The Woman's Prize, or The Tamer Tamed
The Woman’s Prize, or The Tamer Tamed

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wln 0001THETHE
wln 0003OROR,
wln 0004TheThe TamerTamer TamedTamed.

wln 0005ActusActus PrimusPrimus ScænaScaenaScaena PrimaPrima.

column: 305-b-1

wln 0006EnterEnter MorosoMoroso, SophoclesSophocles, andand TranioTranio, withwith RosemaryRosemary,
wln 0007asas fromfrom aa weddingwedding.

wln 0008MorosoMoroso.
wln 0009GOdGOdGod givegive ’em’em joyjoy.
wln 0010Tra.TranioTra.AmenAmen.
wln 0011Soph.SophoclesSoph.AmenAmen, saysay II totooto:
wln 0012TheThe PuddingsPuddings nownow i’thi’ th’i’th’ proofproof; alasalas poorpoor (wenchwench,
wln 0013ThroughThrough whatwhat aa minemine ofof patiencepatience mustmust
wln 0014 thouthou workework,
wln 0015EreEre thouthou know’stknow’stknowest goodgood hourehour moremore?
wln 0016Tra.TranioTra.Tis’Tis tootoo truetrue: CertaineCertain,
wln 0017Me thinksMethinksmethinks herher fatherfather hashas dealtdealt harshlyharshly withwith herher,
wln 0018ExceedingExceeding harshlyharshly, andand notnot likelike aa FatherFather,
wln 0019ToTo matchmatch herher toto thisthis DragonDragon; II protestprotest
wln 0020II pitypity thethe poorepoor GentlewomanGentlewoman.
wln 0021Mor.MorosoMor.Me thinksMethinksmethinks nownow,
wln 0022He’sHe’s notnot soso terribleterrible asas peoplepeople thinkthink himhim.
wln 0023Soph.SophoclesSoph.ThisThis oldold thiefethief flattersflatters, outout ofof meeremere devotiondevotion,
wln 0024ToTo pleaseplease thethe fatherfather forfor hishis secondsecond daughterdaughter.
wln 0025Tra.TranioTra.ButBut shallshall hehe havehave herher?
wln 0026Soph.SophoclesSoph.YesYes, whenwhen II havehave RomeRome.
wln 0027AndAnd yetyet thethe father’sfather’s forfor himhim.
wln 0028Mor.MorosoMor.IleI’ll assureassure yeye,
wln 0029II holdhold himhim aa goodgood manman.
wln 0030Soph.SophoclesSoph.YesYes suresure aa wealthywealthy,
wln 0031ButBut whetherwhether aa goodgood womanswoman’s manman, isis doubtfulldoubtful.
wln 0032Tra.TranioTra.WouldWould ’twere’twere nono worseworse.
wln 0033Mor.MorosoMor.WhatWhat thoughthough hishis otherother wifewife,
wln 0034OutOut ofof herher mostmost abundantabundant sobernessesoberness,
wln 0035OutOut ofof herher dailydaily huyhue andand criescries uponupon himhim,
wln 0036(ForFor suresure sheshe waswas aa RebellRebel) turn’dturned hishis tempertemper,
wln 0037AndAnd forc’dforced himhim blowblow asas highhigh asas sheshe? do’stdost followfollow
wln 0038HeHe mustmust retainretain thatthat longlong sincesince buriedburied TempestTempest,
wln 0039ToTo thisthis softsoft maidmaid?
wln 0040Soph.SophoclesSoph.II fearefear itit.
wln 0041Tra.TranioTra.SoSo dodo II tootoo:
wln 0042AndAnd soso farfar, thatthat ifif GodGod hadhad mademade meme womanwoman,
wln 0043AndAnd hishis wifewife thatthat mustmust bebe
wln 0044Mor.MorosoMor.WhatWhat wouldwould youyou doedo sirsir?
wln 0045Tra.TranioTra.II wouldwould learnlearn toto eateeat CoalesCoals withwith anan angryangry CatCat,
wln 0046AndAnd spitspit firefire atat himhim: II wouldwould (toto preventprevent himhim)

column: 305-b-2

wln 0047DoDo allall thethe rampingramping, roaringroaring trickstricks, aa whorewhore
wln 0048BeingBeing drunkedrunk, andand tumblingtumbling riperipe, wouldwould trembletremble atat:
wln 0049ThereThere isis nono safetysafety elseelse, nornor morallmoral wisdomewisdom,
wln 0050ToTo bebe aa wifewife, andand hishis.
wln 0051Soph.SophoclesSoph.SoSo II shouldshould thinkthink tootoo.
wln 0052Tra.TranioTra.ForFor yetyet thethe barebare remembranceremembrance ofof hishis firstfirst wifewife
wln 0053(II telltell yeye onon mymy knowledgeknowledge, andand aa truthtruth tootoo)
wln 0054WillWill makemake himhim startstart in’sin ’sin’s sleepsleep, andand veryvery oftenoften
wln 0055CryCry outout forfor CudgelsCudgels, ColstavesCowl-stavesColstaves, anyany thingthing;
wln 0056HidingHiding hishis BreechesBreeches, outout ofof fearefear herher GhostGhost
wln 0057ShouldShould walkwalk, andand wearewear ’em’em yetyet. SinceSince hishis firstfirst marriagemarriage,
wln 0058HeHe isis nono moremore thethe stillstill PetruchioPetruchio,
wln 0059ThenThan II amam BabylonBabylon.
wln 0060Soph.SophoclesSoph.He’sHe’s aa goodgood fellowfelloWfelloWfellow,
wln 0061AndAnd onon mymy wordword II lovelove himhim: butbut toto thinkthink
wln 0062AA fitfit matchmatch forfor thisthis tendertender soulesoul
wln 0063Tra.TranioTra.HisHis veryvery frownefrown, ifif sheshe butbut saysay herher prayersprayers
wln 0064LouderLouder thenthan menmen talktalk treasontreason, makesmakes himhim tindartinder;
wln 0065TheThe motionmotion ofof aa DiallDial, whenwhen he’she’s testytesty,
wln 0066IsIs thethe samesame troubletrouble toto himhim asas aa water-workewaterwork;
wln 0067SheShe mustmust dodo nothingnothing ofof her selfeherself; notnot eateeat,
wln 0068DrinkDrink, saysay sirsir howhow dodo yeye, makemake herher readyready, unreadyunready,
wln 0069UnlesseUnless hehe bidbid herher.
wln 0070Soph.SophoclesSoph.HeHe willwill burybury herher
wln 0071TenTen poundpound toto twentytwenty shillingsshillings, withinwithin thesethese threethree (weeksweeks.
wln 0072TraTranioTra:IleI’ll bebe youryour halfehalf.
wln 0073EnterEnter JaquesJaques withwith aa potpot ofof WineWine.
wln 0074Mor.MorosoMor.HeHe lovesloves herher mostmost extreamlyextremely,
wln 0075AndAnd soso longlong ’twil’twill’twil bebe honey-moonhoneymoon. NowNow JaquesJaques
wln 0076YouYou areare aa busiebusy manman II amam suresure.
wln 0077Jaq.JaquesJaq.YesYes certainecertain,
wln 0078ThisThis oldold sportsport mustmust havehave eggeseggs,
wln 0079Soph.SophoclesSoph.NotNot yetyet thisthis tenten daiesdays.
wln 0080Jaq.JaquesJaq.SweetSweet GentlemenGentlemen withwith MuskadellMuscadelmuskadel.
wln 0081Tra.TranioTra.That’sThat’s rightright sirsir.
wln 0082Mor.MorosoMor.ThisThis fellowfellow broodsbroods hishis MasterMaster: speedspeed yeye JaquesJaques.
wln 0083Soph.SophoclesSoph.WeWe shallshall bebe forfor youyou presentlypresently.
wln 0084Jaq.JaquesJaq.YourYour worshipsworships
wln 0085ShalShall havehave itit richrich andand neatneat: andand o’o’oF mymy conscienceconscience
wln 0086AsAs welcomwelcome asas ourour LadyLady dayday: OOOh mymy oldold sirsir,
wln 0087WhenWhen shallshall wewe seesee youryour worshipworship runrun atat RingRing?
wln 0088ThatThat hourehour aa standingstanding werewere worthworth moneymoney

