The Renegado, or The Gentleman of Venice
The Renegado, or The Gentleman of Venice

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ln 0001THETHE

ln 0004AsAs itit hathhath beenebeen oftenoften actedacted byby thethe
ln 0005QueenesQueen’squeen’s MaiestiesMajesty’s seruantsservants, atat
ln 0006thethe priuateprivate Play-housePlayhouse inin
ln 0007Drurye-LaneDrury LaneDrury-lane.


ln 0010PrintedPrinted byby A.A. M.M. forfor IohnJohnjohn WatersonWaterson,
ln 0011andand areare toto bebe soldsold atat thethe CrowneCrown inin
ln 0012PaulsPaul’s Church-YardChurchyardchurchyard. 16301630.

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sig: A2v

ln 0001DramatisDramatis PersonæPersonaePersonae.TheThe ActorsActors’Actors namesnames.

ln 0002ASAMBEGASAMBEG, ViceroyViceroy ofof TunisTunis.IohnJohnjohn BlanyeBlanye.
ln 0003MVSTAPHAMUSTAPHA, BashaBashawbassa ofof AleppoAleppo.IohnJohnjohn SumnerSumner.
ln 0004VITELLIVITELLI, AA GentelmanGentleman ofof
ln 0005VeniceVenice disguis’ddisguised.MichaelMichael BowierBowierBowyer.

ln 0006FRANCISCOFRANCISCO, AA IesuiteJesuit.WilliamWilliam ReignaldsReignalds.
ln 0008RenegadoRenegado.WilliamWilliam AllenAllen.

ln 0009CARAZIECARAZIE anan EunuchEunuch.WilliamWilliam RobinsRobins.
ln 0010GAZETGAZET seruantservant toto VitelliVitelli.EdwardEdward ShakerleyShakerley.
ln 0011AGA.AGA.
ln 0015SAYLORSSAILORSsailors.
ln 00173.3. TVRKESTURKSTurks.

ln 0018DONVSADONUSA, neeceniece toto AMVRATHAMURATH.EdwardEdward RogersRogers.
ln 0019PAVLINAPAULINA, SisterSister toto VitelliVitelli.TheoTheo. BourneBourne.
ln 0020MANTOMANTO, seruantservant toto DonusaDonusa.

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sig: A3r

ln 0003BaronBaron BarkleyBarkley, ofof BarkleyBarkley CastleCastle,
ln 0004andand KnightKnight ofof thethe HonourableHonorableHonourable
ln 0005OrderOrder ofof thethe BATHEBATHbath.

ln 0006MyMy goodgood LordLord.
ln 0007TOTO bebe HonouredHonoredHonoured forfor oldold NobilityNobility,
ln 0008oror HereditaryHereditary TitlesTitles isis notnot alonealone
ln 0009properproper toto your Selfeyourself, butbut toto somesome
ln 0010fewfew ofof youryour ranckerank, whowho maymay chal-chal|lengechallenge
ln 0011lenge
ln 0011thethe likelike priuiledgeprivilege withwith youyou:
ln 0012butbut inin ourour ageage toto vouchsafevouchsafe (asas youyou
ln 0013hauehave oftenoften donedone) aa readyready handhand toto rayseraise thethe
ln 0014deiecteddejected spiritsspirits ofof thethe contemnedcontemned SonnesSons ofof
ln 0015thethe MusesMuses, SuchSuch asas wouldwould notnot suffersuffer thethe glo-glor|iousglorious
ln 0016rious
ln 0016firefire ofof PoesiePoesy toto bebe whollywholly extingui-extingui|shedextinguished
ln 0017shed,
ln 0017isis soso remarkableremarkable, andand peculiarpeculiar to●oto youryour
ln 0018LordshipLordship, thatthat withwith aa fullfull vote〈…〉vote,,〈…〉 and〈…〉and suffrage〈…〉suffrage
ln 0019itit isis acknowledgedacknowledged thatthat thethe Patronage〈◊〉Patronage and〈◊〉and
ln 0020ProtectionProtection ofof thethe DramatiqueDramatic PoemPoetry〈◊〉PoemPoetry, isis
ln 0021yoursyours, andand almostalmost withoutwithout a〈…〉a riuall〈…〉rival.〈…〉 I〈…〉I des-despayre〈…〉despair
ln 0022payrepayre
ln 0022notnot thereforetherefore, butbut that〈…〉that my〈…〉my ambition〈…〉ambition
ln 0023toto presentpresent mymy seruice〈…〉service inin thisthis kindekind, maymay [◇]in〈…〉in
ln 0024youryour clemencyclemency meete〈…〉meet withwith aa gentlegentle in[***]interpretation〈…〉interpretation
ln 0025pretationpretation.
ln 0025Confirme〈…〉Confirmconfirm itit mymy goodgood Lo[**]LordLord [◇]inin

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The Epistle.

ln 0026YourYour graciousgracious acceptanceacceptance ofof thisthis trifletrifle, inin
ln 0027whichwhich ifif II werewere notnot confidentconfident therethere areare
ln 0028somesome peecespieces worthyworthy thethe perusallperusal, itit shouldshould
ln 0029hauehave beenebeen taughttaught anan humblerhumbler flightflight, andand
ln 0030thethe writerwriter (YourYour Countrey-manCountryman) neuernever
ln 0031yetyet mademade happyhappy inin youryour noticenotice, andand fauourfavorfavour,
ln 0032hadhad notnot mademade thisthis anan aduocateadvocate toto pleadplead forfor
ln 0033hishis admissionadmission amongamong suchsuch asas areare wholywholly,
ln 0034andand sincerelysincerely deuoteddevoted toto youryour seruiceservice. II maymay
ln 0035liuelive toto tendertender mymy humblehumble thankefulnessethankfulness inin
ln 0036somesome higherhigher straynestrain, andand tilltill thenthen comfortcomfort
ln 0037my selfemyself withwith hopehope, thatthat youyou descenddescend fromfrom
ln 0038youryour heightheight toto receiuereceive.

ln 0039YourYour HonoursHonor’shonour’s

ln 0040CommandedCommanded SeruantServant


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sig: A4r

ln 0001ToTo mymy HonourdHonoredHonoured FriendFriend, MasterMaster PHILIPPHILIP
, vponupon hishis RENEGADORENEGADO.

ln 0003DAbblersDAbblers inin PoetryPoetry thatthat onelyonly cancan,
ln 0004CourtCourt thisthis weakeweak LadyLady, oror thatthat GentlemanGentleman,
ln 0005withwith somesome looseloose wittwit inin rimerhyme;
ln 0006othersothers thatthat frightfright thethe timetime.
ln 0007IntoInto beliefebelief withwith mightymighty wordswords, thatthat tearetear
ln 0008aa PassagePassage throughthrough thethe eareear;
ln 0009oror NicerNicer menmen,
ln 0010ThatThat throughthrough aa PerspectiuePerspective wilwill seesee aa PlayPlay,
ln 0011andand vseuse itit thethe wrongwrong wayway,
ln 0012(notnot worthworth thythy PenPen)
ln 0013ThoughThough allall theirtheir PridePride exaltexalt ’em’em, cannotcannot beebe
ln 0014CompetentCompetent IudgesJudgesjudges ofof thythy LinesLines oror theethee.

ln 0015II mustmust confesseconfess II hauehave nono PublikePublic namename
ln 0016ToTo rescuerescue iudgementjudgement, nono PoetickePoetic flameflame
ln 0017toto dressedress thythy MuseMuse withwith PraisePraise,
ln 0018andand PhœbusPhoebusPhoebus hishis owneown BayesBaysbays;
ln 0019YetYet II commendcommend thisthis PoemPoem, andand daredare telltell
ln 0020thethe WorldWorld II lik’dliked itit wellwell,
ln 0021andand ifif therethere beebe
ln 0022AA tribetribe, whowho inin theirtheir WisedomesWisdoms daredare accuseaccuse,
ln 0023thisthis ofspringoffspring ofof thythy MuseMuse,
ln 0024letlet themthem agreeagree,
ln 0025ConspireConspire oneone ComedyComedy, andand theythey willwill saysay
ln 0026Tis’Tis easiereasier toto CommendCommend, thenthanthen makemake aa PlayPlay.


