Love's Cure, or The Martial Maid
Love’s Cure, or The Martial Maid

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wln 0002OROR,
wln 0003TheThe MartialMartial MaidMaid.

wln 0004ActusActus PrimusPrimus ScænaScaenaScaena PrimaPrima.

column: 319-b-1

wln 0005EnterEnter VitelliVitelli, LamorallLamoralLamorall, AnastroAnastro.

wln 0006VitelliVitelli.

wln 0007ALvarezALvarezAlvarez pardon’dpardoned?
wln 0008Ana.AnastroAna.AndAnd return’dreturned.
wln 0009Lamo.LamoralLamo.II sawsaw himhim landland
wln 0010AtAt St.St. LucarsLucar’slucre’s, andand suchsuch aa generallgeneral welcomewelcome
wln 0011FameFame, asas harbingerharbinger toto hishis bravebrave actionsactions,
wln 0012HadHad withwith thethe easieeasy peoplepeople, prepardprepared forfor himhim,
wln 0013AsAtAtAs ifif byby hishis commandcommand alonealone, andand fortunefortune
wln 0014HollandHolland withwith thosethose lowlow ProvincesProvinces, thatthat holdhold outout
wln 0015AgainstAgainst thethe Arch-DukeArchduke, werewere againagain compel’dcompelled
wln 0016WithWith theirtheir obedienceobedience toto givegive upup theirtheir liveslives
wln 0017ToTo bebe atat hishis devotiondevotion.
wln 0018Vit.VitelliVit.YouYou amazeamaze meme,
wln 0019ForFor thoughthough II havehave heardheard, thatthat whenwhen hehe fledfled fromfrom CivillSevilleCivil
wln 0020ToTo savesave hishis lifelife (thenthen forfei[*]edforfeitedforfeitedforfeited toto LawLaw
wln 0021ForFor murtheringmurdering DonDon PedroPedro mymy deerdear UncleUncle)
wln 0022HisHis extreameextreme wantswants inforc’denforced himhim toto taketake paypay
wln 0023InIn th’Armyth’ Armyth’Army satsat downdown thenthen beforebefore OstenaOstendOstena,
wln 0024’Twas’Twas nevernever yetyet reportedreported, byby whosewhose favourfavorfavour
wln 0025HeHe durstdurst presumpresumepresuntpresume toto entertainentertain aa thoughtthought
wln 0026OfOf commingcoming homehome withwith pardonpardon.
wln 0027Ana.AnastroAna.’Tis’Tis ourour naturenature
wln 0028OrOr notnot toto hearhear, oror notnot toto givegive beliefebelief
wln 0029ToTo whatwhat wewe wishwish farfar fromfrom ourour enemiesenemies.
wln 0030Lam.LamoralLam.SirSir ’tis’tis mostmost certainecertain thethe InfantasInfanta’sInfantas lettersletters
wln 0031AssistedAssisted byby thethe Arch-DukesArchduke’s, toto KingKing PhilipPhilip
wln 0032HaveHave notnot alonealone secur’dsecured himhim fromfrom thethe rigorrigor
wln 0033OfOf ourour CastillianCastilianCastillian JusticeJustice, butbut return’dreturned himhim
wln 0034AA freefree manman, andand inin gracegrace.
wln 0035Vit.VitelliVit.ByBy whatwhat curs’dcursed meanesmeans
wln 0036CouldCould suchsuch aa fugitivefugitive arisearise untounto
wln 0037TheThe knowledgeknowledge ofof theirtheir highnesseshighnesses? muchmuch moremore
wln 0038(ThoughThough knownknown) toto standstand butbut inin thethe leastleast degreedegree
wln 0039OfOf favourfavorfavour withwith themthem?
wln 0040Lam.LamoralLam.ToTo givegive satisfactionsatisfaction
wln 0041ToTo youryour demanddemand, thoughthough toto praisepraise himhim II hatehate,
wln 0042CanCan yeildyield meme smallsmall contentmentcontentment, II willwill telltell youyou,
wln 0043AndAnd trulytruly, sincesince shouldshould II detractdetract hishis worthworth,
wln 0044’Twould’T would’Twould’T would argueargue wantwant ofof meritmerit inin my selfmyself.
wln 0045BrieflyBriefly, toto passepass hishis tedioustedious pilgrimagepilgrimage
wln 0046ForFor sixteenesixteen yearsyears, aa banish’dbanished guilty-manguilty-man,

column: 319-b-2

wln 0047AndAnd toto forgetforget thethe stormesstorms, th’affrightsth’ affrightsth’affrights, thethe horrorshorrors
wln 0048HisHis constancyconstancy, notnot fortunefortune overcameovercame,
wln 0049II bringbring himhim, withwith hishis littlelittle sonson, growngrown manman
wln 0050(ThoughThough ’twas’twas saidsaid herehere hehe tooktook aa daughterdaughter withwith himhim)
wln 0051ToTo OstendsOstend’sOstende’s bloodybloody seigesiege thatthat stagestage ofof warwar
wln 0052WhereinWherein thethe flowerflower ofof manymany NationsNations actedacted,
wln 0053AndAnd thethe wholewhole ChristianChristian worldworld spectatorsspectators werewere;
wln 0054ThereThere byby hishis sonson, oror werewere hehe byby adoptionadoption
wln 0055OrOr naturenature hishis, aa bravebrave SceneScene waswas presentedpresented,
wln 0056WhichWhich II makemake choycechoice toto speakspeak ofof, sincesince fromfrom thatthat
wln 0057TheThe goodgood successesuccess ofof AlvarezAlvarez, hadhad beginningbeginning,
wln 0058Vil.VitelliVil.SoSo II lovelove vertuevirtue inin anan enemyenemy
wln 0059ThatThat II desiredesire inin thethe relationrelation ofof
wln 0060ThisThis youngyoung mansman’s gloriousglorious deeddeed, you’ldyou’d keepkeep your selfyourself
wln 0061AA friendfriend toto truthtruth, andand itit.
wln 0062LamLamoralLamSuchSuch waswas mymy purposepurpose;
wln 0063TheThe TownTown beingbeing oftoft assaultedassaulted, butbut inin vainevain,
wln 0064ToTo daredare thethe prow’dproudprowed defendantsdefendants toto aa sallysally,
wln 0065WearyWeary ofof easeease, DonDon InigoInigo PeraltaPeralta
wln 0066SonSon toto thethe GenerallGeneral ofof ourour CastileCastileCastille forcesforces
wln 0067AllAll arm’darmed, advanc’dadvanced withinwithin shotshot ofof theirtheir walswalls,
wln 0068FromFrom whencewhence thethe muskateersmuskateers plaidplayed thickthick uponupon himhim,
wln 0069YetYet hehe (bravebrave youthyouth) asas carelessecareless ofof thethe dangerdanger,
wln 0070AsAs carefullcareful ofof hishis honorhonorhonour, drewdrew hishis swordsword,
wln 0071AndAnd wavingwaving itit aboutabout hishis headhead, asas ifif
wln 0072HeHe dar’ddared oneone spiritedspirited likelike himselfhimself, toto trialltrial
wln 0073OfOf singlesingle valorvalorvalour, hehe mademade hishis retreatretreat
wln 0074WithWith suchsuch aa slowslow, andand yetyet majestiquemajestic pacepace,
wln 0075AsAs ifif hehe stillstill caldcalled low’dloudlowed, daredare nonenone comecome onon?
wln 0076WhenWhen sodainlysuddenly fromfrom aa posternepostern ofof thethe towntown
wln 0077TwoTwo gallantgallant horse-menhorsemen issuedissued, andand o’re-tooko’ertook himhim,
wln 0078TheThe armyarmy lookinglooking onon, yetyet notnot aa manman
wln 0079ThatThat durstdurst relieverelieve thethe rashrash adventureradventurer,
wln 0080WhichWhich LucioLucio, sonson toto AlvarezAlvarez thenthen seeingseeing,
wln 0081AsAs inin thethe vant-guardvanguard hehe satsat bravelybravely mountedmounted,
wln 0082OrOr werewere itit pitypity ofof thethe youthsyouth’s misfortunemisfortune,
wln 0083CareCare toto preservepreserve thethe honourhonorhonour ofof hishis CountryCountry,
wln 0084OrOr boldbold desiredesire toto getget himselfehimself aa namename,
wln 0085HeHe mademade hishis bravebrave horsehorse, likelike aa whirle windwhirlwindwhirl wind bearbear himhim,
wln 0086AmongAmong thethe CombatantsCombatants: andand inin aa momentmoment
wln 0087Dischar’dDischarged hishis PetronellPetronel, withwith suchsuch suresure aimeaim
wln 0088ThatThat ofof thethe adverseadverse partyparty fromfrom hishis horsehorse,
wln 0089OneOne tumbledtumbled deaddead, thenthen wheelingwheeling roundround, andand drawingdrawing
wln 0090AA faulchionfalchion swiftswift asas lightninglightning, hehe camecame onon