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The Womans prize, or

column: 306-a-1

wln 0089Mor.MorosoMor.SoSo sirsir.
wln 0090Jaq.JaquesJaq.UponUpon mymy littlelittle honestyhonesty, youryour MistrisMistress,
wln 0091IfIf II havehave anyany speculationspeculation, mustmust thinkethink
wln 0092ThisThis singlesingle thrummingthrumming ofof aa FiddleFiddle,
wln 0093WithoutWithout aa BowBow, butbut ev’nevene’en poorepoor sportsport.
wln 0094Mor.MorosoMor.Y’areY’ areYou’re merrymerry.
wln 0095Ja.JaquesJa.WouldWould II werewere wisewise tootoo: soso GodGod blessbless youryour worshipworship.
wln 0096Tra.TranioTra.TheThe fellowfellow telstells youyou truetrue.ExitExit Jaq.JaquesJaq.
wln 0097Soph.SophoclesSoph.WhenWhen isis thethe dayday manman?
wln 0098ComeCome, comecome, you’lyou’ll stealesteal aa marriagemarriage.
wln 0099Mor.MorosoMor.NayNay believebelieve meme:
wln 0100ButBut whenwhen herher fatherfather pleasespleases II amam readyready,
wln 0101AndAnd allall mymy friendsfriends shallshall knowknow itit.
wln 0102Tra.TranioTra.WhyWhy notnot nownow?
wln 0103OneOne chargecharge hadhad serv’dserved forfor bothboth.
wln 0104Mor.MorosoMor.There’sThere’s reasonreason in’tin ’tin’t.
wln 0105Soph.SophoclesSoph.Call’dCalled RowlandRowland.
wln 0106Mor.MorosoMor.WillWill yeye walkewalk?
wln 0107They’lThey’ll thinkthink wewe areare lostlost: ComeCome GentlemenGentlemen.
wln 0108Tra.TranioTra.YouYou havehave wip’twhippedwiped himhim nownow.
wln 0109Soph.SophoclesSoph.SoSo willwill hehe nevernever thethe wenchwench II hopehope.
wln 0110Tra.TranioTra.II wishwish itit.ExeuntExeunt.

wln 0111ScænaScaenaScaena secundasecunda.

wln 0112EnterEnter RowlandRowland, andand LiviaLivia.
wln 0113Row.RowlandRow.NowNow LiviaLivia, ifif you’lyou’ll goego awayaway to nighttonight,
wln 0114IfIf youryour affectionsaffections bebe notnot mademade ofof wordswords.
wln 0115Liv.LiviaLiv.II lovelove youyou, andand youyou knowknow howhow dearlydearlydear RowlandRowland,
wln 0116IsIs therethere nonenone neerenear usus? mymy affectionsaffections everever
wln 0117HaveHave beenbeen youryour servantsservants; withwith whatwhat superstitionsuperstition
wln 0118II havehave everever SaintedSainted youyou
wln 0119Row.RowlandRow.WhyWhy thenthen taketake thisthis wayway.
wln 0120Liv.LiviaLiv.Twill’Twill bebe aa childishchildish andand aa lesseless prosperousprosperous coursecourse,
wln 0121ThenThan hishis thatthat knowsknows notnot carecare: whywhy shouldshould wewe dodo
wln 0122OurOur honesthonest andand ourour heartyhearty lovelove suchsuch wrongwrong,
wln 0123ToTo over-runoverrun ourour fortunesfortunes?
wln 0124Row.RowlandRow.ThenThen youyou flatterflatter.
wln 0125Liv.LiviaLiv.AlasAlas youyou knowknow II cannotcannot.
wln 0126Row.RowlandRow.WhatWhat hopeshope’shopes leftleft elseelse
wln 0127ButBut flyingflying toto enjoyenjoy yeye?
wln 0128Liv.LiviaLiv.NoneNone soso farfar,
wln 0129ForFor letlet itit bebe admittedadmitted wewe havehave timetime,
wln 0130AndAnd allall thingsthings nownow inin otherother expectationexpectation,
wln 0131MyMy father’sfather’s bentbent againstagainst usus; whatwhat butbut ruineruin,
wln 0132CanCan suchsuch aa by-wayby-way bringbring usus? ifif youryour fearesfears
wln 0133WouldWould letlet youyou looklook withwith mymy eyeseyes, II wouldwould shewshow youyou,
wln 0134AndAnd certaincertain, howhow ourour stayingstaying herehere wouldwould winwin usus
wln 0135AA coursecourse, thoughthough somewhatsomewhat longerlonger, yetyet farfar surersurer.
wln 0136Row.RowlandRow.AndAnd thenthenthan MorosoMoroso h’ashas yeye.
wln 0137Liv.LiviaLiv.NoNo suchsuch mattermatter:
wln 0138ForFor holdhold thisthis certainecertain, beggingbegging, stealingstealing, whoringwhoring,
wln 0139SellingSelling, (whichwhich isis aa sinsin unpardonableunpardonable)
wln 0140OfOf counterfeitcounterfeit CodsCods, oror mustymusty EnglishEnglish CracasCracas,
wln 0141SwitchesSwitches, oror stonesstones forfor th’toothacheth’ toothacheth’toothache soonersooner findsfinds meme,
wln 0142ThenThanThen thatthat drawndrawn FoxFox andand MorosoMoroso.
wln 0143Row.RowlandRow.ButBut hishis moneymoney,
wln 0144IfIf wealthwealth maymay winwin youyou
wln 0145Liv.LiviaLiv.IfIf aa HogHog maymay bebe
wln 0146HighHigh PriestPriest amongamong thethe JewesJewsjews: hishis moneymoney RowlandRowland?
wln 0147OhOhO LoveLove forgiveforgive meme, whatwhat faithfaith hasthast thouthou?
wln 0148WhyWhy, cancan hishis moneymoney kissekiss meme?
wln 0149Row.RowlandRow.YesYes.
wln 0150Liv.LiviaLiv.BehindBehind,
wln 0151LasdLaidLasdLaid outout uponupon aa PetticotePetticoat: oror graspegrasp meme
wln 0152WhileWhile II crycry, OOOh goodgood thankthank youyou? o’o’oF mymy trothtroth
wln 0153ThouThou makstmak’st meme merrymerry withwith thythy fearefear: oror lielie withwith meme,
wln 0154AsAs youyou maymay dodo? alasalas, whatwhat foolesfools youyou menmen areare?

column: 306-a-2

wln 0155HisHis mouldymoldymouldy moneymoney? halfhalf aa dozendozen RidersRiders,
wln 0156ThatThat cannotcannot sitsit butbut stamptstamped fastfast toto theirtheir SaddlesSaddles?
wln 0157NoNo RowlandRowland, nono manman shallshall makemake useuse ofof meme;
wln 0158MyMy beautybeauty waswas bornborn freefree, andand freefree IleI’ll givegive itit
wln 0159ToTo himhim thatthat lovesloves, notnot buysbuys meme. YouYou yetyet doubtdoubt meme.
wln 0160Row.RowlandRow.II cannotcannot saysay II doubtdoubt yeye.
wln 0161Liv.LiviaLiv.GoeGo thythy waiesways,
wln 0162ThouThou artart thethe prettiestprettiest pulingpuling piecepiece ofof passionpassion:
wln 0163YfaithY faithI’ faithi’faith II willwill notnot failefail theethee.
wln 0164Row.RowlandRow.II hadhad ratherrather
wln 0165Liv.LiviaLiv.PretheePrithee believebelieve meme, ifif II dodo notnot carrycarry itit,
wln 0166ForFor bothboth ourour goodsgoods
wln 0167Row.RowlandRow.ButBut
wln 0168Liv.LiviaLiv.WhatWhat butbut?
wln 0169Row.RowlandRow.II wouldwould telltell youyou.
wln 0170Liv.LiviaLiv.II knowknow allall youyou cancan telltell meme; all’sall’s butbut thisthis,
wln 0171YouYou wouldwould havehave meme, andand lielie withwith meme; is’tis ’tis’t notnot soso?
wln 0172Row.RowlandRow.YesYes.
wln 0173Liv.LiviaLiv.WhyWhy youyou shallshall; willwill thatthat contentcontent youyou? GoeGo.
wln 0174Row.RowlandRow.II amam veryvery lothloath toto goego.EnterEnter ByanchaBiancaByancha,
andand MariaMaria.

