The Island Princess
The Island Princess

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wln 0001THETHE

wln 0003ActusActus primusprimus. ScænaScaenaScaena primaprima

column: 184-b-1

wln 0004AA BellBell RingsRings.
wln 0005EnterEnter PymeroPynieroPymero, ChristopheroChristophero, andand Pedro.Pedro.

wln 0006Pymero.PynieroPymero.
wln 0007OPen_OPenOpenopen thethe PortsPorts andand seesee thethe watchwatch reliev’drelieved,
wln 0008AndAnd letlet thethe guardsguards bebe carefulcareful ofof theirtheir businesbusiness
wln 0009TheirTheir vigilantvigilant eyeseyes fixtfixed onon thesethese IslandersIslanders,
wln 0010TheyThey areare falsefalse andand desperatedesperate peoplepeople,
wln 0011 whenwhen theythey findfind
wln 0012TheThe leastleast occasionoccasion openopen toto encouragementencouragement,
wln 0013CruellCruel, andand craftycrafty soulessouls, beleevebelieve meme GentlemenGentlemen,
wln 0014TheirTheir latelate attemptattempt, whichwhich isis tootoo freshfresh amongstamongst usus,
wln 0015InIn whichwhich againstagainst allall armesarms, andand honestyhonesty,
wln 0016TheThe GovernourGovernor ofof TernataTernateTernata mademade surprizesurprise.
wln 0017OfOf ourour confederateconfederate, thethe KingKing ofof TidoreTidore,
wln 0018AsAs forfor hishis recreationrecreation hehe waswas rowingrowing
wln 0019BetweeneBetween bothboth LandsLands, bidsbids usus bebe wisewise andand circumspectcircumspect.
wln 0020Chr.ChristopheroChr.ItIt waswas aa mischiefemischief suddenlysuddenly imagin’dimagined;
wln 0021AndAnd asas soonesoon donedone; thatthat Governour’sGovernor’s aa feircefierce knaveknave,
wln 0022UnfaithfullUnfaithful asas hehe isis feircefierce tootoo, there’sthere’s nono trustingtrusting;
wln 0023ButBut II wonderwonder muchmuch howhow suchsuch poorepoor andand basebase pleasurespleasures,
wln 0024AsAs tuggingtugging atat anan oareoar, oror skillskill inin steeragesteerage,
wln 0025ShouldShould becomebecome PrincesPrinces.
wln 0026Py.PynieroPy.BaseBase breedingbreeding lovelove basebase pleasurepleasure;
wln 0027TheyThey taketake asas muchmuch delightdelight inin aa BarattoBaratto,
wln 0028AA littlelittle scurvyscurvy boateboat toto rowrow herher tithlytightlytithly,
wln 0029AndAnd havehave thethe artart toto turneturn andand windwind herher nimblynimbly,
wln 0030ThinkeThink itit asas noblenoble tootoo, thoughthough itit bebe slavishslavish,
wln 0031AndAnd aa dulldull labourlaborlabour thatthat declinesdeclines aa GentlemanGentleman:
wln 0032AsAs wewe PortugallsPortugalls, oror thethe SpaniardsSpaniards dodo inin ridingriding,
wln 0033InIn managingmanaging aa greatgreat horsehorse whichwhich isis princelyprincely:
wln 0034TheThe FrenchFrench inin CourtshipCourtship, oror thethe dancingdancing EnglishEnglish,
wln 0035InIn carryingcarrying aa fairefair presencepresence.
wln 0036Ped.PedroPed.HeHe waswas strangelystrangely takentaken;
wln 0037ButBut wherewhere nono faithfaith isis, there’sthere’s nono trusttrust; hehe hashas paidpaid for’tfor ’tfor’t
wln 0038HisHis sistersister yetyet thethe fairefair andand greatgreat QuisaraQuisara,
wln 0039HasHas shewdshowed aa noblenoble mindmind, andand muchmuch lovelove in’tin ’tin’t
wln 0040ToTo herher afflictedafflicted brotherbrother, andand thethe noblernobler stillstill itit appearesappears,
wln 0041AndAnd seasonsseasons ofof moremore tendernestenderness, becausebecause hishis ruineruin stilesstyles herher (absoluteabsolute
wln 0042AndAnd hishis imprisonmentimprisonment addsadds toto herher profitprofit.
wln 0043FeelingFeeling allall thisthis, whichwhich makesmakes allall menmen admireadmire herher.
wln 0044TheThe warmewarm beamesbeams ofof thisthis fortunefortune thatthat fallfall onon herher,
wln 0045YetYet hashas sheshe mademade diversediversedivers andand noblenoble treatiestreaties,
wln 0046AndAnd propositionspropositions forfor herher brothersbrother’s freedomefreedom,
wln 0047IfIf wealthwealth oror honourhonorhonour
wln 0048Py.PynieroPy.PeacePeace, peacepeace, youyou areare fool’dfooled sirsir;
wln 0049ThingsThings ofof thesethese naturesnatures havehave strangestrange outsidesoutsides PedroPedro,
wln 0050AndAnd cunningcunning shadowesshadows, setset ’em’em farfar fromfrom usus,
wln 0051DrawDraw ’em’em butbut nearenear, theythey areare grossegross, andand theythey abuseabuse usus;
wln 0052TheyThey thatthat observeobserve herher closeclose, shallshall findfind herher naturenature,
wln 0053WhichWhich II doubtdoubt mainlymainly willwill notnot proveprove soso excellentexcellent;
wln 0054SheShe isis aa PrincessePrincess, andand sheshe mustmust bebe fairefair,
wln 0055That’sThat’s thethe prerogativeprerogative ofof beingbeing royallroyal:

column: 184-b-2

wln 0056LetLet herher wantwant eyeseyes andand nosenose, sheshe mustmust bebe beautiousbeauteous,
wln 0057AndAnd sheshe mustmust knowknow itit tootoo, andand thethe useuse ofof itit,
wln 0058AndAnd peoplepeople mustmust beleevebelieve itit, theythey areare dam’ddamned elseelse:
wln 0059WhyWhy, allall thethe neighbourneighborneighbour PrincesPrinces, areare madmad forfor herher,
wln 0060Chr.ChristopheroChr.IsIs sheshe notnot fairefair thenthen?
wln 0061Py.PynieroPy.ButBut herher hopeshopes areare fairerfairer,
wln 0062AndAnd there’sthere’s aa haughtyhaughty MasterMaster, thethe KingKing ofof BakanBacanBakan,
wln 0063ThatThat loftylofty sirsir, thatthat speakesspeaks farfar moremore, andand louderlouder
wln 0064InIn hishis ownown commendationscommendations thenthanthen aa CannonCannon:
wln 0065HeHe isis struckenstrucken dumbedumb withwith herher.
wln 0066Ped.PedroPed.BeshrewBeshrew meme sheshe isis aa sweetsweet oneone.
wln 0067Py.PynieroPy.AndAnd there’sthere’s thatthat hopefullhopeful manman ofof SyanaSianaSyana,
wln 0068ThatThat spritelysprightly fellowfellow, hehe that’sthat’s wisewise andand temperatetemperate,
wln 0069HeHe isis aa loverlover tootoo.
wln 0070Chr.ChristopheroChr.Wou’dWould II werewere worthworth herher lookinglooking
wln 0071ForFor; byby mymy lifelife II holdhold herher aa compleatecomplete oneone,
wln 0072TheThe veryvery SunSun II thinkethink, affectsaffects herher sweetnessesweetness,
wln 0073AndAnd daresdares notnot asas hehe doesdoes toto allall elseelse, dyedyedie itit
wln 0074IntoInto hishis taunytawny LiveryLivery.
wln 0075Py.PynieroPy.SheShe daresdares notnot seesee himhim,
wln 0076ButBut keepeskeeps her selfeherself atat distancedistance fromfrom hishis kisseskisses,
wln 0077AndAnd weareswears herher complexioncomplexion inin aa casecase; letlet himhim butbut likelike itit
wln 0078AA weekweek oror twotwo, oror threethree, sheshe wouldwould lookelook likelike aa LionLion;
wln 0079ButBut thethe mainemain sportsport on’ton ’ton’t isis, oror ratherrather wonderwonder
wln 0080TheThe GovernourGovernor ofof TernataTernateTernata herher mortallmortal enemieenemy,
wln 0081HeHe thatthat hashas catchtcatchedcaught herher brotherbrother KingKing isis strookestruck tootoo,
wln 0082AndAnd isis arriv’darrived underunder safesafe conductconduct alsoalso,
wln 0083AndAnd hostageshostages ofof worthworth delivereddelivered forfor himhim;
wln 0084AndAnd hehe broughtbrought aa letterletter fromfrom hishis prisonerprisoner,
wln 0085WhetherWhether compel’dcompelled, oror willinglywillingly delivereddelivered
wln 0086FromFrom thethe poorepoor KingKing, oror whatwhat elseelse daredare bebe in’tin ’tin’t.
wln 0087Chr.ChristopheroChr.SoSo itit bebe honourablehonorablehonourable, anyany thingthing, ’tis’tis allall oneone,
wln 0088ForFor II daredare thinkethink she’lshe’ll dodo thethe bestbest.
wln 0089Py.PynieroPy.’Tis’Tis certainecertain
wln 0090HeHe hashas admittanceadmittance, andand sollicitessolicits hourelyhourly.
wln 0091NowNow ifif hehe havehave thethe tricketrick
wln 0092Ped.PedroPed.WhatWhat tricktrick?
wln 0093Py.PynieroPy.TheThe truetrue oneone,
wln 0094ToTo taketake herher tootoo, ifif hehe bebe butbut skil’dskilled inin bat-fowlingbatfowling,
wln 0095AndAnd limelime hishis bushbush rightright.
wln 0096Chr.ChristopheroChr.I’leI’ll bebe hang’dhanged whenwhen thatthat hitshits,
wln 0097ForFor ’tis’tis notnot aa compel’dcompelled, oror forc’dforced affectionaffection,
wln 0098ThatThat mustmust taketake herher, II guesseguess herher stoutstout andand vertuousvirtuous,
wln 0099ButBut where’swhere’s youryour unckleuncle sirsir, ourour valiantvaliant CaptaineCaptain,
wln 0100TheThe bravebrave RuyRuy DiasDias allall thisthis whilewhile?
wln 0101Py.PynieroPy.IAyI marrymarry,
wln 0102HeHe isis amongstamongst ’em’em tootoo.
wln 0103Ped.PedroPed.AA LoverLover.
wln 0104Py.PynieroPy.NayNay,
wln 0105II knowknow notnot thatthat, butbut suresure hehe standsstands inin favourfavorfavour,
wln 0106OrOr wou’dwould standstand stiflystiffly, hehe isis nono PortugallPortugal elseelse.
wln 0107Chr.ChristopheroChr.TheThe voycevoice sayssays inin goodgood favourfavorfavour, inin thethe listlist tootoo