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sig: A4v

ln 0001ToTo hishis worthyworthy FriendFriend MasterMaster PHILIPPHILIP
ln 0002MASSENGERMASSINGERMassinger, onon hishis PlayPlay, Call’dCalled

ln 0004THETHE bosomebosom ofof aa friendfriend cannotcannot breathbreathe foorth●oorthforth
ln 0005AA flatteringflattering phrasephrase toto speakespeak thethe noblenoble WorthWorth
ln 0006OfOf himhim thatthat hathhath lodg’dlodged inin hishis honesthonest brestbreast,
ln 0007SoSo largelarge aa titletitle: II amongamong thethe restrest
ln 0008ThatThat honourhonorhonour theethee, doedo onelyonly seemeseem toto praysepraise
ln 0009WantingWanting thethe flowersflowers ofof ArtArt, toto deckedeck thatthat BayesBaysbays
ln 0010MeritMerit hashas crown’dcrowned thythy TemplesTemples withwith. KnowKnow friendfriend
ln 0011ThoughThough therethere areare somesome whowho meerelymerely doedo commendcommend
ln 0012ToTo liuelive i’thi●thi’ th’i’th’ WorldsWorld’s opinionopinion suchsuch asas cancan
ln 0013CensureCen●ureCensure withwith IudgementIudgmentI●dgementJudgment, nono suchsuch peecepiece ofof ManMan,
ln 0014MakesMakes vpup my〈◊〉my spirit〈◊〉spirit wherewhere desertdesert doe’sdoes liuelive,
ln 0015ThereThere willwill II plantplant mymy wonderwonder, andand therethere giuegive
ln 0016MyMy bestbest indeauoursendeavorsendeavours, toto buildbuild vpup hishis storystory
ln 0017ThatThat truelytruly MeritsMerits. II diddid euerever gloryglory
ln 0018ToTo beholdbehold VertueVirtue richrich, thoughthough cruellcruel FateFate
ln 0019InIn scornefullscornful malicemalice doe’sdoes beatebeat lowlow theirtheir statestate
ln 0020ThatThat bestbest deseruedeserve, whenwhen othersothers thatthat butbut knowknow
ln 0021OnelyOnly toto scribblescribble, andand nono moremore, of’toftof’t growgrow
ln 0022GreateGreat inin theirtheir fauoursfavorsfavours, thatthat wouldwould seemeseem toto beebe
ln 0023PatronsPatrons ofof WittWit, andand modestmodest PoesiePoesy:
ln 0024YetYet withwith youryour ablerabler FriendsFriends, letlet meme saysay thisthis
ln 0025ManyMany maymay striuestrive toto equallequal youyou, butbut missemiss
ln 0026OfOf youryour fayrefair scopescope, thisthis workework ofof yoursyours menmen maymay
ln 0027ThrowThrow inin thethe faceface ofof enuyenvy, andand thenthen saysay
ln 0028ToTo thosethose thatthat areare inin Great-mensGreat-men’s thoughtsthoughts moremore blestblessed,
ln 0029ImitateImitate thisthis, AndAnd callcall thatthat workework youryour bestbest.
ln 0030YetYet Wise-menWise-men, inin thisthis, andand tootoo oftenoften, erreerr
ln 0031WhenWhen theythey theirtheir louelove beforebefore thethe workework preferreprefer,
ln 0032IfIf II shouldshould saysay moremore, somesome maymay blameblame meme for’tfor ’tfor’t
ln 0033SeeingSeeing youryour meritsmerits speakespeak youyou, notnot reportreport.


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sig: B1r

wln 0001THETHE

wln 0003TheThe SceneScene TunisTunis.

wln 0004ActusActus primusprimus. ScenaScaena primaprima.

wln 0005EnterEnter VitelliVitelli andand GazetGazet.

wln 0006VitelliVitelli.
wln 0007YOuYOu hauehave hirdehired aa ShopShop thenthen?
wln 0008Gazet.Gazet.YesYes sirsir, andand ourour wareswares
wln 0009(ThoughThough brittlebrittle asas aa maydenheadmaidenhead atat six-sixteene●ix|teene
wln 0010teenesixteen)
wln 0011AreAre safesafe vnladenunladen; notnot aa ChristallCrystal cracktcracked,
wln 0012OrOr ChinaChina dishdish needsneeds sodringsoldering; ourour choicechoice
wln 0013 PicturesPictures
wln 0014AsAs theythey camecame fromfrom thethe workemanworkman, withoutwithout blemishblemish,
wln 0015AndAnd II hauehave studiedstudied speechesspeeches forfor eacheach PeecePe●●ePiece,
wln 0016AndAnd inin aa thriftythrifty tonetone toto sellsell ’em’em offoff;
wln 0017WillWill sweareswear byby Mahamet〈◊〉Mahamet, andand TermagantTarmagant〈◊〉Termaganttermagant,
wln 0018ThatThat thisthis isis MistrisMistress toto thethe greatgreat DukeDuke ofof FlorenceFlorence,
wln 0019ThatThat NeeceNiece toto oldold KingKing PippinPippin, andand aa thirdthird
wln 0020AnAn AustrianAustrian PrincessePrincess byby herher RomanRoman nosenose,
wln 0021How ereHowe’erhowe’er mymy conscienceconscience telstells meme theythey areare figuresfigures
wln 0022OfOf BawdesBa●desBawds, andand commoncommon CourtezansCourtesanscourtesans inin VeniceVenice.

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[The opening A4v-B1r is duplicated in the EEBO image set.]
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[The opening A4v-B1r is duplicated in the EEBO image set.]
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The Renegado.

wln 0023Vitel.VitelliVitel.YouYou makemake nono scruplescruple ofof anan oathoath thenthen?
wln 0024Gaz.GazetGaz.Fie●ieFie sirsir
wln 0025Tis’Tis outout ofof mymy IndenturesIndentures, II amam boundbound therethere
wln 0026ToTo sweareswear forfor mymy MastersMaster’s profitprofit asas securelysecurely
wln 0027AsAs youryour intelligencerintelligencer mustmust forfor hishis PrincePrince,
wln 0028ThatThat sendessends himhim forthforth anan honourablehonorablehonourable spiespy,
wln 0029ToTo serueserve hishis purposespurposes. AndAnd ifif itit bebe lawfulllawful
wln 0030InIn aa ChristianChristian shopkeepershopkeeper toto cheatecheat hishis fatherfather,
wln 0031II cannotcannot findfind butbut toto abuseabuse aa TurkeTurk
wln 0032InIn thethe salesale ofof ourour commoditiescommodities, mustmust beebe thoughtthought
wln 0033AA meritoriousmeritorious workework.
wln 0034Vitel.VitelliVitel.II wonderwonder sirrasirrah
wln 0035What’sWhat’s youryour ReligionReligion?
wln 0036Gaz.GazetGaz.TrothTroth toto answereanswer truelytruly
wln 0037II wouldwould notnot bebe ofof oneone thatthat shouldshould commandcommand meeme
wln 0038ToTo feedfeed vponupon poorepoor IohnJohnjohn, whenwhen II seesee PheasantsPheasants
wln 0039AndAnd PartrigesPartridges onon thethe TableTable: nornor doedo II likelike
wln 0040TheThe otherother thatthat allowesallows vsus toto eateeat fleshflesh
wln 0041InIn thethe LentLent thoughthough itit bebe rottenrotten, ratherrather thenthan beebe
wln 0042ThoughtThought superstitioussuperstitious, asas youryour zealouszealous CoblerCobbler,
wln 0043AndAnd learnedlearned botcherbutcher PreachPreach atat AmsterdamAmsterdam
wln 0044OuerOver aa HotchpotchHotchpotch. II wouldwould notnot bebe confin’dconfined
wln 0045InIn mymy beliefebelief, whenwhen allall youryour SectsSects, andand sectaries●●ect●riessectaries
wln 0046AreAre grownegrown ofof oneone opinionopinion, ifif II likelike itit
wln 0047II willwill professeprofess my selfemyself, inin thethe meane timemeantimemean time
wln 0048LiueLive II inin EnglandEngland, SpaineSpain, FranceFrance, RomeRome,〈◊〉RomeRome,,, Geneua〈◊〉Geneva.
wln 0049II amam ofof thatthat CountryesCountry’s faith●aithfaith,
wln 0050Vitel.VitelliVitel.AndAnd whatwhat inin TunisTunis,
wln 0051WillWill youyou turneturn TurkeTurk heerehere?
wln 0052Gaz.GazetGaz.No!No! soso II shouldshould looselose
wln 0053AA CollopCollop ofof thatthat partpart mymy DollD●llDoll inioyn’din●oyn’denjoined meeme
wln 0054ToTo bringbring homehome asas sheshe leftleft itit; tis’tis herher ventureventure,
wln 0055NorNor daredare II barterbarter thatthat commoditiecommodity
wln 0056WithoutWithout herher speciallspecial warrantwarrant.
wln 0057Vitel.VitelliVitel.YouYou areare aa KnaueKnaveKna●eKnave sirsir,
wln 0058LeauingLea●ingleaving youryour RoguerieRoguery thinkethink vponupon mymy businessebusiness,

img: 6-b
sig: B2r

The Renegado.

