The Malcontent
The Malcontent

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ln 0001THETHE

ln 0003ByBy IohnJohnjohn MarstonMarston.

ln 000416041604.

ln 0005PrintedPrinted atat LondonLondon byby V.〈◊〉V. S.S. forfor WilliamWilliam AspleyAspley,
ln 0006andand areare toto bebe soldsold at〈…〉at hishis shopshop inin PaulesPaul’s
ln 0007Church-yardChurchyard.

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ln 0010D.D. D.D.


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ln 0001ToTo thethe ReaderReader.

ln 0002II AmAm anan illill OratourOrator; andand inin
ln 0003truthtruth, vseuse toto inditeindite moremore ho-honestlyho∣nestlyhonestly
ln 0004nestly
ln 0004thenthen eloquentlyeloquently, forfor
ln 0005t’is’tis mymy customecustom toto speakespeak asas
ln 0006II thinkthink, andand writewrite asas II speakespeak.
ln 0007InIn plainenesseplainness thereforetherefore vnderstandunderstand, thatthat inin somesome
ln 0008thingsthings II havehave willinglywillingly er-erreder∣rederred
ln 0009red,
ln 0009asas inin supposingsupposing aa DukeDuke ofof GenoaGenoa, andand inin takingtaking
ln 0010namesnames differentdifferent fromfrom thatthat CittiesCity’s familiesfamilies: forfor
ln 0011whichwhich somesome maymay wittilywittily accuseaccuse meme, butbut mymy defencedefensedefence
ln 0012shallshall beebe asas honesthonest, asas manymany reproofesreproofs vntounto meeme havehave
ln 0013beenbeen mostmost maliciousmalicious. SinceSince (II heartilyheartily protestprotest) t’was’twaswas
ln 0014mymy carecare toto writewrite soso farrefar fromfrom reasonablereasonable offenceoffenseoffence,
ln 0015thatthat eveneven strangersstrangers, inin whosewhose StateState II laydlaid mymy SceneScene,
ln 0016shouldshould notnot fromfrom thencethence drawdraw anyany disgracedisgrace toto anyany,
ln 0017deaddead oror livingliving. YetYet inin despightdespite ofof mymy indevorsendeavorsendeavours, II vn-vnderstandvn|derstandunderstand
ln 0018derstand,
ln 0018somesome havehave binbeen mostmost vnadvisedlyunadvisedly over-cun-over-cunningover-cun|ningovercunning
ln 0019ning
ln 0019inin mis-interpretingmisinterpreting meme, &and withwith subtiltysubtlety (asas deepdeep
ln 0020asas hellhell) havehave maliciouslymaliciously spreadspread illill rumorsrumorsrumours, whichwhich
ln 0021springingspringing fromfrom themselvesthemselves, mightmight toto themselvesthemselves
ln 0022havehave heavilyheavily returnedreturned. SurelySurely II desiredesire toto satisfiesatisfy eve-everyeve∣ryevery
ln 0023ry
ln 0023firmefirm spiritspirit, whowho inin allall hishis actionsactions, proposethproposeth toto
ln 0024himselfehimself nono moremore endsends thenthan GodGod andand vertuevirtue doedo,
ln 0025whosewhose intentionsintentions areare alwayesalways simplesimple: toto suchsuch II pro-protestpro∣test

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To the Reader.

ln 0026testprotest, thatthat withwith mymy freefree vnderstandingunderstanding, II havehave notnot
ln 0027glancedglanced atat disgracedisgrace ofof anyany, butbut ofof thosethose, whosewhose vn-vnquietvn|quietunquiet
ln 0028quiet
ln 0028studiesstudies laborlaborlabour innovationinnovation, contemptcontempt ofof holyholy
ln 0029policiepolicy, reverentreverent comelycomely superioritysuperiority, andand establi-establishedestabli∣shedestablished
ln 0030shed
ln 0030vnityunity: forfor thethe restrest ofof mymy supposedsupposed tartnessetartness, II
ln 0031fearefear notnot, butbut vntounto everyevery worthyworthy mindmind t’wil’twill bebe ap-approovedap|proovedapproved
ln 0032prooved
ln 0032soso generallgeneral andand honesthonest, asas maymay modestlymodestly
ln 0033passepass withwith thethe freedomefreedom ofof aa SatyreSatire. II wouldwould fainefain
ln 0034leaveleave thethe paperpaper; onelyonly oneone thingthing afflictsafflicts meeme, toto
ln 0035thinkethink thatthat ScenesScenes inventedinvented, meerelymerely toto bebe spokenspoken,
ln 0036shouldshould bebe inforcivelyinforcively publishedpublished toto bebe readread, &and thatthat
ln 0037thethe leastleast hurthurt II cancan receivereceive, isis toto dodo my selfemyself thethe
ln 0038wrongwrong. ButBut sincesince othersothers otherwiseotherwise wouldwould doedo meme
ln 0039moremore, thethe leastleast inconvenienceinconvenience isis toto bebe acceptedaccepted. II
ln 0040havehave my selfemyself thereforetherefore setset forthforth thisthis ComedyComedy; butbut
ln 0041soso, thatthat mymy inforcedenforced absenceabsence mustmust muchmuch relyerely vp-vponvp|onupon
ln 0042on
ln 0042thethe PrintersPrinter’sPrinters discretiondiscretion: butbut II shalshall intreatentreat, slightslight
ln 0043errorserrors inin orthographyorthography maymay beebe asas slightlyslightly or’e-or’epassedor’e|passedo’erpassed
ln 0044passed;
ln 0044andand thatthat thethe vnhandsomeunhandsome shapeshape whichwhich thisthis
ln 0045trifletrifle inin readingreading presentspresents, maymay beebe pardonedpardoned, forfor
ln 0046thethe pleasurepleasure itit onceonce affordedafforded youyou, whenwhen itit waswas pre-presentedpre∣sentedpresented
ln 0047sented
ln 0047withwith thethe soulesoul ofof livelylively actionaction.

ln 0048MeMe meamea sequentursequentur fatafata.

ln 0049I.J.I. M.M.

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Dramatis personæ.

ln 0001}DisguisedDisguised MaleuoleMalevole sometimesometime
DukeDuke ofof GenoaGenoa.
ln 0002AltofrontoAltofronto

ln 0003}DukeDuke ofof GenoaGenoa.PietroPietro IacomoJacomojacomo

ln 0004}AA MinionMinion toto thethe DutchesseDuchess ofof
PietroPietro IacomoJacomojacomo.
ln 0005

ln 0006}AA friendfriend toto AltofrontAltofront.CelsoCelso

ln 0007}AnAn oldeold cholerikecholeric MarshallMarshal.BiliosoBilioso.

ln 0008}AA GentlemanGentleman VsherUsher.PrepassoPrepasso

ln 0009}AA yongyoung CourtierCourtier, andand inamoredenamoredenamoured
onon thethe DutchesseDuchess.
ln 0010

ln 0011}AA MinionMinion toto DukeDuke PietroPietro Ia-IacomoIa|como
ln 0012

ln 0013}TwoTwo CourtiersCourtiers.EquatoEquato.
ln 0014GuerrinoGuerrino.

ln 0015}DutchesDuchess toto DukeDuke Piet:PietPietroPiet: IacomoJacomojacomo.AureliaAurelia

ln 0016}DutchesDuchess toto DukeDuke AltofrontAltofront.MariaMaria

ln 0017}TwoTwo LadiesLadies attendingattending thethe Dut-DutchesseDut|chesseDuchess
ln 0018BeanchaBiancaBeancha

ln 0019}AnAn oldeold PandressePanderesspanderess.MaquerelleMaquerelle

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wln 0001THETHE
VexatVexat cen-censuracensu●a
suracensura colum-columbascolumb●s


wln 0004TheThe vilestvilest outout ofof tunetune MusickeMusic beingbeing heardheard.

wln 0005EnterEnter BiliosoBilioso andand PræpassoPraepassoPrepassoPraepasso.

wln 0006BiliosoBilioso.
wln 0007WHyWhy howhow nownow? areare yeeye madmad? oror drunkedrunk? oror
wln 0008bothboth? oror whatwhat?
wln 0009Præp.Praep.Prae●.PrepassoPraep.AreAre yeeye buildingbuilding BabilonBabylon therethere?
wln 0010Bili.Bilioso〈◊〉BiliosoHeer’sHere’s aa noysenoise inin CourtCourt,, youyou thinkethink youyou
wln 0011areare inin aa TauerneTavern, dodo youyou notnot?
wln 0012Præp.Praep.Pr●p.PrepassoPraep.YouYou thinkethink youyou areare inin aa brothellbro●hellbrothel househouse doedo youyou
wln 0013notnot? ThisThis roomeroom isis illill sentedscented.
wln 0014EnterEnter oneone withwith aa PerfumePerfume.
wln 0015SoSo; perfumeperfume; perfumeperfume; somesome vponupon meme II praypray theethee: TheThe
wln 0016DukeDuke isis vponupon instantinstant entranceentrance; soso, makemake placeplace therethere.


