The Jew of Malta
The Jew of Malta

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ln 0001TheThe FamousFamous

ln 0008TheatreTheaterTheatre atat White-HallWhitehallWhite-Hall, byby herher MajestiesMajesty’s
ln 0009ServantsServants atat thethe Cock-pitCockpit.
ln 0011[····]ONLONDON〈◊〉LONDON
ln 0012PrintedPrinted byby I.J.I. B.B. forfor NicholasNicholas VavasourVavasour, andand areare toto bebe soldsold
ln 0013atat hishis ShopShop inin thethe Inner-TempleInner TempleInner-Temple, neerenear thethe
ln 0014ChurchChurch. 16331633.

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ln 0001TOTO
ln 0005INNEINNinn, &c.etc.

ln 0006THis_THisTHisThis PlayPlay, composedcomposed byby soso
ln 0007worthyworthy anan AuthourAuthor asas Mr.MasterMr.
ln 0008MarloMarloweMarlo; andand thethe partpart ofof thethe
ln 0009JewJew presentedpresented byby soso vnimi-vnimitablevnimi∣tableunimitable
ln 0010table
ln 0010anan ActorActor asas Mr.MasterMr. AllinAlleynAllin,
ln 0011beingbeing inin thisthis laterlater AgeAge com-commendedcom∣mendedcommended
ln 0012mended
ln 0012toto thethe StageStage: AsAs II
ln 0013vsher’dushered itit untounto thethe CourtCourt, andand
ln 0014presentedpresented itit toto thethe Cock-pitCockpit,
ln 0015withwith thesethese ProloguesPrologues andand E-EpiloguesE∣piloguesEpilogues
ln 0016pilogues
ln 0016herehere insertedinserted, soso nownow beingbeing newlynewly broughtbrought toto
ln 0017thethe PresseIressePress, II waswas loathloath itit shouldshould bebe publishedpublished withoutwithout
ln 0018thethe ornamentornament ofof anan EpistleEpistle; makingmaking choycechoice ofof youyou
ln 0019vntounto whomwhom toto deuotedevote itit; thenthan whomwhom (ofof allall thosethose
ln 0020GentlemenGentlemen andand acquaintanceacquaintance, withinwithin thethe compassecompass ofof
ln 0021mymy longlong knowledgeknowledge) therethere isis nonenone moremore ableable toto taxetax

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The Epistle Dedicatory:

ln 0022IgnoranceIgnorance, oror attributeattribute rightright toto meritmerit. SirSir, youyou hauehave binbeen
ln 0023pleasedpleased toto gracegrace somesome ofof minemine owneown workesworks withwith youryour
ln 0024curteouscourteous patronagepatronage; II hopehope thisthis willwill notnot bebe thethe worseworse
ln 0025acceptedaccepted, becausebecause commendedcommended byby meeme; ouerover whomwhom,
ln 0026nonenone cancan claymeclaim moremore powerpower oror priuilegeprivilege thanthan youryour selfeyourself
ln 0027 selfe.
ln 0027II hadhad nono betterbetter aa New-yearesNew year’sNewyears giftgift toto presentpresent youyou
ln 0028withwith; receiuereceive itit thereforetherefore asas aa continuancecontinuance ofof thatthat in-inuiolablein∣uiolableinviolable
ln 0029uiolable
ln 0029obliegementobligement, byby whichwhich, hehe restsrests stilstill ingagedengaged;
ln 0030whowho asas hehe euerever hathhath, shallshall alwayesalways remaineremain,

ln 0031TuissmusTuissimusTuissmus:


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wln 0001TheThe ProloguePrologue spokenspoken atat CourtCourt.

wln 0002GRaciousGRacious andand GreatGreat, thatthat wewe soso boldlyboldly daredare,
wln 0003(’Mo[·]gstMongstMo●gst’MongstMongst otherother PlayesPlays thatthat nownow inin fashionfashion areare)
wln 0004ToTo presentpresent thisthis; writwritwritten manymany yearesyears agoneagoneago,
wln 0005AndAnd inin thatthat AgeAge, thoughtthought secondsecond vntounto nonenone;
wln 0006WeWe humblyhumbly c[·]avecravec●avecrave youryour pardonpardon: wewe pursuepursue
wln 0007TheThe storystory ofof aa richrich andand famousfamous JewJew
wln 0008WhoWho liu’dlived inin MaltaMalta: youyou shallshall findfind himhim stillstill,
wln 0009InIn allall hishis p[·]oiectsproiectsp●oiectsprojects, aa soundsound MacheuillMachevilMachiavel;
wln 0010AndAnd that’sthat’s his●ishis CharacterCharacter: HeHe thatthat hathhath pastpassed
wln 0011SoSo manymany CensuresCe●suresCensures, isis nownow comecome atat lastlast
wln 0012ToTo hauehave youryour princelyprincely EaresEars, gracegrace youyou himhim; thenthan
wln 0013YouYou crownecrown●crown thethe ActionAction, andand renownerenown thethe penpen.

wln 0014EpilogueEpilogue.

wln 0015ITIT isis ourour fearefear (dreaddread SoueraigneSovereign) wewe hauehave binbeen
wln 0016TooToo tediouste●ioustedious; neitherneither can’tcan ’tcan’t bebe lesseless thanthan sinnesin
wln 0017ToTo wrongwrong youryour PrincelyPrincely patiencepatience: IfIf wewe hauehave,
wln 0018(ThusThus lowlo●low deiecteddejected) wewe youryour pardonpardon crauecrave:
wln 0019AndAnd ifif oughtaught herehere offendoffend youryour eareear oror sightsight,
wln 0020WeWe onelyone●yonly ActAct, andand SpeakeSpeak, whatwhat othersothers writewrite.


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wln 0021TheThe ProloguePrologue toto thethe StageStage, atat
wln 0022thethe Cocke-pitCockpit.

wln 0023WEWE know〈…〉know notnot howhow thisthis PlayPlay maymay passepass thisthis StageStage,
wln 0024*MarloMarloweMarlo.ButBut byby thethe bestbest ofof * PoetsPoets inin thatthat ageag●age
wln 0025TheThe Malta-JewMalta-Jew hadhad beingbeing, andand waswas mademade;
wln 0026*AllinAlleynAllin.AndAnd HeHe, thenthen byby thethe bestbest ofof * ActorsActors play’dplayed:
wln 0027InIn HeroHero andand LeanderLeander, oneone diddid gainegain
wln 0028AA lastinglasting memoriememory: inin TamberlaineTamburlaine,
wln 0029ThisThis JewJew, withwith othersothers manymany: th’th’ otherother manman
wln 0030TheThe AttributeAttribute ofof peerelessepeerless, beingbeing aa manman
wln 0031WhomWhom wewe maymay rankerank withwith (doingdoing nono oneone wrongwrong)
wln 0032ProteusProteus forfor shapesshapes, andand RoseiusRoseius forfor aa tonguetongue,
wln 0033SoSo couldcould hehe speakespeak, soso varyvary; nornor is’tis ’tis’t hatehate
wln 0034*PerkinsPerkins.ToTo meritmerit: inin * himhim whowho dothdoth personatepersonate
wln 0035OurOur JewJew thisthis dayday, nornor isis itit hishis ambitionambition
wln 0036ToTo exceedexceed, oror equallequal, beingbeing ofof conditioncondition
wln 0037MoreMore modestmodest; thisthis isis allall thatthat hehe intendsintends,
wln 0038(AndAnd thatthat tootoo, atat thethe vrgenceurgence ofof somesome friendsfriends)
wln 0039ToTo proueprove hishis bestbest, andand ifif nonenone herehere gaine-saygainsay itit,
wln 0040TheThe partpart hehe hathhath studiedstudied, andand intendsintends toto playplay itit.

wln 0041EpilogueEpilogue.

wln 0042ININ GravingGraving, withwith PigmalionPygmalion toto contendcontend;
wln 0043OrOr PaintingPainting, withwith ApellesApelles; doubtlessedoubtless thethe endend
wln 0044MustMust bebe disgracedisgrace: ourour ActorActor diddid notnot soso,
wln 0045HeHe onelyonly aym’daimed toto goego, butbut notnot out goeoutgoout go.
wln 0046NorNor thinkethink thatthat thisthis dayday anyany prizeprize waswas plaidplayed,
wln 0047HereHere werewere nono bettsbett●bets atat allall, nono wagerswagers laidlaid;
wln 0048AllAll thethe ambitionambition thatthat hishis mindmind dothdoth swellswell,
wln 0049IsIs butbut toto hearehear fromfrom youyou, (byby meme) ’twas’twas wellwell.