wln 0175Liv.LiviaLiv.NowNow o’o’oF mymy conscienceconscience
wln 0176ThouThou artart anan honesthonest fellowfellow: here’shere’s mymy sistersister;
wln 0177GoGo, pretheeprithee goego; thisthis kissekiss, andand creditcredit meme,
wln 0178EreEre II amam threethree nightsnights olderolder, II amam forfor theethee:
wln 0179YouYou shallshall hearehear whatwhat II dodo.
wln 0180FarewellFarewell.
wln 0181Row.RowlandRow.FarewellFarewell.ExitExit RowlandRowland.
wln 0182Liv.LiviaLiv.AlasAlas poorepoor foolefool, howhow itit lookslooks?
wln 0183ItIt wouldwould ev’nevene’en hanghang it selfeitself, shouldshould II butbut crossecross itit.
wln 0184ForFor purepure lovelove toto thethe mattermatter II mustmust hatchhatch itit.
wln 0185Bya.BiancaBya.NayNay nevernever looklook forfor merrymerry hourehour MariaMaria,
wln 0186IfIf nownow youyou makemake itit notnot; letlet notnot youryour blushesblushes,
wln 0187YourYour modestymodesty, andand tendernessetenderness ofof spiritspirit,
wln 0188MakeMake youyou continuallcontinual AnvileAnvil toto hishis angeranger:
wln 0189BelieveBelieve meme, sincesince hishis firstfirst wifewife setset himhim goinggoing,
wln 0190NothingNothing cancan bindbind hishis ragerage: TakeTake youryour ownown CouncellCounselCouncil,
wln 0191YouYou shallshall notnot saysay thatthat II perswadedpersuaded youyou.
wln 0192ButBut ifif youyou suffersuffer himhim
wln 0193Mar.MariaMar.StayStay, shallshall II dodo itit?
wln 0194Bya.BiancaBya.HaveHave youyou aa stomackstomach to’tto ’tto’t?
wln 0195Mar.MariaMar.II nevernever shew’dshowed itit.
wln 0196Bya.BiancaBya.Twill’Twill shewshow thethe rarerrarer, andand thethe strongerstronger inin youyou.
wln 0197ButBut dodo notnot saysay II urg’durged youyou.
wln 0198Mar.MariaMar.II amam perfectperfect,
wln 0199LikeLike CurtiusCurtius toto redeemeredeem mymy CountreyCountry, havehave II
wln 0200Leap’dLeaped intointo thisthis gulphgulf ofof marriagemarriage, andand IleI’ll dodo itit.
wln 0201FarewellFarewell allall poorerpoorer thoughtsthoughts, butbut spightspite &and angeranger,
wln 0202TillTill II havehave wroughtwrought aa miraclemiracle. NowNow cosencousin,
wln 0203II amam nono moremore thethe gentlegentle tametame MariaMaria;
wln 0204MistakeMistake meme notnot; II havehave aa newnew soulesoul inin meme
wln 0205MadeMade ofof aa North-windNorth windNorthwind, nothingnothing butbut tempesttempest;
wln 0206AndAnd likelike aa tempesttempest shallshall itit makemake allall ruinsruins,
wln 0207TillTill II havehave runrun mymy willwill outout.
wln 0208Bya.BiancaBya.ThisThis isis bravebrave nownow,
wln 0209IfIf youyou continuecontinue itit; butbut youryour ownown willwill leadlead youyou.
wln 0210Mar.MariaMar.AdieuAdieu allall tendernessetenderness, II daredare continuecontinue;
wln 0211MaidesMaids thatthat areare mademade ofof fearesfears andand modestmodest blushesblushes,
wln 0212ViewView meme, andand lovelove exampleexample.
wln 0213Bya.BiancaBya.HereHere isis youryour sistersister.
wln 0214Mar.MariaMar.HereHere isis thethe bravebrave oldold mansman’s lovelove.
wln 0215Bya.BiancaBya.ThatThat lovesloves thethe youngyoung manman.
wln 0216Mar.MariaMar.IAyI andand holdhold theethee therethere wenchwench: whatwhat aa griefgrief ofof heartheart (is’tis ’tis’t,
wln 0217WhenWhen PaphosPapbosPaphos’ RebelsRebels shouldshould up rowseup-rouseup rouse oldold nightnight,
wln 0218ToTo sweatsweat againstagainst aa CorkCork; toto lielie andand telltell
wln 0219TheThe clockclock o’tho’ th’o’th longslungslongs, toto riserise sport-starv’dsport-starved?
wln 0220Liv.LiviaLiv.DeereDear sistersister,
wln 0221WhereWhere havehave youyou beenbeen youyou talketalk thusthus?
wln 0222Mar.MariaMar.WhyWhy atat ChurchChurch, wenchwench;