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sig: 5Q3v

Loves Cure, or

column: 320-a-1

wln 0091UponUpon thethe otherother, andand withwith oneone strongstrong blowblow
wln 0092InIn viewview ofof thethe amazedamazed TownTown, andand CampeCamp
wln 0093HeHe strakestrake himhim deaddead, andand broughtbrought PeraltaPeralta offoff
wln 0094WithWith doubledouble honourhonorhonour toto himselfehimself.
wln 0095Vit.VitelliVit.’Twas’Twas bravebrave:
wln 0096ButBut thethe successesuccess ofof thisthis?
wln 0097Lam.LamoralLam.TheThe CampeCamp receiv’dreceived himhim
wln 0098WithWith acclamationsacclamations ofof joyjoy andand welcomewelcome,
wln 0099AndAnd forfor additionaddition toto thethe fairefair rewardreward
wln 0100BeingBeing aa massymassy chainchain ofof goldgold givengiven toto himhim
wln 0101ByBy yongyoung Peralta’sPeralta’s FatherFather, hehe waswas broughtbrought
wln 0102ToTo thethe InfantasInfanta’sInfantas presencepresence kiss’dkissed herher handhand,
wln 0103AndAnd fromfrom thatthat LadyLady, (greatergreater inin herher goodnessegoodness
wln 0104ThenThanThen herher highhigh birthbirth) hadhad thisthis encouragementencouragement
wln 0105GoGo onon youngmanyoung man; yetyet notnot toto feedfeed thythy valourvalorvalour
wln 0106WithWith hopehope ofof recompencerecompense toto comecome, fromfrom meme,
wln 0107ForFor presentpresent satisfactionsatisfaction ofof what’swhat’s pastpast,
wln 0108AskeAsk anyany thingthing that’sthat’s fitfit forfor meme toto givegive,
wln 0109AndAnd theethee toto taketake, andand bebe assur’dassured ofof itit.
wln 0110Ana.AnastroAna.ExcellentExcellent princesseprincess.
wln 0111Vit.VitelliVit.AndAnd stil’dstyled worthilyworthily
wln 0112TheThe heartheart bloudblood, naynay thethe soulesoul ofof SouldiersSoldiers.
wln 0113ButBut whatwhat waswas hishis requestrequest?
wln 0114Lam.LamoralLam.ThatThat thethe repealerepeal
wln 0115OfOf AlvarezAlvarez, makesmakes plaineplain: hehe humblyhumbly begdbegged
wln 0116HisHis FathersFather’s pardonpardon, andand soso movinglymovingly
wln 0117ToldTold thethe sadsad storystory ofof youryour unclesuncle’sUncle’s deathdeath
wln 0118ThatThat thethe InfantaInfanta weptwept, andand instantlyinstantly
wln 0119GrantingGranting hishis suitsuit, workingworking thethe Arch-dukeArchduke toto itit,
wln 0120TheirTheir LettersLetters werewere directeddirected toto thethe KingKing,
wln 0121WithWith whomwhom theythey soso prevaildprevailed, thatthat AlvarezAlvarez
wln 0122WasWas freelyfreely pardon’dpardoned.
wln 0123Vit.VitelliVit.’Tis’Tis notnot inin thethe KingKing
wln 0124ToTo makemake thatthat goodgood.
wln 0125Ana.AnastroAna.NotNot inin thethe KingKing? whatwhat subjectsubject
wln 0126DaresDares contradictcontradict hishis powerpower?
wln 0127Vit.VitelliVit.InIn thisthis II daredare,
wln 0128AndAnd wilwill: andand notnot callcall hishis prerogativeprerogative
wln 0129InIn questionquestion, nornor presumepresume toto limitlimit itit.
wln 0130II knowknow hehe isis thethe MasterMaster ofof hishis LawesLaws,
wln 0131AndAnd maymay forgiveforgive thethe forfeitsforfeits mademade toto themthem,
wln 0132ButBut notnot thethe injuryinjury donedone toto mymy honourhonorhonour;
wln 0133AndAnd sincesince (forgetingforgetting mymy bravebrave UnclesUncle’suncle’s meritsmerits
wln 0134AndAnd manymany servicesservices, underunder DukeDuke D’D’ AlvaAlva)
wln 0135HeHe sufferssuffessuffers himhim toto fallfall, wrestingwresting fromfrom JusticeJustice
wln 0136TheThe powerfullpowerful swordsword, thatthat wouldwould revengerevenge hishis deathdeath,
wln 0137I’leI’ll fillfill withwith thisthis Astrea’sAstrea’s emptyempty handhand,
wln 0138AndAnd inin mymy justjust wreakewreak, makemake thisthis armearm thethe KingsKing’sKings,
wln 0139MyMy deadlydeadly hatehate toto AlvarzAlvarezAlvarz, andand hishis househouse,
wln 0140WhichWhich asas II grewgrew inin yearsyears, hathhath stillstill encreas’dincreased,
wln 0141AsAs ifif itit cal’dcalled onon timetime toto makemake meme manman,
wln 0142SleptSlept whilewhile itit hadhad nono objectobject forfor herher furyfury
wln 0143ButBut aa weakweak womanwoman, andand herher talk’dtalked ofof DaughterDaughter:
wln 0144ButBut nownow, sincesince therethere areare quarriesquarries, worthworth herher sightsight
wln 0145BothBoth inin thethe fatherfather, andand hishis hopefullhopeful sonson,
wln 0146I’leI’ll boldlyboldly castcast herher offoff, andand gorgegorge herher fullfull
wln 0147WithWith bothboth theirtheir heartshearts: toto furtherfurther whichwhich youryour friend-friendshipfriend∣shipfriendship(ship,
wln 0148AndAnd oathesoaths willwill youryour assistanceassistance, letlet youryour deedesdeeds
wln 0149MakeMake answeranswer toto meme; uselesseuseless areare allall wordswords
wln 0150TillTill youyou havehave writwrit performanceperformance withwith youryour SwordsSwords.
wln 0151ExeuntExeunt.

wln 0152ScænaScaenaScaena SecundaSecunda.