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wln 0050THETHE

wln 0053MacheuilMachevil.
wln 0054ALbeit_ALbeitAlbeit thethe worldworld thinkethink MacheuillMachiavel isis deaddead,
wln 0055YetYet waswas hishis soulesoul butbut flowneflown beyondbeyond thethe AlpesAlps,
wln 0056AndAnd nownow thethe GuizeGuize isis deaddead, isis comecome fromfrom FranceFranc●France
wln 0057ToTo viewview thisthis LandLand, andand frolickefrolic withwith hishis friendsfriends.
wln 0058ToTo somesome perhapsperhaps mymy namename isis odiousodious,
wln 0059ButBut suchsuch asas louelove meme, gardguard meme fromfrom theirtheir tonguestongues,
wln 0060AndAnd letlet themthem knowknow thatthat II amam MacheuillMachiavel,
wln 0061AndAnd weighweigh notnot menmen, andand thereforetherefore notnot mensmen’s wordswords:
wln 0062Admir’dAdmired II amam ofof thosethose thatthat hatehate meme mostmost.
wln 0063ThoughThough somesome speakespeak openlyopenly againstagainst mymy bookesbooks,
wln 0064YetYet willwill theythey readeread meme, andand therebythereby attaineattain
wln 0065ToTo PetersPeter’s ChayreChair: AndAnd whenwhen theythey castcast meme offoff;
wln 0066AreAre poyson’dpoisoned byby mymy climingcliming followersfollowers.
wln 0067II countcount ReligionReligion butbut aa childishchildish ToyToy,
wln 0068AndAnd holdhold therethere isis nono sinnesin butbut IgnoranceIgnorance.
wln 0069BirdsBirds ofof thethe AireAir willwill telltell ofof murdersmurders pastpast;
wln 0070II amam asham’dashamed toto hearehear suchsuch fooleriesfooleries:
wln 0071ManyMany willwill talketalk ofof TitleTitle toto aa CrowneCrown.
wln 0072WhatWhat rightright hadhad CaesarCaesar toto thethe EmpireEmpire?
wln 0073MightMight firstfirst mademade KingsKings, andand LawesLaws werewere thenthen mostmost suresure
wln 0074WhenWhen likelike thethe DrancusDran●usDrancus theythey werewere writwrit inin bloodblood.

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The Iew of Malta.

wln 0075HenceHence comescomes itit, thatthat aa strongstrong builtbuilt CitadellCitadel
wln 0076CommandsCommands muchmuch moremore thenthan lettersletters cancan importimport:
wln 0077WhichWhich maximemaxim hadhad PhalerisPhaleris obseru’dobserved,
wln 0078H’hadH’ Hadhe’d neuernever bellowedbellowed inin aa brasenbrazen BullBull
wln 0079OfOf greatgreat onesones enuyenvy; o’tho’ th’o’th poorepoor pettypetty witeswightswites,
wln 0080LetLet meme bebe enuy’denvied andand notnot pittiedpitied!
wln 0081ButBut whitherwhither amam II boundbound, II comecome notnot, IIay,
wln 0082ToTo readeread aa lecturelecture herehere inin BritaineBritain,
wln 0083ButBut toto presentpresent thethe TragedyTragedy ofof aa IewJewjew,
wln 0084WhoWho smilessmiles toto seesee howhow fullfull hishis bagsbags areare cramb’dcrammed
wln 0085WhichWhich monymoney waswas notnot gotgot withoutwithout mymy meanesmeans.
wln 0086II crauecrave butbut thisthis, GraceGrace himhim asas hehe deseruesdeserves,
wln 0087AndAnd letlet himhim notnot bebe entertain’dentertained thethe worseworse
wln 0088BecauseBecause hehe fauoursfavorsfavours meme.
wln 0089EnterEnter BarabasBarabas inin hishis Counting-houseCountinghouse,
wln 0090withwith heapesh●apesheaps ofof goldgold beforebefore himhim.

wln 0091IewJewjew,SoSo thatthat ofof thusthus muchmuch thatthat returnereturn waswas mademade:
wln 0092AndAnd ofof thethe thirdthird partpart ofof thethe PersianPersian shipsships,
wln 0093ThereTh●reThere waswas thethe ventureventure summ’dsummed andand satisfiedsatisfied.
wln 0094AsAs forfor thosethose SamintesSamnitesSamintes, andand thethe menmen ofof VzzUz,
wln 0095ThatThat boughtbought mymy SpanishSpanish OylesOils, andand WinesWines ofof GreeceGreece,
wln 0096HereHere hauehave II purstpursed theirtheir paltrypaltry siluerbingssiluerlingssiluerbingssilverlings.
wln 0097FyeFie; whatwhat aa troubletrouble tis’tis toto countcount thisthis trashtrash.
wln 0098WellWell farefare thethe ArabiansArabians, whowho soso richlyrichly paypay,
wln 0099TheThe thingsthings theythey traffiquetraffic forfor withwith wedgewedge ofof goldgold,
wln 0100WhereofWhereof aa manman maymay easilyeasily inin aa dayday
wln 0101TellTell thatthat whichwhich maymay maintainemaintain himhim allall hishis lifelife.
wln 0102TheThe needyneedy groomegroom thatthat neuernever fingredfingered groatgroat,
wln 0103WouldWould makemake aa miraclemiracle ofof thusthus muchmuch coynecoin:
wln 0104ButBut hehe whosewhose steele-bardsteel-barred coffersco●●erscoffers areare cramb’dcrammed fullfull,
wln 0105AndAnd allall hishis lifelife timetime hathhath binbeen tiredtired,
wln 0106WearyingWearying hishis fingersfingers endsends withwith tellingtelling itit,
wln 0107WouldWould inin hishis ageage bebe loathloath toto labourlaborlabour soso,
wln 0108AndAnd forfor aa poundpound toto sweatsweat himselfehimself toto deathdeath:
wln 0109GiueGive meme thethe MerchantsMerchants ofof thethe IndianIndian MynesMines,
wln 0110ThatThat tradetrade inin mettallmettle ofof thethe purestpurest mouldmoldmould;
wln 0111TheThe wealthywealthwealth MooreMoor●moor, thatthat inin thethe EasterneEastern rockesrocks

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sig: B2r

The Iew of Malta.