wln 0059ItIt isis nono timetime toto foolefool nownow
wln 0060RememberRemember wherewhere youyou areare tootoo! thoughthough thisthis MartMart timetime,
wln 0061WeeWewe areare allowdeallowed freefree tradingtrading, andand withwith safetiesafety.
wln 0062TemperTemper youryour tonguetongue andand meddlemeddle notnot withwith thethe TurkesTurks,
wln 0063TheirTheir mannersmanners, nornor ReligionReligion.
wln 0064Gaz.GazetGaz.TakeTake youyou heedeheed sirsir
wln 0065WhatWhat colourscolorscolours youyou wearewear. NotNot twotwo houreshours sincesince therethere Lan-Lan|dedLanded(ded
wln 0066AnAn EnglishEnglish PiratsPirate’spirate’s WhoreWhore withwith aa greenegreen apronapron,
wln 0067AndAnd asas sheshe walk’twalked thethe streetsstreets, oneone ofof theirtheir MuftiesMuftis
wln 0068WeeWewe callcall themthem PriestsPriests atat VeniceVenice, withwith aa RazorRazor
wln 0069CuttsCuts itit ofoffof PetticoatePetticoat, SmockeSmock andand allall, andand leauesleaves herher
wln 0070AsAs nakednaked asas mymy NayleNail: thethe youngyoung FrieFry wonderingwondering
wln 0071WhatWhat strangestrange beastbeast itit shouldshould bebe. II scap’t’scaped aa scouringscouring
wln 0072MyMy MistresMistress’Mistress BuskepoyntBusk-pointBuskepoynt, ofof thatthat forbiddenforbidden colourecolorcolour
wln 0073ThenThen tydetiedtIED mymy codpeececodpiece, hadhad itit beenebeen discouer’ddiscovered
wln 0074II hadhad beenebeen capondecaponed.
wln 0075Vitel.VitelliVitel.AndAnd hadhad beenebeen wellwell seru’dserved;
wln 0076HasteHaste toto thethe ShoppeShop andand setset mymy WaresWares inin orderorder
wln 0077II willwill notnot longlong bebe absentabsent?
wln 0078Gaz.GazetGaz.ThoughThough II striuestrive sirsir
wln 0079ToTo putput ofoffof MelencholyMelancholymelancholy, toto whichwhich, youyou areare euerever
wln 0080TooToo muchmuch inclindeinclined, itit shallshall notnot hinderhinder meme
wln 0081WithWith mymy bestbest carecare toto serueserve youyouExitExit GazetGazet.
wln 0082EnterEnter FranciscoFrancisco.
wln 0083Vitel.VitelliVitel.II beleeuebelieve theethee.
wln 0084OO wellcomewelcome sirsir, staystay ofof mymy steppessteps inin thisthis lifelife,
wln 0085AndAnd guideguide toto allall mymy blessedblessed hopeshopes heereafterhereafter.
wln 0086WhatWhat comfortscomforts sirsir? hauehave youryour indeauoursendeavorsendeavours prosper’dposper’dprospered?
wln 0087HaueHave weewe tirdetired FortunesFortune’s malicemalice withwith ourour sufferingssufferings?
wln 0088IsIs sheshe atat lengthlength afterafter soso manymany frownesfrowns
wln 0089Pleas’dPleased toto vouchafevouchsafe oneone cheerefullcheerful lookelook vponupon vsus?
wln 0090Fran.FranciscoFran.YouYou giuegive tootoo muchmuch toto fortunefortune, andand youryour passionspassions,
wln 0091OreO’ero’er whichwhich aa wisewise manman, ifif ReligiousReligious, tryumphstriumphs.
wln 0092ThatThat namename foolesfoolsfool’s worshipworship, andand thosethose tyrantstyrants whichwhich
wln 0093WeeWewe armearm againstagainst ourour betterbetter partpart, ourour reasonreason,
wln 0094MayMay addadd, butbut neuernever taketake fromfrom ourour afflictionsafflictions:

img: 7-a
sig: B2v

The Renegado.

wln 0095VitelliVitelli.SirSir asas II amam aa sinfullsinful manman, II cancan notnot
wln 0096ButBut likelike oneone suffersuffer.
wln 0097Fran.FranciscoFran.II exacteexact notnot fromfrom youyou
wln 0098AA fortitudefortitude insensibleinsensible ofof calamitiecalamity,
wln 0099ToTo whichwhich thethe Saint’sSaintssaints themseluesthemselves hauehave bowdebowed andand showneshown
wln 0100TheyThey areare mademade ofof fleshflesh, andand bloudblood, allall thatthat II challengechallenge
wln 0101IsIs manlymanly patiencepatience. WillWill youyou thatthat vverewere train’dtrained vpup
wln 0102InIn aa ReligiousReligious SchooleSchool, wherewhere diuinedivine maximesmaxims
wln 0103ScorningScorning comparisoncomparison, vvithwith morallmoral preceptsprecepts
wln 0104WereWere dailydaily taughttaught youyou, bearebear youryour constanciesconstancy’s trialltrial
wln 0105NotNot likelike VitelliVitelli, butbut aa VillageVillage nursenurse
wln 0106WithWith cursescurses inin youryour mouthmouth: TearesTears inin youryour eyeseyes?
wln 0107HovvHow poorelypoorly itit showesshows inin youyou?
wln 0108Vi.VitelliVi.II amam School’dSchooled sirsir,
wln 0109AndAnd willwill heereafterhereafter toto mymy vtmostutmost strengthstrength
wln 0110StudieStudy toto beebe my selfemyself.
wln 0111Fran.FranciscoFran.SoSo shallshall youyou findfind meeme
wln 0112MostMost readyready toto assistassist youyou; NeitherNeither hauehave II
wln 0113SleptSlept inin youryour greategreat occasionsoccasions sincesince II leftleft youyou
wln 0114II hauehave beenebeen atat thethe ViceroiesViceroy’sviceroy’s CourtCourt andand presdepressed
wln 0115AsAs farfar asas theythey allovveallow aa ChristianChristian entranceentrance.
wln 0116AndAnd somethingsomething II hauehave learn’tlearntlearned thatthat maymay concerneconcern
wln 0117TheThe purposepurpose ofof thisthis iourneyjourney.
wln 0118Vi.VitelliVi.DeereDear SirSir vvhatwhat isis itit?
wln 0119Fran.FranciscoFran.ByBy thethe commandcommand ofof AsambegAsambeg, thethe ViceroyViceroy:
wln 0120TheThe CittieCity swelsswells vvithwith barbarousbarbarous PompePomp andand PridePride
wln 0121ForFor thethe entertainemententertainment ofof stoutstout MustaphaMustapha
wln 0122TheThe BashaBashawbassa ofof AleppoAleppo, vvhowho inin personperson
wln 0123ComesComes toto receiuereceive thethe neeceniece ofof AmurahAmurah●Amurah
wln 0124TheThe fayrefair DonusaDonusa forfor hishis bridebride.
wln 0125Vitel.VitelliVitel.II findfind notnot
wln 0126HovvHow thisthis maymay profitprofit vsus.
wln 0127Fran.FranciscoFran.PrayPray youyou giuegive meeme leaueleave.
wln 0128AmongAmong thethe restrest thatthat vvaytewait vponupon thethe ViceroyViceroy,
wln 0129(SuchSuch asas hauehave vnderunder himhim commandcommand inin TunisTunis.)
wln 0130WhoWho asas youyou hauehave oftenoften heardheard areare allall falsefalse PiratsPirates,

img: 7-b
sig: B3r

The Renegado.