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The Island Princesse.

column: 185-a-1

wln 0108OfOf thethe privyprivy woerswooers, howhow cunninglycunningly ofof latelate
wln 0109II havehave observ’dobserved himhim, andand howhow privatelyprivately
wln 0110HeHe hashas stolnestolen atat allall houreshours fromfrom usus, andand howhow readilyreadily
wln 0111HeHe hashas feign’dfeigned aa businessebusiness toto bidbid thethe FortFort farewellfarewell
wln 0112ForFor fivefive oror sixesix daiesdays, oror aa monthmonth togethertogether,
wln 0113SureSure therethere isis somethingsomething
wln 0114Py.PynieroPy.YesYes, yesyes, therethere isis aa thingthing in’tin ’tin’t,
wln 0115AA thingthing wouldwould makemake thethe bestbest on’soneson’s allall dancedance afterafter itit;
wln 0116AA daintydainty thingthing; LordLord howhow thisthis unckleuncle ofof minemine
wln 0117HasHas readread toto meme, andand ratedrated meme forfor wenchingwenching,
wln 0118AndAnd toldtold meme inin whatwhat desperatedesperate casecase ’twould’twould leaveleave meme,
wln 0119AndAnd howhow ’twould’twould stewstew mymy bonesbones.
wln 0120Ped.PedroPed.YouYou car’dcared notnot forfor itit.
wln 0121Py.PynieroPy.I faithI’ faithi’faith, notnot muchmuch, II ventur’dventured onon stillstill easilyeasily,
wln 0122AndAnd tooketook mymy chancechance, dangerdanger isis aa SouldiersSoldier’ssoldier’s honourhonorhonour;
wln 0123ButBut thatthat thisthis manman, thisthis herbeherb ofof GraceGrace, RuyRuy DiasDias,
wln 0124ThisThis fatherfather ofof ourour facultiesfaculties shouldshould slipslip thusthus,
wln 0125ForFor suresure hehe isis aa ferritingferreting, thatthat hehe
wln 0126ThatThat wouldwould drinkedrink nothingnothing toto depressedepress thethe spiritspirit,
wln 0127ButBut milkemilk andand waterwater, eateeat nothingnothing butbut thinthin ayreair
wln 0128ToTo makemake hishis bloudblood obedientobedient, thatthat hishis youthyouth
wln 0129InIn spightspite ofof allall hishis temperancetemperance, shouldshould tickletickle,
wln 0130AndAnd havehave aa lovelove mangemange onon himhim.
wln 0131Chr.ChristopheroChr.’Tis’Tis inin himhim sirsir
wln 0132ButBut honourablehonorablehonourable courtshipcourtship, andand becomesbecomes hishis rankerank tootoo.
wln 0133Py.PynieroPy.InIn meme ’twere’twere abominableabominable LecherieLechery, oror wouldwould bebe,
wln 0134ForFor whenwhen ourour thoughtsthoughts areare on’ton ’ton’t, andand missemiss theirtheir levelllevel,
wln 0135WeWe mustmust hithit somethingsomething.
wln 0136Ped.PedroPed.WellWell, ’isishe’sis aa noblenoble GentlemanGentleman,
wln 0137AndAnd ifif hehe bebe aa suitorsuitor, maymay hehe speedspeed in’tin ’tin’t.
wln 0138Py.PynieroPy.LetLet himhim alonealone, ourour familyfamily ne’rene’ernever fail’dfailed yetyet.
wln 0139Chr.ChristopheroChr.OurOur madmad LieutenantLieutenant stillstill merrymerry PynieroPyniero,
wln 0140ThusThus wou’dwould hehe dodo ifif thethe SurgeonSurgeon werewere searchingsearching ofof himhim.
wln 0141Ped.PedroPed.EspeciallyEspecially ifif aa warmewarm wenchwench hadhad shotshot himhim.
wln 0142Py.PynieroPy.ButBut harkehark ChristopheroChristophero; comecome hetherhither PedroPedro;
wln 0143WhenWhen sawsaw youyou ourour bravebrave countrymancountryman ArmusiaArmusia?
wln 0144HeHe that’sthat’s arriv’darrived herehere latelylately, andand hishis gallantsgallants?
wln 0145AA goodlygoodly fellowfellow, andand aa bravebrave companioncompanion
wln 0146Me thinkesMethinksmethinks hehe isis, andand nono doubtdoubt trulytruly valiantvaliant,
wln 0147ForFor hehe thatthat daresdares comecome hetherhither, daresdares fightfight any whereanywhere.
wln 0148Chr.ChristopheroChr.II sawsaw himhim notnot ofof latelate, aa sobersober GentlemanGentleman
wln 0149II amam suresure hehe isis, andand nono doubtdoubt bravelybravely sprungsprung,
wln 0150AndAnd promisespromises muchmuch noblenessenobleness.
wln 0151Py.PynieroPy.II lovelove himhim,
wln 0152AndAnd byby mymy troathtroth wou’dwould fainefain bebe inwardinward withwith himhim;
wln 0153PrayPray letslet’s gogo seekeseek himhim.
wln 0154Ped.PedroPed.Wee’lWe’ll attendattend youyou sirsir.
wln 0155Py.PynieroPy.ByBy thatthat timetime wewe shalshalheareshall hearehear thethe burstburst ofof businessebusiness.Ex.ExeuntEx.

wln 0156EnterEnter RuyRuy DiasDias, QuisaraQuisara, QuisanaQuisana, andand PanuraPanura.