wln 0112WithoutWithout controulecontrol cancan pickepick hishis richesriches vpup,
wln 0113AndAnd inin hishis househouse heapeheap pearlepearl likelike pibble-stonespebble-stones:
wln 0114ReceiueReceive themthem freefree, andand sellsell themthem byby thethe weightweight,
wln 0115BagsBags ofof fieryfiery OpalsOpals, SaphiresSapphiresSaphires, AmatistsAmethystsAmatists,
wln 0116IacintsJacinthsjacints, hardhard TopasTopazTopas, grasse-greenegrass-green EmerauldsEmeralds,
wln 0117BeauteousBeauteous RubyesRubies, sparklingsparkling DiamondsDiamonds,
wln 0118AndAnd seildseneseld-seen costlycostly stonesstones ofof soso greatgreat priceprice,
wln 0119AsAs oneone ofof themthem indifferentlyindifferently ratedrated,
wln 0120AndAnd ofof aa CarrectC●rrectCarat ofof thisthis quantityquantity,
wln 0121MayMay serueserve inin perillperil ofof calamitycalamity
wln 0122ToTo ransomeransom greatgreat KingsKings fromfrom captiuitycaptivity.
wln 0123ThisThis isis thethe wareware whereinwherein consistsconsists mymy wealthwealth:
wln 0124AndAnd thusthus me thinkesmethinks shouldshould menmen ofof iudgementjudgement frameframe
wln 0125TheirTheir meanesmeans ofof traffiquetraffic fromfrom thethe vulgarvulgar tradetrade,
wln 0126AndAnd asas theirtheir wealthwealth increasethincreaseth, soso incloseenclose
wln 0127Infinite●mite richesInfinite richesriches inin aa littlelittle roomeroom.
wln 0128ButBut nownow howhow standsstands thethe windwind?
wln 0129IntoInto whatwhat cornercorner peerespeers mymy HalcionsHalcyon’shalcyon’s billbill?
wln 0130HaH●Ha, toto thethe EastEast? yesyes: SeeSee howhow standsstands thethe VanesVanes?
wln 0131EastEast andand by-by-SouthSouth: whywhy thenthen II hopehope mymy shipsships
wln 0132II sentsent forfor EgyptEgypt andand thethe borderingbordering IlesIsles
wln 0133AreAre gottengotten vpup byby NilusNilus’ windingwinding bankesbanks:
wln 0134MineMine ArgosieArgosy fromfrom AlexandriaAlexandria,
wln 0135LoadenLoaden withwith SpiceSpice andand SilkesSilks, nownow vnderunder sailesail,
wln 0136AreAre smoothlysmoothly glidinggl●dinggliding downedown byby CandieCandycandy shoareshore
wln 0137ToTo MaltaMalta, throughthrough ourour MediterraneanMediterranean seasea.
wln 0138ButBut whowho comescomes hearehear? HowHow nownow.
wln 0139EnterEnter aa MerchantMerchant.
wln 0140Merch.MerchantBarabasBarabas, thythy shipsships areare safesafe,
wln 0141RidingRiding inin MaltaMalta RhodeRhode: AndAnd allall thethe MerchantsMerchants
wln 0142WithWith otherother MerchandizeMerchandise areare safesafe arriu’darrived,
wln 0143AndAnd hauehave sentsent meme toto knowknow whetherwhether your selfeyourself
wln 0144WillWill comecome andand customecustom themthem.
wln 0145IewJewjew.TheThe shipsships areare safesafe thouthou saistsayest, andand richlyrichly fraughtfraught.
wln 0146Merch.MerchantTheyThey areare.
wln 0147IewJewjew.VVhyWhy thenthen goego bidbid themthem comecome ashoreashore,
wln 0148AndAnd bringbring withwith themthem theirtheir bilsbills ofof entryentry:

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The Iew of Malta.

wln 0149II hopehope ourour creditcredit inin thethe Custome-houseCustomhouse
wln 0150WillWill serueserve asas wellwell asas II werewere presentpresent therethere.
wln 0151GoeGo sendsend ’vm’em●m’em threescorethreescore CamelsCamels, thirtythirty MulesMules,
wln 0152AndAnd twentytwenty WaggonsWagonsWaggons toto bringbring vpup thethe wareware.
wln 0153ButBut artart thouthou mastermaster inin aa shipship ofof minemine,
wln 0154AndAnd isis thythy creditcredit notnot enoughenough forfor thatthat?
wln 0155Merch.MerchantTheThe veryvery CustomeCustom barelybarely comescomes toto moremore
wln 0156ThenThan manymany MerchantsMerchants ofof thethe TowneTown areare worthworth,
wln 0157AndAnd thereforetherefore farrefar exceedsexceeds mymy creditcredit, SirSir.
wln 0158IewJewjew.GoeGo telltell ’em’em thethe IewJewjew ofof MaltaMalta sentsent theethee, manman.
wln 0159TushTush, whowho amongstamongst ’em’em knowesknows notnot BarrabasBarabas?
wln 0160Merch.MerchantII goego.
wln 0161IewJewjew.SoSo thenthen, there’sthere’s somewhatsomewhat come●omecome.
wln 0162SirraSirrah, whichwhich ofof mymy shipsships artart thouthou MasterMaster offofoff?
wln 0163Merch.MerchantOfOf thethe SperanzaSperanza, SirSir.
wln 0164IewJewjew.AndAnd saw’stsaw’stsawest thouthou notnot minemine ArgosieArgosy atat AlexandriaAlexandria
wln 0165ThouThou couldstcouldst notnot comecome fromfrom EgyptEgypt, oror byby CaireCaire
wln 0166ButBut atat thethe entryentry therethere intointo thethe seasea,
wln 0167WhereWhere NilusNilus payespays hishis tributetribute toto thethe mainemain,
wln 0168ThouThou needsneeds mustmust sailesail byby AlexandriaAlexandria.
wln 0169Merch.MerchantII neitherneither sawsaw themthem, nornor inquir’denquired ofof themthem.
wln 0170ButBut thisthis wewe heardheard somesome ofof ourour sea-menseamen saysay,
wln 0171TheyThey wondredwondered howhow youyou durstdurst withwith soso muchmuch wealthwealth
wln 0172TrustTrust suchsuch aa crazedcrazed VessellVessel, andand soso farrefar.
wln 0173IewJewjew.TushTush; theythey areare wisewise, II knowknow herher andand herher strengthstrength:
wln 0174ByBy goego, goego thouthou thythy wayesways, dischargedischarge thythy ShipShip,
wln 0175AndAnd bidbid mymy FactorFactor bringbring hishis loadingloading inin.
wln 0176AndAnd yetyet II wonderwonder atat this●histhis ArgosieArgosy,
wln 0177EnterEnter aa secondsecond MerchantMerchant.
wln 01782.2. Merch.MerchantThineThine ArgosieArgosy fromfrom AlexandriaAlexandria,
wln 0179KnowKnow BarabasBarabas dothdoth rideride inin MaltaMalta RhodeRhode.
wln 0180LadenLaden withwith richesriches, andand exceedingexceeding storestore
wln 0181OfOf PersianPersian silkessilks, ofof goldgold, andand OrientOrient PerlePearl:
wln 0182IewJewjew.HowHow chancechance youyou camecame notnot withwith thosethose otherother shipsship●shipsship
wln 0183ThatThat sail’dsailed byby EgyptEgypt?
wln 018422 Merch.MerchantSirSir wewe sawsaw ’em’em notnot.
wln 0185IewJewjew.BelikeBelike theythey coastedcoasted roundround byby CandieCandycandy shoareshore

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sig: B3r

The Iew of Malta.

