives toto bebe barrenbarren,
wln 0410COR.CORNELIACOR.MiseryMisery ofof miseriesmiseries.ExitExit CorneliaCornelia.
wln 0411FLAM.FLAMINEOFLAM.TheThe DutchesseDuchess comecome toto CourtCourt, II likelike notnot thatthat,
wln 0412WeeWewe areare ingag’dengaged toto mischiefemischief andand mustmust onon.
wln 0413AsAs RiuersRivers toto findefind outout thethe OceanOcean
wln 0414FlowFlow withwith crookecrook bendingsbendings beneathbeneath forcedforced bankesbanks,
wln 0415OrOr asas weewe seesee toto aspireaspire somesome mountainesmountain’smountains toptop,
wln 0416TheThe wayway ascendsascends notnot straightstraight, butbut ImitatesImitates
wln 0417TheThe suttlesubtle fouldingsfoldings ofof aa WintersWinter’s snakesnake,
wln 0418SoSo whowho knowesknows policypolicy andand herher truetrue aspectaspect,
wln 0419ShallShall findefind herher waiesways windingwinding andand indirectindirect.ExitExit.
wln 0420EnterEnter FranciscoFrancisco dede MedicisMedicis, CardinallCardinal MountcelsoMonticelsoMountcelso, MarcelloMarcello,
wln 0421IsabellaIsabella, youngyoung GiouanniGiovanni, withwith littlelittle IaquesJaquesjaques thethe MooreMoormoor.

wln 0422FRAN.FRANCISCOFRAN.HaueHave youyou notnot seeneseen youryour husbandhusband sincesince youyou ariuedarrived?
wln 0423ISAB.ISABELLAISAB.NotNot yetyet sirsir.FRAN.FRANCISCOFRAN.SurelySurely hehe isis wondrouswondrous kindkind,
wln 0424IfIf II hadhad aa suchsuch Doue-houseDovehousedove-house asas Camillo’sCamillo’s
wln 0425II wouldwould setset firefire on’ton ’ton’t, wer’twere ’twere’t butbut toto destroydestroy
wln 0426TheThe Pole-catsPolecats thatthat haunthaunt to’tto ’tto’t, mymy sweetsweet cossincousin.
wln 0427GIO.GIOVANNIGIO.LordLord vnkleuncle youyou diddid promisepromise meeme aa horsehorse
wln 0428AndAnd armourarmorarmour.FRAN.FRANCISCOFRAN.ThatThat II diddid mymy prettypretty cossincousin,
wln 0429MarcelloMarcello seesee itit fittedfitted.MAR.MARCELLOMAR.MyMy LordLord thethe DukeDuke isis herehere.
wln 0430FRAN.FRANCISCOFRAN.SisterSister awayaway youyou mustmust notnot yetyet beebe seeneseen.
wln 0431ISAB.ISABELLAISAB.II dodo beseechbeseech youyou intreateentreat himhim mildelymildly,
wln 0432LetLet notnot youryour roughrough tonguetongue

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Vittoria Corombona.

