The Massacre at Paris
The Massacre at Paris

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ln 0001THETHE
ln 0004WithWith thethe DeathDeath ofof thethe DukeDuke
ln 0005ofof GuiseGuise.

ln 0006AsAs itit waswas plaideplayed byby thethe rightright honourablehonorablehonourable thethe
ln 0007LordLord highhigh AdmirallAdmiral hishis SeruantsServants.

ln 0008WrittenWritten byby ChristopherChristopher MarlowMarlowe.

ln 0010PrintedPrinted byby E.E. A.A. forfor EdwardEdward WhiteWhite, dwellingdwelling neerenear
ln 0011thethe littlelittle NorthNorth dooredoor ofof S.St.S. PaulesPaul’s
ln 0012ChurchChurch atat thethe signesign ofof
ln 0013thethe GunGun.

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wln 0001THETHE

wln 0004VVithWith thethe DeathDeath ofof thethe
wln 0005DukeDuke ofof GuiseGuise.

wln 0006EnterEnter CharlesCharles thethe FrenchFrench KingKing, thethe QueeneQueen MotherMother,
wln 0007thethe KingKing ofof NauarreNavarre, thethe PrincePri●cePrince ofof CondyeCondéCondy, thethe
wln 0008LordLord highhigh AdmirallAdmiral, andand thethe QueeneQueen ofof NauarreNavarre,
wln 0009withwith othersothers.

wln 0010CharlesCharles.
wln 0011PRincePrincePRincePRince ofof NauarreNavarre mymy honourablehonorablehonourable
wln 0012 brotherbrother,
wln 0013PrincePrince CondyCondéCondy, andand mymy goodgood LordLord
wln 0014 AdmirallAdmiral,
wln 0015II wisheWishewishWish thisthis vnionunion andand religiousreligious leagueleague,
wln 0016KnitKnit inin thesethese handshands thusthus ioyn’djoined inin nuptiallnuptial ritesrites,
wln 0017MayMay notnot desoluedissolve, tilltill deathdeath desoluedissolve ourour liueslives,
wln 0018AndAnd thatthat thethe natiuenative sparkessparks ofof princelyprincely louelove,

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The Massacre

wln 0019ThatThat kindledkindled firstfirst thisthis motionmotion inin ourour heartshearts:
wln 0020MayMay stillstill bebe feweldfueled inin ourour progenyeprogeny.
wln 0021NauarNauar.NavarreNavar...TheThe manymany fauoursfavorsfavours whichwhich youryour gracegrace
wln 0022 hathhath showneshown,
wln 0023FromFrom timetime toto timetime, butbut speciallyspecially inin thisthis:
wln 0024ShallShall bindebind meme euerever toto youryour highneshighness’ willwill,
wln 0025InIn whatwhat QueenQueen MotherMother oror youryour gracegrace commandscommands.
wln 0026OldOld Qu.QueenQu.ThanksThanks sonneson NauarreNavarre, youyou seesee wewe louelove
wln 0027 youyou wellwell,
wln 0028ThatThat linkelink youyou inin mariagemarriage withwith ourour daughterdaughter heerhere:
wln 0029AndAnd asas youyou knowknow ourour differencedifference inin ReligionReligion,
wln 0030MightMight bebe aa meanesmeans toto crossecross youyou inin youryour louelove.
wln 0031CharlesCharles.WellWell MadamMadam, letlet thatthat restrest:
wln 0032AndAnd nownow mymy LordsLords thethe mariagemarriage ritesrites perfourm’dperformed,
wln 0033WeWe thinkthink itit goodgood toto goego andand consumateconsummate thethe restrest,
wln 0034WithWith hearinghearing ofof aa holyholy MasseMass: SisterSister, II thinkthink
wln 0035your selfeyourself willwill bearebear vsus companycompany.
wln 0036Q.QueenQ. Mar.MargaretMar.II willwill mymy goodgood LordLord,
wln 0037CharlesCharles.TheThe restrest thatthat willwill notnot goego (mymy LordsLords)
wln 0038 maymay staystay:
wln 0039ComeCome MotherMother letlet vsus goego toto honorhonorhonour thisthis solemnitiesolemnity.
wln 0040OldOld Q.QueenQ.VVhichWhich IleI’ll desoluedissolve withwith bloudblood
wln 0041 andand crueltiecruelty.
wln 0042ExitExit thethe KingKing, QQueenQ MotherMother, andand thethe Q.QueenQ. ofof NauarNavarreNavar,
wln 0043andand manetmanet NauarNavarreNavar, thethe PrincePrince ofof CondyCondéCondy, andand
wln 0044thethe LordLord highhigh AdmirallAdmiral.

wln 0045NauarNauar.NavarreNavar...PrincePrince CondyCondéCondy andand mymy goodgood L.LordL. AdmiralAdmiral,
wln 0046NowNow GuiseGuise maymay stormestorm butbut doedo vsus littlelittle hurthurt:
wln 0047HauingHaving thethe KingKing, Qu.QueenQu. MotherMother onon ourour sidessides,
wln 0048ToTo stopstop thethe mallicemalice ofof hishis enuiousenvious heartheart,

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The Massacre

wln 0049ThatThat seekesseeks toto murdermurder allall thethe ProtestantsProtestants:
wln 0050HaueHave youyou notnot heardheard ofof latelate howhow hehe decreeddecreed,
wln 0051IfIf thatthat thethe KingKing hadhad giuengiven consentconsent theretothereto,
wln 0052ThatThat allall thethe protestantsprotestants thatthat areare inin ParisParis,
wln 0053ShouldShould hauehave beenbeen murderedmurdered thethe otherother nightnight?
wln 0054Ad.AdmiralMyMy LordLord II meruailemarvel thatthat th’aspiringth’ aspiringth’aspiring GuiseGuise,
wln 0055DaresDares onceonce aduentureadventure withoutwithout thethe KingsKing’sking’s consentconsent,
wln 0056ToTo meddlemeddle oror attemptattempt suchsuch dangerousdangerous thingsthings.
wln 0057Con.CondéCon.MyMy L.LordL. youyou needneed notnot meruailemarvel atat thethe GuiseGuise,
wln 0058ForFor whatwhat hehe dothdoth thethe PopePope willwill ratifieratify:
wln 0059InIn murdermurder, mischeefemischief, oror inin tirannytyranny.
wln 0060Na.NavarreNa.ButBut hehe thatthat sitssits andand rulesrules aboueabove thethe clowdesclouds,
wln 0061DothDoth hearehear andand seesee thethe praiersprayers ofof thethe iustjust:
wln 0062AndAnd willwill reuengerevenge thethe bloudblood ofof innocentsinnocents,
wln 0063ThatThat GuiseGuise hathhath slaineslain byby treasontreason ofof hishis heartheart,
wln 0064AndAnd broughtbrought byby murdermurder toto theirtheir timelestimeless endsends.
wln 0065Ad.AdmiralMyMy LordLord, butbut diddid youyou markmark thethe CardinallCardinal,
wln 0066TheThe GuisesGuise’s brotherbrother andand thethe DukeDuke DumainDumaineDumain:
wln 0067HowHow theythey diddid stormestorm atat thesethese youryour nuptiallnuptialnuptiallritesnuptial ritesrites,
wln 0068BecauseBecause thethe househouse ofof BurbonBourbon nownow comescomes inin,
wln 0069AndAnd ioynesjoins youryour linnagelineage toto thethe crownecrown ofof FranceFrance?
wln 0070Na,NavarreNa,AndAnd thatsthat’s yethethe causecause thatthat GuiseGuise soso frownsfrowns atat vsus,
wln 0071AndAnd beatesbeats hishis brainesbrains toto catchcatch vsus inin hishis traptrap:
wln 0072WhichWhich hehe hathhath pitchtpitched withinwithin hishis deadlydeadly toyletoil.
wln 0073ComeCome mymy LordsLords letslet’s gogo toto thethe ChurchChurch andand prayprayprey,
wln 0074ThatThat GodGod maymay stillstill defenddefend thethe rightright ofof FranceFrance:
wln 0075AndAnd makemake hishis GospelGospel flourishflourish inin thisthis landland.ExeuntExeunt.
wln 0076EnterEnter thethe DukeDuke ofof GuiseGuise.
wln 0077GuiseGuise.IfIf euerever HymenHymen lowr’dloured atat marriagemarriage ritesrites,
wln 0078AndAnd hadhad hishis altersaltars decktdecked withwith duskiedusky lighteslights:
If euer