wln 0153EnterEnter BobadillaBobadilla, andand LucioLucio

wln 0154Luc.LucioLuc.GoGo fetchfetch mymy workwork: thisthis rufferuff waswas notnot wellwell starch’dstarched,
wln 0155SoSo telltell thethe maidmaid, ’thas’t has’thas tootoo muchmuch blewblueblew inin itit,

column: 320-a-2

wln 0156AndAnd looklook youyou thatthat thethe PartrichPartridge andand thethe PullenPullen
wln 0157HaveHave cleaneclean meatmeat, andand freshfresh waterwater, oror mymy MotherMother
wln 0158IsIs likelike toto hearhear on’ton ’ton’t.
wln 0159Bob.BobadillaBob.OO goodgood SirSir IaquesJaquesjaques helpehelp meme: waswas therethere everever suchsuch
wln 0160anan HermaphroditeHermaphrodite heardheard ofof? wouldwould anyany wenchwench livingliving,
wln 0161thatthat shouldshould hearhear andand seesee whatwhat II dodo, bebe wroughtwrought toto be-believebe∣lievebelieve
wln 0162lieve,
wln 0162thatthat thethe bestbest ofof aa manman lieslies underunder thisthis PetticoatePetticoat,
wln 0163andand thatthat aa Cod-peeceCodpiece werewere farfar fitterfitter herehere, thenthan aa pind-pind-Placket
wln 0164Placketpinned-Placketpinned-placket?
wln 0165Luc.LucioLuc.YouYou hadhad bestbest talktalk filthilyfilthily: dodo; II havehave aa tonguetongue
wln 0166ToTo telltell mymy MotherMother, asas wellwell asas earsears toto hearehear
wln 0167YourYour ribaldryribaldry.
wln 0168Bob.BobadillaBob.MayMay youyou havehave tenten womenswomen’s tonguestongues thatthat wayway II amam
wln 0169suresure: whywhy mymy yongyoung Mr.MasterMr. oror MistrisMistress, MadamMadam, DonDon oror whatwhat
wln 0170youyou wilwill, whatwhat thethe devilldevil havehave youyou toto dodo withwith PullenPullen, oror
wln 0171PartrichPartridge? oror toto sitsit prickingpricking onon aa clowtclout allall dayday? youyou havehave aa
wln 0172betterbetter needleneedle, II knowknow, andand mightmight makemake betterbetter workwork, ifif
wln 0173youyou hadhad gracegrace toto useuse itit.
wln 0174Luc.LucioLuc.WhyWhy, howhow daredare youyou speakspeak thisthis beforebefore meme, sirhasirrah?
wln 0175Bob.BobadillaBob.NayNay ratherrather, whywhy daredare notnot youyou dodo whatwhat II speakspeak?
wln 0176 thoughthough mymy LadyLady youryour mothermother, forfor fearfear ofof VitelliVitelli andand
wln 0177hishis factionfaction, hathhath broughtbrought youyou upup likelike herher daughterdaughter, andand
wln 0178h’ashas keptkept youyou thisthis 2020 yearyear, whichwhich isis everever sincesince youyou werewere
wln 0179bornborn, aa closeclose prisonerprisoner withinwithin doresdoors, yetyet sincesince youyou areare aa
wln 0180manman, andand areare asas welwell providedprovided asas otherother menmen areare, me thinksmethinks
wln 0181youyou shouldshould havehave thethe samesame motionsmotions ofof thethe fleshflesh, asas otherother
wln 0182CavaliersCavaliers ofof usus areare inclin’dinclined untounto.
wln 0183Luc.LucioLuc.IndeedIndeed youyou havehave causecause toto lovelove thosethose wantonwanton mo-motionsmo∣tionsmotions(tions,
wln 0184TheyThey havinghaving hopehope youyou toto anan excellentexcellent whippingwhipping,
wln 0185ForFor doingdoing somethingsomething, II butbut putput youyou inin mindmind ofof itit,
wln 0186WithWith thethe IndianIndian maydmaid, thethe governourgovernor sentsent mymy mothermother
wln 0187FromFrom MexicoMexico.
wln 0188Bob.BobadillaBob.WhyWhy, II butbut taughttaught herher aa SpanishSpanish tricktrick inin charitycharity,
wln 0189andand holpholp thethe KingKing toto aa subjectsubject thatthat maymay livelive toto taketake gravegrave
wln 0190MauriceMaurice prisonerprisoner, andand thatthat waswas moremore goodgood toto thethe StateState,
wln 0191thenthan aa thousandthousand suchsuch asas youyou areare everever likelike toto dodo: andand II
wln 0192wilwill telltell youyou, (inin aa fatherlyfatherly carecare ofof thethe InfantInfant II speakspeak itit)
wln 0193ifif hehe livelive (asas blessebless thethe babebabe, inin passionpassion II rememberremember himhim)
wln 0194toto youryour yearsyears, shallshall hehe spendspend hishis timetime inin pinningpinning, paint-paintingpaint∣ingpainting
wln 0195ing,
wln 0195purlingpurling, andand perfumingperfuming asas youyou dodo? nono, hehe shallshall toto
wln 0196thethe warswars, useuse hishis SpanishSpanish PikePike, thoughthough withwith thethe dangerdanger
wln 0197ofof thethe lashlash, asas hishis fatherfather hashas donedone, andand whenwhen hehe isis pro-provokedpro∣vokedprovoked
wln 0198voked,
wln 0198asas II amam nownow, drawdraw hishis ToledoToledo desperatlydesperately, asas
wln 0199Luc.LucioLuc.YouYou willwill notnot KillKill meme? ohoho.
wln 0200Bob.BobadillaBob.II knewknew thisthis wouldwould silencesilence himhim: howhow hehe hideshidshides hishis eyseyes?
wln 0201IfIf hehe werewere aa wenchwench nownow, asas hehe seemsseems, whatwhat anan advantageadvantage
wln 0202HadHad II, drawingdrawing twotwo ToledosToledos, whenwhen oneone cancan dodo thisthis?
wln 0203ButBut ohoho meme, mymy LadyLady: II mustmust putput upup: youngyoung MasterMaster
wln 0204II diddid butbut jestjest. OO customcustom, whatwhat ha’sthast thouthou mademade ofof himhim?

wln 0205EnterEnter EugeniaEugenia, andand ServantsServants.

wln 0206Eug.EugeniaEug.ForFor bringingbringing thisthis, bebe stillstill mymy friendfriend; nono moremore
wln 0207AA servantservant toto meme.
wln 0208Bob.BobadillaBob.What’sWhat’s thethe mattermatter?
wln 0209Eug.EugeniaEug.HereHere,
wln 0210EvenEven herehere wherewhere II amam happyhappy toto receivereceive
wln 0211AssuranceAssurance ofof mymy AlvarezAlvarez’Alvarez returnereturn,
wln 0212II wilwill kneellkneel downdown: andand maymay thosethose holyholy thoughtsthoughts
wln 0213ThatThat nownow possessepossess meme wholywholly, makemake thisthis placeplace
wln 0214aa TempleTemple toto meme, wherewhere II maymay givegive thanksthanks
wln 0215ForFor thisthis unhop’dunhoped forfor blessingblessing HeavensHeaven’sHeavens KindKind handhand
wln 0216HathHath pour’dpoured uponupon meme.
wln 0217Luc.LucioLuc.LetLet mymy dutyduty MadamMadam
wln 0218PresumePresume, ifif youyou havehave causecause ofof joyjoy, toto entreatentreat
wln 0219II maymay shareshare inin itit.
wln 0220Bob.BobadillaBob.’Tis’Tis wellwell, hehe hashas forgotforgot howhow II frightedfrighted himhim yetyet.
wln 0221Eug.EugeniaEug.ThouThou shaltshalt: butbut firstfirst kneelkneel withwith meme LucioLucio,
wln 0222NoNo moremore PosthuminaPost buminaPosthuminaPost bumina nownow, thouthou hasthast aa FatherFather,

img: 320-b
sig: 5Q4r

the Martiall Mayde.