wln 0018EnterEnter thethe DukeDuke PietroPietro, FerrardoFerrardo, CountCount EquatoEquato,
wln 0019CountCount CelsoCelso beforebefore, andand Guerrino〈◊〉Guerrino.

wln 0020PietroPietro.WhereWhere breath’sbreathesbreath’s thatthat MusiqueMusic?
wln 0021BiliosoBilioso.TheThe discorddiscord ratherrather thenthan thethe MusiqueMusic isis heardheard
wln 0022fromfrom thethe MalcontentMalcontent MaleuolesMalevoles chamber〈◊〉chamber..
wln 0023Ferrar.FerrardoFerrar.MaleuoleMalevole.
wln 0024Male.MalevoleMale.*YaughYaugh, godamangod a’ mangodaman whatwhat do’stdost thouthou therethere: DukesDuke’sDukes* OutOut ofof hishis

wln 0025GanimedGanymede IunoesIuncesJuno’sjunces iealousjealous ofof thythy longlong stockingsstockings: shadowshadow
wln 0026ofof aa womanwoman, whatwhat wouldstwouldst WeesellWeasel? thouthou lambelamb aa’a
wln 0027CourtCourt: whatwhat doostdost thouthou bleatbleat forfor? aaha youyou smooth chindsmoothsmooth-chinnedsmoothchindchinned
wln 0028CatamiteCa●amiteCatamite.
wln 0029PietroPietro.ComeCome downedown thouthou ruggedrugged CurCur, andand snarlesnarl herehere,
wln 0030II giuegive thythy doggeddogged sullennessesullenness freefree libertyliberty: trottrot aboutabout andand
wln 0031be-spurtlebespurtle whomwhom thouthou pleasestpleasest.

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sig: B1v


wln 0032MaleuoleMalevole.IleI’ll comecome amongamong youyou, youyou Gotish blouddedGotishGoatish-bloodedGoatishblouddedblooded
wln 0033ToderersToderers, asas GumGum intointo TaffataTaffeta, toto fretfret, toto fretfret: IleI’ll fallfall likelike aa
wln 0034spungesponge intointo waterwater toto sucksuck vpup; toto sucksuck vpup. HowleHowlHowle againeagain. IleI’ll
wln 0035praypray, andand comecome toto youyou.
wln 0036PietroPietro.Pietr●PietroPietro..ThisThis MaleuoleMalevole isis oneone ofof thethe mostmost prodigiousprodigious af-affectionsaf∣fectionsaffections
wln 0037fections
wln 0037thatthat euerever conuerstconversed withwith naturenature; AA manman oror ratherrather aa
wln 0038monstermonster; moremore discontentdiscontent thenthan LuciferLucifer whenwhen hehe waswas thrustthrust
wln 0039outout ofof thethe presencepresence, hishis appetiteappetite isis vnsatiableunsatiable asas thethe GraueGrave;
wln 0040asas farrefar fromfrom anyany contentcontent asas fromfrom heauenheaven, hishis highesthighest de-delightde∣lightdelight
wln 0041light
wln 0041isis toto procureprocure othersothers’others vexationvexation, andand thereintherein heehe thinkesthinks
wln 0042hehe trulytruly seruesse●uesserves heauenheaven; forfor tis’tis hishis positionposition, whosoeuerwhosoever inin
wln 0043thisthis earth●arthearth cancan bebe contentedcontented isis aa slaueslave andand dam’ddamned; thereforetherefore
wln 0044do’sdoes hehe afflictafflict allall inin thatthat toto whichwhich theythey areare mostmost affectedaffected; thethe
wln 0045ElementsElements strugglestruggle withinwithin himhim; hishis owneown soulesoul isis atat vari-variencevari|encevariance
wln 0046ence;
wln 0046hishis speachspeech isis halter-worthyhalter-worthy atat allall howershours; II likelike himhim
wln 0047faithfaith, hehe giuesgives goodgood intelligenceintelligence toto mymy spiritspirit, makesmakes meme vn-vnderstandvn|derstandunderstand
wln 0048derstand
wln 0048thosethose weaknessesweaknesses whichwhich othersothers’others flatteryflattery palliatepalliate:
wln 0049harkehark theythey singsing.

wln 0051AA SongSong.
wln 0052EnterEnter MaleuoleMalevole afterafter thethe SongSong.
wln 0053SeeSee hehe comescomes; nownow shallshall youyou hearehear thethe extremityextremity ofof aa
wln 0054MalecontentMalcontent: hehe isis asas freefree asas ayreair; hehe blowesblows ouerover eueryevery
wln 0055manman. AndAnd sirsir whencewhence comecome youyou nownow?
wln 0056Mal.MalevoleMal.FromFrom thethe publickpublic placeplace ofof muchmuch dissimulationdissimulation;
wln 0057the [◇◇]church
wln 0058Piet.PietroPiet.WhatWhat didstdidst therethere?
wln 0059Mal.MalevoleMal.TalkeTalk withwith aa VsurerUsurer; taketake vpup atat IntetestInterestIntetestInterest.
wln 0060Piet.PietroPiet.II wonderwonder whatwhat religionreligion thouthou artart?
wln 0061Mal.MalevoleMal.OfOf aa SouldiersSoldier’ssoldier’s religionreligion.
wln 0062Pietr.PietroPietr.AndAnd whatwhat doostdost thouthou thinkethink makesmakes mostmost InfidelsInfidels (nownow?
wln 0063Mal.MalevoleMal.SectsSects, sectssects, II hauehave seeneseen seemingseeming PietyPiety changechange
wln 0064herher roaberobe soso oftoft, thatthat suresure nonenone butbut somesome arch-diuellarch-devil cancan
wln 0065shapeshape herher aa newnew PeticotePetticoat.

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sig: B2r


wln 0066PietroPietro.OfOf aa religiousreligious polliciepolicy.
wln 0067Mal.MalevoleMal.ButBut damnationdamnation onon aa politiquepolitic religionreligion.
wln 0068PietroPietro.ButBut whatswhat’s thethe commoncommon newesnews abroadeabroad MaleuoleMalevole,
wln 0069thouthou dogstdog’st rumorrumor stillstill.
wln 0070Mal.MalevoleMal.CommonCommon newesnews? whywhy commoncommon wordswords areare, GodGod
wln 0071sauesave yeeye, FareFare yeeye wellwell: commoncommon actionsactions, FlatteryFlattery andand Co-CosenageCo|senageCozenage
wln 0072senage:
wln 0072commoncommon thingsthings, WomenWomen andand CuckoldsCuckolds: andand howhow
wln 0073do’sdoes mymy littlelittle FerrardFerrard: aa yeeye lecherouslecherous AnimallAnimal, mymy littlelittle
wln 0074FerretFerret, hehe goesgoes suckingsucking vpup &and downedown thethe PallacePalace intointo eueryevery
wln 0075HensHen’shen’s nestnest likelike aa WeesellWeasel: &and toto whatwhat doostdost thouthou addictaddict thythy
wln 0076timetime toto nownow, moremore thenthan toto thosethose AntiqueAntique paintedpainted drabsdrabs thatthat
wln 0077areare stilstill affectedaffected ofof youngyoung CourtiersCourtiers, FlatteryFlattery, PridePride &and VeneryVenery.
wln 0078Ferrard.FerrardoFerrard.II studystudy languageslanguages: whowho doostdost thinkethink toto bebe thethe
wln 0079bestbest linguistlinguist ofof ourour ageage?
wln 0080Mal.MalevoleMal.PhewPhew, thethe DiuellDevil letlet himhim possessepossess theethee, heelehe’ll teachteach
wln 0081theethee toto speakespeak allall languageslanguages, mostmost readilyreadily andand strangelystrangely, andand
wln 0082greatgreat reasonreason marymarry, heeshe’s traueldtraveledtravelled greatlygreatly ithei’ thei’the worldeworld; andand isis
wln 0083euery whereeverywhere.
wln 0084Ferrard.FerrardoFerrard.SaueSave ithi’ th’i’th’ CourtCourt.
wln 0085Mal.M●l..MalevoleMal.IAyI sauesave ithi’ th’i’th’ CourtCourt: andand howhow do’sdoes mymy oldold MuckillMuckhillmuckhill
wln 0086ouerspredoverspread withwith freshfresh snowsnow:: thouthou halfehalf aa māman halfehalf aa GoateGoat,ToTo BiliosoBilios●Bilioso.
wln 0087allall aa BeastBeast: howhow do’sdoes thythy youngyoung wifewife oldold huddlehuddle?
wln 0088Bilio.Bili●.BiliosoBilio.OutOut youyou improuidentimprovident rascallrascal.
wln 0089Mal.MalevoleMal.DoeDo, kickkick thouthou hugelyhugely horndhorned oldeold DukesDuke’s OxeOx,
wln 0090goodgood MaisterMaster Make-pleeceMake-pleasMake-pleece.
wln 0091PietroPietro.HowHow doostdost thouthou liuelive now a dayesnowadays MaleuoleMalevole?
wln 0092Mal.MalevoleMal.WhyWhy likelike thethe KnightKnight S.SaintS. PatrikPatrick PenlobransPenlobransPenlobran’s, withwith
wln 0093killingkilling ao’a SpidersSpidersspider’s forfor mymy LadiesLady’s MunckeyMonkeymonkey.
wln 0094Pie.PietroPie.HowHow do’stdost spendspend thethe nightnight, II heerehearhere thouthou neuernever sleepstsleepest?
wln 0095Mal.MalevoleMal.OO nono, butbut dreamedream thethe mostmost fantasticallfantastical: OOOh heauenheaven:
wln 0096OOOh fubberyfubbery, fubberyfubbery.
wln 0097PietroPietro.DreameDream, whatwhat dreamstdreamest?
wln 0098Mal.MalevoleMal.WhyWhy me thinkesmethinks II seesee thatthat SigniorSignior pawndpawned hishis foot-foot-clothfoot∣clothfoot-cloth
wln 0099cloth,
wln 0099thatthat MetrezaMetreza herher PlatePlate, thisthis madammadam takestakes phisickphysic, thatthat
wln 0100tothert’ othert’other MounsieurMonsieurmonsieur maymay ministerminister toto herher: herehere isis aa PandarPandar Iew-IeweldIew|eldJeweledjewelled
wln 0101eld:
wln 0101therethere aa fellowfellow inin shiftshift ofof SattenSatin thisthis dayday, thatthat couldcould notnot
wln 0102shiftshift aa shirtshirt tothert’ othert’other nightnight, herehere aa ParisParis supportssupports thatthat HellenHelen,