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The Massacre

wln 0079IfIf euerever sunnesun staindestained heauenheaven withwith bloudybloody clowdesclouds,
wln 0080AndAnd mademade it〈◊〉it looklook withwith terrourterror onon thethe worldeworld:
wln 0081IfIf euerever dayday werewere turndeturnedturned toto vglyugly nightnight.
wln 0082AndAnd nightnight mademade semblancesemblance ofof thethe huehue ofof hellhell,
wln 0083ThisThis dayday, thisthis hourehour, thisthis fatallfatal nightnight,
wln 0084ShallShall fullyfully shewshow thethe furyfury ofof themthem allall,
wln 0085ApothecarieApothecary.
wln 0086EnterEnter thethe PothecariePothecary.
wln 0087Pothe.PothecaryPothe.MyMy LordLord.
wln 0088GuiseGuise.NowNow shallshall II proueprove andand guerdonguerdon toto thethe fulfull,
wln 0089TheThe louelove thouthou bear’stbear’stbearest vntounto thethe househouse ofof GuiseGuise:
wln 0090WhereWhere areare thosethose perfumedperfumed glouesgloves whichwhich II sentsent
wln 0091ToTo bebe poysonedpoisoned, hasthast thouthou donedone themthem? speakespeak,
wln 0092WillWill eueryevery sauoursavorsavour breedbreed aa panguepang ofof deathdeath?
wln 0093Pothe.PothecaryPothe.SeeSee wherewhere theythey bebe mymy goodgood LordLord,
wln 0094AndAnd hehe thatthat smellessmells butbut toto themthem, dyesdies.
wln 0095GuiseGuise.ThenThen thouthou remainestremainest resoluteresolute.
wln 0096Pothe.PothecaryPothe.II amam mymy LordLord, inin whatwhat youryour gracegrace
wln 0097commaundescommands tilltill deathdeath.
wln 0098GuiseGuise.ThankesThanks mymy goodgood freendfriend, II wilwill requiterequite thythy (louelove,
wln 0099GoeGo thenthen presentpresent themthem toto thethe QueeneQueen NauarreNavarre:
wln 0100ForFor sheshe isis thatthat hugehuge blemishblemish inin ourour eyeeye,
wln 0101ThatThat makesmakes thesethese vpstartupstart heresiesheresies inin FraunceFrance:
wln 0102BeBe gonegone mymy freendfriend presentpresent themthem toto herher straitestraight.
wln 0103SouldyerSoldier.ExitExit PothePothecaryPothe.
wln 0104EnterEnter aa SouldierSoldier.
wln 0105Soul.SoldierMyMy LordLord,
wln 0106GuiseGuise.NowNow comecome thouthou forthforth andand playplay thythy
wln 0107 tragicktragic partpart.
wln 0108StandStand inin somesome windowwindow openingopening neerenear thethe streetstreet,

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at Paris.

wln 0109AndAnd whenwhen thouthou seestseest thethe AdmirallAdmiral rideride byby,
wln 0110DischargeDischarge thythy musketmusket andand perfourmeperform hishis deathdeath:
wln 0111AndAnd thenthen IleI’ll guerdonguerdon theethee withwith storestore ofof crownescrowns.
wln 0112Soul.SoldierII willwill mymy LordLord.ExitExit SouldiSouldierSouldi.
wln 0113GuiseGuise.NowNow GuiseGuise beginsbegins thosethose deepedeep ingendredengendered
wln 0114 thoughtsthoughts,
wln 0115ToTo burstburst abroadabroad thosethose neuernever dyingdying flamesflames,
wln 0116WhichWhich cannotcannot bebe extinguishtextinguished butbut byby bloudblood.
wln 0117OftOft hauehave II leueldlevelled, andand atat lastlast hauehave learndlearned,
wln 0118ThatThat perillperil isis thethe cheefestchiefest wayway toto happineshappiness,
wln 0119AndAnd resolutionresolution honorshonor'shonours fairestfairest aimeaim.
wln 0120WhatWhat gloryglory isis therethere inin aa commoncommon goodgood,
wln 0121ThatThat hangeshangs forfor eueryevery peasantpeasant toto atchiueachieve?
wln 0122ThatThat likelike II bestbest thatthat flyesflies beyondbeyond mymy reachreach,
wln 0123SetSet meme toto scalescale thethe highhigh PeramidesPyramidspyramids,
wln 0124AndAnd thereonthereon setset thethe DiademDrademDiadem ofof FraunceFrance,
wln 0125IleI’ll eithereither rendrend itit withwith mymy naylesnails toto naughtnaught,
wln 0126OrOr mountmount thethe toptop withwith mymy aspiringaspiring wingeswings,
wln 0127AlthoughAlthough mymy downfalldownfall bebe thethe deepestdeepest hellhell.
wln 0128ForFor thisthis, II wakewake, whenwhen othersothers thinkthink II sleepesleep,
wln 0129ForFor thisthis, II waitewait, thatthat scornesscorns attendanceattendance elseelse:
wln 0130ForFor thisthis, mymy quenchlesquenchless thirstthirst whereonwhereon II buildebuild,
wln 0131HathHath oftenoften pleadedpleaded kindredkindred toto thethe KingKing.
wln 0132ForFor thisthis, thisthis headhead, thisthis heartheart, thisthis handhand andand swordesword,
wln 0133ContriuesContrives, imaginesimagines andand fullyfully executesexecutes,
wln 0134MattersMatters ofof importeimport, aimdeaimed atat byby manymany,
wln 0135YetYet vnderstoodeunderstood byby nonenone.
wln 0136ForFor thisthis, hathhath heauenheaven engendredengendered meme ofof earthearth,
wln 0137ForFor thisthis, thisthis earthearth sustainessustains mymy bodiesbody’sBody’s waightweight,
wln 0138AndAnd withwith thisthis wiatweightwiat IleI’ll counterpoisecounterpoise aa CrowneCrown,

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at Paris.

wln 0139OrOr withwith seditionsseditions wearyweary allall thethe worldeworld:
wln 0140ForFor thisthis, fromfrom SpaineSpain thethe statelystately CatholickesCatholics,
wln 0141SendsSends IndianIndian goldegold toto coynecoin meme FrenchFrench ecuesecus:
wln 0142ForFor thisthis hauehave II aa largesselargesse fromfrom thethe PopePope,
wln 0143AA pensionpension andand aa dispensationdispensation tootoo:
wln 0144AndAnd byby thatthat priuiledgeprivilege toto workework vponupon,
wln 0145MyMy policyepolicy hathhath framdeframed religionreligion,
wln 0146ReligionReligion: OOOh DiaboleDiabole.
wln 0147FyeFie, II amam ashamdeashamed how euerhowever thatthat II seemeseem,
wln 0148ToTo thinkthink aa wordword ofof suchsuch aa simplesimple soundsound,
wln 0149OfOf soso greatgreat mattermatter shouldshould bebe mademade thethe groundground.
wln 0150TheThe gentlegentle KingKing whosewhose pleasurepleasure vncontroldeuncontrolled,
wln 0151WeaknethWeakeneth hishis bodybody, andand willwill wastewaste hishis RealmeRealm,
wln 0152IfIf II repairerepair notnot whatwhat hehe ruinatesruinates:
wln 0153HimHim asas aa childechild II daylydaily winnewin withwith wordswords,
wln 0154SoSo thatthat forfor proofeproof, hehe barelybarely bearesbears thethe namename:
wln 0155II executeexecute, andand hehe sustainessustains thethe blameblame.
wln 0156TheThe MotherMother QueeneQueen workesworks wonderswonders forfor mymy
wln 0157 sakesake,
wln 0158AndAnd inin mymy louelove entombesentombs thethe hopehope ofof FraunceFrance:
wln 0159RiflingRifling thethe bowelsbowels ofof herher treasurietreasury,
wln 0160ToTo supplysupply mymy wantswants andand necessitienecessity.
wln 0161ParisParis hathhath fullfull fiuefive hundredhundred ColledgesColleges,
wln 0162AsAs MonestariesMonasteriesmonasteries, PrioriesPriories, AbbyesAbbeys andand halleshalls,
wln 0163WhereinWherein areare thirtiethirty thousandthousand ableable menmen,
wln 0164BesidesBesides aa thousandthousand sturdysturdy studentstudent CatholicksCatholics,
wln 0165AndAnd moremore ofof mymy knowledgeknowledge inin oneone cloystercloister keepskeeps,
wln 0166FiueFive hundredhundred fattefat FranciscanFranciscan FryersFriars andand priestespriests.
wln 0167AllAll thisthis andand moremore, ifif moremore maymay bebe comprisdecomprised,
wln 0168ToTo bringbring thethe willwill ofof ourour desiresdesires toto endend.