column: 320-b-1

wln 0223AA FatherFather livingliving toto taketake offoff thatthat namename,
wln 0224WhichWhich mymy tootoo credulouscredulous fearsfears, thatthat hehe waswas deaddead,
wln 0225Bestow’dBestowed uponupon theethee: thouthou shaltshalt seesee himhim LucioLucio,
wln 0226AndAnd makemake himhim youngyoung againagain, byby seeingseeing theethee,
wln 0227WhoWho onlyonly hadsthadst aa beingbeing inin mymy WombWomb
wln 0228WhenWhen hehe wentwent fromfrom meme, LucioLucio: OOOh mymy joyesjoys,
wln 0229SoSo farfar transporttransport meme, thatthat II mustmust forgetforget
wln 0230TheThe ornamentsornaments ofof MatronsMatrons, modestymodesty,
wln 0231AndAnd gravegrave behaviourbehaviorbehaviour; butbut letlet allall forgiveforgive meme
wln 0232IfIf inin th’expressionth’ expressionth’expression ofof mymy soulessoul’s bestbest comfortcomfort
wln 0233ThoughThough oldold, II dodo aa whilewhile forgetforget minemine ageage,
wln 0234AndAnd playplay thethe wantonwanton inin thethe entertinemententertainment
wln 0235OfOf thosethose delightsdelights II havehave soso longlong despair’ddespaired ofof.
wln 0236Luc.LucioLuc.ShallShall II thenthen seesee mymy FatherFather?
wln 0237Eug.EugeniaEug.ThisThis hourehour LucioLucio;
wln 0238WhichWhich reckonreckon thethe beginingbeginning ofof thythy lifelife
wln 0239II meanmean thatthat lifelife, inin whichwhich thouthou shaltshalt appeareappear
wln 0240ToTo bebe suchsuch asas II broughtbrought theethee forthforth: aa manman,
wln 0241ThisThis womanishwomanish disguisedisguise, inin whichwhich II havehave
wln 0242SoSo longlong conceal’dconcealed theethee, thouthou shaltshalt nownow castcast offoff,
wln 0243AndAnd changechange thosethose qualitiesqualities thouthou didstdidst learnlearn fromfrom meme,
wln 0244ForFor masculinemasculine virtuesvirtues, forfor whichwhich seekseek nono tutortutor,
wln 0245ButBut letlet thythy fathersfather’s actionsactions bebe thythy preceptsprecepts;
wln 0246AndAnd forfor theethee ZanchoZancho, nownow expectexpect rewardreward
wln 0247ForFor thythy truetrue serviceservice.
wln 0248Bob.BobadillaBob.ShallShall II? youyou hearhear fellowfellow StephanoStephano, learnelearn toto knowknow
wln 0249meme moremore respectivelyrespectively; howhow do’stdost thouthou thinkthink II shallshall be-becomebe∣comebecome
wln 0250come
wln 0250thethe StewardsSteward’s chairechair haha? willwill notnot thesethese slenderslender
wln 0251hancheshaunches showshow wellwell withwith aa chainechain, andand aa goldgold night-Capnight-Capnightcap
wln 0252afterafter suppersupper whenwhen II taketake thethe accomptsaccomptsaccounts?
wln 0253Eug.EugeniaEug.HasteHaste, andand taketake downdown thosethose blacksblacks, withwith whichwhich mymy (chamberchamber
wln 0254HathHath likelike thethe widowwidow, herher sadsad MistrisMistress, mourn’dmourned,
wln 0255AndAnd hanghang upup forfor itit, thethe richrich PersianPersian arrasarras,
wln 0256Us’dUsed onon mymy weddingwedding nightnight: forfor thisthis toto meme
wln 0257ShallShall bebe aa secondsecond marriagemarriage: sendsend forfor MusiqueMusic,
wln 0258AndAnd willwill thethe cookscooks toto useuse theirtheir bestbest ofof cunningcunning
wln 0259ToTo pleaseplease thethe palatpalate.
wln 0260Bob.BobadillaBob.WillWill youryour LadishipLadyship havehave aa Potato-piePotato-pie, tis’tis aa goodgood
wln 0261stirringstirring dishdish forfor anan oldold LadyLady, afterafter aa longlong LentLent.
wln 0262Eug.EugeniaEug.BeBe gongone II saysay: whywhy sirsir, youyou cancan gogo fasterfaster?
wln 0263Bob.BobadillaBob.II couldcould MadamMadam: butbut II amam nownow toto practisepracticepractise thethe
wln 0264StewardsSteward’s pacepace, that’sthat’s thethe rewardreward II looklook forfor: everyevery manman
wln 0265mustmust fashionfashion hishis gategate, accordingaccording toto hishis callingcalling: youyou
wln 0266fellowfellow StephanoStephano, maymay walkwalk fasterfaster, toto overtakeovertake prefermentpreferment:
wln 0267soso, usherusher meme.
wln 0268Luc.LucioLuc.PrayPray MadamMadam, letlet thethe wascoatwaistcoatWaistcoat II lastlast wroughtwrought
wln 0269BeBe mademade upup forfor mymy FatherFather: II wilwill havehave
wln 0270AA capcap andand boote-hoseboothose sutablesuitable toto itit.
wln 0271Eug.EugeniaEug.OfOf thatthat.
wln 0272Wee’lWe’ll thinkthink hereafterhereafter LucioLucio: ourour thoughtsthoughts nownow
wln 0273MustMust havehave nono objectobject, butbut thythy FathersFather’s welcomewelcome,
wln 0274ToTo whichwhich thythy helfehelphelfe
wln 0275Luc.LucioLuc.WithWith humblehumble gladnessegladness MadamMadam.ExeuntExeunt

wln 0276ScænaScaenaScaena TertiaTertia.

wln 0277EnterEnter AlvarezAlvarez, ClaraClara.

wln 0278Alv.AlvarezAlv.WhereWhere lostlost wewe SyavedraSyaevedraSyaevedraSyavedra?
wln 0279Cla.ClaraCla.HeHe waswas metmet
wln 0280EntringEntering thethe CityCity byby somesome GentlemenGentlemen
wln 0281KinsmenKinsmen, asas hehe saidsaid ofof hishis ownown, withwith whomwhom
wln 0282ForFor complementcomplimentcompliment’s sakesake (forfor soso II thinkthink hehe term’dtermed itit)
wln 0283HeHe waswas compel’dcompelled toto staystay: thoughthough II muchmuch wonderwonder
wln 0284AA manman thatthat knowesknows toto dodo, andand hashas donedone wellwell
wln 0285InIn thethe headhead ofof hishis trooptroop, whenwhen thethe boldbold foefoe charg’dcharged homehome,
wln 0286CanCan learnlearn soso sodainlysuddenly toto abuseabuse hishis timetime
wln 0287InIn apishapish entertainmententertainment: forfor mymy partpart

column: 320-b-2

wln 0288(ByBy allall thethe gloriousglorious rewardsrewards ofof warwar)
wln 0289II hadhad ratherrather meetmeet tenten enemiesenemies inin thethe fieldfield
wln 0290AllAll swornsworn toto fetchfetch mymy headhead, thenthanthen bebe broughtbrought onon
wln 0291ToTo changechange anan houreshour’s discoursediscourse withwith oneone ofof thesethese
wln 0292SmoothSmooth CityCity foolsfools, oror tisseutissentissuetissen CavaliersCavaliers,
wln 0293ThenThen onlyonly GallansGallantsgallants, asas theythey wiselywisely thinkthink,
wln 0294ToTo getget aa JewellJewel, oror aa wantonwanton KisseKiss
wln 0295FromFrom aa Court-lipCourt-lip, thoughthough paintedpainted.
wln 0296Alv.AlvarezAlv.MyMy LoveLove ClaraClara
wln 0297(ForFor LucioLucio isis aa namename thouthou mustmust forgetforget
wln 0298WithWith LuciosLucioLucio’sLucio boldbold behaviourbehaviorbehaviour) thoughthough thythy breedingbreeding
wln 0299I’theI’ theI’the campcamp maymay pleadplead somethingsomething inin thethe excuseexcuse
wln 0300OfOf thythy roughrough mannersmanners, customecustom havinghaving chang’dchanged,
wln 0301ThoughThough notnot thythy SexSex, thethe softnessesoftness ofof thythy naturenature,
wln 0302AndAnd fortunefortune (thenthen aa cruellcruel stepdamestepdame toto theethee)
wln 0303Impos’dImposed uponupon thythy tendertender sweetnessesweetness, burthensburdens
wln 0304OfOf hunderhunger, coldcold, woundswounds, wantwant, suchsuch asas wouldwould crackcrack
wln 0305TheThe sinewessinews ofof aa manman, notnot borneborn aa SouldierSoldier:
wln 0306YetYet nownow sheshe smilessmiles, andand likelike aa naturallnatural mothermother
wln 0307LooksLooks gentlygently onon theethee, ClaraClara, entertaineentertain
wln 0308HerHer proffer’dproffered bountiesbounties withwith aa willingwilling bosomebosom;
wln 0309ThouThou shaltshalt nono moremore havehave needneed toto useuse thythy swordsword;
wln 0310ThyThy beautybeauty (whichwhich eveneven BelgiaBelgia hathhath notnot alter’daltered)
wln 0311ShallShall bebe aa strongerstronger guardguard, toto keepkeep mymy ClaraClara,
wln 0312ThenThen thatthat hashas binbeen, (thoughthough nevernever us’dused butbut noblynobly)
wln 0313AndAnd knowknow thusthus muchmuch.
wln 0314Cla.ClaraCla.SirSir, II knowknow onlyonly thatthat
wln 0315ItIt standsstands notnot withwith mymy dutyduty toto gaine-saygainsay youyou,
wln 0316InIn anyany thingthing: II mustmust, andand willwill putput onon
wln 0317WhatWhat fashionfashion youyou thinkthink bestbest: thoughthough II couldcould wishwish
wln 0318II werewere whatwhat II appeareappear.
wln 0319Alv.AlvarezAlv.EndeavourEndeavorEndeavour ratherrather.MusickMusic.
wln 0320ToTo bebe whatwhat youyou areare, ClaraClara, entringentering herehere
wln 0321AsAs youyou werewere borneborn, aa womanwoman.