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sig: 5N2r

The Tamer tamed

column: 306-b-1

wln 0223WhereWhere II amam tidetiedtide toto talketalk thusthus: II amam aa wifewife nownow.
wln 0224Liv.LiviaLiv.ItIt seemsseems soso, andand aa modestmodest.
wln 0225Mar.MariaMar.YouYou areare anan asseass;
wln 0226WhenWhen thouthou artart marriedmarried onceonce, thythy modestymodesty
wln 0227WillWill nevernever buybuy theethee PinsPins.
wln 0228Liv.LiviaLiv.’BlesseBlesseBless meme.
wln 0229Mar.MariaMar.FromFrom whatwhat?
wln 0230Bya.BiancaBya.FromFrom suchsuch aa tametame foolefool asas ourour cozencousin LiviaLivia?
wln 0231Liv.LiviaLiv.YouYou areare notnot madmad.
wln 0232Mar.MariaMar.YesYes wenchwench, andand soso mustmust youyou bebe,
wln 0233OrOr nonenone ofof ourour acquantanceacquaintance, markemark meme LiviaLivia.
wln 0234OrOr indeedindeed fitsitsitfit forfor ourour sexsex: Tis’Tis bedbed timetime.
wln 0235PardonPardon meme yellowyellow HymenHymen, thatthat II meanemean
wln 0236ThineThine offringsoff’ringsofferings toto protractprotract, oror toto keepekeep fastingfasting
wln 0237MyMy valiantvaliant BridegroomeBridegroom.
wln 0238Liv.LiviaLiv.WhetherWhether willwill thisthis womanwoman?
wln 0239Bya.BiancaBya.YouYou maymay perceiveperceive herher endend.
wln 0240Liv.LiviaLiv.OrOr ratherrather fearefear itit.
wln 0241Mar.MariaMar.DareDare youyou bebe partnerpartner in’tin ’tin’t?
wln 0242Liv.LiviaLiv.LeaveLeave itit MariaMaria,
wln 0243II fearefear II havehave mark’dmarked tootoo muchmuch, forfor goodnessegoodness leaveleave itit;
wln 0244DevestDivestdivest youyou withwith obedientobedient handshands toto bedbed.
wln 0245Mar.MariaMar.ToTo bedbed? NoNo LiviaLivia, therethere areare CometsComets hanghang
wln 0246ProdigiousProdigious overover thatthat yetyet; there’sthere’s aa fellowfellow
wln 0247MustMust yetyet beforebefore II knowknow thatthat heatheat (nerene’ernever startstart wenchwench)
wln 0248BeBe mademalemalemade aa manman, forfor yetyet hehe isis aa monstermonster;
wln 0249HereHere mustmust hishis headhead bebe LiviaLivia.
wln 0250LivLiviaLivNeverNever hopehope itit.
wln 0251Tis’Tis asas easieeasy withwith aa SiveSieve toto scoopescoop thethe OceanOcean, asas
wln 0252ToTo tametame PetruchioPetruchio.
wln 0253Mar.MariaMar.StayStay: LucinaLucina hearehear meme,
wln 0254NeverNever unlockunlock thethe treasuretreasure ofof mymy wombwomb
wln 0255ForFor humanehuman fruitfruit, toto makemake itit capablecapable;
wln 0256NorNor nevernever withwith thythy secretsecret handhand makemake briefebrief
wln 0257AA mothersmother’s labourlaborlabour toto meme; ifif II doedo
wln 0258GiveGive wayway untounto mymy marriedmarried husbandshusband’shusbands willwill,
wln 0259OrOr bebe aa wifewife, inin anyany thingthing butbut hopeshopes,
wln 0260TillTill II havehave mademade himhim easieeasy asas aa childchild,
wln 0261AndAnd tametame asas fearefear, hehe shallshall notnot winwin aa smilesmile,
wln 0262OrOr aa pleas’dpleased looklook, fromfrom thisthis austerityausterity,
wln 0263ThoughThough itit wouldwould pullpull anotheranother JoyntureJointure fromfrom himhim,
wln 0264AndAnd makemake himhim ev’ryev’ryevery dayday anotheranother manman;
wln 0265AndAnd whenwhen II kissekiss himhim, tilltill II havehave mymy willwill,
wln 0266MayMay II bebe barrenbarren ofof delightsdelights, andand knowknow
wln 0267OnelyOnly whatwhat pleasurespleasures areare inin dreamsdreams, andand guessesguesses.
wln 0268Liv.LiviaLiv.AA strangestrange ExordiumExordium.
wln 0269Bya.BiancaBya.AllAll thethe severallseveral wrongswrongs
wln 0270DoneDone byby EmperiousImperiousimperious husbandshusbands toto theirtheir wiveswives
wln 0271TheseThese thousandthousand yeeresyears andand upwardsupwards, strengthenstrengthen theethee:
wln 0272ThouThou hasthast aa bravebrave causecause.
wln 0273Mar.MariaMar.AndAnd IleI’ll doedo itit bravelybravely
wln 0274OrOr maymay II knitknit mymy lifelife outout everever afterafter.
wln 0275Liv.LiviaLiv.InIn whatwhat partpart ofof thethe worldworld gotgot sheshe thisthis spiritspirit?
wln 0276YetYet praypray MariaMaria, lookelook beforebefore youyou trulytruly,
wln 0277BesidesBesides thethe obedienceobedience ofof aa wifewife,
wln 0278WhichWhich youyou willwill findefind aa heavyheavy imputationimputation,
wln 0279WhichWhich yetyet II cannotcannot thinkethink youryour ownown, itit shewsshows
wln 0280SoSo distantdistant fromfrom youryour sweetnessesweetness.
wln 0281Mar.MariaMar.Tis’Tis II sweareswear.
wln 0282Liv.LiviaLiv.WeighWeigh butbut thethe personperson, andand thethe hopeshopes youyou havehave,
wln 0283ToTo workework thisthis disperatedesperate curecure.
wln 0284Mar.MariaMar.AA weakerweaker subjectsubject
wln 0285WouldWould shameshame thethe endend II aimeaim atat, disobediencedisobedience.
wln 0286YouYou talktalk tootoo tamelytamely: ByBy thethe faithfaith II havehave
wln 0287InIn minemine ownown NobleNoble willwill, thatthat childishchildish womanwoman
wln 0288ThatThat liveslives aa prisonerprisoner toto herher husbandshusband’s pleasurepleasure,
wln 0289HasHas lostlost herher makingmaking, andand becomesbecomes aa beastbeast,
wln 0290CreatedCreated forfor hishis useuse, notnot fellowshipfellowship.

column: 306-b-2

wln 0291Liv.LiviaLiv.HisHis firstfirst wifewife saidsaid asas muchmuch.
wln 0292Mar.MariaMar.SheShe waswas aa foolefool,
wln 0293AndAnd tooktook aa scurvyscurvy coursecourse; letlet herher bebe nam’dnamed
wln 0294’Mongst’Mongst thosethose thatthat wishwish forfor thingsthings, butbut daredare notnot dodo ’em’em:
wln 0295II havehave aa newnew dauncedance forfor himhim.
wln 0296Liv.LiviaLiv.AreAre youyou ofof thisthis faithfaith?
wln 0297Bya.BiancaBya.YesYes trulytruly, andand wilwill diedie in’tin ’tin’t.
wln 0298Liv.LiviaLiv.WhyWhy thenthen let’slet’s allall wearewear breechesbreeches.
wln 0299Mar.MariaMar.NowNow thouthou comstcom’st neerenear thethe naturenature ofof aa womanwoman;
wln 0300HangHang thesethese tame heartedtame-heartedtame hearted EyassesEyasesEyasses, thatthat nono soonersooner
wln 0301SeeSee thethe LureLure outout, andand hearehear theirtheir husbandshusbands hallahalla,
wln 0302ButBut crycry likelike KitesKites uponupon ’em’em: TheThe freefree HaggardHaggard
wln 0303(WhichWhich isis thatthat womanwoman, thatthat hathhath wingwing, andand knowesknows itit,
wln 0304SpiritSpirit, andand plumeplume) wilwill makemake anan hundredhundred checkschecks,
wln 0305ToTo shewshow herher freedomefreedom, sailesail inin ev’ryev’ryevery ayreair,
wln 0306AndAnd looklook outout ev’ryev’ryevery pleasurepleasure; notnot regardingregarding
wln 0307LureLure, nornor quarryquarry, tilltill herher pitchpitch commandcommand
wln 0308WhatWhat sheshe desiresdesires, makingmaking herher foundredfoundered keeperkeeper
wln 0309BeBe gladglad toto flingfling outout trainestrains, andand goldengolden onesones,
wln 0310ToTo taketake herher downdown againagain.
wln 0311Liv.LiviaLiv.YouYou areare learnedlearned sistersister;
wln 0312YetYet II saysay stillstill taketake heedheed.
wln 0313Mar.MariaMar.AA wittywitty sayingsaying;
wln 0314IleI’ll telltell theethee LiviaLivia, hadhad thisthis fellowfellow tiredtired
wln 0315AsAs manymany wiveswives asas horseshorses underunder himhim,
wln 0316WithWith spurringspurring ofof theirtheir patiencepatience; hadhad hehe gotgot
wln 0317AA PatentPatent, withwith anan OfficeOffice toto reclaimereclaim usus
wln 0318Confirm’dConfirmed byby ParliamentParliament; hadhad hehe allall thethe malicemalice
wln 0319AndAnd subtiltysubtlety ofof DevilsDevils, oror ofof usus,
wln 0320OrOr anyany thingthing that’sthat’s worseworse thenthan bothboth.
wln 0321Liv.LiviaLiv.HeyHey, heyheyheigh boyesboys, thisthis isis excellentexcellent.
wln 0322Mar.MariaMar.OrOr couldcould hehe
wln 0323CastCast hishis wiveswives newnew againagain, likelike BelsBells toto makemake ’em’em
wln 0324SoundSound toto hishis willwill; oror hadhad thethe fearfullfearful namename
wln 0325OfOf thethe firstfirst breakerbreaker ofof wildewild womenwomen: yetyet,
wln 0326YetYet wouldwould II undertakeundertake thisthis manman, thusthus singlesingle,
wln 0327AndAnd spightspite ofof allall thethe freedomfreedom hehe hashas reach’dreached toto,
wln 0328TurnTurn himhim andand bendbend himhim asas II listlist, andand moldmoldmould himhim
wln 0329IntoInto aa babebabe againagain; thatthat agedaged womenwomen,
wln 0330WantingWanting bothboth teethteeth &and spleenspleen, maymay MasterMaster himhim.
wln 0331Bya.BiancaBya.ThouThou wiltwilt bebe chronicl’dchronicled.
wln 0332Mar.MariaMar.That’sThat’s allall II aimeaim atat.
wln 0333LivLiviaLivII mustmust confesseconfess, II dodo withwith allall mymy heartheart
wln 0334HateHate anan EmperiousImperiousimperious husbandhusband, andand inin timetime
wln 0335MightMight bebe soso wroughtwrought uponupon.
wln 0336Bya.BiancaBya.ToTo makemake himhim cuckoldcuckold?
wln 0337Mar.MariaMar.IfIf hehe deservedeserve itit.
wln 0338Liv.LiviaLiv.ThenThen IleI’ll leaveleave yeye LadiesLadies.
wln 0339Bya.BiancaBya.ThouThou hasthast notnot soso muchmuch NobleNoble angeranger inin theethee.
wln 0340Mar.MariaMar.GoeGo sleepsleep, goego sleepsleep, whatwhat wewe intendintend toto dodo,
wln 0341LiesLies notnot forfor suchsuch starv’dstarved soulessouls asas thouthou hasthast LiviaLivia.
wln 0342Liv.LiviaLiv.GoodGood nightnight: thethe BridegroomBridegroom willwill bebe withwith youyou (presentlypresently.
wln 0343Mar.MariaMar.That’sThat’s moremore thenthan youyou knowknow.
wln 0344Liv.LiviaLiv.IfIf yeye workework uponupon himhim,
wln 0345AsAs youyou havehave promisedpromised, yeye maymay givegive exampleexample,
wln 0346WhichWhich nono doubtdoubt willwill bebe followedfollowed.
wln 0347Mar.MariaMar.SoSo.
wln 0348By.BiancaBy.GoodGood nightnight: we’lwe’ll troubletrouble youyou nono furtherfurther.
wln 0349Mar.MariaMar.IfIf youyou intendintend nono goodgood, praypray doedo nono harmharm.
wln 0350Liv.LiviaLiv.NoneNone, butbut praypray forfor youyou.ExitExit LiviaLivia.
wln 0351Bya.BiancaBya.’CheereCheereCheer wenchwench?
wln 0352Mar.MariaMar.NowNow ByanchaBiancaByancha,
wln 0353ThoseThose witswits wewe havehave let’slet’s windwind ’em’em toto thethe heightheight,
wln 0354MyMy restrest isis upup wenchwench, andand II pullpull forfor thatthat
wln 0355WillWill makemake meme everever famousfamous. TheyThey thatthat laylay
wln 0356FoundationsFoundations, areare halfe buildershalf-buildershalf bvilders allall menmen saysay.
wln 0357EnterEnter JaquesJaques.
wln 0358Jaq.JaquesJaq.MyMy MasterMaster forsoothforsooth.