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sig: A6r

The Massacre

wln 0169ThenThen GuiseGuise sincesince thouthou hasthast allall thethe CardesCards,
wln 0170WithinWithin thythy handshands toto shuffleshuffle oror cutcut, taketake thisthis asas
wln 0171 surestsurest thingthing:
wln 0172ThatThat rightright oror wrongwrong, thouthou dealedeal thy selfethyself aa KingKing.
wln 0173IAyI butbut, NauarreNavarre, NauarreNavarre, tis’tis butbut aa nooknook ofof FranceFrance,
wln 0174SufficientSufficient yetyet forfor suchsuch aa pettiepetty KingKing:
wln 0175ThatThat withwith aa rablementrabblement ofof hishis hereticksheretics,
wln 0176BlindesBlinds EuropsEurope’s eyeseyes andand troublethtroubleth ourour estateestate:
wln 0177HimHim willwill wewePointingPointing toto hishis SwordeSword.
wln 0178ButBut firstfirst letslet’s followfollow thosethose inin FranceFrance,
wln 0179ThatThat hinderhinder ourour possessionpossession toto thethe crownecrown:
wln 0180AsAs CæsarCaesarCaesar toto hishis souldierssoldiers, soso saysay II:
wln 0181ThoseThose thatthat hatehate meme, willwill II learnlearn toto loathloathe.
wln 0182GiueGive meme aa looklook, thatthat whenwhen II bendbend thethe browesbrows,
wln 0183PalePale deathdeath maymay walkewalk inin furrowesfurrows ofof mymy faceface:
wln 0184AA handhand, thatthat withwith aa graspegrasp maymay gripegripe thethe worldworld,
wln 0185AnAn eareear, toto hearehear whatwhat mymy detractorsdetractors saysay,
wln 0186AA royallroyal seateseat, aa sceptersceptre andand aa crownecrown:
wln 0187ThatThat thosethose whichwhich doedo beholdebehold, theythey maymay becomebecome
wln 0188AsAs menmen thatthat standstand andand gasegaze againstagainst thethe SunneSun.
wln 0189TheThe plotplot isis laidelaid, andand thingsthings shallshall comecome toto passepass:
wln 0190WhereWhere resolutionresolution striuesstrives forfor victoryvictory.ExitExit.

wln 0191EnterEnter thethe KingKing ofof NauarNavarreNavar andand QueenQueen, andand hishis MotherMother
wln 0192QueenQueen, thethe PrincePrince ofof CondyCondéCondy, thethe AdmirallAdmiral, andand
wln 0193thethe PothecaryPothecary withwith thethe glouesgloves, andand giuesgives themthem toto
wln 0194thethe oldeold QueeneQueen.

wln 0195Pothe.PothecaryPothe.MaddameMadammadam, II beseechbeseech youryour gracegrace toto
wln 0196exceptaccept thisthis simplesimple giftgift.

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sig: A6v

The Massacre

wln 0197OldOld Qu.QueenQu.ThanksThanks mymy goodgood freendfriend, holdehold taketake
wln 0198thouthou thisthis rewardreward.
wln 0199Pothe.PothecaryPothe.II humblyhumbly thankthank youryour MaiestieMajesty.ExitExit PoPothecaryPo.
wln 0200OldOld Qu.QueenQu.Me thinkesMethinksmethinks thethe glouesgloves hauehave aa veryvery
wln 0201 strongstrong perfumeperfume,
wln 0202TheThe sentscent whereofwhereof dothdoth makemake mymy headhead toto akeache.
wln 0203NauarNauar.NavarreNavar...DothDoth notnot youryour gracegrace knowknow thethe manman
wln 0204thatthat gauegave themthem youyou?
wln 0205OldOld QuQueenNotNot welwell, butbut dodo rememberremember suchsuch aa manman.
wln 0206AdAdmiralAdYourYour gracegrace waswas illill aduisdeadvised toto taketake thēthēthem thenthen,
wln 0207ConsideringConsidering ofof thesethese dangerousdangerous timestimes.
wln 0208OldOld QuQueenHelpHelp sonneson NauarreNavarre II amam poysonedpoisoned.
wln 0209QQueenQ Mar.MargaretMar.TheThe heauensheavens forbidforbid youryour highneshighness
wln 0210 suchsuch mishapmishap.
wln 0211NauarNauar.NavarreNavar...TheThe latelate suspitionsuspicion ofof thethe DukeDuke ofof GuiseGuise,
wln 0212MightMight wellwell hauehave mouedmoved youryour highneshighness toto bewarebeware:
wln 0213HowHow youyou diddid meddlemeddle withwith suchsuch dangerousdangerous giftesgifts.
wln 0214Q.QueenQ. Mar.MargaretMar.TooToo latelate itit isis mymy LordLord ifif thatthat bebe truetrue
wln 0215ToTo blameblame herher highneshighness, butbut II hopehope itit bebe
wln 0216OnlyOnly somesome naturallnatural passionpassion makesmakes herher sickesick.
wln 0217O[*]dO dOldO worser QuQueenOO nono, sweetsweet MargretMarg’ret, thethe fatallfatal poysonpoison
wln 0218WorkesWorks withinwithin mymy headhead, mymy brainbrain panpan breakesbreaks,
wln 0219MyMy heartheart dothdoth faintfaint, II dyedie.SheShe dyesdies.
wln 0220NauarNauar.NavarreNavar...MyMy MotherMother poysonedpoisoned heerehere beforebefore
wln 0221 mymy faceface:
wln 0222OOOh graciousgracious GodGod, whatwhat timestimes areare thesethese?
wln 0223OO grauntgrant sweetsweet GodGod mymy daiesdays maymay endend withwith hershers,
wln 0224ThatThat II withwith herher maymay dyedie andand liuelive againeagain.
wln 0225Q.QueenQ. Mar.MargaretMar.LetLet notnot thisthis heauyheavy chauncechance
wln 0226 mymy dearestdearest LordLord,

img: 6-b
sig: A7r

at Paris.

wln 0227((ForForwhoseFor whosewhose effectseffects mymy soulesoul isis massacredmassacred)
wln 0228Infectinfect●nfectInfect thythy graciousgracious brestbreast withwith freshfresh supplysupply,
wln 0229Toto●oTo agrauateaggravate ourour sodainesudden miseriemisery.
wln 0230Ad.AdmiralComeCome mymy LordsLords letlet vsus bearebear herher bodybody (hencehence,
wln 0231Andand●ndAnd seesee itit honouredhonoredhonoured withwith iustjust solemnitiesolemnity.
wln 0232AsAs theythey areare goinggoing, thethe SouldierSoldier dischargethdischargeth hishis
wln 0233MusketMusket atat thethe LordLord AdmirallAdmiral.

wln 0234CondyCondéCondy,VVhatWhat areare youyou hurthurt mymy L.LordL. highhigh AdmiralAdmiral?
wln 0235Admi.AdmiralIAyI mymy goodgood LordLord shotshot throughthrough thethe armearm.
wln 0236NauarNauar.NavarreNavar...VVeWe areare betraidebetrayed comecome mymy LordsLords,
wln 0237andand letlet vsus goego telltell thethe KingKing ofof thisthis.
wln 0238Admi.AdmiralTheseThese areare thethe cursedcursed GuisiansGuisians thatthat doedo
wln 0239 seekeseek ourour deathdeath.
wln 0240OhOhO fatallfatal waswas thisthis mariagemarriage toto vsus allall.
wln 0241TheyThey bearebear awayaway thethe QueeneQueen andand goego outout.