wln 0322EnterEnter EugniaEugeniaEugnia, LucioLucio, ServantsServants.

wln 0323Eug.EugeniaEug.LetLet choicechoice MusickMusic
wln 0324InIn thethe bestbest voycevoice thatthat eree’erere touch’dtouched humanehuman eareear,
wln 0325ForFor joyjoy hathhath tidetiedtide mymy tonguetongue upup, speakspeak youryour welcomewelcome.
wln 0326Alv.AlvarezAlv.MyMy soulesoul, (forfor thouthou giv’stgiv’st newnew lifelife toto mymy spiritspirit)
wln 0327MyriadsMyriads ofof joyesjoys, thoughthough shortshort inin numbernumber ofof
wln 0328ThyThy vertuesvirtues, fallfall onon theethee; OhOhO mymy EugeniaEugenia,
wln 0329Th’assuranceTh’ assuranceTh’assurance, thatthat II dodo embraceembrace theethee, makesmakes
wln 0330MyMy twentytwenty yearsyears ofof sorrowsorrow butbut aa dreamedream,
wln 0331AndAnd byby thethe NectarNectar, whichwhich II taketake fromfrom thesethese,
wln 0332II feelefeel mymy ageage restor’drestored, andand likelike oldold ÆsonAEsonAEson
wln 0333GrowGrow youngyoung againeagain.
wln 0334Eug.EugeniaEug.MyMy LordLord, longlong wish’dwished forfor welcomewelcome,
wln 0335Tis’Tis aa sweetsweet briefnessebriefness, yetyet inin thatthat shortshort wordword
wln 0336AllAll pleasurespleasures whichwhich II maymay callcall minemine, beginbegin,
wln 0337AndAnd maymay theythey longlong increaseincrease, beforebefore theythey findefind
wln 0338AA secondsecond periodperiod: letlet minemine eyeseyes nownow surfetsurfeit
wln 0339OnOn thisthis soso wish’dwished forfor objectobject, andand mymy lipslips
wln 0340YetYet modestlymodestly paypay backback thethe partingparting kissekiss
wln 0341YouYou trustedtrusted withwith themthem, whenwhen youyou fledfled fromfrom CivillSevilleCivil
wln 0342WithWith littlelittle ClaraClara mymy sweetsweet daughterdaughter: liveslives sheshe?
wln 0343YetYet II coul’dcould chidechide my selfemyself, havinghaving youyou herehere
wln 0344ForFor beingbeing soso coveteouscovetous ofof allall joyesjoys atat onceonce,
wln 0345’TenquireTenquireT’ inquiret’inquire forfor herher, youyou beingbeing alonealone, toto meme
wln 0346MyMy ClaraClara, LucioLucio, mymy LordLord, my selfemyself;
wln 0347NayNay moremore thenthan allall thethe worldworld.
wln 0348Alv.AlvarezAlv.AsAs youyou, toto meme areare.
wln 0349Eug.EugeniaEug.SitSit downdown, andand letlet meme feedfeed uponupon thethe storystory
wln 0350OfOf youryour pastpast dangersdangers, nownow youyou areare herehere inin safetysafety
wln 0351ItIt willwill givegive rellishrelish, andand freshfresh appetiteappetite
wln 0352ToTo mymy delightsdelights, ifif suchsuch delightsdelights cancan cloycloy meme.
wln 0353YetYet dodo notnot AlvarezAlvarez, letlet meme firstfirst yeildyield youyou

img: 321-a
sig: 5Q4v

Loves Cure, or

column: 321-a-1

wln 0354AccomptAccomptAccount ofof mymy lifelife inin youryour absenceabsence, andand
wln 0355MakeMake youyou acquaintedacquainted howhow II havehave preserv’dpreserved
wln 0356TheThe JewellJewel leftleft lock’dlocked upup inin mymy wombwomb,
wln 0357WhenWhen youyou, inin beingbeing forc’dforced toto leaveleave youryour coun-countrycoun∣trycountry(try,
wln 0358Suffer’dSuffered aa civillcivil deathdeath.withinwithin ClashingClashing swordsswords.
wln 0359Alv.AlvarezAlv.DoeDo mymy EugeniaEugenia,
wln 0360Tis’Tis thatthat II mostmost desiredesire toto hearehehearheareare,
wln 0361Eug.EugeniaEug.ThenThen knowknowSayavedraSayavedra withinwithin.
wln 0362Alv.AlvarezAlv.WhatWhat voycevoice isis thatthat?
wln 0363IfIf youyou areare noblenoble EnemiesEnemies,VitelliVitelli withinwithin.
wln 0364OppresseOppress meme notnot withwith oddsodds, butbut killkill meme fairelyfairly,
wln 0365StandStand offoff, II amam tootoo manymany ofof my selfemyself.EnterEnter BobadillaBobadilla.
wln 0366Bob.BobadillaBob.MurtherMurder, murthermurder murthermurder, youryour friendfriend mymy LordLord,
wln 0367DonDon SyavedraSyavedra isis setset uponupon inin thethe StreetsStreets, byby youryour enemiesenemies
wln 0368VitelliVitelli, andand hishis FactionFaction: II amam almostalmost kill’dkilled withwith lookinglooking
wln 0369onon themthem.
wln 0370Alv.AlvarezAlv.IleI’ll freefree himhim, oror fallfall withwith himhim: drawdraw thythy swordsword
wln 0371AndAnd followfollow meme.
wln 0372Cla.ClaraCla.FortuneFortune II givegive theethee thankesthanks
wln 0373ForFor thisthis occasionoccasion onceonce moremore toto useuse itit.
wln 0374Bob.BobadillaBob.NayNay, holdhold notnot meme MadamMadam; ifif II doedo anyany hurthurt, (hanghang meme.ExitExit.
wln 0375Luc.LucioLuc.OhOhO II amam deaddead withwith fearefear! let’slet’s flyefly intointo
wln 0376YourYour ClosetCloset, MotherMother.
wln 0377Eug.EugeniaEug.NoNo hourehour ofof mymy lifelife
wln 0378SecureSecure ofof dangerdanger? heav’nheaven bebe mercifullmerciful,
wln 0379OrOr nownow atat onceonce dispatchdispatch meme.EnterEnter VitelliVitelli, pursuedpursued
byby AlvarezAlvarez, &and SayavedraSayavedra,
ClaraClara beatingbeating ofof