img: 6-a
sig: B2v


wln 0103theresthere’s aa LadyLady GuineuerGuinever bearesbears vpup thatthat sirsir LancelotLancelot. DreamesDreams,
wln 0104dreamesdreams, visionsvisions, fantasiesfantasies, ChimerasChimaeras, imaginationsimaginations, trickestricks,
wln 0105*ToTo Pre-PrepassoPre∣passo
conceitesconceits, *SirSir TristramTristram TrimtramTrimtram comecome aa loftloft Iack aIack a napesJackanapesjackanapes
wln 0106napes
wln 0106withwith aa whim whamwhim-wham, hereshere’s aa KnightKnight ofof thethe landland ofof
wln 0107CatitoCatito shallshall playplay atat traptrap withwith anyany PagePage inin EuropeEurope; DoeDo thethe
wln 0108swordsword dauncedance, withwith anyany Morris-dauncerMorris ▪ dauncerMorris-dancer inin ChristendomeChristendom;
wln 0109rideride atat thethe RingRing tilltill thethe finnefin ofof hishis eyeseyes lookelook asas blewblue asas
wln 0110thethe welkinwelkin, andand runnerun thethe wilde-goosewild-goose chasechase eueneven withwith
wln 0111PompeyPompey thethe hugehuge.
wln 0112PietroPietro.YouYou runnerun.
wln 0113Mal.MalevoleMal.ToTo thethe diuelldevil: nownow SignorSigniorsignior GuerchinoGuerrinoGuerchino; thatthat thouthou
wln 0114fromfrom aa mostmost pittiedpitied prisonerprisoner shouldstshouldst growgrow aa mostmost loathdloathed
wln 0115flattererflatterer: AlasAlas poorepoor CelsoCelso, thythy starresstars opprestoppressed, thouthou artart anan ho-honestho∣nesthonest
wln 0116nest
wln 0116LordLord, tis’tis pittypity.
wln 0117Equato.Equato.IstIs ’tIs’t pittypity?
wln 0118Mal.MalevoleMal.IAyI marrymarry istis ’tis’t PhilosophicallPhilosophical EquatoEquato, andand tis’tis pittypity thatthat
wln 0119thouthou beingbeing soso excellentexcellent aa SchollerScholar byby ArtArt, shouldstshouldst bebe soso ri-ridiculousriculousridiculous
wln 0120culous
wln 0120aa foolefool byby NatureNature: II hauehave aa thingthing toto telltell youyou DukeDuke;
wln 0121bidbid vm’em auantavaunt, bidbid vm’em auantavaunt.
wln 0122PietroPietro.LeaueLeave vsus, leaueleave vsus, nownow sirsir whatwhat istis ’tis’t?
wln 0123ExeuntExeunt allall sauingsaving PietroPietro andand MaleuoleMalevole
wln 0124Mal.MalevoleMal.DukeDuke thouthou artart aa BecoBeccoBeco, aa CornutoCprnutoCorn●toCornuto.
wln 0125PietroPietro.HowHow?
wln 0126Mal.MalevoleMal.ThouThou artart aa CuckoldCuckold.
wln 0127PietroPietro.SpeakeSpeak; vnshaleunshellunshale himhim quickquick.
wln 0128Mal.MalevoleMal.WithWith mostmost tumbler-liketumbler-like nimblenesnimbleness.
wln 0129PietroPietro.WhoWho? byby whomwhom? II burstburst withwith desiredesire.
wln 0130Mal.MalevoleMal.MendozoMendozaMendozo isis thethe manman makesmakes theethee aa horn’dhorned beastbeast;
wln 0131DukeDuke ’tis’tis MendozoMendozaMendozo cornutescornutes theethee.
wln 0132PietroPietro.WhatWhat conformanceconformance, relaterelate, shortshort, shortshort.
wln 0133Mal.MalevoleMal.AsAs aa LawyersLawyer’slawyer’s beardbeard,
wln 0134ThereThere isis anan oldold CroneCrone inin thethe CourtCourt, herher namename isis MaquerelleMaquerelle,
wln 0135SheeShe isis mymy MistrisMistress soothsooth toto saysay, andand sheshe dothdoth euerever telltell meme,

wln 0136BlirtBlirt ao’a rimerhyme; blirtblirt ao’a rimerhyme; MaquerelleMaquerelle isis aa cunningcunning BawdeBawd,
wln 0137II amam anan honesthonest villainevillain, thythy wifewife isis aa closeclose DrabDrab, andand thouthou
wln 0138artart aa notoriousnotorious CuckoldCuckold, farewellfarewell DukeDuke.

img: 6-b
sig: B3r


wln 0139PietroPietro.StayStay, staystay.
wln 0140Mal,MalevoleMal,DullDull, dulldull DukeDuke, cancan lazylazy patiencepatience makemake lamelame re-reuengere|uengerevenge
wln 0141uenge;
wln 0141OOOh GodGod forfor aa womanwoman toto makemake aa manman thatthat whichwhich
wln 0142GodGod neuernever createdcreated, neuernever mademade.
wln 0143PietroPietro.WhatWhat diddid GodGod neuernever makemake?
wln 0144Mal.MalevoleMal.AA CockoldCuckold: ToTo bebe mademade aa thingthing thatsthat’s hud-winkthoodwinked
wln 0145withwith kindnessekindness whilstwhilst eueryevery rascallrascal philipsfillipsphilips hishis browesbrows; toto
wln 0146hauehave aa Cox-combeCoxcomb withwith egregiousegregious horneshorns pindpinned toto aa LordsLord’slord’s
wln 0147backback, eueryevery pagepage sportingsporting himselfehimself withwith delightfulldelightful laugh-laughterlaugh∣terlaughter
wln 0148ter,
wln 0148whilstwhilst hehe mustmust bebe thethe lastlast mustmust knowknow itit; PistolsPistols andand Po-PoniardsPo∣nieardsPoniards
wln 0149niards,
wln 0149PistolsPistols andand PoinardsPoniardsponiards.
wln 0150PietroPietro.DeathDeath andand damnationdamnation.
wln 0151Mal.MalevoleMal.LightningLightning andand thunderthunder.
wln 0152PietroPietro.VengeanceVengeance andand torturetorture.
wln 0153Mal.MalevoleMal.CatzoCatsoCatzo.
wln 0154PietroPietro.OO reuengerevenge.
wln 0155Mal.MalevoleMal.II wouldwould damdamndam himhim andand allall hishis generationgeneration, mymy owneown
wln 0156handshands shouldshould dodo itit; haha II wouldwould notnot trusttrust heauenheaven withwith mymy
wln 0157vengeancevengeance any thinganythingany thing.
wln 0158PietroPietro.Any thingAnythingAny thing, any thinganyanythinganythingthing MaleuoleMalevole thouthou shaltshalt seesee in-instantlyin∣stantlyinstantly
wln 0159stantly
wln 0159whatwhat tempertemper mymy spiritspirit houldsholds; farewellfarewell, rememberremember,
wln 0160II forgetforget theethee notnot, farewellfarewell.ExitExit PietroPietro.