wln 0242EnterEnter thethe KingKing, QueeneQueen MotherMother, DukeDuke ofof GuiseGuise,
wln 0243DukeDuke AnioyAnjouAnjoy, DukeDuke DemayneDumaineDemayne.

wln 0244QueeneQueen MotherMother.
wln 0245MyMy noblenoble sonneson, andand princelyprincely DukeDuke ofof GuiseGuise,
wln 0246NowNow hauehave wewe gotgot thethe fatallfatal straglingstraggling deeredeer:
wln 0247VVithinWithin thethe compassecompass ofof aa deadlydeadly toyletoil,
wln 0248AndAnd asas wewe latelate decreeddecreed wewe maymay perfourmeperform.
wln 0249KingKing.MadamMadam, itit wilbewill be notednoted throughthrough thethe worldworld,
wln 0250AnAn actionaction bloudybloody andand tirannicalltyrannical:
wln 0251CheefelyChiefly sincesince vnderunder safetiesafety ofof ourour wordword,
wln 0252TheyThey iustlyjustly challengechallenge theirtheir protectionprotection:
wln 0253BesidesBesides mymy heartheart relentesrelents thatthat noblenoble menmen,
wln 0254OnelyOnly corruptedcorrupted inin religionreligion, LadiesLadies ofof honorhonorhonour,

img: 7-a
sig: A7v

The Massacre

wln 0255KnightesKnights andand GentlemenGentlemen, shouldshould forfor theirtheir con-consciencecon∣scienceconscience
wln 0256science
wln 0256tastetaste suchsuch ruthelesruthless endsends.
wln 0257AnioyAnioy.AnjouAnjoy...ThoughThough gentlegentle mindesminds shouldshould pittiepity
wln 0258 othersother’sothers painespains,
wln 0259YetYet willwill thethe wisestwisest notenote theirtheir properproper greefesgriefs:
wln 0260AndAnd ratherrather seekeseek toto scourgescourge theirtheir enemiesenemies,
wln 0261ThenThanThen bebe themseluesthemselves basebase subiectssubjects toto thethe whipwhip.
wln 0262GuiseGuise.Me thinkesMethinksmethinks mymy LordLord, AnioyAnjouAnjoy hathhath wellwell
wln 0263 aduisdeadvised,
wln 0264YourYour highneshighness toto considerconsider ofof thethe thingthing,
wln 0265AndAnd ratherrather chusechoose toto seekseckseeksack youryour countriescountry’scountries goodgood,
wln 0266ThenThanThen pittiepity oror releeuerelieve thesethese vpstartvp startupstartup start hereticksheretics.
wln 0267QueeneQueen.II hopehope thesethese reasonsreasons maymay serueserve mymy
wln 0268 princelyprincely SonneSon,
wln 0269ToTo hauehave somesome carecare forfor fearefear ofof enemiesenemies:
wln 0270KingKing.WellWell MadamMadam, II referrerefer itit toto youryour MaiestieMajesty,
wln 0271AndAnd toto mymy NephewNephew heerehere thethe DukeDuke ofof GuiseGuise:
wln 0272WhatWhat youyou determinedetermine, II willwill ratifieratify.
wln 0273QueeneQueen.ThankesThanks toto mymy princelyprincely sonneson, thenthen telltell
wln 0274 meme GuiseGuise,
wln 0275WhatWhat orderorder wilwill youyou setset downedown forfor thethe MassacreMassacre?
wln 0276GuiseGuise.ThusThus MadameMadammadam.
wln 0277TheyThey thatthat shalbeshall be actorsactors inin thisthis MassacreMassacre,
wln 0278ShallShall wearewear whitewhite crossescrosses onon theirtheir BurgonetsBurgonets:
wln 0279AndAnd tyetie whitewhite linnenlinen scarfesscarves aboutabout theirtheir armesarms.
wln 0280HeHe thatthat wanteswants thesethese, andand isis suspectedsuspected ofof heresieheresy,
wln 0281ShallShall dyedie, bebe hehe KingKing oror EmperourEmperor.
wln 0282ThenThen IleI’ll hauehave aa pealepeal ofof ordinanceordinance shotshot fromfrom thethe
wln 0283 towertower,
wln 0284AtAt whichwhich theythey allall shallshall issueissue outout andand setset thethe streetesstreets.

img: 7-b
sig: A8r

at Paris.

wln 0285AndAnd thenthen thethe watchwordwatchword beingbeing giuengiven, aa bellbell shallshall
wln 0286 ringring,
wln 0287WhichWhich whenwhen theythey hearehear, theythey shallshall beginbegin toto killkill:
wln 0288AndAnd neuernever ceasecease vntilluntil thatthat bellbell shallshall ceasecease,
wln 0289ThenThen breathbreathe aa whilewhile.
wln 0290EnterEnter thethe AdmiralsAdmiral’sadmiral’s manman.
wln 0291KingKing.HowHow nownow fellowfellow, whatwhat newesnews?
wln 0292Man.Man.AndAnd itit pleaseplease youryour gracegrace thethe LordLord highhigh
wln 0293 AdmirallAdmiral,
wln 0294RidingRiding thethe streetesstreets waswas traiterouslytraitorously shotshot,
wln 0295AndAnd mostmost humblehumbly intreatesentreats youryour MaiestieMajesty
wln 0296ToTo visitevifitevisit himhim sicksick inin hishis bedbed.
wln 0297KingKing.MessengerMessenger, telltell himhim II willwill seesee himhim straitestraight.
wln 0298ExitExit MessengerMessenger.
wln 0299WhatWhat shallshall wewe doedo nownow withwith thethe AdmirallAdmiral?
wln 0300Qu.QueenQu.YourYour MaiestyMajesty werewere bestbest goego visitevisit himhim,
wln 0301AndAnd makemake aa shewshow asas ifif allall werewere wellwell.
wln 0302KingKing.ContentContent, II willwill goego visitevisit thethe AdmirallAdmiral.
wln 0303GuiseGuise.AndAnd II willwill goego taketake orderorder forfor hishis deathdeath.
wln 0304ExitExit GuiseGuise.
wln 0305EnterEnter thethe AdmirallAdmiral inin hishis bedbed.
wln 0306KingKing.HowHow faresfares itit withwith mymy LordLord highhigh AdmiralAdmiral,
wln 0307HathHath hehe beenbeen hurthurt withwith villainesvillains inin thethe streetstreet?
wln 0308II vowvow andand sweareswear asas II amam KingKing ofof FranceFrance,
wln 0309ToTo findefind andand toto repayrepay thethe manman withwith deathdeath:
wln 0310WithWith deathdeath delay’ddelayed andand tormentstorments neuernever vsdeused,
wln 0311ThatThat durstdurst presumepresume forfor hopehope ofof anyany gainegain,
wln 0312ToTo hurthurt thethe noblenoble manman theirtheir soueraignsovereign louesloves.
wln 0313Ad.AdmiralAhAh mymy goodgood LordLord, thesethese areare thethe GuisiansGuisians,
wln 0314ThatThat seekeseek toto massacremassacre ourour guiltlesguiltless liueslives.

img: 8-a
sig: A8v

at Paris.

wln 0315KingKing.AssureAssure your selfeyourself mymy goodgood LordLord AdmirallAdmiral,
wln 0316II deepelydeeply sorrowsorrow forfor youryour trecheroustreacherous wrongwrong:
wln 0317AndAnd thatthat II amam notnot moremore securesecure my selfemyself,
wln 0318ThenThan II amam carefullcareful youyou shouldshould bebe preseruedpreserved.
wln 0319CosinCousincousin, taketake twentytwenty ofof ourour strongeststrongest guardeguard,
wln 0320AndAnd vnderunder youryour directiondirection seesee theythey keepkeep,
wln 0321AllAll trecheroustreacherous violenceviolence fromfrom ourour noblenoble freendfriend,
wln 0322RepayingRepaying allall attemptsattempts withwith presentpresent deathdeath,
wln 0323VponUpon thethe cursedcursed breakersbreakers ofof ourour peacepeace.
wln 0324AndAnd soso bebe pacientpatient goodgood LordLord AdmirallAdmiral,
wln 0325AndAnd eueryevery howerhour II willwill visitevisit youyou.
wln 0326Admi.AdmiralII humblyhumbly thankthank youryour royallroyal MaiestieMajesty.
wln 0327ExeuntExeunt omnesomnes.
wln 0328EnterEnter GuiseGuise, AnioyAnjouAnjoy, DumaineDumaine, GonzagoGonzago, RetesRetes,
wln 0329MontsorrellMontsorrell, andand SouldiersSoldiers toto thethe massacremassacre.