wln 0157Quisar.QuisaraQuisar.AuntAunt II muchmuch thankethank youyou forfor youryour curtesiecourtesy,
wln 0158AndAnd thethe fairefair libertyliberty youyou stillstill allowallow meme,
wln 0159BothBoth ofof youryour househouse andand serviceservice, thoughthough II bebe
wln 0160AA PrincessePrincess, andand byby thatthat PrerogativePrerogative standstand freefree
wln 0161FromFrom thethe poorepoor malicemalice ofof opinionopinion,
wln 0162AndAnd nono waiesways boundbound toto renderrender upup mymy actionsactions,
wln 0163BecauseBecause nono powerpower aboveabove meme cancan examineexamine meme;
wln 0164YetYet mymy dearedear brotherbrother beingbeing stillstill aa prisonerprisoner,
wln 0165AndAnd manymany wandringwand’ring eyeseyes uponupon mymy waiesways,
wln 0166BeingBeing leftleft alonealone aa Sea-markeSea-marksea-mark, itit behovesbehooves meme
wln 0167ToTo useuse aa littlelittle cautioncaution, andand bebe circumspectcircumspect.
wln 0168Quisan.QuisanaQuisan.You’rYou’re wisewise andand noblenoble LadyLady.
wln 0169Quisar.QuisaraQuisar.OftenOften AuntAunt
wln 0170II resortresort hetherhither, andand privatelyprivately toto seesee youyou,
wln 0171ItIt maymay bebe toto converseconverse withwith somesome II favourfavorfavour;

column: 185-a-2

wln 0172II wou’dwould notnot havehave itit knowneknown asas oftoft, nornor constru’dconstrued,
wln 0173ItIt standsstands notnot withwith mymy carecare.
wln 0174Quis[*]n.Quis●n.QuisanaQuis●n.YouYou speakespeak mostmost fairelyfairly,
wln 0175ForFor eveneven ourour purepure devotionsdevotions areare examin’dexamined.
wln 0176Quisar.QuisaraQuisar.SoSo madmad areare mensmen’s mindsminds nownow.
wln 0177Ruy.Ruy DiasRuy.OrOr ratherrather monstrousmonstrous;
wln 0178TheyThey areare thickthick dreamsdreams, breadbredbread inin foggsfogs thatthat knowknow nono fair-fairnessefair∣nessefairness(nesse.
wln 0179Quisan.QuisanaQuisan.MadamMadam thethe househouse isis yoursyours, II amam yoursyours, praypray useuse (meme,
wln 0180AndAnd atat youryour serviceservice allall II havehave lyeslies prostrateprostrate;
wln 0181MyMy carecare shallshall everever bebe toto yeildyield yeye honourhonorhonour,
wln 0182AndAnd whenwhen youryour famefame falsfalls herehere, ’tis’tis mymy faultfault LadyLady;
wln 0183AA poorepoor andand simplesimple banquetbanquet II havehave providedprovided,
wln 0184WhichWhich ifif youyou pleaseplease toto honourhonorhonour withwith youryour presencepresence
wln 0185Quisar.QuisaraQuisar.II thankethank yeye AuntAunt, II shallshall bebe withwith youyou instantlyinstantly,
wln 0186AA fewfew wordswords withwith thisthis GentlemanGentleman.
wln 0187Quisan.QuisanaQuisan.I’leI’ll leaveleave yeye,ExeuntExeunt. QuisQuisanaQuis,
(&and Pan.PanuraPan.

wln 0188AndAnd whenwhen youyou pleaseplease retireretire, I’leI’ll waitwait uponupon youyou.
wln 0189Quisar.QuisaraQuisar.WhyWhy, howhow nownow CaptaineCaptain, whatwhat affraidafraid toto speakspeak  (toto meme?
wln 0190AA manman ofof armesarms, andand danteddaunted withwith aa LadyLady?
wln 0191CommandersCommanders havehave thethe powerpower toto parleparley withwith PrincesPrinces.
wln 0192Ruy.Ruy DiasRuy.MadamMadam, thethe favoursfavorsfavours youyou havehave stillstill showr’dshowered onon meme,
wln 0193WhichWhich areare soso highhigh aboveabove mymy meanesmeans ofof meritmerit,
wln 0194SoSo infiniteinfinite, thatthat noughtnaught cancan valuevalue ’em’em
wln 0195ButBut theirtheir owneown goodnessegoodness, nono eyeseyes lookelook upup toto ’em’em
wln 0196ButBut thosethose thatthat areare ofof equallequal lightlight,,; andand lustrelustre,
wln 0197StrikeStrike meme thusthus mutemute, youyou areare mymy royallroyal MistrisMistress,
wln 0198AndAnd allall mymy servicesservices thatthat aimeaim atat honourhonorhonour,
wln 0199TakeTake lifelife fromfrom youyou, thethe SaintSaint ofof mymy devotionsdevotions;
wln 0200PardonPardon mymy wishwish, itit isis aa fairefair ambitionambition,
wln 0201AndAnd wellwell becomesbecomes thethe manman thatthat honourshonorshonours youyou;
wln 0202II wou’dwould II werewere ofof worthworth, ofof somethingsomething nearenear youyou,
wln 0203OfOf suchsuch aa royallroyal peecepiece, aa KingKing II wou’dwould bebe,
wln 0204AA mightymighty KingKing thatthat mightmight commandcommand affectionaffection,
wln 0205AndAnd bringbring aa youthyouth uponupon meme mightmight be witchbewitchbe witch yeye,
wln 0206AndAnd youyou aa sweetsweet souldsouledsold ChristianChristian.
wln 0207Quisar.QuisaraQuisar.NowNow youyou talketalk sirsir;
wln 0208YouYou PortugalsPortugals, thoughthough youyou bebe ruggedrugged SouldiersSoldiers,
wln 0209YetYet whenwhen youyou listlist toto flatterflatter, youyou areare plaineplain courtierscourtiers;
wln 0210AndAnd couldcould youyou wishwish meme ChristianChristian bravebrave RuyRuy DiasDias?
wln 0211Ruy.Ruy DiasRuy.AtAt allall thethe dangerdanger ofof mymy lifelife greatgreat LadyLady,
wln 0212AtAt allall mymy hopeshopes, atat allall
wln 0213Quisar.QuisaraQuisar.PrayPray yeye staystay aa littlelittle,
wln 0214ToTo whatwhat endend runsruns youryour wishwish?
wln 0215Ruy.Ruy DiasRuy.OO gloriousglorious LadyLady,
wln 0216ThatThat II mightmight butbut II daredare notnot speakespeak.
wln 0217Quisar,QuisaraQuisar,II daredare thenthen,
wln 0218ThatThat youyou mightmight hopehope toto marrymarry meme; naynay blushblush notnot,
wln 0219AnAn honourablehonorablehonourable endend needsneeds nono excuseexcuse;
wln 0220AndAnd wouldwould youyou lovelove meme thenthen?
wln 0221Ruy.Ruy DiasRuy.MyMy soulesoul notnot dearerdearer.
wln 0222Quisar.QuisaraQuisar.DoDo somesome bravebrave thingthing thatthat maymay enticeentice meme thatthat (wayway,
wln 0223SomeSome thingthing ofof suchsuch aa meritoriousmeritorious goodnessegoodness,
wln 0224OfOf suchsuch anan unmatchtunmatched noblenessenobleness, thatthat II maymay knowknow
wln 0225YouYou havehave aa powerpower beyondbeyond oursours thatthat preservespreserves youyou,
wln 0226’Tis’Tis notnot thethe personperson, nornor thethe royallroyal titletitle,
wln 0227NorNor wealthwealth, nornor gloryglory thatthat II lookelook uponupon,
wln 0228ThatThat inwardinward manman II lovelove that’sthat’s lin’dlined withwith vertuevirtue,
wln 0229ThatThat wellwell deservingdeserving soulesoul workesworks outout aa favourfavorfavour;
wln 0230II havehave manymany PrincesPrinces suiterssuitors, manymany greatgreat onesones,
wln 0231YetYet aboveabove thesethese II lovelove youyou, youyou areare valiantvaliant,
wln 0232AnAn activeactive manman, ableable toto buildbuild aa fortunefortune;
wln 0233II dodo notnot saysay II dotedote, nornor meanemean toto marrymarry,
wln 0234OnlyOnly thethe hopehope isis somethingsomething maymay bebe donedone,
wln 0235ThatThat maymay compellcompel mymy faithfaith, andand askeask mymy freedomfreedom,
wln 0236AndAnd leaveleave opinionopinion fairefair.
wln 0237Ruy.Ruy DiasRuy.CommandCommand dearedear LadyLady,

