The Spanish Tragedy (Hieronimo is Mad Again)
The Spanish Tragedy (Hieronimo is Mad Again)

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ln 0001THETHE
ln 0003die,
ln 0003ContainingContaining thethe lamentablelamentable
ln 0004endend ofof DonDon HoratioHoratio, andand Bel-imperiaBel-imperia:
ln 0005withwith thethe pittifullpitiful deathdeath ofof
ln 0006oldeold HieronimoHieronimo.

ln 0007NewlyNewly correctedcorrected andand amendedamended ofof suchsuch grossegross faultsfaults asas
ln 0008passedpassed inin thethe firstfirst impressionimpression.

ln 0010PrintedPrinted byby EdwardEdward AlldeAllde, forfor
ln 0011EdwardEdward WhiteWhite.

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wln 0002EnterEnter thethe GhoastGhost ofof AndreaAndrea, andand withwith himhim
wln 0003ReuengeRevenge.

wln 0004GhoastGhost.
wln 0005WHenWHenWhen thisthis eternalleternal substancesubstance ofof mymy soulesoul,
wln 0006DidDid liue●●uelive imprisondimprisoned inin mymy wantonwanton flesh●leshflesh:
wln 0007EchEach inin theirtheir function●unctionfunction seruingserving othersother’sothers needneed,
wln 0008II waswas aa CourtierCourtier inin thethe SpanishSpanish CourtCourt.
wln 0009MyMy namename waswas DonDon AndreaAndrea, mymy discentdescent
wln 0010ThoughThough notnot ignobleignoble, yetyet inferiourinferior farfar
wln 0011ToTo gratiousgracious fortunesfortunes ofof mymy tendertender youthyouth:
wln 0012ForFor therethere inin primeprime andand pridepride ofof allall mymy yeeresyears,
wln 0013ByBy duteousduteous seruiceservice andand deseruingdeserving louelove,
wln 0014InIn secretsecret II possestpos●estpossessed aa worthywor●hyworthy damedame,
wln 0015WhichWhich highthight sweetsweet Bel-imperiaBel-imperia byby namename.
wln 0016ButBut inin thethe haruestharvest ofof mymy sommersummer ioyesjoys,
wln 0017DeathsDeath’s winterwinter niptnipped thethe blossomesblossoms ofof mymy blissebliss,
wln 0018ForcingForcing diuorcedivorce betwixtbetwixt mymy louelove andand meme.
wln 0019ForFor inin thethe latelate conflictconflict withwith PortingalePortingale,
wln 0020MyMy valourvalorvalour drewdrew meme intointo dangersdanger’s mouthmouth,
wln 0021TillTill lifelife toto deathdeath mademade passagepassage throughthrough mymy woundswounds.
wln 0022WhenWhen II waswas slaineslain, mymy soulesoul descendeddescended straightstraight,
wln 0023ToTo passepass thethe flowingflowing streamestream ofof AcheronAcheron:
wln 0024ButBut churlishchurlish CharonCharon onlyonly boatmanboatman therethere,
wln 0025SaidSaid thatthat mymy ritesrites ofof buriallburial notnot performdeperformed,
wln 0026II mightmight notnot sitsit amongstamongst hishis passengerspassengers.
wln 0027EreEre SolSol hadhad sleptslept threethree nightsnights inin ThetisThe●isThetis’Thetis laplap,
wln 0028AndAnd slakteslaked hishis smoakingsmoking CharriotChariot inin herher floudcloud●loudfloodcloud:
wln 0029ByBy DonDon HoratioHora●ioHoratio ourour knightknight MarshalsMarshal’s sonneson,
wln 0030MyMy funeralsfunerals andand obsequiesobsequies werewere donedone.

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The Spanish Tragedie.

wln 0031ThenThen waswas thethe FerimanFerrymanferryman ofof hellhell contentcontent,
wln 0032ToTo passepass meme ouerover toto thethe slimieslimy strondstrand,
wln 0033ThatThat leadesleads toto fellfell AuernusAvernus’ ouglyugly waueswaves:
wln 0034ThereThere pleasingpleasing CerberusCerberus withwith honiedhoneyed speechspeech,
wln 0035II pastpassed thethe perilsperils ofof thethe formostforemost porchporch.
wln 0036NotNot farrefar fromfrom hencehence amidstamidstamid tenten thousandthousand soulessouls,
wln 0037SateSat MinosMinos, EacusAeacus, andand RhadamantRhadamanthRhadamant,
wln 0038ToTo whomewhom nono soonersooner gan’gan II makemake approchapproach,
wln 0039ToTo crauecrave aa pasportpassport forfor mymy wandringwand’ring GhostGhost:
wln 0040ButBut MinosMinos ingrauenin gravenengraven leauesleaves ofof LotterieLottery,
wln 0041DrewDrew forthforth thethe mannermanner ofof mymy lifelife andand deathdeath.
wln 0042ThisThis knightknight (quothquoth hehe) bothboth liu’dlived andand dieddied inin louelove:
wln 0043AndAnd forfor hishis louelove triedtried fortunefortune ofof thethe warreswars,
wln 0044AndAnd byby warreswar’s fortunefortune lostlost bothboth louelove andand lifelif●life.
wln 0045WhyWhy thenthen saidsaid EacusAeacus, conuayconvey himhim hencehence,
wln 0046ToTo walkewalk withwith louerslovers inin ourour fieldsfields ofof louelove:
wln 0047AndAnd spendspend thethe coursecourse ofof euerlastingeverlasting timetime,
wln 0048VnderUnder greenegreen mirtlemyrtle treestrees andand CipresseCypress shadesshades.
wln 0049NoNo, nono, saidsaid RhadamantRhadamanthRhadamant, itit werewere notnot wellwell,
wln 0050WithWith louingloving soulessouls toto placeplace aa MartialistMartialist,
wln 0051HeHe dieddied inin warrewar, andand mustmust toto martiallmartial fieldsfields:
wln 0052WhereWhere woundedwounded HectorHector liueslives inin lastinglasting painepain,
wln 0053AndAnd AchillesAchilles’Achilles mermedonsmyrmidonsMyrmidons dodo scourescour thethe plaineplain.
wln 0054ThenThen MinosMinos mildestmildest censorcensor ofof thethe threethree,
wln 0055MadeMade thisthis deuicedevice toto endend thethe differencedifference.
wln 0056SendSend himhim (quothquoth hehe) toto ourour infernallinfernal KingKing:
wln 0057ToTo domedoom himhim asas bestbest seemesseems hishis MaiestieMajesty:
wln 0058ToTo thisthis effecteffect mymy pasportpassport straightstraight waswas drawnedrawn.
wln 0059InIn keepingkeeping onon mymy wayway toto PlutosPluto’s CourtCourt,
wln 0060ThroughThrough dreadfulldreadful shadesshades ofof euerever gloomingglooming nightnight:
wln 0061II sawsaw moremore sightssights thenthan thousandthousand tonguestongues cancan telltell,
wln 0062OrOr pennespens cancan writewrite, oror mortallmortal hartshearts cancan thinkthink.
wln 0063ThreeThree waiesways therethere werewere, thatthat onon thethe right handright-handright hand sideside,
wln 0064WasWas readyready wayway vntounto thethe foresaidforesaid fieldsfields,
wln 0065WhereWhere louerslovers liuelive, andand bloudiebloody MartialistsMar●ialistsMartialists,
wln 0066ButBut eithereither sortsort containdcontained withinwithin hishis boundsbounds.
wln 0067TheThe left handleft-handleft hand pathpath decliningdeclining fearfullyfearfully,

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The Spanish Tragedie.