wln 0131II savvsaw thethe shameshame ofof VeniceVenice andand thethe scornescorn
wln 0132OfOf allall goodgood menmen: TheThe periurdeperjured RenegadoRenegado
wln 0133AntonoAntonioAntono GrimaldyGrimaldi
wln 0134Vitel.VitelliVitel.Ha!Ha! hishis namename
wln 0135IsIs poysonpoison toto meeme.
wln 0136Fran.FranciscoFran.YetYet againeagain?
wln 0137Vitel.VitelliVitel.II hauehave donedone sirsir.
wln 0138Fran.FranciscoFran.ThisThis debauchdedebauched villainevillain: whomwhom wewe euerever thoughtthought▪thought●thought▪thought,,
wln 0139(AfterAfter hishis impiousimpious scornescorn donedone inin SaintSaint MarkesMark’sMarks
wln 0140ToTo meme asas II stoodstood atat thethe holyholy AltarAltar)
wln 0141TheThe theefethief thatthat rauish’travished youryour fayrefair sistersister fromfrom youyou,
wln 0142TheThe vertuousvirtuous PaulinaPaulina notnot longlong sincesince,
wln 0143(AsAs II amam truelytruly giuengiven toto vnderstandunderstand)
wln 0144SoldSold toto thethe viceroyviceroy aa fayrefair ChristianChristian VirginVirgin,
wln 0145OnOn whomwhom, maugremaugre hishis fiercefierce andand cruellcruel naturenature
wln 0146AsambegAsambeg dotesdotes extreamelyextremely.
wln 0147Vitel.VitelliVitel.Tis’Tis mymy sistersister
wln 0148ItIt mustmust bebe sheeshe, mymy betterbetter AngellAngel tellstells meme
wln 0149Tis’Tis poorepoor PaulinaPaulina. FarewellFarewell allall disguisesdisguises
wln 0150IleI’ll showshow inin mymy reuengerevenge thatthat II amam NobleNoble.
wln 0151Fran.FranciscoFran.YouYou areare notnot madmad?
wln 0152Vitel.VitelliVitel.NoNo sirsir, mymy vertuousvirtuous angeranger
wln 0153MakesMakes eueryevery veynevein anan arterieartery, II feelefeel inin meeme
wln 0154TheThe strengthstrength ofof twentytwenty menmen, andand beingbeing arm’darmed
wln 0155WithWith mymy goodgood causecause toto wreakewreak wrong’dwronged innocenceinnocence
wln 0156II daredare alonealone runrun toto thethe viceroysviceroy’s CourtCourt
wln 0157AndAnd withwith thisthis PonyardPoniardponiard beforebefore hishis faceface.
wln 0158DiggeDig outout GrimaldiesGrimaldi’s heartheart.
wln 0159Fran.FranciscoFran.IsIs thisthis ReligiousReligious?
wln 0160Vitel.VitelliVitel.WouldWould youyou hauehave meme tametame nownow; CanCan II knowknow
wln 0161 mymy sistersister
wln 0162MewdeMewedmewed vpup inin hishis SerraglioSeraglio, andand inin dangerdanger
wln 0163NotNot alonealone toto looselose herher honourhonorhonour, butbut herher soulesoul,
wln 0164TheThe hell-breedhell-bred VillaineVillain byby tootoo? thatthat hashas soldsold bothboth
wln 0165ToTo blackeblack destructiondestruction, andand notnot hastehaste toto sendsend himhim
wln 0166ToTo thethe DeuillDevil hishis tutortutor? toto bebe patientpatient nownow,

img: 8-a
sig: B3v

The Renegado.

wln 0167WereWere inin anotheranother namename toto playplay thethe PandorPander
wln 0168ToTo thethe ViceroyesViceroy’sviceroy’s looseloose embracesembraces, andand crycry aimeaim
wln 0169WhileWhile hehe byby forceforce, oror flaterieflattery compelscompels herher
wln 0170ToTo yeeldyield herher fayrefair namename vpup toto hishis foulefoul lustlust,
wln 0171AndAnd afterafter turneturn ApostataApostata toto thethe faithfaith
wln 0172ThatThat sheshe waswas breedbredbreed inin.
wln 0173Fran.FranciscoFran.D’oeDodo butbut giuegive meme hearinghearing.
wln 0174AndAnd youyou shallshall soonesoon grantgrant howhow ridiculousridiculous
wln 0175ThisThis childishchildish furyfury isis. AA wisewise manman neuernever
wln 0176AttemptsAttempts impossibilitiesimpossibilities; ’tis’tis asas easieeasy
wln 0177ForFor anyany singlesingle armearm toto quellquell anan ArmyArmy.
wln 0178AsAs toto effecteffect youryour wisheswishes; wewe comecome hitherhither
wln 0179ToTo learnelearn PaulinasPaulina’s faithfaith, andand toto redeemeredeem herher,
wln 0180(LeaueLeave youryour reuengerevenge toto heauenheaven) II oftoft hauehave touldtold youyou
wln 0181OfOf aa ReliqueRelic thatthat II gauegave herher, whichwhich hashas powerpower
wln 0182(IfIf wewe maymay creditcredit holyholy mensmen’s traditionstraditions)
wln 0183ToTo keepekeep thethe ownerowner freefree fromfrom violenceviolence:
wln 0184ThisThis onon herher breastbreast sheshe weareswears, andand doesdoes preseruepreserve
wln 0185TheThe vertuevirtue ofof itit byby herher dailydaily prayersprayers.
wln 0186SoSo ifif sheshe fallfall notnot byby herher owneown consentconsent
wln 0187WhichWhich itit werewere sinnesin toto thinkethink: II fearefear nono forceforce.
wln 0188BeBe thereforetherefore patientpatient, keepekeep thisthis borrowedborrowed shapeshape
wln 0189TillTill timetime andand oportunitieopportunity presentpresent vsus
wln 0190WithWith somesome fitfit meanesmeans toto seesee herher, whichwhich perform’dperformed,
wln 0191IleI’ll ioynejoin withwith youyou inin anyany desperatedesperate coursecourse
wln 0192ForFor herher deliuerydelivery.
wln 0193Vitel.VitelliVitel.YouYou hauehave CharmdeCharmedcharmed meme sirsir
wln 0194AndAnd II obeyobey inin allall thingsthings; PrayPray youyou pardonpardon
wln 0195TheThe weakenesseweakness ofof mymy passionpassion.
wln 0196Fran.FranciscoFran.AndAnd excuseexcuse itit.
wln 0197BeBe cheerefullcheerful manman forfor knowknow thatthat goodgood intentsintents
wln 0198AreAre inin thethe endend CrowndCrowned withwith asas fayrefair euentsevents.
wln 0199ExeuntExeunt.


img: 8-b
sig: B4r

The Renegado.

wln 0200ActusActus primusprimus. ScenaScaena secundasecunda.

wln 0201EnterEnter DonusaDonusa. MantoManto. CarazieCarazie.

wln 0202DonusaDonusa.HaueHave youyou seeneseen thethe ChristianChristian CaptiueCaptive,
wln 0203TheThe greatgreat BashaBashawbassa isis soso enamourdenamoredenamoured ofof?
wln 0204MantoManto.YesYes an’tan ’tan’t pleaseplease youryour ExcellencyExcellency
wln 0205II tooketook aa fullfull viewview ofof herher, whenwhen sheeshe vvaswas
wln 0206PresentedPresented toto himhim.
wln 0207Donu.DonusaDonu.AndAnd isis sheshe suchsuch aa wonderwonder
wln 0208AsAs tis’tis reportedreported?
wln 0209Mant.MantoMant.SheShe waswas drown’ddrowned inin tearestears thenthen,
wln 0210WhichWhich tooketook muchmuch fromfrom herher beautiebeauty, yetyet inin spitespite
wln 0211OfOf sorrowsorrow, sheeshe appeardappeared thethe MistresseMistress ofof
wln 0212MostMost rarerare perfectionsperfections; andand thoughthough lowlow ofof staturestature,
wln 0213HerHer wellwell proportion’dproportioned limbeslimbs inuiteinvite affectionaffection;
wln 0214AndAnd whenwhen sheshe speakesspeaks, eacheach syllablesyllable isis musiquemusic
wln 0215ThatThat doesdoes inchauntenchantinchant thethe hearershearers. ButBut youryour HighnesseHighness
wln 0216ThatThat areare notnot toto bebe paralleldeparalleled, II yetyet neuernever
wln 0217BeheldBeheld herher equallequal.
wln 0218DonusaDonusa.ComeCome youyou flatterflatter meme,
wln 0219ButBut II forgiueforgive itit, wewe thatthat areare borneborn greatgreat
wln 0220SeldomeSeldom distastdistaste ourour seruantsservants, thoughthough theythey giuegive vsus
wln 0221MoreMore thenthan weewe cancan pretendpretend tootoo. II hauehave heardheard
wln 0222ThatThat ChristianChristian LadiesLadies liuelive withwith muchmuch moremore freedomefreedom
wln 0223ThenThan suchsuch asas areare borneborn heerehere. OurOur iealousjealous TurkesTurks
wln 0224NeuerNever permitpermit theirtheir faire●airefair wiueswives toto bebe seeneseen
wln 0225ButBut atat thethe publiquepublic BanniasBagniosBannias, oror thethe MosquesMosques
wln 0226AndAnd eueneven thenthen vayldeveiled, andand gardedguarded. ThouThou CarazieCarazie
wln 0227WertWert borneborn inin EnglandEngland, what’swhat’s thethe customecustcustomcust meme therethere
wln 0228AmongAmong youryour womenwomen? ComeCome bebe freefree andand merrymerry
wln 0229II amam nono seueresevere MistresMistress, nornor hastha●thast thouthou metmet withwith
wln 0230AA heauieheavy bondagebondage.
wln 0231Car.CarazieCar.HeauieHeavy? II waswas mademade lighterlighter
wln 0232ByBy twotwo stonestone waightweight atat leastleast toto bebe fitfit toto serue●erueserve youyou.