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sig: 3N1r

The Island Princesse.

column: 185-b-1

wln 0238AndAnd letlet thethe dangerdanger bebe asas deepdeep asas hellhell,
wln 0239AsAs direfulldireful toto attemptattempt
wln 0240Quisar.QuisaraQuisar.Y’areY’ areYou’re tootoo suddensudden,
wln 0241II mustmust bebe rul’druled byby youyou, findfind outout aa fortunefortune
wln 0242WiselyWisely andand hansomelyhandsomely, examineexamine timetime,
wln 0243AndAnd courtcourt occasionoccasion thatthat sheshe maymay bebe readyready;
wln 0244AA thousandthousand usesuses forfor youryour forwardforward spiritspirit
wln 0245YeYe maymay findfind dailydaily, bebe suresure yeye taketake aa goodgood oneone,
wln 0246AA bravebrave andand worthyworthy oneone thatthat maymay advanceadvance yeye,
wln 0247ForcedForced smilessmiles rewardreward poorepoor dangersdangers; youyou areare aa SouldierSoldier,
wln 0248II wou’dwould notnot talketalk soso elseelse, andand II lovelove aa SouldierSoldier,
wln 0249AndAnd thatthat thatthat speakesspeaks himhim truetrue, andand greatgreat, hishis vallourvalorvalour;
wln 0250YetYet forfor allall thesethese whichwhich areare butbut womenswomen’s folliesfollies,
wln 0251YouYou maymay dodo whatwhat youyou pleaseplease, II shallshall stillstill knowknow yeye,
wln 0252AndAnd thoughthough yeye wearewear nono swordsword.
wln 0253Ru.Ruy DiasRu.ExcellentExcellent LadyLady,
wln 0254WhenWhen II growgrow soso coldcold, andand disgracedisgrace mymy nationnation,
wln 0255ThatThat fromfrom theirtheir hardyhardy nursesnurses suckesuck adventuresadventures,
wln 0256’Twere’Twere fitfit II worewore aa TombstoneTombstone; youyou havehave readread toto meme
wln 0257TheThe storystory ofof youryour favourfavorfavour, ifif II mistakemistake itit,
wln 0258OrOr growgrow aa tenanttenant inin thethe studystudy ofof itit,
wln 0259AA greatgreat correctioncorrection LadyLady
wln 0260Quisar.QuisaraQuisar.Let’sLet’s toth’to th’toth’ banquetbanquet,
wln 0261AndAnd havehave somesome merriermerrier talketalk, andand thenthen toto CourtCourt,
wln 0262WhereWhere II givegive audienceaudience toto mymy generallgeneral SuitersSuitors;
wln 0263PrayPray heavenheaven mymy womanswoman’s witwit holdhold; therethere bravebrave CaptainCaptain,
wln 0264YouYou maymay perchanceperchance meetmeet somethingsomething thatthat maymay startlestartle yeye;
wln 0265I’leI’ll saysay nono moremore, comecome bebe notnot sadsad
wln 0266II lovelove yeye.ExeuntExeunt

wln 0267EnterEnter PynieroPyniero, ArmusiaArmusia SozaSoza, ChristopheroChristophero, andand
wln 0268EmanuelEmanuel.

wln 0269Py.PynieroPy.YouYou areare welcomewelcome gentlemengentlemen, mostmost worthyworthy welcomwelcome,
wln 0270AndAnd knowknow there’sthere’s nothingnothing inin ourour powerpower maymay serveserve yeye,
wln 0271ButBut youyou maymay freelyfreely challengechallenge.
wln 0272Arm.ArmusiaArm.SirSir wewe thankethank yeye,
wln 0273AndAnd restrest youryour servantsservants tootoo.
wln 0274Py.PynieroPy.YeYe areare worthyworthy PortugalsPortugals,
wln 0275YouYou shewshow thethe braverybravery ofof youryour mindsminds andand spiritsspirits;
wln 0276TheThe naturenature ofof ourour countrycountry tootoo, thatthat bringsbrings forthforth
wln 0277StirringStirring, unweariedunwearied soulessouls toto seekeseek adventuresadventures;
wln 0278MindsMinds nevernever satisfiedsatisfied withwith searchsearch ofof honourhonorhonour
wln 0279WhereWhere timetime isis, &and thethe sunnesun givesgives lightlight, bravebrave countrimencountrymen,
wln 0280OurOur namesnames areare knownknown, newnew worldsworlds disclosedisclose theirtheir richesriches,
wln 0281TheirTheir beautiesbeauties, andand theirtheir pridesprides toto ourour embracesembraces;
wln 0282AndAnd wewe thethe firstfirst ofof nationsnations findfind thesethese wonderswonders.
wln 0283Arm.ArmusiaArm.TheseThese noblenoble thoughtsthoughts sirsir, havehave intic’denticed usus forwardforward,
wln 0284AndAnd mindsminds unaptunapt forfor easeease toto seesee thesethese miraclesmiracles,
wln 0285InIn whichwhich wewe findfind reportreport aa poorepoor relaterrelater;
wln 0286WeWe areare arriv’darrived amongamong thethe blessedblessed IslandsI standsI standsIslands,
wln 0287WhereWhere everyevery windwind thatthat risesrises blowesblows perfumesperfumes;
wln 0288AndAnd everyevery breathbreath ofof aireair isis likelike anan IncenceIncense:
wln 0289TheThe treasuretreasure ofof thethe SunSun dwelsdwells herehere, eacheach treetree
wln 0290AsAs ifif itit enviedenvied thethe oldold ParadiceParadise,
wln 0291StrivesStrives toto bringbring forthforth immortallimmortal fruitfruit; thethe spicesspices
wln 0292RenewingRenewing naturenature, thoughthough notnot deifyingdeifying,
wln 0293AndAnd whenwhen thatthat falsfalls byby timetime, scorningscorning thethe earthearth,
wln 0294TheThe sullensullen earthearth shouldshould tainttaint oror suckesuck theirtheir beautiesbeauties,
wln 0295ButBut asas wewe dreamtdreamt, forfor everever soso preservepreserve usus:
wln 0296NothingNothing wewe seesee, butbut breedsbreeds anan admirationadmiration;
wln 0297TheThe veryvery riversrivers asas wewe floatefloat alongalong,
wln 0298ThrowThrow upup theirtheir pearlespearls, andand curlecurl theirtheir headsheads toto courtcourt usus;

column: 185-b-2

wln 0299TheThe bowelsbowels ofof thethe earthearth swellswell withwith thethe birthsbirths
wln 0300OfOf thousandthousand unknowneunknown gemsgems, andand thousandthousand richesriches;
wln 0301NothingNothing thatthat bearesbears aa lifelife, butbut btingsbeingsbringsbeings aa treasuretreasure;
wln 0302TheThe peoplepeople theythey shewshow bravebrave tootoo, civillcivil manner’dmannered,
wln 0303ProportionedProportioned likelike thethe MastresMasters ofof greatgreat mindsminds,
wln 0304TheThe womenwomen whichwhich II wonderwonder atat
wln 0305Py.PynieroPy.YeYe speakespeak wellwell.
wln 0306Ar.ArmusiaAr.OfOf delicatedelicate aspectsaspects, fairefair, clearlyclearly beauteousbeauteous,
wln 0307AndAnd toto thatthat admirationadmiration, sweetsweet andand courteouscourteous.
wln 0308Py.PynieroPy.AndAnd isis notnot thatthat aa goodgood thingthing? bravebrave ArmusiaArmusia
wln 0309YouYou nevernever sawsaw thethe CourtCourt beforebefore?
wln 0310Ar.ArmusiaAr.NoNo certainecertain,
wln 0311ButBut thatthat II seesee aa wonderwonder tootoo, allall excellentexcellent,
wln 0312TheThe GovernmentGovernment exactexact.
wln 0313Chr.ChristopheroChr.YeYe shallshall seesee anonanon,
wln 0314ThatThat thatthat willwill makemake yeye startstart indeedindeed, suchsuch beautiesbeauties,
wln 0315SuchSuch richesriches, andand suchsuch formeform.

wln 0316EnterEnter BakamBacanBakam, SyanaSianaSyana, GovernourGovernor.