wln 0068WasWas readyready downfalldownfall toto thethe deepestdeepest hellhell.
wln 0069WhereWhere bloudiebloody furiesfuries shakesshakes theirtheir whipswhips ofof steelesteel,
wln 0070AndAnd poorepoor IxionIxion turnesturns anan endlesendless wheelewheel.
wln 0071WhereWhere VsurersUsurers areare choaktchoked withwith meltingmelting goldegold,
wln 0072AndAnd wantonswantons areare imbrasteembraced withwith ouglyugly snakessnakes:
wln 0073AndAnd murderersmurderers gronegroan withwith neuernever killingkilling woundswounds,
wln 0074AndAnd periurdeperjured wightswights scaldedscalded inin boylingboiling leadlead,
wln 0075AndAnd allall soulesoul sinnessins withwith tormentstorments ouerwhelmdoverwhelmed..
wln 0076TwixtTwixt thesethese twotwo waiesways, II trod●rodtrodtrodded thethe middlemiddle pathpath,
wln 0077WhichWhich broughtbrought meme toto thethe fairefair ElizianElysian greenegreen.
wln 0078InIn midstmidst whereofwhereof therethere standesstands aa statelystately TowreTower,
wln 0079TheThe walleswalls ofof brassebrass, thethe gatesgates ofof AdamantAdamant.
wln 0080HeereHere findingfinding PlutoPluto withwith hishis ProserpineProserpine,
wln 0081II shewedshowed mymy pasportpassport humbledhumbled onon mymy kneeknee.
wln 0082WhereatWhereat fairefair ProserpineProserpine beganbegan toto smilesmile,
wln 0083AndAnd begdbegged thatthat onelyonly sheshe mightmight giuegive mymy doomedoom.
wln 0084PlutoPlu●oPluto waswas pleasdpleased andand sealdesealed itit withwith aa kissekiss.
wln 0085ForthwithForthwith (ReuengeRevenge) sheshe roundedrounded theethee inin th’eareth’ earth’ear,
wln 0086AndAnd badbade theethee leadlead meme throughthrough thethe gatesgates ofof HorHornHor:
wln 0087WhereWhere dreamesdreams hauehave passagepassage inin thethe silentsilent nightnight.
wln 0088NoNo soonersooner hadhad sheshe spokespoke butbut wewe werewere heerehere,
wln 0089II wotwot notnot howhow, inin twinklingtwinkling ofof anan eyeeye.
wln 0090ReuengeRevenge.
wln 0091THenTHen knowknow AndreaAndrea thatthat thouthou artart ariu’darrived,
wln 0092WhereWhere thouthou shaltshalt seesee thethe authorauthor ofof thythy deathdeath:
wln 0093DonDon BalthazarBalthazar thethe PrincePrince ofof PortingalePortingale.
wln 0094Depriu’dDeprived ofof lifelife byby Bel-imperiaBel-imperia:
wln 0095HeereHere sitsit wewe downedown toto seesee thethe misteriemystery,
wln 0096AndAnd serueserve forfor ChorusChorus inin thisthis tragedietragedy.
wln 0097EnterEnter SpanishSpanish KingKing, GenerallGeneral, CastileCastil●Castile, HieronimoHieronimo.
wln 0098KingKing.
wln 0099NOwNOw saysay L.LordL. GenerallGeneral, howhow faresfares ourour CampeCamp?
wln 0100Gen.GeneralGen.AllAll welwell mymy soueraignesovereign LiegeLiege, exceptexcept somesome fewfew,
wln 0101ThatThat areare deceastdeceased byby fortunefortune ofof thethe warrewar.
wln 0102KingKing.ButBut whatwhat portendsportends thythy cheerefullcheerful countenancecountenance,
wln 0103AndAnd postingposting toto ourour presencepresence thusthus inin hasthaste?
wln 0104SpeakSpeak manman, hathhath fortunefortune giuengiven vsus victorievictory?

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The Spanish Tragedie.

wln 0105Gen.GeneralGen.VictorieVictory mymy LiegeLiege, andand thatthat withwith littlelittle losseloss.
wln 0106KingKing.OurOur PortingalsPortingalesPortingals willwill paypay vsus tributetribute thenthen.
wln 0107Gen.GeneralGen.TributeTribute andand wontedwonted homagehomage therewithalltherewithal.
wln 0108KingKing.ThenThen blestblestblessed bebe heauenheaven, andand guiderguider ofof thethe heauensheavens,
wln 0109FromFrom whosewhose fairefair influenceinfluence suchsuch iusticejustice flowesflows.
wln 0110Cast.CastileCast.OO multummultum dilectedilecte DeoDeo, tibitibst●b●tibstibi militatmilitat ætheraetheraether,
wln 0111EtEt coniuratæconiurataeconiuratae curuatocurvatocuruato poplitopoplito gentesgentes
wln 0112SuccumbuntSuccumbunt: rectirectiserorrectirectiserorrecti sorors●rors●rorsoror estest victoriavictoria iurisiuris.

wln 0113KingKing.ThanksThanks toto mymy louingloving brotherbrother ofof CastileCastileCastille.
wln 0114ButBut GenerallGeneral, vnfoldeunfold inin breefebrief discoursediscourse,
wln 0115YourYour formeform ofof battellbattle andand youryour warreswar’s successesuccess.
wln 0116ThatThat addingadding allall thethe pleasurepleasure ofof thythy newesnews,
wln 0117VntoUnto thethe heightheight ofof formerformer happineshappiness,
wln 0118WithWith deeperdeeper wagewage andand greatergreater dignitiedignity,
wln 0119WeWe maymay rewardreward thythy blisfullblissful chiualriechivalry.
wln 0120Gen.GeneralGen.WhereWhere SpaineSpain andand PortingalePortingale dodo ioyntlyjointly knitknit
wln 0121TheirTheir frontiersfrontiers, leaningleaning onon eacheach othersother’sothers boundbound:
wln 0122ThereThere metmet ourour armiesarmies inin theirtheir proudproud arayarray,
wln 0123BothBoth furnishtfurnished wellwell, bothboth fullfull ofof hopehope andand fearefear:
wln 0124BothBoth menacingmenacing alikealike withwith daringdaring showesshows,
wln 0125BothBoth vauntingvaunting sundrysundry colourscolorscolours ofof deuicedevice,
wln 0126BothBoth cheerlycheerlycherely soundingsounding trumpetstrumpets, drumsdrums andand fifesfifes.
wln 0127BothBoth raisingraising dreadfulldreadful clamorsclamorsclamours toto thethe skiesky,
wln 0128ThatThat valleisvalleys, hilshills, andand riuersrivers mademade reboundrebound,
wln 0129AndAnd heauenheaven it selfeitself waswas frightedfrighted withwith thethe soundsound.
wln 0130OurOur battelsbattles bothboth werewere pitchtpitched inin squadronsquadron formeform,
wln 0131EachEach cornercorner stronglystrongly fenst●enstfenced withwith wingswings ofof shotshot,
wln 0132ButBut ereere wewe ioyndjoined andand camecame toto pushpush ofof PikePike,
wln 0133II broughtbrought aa squadronsquadron ofof ourour readiestreadiest shotshot,
wln 0134FromFrom outout ourour rearwardrearward toto beginbegin thethe fightfight,
wln 0135TheyThey broughtbrought anotheranother wingwing toto incounterencounter vsus:
wln 0136Meane whileMeanwhilemeanwhile ourour ordinanceordinance plaidplayed onon eithereither sideside,
wln 0137AndAnd CaptainesCaptains strouestrove toto hauehave theirtheir valoursvalorsvalours tridetried.
wln 0138DonDon PedroPedro theirtheir chiefechief horse menshorsemen’shorse men’s ColonellCo●●onellColonel:
wln 0139DidDid withwith hishis CornetCornet brauelybravely makemake attemptattempt,
wln 0140ToTo breakbreak thethe orderorder ofof ourour battellbattel●battle rankesranks.
wln 0141ButBut DonDon RogeroR●geroRogero worthyworthy manman ofof warrewar,

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sig: A4r

The Spanish Tragedie.

wln 0142MarchtMarched forthforth againstagainst himhim withwith ourour MusketiersMusk●●ier●Musketeers,
wln 0143AndAnd stoptstopped thethe mallicemalice ofof hishis fellfell approchapproach.
wln 0144WhileWhile theythey maintainemaintain hothot skirmishskirmish toototoo andand frofro,
wln 0145BothBoth battailesbattles ioynejoin andand fallfall toto handiehandy blowesblows.
wln 0146TheirThei●Their violentviolent shotshot resemblingresembling th’oceansth’ocean’s ragerage,
wln 0147WhenWhen roaringroa●ingroaring lowdloud andand withwith aa swellingswelling tide●●detide,
wln 0148ItIt beatsbeats vponupon thethe rampiersra●●piersrampires ofof hugehuge rocksrocks,
wln 0149AndAnd gapesgapes toto swallowswallow neighbour boundingneighbor-boundingneighbour bounding landslands.
wln 0150NowNow whilewhile BellonaBellona ragethrageth heerehere andand therethere,
wln 0151ThickThick stormesstorms ofof bulletsbullets ranran likelike winterswinter’s hailehail,
wln 0152AndAnd shiueredshivered LauncesLances darkedark thethe troubledtroubled aireair.
wln 0153PedePede pespes &Etet cuspidecuspide cuspiscuspis,
wln 0154ArmiAnniArmiAnni sonantsonant armisannisannisarmis virvir petiturquepetiturque viro.viro.