wln 0186AboutAbout theirtheir OylesOils, oror otherother businessesbusinesses.
wln 0187ButBut ’twas’twas illill donedone ofof youyou toto comecome soso farrefar
wln 0188WithoutWithout thethe aydaid oror conductconduct ofof theirtheir shipsships.
wln 01892.2. Merch.MerchantSirSir, wewe werewere waftedwafted byby aa SpanishSpanish FleetFleet
wln 0190ThatThat neuernever leftle●tleft vsus tilltill withinwithin aa leagueleague,
wln 0191ThatThat hadhad thethe GalliesGalleys ofof thethe TurkeTurk inin chasechase.
wln 0192IewJewjew.OhOhO theythey werewere goinggoing vpup toto SicilySicily: wellwell, goego
wln 0193AndAnd bidbid thethe MerchantsMerchants andand mymy menmen dispatchdispatch
wln 0194AndAnd comecome ashoreashore, andand seesee thethe fraughtfraught discharg’ddischarged.
wln 0195Merch.MerchantII goego.ExitExit.
wln 0196IewJewjew.ThusThus trowlestrolls ourour fortunefortune inin byby landland andand SeaSea,
wln 0197AndAnd thusthus areare weewe onon eueryevery sideside inrich’denriched:
wln 0198TheseThese areare thethe BlessingsBlessings promis’dpromised toto thethe IewesJews,
wln 0199AndAnd hereinherein waswas oldold AbramsAbraham’s happinessehappiness:
wln 0200WhatWhat moremore maymay HeavenHeaven doedo forfor earthlyearthly manman
wln 0201ThenThen thusthus toto powrepour outout plentyplenty inin theirtheir lapslaps,
wln 0202RippingRipping thethe bowelsbowels ofof thethe earthearth forfor themthem,
wln 0203MakingMaking thethe SeaSea theirtheir seruantsservants, andand thethe windswinds
wln 0204ToTo driuedrive theirtheir substancesubstance withwith successefullsuccessful blastsblasts?
wln 0205WhoWho hatethhateth meme butbut forfor mymy happinessehappiness?
wln 0206OrOr whowho isis honour’dhonoredhonoured nownow butbut forfor hishis wealthwealth?
wln 0207RatherRather hadhad II aa IewJewjew bebe hatedhated thusthus,
wln 0208ThenThanThen pittiedpitied inin aa ChristianChristian pouertypoverty:
wln 0209ForFor II cancan seesee nono fruitsfruits inin allall theirtheir faithfaith,
wln 0210ButBut malicemalice, falshoodfalsehood, andand excessiueexcessive pridepride,
wln 0211WhichWhich me thinkesmethinks fitsfits notnot theirtheir professionprofession.
wln 0212HappilyHappily somesome haplessehapless manman hathhath conscienceconscience,
wln 0213AndAnd forfor hishis conscienceconscience liueslives inin beggerybeggary.
wln 0214TheyThey saysay wewe areare aa scatter’dscattered NationNation:
wln 0215II cannotcannot telltell, butbut wewe hauehave scambledscambled vpup
wln 0216MoreMore wealthwealth byby farrefar thenthen thosethose thatthat bragbrag ofof faithfaith.
wln 0217There’sThere’s KirriahKirriabKirriahKirriab IairimJairimjairim, thethe greatgreat IewJewjew ofof GreeceGreece,
wln 0218ObedObed inin BairsethBairseth, NonesNo●esNones inin PortugallPortugal,
wln 0219My selfeMyselfmyself inin MaltaMalta, somesome inin ItalyItaly,
wln 0220ManyMany inin FranceFrance, andand wealthywealthy eueryevery oneone:
wln 0221IAyay, wealthierwealthier farrefar thenthan anyany ChristianChristian.
wln 0222II mustmust confesseconfess wewe comecome notnot toto bebe KingsKings:

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The Iew of Malta.

wln 0223That’sThat’s notnot ourour faultfault: AlasAlas, ourour number’snumber’s fewfew,
wln 0224AndAnd CrownesCrowns comecome eithereither byby successionsuccession
wln 0225OrOr vrg’durged byby forceforce; andand nothingnothing violentviolent,
wln 0226OftOft hauehave II heardheard telltell, cancan bebe permanentpermanent.
wln 0227GiueGive vsus aa peacefullpeaceful rulerule, makemake ChristiansChristians KingsKings,
wln 0228ThatThat thirstthirst soso muchmuch forfor PrincipalityPrincipality.
wln 0229II hauehave nono chargecharge, nornor manymany childrenchildren,
wln 0230ButBut oneone solesole DaughterDaughter, whomwhom II holdhold asas dearedear
wln 0231AsAs AgamemnonAgamemnon diddid hishis IphigenIphigen:
wln 0232AndAnd allall II hauehave isis hershers. ButBut whowho comescomes herehere?
wln 0233EnterEnter threethree IewesJews.
wln 02341.1 Jew1.TushTush, telltell notnot meme ’twas’twas donedone ofof policiepolicy.
wln 02352.2 Jew2.ComeCome thereforetherefore letlet vsus goego toto BarrabasBarabas;
wln 0236ForFor hehe cancan counsellcounsel bestbest inin thesethese affairesaffairs;
wln 0237AndAnd herehere hehe comescomes.
wln 0238IewJewjew.WhyWhy howhow nownow CountrymenCountrymen?
wln 0239WhyWhy flockeflock youyou thusthus toto meme inin multitudesmultitudes?
wln 0240WhatWhat accident’saccident’s betidedbetided toto thethe IewesJews?
wln 02411.1 Jew1.AA FleetFleet ofof warlikewarlike GallyesGalleys, BarabasBarabas,
wln 0242AreAre comecome fromfrom TurkeyTurkey, andand lyelie inin ourour RhodeRhode:
wln 0243AndAnd theythey thisthis dayday sitsit inin thethe Counsell-houseCounsel-house
wln 0244ToTo entertaineentertain themthem andand theirtheir EmbassieEmbassy.
wln 0245IewJewjew.WhyWhy letlet ’em’em comecome, soso theythey comecome notnot toto warrewar;
wln 0246OrOr letlet ’em’em warrewar, soso wewe bebe conquerorsconquerors:
wln 0247NayNay, letlet ’em’em combatcombat, conquerconquer, andand killkill allall,AsideAside.
wln 0248SoSo theythey sparespare meme, mymy daughterdaughter, andand mymy wealthwealth.
wln 02491.1 Jew1.WereWere itit forfor confirmationconfirmation ofof aa LeagueLeague,
wln 0250TheyThey wouldwould notnot comecome inin warlikewarlike mannermanner thusthus.
wln 02512.2 Jew2.II fearefear theirtheir commingcoming willwill afflictafflict vsus allall.
wln 0252IewJewjew.FondFond menmen, whatwhat dreamedream youyou ofof theirtheir multitudesmultitudes?
wln 0253WhatWhat needneed theythey treattreat ofof peacepeace thatthat areare inin leagueleague?
wln 0254TheThe TurkesTurks andand thosethose ofof MaltaMalta areare inin leagueleague.
wln 0255TutTut, tuttut, therethere isis somesome otherother mattermatter in’tin ’tin’t.
wln 02561.1 Jew1.WhyWhy, BarabasBarabas, theythey comecome forfor peacepeace oror warrewar.
wln 0257IewJewjew.HappilyHappily forfor neitherneither, butbut toto passepass alongalong
wln 0258TowardsTowards VeniceVenice byby thethe AdriatickAdriatic SeaSea;
wln 0259WithWith whomwhom theythey hauehave attemptedattempted manymany timestimes,

img: 7-b
sig: B4r

The Iew of Malta.

wln 0260ButBut neuernever couldcould effecteffect theirtheir StratagemStratagem.
wln 02613.3 Jew3.AndAnd veryvery wiselywisely saydsaid, itit maymay bebe soso.
wln 02622.2 Jew2.ButBut there’sthere’s aa meetingmeeting inin thethe Senate-houseSenate-house,
wln 0263AndAnd allall thethe IewesJews inin MaltaMalta mustmust bebe therethere.
wln 0264IewJewjew.VmhUmhumh; AllAll thethe IewesJews inin MaltaMalta mustmust bebe therethere?
wln 0265IAyay, likelike enoughenough, whywhy thenthen letlet eueryevery manman
wln 0266ProuideProvide himhim, andand bebe therethere forfor fashion-sakefashion-sake.
wln 0267IfIf anyany thingthing shallshall therethere concerneconcern ourour statestate
wln 0268AssureAssure your seluesyourselves I’leI’ll lookelook vntounto my selfemyself.asideaside,
wln 02691.1 Jew1.II knowknow youyou willwill; wellwell brethrenbrethrenbrothers letlet vsus goego.
wln 02702.2 Jew2.Let’sLet’s taketake ourour leauesleaves; FarewellFarewell goodgood BarabasBarabas.
wln 0271IewJewjew.DoeDo soso; FarewellFarewell ZaarethZaareth, farewellfarewell TemainteTemainte.
wln 0272AndAnd BarabasBarabas nownow searchsearch thisthis secretsecret outout.
wln 0273SummonSummon thythy sencessenses, callcall thythy witswits togethretogether:
wln 0274TheseThese sillysilly menmen mistakemistake thethe mattermatter cleaneclean.
wln 0275LongLong toto thethe TurkeTurk diddid MaltaMalta contributecontribute;
wln 0276WhichWhich TributeTribute allall inin policiepolicy, II fearefear,
wln 0277TheThe TurkesTurks hauehave letlet increaseincrease toto suchsuch aa summesum,
wln 0278AsAs allall thethe wealthwealth ofof MaltaMalta cannotcannot paypay;
wln 0279AndAnd nownow byby thatthat aduantageadvantage thinkesthinks, belikebelike,
wln 0280ToTo seizeseize vponupon thethe TowneTown: IAyay, thatthat hehe seekesseeks.
wln 0281How ereHowe’erhowe’er thethe worldworld goego, I’leI’ll makemake suresure forfor oneone,
wln 0282AndAnd seekeseek inin timetime toto interceptintercept thethe worstworst,
wln 0283WarilyWarily gardingguarding thatthat whichwhich II haha’ gotgot.
wln 0284EgoEgo mihimetmihimet sumsum sempersemper proximasproximusproximas.
wln 0285WhyWhy letlet ’em’em enterenter, letlet ’em’em taketake thethe TowneTown.
wln 0286EnterEnter GouernorsGovernors ofof MaltaMalta, KnightsKnightsknight’s metme●metme● byby
wln 0287BassoesBassoes ofof thethe TurkeTurk; CalymathCalymath.