wln 0317Soz.SozaSoz.WeWe areare firefire alreadyalready;
wln 0318TheThe wealthywealthy MagazineMagazine ofof naturenature suresure
wln 0319InhabitsInhabits herehere.
wln 0320Arm.ArmusiaArm.TheseThese suresure areare allall IlandersIslandersislanders.
wln 0321Py.PynieroPy.YesYes, andand greatgreat PrincesPrinces tootoo, andand lustylusty loverslovers.
wln 0322Ar.ArmusiaAr.TheyThey areare goodlygoodly personspersons; whatwhat mightmight hehe bebe signeorsignior
wln 0323ThatThat bearesbears soso proudproud aa statestate?
wln 0324Py.PynieroPy.KingKing ofof BakamBacanBakam,
wln 0325AA fellowfellow thatthat fartsfarts terrourterror,
wln 0326Em.EmanuelEm.HeHe lookeslooks highlyhighly,
wln 0327SureSure hehe waswas begotbegotbegotten o’th’o’tho’tho’ th’ toptop ofof aa steeplesteeple.
wln 0328Chr.ChristopheroChr.ItIt maymay wellwell bebe,
wln 0329ForFor youyou shallshall hearehear himhim ringring anonanon.
wln 0330Py.PynieroPy.ThatThat isis SyanaSianaSyana,
wln 0331AndAnd aa bravebrave temper’dtempered fellowfellow, andand moremore valiantvaliant.
wln 0332Soz.SozaSoz.WhatWhat ruggedrugged faceface isis thatthat?
wln 0333Py.PynieroPy.That’sThat’s thethe greatgreat GovernourGovernor,
wln 0334TheThe manman surpriz’dsurprised ourour friendfriend, II toldtold yeye ofof himhim.
wln 0335Ar.ArmusiaAr.’HasHasH’asHas dangerousdangerous eyeseyes.
wln 0336Py.PynieroPy.AA perilousperilous theefethief, andand subtlesubtle.
wln 0337Chr.ChristopheroChr.AndAnd toto thatthat subtletysubtlety aa heartheart ofof IronIron.
wln 0338Py.PynieroPy.YetYet thethe youngyoung LadyLady makesmakes itit meltmelt.
wln 0339Ar,ArmusiaAr,TheyThey startstart allall,
wln 0340AndAnd thunderthunder inin thethe eyeseyes.
wln 0341Ba.BacanBa.AwayAway yeye poorepoor onesones,
wln 0342AmAm II inin competitioncompetition withwith suchsuch bubblesbubbles?
wln 0343MyMy vertuevirtue, andand mymy namename rank’dranked withwith suchsuch triflestrifles?
wln 0344Sy.SianaSy.YeYe speakespeak loudloud.
wln 0345Ba.BacanBa.Young-manYoung manyoung man, II willwill speakespeak louderlouder;
wln 0346CanCan anyany manman butbut II, deservedeserve herher favourfavorfavour,
wln 0347YouYou pettypetty PrincesPrinces?{PrincesPrinces fliefly atat
oneone anotheranother.

wln 0348Py.PynieroPy.HeHe willwill putput ’em’em allall in’sin ’sin’s pocketpocket.
wln 0349Sy.SianaSy.ThouThou proudproud madmad thingthing bebe notnot soso fullfull ofof gloryglory,
wln 0350SoSo fullfull ofof vanityvanity.
wln 0351Ba.BacanBa.HowHow??: II contemnecontemn theethee,
wln 0352AndAnd thatthat fort-keepingfort-keeping fellowfellow,
wln 0353Py.PynieroPy.HowHow thethe dogdog lookeslooks,
wln 0354TheThe bandogbandog GovernourGovernor?
wln 0355Gov.GovernorHaHa, whywhy?
wln 0356Ba.BacanBa.AwayAway thingthing,
wln 0357AndAnd keepekeep youryour rankerank withwith thosethose thatthat fitfit youryour toyaltyroyalty;
wln 0358CallCall outout thethe PrincessePrincess.
wln 0359Gov.GovernorDostDost thouthou knowknow meme bladderbladder,
wln 0360ThouThou insolentinsolent impostumeimpostume?
wln 0361Ba.BacanBa.II despisedespise theethee;

img: 186-a
sig: 3N1v

The Island Princesse.

column: 186-a-1

wln 0362Gov.GovernorArtArt thouthou acquaintedacquainted withwith mymy naturenature babybaby?
wln 0363LetLet mymy revengerevenge forfor injuriesinjuries? darstdar’st thouthou holdhold meme
wln 0364SoSo farfar behindbehind thythy filefile, II cannotcannot reachreach theethee?
wln 0365WhatWhat canstcanst thouthou meritmerit?
wln 0366Ba.BacanBa.MeritMerit? II amam aboveabove itit;
wln 0367II amam equallequal withwith allall honourshonorshonours, allall atchievementsachievements,
wln 0368AndAnd whatwhat isis greatgreat andand worthyworthy; thethe bestbest doerdoer
wln 0369II keepekeep atat mymy commandcommand, fortune’sfortune’s mymy servantservant,
wln 0370’Tis’Tis inin mymy powerpower nownow toto despisedespise suchsuch wretcheswretches,
wln 0371ToTo lookelook uponupon yeye slightlyslightly, andand neglectneglect yeye,
wln 0372AndAnd butbut sheshe dainesdeigns atat somesome houreshours toto rememberremember yeye,
wln 0373AndAnd peoplepeople havehave bestowedbestowed somesome titlestitles oneonone yeye,
wln 0374II shouldshould forgetforget youryour namesnames
wln 0375Sy.SianaSy.MercyMercy ofof meme;
wln 0376WhatWhat aa blowneblown foolefool hashas selfeself affectionaffection
wln 0377MadeMade ofof thisthis fellowfellow? diddid notnot thethe QueeneQueen youryour mothermother,
wln 0378LongLong forfor bellowsbellows, andand bagpipesbagpipes whenwhen sheshe waswas greatgreat withwith (yeye,
wln 0379SheShe broughtbrought forthforth suchsuch aa windywindy birthbirth?
wln 0380Gov.Governor’Tis’Tis tenten toto oneone
wln 0381SheShe eateateeat aa DrumDrum, andand waswas deliver’ddelivered ofof alarumalarum,
wln 0382OrOr elseelse hehe waswas swadledswaddled inin anan oldold sailesail whenwhen hehe waswas yongyoung.
wln 0383Sy.SianaSy.HeHe swelsswells tootoo mainlymainly withwith hishis meditationsmeditations;
wln 0384FaithFaith talketalk aa littlelittle hansomerhandsomer, rideride softlysoftly
wln 0385ThatThat wewe maymay bebe ableable toto holdhold wayway withwith yeye, wewe areare Prin-PrincesPrin|cesPrincesces,
wln 0386ButBut thosethose areare butbut poorepoor thingsthings toto youyou; talketalk wiserwiser,
wln 0387’Twill’Twill wellwell becomebecome youryour mightinessemightiness; talketalk lesseless,
wln 0388ThatThat menmen maymay thinkethink yeye cancan dodo moremore.
wln 0389Gov.GovernorTalkeTalk truthtruth,
wln 0390ThatThat menmen maymay thinkethink yeye areare honesthonest, andand beleevebelieve yeye,
wln 0391OrOr talketalk your selfeyourself asleepasleep, forfor II amam wearyweary ofof youyou.
wln 0392Ba.BacanBa.WhyWhy? II cancan talketalk andand dodo.
wln 0393Gov.GovernorThatThat wou’dwould dodo excellentexcellent.
wln 0394Ba.BacanBa.AndAnd telltell youyou, onlyonly II deservedeserve thethe PrincessePrincess,
wln 0395AndAnd makemake goodgood onlyonly II, ifif youyou daredare, youyou sirsir,
wln 0396OrOr youryour SyanasSiana’sSyana’s PrincePrince.
wln 0397Py.PynieroPy.HeresHere’shere’s aa stormestorm towardtowardtowards,
wln 0398Me thinkesMethinksmethinks itit singssings alreadyalready, toto himhim GovernourGovernor.
wln 0399Gov.GovernorHereHere lieslies mymy proofeproof.DrawDraw.
wln 0400Sy.SianaSy.AndAnd minemine.
wln 0401Gov.GovernorI’leI’ll bebe shortshort withwith yeye,
wln 0402ForFor thesethese longlong argumentsarguments II waswas nevernever goodgood atat.
wln 0403Py.PynieroPy.HowHow whitewhite thethe boasterboaster lookeslooks?