wln 0155OnOn eueryevery sideside dropdrop CaptainesCaptains toto thethe groundground,
wln 0156AndAnd SouldiersSoldiers somesome illill maimdemai●●demaimed, somesome slaineslain outrightoutright:
wln 0157HeereHere fallesfalls aa bodybody scindredsundered fromfrom hishis headhead,
wln 0158ThereThere legslegs andand armesarms lyelie bleedingbleeding onon thethe grassegrass,
wln 0159MingledMingled withwith weaponsweapons andand vnboweldunbowelled steedssteeds:
wln 0160ThatThat scatteringscattering ouer spreadoverspreadover spread thethe purplepurple plaineplain.
wln 0161InIn allall thisthis turmoyleturmoil threethree longlong hovreshours andand moremore,
wln 0162TheThe victoryvictory toto neitherneither partpart inclindeinclined,
wln 0163TillTill DonDon AndreaAndrea withwith hishis brauebrave LaunciersLau●ciersLanciers,
wln 0164InIn theirtheir mainemain battellbattle mademade soso greatgreat aa breachbreach,
wln 0165ThatThat halfehal●ehalf dismaiddismayed, thethe multitudemultitude retirderet●rderetired:
wln 0166ButBut BalthazarBalthazar thethe PortingalesPortingales’Portingales youngyoung PrincePrince,
wln 0167BroughtBrought rescuerescue andand encouragdeencouraged themthem toto staystay:
wln 0168Heere-henceHere-hence thethe fightfight waswas eagerlyeagerly renewdrenewed,
wln 0169AndAnd inin thatthat conflictconflict waswas AndreaAndrea slaineslain.
wln 0170BraueBrave manman atat armesarms, butbut weakeweak toto BalthazarBalthazar.
wln 0171YetYet whilewhile thethe PrincePrince insultinginsulting ouerover himhim,
wln 0172BreathdBreathed outout proudproud vauntsvaunts, soundingsounding toto ourour reprochreproach,
wln 0173FriendshipFriendship anda●dand hardiehardy valourvalorvalour ioyndjoined inin oneone,
wln 0174PricktPricked forthforth HoratioHoratio ourour KnightKnight MarshalsMarshal’s sonneson,
wln 0175ToTo challengechallenge forthforth thatthat PrincePrince inin singlesingle fightfight:
wln 0176NotNot longlong betweenebetween thesethese twainetwain thethe fightfight indurdeendured,
wln 0177ButBut straightstraight thethe PrincePrince waswas beatenbeaten fromfrom hishis horsehorse,
wln 0178AndAnd forcstforcdfor●stforced toto yeeldyield himhim prisonerpr●sonerprisoner toto hishis foefoe:

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sig: A4v

The Spanish Tragedie.

wln 0179WhenWhen hehe waswas takentaken, allall thethe restrest theythey fledfled,
wln 0180AndAnd ourour CarbinesCarbines pursuedpursued themthem toto thethe deathdeath,
wln 0181TillTill PhœbusPhoebusPhoebus wauingwaving toto thethe westernwestern deepedeep,
wln 0182OurOur TrumpetersTrumpeters werewere chargdecharged toto soundsound retreatretreat.
wln 0183KingKing.ThanksThanks goodgood LordL.L.Lord GenerallGeneral forfor thesethese goodgood newesnews,
wln 0184AndAnd forfor somesome argumentargument ofof moremore toto comecome,
wln 0185TakeTake thisthis andand wearewear itit forfor thythy soueraignessovereign’s sakesake.
wln 0186GiueGive himhim hishis chainechain,
wln 0187ButBut telltell meme nownow, hast●asthast thouthou confirmdconfirmed aa peacepeace?
wln 0188Gen.GeneralGen.NoNo peacepeace mymy LiegeLiege, butbut peacepeace conditionallconditional,
wln 0189ThatThat ifif withwith homagehomage tributetribute bebe wellwell paidpaid,
wln 0190TheThe furyfury ofof youryour forcesforces wilbewill be staidestayed.
wln 0191AndAnd toto thisthis peacepeace theirtheir ViceroyViceroy hathhath subscribdesubscribed.
wln 0192GiueGive thethe K.K●a●paperKingK. aa paperpaper.
wln 0193AndAnd mademade aa solemnesolemn vowvow thatthat duringduring lifelife,
wln 0194HisHis tributetribute shalbeshall be truelytruly paidpaid toto SpaineSpain.
wln 0195KingKing.TheseThese wordswords, thesethese deedsdeeds, becomebecome thythy personperson welwell.
wln 0196ButBut nownow KnightKnight MarshallMarshall frolike●rolikefrolic withwith thythy KingKing,
wln 0197ForFor tis’tis thythy SonneSon thatthat winneswins thisthis battelsbattle’sbattles prizeprize.
wln 0198Hiero.HieronimoHiero.LongLong maymay hehe liuelive toto serueserve mymy soueraignesovereign liegeliege,
wln 0199AndAnd soonesoon decaydecay vnlesseunless hehe serueserve mymy liegeliege.
wln 0200AA tuckettucket a farreafar offoff.
wln 0201KingKing.NotNot thouthou nornor hehe shallshall dyedie withoutwithout rewardreward,
wln 0202WhatWhat meanesmeans thisthis warningwa●ningwarning ofof thisthis trumpetstrumpet’s soundsound?
wln 0203Gen.GeneralGen.ThisThis telstells meme thatthat youryour gracesgrace’sgraces menmen ofof warrewar,
wln 0204SuchSuch asas warreswar’swars fortunefortune hathhath reseru’dreserved fromfrom deathdeath,
wln 0205ComeCome marchingmarching onon towardstowards youryour royallroyal seateseat,
wln 0206ToTo showshow themseluesthemselves beforebefore youryour MaiestieMajesty,
wln 0207ForFor soso II gauegave inin chargecharge atat mymy departdepart.
wln 0208WherebyWhereby byby demonstrationdemonstration shallshall appeareappear,
wln 0209ThatThat allall (exceptexcept threethree hundredhundred oror fewfew moremore)
wln 0210AreAre safesafe returndreturned andand byby theirtheir foesfoes inrichtenriched.

wln 0211TheThe ArmieArmy entersenters, BalthazarBalthazar betweenebetween LorenzoLorenz●Lorenzo
wln 0212andand HoratioHoratio captiuecaptive.

wln 0213KingKing.AA gladsomegladsome sightsight, II longlong toto seesee themthem heerehere.
wln 0214TheyThey enterenter andand passepass byby.
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sig: B1r

The Spanish Tragedle.