img: 9-a
sig: B4v

The Renegado.

wln 0233ButBut toto youryour questionquestion MadameMadammadam, womenwomen inin EnglandEngland
wln 0234ForFor thethe mostmost partpart liuelive likelike QueenesQueens. YourYour CountreyCountry LadiesLadies
wln 0235HaueHave libertieliberty toto haukehawk, toto hunthunt, toto feastfeast:
wln 0236ToTo giuegive freefree entertainemententertainment toto allall commerscomers,
wln 0237ToTo talketalk, toto kissekiss, there’sthere’s nono suchsuch thingthing knowneknown therethere
wln 0238AsAs anan ItalianItalian girdlegirdle. YourYour CittieCity DameDam●Dame
wln 0239WithoutWithout leaueleave weareswears thethe breechesbreeches, hashas herher husbandhusband
wln 0240AtAt asas muchmuch commandcommand asas herher PrenticePrentice, andand ifif needneed bebe
wln 0241CanCan makemake himhim CuckoldCuckold byby herher FathersFather’s CoppieCopy.
wln 0242DonusaDonusa.ButBut youryour courtcourt LadyLady?
wln 0243Car.CarazieCar.SheShe, II assureassure youyou MadameMadammadam,
wln 0244KnowesKnows nothingnothing butbut herher willwill, mustmust bebe allovv’dallowed
wln 0245HerHer Foot-menFootmen, herher CarochCarochecaroche, herher VshersUshers, herher PagesPages,
wln 0246HerHer DoctorDoctor, ChaplinesChaplainschaplains, andand asas II hauehave heardheard
wln 0247TheyThey areare grownegrown ofof latelate soso learn’dlearned thatthat theythey maintainemaintain
wln 0248AA strangestrange PositionPosition, whichwhich theirtheir LordsLords withwith allall
wln 0249TheirTheir wittwit cannotcannot confuteconfute.
wln 0250DonusaDonusa.What’sWhat’s thatthat II pretheeprithee?
wln 0251Car.CarazieCar.MarryMarry thatthat itit isis notnot onelyonly fitfit butbut lavvfulllawful,
wln 0252YourYour MadameMadammadam therethere, herher muchmuch restrest, andand highhigh feedingfeeding
wln 0253DuelyDuly consideredconsidered, shouldshould toto easeease herher husbandhusband
wln 0254BeeBebe allow’dallowed aa priuateprivate friendfrien●friend. TheyThey hauehave drawnedrawn aa BillBill
wln 0255ToTo thisthis goodgood purposepurpose, andand thethe nextnext assemblyassembly
wln 0256DoubtDoubt notnot toto passepass itit.
wln 0257Donu.DonusaDonu.WeeWewe enioyenjoy nono moremore
wln 0258ThatThat areare ofof thethe OthomanOth●manOttoman racerace, thoughthough ourour ReligionReligio●Religion
wln 0259AllovvesAllows allall pleasurepleasure. II amam dulldull, somesome MusicqueMusic
wln 0260TakeTake mymy ChiapinesChapinesChiapines offoff. SoSo, aa lustielusty strainestrai●estrain(aa GalliardGalliard.
wln 0261WhoWho knockesknocks therethere?
wln 0262MantoMant●●MantoTis’Tis thethe BashaBashawbassa ofof AleppoAleppo
wln 0263WhoWho humblyhumbly makesmakes requestrequest hehe maymay presentpresent
wln 0264HisHis seruiceservice toto youyou.
wln 0265Donu.DonusaDonu.ReachReach aa chairechair. Wee〈◊〉Wewe mustmust
wln 0266ReceiueReceive himhim likelike our selfeourself, andand notnot departdepart vvithwith
wln 0267OneOne peecepiece ofof CeremonieCeremony, StatestarestareState, andand greatnessegreatness
wln 0268ThatThat maymay begetbeget respecterespect, andand reuerencereverencere●erencereverence

img: 9-b
sig: C1r

The Renegado.

wln 0269InIn oneone that’sthat’s borneborn ourour VassallVassal. NowNow admitadmit himhim:
wln 0270EnterEnter MustaphaMustapha, putsputs ofoffof hishis yellowyellow PantophlesPantoflespantofles.
wln 0271Musta.MustaphaMusta.TheThe placeplace isis sacredsacred, andand II amam toto EnterEnter
wln 0272TheThe roomeroom wherewhere sheshe abidesabides, withwith suchsuch deuotiondevotion
wln 0273AsAs PilgrimsPilgrims paypay atat MechaMachaMeccaMecha, whenwhen theythey visitvisit
wln 0274TheThe TombeTomb ofof ourour greatgreat ProphetProphet.
wln 0275Donu.DonusaDonu.RiseRise, thethe signesign(TheThe EunuchEunuch takestakes vpup
thethe PantophlesPantoflespantofles.

wln 0276ThatThat weewe vouchafevouchsafe hishis presencepresence.
wln 0277Musta.MustaphaMusta.MayMay thosethose PowersPowers
wln 0278ThatThat rais’draised thethe OthomanOttoman EmpireEmpire, andand stillstill gardguard itit,
wln 0279RewardReward youryour HighnesseHighness forfor thisthis gratiousgracious fauourfavorfavour
wln 0280YouYou throwethrow vponupon youryour seruantservant. ItIt hathhath pleasdepleased
wln 0281TheThe mostmost invincibleinvincible, mightiestmightiest AmurathAmurath
wln 0282(ToTo speakespeak hishis otherother titlestitles wouldwould taketake fromfrom himhim)
wln 0283ThatThat inin himselfehimself doesdoes comprehendcomprehend allall greatnessegreatness,
wln 0284ToTo makemake meme thethe vnworthyunworthy instrumentinstrument
wln 0285OfOf hishis commandcommand. ReceiueReceive diuinestdivinest LadyLady(DeliuersDelivers aa letterletter.
wln 0286ThisThis letterletter sign’dsigned byby hishis victoriousvictorious handhand,
wln 0287AndAnd mademade Authenticq[ue]AuthenticqAuthentic●Authentic byby thethe imperiallimperial SealeSeal.
wln 0288ThereThere whenwhen youyou findfind meme mention’dmentioned, farfar bebe itit fromfrom yoyou
wln 0289ToTo thinkethink itit mymy ambitionambition toto presumepresume
wln 0290AtAt suchsuch aa happinessehappiness, whichwhich hishis povverfullpowerful willwill
wln 0291FromFrom hishis greatgreat mindsmind’sminds magnificencemagnificence, notnot mymy meritmerit
wln 0292HathHath showrdshowered vponupon meeme. ButBut ifif youryour consentconsent
wln 0293IoyneJoinjoin withwith hishis goodgood opinionopinion andand allovvanceallowance
wln 0294ToTo perfitper●itperfect vvhatwhat hishis fauorsfavorsfavours hauehave begunbegun,
wln 0295II shallshall inin mymy obsequiousnesseobsequiousness andand dutieduty
wln 0296EndeuourEndeavorEndeavour toto preuentprevent allall iustjust complaintscomplaints,
wln 0297WhichWhich wantwant ofof willwill toto serueserve youyou, maymay callcall onon meeme.
wln 0298Donu.DonusaDonu.HisHis sacredsacred MaiestieMajesty writeswrites herehere thatthat youryour valourvalorvalour
wln 0299AgainstAgainst thethe PersianPersian hathhath soso vvonnewon vponupon himhim
wln 0300ThatThat there’sthere’s nono gracegrace, oror honourhonorhonour inin hishis guiftgift
wln 0301OfOf whichwhich hehe cancan imagineimagine youyou vnworthy●nworthyunworthy.
wln 0302AndAnd what’swhat’s thethe greatestgreatest youyou cancan hopehope, oror aimeaim atat,
wln 0303ItIt isis hishis pleasurepleasure youyou shouldshould bebe receiu’dreceived
wln 0304IntoInto hishis RoyallRoyal FamilieFamily, ProuidedProvided

img: 10-a
sig: C1v

The Renegado.