wln 0288Gouer.GovernorNowNow BassoesBassoes, whatwhat demanddemand youyou atat ourour handshands?
wln 0289Bass.BashawBass.KnowKnow KnightsKnights ofof MaltaMalta, thatthat wewe camecame fromfrom RhodesRhodes
wln 0290FromFrom CyprusCyprus, CandyCandy, andand thosethose otherother IlesIsles
wln 0291ThatThat lyelie betwixtbetwixt thethe MediterraneanMediterranean seasseas.
wln 0292Gov.GovernorWhat’sWhat’s CyprusCyprus, CandyCandy, andand thosethose otherother IlesIsles
wln 0293ToTo vsus, oror MaltaMalta? WhatWhat atat ourour handshands demanddemand yeye?
wln 0294Calim.CalymathCalim.TheThe tenten yearesyears tributetribute thatthat remainesremains vnpaidunpaid.
wln 0295Gov.GovernorAlasAlas, mymy LordLord, thethe summesum isis ouergreatovergreat,
wln 0296II hopehope youryour HighnesseHighness willwill considerconsider vsus.

img: 8-a
sig: B4v

The Iew of Malta.

wln 0297Calim.CalymathCalim.II wishwish, grauegrave GouernoursGovernors ’twere’twere inin mymy powerpower
wln 0298ToTo fauourfavorfavour youyou, butbut ’tis’tis mymy fathersfather’s causecause,
wln 0299WhereinWherein II maymay notnot, naynay II daredare notnot dallydally.
wln 0300Gov.GovernorThenThen giuegive vsus leaueleave, greatgreat Selim-CalymathSelim-Calymath.
wln 0301Caly.CalymathCaly.StandStand allall asideaside, andand letlet thethe KnightsKnights determinedetermine,
wln 0302AndAnd sendsend toto keepekeep ourour GalliesGalleys vnder-saileunder-sail,
wln 0303ForFor happilyhappily wewe shallshall notnot tarrytarry herehere:
wln 0304NowNow GouernoursGovernors howhow areare youyou resolu’dresolved?
wln 0305Gov.GovernorThusThus: SinceSince youryour hardhard conditionsconditions areare suchsuch
wln 0306ThatThat youyou willwill needsneeds hauehave tenten yearesyears tributetribute pastpast,
wln 0307WeWe maymay hauehave timetime toto makemake collectioncollection
wln 0308AmongstAmongst thethe InhabitantsInhabitants ofof MaltaMalta for’tfor ’tfor’t.
wln 0309Bass.BashawBass.That’sThat’s moremore thenthan isis inin ourour CommissionCommission.
wln 0310Caly.CalymathCaly.WhatWhat CallapineCallapine aa littlelittle curtesiecourtesy.
wln 0311Let’sLet’s knowknow theirtheir timetime, perhapsperhaps itit isis notnot longlong;
wln 0312AndAnd ’tis’tis moremore KinglyKingly toto obtaineobtain byby peacepeace
wln 0313ThenThen toto enforceenforce conditionsconditions byby constraintconstraint.
wln 0314WhatWhat respitrespite askeask youyou GouernoursGovernors?
wln 0315Gov.GovernorButBut aa monthmonth.
wln 0316Caly.CalymathCaly.WeWe grantgrant aa monthmonth, butbut seesee youyou keepkeep youryour promisepromise.
wln 0317NowNow lanchlaunch ourour GalliesGalleys backeback againeagain toto SeaSea,
wln 0318VVhereVVh●rewhere wee’llwe’ll attendattend thethe respitrespite youyou hauehave tanet●neta’en,
wln 0319AndAnd forfor thethe monymoney sendsend ourour messengermessenger.
wln 0320FarewellFarewell greatgreat GouernorsGovernors, andand brauebrave KnightsKnights ofof MaltaMalta.
wln 0321ExeuntExeunt.
wln 0322Gov.GovernorAndAnd allall goodgood fortunefortune waitwait onon CalymathCalymath.
wln 0323GoeGo oneone andand callcall thosethose IewesJews ofof MaltaMalta hitherhither:
wln 0324VVereWere theythey notnot summon’dsummoned toto appeareappear to daytoday.
wln 0325OfficerOfficer.TheyThey werewere, mymy LordLord, andand herehere theythey comecome.
wln 0326EnterEnter BarabasBarabas, andand threethree IewesJews.
wln 032711 KnightKnight.HaueHave youyou determin’ddetermined whatwhat toto saysay toto themthem?
wln 0328Gov.GovernorYesYes, giuegive meme leaueleave, andand HebrwesHebrews nownow comecome nearenear.
wln 0329FromFrom thethe EmperourEmperor ofof TurkeyTurkey isis arriu’darrived
wln 0330GreatGreat Selim-CalymathSelim-Calymath, hishis Highnessehighness’ sonneson,
wln 0331ToTo leuielevy ofof vsus tenten yearesyears tributetribute pastpast,
wln 0332NowNow thenthen herehere knowknow thatthat itit concernethconcerneth vsus:
wln 0333Bar.BarabasBar.ThenThen goodgood mymy LordLord, toto keepekeep youryour quietquiet stillstill,

img: 8-b
sig: C1r

The Iew of Malta.