wln 0215WasWas thatthat thethe warlikewarlike PrincePrince ofof PortingalePortingale,
wln 0216ThatThat byby ourour NephewNephew waswas inin triumphtriumph ledled?
wln 0217Gen.GeneralGen.ItIt waswas mymy LiegeLiege, thethe PrincePrince ofof PortingalePortingale.
wln 0218KingKing.ButBut whatwhat waswas hehe thatthat onon thethe otherother sideside,
wln 0219HeldHeld himhim byby th’armeth’ armth’arm asas partnerpartner ofof thethe prizeprize?
wln 0220Hiero.HieronimoHiero.ThatThat waswas mymy sonneson mymy gratiousgracious soueraignesovereign,
wln 0221OfOf whomewhom, thoughthough fromfrom hishis tendertender infancieinfancy,
wln 0222MyMy louingloving thoughtsthoughts diddid neuernever hopehope butbut wellwell:
wln 0223HeHe neuernever pleasdpleased hishis fathersfather’s eyeseyes tilltill nownow,
wln 0224NorNor fildfilled mymy hartheart withwith ouercloyingovercloying ioyesjoys.
wln 0225KingKing.GoeGo letlet themthem marchmarch onceonce moremore aboutabout thesethese walleswalls,
wln 0226ThatThat stayingstaying themthem wewe maymay conferreconfer andand talketalk,
wln 0227WithWith ourour brauebrave prisonerprisoner andand hishis doubledouble guardguard.
wln 0228HieronimoHieronimo, itit greatlygreatly pleasethpleaseth vsus,
wln 0229ThatThat inin ourour victorievictory thouthou hauehave aa shareshare,
wln 0230ByBy vertuevirtue ofof thythy worthyworthy sonnesson’s exploitexploit.
wln 0231EnterEnter againeagain.
wln 0232BringBring hetherhither thethe youngyoung PrincePrince ofof PortingalePortingale,
wln 0233TheThe restrest martchmarch onon, butbut ereere theythey bebe dismistdismissed,
wln 0234WeWe willwill bestowbestow onon eueryevery souldiersoldier twotwo ducketsducats,
wln 0235AndAnd onon eueryevery leaderleader tenten, thatthat theythey maymay knowknow
wln 0236OurOur largesselargesse welcomeswelcomes themthem.
wln 0237ExeuntExeunt allall butbut Bal.BalthazarBal. Lor.LorenzoLor. Hor●lorHoratioHor.
wln 0238WelcomeWelcome DonDon BalthazarBalthazar, welcomewelcome NephewNephew,
wln 0239AndAnd thouthou HoratioHoratio thouthou artart welcomewelcome tootoo:
wln 0240YoungYoung PrincePrince, althoughalthough thythy fathersfather’s hardhard misdeedesmisdeeds,
wln 0241InIn keepingkeeping backeback thethe tributetribute thatthat hehe owesowes,
wln 0242DeserueDeserve butbut euillevil measuremeasure atat ourour handshands:
wln 0243YetYet shaltshalt thouthou knowknow thatthat SpaineSpain isis honorablehonorablehonourable.
wln 0244Balt.BalthazarBalt.TheThe trespassetrespass thatthat mymy FatherFather mademade inin peacepeace,
wln 0245IsIs nownow controldecontrolled byby fortunefortune ofof thethe warreswars:
wln 0246AndAnd cardscards onceonce dealtdealt, itit bootesboots notnot askeask whywhy soso,
wln 0247HisHis menmen areare slaineslain, aa weakeningweakening toto hishis RealmeRealm,
wln 0248HisHis colourscolorscolours ceaz’dseizedceased, aa blotblot vntounto hishis namename,
wln 0249HisHis SonneSon distrestdistressed, aa corsiuecorrosive toto hishis hartheart,
wln 0250TheseThese punishmentspunishments maymay cleareclear hishis latelate offenceoffenseoffence.
wln 0251KingKing.IAyI BalthazarBalthazar, ifif hehe obserueobserve thisthis trucetruce,

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sig: B1v

The Spanish Tragedie.

wln 0252OurOur peacepeace willwill growgrow thethe strongerstronger forfor thesethese warreswars:
wln 0253Meane whileMeanwhilemeanwhile liuelive thouthou thoughthough notnot inin libertieliberty,
wln 0254YetYet freefree fromfrom bearingbearing anyany seruileservile yoakeyoke.
wln 0255ForFor inin ourour hearinghearing thythy desertsdeserts werewere greatgreat,
wln 0256AndAnd inin ourour sightsight thy selfethyself artart gratiousgracious.
wln 0257Balt.BalthazarBalt.AndAnd II shallshall studiestudy toto deseruedeserve thisthis gracegrace.
wln 0258KingKing.ButBut telltell meme, forfor theirtheir holdingholding makesmakes meme doubtdoubt,
wln 0259ToTo whichwhich ofof thesethese twainetwain artart thouthou prisonerprisoner.
wln 0260Lor.LorenzoLor.ToTo meme mymy LiegeLiege.
wln 0261Hor.HoratioHor.ToTo meme mymy SoueraigneSovereign.
wln 0262Lor.LorenzoLor.ThisThis handhand firstfirst tooketook hishis coursercourser byby thethe rainesreins.
wln 0263Hor.HoratioHor.ButBut firstfirst mymy launcelance diddid putput himhim fromfrom hishis horsehorse.
wln 0264Lor.LorenzoLor.II ceaz’d●eaz’dseized hishis weaponweapon andand enioydeenjoyedenjoy itit firstfirst.
wln 0265Hor.HoratioHor.ButBut firstfirst II forc’dforced himhim laylay hishis weaponsweapons downedown,
wln 0266KingKing.LetLet goego hishis armearm vponupon ourour priuiledgeprivilege.
wln 0267LetLet himhim goego.
wln 0268SaySay worthyworthy PrincePrince, toto whetherwhether didstdidst thouthou yeeldyield?
wln 0269Balt.BalthazarBalt.ToTo himhim inin curtesiecourtesy, toto thisthis perforceperforce:
wln 0270HeHe spakespakespoke meme fairefair, thisthis otherother gauegave meme strokesstrokes:
wln 0271HeHe promisdepromised lifelife, thisthis otherother threatnedthreatened deathdeath:
wln 0272HeHe wanwon mymy louelove, thisthis otherother conquerdconquered meme:
wln 0273AndAnd truthtruth toto saysay II yeeldyield my selfemyself toto bothboth.
wln 0274Hiero.HieronimoHiero.ButBut thatthat II knawknowknaw youryour gracegrace forfor iustjust andand wisewise,
wln 0275AndAnd mightmight seemeseem partiallpartial inin thisthis differencedifference,
wln 0276InforctInfor●tEnforced byby naturenature andand byby lawlaw ofof armesarms,
wln 0277MyMy tonguetongue shouldshould pleadplead forfor youngyoung HoratiosHoratio’s rightright.
wln 0278HeHe huntedhunted wellwell thatthat waswas aa LyonsLion’slion’s deathdeath,
wln 0279NotNot hehe thatthat inin aa garmentgarment worewore hishis skinskin:
wln 0280SoSo HaresHares maymay pullpull deaddead LyonsLionslions byby thethe beardbeard.
wln 0281KingKing.ContentContent theethee MarshallMarshal thouthou shaltshalt hauehave nono wrongwrong,
wln 0282AndAnd forfor thythy sakesake thythy SonneSon shallshall wantwant nono rightright.
wln 0283WillWill bothboth abideabide thethe censurecensure ofof mymy doomedoom?
wln 0284Lor.LorenzoLor.II crauecrave nono betterbetter thenthan youryour gracegrace awardsawards.
wln 0285Hor.HoratioHor.NorNor II, althoughalthough II sitsit besidebeside mymy rightright.
wln 0286KingKing.ThenThen byby mymy iudgementjudgement thusthus youryour strifestrife shallshall endend,
wln 0287YouYou bothboth deseruedeserve andand bothboth shallshall hauehave rewardreward.
wln 0288NephewNephew, thouthou tooksttook’sttookst hishis weaponweapon andand hishis horsehorse,

img: 6-b
sig: B2r

The Spanish Tragedie.

wln 0289HisHis weaponsweapons andand hishis horsehorse areare thythy rewardreward.
wln 0290HoratioHoratio thouthou didstdidst forceforce himhim firstfirst toto yeeldyield,
wln 0291HisHis ransomeransom thereforetherefore isis thythy valoursvalor’svalour’s feefee:
wln 0292AppointAppoint thethe sumsum asas youyou shallshall bothboth agreeagree.
wln 0293ButBut NephewNephew thouthou shaltshalt hauehave thethe PrincePrince inin guardguard,
wln 0294ForFor thinethine estateestate bestbest fittethfitteth suchsuch aa guestguest.
wln 0295HoratiosHoratio’s househouse werewere smallsmall forfor allall hishis trainetrain,
wln 0296YetYet inin regarderegard thythy substancesubstance passethpasseth hishis,
wln 0297AndAnd thatthat iustjust guerdonguerdon maymay befallbefall desertdesert,
wln 0298ToTo himhim wewe yeeldyield thethe armourarmorarmour ofof thethe PrincePrince.
wln 0299HowHow likeslikes. DonDon BalthazarBalthazar ofof thisthis deuicedevice?
wln 0300Balt.BalthazarBalt.RightRight wellwell mymy LiegeLiege, ifif thisthis prouizoproviso werewere,
wln 0301ThatThat DonDon HoratioHoratio bearebear vsus companycompany,
wln 0302WhomeWhom II admireadmire andand louelove forfor chiualriechivalry.
wln 0303KingKing.HoratioHoratio leaueleave himhim notnot thatthat louesloves theethee soso,
wln 0304NowNow letlet vsus hencehence toto seesee ourour souldierssoldiers paidepaid,
wln 0305AndAnd feastfeast ourour prisonerprisoner asas ourour friendlyfriendly guestguest.
wln 0306ExeuntExeunt.
wln 0307EnterEnter ViceroyV●ceroyViceroy, AlexandroAlexandro, VilluppoVilluppo.
wln 0308Vice.ViceroyVice.IsIs ourour embassadourambassador dispatchtdispatched forfor SpaineSpain?
wln 0309Alex.AlexandroAlex.TwoTwo daiesdays (mymy LiegeLiege) areare pastpassed sincesince hishis departdepart.
wln 0310Vice.ViceroyVice.AndAnd tributetribute paimentpayment gonegone alongalong withwith himhim?
wln 0311Alex.AlexandroAlex.IAyI mymy goodgood LordLord.
wln 0312Vice.ViceroyVice.ThenThen restrest wewe heerehere aa whilewhile inin ourour vnrestunrest.
wln 0313AndAnd feedfeed ourour sorrowessorrows withwith somesome inwardinward sighessighs,
wln 0314ForFor deepestdeepest carescares breakbreak neuernever intointo tearestears.
wln 0315ButBut whereforewherefore sitsit II inin aa RegallRegal thronethrone,
wln 0316ThisThis betterbetter fitsfits aa wretcheswretch’s endlesendless moanemoan.
wln 0317YetYet thisthis isis higherhigher thenthan mymy fortunesfortune’s reachreach,
wln 0318AndAnd thereforetherefore betterbetter thenthan mymy statestate deseruesdeserves.
wln 0319FallesFalls toto thethe groundground.
wln 0320IAyay, IAyay, thisthis earthearth, ImageImage ofof mellanchollymelancholy,
wln 0321SeeksSeeks himhim whomewhom fatesfates adiudgeadjudge toto miseriemisery:
wln 0322HeereHere letlet meme lyelie, nownow amam II atat thethe lowestlowest.
wln 0323QviQuiQvi iacetiacet inin terraterra nonnon habetha●ethabet vndeunde cadatcadat,
wln 0324InIn meme consumpsitconsumpsit viresvires fortunafortuna nocendonocendo,
wln 0325NilNil superestsuperest vtut iamiam possitpossit obesseobesse magismagis.