wln 0433SetSet vsus atat louderlouder variancevariance, allall mymy wrongswrongs
wln 0434AreAre freelyfreely pardonedpardoned, andand II dodo notnot doubtdoubt
wln 0435AsAs menmen toto trytry thethe preciousprecious VnicornesUnicorn’sunicorn’s hornehorn
wln 0436MakeMake ofof thethe powderpowder aa preseruatiuepreservative CircleCircle
wln 0437AndAnd inin itit putput aa spiderspider, soso thesethese armesarms
wln 0438ShallShall charmecharm hishis poysonpoison, forceforce itit toto obeyingobeying
wln 0439AndAnd keepekeep himhim chastchaste fromfrom anan infectedinfected strayingstraying
wln 0440FRAN.FRANCISCOFRAN.II wishwish itit maymay. BeBe gonegone.ExitExit.
wln 0441EnterEnter BrachianoBrachiano, andand FlamineoFlamineo.
wln 0442VoidVoid thethe chamberchamber,
wln 0443YouYou areare welcomewelcome, willwill youyou sitsit, II praypray mymy LordLord
wln 0444BeeBebe youyou mymy OratorOrator, mymy heartsheart’shearts tootoo fullfull,
wln 0445I’leI’ll secondsecond youyou anonanon.MONT.MONTICELSOMONT.E’reEreere II beginnebegin
wln 0446LetLet meme entreatentreat youryour gracegrace forgoforgo allall passionpassion
wln 0447WhichWhich maymay bebe raisedraised byby mymy freefree discoursediscourse..:
wln 0448BRAC.BRACHIANOBRAC.AsAs silentsilent asas i’thi’ th’i’th’ ChurchChurch youyou maymay proceedproceed.
wln 0449MONT.MONTICELSOMONT.ItIt isis aa wonderwonder toto youryour noblenoble friendsfriends,
wln 0450ThatThat youyou hauehave asas ’twere’twere entredentered thethe worldworld,
wln 0451WithWith aa freefree ScepterSceptre inin youryour ableable handhand,
wln 0452AndAnd hauehave toto th’useth’ useth’use ofof naturenature wellwell applyedapplied
wln 0453HighHigh giftsgifts ofof learninglearning, shouldshould inin youryour prime-ageprime-age
wln 0454NeglectNeglect youryour awfullawful thronethrone, forfor thethe softsoft downedown
wln 0455OfOf anan insatiateinsatiate bedbed. oho mymy LordLord,
wln 0456TheThe DrunkardDrunkard afterafter allall hishis lauishlavish cuppescups,
wln 0457IsIs drydry, andand thenthen isis sobersober, soso atat lengthlength,
wln 0458WhenWhen youyou awakeawake fromfrom thisthis lasciuiouslascivious dreamedream,
wln 0459RepentanceRepentance thenthen willwill followfollow; likelike thethe stingsting
wln 0460Plac’tPlaced inin thethe AddersAdder’sadder’s tayletail: wretchedwretched areare PrincesPrinces
wln 0461WhenWhen fortunefortune blastethblasteth butbut aa pettypetty flowerflower
wln 0462OfOf theirtheir vnweldyunwieldy crownescrowns; oror raueshethravisheth
wln 0463ButBut oneone pearlepearl fromfrom theirtheir ScepterSceptre: butbut alasalas!
wln 0464WhenWhen theythey toto wilfullwilful shipwrakeshipwreck looselose goodgood FameFame
wln 0465AllAll PrincelyPrincely titlestitles perishperish withwith theirtheir namename.
wln 0466BRAC.BRACHIANOBRAC.YouYou hauehave saidsaid mymy LordLord,
wln 0466MON.MONTICELSOMON.InoughEnough toto giuegive youyou tasttaste
wln 0467HowHow farrefar II amam fromfrom flatteringflattering youryour greatnessegreatness?
wln 0468BRAC.BRACHIANOBRAC.NowNow youyou thatthat areare hishis secondsecond, whatwhat saysay youyou?
wln 0469DoDo notnot likelike yongyoung hawkeshawks fetchfetch aa coursecourse aboutabout

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Vittoria Corombona.

wln 0470YourYour gamegame fliesflies fairefair andand forfor youyou,FRAN.FRANCISCOFRAN.DoDo notnot fearefear itit:
wln 0471I’leI’ll answereanswer youyou inin youryour owneown hawkinghawking phrasephrase,
wln 0472SomeSome EaglesEagles thatthat shouldshould gazegaze vponupon thethe SunneSun
wln 0473SeldomeSeldom soaresoar highhigh, butbut taketake theirtheir lustfulllustful easeease,
wln 0474SinceSince theythey fromfrom dunghilldunghill birdsbirds theirtheir perypreypery cancan ceazeseizecease,
wln 0475YouYou knowknow UittoriaVittoria,BRA.BRACHIANOBRA.YesYes.
wln 0476FRAN.FRANCISCOFRAN.YouYou shiftshift youryour shirtshirt therethere
wln 0477WhenWhen youyou retireretire fromfrom TennisTennis.BRAC.BRACHIANOBRAC.HappelyHappily.
wln 0478FRAN.FRANCISCOFRAN.HerHer husbandhusband isis LordLord ofof aa poorepoor fortunefortune
wln 0479YetYet sheshe wearswears clothcloth ofof TissueTissue,BRAC.BRACHIANOBRAC.WhatWhat ofof thisthis?
wln 0480WillWill youyou vrgeurge thatthat mymy goodgood LordLord CardinallCardinal
wln 0481AsAs partpart ofof herher confessionconfession atat nextnext ShriftShrift,
wln 0482AndAnd knowknow fromfrom whencewhence itit sailessails.FRAN.FRANCISCOFRAN.SheShe isis youryour StrumpetStrumpet,
wln 0483BRAC.BRACHIANOBRAC.VnciuillUnciviluncivil sirsir ther’sthere’s HemlockeHemlock inin thythy breathbreath
wln 0484AndAnd thatthat blackeblack slanderslander, werewere sheshe aa whorewhore ofof minemine
wln 0485AllAll