wln 0305ForFor●soFor soso farfar II amam vnconfindunconfined, thatthat II
wln 0306AffectAffect andand likelike youryour personperson. II expectexpect notnot
wln 0307TheThe CeremonieCeremony whichwhich hehe vsesuses inin
wln 0308BestowingBestowing ofof hishis DaughtersDaughters, andand hishis neecesnieces.
wln 0309AsAs thatthat hehe shouldshould presentpresent youyou forfor mymy slaueslave,
wln 0310ToTo louelove youyou, ifif youyou pleasdepleased meme: oror deliuerdeliver
wln 0311AA PonyardePoniardponiard onon mymy leastleast dislikedislike toto killkill youyou.
wln 0312SuchSuch tyrannietyranuietyranny andand pridepride agreeagree notnot withwith
wln 0313MyMy softersofter dispositiondisposition. LetLet itit sufficesuffice
wln 0314ForFor mymy firstfirst answeranswer, thatthat thusthus farfar II gracegrace youyou.GiuesGives himhim
herher handhand toto

wln 0315Hereafter●ereafterHereafter somesome timetime spentspent toto makemake enquireinquire
wln 0316OfOf thethe goodgood partsparts, andand facultiesfaculties ofof youryour mindmind
wln 0317YouYou shallshall hearehear furtherfurther fromfrom meeme.
wln 0318Mus.MustaphaMus.ThoughThough allall tormentstorments
wln 0319ReallyReally suffer’dsuffered, oror inin hellhell imagindeimagined
wln 0320ByBy curiouscurious fictionfiction, inin oneone houreshour’s delaydelay
wln 0321AreAre wholywholly comprehendedcomprehended: II confesseconfess
wln 0322ThatThat II standstand boundbound inin dutieduty, notnot toto checkecheck atat
wln 0323What euerWhateverwhatever youyou commandcommand, oror pleaseplease toto imposeimpose
wln 0324ForFor trialltrial ofof mymy patiencepatience.
wln 0325Donu.DonusaDonu.LetLet vsus findfind
wln 0326SomeSome otherother subiectsubject, tootoo muchmuch ofof oneone ThemeTheme cloyescloys meme:me●me:me:
wln 0327Is’tIs ’tIs’t aa fullfull MartMart:
wln 0328Mus.MustaphaMus.AA confluenceconfluence ofof allall nationsnations
wln 0329AreAre metmet togethertogether? There’sThere’s varietievariety tootoo
wln 0330OfOf allall thatthat MarchantsMerchant’smerchant’s trafficquetraffic forfor.
wln 0331Donu.DonusaDonu.II knowknow notnot.
wln 0332II feelefeel aa VirginsVirgin’svirgin’s longinglonging toto descenddescend
wln 0333SoSo farfar fromfrom minemine owneown greatnessegreatness, asas toto bebe
wln 0334ThoughThoughnotThough notnot aa buyerbuyer, yetyet aa lookerlooker onon
wln 0335TheirTheir strangestrange commoditiescommodities.
wln 0336Mus.MustaphaMus.IfIf withoutwithout aa traynetrain
wln 0337YouYou daredare bebe seeneseen abroadabroad? I’leI’ll dismissedismiss minemine.
wln 0338AndAnd waitewait vponupon youyou asas aa commoncommon manman,
wln 0339AndAnd satisfiesatisfy youryour wisheswishes.
wln 0340Donu.DonusaDonu.II embraceembrace itit.
wln 0341ProuideProvide mymy vayleveil; andand atat thethe PosternePostern GateGate

img: 10-b
sig: C2r

The Renegado.

wln 0342ConueyConvey vsus outout vnseeneunseen: II troubletrouble youyou.
wln 0343Musta.MustaphaMusta.ItIt isis mymy happynessehappiness youyou dainedeign toto commandcommand meme.
wln 0344ExeuntExeunt.

wln 0345ActusActus primusprimus. ScenaScaena tertiatertia.

wln 0346AA shopshop discouerdediscovered, GazetGazet inin itit.

wln 0347FranciscoFrancisco, andand VitelliVitelli, walkingwalking byby.

wln 0348Gaz.GazetGaz.WhatWhat doedo youyou lackelack, youryour choycechoice ChinaChina dishesdishes,
wln 0349youryour purepure VenetianVenetian ChristallCrystal, ofof allall sortssorts, ofof allall neateneat andand
wln 0350newnew fashionsfashions, fromfrom thethe mirrormirror ofof thethe madammadam, toto thethe priuateprivate
wln 0351vtensileutensil ofof herher chamber-maidechambermaid, andand curiouscurious PicturesPictures ofof
wln 0352thethe rarestrarest beautiesbeauties ofof EuropaEuropa: whatwhat doedo youyou lackelack Gentle-Gentle|men
wln 0353menGentlemen?
wln 0354Fran.FranciscoFran.TakeTake heedheed II saysay, how erehowe’er itit maymay appeareappear
wln 0355ImpertinentImpertinent, II mustmust expresseexpress mymy louelove:
wln 0356MyMy aduiseadvice, andand counsellcounsel. YouYou areare youngyoung
wln 0357AndAnd maymay bebe temptedtempted, andand thesethese TurkishTurkish DamesDames
wln 0358LikeLike EnglishEnglish mastiuesmastiffs thatthat increaseincrease theirtheir fiercenesfierceness
wln 0359ByBy beingbeing chaindechained vpup, fromfrom thethe restraintrestraint ofof freedomefreedom
wln 0360IfIf lustlust onceonce firefire theirtheir bloudblood fromfrom aa fairefair obiectobject
wln 0361WillWill runnerun aa coursecourse thethe fiendsfiends themseluesthemselves wouldwould shakeshake atasatas
wln 0362ToTo enioyenjoy theirtheir wantonwanton endesends.
wln 0363Vitel.VitelliVitel.SirSir, youyou mistakemistake meeme
wln 0364II amam tootoo fullfull ofof woewoe, toto entertaineentertain
wln 0365OneOne thoughtthought ofof pleasurepleasure: thoughthough allall EuropesEurope’s QueenesQueen●Queens
wln 0366Kneel’dKneeled atat mymy feetefeet, andand CourtedCourted meme: muchmuch lesseless
wln 0367ToTo mixmix withwith suchsuch; WhoseWhose differencedifference ofof faithfaith
wln 0368MustMust ofof necessitienecessity: (oror II mustmust grantgrant
wln 0369My selfeMyselfmyself forgetfullforgetful ofof allall youyou hauehave taughttaught meeme)
wln 0370StrangleStrangle suchsuch basebase desiresdesires.
wln 0371Fran.FranciscoFran.BeBe constantconstant inin
wln 0372ThatThat resolutionresolution, I’leI’ll abroadeabroad againeagain,
wln 0373AndAnd learnelearn asas farfar asas itit isis possiblepossible

img: 11-a
sig: C2v

The Renegado.