img: 7-a
sig: B2v

The Spanish Tragedie.

wln 0326YesYes, FortuneFortune maymay bereauebereave meme ofof mymy CrowneCrown:
wln 0327HeereHere taketake itit nownow, letlet FortuneFortune doedo herher worstworst,
wln 0328SheShe willwill notnot robrob meme ofof thisthis sablesable weedweed,
wln 0329OOOh nono, sheshe enuiesenvies nonenone butbut pleasantpleasant thingsthings,
wln 0330SuchSuch isis thethe follyfolly ofof dispightfulldespiteful chancechance:
wln 0331FortuneFortune isis blindeblind andand seessees notnot mymy desertsdeserts,
wln 0332SoSo isis sheshe deafedeaf andand heareshears notnot mymy lamentslaments:
wln 0333AndAnd couldcould sheshe hearehear, yetyet isis sheshe wilfullwilful madmad,
wln 0334AndAnd thereforetherefore willwill notnot pittiepity mymy distressedis●ressedistress.
wln 0335SupposeSuppose thatthat sheshe couldcould pittiepity meme, whatwhat thenthen?
wln 0336WhatWhat helpehelp cancan bebe expectedexpected atat herher handshands?
wln 0337WhoseWhose footfoot standingstanding onon aa rowlingrolling stonestone,
wln 0338AndAnd mindemind moremore mutablemutable thenthan ficklefickle windeswinds.
wln 0339WhyWhy wailewail II thenthen whereswhere’s hopehope ofof nono redresseredres●eredress?
wln 0340OO yesyes, complainingcomplaining makesmakes mymy greefegrief seemeseem lesseless.
wln 0341MyMy latelate ambitionambition hathhath distainddistained mymy faithfaith,
wln 0342MyMy breachbreach ofof faithfaith occasiondoccasioned bloudiebloody warreswars,
wln 0343ThoseThose bloudiebloody warreswars hauehave spentspent mymy treasuretreasure,
wln 0344AndAnd withwith mymy treasuretreasure mymy peoplespeople’s bloodblood,
wln 0345AndAnd withwith theirtheir bloodblood, mymy ioyjoy andand bestbest belouedbeloved,
wln 0346MyMy bestbest belouedbeloved, mymy sweetsweet andand onelyonly SonneSon.
wln 0347OO whereforewherefore wentwent II notnot toto warrewar my selfemyself?
wln 0348TheThe causecause waswas minemine II mightmight hauehave dieddied forfor bothboth:
wln 0349MyMy yeeresyears werewere mellowmellow, hishis butbut youngyoung andand greenegreen,
wln 0350MyMy deathdeath werewere naturallnatural, butbut hishis waswas forcedforced.
wln 0351Alex.AlexandroAlex.NoNo doubtdoubt mymy LiegeLiege butbut stillstill thethe PrincePrince suruiuessurvives.
wln 0352Vice.ViceroyVice.SuruiuesSurvives, IAyI wherewhere?
wln 0353Alex.AlexandroAlex.InIn SpaineSpain, aa prisonerprisoner byby mischancemischance ofof warrewar.
wln 0354Vice.ViceroyVice.ThenThen theythey hauehave slaine●laineslain himhim forfor hishis fathersfather’s faultfault.
wln 0355Alex.AlexandroAlex.ThatThat werewere aa breachbreach toto commoncommon lawlaw ofof armesarms.
wln 0356Vice.ViceroyVice.TheyThey reckereck nono laweslaws thatthat meditatemeditate reuengerevenge.
wln 0357Alex.AlexandroAlex.HisHis ransomesransom’s worthworth willwill staystay fromfrom foulefoul reuengerevenge.
wln 0358Vice.ViceroyVice.NoNo, ifif hehe liuedlived thethe newesnews wouldwould soonesoon bebe heerehere.
wln 0359Alex.AlexandroAlex.NayNay euillevil newesnews fliefly fasterfaster stillstill thanthan goodgood.
wln 0360Vice.ViceroyVice.TellTell meme nono moremore ofof newesnews, forfor hehe isis deaddead.
wln 0361Villup.VilluppoVillup.MyMy soueraignsovereign pardonpardon thethe AuthorAuthor ofof illill newesnews,
wln 0362AndAnd IleI’ll bewraybewray thethe fortunefortune ofof thythy SonneSon.

img: 7-b
sig: B3r

The Spanish Tragedie.

wln 0363Vice.ViceroyVice.SpeakeSpeak onon, IleI’ll guerdonguerdon theethee what erewhate’er itit bebe,
wln 0364MineMine eareear isis readyready toto receiuereceive illill newesnews,
wln 0365MyMy hartheart grownegrown hardhard gainst’gainst mischiefesmischief’s batterybattery,
wln 0366StandStand vpup II saysay andand telltell thythy taletale atat largelarge,
wln 0367Villup.VilluppoVillup.ThenThen hearehear thatthat truthtruth whichwhich thesethese minemine eieseyes hauehave (seeneseen.
wln 0368WhenWhen bothboth thethe armiesarmies werewere inin battellbattle ioyndjoined,
wln 0369DonDon BalthazarBalthazar amidstamidstamid thethe thickestthickest troupestroops,
wln 0370ToTo winnewin renownerenown, diddid wondrouswondrous featsfeats ofof armesarms:
wln 0371AmongstAmongst thethe restrest II sawsaw himhim handhand toto handhand
wln 0372InIn singlesingle fightfight withwith theirtheir LordLord GenerallGeneral.
wln 0373TillTill AlexandroAlexandro thatthat heerehere counterfeitscounterfeits,
wln 0374VnderUnder thethe colourcolorcolour ofof aa duteousduteous freendfriend,
wln 0375DischargedDischarged hishis PistollPistol atat thethe PrincesPrince’sPRINCE’s backback,
wln 0376AsAs thoughthough hehe wouldwould hauehave slaineslain theirtheir GenerallGeneral.
wln 0377ButBut therwithalltherewithal DonDon BalthazarBalthazar fellfell downedown:
wln 0378AndAnd whenwhen hehe fellfell thenthen wewe beganbegan toto fliefly,
wln 0379ButBut hadhad hehe liuedlived thethe dayday hadhad suresure benebeen oursours.
wln 0380Alex.AlexandroAlex.OO wickedwicked forgerieforgery: OOOh traiteroustraitorous miscreantmiscreant.
wln 0381Vice.ViceroyVice.HoldeHold thouthou thythy peacepeace, butbut nownow VilluppoVilluppo saysay,
wln 0382WhereWhere thenthen becamebecame thethe carkassecarcasscarcase ofof mymy SonneSon?
wln 0383Villup.VilluppoVillup.II sawsaw themthem dragdrag itit toto thethe SpanishSpanish tentstents.
wln 0384Vice.ViceroyVice.IAyay, IAyay, mymy nightlynightly dreamesdreams hauehave toldetold meme thisthis:
wln 0385ThouThou falsefalse, vnkindeunkind, vnthankfullunthankful traiteroustraitorous beastbeast,
wln 0386WhereinWherein hadhad BalthazarBalthazar offendedoffended theethee,
wln 0387ThatThat thouthou shouldstshouldst thusthus betraybetray himhim toto ourour foesfoes?
wln 0388WastWast SpanishSpanish goldegold thatthat blearedbleared soso thinethine eyeseyes,
wln 0389ThatThat thouthou couldstcouldst seesee nono partpart ofof ourour desertsdeserts?
wln 0390PerchancePerchance becausebecause thouthou artart TerseraesTersera’s LordLord,
wln 0391ThouThou hadsthadst somesome hopehope toto wearewear thisthis DiadomeDiademdiadem,
wln 0392IfIf firstfirst mymy SonneSon andand thenthen my selfemyself werewere slaineslain:
wln 0393ButBut thythy ambitiousambitious thoughtthought shallshall breakebreak thythy neckneck.
wln 0394IAyay, thisthis waswas itit thatthat mademade theethee spillspill hishis bloudblood,
wln 0395TakeTake thethe crownecrown andand putput itit onon againeagain.
wln 0396ButBut IleI’ll nownow wearewear itit tilltill thythy bloudblood bebe spiltspilt.
wln 0397Alex.AlexandroAlex.VouchsafeVouchsafe (dreaddread SoueraigneSovereign toto hearehear meme speakspeak.
wln 0398Vice.ViceroyVice.A wayAAwayAwayway withwith himhim, hishis sightsight isis secondsecond hellhell,
wln 0399KeepeKeep himhim tilltill wewe determinedetermine ofof hishis deathdeath.