wln 0330GuiseGuise.
wln 0331AnioyAnjouAnjoy, DumaineDumaine, GonzagoGonzago, RetesRetes,
wln 0332SweareSwear byby thethe argentargent crossescrosses inin youryour burgonetsburgonersburgonets,
wln 0333ToTo killkill allall thatthat youyou suspectsuspect ofof heresieheresy.
wln 0334Dumain.DumaineDumain.II sweareswear byby thisthis toto bebe vnmercifullunmerciful.
wln 0335AnioyAnioy.AnjouAnjoy...II amam disguisdedisguised andand nonenone knowsknows
wln 0336 whowho II amam.
wln 0337AndAnd therforetherefore meanemean toto murdermurder allall II meetmeet.
wln 0338Gonza.GonzagoGonza.AndAnd soso willwill II.
wln 0339Retes.RetesRetes.AndAnd II.
wln 0340GuiseGuise.AwayAway thenthen, breakbreak intointo thethe AdmiralsAdmiral’sadmiral’s (househouse,
wln 0341Retes.RetesRetes.IAyI letlet thethe AdmirallAdmiral bebe firstfirst dispatchtdispatchrdispatcheddispatcher.
wln 0342GuiseGuise.TheThe AdmirallAdmiral cheefechief standardstandard bearerbearer
wln 0343toto thethe LutheranesLutherans,
wln 0344ShallShall inin thethe entranceentrance ofof thisthis MassacreMassacre,

img: 8-b
sig: B1r

at Paris.

wln 0345BeBe murderedmurdered inin hishis bedbed. GonzagoGonzago conductconduct themthem
wln 0346 thitherthither,
wln 0347AndAnd thenthen besetbeset hishis househouse thatthat notnot aa manman maymay liuelive.
wln 0348AnioyAnioy.AnjouAnjoy...ThatThat chargecharge isis minemine, SwizersSwizzers keepekeep youyou
wln 0349 thethe streetesstreets,
wln 0350AndAnd atat echeach cornercorner shallshall thethe KingsKing’sking’s gardeguard standstand.
wln 0351GonzagoGonzago.ComeCome sirssirs followfollow meme.
wln 0352ExitExit GonzagoGonzago andand othersothers withwith himhim.
wln 0353AnioyAnioy.AnjouAnjoy...CosinCousin, thethe CaptaineCaptain ofof thethe AdmiralsAdmiral’sadmiral’s
wln 0354 guardeguard,
wln 0355Plac’dPlaced byby mymy brotherbrother, willwill betraybetray hishis LordLord:
wln 0356NowNow GuiseGuise shallshall catholiquescatholics flourishflourish onceonce againeagain,
wln 0357TheThe headhead beingbeing ofof, thethe membersmembers cannotcannot standstand.
wln 0358Retes.RetesRetes.ButBut looklook mymy LordLord, ther’sthere’s somesome inin thethe
wln 0359 AdmiralsAdmiral’sadmiral’s househouse.
wln 0360EnterEnter intointo thethe AdmiralsAdmiral’sadmiral’s househouse,
wln 0361andand hehe inin hishis bedbed.

wln 0362AnioyAnioy.AnjouAnjoy...InIn luckylucky timetime, comecome letlet vsus keepkeep thisthis lanelane,
wln 0363AndAnd slayslay hishis seruantsservants thatthat shallshall issueissue outout.
wln 0364Gonza,GonzagoGonzaWhereWhere isis thethe AdmirallAdmiral?
wln 0365Admi.AdmiralOO letlet meme praypray beforebefore II dyedie.
wln 0366Gonza.GonzagoGonza.ThenThen praypray vntounto ourour LadyeLady,
wln 0367kissekiss thisthis crossecross.StabStab himhim.
wln 0368Admi.AdmiralOO GodGod forgiueforgive mymy sinssins.
wln 0369GuiseGuise,GonzagoGonzago, whatwhat, isis hehe deaddead?
wln 0370Gonza.GonzagoGonza.IAyI mymy LordLord.
wln 0371GuiseGuise.ThenThen throwthrow himhim downdown.
wln 0372AnioyAnioy.AnjouAnjoy...NowNow cosincousin viewview himhim wellwell, itit maymay bebe itit isis
wln 0373somesome otherother, andand hehe escapteescaped.
wln 0374GuiseGuise.CosinCousin tis’tis hehe, II knowknow himhim byby hishis looklook.

img: 9-a
sig: B1v

The Massacre

wln 0375SeeSee wherewhere mymy SouldierSoldier shotshot himhim throughthrough thethe armarm.
wln 0376HeHe mistmissed himhim neernear, butbut wewe hauehave strookstruck himhim nownow.
wln 0377AhAh basebase ShatillianChatillion andand degeneratedegenerate, cheefchief standardstandard
wln 0378bearerbearer toto thethe LutheranesLutherans,
wln 0379ThusThus inin despitedespite ofof thythy ReligionReligion,
wln 0380TheThe DukeDuke ofof GuiseGuise stampesstamps onon thythy liueleslifeless bulkebulk.
wln 0381AnioyAnioy.AnjouAnjoy...AwayA wayAwayA way withwith himhim, cutcut ofof hishis headhead andand
wln 0382 handeshands.
wln 0383AndAnd sendsend themthem forfor aa presentpresent toto thethe PopePope:
wln 0384AndAnd whenwhen thisthis iustjust reuengerevenge isis finishedfinished,
wln 0385VntoUnto mount FauconMontfauconmount falcon willwill wewe draggedrag hishis coarsecorsecorpse:
wln 0386AndAnd hehe thatthat liuingliving hatedhated soso thethe crossecross,
wln 0387ShallShall beingbeing deaddead, bebe hangdhanged thereonthereon inin chaineschains.
wln 0388GuiseGuise.AnioyAnjouAnjoy, GonzagoGonzago, RetesRetes, ifif thatthat youyou threethree,
wln 0389WillWill bebe asas resoluteresolute asas II andand DumaineDumaine:
wln 0390ThereThere shallshall notnot aa HugonetHuguenot breathbreathebreath inin FranceFrance.
wln 0391AnioyAnioy.AnjouAnjoy...II sweareswear byby thisthis crossecross, wee’lwe’ll notnot bebe
wln 0392 partiallpartial,
wln 0393ButBut slayslay asas manymany asas wewe cancan comecome neernear.
wln 0394GuiseGuise.MountsorrellMountsorrell, goego shooteshoot thethe ordinanceordinance ofoffof,
wln 0395ThatThat theythey whichwhich hauehave alreadyalready setset thethe streetstreet
wln 0396MayMay knowknow theirtheir watchwordwatchword, thenthen toletoll thethe bellbell,
wln 0397AndAnd soso letslet’s forwardforward toto thethe MassacreMassacre.
wln 0398Mount.MountsorrellMount.II willwill mymy LordLord,ExitExit. MountMountsorrellMount.
wln 0399GuiseGuise.AndAnd nownow mymy LordsLords letlet vsus closelyclosely toto ourour
wln 0400 businesbusiness.
wln 0401AnioyAnioy.AnjouAnjoy...AnioyAnjouAnjoy willwill followfollow theethee.
wln 0402Du.DumaineDuchessAndAnd soso willwill DumaineDumaine.
wln 0403TheThe ordinanceordinance beingbeing shotshot ofoffof, thethe bellbell tollestolls.
wln 0404GuiseGuise.ComeCome thenthen, letslet’s awayaway.ExeuntExeunt.

img: 9-b
sig: B2r

at Paris.

wln 0405TheThe GuiseGuise entersenters againeagain, withwith allall thethe restrest, withwith theirtheir
wln 0406SwordsSwords drawnedrawn, chasingchasing thethe ProtestantsProtestants.

wln 0407GuiseGuise.
wln 0408TueTue tuetue, tuetue, letlet nonenone escapeescape, murdermurder thethe
wln 0409 HugonetsHuguenots.
wln 0410AnioyAnioy.AnjouAnjoy...KillKill themthem, killkill themthem.ExeuntExeunt.
wln 0411EnterEnter LoreineLoreine runningrunning, thethe GuiseGuise andand thethe restrest
wln 0412pursuingpursuing himhim.