wln 0374WhatWhat maymay concerneconcern PaulinaPaulina? SomeSome twotwo houreshours
wln 0375ShallShall bringbring meme backeback.ExitExit FranciscoFrancisco.
wln 0376Vi.VitelliVi.AllAll blessingsblessings vvaitewait vponupon youyou.
wln 0377Gaz.GazetGaz.ColdCold doingsdoings, SirSir, aa MartMart doedo youyou callcall thisthis? Slight’Slight’slight
wln 0378AA puddingpudding wifewife, oror aa WitchWitch withwith aa thrumbethrum CappeCap
wln 0379ThatThat sellssells AleAle vnderunder growndground toto suchsuch asas comecome
wln 0380ToTo knowknow theirtheir FortunesFortunes, inin aa deaddead VacationVacation
wln 0381HaueHave tenten toto oneone moremore stirringstirring.
wln 0382Vitel.VitelliVitel.WeeWewe mustmust bebe patientpatient
wln 0383Gaz.GazetGaz.YourYour sellerseller byby retayleretail oughtought toto bebe angryangry
wln 0384ButBut whenwhen hee’she’s fingeringfingering moneymoney.
wln 0385EnterEnter GrimaldyGrimaldiGrimaldy, MasterMaster, BoteswaineBoatswain, SaylorsSailorsSaylors, TurkesTurks.
wln 0386Vi.VitelliVi.HeereHere areare companycompany;
wln 0387DefendDefend meme mymy goodgood AngellAngel, II beholdbehold
wln 0388AA BasiliskeBasilisk!
wln 0389Gaz.GazetGaz.WhatWhat doedo youyou lackelack? whatwhat doedo youyou lackelack? purepure
wln 0390ChinaChina dishesdishes, cleereclear ChristallCrystal glassesglasses, aa dumbedumb MistresMistress toto
wln 0391makemake louelove toototoo? WhatWhat doedo youyou lackelack gentlemengentlemen?
wln 0392Gri.GrimaldiGri.ThyThy MotherMother forfor aa BavvdeBawd, oror ifif thouthou hasthast
wln 0393AA hansomehandsome oneone thythy sistersister forfor aa WhoreWhore,
wln 0394WithoutWithout thesethese doedo notnot telltell meme ofof youryour trashtrash
wln 0395OrOr II shallshall spoylespoil youryour MarketMarket.
wln 0396Vitel.VitelliVitel. OldOld GrimaldyGrimaldi?
wln 0397Gri.GrimaldiGri.ZoundesZounds whereforewherefore doedo weewe putput toto SeaSea, oror standstand
wln 0398TheThe RagingRaging windeswinds aloftaloft, oror pissepiss vponupon
wln 0399TheThe FomieFoamyfoamy waueswaves vvhenwhen theythey ragerage mostmost? deridederide
wln 0400TheThe thunderthunder ofof thethe enemiesenemy’s shotshot, boordeboard boldelyboldly
wln 0401AA MarchantsMerchant’smerchant’s shippeship forfor prizeprize, thoughthough wewe beholdbehold
wln 0402TheThe desperatedesperate GunnerGunner readyready toto giuegive firefire
wln 0403AndAnd blowblow thethe deckedeck vpup? WhereforeWherefore shakeshake vvewe offoff
wln 0404ThoseThose scrupulousscrupulous raggesrags ofof charitiecharity, andand conscienceconscience,
wln 0405InuentedInvented onelyonly toto keepekeep ChurchmenChurchmen warmewarm,
wln 0406OrOr feedefeed thethe hungryhungry monthesmonths ofof famishedfamished beggersbeggars;
wln 0407ButBut vvhenwhen wewe touchtouch thethe shoreshore toto wallovvewallow inin
wln 0408AllAll sensuallsensual pleasurespleasures.
wln 0409MasterMaster.IAyay butbut NobleNoble CaptaineCaptain

img: 11-b
sig: C3r

The Renegado.

wln 0410ToTo sparespare aa littlelittle forfor anan afterafter clappeclap
wln 0411WereWere notnot improuidenceimprovidence.
wln 0412Gri.GrimaldiGri.HangHang considerationconsideration:
wln 0413WhenWhen thisthis isis spentspent isis notnot ourour shippeship thethe samesame?
wln 0414OurOur couragecourage tootoo thethe samesame toto fetchfetch inin moremore?
wln 0415TheThe earthearth wherewhere itit isis fertillestfertilest returnesreturns notnot
wln 0416MoreMore thenthan threethree haruestsharvests, vvhilstwhilstwhile thethe gloriousglorious SunneSun
wln 0417PostsPosts throughthrough thethe ZodiackeZodiac, andand makesmakes vpup thethe yeereyear:
wln 0418ButBut thethe SeaSea, vvhichwhich isis ourour MotherMother, (thatthat embracethembraceth
wln 0419BothBoth thethe richrich IndiesIndies inin herher outstrechtoutstretched armesarms)
wln 0420YeeldesYields eueryevery dayday aa croppecrop ifif vvewe daredare reapereap itit.
wln 0421NoNo, nono mymy MatesMates, letlet TradesmenTradesmen thinkethink ofof thriftthrift,
wln 0422AndAnd VsurersUsurers hoordhoard vpup, letlet ourour expenceexpense
wln 0423BeBe asas ourour commingscomings inin areare vvithoutwithout boundsbounds:
wln 0424WeWe areare thethe NeptunesNeptunes ofof thethe OceanOcean,
wln 0425AndAnd suchsuch asas traffiquetrastiquetraffic, shallshall paypay sacrificesacrifice
wln 0426OfOf theirtheir bestbest ladinglading; IleI’ll hauehave thisthis CanuasCanvas
wln 0427YourYour boyboy vveareswears lindelined vvithwith TissueTissue, andand thethe catescates
wln 0428YouYou tastetaste, serudeserved vpup inin goldgold; thoughthough vvewe carousecarouse
wln 0429TheThe tearestears ofof OrphanesOrphans inin ourour GreekishGreekish vvineswines,
wln 0430TheThe sighessighs ofof vndoneundone WidowesWidows, payingpaying forfor
wln 0431TheThe musiquemusic boughtbought toto cheerecheer vsus; rauishderavished VirginsVirgins
wln 0432ToTo slauerieslavery soldsold forfor CoyneCoin toto feedefeed ourour riotsriots,
wln 0433WeWe vvillwill hauehave nono compunctioncompunction.
wln 0434Gaz.GazetGaz.DoeDo youyou hearehear sirsir,
wln 0435WeWe hauehave paydepaid forfor ourour GroundGround?
wln 0436Grim.GrimaldiGrim.HumhHumHumh.
wln 0437Gaz.GazetGaz.AndAnd humhhumhumh tootoo,
wln 0438ForFor allall youryour biggebig vvordswords, getget youyou furtherfurther offoff,
wln 0439AndAnd hinderhinder notnot thethe prospectprospect ofof ourour shoppeshop
wln 0440OrOr
wln 0441Gri.GrimaldiGri.WhatWhat vvillwill youyou doedo?
wln 0442Gaz.GazetGaz.NothingNothing sirsir, butbut praypray
wln 0443YourYour worshipworship toto giuegive meme hansellhandsel.
wln 0444Gri.GrimaldiGri.ByBy thethe earesears,
wln 0445ThusThus sirsir, byby thethe earesears.
wln 0446MasterMaster.HoldHold, holdhold.

img: 12-a
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The Renegado.

wln 0447Vitel.VitelliVitel.You’lYou’●You’llyou’ll stillstill bebe pratingprating.
wln 0448Gri.GrimaldiGri.ComeCome let’slet’s bebe drunkedrunk? thenthenthan eacheach manman toto hishis whorewhore,
wln 0449Slight’SlightSlight howhow doedo youyou lookelook, youyou hadhad bestbest goego findfind aa CornerCorner
wln 0450ToTo praypray inin, andand repentrepent. DoeDo, doedo, andand criecry
wln 0451ItIt willwill shewshow finefine inin PiratsPirates.ExitExit GrimaldiGrimaldi.
wln 0452MasterMaster.WeeWewe mustmust followfollow
wln 0453OrOr hehe willwill spendspend ourour sharesshares;
wln 0454BoteswaineBoatswain.II foughtfought forfor minemine.
wln 0455MasterMaster.NorNor amam II soso preciseprecise butbut II cancan drabdrab tootoo:
wln 0456WeeWewe willwill notnot sitsit outout forfor ourour partsparts,
wln 0457Bot.BoatswainBot.AgreedAgreed.ExeuntExeunt MasterMaster, BoteswaineBoatswain, SaylorsSailorsSaylors.
wln 0458Gaz.GazetGaz.TheThe deuilldevil gnawgnaw offoff hishis fingersfingers, ifif hehe werewere
wln 0459InIn LondonLondon amongamong thethe clubsclubs, vpup wentwent hishis heelesheels
wln 0460ForFor strikingstriking ofof aa PrenticePrentice. WhatWhat doedo youyou lacklack,
wln 0461WhatWhat doedo youyou lackelack gentlemengentlemen.
wln 046211 TurkeTurk.II wonderwonder howhow thethe ViceroyViceroy cancan indureendure
wln 0463TheThe insolenceinsolence ofof thisthis fellowfellow.
wln 046422 TurkeTurk.HeHe receiuesreceives profitprofit
wln 0465FromFrom thethe PrizesPrizes hehe bringsbrings inin, andand thatthat excusesexcuses
wln 0466What euerWhateverwhatever hehe commitscommits? HaHa, whatwhat areare thesethese!