wln 0162EnterEnter CelsoCelso.

wln 0163Cel.CelsoCel.MyMy honor’dhonoredhonoured LordLord.
wln 0164Mal.MalevoleMal.PeacePeace, speakespeak lowlow; peacepeace, OOOh CelsoCelso, constantconstant LordLord,
wln 0165ThouThou toto whosewhose faithfaith II onelyonly restrest discouereddiscovered,
wln 0166ThouThou oneone ofof fullfull tenten millionsmillions ofof menmen
wln 0167ThatThat louestlovest vertuevirtue onelyonly forfor it selfeitself,
wln 0168ThouThou inin whosewhose handshands oldeold OPSOPS maymay putput herher soulesoul;
wln 0169BeholdBehold for euer banishtforever-banishedfor ever banished AltofrontAltofront
wln 0170ThisThis GenoasGenoa’s lastlast yearesyear’syears DukeDuke. OO trulytruly noblenoble,
wln 0171II wantedwanted thosethose oldold instrumentsinstruments ofof statestate,
wln 0172DissemblanceDissemblance, andand suspectsuspect: II couldcould notnot timetime itit CelsoCelso,

img: 7-a
sig: B3v


wln 0173MyMy throanethrone stoodstood likelike aa pointpoint inin midd’stmidst ofof aa circlecircle,
wln 0174ToTo allall ofof equallequal neerenesnearness, borebore withwith nonenone:
wln 0175RaindReigned allall alikealike, soso sleptslept inin fearelessefearless vertuevirtue,
wln 0176SuspectlesSuspectless, tootoo suspectlessuspectless, tilltill thethe crowdecrowd:
wln 0177(StillStill liquerousliquorous ofof vntrieduntried noueltiesnovelties)
wln 0178ImpacientImpatient withwith seuererseverer gouernmentegovernment:
wln 0179MadeMade strongstrong withwith FlorenceFlorence: banishtbanished AltofrontAltofront.
wln 0180CelsoCelso.StrongStrong withwith FlorenceFlorence, IAyI thencethence youryour mischiefemischief roserose,
wln 0181ForFor whenwhen thethe danghrerdaughterdanghrerdaughter ofof thethe FlorentineFlorentine:
wln 0182WasWas matchedmatched onceonce withwith thisthis PietroPietro nownow DukeDuke,
wln 0183NoNo stratagemstratagem ofof statestate vntridevnt●ideuntried waswas lefteleft, tilltill youyou ofof allall
wln 0184Mal.MalevoleMal.OfOf allall waswas quitequite bereftebereft,
wln 0185AlasAlas MariaMaria tootoo closeclose prisonedprisoned:
wln 0186MyMy truetrue fayth’dsayth’dfaithed dutchesduchess i’thei’ thei’the CitadellCitadel.
wln 0187CelsoCelso.IleI’ll stillstill adhereadhere, letslet’s mutiniemutiny andand diedie.
wln 0188Mal.MalevoleMal.OO climeclimb notnot aa fallingfalling towertower CelsoCelso,
wln 0189Tis’Tis wellwell heldheld desperationdesperation, nono ZealeZeal:
wln 0190HopelesHopeless toto striuestrive withwith fatefate (peacepeace) TemporizeTemporize.
wln 0191HopeHope, hopehope, thatthat neuernever forsak’stforsakest thethe wretchedstwretchedst manman,
wln 0192YetYet bidstbidst meme liuelive, andand lurkelurk inin thisthis disguisedisguise,
wln 0193WhatWhat playplay II wellwell thethe free●reefree breath’dbreathed discontentdiscontent,
wln 0194WhyWhy manman wewe areare allall philosophicallphilosophical monarkesmonarchs oror naturallnatural
wln 0195foolesfools, CelsoCelso thethe CourtesCourt’sCourts a fiara ●arafirea fire, thethe dutchesduchess’duchess sheetssheets willwill smokesmoke
wln 0196forthforth ereere itit bebe longlong: ImpureImpure MendozoMendozaMendozo thatthat sharpesharp nos’dnosed
wln 0197LordLord, thatthat mademade thethe cursedcursed matchmatch linktlinked GenoaGenoa withwith FlorenceFlorence
wln 0198nownow brodebroad horneshorns, thethe DukeDuke whichwhich hehe nownow knowesknows: Dis-DiscordDis∣cordDiscord
wln 0199cord
wln 0199toto malecontentsmalcontents isis veryvery MannaManna, whenwhen thethe rankesranks areare
wln 0200burstburst thenthen scufflescuffle AltophantAltofrontAltophant.
wln 0201CelsoCelso.IAyI butbut durstedurst.
wln 0202Mal.MalevoleMal.Tis’Tis gonegone, tis’tis swallowedswallowed likelike aa minerallmineral, somesome wayway
wln 0203twill’twill workework, phewtphewt ilei’llI’ll notnot shrinkeshrink, HeesHe’s resoluteresolute whowho cancan
wln 0204nono lowerlower sinkesink
wln 0205CelsoCelso.Yonder’sYonder’s MendozaMendoza.
wln 0206Mal.MalevoleMal.TrueTrue, thethe priuieprivy keykey.
wln 0207CelsoCelso.II taketake mymy leaueleave sweetesweet LordLord.ExitExit CelsoCelso.
wln 0208Mal.MalevoleMal.Tis’Tis fitfit, awayaway.


img: 7-b
sig: B4r



wln 0210EnterEnter MendozaMendoza withwith threethree oror fourefour sutorssuitors.

wln 0211Mend.MendozaMend.LeaueLeave youryour suitessuits withwith meme, II cancan andand willwill: attendattend
wln 0212mymy secretariesecretary, leaueleave meme.
wln 0213Mal.MalevoleMal.MendozaMendoza harkehark yeeye, harkehark yeeye, YouYou areare aa treache-treacheroustreache∣roustreacherous
wln 0214rous
wln 0214villainevillain, GodGod buyeb’ wi’buy yeeye.
wln 0215Mend.MendozaMend.OutOut youyou base bornebase-bornbase born rascallrascal.
wln 0216Mal.M●l.MalevoleMal.WeWe areare allall thethe sonnessons ofof heauenheaven thoughthough aa TripeTripe-wifeTripe
wln 0217wifewife werewere ourour mothermother; aaha youyou whore-sonnewhoreson hot raindehothot-reinedhotrainderained heehe-he
wln 0218MarmosetMarmoset,
wln 0218EgistusAegisthus didstdidst euerever herehearhere ofof oneone EgistusAegisthus?
wln 0219Mend.MendozaMend.GistusGistus?
wln 0220Mal.MalevoleMal.IAyI EgistusAegisthus, hehe waswas aa filthyfilthy incontinentincontinent FleshmongerFleshmonger,
wln 0221suchsuch aa oneone asas thouthou artart.
wln 0222Mend.MendozaMend.OutOut grumblinggrumbling roagerogue.
wln 0223Mal.MalevoleMal.OrestesOrestes, bewarebeware OrestesOrestes.
wln 0224Mend.MendozaMend.OutOut beggarbeggar.
wln 0225Mal.MalevoleMal.II onceonce shallshall riserise,
wln 0226Mend.MendozaMend.ThouThou riserise?
wln 0227Mal.MalevoleMal.IAyI atat thethe resurrectionresurrection.
wln 0228NoNo vulgarvulgar seedeseed butbut onceonce maymay riserise andand shallshall,
wln 0229NoNo KingKing soso hugehuge, butbut forefore hehe diediedies maymay fallfall.ExitExit.
wln 0230Mend.MendozaMend.NowNow goodgood EliziumElysium, whatwhat aa deliciousdelicious heauenheaven isis itit
wln 0231forfor aa māman toto bebe inin aa PrincesPrince’sPRINCE’s fauourfavorfavour? ôôo sweetsweet GodGod, ôôo pleasurepleasure!
wln 0232ôôo FortuneFortune! ôôo allall thouthou bestbest ofof lifelife? whatwhat shouldshould II thinkethink?
wln 0233whatwhat saysay? whatwhat dodo? toto bebe aa fauoritefavoritefavourite? aa minionminion? toto hauehave aa
wln 0234generallgeneral timeroustimorous respectrespect, obserueobserve aa manman, aa statefullstateful sci-scilencesci|lencesilence
wln 0235lence
wln 0235inin hishis presencepresence: solitarinessesolitariness inin hishis absenceabsence, aa con-confusedcon∣fusedconfused
wln 0236fused
wln 0236hamhumham andand busiebusy murmuremurmur ofof obsequiousobsequious suterssuitors trai-trainingtraining
wln 0237ning himhim;
wln 0237thethe clothcloth heldheld vpup, andand wayeway proclaimdproclaimed beforebefore
wln 0238himhim; PetitionariePetitionary vassailesvassals lickinglicking thethe pauementpavement withwith
wln 0239theirtheir slauishslavish kneesknees, whilstwhilst somesome oddeodd pallacepalace Lampree-LampreelesLampree∣lesLamprelsLampreeles
wln 0240les