img: 8-a
sig: B3v

The Spanish tragedie.

wln 0400IfIf BalthazarBalthazar bebe deaddead, hehe shallshall notnot liuelive.
wln 0401VilluppoVilluppo followfollow vsus forfor thythy rewardreward.ExitExit ViceViceroyVice.
wln 0402Villup.VilluppoVillup.ThusThus hauehave II withwith anan enuiousenvious forgedforged taletale,
wln 0403DeceiuedDeceived thethe KingKing, betraidbetrayed minemine enemyenemy,
wln 0404AndAnd hopehope forfor guerdonguerdon ofof mymy villanyvillainy.ExitExit.

wln 0405EnterEnter HoratioHoratio andand Bel-imperiaBel-imperia.
wln 0406Bel.Bel-imperiaBel.SigniorSignior HoratioHoratio, thisthis isis thethe placeplace andand hourehour,
wln 0407WhereinWherein II mustmust intreatentreat theethee toto relaterelate,
wln 0408TheThe circumstancecircumstance ofof DonDon AndreasAndrea’s deathdeath:
wln 0409WhoWho liuingliving waswas mymy garlandsgarland’sgarlands sweetestsweetest flowerflower,
wln 0410AndAnd inin hishis deathdeath hathhath buriedburied mymy delightsdelights.
wln 0411Hor.HoratioHor.ForFor louelove ofof himhim andand seruiceservice toto your selfeyourself,
wln 0412II nillnill refuserefuse thisthis heauyheavy dolefulldoleful chargecharge.
wln 0413YetYet tearestears andand sighessighs, II fearefear willwill hinderhinder meme.
wln 0414WhenWhen bothboth ourour ArmiesArmies werewere enioyndenjoined inin fightfight.
wln 0415YourYour worthieworthy chiualierchevalier amidstamid thethe thikstthick’st,
wln 0416ForFor gloriousglorious causecause stillstill aimingaiming atat thethe fairestfairest,
wln 0417WasWas atat thethe lastlast byby yongyoung DonDon BalthazarBalthazar,
wln 0418EncountredEncountered handhand toto handhand: theirtheir fightfight waswas longlong,
wln 0419TheirTheir hartshearts werewere greatgreat, theirtheir clamoursclamorsclamours menacingmenacing,
wln 0420TheirTheir strengthstrength alikealike, theirtheir strokesstrokes bothboth dangerousdangerous.
wln 0421ButBut wrathfullwrathful NemesisNemesis thatthat wickedwicked powerpower,
wln 0422EnuyingEnvying atat AndreasAndrea’s praisepraise andand worthworth,
wln 0423CutCut shortshort hishis lifelife toto endend hishis praisepraise andand woorthworth.
wln 0424SheShe, sheshe her selfeherself disguisdedisguised inin armoursarmor’sarmours maskemask,
wln 0425(AsAs PallasPallas waswas beforebefore proudproud PergamusPergamus:)
wln 0426BroughtBrought inin aa freshfresh supplysupply ofof HalberdiersHalberdiers,
wln 0427WhichWhich paunchtpaunched hishis horsehorse andand dingddinged himhim toto thethe groundground,
wln 0428ThenThen yongyoung DonDon BalthazarBalthazar withwith ruthlesruthless ragerage,
wln 0429TakingTaking aduantageadvantage ofof hishis foesfoe’s distressedistress,
wln 0430DidDid finishfinish whatwhat hishis HalberdiersHalberdiers begunbegun,
wln 0431AndAnd leftleft notnot tilltill AndreasAndrea’s lifelife waswas donedone.
wln 0432ThenThen thoughthough tootoo latelate incenstincensed withwith iustjust remorceremorse,
wln 0433II withwith mymy bandband setset foorthfoo●thforth againstagainst thethe PrincePrince,
wln 0434AndAnd broughtbrought himhim prisonerprisoner fromfrom hishis HalberdiersHalberdiers.
wln 0435Bel.Bel-imperiaBel.WouldWould thouthou hadsthadst slaineslain himhim thatthat soso slewslew mymy louelove.

img: 8-b
sig: B4r

The Spanish tragedie.

wln 0436ButBut thenthen waswas DonDon AndreasAndrea’s carkassecarcasscarcase lostlost?
wln 0437Hor.HoratioHor.NoNo, thatthat waswas itit forfor whichwhich II cheefelychiefly strouestrou●strove,
wln 0438NorNor steptstepped II backback tilltill II recouerdrecovered himhim:
wln 0439II tooketook himhim vpup andand woundwound himhim inin minemine armesarms.
wln 0440AndAnd weldingwelding himhim vntounto mymy priuateprivate tenttent,
wln 0441ThereThere laidlaid himhim downedown andand dewddewed himhim withwith mymy tearestears,
wln 0442AndAnd sighedsighed andand sorrowedsorrowed asas becamebecame aa freendfriend.
wln 0443ButBut neitherneither freendlyfriendly sorrowsorrow, sighessighs nornor tearestears,
wln 0444CouldCould winwin palepale deathdeath fromfrom hishis vsurpedusurped rightright.
wln 0445YetYet thisthis II diddid, andand lesseless II couldcould notnot doedo:
wln 0446II sawsaw himhim honouredhonoredhonoured withwith duedue funerallfuneral,
wln 0447ThisThis scarfescarf II plucktplucked fromfrom offoff hishis liueleslifeless armearm,
wln 0448AndAnd wearewear itit inin remembranceremembrance ofof mymy freendfriend.
wln 0449Bel.Bel-imperiaBel.II knowknow thethe scarfescarf, wouldwould hehe hadhad keptkept itit stillstill,
wln 0450ForFor hadhad hehe liuedlived hehe wouldwould hauehave keptkept itit stillstill,
wln 0451AndAnd worneworn itit forfor hishis Bel-imperiasBel-imperia’s sakesake:
wln 0452ForFor twas’twas mymy fauourfavorfavour atat hishis lastlast departdepart.
wln 0453ButBut nownow wearewear thouthou itit bothboth forfor himhim andand meme,
wln 0454ForFor afterafter himhim thouthou hasthast deserueddeserved itit bestbest,
wln 0455ButBut forfor thythy kindneskindness inin hishis lifelife andand deathdeath,
wln 0456BeBe suresure whilewhile Bel-imperiasBel-imperia’s lifelife enduresendures,
wln 0457SheShe willwill bebe DonDon HoratiosHoratio’s thankfullthankful freendfriend.
wln 0458Hor.HoratioHor.AndAnd (MadameMadammadam) DonDon HoratioHoratio willwill notnot slackeslack,
wln 0459HumblyHumbly toto serueserve fairefair Bel-imperiaBel-imperia.
wln 0460ButBut nownow ifif youryour goodgood likingliking standstand theretothereto,
wln 0461IleWe●eI’llWe crauecrave youryour pardonpardon toto goego seekeseek thethe PrincePrince,
wln 0462ForFor soso thethe DukeDuke youryour fatherfather gauegave meme chargecharge.
wln 0463ExitExit.
wln 0464Bel.Bel-imperiaBel.IAyay, goego HoratioHoratio, leaueleave meme heerehere alonealone,
wln 0465ForFor sollitudesolitude bestbest fitsfits mymy cheerelescheerless moodmood:
wln 0466YetYet whatwhat auailesavails toto wailewail AndreasAndrea’s deathdeath,
wln 0467FromFrom whencewhence HoratioHoratio prouesproves mymy secondsecond louelove?
wln 0468HadHad hehe notnot louedloved AndreaAndriaAndriaAndrea asas hehe diddid,
wln 0469HeHe couldcould notnot sitsit inin Bel-imperiasBel-imperia’s thoughtsthoughts.
wln 0470ButBut howhow cancan louelove findefind harbourharborharbour inin mymy brestbreast,
wln 0471TillTill II reuengerevenge thethe deathdeath ofof mymy belouedbeloved.
wln 0472YesYes, secondsecond louelove shallshall furtherfurther mymy reuengerevenge.