wln 0404EnterEnter RuyRuy DiasDias, QuisaraQuisara, QuisanaQuisana, PanuraPanura.

wln 0405Ar.ArmusiaAr.II seesee hehe lackeslacks faithfaith.
wln 0406Ru.Ruy DiasRu.ForFor shameshame forbeareforbear greatgreat PrincesPrinces, rulerule youryour angersangers,
wln 0407YouYou violateviolate thethe freedomefreedom ofof thisthis placeplace,
wln 0408TheThe statestate andand royaltyroyalty
wln 0409Gov.GovernorHe’sHe’s wellwell contentedcontented
wln 0410ItIt seemesseems, andand soso II havehave donedone.
wln 0411Ar.ArmusiaAr.IsIs thisthis sheshe signiorsignior?
wln 0412Py.PynieroPy.ThisThis isis thethe PrincessePrincess sirsir.
wln 0413Ar.ArmusiaAr.SheShe isis sweetsweet andand goodlygoodly,
wln 0414AnAn admirableadmirable formeform, theythey havehave causecause toto justlejustle.
wln 0415Quisar.QuisarQuisaraQuisar.YeYe wrongwrong meme andand mymy courtcourt, yeye forwardforward PrincesPrinces;
wln 0416ComesComes youryour lovelove wraptwrapped inin violenceviolence toto seekeseek usus?
wln 0417Is’tIs ’tIs’t fitfit thoughthough youyou bebe greatgreat, mymy presencepretencepretencepresence shouldshould bebe
wln 0418StaindStained, andand pollutedpolluted withwith youryour bloudybloody ragesrages?
wln 0419MyMy privaciesprivacies affrightedaffrighted withwith youryour swordsswords?
wln 0420HeHe thatthat lovesloves meme, lovesloves mymy commandcommand; bebe temper’dtempered,
wln 0421OrOr bebe nono moremore whatwhat yeye professeprofess, mymy ServantsServants.
wln 0422OmnesOmnesWeWe areare calmecalm asas peacepeace.
wln 0423Ar.ArmusiaAr.WhatWhat commandcommand sheshe carriescarries?
wln 0424AndAnd whatwhat aa sparklingsparkling MajestyMajesty flyesflies fromfrom herher?

column: 186-a-2

wln 0425Quisar.QuisaraQuisar.IsIs itit yeye lovelove toto dodo? yeye shallshall findfind dangerdanger,
wln 0426AndAnd dangerdanger thatthat shallshall startstart youryour resolutionsresolutions,
wln 0427ButBut notnot thisthis wayway; ’tis’tis notnot contentioncontention,
wln 0428WhoWho lovesloves meme toto mymy faceface bestbest, oror whowho cancan flatterflatter mostmost
wln 0429CanCan carrycarry meme, hehe thatthat deservesdeserves mymy favourfavorfavour,
wln 0430AndAnd willwill enjoyenjoy whatwhat II bringbring, lovelove andand MajestyMajesty,
wln 0431MustMust winwin meme withwith hishis worthworth; mustmust travelltravel forfor meme;
wln 0432MustMust putput hishis hastyhasty ragerage offoff, andand putput onon
wln 0433AA wellwell confirm’dconfirmed, temperatetemperate, andand truetrue vallourvalorvalour.
wln 0434OmnesOmnesButBut shewshow thethe wayway.
wln 0435Quisar.QuisaraQuisar.AndAnd willwill, andand thenthen shewshow youyou
wln 0436AA WillwillwillWill toto treadtread thethe wayway, I’leI’ll saysay yeye areare worthyworthy.
wln 0437Py.PynieroPy.WhatWhat tasketask nownow
wln 0438WillWill sheshe turneturn ’em’em toto? thesethese hothot youthsyouths,
wln 0439II fearefear willwill findfind aa coollingcoolling cardcard, II readread inin herher eyeseyes
wln 0440SomethingSomething thatthat hashas somesome swingeswinge mustmust flyefly amongstamongst ’em’em;
wln 0441ByBy thisthis handhand II lovelove herher aa littlelittle nownow.
wln 0442Quisar.QuisaraQuisar.’Tis’Tis notnot unknownunknown toto youyou
wln 0443II hadhad aa royallroyal brotherbrother, nownow miserablemiserable,
wln 0444AndAnd PrisonerPrisoner toto thatthat manman; ifif II werewere ambitiousambitious,
wln 0445Gap’dGaped forfor thatthat gloryglory waswas ne’rene’ernever borneborn withwith meme,
wln 0446ThereThere theythey shouldshould lyelie asas miseriesmiseries uponupon himhim:
wln 0447IfIf II werewere covetouscovetous, andand mymy heartheart setset
wln 0448OnOn richesriches, andand thosethose basebase effectseffects thatthat followfollow
wln 0449OnOn pleasurespleasures uncontroul’duncontrolled, oror safesafe revengesrevenges,
wln 0450ThereThere hehe shouldshould dyedie, hishis deathdeath wouldwould givegive meme allall thesethese;
wln 0451ForFor thenthen stoodstood II upup absoluteabsolute toto dodo allall;
wln 0452YetYet allall thesethese flatteringflattering shewsshows ofof dignitydignity,
wln 0453TheseThese goldengolden dreamesdreams ofof greatnessegreatness cannotcannot forceforce
wln 0454ToTo forgetforget naturenature andand mymy fairefair affectionaffection.
wln 0455ThereforeTherefore thatthat manman thatthat wouldwould bebe knownknown mymy loverlover,
wln 0456MustMust bebe knownknown hishis redeemerredeemer, andand mustmust bringbring himhim
wln 0457EitherEither alivealive oror deaddead toto mymy embracesembraces,
wln 0458ForFor eveneven hishis bonesbones II scornescorn shallshall feelefeel suchsuch slaveryslavery,
wln 0459OrOr seekeseek anotheranother MistrisMistress, ’twill’twill bebe hardhard
wln 0460ToTo dodo thisthis, wondrouswondrous hardhard, aa greatgreat adventureadventure,
wln 0461FitFit forfor aa spiritspirit ofof anan equallequal greatnessegreatness;
wln 0462ButBut beingbeing donedone, thethe rewardreward isis worthyworthy ofof itit.
wln 0463Chr.ChristopheroChr.HowHow theythey standstand gapinggaping allall?
wln 0464Quisar.QuisaraQuisar.RuyRuy DiasDias coldcold?
wln 0465NotNot flyefly likelike firefire intointo itit? maymay bebe youyou doubtdoubt meme,
wln 0466HeHe thatthat shallshall dodo thisthis isis mymy husbandhusband PrincePrince;
wln 0467ByBy thethe brightbright heavensheavens hehe isis, byby whosewhose justicejustice
wln 0468II openlyopenly proclameproclaim itit; ifif II lyelie,
wln 0469OrOr seekeseek toto setset youyou onon withwith subtiltysubtlety,
wln 0470LetLet thatthat meetmeet withwith meme, andand rewardreward mymy falshoodfalsehood.
wln 0471NoNo stirringstirring yetyet, nono startstart intointo aa braverybravery?
wln 0472Ruy.Ruy DiasRuy.MadamMadam, itit maymay bebe, butbut beingbeing aa mainemain dangerdanger,
wln 0473YourYour GraceGrace mustmust givegive meme leaveleave toto lookelook aboutabout meme,
wln 0474AndAnd taketake aa littlelittle timetime, thethe causecause willwill askeask itit,
wln 0475GreatGreat actsacts requirerequire greatgreat counsellscounsels.
wln 0476Quisar.QuisaraQuisar.TakeTake youryour pleasurepleasure,
wln 0477II fearefear thethe PortugallPortugal.
wln 0478Ba.BacanBa.I’leI’ll raiseraise anan ArmyArmy
wln 0479ThatThat shallshall bringbring backeback hishis IslandIsland fortfort andand allall,
wln 0480AndAnd fixefix itit herehere.
wln 0481Gov.GovernorHowHow longlong willwill thisthis bebe doingdoing?
wln 0482YouYou shouldshould havehave begunbegun inin youryour GrandfathersGrandfathers’Grandfathers dayesdays.
wln 0483Sy.SianaSy.WhatWhat maymay bebe,
wln 0484AndAnd whatwhat mymy powerpower cancan promisepromise noblestnoblest LadyLady,
wln 0485MyMy willwill II amam suresure standsstandsfairestands fairefair.
wln 0486Quisar.QuisaraQuisar.FaireFair bebe youryour fortunefortune,
wln 0487FewFew promisespromises areare bestbest, andand fairefair performanceperformance.
wln 0488Gov.GovernorTheseThese cannotcannot doedo,
wln 0489TheirTheir powerpower andand artsarts areare weakeweak onesones.