wln 0413GuiseGuise.LoreineLoreineLorraine, LoreineLoreineLorraine, followfollow LoreineLoreineLorraine, SirraSirrah,
wln 0414AreAre youyou aa preacherpreacher ofof thesethese heresiesheresies?
wln 0415LoreineLoreineII amam aa preacherpreacher ofof thethe wordword ofof GodGod,
wln 0416AndAnd thouthou aa traitortraitor toto thythy soulesoul andand himhim.
wln 0417GuiseGuise.DearelyDearlydear belouedbeloved brotherbrother, thusthus tis’tis
wln 0418writtenwritten.hehe stabsstabs himhim.
wln 0419AnioyAnioy.AnjouAnjoy...StayStay mymy LordLord, letlet meme beginbegin thethe psalmepsalm.
wln 0420GuiseGuise.ComeCome draggedrag himhim awayaway andand throwthrow himhim
wln 0421inin aa ditchditch.ExeuntExeunt.
wln 0422EnterEnter MountsorrellMountsorrell andand knocksknocks atat SerounsSeroune’sSerouns dooredoor.
wln 0423SerounsSeroune’sSerouns wifewife.WhoWho isis thatthat whichwhich knocksknocks therethere?
wln 0424Mount.MountsorrellMount.MountsorrellMountsorrell fromfrom thethe DukeDuke ofof GuiseGuise.
wln 0425WifeWife.HusbandHusband comecome downdown, heer’shere’s oneone wouldwould
wln 0426speakspeak withwith youyou fromfrom thethe DukeDuke ofof GuiseGuise.
wln 0427EnterEnter SerouneSeroune.

wln 0428SerouneSeroune.
wln 0429ToTo speekspeak withwith meme fromfrom suchsuch aa manman asas hehe?
wln 0430Mount.MountsorrellMount.IAyay, Iay, forfor thisthis SerouneSeroune, andand thouthou shaltshalt
wln 0431hatehate.shewingshowing hishis daggerdagger.
wln 0432SerouneSeroune.OO letlet meme praypray beforebefore II taketake mymy deathdeath.
wln 0433Mount.MountsorrellMount.DespatchDespatch thenthen quicklyquickly.

img: 10-a
sig: B2v

The Massacre

wln 0434SerouneSeronneSerouneSeronne.OO ChristChrist mymy SauiourSaviorSaviour.
wln 0435Mount.MountsorrellMount.ChristChrist, villainevillain, whywhy darstdar’st thouthou presumepresume
wln 0436toto callcall onon ChristChrist, withoutwithout thethe intercessionintercession ofof
wln 0437somesome SaintSaint? SanctaSancta IacobusJacobusjacobus heehe waswas mymy SaintSaint,
wln 0438praypray toto himhim.
wln 0439SerouneSeronneSerouneSeronne.OO letlet meme praypray vntounto mymy GodGod.
wln 0440Mount.MountsorrellMount.ThenThen taketake thisthis withwith youyou.StabStab himhim.
wln 0441ExitExit.
wln 0442EnterEnter RamusRamus inin hishis studiestudy.

wln 0443RamusRamus.WhatWhat fearfullfearful criescries comescomes fromfrom thethe
wln 0444 riuerriver ReneSeneReneSeine,
wln 0445ThatThat frightesfrights poorepoor RamusRamus sittingsitting atat hishis bookbook?
wln 0446II fearefear thethe GuisiansGuisians hauehave pastpassed thethe bridgebridge,
wln 0447AndAnd meanemean onceonce moremore toto menacemenace meme.

wln 0448EnterEnter TaleusTaleus.

wln 0449TaleusTaleus.FlyeFly RamusRamus flyefly, ifif thouthou wiltwilt sauesave thythy lifelife,
wln 0450RamusRamus.TellTell meme TaleusTaleus, wherforewherefore shouldshould II flyefly?
wln 0451TaleusTaleus.TheThe GuisiansGuisians areare hardhard atat thythy dooredoor, andand
wln 0452meanemean toto murdermurder vsus: harkehark, harkehark theythey comecome,
wln 0453IleI’ll leapleap outout atat thethe windowwindow.
wln 0454RamusRamus.SweetSweet TaleusTaleus staystay.

wln 0455EnterEnter GonzagoGonzago andand RetesRetes.

wln 0456GonzagoGonzago.
wln 0457WhoWho goesgoes therethere?
wln 0458Retes.RetesRetes.Tis’Tis TaleusTaleus, RamusRamasRamus’Ramas’ bedfellowbedfellow.

img: 10-b
sig: B3r

The Massacre

wln 0459Gonza.GonzagoGonza.WhatWhat artart thouthou?
wln 0460Tal.TaleusTal.II amam asas RamusRamus isis, aa ChristianChristian.
wln 0461Ret.RetesRet.OO letlet himhim goego, hehe isis aa catholickcatholic.
wln 0462EnterEnter RamusRamus. ExitExit TaleusTaleus.
wln 0463Gon.GonzagoGon.ComeCome RamusRamus, moremore goldegold, oror thouthou shaltshalt
wln 0464hauehave thethe stabbestab.
wln 0465RamusRamus.AlasAlas II amam aa schollerscholar, howhow shouldshould II hauehave
wln 0466 goldegold?
wln 0467AllAll thatthat II hauehave isis butbut mymy stipendstipend fromfrom thethe KingKing,
wln 0468WhichWhich isis nono soonersooner receiu’dreceived butbut itit isis spentspent.

wln 0469EnterEnter thethe GuiseGuise andand AnioyAnjouAnjoy.

wln 0470AnioyAnioy.AnjouAnioy...
wln 0471WhoWho hauehave youyou therethere?
wln 0472Ret.RetesRet.Tis’Tis RamusRamus, thethe KingsKing’sking’s professorprofessor ofof LogickLogic.
wln 0473GuiseGuise,StabStab himhim.
wln 0474RamusRamus.OO goodgood mymy LordLord, whereinwherein hathhath RamusRamus
wln 0475beenbeen soso offenciousoffencious.
wln 0476GuiseGuise.MarryMarry sirsir, inin hauinghaving aa smacksmack inin allall,
wln 0477AndAnd yetyet didstdidst neuernever soundsound anythingany thinganythingany thing toto thethe depthdepth.
wln 0478WasWas itit notnot thouthou thatthat scoftesscoff’dst thethe OrganonOrganon,
wln 0479AndAnd saidsaid itit waswas aa heapeheap ofof vanitiesvanities?
wln 0480HeHe thatthat willwill bebe aa flatflat decotamestdichotomistdecotamest,
wln 0481AndAnd seenseen inin nothingnothing butbut EpetomiesEpitomiesEpetomies:
wln 0482IsIs inin youryour iudgmentjudgement thoughtthought aa learnedlearned manman.
wln 0483AndAnd hehe forsoothforsooth mustmust goego andand preachpreach inin GermanyGermany:
wln 0484ExceptingExcepting againstagainst DoctorsDoctors’Doctors actionsactions,
wln 0485AndAnd ipsiipsi dixidixi withwith thisthis quidditiequiddity,
wln 0486ArgumentumArgumentum testimonistestimonis estest inin artearte fetialisfetialis.