img: 307-a
sig: 5N2v

The Womans prize, or

column: 307-a-1

wln 0359Mar.MariaMar.OhOhO howhow do’sdoes thythy MasterMaster? pretheeprithee commendcommend meme (toto himhim.
wln 0360Jaq.JaquesJaq.How’sHow’s thisthis? mymy MasterMaster staiesstays forsoothforsooth.
wln 0361Mar.MariaMar.WhyWhy letlet himhim staystay, whowho hindershinders himhim forsoothforsooth?
wln 0362Jaq.JaquesJaq.TheThe Revel’sRevel’s endedended nownow,
wln 0363ToTo visitvisit youyou.
wln 0364Mar.MariaMar.II amam notnot sicksick.
wln 0365Jaq.JaquesJaq.II meanmean toto seesee hishis chamberchamber, forsoothforsooth.
wln 0366Mar.MariaMar.AmAm II hishis GroomGroom? wherewhere laylay hehe lastlast nightnight, for-forsoothfor∣soothforsooth(sooth?
wln 0367Jaq.JaquesJaq.InIn thethe low mattedlow-mattedlow matted ParlourParlorParlour.
wln 0368Mar.MariaMar.ThereThere lieslies hishis wayway byby thethe longlong GalleryGallery.
wln 0369Jaq.JaquesJaq.II meanmean youryour chamberchamber: y’ary’ areyou’re veryvery merrymerry MistrisMistress.
wln 0370Mar.MariaMar.Tis’Tis aa goodgood signesign II amam sound heartedsound-heartedsound hearted JaquesJaques:
wln 0371ButBut ifif you’lyou’ll knowknow wherewhere II lielie, followfollow meme;
wln 0372AndAnd whatwhat thouthou seestseest, deliverdeliver toto thythy MasterMaster.
wln 0373Bya.Bja.BiancaBja.DoDo gentlegentle JaquesJaques.ExeuntExeunt.
wln 0374Ja.JaquesJa.HaHa, isis thethe windwind inin thatthat doredoor?
wln 0375By’rBy ’rBy’r LadyLady wewe shallshall havehave foulefoul weatherweather thenthen:
wln 0376II doedo notnot likelike thethe shufflingshuffling ofof thesethese womenwomen,
wln 0377TheyThey areare madmad beastsbeasts whenwhen theythey knockknock theirtheir headsheads toge-togethertoge∣thertogether(ther:
wln 0378II havehave observ’dobserved themthem allall thisthis dayday; theirtheir whisperswhispers,
wln 0379OneOne inin anothersanother’s eareear, theirtheir signessigns, andand pinchespinches,
wln 0380AndAnd breakingbreaking oftenoften intointo violentviolent laughterslaughters:
wln 0381AsAs ifif thethe endend theythey purpos’dpurposed werewere theirtheir ownown.
wln 0382CallCall youyou thisthis weddingsweddings? SureSure thisthis isis aa knaveryknavery,
wln 0383AA veryvery tricktrick, andand daintydainty knaveryknavery,
wln 0384MarvellousMarvellous finelyfinely carriedcarried, that’sthat’s thethe comfortcomfort:
wln 0385WhatWhat wouldwould thesethese womenwomen doedo inin waiesways ofof honourhonorhonour,
wln 0386ThatThat areare suchsuch MastersMasters thisthis wayway. WellWell, mymy SirSir
wln 0387HasHas beenbeen asas goodgood atat findingfinding outout thesethese toyestoys,
wln 0388AsAs anyany livingliving; ifif hehe loselose itit nownow,
wln 0389AtAt hishis ownown perillperil bebe itit. II mustmust followfollow.ExitExit.

wln 0390ScenaScaena tertiatertia.

wln 0391EnterEnter ServantsServants withwith lightslights, PetruchioPetruchio, PetroniusPetronius, MorosoMoroso,
wln 0392TranioTranio, andand SophoclesSophocles.

wln 0393Petru.PetruchioPetru.YouYou thatthat areare marriedmarried, GentlemenGentlemen, homehome atat yeye
wln 0394ForFor aa roundround wagerwager nownow.
wln 0395Soph.SophoclesSoph.OfOf thisthis nightsnight’s StageStage?
wln 0396Petru.PetruchioPetru.YesYes.
wln 0397Soph.SophoclesSoph.II amam youryour firstfirst manman: aa pairepair ofof GlovesGloves ofof twentytwenty (shillingsshillings.
wln 0398Petru.PetruchioPetru.DoneDone: whowho takestakes meme upup nextnext? II amam forfor allall betsbets.
wln 0399Mor.MorosoMor.WellWell lustylusty LaurenceLaurence, werewere butbut mymy nightnight nownow,
wln 0400OldOld asas II amam, II wouldwould makemake youyou clapclap onon SpursSpurs,
wln 0401ButBut II wouldwould reachreach youyou, andand bringbring youyou toto youryour trottrot tootoo:
wln 0402II wouldwould GallantsGallants.
wln 0403Petru.PetruchioPetru.WellWell saidsaid goodgood WillWill; butbut where’swhere’s thethe staffestaff boyboy, haha?
wln 0404OldOld fatherfather timetime, youryour houre-glassehourglass isis emptyempty.
wln 0405Tra.TranioTra.AA goodgood toughtough trainetrain wouldwould breakbreak theethee allall toto pie-piecespie∣cespieces(ces;
wln 0406ThouThou hasthast notnot breathbreath enoughenough toto saysay thythy prayersprayers.
wln 0407Petron.PetroniusPetron.SeeSetSetSee howhow thesethese boyesboys despisedespise usus. WillWill youyou toto bedbed (sonneson?
wln 0408ThisThis pridepride willwill havehave aa fallfall.
wln 0409Petru.PetruchioPetru.UponUpon youryour daughterdaughter;
wln 0410ButBut II shallshall riserise againagain, ifif therethere bebe truthtruth
wln 0411InIn EggesEggs, andand butter’dbuttered PasnipsParsnips.
wln 0412Petro.PetroniusPetro.WilWillwill youyou toto bedbed sonson, &and leaveleave talkingtalking;
wln 0413To morrowTomorrow morningmorning wewe shallshall havehave youyou lookelook,
wln 0414ForFor allall youryour greatgreat wordswords, likelike St.St. GeorgeGeorge atat KingstonKingston,
wln 0415RunningRunning a foot-backa-footbacka footback fromfrom thethe furiousfurious DragonDragon,
wln 0416ThatThat withwith herher angryangry tayletail belaboursbelaborsbelabours himhim
wln 0417ForFor beingbeing lazielazy.
wln 0418Tra.TranioTra.HisHis couragecourage quench’dquenched, andand soso farfar quench’dquenched
wln 0419Petru.PetruchioPetru.Tis’Tis wellwell sirsir.
wln 0420WhatWhat thenthen?
wln 0421Soph.Saph.SophoclesSaph.FlyFly, flyfly, quothquoth thenthen thethe fearfullfearful dwarfedwarf;
wln 0422HereHere isis nono placeplace forfor livingliving manman.
wln 0423Petru.PetruchioPetru.WellWell mymy mastersmasters, ifif II doedo sinkesink underunder mymy busi-businessebusi∣nesse