wln 0240thatthat ingenderengender withwith SnakesSnakes, andand areare fullfull ofof eyeseyes onon
wln 0241bothboth sidessides withwith aa kindekind ofof insinuatinginsinuating humblenessehumbleness fixefix
wln 0242allall theirtheir lightslights vponupon hishis browebrow: OOOh blessedblessed statestate whatwhat aa

img: 8-a
sig: B4v


wln 0243rauishingravishing prospectprospect dothdoth thethe OlympusOlympus ofof fauorfavorfavour yeeldyield; DeathDeath,
wln 0244II cornutecornute thethe DukeDuke: sweetesweet womenwomen, mostmost sweetsweet LadiesLadies, naynay
wln 0245AngelsAngels; byby heauenheaven hehe isis moremore accursedaccursed thenthan aa DiuellDevil thatthat
wln 0246hateshates youyou, oror isis hatedhated byby youyou, andand happierhappier thenthan aa GodGod thatthat
wln 0247louesloves youyou, oror isis belouedbeloved byby youyou; youyou preseruerspreservers ofof mankindmankind,
wln 0248life bloodlifebloodlife blood ofof societysociety, whowho wouldwould liuelive, naynay whowho cancan liuelive
wln 0249withoutwithout youyou? OO ParadiceParadise, howhow maiesticallmajestical isis youryour austererausterer
wln 0250presencepresence? howhow imperiouslieimperiously chastechaste isis youryour moremore modestmodest
wln 0251faceface? butbut O!O! howhow fullfull ofof rauishingravishing attractionattraction isis youryour prettypretty,
wln 0252petulantpetulant, languishinglanguishing, laciuiously-composedlasciviously-composed countenancecountenance:
wln 0253thesethese amarousamorous smilessmiles, thosethose soule-warmingsoul-warming sparklingsparkling glan-glancesglan∣cesglances
wln 0254ces;
wln 0254ardentardent asas thosethose flamesflames thatthat sing’dsinged thethe worldworld byby heedlesseheedless
wln 0255PhaetonPhaeton; inin bodybody howhow delicatedelicate, inin soulesoul howhow wittywitty, inin dis-discoursedis∣coursediscourse
wln 0256course
wln 0256howhow pregnantpregnant, inin lifelife howhow warywary, inin fauoursfavorsfavours howhow iu-iudiciousiu|d●iousjudicious
wln 0257ditious,
wln 0257inin dayday howhow sociablesociable, andand inin nightnight howhow? OO pleasurepleasure
wln 0258vnutterableunutterableunutterable, indeedindeed itit isis mostmost certainecertain, oneone manman cannotcannot de-deseruede|seruedeserve
wln 0259serue
wln 0259onelyonly toto inioyenjoy aa beautiousbeauteous womanwoman: butbut aa DutchesDuchess? inin
wln 0260dispightdespite ofof PhœbusPhoebusPhoebus IleI’ll writewrite aa SonnetSonnet instantlyinstantly inin praisepraise
wln 0261ofof herher.ExitExit.


wln 0263EnterEnter FarneseFernezeFarnese vsheringushering AureliaAurelia, EmilliaEmiliaEmillia andand MaquerelleMaquerelle
wln 0264bearingbearing vpup herher trainetrain, BeanchaBiancaBeancha attendingattending: allall goego outout
wln 0265butbut AureliaAurelia, MaquerelleMaquerelle andand FarnezeFernezeFarneze.

wln 0266Aure.AureliaAure.AndAnd istis ’tis’t possiblepossible? MendozoMendozaMendozo slightslight meme, possiblepossible?
wln 0267Far.FernezeFar.PossiblePossible? whatwhat cancan bebe strangestrange inin himhim thatsthat’s drunkedrunk
wln 0268withwith fauourfavorfavour,
wln 0269GroesGrowsgrows insolentinsolent withwith gracegrace, speakespeak MaquerelleMaquerelle, speakespeak.
wln 0270Maque.MaquerelleMaque.ToTo speakespeak feelinglyfeelingly, moremore, moremore richelyrichly inin sollidsolid
wln 0271sencesense thenthanthen worthlesseworthless wordswords, giuegive meme thosethose IewelsJewelsjewels ofof youryour
wln 0272earesears toto receiuereceive mymy inforcedenforced dutieduty, asas forfor mymy partpart tis’tis wellwell
wln 0273knowneknown II cancan putput vpup any thinganythingany thing; cancan bearebear patientlypatiently withwith
wln 0274anyany manman: ButBut whenwhen II heardheard heehe wrongedwronged youryour pretiousprecious
wln 0275sweetnessesweetness, II waswas inforcedenforced toto taketake deepedeep offenceoffenseoffence; Tis’Tis mostmost
wln 0276certainecertain hehe louesloves EmilliaEmiliaEmillia withwith highhigh appetiteappetite; andand asas sheshe toldtold

img: 8-b
sig: C1r


wln 0277meme (asas youyou knoweknow wewe woemenwomen impartimpart ourour secretssecrets oneone toto a-anothera∣notheranother
wln 0278nother)
wln 0278whenwhen sheshe repulsedrepulsed hishis suitesuit, inin thatthat hehe waswas possessedpossessed
wln 0279withwith youryour indeeredendeared gracegrace: MendozoMendozaMendozo mostmost ingratfullyingratefully re-renouncedre∣nouncedrenounced
wln 0280nounced
wln 0280allall faythfaith toto youyou.
wln 0281Fer.FernezeFer.NayNay, caldcalled youyou, speakespeak MaquerelleMaquerelle, speakespeak.
wln 0282Maq.MaquerelleMaq.ByBy heauenheaven witchwitch? dridedried bisquetbiscuit, andand contestedcontested
wln 0283blushleslyblushlessly heehe lou’dloved youyou butbut forfor aa spurtspurt oror soeso.
wln 0284Fer.FernezeFer.ForFor maintenancemaintenance.
wln 0285Maq.MaquerelleMaq.AduancementAdvancement andand regarderegard.
wln 0286Aur.AureliaAur.OO villainevillain? OO impudentimpudent MendozoMendozaMendozo.
wln 0287MaqMaquerelleMaqNayNay hehe isis thethe rustiest iawderustiest-jawedrustiest jawed, thethe fowlest mouthdfoulest-mouthedfoulest mouthed
wln 0288knaueknave inin raylingrailing againstagainst ourour sexsex: hehe willwill raylerail agenagain’again womenwomen.
wln 0289Aur.AureliaAur.HowHow? howhow?
wln 0290Maq.MaquerelleMaq.II amam asham’dashamed toto speaktspeak ’tspeak’t, II.
wln 0291Aur.AureliaAur.II louelove toto hatehate himhim, speakespeak.
wln 0292Maq.MaquerelleMaq.WhyWhy whenwhen EmilliaEmiliaEmillia scorndescorned hishis basebase vnsteddinesunsteadiness
wln 0293thethe blacke throatedblackeblack-throatedblackthroatedthroated rascallrascal scouldedscolded, andand seddsaid.
wln 0294Aur.AureliaAur.WhatWhat?
wln 0295Maq.MaquerelleMaq.TrothTroth tis’tis tootoo shamelesseshameless,
wln 0296Aur.AureliaAur.WhatWhat saidesaid hehe?
wln 0297Maq.MaquerelleMaq.WhyWhy thatthat atat fourefour womenwomen werewere foolesfools, atat foure-foureteenefoure|teenefourteen
wln 0298teene
wln 0298DrabbesDrabsdrabs, atat fortieforty BawdesBawds, atat fourescorefourscore witcheswitches, andand
wln 0299aa hundrethhundrethhundred CatsCats.
wln 0300Aur.AureliaAur.OO vnlimitableunlimitable impudencieimpudency!
wln 0301Fer.FernezeFer.ButBut asas forfor poorepoor FernezesFerneze’s fixedfixed hartheart,
wln 0302WasWas neuernever shadelesseshadeless meadowmeadow drierdrier parchtparched,
wln 0303VnderUnder thethe scortchingscorching heateheat ofof heauensheaven’s dogdog,
wln 0304ThenThen isis mymy hartheart withwith youryour inforcinginforcing eyeseyes.
wln 0305Maq.MaquerelleMaq.AA hottehot similesimile.
wln 0306Fer.FernezeFer.YourYour smilessmiles hauehave binbeen mymy heauēheaven, youryour frownesfrowns mymy helhell,
wln 0307OOOh pittypity thenthen; GraceGrace shouldshould withwith beautybeauty dwelld welldwell.
wln 0308Maq.MaquerelleMaq.ReasonableReasonable perfectperfect bir-ladyby ’r ladyby’r lady.
wln 0309Aur.AureliaAur.II willwill louelove theethee, bebe itit butbut inin dispightdespite,
wln 0310OfOf thatthat MendozoMendozaMendozo, witchwitch! FarnezeFernezeFarneze, witchwitch!
wln 0311FernezeFerneze thouthou artart thethe DutchesDuchess’Duchess fauoritefavoritefavourite,
wln 0312BeBe faithfullfaithful, priuateprivate, butbut tis’tis dangerousdangerous,