img: 186-b
sig: 3N2r

The Island Princesse.

column: 186-b-a

wln 0490’Tis’Tis inin mymy willwill, II havehave thisthis KingKing youryour brotherbrother,
wln 0491HeHe isis mymy prisonerprisoner, II acceptaccept youryour prisonerprisoner,
wln 0492AndAnd blessebless thethe fairefair occasionoccasion thatthat atchiev’dachieved himhim:
wln 0493II lovelove yeye, andand II honorhonorhonour yeye, butbut speakespeak
wln 0494WhetherWhether alivealive oror deaddead hehe shallshall bebe rendredrendered,
wln 0495AndAnd seesee howhow readilyreadily, howhow inin anan instantinstant,
wln 0496QuickeQuick asas youryour wisheswishes LadyLady
wln 0497Quisar.QuisaraQuisar.NoNo, II scornescorn yeye,
wln 0498YouYou andand youryour courtesiecourtesy; II hatehate youryour lovelove sirsir;
wln 0499AndAnd ereere II wouldwould soso baselybasely winwin hishis libertyliberty,
wln 0500II wouldwould studystudy toto forgetforget hehe waswas mymy brotherbrother;
wln 0501ByBy forceforce hehe waswas takentaken; hehe thatthat shallshall enjoyenjoy meme,
wln 0502ShallShall fetchfetch himhim backeback byby forceforce, oror nevernever knowknow meme.
wln 0503Py.PynieroPy.AsAs II livelive, aa rarerare wenchwench.
wln 0504Ar.ArmusiaAr.SheShe hashas aa noblenoble spiritspirit.
wln 0505Gov.GovernorByBy forceforce?
wln 0506Quisar.QuisaraQuisar.YesYes sirsir byby forceforce, andand makemake youyou gladglad tootoo
wln 0507ToTo letlet himhim goego.
wln 0508Gov.GovernorHowHow? youyou maymay lookelook noblernobler onon meme,
wln 0509AndAnd thinkethink meme nono suchsuch boyboy; byby forceforce hehe mustmust notnot,
wln 0510ForFor youryour lovelove muchmuch maymay bebe.
wln 0511Quisar.QuisaraQuisar.PutPut upup youryour passionpassion,
wln 0512AndAnd packpack yeye homehome, II saysay, byby forceforce, andand suddenlysuddenly.
wln 0513HeHe lieslies therethere tilltill hehe rotsrots elseelse, althoughalthough II lovelove himhim
wln 0514MostMost tenderlytenderly andand dearlydearlydear, asas aa brotherbrother,
wln 0515AndAnd outout ofof thesetherethesetheir respectsrespects wouldwould joyjoy toto seesee himhim;
wln 0516YetYet toto receivereceive himhim asas thythy courtesiecourteliecourtesy,
wln 0517WithWith allall thethe honourhonorhonour thouthou couldstcouldst addeadd untounto himhim
wln 0518FromFrom hishis handshands thatthat mostmost hatehate himhim, II hadhad ratherrather
wln 0519ThoughThough nono conditioncondition werewere propoundedpropounded forfor himhim,
wln 0520SeeSee himhim farfar sunkesunk i’thi’ th’i’th earthearth, andand therethere forgetforget himhim.
wln 0521Py.PynieroPy.YourYour hopeshopes areare geltgelt goodgood GovernourGovernor.
wln 0522Arm.ArmusiaArm.AA rarerare womanwoman.
wln 0523Gov.GovernorLadyLady,
wln 0524I’leI’ll pullpull thisthis pridepride, I’leI’ll quenchquench thisthis braverybravery,
wln 0525AndAnd turneturn youryour gloriousglorious scornescorn toto tearestears andand howlingshowlings;
wln 0526II willwill proudproud PrincessePrincess; thisthis neglectneglect ofof meme
wln 0527ShallShall makemake thythy brotherbrother KingKing mostmost miserablemiserable;
wln 0528ShallShall turneturn himhim intointo cursescurses ’gainst’gainst thythy crueltiecruelty:
wln 0529ForFor wherewhere beforebefore II us’dused himhim likelike aa KingKing,
wln 0530AndAnd diddid thosethose RoyallRoyal OfficesOffices untounto himhim,
wln 0531NowNow hehe shallshall lielie aa sadsad lumplump inin aa dungeondungeon,
wln 0532LodenLaden withwith chaineschains andand fettersfetters, coldscolds andand hungerhunger,
wln 0533DarknesseDarkness andand lingringlingering deathdeath forfor hishis companionscompanions;
wln 0534AndAnd letlet meme seesee whowho daredare attemptattempt hishis rescuerescue,
wln 0535WhatWhat desperatedesperate foolefool; lookelook towardtowardtowards itit; farwellfarewell,
wln 0536AndAnd whenwhen thouthou know’stknowest himhim thusthus, lamentlament thythy folliesfollies,
wln 0537NayNay II willwill makemake theethee kneelekneel toto taketake mymy offeroffer:
wln 0538OnceOnce moremore farwellfarewell, andand putput thythy trusttrust inin puppitspuppets.ExitExit.
wln 0539Quisar.QuisaraQuisar.IfIf nonenone daredare undertakeundertake itit, I’leI’ll livelive aa mournermourner.
wln 0540Ba.BacanBa.YouYou cannotcannot wantwant.
wln 0541Sy.SianaSy.YouYou mustmust notnot.
wln 0542Ru.Ruy DiasRu.’Tis’Tis mostmost dangerousdangerous,
wln 0543AndAnd wisewise menmen wou’dwould proceedproceed withwith carecare &and counsellcounsel,
wln 0544YetYet somesome wayway wouldwould II knnwknowknnwknow
wln 0545WalkeWalk withwith meme GentlemenGentlemen ExeuntExeunt.
{ManentManent Arm.ArmusiaArm.
&and hishis Comp.CompanionsComp.

wln 0546Ar.ArmusiaAr.HowHow doedo youyou likelike herher spiritspirit?
wln 0547Soz.SozaSoz.’Tis’Tis aa cleareclear oneone,
wln 0548ClodClod withwith nono dirtydirty stuffestuff, sheshe isis allall purepure honorhonorhonour.
wln 0549Em.EmanuelEm.TheThe bravestbravest wenchwench II everever look’dlooked uponupon,
wln 0550AndAnd ofof thethe strongeststrongest partsparts, sheshe isis mostmost fairefair,
wln 0551YetYet herher mindmind suchsuch aa mirrourmirror
wln 0552Arm.ArmusiaArm.WhatWhat anan actionaction
wln 0553Wou’dWould thisthis bebe toto putput forwardforward oneone, whatwhat aa gloryglory,
wln 0554AndAnd whatwhat anan everlastingeverlasting wealthwealth toto endend itit?
wln 0555MethinkesMethinks mymy soulesoul isis strangelystrangely rais’draised.