img: 11-a
sig: B3v

The Massacre

wln 0487ToTo contradictcontradict whichwhich, II saysay RamusRamus shallshall dyedie:
wln 0488HowHow answereanswer youyou thatthat? youryour negonego argumentumargumentum
wln 0489 cannotcannot serueserve, sirrasirrah, killkill himhim.
wln 0490Ra.RamusRa.OO goodgood mymy LordLord, letlet meme butbut speakspeak aa wordword.
wln 0491AnioyAnioy.AnjouAnjoy...WellWell, saysay onon.
wln 0492RamusRamus.NotNot forfor mymy lifelife doedo II desiredesire thisthis pausepause,
wln 0493ButBut inin mymy latterlatter hourehour toto purgepurge my selfemyself,
wln 0494InIn thatthat II knowknow thethe thingsthings thatthat II hauehave wrotewrotewritten,
wln 0495WhichWhich asas II hearehear oneone ShekinsShekins takestakes itit illill:
wln 0496BecauseBecause mymy placesplaces beingbeing butbut threethree, containscontains allall hishis:
wln 0497II knewknew thethe OrganonOrganon toto bebe confusdeconfused,
wln 0498AndAnd II reduc’dreduced itit intointo betterbetter formeform.
wln 0499AndAnd thisthis forfor AristotleAristotle willwill II saysay,
wln 0500ThatThat hehe thatthat despisethdespiseth himhim, cancan nerene’er
wln 0501BeBe goodgood inin LogickLogic oror PhilosophiePhilosophy.
wln 0502AndAnd thatsthat’s becausebecause thethe blockishblockish thorbonestthorbonest,
wln 0503AttributeAttribute asas muchmuch vntounto theirtheir workesworks,
wln 0504AsAs toto thethe seruiceservice ofof thethe eternalleternal GodGod.
wln 0505GuiseGuise.WhyWhy suffersuffer youyou thatthat peasantpeasant toto declaimedeclaim?
wln 0506StabStab himhim II saysay andand sendsend himhim toto hishis freendsfriends inin hellhell.
wln 0507AnioyAnioy.AnjouAnjoy...NereNe’erne’er waswas therethere ColliarsCollier’scollier’s sonneson soso fullfull
wln 0508 ofof pridepride.killkill himhim.
wln 0509GuiseGuise.MyMy LordLord ofof AnioyAnjouAnjoy, therethere areare aa hundredhundred
wln 0510 ProtestantsProtestants.
wln 0511WhichWhich wewe hauehave chastechased intointo thethe riuerriver ReneSeneReneSeine,
wln 0512ThatThat swimswim aboutabout andand soso preseruepreserve theirtheir liueslives:
wln 0513HowHow maymay wewe doedo? II fearefear meme theythey willwill liuelive.
wln 0514DumaineDumaine.GoeGo placeplace somesome menmen vponupon thethe bridgebridge,
wln 0515WithWith bowesbows andand dartesdarts toto shootshoot atat themthem theythey seesee,
wln 0516AndAnd sinkesink themthem inin thethe riuerriver asas theythey swimswim.

img: 11-b
sig: B4r

The Massacre

wln 0517GuiseGuise.Tis’Tis wellwell aduisdeadvised DumainDumaineDumain, goego seesee itit straitstraight
wln 0518 bebe donedone.
wln 0519AndAnd inin thethe mean timemeantimemean time mymy LordLord, couldcould wewe deuisedevise,
wln 0520ToTo getget thosethose pedantespedants fromfrom thethe KingKing NauarreNavarre,
wln 0521thatthat areare tutorstutors toto himhim andand thethe princeprince ofof CondyCondéCondy.
wln 0522AnioyAnioy.AnjouAnjoy...ForFor thatthat letlet meme alonealone, CousinCousin staystay youyou heerhere,
wln 0523AndAnd whenwhen youyou seesee meme inin, thenthen followfollow hardhard.
wln 0524HeHe knockethknocketh, andand enterenter thethe KingKing ofof NauarreNavarre andand
wln 0525PrincePrince ofof CondyCondéCondy, withwith theirtheir scholmaistersschoolmasters.

wln 0526HowHow nownow mymy LordsLords, howhow farefare youyou?
wln 0527NauarNauar.NavarreNavar...MyMy LordLord, theythey saysay thatthat allall thethe
wln 0528protestantsprotestants areare massacredmassacred.
wln 0529AnioyAnjouAnjoyIAyay, soso theythey areare, butbut yetyet whatwhat remedyremedy:
wln 0530II hauehave donedone whatwhat II couldcould toto staystay thisthis broilebroil.
wln 0531Nauarr.NavarreNavarr.ButBut yetyet mymy LordLord thethe reportreport dothdoth runrun,
wln 0532ThatThat youyou werewere oneone thatthat mademade thisthis MassacreMassacre.
wln 0533An.AnjouAn.WhoWho II, youyou areare deceiueddeceived, II roserose butbut nownow.
wln 0534EnterEnter GuiseGuise.
wln 0535GuiseGuise.MurderMurder thethe HugonetsHuguenots, taketake thosethose pedantespedants (hencehence.
wln 0536Na.NavarreNa.ThouThou traitortraitor GuiseGuise, laylay ofof thythy bloudybloody handshands.
wln 0537Condy.CondéCondy.ComeCome letlet vsus goego telltell thethe KingKing.ExeuntExeunt.
wln 0538GuiseGuise.ComeCome sirssirs, IleI’ll whipwhip youyou toto deathdeath withwith mymy
wln 0539 punniardsponiard’s pointpoint.hehe kilskills themthem.
wln 0540An.AnjouAn.AwayA wayAwayA way withwith themthem bothboth.ExitExit AnioyAnjouAnjoy.
wln 0541GuiseGuise.AndAnd nownow sirssirs forfor thisthis nightnight letlet ourour furyfury staystay.
wln 0542YetYet willwill wewe notnot thatthat thethe MassacreMassacre shallshall endend,
wln 0543GonzagoGonzago postepost youyou toto OrleanceOrleans,
wln 0544RetesRetes toto DeepDieppeDeep, MountsorrellMountsorrell vntounto RoanRouen,
wln 0545AndAnd sparespare notnot oneone thatthat youyou suspectsuspect ofof heresyheresy.
wln 0546andand nownow staystay thatthat belbell thatthat toto yethethe deuilsdevil’s mattinsmatinsmatin’s ringsrings

img: 12-a
sig: B4v

The Massacre

wln 0547NowNow eueryevery manman putput ofoffof hishis burgonetburgonet,
wln 0548AndAnd soso conueyconvey himhim closelyclosely toto hishis bedbed.ExeuntExeunt.

wln 0549EnterEnter AnioyAnjouAnjoy, withwith twotwo LordsLords ofof PolandPoland.

wln 0550AnioyAnioy.AnjouAnjoy...
wln 0551MyMy LordsLords ofof PolandPoland II mustmust needsneeds confesseconfess,
wln 0552TheThe offeroffer ofof youryour PrincePrince ElectorsElectors, farrefar
wln 0553BeyondBeyond thethe reachreach ofof mymy desertesdeserts:
wln 0554ForFor PolandPoland isis asas II hauehave beenbeen enformdeinformed,
wln 0555AA martiallmartial peoplepeople, worthyworthy suchsuch aa KingKing,
wln 0556AsAs hathhath sufficientsufficient counsailecounsel inin himselfehimself,
wln 0557ToTo lightenlighten doubtsdoubts andand frustratefrustrate subtilesubtle foesfoes.
wln 0558AndAnd suchsuch aa KingKing whomwhom practisepractice longlong hathhath taughttaught,
wln 0559ToTo pleaseplease himselfehimself withwith mannagemanage ofof thethe warreswars.
wln 0560TheThe greatestgreatest warreswars withinwithin ourour ChristianChristian boundsbounds,
wln 0561II meanemean ourour warreswars againstagainst thethe MuscouitesMuscovites:
wln 0562AndAnd onon thethe otherother sideside againstagainst thethe TurkeTurk,
wln 0563RichRich PrincesPrinces bothboth, andand mightymighty EmperoursEmperors:
wln 0564YetYet byby mymy brotherbrother CharlesCharles ourour KingKing ofof FranceFrance,
wln 0565AndAnd byby hishis gracesgrace’s councellcouncil itit isis thoughtthought,
wln 0566thatthat ifif II vndertakeundertake toto wearewear thethe crownecrown
wln 0567OfOf PolandPoland, itit maymay preiudiceprejudice theirtheir hopehope
wln 0568OfOf mymy inheritanceinheritance toto thethe crownecrown ofof FranceFrance:
wln 0569ForFor ifif th’almightyth’ almightyth’almighty taketake mymy brotherbrother hencehence,
wln 0570ByBy duedue discentdescent thethe RegallRegal seatseat isis minemine.
wln 0571WithWith PolandPoland therforetherefore mustmust II couenantcovenant thusthus,
wln 0572ThatThat ifif byby deathdeath ofof CharlesCharles, thethe diademdiadem
wln 0573OfOf FranceFrance bebe castcast onon meme, thenthen withwith youryour leauesleaves
wln 0574II maymay retireretire meme toto mymy natiuenative homehome.
If your