wln 0380Cla.ClaraCla.FollowFollow himhim
wln 0381LeaveLeave meme toto keepekeep thesethese offoff.
wln 0382Alv.AlvarezAlv.AssaultAssault mymy friendfriend
wln 0383SoSo neerenear byby househouse?
wln 0384Vit.VitelliVit.NorNor inin itit willwill sparespare theethee,
wln 0385ThoughThough ’twere’twere aa TempleTemple: &and IleI’ll makmake itit oneone,
wln 0386II beingbeing thethe PriestPriest, andand thouthou thethe sacrificesacrifice,
wln 0387IleI’ll offeroffer toto mymy uncleuncle.
wln 0388Alv.AlvarezAlv.HasteHaste thouthou toto himhim,
wln 0389AndAnd saysay II sentsent theethee:
wln 0390Cla.ClaraCla.’Twas’Twas putput bravelybravely byby,
wln 0391AndAnd thatthat: andand yetyet comescomes onon, andand boldlyboldly rarerare,
wln 0392InIn thethe warreswars, wherewhere emulationemulation andand exampleexample
wln 0393JoynJoin toto encreaseincrease thethe couragecourage, andand makemake lesseless
wln 0394TheThe dangerdanger; valourvalorvalour, andand truetrue resolutionresolution
wln 0395NeverNever appear’dappeared soso lovelylovely: bravebrave againeagain:
wln 0396SureSure hehe isis moremore thenthan manman, andand ifif hehe fallfall;
wln 0397TheThe bestbest ofof vertuevirtue, fortitudefortitude wouldwould dyedie withwith himhim:
wln 0398AndAnd cancan II suffersuffer itit? forgiveforgive meme dutyduty,
wln 0399SoSo II lovelove valourvalorvalour, asas II willwill protectprotect itit
wln 0400AgainstAgainst mymy FatherFather, andand redeemeredeem itit, thoughthough
wln 0401’Tis’Tis forfeitedforfeited byby oneone II hatehate.
wln 0402Vit.VitelliVit.ComeCome onon,
wln 0403AllAll isis notnot lostlost yetyet: YouYou shallshall buybuy meme deererdearer
wln 0404BeforeBefore youyou havehave meme: keepkeep offoff.
wln 0405Cla.ClaraCla.FeareFear meme notnot,
wln 0406ThyThy worthworth hashas tooketooktaken meme PrisonerPrisoner, andand mymy swordsword
wln 0407ForFor thisthis timetime knowesknows theethee onelyonly forfor aa friendfriend,
wln 0408AndAnd toto allall elseelse II turneturn thethe pointpoint ofof itit.
wln 0409Say.SayavedraSay.DefendDefend youryour FathersFather’s EnemyEnemy?
wln 0410Alv.AlvarezAlv.ArtArt thouthou madmad?
wln 0411Cla.ClaraCla.AreAre youyou menmen ratherrather? shallshall thatthat valourvalorvalour, whichwhich
wln 0412BegotBegot youyou lawfulllawful honourhonorhonour inin thethe warreswars,
wln 0413ProveProve nownow thethe parentparent ofof anan infamousinfamous BastardBastard
wln 0414SoSo foulefoul, yetyet soso longlong liv’dlived, asas murthermurder willwill
wln 0415BeBe toto youryour shamesshames? havehave eacheach ofof youyou, alonealone
wln 0416WithWith youryour ownown dangersdangers onelyonly, purchas’dpurchased gloryglory
wln 0417FromFrom multitudesmultitudes ofof EnemiesEnemies, notnot allowingallowing
wln 0418ThoseThose neerestnearest toto youyou, toto havehave partpart inin itit,
wln 0419AndAnd doedo youyou nownow joynjoin, andand lendlend mutuallmutual helpehelp
wln 0420AgainstAgainst aa singlesingle oppositeopposite? hathhath thethe mercymercy
wln 0421OfOf thethe greatgreat KingKing, butbut newlynewly wash’dwashed awayaway

column: 321-a-2

wln 0422TheThe bloodblood, thatthat withwith thethe forfeitforfeit ofof youryour lifelife
wln 0423Cleav’dCleaved toto youryour namename, andand familyfamily likelike anan ulcerulcer,
wln 0424InIn thisthis againeagain toto setset aa deeperdeeper dyedye
wln 0425UponUpon youryour infamyinfamy? you’llyou’ll saysay hehe isis youryour foefoe,
wln 0426AndAnd byby hishis rashnesserashness call’dcalled onon hishis ownown ruineruin;
wln 0427RememberRemember yetyet, hehe waswas firstfirst wrong’dwronged, andand honourhonorhonour
wln 0428Spur’dSpurred himhim toto whatwhat hehe diddid, andand nextnext thethe placeplace
wln 0429WhereWhere nownow hehe isis, youryour househouse, whichwhich byby thethe laweslaws
wln 0430OfOf hospitablehospitable dutyduty shouldshould protectprotect himhim;
wln 0431HaveHave youyou beenbeen twentytwenty yeeresyears aa strangerstranger toto itit,
wln 0432ToTo makemake youryour entranceentrance nownow inin bloodblood? oror thinkethink youyou
wln 0433YourYour country-mancountryman, aa truetrue bornborn SpaniardSpaniard, willwill bebe
wln 0434AnAn offringoffering fitfit, toto pleaseplease thethe geniusgenius ofof itit?
wln 0435NoNo, inin thisthis i’lei’ll presumepresume toto teachteach mymy FatherFather,
wln 0436AndAnd thisthis firstfirst ActAct ofof disobediencedisobedience shallshall
wln 0437ConfirmeConfirm II amam mostmost dutifulldutiful.
wln 0438Alv.AlvarezAlv.II amam pleas’dpleased
wln 0439WithWith whatwhat II daredare notnot givegive allowanceallowance toto;
wln 0440UnnaturallUnnatural wretchwretch, whatwhat wiltwilt thouthou doedo?
wln 0441Cla.ClaraCla.SetSet freefree
wln 0442AA noblenoble EnemyEnemy: comecome notnot onon, byby
wln 0443YouYou passepass toto himhim, throughthrough meme: thethe wayway isis openopen:
wln 0444FarwellFarewell: whenwhen nextnext II meetmeet youyou, doedo notnot looklook forfor
wln 0445AA friendfriend, butbut aa vow’dvowed foefoe; II seesee youyou worthyworthy,
wln 0446AndAnd thereforetherefore nownow preservepreserve youyou, forfor thethe honourhonorhonour
wln 0447OfOf mymy swordsword onelyonly:
wln 0448Vit.VitelliVit.WereWere thisthis manman aa friendfriend,
wln 0449HowHow wouldwould hehe winwin meme, thatthat beingbeing mymy vow’dvowed foefoe
wln 0450DeservesDeserves soso wellwell? II thankethank youyou forfor mymy lifelife;
wln 0451ButBut howhow II shallshall deservedeserve itit, givegive meme leaveleave
wln 0452HereafterHereafter toto considerconfiderconsider.ExitExit.
wln 0453Alv.AlvarezAlv.QuitQuit thythy fearefear,
wln 0454AllAll dangerdanger isis blownblown overover: II havehave LettersLetters
wln 0455ToTo thethe GovernourGovernor, inin thethe KingsKing’sking’s namename, toto securesecure usus,
wln 0456FromFrom suchsuch attemptsattempts hereafterhereafter: yetyet wewe needneed notnot
wln 0457ThatThat havehave suchsuch strongstrong guardsguards ofof ourour ownown, dreaddread othersothers;
wln 0458AndAnd toto encreaseincrease thythy comfortcomfort, knowknow, thisthis youngyoung manman
wln 0459WhomWhom withwith suchsuch ferventserventferventservant earnestnesseearnestness youyou eyeeye,
wln 0460IsIs notnot whatwhat hehe appearesappears, butbut suchsuch aa oneone
wln 0461AsAs thouthou withwith joyjoy wiltwilt blessebless, thythy daughterdaughter ClaraClara.
wln 0462Eug.EugeniaEug.AA thousandthousand blessingsblessings inin thatthat wordword.
wln 0463Alv.AlvarezAlv.TheThe reasonreason
wln 0464WhyWhy II havehave bredbred herher upup thusthus, atat moremore leisureleisure
wln 0465II willwill impartimpart untounto youyou: wonderwonder notnot
wln 0466AtAt whatwhat youyou havehave seenseen herher doedo, itit beingbeing thethe leastleast
wln 0467OfOf manymany greatgreat andand valiantvaliant undertakingsundertakings
wln 0468SheShe hathhath mademade goodgood withwith honourhonorhonour.
wln 0469Eug.EugeniaEug.IleI’ll returnereturn
wln 0470TheThe joyjoy II havehave inin herher, withwith oneone asas greatgreat
wln 0471ToTo youyou mymy AlvarezAlvarez: youyou, inin aa manman
wln 0472HaveHave givengiven toto meme aa daughterdaughter: inin aa womanwoman,
wln 0473II givegive toto youyou aa SonneSon: thisthis waswas thethe pledgepledge
wln 0474YouYou leftleft herehere withwith meme, whomwhom II havehave broughtbrought upup
wln 0475DifferentDifferent fromfrom whatwhat hehe waswas, asas youyou diddid ClaraClara,
wln 0476AndAnd withwith thethe likelike successesuccess; asas sheshe appearesappears
wln 0477Alter’dAltered byby customecustom, moremore thenthan womanwoman, hehe
wln 0478Transform’dTransformed byby hishis softsoft lifelife, isis lesseless thenthan manman.
wln 0479Alv.AlvarezAlv.FortuneFortune, inin thisthis givesgives ampleample satisfactionsatisfaction
wln 0480ForFor allall ourour sorrowessorrows pastpast.
wln 0481Luc.LucioLuc.MyMy deerestdearest SisterSister.
wln 0482Cla.ClaraCla.KindeKind brotherbrother.
wln 0483Alv.AlvarezAlv.NowNow ourour mutuallmutual carecare mustmust bebe
wln 0484Imploy’dEmployed toto helphelp wrong’dwronged naturenature, toto recoverrecover
wln 0485HerHer rightright inin eithereither ofof themthem, lostlost byby customecustom:
wln 0486ToTo youyou II givegive mymy ClaraClara, andand receivereceive
wln 0487MyMy LucioLucio toto mymy chargecharge: andand we’llwe’ll contendcontend
wln 0488WithWith lovingloving industryindustry, whowho soonestsoonest cancan
wln 0489TurneTurn thisthis manman womanwoman oror thisthis womanwoman, manman.ExeuntExeunt.