column: 307-a-2

wln 0424nessebusinessbusinesse, asas II findefind tis’tis veryvery possiblepossible, II amam notnot thethe firstfirst thatthat hashas
wln 0425miscarriedmiscarried; SoSo that’sthat’s mymy comfortcomfort, whatwhat maymay bebe donedone
wln 0426withoutwithout impeachimpeach oror wastewaste, II cancan andand willwill doedo.
wln 0427EnterEnter JaquesJaques.
wln 0428HowHow nownow isis mymy fairefair BrideBride a beda-bed?
wln 0429Jaq.JaquesJaq.NoNo trulytruly sirsir.
wln 0430Petron.PetroniusPetron.NotNot a beda-bed yetyet? bodybody o’o’oF meme: we’lwe’ll upup andand riflerifle
wln 0431herher: here’shere’s aa coylecoil withwith aa mayden-headmaidenhead, tis’tis notnot intayl’dentailed,
wln 0432isis itit?
wln 0433Petru.PetruchioPetru.IfIf itit bebe, ilei’llI’ll trytry allall thethe LawLaw i’thi’ th’i’th’ LandLand, butbut IleI’ll cutcut
wln 0434itit offoff: let’slet’s upup, let’slet’s upup, comecome.
wln 0435Jaq.JaquesJaq.ThatThat youyou cannotcannot neitherneither.
wln 0436Petru.PetruchioPetru.WhyWhy?
wln 0437Jaq.JaquesJaq.UnlesseUnless you’llyou’ll dropdrop throughthrough thethe ChimneyChimney likelike aa
wln 0438DawDaw, oror forceforce aa breachbreach i’thi’ th’i’th’ windowswindows: youyou maymay untileuntile
wln 0439thethe househouse, tis’tis possiblepossible.
wln 0440Petru.PetruchioPetru.WhatWhat dostdost thouthou meanemean?
wln 0441Jaq.JaquesJaq.AA morallmoral sirsir, thethe BallatBallad willwill expresseexpress itit:
wln 0442TheThe windwind andand thethe rainrain hashas turndturned youyou backback againagain,
wln 0443AndAnd youyou cannotcannot bebe lodgedlodged therethere.
TheThe truthtruth isis allall thethe dooresdoors
wln 0444AreAre baracadoedbarricadoedbarricaded; notnot aa CatholeCat-holeCathole, butbut holdsholds aa murd’rermurd’rermurderer in’tin ’tin’t.
wln 0445She’sShe’s victual’dvictualled forfor thisthis monethmonth.
wln 0446Petru.PetruchioPetru.ArtArt notnot thouthou drunkdrunk?
wln 0447Soph.SophoclesSoph.He’sHe’s drunkdrunk, he’she’s drunkdrunk; comecome, comecome, let’slet’s upup.
wln 0448Jaq.JaquesJaq.YesYes, yesyes, II amam drunkedrunk: yeye maymay goego upup, yeye maymay
wln 0449GentlemenGentlemen, butbut taketake heedheed toto youryour headsheads: II saysay nono moremore.
wln 0450Soph.SophoclesSoph.IleI’ll trytry thatthat.ExitExit Soph.SophoclesSoph.
wln 0451Petron.PetroniusPetron.HowHow dostdost thouthou saysay? thethe doordoor fastfast lock’dlocked fellowfellow?
wln 0452Jaq.JaquesJaq.YesYes trulytruly sirsir, tis’tis lock’dlocked, andand guardedguarded tootoo; andand
wln 0453twotwo asas desperatedesperate tonguestongues plantedplanted behindbehind itit, asas ereere yetyet
wln 0454batterdbattered: theythey standstand uponupon theirtheir honourshonorshonours, andand willwill notnot
wln 0455givegive upup withoutwithout strangestrange compositioncomposition, IleI’ll assureassure youyou;
wln 0456marchingmarching awayaway withwith theirtheir PiecesPieces cocktcocked, andand BulletsBullets inin
wln 0457theirtheir mouthesmouths willwill notnot satisfiesatisfy themthem.
wln 0458Petru.PetruchioPetru.How’sHow’s thisthis? how’show’s thisthis theythey areare?
wln 0459IsIs therethere anotheranother withwith herher?
wln 0460Jaq.JaquesJaq.YesYes marrymarry isis therethere, andand anan EngineirEngineer.
wln 0461Mor.MorosoMor.Who’sWho’s thatthat forfor HeavensHeaven’sheaven’s sakesake?
wln 0462Jaq.JaquesJaq.ColonellColonel ByanchaBiancaByancha, sheshe commandscommands thethe workesworks:
wln 0463Spinala’sSpinola’sSpinala’s butbut aa ditcherditcher toto herher, there’sthere’s aa halfe-moonhalf-moon; II amam
wln 0464butbut aa poorepoor manman, butbut ifif you’lyou’ll givegive meme leaveleave, IleI’ll ventureventure aa
wln 0465yeeresyear’syears wageswages, drawdraw allall youryour forceforce beforebefore itit, andand mountmount
wln 0466youryour ablestablest piecepiece ofof batterybattery, youyou shallshall notnot enterenter itit thesethese
wln 0467threethree nightsnights yetyet.
wln 0468EnterEnter SophoclesSophocles.
wln 0469Petru.PetruchioPetru.II shouldshould laughlaugh atat thatthat goodgood JaquesJaques.
wln 0470Soph.SophoclesSoph.BeatBeat backback againagain, she’sshe’s fortifiedfortified forfor everever.
wln 0471Jaq.JaquesJaq.AmAm II drunkdrunk nownow sirsir?
wln 0472Soph.SophoclesSoph.HeHe thatthat daresdares mostmost, goego upup nownow, andand bebe cool’dcooled.
wln 0473II havehave scap’dscaped aa prettypretty scowringscouring.
wln 0474Petru.PetruchioPetru.WhatWhat areare theythey madmad? havehave wewe anotheranother BedlamBedlam?
wln 0475TheyThey doedo notnot talketalk II hopehope?
wln 0476Soph.SophoclesSoph.OhOhO terriblyterribly, extreamlyextremely fearfullfearful, thethe noisenoise atat Lon-London-bridgeLon∣don-bridgeLondon bridgeLondon-bridge
wln 0477don-bridge
wln 0477isis nothingnothing neerenear herher.
wln 0478Petru.PetruchioPetru.HowHow gotgot sheshe tonguetongue?
wln 0479Soph.SophoclesSoph.AsAs youyou gotgot tailetail, sheshe waswas bornborn to’tto ’tto’t.
wln 0480Petru.PetruchioPetru.Lock’dLocked outout aa doorso’a doors doorsdoors, andand onon mymy wedding-nightwedding nightwedding-night?
wln 0481NayNay, andand II suffersuffer thisthis, II maymay goego grazegraze:
wln 0482ComeCome GentlemenGentlemen, IleI’ll batterbatter; areare thesethese vertuesvirtues?
wln 0483Soph.SophoclesSoph.DoDo, andand bebe beatenbeaten offoff withwith shameshame, asas II waswas: II wentwent
wln 0484upup, camecame toto th’th’ dooredoor, knockdknocked, no bodynobody answeredanswered;
wln 0485knock’dknocked lowderlouder, yetyet heardheard nothingnothing: wouldwould havehave brokebroke
wln 0486inin byby forceforce; whenwhen suddenlysuddenly aa water-workewaterwork flewflew fromfrom
wln 0487thethe windowwindow withwith suchsuch violenceviolence, thatthat hadhad II notnot duck’dducked
wln 0488quicklyquickly likelike aa FryerFriarfriar, cæteracaeteracaeteracætera quisquis nescitnescit? TheThe chamber’schamber’s
wln 0489nothingnothing butbut aa meeremere OstendOstend, inin everyevery windowwindow PewterPewter
wln 0490cannonscannons mountedmounted, you’lyou’ll quicklyquickly findefind withwith whatwhat theythey
wln 0491areare charg’dcharged, sirsir.