img: 9-a
sig: C1v


wln 0313Fer.FernezeFer.HisHis louelove isis liuelesseliveless, thatthat forfor louelove fearesfears breathbreath,
wln 0314TheThe worstworst thatsthat’s duedue toto sinnesin, OOOh would’twould ’twould’t werewere deathdeath.

wln 0315Aur.AureliaAur.EnioyEnjoy mymy fauorfavorfavour, II wilwill bebe sicksick instantlyinstantly &and taketake phisickphysic,
wln 0316ThereforeTherefore inin depthdepth ofof nightnight, visitvisit
wln 0317Maq.MaquerelleMaq.VisitVisit herher chamberchamber, butbut conditionallyconditionally youyou shallshall notnot
wln 0318offendoffend herher bedbed: byby thisthis DiamondDiamond.
wln 0319Fer.FernezeFer.ByBy thisthis DiamondDiamond.GiuesGives itit toto MaquerelleMaquerelle.
wln 0320Maq.MaquerelleMaq.NorNortaryNor tarytarry longerlonger thenthan youyou pleaseplease: byby thisthis RubyRuby.
wln 0321Fer.FernezeFer.ByBy thisthis RubyRuby.
wln 0322Maq.MaquerelleMaq.AndAnd thatthat thethe dooredoor shallshall notnot creakecreak.
wln 0323Fer.FernezeFer.AndAnd thatthat thethe dooredoor shallshall notnot creakecreak.
wln 0324Mal.MalevoleMal.NayNay butbut sweareswear.
wln 0325Ferne.FernezeFerne.ByBy thisthis pursepurse.
wln 0326Maq.MaquerelleMaq.GoeGo toto, IleI’ll keepekeep youryour oathesoaths forfor youyou: remem-rememberremem∣berremember
wln 0327ber,
wln 0327visitvisit.
wln 0328EnterEnter MendozoMendozaMendozo readingreading aa SonnetSonnet.
wln 0329Aur.AureliaAur.Dry’dDried bisquetbiscuit? lookelook wherewhere thethe basebase wretchwretch comescomes.
wln 0330Men.MendozaMen.BeautiesBeauty’s lifelife, HeauensHeaven’sheaven’s modellmodel, LouesLove’sLoves QueeneQueen.
wln 0331Maq.MaquerelleMaq.ThatsThat’sthat’s hishis AemiliaEmiliaAemilia.
wln 0332Men.MendozaMen.NaturesNature’s triumphtriumph, bestbest ofof EarthEarth.
wln 0333Maq.MaquerelleMaq.MeaningMeaning EmilliaEmiliaEmillia.
wln 0334Mend.MendozaMend.ThouThou onelyonly wonderwonder thatthat thethe worldworld hathhath seeneseen.
wln 0335Maq.MaquerelleMaq.ThatsThat’sthat’s EmiliaEmilia.
wln 0336Aur.AureliaAur.MustMust II thenthen herehearhere herher praisdpraised? MendozoMendozaMendozo.
wln 0337Mend.MendozaMend.MadamMadam, youryour excellencyexcellency isis gratiouslygraciously incountredencountered;
wln 0338II hauehave binbeen writingwriting passionatepassionate flashesflashes inin honorhonorhonour ofof ExitExit Fer.FernezeFer.
wln 0339Aur.AureliaAur.OutOut villainevillain, villainevillain, OOOh iudgementjudgement wherewhere hauehave binbeen
wln 0340mymy eieseyes? whatwhat bewitchedbewitched electionelection mademade meme doatedote onon theethee?
wln 0341whatwhat sorcerysorcery mademade meme louelove theethee? butbut bebe gonegone, burybury thythy
wln 0342headhead; OOOh thatthat II couldcould doedo moremore thenthan loathloathe theethee: HenceHence
wln 0343worstworst ofof illill
, NoNo reasonreason elseelse, mymy reasonreason isis mymy willwill.
wln 0344ExitExit withwith MaquerMaquerelleMaquer.
wln 0345Mend.MendozaMend.WomenWomen? naynay furiesfuries, naynay worseworse, forfor theythey tormenttorment
wln 0346OnelyOnly thethe badbad, butbut womenwomen goodgood andand badbad.
wln 0347DamnationDamnation ofof mankindemankind, breathbreath hasthast thouthou praisdpraised themthem forfor
wln 0348thisthis: AndAnd istis ’tis’t youyou FernezeFerneze areare wrigledwriggled intointo smocksmock gracegrace; fitfit

img: 9-b
sig: C2r


wln 0349suresure, OOOh thatthat II couldcould railerail againstagainst thesethese monstersmonsters inin naturenature,
wln 0350modelsmodels ofof hellhell, cursecurse ofof thethe earthearth, womenwomen thatthat daredare attemptattempt
wln 0351any thinganythingany thing, andand whatwhat theythey attemptattempt theythey carecare notnot howhow theythey
wln 0352accomplishaccomplish, withoutwithout allall premeditationpremeditation oror preuentionprevention; rasherash
wln 0353inin askingasking, desperatedesperate inin workingworking, impatientimpatient inin sufferingsuffering, ex-extreameex|treameextreme
wln 0354treame
wln 0354inin desiringdesiring, slauesslaves vntounto appetiteappetite, mistressesmistresses inin dissem-dissemblingdissem∣blingdissembling
wln 0355bling,
wln 0355onelyonly constantconstant inin vnconstancieunconstancy, onelyonly perfectperfect inin coū-coūterfettingcoū|terfettingcounterfeiting
wln 0356terfetting:
wln 0356theirtheir wordswords areare fainedfeigned, theirtheir eyeseyes forg’dforged, theirtheir
wln 0357sightssights dissembleddissembled, theirtheir lookeslooks counterfeitcounterfeit, theirtheir hairehair falsefalse,
wln 0358theirtheir giuengiven hopeshopes deceitfulldeceitful, theirtheir veryvery breathbreath artificiallartificial:

wln 0359TheirTheir bloodblood isis theirtheir onelyonly GodGod: BadBad clothesclothes, andand oldold ageage
wln 0360areare onelyonly thethe DiuelsDevils theythey trembletremble atat:
wln 0361ThatThat II couldcould railerail nownow.


wln 0363EnterEnter PietroPietro hishis swordesword drawnedrawn.