wln 0334YourYour LordshipLordship shallshall doedo wellwell toto letlet themthem hauehave itit.
wln 0335Gov.GovernorSoftSoft BarabasBarabas, there’sthere’s moremore longslongs too’tto ’tto’t thanthan soso.
wln 0336ToTo whatwhat thisthis tenten yearesyears tributetribute willwill amountamount
wln 0337ThatThat wewe hauehave castcast, butbut cannotcannot compassecompass itit
wln 0338ByBy reasonreason ofof thethe warreswars, thatthat robb’drobbed ourour storestore;
wln 0339AndAnd thereforetherefore areare wewe toto requestrequest youryour aydaid.
wln 0340Bar.BarabasBar.AlasAlas, mymy LordLord, wewe areare nono souldierssoldiers:
wln 0341AndAnd what’swhat’s ourour aidaid againstagainst soso greatgreat aa PrincePrince?
wln 034211 Kni.KnightTutTut, IewJewjew, wewe knowknow thouthou artart nono souldiersoldier;
wln 0343ThouThou artart aa MerchantMerchant, andand aa moniedmonied manman,
wln 0344AndAnd ’tis’tis thythy monymoney, BarabasBarabas, wewe seekeseek.
wln 0345Bar.BarabasBar.HowHow, mymy LordLord, mymy monymoney?
wln 0346Gov.GovernorThineThine andand thethe restrest.
wln 0347ForFor toto bebe shortshort, amongstamongst youyou ’tmust’t must’tmust bebe hadhad,
wln 0348IewJewjew.AlasAlas, mymy LordLord, thethe mostmost ofof vsus areare poorepoor.
wln 0349Gov.GovernorThenThen letlet thethe richrich increaseincrease youryour portionsportions:
wln 0350Bar.BarabasBar.AreAre strangersstrangers withwith youryour tributetribute toto bebe tax’dtaxed?
wln 035122 Kni.KnightHaueHave strangersstrangers leaueleave withwith vsus toto getget theirtheir wealthwealth?
wln 0352ThenThen letlet themthem withwith vsus contributecontribute.
wln 0353Bar.BarabasBar.HowHow, equallyequally?
wln 0354Gov.GovernorNoNo, IewJewjew, likelike infidelsinfidels.
wln 0355ForFor throughthrough ourour sufferancesufferance ofof youryour hatefullhateful liueslives,
wln 0356WhoWho standstand accursedaccursed inin thethe sightsight ofof heauenheaven,
wln 0357TheseThese taxestaxes andand afflictionsafflictions areare befal’nebefallen,
wln 0358AndAnd thereforetherefore thusthus wewe areare determineddetermined;
wln 0359ReadeRead therethere thethe ArticlesArticles ofof ourour decreesdecrees.
wln 0360ReaderReader.FirstFirst, thethe tributetribute monymoney ofof thethe TurkesTurks shallshall allall bebe
wln 0361LeuyedLevied amongstamongst thethe IewesJews, andand eacheach ofof themthem toto paypay oneone
wln 0362HalfeHalf ofof hishis estateestate.
wln 0363Bar.BarabasBar.HowHow, halfehalf hishis estateestate? II hopehope youyou meanemean notnot minemine.
wln 0364Gov.GovernorReadRead onon.
wln 0365Read.ReaderRead.SecondlySecondly, heehe thatthat deniesdenies toto paypay, shalshall straightstraight be-becomebe∣comebecome(come
wln 0366
wln 0366AA ChristianChristian.
wln 0367Bar.BarabasBar.HowHow aa ChristianChristian? HumHum, what’swhat’s herehere toto doedo?
wln 0368Read.ReaderRead.LastlyLastly, hehe thatthat deniesdenies thisthis, shallshall absolutelyabsolutely loselose alall hehe hashas.
wln 0369AllAll 33 IewesJews.OhOhO mymy LordLord wewe willwill giuegive halfehalf.
wln 0370Bar.BarabasBar.OhOhO earth-mettall’dearth-mettled villainesvillains, andand nono HebrewsHebrews bornborn!

img: 9-a
sig: C1v

The Iew of Malta.

wln 0371AndAnd willwill youyou baselybasely thusthus submitsubmit your seluesyourselves
wln 0372ToTo leaueleave youryour goodsgoods toto theirtheir arbitramentarbitrament?
wln 0373Gov.GovernorWhyWhy BarabasBarabas wiltwilt thouthou bebe christnedchristened[·]??
wln 0374Bar.BarabasBar.NoNo, GouernourGovernor, II willwill bebe nono conuertiteconvertite.
wln 0375Gov,GovernorThenThen paypay thythy halfehalf.
wln 0376Bar.BarabasBar.WhyWhy knowknow youyou whatwhat youyou diddid byby thisthis deuicedevice?
wln 0377HalfeHalf ofof mymy substancesubstance isis aa CitiesCity’s wealthwealth.
wln 0378GovernourGovernor, itit waswas notnot gotgot soso easilyeasily;
wln 0379NorNor willwill II partpart soso slightlyslightly therewithalltherewithal.
wln 0380Gov.GovernorSirSir, halfehalf isis thethe penaltypenalty ofof ourour decreedecree,
wln 0381EitherEither paypay thatthat, oror wewe willwill seizeseize onon allall.
wln 0382Bar.BarabasBar.CorpoCorpo didi deodeo; staystay, youyou shallshall hauehave halfehalf,
wln 0383LetLet meme bebe vs’dused butbut asas mymy brethrenbrothers areare.
wln 0384Gov.GovernorNoNo, IewJewjew, thouthou hasthast denieddenied thethe ArticlesArticles,
wln 0385AndAnd nownow itit cannotcannot bebe recall’drecalled.
wln 0386Bar,BarabasBar,WillWill youyou thenthen stealesteal mymy goodsgoods?
wln 0387IsIs thefttheft thethe groundground ofof youryour ReligionReligion?
wln 0388Gov.GovernorNoNo, IewJewjew, wewe taketake particularlyparticularly thinethine
wln 0389ToTo sauesave thethe ruineruin ofof aa multitudemultitude:
wln 0390AndAnd betterbetter oneone wantwant forfor aa commoncommon goodgood,
wln 0391ThenThan manymany perishperish forfor aa priuateprivate manman:
wln 0392YetYet BarrabasBarabas wewe willwill notnot banishbanish theethee,
wln 0393ButBut herehere inin MaltaMalta, wherewhere thouthou gotstgo●stgot'stgotst thythy wealthwealth,
wln 0394LiueLive stillstill; andand ifif thouthou canstcanst, getget moremore.
wln 0395Bar.BarabasBar.ChristiansChristians; whatwhat, oror howhow cancan II multiplymultiply?
wln 0396OfOf noughtnaught isis nothingnothing mademade.
wln 039711 KnightKnight.FromFrom noughtnaught atat firstfirst thouthou camstcanstcam'stcanst toto littlelittle welthwealth,
wln 0398FromFrom littlelittle vntounto moremore, fromfrom moremore toto mostmost:
wln 0399IfIf youryour firstfirst cursecurse fallfall heauyheavy onon thythy headhead,
wln 0400AndAnd makemake theethee poorepoor andand scorn[*]dscornedscorn●dscorned ofof allall thethe worldworld,
wln 0401’Tis’Tis notnot ourour faultfault, butbut thythy inherentinherent sinnesin.
wln 0402Bar.BarabasBar.WhatWhat? bringbring youyou ScriptureScripture toto confirmconfirm youryour wrongewrong?
wln 0403Preach●reachPreach mem●me notnot outout ofof mymy possessionspossessions.
wln 0404SomeSom●Some Iewesjews areare wickedwicked, asas allall ChristiansChristians areare:
wln 0405ButBut saysay thethe TribeTribe thatthat II descendeddescended ofof
wln 0406WereWere allall inin generallgeneral castcast awayaway forfor sinnesin,
wln 0407ShallShall II bebe tryedtried byby theirtheir transgressiontransgression?

img: 9-b
sig: C2r

The Iew of Malta.