img: 9-a
sig: B4v

The Spanish tragedie.

wln 0473IleI’ll louelove HoratioHoratio mymy AndreasAndrea’s freendfriend,
wln 0474TheThe moremore toto spightspite thethe PrincePrince thatthat wroughtwrought hishis endend:
wln 0475AndAnd wherewhere DonDon BalthazarBalthazar thatthat slewslew mymy louelove,
wln 0476HimselfeHimself nownow pleadespleads forfor fauourfavorfavour atat mymy handshands,
wln 0477HeHe shallshall inin rigourrigorrigour ofof mymy iustjust disdainedisdain,
wln 0478ReapeReap longlong repentancerepentance forfor hishis murderousmurderous deeddeed:
wln 0479ForFor whatwhat wastwas’t elselse butbut murderousmurderous cowardisecowardice,
wln 0480SoSo manymany toto oppresseoppress oneone valiantvaliant knightknight,
wln 0481WithoutWithout respectrespect ofof honourhonorhonour inin thethe fightfight?
wln 0482AndAnd heerehere hehe comescomes thatthat murdredmurdered mymy delightdelight.
wln 0483EnterEnter LorenzoLorenzo andand BalthazarBalthazar.
wln 0484Lor.LorenzoLor.SisterSister, whatwhat meanesmeans thisthis melancholliemelancholy walkewalk?
wln 0485Bel.Bel-imperiaBel.ThatThat forfor aa whilewhile II wishwish nono companycompany.
wln 0486Lor.LorenzoLor.ButBut heerehere thethe PrincePrince isis comecome toto visitevisit youyou,
wln 0487Bel.Bel-imperiaBel.ThatThat arguesargues thatthat hehe liueslives inin libertieliberty.
wln 0488Bal.BalthazarBal.NoNo MadameMadammadam, butbut inin pleasingpleasing seruitudeservitude.
wln 0489Bel.Bel-imperiaBel.YourYour prisonprison thenthen belikebelike isis youryour conceitconceit.
wln 0490Bal.BalthazarBal.IAyI byby conceitconceit mymy freedomefreedom isis enthraldeenthralled,
wln 0491Bel.Bel-imperiaBel.ThenThen withwith conceiteconceit enlargeenlarge your selfeyourself againeagainagain[·]..
wln 0492Bal.BalthazarBal.WhatWhat ifif conceiteconceit hauehave laidlaid mymy hartheart toto gagegagegauge?
wln 0493Bel.Bel-imperiaBel.PayPay thatthat youyou borrowedborrowed andand recouerrecover itit.
wln 0494Bal.BalthazarBal.II diedie ifif itit returnereturn fromfrom whencewhence itit lyeslies.
wln 0495Bel.Bel-imperiaBel.AA hartlesheartless manman andand liuelive? AA miraclemiracle.
wln 0496Bal.BalthazarBal.IAyI LadyLady, louelove cancan workework suchsuch miraclesmiracles.
wln 0497Lor.LorenzoLor.TushTush, tushtush mymy LordLord, letlet goego thesethese ambagesambages,
wln 0498AndAnd inin plaineplain tearmesterms acquaintacquaint herher withwith youryour louelove.
wln 0499Bel.Bel-imperiaBel.WhatWhat bootesboots complaintcomplaint, whenwhen thersthere’s nono remedyremedy?
wln 0500Bal.BalthazarBal.YesYes, toto youryour gratiousgracious selfeself mustmust II complainecomplain,
wln 0501InIn whosewhose fairefair answereanswer lyeslies mymy remedyremedy,
wln 0502OnOn whosewhose perfectionperfection allall mymy thoughtsthoughts attendattend,
wln 0503OnOn whosewhose aspectaspect mine●ninemine eyeseyes findefind beautiesbeauty’s bowrebower,
wln 0504InIn whosewhose translucenttranslucent brestbreast mymy hartheart isis lodgdelodged.
wln 0505Bel.Bel-imperiaBel.AlasAlas mymy LordLord thesethese areare hutbuthutbut wordswords ofof coursecourse.
wln 0506AndAnd butbut deuisedevisedevice toto driuedrive meme fromfrom thisthis placeplace.
wln 0507SheShe inin goinggoing inin, letsl●tslets fallfall herher GloueGlove, whichwhich HoratioHoratio
wln 0508commingcomm●ngcomingcomming outout takestakes vpup.

wln 0509Hor.HoratioHor.MadameMadammadam, youryour GloueGlove.

img: 9-b
sig: C1r

The Spanish tragedie.

wln 0510Bel.Bel-imperiaBel.ThanksThanks goodgood HoratioHoratio, taketake itit forfor thythy painespains.
wln 0511Bal.BalthazarBal.SigniorSignior HoratioHoratio stooptstooped inin happiehappy timetime.
wln 0512Hor.HoratioHor.II reaptreaped moremore gracegrace thenthan II deseru’ddeserved oror hop’dhoped.
wln 0513Lor.LorenzoLor.MyMy LordLord, bebe notnot dismaiddismayed forfor whatwhat isis pastpastpassed.
wln 0514YouYou knowknow thatthat womenwomen oftoft areare humeroushumorous:
wln 0515TheseThese cloudsclouds willwill ouerblowoverblow withwith littlelittle windewind.
wln 0516LetLet meme alonealone, IleI’ll scatterscatt●rscatter themthem my selfemyself:
wln 0517Meane whileMeanwhilemeanwhile letlet vsus deuisedevise toto spendspend thethe timetime,
wln 0518InIn somesome delightfulldelightful sportssports andand reuellingrevelling.
wln 0519Hor.HoratioHor.TheThe KingKing mymy LordsLords isis commingcoming hitherhither straightstraight,
wln 0520ToTo feastfeast thethe PortingallPortingale EmbassadourAmbassador,
wln 0521ThingsThings werewere inin readinesreadiness beforebefore II camecame.
wln 0522Bal.BalthazarBal.ThenThen heerehere itit fitsfits vsus toto attendattend thethe KingKing,
wln 0523ToTo welcomewelcome hitherhither ourour EmbassadourAmbassador,
wln 0524AndAnd learnelearn mymy FatherFather andand mymy CountriesCountry’scountry’s healthhealth.