wln 0467EnterEnter MustaphaMustapha, DonusaDonusa, vayldveiled.
wln 046811 T.TurkT.TheyThey seemeseem ofof rankerank andand qualitiequality, obserueobserve ’em’em.
wln 0469Gaz.GazetGaz.WhatWhat doedo youyou lackelack! seesee whatwhat youyou pleaseplease toto buybuy,
wln 0470WaresWares ofof allall sortssorts mostmost honourablehonorablehonourable MadonaMadonna.
wln 0471Vitel.VitelliVitel.PeacePeace sirrasirrah, makemake nono noysenoise, thesethese areare notnot peoplepeople
wln 0472ToTo bebe iestedjested withwith.
wln 0473Donu.DonusaDonu.IsIs thisthis thethe ChristiansChristians’ customecustom
wln 0474InIn thethe ventingventing theirtheir commoditiescommodities.
wln 0475Mus.MustaphaMus.YesYes bestbest MadameMadammadam
wln 0476ButBut youyou maymay pleaseplease toto keepekeep youryour wayway, heere’shere’s nothingnothing,
wln 0477ButBut toyestoys, andand triflestrifles, notnot worthworth youryour obseruingobserving.
wln 0478Donu.DonusaDonu.YesYes, forfor varietiesvariety’s sakesake praypray youyou shewshow vsus, friendsfriends,
wln 0479TheThe chiefestchiefest ofof youryour WaresWares.
wln 0480Vitel.VitelliVitel.YourYour LadishipsLadyship’sladyship’s seruantservant;
wln 0481AndAnd ifif inin worthworth oror TitleTitle youyou areare moremore,
wln 0482MyMy ignoranceignorance pleadeplead mymy pardonpardon.

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The Renegado.

wln 0483DonusaDonusa.HeeHe speakesspeaks wellwell.
wln 0484Vitel.VitelliVitel.TakeTake downedown thethe lookinglooking glasseglass: herehere isis aa mirrormirror
wln 0485SteeldeSteeled soso exactelyexactly, neitherneither takingtaking fromfrom
wln 0486NorNor flatteringflattering thethe obiectobject, itit returnesreturns
wln 0487ToTo thethe beholderbeholder, thatthat NarcissusNarcissus mightmight
wln 0488(AndAnd neuernever growgrow enamourdenamoredenamoured ofof himselfehimself:)
wln 0489ViewView hishis fayrefair featurefeature in’tin ’tin’t.
wln 0490DonusaDonusa.PoeticallPoetical tootoo!!.
wln 0491Vitel.VitelliVitel.HeereHere ChinaChina dishesdishes toto serueserve inin aa BanketBanquet,
wln 0492ThoughThough thethe volouptusvoluptuous PersianPersian satesat aa guestguest.
wln 0493HeereHere ChristallCrystal glassesglasses, suchsuch asas GanymedeGanymede
wln 0494DidDid fillfill withwith NectarNectar toto thethe ThundererThunderer
wln 0495WhenWhen hehe drankedrank toto AlcidesAlcides, andand receiu’dreceived himhim
wln 0496InIn thethe fellowshipfellowship ofof thethe godsgods: truetrue toto thethe ownersowners●owners.
wln 0497CorinthianCorinthian plateplate studdedstudded withwith DiamondsDiamonds,
wln 0498ConcealdConcealed oftoft deadlydeadly poysonpoison; ThisThis purepure metallmetal
wln 0499SoSo innocentinnocent isis, andand faithfullfaithful toto thethe MistresMistress
wln 0500OrOr MasterMaster thatthat possessespossesses itit: thatthat ratherrather
wln 0501ThenThan holdhold oneone dropdrop that’sthat’s venemousvenomous, ofof it selfeitself
wln 0502ItIt fliesflies inin pecespieces, andand deludesdeludes thethe TraytorTraitor.
wln 0503Donu.DonusaDonu.HowHow mouinglymovingly couldcould thisthis fellowfellow treattreat vponupon
wln 0504AA worthyworthy subiectsubject, thatthat findesfinds suchsuch discoursediscourse
wln 0505ToTo gracegrace aa trifletrifle!
wln 0506Vitel.VitelliVitel.Heere’sHere’s aa PicturePicture MadameMadame
wln 0507TheThe master peccemasterpiecemaster pecce ofof MichaelMichael AngeloAngel●Angelo,
wln 0508OurOur greatgreat ItalianItalian workemanworkman; heere’shere’s anotheranother
wln 0509SoSo perfitperfect atat allall partsparts thatthat hadhad PigmalionPygmalion
wln 0510SeeneSeen thisthis, hishis prayersprayers hadhad beenebeen mademade toto VenusVenus,
wln 0511ToTo hauehave giuengiven itit lifelife, andand hishis Caru’dCarvedcarved iuoryivory ImageImage
wln 0512ByBy poetspoets nerene’ernever remembredremembered. TheyThey areare indeedindeed
wln 0513TheThe rarestrarest beautiesbeauties ofof thethe ChristianChristian worldworld
wln 0514AndAnd no wherenowhere toto bebe equal’dequalled.
wln 0515Donu.DonusaDonu.YouYou areare partiallpartial
wln 0516InIn thethe causecause ofof thosethose youyou fauourfavorfavour II beleeuebelieve,
wln 0517II instantlyinstantly couldcould shewshow youyou oneone, toto theirstheirs
wln 0518NotNot muchmuch inferiorinferior.
wln 0519Vitel.VitelliVitel.WithWith youryour pardonpardon MadameMadammadam
wln 0520II amam incredculousincredulousincredculousincredulous.

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sig: C4v

The Renegado.

wln 0521Donu.DonusaDonu.CanCan youyou matchmatch meme thisthis!(VnvailesUnveilsUnvails her selfeherself.
wln 0522VitelliVitelli.WhatWhat wonderwonder lookelook II onon! I’llI’ll searchsearch aboueabove
wln 0523AndAnd suddenlysuddenly attendattend youyou.ExitExit VitelliVitelli.
wln 0524Donu.DonusaDonu.AreAre youyou amazdeamazedamaze
wln 0525I’le●eI’ll bringbring youyou toto your selfeyourself.BreakesBreaks thethe glassesglasses.
wln 0526Musta.MustaphaMusta.HaHa●Ha! what’swhat’s thethe mattermatter!
wln 0527Gaz.GazetGaz.MyMy mastersmaster’s wareware? WeWe areare vndoneundone! OO strangestrange!
wln 0528AA LadyLady toto turneturn rorerroarer, andand breakebreak glassesglasses
wln 0529Tis’Tis timetime toto shutshut vpup shopshop thenthen.
wln 0530Musta,MustaphaMusta,YouYou seemeseem mou’demoved.
wln 0531IfIf anyany LanguageLanguage ofof thesethese ChristianChristian doggesdogs
wln 0532HaueHave call’dcalled youryour angeranger onon, inin aa frownefrown shewshow itit
wln 0533AndAnd theythey areare deaddead alreadyalready.
wln 0534DonusaDonusa.TheThe offenceoffenseoffence
wln 0535LookesLooks notnot soso farrefar. TheThe foolishfoolish paultriepaltry fellowfellow
wln 0536Shew’dShowed meme somesome triflestrifles, andand demandeddemanded ofof meme
wln 0537ForFor whatwhat II valew’dvalued atat soso manymany aspersaspers,
wln 0538AA thousandthousand DucketsDucats. II confesseconfess hehe mou’dmoved meeme;
wln 0539YetYet II shouldshould wrongwrong my selfemyself shouldshould suchsuch aa beggerbeggar
wln 0540ReceiueReceive leastleast losseloss fromfrom meeme.
wln 0541Mus.MustaphaMus.IsIs itit nono moremore?
wln 0542Donu.DonusaDonu.NoNo, II assureassure youyou. BidBid himhim bringbring hishis billbill
wln 0543To morrowTomorrow toto thethe PalacePalace andand enquireinquire
wln 0544ForFor oneone DonusaDonusa:
wln 0545ThatThat wordword giuesgives himhim passagepassage throughthrough allall thethe guardguard;
wln 0546SaySay therethere hehe shallshall receiuereceive fullfull satisfactionsatisfaction.
wln 0547NowNow whenwhen youyou pleaseplease
wln 0548Mus.MustaphaMus.II waitewait youyou.ExeuntExeunt MustaphaMustapha, DonusaDonusa, 2.two2. TurkesTurks.
wln 05