column: 186-b-2

wln 0556Soz.SozaSoz.ToTo stepstep intointo itit,
wln 0557JustJust whilewhile theythey thinkethink, andand ereere theythey havehave determin’ddetermined
wln 0558ToTo bringbring thethe KingKing offoff.
wln 0559Ar.ArmusiaAr.ThingsThings havehave beenbeen donedone asas dangerousdangerous.
wln 0560Em.EmanuelEm.AndAnd prosper’dprospered bestbest whenwhen theythey werewere leastleast considerdconsidered.
wln 0561Ar.ArmusiaAr.BlesseBless meme mymy hopeshopes,
wln 0562AndAnd youyou mymy friendsfriends assistassist meme.
wln 0563NoneNone butbut ourour companionscompanions.
wln 0564Soz.SozaSoz.YouYou dealedeal wiselywisely,
wln 0565AndAnd ifif wewe shrinkeshrink thethe namename ofof slavesslaves dyedie withwith usus.
wln 0566Em.EmanuelEm.StayStay notnot forfor secondsecond thoughtsthoughts.
wln 0567Ar.ArmusiaAr.II amam determin’ddetermined;
wln 0568AndAnd thoughthough II loselose, itit shallshall bebe sungsung, II waswas valiantvaliant,
wln 0569AndAnd mymy bravebrave offeroffer shallshall bebe turn’dturned toto storystory,
wln 0570WorthyWorthy thethe PrincessePrincessPrincess’ tonguetongue. AA boatboat that’sthat’s allall
wln 0571That’sThat’s unprovidedunprovided, andand habitshabits likelike toto merchantsmerchants,
wln 0572TheThe restrest wee’lwe’ll councellcouncilcounsel asas wewe goego.
wln 0573Soz.SozaSoz.AwayAway thenthen,
wln 0574FortuneFortune lookeslooks fairefair onon thosethose, makemake hastehaste toto winwin herher.
wln 0575ExeuntExeunt.

wln 0576ActusActuActus SecundusSecundus. ScænaScaenaScaena primaprima.

wln 0577EnterEnter KeeperKeeper, andand 22 oror 33 MooresMoors.

wln 0578Kee.KeeperII HaveHave keptkept manymany aa manman, andand manymany aa greatgreat oneone,
wln 0579YetYet II confesseconfess, II nerene’er sawsaw beforebefore
wln 0580AA manman ofof suchsuch aa sufferancesufferance; hehe lieslies nownow
wln 0581WhereWhere II wouldwould notnot laylay mymy dogdog, forfor suresure ’twou’d’twould killkill himhim.
wln 0582WhereWhere neitherneither lightlight oror comfortcomfort cancan comecome nearenear himhim;
wln 0583NorNor aireair, nornor earthearth that’sthat’s wholsomewholesome; itit grievesgrieves meme
wln 0584ToTo seesee aa mightymighty KingKing withwith allall hishis gloryglory,
wln 0585SunkeSunk o’th’o’ th’o’th’ suddensudden toto thethe bottomebottom ofof aa dungeondungeon.
wln 0586WhetherWhether shouldshould wewe descenddescend thatthat areare poorepoor RascalsRascals
wln 0587IfIf wewe hadhad ourour desertsdeserts?
wln 058811 Mo.MoorMo’Tis’Tis aa strangestrange wonderwonder,
wln 0589LoadLoad himhim withwith IronsIrons, oppresseoppress himhim withwith contemptscontempts,
wln 0590WhichWhich areare thethe GovernorsGovernor’sgovernor’s commandscommands, givegive himhim nothingnothing,
wln 0591OrOr soso littlelittle, toto sustainesustain lifelife, ’tis’tis nextnext nothingnothing;
wln 0592TheyThey stirstir notnot himhim, hehe smilessmiles uponupon hishis miseriesmiseries,
wln 0593AndAnd bearesbears ’em’em withwith suchsuch strengthstrength asas ifif hishis naturenature
wln 0594HadHad beenbeen nurs’dnursed upup, andand foster’dfostered withwith calamitiescalamities.
wln 059522 Moor2,HeHe givesgives nono illill wordswords, cursescurses, nornor repinesrepines notnot,
wln 0596BlamesBlames nothingnothing, hopeshopes inin nothingnothing wewe cancan hearehear ofof;
wln 0597AndAnd inin thethe midstmidst ofof allall thesethese frightsfrights, fearesfears nothingnothing.
wln 0598Kee.KeeperI’leI’ll bebe swornesworn
wln 0599HeHe fearesfears notnot, forfor eveneven whenwhen II shakeshake forfor himhim,
wln 0600AsAs manymany timestimes mymy pittypity willwill compellcompel meme,
wln 0601WhenWhen otherother soulessouls thatthat bearebear notnornornot halfehalf hishis burthenburden,
wln 0602ShrinkeShrink inin theirtheir powerspowers, andand burstburst withwith theirtheir oppressionsoppressions;
wln 0603ThenThen willwill hehe singsing, wooewoo hishis afflictionsafflictions,
wln 0604AndAnd courtcourt ’em’em inin sadsad airesairs, asas ifif hehe wou’dwould wedwed ’em’em.
wln 06051.1. Moor1.That’sThat’s moremore thenthan wewe havehave heardheard yetyet, wewe areare onlyonly
wln 0606AppointedAppointed forfor hishis guardguard, butbut notnot soso nearenear himhim,
wln 0607IfIf wewe couldcould hearehear thatthat wonderwonder
wln 0608Kee.KeeperManyMany timestimes
wln 0609II fearefear thethe GovernourGovernor shouldshould comecome toto knowknow itit;
wln 0610ForFor hishis voicevoice soso affectsaffects meme, soso delightsdelights meme,
wln 0611ThatThat whenwhen II findfind hishis hourehour, II havehave MusickeMusic readyready,
wln 0612AndAnd itit stirsstirs meme infinitelyinfinitely.., bebe butbut stillstill andand privateprivate,
wln 0613AndAnd youyou maymay chancechance toto hearehear.
wln 0614KingKing appearesappears lodenladen withwith chaineschainechainschain, hishis headhead, armsarms onlyonly aboveabove
2. We

img: 187-a
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The Island Princesse.

column: 187-a-1

wln 06152.2. Moor2.WeWe willwill notnot stirstir sirsir;
wln 0616ThisThis isis aa suddainesudden changechange, butbut whowho darresdares blameblame itit.
wln 0617Kee.KeeperNowNow harkehark andand meltmelt, forfor II amam suresure II shallshall;
wln 0618StandStand silentsilent, whatwhat stubbournestubborn weightweight ofof chaineschains
wln 061911 Moor1YetYet hehe lookeslooks temperatelytemperately.
wln 06202.2. Moor2.HisHis eyeseyes notnot sunkesunk, andand hishis complexioncomplexion firmefirm stillstill,
wln 0621NoNo wildnessewildness, nono distemper’ddistempered touchtouch uponupon himhim.
wln 0622HowHow constantlyconstantly hehe smilessmiles, andand howhow undantedundaunted?
wln 0623WithWith whatwhat aa MajestyMajesty hehe heavesheaves hishis headhead upup?MusickMusic.
wln 0624Ke.KeeperNowNow markemark, II knowknow hehe wilwill singsing; dodo notnot disturbdisturb himhim.
wln 0625YourYour allowanceallowance fromfrom thethe GovernorGovernor, wou’dwould itit werewere moremore (sirsir,
wln 0626OrOr inin mymy powerpower toto makemake itit hansomerhandsomer.
wln 0627Kin.KingDoDo notnot transgressetransgress thythy chargecharge, II taketake hishis bountybounty,
wln 0628AndAnd fortunefortune, whilestwhilst II bearebear aa mindmind contentedcontented,
wln 0629NotNot leavendleavened withwith thethe gloryglory II amam falnefallen fromfrom,
wln 0630NorNor hanghang uponupon vainevain hopeshopes, thatthat maymay corruptcorrupt meme.
wln 0631EnterEnter GovernorGovernor.
wln 0632Gov.GovernorThouThou artart mymy slaveslave, andand II appeareappear aboveabove theethee.
wln 0633Kee.KeeperTheThe GovernorGovernor himselfehimself.
wln 0634Gov.GovernorWhatWhat, atat youryour banquetbanquet?
wln 0635AndAnd inin suchsuch statestate, andand withwith suchsuch changechange ofof serviceservice?
wln 0636Kin.KingNature’sNature’s nono gluttonglutton sirsir, aa littlelittle servesserves herher.
wln 0637Gov.GovernorThisThis diet’sdiet’s holsomewholesome thenthen.
wln 0638Kin.KingII begbeg nono betterbetter.
wln 0639Gov.GovernorAA calmecalm contentedcontented mindmind, givegive himhim lesseless nextnext;
wln 0640TheseThese fullfull mealesmeals willwill oppresseoppress hishis healthhealth, hishis GraceGrace
wln 0641IsIs ofof aa tendertender, andand purepure constitutionconstitution,
wln 0642AndAnd suchsuch repletionsrepletions
wln 0643Kin.KingMockeMock, mockmock, itit movesmoves notnot meme sirsir,
wln 0644ThyThy mirthesmirths,