wln 0364PietroPietro.AA mischiefemischief fillfill thythy throatethroat, thouthou fowle iaw’dfoul-jawedfoul jawed slaueslave::
wln 0365SaySay thythy prayersprayers.
wln 0366Mend.MendozaMend.II haha’ forgotforgot vm’em.
wln 0367PietroPietro.ThouThou shaltshalt dyedie.
wln 0368Mend.MendozaMend.SoSo shaltshalt thouthou; II amam hartheart madmad.
wln 0369PietroPietro.II amam hornehorn madmad.
wln 0370Mend.MendozaMend.ExtreameExtreme madmad.
wln 0371PietroPietro.MonstrouslyMonstrously madmad.
wln 0372Mend.MendozaMend.WhyWhy?
wln 0373PietroPietro.WhyWhy? thouthou thouthou hasthast dishonoreddishonoreddishonoured mymy bedbed.
wln 0374Mend.MendozaMend.II? comecome, comecome, sitsit, heereshere’s mymy barebare heartheart toto theethee asas
wln 0375steddysteady asas isis thisthis centercentercentre toto thisthis gloriousglorious worldworld,
wln 0376AndAnd yetyet harkehark thouthou artart aa CornutoCornuto; butbut byby meme?
wln 0377PietroPietro.YesYes slaueslave byby theethee.
wln 0378Mend.MendozaMend.DoDo notnot, dodo notnot withwith tarttart andand spleenefullspleenful breathbreath,
wln 0379LooseLose himhim cancan looselooselose theethee; II offendoffend mymy DukeDuke?
wln 0380BareBare recordrecord OOOh yeeye dumbedumb andand rawraw airdaired nightsnights,
wln 0381HowHow vigilantvigilant mymy sleeplessesleepless eyeseyes hauehave binbeen,

img: 10-a
sig: C2v


wln 0382ToTo watchwatch thethe TraitorTraitor; recordrecord thouthou spiritspirit ofof truthtruth,
wln 0383WithWith whatwhat debasementdebasement II haha’ thronethrownthrone my selfemyself,
wln 0384ToTo vnder officesvnderunder-officesunderofficesoffices, onelyonly toto learnelearn
wln 0385TheThe truthtruth, thethe partyparty, timetime, thethe meanesmeans, thethe placeplace,
wln 0386ByBy whomwhom, andand whenwhen,, andand wherewhere thouthou wertwert disgrac’ddisgraced:
wln 0387AndAnd amam II paidpaid withwith slaueslave? hathhath mymy intrusionintrusion
wln 0388ToTo placesplaces priuateprivate, andand prohibitedprohibited,
wln 0389OnelyOnly toto obserueobserve thethe closercloser passagespassages:
wln 0390HeauenHeaven knowesknows withwith vowesvows ofof reuelationrevelation,
wln 0391MadeMade meme suspectedsuspected, mademade meme deemddeemed aa villainevillain?
wln 0392WhatWhat roagerogue hathhath wrongedwronged vsus?
wln 0393PietroPietro.MendozoMendozaMendozo, II maymay erreerr.
wln 0394Mend.MendozaMend.ErreErr? tis’tis tootoo mildmild aa namename, butbut erreerr andand erreerr,
wln 0395RunneRun giddygiddy withwith suspectsuspect, forefore throughthrough meme thouthou knowknow,
wln 0396ThatThat whichwhich mostmost creaturescreatures sauesave thy selfethyself doedo knowknow,
wln 0397NayNay sincesince mymy seruiceservice hathhath soso loath’dloathed reiectreject,
wln 0398ForeFore IleI’ll reuealereveal, shaltshalt findefind themthem cliptclipped togethertogether.
wln 0399Piet.PietroPiet.MendozoMendozaMendozo thouthou knowstknow’stknowest II amam aa mostmost plaine brestedplaineplain-breastedplainbrestedbreasted māman.
wln 0400Mend.MendozaMend.TheThe fitterfitter toto makemake aa CornutoCornuto, wouldwould youryour browesbrows
wln 0401werewere mostmost planeplainplane totooto.
wln 0402Piet.PietroPiet.TellTell meme, indeedindeed II heardheard theethee railerail?
wln 0403Mend.MendozaMend.AtAt womēwomen, truetrue, whywhy whatwhat coldcold fleamephlegm couldcould chosechoose,
wln 0404KnowingKnowing aa LordLord soso honesthonest, vertuousvirtuous,
wln 0405SoSo boundlesseboundless louingloving, bounteousbounteous, fairefair shaptshaped, sweetesweet,
wln 0406ToTo bebe contemn’dcontemned, abus’dabused, defam’ddefamed, mademade CuckoldCuckold,
wln 0407HartHeart, II hatehate allall womenwomen for’tfor ’tfor’t: sweetesweet sheetessheets, waxewax lightslights,
wln 0408AntiqueAntique bed-postsbedposts, CambrickCambriccambric smockssmocks, villanousvillainous curtainescurtains,
wln 0409ArrasArras picturespictures, oyldeoiled hingeshinges, andand allall yeeye tong-tidetongue-tied lasciuiouslascivious
wln 0410witnesseswitnesses ofof greatgreat creaturescreatures’creatures wantonnessewantonness: whatwhat saluationsalvation
wln 0411cancan youyou expectexpect?
wln 0412Piet.PietroPiet.WiltWilt thouthou telltell meme?
wln 0413Mend.MendozaMend.WhyWhy youyou maymay findfind itit your selfeyourself, obserueobserve, obserueobserve.
wln 0414Piet.PietroPiet.II haha’ notnot thethe patiencepatience, wiltwilt thouthou deseruedeserve meme; telltell,
wln 0415giuegive itit.
wln 0416Mend.MendozaMend.Tak’tTake ’ttake’t, whywhy FarnezeFernezeFarneze isis thethe manman, FernezeFerneze, IleI’ll proou’tprove ’tprove’t,
wln 0417thisthis nightnight youyou shallshall taketake himhim, inin youryour sheetssheets, wiltwilt serueserve.
Piet. It

img: 10-b
sig: C3r


wln 0418Piet.PietroPiet.ItIt willwill, mymy bozomesbosom’s inin somesome peacepeace, tilltill nightnight.
wln 0419Mend.MendozaMend.WhatWhat?
wln 0420Piet.PietroPiet.FarewellFarewell.
wln 0421Mend.MendozaMend.GodGod howhow weakeweak aa LordLord areare youyou,
wln 0422WhyWhy doedo youyou thinkethink therethere isis nono moremore butbut soso?
wln 0423Piet.PietroPiet.WhyWhy?
wln 0424Mend.MendozaMend.NayNay thenthen willwill II presumepresume toto councellcounselcouncil youyou,
wln 0425ItIt shouldshould bebe thusthus; youyou withwith somesome gardeguard vponupon thethe suddainesudden
wln 0426BreakeBreak intointo thethe PrincesPrince’sPRINCE’s chamberchamber, II staystay behindebehind
wln 0427WithoutWithout thethe dooredoor, throughthrough whichwhich hehe needsneeds mustmust passepass,
wln 0428FernezeFerneze fliesflies, letlet himhim, toto meme hehe comescomes, hee’she’s kildkilled
wln 0429ByBy meme, obserueobserve byby meme, youyou followfollow, II railerail,
wln 0430AndAnd seemeseem toto sauesave thethe bodybody: DutchesDuchess comescomes
wln 0431OnOn whomwhom (respectingrespecting herher aduancedadvanced birthbirth,
wln 0432AndAnd youryour fairefair naturenature) II knowknow, naynay II doedo knowknow
wln 0433NoNo violenceviolence mustmust bebe vsedused. SheShe comescomes, II stormestorm,
wln 0434II praisepraise, excuseexcuse FernezeFerneze, andand stillstill maintainemaintain
wln 0435TheThe DutchesDuchess’Duchess honorhonorhonour, sheshe forfor thisthis louesloves meme,
wln 0436II honorhonorhonour youyou, shallshall knowknow herher soulesoul, youyou minemine,
wln 0437ThenThen naughtnaught shallshall sheshe contriuecontrive inin vengeancevengeance,
wln 0438(AsAs womenwomen areare mostmost thoughtfullthoughtful inin reuengerevenge)
wln 0439OfOf herher FernezeFerneze, butbut youyou shallshall soonersooner know’tknow ’tknow’t
wln 0440ThenThen sheshe cancan think’tthink ’tthink’t, thusthus shallshall hishis deathdeath comecome suresure,
wln 0441YourYour DutchesDuchess braine-caughtbrain-caught; soso youryour lifelife securesecure.
wln 0442Piet.PietroPiet.ItIt isis tootoo wellwell, mymy bozomebosom, andand mymy hartheart,
wln 0443WhenWhen nothingnothing helpeshelps, cutcut ofoffof thethe rottenrotten partpart.ExitExit.
wln 0444Mend.MendozaMend.WhoWho cannotcannot fainefeign friendshipfriendship, cancan nerene’er produceproduce
wln 0445thethe effectseffects ofof hatredhatred: HonestHonest foolefool DukeDuke, subtilesubtle lasciuiouslascivious
wln 0446DutchesDuchess, sillysilly nouicenovice fernezeferneze; II doedo laughlaugh atat yeeye, mymy brainebrain
wln 0447isis inin labourlaborlabour tilltill itit produceproduce mischiefemischief, &and II feelefeel suddensudden thro’sthroes,
wln 0448proofesproofs senciblesensible, thethe issueissue isis atat handhand.
wln 0449AsAs BearesBearsbear’s shapeshape youngyoung, soso IleI’ll formeform mymy deuicedevice,
wln 0450WhichWhich grownegrown proouesproves horridhorrid: VengeanceVengeance makesmakes menmen wisewise.