wln 0525EnterEnter thethe banquetbanquet, TrumpetsTrumpets, thethe KingKing andand EmbassadourAmbassador.
wln 0526KingKing.SeeSee LordLord EmbassadorAmbassador, howhow SpaineSpain intreatsentreats
wln 0527TheirTheir prisonerprisoner BalthazarBalthazar, thythy ViceroyesViceroy’sviceroy’s SonneSon:
wln 0528WeWe pleasurepleasure moremore inin kindeneskindness thenthanthen inin warreswars.
wln 0529Embass.AmbassadorEmbass.SadSad isis ourour KingKing, andand PortingalePortingale lamentslaments,
wln 0530SupposingSupposing thatthat DonDon BalthazarBalthazar isis slaineslain.
wln 0531Bal.BalthazarBal..SoSo amam II slaineslain byby beautiesbeauty’s tirannietyranny.
wln 0532YouYou seesee mymy LordLord howhow BalthazarBalthazar isis slaineslain.
wln 0533II frolikefrolic withwith thethe DukeDuke ofof CastilesCastile’sCastiles SonneSon,
wln 0534WraptWrapped eueryevery hourehour inin pleasurspleasures ofof thethe CourtCourt,
wln 0535AndAnd grastegraced withwith fauoursfavorsfavours ofof hishis MaiestieMajesty.
wln 0536KingKing.PutPut offoff youryour greetingsgreetings tilltill ourour feastfeast bebe donedone,
wln 0537NowNow comecome andand sitsit withwith vsus andand tastetaste ourour cheerecheer.
wln 0538SitSit toto thethe banquetbanquet.
wln 0539SitSit downedown youngyoung PrincePrince, youyou areare ourour secondsecond guestguest:
wln 0540BrotherBrother sitsit downedown, andand NephewNephew taketake youryour placeplace,
wln 0541SigniorSignior HoratioHoratio waitewait thouthou vponupon ourour cupcup,
wln 0542ForFor wellwell thouthou hasthast deserueddeserved toto bebe honoredhonoredhonoured.
wln 0543NowNow LordingsLordings fallfall tootoo, SpaineSpain isis PortugallPortugal,
wln 0544AndAnd PortugallPortugal isis SpaineSpain, wewe bothboth areare freendsfriends,
wln 0545TributeTribute isis paidpaid, andand wewe enioyenjoy ourour rightright.

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The Spanish Tragedie.

wln 0546ButBut wherewhere isis oldeold HieronimoHieronimo ourour MarshallMarshal,
wln 0547HeHe promisedp●omisedpromised vsus inin honorhonorhonour ofof ourour guestguest,
wln 0548ToTo gracegrace ourour banquetbanquet withwith somesome pompouspompous iestjest.

wln 0549EnterEnter HieronimoHieronimo withwith aa DrumDrum, threethree KnightsKnights, eacheach hishis ScutScutchinScut|chinScutcheon
wln 0550chin,
wln 0550thenthen hehe fetchesfetches threethree KingsKings, theythey taketake theirtheir
wln 0551CrownesCrowns andand themthem captiuecaptive.

wln 0552HieronimoHieronimo, thisthis maskemask contentscontents minemine eieeye,
wln 0553AlthoughAlthough II soundsound notnot wellwell thethe misteriemystery.
wln 0554Hiero.HieronimoHiero.TheThe firstfirst arm’darmed KnightKnight thatthat hunghung hishis ScutchinScutcheon vpup,
wln 0555HeHe takestakes thethe ScutchinScutcheon andand giuesgives itit toto thethe KingKing.
wln 0556WasWas EnglishEnglish RobertRobert EarleEarl ofof GlocesterGloucesterGlocester,
wln 0557WhoWho whenwhen kingking StephenStephen borebore swaysway inin AlbionAlbion,
wln 0558ArriuedArrived withwith fiuefive andand twentytwenty thousandthousand menmen,
wln 0559InIn PortingalePortingale, andand byby successesuccess ofof warrewar,
wln 0560EnforcedEnforced thethe KingKing thenthen butbut aa SarasinSaracenSarasin,
wln 0561ToTo bearebear thethe yoakeyoke ofof thethe EnglishEnglish MonarchieMonarchy.
wln 0562KingKing.MyMy LordLord ofof PortingalePortingale, byby thisthis youyou seesee,
wln 0563ThatThat whichwhich maymay comfortcomfort bothboth youryour KingKing andand youyou,
wln 0564AndAnd makemake youryour latelate discomfortdiscomfort seemeseem thethe lesseless.
wln 0565ButBut saysay HieronimoHieronimo, whatwhat waswas thethe nextnext?
wln 0566Hiero.HieronimoHiero.TheThe secondsecond KnightKnight thatthat hunghung hishis ScutchinScutcheon vpup,
wln 0567HeHe dothdoth asas hehe diddid beforebefore.
wln 0568WasWas EdmondEdmond EarleEarl ofof KentKent inin AlbionAlbion,
wln 0569WhenWhen EnglishEnglish RichardRichard worewore thethe DiademDiadem.
wln 0570HeHe camecame likewiselikewise andand razedrazed LisbonLisbon walleswalls,
wln 0571AndAnd tooketook thethe KingKing ofof PortingalePortingale inin fightfight:
wln 0572ForFor whichwhich, andand otherother suchsuch likelike seruiceservice donedone,
wln 0573HeHe afterafter waswas createdcreated DukeDuke ofof YorkeYork.
wln 0574KingKing.ThisThis isis anotheranother speciallspecial argumentargument,
wln 0575ThatThat PortingalePortingale maymay dainedeign toto bearebear ourour yoakeyoke,
wln 0576WhenWhen itit byby littlelittle EnglandEngland hathhath beenebeen yoaktyoked:
wln 0577ButBut nownow HieronimoHieronimo whatwhat werewere thethe lastlast?
wln 0578Hiero.HieronimoHiero.TheThe thirdthird andand lastlast notnot leastleast inin ourour accountaccount,
wln 0579DooingDoing asas beforebefore.
wln 0580WasWas asas thethe restrest aa valiantvaliant EnglishmanEnglishman,
wln 0581BraueBrave IohnJohnjohn ofof GauntGa●ntGaunt thethe DukeDuke ofof LancasterLancaster.

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The Spanish tragedie.

wln 0582AsAs byby hishis ScutchinScutcheon plainelyplainly maymay appeareappear.
wln 0583HeHe withwith aa puissantpuissant armiearmy camecame toto SpaineSpain,
wln 0584AndAnd tooketook ourour KingKing ofof CastileCastileCastille prisonerprisoner.
wln 0585Embass.AmbassadorEmbass.ThisThis isis anan argumentargument forfor ourour ViceroyViceroy,
wln 0586ThatThat SpaineSpain maymay notnot insultinsult forfor herher successesuccess,
wln 0587SinceSince EnglishEnglish warriourswarriors likewiselikewise conqueredconquered SpaineSpain,
wln 0588AndAnd mademade themthem bowbow theirtheir kneesknees toto AlbionAlbion.
wln 0589KingKing.HieronimoHieronimo, II drinkedtinkedrink toto theethee forfor thisthis deuisedevice.
wln 0590WhichWhich hathhath pleasdepleased bothboth thethe EmbassadorAmbassador andand meme:
wln 0591PledgePledge meme HieronomoHieronimoHieronomo, ifif thouthou louelove thethe KingKing.
wln 0592TakesTakes thethe CupCup ofof HoratioHoratio.
wln 0593MyMy LordLord, II fearefear wewe sitsit butbut ouer-longoverlong.
wln 0594VnlesseUnless ourour daintiesdainties werewere moremore delicatedelicate.
wln 0595ButBut welcomewelcome areare youyou toto thethe bestbest wewe hauehave.
wln 0596NowNow letlet vsus inin thatthat youyou maymay bebe dispatchtdispatched,
wln 0597II thinkthink ourour councellcouncil isis alreadyalready setset.
wln 0598ExeuntExeunt omnesomnes.
wln 0599AndreaAndrea.
wln 0600ComeCome wewe forfor thisthis fromfrom depthdepth ofof vnder groundvnderundergroundundergroundground,
wln 0601ToTo seesee himhim feastfeast thatthat gauegave meme mymy deathsdeath’s woundwound?
wln 0602TheseThese pleasantpleasant sightssights areare sorrowsorrow toto mymy soulesoul,
wln 0603NothingNothing butbut leagueleague, andand louelove andand banquetingbanqueting?
wln 0604ReuengeRevenge.
wln 0605BeBe stillstill AndreaAndrea ereere wewe goego fromfrom hencehence,
wln 0606IleI’ll turneturn theirtheir freendshipfriendship intointo fellfell despightdespite,
wln 0607TheirTheir louelove toto mortallmortal hatehate, theirtheir dayday to nightto nighttonight,
wln 0608TheirTheir hopehope intointo dispairedespair, theirtheir peacepeace toto warrewar,
wln 0609TheirTheir ioyesjoys toto painepain, theirtheir blissebliss toto miseriemisery.

wln 0610ActusActus SecundusSecundus.

wln 0611EnterEnter LorenzoLorenzo andand BalthazarBalthazar.

wln 0612Lorenzo<