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sig: B5r

The Massacre

wln 0575IfIf youryour commissioncommission serueserve toto warrantwarrant thisthis,
wln 0576II thankfullythankfully shallshall vndertakeundertake thethe chargecharge
wln 0577OfOf youyou andand yoursyours, andand carefullycarefully maintainemaintain
wln 0578thethe wealthwealth andand safetysafety ofof youryour kingdomeskingdom’s rightright.
wln 0579LordLord.AllAll thisthis andand moremore youryour highneshighness
wln 0580 shallshall commaundcommand,
wln 0581ForFor PolandsPoland’sPolands crownecrown andand kinglykingly diademdiadem.
wln 0582AnioyAnioy.AnjouAnjoy...ThenThen comecome mymy LordsLords, letslet’s goego.ExeuntExeunt.

wln 0583EnterEnter twotwo withwith thethe AdmiralsAdmiral’sadmiral’s bodybody.
wln 05841.1 soldier1.NowNow sirrasirrah, whatwhat shallshall wewe doedo withwith
wln 0585thethe AdmirallAdmiral?
wln 05862.2 soldier2.WhyWhy letlet vsus burneburn himhim forfor anan heretickheretic.
wln 05871.1 soldier1.OO nono, hishis bodyebody willwill infectinfect thethe firefire, andand thethe
wln 0588firefire thethe aireair, andand soso wewe shallshall bebe poysonedpoisoned withwith
wln 0589himhim.
wln 05902.2 soldier2.WhatWhat shallshall wewe doedo thenthen?
wln 05911.1 soldier1.LetsLet’slet’s throwthrow himhim intointo thethe riuerriver.
wln 05922.2 soldier2.OhOhO twill’twill corruptcorrupt thethe waterwater, andand thethe waterwater
wln 0593thethe fishfish, andand byby thethe fishfish our seluesourselves whenwhen wewe eateeat
wln 0594themthem.
wln 05951.1 soldier1.ThenThen throwthrow himhim intointo thethe ditchditch.
wln 05962.2 soldier2.NoNo, nono, toto decidedecide allall doubtsdoubts, bebe rulderuled byby meme,
wln 0597letslet’s hanghang himhim heerehere vponupon thisthis treetree.
wln 05981,11 soldier1,AgreedeAgreed.TheyThey hanghang himhim.

wln 0599EnterEnter thethe DukeDuke ofof GuiseGuise, andand QueeneQueen MotherMother, andand
wln 0600thethe CardinallCardinal.

wln 0601GuiseGuise.NowNow MadameMadammadam, howhow likelike youyou ourour lustylusty
wln 0602 AdmirallAdmiral?

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at Paris.

wln 0603QueeneQueen.BeleeueBelieve meme GuiseGuise hehe becomesbecomes thethe placeplace
wln 0604 soso wellwell,
wln 0605AsAs II couldcould longlong ereere thisthis hauehave wishtwished himhim therethere.
wln 0606ButBut comecome letslet’s walkewalk asideaside, thair’sth’air’sthere’s notnot veryvery sweetsweet.
wln 0607GuiseGuise.NoNo byby mymy faithfaith MadamMadam.
wln 0608SirsSirs, taketake himhim awayaway andand throwthrow himhim inin somesome ditchditch.
wln 0609carrycarry awayaway thethe deaddead bodybody.
wln 0610AndAnd nownow MadamMadam asas II vnderstandunderstand,
wln 0611ThereThere areare aa hundredhundred HugonetsHuguenots andand moremore,
wln 0612WhichWhich inin thethe woodswoods doedo holdehold theirtheir synagoguesynagogue:
wln 0613AndAnd daylydaily meetmeet aboutabout thisthis timetime ofof dayday,
wln 0614AndAnd thitherthither willwill II toto putput themthem toto thethe swordsword.
wln 0615Qu.QueenQu.DoeDo soso sweetsweet GuiseGuise, letlet vsus delaydelay nono timetime,
wln 0616ForFor ifif thesethese straglersstragglers gathergather headhead againeagain,
wln 0617AndAnd dispersedisperse themseluesthemselves throughoutthroughout thethe RealmeRealm
wln 0618 ofof FranceFrance,
wln 0619ItIt willwill bebe hardhard forfor vsus toto workework theirtheir deathsdeaths.
wln 0620BeBe gonegone, delaydelay nono timetime sweetsweet GuiseGuise.
wln 0621GuiseGuise.MadamMadam, II goego asas whirl-windeswhirlwindswhirlwind’s ragerage
wln 0622 beforebefore aa stormestorm,ExitExit GuiseGuise.
wln 0623Qu.QueenQu.MyMy LordLord ofof LoraineLorraine hauehave youyou marktmarked ofof latelate,
wln 0624HowHow CharlesCharles ourour sonneson beginsbegins forfor toto lamentlament:
wln 0625ForFor thethe latelate nightsnight’s workework whichwhich mymy LordLord ofof GuiseGuise
wln 0626DidDid makemake inin ParisParis amongstamongst thethe HugonitesHugonites?
wln 0627Card.CardinalMadamMadam, II hauehave heardheard himhim solemnlysolemnly vowvow,
wln 0628WithWith thethe rebelliousrebellious KingKing ofof NauarreNavarre,
wln 0629ForFor toto reuengerevenge theirtheir deathsdeaths vponupon vsus allall.
wln 0630Qu.QueenQu.IAyay, butbut mymy LordLord letlet meme alonealone forfor thatthat,
wln 0631ForFor KatherineKatherine mustmust hauehave herher willwill inin FranceFrance:
wln 0632AsAs II doedo liuelive, soso surelysurely shallshall hehe dyedie.

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sig: B6r

The Massacre

wln 0633AndAnd HenryHenry thenthen shallshall wearewear thethe diademdiadem.
wln 0634AndAnd ifif hehe grudgegrudge oror crossecross hishis MothersMother’s willwill,
wln 0635IleI’ll disinheritedisinherit himhim andand allall thethe restrest:
wln 0636ForFor IleI’ll rulerule FranceFrance, butbut theythey shallshall wearewear thethe (crownecrown:
wln 0637AndAnd ifif theythey stormestorm, II thenthen maymay pullpull themthem downedown.
wln 0638ComeCome mymy LordLord letslet’s vsus goego.ExeuntExeunt.

wln 0639EnterEnter fiuefive oror sixesix ProtestantsProtestants withwith bookesbooks, andand kneelekneel to-togetherto∣gethertogether
wln 0640gether.
wln 0640EnterEnter alsoalso thethe GuiseGuise.

wln 0641GuiseGuise.DowneDown withwith thethe HugonitesHuguenotsHugonites, murdermurder themthem.
wln 0642ProtestantProtestant.OO MounserMonsieur dede GuiseGuise, hearehear meme butbut
wln 0643 speakespeak.
wln 0644GuiseGuise.NoNo villainvillain, thatthat toungtongue ofof thinethine,
wln 0645ThatThat hathhath blasphemdeblasphemed thethe holyholy ChurchChurch ofof RomeRome,
wln 0646ShallShall driuedrive nono plaintesplaints intointo thethe GuisesGuise’s earesears,
wln 0647ToTo makemake thethe iusticejustice ofof mymy heartheart relentrelent:
wln 0648TueTue, tuetue, tuetue, letlet nonenone escapeescape:killkill themthem.
wln 0649SoSo, draggedrag themthem awayaway.ExeuntExeunt.
wln 0650EnterEnter thethe KingKing ofof FranceFrance, NauarNavarreNavar andand EpernouneEpernounEpernoune stay-stayingstay∣ingstaying
wln 0651ing
wln 0651himhim: enterenter Qu.QueenQu. MotherMother, andand thethe CardinallCardinal.

wln 0652KingKing.
wln 0653OO letlet meme staystay andand restrest meme heerhere aa whilewhile,
wln 0654AA gripinggriping painepain hathhath ceasdeseizedceased vponupon mymy heartheart:
wln 0655AA sodainesudden pangpang, thethe messengermessenger ofof deathdeath.
wln 0656Qu.QueenQu.OO saysay notnot soso, thouthou kill’stkill’stkillest thythy mothersmother’s heartheart.
wln 0657KingKing.II mustmust saysay soso, painepain forcethforceth meme complainecomplain.
wln 0658Na.NavarreNa.ComfortComfort your selfeyourself mymy LordLord andand hauehave nono
wln 0659