img: 11-a
sig: C3v



wln 0452EnterEnter MendozoMendozaMendozo withwith aa SconceSceneSceneSconce, toto obserueobserve FernezesFerneze’s entranceentrance,
wln 0453whowho whilstwhilst thethe ActAct isis playingplaying: EnterEnter vnbracedunbraced 2.two2. PagesPages
wln 0454beforebefore himhim withwith lightslights, isis metmet byby MaquerelleMaquerelle andand
wln 0455conuaideconveyed inin. TheThe DutchesDuchess’Duchess PagesPages
wln 0456sentsent awayaway.

wln 0457Men.MendozaMen.Hee’sHe’s caughtcaught, thethe WoodcocksWoodcock’swoodcock’s headhead isis i’thi’ th’i’th’ noosenoose,
wln 0458NowNow treadstreads FernezeFerneze inin daungerousdangerous pathpath ofof lustlust,
wln 0459SwearingSwearing hishis sencesense isis meerelymerely deifieddeified.
wln 0460TheThe foolefool graspsgrasps clowdsclouds, andand shallshall begetbeget CentauresCentaurscentaurs.
wln 0461AndAudAnd nownow inin strengthstrength ofof pantingpanting faintfaint delightdelight,
wln 0462TheThe GoateGoat bidsbids heauenheaven enuieenvy himhim; goodgood GooseGoose,
wln 0463II cancan affordeafford theethee nothingnothing butbut thethe poorepoor cōfortcomfort ofof calamitycalamity, (PittyPity.
wln 0464LustsLust’sLusts likelike thethe plummetsplummets hanginghanging onon clockclock lineslines,
wln 0465WillWill nerene’ernever aa’a donedone tilltill allall isis quitequite isis vndoneundone.

wln 0466SuchSuch isis thethe coursecourse salt sallowsaltsalt-sallowsaltsallowsallow lustlust dothdoth runnerun.
wln 0467WhichWhich thouthou shaltshalt trietry; IleI’ll bebe reueng’drevenged. DukeDuke thythy suspectsuspect,
wln 0468DutchesDuchess thythy disgracedisgrace, FernezeFerneze thythy riuall-shiprivalship,
wln 0469ShallShall hauehave swiftswift vengeancevengeance, nothingnothing soso holyholy,
wln 0470NoNo bandband ofof naturenature soso strongstrong,
wln 0471NoNo lawlaw ofof friendshipfriendship soso sacredsacred,
wln 0472ButBut ilei’llI’ll prophaneprofane, burstburst, violateviolate
wln 0473ForeFore ilei’llI’ll indureendure disgracedisgrace: contemptcontempt andand pouertiepoverty:
wln 0474ShallShall II whosewhose veryvery hummehum, strookestruck allall headsheads barebare,
wln 0475WhoseWhose faceface mademade scilencesilence: creakingcreaking ofof whosewhose shooeshoe,
wln 0476Forc’dForced thethe mostmost priuateprivate passagespassages fliefly opeope,
wln 0477ScrapeScrape likelike aa seruileservile dogdog atat somesome latch’dlatched dooredoor?
wln 0478LearneLearn nownow toto makemake aa legleg? andand crycry beseechbeseech yeeye,
wln 0479PrayPray yeeye isis suchsuch aa LordLord withinwithin? bebe aw’dawed
wln 0480AtAt somesome oddeodd vshersusher’sushers scoftscoffed formalityformality?
wln 0481FirstFirst searesear mymy brainesbrains: UndeUnde cadiscadis nonnon quoquo refertrefert.
wln 0482MyMy hartheart criescries perishperish allall, howhow? howhow? whatwhat fatefate?
wln 0483CanCan onceonce auoideavoid reuengerevenge, thatsthat’s desperatedesperate,
wln 0484IleI’ll toto thethe DukeDuke, ifif allall shouldshould opeopeopen, ifif? tushtush
wln 0485FortuneFortune stillstill dotesdotes onon thosethose whowho cannotcannot blushblush.


img: 11-b
sig: C4r


wln 0486SCENASCAENA SECVNDASecundasecunda.

wln 0487EnterEnter MaleuoleMalevole atat oneone dooredoor, BeanchaBiancaBeancha, EmilliaEmiliaEmillia andand
wln 0488MaquerelleMaquerelle atat thethe otherother dooredoor.

wln 0489Mal.MalevoleMal.BlesseBless yeye castcast aa’a LadiesLadies; haha DipsasDipsas, howhow doostdost thouthou (oldold ColeCoal.
wln 0490Maq.MaquerelleMaq.OldeOld ColeCoal?
wln 0491Mal.MalevoleMal.IAyI oldold ColeCoal, me thinkesmethinks thouthou liestliest likelike aa brandbrand vnderunder
wln 0492thesethese billetsbillets ofof greenegreen woodwood.
wln 0493HeHe thatthat willwill inflameinflame aa yongeyoung wencheswench’s hartheart, letlet himhim laylay closeclose
wln 0494toto herher, anan ouldold ColeCoal thatthat hathhath firstfirst binbeen fierdfired aa pandressepanderess, mymy
wln 0495halfehalf burntburned lyntlint, whowho thoughthough thouthou canstcanst notnot flameflame thy selfethyself
wln 0496yetyet artart ableable toto setset aa 1000.1000. virginsvirgins’virgins taperstapers a fiarafirea fire: andand howhow do’sdoes
wln 0497IaniuereJanivereJanuary thythy husbandhusband, mymy littlelittle periwincleperiwinkle: isis aa trobledtroubled withwith
wln 0498thethe coughcough aa’o’ thethe LungesLungslungs stillstill, doesdoes hehe hawkehawk anightsa-nights stillstill, hehe
wln 0499willwill notnot bitebite.
wln 0500Bean.BiancaBean.NoNo byby mymy trothtroth, II tooketook himhim withwith hishis mouthmouth emp-emptieemp|tieempty
wln 0501tie
wln 0501ofof ouldold teethteeth.
wln 0502Mal.MalevoleMal.AndAnd hehēhehen tooketook theethee withwith thythy bellybelly fulfull ofof yongyoung bonesbones,
wln 0503marrymarry hehe tooketook hishis maimemaim byby thethe stroakestroke ofof hishis enemieenemy.
wln 0504Bean.BiancaBean.AndAnd II mynemine byby thethe stroakestroke ofof mymy freindefriend:
wln 0505Mal.MalevoleMal.TheThe closeclose stockstock, ôôo mortallmortal wenchwench: LadieLady haha’ yeye nownow nono
wln 0506restoratiuesrestoratives forfor youryour decayeddecayed IasonJasonjason, lookelook yeeye, CrabsCrab’sCrabs gutsguts
wln 0507bak’tbaked, distil’ddistilled Oxe-pithOx-pithox-pith, thethe puluerizedpulverised haireshairs ofof aa LyonsLion’slion’s vp-vppervp|perupper
wln 0508per
wln 0508liplip, gellyjelly ofof Cock-sparrowesCock-sparrows, HeeHe MonkeisMonkey’smonkey’s marrowmarrow, oror
wln 0509powderpowder ofof Foxe-stonesFox-stonesfox-stones; andand whitherwhither areare allall youyou amblingambling
wln 0510nownow?
wln 0511Beanc.BiancaBeanc.WhyWhy toto bedbed, toto bedbed.
wln 0512Mal.MalevoleMal.DoeDo youryour husbandshusbandshusband’s lyelie withwith yeeye?
wln 0513Bean.BiancaBean.ThatThat werewere countreycountry fashionfashion yfaithi’ faithi’faith.
wln 0514Mal.MalevoleMal.HaHa’ha’ yeeye nono foregoersforegoers aboutabout youyou; comecome, whitherwhither inin
wln 0515goodgood deeddeed lawla nownow?
wln 0516Maq.MaquerelleMaq.InIn goodgood indeedindeed lawlalaw nownow, toto eateeat thethe mostmost mira-miraculouslymira∣culouslymiraculously
wln 0517culously,
wln 0517admirablyadmirably, astonishableastonishable compos’dcomposed PossetPosset withwith
wln 0518threethree CurdsCurds, withoutwithout anyany drinkedrink: willwill yee