img: 321-b
sig: 5R1r

The Martiall Maid.

column: 321-b-1

wln 0490ActusActus secundussecundus. ScænaScaenaScaena primaprima.

wln 0491EnterEnter PachiecoPachieco, andand LazarilloLazarillo.

wln 0492Pac.PachiecoPac.BoyBoy: mymy CloakeCloak, andand RapierRapier; itit fitsfits notnot aa Gentle-GentlemanGentle∣manGentleman
wln 0493man
wln 0493ofof mymy ranckrank, toto walkewalk thethe streetsstreets inin QuerpoQuerpo.
wln 0494Laz.LazarilloLaz.NayNay, youyou areare aa veryvery ranckrank GentGent.GentlemanGent... SigniorSignior, II amam
wln 0495veryvery hungryhungry, theythey telltell meme inin CivillSevilleCivil herehere, II lookelook likelike anan
wln 0496EeleEel, withwith aa mansman’s headhead: andand youryour neighbourneighborneighbour thethe SmithSmith
wln 0497herehere hardhard byby, wouldwould havehave borrowedborrowed meme th’otherth’ otherth’other dayday, toto
wln 0498havehave fish’dfished withwith meme, becausebecause hehe hadhad lostlost hishis angle-rodangle-rod.
wln 0499Pac.PachiecoPac.OhOhO happyhappy thouthou LazarilloLazarillo (beingbeing thethe causecause ofof o-othero∣therother
wln 0500ther
wln 0500mensmen’s witswits) asas inin thinethine ownown: livelive leanelean, andand wittywitty
wln 0501stillstill: oppresseoppress notnot thythy stomachstomach tootoo muchmuch: grossegross feedersfeeders,
wln 0502greatgreat sleeperssleepers: greatgreat sleeperssleepers, fatfat bodiesbodies; fatfat bodiesbodies, leanlean
wln 0503brainesbrains: NoNo LazarilloLazarillo, II willwill makemake theethee immortallimmortal,
wln 0504changechange thythy humanitiehumanity intointo dietiedeity, forfor II willwill teachteach theethee
wln 0505toto livelive uponupon nothingnothing.
wln 0506LazLazarilloLazFaithFaith SigniorSignior, II amam immortallimmortal thenthen alreadyalready, oror
wln 0507veryvery neerenear itit, forfor II doedo livelive uponupon littlelittle oror nothingnothing: be-belikebe∣likebelike
wln 0508like
wln 0508that’sthat’s thethe reasonreason thethe PoetsPoets areare saidsaid toto bebe immortallimmortal,
wln 0509forfor somesome ofof themthem livelive uponupon theirtheir witswits, whichwhich isis indeedindeed
wln 0510asas goodgood asas littlelittle oror nothingnothing: ButBut goodgood MasterMaster, letlet meme bebe
wln 0511mortallmortal stillstill, andand let’slet’s goego toto suppersupper.
wln 0512Pac.PachiecoPac.BeBe abstinentabstinent; shewshow notnot thethe corruptioncorruption ofof thythy ge-generationge∣nerationgeneration
wln 0513neration:
wln 0513hehe thatthat feedsfeeds, shallshall diedie, thereforetherefore hehe thatthat feedsfeeds
wln 0514notnot, shallshall livelive.
wln 0515Laz.LazarilloLaz.IAyI; butbut howhow longlong shallshall hehe livelive? ther’sthere’s thethe questionquestion.
wln 0516Pac.PachiecoPac.AsAs longlong asas hehe cancan withoutwithout feedingfeeding: did’stdidst thouthou
wln 0517readread ofof thethe miraculousmiraculous maidmaid inin FlandersFlanders?
wln 0518Laz.LazarilloLaz.NoNo, nornor ofof anyany maidmaid elseelse; forfor thethe miraclemiracle ofof
wln 0519virginitievirginity nownow adaiesadays ceasesceases, ereere thethe virginvirgin cancan readread
wln 0520virginitievirginity?
wln 0521Pac.PachiecoPac.SheShe thatthat liv’dlived threethree yeereyear withoutwithout anyany otherother su-sustenancesu∣stenancesustenance
wln 0522stenance
wln 0522thenthan thethe smellsmell ofof aa RoseRose.
wln 0523Laz.LazarilloLaz.II heardheard ofof herher SigniorSignior; butbut theythey saysay herher gutsguts
wln 0524shrunckshrunk allall intointo Lute-stringsLute-strings, andand herher neather-partsnether-parts
wln 0525cling’dclinged togethertogether likelike aa SerpentsSerpent’sserpent’s TaileTail, soso thatthat thoughthough sheshe
wln 0526continuedcontinued aa womanwoman stillstill aboveabove thethe girdlegirdle, beneathbeneath yetyet
wln 0527sheshe waswas monstermonster.
wln 0528Pac.PachiecoPac.SoSo areare mostmost womenwomen, beleevebelieve itit.
wln 0529Laz.LazarilloLaz.NayNay allall womenwomen SigniorSignior, thatthat cancan livelive onelyonly up-uponup∣onupon
wln 0530on
wln 0530thethe smellsmell ofof aa RoseRose.
wln 0531Pac.PachiecoPac.NoNo partpart ofof thethe HistoryHistory isis fabulousfabulous.
wln 0532Laz.LazarilloLaz.II thinkethink ratherrather nono partpart ofof thethe FableFable isis Histori-HistoricallHistori|callHistorical
wln 0533call:
wln 0533butbut forfor allall thisthis, sirsir, mymy rebelliousrebellious stomachstomach willwill notnot
wln 0534letlet meme bebe immortallimmortal: II willwill bebe asas immortallimmortal, asas mortallmortal
wln 0535hungerhunger willwill suffersuffer: putput meme toto aa certainecertain stintstint sirsir, allowallow
wln 0536meme butbut aa redred herringherring aa dayday.
wln 0537Pac.PachiecoPac.O’ dediosO’dediosO de diosO’dedios: would’stwouldst thouthou bebe gluttonousgluttonous inin thythy
wln 0538delicaciesdelicacies?
wln 0539Laz.LazarilloLaz.HeHe thatthat eatseats nothingnothing butbut aa redred herringherring aa dayday,
wln 0540shallshall neerene’er bebe broyl’dbroiled forfor thethe devilsdevil’s rasherrasher: aa PilcherPilchard,
wln 0541SigniorSignior, aa SurdinySardine, anan OliveOlive, thatthat II maymay bebe aa philoso-philosopherphiloso∣pherphilosopher
wln 0542pher
wln 0542firstfirst, andand immortallimmortal afterafter.
wln 0543Pac.PachiecoPac.PatiencePatience LazarilloLazarillo; letlet contemplationcontemplation bebe thythy
wln 0544foodfood aa whilewhile: II saysay untounto theethee, oneone PeazePease waswas aa SouldiersSoldier’ssoldier’s
wln 0545provantprovant aa wholewhole dayday,
wln 0546atat thethe destructiondestruction ofof IerusalemJerusalemjerusalem.EnterEnter MetaldiMetaldi, &and