img: 307-b
sig: 5N3r

The Tamer tamed.

column: 307-b-1

wln 0492Petru.PetruchioPetru.WhyWhy thenthen tantaratantara forfor usus.
wln 0493Soph.SophoclesSoph.AndAnd allall thethe lowerlower worksworks lin’dlined suresure withwith smallsmall
wln 0494shotshot, longlong tonguestongues withwith Fire-locksFirelocks, thatthat atat twelvetwelve scorescore
wln 0495blankeblank hithit toto thethe heartheart: nownow andand yeye daredare gogo upup
wln 0496EnterEnter MariaMaria andand ByancaBiancaByanca aboveabove.
wln 0497Mor.MorosoMor.TheThe windowwindow opensopens, beatbeat aa parleyparley firstfirst;
wln 0498II amam soso muchmuch amaz’damazed mymy veryvery hairehair standsstands.
wln 0499Petron.PetroniusPetron.WhyWhy howhow nownow daughterdaughter: whatwhat intrenc’dentrenchedintrenced?
wln 0500Mar.MariaMar.AA littlelittle guardedguarded forfor mymy safetysafety sirsir.
wln 0501Petru.PetruchioPetru.ForFor youryour safetysafety Sweet-heartSweetheart?? whywhy whowho offendsoffends (youyou?
wln 0502II comecome notnot toto useuse violenceviolence.
wln 0503Mar.MariaMar.II thinkethink youyou cannotcannot sirsir, II amam betterbetter fortifiedfortified.
wln 0504Petru.PetruchioPetru.II knowknow youryour endend,
wln 0505YouYou wouldwould fainefain reprievereprieve youryour Maiden-headMaidenhead
wln 0506AA nightnight, oror twotwo.
wln 0507Mar.MariaMar.YesYes, oror tenten, oror twentytwenty, oror saysay anan hundredhundred;
wln 0508OrOr indeedindeed, tilltill II listlist lielie withwith youyou.
wln 0509Soph.SophoclesSoph.That’sThat’s aa shrewdshrewd sayingsaying; fromfrom thisthis presentpresent hourehour,
wln 0510II nevernever willwill believebelieve aa silentsilent womanwoman.
wln 0511WhenWhen theythey breakbreak outout theythey areare bonfiresbonfires.
wln 0512Petro.PetroniusPetro.TillTill youyou listlist lielie withwith himhim? whywhy whowho areare youyou (MadamMadam?
wln 0513Bya.BiancaBya.ThatThat trimtrim GentlemansGentleman’s wifewife, sirsir.
wln 0514Petru.PetruchioPetru.CryCry youyou mercymercy, dodo youyou commandcommand tootoo?
wln 0515Mar.MariaMar.YesYes marrymarry do’sdoes sheshe, andand inin chiefechief.
wln 0516Bya.BiancaBya.II doedo commandcommand, andand youyou shallshall gogo withoutwithout:
wln 0517(II meanmean youryour wifewife, forfor thisthis nightnight)
wln 0518Mar.MariaMar.AndAnd forfor thethe nextnext tootoo wenchwench, andand soso as’tas’t followsfollows.
wln 0519Petro.PetroniusPetro.ThouThou wiltwilt notnot, wiltwilt ’aa’aa?
wln 0520Mar.MariaMar.YesYes indeedindeed deeredear fatherfather,
wln 0521AndAnd tilltill hehe sealeseal toto whatwhat II shallshall setset downdown,
wln 0522ForFor anyany thingthing II knowknow, forfor everever.
wln 0523Soph.SophoclesSoph.IndeedIndeed thesethese areare Bugs-wordsBug’s wordsBugs-words.
wln 0524Tra.TranioTra.YouYou hearehear sirsir, sheshe cancan talketalk, GodGod bebe thankedthanked.
wln 0525Petru.PetruchioPetru.II wouldwould II heardheard itit notnot sirsir.
wln 0526Soph.SophoclesSoph.II findefind thatthat allall thethe pitypity bestowdbestowed uponupon thisthis wo-womanwo∣manwoman(man,
wln 0527MakesMakes butbut anan AnagramAnagram ofof anan illill wifewife,
wln 0528ForFor sheshe waswas nevernever vertuousvirtuous.
wln 0529Petru.PetruchioPetru.YoulYou’llyou’ll letlet meme inin II hopehope, forfor allall thisthis jestingjesting.
wln 0530Mar.MariaMar.HopeHope stillstill SirSir.
wln 0531Petron.PetroniusPetron.YouYou willwill comecome downdown II amam suresure.
wln 0532Mar.MariaMar.II amam suresure II willwill notnot.
wln 0533Petron.PetroniusPetron.IleI’ll fetchfetch youyou thenthen.
wln 0534Bya.BiancaBya.TheThe powerpower ofof thethe wholewhole CountyCounty cannotcannot sirsir,
wln 0535UnlesseUnless wewe pleaseplease toto yeildyield, whichwhich yetyet II thinkethink
wln 0536WeWe shalshall notnot; chargecharge whenwhen youyou pleaseplease, youyou shallshall
wln 0537HeareHear quicklyquickly fromfrom usus.
wln 0538Mor.Mar.MorosoMar.BlesseBless meme fromfrom aa ChickenChicken ofof thythy hatchinghatching,
wln 0539IsIs thisthis wivingwiving?
wln 0540Petru.PetruchioPetru.PretheePrithee MariaMaria telltell meme what’swhat’s thethe reasonreason,
wln 0541AndAnd dodo itit freelyfreely, youyou dealedeal thusthus strangelystrangely withwith meme?
wln 0542YouYou werewere notnot forc’dforced toto marrymarry, youryour consentconsent
wln 0543WentWent equallyequally withwith minemine, ifif notnot beforebefore itit:
wln 0544II hopehope youyou dodo notnot doubtdoubt II wantwant thatthat mettlemettle
wln 0545AA manman shouldshould havehave toto keepekeep aa womanwoman wakingwaking;
wln 0546II wouldwould bebe sorrysorry toto bebe suchsuch aa SaintSaint yetyet:
wln 0547MyMy personperson, asas itit isis notnot excellentexcellent,
wln 0548SoSo tis’tis notnot oldold, nornor lamelame, nornor weakweak withwith PhysickPhysic,
wln 0549ButBut welwell enoughenough toto pleaseplease anan honesthonest womanwoman,
wln 0550ThatThat keepskeeps herher househouse, andand lovesloves herher husbandhusband.
wln 0551Mar.MariaMar.Tis’Tis soso.
wln 0552Petru.PetruchioPetru.MyMy meansmeans andand mymy conditionsconditions areare nono shamersshamers
wln 0553OfOf himhim thatthat owesowes ’em’em, allall thethe worldworld knowsknows thatthat,
wln 0554AndAnd mymy friendsfriends nono reliersreliers onon mymy fortunesfortunes.
wln 0555Mar.MariaMar.AllAll thisthis II believebelieve, andand nonenone ofof allall thesethese parcelsparcels
wln 0556II daredare exceptexcept againstagainst; naynay moremore, soso farfar
wln 0557II amam fromfrom makingmaking thesethese thethe endsends II aimeaim atat,
wln 0558TheseThese idleidle outwardoutward thingsthings, thesethese womenswomen’s fearesfears,
wln 0559ThatThat werewere II yetyet unmarriedunmarried, freefree toto choosechoose