wln 0408TheThe manman thatthat dealethdealeth righteouslyrighteously shallshall liuelive:
wln 0409AndAnd whichwhich ofof youyou cancan chargecharge meme otherwiseotherwise?
wln 0410Gov.GovernorOutOut wretchedwretched BarabasBarabas, sham’stshamest thouthou notnot thusthus
wln 0411ToTo iustifiejustify thy selfethyself, asas ifif wewe knewknew notnot
wln 0412ThyThy professionprofession? IfIf thouthou relyrely vponupon thythy righteousnesserighteousness,
wln 0413BeBe patientpatient andand thythy richesriches willwill increaseincrease.
wln 0414ExcesseExcess ofof wealthwealth isis causecause ofof covetousnessecovetousness:
wln 0415AndAnd couetousnessecovetousness, oho ’tis’tis aa monstrousmonstrous sinnesin.
wln 0416Bar.BarabasBar.IAyay, butbut thefttheft isis worseworse: tushtush, taketake notnot fromfrom meme thenthen,
wln 0417ForFor thatthat isis thefttheft; andand ifif youyou robrob meme thusthus,
wln 0418II mustmust bebe forc’dforced toto stealesteal andand compassecompass moremore.
wln 041911 Kni.KnightGraueGrave GouernorsGovernors, listlist notnot toto hishis exclamesexclaims:
wln 0420ConuertConvert hishis mansionmansion toto aa NunneryNunnery,EnterEnter OfficersOfficers.
wln 0421HisHis househouse willwill harbourharborharbour manymany holyholy NunsNuns.
wln 0422Gov.GovernorItIt shallshall bebe soso: nownow OfficersOfficers hauehave youyou donedone?
wln 0423Offic.OfficerIAyay, mymy LordLord, wewe hauehave seiz’dseized vponupon thethe goodsgoods
wln 0424AndAnd wareswares ofof BarabasBarabas, whichwhich beingbeing valuedvalued
wln 0425AmountAmount toto moremore thenthan allall thethe wealthwealth inin MaltaMalta.
wln 0426AndAnd ofof thethe otherother wewe hauehave seizedseized halfehalf.
wln 0427ThenThen wee’llwe’ll taketake orderorder forfor thethe residueresidue.
wln 0428Bar.BarabasBar.WellWell thenthen mymy LordLord, saysay, areare youyou satisfiedsatisfied?
wln 0429YouYou hauehave mymy goodsgoods, mymy monymoney, andand mymy wealthwealth,
wln 0430MyMy shipsships, mymy storestore, andand allall thatthat II enioy’denjoyed;
wln 0431AndAnd hauinghaving allall, youyou cancan requestrequest nono moremore;
wln 0432VnlesseUnless youryour vnrelentingunrelenting flintyflinty heartshearts
wln 0433SuppresseSuppress allall pittypity inin youryour stonystony breastsbreasts,
wln 0434AndAnd nownow shallshall movemove youyou toto bereavebereave mymy lifelife.
wln 0435Gov.GovernorNoNo, BarabasBarabas, toto stainestain ourour handshands withwith bloodblood
wln 0436IsIs farrefar fromfrom vsus andand ourour professionprofession.
wln 0437Bar.BarabasBar.WhyWhy II esteemeesteem thethe iniuryinjury farrefar lesseless,
wln 0438ToTo taketake thethe liueslives ofof miserablemiserable menmen,
wln 0439ThenThen bebe thethe causerscausers ofof theirtheir miserymisery..,
wln 0440YouYou hauehave mymy wealthwealth thethe labourlaborlabour ofof mymy lifelife,
wln 0441TheThe comfortcomfort ofof minemine ageage, mymy childrenschildren’s hopehope,
wln 0442AndAnd thereforetherefore ne’rene’ernever distinguishdistinguish ofof thethe wrongwrong.
wln 0443Gov.GovernorContentContent theethee, BarabasBarabas, thouthou hasthast noughtnaught butbut rightright.
wln 0444Bar.BarabasBar.YourYour extremeextreme rightright doesdoes meme exceedingexceeding wrongwrong:

img: 10-a
sig: C2v

The Iew of Malta.

wln 0445ButBut taketake itit toto youyou i’thi’ th’i’th’ deuilsdevil’s namename.
wln 0446Gov.GovernorComeCome, letlet vsus inin, andand gathergather ofof thesethese goodsgoods
wln 0447TheThe monymoney forfor thisthis tributetribute ofof thethe TurkeTurk.
wln 044811 KnightKnight,’Tis’Tis necessarynecessary thatthat bebe look’dlooked vntounto:
wln 0449ForFor ifif wewe breakebreak ourour dayday, wewe breakebreak thethe leagueleague,
wln 0450AndAnd thatthat willwill proueprove butbut simplesimple policiepolicy.ExeuntExeunt,
wln 0451Bar.BarabasBar.IAyay, policiepolicy? that’sthat’s theirtheir professionprofession,
wln 0452AndAnd notnot simplicitysimplicity, asas theythey suggestsuggest.
wln 0453TheThe plaguesplagues ofof EgyptEgypt, andand thethe cursecurse ofof heauenheaven,
wln 0454EarthsEarth’s barrennessebarrenness, andand allall mensmen’s hatredhatred
wln 0455InflictInflict vponupon themthem, thouthou greatgreat PrimasPrimusPrimas MotorMotor.
wln 0456AndAnd herehere vponupon mymy kneesknees, strikingstriking thethe earthearth,
wln 0457II banneban theirtheir soulessouls toto everlastingeverlasting painespains
wln 0458AndAnd extremeextreme torturestortures ofof thethe fieryfiery deepedeep,
wln 0459ThatThat thusthus hauehave dealtdealt withwith meme inin mymy distressedistress.
wln 046011 IewJewjew.OhOhO yetyet bebe patientpatient, gentlegentle BarabasBarabas.
wln 0461Bar.BarabasBar.OhOhO sillysilly brethrenbrothers, borneborn toto seesee thisthis dayday!
wln 0462WhyWhy standstand youyou thusthus vnmou’dunmoved withwith mymy lamentslaments?
wln 0463WhyWhy weepeweep youyou notnot toto thinkethink vponupon mymy wrongswrongs?
wln 0464WhyWhy pinepine notnot II, andand dyedie inin thisthis distressedistress?
wln 046511 IewJewjew.WhyWhy, BarabasBarabas, asas hardlyhardly cancan wewe brookebrook
wln 0466TheThe cruellcruel handlinghandling ofof our seluesourselves inin thisthis:
wln 0467ThouThou seestseest theythey hauehave takentaken halfehalf ourour goodsgoods.
wln 0468Bar.BarabasBar.WhyWhy diddid youyou yeeldyield toto theirtheir extortionextortion?
wln 0469YouYou werewere aa multitudemultitude, andand II butbut oneone,
wln 0470AndAnd ofof meme onelyonly hauehave theythey takentaken allall.
wln 047111 IewJewjew.YetYet brotherbrother BarabasBarabas rememberremember IobJobjob,
wln 0472Bar.BarabasBar.WhatWhat telltell youyou meme ofof IobJobjob? II wotwot hishis wealthwealth
wln 0473WasWas writtenwritten thusthus: hehe hadhad seuenseven thousandthousand sheepesheep,
wln 0474ThreeThree thousandthousand CamelsCamels, andand twotwo hundredhundred yoakeyoke
wln 0475OfOf labouringlaboringlabouring OxenOxen, andand fiuefive hundredhundred
wln 0476SheeShe AssesAsses: butbut forfor eueryevery oneone ofof thosethose,
wln 0477HadHad theythey beenebeen valuedvalued atat indifferentindifferent raterate,
wln 0478II hadhad atat homehome, andand inin minemine ArgosieArgosy
wln 0479AndAnd otherother shipsships thatthat camecame fromfrom EgyptEgypt lastlast,
wln 0480AsAs muchmuch asas wouldwould hauehave boughtbought hishis beastsbeasts andand himhim,
wln 0481AndAnd yetyet hauehave keptkept enoughenough toto liuelive vponupon;

img: 10-b
sig: C3r

The Iew of Malta.