wln 0547Laz.LazarilloLaz.IAyI; andand itit werewere any whereanywhere, butbut atat thethe
wln 0548destructiondestruction ofof aa placeplace i’lei’ll bebe hang’dhanged.
wln 0549Met.MetaldiMet.SigniorSignior PachiecoPachieco AlastoAlasto, mymy mostmost ingeniousingenious
wln 0550CoblerCobbler ofof CivillSevilleCivil, thethe bonosbonos noxiosnoxios toto youryour SigniorieSigniory.
wln 0551Pac.PachiecoPac.SigniorSignior MetaldiMetaldi dede forgioforgio, mymy mostmost famousfamous SmithSmith,

column: 321-b-2

wln 0552andand manman ofof mettlemettle, II returnereturn youryour curtesiecourtesy tenten foldfold, andand
wln 0553dodo humblehumble mymy BonnetBonnet beneathbeneath thethe Shooe-soaleShoe-sole ofof youryour
wln 0554congiecongee: thethe likelike toto youyou SigniorSignior MendozaMendoza PediculoPediculo dede ver-verminver|mimvermimvermin
wln 0555mim
wln 0555mymy mostmost exquisiteexquisite Hose-heelerHose-heeler.
wln 0556Laz.LazarilloLaz.Her’sHere’shere’s aa greetinggreeting betwixtbetwixt aa CoblerCobbler, aa SmithSmith, andand
wln 0557aa BotcherButcher: theythey allall belongbelong toto thethe footfoot, whichwhich makesmakes
wln 0558themthem standstand soso muchmuch uponupon theirtheir GentrieGentry.
wln 0559Mend.MendozaMend.SigniorSignior LazarilloLazarillo.
wln 0560Laz.LazarilloLaz.AhAh SigniorSignior seesisee: naynay, wewe areare allall SigniorsSigniors herehere
wln 0561inin SpaineSpain, fromfrom thethe Jakes-farmerJakes-farmer toto thethe GrandeeGrandee, oror
wln 0562AdelantadoAdelantado: thisthis botcherbutcher lookslooks asas ifif hehe w’rewerewe’re dowgh-bak’ddough-baked
wln 0563aa littlelittle butterbutter nownow, andand II couldcould eateeat himhim likelike anan oaten-oaten-Cakeoaten-Cakeoaten-Cake
wln 0564cake:
wln 0564hishis fathersfather’s dietdiet waswas newnew CheeseCheese andand OnionsOnions
wln 0565whenwhen hehe gotgot himhim: whatwhat aa scallion fac’d-rascallscallion-faced rascalscallionfaced fasca; ’tis’tis?
wln 0566Met.MetaldiMet.ButBut whywhy SigniorSignior PachiecoPachieco, dodo youyou standstand soso muchmuch onon
wln 0567thethe prioritiepriority, andand antiquitieantiquity ofof youryour qualitiequality (asas youyou callcall
wln 0568itit) inin comparisoncomparison ofof oursours?
wln 0569Mend.MendozaMend.IAyI; youryour reasonreason forfor thatthat.
wln 0570Pac.PachiecoPac.WhyWhy thouthou Iron-patedIron-pated SmithSmith: andand thouthou wollenwollen-wittedwoolen-wittedwoollen-witted
wln 0571witted
wln 0571HoseHose heelerheeler: hearehear whatwhat II willwill speakspeak indifferent-indifferentlyindifferent∣lyindifferently
wln 0572ly
wln 0572(andand accordingaccording toto AncientAncient writerswriters) ofof ourour threethree
wln 0573professionsprofessions: andand letlet thethe uprightupright LazarilloLazarillo bebe bothboth judgejudge,
wln 0574andand moderatormoderator.
wln 0575Laz.LazarilloLaz.StillStill amam II thethe mostmost immortallyimmortally hungriehungry, thatthat (maymay bebe.
wln 0576Pac.PachiecoPac.SupposeSuppose thouthou wiltwilt derivederive thythy pedigreepedigree, likelike somesome
wln 0577ofof thethe oldold HeroesHeroes, (asas HerculesHercules, ÆeasAeeasAeneas, AchillesAchilles) lineallylineally
wln 0578fromfrom thethe GodsGods, makingmaking SaturneSaturn thythy greatgreat Grand-fatherGrandfather,
wln 0579andand VulcanVulcan thythy FatherFather: VulcanVulcan waswas aa GodGod.
wln 0580Laz.LazarilloLaz.He’llHe’ll makemake VulcanVulcan youryour God-fatherGodfather byby andand byby.
wln 0581Pac.PachiecoPac.YetYet II saysay SaturneSaturn waswas aa crabbedcrabbed block-headblockhead, andand
wln 0582VulganVulcan aa limpinglimping horn-headhorn-head, forfor VenusVenus hishis wifewife waswas aa
wln 0583strumpetstrumpet, andand MarsMars begatbegat allall herher ChildrenChildren; thereforetherefore
wln 0584howeverhowever, thythy originalloriginal mustmust ofof necessitienecessity springspring fromfrom
wln 0585BastardieBastardy: furtherfurther, whatwhat cancan bebe aa moremore dejectdeject spiritspirit inin
wln 0586manman, thenthan toto laylay hishis handshands underunder every oneseveryeveryone’severyonesones horseshorses’horses feetfeet,
wln 0587toto doedo himhim serviceservice, asas thouthou do’stdost? ForFor theethee, II willwill bebe
wln 0588briefebrief thouthou do’stdost botchbotch, andand notnot mendmend, thouthou artart aa hiderhider
wln 0589ofof enormitiesenormities, viz.viz. scabsscabs, chilblaineschilblains, andand kibedkibed heelesheels:
wln 0590muchmuch proaneprone thouthou artart toto SectsSects, andand HeresiesHeresies, disturbingdisturbing
wln 0591statestate, andand governmentgovernment; forfor howhow canstcanst thouthou bebe aa soundsound
wln 0592membermember inin thethe Common-wealthCommonwealth, thatthat artart soso subjectsubject toto
wln 0593stitchesstitches inin thethe ancklesankles? blushblush, andand bebe silentsilent thenthen, OhOhO yeye
wln 0594MachanickMechanic, comparecompare nono moremore withwith thethe politiquepolitic Cob-CoblerCob|lerCobbler
wln 0595ler:
wln 0595ForFor CoblersCobblers (inin oldold timetime) havehave prophesiedprophesied, whatwhat
wln 0596maymay theythey doedo nownow thenthen, thatthat havehave everyevery dayday waxedwaxed bet-betterbet∣terbetter
wln 0597ter,
wln 0597andand betterbetter? havehave wewe notnot thethe lengthlength ofof everyevery mansman’s
wln 0598footfoot? areare wewe notnot dailydaily mendersmenders? yeayea, andand whatwhat men-mendersmen∣dersmenders
wln 0599ders?
wln 0599notnot horse-mendershorse-menders.
wln 0600Laz.LazarilloLaz.NorNor manners-mendersmanners-menders.
wln 0601Pach.PachiecoPach.ButBut soule-menderssoul-menders: OhOhO divinedivine CoblersCobblers;