column: 307-b-2

wln 0560ThroughThrough allall thethe TribesTribes ofof manman, i’ldi’d taketake PetruchioPetruchio
wln 0561In’sIn ’sIn’s shirtshirt, withwith oneone tenten GroatsGroats toto paypay thethe PriestPriest,
wln 0562BeforeBefore thethe bestbest manman livingliving, oror thethe ablestablest
wln 0563ThatThat ev’re’er leap’dleaped outout ofof LancashireLancashire, andand theythey areare rightright (onesones.
wln 0564Petron.PetroniusPetron.WhyWhy dodo youyou playplay thethe foolefool thenthen, andand standstand pra-pratingpra∣tingprating(ting
wln 0565OutOut ofof thethe windowwindow likelike aa brokenbroken MillerMiller!
wln 0566Petru.PetruchioPetru.IfIf youyou wilwill havehave meme creditcredit youyou MariaMaria,
wln 0567ComeCome downdown, andand letlet youryour lovelove confirmeconfirm itit.
wln 0568Mar.MariaMar.StayStay therethere sirsir, thatthat bargain’sbargain’s yetyet toto makemake.
wln 0569Bya.BiancaBya.PlayPlay suresure wenchwench, thethe packspuckspack’spacks inin thinethine ownown handhand.
wln 0570Soph.SophoclesSoph.LetLet meme diedie lowsielousy, ifitif thesethese twotwo wencheswenches
wln 0571BeBe notnot brewingbrewing knaveryknavery toto stockstock aa KingdomeKingdom.
wln 0572Petru.PetruchioPetru.WhyWhy thisthis isis aa RiddleRiddle:
wln 0573II lovelove youyou, andand II lovelove youyou notnot.
wln 0574Mar.MariaMar.ItIt isis soso:
wln 0575AndAnd tilltill youryour ownown experienceexperience dodo untieuntie itit,
wln 0576ThisThis distancedistance II mustmust keepkeep.
wln 0577Petru.PetruchioPetru.IfIf youyou talktalk moremore,
wln 0578II amam angryangry, veryvery angryangry.
wln 0579Mar.MariaMar.II amam gladglad on’ton ’ton’t, andand II wilwill talketalk.
wln 0580Petru.PetruchioPetru.PretheePrithee peacepeace,
wln 0581LetLet meme notnot thinkthink thouthou artart madmad. II telltell theethee womanwoman,
wln 0582IfIf thouthou goestgoest forwardforward, II amam stillstill PetruchioPetruchio.
wln 0583Mar.MariaMar.AndAnd II amam worseworse, aa womanwoman thatthat cancan fearefear
wln 0584NeitherNeither PetruchioPetruchio FuriusFurius, nornor hishis famefame,
wln 0585NorNor anyany thingthing thatthat tendstends toto ourour allegeanceallegiance;
wln 0586There’sThere’s aa shortshort methodmethod forfor youyou, nownow youyou knowknow meme.
wln 0587Petru.PetruchioPetru.IfIf youyou cancan carry’tcarry ’tcarry’t soso, tis’tis veryvery welwell.
wln 0588Bya.BiancaBya.NoNo youyou shallshall carrycarry itit, sirsir.
wln 0589Petru.PetruchioPetru.PeacePeace gentlegentle Low-belLow-bellLow-bel.
wln 0590Petron.PetroniusPetron.UseUse nono moremore wordswords, butbut comecome downdown instantlyinstantly,
wln 0591II chargecharge theethee byby thethe dutyduty ofof aa childchild.
wln 0592Petru.PetruchioPetru.PretheePrithee comecome MariaMaria, II forgiveforgive allall.
wln 0593Mar.MariaMar.StayStay therethere; ThatThat dutyduty, thatthat youyou chargecharge meme byby
wln 0594(IfIf youyou considerconsider trulytruly whatwhat youyou saysay)
wln 0595IsIs nownow anotheranother mansman’s, youyou gave’tgave ’tgave’t awayaway
wln 0596I’thI’ th’i’th’ ChurchChurch, ifif youyou rememberremember, toto mymy husbandhusband:
wln 0597SoSo allall youyou cancan exactexact nownow, isis nono moremore
wln 0598ButBut onelyonly aa duedue reverencereverence toto youryour personperson,
wln 0599WhichWhich thusthus II paypay: YourYour blessingblessing, andand II amam gonegone
wln 0600ToTo bedbed forfor thisthis nightnight.
wln 0601Petron.PetroniusPetron.ThisThis isis monstrousmonstrous:
wln 0602ThatThat blessingblessing thatthat St.SaintSt. DunstanDunstan gavegave thethe DevilDevil,
wln 0603IfIf II werewere neerenear theethee, II wouldwould givegive theethee
wln 0604PullPull theethee downdown byby th’th’ nosenose.
wln 0605Bya.BiancaBya.SaintsSaints shouldshould notnot raverave, sirsir;
wln 0606AA littlelittle RubarbRhubarb nownow werewere excellentexcellent.
wln 0607Petru.PetruchioPetru.ThenThen byby thatthat dutyduty youyou oweowe toto meme MariaMaria,
wln 0608OpenOpen thethe dooredoor, andand bebe obedientobedient: II amam quietquiet yetyet.
wln 0609Mar.MariaMar.II dodo confesseconfess thatthat dutyduty; makemake youryour bestbest on’ton ’ton’t.
wln 0610Petru.PetruchioPetru.WhyWhy givegive meme leaveleave, II willwill.
wln 0611Bya.BiancaBya.SirSir, there’sthere’s nono learninglearning
wln 0612AnAn oldold stiffestiff JadeJade toto trottrot: youyou knowknow thethe morallmoral.
wln 0613Mar.MariaMar.YetYet asas II taketake itit sirsir, II oweowe nono moremore
wln 0614ThenThan youyou oweowe backback againagain.
wln 0615Petru.PetruchioPetru.YouYou wilwill notnot ArticleArticle?
wln 0616AllAll II oweowe, presentlypresently, letlet meme butbut upup, ilei’llI’ll paypay.
wln 0617Mar.MariaMar.Y’areY’ areYou’re tootoo hothot, andand suchsuch proveprove JadesJades atat lengthlength;
wln 0618YouYou dodo confesseconfess aa dutyduty oror respectrespect toto meme fromfrom youyou againagain:
wln 0619That’sThat’s veryvery neerenear, oror fullfull thethe samesame withwith minemine?
wln 0620Petru.PetruchioPetru.YesYes.
wln 0621Mar.MariaMar.ThenThen byby thatthat dutyduty, oroforof respectrespect, oror whatwhat
wln 0622YouYou pleaseplease toto havehave itit, goego toto bedbed andand leaveleave meme,
wln 0623AndAnd troubletrouble meme nono longerlonger withwith youryour foolingfooling;
wln 0624ForFor knowknow, II amam notnot forfor youyou.
wln 0625Petru.PetruchioPetru.WellWell, whatwhat remedyremedy?
wln 0626Petron.PetroniusPetron.AA finefine smartsmart CudgellCudgel. OhOhO thatthat II werewere neernear theethee.
wln 0627Bya.BiancaBya.IfIf youyou hadhad teethteeth nownow, whatwhat aa casecase werewere wewe inin?

img: 308-a
sig: 5N3v

The Womans prize, or

column: 308-a-1

wln 0628Mor.MorosoMor.TheseThese areare thethe mostmost authentiqueauthentic RebelsRebels, nextnext
wln 0629TyroneTyrone, II everever readread ofof.
wln 0630Mar.MariaMar.AA weekeweek hencehence, oror aa fortnightfortnight, asas youyou bearebear youyou,
wln 0631AndAnd asas II findefind mymy willwill observ’dobserved, II maymay
wln 0632WithWith intercessionintercession ofof somesome friendsfriends bebe broughtbrought
wln 0633May beMayMaybeMaybebe toto kissekiss youyou; andand soso quarterlyquarterly
wln 0634ToTo paypay aa littlelittle rentrent byby compositioncomposition,
wln 0635