wln 0482SoSo thatthat notnot hehe, butbut II maymay cursecurse thethe dayday,
wln 0483ThyThy fatallfatal birth-daybirthday, forlorneforlorn BarabasBarabas;
wln 0484AndAnd henceforthhenceforth wishwish forfor anan eternalleternal nightnight,
wln 0485ThatThat cloudsclouds ofof darknessedarkness maymay incloseenclose mymy fleshflesh,
wln 0486AndAnd hidehide thesethese extremeextreme sorrowessorrows fromfrom minemine eyeseyes:
wln 0487ForFor onelyonly II hauehave toyl’dtoiled toto inheritinherit herehere
wln 0488TheThe monthsmonths ofof vanityvanity andand losseloss ofof timetime,
wln 0489AndAnd painefullpainful nightsnights hauehave binbeen appointedappointed meme.
wln 049022 IewJewjew.GoodGood BarabasBarabas bebe patientpatient.
wln 0491Bar.BarabasBar.IAyay, II praypray leaveleave meme inin mymy patiencepatience.
wln 0492YouYou thatthat werewere ne’rene’ernever possestpossessed ofof wealthwealth, areare pleas’dpleased withwith (wantwant.
wln 0493ButBut giuegive himhim libertyliberty atat leastleast toto mournemourn,
wln 0494ThatThat inin aa fieldfield amidstamid hishis enemiesenemies,
wln 0495DothDoth seesee hishis souldierssoldiers slaineslain, himselfehimself disarm’ddisarmed,
wln 0496AndAnd knowesknows nono meanesmeans ofof hishis recouerierecovery:
wln 0497IAyay, letlet meme sorrowsorrow forfor thisthis suddensudden chancechance,
wln 0498’Tis’Tis inin thethe troubletrouble ofof mymy spiritspirit II speakespeak;
wln 0499GreatGreat iniuriesinjuries areare notnot soso soonesoon forgotforgot.
wln 050011 IewJewjew.ComeCome, letlet vsus leaueleave himhim inin hishis irefullireful moodmood,
wln 0501OurOur wordswords willwill butbut increaseincrease hishis extasieecstasy.
wln 050222 IewJewjew.OnOn thenthen: butbut trusttrust meme ’tis’tis aa miserymisery
wln 0503ToTo seesee aa manman inin suchsuch afflictionaffliction:
wln 0504FarewellFarewell BarabasBarabas.ExeuntExeunt.
wln 0505Bar.BarabasBar.IAyay, farefare youyou wellwell.
wln 0506SeeSee thethe simplicitiesimplicity ofof thesethese basebase slauess●auesslaves,
wln 0507WhoWho forfor thethe villainesvillains hauehave nono witwit themseluesthemselves,
wln 0508ThinkeThink meme toto bebe aa senselessesenseless lumpelump ofof clayclay
wln 0509ThatThat willwill withwith eueryevery waterwater washwash toto dirtdirt:
wln 0510NoNo, BarabasBarabas isis borneborn toto betterbetter chancechance,
wln 0511AndAnd fram’dframed ofof finerfiner moldmoldmould thenthen commoncommon menmen,
wln 0512ThatThat measuremeasure noughtnaught butbut byby thethe presentpresent timetime.
wln 0513AA reachingreaching thoughtthought willwill searchsearch hishis deepestdeepest witswits,
wln 0514AndAnd castcast withwith cunningcunning forfor thethe timetime toto comecome:
wln 0515ForFor euilsevils areare aptapt toto happenhappen eueryevery dayday
wln 0516ButBut whitherwhither wendswends mymy beauteousbeauteous AbigallAbigallAbigal?
wln 0517EnterEnter AhigallAbigallAbigall thethe IewesJew’sJews daughterdaughter.
wln 0518OhOhO whatwhat hashas mademade mymy louelylovely daughterdaughter sadsad?

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sig: C3v

The Iew of Malta.

wln 0519WhatWhat? womanwoman, moanemoan notnot forfor aa littlelittle losseloss:
wln 0520ThyThy fatherfather hashas enoughenough inin storestore forfor theethee.
wln 0521Abig.AbigallAbig.NotNot forfor my selfemyself, butbut agedaged BarabasBarabas:
wln 0522FatherFather, forfor theethee lamentethlamenteth AbigaileAbigallAbigail:
wln 0523ButBut II willwill learnelearn toto leaueleave thesethese fruitlessefruitless tearestears.
wln 0524AndAnd vrg’durged theretothereto withwith mymy afflictionsafflictions,
wln 0525WithWith fiercefierce exclaimesexlaimesexclaims runrun toto thethe Senate-houseSenate-house,
wln 0526AndAnd inin thethe SenateSenate reprehendreprehend themthem allall,
wln 0527AndAnd rentrent theirtheir heartshearts withwith tearingtearing ofof mymy hairehair,
wln 0528TillTill theythey reducereduce thethe wrongswrongs donedone toto mymy fatherfather.
wln 0529Bar.BarabasBar.NoNo, AbigailAbigallAbigail, thingsthings pastpast recoueryrecovery
wln 0530AreAre hardlyhardly cur’dcured withwith exclamationsexclamations.
wln 0531BeBe silentsilent, DaughterDaughter, sufferancesufferance breedsbreeds easeease,
wln 0532AndAnd timetime maymay yeeldyield vsus anan occasionoccasion
wln 0533WhichWhich onon thethe suddensudden cannotcannot serueserve thethe turneturn.
wln 0534BesidesBesides, mymy girlegirl, thinkethink meme notnot allall soso fondfond
wln 0535AsAs negligentlynegligently toto forgoeforgo soso muchmuch
wln 0536WithoutWithout prouisionprovision forfor thy selfethyself andand meme.
wln 0537TenTen thousandthousand PortaguesPortagnesPortuguese, besidesbesides greatgreat PerlesPearls,
wln 0538RichRich costlycostly Iewelsjewels, andand StonesStones infiniteinfinite,
wln 0539FearingFearing thethe worstworst ofof thisthis beforebefore itit fellfell,
wln 0540II closelyclosely hidhid.
wln 0541Abig.AbigallAbig.WhereWhere fatherfather?
wln 0542Bar.BarabasBar.InIn mymy househouse mymy girlegirl.
wln 0543Abig.AbigallAbig.ThenThen shallshall theythey ne’rene’ernever bebe seeneseen ofof BarrabasBarabas:
wln 0544ForFor theythey hauehave seiz’dseized vponupon thythy househouse andand wareswares.
wln 0545Bar.BarabasBar.ButBut theythey willwill giuegive meme leaueleave onceonce moremore, II trowtrow,
wln 0546ToTo goego intointo mymy househouse.
wln 0547Abig.AbigallAbig.ThatThat maymay theythey notnot:
wln 0548ForFor therethere II leftleft thethe GouernourGovernor placingplacing NunnesNuns,
wln 0549DisplacingDisplacing meme; andand ofof thythy househouse theythey meanemean
wln 0550ToTo makemake aa NunneryNunnery, wherewhere nonenone butbut theirtheir owneown sectsect
wln 0551MustMust enterenter inin; menmen generallygenerally barr’dbarred.
wln 0552Bar.BarabasBar.MyMy goldgold, mymy goldgold, andand allall mymy wealthwealth isis gonegone.
wln 0553YouYou partiallpartial heauensheavens, hauehave II deseru’ddeserved thisthis plagueplague?
wln 0554WhatWhat willwill youyou thusthus opposeoppose meme, lucklesseluckless StarresStars,
wln 0555ToTo makemake meme desperatedesperate inin mymy pouertypoverty?

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sig: C4r

The Iew of Malta.

wln 0556AndAnd knowingknowing meme impatientimpatient inin distressedistress
wln 0557ThinkeThink meme soso madmad asas II willwill hanghang my selfemyself,
wln 0558ThatThat II maymay vanishvanish oreo’er thethe earthearth inin ayreair,
wln 0559AndAnd leaueleave nono memorymemory thatthat e’ree’er II waswas.
wln 0560NoNo, II willwill liuelive; nornor loathloathe II thisthis mymy lifelife:
wln 0561AndAnd sincesince youyou leaueleave meme inin thethe OceanOcean thusthus
wln 0562ToTo sinkesink oror swimswim, andand putput meme toto mymy shiftsshifts,
wln 0563I’leI’ll rouserouse mymy sensessenses, andand awakeawake my selfemyself.
wln 0564DaughterDaughter, II hauehave itit: thouthou perceiu’stperceivest thethe plightplight
wln 0565WhereinWherein thesethese ChristiansChristians hauehave oppressedoppressed meme:
wln 0566BeBe rul’druled byby meme, forfor inin extremitieextremity
wln 0567WeWe oughtought toto makemake barrebar ofof nono policiepolicy.
wln 0568Abig.AbigallAbig.FatherFather, what e’rewhate’er itit bebe toto iniureinjure themthem
wln 0569ThatThat hauehave soso manifestlymanifestly wrongedwronged vsus,
wln 0570WhatWhat willwill notnot AbigallAbigallAbigal attemptattempt?
wln 0571Bar.BarabasBar.WhyWhy soso; thenthen thusthus, thouthou toldsttoldst meme theythey hauehave turn’dturned (mymy househouse
wln 0572IntoInto aa NunneryNunnery, andand somesome NunsNuns areare therethere.
wln 0573Abig.AbigallAbig.II diddid.
wln 0574Bar.BarabasBar.ThenThen AbigallAbigallAbigal, therethere mustmust mymy girlegirl
wln 0575IntreatEntreat thethe AbbasseAbbessabbess